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tv   Chasing News  FOX  July 15, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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riders got lost or mistakenly got on the high way. a surprising and rare sight. watch from a driver's point of view the dangerous thing coming up on the right side of your screen. >> the person in the car recording spots two people riding on 676 wedged between the wall an line of traffic passing by. >> i see them. oh my gosh! why would you ever do that? >> reporter: the video is making its rounds after being posted on youtube. we showed it to bike riders around the city. joel angel list watched in disbelief. >> it is major highway an lot of cars on there. i take it there every day. so like ride mike bike he would i would never even think about riding my bike there. only mode of transport station car on that 676. >> reporter: denise goran is the director of policy and planning in the mayor's officer of transportation and utilities. >> i think it was clearly a mistake on someone's part of not really knowing what their path
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is reason they were trying to get to. >> reporter: the city has marked bike lanes and bike path but highways are off limits. >> limited act is he road like 676 or i-95 or 76, do not ride your bike along the side of the road. it's simply not safe. >> reporter: angela bikes to work every day and says riding in the city is hectic enough. >> they're craze zoo. >> she says the highway is out of the the question for any reason. >> back here live, city officials stress that riders should plan their route ahead of time so they can get where they need to be the safest way possible. iain. >> good advice, shawnette. thank you on roar yea door more rain on the way. a live look from wilmington delaware. scott when does this rain move good. >> we can expect to see rumbles thunder and hear some of that activity overnight tonight and early on your wednesday. take a look the ultimate doppler right now. take look at this area of low pressure to the western part of the state. it's swirling and also out ahead of it will once port looking at
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thunderstorm activity pretty quiet right now. but more of that rain will be moving in downpours at times tomorrow. look at the clock. by 4am when you're watching sue you can see around berks county, reading also moving into chester county new castle county, salem, cumberland looking at heavy rain that continues to move toward philadelphia by 6am. downpours on and off again across the area and more tropical humid air mass will stay on top of us. look at the dew points right now in the low 70s. so that's a measure of moisture any time dew points are right around 70 or better, it starts to feel oppressive when you step outdoors. so the bottom line, remaining unsettled. overnight through wednesday. downpours and a flash flood threat much more on the timing of tomorrow's system as well as when we catch a break lucy and iain coming up. >> talk to you soon scott. we're getting a new look at something that really did shock ocean county residents over the weekend a plane landing on highway. then getting pushed getting
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pushed. police in stafford township, new jersey, just released this video today and you can see that small plane with people on board we've between power lines and cars oh to stick its landing on route 72 sun dame the plane lost power forcing the emergency landing. pilot was amazing non one is hurt. a serial bank robber is now getting the attention of federal investigators. fbi and philadelphia police are hoping to track down this woman. accuse evidence holding up several banks in northeast philly. authorities say she's hit several banks in the past month including two last week. and surveillance video shows her wearing a full burka head covering and full body covering. police say she's used demand note each time and that's not all. >> she does talk. she did in at least one of the robbery said she had a bomb which we're hoping is false. there was nothing displayed but she said she had an explosive device. >> no one is actually seen a bomb or a weapon during any of these robberies. but police are hoping to get her off the street before she
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strikes again. back home for the commander in chief tonight president obama boarded air force one earlier this evening after speaking in the city of brotherly love. he spoke for about 45 minutes at the naacp national convention at the convention center. the focus of his remarks criminal justice. the president walked on stage to a thundering ovation. he says our justice system needs work noting that our country holds 5% of the world's population but 25% of the world's prison population. he says we're over prosecuteing for non violence offenses saying that costs more than $80 billion a year. >> our nation is being robbed of men and women who could be workers and taxpayers. (applause). >> could be more actively involved in their children's lives. could be role models. could be community leaders. and right now they're locked up for non-violent offense. so our criminal justice system
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isn't as smart as it should be. >> later this week the president will head to oklahoma and become the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. a tangled web for one philadelphia police officer wounded in an off duty shooting and now in trouble with the law. officer robert penn turned himself in to police after a warrant was issued for his arrest. police say an internal investigation revealed that penn paid his former wife's brother charles mays to provide false information about the 2014 shoot shooting to local newspapers. investigators say the officer wanted mays to implicate his current wife in that shooting. officer penn has been suspended with the intonate dismiss. he and mays are facing several charges. developing to night a tragic discovery outside in the parking complex. a man boss's body in the parking lot shot and killed. police no idea who she is. as investigators work to fine the shooter residents are worried about the violence creeping closer to their homes. dave stratt wise sr. has been
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talking with neighbors. >> only thing i hard was a gunshot last night. >> reporter: neighbors living in the mount west apartments off 71st and broad street were awakened by a single gunshot overnight only to find out hours later a man had been murdered in the parking lot right outside their door. >> my prayers go out to him and his family, you know. it's sad to find, you know, a dead body back there. i mean any body report roar this man asked us not to identify him but he says when he got up to take out the trash tuesday morning, the parking lot at the west oak lane complex was crawling with police and homicide detectives. >> we have a victim who was shot in the face. unknown white male. um as of this time, he's a john doe. >> reporter: investigators spent the morning trying to identify the man believed to be in his late 40s or early 50s. he was found lying on the ground near this pack of cigarettes and a lighter. >> no evidence new york city ballistic evidence was recovered nor was a gun recovered. >> gunshots was no stranger to
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us. >> reporter: police check the area for surveillance video. the murder here has residents in these apartments on edge. some say gunfire in this area is nothing new. but the this close to home gives them serious cause for concern. >> makes me want to get out of here. get me and my wife out of here. >> anybody with any information call homicide. >> homicide detectives told dave schratwieser they're combing through surveillance video hoping to catch a glimpse of the killer in the parking lot. and tonight we now know who the bicyclist was who died after a driver hit him. investigatorinvestigators say 17-year-old tyrone tillman was riding his bike sunday along the 4,000 block of north second street in juniata park. they say a driver going the wrong way down the street hit him. she's given police a statement and as of yet she doesn't face charges. the iran nuclear deal is done. the deal reached between u.s. and other world powers could mean lower gas prices here in america. the new deal will bring sharp restrictions on iran's nuclear program.
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would also prevent iran from producing enough material for an atomic weapon for at least a decade. decades of economic sanctions against iran will also end which could also mean lower gas prices here in america the deal could lead to a flow of oil from iran and to fine the cheapest gas prices near you head to and click on the traffic tab. mystery on delaware beach. 500-pound lifeguard stands disappearing. why it could spell big trouble for people hitting the surf. >> getting pulled over saved this driver's live. what an officer saw as you walked up to this woman's car door. all right. imagine stumbling on this down the shore. a great white shark on the sand. how people on the beach banded together to get this guy back in the water.
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at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ traffic stop turns into a moment of life or death. an austin texas police officer thought he was -- the driver was teching behind the wheel when he pulled her over. turns out she was choking on a biscuit. he quickly did the heimlich maneuver as you saw and got to biscuit to pop out. that woman's dad also is on the police force. police in washington state released a 911 call from a teen girl who claims she was the only survivor in a small plane crash. 16 year old autumn walked for two days after the crash that killed her step grandparents before she finally found a driver who picked her up and drove her to safety. that driver then took the teen
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to a nearby gas station where she called for help. >> we crashed and i was the only one that made it out. >> okay. made it out from the collision or survived? >> yeah the only one that survived. >> okay. >> right now officials are using information from the teen to try and fine the crash site and figure out what caused that crash. the coast guard makes another rescue at sea but take a closer look at what the crew pulled out of the water off this delaware beach. it's about 500 pounds of lifeguard stand and it's not the only one they found floating in the ocean. >> beach patrol officials say they're not getting there by accident either. fox 29's dave kinchen takes a closer look into what exactly is going on at rehoboth beach. report. >> i'm not sure why they would do something like that and self of those chairs, you know unfortunate. >> doesn't even make sense and it's, you know, it's terrible.
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>> caused a lot of stress and frustration for the beach patrol and myself. >> reporter: rehoboth beach patrol captain says his staff realized on thursday that seven of their 20 lifeguard chairs were missing. but he was shocked to learn they were in the water. >> this is equal to coming in and having seven ambulances tires slashed or seven police cars missing anything like that nature that diss mans the public service safety operation. >> reporter: not to mention the dangers to the boats on the water. >> it definitely possibly sing that boat, crack its hull or send the people in the boat flying forward. >> reporter: lifeguard stands may not look that heavy but the beach patrol says they're actually 500 pounds each so you can imagine the strength and how many people it would take to move these and drag them into the ocean. the beach patrol says they're looking for six to eight suspects. >> i guarantee you if you go on social media you'll facebook or whatever you will fine out who did it they can keep that to themselves. they have to talk about and brag about it. >> dragging 500-pound chairs out
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into the water for -- for nothing. for what? exactly. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: investigators say some of the chairs have been recovered so far. >> two were found down in ocean city maryland. they were at the ocean city coast guard station. one was at the indian river coast guard station at the coast guard brought in and then one washed up on private beach. >> reporter: as for the rest. >> they could be anywhere. i'm hoping they'll drift back this way but honestly i'm not sure if we'll get the other three. >> reporter: officials say luckily they had seven spare lifeguard chairs in store to put in place of the missing ones. a $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the suspects. in rehoboth beach dave chin kinchen fox 29 news. >> good thing they have those spares. it has survived the new horizons spacecraft basically phoned home tonight saying it's alive after its fly by of pluto. it's hard drive fat with data. it's radio dish is ready for tomorrow's big reveal of a world we have never laid eyes upon. >> three works one! whoo!
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>> operation center in maryland might just be the happiest place on earth right now. apologies to diss feature spacecraft traveled 3 billion miles and nasa news horizons finally got within 7700 miles of the icy world. super close. moving at 31,000 miles an hour w the spacecraft left earth 9.5 years mut tito was still a planet. we could see more images as early as tomorrow but because it's so far away it will take 16 months to get everything. more than 100 teens making a difference for those in need and learning leadership skills in the process. these future leaders collecting thousands of donated items for less fortunate philadelphians. it's part of a wave week a program meant to encourage teens to become community service members and volunteer volunteers. villanova hosted the spark the wave event and many of those items will be going to
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charitable organizes later this week. incredible sight on a massachusetts beach. a great white shark alive but on the sand. >> instead of running away people actually ran to it to rescue it. love this one. this youtube video has gone viral capturing that shark struggling right there on the beach near boston. it's then still looked dead but the harbor master an shark expert stepped in, started splashing it with water and it started moving again to cheers from the crowd. and with the help of people on a boat they tied a rope tots tail, dragged the shark back into the ocean. they helped get the shark up right guided it back to the sea sea. the shark experts thrilled by the crowds reaction to want to save the animal instead of kill it. the video has more than 700,000 views just since this afternoon. incredible stuff. um-hmm. >> scott is checking our ray radar. i have a feeling i'll need an umbrella tomorrow. >> keep it happy. very unsettled tropical like pattern. in fact for your wednesday scattered downpours across the
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area that rain could produce more flash flooding across the area. we'll take you hour by hour and take look at the numbers. they'll heat up into the mid 80s 80s. but clouds around. humidity on the increase as well as those downpours with rainfall rates from time to time one to 2-inches per hour. here's the culprit. we have this area of low pressure kind of spinning right now toward the western part of state out ahead of it some showers and thunderstorms. some of that activity will roll through during the overnight. so you might hear some thunderstorm or see some lightning before you wake up. now, as far as what's happening by midnight right now pretty quiet but overnight you can see we're watching some of that energy off to the west kind of rotate through. south jersey northern sections of delaware, also, north and west so when you're watching sue tomorrow morning like the she'll be tracking some of those downpours across the area. look at 6:00 o'clock. you can see right on top of the philadelphia area, moving into camden, gloucester county, burlington county the threat of some of those downpours across the area. not an all day thing but once
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again if you're underneath any of that rain expect some heavy downpours and a flash flood threat. look at the clock. by 4:00 in the afternoon more of the same as that energy kind of pinwheels through our area and then by the rush hour time frame and moving into your wednesday night most of the action starts to pinwheel off of the coast. some drier air starts to move in and that will set us up for a really nice thursday as well as friday. the pick days of the week but take a look at future rainfall. you can see by this time tomorrow, we're talking about one, two maybe even 3-inches of rainfall in some spots. flooding will be a concern during the day tomorrow a heads up on that. so don't drive through any ponded roadways. 78 degrees right now. humidity up there at 79%. the feels like temperature at this hour is 80 degrees. so as we look at those temperatures low 70 atlantic city. 77 in wilmington now. we have 77 in reading but look at the humidity right now. 100% in dover.
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84% in wilmington. we have none% humidity in pottstown. so very tropical stepping outdoors. temperatures tonight in the 60s and low 70s as we move ahead to tomorrow tomorrow will be pretty similar to what happened across the area on tuesday. it's muggy scattered showers and tropical downpours. mid 80s for highs and then after tomorrow's system look at thursday. 83 degrees. low humidity. really comfortable for july and summer standards. sunny, nice on your friday. if you have some comp days you might want to consider them for thursday and friday. >> the weekend we start to heat things back up. 90-degree or better iain page sunday monday and tuesday so we could be looking at another heat wave on the way. >> this looks all good. i'll play golf thursday and i'm off friday. play more golf. i won't have to use a comp day. >> perfect. iain page. >> lucky. >> i know. i am look key. >> 12:19. why? all star game.
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hey, sean bell. >> all star game a little long but actually a great one you saw greatness out there. okay. all star game started off with a bank right off the bat with mike trout. now, the home court advantage has been settle. we recap the game that you just saw. jahlil okafor continues to impress not vegas. i'll saw a montage as okafor gets bucket and show you why you need to get excited much that's next in sports. so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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♪ grooming in the city of philadelphia when it comes to sports. everyone is bad. but there's an array of hope and his name is jahlil okafor. lakers picking russell was a blessing in disguise, ya'll because okafor is everything you want him to be. offensive he has duncan like potential. i said it.
12:23 am
big dreams, big hopes but he can live up to me. if you don't believe me here's a little montage. summer league versus the 96 nick nick. okafor a little hook off the glass. he takes and goes in the middle lane layup finger roll. goes under the basket gives a fake and owe oh, my. that's just too good. ain't it? goes off the baseline. sixers lose but that doesn't matter. cook for is a beast. you saw just saw the all star game right here. the game is the only all star game that actually matters the winner gets home field advantage in the playoffs. let's check out what happened in cincinnati. first batter zach again key mike trout, trout slams one to right field. the first player to star the game with a homer in 38 years. gets separation for the american league rbi double making it three-one. the american league wins six- six-three. mike trout was named the mvp the
12:24 am
first player to ever win back to back mvp's in the all star game. trout went one for three two runs an rbi and a walk. >> yeah, upping, just trying to get a pitch i can hit. got the two strikes. tried to barrel it and put a good swing on it and it went over the fence much this experience has been awesome. fans have been great. i'm having a blast. >> trout is the now and the future of that league. n golf tiger woods is looking finished much this year he has close to some of the worst schools in rounds of his career. he hasn't major championship and he's only getting older. you have to wonder if it's a couple years left for him or time to call it quits altogether, but for him retirement isn't even in his vocabulary. >> i don't have my aarp card yet, so --ing. (laughter). >> i'm aways from. i feel like that my -- my body is finally um, healed up from the surgery from last year. i'm still young.
12:25 am
i'm not 40 yet. um, i know some of you guys think i'm buried and done. but i'm still right here in front of you. >> i mean every great player when it's going downhill feels like they have something left whether it's jordan bird, or whoever it is you fine out quickly you don't. okay? the problem in golf is, someone can kick you out and say don't come back we're not signing you. you can keep going and he'll keep posting horrible scores. if he doesn't get his mental right. at the end of the day he's mentally short. >> it's painful to watch. it really is. i'm like, ahh! >> i know. >> all right. >> all right. i got my umbrella for tomorrow. i'm ready. >> scattered downpours. >> all right. we'll keep an eye out for that. we're back here at 4am for the fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia". >> all right. you have yourself a great night. get your galoshes as my grandma would say out for tomorrow. ♪♪
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