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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  WTXF  August 1, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ >> right now on fox 29 news at 10, friends and family gathering this evening to remember a young mother gunned down right in front of her two-year-old daughter. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. i'm chris o'connell. 22-year-old woman was killed last night inside her port richmond home. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from port richmond tonight. shawnette, you just were there a vigil held in the memory of this
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mother. >> reporter: yes, chris. even at this hour, family and friends, neighbors are still stopping by the memorial at the home just behind me across the street as you mentioned the vigil just wrapped up a few hours ago. relatives are outside collecting donations for the child of the mother who was killed. in the meantime police are still searching for the killer. >> our father who art in heaven hallowed be thigh name. >> prayers for 22-year-old stephanie shot to death last night inside her home on the 3,000 block of aramingo avenue. >> tonight dozens gathered for a vigil. someone entered the home where she lives with her father and boyfriend. after had he boyfriend left to go to the store oh buy milk for the baby. >> when do you kill a female in front of her child. >> family and friends and neighbors lit candles and released balloons for stephanie
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who was a devoted mother. >> took her baby with her everywhere. >> reporter: never got into or caused any trouble. >> she was nice, polite to everybody. she wasn't ignorant. she didn't cause any problems. she did what she had to do. she went to work. she just got out of school. she did what she had to do. >> homicide detectives questioned the boyfriend and the father seen here at the vigil but say they don't have many leads. they also reviewed the surveillance video from a store up the block right around the time of the murder. neighbors reported seeing a man in a hoodie fleeing after they heard gunshots. >> very nice people. they definitely didn't deserve this. i got nothing but prayers for her family and his family. >> reporter: and back here live, we checked with police again tonight. still no arrests or a motive in this murder. chris? >> so sad, shawnette thank you. on your radar a night a break from the humidity. let's go to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> yeah, that's right, chris. a break from the humidity but not a break from the heat. our third heat wave. it continues. take look at the string of
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90-degree or better days this week. tuesday 93. wednesday 93. 91 yesterday. and yes, the high today made it up to 90 so the heat wave continues across the area. 82 degrees right now in philadelphia. that's the warm spot. 78 in trenton. 77 right now wilmington. 70 currently in millville. so not quite as humid dew points in the upper 50s right now trenton, low 60s in philadelphia as well as wilmington. so what's ahead as we move into the upcoming weekend? well, it's a dry heat for now. it looks like the 90-degree temperatures will continue and there could be isolated pop up thunderstorm depending on your location for a part of the weekend. we'll have that entire forecast down the shore also the pocono mountains big nascar weekend. forecast for all of that coming up. >> hollywood is gone. phillies say goodbye to their ace left hander cole hamels. he was clutch, he was the mvp during the 2008 world series run and he soon won't be forgotten.
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>> fox 29's brad sattin life outside of citizens bank park tonight where the phillies did play tonight. brad this a bittersweet for phillies fans. >> reporter: it sure is, chris. they were talking cole hamels for sure in the crowd. also talking here's name from the past, pat burrell. it was phillies alumni weekend kicking off runs through the weekend a look back at some former phillies great included one big one who was just traded today. >> at day former philly pat burrell became the 37th player inducted into the phillies wall of fame, cole hamels was saying thanks for the memories telling fans he understand what is that 2008 world series championship meant to the city. >> i know a loft us were not from philly. we come here and our dreams are to win a championship to win a rink and not really understand the purpose behind it but i think we really grasped that, you know h we got to take that parade down broad street. >> it seemed so long ago that hamels jimmy rollins and company
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paraded down broad pat burrell was there back then. fans tonight looking back at how far we've fallen. >> it's sad. i was here in '08. i was here in 1980. and i hope it's not another 28 years i'm not sure i got that much time. >> for his part rue men amaro feeling about the trade for young talent admit it's always a gamble. >> who knows what's going to happen with these guys. we believe the level of the talent we received in this deal was exactly what we were looking for. >> reporter: fans though are encouraged. >> it's time for the team to get younger and see what the prospects have. hopefully the catcher is supposed to be a big bat we got for hamels. two pitchers today for ben revere. that's hopefully it gets better. >> reporter: with the trade deadline behind us the speculation over at least for the moment, it's time to focus on what is important. for donna healey it's a night at the ballpark with 11 family members. >> i do not keep track of scores. i'm not good with numbers.
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i love to come for the excitement even love to watch the ballgames. >> reporter: for adrianna it's staring at pat burrell. >> he's so good looking. he was my favorite player and he's still my favorite player. >> i can tell you she was all smiles tonight. the hope of course is that some of these prospects pan out to become big-time phillies players down the line. one last thing worth noting. since the all star break the phillies have played 13 games. if they win tonight they will have won their 11th out of 13 games. we have some fans here enjoying the game, guys. back to you guys. >> always is fans out there enjoying the game, brad thanks. >> pick up tomorrow's philadelphia inquirer you will see a note in it from cole hamels. he took out this ad thank the fans and city for making our city his home. we'll have much more on the hamels trade coming up a little later in sports. 18-year-old arrested for allegedly exposing himself at a hartley delaware daycare and elementary school. delaware state troopers say that
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brandon tucker exposed himself several times at hartley learning daycare center and hartley elementary school. the first incident happening at the daycare center on seventh of july. according to investigators. the the last incidents occurring at the elementary school from july 15th through the 22nd. officials say not only did he expos himself but after that he would follow the women in his car. he's now facing a number of charges including two counts of indecent exposure. amber alert issued for a 16-year-old girl abductor from her home in wilkes-barre. police say jenna paterson was taken from her home last night on east view drive by 21-year-old water lewis. police say lewis is armed with a handgun and is considered dangerous. investigators say the two left on foot but they may be traveling in a red car. if you spot them, call 911. a worker at a pennsylvania hospital is indicted on charges he performed fraud genetic tests
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on late stage cancer patient and lied about it. 60-year-old floyd benko worked at the hershey medical sent. botch tests he performed helped doctors formulate treatment plans. hershey medical officials say the treatment of about a dozen patients were impacted. he's charged with health care fraud and makeing false statements. more legal trouble for amtrak. the husband of tech executive rachel jacobs filed a wrongful death lawsuit today. jacobs is one much eight people killed in the amtrak train derailment in may. the 39-year-old mother of two was first passenger in the passenger car heading home to new york. amtrak said it won't fight liability in crash related lawsuits. the coast guard is calling off its search for two missing florida teenagers and now they're loved ones are turning to a private search team. hoping against the odds for a miracle. fox's rick leventhal has the very latest for us. >> reporter: for two missing teenaged fishermen will not be
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aided by the us coast guard. it's been a week since the two both 14 years old were reported missing after setting out on a fishing trip in florida. >> we have made a decision that we will suspend at sunset tonight. so the decision to suspend was excruciating and gut wrenching for me personally. report roar crews searched day and night checking waters from south florida through south carolina. >> it was a huge area and because we had multiple assets searching simultaneously we conducted 30 days of searching within this eight-day window. >> reporter: volunteers lending a hand in the effort using their own boats and personal planes on the look out for anything. the only sign of the boys a live jacket and their capsized boat discovered on sunday. >> hundreds of people searched thousands of miles because we were desperately committed to try to find austin and perry. >> reporter: the boys families say they haven't given up hope stabbing a fund for donations to continue the hunt for the pair on their okay.
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>> the family remains committed privately to this search and rescue mission. we've had a lot of dear friends colleagues neighbors the community contribute to bringing these boys home. >> reporter: while the coast guard says it will suspend the search if any new clues to the boys whereabouts are discovered, the coast guard will renew its efforts. rick leventhal fox news. local college town on edge after terrifying assault. the crime shaking up a quiet community next. >> and a veteran who lost both his legs is about to finish an incredible cross country journey journey. what surprised him most about the people he met along the way. and a local man pay as big bill with pennies much the point he's trying to make and what he says needs to stop. >> and dangerous construction equipment left around local play ground. parents tried everything to make it safe for their children. then they turned to fox 29. and we are working to get results. next.
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♪ tonight one man is under arrest and police are looking for a second in the theft of $150,000. a bag with all that cash believe it or not was accidentally left on a lawn by an atm worker in mahwah, new jersey this week. surveillance video showing a white van pulling up a short time later. now police have arrested the driver of that van 42-year-old elton harvey. harvey used some of that money to buy a nearly 50,000 suv. police looking for jamar bradson who was passenger in the white
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van. >> a college town on edge after a woman was sexually assaulted near princeton university. >> police issuing a warning to be careful. joanne pileggi talks to students and residents in the area. >> reporter: you can describe it as a typical friday night in downtown princeton in summer. students residents visitors outside walking dining, but there is a sense of uneasiness and, yes fear after reports that a woman was sexually assaulted here overnight. it won't appear anything was a miss in princeton this evening. but word is quickly spreading through this affluent college community that a woman was sexually assaulted here overnight. >> i wouldn't walk home alone through town. >> reporter: police say that's when it happen. here along nassau street near witherspoon. a woman told police she was followed and then allegedly sexually assaulted. >> i always feel very safe here. so yeah it's uncomfortable. >> reporter: this girl is a
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sophomore at the university which she considers a safe place place. now she's concerned. >> i don't really check in to my friends to make sure they get back fine. it feels very safe. we don't have to pass over here. >> reporter: police releaseed very few details about the crime. these girls are visiting princeton for a leadership study program. they are staying in dorms close by. >> our time that we have to be inside the dorm is at 11:00 o'clock. and so that's like -- that's pretty close cut and right across the street. so it's pretty scary to hear about that. report roar police here and the mercer county prosecutor's office will release more information about the crime when they can. in princeton joanne pileggi fox 29 news. montgomery county man is going to extremes to make a statement. he showed up to pay property taxes with a wheelbarrow a chunk of change steve petrowski packed into that wheelbarrow. count them. did he. 50,000 pennies using the coins
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to pay his school property taxes. today was the last day he had to pay up before his home would go up for sheriffs sale. so why did he wait? >> this is symbolic statement against taxation inn tire ran knee. >> petrowski went to 15 banks to get the pennies for the boxes for today's delivery. he's calling for an end to property taxes. fox 29 getting results tonight for some local children in need of a place to play. their long-time playground in port richmond is being renovated. that's the good news. the bad news the work has stalled d with few residents given as to while fox 29's bruce gordon went looking for answers about this delayed renovation project that is turning the summer into a complete bust for dozens of children. >> reporter: stokely playground is padlocked these days much not that there would be much for kids to do even if they can get in. maybe climb on the piles of gravel. perhaps play hurdles with the beaten up saw horses. it's an incomplete mess.
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>> then had he had the little sprinkler system down there before. >> reporter: long-time residents like barbara staley are saddened by what their neighborhood has lost. >> it means a lot. all the children that i've grown up with have been playing in this playground for over 50 years. >> reporter: neighbors say a complete redo of the historic play ground began in may. but aside from the public bathroom, nothing much has been completed and little work seems to have been done over the past month. >> we're concerned because they have done a lot but all of a sudden it has stopped. >> reporter: all over this neighbor, we saw young kids playing on the sidewalks where an errant pass or loose kick ball can send a kid into these narrow streets into traffic. parents some of whom picked their homes to be right across the street from the playground are frustrateed. >> i can be right here with them. it's easy. want to go to the play ground. they love it. it's right here. >> reporter: yet you look at this and you see what? >> frustration. they call mommy, is it done yet?
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mommy is it done yet? nothing. nothing. >> reporter: i'm trying to get some information about a stalled renovation project. >> my calls to the city came a mid a flurry e-mails among parties responsible for the work. one from the department of public property to the contractor demanding a continuous presence on site. later an e-mail from councilman mark squilla's office to public property noting fox 29 is at stokely now. ugh. and finally confirmation from public property that the contractor will be at the site monday and that there will be continuous work at the site. two big signs outside the half finish playground trumpet the renovation project as another milestone in philadelphia's progress. (laughter). >> reporter: you're laughing. >> i would say zero progress right now. >> reporter: the contractor gessler construction told me by e-mail this afternoon they've work as fast and efficiently as possible. they blame the slow down on the
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back order of a part for the new spray park at the play ground and a late change order from the city. they say the part is now in and they'll be back on the job come monday to finish off the play ground. we'll be watching. in the newsroom i'm bruce gordon fox within news. a man falls 17 stories and survives. what happened just before surveillance cameras captured this. and justice for is he civil the cries are only getting stronger around the world. what zimbabwe wants the us government to do with the dentist who kill the beloved lion. plus poisonous spiders shut down a pennsylvania elementary school. the dangerous infestation coming up. but first here's look at your winning lottery numbers. good luck! ♪♪
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now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. beginning tonight and for the next couple of weeks septa rolls out its trolley blitz and here's the deal. all of the trolley routes that typically go into the center city tunnel will stop at 40th street and commuters will convert over to the mark frankford line the further their trip part of three-week construction project to clean up and spruce up the tunnel there in center city. and then later on tonight through the weekend penndot begins a project north on i-95 at girard of a interchange where at times especially on the overnights only one lane on that northbound side. have great weekend. we'll see you bright and early on monday morning. ♪
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♪ sad news to report tonight. wrestling legend rowdy roddy pip per reportedly passed iowa. tmz reports he died from cardiac arrest in his sleep last night. wwe whose real name was roderick too many times launched wrestling in the 1980s headline wrestle mania one alongside hulk hogan and mr. t. >> he was 61 years old. >> investigators may be inching closer to solve one of the world's biggest aviation missing missing malaysian plane 370.
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>> a 6-foot long piece of debris washed up on wednesday thousands of miles away from the search area. the analysis is expected to determine if that wing part is indeed from the missing boeing 777. it may also provide clues as to exactly what happened to that aircraft. >> tonight officials in zimbabwe want the american dentist who killed cecil the lion extraditeed to their country. walter palmer said to have paid $50,000 to hunt down cecil the lion. two men who took part in it have been arrest the but officials in zimbabwe say the client palmer needs to be held accountable too. the fish and wildlife services is investigating the hunt and white house response is still to come. >> there will be a forthcoming white house response. the thing that i will say as a general matter is that decisions about prosecution and extradition are made over the department of justice. palmer maintains he believes killing the protected animal was
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legal since he relied on professional guides. his minnesota office is now become a memorial to the 13-year-old lion. a 23-year-old man falls from a high rise apartment building in chile and lives to tell story story. >> yeah, this is incredible. is a bess chan reyes survived a 17-story fall after losing his balance while just sitting on a balcony. security footage shows reyes crashing through the roof avenue parking garage. he then smashes on to the hood of a park car where he bounded to the ground and amazeingly not only did he survive but he only broke his leg and pelvis. could have been a lot worse. um-hmm. predicting crimes and stopping them before they happen. we're not talking about an action movie here. how this could soon happen right here in philadelphia. plus a beautiful city skyline crawling with mice? why scientists studying vermin are pointing fingers at philadelphia. scott? >> dawn the high temperature in philadelphia made it up to 90 degrees. so the third heat wave it
3:25 am
continues. when we catch a break from the heat as well as our next chance for rain next.
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♪ all too common sun in the summertime hack zen cab new jersey police breaking a window to rescue child from a scorching hot car. this happened in costco parking lot yesterday. after police rescued the child her mother showed up with airglows rei cart and another child. she was charged with child endangerment. the child is now with her father father. well, it's a crime -- it's so often we can't prevent crimes by patrolling but -- predicting where it's going to happen g does to make sense. it does. a company philadelphia thinks they have the formula to predict crime. and they showed fox 29 weekend's bill anderson just how it works. ♪ >> reporter: many ofs have
3:29 am
seen it in the movies. predicting crime before they happen and sending the police to stop crime expected to happen. although local company hunch lab doesn't that far they do use various date to predict the likelihood of crimes happening in certain areas throughout the city. >> so each one of these areas is the high risk area. >> it correlates with crime. it doesn't necessarily mean that it causes the crime. >> reporter: local company has been work wig police departments across the country includeing a trial here in philly to point out how pretty unusual things could be indicators of possible future crimes. >> whereas things like the road information and the weather pressure wind bearing might represent storms, right. so maybe when it's storming outside people are less likely to steal cars and focus on something else. >> reporter: hunch lab models look at weather faces of the moon past crime and other factors and they think that with that information they can help police figure out where they
3:30 am
should patrol and the areas where they should be to help prevent crimes. >> the idea is that if you have a same amount of police resources, right you want to send them to the locations where they're going to have the most impact. >> reporter: technology is exciting and several police departments are taking a look at it but the people at hunch lab warn that you shouldn't expect science fiction or television shows in real live police work. >> this is nothing like minority report. this really just about forecasting the likelihood of a certain kind of event potential potentially occurring and trying to have the police department more able to respond. >> reporter: ceo of xavier that company worked with the philadelphia police department for years. so he knows how important it is to have up to the date and vital information. and he hopes that providing that information through hunch lab may allow the police to be there and prevent the crime rather than just trying to police it after the fact. here in the newsroom i'm bill
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anderson fox 29 news. venice spiders shutting down a school southwest of harrisburg for the third time. at least six brown row clues spiders were found nesting in the library montgomery rom pre-school over the past few week. the school is now closed while pesticides are being sprayed outside and measures are being taken to keep the kids safe. other spiders have been found in the school's kitchen and boiler room. i don't like the sound of that. >> no. on your radar tonight how about the sound of our third heat wave continuing? >> scott? >> prolonged one. we're talking for consecutive days so far this week with temperatures at or above 90. look at the numbers knowledge it's not that bad. 82 degrees. the humidity not that bad either. 49%. so the feels like temperature is only 1 degree above the air temperature. so as we look at area right now it's 70 in millville. 77 degrees currently in wilmington. um per 70s in trenton. we're looking at the cool spot, mid 60s right now in the pocono
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mountains. we talk about the dew point the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. upper 50 dew point readings any time it's below 60 it starts to feel a little more comfortable. we have low 60s right now in philadelphia. but take look. as we talk about unbelievable heat toward iran air temperatures yesterday and today about 110 degrees. the dew point can you believe this 90 degrees or better making it feel like 150 to 160 degrees. so, yes, we have the heat but it can certainly get hotter. ultimate doppler for our area, it's dry it's quiet. it should stay that way for most of the upcoming weekend but as we go hour by hour, saturday morning mostly sunny. there might be an isolated pop up shower or thunderstorm especially north and west of the city by the afternoon. but look at this. 92 degrees will be the high temperature in philadelphia. so it look like that heat wave it will continue right through the weekend. as we go hour by hour, into your
3:33 am
saturday evening plans looking pretty good. so here's the hour by hour forecast in the city. by 11:00 o'clock tomorrow, heat heating up to 85 degrees. 87 at 1:00. the high temperature tomorrow right around into degrees in the city. down the shore we'll have a sea breeze for saturday as well as sunday. temperatures low to mid 80s so don't forget that sunscreen. water temperatures will be in the low 70s. big nascar race weekend in the pocono mountains. low 80s on saturday. sun and clouds maybe isolate isolated pop up shower or thunderstorm sunday. it's nice, 80 degrees for the high. things heating up in the tropic. category two hurricane well aways from hawaii but we'll continue to keep tabs on it by the middle of next week it will likely weaken. we're talking about hurricane griller mow maximum sustained winds at 105 miles per hour moving to the north northwest at 18 miles an hour and also we have a blue moon. so if you get a chance go outdoors and take look at that.
3:34 am
it's not actually blew in color it's the second full moon in a calendar month and you can see we got twitter picture from joey clvo showing that full moon out of the grays ferry area. we won't have another blue moon until 218. so yeah, now is your chan. that seven day forecast shows the heat. it continues the humidity builds. into saturday. into sunday. low 90s right through early next week. but mid 80s by the latter part of next week and it looks like the third heat wave will finally come to an end. >> those temperatures don't look so bad compared to iran. 160? >> world record feels like temperatures and all because of the persian gulf out there. water temperatures are in the 90s. >> can you imagine? >> wow. >> melt your face off hot. >> all right. homeowner fed up with crime takes matters into his own hands. the wild chase that ended up with hair pulling next. plus a furious mom says her two-year-old son was simply
3:35 am
scared but it got him kick off a commercial flight. what happened before the plane even left the ground left her feeling like criminal. researchers are calling it a possible game changer. ♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪ [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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♪ >> man in washington state chases down a car prowler and drags him to police by his hair. adam ingram spotted the suspect alex lieper peeking inside his own car tuesday night. he confront the lieper who took off running. then ingram caught up to him pulling him by his ponytail right to officers called to the scene. lieper was cited and due back in court neck week. in your money tonight back to school shopping. you may not be thinking about it just yet. but retailers are. and experts are predicting skate billion dollars in back to school spending. the department of education says there are 55 million students in the united states from pre k to high school, and many of them have a laundry list of things to buy. the bulk of the spending however comes from higher education. college shoppers will spend $43 billion this year. well ups is making a move to boost its service during the
3:39 am
holiday season. it bought could it tee logistics. the deal is close to $2 billion. they help support ups in the past during the holiday rush. the company admitting its hard time over the last two years keeping up with the surge in online shopping. potentially huge medical break through in the fight against ebola. the world health organize study out today found an experimental vaccine has led to 100% protection against the deadly virus. researchers gave the vaccine to 4,000 people in contact with an ebola patient win 10 days. and the group who got the vaccine reported no new ebola cases. scientists are calling the drug a game changer but caution more research is needed. well this one might make your skin crawl. >> definitely. philadelphia topping a new list tonight of the most vermin filled cities in the country. the bloomberg business report look at u.s. census bureau data
3:40 am
on a number of occupied homes with evidence of cockroaches mice or rats and philadelphia had the most mice sightings nearly 20% of homes in the city reporting seeing a mouse or two. tampa topped the cockroach list at nearly 40%. and seattle leads the rat sightings at just over 2%. any time you see a city and vermin in the same sentence -- >> not good. we don't want that. a veteran who bought lost of his legs is about to finish an incredible journey across the country. what surprised him most about the people he met along the way next. >> facebook takes flight with a social media powerhouse is planning to do w
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>> facebook will lynn test flights of new drone before the end of the year. mark zuckerberg posted this video of the solar powered plane to his facebook page. unmanned aircraft is designed to provide internet access to remote regions. it has the wing span of a boeing 737 but weighs less than a car. the plane can stay in the air for months at a time. zuckerberg says this is an affordable way to connect the world. a virginia family is outraged after being kicked off
3:44 am
a commercial flight because their two year olson was scared. the family was traveling from boston to baltimore on monday morning on jet blue. they say it was the first time their son his very own seat on plane and as the plane was taxiing he got frightened and wanted to sit with him and started crying. his mom says several flight attendants told her to put him back in his seat and even as she was trying to do so she says the next thing she knew the plane was turning around. >> we were treated like we were criminals. i spent about five, seven minutes settling my son down getting gnome stop crying and when i finally did that, my husband said, they're turning the plane around. we're heading back to the gate and we were just shocked. >> in a statement jet blue said quote we want our customers to have a safe and comfortable experience on board. safety is always our top priority. and if our crew feels there's a situation where a customer is unable to follow safety procedures those customers may need to be accommodated op future flight end quote.
3:45 am
jet blue says it has reached out to the family but they have not yet connected. a marine veteran who lost both his legs in an explosion is about to celebrate an amazeing accomplishment. >> he's finishing a 3800-mile journey on a bicycle. fox's beau bob barnard has the inspiring story. >> reporter: back in afghanistan war veteran toran gall is nearing the end of a cross country ride on his specially made bicycle. >> fit impacts one person 3800 miles is worn it. >> reporter: double amputee gall is a marine. severely wounded by a roadside bomb in afghanistan four years ago. >> the enemy didn't win that day day. whatever day individuals were hurt americans have the last laugh because we're out here thriving still. >> reporter: the 28-year-old set out from southern california june 1st. he'll end his journey this weekend at the marine corps memorial in arlington national cemetery. he says did he this not just to
3:46 am
inspire others with physical challenges. >> last year and a half i've tried to distinguish myself and move myself away from that wounded warrior as spec. i feel in my way it's a negative connotation on us. we're wounded but we're not -- we're not out of a fight. here we are here i am riding on sunday complete 3800 miles. i didn't ever expect to be able to do this. >> reporter: nor to be celebrated by so many people along the way. >> thank you. >> thank you! >> let's us know everything that we fought for overseas is, um, appreciated. >> reporter: it's been a grueling ride averaging about 12 miles per hour. >> my hands aren't taking too much of a beating. they're dry but other than the gloves protect my hands. >> reporter: his hands nearly as big as his heart. and his motivation. >> showcase everybody anything is possible. when you have the right support around you but also, you know, when you have the right heart and you know you're doing it with heart. >> reporter: gall has no
3:47 am
regrets joining the marines. he was a pretty good basketball player coming out of college. >> now the life i have today is i couldn't have asked for better life today. >> reporter: riding his hand cycle and raising awareness about the fight of some of our nation's new veterans. >> this is a way for me to serve my country i'm doing the right thing for myself. >> reporter: along the road to annapolis, bob barnard fox news news. >> that's inspiring. 2015 is almost over. today he is a special basketball game was held to encourage peace in the community. this is the fourth annual peace week here in philadelphia. week long of activities continue continued to night with ball for peace. the game was held at audenried high school and featured phillies native lamar moore and rick jackson. >> the search for the next and final american idol is officially underway and someone from our area is one step closer to possible stardom. people lining up outside our fox 29 studios yesterday morning to
3:48 am
audition during good day for a silver ticket, and this morning quincy harris announced the winner. >> the silver ticket winner for this year 2015 philly idol is... j a.m. ai out of chester pa. (applause). >> what do you have to say sir? say something. we're on television. (laughter). >> i'm glad. thank god. i am thankful. i'm thankful to god for this opportunity. >> perry right away right here. ♪ i wish i knew then what i know now wouldn't dive in, wouldn't give in gravity hurts it's so sweet i woke up on the concrete ♪ >> ♪ falling from cloud nine,
3:49 am
crashing from the high ♪ >> not bad at all. with that silver tick he's guaranteed an audition in front of american idol producers and a meet and greet with the judges. be sure to watch the final season of american idol starting in january right here on fox 29. we'll get to see how far jamai goes. >> i'll bet he goes far. >> shredder in with sports. big day, big moves for the phils. >> our producer asked me to sink the tease. i politely refused. baseball deadline did strike 4:00 o'clock and veterans phillies outfielder doesn't turn into a pumpkin he becomes a blue jay and the cole hamels era officially ends in
3:50 am
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♪ tomorrow night he makes his first start with texas. still sounds strange but it became official today and cole hamels is now a texas ranger. i's were dotted and t's were
3:53 am
crossed he leaves philadelphia along with jake diekman for six players five still in the minors. general manager ruben amaro, jr. he consulted with president pat gillick and incomeing president before making the blockbuster deal. for cole hamels today was a chance to reflect on 10 years with one team that gave him first major league start. >> some of the best memories i've everywhere i've had to grow um, you guys have been there, you know, you've been there through everything that i've had to learn and endure and not only my baseball career but even off the field. >> there's the video here he was tonight in uniform. in arlington. the newest texas ranger he will pitch tomorrow night against the giants. before the 4:00 o'clock deadline one other veteran traded as well that is ben revere in the clubhouse this afternoon packing his bags and heading to toronto. the phillies send a pair of minor league pitchers to the
3:54 am
blue jays. >> phils and atlanta braves tonight down at citizens bank park. pat burrell becoming the 37th 37th player inducted into the phillies wall of fame. '08 world series team with cole hamels. one of the three guys left from '08. ryan how war in the first inning three run double. phillies wind up getting four runs in the first inning. it's really all they would need. for good measure in the fifth inning they blow it wide open with a five spot. how about dominic brown did not have a homer before last night. hit number one last night. hit number two tonight. phils won 11 of 13 since the break. the final tonight nine to three. first place nationals second place mets biggest weekend series mets up one to nothing until the eighth. escobar ties it at one in the eighth. tied in the 12th inning. >> training cam approaching for the eagles. are you ready guys players reporting tomorrow with the first work out on sunday. first preseason game two weeks
3:55 am
from sunday at home against the colts. >> russell wilson is a wealthy man this evening he gets a four year contract extension pays pays him roughly $22 million a year much his base for this year he's going to have to get by on $700,000. but he gets $21 million up front, $60 million of the deal is guaranteed. he it's good all that money and all he wants is one more chance to throw one pass in the super bowl that isn't inter accepted maybe hand off to marshawn lynch. $31 million up front. >> that's a lot of money. >> can i have that pass back please. >> cole hamels i guess this is the official beginning of the rebuilding of the philadelphia phillies. >> there's no question about it. they got six guys back. realistically are all six going to be good contributors? no. you hope two or three of these are solid major leaguers in two three years with the nucleus with aaron nola they come up. three or four good pitchers. good young infielders infielders with
3:56 am
franco and her tandems you can start to see the nucleus much it's a long ways away. >> sounds like it's going to be awhile. >> it's a start. you hope two or three guys are solid contributors. >> it's weird to see hamels in rangers uniform. >> hustled down there. >> best of the arthritic him. >> hot weekend right. >> the heat wave continues for your saturday. just stay hydrated. check on the elderly pets and children. it's going to be 92 for the high tomorrow in philly. >> all right. a full hour of entertainment news is next with tmz followed by dish nation and tune into chasing news then the simpsons. fox 29 weekend starts tomorrow morning at 8am. remember your mega million millions
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