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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 28, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock a wild police chase traveled through philadelphia and south jersey, coming up how it finally came to an own two hours after it started. plus an autopsy has been completed on bobbi kristina brown but investigators say it could take weeks to determine how the daughter of whitney houston died. rumors swirling around the pope and his trip to philadelphia, what the mayor admitted that you will probably not like. good day everyone it is tuesday july 28th 2015. sue serio my mom was in town this past week and said i just love that sue serio. every time you talk to her with some stupid thing to say you always handle this with great, and she loves your hair. >> oh, wow. >> so sweet. >> your hair is perfect.
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>> welshing thank you what a great start to the day chris you can be on this show any day you want. >> thank you. >> have you talk to manage. first. >> we will work it out. >> so sweet thank you. hi mom. the satellite radar picture shows, nothing, we did have those pop up isolated showers and thunderstorms last night and they were really isolated. not everybody saw rain but some people did. our frontal system from yesterday has settled to the the south and so there are then are storms in virginia but nothing for us to worry about. our concern today heat and humidity. 76 degrees already with calm wind and 85 percent relative humidity. that is just at 4:00 in the morning. 5:56 is your sunrise time, and temperatures throughout the region are pretty mild, 66 in mount pocono. seventy-nine in pottstown. seventy-one in trenton and millville, 73 atlantic city. we're talking lower 70's to
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the south of us 60's to the north of us and very calm wind. we will check visability next time because we may have isolated areas of fog this morning with all that moisture in the air. we will give today a eight we don't expect thunderstorms or showers, we do expect heat and humidity to be kind of uncomfortable. at least 90 degrees today. we will take that lightening away too because i don't think we will see thunderstorms. it will be a rare occurrence if it happened, hot humid hazy sunshine. the wind at five to 0 miles an hour. that is today's forecast. we will see if the heat sticks around when we bring you the seven day when it comes but let's say good morning to bob kelly. >> you have to say good morning to everybody. >> well, you do that much better what chris's mom didn't tell chris she's happy that he's here with us, every day. >> she watches on line every day. >> good morning, mom. >> hi mom. >> hi mom.
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>> the morning construction crews out here on the skew you kill expressway we are still working overnight. left lane blocked between 202, and gulph mills. on the right-hand side here i passed here coming tonight the looks like they have pick up the cones but they are still set up on the westbound side. they are also still working i-95, just ahead, right lane closed north on i-95 heading up into cottman avenue. chris, did you pay the bill. >> what is going on. >> overhead lights are out on i-95 you want to check that out. >> the schuylkill overhead street lamps are out as well in the area of montgomery drive. maybe we're saving money for pope's visit. live look here on the ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia, no problems at the moment. the schuylkill expressway, leaving south philadelphia, heading in toward the city, okay but a couple of, things to point out spring garden street ramp to head westbound out of town closed all week
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due to construction and then throughout the day they will be doing some drain cleaning on the schuylkill, between 26th and city avenue. so between 9c and 3:00 you'll find lane restrictions in and out of the city. we're in good shape at the airport and in delays on mass transit. >> bob, real quickly vine street the expressway. >> opened. >> it will stay opened for a while, i know they have seven overhead bridges. >> it will stay opened, overnight closures are gone at least for now, they will be working maybe a blocking a lane here or there but that tote closure has been put on a back burner for a couple months. >> thank goodness. wild police chase span two states. it ended in philadelphia driver is in custody. steve keeley is live on this one. good morning. >> reporter: twenty-one summers after o.j. we had tiki or a guy in the tiki barber throw back jersey the first crime against humanity in the philadelphia area. if it wasn't already a tough
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summer for department for mall they got hit by high weeks store and this guy drive through the parking lot among his tour in the south jersey area back and forth over a couple drpa bridges. watch as he goes through the toll plaza a on the ben franklin bridge. it wasn't exactly a high speed chase. police kept it safe and waiting for their opportunity. he almost comes to a stop in the middle of the bridge and feared by have been watching that somebody would get out and jump off the bridge on live tv but police were hand telling in two states, three counties gloucester county, camden county and in philadelphia here's john walker with something he never dealt with before. >> a lot of coordination, you are coordinating with new jersey, pennsylvania state police and fortunately with the helicopter up it makes it easier. this pursuit lasted two hours back and forth in two different states. it could have been worse than this. the areas where he is
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traveling. it is on monday night where there is not a lot of people on the road worked to our favor n coordination with the the radio rooms it is important here that new jersey, and philadelphia end radio room dispatchers were great and most importantly helicopter communicating down to the ground units works perfectly. this is not easy to do when you have multiple agency involved philadelphia police, pennsylvania state police and new jersey did a nice job bringing this to a conclusion. >> reporter: this is how it concluded. this is a move you see in nascar sometimes. other drivers, angry at guy in front of them spin them out. just move the back corner a and this state trooper showing great skill and had done this in a training program before, pushes the guy the at enterprise avenue. that is that hard turn by the old no longer existing overseas terminal out by airport where we do our live shot when anybody is coming in. so they push him out. that is a safe spot, realize lated over there great place to end it as well.
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they get this guy robert ritter, no relation to john ritter as far as we know into custody. obviously he has got some mental problem but he was wanted for an armed hold up. they thought he might have a shotgun in the car. that is why they were taking precautions. he a has the red evergreen air fresher congressing from the mirror but no e-z pass. it seems like once all of the police is done with them wait until drpa gets him for toll evasion on top of everything else. >> okay, steve. let's stay in new jersey and stay with law enforcement because happening today governor chris christie plans to outfit all new jersey state police with body cameras to record their interactions with the public. it is a large scale deployment following high profile cases of police brutality across america and new jersey. they will dedicate 1.5 million-dollar to pay for cameras that will outfit 1,000 troopers with devices like the ones you see on the screen. >> steven burton is suspect of stabbing is 37 year-old wife
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and 21 month-old daughter numerous times. the four two-year old was pick um in maryland and taken in custody. during a hearing a judge will decide if burton will wave his rights to be brought back to philadelphia, or fight extradition. a serial armed robber may be targeting cvs stores in three states. jennifer joyce is live in burlington township where the most recent robbery happened, jen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. police are wondering whether it could be the same robber behind several robberies, as you mentioned spanning three states. most recent one happening in burlington township, new jersey. let look at surveillance video. does this man look familiar? this is surveillance video of the man police say held up a store on neck road on sunday morning. police say this man who flashed a handgun and demanded money from store employees matches the same description of the man who robbed a cvs store in wilmington delaware. they are also checking to see fit is the same man wanted for
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three robberies in pennsylvania abington, newtown and aston since the end of june. >> we have not at this point in time linked our robbery with any of the others that may have occurred but like i said we are reaching out to the various agencies and comparing notes. >> reporter: police say sometimes robbers works alone other times he has an accomplish police say robberies have happened around the a same time of day. at this point the a man has in the been identified but police are hoping you can help with that. if you have a tip for police, call burlington township police department. chris? >> as always, good call jennifer joyce live, in two months the pope will be here and hold ago this papal mass on the ben franklin parkway when he visits philadelphia for world meeting of families. city officials are a addressing concerns about security bound drizzle during the pope's trip. yesterday the mayor blasted maps posted on line reporting to show the papal security zone. city officials say any
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information about vehicle bans or restrictions is coming from unname sources and is inaccurate and according to mayor nutter inappropriate. the secret service will make final calls when it comes to restrictions in the city but mayor nutter says don't expect too much information too soon. >> i'm not planning to give every nut case in the universe a significant amount of advanced information from a security standpoint. >> city officials say more information will be released sometime next week. septa was also supposed to talk yesterday about its sale of the regional rail passes for papal visit after the disastrous launch of the designated web site last week but listen to this, officials canceled that press conference at the very last minute. what a mess. 4:10. medical examiners in georgia say there is no obvious cause in the death of bobbi kristina
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brown. fulton county medical examiner's office said it could take weeks were it could make an official ruling. they have to wait for lab tests to come back. 22-year old bobbi kristina died sunday night six months after she was found unresponsive face down in the bathtub in her suburban atlanta a home. she's the only child of the late whitney houston and the bobby brown. entertainment tonight reports brown's family will bury her wye her mother in new jersey. bill cosby's lawyers are appealing a judge's decision to unseal court document involving a 2005 lawsuit in which a former temple employee accused him of sexual battery. record were partially unsealed in the beginning of the movement filing contains testimony from the a deposition and folks close to cosby said he obtain quaalude to give to woman to give sex. the full deposition has been released by a court reporting service. in those document cosby acknowledges other sexual encounters but said they were consensual. the cosby reached a settlement
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with andrea constan the accuser in in a 20 on a lawsuit. both side accused the other of violating that agreement. constand's lawyer wants that confidentiality clause lifted. 4:12. big brother may still be watching but not necessarily listening. the major change to surveillance coming up. you could say boston would love to go for the the gold but fears it doesn't have enough of it to host olympics. will another u.s. city step up? we will take a look.
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we have, this one that i don't know, or that i have heard of anytime, but sue serio having her radio career, every other song i don't. >> tom james and the shawndell, crystal blue persuasion. >> well, that is 1970's, something, something. >> google it. >> okay. >> and then we will go to the googling thing. we have a few clouds, and we love to have fun in the morning so we're glad you are with us, this crazy hour of 4:15 in the morning. we've got nothing on satellite radar picture.
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moving ahead to thursday because that is next cold front that will come through. even though it is a cold front it will in the make things any cooler around here but it will touch off showers and thunderstorms. mostly in the afternoon. we see this wall of precipitation coming toward us at 4:00 p.m. this is thursday, not today tomorrow touching off those thunderstorms maybe around nine or 10:00 o'clock at night and then all out by early friday morning. what it will do by friday is take away a little bit of the humidity. when you visit us in avalon on friday morning it will be a little less humid. now visibility is an issue in a few places. we have fog. half mile visibility in pottstown. .8, .3 of of a mile in lancaster. so very poor visibility there. a lot of moisture, very little win, that is a recipe for f-o-g, fog. that is what we have there. now to the south of philadelphia and airport visibility is fine for the moment but we will continue to keep an eye on that situation
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of course, temperatures are very mild in philadelphia with 76 degrees. sixty-six mount pocono. seventy-one in reading and millville as well and 73 in wilmington. lower 70's to the south of us, few 60's to the north of us and then there are these calm wind we are talking about making it easy for form fog. is there in air to blow it around. it might slow you down in certain places. yesterday, we got to a high of 87 degrees. eighty-nine on monday, so, that may be the last day for a while that we're in the 80's. look at this seven day forecast. 91 degrees today. ninety-five tomorrow. we are in the 90's on thursday before those thunderstorms hit because it is more likely you'll see them happen at night and then after that it is 90's, 90's, 90's throughout the first week end of august, yes, august 1st is saturday and still steamy through
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monday, of next week so get used to it bob kelly a after we hit 90's today. >> do we get bonus points if we go more than the three day heat wave. >> every day you get more money. >> more money. spinning a wheel there. good morning everybody. we talked about the fog. here we go. we have an example right here in downingtown at route 100 at the pennsylvania turnpike. so sue mentioned poor vice bit, comes up on you fast and some area, north and west of the city like right here we will experience that fog this morning. coming on that 422 out of the pottstown area, heading in through collegeville and king of prussia watch out for patches of fog along the way. northeast philadelphia, good morning to you. live look at i-95 near cottman avenue interchange, cones are still down here with the right lane blocked near cottman avenue for another half an hour or so. live lot boulevard, nice and quiet in, problems coming out of northeast philadelphia heading down toward the the schuylkill expressway. gang from south jersey looking
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good. yesterday we had extra volume coming right from the shore into the office, in problems at the moment here on 42. we have the state fare through the weekend down there at harrington race way a lot of that extra volume, will be pushed on to route 13 throughout the rest of the week chris back over to you. >> mr. kelly, thank you sir. 4:19. information collected as part of the nsa wiretapping program leak will be purged. former contractor edward snowden first leak information about the secret program two years ago. under the patriot act access ends november 29th of this year. record collect in the five previous years will be destroyed, three months after that. nsa will switch to a system allowing numbers and duration of calls to be launched but not the contents of the calls and only on a as needed basis in terror investigations. boy scouts of america ended its ban on gay leaders. policy initial to effect
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immediately this comes after the national executive board voted 42-12 in favor of the lifting the ban. under the new policy sexual orientation of perspective employees cannot figure into whether the the boy scouts hire them but local scout troops such as those led by religious organizations can still make decision to include openly gay scout leaders h in 2013 the boy scouts decided to allow openly gay youth scouts. just six months after proclaiming boston would be city to bring summer olympics back to the u.s., u.s. olympic committee says it is dropping the bid. boston's mayor announced he would not be measured into signing the host city contract. he claims it puts city on the look for any cost overruns and governor of massachusetts was not fully on board. the decision leaves the the hopes that the u.s. will host 2024 games very much now up in the air. september 15th is the deadline for a u.s. city bid to be committed to the international olympic committee. >> ioc has very strict
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requirements and demands of cities and that is why cities in the past have not had good outcomes in the olympic games good the the united states hasn't hosted a summer olympics since atlanta in 1996 unfortunately when we had the owe limb park bombing. we have not hosted winter games since salt lake city in 2002. laguardia airport is getting a a make over thanks in part to complaining by vice-president joe biden. vice-president called the the airport cramped crowded and even compared to it a third world country. so now laguardia is getting a unified terminal which will more than double space for airlines to operate, work is set to begin on the 4 billion-dollar project sometimes next year. chain saws stolen from the south jersey artist and those thieves have have just taken his tools of the trade what his neighbors are doing to keep his creativity alive. new member of the arizona cardinals is soaring in the
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history books barriers broken after the break but first here's last night's winning lottery numbers.
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the phillies have a few days before the trade deadline
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on friday. the player with the only real good value is cole hamels, dodgers, texas and now arizona has inquired. phillies set asking price high and that could make a trade difficult. texas has a catching prospect phillies would love to have, hamels is scheduled to pitch on thursday. phillies are still trying to trade jonathan papelbon but that is difficult because of the bad reputation and contract that will likely pay him 13 million next season. is there not a real lot of takers for ryan howard and chase utley. also understand all these players have to approve any trade. former philly shane victorino has been traded from the boston red sox to the los angeles angels, cash,s and minor league infielder. part of those cash considerations are boston paying a portion of his 13 million a year salary which does run, through next season. phillies do play again they play tonight in toronto. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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and 4:25. how about this nfl is breaking barriers and making history. the arizona cardinals announced they have hired the first ever female nfl head coach, jen wealther will be coaching inside linebackers for the cardinals. she played rugby in college and 14 years of professional football in the women's football alliance. she's currently a member of the indoor football league, not the first time she will make history by the way with the indoor football league, she was first woman to play in the non-kicking position on a all male team. good for her. looking for her on the sidelines this year. meet one of the most popular members of the staff at drexel university, he even has his own office, coming up we will tell you about the the important role he fulfills on campus. plus a wild smash and grab a attempt caught on tape, the plan to steel an atm from the local convenient store does in the go well for a couple of bandits.
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a police chase went through two states, coming up how it came to an end two hours after it started. plus police identify a driver wanted in the deadly
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hit and run crash this morning a second victim involved in the accident is speaking out. and, how some neighbors are coming to the aid of the chain saw artist good day everyone it is tuesday july 28th, 2015, hi there sue serio. good morning. very humid out there. >> it is back that humidity and get used to it because not only, with the humidity but heat will be with us for quite a while. we are in the thick of the dog days of summer and it is rough, it will feel like it. satellite radar does not show any precipitation but we had a few pop up showers and thunderstorms but mostly gone and cold front that came through this time yesterday was giving us activity. that has settled down to the south. so 76 degrees is where we are right now with 85 percent relative humidity. ahh. calm wind. not much breeze to blow the air around and 5:56 is your sunrise time. we have a few areas of fog. we will show you those next time. more temperatures upper 60's
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to the north of us, lower 70's to the south of us and we are at the hot spot in philadelphia those are calm wind we were talking about let's see what number we chose for today we agonized over it every day but eight out of ten today. we will have sunshine, we will have have 90 degrees but it will be more humid and you will feel it. heat index probably won't make it in the triple digits. so 90 will feel like 95, which is still pretty darn hot . so take care of yourself today, we will talk more about the seven day forecast coming up, with bob kelly standing by, any traffic problems just yet mr. bob. >> no traffic problems as of yet, 4:31. good morning, everybody. we have some fog that could lead to some traffic problems as we get in through our morning rush hour. here's a live look at route 100 right here near pennsylvania turnpike. again as sue mentioned coming from the north and west of the city between downingtown and pottstown, there is patches of fog that we have to deal with. heading out of collegeville, heading to 422, we know normal
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spots where we see that fog pop up here as we work in toward kop. ninety-five. northeast philadelphia they have been picking up the cones here north bound i-95 right here near cottman avenue, give another five or ten minutes and we should be in good shape for the morning rush hour. live look at ben franklin bridge, same deal, they have pick up all of the cones. we will have three lanes opened now coming into philadelphia for morning rush hour. delaware state fair packing them in every day this week and that extra volume we have to contend with along route 13 route one rolling through dover, the schuylkill expressway, is okay, but spring garden street on ramp to head westbound out of town, on that schuylkill expressway is closed all week. that is on ramp right behind, the art museum so you have to use, either vine street expressway, or take the kelly drive, out of town, and then on the schuylkill itself all this week they will be doing drain cleaning you between 26th street and city avenue
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mainly during midday between 9:00 and three, and expect some delays in and out of the city on the schuylkill expressway. otherwise coming from south jersey in the bad on the freeway, bridges look fine. the mass transit is running with to delays, chris, back over to you. 4:33. police say no one was hurt but two vehicles were hit during a high speed chase spanning new jersey and pennsylvania steve keeley is live with more on this steve, good morning. >> reporter: with endless meeting about the police headquarters and pope coming in september good thing everybody here at the round house is thinking this didn't happen while pope francis is in philadelphia cruising the streets in the pope mobile. just imagine that for a moment simultaneously white slow moving vehicles, with massive police escorts at the the same time. anyway, lets go to the video. here's where police thought they had this guy after a almost two hours. this is stadium exit number 17. we know it, we get off there for concerts and everything, brought street and paterson avenue but van on the top left of the screen is not a police
4:34 am
car and likely sits on the road at the time had no clue police had been chasing this guy around for a couple hours trying to stop him. the van drives, swerves to avoid a collision and gives this white van driver a opening to swerve and a a void the exit ramp a and police where they were waiting at bottom of the ramp to block him and he gets back on i-95 to continue this chase. before it does, finally end, at the south end of the airport. it is called a pit maneuvering, pit standing for precision and mobile technique where police push a fleeing vehicle in the back corner and force it to spin sideways and be stop. great training, man maneuver and mass car drivers would be proud of this state trooper from pennsylvania that did this. >> a lot of coordination, if you coordinate with new jersey philadelphia police and three agent business with the helicopter up it makes it easier on us because this is a
4:35 am
persued that lasted two hours back and forth in to second states. it could ab lot worse than this. the a areas where he is traveling and not a lot of people on the road, worked to our favor here n coordination through radio rooms it is important here. new jersey, and philadelphia, and radio room dispatchers they did great and most importantly the helicopter communicating down to the ground units works. and these are not easy things to do when you have multiple agencies involved but state police philadelphia police, and new jersey, all did a nice job bringing this to a conclusion. >> reporter: so, saab flipped over. the guy got out. the once out you can see in that tiki barber giants jersey with the 21 sleeve stinking out of the window. robert writer from blackwood at far end off route 42 taken and wanted forearmed robbery near his neighborhood with the shotgun in gloucester township. now this pit maneuver by police, borrowed by stock car race hours called it bump and
4:36 am
ran, and take out. very dangerous in nascar at those high speed chris. fairfax county police first train using this, technical ramming is another phrase police use. that is why you see on pennsylvania state vehicles reenforced front bumpers in case they have to do something like this. >> this guy is wearing a giants jersey, not an eagles jersey, all right steve thank you. philadelphia a police looking for owners of the suv believed to be involved in the deadly hit and run in juniata park. two brothers were in a mazda making a u turn on luzerne and i street when they were hit francis aroyal in the passenger seat was kill. his brother the driver, suffered only minor injuries police found a mitsubishi suv matching the description parked in front of the home on ninth and rising sun. the driver has been identified as alberto vargas, it is
4:37 am
unclear if he or someone else was behind the wheel at the time. 4:36 is the time. do you see this pooch? he had has an important job to do on the drexel campus. coming up, how some staff say he is improving lifestyle of others. local artist is depending on help from his neighbors after his tool was used to create were stolen. we will tell you how others are now stepping up.
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phillies can add their name to the list of philadelphians memorialized in art. new mural dedicated to the team will be unveiled this coming saturday at walnut street bridge between 23rd street and schuylkill avenue. mural will feature 30 former phillies players in moments from the 1980, and 2008, championships. there is schmidt y there in the middle. when a new jersey man's livelihood is in jeopardy friend neighbors and total strangers come through in a very big way. so, this is brian and he is a chain saw artist. someone broke into his bridgeton shop and stole ten chain saws with generators, grinders and related tools. all told the value was close to $7,000. when friend started out they started a go fund me page. as word got out people started to drop off supplies so he wouldn't to have cancel planned trade shows and fares. >> i was very shocked at the overwhelming support and just
4:41 am
outpouring of generosity and just people wanting to help me. >> i thought that there is a little bit more bad in folks then there was good and i'm leaning a little bit toward the the other way now. >> well, that is good, right. isn't that beautiful. the go fund me page has generated nearly $7,000. police have a man in custody but ac kly's tools have in the yet been recover. let's hope they are. cuddly k-9 is spreading love and message of the healthy lifestyle through the campus of the drexel university. new jersey may look like any other, pup going for a walk but he is a staff member of university. he a has his own school id and office on the third floor of the student recreation center. catherine formica fostered and a adopted the pooch after approaching the university about having jersey on site as a therapy dog for students. >> at first i didn't think anyone would grasp on and i did get a few looks like are
4:42 am
you serious? but once everyone got on board and saw this program and what it could do, i think it really proves itself right now. >> how about this, jersey has office hours two days a week. company k-9 has his own facebook page, jersey dog and twitter account jersey therapy letting his fans know what he is up to. based on the ahhs i heard emanating from the studio in particular from sue serio i'm's sure she will now follow the twitter page. >> what is the handle again. >> what was the tritter handle, the the jersey dog, lets get this twitter handle for you because it is so darn cute. twitter account is, sue serio jersey therapy. >> jersey therapy i'm on it. >> we could all use a little jersey therapy. we need an appointment. >> yes. >> new poll takes a look at how americans use mar juan, the results, might surprise you, straight a ahead, how many people say they tried pot. plus a wild smash and grab
4:43 am
attempt caught on cameras the plan to steel an at in m from a local convenient store doesn't go as these bandits had hoped.
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is that is carrie underwood.
4:46 am
>> yes, she was you can be the final american idol. auditions are coming to philadelphia fox 29 is giving away a silver ticket for guarantied audition with producers and meet/greet with the judges. coming up on good day now this thursday, july 30th, go to my fox for more information and more information about carrie underwood. philly must represent. this is the the last american idol ever, sue serio. >> what a ride though. >> yeah. >> what a ride. >> how many years. >> fifteen. >> fifteen years. >> yes. >> i know. if you don't believe me, how muggy it is outside let's lit our twitter follower lizzboops87, sue i just walk by from wawa, five minute walk each way pouring sweat the humidity. all right. so there is more evidence that it is muggy out there this morning. building heat and humidity this week.
4:47 am
this is what to expect, hazy sunshine the next several days, got to stay in the shade or in doors in the air conditioning, as much as possible. ninety plus temperatures air head a third heat wave is likely and once you see the seven day there is a good chance of it being an extended heat wave. feels like temperatures around here will be around one hundred later this week when it is a high around 90 today it will feel like 95 and that is why we don't have any heat advisory in effect the criteria is for a heat index of around a hundred but it will still be really hot. a satellite and radar showing just a few cloud around this morning and visibility, the fog, the the cloud on the ground, it is poor in lancaster. in pottstown in mount pocono where you can only see a little over a mile but really bad out there in lancaster, so that if you go could slow you down so allow extra time. we have reduced visibility in millville, new jersey. it is okay at the air port so far. temperatures in the upper 60's to the mid 60's to the north
4:48 am
of us. we have 76 degrees here in the city. seventy-two in wildwood. seventy-three in wilmington. the wind, that is part of the reason why we have fog. we don't have much wind, hardly a breeze at all it is very still out there this morning. and, will remain that way for most of the day maybe a 5-mile an her breeze here and there as we look back before we look ahead temperatures in the upper 80's the past few days and that may be hit for 80's for a while. we have 91 degrees in store for today. 95 tomorrow. ninety-three on thursday. even after a cold front comes through on thursday night we still expect to get to around 90 on friday. it will be a little less humid, and every little ounce of that will make a difference in your comfort level and then we will stay in the 90's through the first week end of august saturday and sunday and even on monday it stays steamy. so this next heat wave could end up being an extended one that is your seven day forecast, all right, bob kelly, where is it foggy out there. >> we have got some fog on
4:49 am
422, here's a live look the 422 right here near 363. north and west of the city, some patches of fog be ready for that as we roll out of the driveway and unrole your slip and slide later on today with all of those temperatures there in the 90's. it looks like a hot week, ac cranking in the cars this morning, they will see problems here on the blue route 476 right here near ridge, nice and quiet, we have got some fog to make it out on the camera here on i-95, down in delaware county. gang leaving south jersey, in problems on the turnpike or 295, as you head south, as we role through cherry hill, haddonfield, down past the woodbury train station, wood crest train station i should say heading into, bellmawr, new jersey. now the schuylkill expressway okay right new but the spring garden street on ramp, right behind the art museum, to head west on the schuylkill closed with construction, typically from the art museum area, you'll have to use either the kelly drive to move out of
4:50 am
town or just hook up with that vine street expressway. then the whole stretch of the schuylkill between 26th and south philadelphia all the way out to city line they are doing drain cleaning all this week in both directions so expect some slow downs during the midday, your best bet stick with the kelly drive or mlk drives coming in and out of the city during midday this week chris back over to you. we have to get to breaking news. this is out of gloucester county. fire fighters are on the scene of the fire on the 200 block of buckingham court in monroe township, new jersey. fire started just after 3:00 o'clock this morning. it has been burning now for less than two hours it was placed under control about an her later. so 50 minutes ago. the at this point we have in word of any injuries, we will keep an eye on this throughout the morning here on fox 29. a heart breaking story out of china. a woman has died after she was swallowed by april escalate or. this video is pretty graphic. we will run it for you right now. so the the woman is seen with her two-year old son coming up
4:51 am
the escalate or at a local shopping mall as she reaches top, moments before, the paneling gives. she manager test save her son handing him to two women before she disappeared. media outlets are reporting her body was discovered four hours later. she was just 30 years old. troubling video to watch what a disturbing scene. >> my goodness. >> 4:51 is the time, it has become a favorite target trying to steel cash from atm would be smash and grand bandit parking lot just before 2:00 in the morning. seconds later they back their pickup truck through the front windows trying to steel the stores at m. within of the suspects fashioned a makeshift rope around the machine and then took off but a atm never budged. >> store was opened for business. customers were inside.
4:52 am
they drove the truck to the front door. it was reckless. >> suspects kept going minus atm. startled customers and employee looked on. they took the reported stole up pickup truck around the corner and set it on fire. 4:52. gop presidential candidate wisconsin governor scott walker will be in fill today. the governor will make a campaign stop at the pennsylvania pennsylvania path's king of steaks and then will head over to between owe's across the the street. it wraps up his three week announce. tour. a new study shows almost half of the americans said they have used marijuana recent poll shows 44 percent of americans admit to trying to try the drug, that is up from 38 percent from the year before the poll also found about 11 percent of people 18 and older currently smoke path today. and recreational use in
4:53 am
colorado and washington d.c. a ten year-old science project saves a life, coming up how the assignment turned her into a hero.
4:54 am
4:55 am
at 4:55 a ten year-old missouri girl's science project helps safe a life. sophia tab or's project was on how to tell if somebody is having a stroke and what to do if they are. she took second place but her
4:56 am
real reward came two months later. sophia was shopping with her mother and grandfather when he had a stroke. girl recognized the symptoms and told her mother to called 911. >> i was trying to ask if he was okay. he was saying something but i did in the the get it out. his face was droopy on one side. >> her grandfather was rush to the hospital and doctors who treated him says, that the girl probably saved his life. wow, great kid. boy scouts lift a licensing held ban against gay scout leaders but hear why some say it does in the offer enough protection. if you are an android user we will tell you why your phone might be more susceptible to hackers.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
we will begin with a wild police chase through philadelphia, and south jersey, coming up, how it finally came to an end, two hours after it started. plus an autopsy has been completed on bobbi kristina brown but investigators say it could still take weeks to determine how the daughter of the whitney houston died. rumors swirling around the pope and his trip to philadelphia, what the mayor of philadelphia admitted thaw are probably not going to like very much. good day it is tuesday july 28th, 2015, sue serio good morning to you on a muggy tuesday morning. >> good somebody say muggy.
5:00 am
>> um-hmm. >> there he is, he is back. yes, whenever you see muggy the dog you know it will be a humid day and i think we better get used to our little mug i being around, day after day after day because we have got a stretch of pretty hot and humid weather on the way. bus stop buddy is back at the pool and he had has his sun screen and we will to have add water bottle there too because we will make sure he is hydrated with hot days like this ahead. temperatures in the 60's and 70's right now. it is a muggy morning. the satellite and radar shows no precipitation anymore and storms we had last night were very isolated. you may not have gotten anything. cold front from yesterday settled to the south. 75 degrees with calm wind and 87 percent relative humidity, yuck. sunrise at 5:56 this morning. and we expect about an eight out of ten today. it will be sunny it will be


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