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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 18, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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south carolina after the kkk shows up at state house. >> donald trump causing jaws to drop. why he says a decorated vietnam veteran is no war hero. keep it here. your news in 60 seconds. prep trauma unit 5. what've we got? bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do.
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(buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29, a dangerous blast of heat looking looking live now at market street in old city. the temperature is in the low 80s. it's a hot and sticky night all right but tomorrow it may be tough for some people to even step outside. good evening everybody i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timmeney. before that heat wave kicks in, we could see some storms fox 29 meteorologist dave warren is here. dave, it's going to feel like the tropics. >> sure is. feels like it now and we are looking at extended period of heat and humidity when you factor those two together, feels like it's over 100 degrees. you might have to most out of the way the storms moving n they're weakening not holding
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together as they move south. fairly strong through the lehigh valley. one strong storm just south of easton moving right along the border there of pennsylvania and new jersey. they are moving south but you can see they were intense. they're falling apart as they move south into upper montgomery and upper bucks county. certainly keep an eye on these brief heavy downpour likely in this area. but by the time they get south of philadelphia, looks like they'll fall apart. mainly north tonight. this is picked up by the computer forecast. there they are just falling apart by about midnight tonight. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning there's no storms out there but the heat is really starting to build. this is where we're really talk about this heat plus humidity that's the heat index and it certainly a quick warmup tomorrow into the mid 70s in the morning. by noon, not just the 80s but close to 90. that's at 12:00 o'clock. now, this is the actual air temperature when you factor in that humidity, it will feel like it's close to 100 degrees. no relief at the shore.
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88 but no sea breeze maybe that will develop late tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening. 90 degrees excessive heat warning goes into effect at that time in center city and it will last not only tomorrow but also through monday. no more storms in the lehigh valley temperatures close to 89 degrees just a heat advisory there. here's what we have coming up. we're certainly heating up tomorrow. the temperatures are climbing they'll stay into the 90s for an extended period of time but we get relief with that lower humidity. look at that in the seven day forecast. see when it feels a bit more comfortable that's coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, dave. remember you can track your forecast with the fox 29 news app. you can see live radar images and get weather alerts sent straight to your phone. download the app for free from the apple or google play stores. >> developing to night police say they have a person of interest in the brutal murder of a recent drexel university graduate and we're hearing from neighbors about who that person just might be. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live for us tonight at police
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headquarters sabina, what are investigators telling you. >> reporter: police say they're questioning a former handyman who used to work at the building and neighbors tell us they think he might have still had a key to the apartment building. >> scared. so scared. i'm so scared. >> reporter: jasmine wright's downstairs neighbor has been living in fear since the 27-year-old recent drexel graduate's body was found thursday inside her south 50th street apartment. the neighbor didn't want to us show her face, but says she suspected for days what police now confirm. they're looking at the apartment building's former maintenance man as person of interest in jasmine's murder. >> he has the key and he have every key for the unit like my door. he has all units key. he can get inside whenever he wants. any time he wants. this makes me scared. >> reporter: police have not
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made an arrest investigators saigas money was strangled and there was no sign of a forced entry into her home. people who live here say until recently the handyman lived doors down from the victim's building. >> i just hope they catch whoever done it. that's all. whoever they questioning, that's the perpetrator that's the person who done it i hope they catch him. >> you got to leave that up to the detectives why who how they did it, i don't know. all i know we're missing a dear neighbor who was very very kind. >> reporter: neighbor keith hooks met with jasmine's pan this morning as they cleaned out their daughter's belonging. >> i just let them know we're praying for them and we're sorry this happened to her and it shouldn't happen to anybody but i met them, and they're very nice. very nice people. that's a punch in the stomach. harder than that. so as well as to be expected that's how they're holding up. >> reporter: now we did reach out to the company that runs the apartment building. we haven't heard back again police have not made any arrests and they're not releasing the
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name of the man that they're questioning. joyce? >> thank you sabina. investigators are trying to figure out who shot a man inside an adult bookstore in center city early this morning. surveillance video here just released tonight according to police a 36-year-old man working at danny's midnight concessions was confronted by another man who walked in and spoke quote a gay slur then left. but police say that same man came back got into an argument with worker and then shot him. he ran out of the store along 13th street. the victim is at jefferson university hospital in stable condition. fire investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire this morning in north philadelphia. flames breaking out in a home on the 2900 block of susquehanna avenue. neighbors say they saw smoke coming from the place and called 911. one resident tried to rescue a woman upstairs but was overcome by smoke. firefighters were able to reach her and she was rush to the hospital. still no word tonight on that
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woman's condition. and firefighters also busy in burlington county today. a three alarm fire ripping through the good loom atlantic laboratories on stokes road in shamong. it took firefighters three hours to finally get the situation there under control. fortunately no one was injured investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of that fire. philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that left a woman in critical condition. it happened last night on the 2400 block of north seventh street. that's in north philadelphia. police say two men were walking down the street when they saw a 27-year-old woman. she was lying on the ground and bleeding with a gun near her head. the man ran to call police but when they came back the gun was missing. the woman is being treated at temple university hospital. poor people are -- four people are sent to the hospital after a septa transit van flips over in west philadelphia that. happened around 7:30 this morning at the intersection of 60th and lansdowne. authorities say a septa
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passenger van was hit by a car and that sent the van into a -- flipping over on tots side. residents who were nearby wept running to the seen to help out. >> i jumped into the vehicle and went straight to the front of the vehicle to remove the driver if it was possible she was not badly injured. when i reached her she was seriously injured enough i could get her out of the seat belt and remove from the vehicle. >> three people inside the bus were -- another person who was inside the other car were tall taken to the hospital but everybody is expected to be okay okay. happening now, firefighters are still trying to get the upper hand on those wildfires that are burning in california. we're learning much more today about personal drones that delayed fire fighting efforts yesterday. fox's will cartels us what officials have to say to those drone owners. >> reporter: fire crews say that five drones flying over the wildfires here in california forced them to keep their helicopters and their airplanes on the ground for 30 minutes on friday.
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they have a message for anybody flying drones across the area for wildfires simply don't do it. now where i'm standing right now was fully engulfed in flames just 24 hours ago as these wildfires raced up here to interstate 15 this is a major thorofare from la to other parts of southern california. as the flames raced towards the interstate dramatic moments played out. that's because there was a traffic jam the drivers could not move forward in their cars. many had to abandon they're cars and just take off on foot. 60 to 70 cars ended up being abandoned in the end 20 were burned, two semi trailers and a boat were burned as well. >> it was like the rapture. you hear these things about the rapture san andreas you see that movie. >> yeah. >> literally people running for think lives r report one california highway patrol officer tells me that he was weaving in and out of the traffic in his patrol car let letting anybody pile inside as he tried to get them to safety. as for reasons like that, nobody was hurt. >> fire crews have a pretty good
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handle on the north and pine fires heading into sunday. there have been a couple controversy that is have played out. the first is that there's been a lot of criticism for tow truck companies in the area that's because some charged up to $2,400 to tow cars that were abandoned on interstate 15. there's also been some reports of looting while people have evacuated the area. in san bernardino county, california will car fox news. >> hot air balloon festival goes bad when a wind storm rolls in and wait until you see what happens when a balloon gets caught on an suv. >> donald trump is creating controversy again. this time he's targeting a decorated war hero. what he had to say about senator john mccain that caused a republican crowd to gasp. >> and what a day for some local soccer players. they got to train with none other than carlily lloyd. the lessons she's teaching the children about life on and off the field. >> dave? >> tomorrow you'll want to watch the heat that's continuing to build up. you'll plan around that heat.
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i'll show where you it is and coming up we'll keep an eye on those storms. slowly clearing out but by tomorrow morning they're gone. details with the seven day forecast coming up.
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♪ a tense situation today outside the state house in columbia, south carolina. the new black panther party and the kkk both holding rallies this afternoon. it all started out fairly peaceful but the two groups eventually clashed. with a lot of arguing and yelling, but no reports of violence or injuries. the kkk reserved space for
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today's rally the day after south carolina's governor called for the removal of the confederate flag. the push to bring the flag down gained steam after the shooting of 9:00 o'clock church members in charleston south carolina. fifth united states military member has died just two days after a gunman opened fire at a recruiting center in chattanooga, tennessee. fox's john roberts tells us, authorities are digging to find more about the 24-year-old shooter. >> reporter: the death toll from thursday' as tack on military centers here in chattanooga riseing navy petty officer second class ran dollar smith died from his wounds. logistics specialist from ohio reservist serving on active duty when he was shot. his mother speaking out before his death struggling to make sense of what happened. >> it's hard to understand how somebody can hurt somebody that is serving for you for your freedom, for your safety. >> four others all marines also killed in the rampage. inter faith vigil to honor them held in chattanooga yesterday.
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and flowers and flags are being left at the shooting sites. >> we must comfort and support those who have lost. we must recognize the heroism and those who stopped this attacker and we must stand together to bear the burden of our common experience. >> reporter: shooter muhammed youseff abdulazeez killed by police. officials are digging into the 24 year old's background. no direct ties to militant groups have been found but we do know he recently traveled to jordan and fears of so called lone wolf attacks inspired by extremism have been high. >> whether it's the fort hood shooter the sash nav brothers, charlie hebdo shooter or this man they are all connected by the ideology, by the stuff they consume on the internet, this is a global network of jihadi jihadi activist. >> fbi in contact with intelligence services in the middle east trying to connect the dots and the how and why this horrific incident. in chattanooga john roberts
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knocks fuse. >> philadelphia police have arrested the man they say shot a woman in north philadelphia. 23-year-old robert palmer is facing several charges including attempted murder. he was picked up by police last night and investigators say it was late thursday when palmer allegedly shot a woman while she was driving in her car nearly intersection of 17th and diamond. that's in north philadelphia. now the victim was taken to temple university hospital and she is expected to be okay. two men are facing charges after an attempted home invasion in west mt. airy. surveillance video captured the whole incident. police say 30-year-old reggie reid and 27-year-old alonso wallace were among four men who tried to make their way into a home on the 500 block of burr numb road tuesday night. cops say all four of the men were armed at the time and they're still searching for the other two. happening now, donald trump stirring up controversy once
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again. the republican presidential candidate slamming senator john mccain decorateed vietnam war veteran. trump was making an eastern at the family leadership summit in iowa this morning. a moderate was pushing him on a recent description of mccain by trump as a dummy. donald trump made a remark that made the crowd gasp. >> i supported him for president. i raised a million dollars for him. that's a lot money. i supported him. he lost. he let it down. he lost it. i never like him as much after that because i don't like losers but -- frank frank, let me -- >> he hit me -- >> he's a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. joke i hate to tell you. >> do you agree with that. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. okay? you can have -- i believe perhaps he's war hero, but right now he said very bad things about a lot of people. >> the rest of the republicans and the presidential race quickly condemning donald trump's disparaging comments.
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senator mccain has not yet commented himself on those remarks. a deadly ending for a texas teenager and his rare poisonous pet snake. he was transporting the snake on highway in austin and fox's ann wyatt reports there's mystery surrounding what really happened happened. report. >> definitely a cobra. i've never seen any other could be brass loose in the city of austin. >> reporter: austin animal protection supervisor mark slope was relieved to get a call early friday morning. >> we've had patrols out here every day looking for it. animal has been looking for it, apd watched for it motoring public was keeping an eye on things and that's how we found it. >> reporter: an employee in the area discover the dead monocle cobra along i35. a car ran over the snake less than half a mile from where it disappeared. >> i think they can be at ease we don't have a cobra wandering around this area. and, you know, like i say i kind
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of wish it had been found alive for the snake's sake but as far as the public is concerned they can rest assured it's not in the store. >> reporter: cobra belonged to grant thompson found unconscious in his car tuesday night. the 18-year-old had puncture wounds from a possible snake bite and died at the hospital. people who work and live in the area are glad to the snake is no longer a threat. >> obviously a little bit of relief it's not out there any more. because i have kids of my own and it's scary to think of things like that out there with kids that play outside. >> it's good to hear that, but i wasn't worried about it. honestly. >> authorities hope the snake will help answer questions about the temple teen's death. tom shouldn't a permit to transport the snake deadly pitt vipers are illegal in the city of austin. >> we have enough trouble with well domesticated dogs and other animals that have problems. so i just, i can wouldn't own a
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deadly snake. i like snakes but not ones that can kill me. >> ann wyatt reporting for to us name there's some question here. an autopsy is underway to determine if the teenager allowed that deadly snake bite him on purpose or if the snake bite was an accident. a tab employed publishes a picture of the queen of england giving a nazi salute. now buckingham palace is firing back. the royal message to the paper that printed this. plus miserable nauseating hotter than a sauna. that's how riders on a mega bus are describe wagon they're calling a nightmare trip, five hour trip they're never going to forget. that's next. >> you got ant man starring michael douglas and paul rudd. forced out of his own company by a former pro thai gee he recruits -- >> when you're small you have
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super human strength. you're like a bullet. so you need to know how to punch. >> so me how to punch. >> that's how you punch. >> i'm going to say skip it. >> come on. >> no, because it's playing with my mine. when i think of an ant it's tiny and his super power is to be tiny. >> an ant can live 10 times his weight. an ant stronger than you think he is. >> no, skip. >> after seeing the trailer i have definitely ticket.
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♪ a deadly stampede breaks out out at a religious festival in india. two people are dead and at least turn are hurt. this happening this morning after a million people gathered on a road leading to a hindu temple. police say the crowd swelled and surged toward procession of chariots part of the festival. earlier this week, 27 people were killed in india when a stampede broke out at a hindu festival. >> shopping mall in kenya reopens with a heavy police presence. almost two years after a deadly terrorist attack. hundreds of people turned out for ribbon cutting ceremony in nairobi today. 67 people were killed when four gunmen linked to al-qaida opened fire at that upscale mall in september of 2013.
10:24 pm
kenyan police he can changed gunfire with the attackers and all terrorists were killed. the mall has been outfitted now with metal and bomb detectors. the royal family is used to being targeted by british tabloids and they rarely respond. >> but tonight the sun newspaper has buckingham palace talking. palace is scolding the paper for releasing images of queen elizabeth as a young girl giving the nazi absolute as she played with her family the footage was shot in 1933. the year adolph hitler came into power. in a statement the palace says "it is disappointing the film shot eight decades ago and parently from her magesty's personal family archive has been obtained and he can polited in this manner" the sun is defending its decision to publish it. >> the purpose was never to embarrass the queen. you cannot find a newspaper more
10:25 pm
keen to publish stories in the public interest than the sun and on that occasion that was the responsibility we were seeking to fulfill here. >> now a british military historian told the sun that the royals were joking when the film was shot and points out that back in 1933, the true extent of the nazi i evil was not even known. air traffic controller drunk on the job. he was found passed out on the floor. how one pilot says he knew something was up in that control tower. >> soccer great carli lloyd teach something local players about lessons on and off the field. next. dave? >> tomorrow is how to stay cool. the showers moving through tonight. they're clearing out. wake up to just a few clouds tomorrow morning but it is muggy muggy, 75 in the city. 68 in the suburbs. the heat is continuing to build. when does it clear out? a look at that in the seven day. i'll have that coming up.
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♪ carli lloyd gave soccer fans quite the thrill when she scored a hat trick to help the united states within the women's world cup. well today the south jersey native returned to her home hometown to give future soccer stars some tips and what an exciting day it was for these young players. >> i'll say. they going to one-on-one with soccer champion and fox 29's jennifer joyce she was right there. >> picking it up a bit. see that? >> reporter: they came from several states away. >> the most important thing is the hands. >> reporter: to kick the ball around with the world cup champion. >> what's your name again. >> caitlin. >> good to meet you. >> reporter: u.s. women's star soccer player and south jersey carli lloyd is back home after world cup celebration. she's here hosting a one-day only soccer camp for these next generation athletes. >> she's so inspiring it's great. amazing.
10:30 pm
>> 11-year-old callista burke of haddon township says is he signed up for this cam app few months ago. >> she got one-on-one time with carli as dad watched on. >> oh, my god. she's probably beside herself. she won't even remember. >> reporter: alongside carli lloyd is her trainer james leading the campers in the same drills he says lead lloyd to the top. >> go ahead. >> we're actually making them work pretty hard. and we putting them through the drills that, um have laid the foundations for carli. >> they went through juggling in the beginning. i've seen her games and she has the strategy when she's running and the skill work with the ball ball. >> reporter: carli, what are the top skills needed to become a star soccer player. >> there's a lot. but i'm going to choose heading with you. >> reporter: how do we do it. >> hit the ball on this part of your forehead. i'll just toss it to you. >> reporter: i'll hit it.
10:31 pm
okay. (laughter). >> reporter: i'm going to break my nose. that's what's going to happen. >> try this again. >> reporter: that was top of head. >> pretty good. >> reporter: i need some work. >> carli talked to the campers about life off the field. diet fitness hard work and perseverance. >> you want to dwell on the best moments but you also want to dwell on the moments where it's been hard and you've struggled and you've hit brick walls and you've got to get back up again and come back even stronger. >> reporter: lloyd says she prides herself on being a positive role model for these children, parents sitting on the side lines say she inspires them too. >> she's excellent. she's humble. she's the sweetest girl. she's great. what does on the field is amazing. >> in medford, new jersey, jenn for joyce, fox 29 news. >> glad jennifer gave up on that. it was a long, hot miserable ride for passengers on board a double decker mega bus. they rode from detroit to
10:32 pm
chicago on that bus with no air-conditioning. we're talking about a 5.5 hour ride with a reading of 94 degrees on board the bus when they arrived yesterday. even worse riders say that they weren't even able to open any windows. one person was taken away in an ambulance to be treated for what appeared to be heat exhaustion. >> only circulation was the bathroom but it was like a stench we didn't want to go there. i called customer service and they told us we told them it was a health hazard then said it's just inconvenience. sorry, they hung up on us. most of the people on the bus have called and same thing happened to them. >> can't even imagine. the mega bus confirms that the bus had mechanical problems much the director of corporate affairs says all passengers will be refunded. >> mega bus apologized for any inconvenience that it may have caused. fox 29 weather authority.
10:33 pm
i think we're all going to need our air-conditioning blasting the next couple of days. >> i can't imagine 94 degrees for five hours. >> i can't. >> wait until tomorrow. >> ut-oh. >> on a bus windows you can't open with a bathroom -- >> we're talking about not only tomorrow but again on monday. >> heat wave? >> definitely heat wave here and you want to try to work around that heat and the humidity because these excessive heat warnings and heat advisories in effect for everybody. now there's two colors there. pick out where you live and this is what we have. advisory not nearly as hot or humid as the warning area but still in effect for everybody because tomorrow is the day where we'll see that peak heat index right in the middle of the afternoon a warning along i-95 but not only just a warning it's in effect sunday and monday. two days here of this excessive heat. the advisory just in effect tomorrow. we'll get some relief by monday. a few showers trying to work their way south of 78. really falling apart as they move south.
10:34 pm
they were very up tense through the poconos but look they died down moving into some stable air so not expected to hold together and reach the turnpike or i-95 but i-95 is the focus of the weather tomorrow. not because of the storms because this heat building up. still above 80 degrees. we'll drop into the 70s tonight but by tomorrow night we may not even drop down below 80 so very muggy start to each day both sunday and monday. there's that rain cooled air up in the poconos dropped down into the mid to low 70s. 75 in the city. 68 in the suburbs. the showers will end and it is a warm and muggy day tomorrow. now, this is the heat index. the heat index above 100 degrees when you have the high heat plus the humidity your body can't cool off like it is when it's a dry day. so you want to be aware of this between about 2:00 and 5:00 o'clock we'll see these heat index values above 100 degrees and then again into the 90s on monday. but still high enough where it could be a problem even on
10:35 pm
mondays specially along i-95 where the heat continues to build up day after day. we'll have another hot day on monday. now, we have the relief. we'll say the tale of two fronts. the best of times the worst of times. here the worst times before the front moves through on monday. this will be the first little relief that we see because the humidity will drop a bit. and the temperatures will drop a bit on monday. but by tuesday this next front comes through and that's the big relief we're waiting for. there will be showers and storms mainly tuesday. the front slows down a little bit. an area of low pressure could bring steady period of rain monday night into tuesday and then tuesday more showers and thunderstorms but it's what's behind this that's our big relief here. by wednesday that cooler air comes in. may drop the temperatures just a bit. but the humidity it's way down. so we're not seeing a big drop in temperatures. but the humidity is dropping quite rapidly here by wednesday. so we are hot and steamy still hot on monday with the temperature 94 both days heat
10:36 pm
index could be into the upper 90s above 100 degrees. showers and storms on tuesday. we still could touch 90 but if we get a little steady period of rain in the morning keep that temperature down a bit. nice one with wednesday with sunshine and lower humidity. drops our low temperatures into the upper 60s again on thursday. sunny and warm but nice crystal clear blue skies low humidity. pretty comfortable. we have to talk about little heat coming back on friday. and saturday it comes with a chance of thunderstorms but after 94, 95 degrees, 90 doesn't seem that bad. >> no. maybe not. >> not quiet. >> thanks, dave. a baby is born in a car on a busy highway and that's not even the most shocking part of this story. the story behind this video that's gone viral. >> and high winds create a dangerous scene at a hot air balloon festival wait until you see what happens when a balloon snags an suv. >> good evening i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson coming up tomorrow on fox 29 weekend
10:37 pm
it's national ice cream day. what's your favorite flavor? little let us know use our hash tag fox 29 week glenn a certain philadelphia philly doesn't want to be here any more. he's throwing temper tantrums and we'll talk a little more about that. >> coming up tomorrow morning at 8am. see you then.
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♪ it is being called the beltway birth and it's going viral. a woman delivered a 10-pound baby on a highway near houston. her husband was driving her to a birthing center. you can see they didn't quite make it. dad recorded the entire thing on a go pro and then he posted it to youtube. now the mom and her big baby boy are doing just fine tonight. a pilot on the runway of an arkansas airport waits over half an hour to be cleared for take off. so what exactly was the delay? police say the air traffic controller was passed out drunk on the floor. this happened at a springdale municipal airport yesterday. the pilot says his charter plane was waiting on the runway with six people on board before it was able to take off. airport officials went up to the air traffic control tower to see exactly what the delay was all about and they couldn't believe what they found. >> when i came back after
10:41 pm
running an errand i went by the tower and he told me what they found out lying on the floor and unconscious. >> well, once he woke up the air traffic controller failed multiple sobriety tests. he also had to be restrained after he tried to run back into the tower. police took him to the county jail and tonight he's charged with public intoxication. well, the reading terminal is celebrateing summer by throwing a party outdoors. vendors lining up along filbert street in center city today as part of the market sidewalk sizzle event. it's one of the ways that they're celebrateing national ice cream month. visitors got to enjoy ice cream of course, and all of the other delicious foods you normal normally find inside the reading terminal terminal. >> coming up on fox 29 emergency crews pull off an mazing rescue. they save a man stuck in a meat grinder. how they cep the unthinkable from happening.
10:42 pm
>> plus, a mystery in the desert a gun more than 100 years old is at the center of it. why the firearm is fueling so many wild stories. that's coming up. i'm sigourney weaver and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite.
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♪ terrifying moments at a hot air balloon festival in southeastern wisconsin this morning. take look. high winds caused one of the balloons to rip its tethers from the ground and just go flying off into the air. one of the they terse got caught on an suv but it didn't stop the balloon. it actually drug the suv across a field. one person was taken to the hospital. no word tonight on their condition. a worker at a california meat processing plant is lucky to be alive after he gets caught in a meat grinder. fox's juanita shows us how rescue crews prevent the worse from happening of the. >> reporter: batallion chief scene a lot of things in his career as a firefighter. >> well, it's been 20 years work fog the city and i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: but what his crew witnessed after they were dispatched to a local meat factory was unlike anything they've ever seen. >> when we arrived he was well off the platform.
10:46 pm
his feet were straight in the air. >> reporter: it was just after 1:00 o'clock on thursday afternoon when a young man got stuck inside of an industrial sized meat grinder. >> all the way to his weight into this piece of machinery. >> reporter: one of the guys snap this picture on scene it shows just how entangled he was in that piece of equipment. >> grabbed his arm and broke his arm and then it came around again and broke his arm again a little further up. >> reporter: the next turn around barry man says would have been fatal. >> luckily just in time because now it was coming around it was almost on to his head. >> reporter: the manager says safe is their number one priority. >> can you imagine if there was no one in the room. >> they emphasize their rules for situations just like these. >> so, you know, with our safety procedures and training and everything, you know, we know there's going to be more than one person in the room. and this -- this is why we do it. >> reporter: we're told the man is in good spirits and thankful to be alive. >> we told him to buy a lottery ticket because he's the luckiest
10:47 pm
person around. >> got that right. beyond lucky. juanita reporting for us tonight tonight. it was an event lifting the spirits of critically ill children today at penn's landing landing. senator bob casey non-profit the casey cares foundation posting post hosting a nautical bash at the seaport museum for kids with life-threatening illnesses. the children and their families enjoyed a tour of the museum as well as some crafts that were all about ships. the foundation provideed the kids a quick distraction from all the doctor's appointments and a chance for them to have some summer fun. perfect day for paddlers to take to the cooper river in pennsauken for a brand new festival. the first annual cooper river dragon boat festival drawing a huge crowd both on the water and all those observing on the shore shore. 29 teams competing in boat races races. they were split in three divisions, community sports and division for breast cancer survivors. those teams in particular were
10:48 pm
inspiring other competitors at today's event. >> they are amazeing. sometimes we get to pedal with them and they're an mazing group of women. they overcome anything. they talked me into doing a 2,000-meter with them in d.c. that's what they do. we normal dollar 500. they're an awesome group. >> organizers say the inaugural event was a huge success and plans are already in the works for next year's race. a mystery in the middle of the desert where a very old gun is found leaning against a tree. >> yeah, but who put it there and how long has it really been out there? fox's matt fin follows this odd discovery. >> reporter: a 130-year-old gun found in nevada desert is fully loaded with mystery. the winchester 1873 rifle was discovered in the great basin national park. standing up up right propped against tree non one knows how the rival stayed standing for so long. the rifle was sent to the cody
10:49 pm
firearms museum in wyoming. the gun's wood was stabilized and the entire thing was even x-rayed at a hospital under the patient name rifle. museum workers determined it was made in 1882 but there are no records to show who owned it. another interesting discovery the gun's lifter was removed so it's cable capable of firing only a single shot at once. wretchers tell meet area of the desert where the gun was found doesn't really help the case. there's never been a recorded fire which would help them date the gun. they scowered nearby soil for relateed clues but found nothing. cody firearms museum has 7,000 guns but the curator says this ragged rival is generating the most buzz. folks are coming up with all types of scenarios about its past. >> personal favorite of mine my ex-wife hid it from me. >> museum won't estimate how much its worth but antique experts at vegas' famous pawn shop the added allure of the rival would increase it's street value it.
10:50 pm
>> definitely could fetch an higher price probably a few thousand dollars. >> reporter: winchester rival will be shipped to the great basin park for permanent display. its tattered body and the seacrest how it ended up alone in the desert forever protected behind a wall of glass. in las vegas matt fin fox news news. >> pretty mysterious. one-day passes for regional rail travel during the pope's visit to philadelphia will go on sale on monday. and you'll need to do some planning though before you buy one. septa is limiting the number of passes that will be sold and you have to pre purchase them. there's a lot you need to know, though. not all regional rail stations will be in operation only 18 outlining stations will be used also your one-day pass will only be valid during a specific time slot at a specific station. so for details about the stations that will be used and the time slot that is will be offered, go to you'll find the information you
10:51 pm
need under scene on tv. the section there the one-day passes will be required on september 26th and 27th regular training passes will not be accepted. sean? >> joyce the british open had an all types of problems. stick around. suspended today. today major weather conditions on the course. the phils looking for their first two-game winning streak under pete mccannan first in almost a m some early offense again the marlins is next in sports.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
♪ yesterday the phillies started off the season on a good note. winning and bringing up aaron nola. doesn't mean much now, but it gives us something to watch right? something to be hopeful for. today they tried to within two in a row for the first time in nearly a month. first inning ryan howard up to bat. he gets the rbi single right on the same side of the heavy heavy shift. ben revere comes around to score score. phils go up one-zero. two weight batters later dominic brown hits an absolute rocket up the middle. franco comes in to score. phils get two in the first. very rare. good start for them. in the eighth inking, two out runners on second and third. giles shuts the down. 100 miles per hour fast ball.
10:55 pm
closer does his. ninth john nan papelbon gets the ground out in 15th save of the year. phillies win three-one afterwards revere talks about the progress. >> a lot of people are frustrate add little bit but we're a young team and we're learning. bullpen, we're a young team. these kids are learning and it will come. do the best i can to help these guys, you know, get there like when i first got to the big leagues. i see them making mistakes i'll tell them this is how do you it next time. that's how you learn. >> yesterday the second round of the british open was suspended due to darkness much the golfers were supposed to finish their rounds and play the third round today but conditions got so bad at saint andrews they just decided to finish the second round, then the third round tomorrow and finish up the tournament on monday. as you can see right here the wind just took over. look at that. everybody around the course was
10:56 pm
absolutely flying away. tiger woods isn't going to to really worry about the course for the rest of the tourney. on the 17th hole he hits from one bad spot to the next. rough to the bunker. he finish seven over par missing the cut. despite the wind daniel brooks had no problem. eleventh hole. brook tease off and, yes you're seeing that right. the wind takes it right to a hole in one. first hole in one at saint andrews since 1990. he will miss the cut but that's an absolutely great memory to have. he'll finish up first time in a long time they're not going to have that round on monday. tiger woods is officially washed. look at this. he keeps getting worse of the this is a cut fort second straight time in the master's. he was tied for 17th. then had his worst round and worst score of his career. certainly the worst year he's ever had. tiger woods is absolutely done.
10:57 pm
>> yeah. it's too bad. >> yeah. >> all right. that's our news for this saturday night. thank you for joining us. >> the news continues tomorrow morning at 8am with fox 29 weekend the powerball drawing is next. followed by animation domination. have a great weekend and stay cool. >> good night, everybody. i'm sigourney weaver and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it.
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