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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  July 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> what an ikea is gaping away to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. >> planning to see the pope in philly? the new app that will help you get around the sit. >> i and see the world cup champ. and today carli lloyd, is on the show. >> carly, time to eat the donut. >> and you can make the most out of your work out, by art museum stems, perfect for work out. quincy out there, getting his buns in shape. >> i check out his golf course yesterday. >> you checked out his buns? >> has nice buns. have you seen quincy lately? he's in shape. >> oh, my goodness. >> yesterday with the two of
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you there, and the leg shot of you. >> nice leg. >> did you never not argue with each other? it seemed like that's all did you. >> all for the camera. i actually love him. he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. he is such a gentleman. >> i agree. >> speaking of buns, national hotdog day. >> oh,. >> yes. >> so how do you like your hotdogs? >> or how do you like your buns, ladies? >> oh, my gosh. >> towings dollars or not toast in the. >> there you go, sue. use the #fox29goodday. plus, giving out free pretzel hotdogs. >> yes. >> pretzel is the bun. >> there go. >> philly pretzel factory truck, just pulled up, at fourth and market. >> you know it will be a good day when the philly pretzel factory truck parks out front. >> should and loft fun. >> breakfast of champions. okay, well, lots to look forward to today clouding weather. so, what i should have done yesterday, is a ten out of ten. so i am making up for it today, going with double digit with bus stop buddy, smiling
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broadly, because it will be another beautiful day, when he smiles even on lousy weather days, but the point is temperatures are mostly in the 60s right now. wear that sunscreen all day, you're going to need it if you want to be outside, enjoy the weather, 69 degrees right now with 57% relative humidity. another nice one, some clouds here and there, but, all-in-all, beautiful day with a high temperature of 86 degrees. >> bob kelly, any jammos? >> yes, you know it, 7:002, good morning, everybody, live look at hello chester county, coming out every downingtown on the 30 bypass beginning of the jams in the traffic cams. sun glare will be the factor, no complaints, though, because it is starting to see some pockets of volume, then we got the jammo, 95, southbound,
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from cottman avenue, headed in toward that construction zone, at girard. we have had earlier disable right near allegheny avenue. and problems in the neighborhood, come on, we roll video from the news van on the scene, in kensington, gas main break along allegheny avenue. right now allegheny avenue is block, between g street, g as in george, boom, right there, up to kensington. so let's go back it the maps. again, k and a, big intersection here, in order to get to the market frankford line, this morning, instead of allegheny, you have to use clear field, or west moore lan. tomorrow morning, you know it is a friday, so i head down the shore. somers point, your turn tomorrow, we are setting up shop broadcasting live from the breakfast shop, which is a really cool spot, right on the bay, thus, their address bay avenue, we will be down there 6:00 to 10:00. jenn fred look down there with me, as women, if you are watching us down the shore this week, this is your vacation week, looking for something to do tomorrow, with the kids, loath them up, bring
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them on over, 6:00 to $10 good eating. eastbound on the schuylkill, little sun glare coming around your conshy curve. just un half hour delay south on 95 out of the great northeast, chris, alex, back to you. >> 7:04. three men murdered in different part of the city overnight. >> this story is still developing right now. steve keeley now live at police headquarters to tell us what happened. steve? >> talking about four shootings in just two and a half hours, essentially, the hour before, and hour after midnight. and detective were so busy, while they were at the scene of one, these other cases are happening, within walking distance, of other. they couldn't believe somebody would keep shooting and keep killing people even after police are on the scene investigating the first one. just around on the corner in the talcony section, boy, look
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like three guys out to kill two other guys. go up to them with guns, just start shooting one guy never had a chance, his friend still alive, still critical at last report. this followed by just minutes, three separate shootings, on same block area of west kensington. , started here, then continued here, as police were at the scene of the first one right around the corner. listen to this tomorrow us about two other shootings scene of one about a football field lent away. >> approximately 1:00 in the morning, we had car being shot at, somebody was shooting the car, about six times. there was a 15 year old boy, that was caught in this crossfire slot in his arm, taken to the hospital with his mother.
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>> around same time right aroundment corner in cologne"a" street,. >> one hundred block, found man, either hispanic, black male, shot twice, once in the head, once in the -- once in the neck, once in the back. approximately 25 to 30 years old. >> they don't have any idea why somebody would want to kill almost. so we've seen it all usually, revenge, robbery, even road rage sometimes, seen as motives. but detective don't know any of the motive in any of these cases and when you don't have mother i have to begin with, it is hard to even start looking for suspect, and specially when you don't even know the name or the identity of this. but, the one coincidence in all four cases, everybody happened to be outside, enjoying the nice, cool night we've had for the first time in about a week, and cool night until somebody start firing guns all over the place, than pour 15 year old kid. good thing about him was he
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had the sense and reaction to just dive behind the biggest car on the street, which was an old ford 500, which took a bullet to the radiator and to the windshield. and those people sorely upset they only have insurance for the basic stuff. i guess compared to the loss of lives around up, losing your car is no big deal. but, it is just amazing how many stray bullet are anything through the street of philadelphia these days, it seems like every day for the past couple of weeks, we've had victim of a stray bullet. and then yesterday, when police got into that gun fight with that guy, he was wanted for killing the pregnant woman hit by stray bullet from over football field's lent away. and so these bullets can still fly still do a lot of damage and still kill even though you are far from the original shooting scene. >> yes, doing a lot of damage. violent night. thank you, steve. >> 7:07 the time this thursday morning, and correction officer attacked inside a philadelphia prison. >> officials say inmate stabbed 25 year old man
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several times with makeshift nail inside curram fromhold correctional facility. over the prison in the holmesburg section, investigators tell us the guards injuries are not life threatening, though. he comes to visit fill any september. >> and teenager was clipped by a passing train. this is skyfox over the scene in darby, the 16 year old taken to presbyterian hospital, with only minor injuries to his arm. he is expected to make a full recovery. and, ikea sending out warning for about 27 million chest andres ers following the death after two year old chester boy. >> live in south fill which more on there is jen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris, alec, well, with the warning, ikea also offering free repair kits for anyone who may have purchased addresser. i believe, dating back to 2002 here from ikea because the concern is that if they are not anchored, then they could fall and tip over.
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>> they've done so, we talked to family from west cheers they are lost their two year old, one morning his mom went to up get him dressed she found him trapped under his malm style six drawer dresser from ikea. apparently he was trying to climb up the drawers, and it tipped over on top of him. his family didn't even hear a thing. the child was rushed to the hospital. but his injuries were too severe, he died. last year, his mother emphasized the importance of using these anchors, and now, as we mentioned, ikea an is issuing them free of charge as warning to all parent. >> ten minutes every anchoring your dresser, anchoring tv's, book shelves, fish tanks. >> all of these things you wouldn't normally think of, simple fix, it can reach every child. >> for more information toll free number 88896645326789
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also on our website alex, chris? >> thank you, jen. defense secretary ash carter right from our area, momght gum are you count i am, arrived unannounced in baghdad thursday. he's thereto assess the government's progress, and healing iraq's concerning divisions. cart letter here the latest on how us troops can support the iraqi army's attempt to recapture the city of ramadi from the islamic state. it is carter's first visit to iraq since he took offers in february. >> 7:10. new interim police chief will begin today in ferguson missouri. andre on loan for the six month assignment, chosen for his job based on experience with community policing. ferguson still work to go get it law enforcement in office following department of justice report released in march. that cited racial bias, profiling, used in policing. the city's previous police chief resigned days after the report was released. last august, the small city
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gained national attention, following the police-involved shooting death of michael brown. officer involved was not charged. in texas, family of san did a bland demanding answers after dash cam video of her traffic stop was released, earlier this week. >> state troller -- trooper pulled her own for not signalling do you know layering change, arrested her after she refused to put out cigarette she was smoking in her car. three days later bland was dead hanging in her jail cell. we now know blands told officials at the jail she was taking medication for epilepsy. those booking documents also row veal she attempted sued side -- suicide after losing baby but also said no in a questionnaire that asked if she had suicide at thoughts. her family says, they'll still search for the truth now. >> jiff ' seen the video.
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sandy was pulled over for failure to indicate proper lane change. in looking at that, as her sister, i simply feel like the officer was picking on her. >> critics say that dash cam video was altered. authorities deny that. >> and now we know more charges that dillon rough faces, loan suspect in the deadly charleston church shooting also now faces 12 hate crime count, and several other federal charges, attorney general loretta lynch says roof acted intentionally, targeting the church to insight racial tension. roof already faces number of state charges for the shooting that took nine lives. 7:12, bill cosby lost legal bid to block sexual abuse lawsuit in california. accused of sexually abusing 15 year old girl at the playboy mansion in 1974. cosby's legal team had trade to get the lawsuit dismissed due to what they call procedural errors. but the california supreme court rejected that argument. the accusers attorney now plans to proceed with the deposition within the next 30
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days. these latest allegations come just days after the new york times released details of another deposition, involving sexual assault allegations from former temple employee. in that deposition cosby admitted using quaaludes to lure women for sex, although, he insisted they all new about it. >> mr. cosby gave very, very candid testimony that went into great detail. we're asking people to look at it. because what you will find there is one that mr. cosby denies any criminal wrong-doing, he de noise any non-concentual sex with a woman. >> cosby has been accused of sexual misconduct more than -- by more than two dozen women, but never been charged officially with a crime. clock three festival organizers have unveiled new digital app for locals and out of town heres want to get the most out of the world meeting of families this september. built m has helped create an app for smart phones and androids that will provide folks with up the tonight
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schedules, maps, you name it, even real time foreign language tran lakes during portions of the papal mass on sunday, free app, can be download dollars now for android devices and apple devices. >> we all need, what we all expect. >> go to, we will link you to the site to download the app. >> oh, i will ' download it now. i'm sure it comes to apps, you don't have to worry about that being shutdown. too many people trying to get it like the septa passes in. >> right now. but can you imagine in september when the pope's here? all of the millions of people that are coming to philadelphia, all using their cell phones at once? >> rue. >> that will be jam up. >> oh, yes it will be. yes, jammo there.
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sue? we will be talking about a lot of those traffic issues, meantime, we have no weather issues to deal with. so, we show on our satellite and radar picture where harrington, delaware s why? because today's the first day of the delaware state fair. kent county, along the state, stop at harrington, great time. rodeo i understanded today. state fair forecast, do you believe one of those? we do. >> hotdog day, enjoy your favorite snack at the state fair if you are headed there. temperatures mostly in the 60s this morning. we have 56 degrees in mount pocono, where it is pretty cool. sixty-nine in the city. mid 60s atlantic city, wildwood, and dover, not too far from harrington, wind speeds are pretty light, out of the northwest, and that means usually, and it does
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today, a low humidity day. yeah. dew point are in the 50's, what does that mean? well, we measure moisture with the dew point. so definitely in the pleasant range there with our dew points, so another day where you don't feel the stickies outside. did you sunday. did you monday and tuesday, when we had our official heatwave second one of the year. but today mid 80s, ten out of ten, nine tomorrow, nine saturday, more humid by the weekends, not much, still beautiful out. so go ahead, make some fun weekend plans. do you see little thunderstorm thereon sunday, not expecting that to happen until pretty late in the day. and then those thunderstorms linger into monday, back in the 90s, by monday and tuesday of next week. 80s and 90s, classic hit. 7:16. good morning, everybody, on this thursday, a live look at the blue route.
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476 for the gang southbound out of saint david's villanova. got this disable here off to the left shoulderment hello to the benny. splash with some sun glare this morning. but so far so good with no delays coming into philadelphia. but that right lane is blocked all due to construction, so again, in the next half hour or so, whether we start to see that back up occur. if you are getting ready to head out of northeast philadelphia, south on 95, we hit the brakes, right around here, at the betsy ross. and then that delay continues in toward downtown philly. got gas main break in the neighborhood. we roll video from the news van. on the scene here, in kensington. this along allegheny avenue. crews responded about two hours ago to the smell of gas, you can see them checking the greats there, but allegheny block right there at g street, up toward kensington, so as we go back to the maps, if you are trying get in toward k and a this morning, instead of allegheny avenue, you will have to use clear field, and
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westmoreland, to work your way in toward the neighborhood. then we go back to the maps, vine expressway here, right lane will get taken out from 9:00 to 3:00. penndot will be working hard. that will have us hit the brakes real hard. we come over the benny and 95. so coming into philly today could be little tough beginning at 9:00 a.m. chris, alec, back over to you. >> all right, thank you so much. federal help is on the way for storm victims and new jersey. >> president obama signs disaster declaration for those impacted by the june storms there is frees up federal money for state and local government, in atlantic, burlington, camden, and gloucester counties. >> congrats to whom ever this ticket is for, worth $153 million. souls flying, ticket fourth largest cash prize in pennsylvania, lottery history, in milt ton, pennsylvania sold, that's if the winner sems the almost $92 million cash pay out.
7:19 am
here is the deal though. so far the winner has not come forward to claim that ticket. i wonder who has it? not me. >> you know what they may want to do? fly under the radar. they come forward right away. >> and that's probably were? >> wise person once said. >> go on? >> mo money, mo problems. >> true. >> not that i would know. >> i wonder if this will be a problem, we just had our delivery here from l and m bakery. >> oh, big problem. >> look at that. look at this assortment here. >> oh, that looks good. six powdered donuts! because carli lloyd is here, in the studio, and i think she's ready. are you ready for this? >> i think she is going to get sick. >> serbs donut? she is world class athlete. >> we'll get her a bucket. she will be all right. we made a deal. we have to made good on the deal. we have to see. >> 7:19. amazon he can banding its owner is advises to fill.
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are some services thon that you may not expect? need to rent a goat? well, we'll tell you how. >> and here is last night's powerball numbers. good luck. [old man]two hundred years ago,i wrote a review
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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>> good morning, reading, pennsylvania, my brother's wife's family, all live in reading. >> oh, nice. >> happy thursday to you all in reading. >> all right i. well, many do their shopping on line. >> soon hire handyman just as easy as you can click and fill a shopping cart. now joining us from the fox business network, lauren, not all of russ home improvement guru's, i mean, i need handyman just to hang curtains. >> that's okay. that's okay. okay, so, here in new york, we've had home service for couple of month, but you're finally getting it in
7:24 am
philadelphia. >> type it veer is you need, when you need it, they'll give you quote, how many that will cost, everything from fixing your air-conditioning to installing your dishwasher to putting your tv on the wall. even, a goat grazer for your lawn. weird being cookie stuff. which means if you don't like the service that was done, you can either get your money back or they'll fix it for you. and then you will be hand i again, happiness guarantee, so coming to 19106. what are you guys going to do? >> use it. >> yes. >> because i need it. >> do we know when? exactly when? >> it looks like it is up, you can smith requests right now to where you are. >> i wonder if we should test it out. do you think they'll be mad if they request somebody to come fix the light oring? >> let's do it, do you want a plumbing project, a electrical project, assembly painting or hanging project? >> i need all of the above. >> let's do, what, electric or
7:25 am
something? >> electric? >> okay. >> dangerous. >> all right. >> lights, you need town stall lights? >> i'll take more lights. >> all right. comment. we need better studio light. okay? >> we could use coffee machine, they can install that. >> i already submitted the request. all right, they'll e-mail me back. >> then set up time when they can come? >> yep. >> you get a quote, how much it will cost, then you start negotiating. >> oh,. >> are you handy at all around the house? >> um, hm, i should just say no, but i can do some things. >> some things like? >> change light bull be? >> i can change a light bulb all by myself. i can hang stuff on the mall.
7:26 am
i don't measure anything, i eyeball it, but i'm pretty good at that. hum, that might be about it? >> well, let us noll, lauren, so we can know the pricing and everything. >> all right. check back with me tomorrow. >> interesting. glad we have it here if philly now. chris? >> this is casino of scare stuff for all of us on this shift, right? new study finds connection between poor sleep, and cancer. how you can make sure you're getting good nights sleep. doctor mike in the studio in just a minute. >> quince is doing little work out. >> philly mag. com. they say some of the best workouts are here in philadelphia. so we go through some of the spots here today. starting first on the museum steps. i'm out of breath. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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coming up 7:30, this thursday morning. >> ready to eat some so nuts? >> yes, we r carli lloyd in the studios. >> and guests eat first, you snow. >> let me try. >> you know the downfall, when you open up the box of donuts, and that smell just comes out. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> all right. here we go. >> l and m bakery in delran, new jersey. >> look at that. >> oh, you get the smell.
7:30 am
smell a vision. >> this really has us thinking, she is so dedicated, so chris and bring talking about, you know, we used to play soccer, i played soccer little bit. so we have a picture, this is me when i was younger. >> oh, look at you. >> now i played about two weeks, a long time. >> oh, your little ponytails there, or pig tail? >> those are like braids, ya. >> did you score any goals? >> no. >> hat trick? >> no. >> but you looked good? >> not as good as carli lloyd, but it's fin, short trip down memory lane. >> we played in los angeles back in like the 70s when there was all of the smog, is there a picture of me? no? >> i think doing it little later. space it out. >> well, the studio we have all of the kids here today. >> yes? >> carly nice and saying high talk to them all back there, so she will have some help eating donuts. >> and training starts tomorrow from what i understand.
7:31 am
>> right. all right, 7:30. let's get to t bus stop buddy, he is in his red, white and blue. oh, yes, the sunscreen is there, as well. because you are going to be outside for awhile today. you got to reply that sunscreen. most of the temperatures in the 60s, yes, you want to stay outside today. because it is a ten out of ten in your weather by the numbers. doesn't get much better than. that will look at the beautiful sunshine, kind of peaking through the clouds there, 69 degrees, and the important number here is relative humidity. it is down to 57%. so, it feels nice out there today. not too sticky. 86 degrees our high temperature, bob kelly it, really doesn't get much better than this. >> it dogs not. yes, donut, sunshine. >> carli lloyd, fabulous. >> we got donut, sunshine, philly pretzel truck, double parked out front. and doctor mike is coming up next. the excitement. 7:31, good morning, everybody, live look at 422, with some sun glare, coming in from collegeville, from royersford
7:32 am
working your way in toward kop. curbside, on the 42 freeway here for the gang coming in from south jersey, delays between the black horse pike and i295. there is your travel times, eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway, just over 20 minute, and a half hour triple cream donut delay, on 95, between woodhaven, and downtown. we are changing jelly donuts to cream donut today, in honor of carli lloyd. >> yes, and donuts are bad for you. so is getting no sleep at night. right? >> yes, apparently, getting a good night sleep is very, very important, so important, there is a connection between poor sleeping habit and increased risk of cancer in mice. >> doctor mike when i saw this, i got little nervous. i get up at 1:30 in the morning. >> we don't get a lot of sleep. >> no. >> we're all going to die. >> well, we though that. >> thank you. >> this is a scary thing. and look, we have talk about this many, many times. how important sleep is.
7:33 am
if you don't sleep, you don't get enough sleep, it affect your weight, it can increase your risk of heart attack, diabetes, stroke, everything. but this really shows a connection between cancer and women in particular who work shift work. specially rotating shift work. >> now, it is a link to breast cancer or all cancers here in this? >> well, the data seems to really focus in on breast cancer, and this is why. all right? when you don't get enough sleep, or your rythms are affected, i brought my brain with me, a lot of people say wow it is about time, basically, what happens is when you sleep, let's look at this brain here, all right? the light goes away. it is a dark room, it is nighttime. you are sleeping. and meletonin, hormone, secreted from part of the brain in the pine eel england. it leads to improvement in immunity, and row duck sean in
7:34 am
risk of things like cancer, and it has effect on hormones, all kind of things. if you work shift work, and you get expose today light, that reduces the amount of meletonin that is produced, and the theory is that it affect hormone in a negative way. your immunity goes down, and you increase risk of cancer particularly breast cancer, so the authors of this study, even though it is in mice, recommend, hey, if you have a strong history of breast cancer in your family, you polite not want to work shift work. >> there is nothing we can do. work is not an option. >> do you have pay your bills. >> have more vitamin c? >> i'm realist. it is what it is. >> yes. >> so if you have to do this, do you what you do. do you breast self exams, you get mammograms, you make sure that you follow up with your doctors and get -- nurse practitioners, get medical care, appropriately, and be on the look-out. because this is not health. >> i couple of things. with shift work, explain what
7:35 am
shift work is? >> so, this is where your sir kade yum rim manies are upside down. instead of going to work right now we would be going to bed. so everything on the planet goes in a cycle. >> so if you are going to bed at 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., during the daylight hours, can you just make your room really dark and get that meletonin relief? >> if you do work shift work, you must do that. but the problem is that people don't do that. and the worse thing you can do is rotating shift work. andy that when i was a resident. >> does taking meletonin help? >> we don't know that. i wouldn't do that just yet. because we don't really know. but the thing is that you need to realize if you are working shift work, especially if you're woman, and specially if you have history of breast cancer, you need to be very vigilant, with your breasts. >> we will keep an eye on it,. >> i love you, love that time. >> doing okay?
7:36 am
>> yes, patient had the audacity, i think it was you, to infect me. >> what? wasn't me. >> you sat next to me for the next three minute. >> germs put bread on the table. i like them you. >> welcome that many. thanks, doctor mike. >> let's check in on quincy then, he is on the stairs. can he do it? can he make it? >> we are doing some of the best stairwork outs going on here. and they say philadelphia's art museum steps, you can get a really good work out. we will do some step workouts. they're doing there is i don't have a partner to do it, so i can't do it right now. but coming back we'll work out on steps on the art museum steps.
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
>> trying to plan how we do this donut thing? >> hi, carl. >> i welcome back to your home, flight. >> yes, been a whirlwind. >> oh, i bet it has been. >> are you ready to eat some so donuts? >> yes, i didn't eat breakfast >> did you eat dinner last night? >> still full from dinner. don't know if that's a good sign. >> quincy working up an
7:40 am
appetite. because he's at the art museum, working on the steps. >> welshing philly mag. com they say some of the best stair workouts are here in philadelphia, we have jordan, irish, teen, a we have ed, working out on the stems. carly, hello. so, what is helping out working out on steps help us do? >> so right now what we will do, hip workouts, high intensity interval training. we want a place where there is high intense speed, then lessen the impact. >> all right, let's try to make it. >> let's start down. mountain climbers starting right leg, ready, go. one, two, three, slow it down, five, six, seven, eight. high knees. >> now what's this work out, tray? >> total body. so it is progression, now doing jump squats. ready? go. one, two, three. >> this helps everything, right? >> yes. >> no gym needed. >> five, six, seven, #, high
7:41 am
knees, go. >> contract your core, contract your core. >> whatever that moans. >> down. >> what are we doing? >> gather yourselves, no rush. spieder. >> spiders, okay. >> so doing levels, four, eight, 12, 16. now, this is fast, ready. go, one, two, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13. >> high knee? >> yes. >> go. >> what are we doing on this level? >> jumping jacks. this is casino of like your active rest. sixteen jumping jacks. to the top. touch hine. >> work the chest, work the back. ready, go, one, two, three, four, five. >> avenue lot of equipment. jumping jacks. >> eleven, 12, 13, 14, 15, high knees, high knees. >> now what are we going to do on this level? >> are you ready to work. >> yep, what's this level? >> top jumps.
7:42 am
>> here. >> how many are we doing? >> twenty. >> well, we don't have time. >> act like we're doing 20. >> go. >> oh! >> like that. >> go to commercial. >> straight up. >> high knees. >> we're working, q. stop asking questions. work more. >> what is this level? >> are you ready? now doing burden of proof east. >> got it. >> doing burden of proof east. >> are you ready? >> oh,burpees. >> i say do them right now. >> word ever invented -- >> absolutely, absolute work. carly, do you do burpees? you probably do. >> oh, i do. >> oh, she will be burping up donuts soon. >> i'm not a rock star soccer player, but next hour, we will go to another, another place, in philadelphia, one of the top places in philly mag. com. >> if you have to go to a
7:43 am
trainer, that's the man. >> oh, man, he is intense. where are you been? >> oh, he's calling you out! >> i know. >> that's funny. >> oh, ya. maybe you should do some burpees. >> you run the rocky steps a lot? >> yes. >> like how often? >> you know, i fit it into my daily routine every now and again. >> pretty good work out, flight. >> really good. >> how many times do you go up and down? >> i think like 30, 35. >> oh! 30? i was not expecting that number. >> thirty? >> i'm going to google how many steps the rocky steps are. >> i'll have to do about 60 after i eat these donuts. >> that's true. >> well, that's right, carli lloyd, she on the shop, and take a look at this. she is making good on a bet. carly, when we come back, it is time to eat the donuts. >> oh, ya. >> oh, ya. hey, jenn fred, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are at camp in marlton. column, who is your best friend? >> quake. >> no? who? >> jen. we're having so much fun.
7:44 am
we love space camp. we love space camp. >> we love space camp. >> come on, we'll tell you everything they're doingment come on back. you guys are doing a good job.
7:45 am
7:46 am
>> i was just 12 years old in
7:47 am
southern california, there i am, holding the soccer ball, with my brother. oh, dreams of being a soccer pro. >> were you any good? >> your mom put your shorts in the dryer? >> oh, showing off. >> those were the style. >> dude, that was 1980. you know was president when that picture was taken? jimmy carter. >> wasn't even born! >> you weren't even born, i know. >> all right. well, the time has come. time to eat the donut. not sure what we are talking about, because you came on the show, and you made a little bet. and everyone's been talking about it, but in case you don't nope, here is a little refresh r for you. for every goal you are too long eat a donut. we'll total it up. we'll keep score. >> okay. deal. >> best of luck to you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:48 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, my goodness, we're all getting excited, like gentleman! >> just watching that we all get excited again. >> i get excited too. >> did you when you made this deal, did you think it was going to be six? >> no, definitely not. >> here is the deal. can we go back to some of the highlights quickly? kim of things, when doing not the penalty kick, what do you call, that sudden death thing, where the goalie and you sit there? >> yes. >> to get right here, to get the goal toy diver one way and you kick the ball the other way, is it like a body language thing you're doing, to freak her out? >> i don't know if you saw my eyes, basically, you know, i just focus on the ball, and i think when you start to look around, the keeper thinks it is casino of like a mind game
7:49 am
little bit. >> right. >> i was so in the zone. focused, my eyes were glued to the ball. just confident going up and hitting it. >> next question. when you kick the awesome shot, over the japanese goalie's head, because she was casino of out of the net there. >> she was. >> did you feel bad like she is just a more on at this point? crushing them. >> ya, i mean, for 16 minutes to have four goals scored against you, that's tough. and they are a great team. so ya, the mid field shot was probably my top goal. >> when you made that goal went through your head? i cannot believe we're killing these guys? >> i actually work on it years back. i never, never made a shot, attempted few in a game, never have come close, maybe came close one time. and then so went up for the line and just went for it. when i saw the ball going in the frame of the goal, i'm like holy cow, this could possibly go in. after it went in i kind of had a little laugh and celebrated with --
7:50 am
>> what a time for that to happen. you say it has never happened before. but in a championship game like that? >> yes. >> perfect timing, right? >> perfect timing. >> so what's the sell us. >> are you still celebrating, or like okay there is has ham, i'm casino of, you know, i'm cool with it. >> are you sick of doing all of these interviews? >> i'm embracing it, it has been good. i am really tired. i have resume my training, so i have to double it after these. >> resume your training. but you ate cheese steak last night. >> true. >> she told thaws in confidence, chris. >> yes. >> and we are going get you this. >> question for you, what do you normally eat? when training and in full training mode, what do you normally eat in a day? >> i don't do a lot of sweet. i try to really casino of be picky about that. but i just do, you know, egg whites in the morning, yogurt and fruit, salads, all of the healthy vegtables type stuff. >> but you chose this bakery. >> growing up in delran, you know, they are the best bakery around. i've been all over the world,
7:51 am
no bakery compares to l and m. >> wow. >> it is my favorite. the powder with cream in the middle is one of my all time favorite dough. >> the are you ready to do this? let december this. >> dig in. >> ii'm so glad you're making good on your practice. >> since i'm on camera, i think i will ' cut mine. >> what? no, you got to do one. common. >> we had a deal. >> when you kick that shot over that goalie's head, you went for it. >> here is a pep talk. >> don't let gust now. >> just go for it. >> powder all over. >> we won't judge. we won't judge. >> is this jelly or cream? cream being okay. here we go. >> so start us off. >> all right. >> ya, you get it, girl. ya. >> oh, ya. >> you want some heapers. >> i think, ya. i can't eat six. >> but you can do the one though? >> quite a few kids here. >> all right. get in here, kids. >> yep. >> how about the kelly's, chris, madison?
7:52 am
>> common! >> all right, guys. >> you want to come over here? >> oh, she is pulling up a chair. >> these are compliment of carli lloyd. >> you guys dig in here. >> all right. she wanted the rainbow sprinkle. >> go ahead. >> you guys need napkins? there you go. >> all right? so go ahead, grab some. >> taylor, how does it look? good in. >> what one do you want? >> what one is your favorite? >> strawberry. >> i madison, what was news. >> the chocolate. >> kristin? >> the chocolate. >> everyone loafing that for me? >> what's this one? >> you guys can start eating. let's start eating. >> that's good one. looks like cinnamin roll? >> go. >> all right, carly, get back eating. >> hole on. >> got to bite into it. >> it shows we're all in for you. >> thanks, guys. >> all in. yum. yum. yum. yum.
7:53 am
>> usa! usa! >> a mouthful, usa! >> l and m! l and m! >> after the olympics we have to do this again. >> oh, okay! >> boom. >> i see more donut in your future, carly. let's take break and we'll finish eating all of these donuts. that's good. >> this is amazing!
7:54 am
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
7:55 am
you can now use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds. and once you find it, you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it, only from discover. get it at find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
7:56 am
>> outside fourth and market, stores giving away 300 pretzel dogs, the first 100 customers every day dollar dogs next month. >> oh, i don't know if i can eat hotdogs now. look at this mess that we have here. >> it is a mess. >> okay, well, first we have breaking news. skyfox live over an accident
7:57 am
on 145 in new castle, delaware, as you can see, 495, in new castle delaware. you can see, two cars involved in this closing all lanes, on the southbound lanes there, traffic being diverted onto us route 13. so this accident happened about an hour ago. >> take a look at this car there. >> crews on the scene there, casino of clear that up. we will get you more information, work to go get more details on this on what happened. >> okay, all right, let's on a much lighter note 7:57. >> all of this powdered sugar everywhere, and it is funny, because i got this bucket, just in case, you know? she -- but i think i might need it. it is so good. we ate so much. but we got it done. >> she is good for it. >> let's talk soccer, soccer camps overnight and day camps. one of the more popular one in south jersey, bake camp. >> yes, in marlton, at maria's
7:58 am
mom's bake camp. everybody having fun? >> today's theme sugar thursday. >> i love it. so, tell them? all set up stations watch they baked the tarts yesterday. >> today putting fresh fruit on top of tarts, glazing them with apricot glaze. >> you guys can go ahead and start doing that. is there an age group that you say is good for -- >> usually five to 14 actually. we take them as young as five years old. >> okay. and then it is a three day camp and you can do like sessions throughout the day? >> exactly. we have a a.m. session, we have a mid afternoon session, and an evening session. >> so you blew up a balloon? >> did i, we dipped it into chocolate. letting it set here. actually doing one in white chocolate, as well. kids today are going to make the chocolate bowl that's filled with their marshmellows, their chocolate
7:59 am
dipped fruit, their cake pops, it will be real cute, and chocolate covered strawberries. >> the thing cool about there is you don't turn the offends on, the tart, they made them last night? >> when each session leaves we bake off their product and have it ready for them the next day. >> a the love these kids have been here to advice width mr. clause, mr. bun. >> i yes. >> familiar with the bakery. >> they are. >> usually great way to kind of keep the business going in the summer when it might be not so bus. >> i exactly, great summer thing for the kids, and it is great for us, because we get to do something different. >> yes, it is cool. are you guys having any fun yet? >> yes. >> what's the best part about bake cam snap. >> have fun and try new things. >> are you going to bake and do some things for mom and dad when you go home? >> yes. >> of course. colin, are you having good time? >> yes. >> all right, welshing thank you so much for letting us visit. i know you are doing all through the month of august, so great idea.
8:00 am
now, i'm going to stay in south jersey, i don't know if you guys heard, going to go advice width carli lloyd. >> oh, they love carly here. >> say carly, come to maria's mom's. >> she's in high demand all over, not just the delaware valley, the whole country. great that she came. >> all right, well good day to you it is thursday july 23rd, 2015. >> live from the fox 29 studios. this is good day philadelphia. >> do you have your anchors tied down? maybe you should. if you have address err here from eye key a hear what ikea is doing now that two children have died, some dressers tipping over. >> plenty of sunshine today. a wonderful werth pattern that we started yesterday. howell will it continue, find out in the # day forecast coming up. >> sue, so bad it is good. sharknado returns and takes over twitter, but the big announcement this morning, will be fourth movie. what the viewers will be able to decide when the cast returns.
8:01 am
alex? >> getting ready to head uptown this weekend, listen up spied racer, most likely to get pulled over for speeding. is it new jersey? is it pennsylvania? or delaware? >> we want to update you on breaking news, bob? >> nasty accident, skyfox over the scene, 495, southbound, in wilmington, delaware. >> all southbound lanes of 495, closed right now. here's one vehicle, obviously, upside down, right on the hood of the second vehicle here. so we are being told at least these two vehicles, involved in a crash, did i see a tractor-trailer, at some point, standing off to the side. now, we are wait to go confirm the injuries, how many people involved, you see the firefighters, it doesn't look good. i'm just going to tell that you from what i am hearing on the scanners and from the
8:02 am
police and firefighters. but all southbound lanes of 495 closed, in wilmington. so anyone coming from the north, and heading south right now, traffic is forced off into the heart of wilmington, you're at home, you haven't left the house, head right for i-95 to stay away from this delay. anyone coming in from south jersey, over that delaware memorial bridge, you're not going to be impacted again, lower end, of 495, at exit number one, which is right before you reconnect with 95 down there in wilmington. of course, skyfox over the scene. we'll keep you up-to-date throughout the morning. otherwise normal delays on majors like the blue route here, southbound heavy mid-county down through the schuylkill expressway. we throw in some sun glare, little construction jam, as well. southbound 95, heavy from northeast philly, in to girard avenue. and tomorrow morning, you know what we do on a friday, in the summertime. we head down the shore, and tomorrow, it is somers point turn, i'll be setting up shop
8:03 am
at the breakfast shop. along bay avenue, 6:00 to 10:00. broad ago cents live, watching us, your vacation week down the shore, put the kids in the car, come on over, we will be there all morning long. chris and alex, back to you. >> we give that you ten out of ten that we should have had yesterday when we gave a nine. bus stop buddy plenty of sunscreen, be outdoors a lot today. relative humidity, ooh%. going from the current 69 degrees to 86, another lovely afternoon. seven day forecast at some point we are back to the 90s, we'll tell when you, chris, alex, coming up. >> thank you, sue. 8:03. ikea sending out warning for about 27 million chest andres ers, following the death of a two year old west chester boy. >> jen with more on this. >> reporter: good morning, chris, alec, doctors chris, i want to ask you fast, i know
8:04 am
you have two children, do you typically anchor down dressers. >> in fact, when laura got pregnant with the first we were told not only do you go around to your furniture and anchor it to the wall, you then have to put bumpers on all of the coffee tables, that casino every thing, it is called childproofing your home. nan way for years. my old zest 11 now. >> now offering free anchors to anyone who may have purchasedth err from here, because, of the issues of tipping over, and so far, have killed two children, one from our area, in march of last year. >> lost their two year olson, curran, one morning his mom went to up his room to get him dressed, found him trapped under his mahlm, popular style here for ikea. apparently the boy trying to climb up the drawers, timed over on top of him.
8:05 am
his family didn't hear a thing, child rushed to the hospital, but his injuries were too severe. he died. well last year his mother emphasized the importance of using these anchors, now, as we mentioned, ikea issuing them free of charge, as a warning to all parents. >> ten minute of anchoring your dresser, of anchoring tv's, book shelves, fish tanks, all of these things. that you wouldn't normally think of. that's such acinal fix, tan can reach every child. >> and she said, only takes ten minutes, chris as you in end sean, it is not just address err, and that said fish tanks, everything, chiles proving your home. for more information on how you can find out about these repair kits and the free anchor kits, go to our website chris, al next. >> we even had little plastic inserts in the outlet all around the house. all right, jenny, thanks. good heads up to parent out there. time now 85:00. good news, speaking of parent, from cincinnati bengals
8:06 am
football player devon still on his daughter lea's cancer fight. >> go lee a lea ring ago bell, then a gong at chop. anyone who fought cancer know it is a milestone to ring it loud and proud after finishing radiation. her proud dad, penn state grad, instagram this priceless moment. since doctors declared lea in remission earlier this year she has been through stem cell treatment, now completed radiation. so great for you, lee, a we've been cheering for you. she is so sweet. >> we've been cheering as daddy devon puts out these social media posts, and it has been great to casino of watch her progress, we all casino of clutch our hands, and wore when there is a little built after hiccup there now looks like she rang the bell, and thank goodness. >> and they have such a daddy daughter bond. >> that will never go away. >> 8:06. presidential candidate lindsey graham proving he has a good sense of humor about being one of trump's political target.
8:07 am
>> this comes after donald trump gave out gram's cell phone number to get back at him. so let's pressure memory here. >> so i say, okay, and i'll mention your name, he said could you mention my name. i said yes i'll mention. he gave me his number. and i found the card. i wrote the number down. i don't know it is the right number let's try it 202 -- >> oh, the don al. so now, let's see how senator gram is getting back at him. watch this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> up. >> ♪
8:08 am
>> reportedly received thousands of calls after trump gave out the senator's number. he does mention the donald, and he says this is for the veterans. >> yes. here's a deal, though. if you got rid of just the device, and got new one, you would have the same phone number, right? >> true. >> you change the number -- >> you're ruining the fun, chris. great to see him do that. >> by the way he has nice back swing, did you see his golf swing? now, there are some nice golf course there is in south carolina? >> specially myrtle beach. consider that one of the golf capitols of the united states. >> is that mini golf capitol of the world? >> yes, it is. >> i believe it is. >> a loft mini golf places, still not good at t how did that happen? >> hey, moms and dads. listen up here. get ready to go away with your
8:09 am
kids. oh, no. all right, the one thing to do, that bothers them the moles, while on vacation, how the tables have turned here. my, my, my. >> but first, you remember this duo? >> we showed this yesterday. but now we know it was just a stint. what they were really trying to do. we'll tell you next. >> and we get back it breaking news now, where skyfox is live over an accident, 495, new castle, delaware. as you can see, there are a loft crews on the scene, bob, you have update? >> yes. the southbound lanes of i495, just south of wilmington, looking at -- trying to confirm the reports that we heard that a to could be a fatal crashment and i have to tell you, when you see the firefighters and the emergency crews just kind of standing around, casino that far somber mode there, like that, i know there were some reports that it is fatal. we won't confirm that until we
8:10 am
know for sure. but his is i495, just south of wilmington, it is at exit number one, so anyone that's headed south, this morning, maybe getting early start, to head down to the delaware beaches, you want to use i-95, i-95, runs parallel, with 495, all traffic is being forced off the prior to exit number one, and that is flooding the wilmington streets, but we'll get more information on this, and come back right after the break.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> welcome back, skyfox over the scene of this nasty accident, that has all southbound lanes of 459 closed, in wilmington, delaware. this happened about an hour ago on the southbound lanes, right near exit number one, which is just south of wilmington, as you can see here, two vehicles involved, the one vehicle, up syd down, and it looks lick it is casino of laying on the hood of the second vehicle, all debris, all over the roadway here, and the somber attitude of the firefighters here i think is kind of setting the tone for
8:14 am
what we're thinking could be fatal crashment right now that's not confirmed to our news desk upstairs, so right now, i495 closed south of wilmington, exit number one, all traffic being pushed off, into wilmington, so it is not to create bigger backlog, that's clogging the wilmington street. so getting ready to leave the house, and head south right now, your best bet, i-95, i95 runs parallel to 495 reconnect you south of the accident scene, stay out of the backlog, if it is a fatal crash, it will be closed for quite some time with a investigation. anyone that comes over the delaware memorial bridge, you don't have a problem, if you are headed north, this morning, northbound lanes, are open. just the southbound side of 495, that's closed, in wilmington, and you want to use 95, as the alternate.
8:15 am
>> already out towards belmont, i95, come on down, northeast philly grabbing your coffee, headed southbound this morning. no problems as you look live at cottman avenue. little bit after back up as you head down toward girard avenue. sun welcome site. heatwave over. >> that's right. we had sunday, monday, tuesday, unbearably hot and humid. yesterday fantastic, get the weather going. somers point, breakfast shop at 910 bay avenue, right there, on the bay, it will be gorgeous with bright sunshine, and temperatures in the 60s tomorrow. the "shorecast" for today, pretty fabulous, as well. temps lower 80s, uv index of eight, surf temp of 76 degrees. if you are staying inland, that's pretty nice as well. high of 86 today.
8:16 am
eighty-seven tomorrow. by sunday some storms coming maybe late in the day, lag into monday. so it doesn't mess up your weekend tuesday, wednesday, chris, alec being we are back in the nine 90s. i don't want this week to end, perfect. >> everyone talking about sharknado three this morning. >> so the sci-fi channel is ridiculous, supposed to be, right, the whole idea? so even the actors into this joke. lauren in the news room looking at the best moment, can we call them best moments? >> the best and the worse, call it that. so you need to suspend -- 322,000 people tweeted as they watched last night, and though they're just the ones that use the sharknado hashtag. new now if you dvt and want to watch it later there are some spoilers coming ahead.
8:17 am
>> i have to close the hatch. >> ♪ >> okay, so sharks in space. return to save american from sharks somehow manage to get suck newspaper funnel cloud and hang out for awhile without water until they drop in a big city like say washington, d.c. one even lands in the lap of the president at the lincoln memorial. then sharks slam the speedway at daytona 500, orlando, even on rides. shark bathe two, it was turned into a deadly weapon. and ends with a question for viewer, should april, tara read, live or die? star tar read tweeted for all of the amazing fans of sharknado three, if you want april to live use the hashtag april lives. thank you all for being a part of this unforgettable moment.
8:18 am
megan glenn tweeted. i vote april dice for sharknado four. sorry, this is me talking here, she gave birth to baby inside a shark people, cut her break. two of our youngest viewers showed their love for sharknado. elizabeth has bun nato. jeffrey has sharknado bat suit and stuffed shark. so viewers will be able to decide whether she comes back or not. for sharknado four. >> tara reid, should she live or die? >> oh, here we go. >> i'm not rollie huge fan of the show. i don't like, movie show, whatever. >> do you have decide. you're the emperor right now. >> no, i only go for realistic movies. like i don't like sci-fi. i don't like -- cartoon like up my favorite cartoon movie. all in good fun, lauren.
8:19 am
>> i know. >> you need to loosen up, late laid. >> i oh, my gosh. >> i just can't decide. because i don't really care either way. >> it is the libra in me. >> oh, gosh, all right. >> well, thank you, lauren? of course. >> all right. let's get to update on video we showed you yesterday, couple vacationing in north carolina making headlines for walking into the ocean, with homemade shark cages, speaking of sharks. >> you remember this video? the outer banks, so the couple, don't make it very far, eventually getting called back in by lifeguard. it turns out this whole thing, just a stunt. the jokesters were actually trying to film spoof video. when they caught everyone else's attention, and people start playing out their cell phones and taking video, so then they photo shop this picture. poke some fun at the whole situation. creating some of the outer banks. really? >> kind of cute, right? >> it is funny but my gosh,
8:20 am
told you. >> cute. >> and who would have thought it was real? >> you know clearly not real? space jam. right? >> not at all. >> cartoons versus mj. >> still great movie. >> here he is. >> but could there be a remake, though? space jam two could be heading to the big screen. but here is the thing. it is going to be without michael jordan. how can you have space jam without michael injured snob apparently new nba player going to step on the court. >> okay. >> and at 8:20, bargain shoppers be aware. if you think you're -- the store accused of misleading price tags, this morning. coming up.
8:21 am
i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
8:22 am
and i bank human at td bank. iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
8:23 am
so yoon this list at the les will lowest prices?hing we have a 110% price match staples has the lowest prices.l staples has the lowest prices with our price match guarantee. works for me. make 110% price match guarantee for school happen. staples make more happen. >> ♪ >> rumor has it, doctor dray, ice cube, honorary member mba for world tore, yes, tacking
8:24 am
over for easy e. news came from universal he can testifies, tour to promote the movie, emanem would take the spot easy died from aids. em and i am best selling rapper of all time, started his career under the dr. dre. >> can we hear more that far song. i just love that song, always pumps me up for work out. i asked carli lloyd when she came up, what's your work out song? what pumped you? doesn't matter. but listen to that beat ♪ >> ♪ >> so we can't wait. i just wish we had known, because, you know, ice cube in the studio yesterday, but it came out after we did our interview, but i bet a lot of people excited to so back on stage. >> absolutely, yes. >> so, sensational 1996, sports comedy, that teamed up,
8:25 am
loony tunes, bugs bunny chicago bulls great michael jordan. >> so, reportedly this time around, because they are talking about doing a space jam two, labron james, in pour forward position, how do you feel about that? >> creative partnership, renewed trademarks for the 1996 sports comedy, but, while we're assuming there will be, representatives will not confirm this, at least not yet. >> and that might be for the best, though, balls the twitter fear was not pleased about the idea about labron starring in space january, one message reads space jam two, hope labron has better luck -- ouch. another one. they are making space jam sequel with labron james. that just kills me little inside. my goodness. no no one confirmed the sequel.
8:26 am
women err if people would feel better if we had michael jordan, cameo, at least there. >> michael jordan has to be there. >> no one gave michael grief when did he that. >> well, you know what? labron always latest. >> yes. >> now do you have say haters don't hate. >> haters don't hate. >> no, they'll hate. >> never mind. all right. so you have heard about the term dad bog. >> do people say you have dad bod? >> well, not that. >> well, turns out, dad bod really do exist. so, the amounts of weight men gain after they become a father. >> because i'm always finishing the macaroni and cheese they don't eat. >> getting revved-up for the east pass avenue car show street festivalment take a look outside right now. >> take a look at that. >> knows are nice cars. so we'll show you just how much these cars work. ♪
8:27 am
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8:30 am
>> 8: three unfortunately, we begin updating our breaking news this nasty accident, that has all southbound lanes of 495 closed this morning, just south of wilmington, delaware, two cars involved. look at the skidmarks, on the roadway here, you can casino of follow the skidmarks, this one vehicle here is up side down, on the hood of the second vehicle, this whole area filled with debris, and i think the somber attitude of the in call fire crews kind of sets the tone here, we've not had confirmation on the amount of injuries, but don't lock good. southbound lanes of 495 remains closed, accident one here, wilmington, anyone
8:31 am
headed south right now forced off, if you are on 495, your best bet, leaving the house right now, use i-95, and that will get you around the accident scene. if you are coming over the delaware memorial bridge, no problems there, if your headed northbound, northbound is open. but again, southbound 495 closed best alternate, would be, i-95 work your way you there wilmington. rest of the major roadways, sun glare like on the skunk schuylkill, inbound, coming around your cons she curve. i guess sue how long is that sun glare going to hang with us? >> really going to be the best party after day like today, because in july, the days are very long, and you want them to last long when it is low humidity and beautiful out. bus stop buddy says reply your sunscreen, temperatures in the 60s, and 70s, to get you started. yep ten out of ten today. so as we look ahead, high
8:32 am
temperature 86 degrees, plenty of sunshine, tonight down to 67, so, another night that you can probably for go the air conditioner, and just enjoy the breeze alec, from outside. >> i think it is this what i like to listen to when out enjoying the breeze. >> ♪ >> can you picture it? just going. >> oh, ya. >> playing there is getting you ready, car show street vest pal. you know this song is glaring sunday, chris, we some of the cars, are you a low rider? >> you know? being from southern california, little bit. hey, rene is here, with the east passyunk avenue car show. we here last year looking at cool cars. >> i know. >> so, this year, how is it different from last year? >> tenth anniversary, added more music, ten music act this year, giving out five
8:33 am
motorcycle awards this year from the northeast car club, judges whole entire show. it will be real exciting, tongs of free stuff for kids, more circus performers, great year. >> see you next year, meantime looking at cars, eddie k, what's up my man? take us through, good to see you again, tell me about this one here, we want look inside. show us interior. >> wait. even interior? >> interior, engine. >> how did they keep that interior from cracking? it is beautiful. >> what's this car worth do youy? >> original, worth about between 60 to 65,000. >> ups the value? >> quite a bit. >> what are we looking at here? cool ride here.
8:34 am
is the owner here for this one? >> tilt me about your car? beautiful. >> 1934 ford, fuel injected corvette motor, all corvette suspension in it. >> we drove here to fourth and market, so pretty doesn't look like it is used. >> louisville kentucky five times. >> open up the door for us, don't scratch t we want a look inside here. >> nothing original about this car. everything you see inside i made. >> all right. we would be we remiss third car here, this is a shelf he will. what a gorgeous car this is. >> made 1300 of these,
8:35 am
modified, with a 383 engine, and two, 4-barrel carburators, interior modified. >> is this a true muscle car? >> this is true, true. >> can someone fire that up for me? i want to hear that engine real quickly. while he gets ready to fire that up for us, he may not have a voice, but his engine will be loud. >> this sunday july 26 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., east passyunk, three floor attend east, $15 forecaster, register that day, at 8:00 a.m. come. >> we send it back to you. >> i can't wait. looks like a lot of fun, thanks, crush. -- chris. the bad blood continues, at that time taylor swift in one corner versus nicki minaj in one corner. their feud growing this morning. new superstar that is getting involved, and the side that she is taking. >> and, we are showing mcdonald's video because we
8:36 am
are loving it, right? no reason to rush out of bed. because mcdonald's may start serving breakfast all day long. how do you feel about this?
8:37 am
i'm so not ready for back to school. with staples, you'll be ready. i can get 30 comp books and notebooks at a low price? yep, 50 and 25 cents each. oh, i can save money and have less stress. and less drama. he's the drama teacher. got it. make low prices happen, make %110 ready happen. staples, make more happen.
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8:39 am
>> no, don't cry. i wasn't cursing at you, i was can you g at the lady. see a therapist. take a walk. you go hattie meal? will somebody get me a happy meal? >> oh, the worse feeling, trying to rush to get to mcdonald's and you just miss it. >> you knows what's worse, when some joker tries to tell you how to parentment don't tell me how to parent. >> oh, that is what jacks you up? >> well, apparently no reason to trash get to mcdonald's,.
8:40 am
>> not at all. >> so told it franchise to prepare for nationwide roll out of all day breakfast menu this coming fall. mcdonald's officials have expressed pleasure with how limited testing of the all day breakfast is going, stopped short of this concept altogether nationwide. company executives insist, that they've not settled on whether it is fees tonight make their popular morning items throughout the day. don't think they casino of microwave them. big m, do they call it big m or golden arches, sent met owe to prepare for all day breakfast as soon as october. >> i think it is worth it, there are place was all day breakfast, sometimes you want breakfast for dinner. >> exactly, on this shift? i eat lunch, at 9:00 a.m. >> true. >> and breakfast for dinner my kids love it, pancakes, eggs, bacon, so, ya.
8:41 am
>> new way to consume summertime staple. how about this? ready? >> lobster, beer. >> for breakfast. so says it is teaming one brewery in italy, for beer brewed with lobster and see salt. the owner says it is really the perfect taste of maine all in one. the new brew called -- >> lobster. available now at the tasting rooms in portland and their briary in -- >> can you say the word? >> /went to pennsylvania six here in fill. >> i god restaurant. >> deuce's nef $19, 1 pound lobster, take a look at this thing. it was most interesting lobster, i think i've ever seen on a plate. >> so this is your plate. >> yes. >> you need to describe there is because i can't make out
8:42 am
anything there. >> well, you see the clause. and at the top there, the light part, that's a salad. >> what kind of salad is that? >> bottom like potatoes and greens. >> oh, wow. >> very good. so $19.01-pound lobster pennsylvania six. >> i just had one of our interns bring me my lunch because this is, the bagel dog, down to fourth and market. >> did you get me up? >> one of these pretzel dogs from the philly pretzel factory. >> he leaves me hanging, so while eating this, quincy will be working out. i think he's moved to new place here in philly. i just want to know, quincy, we're pecking out here. >> sometimes you don't need a gym, in the summertime, showing you all of the wonderful places in philadelphia you can work out. come on back. (plays throughout)
8:43 am
♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> update you on breaking news out of new castle delaware, we have confirm one dead from this accident four other hurt, crash on i495 new castle delaware happened after 7:00 this morning, now, the southbound lanes are closed there, we continue to keep you updated as we get more
8:46 am
information on. >> this. >> horrific scene there. all right, sue, let's look at the weather, good morning. >> temperatures walking out the door, next few moment, mid 60s now to the north of us, started off in the 50's this morning, at 71 degrees in philadelphia, 69 in wilmington and 71 degrees in dover, delaware. down at the shore, land breeze today, pleasant, low humidity, 73 degrees in wildwood. head today high mid 80s by the end of the day, 87 degrees tomorrow. and 88 saturday. looks like sunday, a day, when we could see pop up thunderstorms, lasting possibly into monday, and all the more reason to enjoy the next couple of days when this pleasant weather pattern continues. guys? >> different locations around town. >> where are you right now? >> guys, we're on kelly drive. man, we've been working out,
8:47 am
when you guys haven't actually seen us, but we are on kelly drive right off boathouse row. hold on, tray, can you explain to us what we're doing right here? >> sorry, i'm ready to go. >> to work out you need a bunch of weights and a bunch of trainers a bun of of everything. right here, this is your gym. this is your gym. you don't need a membership anywhere. this is your gym. all you need is your water, yourself, your determination to get it done. >> what are we doing? >> high knees, notice not leaning backward, leaning forward, to contract the core more. so if you're by yourself, i suggest 30 seconds right here, high knees up the stairs, back down, right now we're doing king training. hi, interval, intensity training, all right? and boy boot camps i like to say how intense is this? right? we are working it. >> we're doing tag team thing. he is running up the stairs. he is running down the stairs. and then, well, while he is doing that, we are moving
8:48 am
down, running running out. are we losing wheat while we do this? >> we won't lose weight the first time around, but with consist at this. when you eat right, it will be low. work hard, weight will be low. >> you're like the motivator how intense is this? how hard are you going? >> very insist tent. >> so run up the steps, high knees, high knees. >> go, go. go, go, go. >> people think you need a lot -- you just need these steps. >> listen, you don't need excuses, you need to work. from a bench, you get on that bench and you squat. you get on that bench and do high knees. you don't need money. you need yourself to get up and go. walk here if you need tonight jog here if you need to. one more exercise on the stems.
8:49 am
>> okay? >> if you are so excited. >> because you know what? i used to be 345. this is very important to me. helping people is very important to me. because i know the struggle. i know what it is to go from here to there and back here again. all right? >> so what are we going to do? >> i want you to contract the core here, go down to go up. that's health and fitness, go down to go up. all right? so go down. up. all right? >> seems easy. >> back down. >> how many of these should we do? >> it depend on hour. i would suggest eight to 12. you, myself, being an athlete, 12 to 16. if you want to push the limit, you look like could you have been an athlete. maybe croceate or something, so go down. to go up. >> all right? >> you want to try? >> here we go. show them how we do? show them what happens when you lose the weight. >> okay? you. >> lost about how much? 60-pound.
8:50 am
>> i gained 20. >> boom. right there. >> listen, progressive steps to everything. remember the first tease we did this. >> yes? >> levels to this right here. >> okay? >> so go here, here, up, walk it down. all right? here, here. >> as you guys will see, you don't need much. just steps. next hour we are going to another place in philadelphia, all you need is steps. are you snider. >> little tired. >> you should be. it is okay to be tired. >> chris is in the studio right now eating cupcakes. >> no, you inspired us. >> i have a problem with, that anybody who trains with me knows better. >> wow. >> here is the deal. >> look at me, i'm calling your phone. >> look at him. he's calling your phone? >> lindsey graham now? i had two sessions with you, and i don't know if i can ever come back. you're tough, man.
8:51 am
>> chris said he had two sessions with you and he doesn't know if he can come back. anal sex working out. >> next hour did -- >> he sounds surprised. i don't know if i like that. he seemed surprised by. that will all right, quincy, you're inspiring us all. getting ready to go out of town this weekend? listen up, where you are more likely to get pull over for speeding, yes, so is it new jersey, pennsylvania, or delaware? what do you think? >> let's look at last night's powerball numbers. good luck. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to grow up without a whole lot of money. and how much it matters to save. i try to teach that to my daughter. i'm saving for a house and i don't want my money to go to bank fees. i'm sure you don't either. so ask me about one deposit checking.
8:52 am
next time you have a question about avoiding fees, ask me. sincerely, samantha parke, fellow mom and fellow citizen. irresistibly crispy bacon, of enticingly tender turkey, and deliciously rich guacamole together on freshly baked bread for one truly amazing sandwich: the new subway turkey & bacon guacamole. only at subway.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements
8:54 am
and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> morning, 8:54, liver lock here, it back up along i459 because of this fatal accident, live look at the southbound jam exiting at 12th street, and there is the fatal accident on the
8:55 am
southbound lanes near exit number one. one fatal, confirmed fatal, three others injured in this four others injured this this crash again, all happened about an hour and a half, hour and 45th minutes ago, and of course, with the investigation, 495 most likely will remain closed for the rest of the morning, your best alternate, holding south of wilmington, use i95, runs parallel, we will get you around the accident scene, but, anyone right now that heads south, and uses 495 push off 12th street, and then they have to navigate through wilmington over to i-95. so from the get go, you're watching at home, and you're headed south, maybe headed down to the delaware beaches, to get early start to the weaken or to the delaware state fair. use i-95. >> i would say through the lunchtime hour until the investigation is cleared up. and the delay moves away, but again, southbound, 495, closed, into wilmington, use
8:56 am
i95 as the alternate, stay there, coming right back. anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone.
8:57 am
spread the delicious taste you know and love. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate spreads.
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>> ♪ >> all right, it is national hotdog day. so philly pretzel factory is giving out free pretzel hotdogs, right now, an individual joe here at fourth and market, did i mention they were free? only until 10:00 a.m. so you have one hour to enjoy this. you can see those people outside. they're loving t we're loving t so giving away only 300, you got to get out there. and plus, first 100 customers get dollar pretzel dogs every day next month. >> there is only 298 left. i just ate two. >> oh, my goodness. look at you. well, good day to you, it is thursday, friday eve, july 23rd, 2015. how are you doing? >> good. thanks for having me.
9:00 am
mike's on little hiatus for a couple of tasting going to visit some family. >> so here we are. >> just you and i ♪ >> oh, he's singing to me. oh, i don't get that every day. >> all right, do you have a dad boss? confess. >> you tell me. >> i've never seen your bod. >> only you know. no, it is about the mid section. >> oh,. >> all right. >> i guess that means he is admitting he casino of has one. turns out they do exist. so the amount of weight men gain after they become fathers. >> so, bargain shoppers as well be aware, if you think you're sag that great deal, think again. store accused of misleading price tags this morning. plus: >> just keep it flowing, all right? >> okay. listen, talk to me like would you talk to her. i don't want sissy pants stuff. ready? >> well done. ooms, ooms, ooms. okay? >> start over. >> did you hear that? >> i don't think i will ' be doing any more of


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