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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  July 15, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. have you seen the video circulating on youtube those popular blue bikes from the city's bike share program ends up on a busy highway. how did this happen? >> and the president naacp convention, the forum talks about criminal justice perform, a today former president will discuss challenge in america. >> the much anticipated espionage awards, the arthur ashe courage award what some people are saying about the decision. >> live look in wilmington, bit of lightning storm underway there more storms are on the way good day everybody, it is wednesday july 15th. >> going to be rocking and rolling, sue serio few minutes from now? >> folks are hearing it now throughout the area. >> wow, listen to that.
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>> that will wake you up rid? >> yes, i can only imagine my dog at home. oh boy. and anyway, here's the severe thunderstorm warning in effect right in you until 4:45, for delaware county, parts of chester, little part of new castle county, rid there and then part of montgomery county and philadelphia, as well, i think this will move as these storms move. look at all of this lightning showing up on our sweeps of ultimate doppler radar now we set it into motion. there is the severe thunderstorm warning and line of very strong, very soaking thunderstorms moving through right now so a lot of rain in a very short period of time through chester county through delaware county, new castle county woe just mentioned, headed toward montgomery and headed toward us here in the city of philadelphia. doesn't look like too many of them will be across the river in new jersey, but as we zoom in just little bit closer, look out if you're in chester heights, probably starting to hear the thunder right now here we are in philadelphia,
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about to get those severe thunderstorms. so they are happening as we speak. we may not even need to tell but them, you can probably hear t temperatures on the muggy side, everywhere this morning, 75 gross, in philadelphia, 65 mount pocono, 72 in trenton 57 degrees in wildwood. as we get started on the day the foxcast has a high of 86 degrees, on and off rain, this is a very similar to what we had yesterday i think until midnight, we will still have some showers lingering we'll talk about what happens after that. and some ten's in our seven day forecast, just ahead. 4:02 the time. bob kelly continues his vacation so traffic includes a lot of wet roadways this morning. and we are on the schuylkill expressway, just past the vine, where there is construction there this morning. that will be slowing you down. now we check the route 42 freeway, that roadway is pretty much dry at the moment. maybe a slightly wet but the
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real downpours as we showed are you mostly in delaware, chester counties right now we check the northeast extension northbound near quakertown, construction there has left lane blocked finally there aren't any delays at the airport, but storms are coming, so check with that airline before you make it out the door this morning. lauren? >> sue, thanks so much. police say elderly woman was hit by stray bullet overnight while she was just sitting outside on her porch. >> she is 79 years old relaxing at her north philadelphia home when she was shot. steve keeley at the round house report on. that will steve, what's the latest on her condition? what do we know. >> the latest on the weather no-stop lightning show, so if it looks like somebody is taking pictures around us, that's just mother nature with the lightning show every 42nd or so, no rain so far on the way in, but the last half hour non-stop lightning every two seconds. so, more worries right now hopefully about struck by lightning than hit by stray
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bullet again. going to the video from last night, isn't too long ago, only six hours ago, 79 years old woman out in this heat just trying to relax on summer night out on her porch privately. we've seen this before, saw little girl killed last summer getting her hair done out on a porch on a friday night getting hit and killed with a stray bullet. >> this woman fortunately is going to be okay. so she's out there, it is not just her hit by bullets, one of her neighbor's cars, you see, took few bullets in the roof and the windshield, and they found casings all over the street. they have no idea, of course, nobody saw or knows anything out here on the street here on north 28th street last night around 10:30, in the 2800 block. so this woman's okay. >> she is at einstein einstein medical, stable right now and police unfortunately despite a lot of people out a lot of bullets fired nobody says they saw anything out here, and as bad as this is, i tweeted one-story yesterday, a woman similar age out in
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florida, thought she got hit in the leg with a fireworks she was still in pain week later, turns out yesterday she figured out somebody shot her and she had bullet in her leg for the past week. it doesn't just happen here in philly it, happens all over the place fortunately there is stray bullet went low and not up high like it did last summer in a tragedy. >> on police arrival they found 79 year old female, shot one time in the right leg. medics took her to temple hospital she is presently in stable condition. turns out this 79 year old woman, was sitting on a chair on her front porch of her property where she lives just enjoying the weather when shots rang out and she realized she was shot in the right leg. now, based on balistic evidence we are know at least two shots were fired from semiautomatic weapon. we found two spent shell casings on the highway we don't have description on the shooter at this time. we don't have a motive for why this individual or individuals were firing shots.
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but we believe that the 79 year old victim some innocent and just struck by a stray bullet. >> well, even though there is no witnesses fortunately there must have been trouble here before or neighbor of hers must have suspected some trouble, because they got in surveillance advice tell installed. police will look at that hopefully see somebody coming or going or even firing a gun on the surveillance video. so again more violence here in the city, in the summer, and fortunately this one's not going to be terrible one like we've seen in the past. lauren chris? >> let's hope more witnesses come forward too. steve, thanks. >> just after 11:30 last night, philadelphia police responded to number of shooting calls to the 2100 block of east ann street when officers got to the port richmond neighborhood, they found 31 year old man shot in the stomach inside a house. medics took the victim to the hospital to be treated. the shooter a 65 year old man turned his gun over to police. he said the victim threatened him with a shovel. >> 4:06.
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happening today former president bill clinton will be in philadelphia to address the naacp convention to talk about civil rights challenges. the former president has spoken at the organization convention several times before. former president is scheduled to speak around 10:00 this morning. clinton's address comes just one day after president obama spoke at the naacp convention yesterday. now the president's focus was criminal justice reformment the president called for legislation that would end mandatory minimum prison send fences for non-violent drug crimes, also spoke about the disparity and how minorities or the poor are treated in the criminal justice system. and addressed poor prison conditions including rape and solitary confinement saying the punishment has no place in a civilized society. >> so criminal justice system isn't as smart as it should be. it is not keeping up as safe as it should be. it is not as fair as it should be. mass incarceration makes our country worse off.
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we feed to do something about it. >> what the president did about it was on monday commuting the sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders. tomorrow he will become the first sitting us president to advice ate prison as he continues his focus on criminal justice reform. meanwhile, new jersey governor and presidential candidate chris christie plans to give speech tomorrow in camden focused on criminal justice reform. it will be the first policy speech christie delivers in new jersey. the speech will focus on how to help non-violent drug offenders reclaim their lives. >> meanwhile, we are expected to hear more from the president today about iran's nuclear deal. president obama will try to sell the agreement white house new conference, to begin celebrating a draft resolution at the un authorize it nuclear deal with iran. president said the deal will cut off all pathways iran currently has to develop a nuclear weapon. would require iran to dismantle much of the nuclear program in order to avoid sanction that is have hurt
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their economy. international inspectors can press for eye reign facilities, is not guaranteed, many republicans, some democrats, say they disagree with the deal. >> i believe in their desperation the president john kerry works make a bad deal. it looks very much like he made -- they've made a worse deal than even we had feared. >> lawmakers allowed 06 days to either reject or or approve the agreement. it promises to be a tough and lengthy battle. the president saidel veto any ' temp to block his deal. >> philadelphia police officer wounded in a off duty shooting is now in trouble with the law. officer robert penn pennsylvania turned himself into police after a warrant was issued for his arrest. police say an internal investigation revealed penn paid his former wife's brother, charles maze, to provide false information about the 2014 shoot to go local newspapers. investigator say the officer wanted maze to implicate his current wife in the shooting. officer penn has been suspended with the intent to
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dismiss. he and maze now face several charges. >> we now know who the bicyclist was who died after a driver him him. investigators say 17 year old tyrone tillman riding his bike sunday along the 4,000 block of north second street in juniata park. they say driver going the wrong way down the street hit him. a woman believed to be the driver did give police a statement. but has not yet been charged. >> new details about the arrest of former eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb. now say he had blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit when arrested him with dui last month. mcnabb's car rear ended another vehicle. police cited and released mcnabb. he played 13 years in the nfl after philadelphia drafted him, second overall pick in 1999. so you may have noticed more and more people riding bikes in large part because of the city new bike share program. >> but what two riders did was nothing short of shocking. it was down right dangerous. fox 29's jennifer joyce live in center city with the video you just have to see.
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jennifer? >> reporter: good morning, chris, lauren, these cyclists took on 676. we know this 676 is dangerous enough for drivers let alone cyclists, and yesterday the people that we talk to were pretty surprise today see this video. here it is, shot by someone in a car who happened to pass two bike ride earls, now on youtube. you can see the cyclist wedged between the wall, line of traffic riding on blue inched go bikes from the city bike share program. we talk to denise gore, the director of policy and plank in the mayor's office of transportation and utilities she said the cyclists clearly made a mistake and that people need to plan their trips ahead of time to avoid hopping on the highways and other high traffic roadways. psych lit cents we talked to watched this video in disbelief. >> you have got to be kidding me. >> major highway, a lot of
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carson, there i take it there every day so like riding my bike would never even think about riding my bike there. the only mode of transportation is car on that 676. >> you have got to be kidding me. >> the city says it has marked bike lanes, bike path, for a reason, and highways are off limit. they are simply too dangerous chris, lauren. >> absolutely. >> it is amazing it didn't turn out much differently. still lucky man, it is craze. >> i 4:12, teenager survives a plane crash that killed two of her family members lived in the outdoors for two days before help found her. why some are calling this miraculous. >> people missing in kentucky after heavy flooding. and the rain is not over yet. posting more problems for rescue crews. keeping an eye on our weather as thunderstorms are moving n sue has your full cast live straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> wow what a light show beer we're getting in wilmington, delaware. this storm sue, will be loud? >> yes, there is a line of strong thunderstorms, moving through the area, as we speak. you see them showing up here on ultimate doppler radar. national weather service has a severe thunderstorm warning out for this area in yellow until 4:45 this morning. just covered with lightning
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this shot of radar, you can see it all heading into chester county, into delaware county eventually, on our doorstep here in philadelphia, and trenton look out within the next maybe half hour, 45 minutes, you'll be getting some severe thunderstorm warning probably continue to move as conditions warrant up in the pocono mountains seeing rain thunderstorms extends up towards allentown your doorstep. i think we might have few more. >> viewers this morning than we usually do. >> concord g delaware county, west goshen, you can see how hard this rain is falling. so unlike last week, we had a loft wind damage from thunder storm, this is going to be flooding.
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>> this is moving into central delaware county, headed toward us, here in philadelphia. momentarily. future cast has these thunderstorms hanging around, until about maybe 7:00, 8:00. then toward 9:00 they move toward the northwest, and we will see little bit of break. not for long. you can see how localized these showers and thunderstorms are popping up throughout the rest of the afternoon as the last of frontal system gets out of here. it will take the rest of the day it could be messy evening rush hour, with pop up showers, and soaking thunderstorms, and it is really not until about 8:00, 9:00 that things start to taper off. >> should be out of here by 11:00 p.m. tonight. >> seven day forecast the worse with the thunderstorms at least for awhile. then we have two gorgeous days, on thursday, and on friday saturday start 90's, could ends up with heatwave by monday by trends that's very, very warm toward the end of
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the weekend and beyond. >> looking at traffic now we do have wet roadways to show you. >> route one big intersection there, aren't too many cars, you can see how wet the road is as the thunderstorms roll through. we check the ben franklin bridge, the rain hasn't quite made it there yet. and looks like everybody moving through pretty slowly across the bridge right now. i95 northbound, ramp to the expressway, we have some construction right there that's supposed to clear up at 5:00 a.m. may pick it up little earlier. finally dealing with many problems on our regional rails. but everything is back to normal this morning. after some big problems that we had yesterday. chris, lauren? >> 4:18 the time, sue thank you. jury begin expected to deliberate in the a roar a
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shooting trial follows three month of testimony from more than 250 witnesses -- witnesses, nearly throw years ago, gunman james homes shot up screening of the dark night rises, holmes now 27 years old, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity prosecutors argue he was sane despite from mental illness. >> the prosecution put all of those witnesses on, and there were jurors that were in tears at different point during this trial. they'll take that into the jury room as well. >> if holmes is found guilty he faces the death penalty which prosecutors are asking for, or life in prison without parole. if he's found not guilty by reason of insanity, he would be committed indefinately to mental hospital. >> we're hearing 911 call that teenage here survived in the wilderness for two days after a plane crash that killed two of her family members. >> it is letter she was still in shock. >> we're learning new details about how a teenager survived
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a plane crash that killed two of her family members. sixteen year old autumn, and her step grandparent, were flying from montana to washington state saturday, when the small private plane they were in crashed into the side after mountain. >> we crashed and i was the only one that made it out. >> okay, made it out of the collision or survived? >> ya, the only one that survived. >> okay, are you injured at all? >> ya, i have a lot of burns on my hands and i'm like kind of covered in bruises and scratches. >> after the crash she walk for two days drinking only small amount of water from a river and sleeping on a sand bar. she followed the river which eventually led her to a highway, where two men driving by stopped and pick her up. >> she did it all right. and all of the pieces came together to support her in
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getting here and getting well. >> she is now being treated for severe dehydration. >> all you guys can probably imagine, she is extremely exhausted, will remain pretty spent for the neck couple of days. >> meantime, her friends say the teen is a superhero calling her survival truely miraculous. >> it has just amazing, it is a miracle what happened, and we never gave up hope. we just felt like she was still with us. >> the exact cause of the crash is under investigation. jacky ibanez, fox news. >> one of bill cosby's biggest defenders finally backing down why whoopi goldberg now having a change of heart. >> plus, catch all of the all-star game last night? or any of it? i didn't see a pitch. but the first pitch or at least one of them, ended in this. wow. >> wouldn't it be great if we got the pride of millville to play for the phillies? much more on the all-star game
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straight ahead. >> here is a look at mega millions lottery numbers for you. good luck.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean bell, future is bright for six 6ers fans. we haven't been able to say that in a long time, but okafor is the real deal.
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not even seating yet but has me convinced, three is the charm. third big man in as many years, third overall pick putting his skills on display. yesterday's summer league game okafor showing it all on the offense look out at the glass, then faces up, drives with the left, and finishes with the left, rolls off the glass, even showed off the tight move. sixers move, but doesn't really matter. all that matters is that kid is going to be special. >> the all-star game, first batter zach mike trout trout rips one to right field. he's first player to start the game with a homer in 38 years. the al wins six to three. back-to-back mvp's first time that has ever happened. that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> tonight is the espionage awards, all eyes will be on caitlin jener. >> yes shortly after caitlin jenner's big interview with
4:26 am
diane soar, it was announced she would receive the arthur ashe courage award. espn received a loft flack over the decision. many have called it publicity stunt, un deserving espn says they stand by their decision 100% awards will air tonight at 8:00 on new home on abc. >> how many extra temple student events to shell out for their education. >> this plane made an emergency landing right on the highway. stay with us.
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good morning, 4:30 elderly woman recovering after being struck by a stray bullet overnight. >> and we will tell you which former cosby show star is now calling out bill cosby over the sex assaulting assault allegations. plus ... >> can you make out this superstar song stress? if you can't you're not alone. we'll tell how pulled this trick on the new york subway. >> here is a live look at the weather radar sue is tracking some stormy weather right now sue, i think i just got alert
4:30 am
that there is a flashflood warning or something? >> just issued about a minute ago by the national weather service. >> my up? >> your turn. >> we didn't see you guys, but we know you're there we know we're here, green area, where we just have the flood watch issued, sorry, the flashflood warning issued, because that's where the storms are headed. this is ourself ear thunderstorm warning until 4:45 this morning see what's going on here on ultimate doppler radar, just covered with lightning, with this line of strong thunderstorms moving through. we zoom in little closer, see the severe thunderstorm warning in delaware county, part of chester part of new castle county, delaware, as the strong storms move through with very heavy rain, you can see the dark red and the even darker red to the north of us, north of norristown, up in montgomery county, getting very heavy rain, very loud thunder, and lightning marple in delaware county, very heavy rain, as well. and it is all headed toward
4:31 am
us, here in philadelphia. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s this morning we're at 75 in philadelphia, expecting high of 85 and guess what, we have the chance of pop up showers thunderstorms, all day long, it will be a case like yesterday, not raining every minute and it will be casino of calm inbetween. be ready with the rain gear, high today 85 degrees. that's your weather authority forecast at 4:31, we'll take little more in depth look at radar in a moment. you can see some wet roadways and look at the lightning show on route 202 right at the 30 bypass. and that is where going is very slow. this is what we are talking about with flashfloodingment look how soaked that roadway is with all of that rain, and of course, it sounds pretty loud, as women. now we will check i-95 at cottman avenue. not too bad yet in that portion of the viewing area, but it is coming. pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, be aware that there is construction
4:32 am
there, near quakertown, left lane blocked subways are all running on time, with storms like this, chris subway might and good place to be. >> absolutely. down blow. elderly woman taken to a hospital where she is in stable condition right now. >> overnight victim shot in the leg while simply relaxing on her front porch. at her north philadelphia home. steve keeley live at police headquarters with more on there is hi, steve. >> reporter: you know, if you're lucky and healthy enough to live 79 years old you shouldn't have to deal with police at a hospital as they ask do you know who shot you and did you see anything. you deserve to be pampered and have all younger people respect their elders as that old saying used to be followed back in the old good old days. well, not get wounded by stray bullet, while out on your porch, sitting in your rocking chair on nice summer night. >> she was sitting on her front porch talking to her son who is in his 60s and then when she heard the shots rang out, then she realized that she was shot in her leg.
4:33 am
we don't have a description on the shooter at this time. we don't have motive for why this individual or individuals were firing shot. fortunately, we did finds a business on the block that does have private surveillance cameras, these cameras were facing in the direction where the shooting took place. northwest detectives is on location trying to determine who owns these particular cameras, who owns this business. so you can get a cope of the recording and hopefully the record help us with our investigation. >> well you heard him say since her son is in nine 60s expect the sweet old lady is not only grandmother but great grandmother, maybe even great great grandmother. would you hope at least one person in the area who saw this happen would think to themselves how would i feel if my mom grandma or great grandmother got shot and then maybe tip-off the cops where they can find the shooter or
4:34 am
the gun before stray bullet find another little old lady or little kid the next time he fires it wildly. we all remember that sad story last summer where another grandmother doing her granddaughter's hair on her porch in west philly, both got shot and the little girl got killed by stray bullet being fired wildly. so we see this time to time here in philly. fortunately there is time, it is not a fatal one, but nice old laidly recover and maybe get back on her porch real time soon. but you wonder does she feel safe sitting out there any more. >> good point. can't imagine she would or anyone in that neighborhood, steve, thanks. suspect in shooting at the mercy fitzgerald hospital campus entered guilty but mentally ill plea in connection to the shooting yesterday. the charges include first degree murder and attempted murder. cops owned fire on darby campus during appointment last july. officers say his doctor, lee silverman, pulled his own gun fired back. silverman grazed by a bullet. plots killed his mental health
4:35 am
case worker, theresa hunt, sentencing will be september 25th. >> hefty price tag to fix damage from storm last month in part of new jersey, camden says it will need $4 million for repairs. the june 23rd storm reaks havoc on camden, atlantic, storm knocked trees down, took power lines with them. the power is out for days. governor christie has asked for federal money to help with that clean up. >> tuition at temple university is going up this year. the board of trustees approved a 2.8% hike that's $492 more for in-state student to about $15,200 per year. out of state student will pay $772 to roughly $25,500 in all per year. student feast will increase $100 as well. public university's budget is well over a billion dollars. >> the time has come for new jersey transit riders to pay up board members are expected today to formally approved
4:36 am
fare increases of about 9%. transit officials say the increase is needed to close its 60 million-dollar budget gap. the fare hikes ends some service cuts will go into effect in october. >> and $60 million could soon go toward fixing up the walt whitman bridge. the delaware river port authority is preparing to vote on contract to paint this span between gloucester city and philadelphia. though also be improvements to the bridge's toll plaza roadways, and ramps. if it is approved the project would take about three years and would impact traffic. >> new video this morning for you, that far emergency landing after small plane in new jersey. talk about a close call. oh, my goodness. and, if i say brandy, will chris murphy think yes let's drink, but for everyone else, you think of brandy, the r&b artist. she may not be feeling so fame thus morning after a subway stunt didn't go off well. we'll explain it.
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>> you have to see this. plane lands on highway then gets pushed through traffic. police in stafford township, new jersey just released this video. we'll show it to you again. you can see small plane with five people on board weaving between power lines and carson route 72. >> this happened over the weekends on sunday. investigators say the plane lost power and then forced
4:40 am
this emergency landing. amazingly, no one was hurt. penndot and the pennsylvania state police are behind a new memorial in delaware county remembering lives lost in work zones. the national work zone memorial wall now sits inside the i95 welcome center in lower chester. it recognizes live walks to both drivers and workers penndot says this time of year the height of road construction season, last year saw more than 1800 crashes in pennsylvania work zones, 24 people died. this new memorial, officials hope, will increase awareness in work safety zones. >> the philadelphia housing authority opening its newest state-of-the-art development in strawberry main sean, apartments include 12 new affordable housing units located right across from the widener library. this is one of the three developments planned by the pha for strawberry mansion officials say not only are they providing new housing but they are putting local residents to work. south philly has new recycling option. members of the city's streets
4:41 am
department personally wheeled these giant new recycling bins to homes in the sports complex district. officials say these 32-gallon carts will hold much more stuff than the traditional blue ones. it is part of a effort to increase recycling keep neighborhoods litter-free. 3900 recycling bins were delivered by the way. 44:00; we have to turn to this. bill cosby may have lost his last ally. whoopi goal berg, and her fellow comedians, new view straight ahead. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> sporadic subway shows people just bus out in song. it has happened again but this time, it is a famous face that not many people recognized or react to. >> well, she wearing a hoodie and big glasses. >> i know. we'll tell how it is, if you don't already know. here is a live look outside where some storms are cooking
4:42 am
in our area. >> ya, lights show straight ahead.
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4:44 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> you're in a good mood. >> my neices when they were
4:45 am
little would put their hands together and shake when they were happen. >> i if i ever do this, call an ambulance. something bad is about to happen i'm sure. >> sue let's get to you. >> we have to get right to it. we have serious weather out here, flashflooding along with our thunderstorms, you can see them, rolling through the area with so much lightning showing up on ultimate doppler radar. we do have a flashflood warning, until 5:30 this morning, for the area that you will see that's highlight in the green once we take the lightning away. so, if you are in upper dublin getting the heavy rain, very loud thunder right now, again right on our doorstep here in philadelphia. but, look how the window here in old city, it is dry as a bone, hasn't hit us yet but it looks like a large portion of these are moving into montgomery and eventually, bucks county, as well, and then we look up toward allentown, pocket of heavy rain right there. and down to our south, there is a look at merion, upper darby, right here in west philadelphia, do have very
4:46 am
heavy rain, down in new jersey few pop ups here and there. this is the nature of the storms, see all day today isolated areas every intense heavy rain, pennsville, new jersey delaware city east coast of delaware right there on the bay pocket of very heavy rain as well. , that's what's going on, this is what's going to go on for the rest of the morning see through 7:00 this morning more pop up thunderstorms showing up on this, computer model of the future we go hour by hour, intense stuff has moved out. still pop ups happening through noon, the afternoon as welshing each and every hour see pop up showers thunderstorms, impossible to predict exact location of the heavy downpours but you can see, all throughout the region through 4:00, 5:00. now by 6:00 and 7:00 the intensity has lessened, and all of the clouds and showers are out of here by 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. then we can get ready for real nice day tomorrow. so much so, we've already
4:47 am
given tomorrow a ten friday a ten, as well. so, mid 80s through friday. then we bump into the 90s by saturday. and we stay there through tuesday of next week. we have not yet had our second heatwave of 2015. it looks like it is in the offering sometime by the end of the weekend. that's a look at your seven day forecast, all right, a loft wet roadways out there this morning, try leave early or delay your trip until the thunderstorms pass through. that will might and good idea. route 202, at the schuylkill expressway, we are looking right now at some wet roadways, as women. on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound, between bensalem and willow grove construction has the right and center lanes blocked. at least until those thunderstorms come through and they pick it all up. finally at the airport no delays or cancellation yet due to those thunderstorms but it could be coming, call ahead as always a good idea, when you are taking a flight out of philadelphia in the morning. lauren? >> sue speaking of storms,
4:48 am
crews in kentucky plan to resume their search today for several missing people in flood waters in appalachian mountains, rising waters kill two people left six missing monday, emergency officials on the look-out for people reported missing. clean up recovery efforts underway after the severe weather led to massive flooding. damage so extensive, the governor of kentucky has declared state of emergency. >> mud and water pouring in my basement. and i sigh wave of mud water bricks on top of the washer and dryer, i knew what happened, the wall had collapsed. >> thousands of people are currently without pair making things worse even more rain is expected likely, to cause more damage. >> a former mayor of harrisburg facing charges of corruption. it is just part of a lengthy investigation into questionable activity regarding the city's finances. former mayor steven read, a periods in court yesterday at the capitol. state attorney's general office says reid family used
4:49 am
public funds to buy thousands of actor fact, other items from planned historical attractions, most of the museums never opened. read accused of having some of the items in his own home. >> attorney general kathleen cane says read secretly divert that money for or from, i should say municipal agencies, all of this is happening as harrisburg was spiraling toward bankruptcy. >> this chain event grew larger, wraps itself around the city, harrisburg still drags this debt behind it today. the change of the past continue to affect the future. >> read says he'll fight the charges against him, and even more could be on the way. okay 4:49. pope francis heads to our area in a couple of months, but former church leader in our area won't be visiting with him h monsignor william lynn is serving at least three years for endangering children at the roman catholic archdioces of philadelphia this 64 year old was staying at the philadelphia prison, where the pope will visit
4:50 am
inmates in september. but ahead that far visit he's been transferred to prison near scranton. lynn is the first us church official convicted for the way he handled child sex abuse complaints against priests under his supervision. >> bill cosby's biggest public defender whoopi goldberg backing off her support after getting legal advice on the view. >> said yesterday all of the information out there kind of point to cosby's guilt her words, goldberg defended the comedian even after the release of the 2005 court documents, they showed cosby admitted to having quaaludes with the intent of giving them to women. he wanted to have sex with. more than two dozen women have accused cosby of sexual misconduct in the past four decades. >> the rising chorus of voices against bill cosby joseph phillips who played huxtables husband, is pointing finger at his former tv father-in-law in a column on his website called of course bill cosby is guilty. actor knows from extremely
4:51 am
damaging accusations about the coz, saying he knows one of cosby's victims first-hand. >> coming up. it is a stunt lot of people are talking about on line, we'll show you where bran i pranks some strangers, and it seemed like not single person knew it was her. >> ♪ ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
judge we have a famous birthday nor he is whitaker,. >> he's 54. he doesn't look 63. >> sore. >> i you look 53. he is actually 54. >> ooms. another fail us face grammy winning singer goes from the stage down to the subways in new york city. >> so here is the deal. she is in her 30's now. her career isn't really sky-rocketing any more. talking about brandy. this is not the reaction she wanted. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> you all thought that was cool?
4:55 am
hello? nobody heard me singing? nobody cares? >> nobody cares. oh, ouch. no one acknowledged her. she asked a man what he thought. she was too into herself. adding it she would have addressed dollars people they would have embraced. she has on hoodie, glasses, a bun there at the top of her head. well brandy got her a kick out of it, posted clip on her youtube channel. but again, not a lot of people new who she was. >> with that outfit i would have never have recognized her, her glasses basically cover her whole face. >> and singing a song a lot of people aren't familiar with. if she since a song what people know her for. >> ♪ ♪ i want to be down ♪ ♪ brandy? i think if she since a song people are familiar with, then you might recognize her voice and say wait a minute, but you're singing unfamiliar song. >> ya, like if robert plant started just bussing out stairway to heaven, you have
4:56 am
heard of led zeppelin. >> yes, i have heard of them. >> ♪ ♪ there is a lady who is sure all the glitters is gold and she's buying the stairway to heaven ♪ ♪ >> ya, no one would know that. >> so bad. >> that's horrible. >> okay, 4:56. >> we showed you the police dash cam video from donovan mcnabb's dui arrest? now, we know just how drunk police are saying the former athlete was when they pulled him over. but remember, he said he was just sick, he had been taking cough medicine, and color a fill. >> yes. >> we'll tell but this one coming up. >> live look at radar. sue is tracking these thunderstorms for us. her full forecast for you straight ahead.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> an elderly woman is recovering after being struck by a stray bullet overnight. >> the president uses the naacp convention here in philly as for tomorrow continue his talks about criminal justice reform. today former president bill clinton will discuss civil rights challenges here in fill. >> i live look at radar. sue tracking some thunderstorms for thus morning, good day, it is wednesday, july 15th. >> not just the thunderstorms but flashflood watch or warning to talk about?
5:00 am
>> yes until 8:30, and it is for this area, highlight in the green. that we're looking at right now on the map. but i expect this might be expanded because what we see going on in new jersey. so let's get right to t ultimate doppler our sweep shows another crop of thunderstorms just popped up in salem county, new jersey, and headed into gloucester and camden counties. so we look at the directions of these storms, everything is moving toward the north-northeast. there is your flashflood warning in effect until 8:30. a lot of lightning with the storms, and soaking soaking rains, let's take away the lightning so you can see down in salem county, new jersey, these pockets of very heavy rain we've got one that is casino of straddling the delaware river thereon both sides of the river in new jersey, and in pennsylvania, in delaware county and camden and gloucester counties, then this heavy rain in moppet gum are you county now bucks county as well. and they're having their own share of rain in reading pennsylvania, as well. soap, we are all getting a little


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