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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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talking hazy, hot and humid conditions our third heat wave the year it's going to be building over the neck several days. today is actually our coolest day of the week. let's get to the boards right now and show you what is going to be happening in the atmosphere. a big area of high pressure. that's going to bring the heat from texas and louisiana all the way to the delaware valley and we are going to be sweating it out for most of the week. we saw downpours early this morning. most of that activity has diminish. however, we'll zoom in you can see we were watching a couple of downpours to the north of philadelphia that activity has diminish so right now temperatures upper 70s low and mid 80s however look at future heat index. how it will feel tomorrow afternoon it's going feel like 95 degrees in wilmington. 94 in philadelphia. so, yes, lucy, we're talking hazy, hot and humid over the neck several days. when i come indoors we'll talk about when the heat will peak as well as when it will feel like 100 degrees. back to you. >> all right. scott, thank you.
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we're just two months away from what is shaping up to be one of the biggest events in philadelphia's history but a lot still needs to be addressed before pope francis arrives here in september. recent up confirm reports have a lot of people talking about street closures and security measures during the pope's visit those rumors left city officials really no choice but to fire back. fox 29's bruce gordon live on the ben franklin parkway tonight. bruce city officials looking to just clear the air tonight. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, iain. this is important stuff because live inside the security zone that will surround the important venues that weekend of september september 26th 27 will be difficult much lots of crowds, lots of gridlock tough to get around no one has yet formal al nounsed the parameters the pir rem meter the boundaries of that security zone. not yet any way. which is why rumors and speculation have filled the void. a map purporting to show the papal security zone covering all of center city and beyond was posted by the website billy
6:02 pm monday. it followed a similar map on another sight read it suggesting even larger area of disruption and inconvenience. visibly annoyed mayor nutter made time to publicly blast the map as inn rack at and the sights as err responsible. >> speculative reporting on this matter performs absolutely no legitimate function except to paint a false and/or misleading picture for the public. >> reporter: some of that public has already been scared off. by reports of vehicle bans and massive crowds and severe restrictions on who can go where during the september weekend of the papal visit. >> i tried to avoid crowds as much as i can. i know it will be pretty chaotic and just trying to stay home. >> reporter: any desire to come into the city? >> probably avoid the city. just way too complicated. >> i'm not sure if i want to
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deal with it or not. it's, you know, one of those things that it will be a game time decision i think. >> reporter: the visit of pope francis is considered a national special security event. as such the us secret service will make the final security calls. the mayor says some specific information will be released much closer to the event. he had particularly harsh words for those who have leaked bits and pieces of security info well ahead of the official announcements. >> little people who have little pieces of information um, will try to put out what they have or what they think they have in an evident to make themselves larger. >> reporter: organizers of the world meeting of families and the papal visit are clearly concerned that all of this speculation and hand ringing over security measures will diminish crowds and enthusiasm. they're urging folk not to sit at home and watch this on television but get out get into center city, watch this once in a lifetime event take place live
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and in person. iain? >> all right. bruce, thank you. of course fox 29 has you covered for the pope's visit come september. we've got all the stops he'll make while here who's performing during his visit and how this will affect your travel. head to over to >> another cvs robbery and now police are trying to figure out this latest hit part of a crime spree. latest one happened at a cvs in burlington township yesterday. five minutes after opening the store a man walked up to employees who had walk outside to pick up the morning papers. police say he forced them back inside the store demanded they open the save and he did get his money. >> if you're ever involved in a situation or if you're in cvs and this situation presents itself, don't ab hero. just comply with the commands given. instead of becoming a victim. >> police are trying to figure out if this robbery is connected to old hold ups at cvs pharmacies in our area and they're after that guy the one behind the last one. video you'll only see on fox
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29. these guys give new meaning to the term smash and grab wild west style used a pick up to plow through the front of a store then lassoed an atm. that store is now cleaning up the mess and cops are looking for whoever was inside that truck. fox 29's dave stratt wise is at police headquarters. dave that's correct video captured the crime and it's unsuccessful end but it's crazy. >> reporter: daring, dangerous all of those words reckless according to police. atm's have become the target of choice recently for bandits. apparently the bad guys believe this is their shot at easy money. but the police say not so fast. >> the would be smash and grab bandits pulled into the parking lot at this a plus mini mart just before 2:00 a.m. seconds later they backed their pickup truck right through the front windows. trying to steal the store's atm. >> it wasn't well planned out. i can tell you that. >> as the truck crashed through the windows wiping out
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everything in its path one of the suspects fashion add make shift lasso around the atm. then got back in the pick up and off they went but the atm never moved. >> the store was open for business. there was customers inside. that were employees inside and they drove the truck through the front of that store. anybody could have gotten hurt. so that was pretty reckless. >> reporter: bandits kept on going minus the at manage has started customers and an employee looked on. police say they took the ford pickup truck around the corner to martha street and set it on fire. the truck was reported stolen. >> you really can't make out who they are. >> atms have become a favorite target for criminals in recent weeks. last week, two guys tried to blow up an atm with m100s to get some cash. it was their second attempt in a month. in june, two guys broke in a manayunk market and hauled the atm off with a hand cart and a white work van. >> that's where all the money is. people are targeting the a.m.'s figuring they can get money out pretty easy but they're fairly
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secure. >> stupid to me because you know -- try to get money like that, not worth it. not worth it. you better going to work. >> reporter: going to work might be a good idea. no injuries in this latest robbery attempt but the damage to the store was extensive. there have been no arrests in any of those recent cases. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. investigators are hard at work after a deadly hit-and-run last night in juniata park. cops say the suv involved took off. it was later found. now they're trying to find out whoever was behind the wheel. police say a car was hit by the suv, the passenger inside that car was pronounced dead at the hospital. police say they now know who owns the suv that hit the car he was on. >> we're looking to talk to alberta vangus. he's the registered own of that vehicle. we would like to talk to him see what he can provide what information in this investigation so it's crucial he comes and gives us some information who was operating the vehicle at the time.
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>> detectives still waiting for alberta vangus to come and talk with them. police moved his suv to their garage it's being did you haved for fingerprints. all right. take a look at this guy because burlington township police really want him. they say joe van knee verrano taking pictures of women underneath their dresses without their permission at a wal*mart on mt. holly road yesterday. police are warning he may have done this before and could have more victim. >> new york magazine making a bold statement with its new cover but many people who had trouble seeing it today. the cover shows 30 of bill cosby's 11 sexual assault victims the magazine interviewed and photographed them for this week's cover story but a hacker took down the site this morning. knocking it off line for most of the day. the magazine went to social media to get the story out there. it posted excerpts of audio interviews with the women on stain gram and posted the entire article on tumbler. the site is back up tonight. meanwhile cosby's lawyers appealed a judge's decision today to unseal court filings
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theft filings were released earlier this month. they contained excerpts of cosby's deposition in 2005 lawsuit that accused him of sexual battery. cosby and his accuser came to a confidential settlement after cosby finish his deposition. both sides have since accused of the other of violating that agreement. a man robbed of his tools that pays the bills. >> yes, but this has a happy ending. tonight how his neighbors have bolstered his faith in humanity. >> plus scott william tracking another heat wave coming our way. you'll definitely want to see this seven day forecast. howard? >> the phillies have until friday to trade cole hamels. where does that stand and what other place are the phillies trying to trade? how hard would it to be trade hamels? well, it will come down to the wire. all of that coming up in sports.
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>> but his neighbors stepped in which is very cool. fox 29 weekend bill anderson is in our newsroom. bill this guy surrounded by pretty amazing people. >> he real is lucy it's impressive. friends, neighbors an whole lot of strangers who heard about the robbery of a well-known local chainsaw artist and felt compelled to help. so about 24 hours ago his livelihood was threatened in just that fast community response may be close to saving the day. ♪ >> reporter: unfortunately two often we have to cover stories on robberies so when chainsaw artist brian act monster got robbed of all of his tools on the surface it seemed like just another sad story. >> that wall was packed with chainsaws. and they're all gone. >> reporter: his bridgeton south jersey shop was robbed of virtually everything he needs to make his art but that's where the sad story stops. because his wife told me the public decided to help.
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>> you try to find a good in everybody, but um, for the amount of, you know, everybody is doing, you know, again as i say whether it's supporting their kindness their thoughts or their words ormon terror chainsaws it's just been really wonderful. >> people have dropped off chainsaws, stopped by just to say hello and offer their support an fundraising account set up by a friend is over $6,000 in a day. >> it's nice to have something bright come out of the this whole thing because yeah, it took the wind out of our sales for a day or so. but with all of the people picking us back up there's sunlight at the end of this here little cloudy day. >> reporter: generosity of mostly strangers has allowed brine to continue on with a planned trip of state fares and festivals to sell his art that he thought he was going to have to cancel. that generosity has also changed what he admits was a somewhat cynical view of society.
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>> i thought there was little bit of more bad in folks than there was good and i'm leaning a little bit towards the other way now that there's good -- more good in folks than bad. >> reporter: really is turning out well. so if anyone wants to help we put his fundraising page on our fox 29 facebook page and hopefully this does end well. a situation that could have potentially put a 15-year career in jeopardy may in fact have a positive ending. >> mayor nutter on hand for the big day honoring the children involved in the philadelphia youth poetry movement call the slam team. they won it's third annual actual national competition at the 2015 brave new voices festival last week in atlanta. these kids not only focus on their work but their creative expressions through spoken word which i have problems with occasionally as evidence by me stuttering there.
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a big congrats to all these guys who don't do that at all. the phillies can now add their name to the list of philadelphians immortalized in art. new mural dedicated to the team will be unveiled on saturday at the walnut street bridge between 23rd street and the schuylkill avenue. this mural will feature 30 former phillies players and moments from the 1980 and 2008 world championships. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. all right. scott, we got some stuff cooking. >> yeah. >> iain is going to be fan of the weather forecast. what do you prefer the hazy part, the hot the humid? maybe even all three. because it is going to be heating up. right now we do have some fare weather clouds for some. but some of those clouds producing downpours earlier this evening most of that activity has diminish but the triple h's hazy, hot and humid weather on the way. our third heat wave. it could even be the hottest day of the year later on this week. 86 degrees that was the high temperature for today so 1 degree below the normal high for this time of year which is
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87 degrees. but the morning low was 1 degree above the average high for this time of year. so kind of averages out. as we take look at temperatures right now, it's 79 in atlantic city. 81 in wildwood. 81 in wilmington and we're looking at temperatures right now 84 in reading as well as allentown but take a look at the dew points the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. last week dew points were very comfortable in the 40s and 50s right now into the upper 60s. even a few low 70s pottstown wilmington as well as millville. mid 70s right now dew point temperatures currently in the dover. so on that scale last week remember it was really pleasant in the 50s but already moving into that oppressive category and then you add in 90-degree or better temperatures by tomorrow and especially the middle part of the week it's going to feel very uncomfortable and even dangerous heat ahead. so isolated pop up storm otherwise it stays warm that humidity starts to build as we move toward the overnight as well. we're looking at 77 degrees by 10:00 o'clock tonight.
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so the jet stream it's going lift farther off into canada. that's going to open the door for all of the hazy, hot and hued my weather to move if from the south into our area and just take over the next self days. so as we take a look at future heat index by tomorrow morning at 6am it's going to feel like the low and mid 70's across the area for most but by 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon we're looking at a feels like temperature in philadelphia of 94 degrees. it will feel like the mid 90s in wilmington. 85 degrees will be the feels like temperature in wildwood. down the shore or the pocono mountains if you want some relief and then by wednesday take a look at the feels like temperatures. 97 by 4:00 o'clock in philadelphia. 97 in wilmington. so they will be approaching the triple digits and this is going to be the hottest day of the week. as far as ultimate doppler we saw some heavy downpours early this morning with that line of showers and thunderstorms that moved through. up creasing the humidity. right now just a few leftover pop-up showers really
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diminishing and raining themselves out. we saw some earlier around the cheltenham area as well as jenkintown that acts have has diminish. as we go hour by hour you can see we might have one of those pop up shower or thunderstorm chances and by tomorrow morning it's kind of steamy, hazy sunshine out there and then as we continue to go hour by hour tomorrow there might be an isolated pop up shower or downpour but otherwise it's just going to be steamy over the neck several days klein you had in that tonight. 60s low 70s hour by hour tomorrow it's 84 already by lunch time. 91 degrees will be the high temperature for tomorrow. but just wait. take look at wednesday. 96 degrees. for the high temperature. feels like temperatures approaching the triple digits. the hottest day so far this year has been 95 degrees. so wednesday could be the hottest, 94 on thursday. and yes it look like we stay around 90 even into the upcoming weekend. >> wow. whole forecast is 90. >> steamy stretch.
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>> thank you scott. >> summertime. >> it is. >> almost august. >> almost august. >> i know. that's right. you're right. this weekend. >> tom brady it's football season. tom brady and the nfl players union are trying to eliminate the four game suspension for brady. what is the latest whether tom brady pays the price for cheating and what's the latest on cole hamels and trade talks coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ the phillies winning eight of nine have the night off. they play tomorrow in toronto but the clock is ticking on the team and really the general manager ruben amaro. the trade deadline this friday and the phillies despite the recent winning streak have to make trades to build for this team's future. don't get fooled. this is clear allot of talk with teams. really is a lot going on. but there are many players involved in the talks. now the biggest name obviously
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and the player with the real trade value for the phils is cole hamels. the phillies have talk to many teams about hamels including the dodgers and texas rangers. both teams have good prospects. texas has a catching prospect who the phillies were really like to have. ruben are a a* march wrote clock is tick. ? and than papelbon nos not ease is he to trade with $13 million contract due next season. the phillies have tried for months to trade ryan howard. and if he's not traded they might as well just release him and all those chase utley will not be the second baseman with the phillies it's not easy to trade usually either. he and those others players have to grant approval of a trade. players who the phillies need no permission are ben revere, dominic brown, not easy to trade either because there's a lack of interest the player with lot of interest and it's not surprising is jeff francoeur. but at his age you would not get much in a trade and it's obvious with carlos ruiz not playing in most of the games any more phillies would like to move him but he's no more than a back up
6:26 pm
catcher. clock is ticking ruben. and on the training camps nfl will be open by this weekend weekend. new england patriots are reporting this week and still no word on the suspension of tom brady. brady and the players association trying to get that penalty four game suspension for cheating on did he plate gate go away. brady wants no suspension gee i'm shocked would settle for a fine. many owners nfl that want that four game suspension to stand. the union has threatened court action but i can't believe tom brady would put his hand on a bible and risk perjury charges in a court of law. >> true. >> four game suspension has to stand. >> yeah at least some games. right? >> four. >> all right. (laughter). >> otherwise how war has hit. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back her at at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪♪
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the death of whitney houston's daughter. >> will she be buried beside her beloved mother? >> bobbi kristina's final hours and what her aunt dionne warwick is saying. >> she's in much better hands now. dueling 911 cause. >> some maniac is trying to run me off the road. my gun's already out, it's cocked and locked. is my husband is down on the ground. he's been shot. is plus, your first look inside the movie theater killer's layer. the clues we found. 35 strong. the shocking magazine photo shoot. the women who say they were all assaulted by bill cosby. then, lost boys. their capsized boat found at sea. >> nobody's on board. >> were the boys really heading


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