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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  July 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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this kingpin, right now. and we just want to say hello, and a philadelphia welcome to thousands of people in for the convention. philly on a roll. it is largest convention they have every year, naacp. they are here. they are here all weekend. they will be here wednesday into thursday. we have the pope coming. we have dalai lama coming. next year we have democrats coming in for their convention. >> philly is place to be. >> for sure. >> welcome everybody. >> we plan to go to some of the event during the week as well. >> did somebody say hot. i was looking for a weather is segway it is really at hot time this week. >> you're hot, sue how about that. >> okay. it is july, we will be hot, this in month. >> yes. >> i know, captain obvious, that is me. as we look at their reaction. >> yes. >> it is normally really smooth and good. >> yes. >> but, you know, we will give
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it our go. eight out of ten. we give weather a number of day. ten being really the best and perfect, and looking close to perfect with that eight and we will have bus stop buddy every day to help us out the door, and now, he waits for the school bus during the school year, in the summertime. he is just hanging out by pool getting ready for a day you will need that sun screen. there is sunshine, a few clouds but expect increasing cloud. we will start off at 74 degrees and 76 percent relative humidity. not much of a breeze, just 3 miles an hour out of the west and here's your planner. plan on a mixture of sun and included and a high temperature of 87 degrees today. so, it is going to be close to 90 but not quite, i hope you enjoy your monday. we have the seven day forecast just ahead but we are handling traffic right now because bob kelly has taken this week off and lots of or people as well. look at route 422, eastbound
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off ramp to 202, we do have an accident there but otherwise traffic isn't that bad. you can see the accident on the up are left-hand side of your screen with the lights there but doesn't appear to be slowing anybody down at all. i think people are on vacation this week. let's get to the ben franklin bridge and check right there, a little crowded on the way in from new jersey this morning. that is to be expect. we will go to ambler south main street at church street we have an accident there. on void that if you can, wine dot road and end street. we have a building fire there more on that coming up. is there 150,000 orange cones from here olde city up to city hall. i don't know why. and a lot of people working under the ground. maybe they are fixing up for the pope. >> what sit. >> communication lines. >> communication lines for the pope is that what it is. >> that is a very good
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possibility. >> you know, tria cafe is in town. one got rob. there they go, it goes almost all the way down to city hall. >> nice work in the control room. >> maybe that is what they are doing communication lines down to the parkway. >> bob kelly said he asked them and that is what they told him. >> okay. >> so that was our source. >> we have confirmation of it then. >> that in fact is there bob still talking to him. >> there is a lot of people around our area like eat at these tria cafes. >> is there three in this city it wasn't calm at all when two suspects robbed this place. >> thinks the one at 11th and spruce. there is sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys, as we have been saying this beast came an active scene yet again. police just arrived back here at tria cafe a short time ago. a second car pulled up as we were stack out here. let's pan over. you can see police officers right now leaving the cafe.
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it looks like they went inside and interviewed employees let them in. two employees inside. they have been looking for more clues. sometimes they come back later in the day for surveillance video. you can see they are getting back in their vehicles this morning. let look at video gathered for you overnight just after all this happened. it happened around 1:30 this morning. police say two arm men with what police say was a fake weapon rob the bar. they got away with about four bank bags filled with $1,500 in cash. then they took off. police say this morning they are still on the loose. we don't have have a description. police are not releasing too many details just yet. i want to talk about tria cafe. i have talk to one of our produce hours lives in the neighborhood. she said it is a very packed bar especially on the weekend. on sunday they have something called sunday school which is when they offer lessons on wine and cheese and they have discounted fare. so she says it is very pack. those nights as well. of course this happened just after closing.
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closing happens at 1:00 o'clock this incident happening at 1:30. so right now we can see, live on the scene, this investigation is still unfolding, as police try to track down these two suspects who robbed tria cafe of four bank bags. those are the bags that they use to store their cash as they helped over to the bank to deposit later on. those suspects still on the loose, guys. >> somebody knew something. >> um-hmm. 705:67:89 developing right now police in france are looking for a group of gunman who broke in the discount clothing store near paris this morning. suspects trapped 18 people, they were employees, inside for hours, before getting a way. >> well, the city is still on, you know, tense, high alert because of the terrorist attacks. part of that, played out in a clothing store. officials have started the manhunt, throughout the suburbs. they say all 18 people, who were inside, and being held hostage for a little while, were safely evacuated from the least tail store and then nobody was injured, but the
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gun man are still out there. >> they said at this point they don't believe it was a hostage situation they had said armed robbery that went south. >> yeah. a deal has been reached preventing greece from a total financial collapse this happened three hours ago. >> it really does, in the nick of time as banks nearly rang out of money. greece banks. residents were limited to $57 a day but financial institutions are now, in a position to get help from the european central bank. and is there in word as to what were the exact terms of the deal but during the negotiations, germany called on greece to transfer billion of assets, to an independent trust, and out of reach, out of greek politicians. deal was reached early this morning following a large protest, in atens, greece just yesterday. >> france's president, to the bitter end kicking and screaming didn't want this. it looks like a break through this morning, at the iran nuclear talks. a deal that could cut back nuclear capability, in exchange for sanctions relief. we're getting close to this.
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two diplomates say negotiators plan to announce in a few hours that they have reached a deal, final details of the provisional pack are still being worked out, once it is complete, a formal final agreement would be opened to review by officials in the capitols of iran and six world powers at the the talks. u.s. officials working on this deal are optimistic. if negotiators make this deal it could limit iran's uranium production for up to ten years. but here's the sticking point, u.s. congress, will also have a say in whether the final deal is enacted.
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>> 7:07. an all out manhunt is underway, for that man, joachim dues man also known as el chapo, for short because he is very short. well, guzman escaped from mexico's top security prison through an elaborate tunnel under the shower in his cell. it was a mile long tunnel to a home being conduct. that is where he popped out. investigators are questioning 30 workers to figure out who helped him escape. mexico's president says he is confident he will get caught. >> a fire overnight in the city of chester. >> yeah, the blaze, in the 300 block of broomall street started just after 3:00 this morning. fire officials say the building that caught fire was abandoned but the fire spread to a home next door, which was, occupied. those residents got out safely, nobody was hurt. also new this morning police are investigating a double shooting in ogontz. it happened shortly before 11:00 p.m. police say a 21 year-old man and 46 year-old woman were
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found shot in the 16 hup block of widener place. both victims were taken to einstein hospital. >> but then just a couple blocks away and hour later police found, 20 shell casing at 21st and nedrow. witnesses say the the man fired several shots riding by on his bicycle. police did not find any victims and they are looking to see if the two incidents are related. an attempted lawn rescue in the delaware river came to a saddened last night. divers did find the body of the man who jumped in the water for a swim yesterday afternoon but did not make it out. the four three-year old victim was on a boat with at least one other person. the coastguard and new jersey state police block the river, while they searched for the man. currents can be very strong, in that particular part of the river. and philadelphia police say a woman was trying to pass another car when she went into the wrong are rain, and then struck a man on the bicycle this happened on the 4100 block of north second street, sunday afternoon. the the victim died at the scene and suspects fled.
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police caught up to her, and at seventh and atlantic and they took her into custody. funeral arrangements have the not yet been announced for a 29 year-old scranton police officer, john wilding. he was running after three teen robbery suspects, saturday, when witnesses say, that while chasing him he had to jump a fence. he didn't realize there was a 15-foot drop, that was on the other side of that fence. officer wilding hit his head and then died the next day. the three, 17 years old were arrested, officer wilding leaves behind a wife and two children. he is the first scranton officer to indict in the line of duty in nearly 30 years. 7:10. quite a surprise or catch for a trio of fisherman in brigantine. >> they pulled in a couple sharks. but with all of the shark talk we thought it would be interesting to have steve go
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to brigantine. there is steve. >> reporter: hopefully we will teach people about the brown shark or the sandbar shark, and it is more commonly known that was caught here. let's show you the the picture. a couple of guys from cinnaminson, a father and son, chris up dike, taking photographs, from our man, scott, the writer here on fox 29 that lives a at brigantine. they are out fishing quarter of 6:00 simultaneously catch, two, zanzibar sharks, and these are juveniles. that is why they are not big. yes, people, they did let them go, but they posed for pictures in the sand, and then, they saw the sharks, a safely swim back into the ocean, and then these are the most common sharks in these waters, and they are considered, by experts, to be the most safe sharks, to humans. never, ever, biting them apparently except in annex stream case that somebody hasn't heard about in a hundred years. these are the kind of sharks you see in aquariums so much a lot bigger and a lot wider in fact. this is probably the star of
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the show at the acquire number in camden because it is biggest shark in the tank. it looks mean, tough, it looks like a man the other. it looks like it could eat three men. but it is probably the most safe shark around and the most popular shark around as well. because they are known to swim in the shallow ocean here, muddy, cloudy water, even in the bay, and they are men to be in the delaware bay and fisherman catch them all the time. we just thought it was interesting in the summer of sharks with those eight, shark attacks on humans in north carolina, double the amount that they normally get in a full year in north caroline, that we would show you the pictures here on the new jersey coast. we have had shark sight goes, people running off the beach in avalon recently and other places but these sharks are not as a dangerous to man, but unless you are an expert and you can spot a shark in the water and know the breed and know it is not a danger, you will run off and grab your kids and run for your lives and yell shark if you saw one of these sharks. but usually you only see them on the line because they match the sand and they match the bottom of the merky atlantic
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ocean. so, no fear, that these sharks, are around and you probably swim around you all the time. you never notice it. since they are not biting anybody, they don't cause any trouble. they do grow as long as 8 feet. they do eat the same things as humans, crabs and fish. that is why they're not bothering humans. they do not want to bite your legs and eat humans like a great white. coincidently everybody is talking about, the great white, of new jersey, they are saying in north carolina event is once in every hundred years event, alexa and mike. now they are talking about the the books written about this great white that menaced jersey coastline back in 1916. almost hundred year anniversary of that. great white killed four people in one, 12 day stretch, and nearly killed a fifth, it killed a 12 year-old and a 24 year-old in raritan bay, within one hour. and then the first person who was killed coincidently right where sue serio was in beach haven on friday and the people there were trying to save this guy on the beach and they were having a tug of war with this great white.
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that was first of the four victims in that week. that is what they are comparing the the event in north carolina too. they are bringing out the great white in 19 back in 1916. we have great whites. we have fatal attacks. but nothing around here, this summer by the way, mike, the most place with the most shark attacks in all of america is on the east coast, in florida, 176 a attacks in the last 15 years but none fatal. we have had 15 fatal attacks in the america in the last 15 years. but none here in new jersey. thankfully. >> all right. what country has the most sharks near its big cities; in the world. >> reporter: australia. >> no. report report that would have been a second guess. >> thank you, steve. >> i watched shark week. >> 7:14. pope francis the world's
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first latin american pope wraps up his pilgrimage to the region's most poor country. >> the pope left yesterday and while there he issued an apology to indigenous people for church crimes more than 1,000 years ago. his speech necessary ecuador, bolivia and paraquay hammered home respect for the poor and called for a turn away from capitalistic systems. of course, pontiff heads to philadelphia for the world meeting of families in late september. that woman was making the pope a dinner. >> really. >> will you be doing that when he comes to philadelphia. >> he can swing by the apartment, sure. >> get some potatoes. >> yes, pizza rolls. >> you knew, who was coming to dinner. >> who. >> president obama will be here tomorrow afternoon. he is delivering the keynote address during the naacp convention being held in center city this week. policy practices are among the issues activist are focusing on during the convention. naacp board of directors say president obama will bring a
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message as to what is important from a white house standpoint. he will be talking tomorrow around 3:00. >> pardoned. let's go to that. >> i'd love to go. pennsylvania state senator, bob casey, will address the crowd at the convention. senator casey will discuss his strong start, act. what is that? well, it pushes for early education at the prek level, and he says investing in prek programs, can help people with their education, and also to prevent violence. and baltimore's state attorney general, marilyn mosby took the stage at the naacp convention. she gain national attention when she announced charges against officers involved in the arrest of freddie gray. most of you know mosby gave at dress at the naacp women empowerment forum. she talk about social and political establishment and overcoming hardships a lot of people said it was a great, great speech. >> well, it was inspirational and kind of fiery at times.
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>> here comes sue serio at 6:17. >> yes, here comes a slow moving frontal system. it is a stationary front that will move to the north as a warm front. as a result of that you'll see more cloud, then sunshine, by the end of the day to day and eventually we will get some rain. but also, we're worth mentioning as we look at our surface map this morning, we have been watching this for the possibility of a tropical formation. it doesn't look like that will happen, even if it did it will be heading towards the north east away from the coast. either way it would be okay but it is just something to mention that we have been watching ab off shore disturbance. it doesn't really look like much. as we take a live look, at ultimate doppler radar, lot of rain to our south and west especially in virginia and a little part of the west virginia. thunderstorms starting to head toward the d.c. area but none of that is expect to make its way here, and not throughout the day-to-day. so that is, will dissipate and
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we will get some rain but probably not until well after dark tonight. let's check that future cast. here are the rest of the day to day. it doesn't look like any rain but increase in cloud where we have seen a couple areas of green in the afternoon. that is in mostly cloud, now tomorrow, in the afternoon, that is when we do expect some rain, maybe even some pop up then are storm with that warm front finally, over our area, and, moving slowly, into the point where it stalls right over us and another front kind of joins it on wednesday. we have another chance of showers and then are storms starting at lunchtime on wednesday and lasting through the afternoon. we cannot rule out a pop up then are storm as well. that is tuesday and wednesday are your most iffy weather days of the week. temperatures 66 in allentown, reading, pottstown. seventy-four here in the city, and we've got into the 70's at the shore, so still expecting a little bit of the breeze, sea breeze, wind out of the north east, at the shore, here, if you are staying
7:19 am
there, maybe after, a really, excellent beach weekend. wind speed, not much, very calm out there, very tranquil monday morning. maybe just what we need to get our week started, some tranquility. eighty-nine on saturday. it was 90 on sunday. it is going to be 87, we think by the the even of the day to day with clouds, on the increase, throughout the afternoon, and unsettled with thunderstorms possible, on tuesday, and on wednesday, and, a six out of ten in your weather by the numbers. then we will head in the best weather days of the week and it looks like that is thursday and friday. especially on thursday when we could clear out humidity for a little while. 87 degrees on friday. weekend looks pretty g maybe some thunderstorms late in the day on sunday. so split is, we're taking care of your seven day forecast, also, trying to get you where you are going this morning with traffic. we will start off with route 422, eastbound, the off ramp to get on to 202, from 422, abe still in an accident there. we cannot really see it too well but trust me, it is still
7:20 am
there. i-95 at cottman avenue. let's look right there. we have nothing to worry about there. we have very light traffic to worry about this morning. a popular vacation week, no doubt. in ambler we will go to south main street at church street, we have an accident there. you can see things are slowing folks down there. and in upper moreland, lion dot road at even street, must be the end of the road, well, is there a building fire there. >> and end of the road. >> thank you, voice. >> 7:20. >> we're still months away from christmas but for retailers it is never too early to get a jump start on getting your business. wal-mart has a big plan to bump off amazon ahead of the holiday. >> are they fighting back and forth. >> it means sales. >> yes, that is true. i will spend my lottery wings on both. >> you check the numbers. >> yes. >> there they are.
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that is reading, pennsylvania, people were talking about frenchfries. you have to love junkyard fries at donnelly's, and stake them up people, hi stake them up people. they have good fries. >> they sent a picture. they got best of philly award. >> that is right, they did. >> okay. i was watching, there is a commercial on all weekend for this wednesday, july 15th, amazon is having this giant sale, like everything half off. everything on the site. so they are in a battle right now with wal-mart. >> i'm marking my calendar, lauren. >> you better believe it. >> we should talk about what is had happening in greece, what is the latest now. >> the latest is we have a framework for a deal. translation you are making today, dow jones futures are spiking. does greek stay in the euro zone. it is framework of the deal. if you live in greece, you
7:25 am
hate this you hate this because this deal means there is so many more tax hikes, and pension reforms that are affecting you. you still cannot take your money out of the bank but you do potentially get to stay using the euro currency. >> i will check my 401k kay today. >> lets talk about christmas in july. what wal-mart is trying to do to get amazon out of the way. >> you are talking about the prime day, on wednesday, this week, for amazon. the great deals, one every ten minutes, all day long. here's the catch, you have to be a prime member when which means you spend $99 a year. wal-mart is saying us too. if you go on their web site they are daring to you compare, some of their items to amazon's items. they say our prices are better a lot of time. we're also hearing and thinks coming from u.s.a. today that on wednesday, also wal-mart will have a deal, that rivals amazon, but it will be available for everybody. >> yes. >> not just for prime members. >> video that you are showing
7:26 am
it says more deals than black friday, that is had hard to believe. that is big. >> it is huge. black friday has that, catch to it, people think that is best time of the year to shop. you can do that in the middle of the july, people will pay attention. >> amazon and wal-mart fighting like this, it is good for us. >> it is true. >> great for us. >> yes. >> at least we can start doing our christmas shopping now. >> too early to do that. >> yes. >> never too early. >> some people do it he because they are organized and discipline. >> store ate way in the roomy won't be able to find it. where is that gift. okay lauren, we will see you tomorrow. >> front page of the philadelphia inquirer, the whole country, whole world is talking about this dude, how do you get to the size of the tunnel that his friend built for him to escape. >> it is beautiful it is a mile long. >> it looks like something else. >> we're talking about the
7:27 am
biggest drug lord in mexico, how to get out. we will give you details and show you more pictures of the tunnel. lets get to jen because she's back and she's also back in the water. >> back from vacation. i didn't know any other way i could handle a vacation return to work monday then hanging out here at marsh creek. we will have some fun. we will do stand up paddle boarding but we will do next level stuff. look at how beautiful it is. come on back.
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i think i will watch that show, that boris and nicole. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> promos have been really funny yes. >> i think it will be good. >> what time does it come on. >> 2:00 o'clock. >> they are the cutest couple. >> yes, they are. >> they are gorgeous. >> yes. >> okay, gorge. >> me. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> is my best day ever now. >> let's check with bus stop buddy, and he spent two weeks at summer camp. now he is home, pool side, with the sun screen, ready for a decent day. temperatures are starting off, in the 60's and 07's. walking out the door right now, it is a mild start and facing an eight out of ten for your monday, and it is, in active at the moment on
7:31 am
ultimate doppler radar. in our area there are cloud around. we will mix witt sunshine at seven 46789 westerly wind at 3 miles an hour, relative humidity at 76 percent. we're expecting a high of 87 degrees with increasing cloud through the afternoon. we have some rain in the seven day forecast. we will tell you when, coming up in just a few minutes. time to check traffic right now. we will start off with a look at the schuykill expressway, at route 202, and folks seem to be moving along just fine there. so lets just head over to the ben franklin bridge where folks are pretty crowded. yeah, coming back from the shore, on monday, across those bridges from new jersey, always a challenge there. so that will really be a slow go across ben franklin bridge. at least westbound. and in ambler south main street at church street we have an accident there that will slow you down and white marsh township route 309 north bound at east valley green
7:32 am
road is there an accident there as well. alex? >> thanks, sue. i just check, thinks the cover story, lead story, most papers around the the world. even though that looks like honey i shrunk the kid in the colonoscopy clinic it is a continue that he will this guy, this drug lord, escaped through. there we go. a very elaborate tunnel. i mean it had lighting, air, ventilation. so, christmas the story on this. first of all, tell us hoe is. >> his name is joachim guzman and anyone that knows anything about law enforcement knows he not only was the biggest drug kingpin in mexico but was the most wanted man in the world before his capture last year. then he goes to the maximum security prison, and then escaped over the weekend. he is known as the leader of this cartel and has been the leader for decade. the guzman escaped from mexico's top security prison through a tunnel as mike just showed on the cover of the
7:33 am
paper, under the shower in his cell. now investigators are questioning about 30 workers trying to figure out who may have helped guzman escaped. >> thirty people worked at the prison are giving their statement so we can determine what their legal situation will be and what other element we can get. >> i'm confident that mexican institutions, particularly those charged with public security, rise to the challenge with the strength and determination to recapture this criminal. >> well, you have heard recapture. in 2001 guzman bribe his way out of prison for the first time, the cartel is believed to control most of the major crossing points for drugs, at the u.s./mexican border. guzman is also wanted here in the u.s. there is a a five million-dollar reward and u.s. dollars out for him. mexico also has a reward out for about 200, i should say 2 million u.s. dollars. u.s. authorities have offered mexico any assistance it needs to aid in his recapture, you
7:34 am
showed that tunnel, mike, it is interesting, is there animation of it going from outside home, and then dug down 30 feet, and then across, underneath the prison up into his jail cell, in that bathroom. >> yes, used the cover of constructing a home for entry point. >> correct. >> that thing went over a mile they but it was perfectly spun like it was done like it cut through a subway system, under new york or philadelphia. >> very well done. >> so he had a lot of help, no question bit. >> he has a lot of money. forbes listed him as one of the richest men of the world, his estimated worthies about a billion dollars. there is a guy that started from nothing, orange farm inner mexico. >> last time when he was gone for 13 years they caught him on the beach at a mexican resort. wonder where they will fine him this time. >> not a single shot fired when they captured him the first time. >> when they caught him, that time, the united states wanted him, extradited to the u.s.,
7:35 am
because of all of the drugs that come into our country through him but mexican officials said no, now maybe we could have kept him in a better maximum security prison like a big lock up out there in colorado, of course, don't even mention the the guys in upstate new york. >> clinton correctional facility. >> certainly not. >> thanks, chris. >> all right, guys. >> 7:35. >> national french friday and we want to know where do you go to get yours. >> on twitter, keep talking, and, stretching. >> yes. >> use the the cash tag fox 29 good day. blank which one of these areas
7:36 am
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
is the best. >> or which one do you like the most. >> we are letting everybody decide who watches our show. also on the people on the billy to find out which neighborhood in our area, you like. so, this morning we are kicking off round two of our ultimate philly neighborhood bracket. you have made your pick on our web site thousands of people voted on my fox we narrowed it down to the top 16 now, lets look the at remaining neighborhood going head to head for the top spot. our first match up philly northern liberties taking on graduate hospital and east passyunk battling it out with roxborough. >> all right. for the second city match up we have chestnut hill verse fairmount, and manayunk verse university city. that is an interesting match up. >> yes, moving to the pennsylvania suburbs, it is west chester, verse conshohocken. and doylestown verse media. >> lets get over to new jersey. we have cherry hill verse moorestown, and haddonfield verse mount laurel.
7:40 am
>> remember, vote for your ultimate neighborhood go to my fox, scroll down on the home page and you'll fine a little icon, that says, what does it say, neighborhood. >> it says philly's ultimate neighborhood. >> that is exactly what it says. >> all right. jen is looking for things to do with your children this summer. >> yes, you know, you have to start with the water. kids, and water, they just go together. >> and there is jared the photographer. he is getting ready i. she looks lake she's ready. she will do paddle boarding. we will do that after the break.
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ask chris movie bye jim thorpe. he and his family went there a little bit this week up. a lot of fun. we had great weather. hopefully you made the most of your, midsummer weekend, and new we're looking ahead to some rain but it probably won't hit us to i. it will be nice. heading up toward washington d.c., let's zoom in closer. some thunderstorm activity there in northern virginia. will that make it here. we will watch the southern part of the viewing area to see if we have any showers, and we think we will stay, out
7:44 am
of, out of it here in philadelphia. so we were down the shore and had a great time on friday. let's head to that seven day forecast, coming up, we will let you know about the most iffy days of the week as you you plan ahead, tuesday, wednesday, are the ffy weather taste of the week, and pop up thunderstorms in store for both days. not every minute. not entire wash outs but you can expect, some unsettled weather both tuesday and wednesday. today high of 87 degrees. largely a dry day. after the storms, on tuesday, and especially on wednesday, we will clear out on thursday with a high of 84. friday looks good high of 87. we will start a warming trend in the weekend. eighty-nine on saturday. by sunday we are in the 90's and we also have that ever present chance of the shower or then are storm. that is what happens. that is your seven day forecast. >> and time to look at
7:45 am
traffic, and, we will go first of all to the schuylkill expressway at the roosevelt boulevard. we have some slow traffic, and as we move in the city. now we will go to the route 42 freeway. we are starting to get more crowded there this morning. still not noticing as much volume, as on a day, in the fall, but a lot of vacations i think this week. so we will go through roosevelt boulevard, southbound, this morning at pratt street. there is an accident there, that has all lanes of the boulevard, blocked, right now, so, that is what is going on there that will slow you down big time this morning. try to avoid it if you can. white marsh township route 309 at east valley green road, we have an accident there, as well.
7:46 am
you say this summer you guys are even more on fire and you are doing all kind of new stuff. >> the paddle boarding has become so popular and, it is becoming a craze. best part about it is it is a family thing, and we see moms, dads, come out with their children. we see mother/daughters, grand kid, and, and two board together last week. i have a six year-old on a board just like yours but much smaller. and a mom on the same board paddling side by side, and it was just great to watch. >> i have to say something you already taught me something. i own a paddle board. you say people with their way wider stance then they need to be. we should be kind of like hip flexes. >> your board is designed so you work from the front of the board to the center of the board so you have ballies most stable if you have your feet
7:47 am
just at your natural hip, width on either side of the hole or handle there. >> these girls are getting ready to do some yoga on stand up paddle board. >> right. >> so if i put my feet wide and i lean toward you, do you see how board is already tilting. if my feet are in my natural hip stance and we happen to put our weight on the foot, the board barely moves. you want to keep yourself in your natural upright position , nice and easy. >> you get your yoga on. what is interesting if you do ohio, you anchor them in. >> we anchored them in because we often, you know, this one, two, three people attending a class is a drift where we paddle out in the wind and then when we get out to the spot we will start moves, we will drift down and paddle back. when we have people, it is easier to anchor up, stay together and i can make sure everyone has good, following along and that is we don't have any questions f they fall off the board, board is still stationary. >> talk to me about paddle
7:48 am
fit, how is that different from yoga. >> that is different because it involves cardio as well as yoga and i like to do i have an extensive background in pillates so do i pill at hises on the board. what i like is it is about lengthening, and strengthening at the same time, and so if you have a problem area it goodies to work that out. it also focuses on the core, and it works the little transverse abdominal muscles that run along the spinal column so it helps to keep you upright as we get oldery don't think i have any of those muscles but show my a paddle fit move. >> one thing with paddle fit is we paddle faster and we do cardio paddling. i will backup just for a second to show you, we will show you and we will anchor up. with that most people will come out and she will put paddle in the water and just paddle. and, true strong paddle if someone were to come and take
7:49 am
you a and fit new your midsection you would protect yourself by doing a crunch. do you that. and you pull yourself leaning forward to the board and lean right back to the hip and recover and then as we do it, for the whole 15 minutes we're paddling to our spot, we're a working you're bleaks and your core. >> i love it. >> jennifer, i will have you paddle over to that buoy. thinks hardest part of the class actually is getting on the buoy. we will paddle toward buoy. and we will get there. we will have to get down on your hand and knees and grab that buoy. >> okay. >> pardon. >> it is on top of the buoy. >> yes. >> that will hook into the little rope on the back of your board. >> cool. and at we will show some people more moves at 8:45, as well. >> perfect, perfect. >> how cool is that. >> never heard of it. >> and look at this, this is great. >> i cannot even do it on
7:50 am
land. >> thinks hardest part of the whole paddle stick class, right, girls, serious is getting hook up. >> cool, see new a little bit. >> downward faithing water dog. >> yes, geese. >> treading water. >> 7:50. >> two of the stars of the upcoming hollywood divas, hey. >> they are coming in the studio today to talk about their show, but also the importance of the naacp convention, going on right now, right here in philadelphia we have lisa woo and others. this gorgeous by the way. >> i'm sure you are excited. >> a little bit. then it is also national french friday, right. so we will tell you how you can still, fill up your stomach of chickie and pete's crab fries and help the fraternal order of police. >> they have a fry eating contest, at chickie and pete's tonight. i thought why don't we do that the on the show before 10:00 o'clock. >> do what. >> do a rematch, do you remember when you and chris
7:51 am
murphy, ate chicken wings. >> my goodness, yes. >> lets see how much crab fries you can eat in 30 seconds.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
it is 7:54 on this mob. listen to this, what happened at a chicago zoo, all 54 stingrays at the zoo's habitat have died after a drop in
7:55 am
oxygen levels, in the exhibit. it happened on friday, the the loss included four southern stingray is a and 50 cow nose rays. according to the zoo keeper vet star treated animals while other animal care staff worked to restore the proper oxygen level in the water, but the animals did not, survive. the zoo's vice-president says the staff is devastated by this tragic loss. can you imagine. >> terrible. >> you take care of these stingrays. kit cat, did you find it? okay. i was watching shark week, you know. >> yes you were really into it. >> they got into different species. off the coast of australia once a year there is a tiny island a quarter of a million stingrays, get together and start circling in a giant pack to mate. so the males, fly into the the eras high as they can so when they flop back it makes a loud noise.
7:56 am
whoever puts out loud is noise. >> they get the girl. >> and get most of the action. >> and, these rays, all, and, flying out of the air. >> so it just sound. >> yes. >> boom, boom. >> yeah. >> thank you for drying that. >> sure. >> i have something in my eye. >> yes, that was great. >> i have no life. >> road island beach is back opened, authorities still don't know, what may have exploded, you hear about this? under a woman's feet, it was so loud they shut the beach. >> rhode island state police say they have found no evidence of explosive devices behind loud boom that went across the beach yesterday. the witnesses reported knocked a woman in the rough wall. >> the sand directly in front, basically erupted, she, they heard a loud noise, wasn't
7:57 am
sure exactly what it was, but, supposedly recorded a force ultimately pushed this person up against the rock and then forward, falling into the sand. >> up and down the beach, miles away. investigators say part of the problem is the spot in question right between the high tides and low tied lines. when tied roll in they could not thoroughly investigate the the area but state police say the beach is now back opened, they say, it is safe. they don't necessity what it was. >> weird. >> um-hmm. >> every summer this comes out, and, different magazine, and, and better homes and garden, gave the wildwoods, a big thumbs up. >> july issues shows wildwood as one of the top ten beaches you must visit with your family. article calls it a classic jersey cher town. wildwood got love from readers of the who named the
7:58 am
the best safe shore town. we're excited because we are doing a show in wildwood september 4th. >> it is, in fact, september 4th that friday you and you will be down there as we were a year ago. sue will be there is a year ago. sue has been following traffic. >> this one just came in. you can see we are live over an accident. at ease and westbound westbound lanes affect by this. it is multiple cars involved. it is a nasty accident there. we are getting word that there are injuries, but, we don't know the extent of their injuries. and pick up and suv. >> if there was a suv involved there as well. folks are squeezing by on that
7:59 am
one lane. the accident happened westbound. and westbound going out of atlantic city. going toward philadelphia. you only have one lane, squeezing by there. if you can avoid that area. do so. >> okay. coming up at 8:00. it is monday, july 13th, 2015. we have some sharks to show us from local beaches. >> reporter: serena williams wins wimbledon but that wasn't her only battle. she was slam for the way she looks. unlikely author coming to her defense, alex. >> there is something you may not know, about one of the characters on peanuts.
8:00 am
how one incredible teacher help convince charles schultz to create the first black character hey franklin. hi, jen. >> hey guys here's one thing you need to know, young ladies, and, paddle boarding, but we will tell you why coming up and show so of those killer yoga moves. coming up. we have temperatures in the 60's and 07's walking out the door. as she grabs the sun screen as well with increasing cloud today you will need that sun screen. there is your satellite and radar picture. rain is close as baltimore but
8:01 am
nothing headed in our area and nothing is expected to until much later today. 74 degrees, with a 5-mile an hour breeze in the south and 76 percent relative humidity. high of 86 with increasing cloud, as we said through the afternoon, and then, tonight it is down to 07 degrees, mostly cloud which showers, anytime after dark. but more likely after midnight. is there your weather authority forecast. that will get you through monday. it is tough getting through this portion of the atlantic city expressway. let's go back to our sky fox picture of this multi, vehicle accident, and it happened, westbound on the ac expressway right there at route 168 in washington township, and only the shoulder is getting by right now and they are squeezing by, very, very slowly right now. it is very, slow and, and south brown at pratt street, an accident at all of the lanes in the inner drive, blocked right now, we can see,
8:02 am
causing a big backup on that portion of the boulevard, take the outer drive to get by but that will be slow as well. one more look have of i-95 at girard avenue, volume has pick up but moving along okay. mike and alex. >> okay. >> it is 8:02. police interviewed staff of the popular center city eateries this morning. overnight it is two men with the fake gun robbed tria cafe at 12th and spruce. suspects got away with $1,500 in cash inside four bank bags that happened around 1:30 in the morning around the time the restaurant was closing. >> greece reached a deal, talking about the country, reached a deal with the european creditors earlier this morning. at agreement will stop the country from being kick out of the european union. the deal calls for greeks, who already reeling are from harsh measures and economic decline, to cut back, even further in exchange, for billions of dollars in loans. the deal, which still needs approval from greek's
8:03 am
parliament, and will be the country's third bail out, in five years, if everything gets work out. well, mexico's most powerful drug lord escaped a maximum security prison for a second time. manhunt is underway for joachim guzman also known as el chapo. he escaped from in mexico's top security prison through tunnel, and, this tunnel has ventilation, lighting, and investigators are questioning 30 work tours help guzman escape. mexico's president says he is confident that they will find him. >> it was big enough he rode motorcycle out of it. >> american just a shark sighting off a new jersey beach, fisherman got two of them. >> they caught these sharks, so right there on the beach, steve. >> reporter: first of all we are on the beach where it happened. there is a a lot of people that fish here in brigantine. it is a popular fishing beach. people that fish here, fish right next to the people who
8:04 am
swim here. we will spin around and see a life guard stand just down the street and that is where fisherman were last night when they were casting out not far, in knee deep water and show you the picture of chris updike and his son down here for the weekend in brigantine fishing at dish time for both humans and shark. quarter of 6:00. they catch these two sharks. they pose with pictures. and they were nice enough to let the sharks live and let them back in the ocean. you animal lovers out there they didn't kill sharks. they let them dry up and die on the land. this let them back so they cangle to be full size. that would be 8 feet. they are not dangerous to humans but they look dangerous. when we see these things grow up, these are biggest sharks we see in the tank in the aquarium in camden. they look mean, menacing and man eaters but they are gentle giant, essentially. there is no report of them ever attacking humans even though they are the most popular shark in the the waters. they hang out in the shallow
8:05 am
cloudy muddy water on the atlantic ocean all the way down to brazil from massachusetts and they are in the bays, common in the delaware bay, chesapeake bay and back bays. fisherman are always catching them because they eat what we do, crabs and fish. no danger to humans and reason we are seeing them in picture, we will never see them swimming and surfing but probably constantly around you. reason you don't know they are there because they never bother any humans. they look mean like all sharks. since most of us are not an expert in various species and could not tell a great white from the sandbar shark, up close in the water, well, that is why everybody likes to look at these pictures and wonders should we run out if we see them. you will run after seeing this story, and neglect something about sandbar or brown sharks now, because they he just don't look real kind and friendly even on land and when their tiny juveniles like that. so we have had summer of shark attacks in north caroline, we
8:06 am
thought scott ewing our writer's pictures lives behind and sent these pictures n we thought we would show them to you. we have been talking about shark week we had portuguese manowar, jelly fish like stings, one guy saying they can dill you. that is very rare, but we have had a very wild summer, of unusual things happening, on the atlantic coast and boy, i yearn for good old days when a all you had to worry about was good old medical waste washing up and getting stung by a hypodermic need until new jersey. i miss the good old day. >> i miss these medical stories we used to do ten years ago. now sharks. >> sharks when they attack humans is a case of mistaken identity. >> really. >> yeah. >> they will be after turtles, and guys and women on is your surf board look like turtles. >> how many hours did you spend watching shark week. >> fifty-three. >> you are jaquez casteau.
8:07 am
>> and junior has his own show on nowadays now that his dad, is no longer here. anyway, we have found a picture of the stingray estimating, once a year -- what do you have? a manowar. >> okay, let's put that up a second. >> they are beautiful. >> look at the size of that thing. >> they are gorgeous but that will sting you. >> we learned when we have people from the baltimore aquarium, on friday, no, thursday, that there is organisms, it looks like one, but is there different particles, and different things that make up the manowar. >> it is pretty though. >> purple. >> just don't touch it. >> the president of the united states is coming to philadelphia, center city tomorrow, landing 1:30. >> he is delivering a key net address at the the naacp convention. the board of directors say president obama will bring a message of is what important to the white house standpoint. today's keynote speaker is
8:08 am
naacp president, cornell williams brooks talking about criminal justice. he will talk about prosecutors using their discretionary power to address in eke witt in the legal system or in equality. policy practices air monk issues activist are focusing on during this years convention. >> big crowd. welcome to philadelphia, everybody. well, miss u.s.a. pageant was on, it aired on a a network call reals, tv. >> okay. >> it was dropped, by nbc because of those remarks by pageant co-owner donald trump, you know, they made marks, and, and, the controversy generated by those comments. during the show there was no mention have of donald trump. >> and,and oak a. >> that means first runner up is texas. >> miss oklahoma.
8:09 am
>> olivia jordan was crowned miss u.s.a. 2015 on sunday. she beat out texas. twenty-six year-old model, health sciencees student won judges over when asked what is the the next big issue that the u.s. needs to tackle. >> immigration. >> no, race relations. >> another important topic. >> but one that is out there. >> she said, that immigration, yes. >> that would have been making headlines. >> come on. >> i'm surprised she didn't say world peace. >> we need more maps. >> okay. what could bring a retired late night talk show host out of the retirement? donald trump. david letterman talks up at steve martin's show in texas over weekend with interesting facts about donald trump and we will show you a few of them. >> number ten, that thing on his head was the gopher in caddy shack. >> donald trump weighs
8:10 am
240-pound, 250 in cologne. number one interesting fact about donald trump, thanks to donald trump the republican mascot is also a... >> that is right, he did his top ten basically. >> yeah, steve and martin short, and steve martin, anyway, they were traveling a country doing a comedy show which i would love to go to, and they had dave come out and do a top ten list as a special guest. what a great surprise for audience. >> are they coming to philadelphia. >> turf check. >> sue, can you check, are they coming to philly. >> you can tell dave has in the been doing much, he has a nice full beard much. good to see him again. >> it is a nice day for a what. >> nice day for a white wedding. >> or is it. can you wear a white dress to the wedding. i have done it. if you are not the bride though. um-hmm.
8:11 am
ladies, watch out, surprising amount of women doing just that, pippa wore white to her sister's wedding. >> but first serena williams wins wimbledon but that wasn't her only battle over weekend. tennis star slammed for the way she looks, seriously. unlikely author coming to her defense.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
we have a few traffic problems and they are big ones to tell but after we get finish, telling but what a gorgeous day it will be at the shore, again today, after an excellent, weekend, at the beach. it will be in the upper 70's, right there in the sand, and, northeasterly breeze at 5 miles an hour, so not too much wind, 75-degree, surf temperature and a nine, uv index. luckily rip current risk is low. as we look at the seven day forecast to day looks okay. today is a dry day. we have tuesday, and wednesday, should be days, when it is a little iffy as far as showers and thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon, both days, tomorrow and on wednesday.
8:15 am
and then we cleared out on thursday. and friday, and weekend looks great with thunderstorms after we reach 90's on sunday. so there is your weather, now traffic and like i said we have a couple things to tell but. this accident, looks like it was a pretty bad one on the atlantic city expressway, westbound, that is right at route 168, only the shoulder is still getting by there. now, lets go to the schuylkill expressway, eastbound schuylkill, off ramp to route 202, an accident, there, you can see there is tow truck there, about to clear that out, and, also, another one on the roosevelt boulevard southbound at pratt street. there is an accident there that has all the lanes in the inner drive blocked. you have to use the outer drive but beware, alex, outer drive is jammo. >> slow down. >> yes. >> 8:15. >> thanks, sue. serena williams wins wimbledon making her oldest women to win
8:16 am
a grand slam tournament. >> yes, grand slam tournament in the open era. >> there we go. >> three two-year old holds all four grand slam titles. last time she did it was in 2002 and 2003. he she made just shy of three million-dollar for winning f she wins in september in the u.s. open she will win the calendar slam, abe tennis player steffi graf was the last to do it. she has 22 titles and serena has 21. >> but every time that she wins, and people, ugly, ugly, creepy people on the internet, say it is because of her physicality. it is all about her body is bigger than other woman. it gets a lot ugly than that and racist. >> this time when someone had something to say there was a woman who came to her defense. >> who was that, lauren.
8:17 am
>> jk rawlins, the harry potter created. she started tweeting i love her. what a athlete and woman. a guy named rob tweeted back and said ironic then that the main reason for her success is that she's built like a man. >> well, in a drop the mike moment jk rawlins posted this picture looking smoking hot in the fitted red dress and said she's built like a man, yeah, my husband looks just like this in a dress. you are an idiot. >> good for her keeping score on this match up. jk rawlins rob and rob who, who is he anyway. >> a complete dark. >> i know, body shaping people just because someone is muscular doesn't make them masculine. >> exactly. if it were a man who won we won't comment on him that he is built that way. she won. give her, her props. >> that is right. >> if you know anything about tennis, any tennis analyst will say strongest part of her game is her mental toughness.
8:18 am
hard work, dedication since she was a kid. she's the best in the world. she's been that way for a long time. do you want to go see her play. >> when. >> she will be in philadelphia in a few days. >> philly is place to be right now, parentally. >> do you have tickets. >> i can get tickets. >> let's do it. >> sue? can you find out will she be playing at villanova, i know it is billy jean king event. >> celebrity tennis. >> i think july 20th, we will find out, thank you, lauren. >> how about the guys side too at wimbledon, novac djokovic, he had a pretty funny fail over the weekend. >> what was it. >> i don't know because i think this is different. >> he beat -- oh, do you remember this how hulk hogan would start his wrestling matches by ripping off his shirt. look at this, everybody. now do you think you can beat
8:19 am
me. look at these muscles. >> um-hmm. >> so, no vac, he tried to do it too. >> it wouldn't rip. >> my goodness. >> maybe trying to pop first couple of button. he was trying to open it up. >> is that what it was. >> yes, just to undue them. >> that is what i want to believe he won for second year in the row. that is his ninth grand slam of his career. by the way, in that particular tournament, the women and the men make the same prize money, isn't that great. >> that is great. >> equality. >> we saw the soccer team, the mens soccer team. >> forty times. >> they made 35 million-dollar for their win. they didn't even win they came in 15th place and made 35 million. the winning women, 2 million. >> amazing.
8:20 am
>> 2 million. >> answers. >> ville know of, the pavilion, she's playing july 20th. >> serena williams. >> she's playing for the washington something, something. >> since you suggest it mike that means you are getting the tickets. >> washington castles. >> you know, them from hollywood deave, lisa wu is here, paula, jay parker sitting next to us in our studio. we asked her is lease agoing back to the real housewives of atlanta there are rumors swirling around. but first a moment of clarity, this precious baby girl here is having trouble seeing her mommy but what happens next that puts everything into perspective, this is video you have to see a few minutes away. >> first set of glasses.
8:21 am
8:22 am
i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day.
8:23 am
i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank.
8:24 am
he led the video game company from pokemon and super mario to wii. company had been going through a down turn as smart phones replaced gaming controls but nintendo announced it would make games for devices. now he died of a tumor. he was just 55. >> just horrible. all right. singer bobby brown, he and his wife have another child. alycia is her name. she gave birth to a second child a girl over the weekend. they have not released her name. bobby and alycia are parents to five-year old cashus. so that would make, let's see, six children for bobby brown now. as you know his 22-year old daughter, bobbi kristina remains in hospice care in atlanta a. 8:24. as a parent you get to deal seeing your baby's first experience. >> yes, watch this, for one ohio mother, the first was her baby's first glim of her, she has really bad eye sight this
8:25 am
little girl. they have fitted her with her first pair of glasses which happens to be pink. >> hi. >> hi there. >> how are you. >> can you see. >> look at that face. >> had never really seen her mother's face. she just knows the voice. >> who are you, dad. >> yes. >> hi, dad. >> yes, this video has more than 12 million views. so cute. >> dad, mom. >> mom, dad. >> so cute. >> i can't believe this. >> that was great. >> we have a very special moment coming up in our studio. i can't wait to meet this woman. charlie brownies heading to the big screen, okay, but there is something you may not necessity about peanuts. how one incredible teacher helped convince charles schultz the writer, creator, the drawer to create the first black character back in the
8:26 am
60's and she has letters to prove that she convinced charles, to create franklin. >> we will turn and meet her. hey, honey. day dreaming?
8:27 am
8:28 am
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8:29 am
all right. is there a look at trenton, new jersey this morning. you you can see this is a little bit of haze in the air, a little bit on the humid side not as bad as it could be but not as nice as on friday when we got a break from the humidity. we will give you a eight out of ten in weather by the numbers. we are off to a mild start with temperatures in the 60's and 70's. your pal bus stop buddy says don't forget your sun screen when it is cloudy. cloud will obscure the sun a bit. you can still get sunburn. use that sun screen. temperatures in the 50's and 70's to get you started this morning, and there is a look
8:30 am
at radar, baltimore has showers. we do not. we are not expecting any. 74 degrees. eighty-seven is the high. we will see increasing cloud. tonight rain starts after sunset and most likely around midnight overnight low of 70. there is your weather authority forecast. let check on the problems we have been having on the roads, the atlantic city expressway westbound at route 168 down there in washington township that accident is still out there, it is on the westbound side and only the shoulder is getting by. schuylkill expressway eastbound the at 422, we have an accident there, very busy roadway this time of the day and on the roosevelt boulevard, southbound at pratt street, an accident there has left all lanes in the inner drive block, you can only take outer drive and that is jammed, alex. >> thanks, sue. charlie brown, snoopy, lucy, and the rest of the peanuts gang are making their
8:31 am
big screen debut this november. >> hey, there is a new did moving in. >> it is no the oven you get the opportunity to start over with the clean slate. this time, things will be different. >> this is going to be peanuts like you have neff seen before in 3-d animated film. is there something you may in the know about the popular comic strip turned empire. in 1968 a los angeles teacher helped convince charles schultz to create the first black peanuts character. her name is harriet glickman and she's joining us now along the voice of that character franklin in the new movie. >> welcome to the film. >> thank you so much. >> we will talk to you in a bit and hear what franklin's voice sound like but we have to go back to 1968. >> you were a school teacher in los angeles. >> i have left school teaching
8:32 am
at the time because i had three kid at home. it was right after martin luther king was killed. in my hearty thought is there anything i can do to make some kind of an imprint on what is happening in our world and so i wrote that letter. >> a letter to whom. >> i'm sorry, to charles schultz. >> the create are of peanuts. >> yes. >> did you ever think he would write back. >> no, i but i thought i will do it anyway. >> there is a lot of typing there. paraphrase what you said to him. >> what i talk about was because i thought peanuts was one of the most beloved, of the comic strips all over the world actually, and that when a young boy like at a strip he never saw him self. i wanted to have a child in the strip who would represent him. >> what did charles say back.
8:33 am
>> he wrote back and said, you know, i think it is a good idea. i thought about it tonight past but i don't think i could carry it out. black parents might feel patronized by it. i wrote him again, and fit is okay with you i with like to ask some of my friends to write you about their feelings, and i had some of a couple of friend, kenney kelly, who was a father of two children and wrote him a letter which is also the a the charles schultz museum with all of the correspondence and another woman monica gunning and that is all you needed really good they thought it would be a good idea. >> and talk about what would it mean to their children. he wrote back and said you will be very pleased to see the strip on july, i think july 29th with a character. >> you opened up the paper and there is franklin. >> how exciting, it is interesting. i was reading letters. they said this just shows it
8:34 am
is a natural thing for a white kid and black child to be in the same room, and talk with each other, big moment. >> there was a tremendous response on both side, there was a very positive response. i learn later that mr. schultz heard from whoopi goldberg and al rooker about things, and he said yeah, we see he ourselves now in this. whoever there was a very negative response. >> 1968, i can imagine. >> 1968, yes. >> the letter, i saw one letter from mississippi that said please don't send us anymore strips with black children in them because we were going through forced inter racial in the school room. >> this is unheard of though, lot of times regular day citizens can't talk big time guys like charles schultz into
8:35 am
changing. >> there is a lesson to come out of this at all, you can make a difference. every person, even it is a very small difference you can make a difference. >> that is true good and now marmar you are 12. you are the voice of franklin. >> yes good what did they tell you, how did you know how to make him sound. >> well, i just used, i used to have a naturally high pitched voice and people used to make fun of me. oh, yeah i have a high pitched voice. i was just like i'm just going to use it to my advantage, i dit; and i got the job. >> so it is so nice to be in philadelphia in franklin voice. >> it is so nice to be in philadelphia. >> how does it work, are you in the room and they tell you this is what franklin is doing, and you have to actor how do you you work. >> they have a stan, i read the lines with this voice and that is pretty much it. >> how does it feel when you see clips of franklin and your
8:36 am
voice coming out. >> it is different because it myself first movie but it is a grayling feel. >> you have been in philadelphia since yesterday for naacp convention, you guys have bonded. >> when i saw him, i started to cry because he is exactly how i pictured franklin. if they asked me to cast, this is the young manny would have cast. >> so sweet. >> okay, i'm going to cry. >> november 6th. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you, harriet. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you for writing that letter. >> enjoy the rest of the time in philadelphia. >> we have some book backlash. >> i need to talk to you about this. is there a new harper lee book coming out. her second in 50 some years, but did you see what they say in the book. my goodness. >> i haven't seen it. >> i will tell you bit after the break. >> marmar do you like
8:37 am
frenchfries. >> it is national french friday you are in luck. we are asking is what the best in the area. shelley says she gets her at the pop shop in medford. so tweet us what you think, use the hash tag fox 29 good day. here's a look at last nights winning lottery numbers. blank .
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harper lee's second novel go set a watch men, comes out, this week. >> it was actually written before their first book, the to kill a mocking bird but ghost of the watch men just surfaced some 20 years later.
8:41 am
it is set in 50's alabama and centers around scout and scout and at cuss finch. >> the book involves controversy as it depicts one of the most celebrated characters finch as a racist. he didn't believe in segregation in this book, the character, is there scott, aticuss played by gregory peck. in his latest year, according to fiction but aticus is describe as a kkk member and he was upset about the supreme court decision brown verse the board of education which happened in 1954. now many fans of the to kill a mocking bird are saying they are not going buy this book. >> it really causes me, i cannot even believe that would happen because he stood up for african americans. >> probably burst the bubble of people with fond memories.
8:42 am
>> this is 1962 version of the book. >> there is no getting an answer out of 89 year-old harper lee. she has not done a interview in decade. >> she's living in an assist ted facility. >> a lot of people are shocked. >> my goodness. >> this watch men book was written before to kill a mocking bird but the the publickers liked it so much they apparently asked her to go back, and, tell the story to kill a mocking bird from scout's perspective. because in watch men scout has grown up, she's an adult. she moved to new york. she moves back to her home state. she's very disappointed in that her father is a racist, when she thought you were a hero, you defend that had black man in court. >> that is why it is so shocking for people. >> yeah. >> so, publisher harper collins released this statement, question of his racism is one of the most important, critical he will events in this novel and should be considered in the context of the book's broader
8:43 am
moral themes. >> wow. >> all right. >> coming up at 9:00 we will read some of the scenes from to kill a mocking bird. in fact is there a stage performance that will be happening in our city. we will tell you where. the the actors are outside right now and they will do the scenes from that iconic film. >> they are setting up. >> i will be playing boo bradley. lets get to jen? >> yoga. >> paddle boarding. >> we are setting up, are you joking, mike. have you heard of it. >> never her of it. >> i have not either. >> now are i lying. come on back to marsh creek we are having a great time. i'll tell you why the kid like this so much.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're on it with the yoga talk. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> but i don't think she was talking about on a paddle board. wait until you see, it will be amazing. what is ahead? just some weather headlines to keep track of planning your week, mostly dry, becoming cloud think afternoon. that is today.
8:47 am
unsettled weather on tuesday and wednesday, a lot of clouds, some showers, pop up thunderstorms. so those are your unsettled days of the week. and then thursday and friday plenty of sunshine and a break from humidity. middle of the week we will have unsettled weather but closer to the weekend things will be improving. that is what is ahead for your weather. we will check traffic in just a few minutes, mike and alex. >> well, marsh creek both bet rental has all kind of events including twilight cruzs. >> i know people taking the twilight cruise. >> downingtown is place to be, there is jen. >> yeah, we will show you pictures at 9:45. good morning once again. >> good morning. >> one of the things i have been seeing on instagram are your obviously paddle stick classes and ohio a that is you why are doing out here on the paddle board this morning. >> that is what we are doing. >> i want to see your moves, okay. a as we watch you go through a
8:48 am
couple and you can get them started. >> all right. everyone start down on all four. make sure your belly buttons are over the handle. we will simply relax low bag in the sagging cow position to relax it, turn your toes under, we will inhale and exhale, pull in the downward facing dog or upside down triangle. as you exhale, slowly role back in your heels relaxing your chest toward your thighs. elongating your armpits and letting your chest relax and your low back relax. >> so as they go through a couple more moves, this is right in the wheel house for what you are seeing, we are seeing a lot of families, moms, dad, kids as young as six doing witt their parents. >> exactly, that is what is so wonderful. anyone can do it and anyone can do it together whether it be much younger or older, same age, we see a lot of families,
8:49 am
groups, friend, and, that is what we really enjoy about it. >> we were talking about it. you think it is basically it has to be, why do you think it is cool to go stand up paddle boarding with your mom and dad. you can talk tour parents. it is so quiet. it is not like when you rent a boat or something. >> if you are out on the motor boat or jet ski you are having a great time but you have roar of the engines behind you all the time and you notice conversation will kind of stop. same thing, met or boater, jet skiing, inside movie, you are not talking, you come out, on the paddle board you are side by side. look, they just caught a really big fish or wind change direction, doesn't it feel good. i'm hot. i will slide in the water, cool off, get back on my board. >> you have your family trapped, kidnaped on the water without a phone. >> my friend calls it 39f's, forced family fun but what you
8:50 am
act a you'll i do have is lots of fun. you are talking with your children or your friend, your whatever. >> i have to say you guys keep it reasonable. this is a state park. we will talk about different things. so mike, i predict you and teddy will be out on the water, in the rapid later, making it happen. >> i like the little life vest, you can turn around, lay down and use it a as a pillow. >> for sure. >> that is what he would be doing, when everybody ills is doing ohio. >> pretty much. >> we have acorn row controversy. >> kylie jenner is back in the news and not for anything g her hair style landing her in hot water. why one actress says this is crossing the line.
8:51 am
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six minutes until 9:00 o'clock. we will start off with this look at ben franklin bridge. the as we are coming into philadelphia from new jersey, all of the folks who said oh, it is such a beautiful weekend at the shore i will wait until monday morning to come home. they are all there right there on the ben franklin bridge. let's get back to the atlantic city expressway, the accident that happened a couple hours ago, westbound at route 168, in washington township, well, we still only have the shoulder, getting by there and also i believe we have a photo that was taken, oh, by one of our viewers at the scene, that is close-up look at one of the vehicles involved in that accident, just horrible accident, this morning. on the atlantic city expressway. so avoid that part of the express waste if you can. finally on roosevelt boulevard, southbound at pratt street we still have that accident out there and all lanes of the inner drive are still blocked, so you have to take the outer drive to get back on the boulevard, alex,
8:55 am
this morning. movie goers spent millions over week toned see mignons. >> yeah, universal's mignons over ran the box office as audience here and up in canada shelled out more than 115 million-dollar in an opening weekend, wow, it was the second biggest opening, i have, for an an a mated film. side kicks who took the spotlight after playing supporting rolls in two previous despicable me movies, they easily beat jurassic world, another universal picture, that grossed 18 million in the fifth weekend after its huge release. disney's inside outranked third, they are got 17 million in its fourth week, all three movies doing very, very well. millions for mignons. >> it will be a nice day for white wedding, maybe this saturday. >> here's the question, mike can you wear a white dress for a wedding if you are not
8:56 am
bride. i was told you are not supposed to do that. >> complete no, no. >> surprising amount of woman who said they would. >> it is changing. >> your thoughts, tweet us, let us know. if you look like pipp a you can do it. >> not everybody looks like that. >> no.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
they are going to be reading to kill a mocking bird because harper lee's new novel comes out this week. so, to kind of a memory set we're reading, her other book, to kill a mocking bird. >> there she goes. >> let's listen in. >> school yard toward home. >> jim sudden hi says is there something i didn't tell you. >> this was his first complete septemberens in several days. >> because these are actors from media theater in media, pa, barnes and noble stores
9:00 am
around the country will be hosting read-a-thons all day to promote this new book after they finish reading here at fourth and market, they will go over to book are book store at moment. and it should be taking 12 hours, media theater will be taking on a play to kill a mocking bird in january, of next year. >> it is monday july 13th, 2015. >> hello there mike. >> we have lisa wu and paula a jay parker are in that studio, they are from that great she on tv one, hollywood divas. >> oh, yeah. >> we will talk about that, movie and we want to know because we love rumors swirling is lisa going back to real housewives of atlanta. >> well, meme already left. >> she's taking meme's place. >> is there an opened spot. >> we will talk to her


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