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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  August 8, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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right now on fox 29 weekend. >> this is my question for republican candidates. >> a local woman takes center stage at a national debate. >> most people i know want to work. >> why she's making her voice heard and what she says the next leader of this country should do to help people in our area. >> plus adhd kids and drugs. are doctors prescribing the wrong medications. the symptoms parents need to look out for and the questions that could change your child's life. >> good saturday morning to you. it is an absolutely gorgeous start on this day. why are you laughing? >> i'm laughing because you have been fired up all morning over
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some comments made last night. >> did you hear what the donald had to say about megan kelly last night it is blowing up he just got disinvited from a major event. we will play his comments, his reaction and he's doubling down on this one not backing off we want your opinion on that one. >> we've got tweets and everything else blowing up. first let's start off with some good news. it looks like a beautiful day out in center city. the sun is shining on this august 8th. dave, is it going to hold up? >> it will. yes, looking pretty good so far. but there's one little issue that we want to watch. >> is it a 10? >> it depends where you are. >> if you're at the shore there's one area where it is tricky. the wind is picking up and it's keeping the temperature down. it's creating a rip current risk. the storm is close but not close
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enough to give us clouds or rain. temperatures are cool this morning. mid to low 70s to the south, but here is this issue. this is the wind speed about 5:00. look at that gusty wind right along the coast. that comes right in off the ocean, keeps the temperatures down and wind will be about 10, 20, 25 miles per hour. so a bit breezy. a little calmer up to the north and west. the wind is because of the storm which is just off the coast. a lot of rain here but it continues to move to the northeast so things will stay clear here. maybe just seeing a few more clouds. 86 here in center city, 76 right at the shore and it cools off quickly across the mountains and the lehigh valley and dropping quickly into the 50s overnight tonight. 7-day forecast coming your way in just a bit. >> it is exactly 8:02 right now. there is a fire under vetionz in
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west chester. this was just about 11:00 last evening. it startd in one of the town homes and it did spread next door. we spoke with a neighbor who describes what happened. >> heard this really loud woosh. it wasn't an explosion but it was a strange sound so i headed toward the back of the house and i heard someone bang on the front door saying your house is on fire. the back of the house, get out. we just see this big, you know, flame. it wasn't my house but you could see the sky was all lit up. so i just got out of the house. i wasn't going to stick around. >> no one was home when this fire started. so far we don't have any word on what caused that blaze. >> also new from overnight, a woman stabbed several times in montgomery county. police say it happened just after 1:00 a.m. police believe
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this may have been a random attack. right now the woman is in critical condition. taking a look at what's happening now. the state's attorney general is preparing to tern herself in to face criminal charges. >> she is accused of leaking secret grand jury information to get back at an enemy and lying about that under oath. sabina is live. >> reporter: the state's top law enforcement officer will have her mug shot taken and essential 'be fingerprinted on criminal charges this afternoon. attorney general kathleen cane has been charged with a felony count of perjury. she leaked confidential information to the press in order to embarrass someone
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regarded as a political foe. >> obtaining and compiling this confidential information, delivering it to a political operative with instructions to leak it to the press, all designed to make it look like a former prosecutor went some of the on a investigation. she lied repeatedly about her actions, bl the law, about other matters, simply to support her version of events. >> reporter: she is expected to arrive for processing at the courthouse at 1:30. she will appear by video link. she maintains her innocence. she says she'll defend herself and she'll keep her position as attorney general despite calls for her to resign. she is this commonwealth's first elected democrat and woman in the position of attorney general, bill and karen. >> keep us informed throughout the morning. we're learning more this morning about a frightening incident for passengers on board
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an american airlines flight headed to seattle. we first brought you this story as breaking news last night. the flight took off from philadelphia international airport but was forced to make an emergency landing due to engine trouble. the airline says there were reports that some passengers saw flames coming out of the engine but the airline has not confirmed there was a fire. they say there may have been an issue with unburned fuel. the plane did land safely and none of the people on board were hurt. >> this is just creepy. a man catches an alleged burglar inside his home. he rolled up in his driveway and noticed the lights were on. so he pulled up a splens video app on his phone. that's when he saw the stranger inside his house going inside his stuff. police showed up and arrested
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her. when i look at this video, i see this woman who is a brazen burglar. you can see by her nonchalant demeanor that she's a seasoned thief. but the world of technology leads to her demise in that she was arrested. in this day and age, in the world of world of technology, homeowners should have every device that they could possibly do. when you look at thousands and thousands of burglaries that occur in our communities per day, any protection we can have is worth it. i'm superintendent michael chitwood, that's my take. >> and people are still talking about thursday's gop debate. that's actually what i'm tweeting about. i'm so fired up and getting many directions. there was a local woman who has a lot to talk about because she was part of the whole debate.
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>> hello. my name is tonya and i'm from philadelphia, pennsylvania and this is my question to republican candidates. >> representing philly, she is in our green room right now. why she wanted to make her voice heard and what she says the next leader of this country should do to help people in our area. >> plus one of the biggest cell phone carriers announcing some major changes what they're getting rid of and how it could effect all of our monthly bills.
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>> we're following this developing story this morning. they are looking, investigators are for those two guys who were involved in that bakery store shooting and robbery. it happened about 6:00 yesterday morning. i heard the helicopter over my head. the owner of the bakery was outside when these two guys approached her. they forced her inside, took the apron that she was wearing, that's where her money is held. police believe the woman tried to fight back and that is when they shot her in the face. she is still in critical condition. business owners in that shopping area are horrified. >> very nice lady. i know her for ten years. very nice late -- lady.
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my children get their doughnuts here. >> police say that victim was approached by two men last week who tried unsuccessfully to rob her then but she did not report it when that incident happened. police do think this whole thing was planned. >> at 8:12, it seems every day we're learning new details about the pope's visit to philadelphia. we told you about the ben franklin bridge shutting down to traffic. friday the secret service announced pedestrians should expect some kind of law enforcement on the bridge, but the agency which is in charge of security says neither the secret service nor philadelphia will be screening papal visitors. you will not be screened going across the bridge. the bridge will be closed to all vehicles except trains the weekend of september 26th and september 27th. the pope's visit has a lot
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of people talking, but not everyone is saying good things. with all the road closures announced and part of the city basically shutting down, schools still trying to decide if they should stay open or closed, is this more irritating than exciting? join our discussion in the 9:00 hour and tell us what you think. you can tweet us or comment on our facebook page but just use the hashtag #fox29weekend. >> did the donald finally go too far? he was just disinvited to a major republican event because of a comment he made. he was blasting kelly attacking her as a journalist and for bringing up years of his aebt-woman remarks. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her where ever. >> the leader announced on twitter that the donald was no longer welcome at the weekend event and kelly was asked to
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join the conference in his place. the organizer's name was eric ericson and he said the comment was inappropriate. i don't want someone on stage who gets a who is kill question and his first inclination is to imply it was hormonal. it's just wrong. this is just another example of weakness. we will miss you, blame erick er erickson. 24 million people tuned in to watch the debate. more than 3,000 people went on and decided to submit questions. a woman from our area. >> price describe one action you would do to make the economic environment more favorable for
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small businesses and entrepreneurs and anyone dreaming of opening their own business. >> that is tonya and she is here with us this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> what was it like to all of a sudden see yourself up there and there's 24 million people up there watching your question? >> jaw dropping. it was an exciting moment. it really was. >> the answer was by marco rubio. here's what he had to say. >> that's a great question. first of all it begins by having leaders that recognize the economy we live in today is dramatically different than the one we lived in five years ago. big companies that have connections with washington, they can affect policies, but the small companies are the ones that are trugling. we need to even out the tax code for small businesses. >> what did you think of his answer? >> well, it was comprehensive. and i was looking for just one
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specific item and he threw out the gamut of it. but it was a good answer, i was kind of happy with it after i was reviewed it. i was so excited to see my video. >> have you ever been involved in politics? >> yes. we all should be. it affects all of us. i try to encourage people to go out and vote and learn who your elected officials are and don't be afraid to ask a question. >> who do you like right now? >> i considered this debate sort of a introduction and right now well of course i like rubio, he answered my question. i like cruz. i like a lot of them. the donald, considering his statements and everything that he says, but we do have a very large field of talented people and let's see how this plays out. >> it's interesting to get to
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know them most certainly. you are from the great northeast. you're a big runner and you work in health care. i think this is fascinating monitoring outbreaks and epidemics and things. you asked about small businesses. if you could start a small business, what would you want to start? >> a brewery. runners, we like beer. i do home brew. or maybe a doggy day care because i love dogs. >> we live in a great area and i'm looking to see what -- how can our business environment be a little more friendly to dreamers like me and all the small businesses out there. >> and all the dreamers of america. thank you for your question. it was wonderful. we can all live our american dream whether it's dogs or beer. >> let us know if you have a question that you would like to ask use our hashtag
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#fox29weekend. >> how cool is that? you submit a question and 24 million people saw it and know your name. that's not intimidating at all. >> we could see the wind pick up and that will make it cooler and breezy along the coast. a lot going on, pretty quiet in philadelphia at the airport. there's that rain off the coast and mostly clear across the area. it's a nice and comfortable day across the region. we are now at 73. a little cooler to the north and a lot cooler this afternoon right along that coast. we have a lot of events going on and of course we get weather questions from everybody. here's one of them. >> hello, my name is karen with the academy of nation sciences. >> no buggies, if you go to that
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event, don't even bring lunch. they serve up whatever you want. worms, insects, scorpions. in philadelphia look at the temperatures. 81 to 83, up to 84. fairly warm we should top out at 86 but then we drom off tonight. a little cooler, it jumps up to 73 in philadelphia on the way to 86 degrees but along the coast, a little bit cooler this afternoon. that wind will really be gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. that will keep the temperatures down and make it just a bit breezy if you're right on the beach there. nothing to stop that wind coming off the ocean. thanks to this storm, there's that northeast wind to the north of it. all of this rain stays to the south. we may see a few clouds creeping up into sussex county, cape may and the atlantic coast. a few clouds this afternoon, possibly a sprinkle well north and west of the city, but that's
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the only chance of rain today. all that rain off the coast, it stays there. the temperatures will be a little cooler. you'll see that temperature only about 76 in atlantic city. there's that 85, close to 86 in philadelphia, just above 80 degrees there in allentown. so the specific suburbs here warming up nicely into the 80s and there's that cooler weather right along the coast that will keep the temperatures down just a bit. 75, just look for a few clouds noon, close to 80 degrees. this afternoon a few more clouds 85 degrees topping out about 86. but we're dry. there is a lot of rain in this 7-day forecast for one day. i'll show you when. >> one veteran's family is so grateful this morning. >> i'm just overwhelmed with emotion right now. >> how lost military dog tags are turning a name into a real life hero, coming u7.
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>> a lot of children in this area are diagnosed with adhd. are doctors prescribing the wrong medication? still ahead really important information. the symptoms parents need to look out for and the questions that could change your child's life. >> and let's take a look at the lottery numbers. the song playing "i want to be rich" and you may be if you have those numbers. >> what makes phil happy is getting rich. >> tania is running and beer. what makes you happy? use our hashtag #fox29weekend.
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welcome back. it is 8:24. what makes you happy? tam ra says i'm happy just relaxing at home with my hubs and cat. it's the simple things. >> scott jumps in and says bffs like nicole my best friend who you can say anything to. >> or this one, that trump comment was way out of line about what he said about megyn kelly. keep your comments coming. that's something happening only in our country. now here's something happening only in philly. >> i'm bruce gordon. finally after all these years, philadelphia has a new symbol of our nastiness.
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an updated cliche for haters to use when they're describing the city of brotherly shove. the town that booed santa claus. the event took on legendary status, the man who played santa that fateful day died back in april of this year, the snowball attack was the lead sentence in his obituary. surely there was some new incident that could symbolize the meanness philadelphians can show. philadelphia has killed a defenseless robot. hitch bot by name, a social science experiment from a team of canadian researchers. the child size and decidedly
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low-tech robot hitched rides with strangers all over europe, canada before meet are its demise where else? philadelphia. almost certainly bogus surveillance tape surfaced reported to show the fact in progress part of a growing new sport in this country, pranking the media. there will be no police investigation into this attack because no one filed a police report. so we may never know what happened. but in the end does it really matter? not really. philadelphia has a new symbol of its anger. we're no longer santa haters, we're robot killers.
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>> 8:29, we take a look at our top stories this morning. philadelphia police are investigating a murder in the mayfair section of the city. they tell us a man was stabbed to death around 3:30 this morning in the 3700 block of revere street. so far no arrests have been made. >> attorney general kathleen kane is expected to turn herself in, she is accused of leaking secret information and lying about it under oath. >> a big shake-up for verizon wireless requiring new customers to buy new phones outright or
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pay the full price in monthly installments. verizon is wiping out single line options and family plans but says subscribers won't be locked into new contracts. the new plan goes into effect this thursday. >> in your health news this morning, as kids are heading back to class, there's a recent study that raises some troubling questions. researchers found some kwhirn with adhd may be taking the wrong medication instead of being prescribed a stimulant, they're given an antipsychotic medication. a lot of parents have questions about this. joining us right now with answers from the fox medical team. >> good morning. >> we have a lot of questions. let's dig right into this one. what do you mean, how common is this for children to be prescribed the wrong medication? >> so it's not super common, but researchers found it troubling. and what they did is they looked
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at prescription data from across the country, looking for patterns and trends and they saw this pattern in boys especially. especially in their kind of tween and teen years. they found that when they looked at the prescribing rates, they found that boys between the ages of 10 and 18 who had adhd, 1.5% were being prescribed an antipsychotic medication. so we're talking about things like haldol, drugs that are kind of heavy hitter drugs used to treat major brain disorders that come with major side effects and we're talking about kids with developing brains on these medications. >> what kind of side effects. >> side effects like major weight gain, diabetes, things like that. but also a blunting of emotions. and you know, even people who really need these drugs and benefit from these drugs often struggle with sticking with them and taking them because of these
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negative side effects. researchers are also concerned because if these kids are taking the wrong drugs, they're missing out on ritalin or a drug that might really help them. >> why are doctors in the first place putting kids on drugs that are such big drugs? >> the researchers weren't sure exactly why, but they felt like it may be because these kids are being diagnosed a little late in the game with adhd when they've already developed serious behavioral problems. you're looking at aggression in school. so the doctors may be using these drugs off label or meaning unapproved for use in children to try to help these kids. researchers have pointed out helping kids with adhd with major symptoms has got to be an approach from all angles, looking at lifestyle changes and things like that. it shouldn't be just a medication and an antipsychotic
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medication researchers said it's not a solution for these kids. >> it hurts your heart when you hear it turns kids into zombies. when you have behavioral problems you can't just treat that. >> i would really suggest that if the doctor is suggesting your child take a medication if your child has been diagnosed with adhd, talking to your doctor about what is that medication, what are the side effects and asking what else can we do beside the medication or in conjunction with medication to help support my child and help my child thrive in school. maybe there are lifestyle changes or behavioral changes or you know therapy, things like that that you can work on as a family to help your child. so not just a medication. sometimes the medication can be really helpful for kids, but researchers say not antipsychotic medication. >> i want to get to some of the comments that we have because we have a lot of kids in our area that have been diagnosed with adhd.
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larry writes this. i was totally against giving my son drugs then when he was failing and acting out in class we talked to our doctor and voiced our concerns. he graduates this year in the top 10% worked for him. he is a success story. but robin says drugs to replace discipline and structure, no wonder these kids can't deal. they're taught to just pop a pill instead. and finally relabel people, the stuff in foods cause kids to act out. sometimes simply nutrition, people forget that food is also a medication, what we're giving our children. >> i think it has to be a whole body approach. i think that is the take-away from this. >> thank you so much, beth. thank you so much. and what do you think about all of this? just use our hashtag #fox29weekend and weigh in. >> and taking a look at your weather. thank you very much, karen and beth. looking at the poconos. i love that. >> gorgeous.
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>> it looks like a great time. we have to schedule a road trip. poconos looking great. i'm going to keep harping on this. >> look at that weather. perfect. maybe a 9, a little cool in the morning. i'm a rough judge this morning. just a little chill in the air in the poconos, everywhere else nice and comfortable. we have a lot going on today let's check out this event. >> hi, i'm with the ryan coil scholarship fund. we're holding a fund raiser saturday starting at 8:00 a.m. we're expecting food, fun and home runs. can we expect some sunshine too? >> you'll have the home runs at least as the balls go out any down wind. the wind is out of the east northeast. look what that's does to the weather. it brings a few clouds and drops the temperature from 80 down to 77. there's plenty of sunshine.
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this picture came in from ventnor beach. clouds will increase and there's a rip current risk. we have to put the word windy in there down the shore and that will keep the temperatures right there at 76. the water temperature is 76. you'll see the wind gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour right along the coast. 60s there in allentown, 73 in dpld, atlantic city is at 69, 70 in wildwood. that wind comes out of the northeast. let's check out the 7-day forecast. we are at 86 today and tomorrow but here comes the rain. clouds and a few showers coming in monday. there's showers and storms both monday night into tuesday and for the rest of the week we'll see a little sunshine there, maybe a sprinkle coming in by the end of the week as temperatures stay right into the mid 80s. >> all right, day of. what makes you stressful? >> oh, gosh, everything. kids screaming.
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if the wife's not happy, i'm stressed. >> a happy wife, a happy life. >> if you're stressed out at work maybe by a coworker, you're not alone. still ahead, the three easy things you can do to relieve some of that stress and live a happier life. >> speaking of happy, here's a little bit of happy news, a husband surprises his wife, tells her she's pregnant. he tells her how he took the pregnancy test. a story millions of talking about.
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>> it is 8:40, and this song is about what we're all going to tell you. there is this texas mother who gets an unexpected surprise and so many of you sharing in the joy. >> she recently found out she's having a baby. that's exciting enough, but it's how she found out that has people talking. every moment of the surprise was caught on video of course. and sam and mia, they are high school sweethearts and the proud parents of two small
8:41 am
children. sam had the feeling his wife might be pregnant again but she hadn't taken the test yet. he had to know. >> so in the middle of the night he goes into the bathroom and he takes a urine sample and does a pregnancy test himself. how does that happen? >> i actually do this in my house, she doesn't flush the toilet at night because she doesn't want to wake up the kids. so then he puts a dropper in the toilet and does the test himself. it turns out positive. take a look at this. this is how he surprises her. >> r. >> pull it out. >> you are so funny.
8:42 am
>> you're pregnant? you guys, he is ridiculous. >> you're pregnant daddy? >> daddy, only mommies get pregnant. >> guys, this is a joke. >> yeah, it is a joke. the joke is on you. the joke is on her, right guys? >> what did you do? did you put a dropper in the toilet? >> i did. >> no way! are you serious? >> absolutely. she really is pregnant. they posted the video on youtube thursday and it's gotten more than 5 million thursday.
8:43 am
>> first one right here says from michele oh that was really sweetie tiered up. >> am i the only one who kind of finds the husband a little creepy? sneaking in and doing this behind her back? >> this seems a little rehearsed. i'm not sure that i believe it. >> so what do you think. >> she's not really wearing makeup and there she is in her robe in the morning. >> staged a little but not rehearsed. >> i'm still creeped out by someone creeping out by someone getting urine out of the toilet to do the test. >> yeah. >> but it's a big surprise. >> imagine if she woke up. you would be surprised if you came in and you leaning in with a dropper into the toilet. surprise, honey. >> all the kids they have, their kids are little, these two little girls are so cute.
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you don't know how much you're dealing with in your life every single day. >> you're right, i don't. >> still ahead on fox 29 weekend. we have a heartwarming reunion for one veteran's family. how some lost dog tags made their way back into the hands of those who loved the person. >> and a local artist is creating a historical master piece just in time for the pope's visit but he's not doing it alone. this morning we'll go inside the studio as we take you in focus.
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>> we're starting off with a story with a little closure for a family in washington state this morning. lindsay young found a dog tag in her backyard earlier this week. she was determined to reunit it with its rightful owners. thanks to the power of social media, word of the dog tags spread quickly and family members were finally able to get back the dog tag. >> i was contacted by a complete stranger via facebook that said hey, i think these dog tags might have belonged to your late father. sure enough it was my dad and at that point i was overwhelmed with emotion. >> jennifer says it isn't clear
8:48 am
how the dog tag got lost but from now on they'll make sure they keep it in a safe place. >> it's time to take you in focus, there's a philadelphia artist faced with his biggest task yet and we mean biggest. he is creating a mural for the meeting of families. this is is a painting so big there's no way you can go this alone. his vision is creating a sense of pride and passion behind every stroke of color. >> reporter: inside this philadelphia art studio, cesar brings color to life. he designed 153 panel mural for the world meeting of families. it will be displayed at the saint malachy school in philadelphia. >> the team wanted to be the core family values and something when people come to philadelphia and see the mural they feel that reflect the mural. >> reporter: members of the
8:49 am
community are helping him complete the mural by november. >> mainly on painting the canvass you see in front of us. >> reporter: this is the first mural for the intern. >> i'm used to working on canvass, this is going to be on a building. >> every color has its own number. >> reporter: this is his 11-year-old daughter. she is trading her days at the beach for painting with her dad. >> it's important that kids get some orientation about values, about family. and everything that we plan on them, they grow, eventually that's going to be part of their life. >> and this is the eyes. >> reporter: every stroke, the mural is taking shape. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: patricia's daughter is featured in the mural and she's helping too. >> i feel different emotions. i can't explain how happy i feeling. >> reporter: he will be in the studio for many more hours before his project is finished.
8:50 am
>> i never look at the wall until i finish every single panel. i step back and see it for the first time. i always get impressed. >> going to get you caught up on everything that's going on with our weather. it looks really nice in wilmington, delaware. >> bright sunshine, a few more clouds this afternoon. a little cooler breeze especially right along the coast. here in philadelphia at the airport, temperatures are warming up into the 70s. still 60s in the surrounding suburbs. nice and comfortable if you step outside. low humidity dew point down below 60s. it warms up to 67 there in pottstown, 73 in philadelphia, a little cool right along the coast. it's the wind. gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour
8:51 am
out of the northeast. nothing stopping that wind coming in off the ocean. as far as the rain goes, we have rain in the forecast but it is not until monday. late monday, a few of these showers may start to work their way east and it's overnight monday to tuesday where a big storm comes in. this could be a lot of rain with showers and thunderstorms, very heavy rain with some minor flooding likely monday night to early tuesday. so that will be the day that we are keeping an eye out for some heavy rain and some possible flooding. >> this is your tech byte from the tech tank. recently we've been hearing all sorts of hacks. cars being recalled because people can take them over. what about our cell phones? let's look at the iphone. if you look at this text and you have an unpatched iphone, guess what? your phone is getting shut down for about a minute or two. not too bad.
8:52 am
but android users, look out. there was a flaw identified in april and google and all the manufacturers were notified. if someone sends you a bad piece of malware, you could be one of the potentially 950 million phones that can get taken over. they can look at all your stuff and do whatever they need to do. whether it's your computer and your laptop, you always need to apply the updates and again, do not open messages, attachments or anything from people you don't know. so we're going to continue to follow these hacks and if you want to talk more about it, reach out to us. and we can continue the conversation online.
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>> welcome back. 8:55. if you could get away right now, hop on a plane, where would it be? let us know. it is happiness day. >> john makes me happy. hugs and kisses. >> mike our director. those random dance parties that break out at home, that is pure joy. that makes us happy as well. >> they break out in the studio occasionally also. >> but that's actually embarrassing. >> let's check in with our own
8:56 am
jen fred. >> this is momalog and on this edition we going to talk about the three things i'm doing wrong. i admitted to you, i don't always wash my face before i go to bed. >> quick wipe, 1, 2, 3, done. >> the other thing apparently i walk out of the house without blending my make up because a mom pulled me. >> where it is. the closet mirror, the hall way mirror. >> so find my makeup, blend my face, it's a lot. we're going to have to work on all of it, but thank you for helping me through. >>
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you're sharing what makes you happy. we have a lot of news that's been happening. we want to get to that. we're following several big stories this morning, including this one with the state attorney general of pennsylvania now finding herself on the other side of the law. why she's expected to be facing a judge today just hours from now in our area. >> and the jurors have spoken. colorado theater shooter james holmes will spend the rest of his life in prison. this morning the victim's families react what they want the shooter to do now. >> first let's get a look at your forecast right now.
9:00 am
>> a temperatures barely climbing above 70, 20 to 30 when you're right on the beach, that's a little uncomfortable. it's climbed up to 70 in allentown, philadelphia is up to 74. mid 70s, atlantic city and wildwood that is about where we will stay today. look at that wind gust 18 to 20 miles per hour right along the coast this will be about 4:00 this afternoon. lighter breeze elsewhere. ultimate doppler watching that storm which is causing the wind. the rain will stay to the south keep the rain out of the area but it's close enough to get the wind gusting there 20 to 30.
9:01 am
here's what to expect today. 86, there's that windy weather down the shore, a cool night. dropping 77 and quickly dropping into the 50s. there's rain in the 7-day forecast. i'll show you when coming up. >> and happening right now, pennsylvania's attorney general is preparing to turn herself in to face criminal charges. >> she is accused of leaking secret grand jury information to get back at an enemy and lying about all of that to a grand jury under oath. >> she will be. >> for somebody who was once considered one of state's rising political stars, she will be booked by montgomery county detectivives on criminal charges. that means the state top law enforcement official will have her mug shot taken on charges
9:02 am
she illegally leaked confidential grand jury information and lied about doing so under oath. the first term democrat leaked the information to the press to embarrass a political foe kane believed was responsible for an unflating story on her. >> this is her war based upon the evidence conducted without regard to the rules, without regard to the law, without regard to any collateral damage the battle might entail. >> it disgusts me to a point where i don't know who to trust anymore. >> i hope that it proves false. it would be very disappointing if it's true. >> a lot of reaction from voters in our state. now she will be processed by county detectivives before being arraigned. she says she is innocent.
9:03 am
she will vigorously defend herself, and she says she will stay in her position despite calls to resign. earlier this year i spoke with her attorney and he told me at the time that she believes these accusations are a political attack by the republicans. kane of course is the first democrat and the first women elected to be attorney general in the commonwealth. she'll be booked about 1:30 today. her arraignment follows at 2:00. bill and karen? >> it is 9:03 and new this morning, neighbors forced from their homes because of a big fire out in west chester. >> a woman is stabbed several times in montgomery county. police say it happened just after 1:00 a.m. in the 600 block of west lafayette street in norristown. at last check the woman is in critical condition.
9:04 am
>> a former philadelphia eagle is likely headed to privrn. they used her home as collateral to take out six home equity loans. they were also involved in another mortgage scheme. he played for the eagles in the mid 1990s and founded his own church. they could face five to ten years in prison. another verdict, life in prison for the colorado movie shooter. prosecutors tried to convince the jury for death. some families of the victims expressed their disappointment at the jury's decision. >> our lives are forever
9:05 am
altered. and the thought that this monster gets to have visitation with his parents. >> we want him to go into oblivion. we want him not to be seen or heard from again. that would be the gift that you could give to us for what we've been through. >> holmes killed 12 and injured another 70 people in that movie theater shooting back in july of 2012 before going to prison. he has another set of court appearances later this month. following that he will be formally sentenced to life behind bars. >> 9:05, a scare in the air for dozens of airline passengers in philadelphia. an american airlines flight headed from philly to seattle was forced to make an emergency landing after takeoff due to engine problems. the airline says there were reports from some passengers that they saw flames coming out of the engine, but the airline has not confirmed that there was a fire. they say it may have been an issue with unburned fuel. the plane did land safely and
9:06 am
none of the 145 people on board were hurt. >> you're going to be hearing a lot about something called the sharing economy. that's because it's going to revolutionize the way we do business with each other. using the power of a smart phone combined with social media, the sharing economy is all about connecting people who can provide a service with folks who need the service. the best part is, you'll be able to harness that power right in your smart phone with instant access. here's a few examples. if you've been to a bachelor party lately, chances are you've used a car service like uber or lyft. if you need some furniture moved around or any other task
9:07 am
like that, check out task rabbit. the idea is they connect folks who know how to do stuff with folks who need stuff done, all done locally. and there's a fixed hourly rate you can review the providers before they even get to your door. if you're anything like me, you're always late for appointments and don't have time to find a parking spot. use a company like luck which is a personal valet. really simple. here's the deal, consumer laws and regulations really haven't kept up with the innovation so here's a couple of tips to keech you and your money safe. first, make sure you stick with the larger, national companies and know their policy. make sure you understand how they screen their providers. it's cool to have a personal valet. having a personal valet who takes your car and doesn't bring it back, not cool. stay away from every service provider who wants to be paid in
9:08 am
cash, that's not how it works. everything should be done through your smart phone. there you have it, you can be part of this new sharing economy for everything from renting houses to your own personal valet. >> i'm cashing out. >> it is 9:08. there was a very disturbing discovery when police responded to a report of children left home alone. what they found is something far worse. there is a scene they discovered in a child's bedroom they may never forget. >> and most of you saw it. 20 million people saw the gloves came off and the war of words began. millions watched the gop debate. this morning we're breaking it down. who stood out on top and who may want to call it quits. wait until you hear what donald trump is under fire for this time.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>> you know you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes or blood coming out of her wherever. that's his quote. they announced that the donald was no longer welcome at the weekend event and kelly was asked to join the conference in his place. this is shaping up to be a heated race for the republican presidential nomination. all the candidates squared off in cleveland thursday night. it was the highest rated primary debate in television history with more than 24 million people watching and the candidates didn't disappoint. there were plenty of fireworks on stage between the top 10. joining us to talk about the
9:13 am
debate, republican strategies who was there, and democratic consultant. renee, let's start with you. is trump the breath of fresh air that some call him or going way too far that others say? >> good morning, first of all. but way too far. way too far and people are getting sick and tired of the foolishness that he's putting out and he's starting to speak on it. behind the scenes when i was there it was phenomenal. you can see how people were not dealing with donald trump and they will not deal with him and they have had it. >> and before we welcome you and good morning, i want both of you to respond to some of the comments we're getting. the gop debate sure has brought a lot of information back into politics and the republican party. when that happens, everyone wins. i can see it now, 20 years from now, a made for tv movie a race to being the most politically
9:14 am
incorrect gop story 2016. so let's find out, eleanor your response to that same question. you've been in politics for a minute. is this going too far or is this what the country wants? >> i think what it shows is that a lot of people want to be president. here's the thing. donald trump is making a mockery of our system. he's insulting women, he's insulting the other candidates. and i think what happened the other night was a lot of people that were really interested in the presidency, they were introduced to the country. dr. carson and the governor of ohio and even chris christie. chris christie is not known across the country. but it gave him a chance to be introduced to a lot of people. and i think people are anxious to see new faces. so i think they're happy about that. but i think what donald trump said, it was despicable and i think it's sad and i hope that if he stays in the race that he
9:15 am
comes not to the center in politics, but just becomes a gentleman. i mean, he is outrageous. >> that's not going to happen. he's still leading in the polls. ultimately what does that say? we may not like the comments but somebody days. >> what that says is basically he's saying things that people are thinking and really want to say so they're excited about that. but he's going fall off sooner or later. he's going to explode, he already has, with the whole comments around megyn, which was ridiculous. she wanted to be clear i'm going to tangle with you whether you like it or not. and for him to come out and do what they did, i'm glad they uninvited him in atlanta. >> one of the things that was said, marco rubio said they've got 17 republican candidates, the democrats can't even find one good one. how do you respond to that and do the democrats need more people involved other than just kind of ralying around behind
9:16 am
hillary clinton. >> they're not totally rallying around hillary clinton. we do have some other candidates out there but because there aren't as many you won't see them until october. but there's maybe four or five now. there probably will be more. and i think that you know, what's happening here is that usually the party that's out of favor, and that's the republicans right now, they really want to be energized and they want to say hey, it's our turn. so lots of people are saying it's our turn. but what has happened was because hilary has stayed in the lime light, she's the strongest contender. a lot of people are looking at that to see if they can get in. she has tide up a lot of the big distributors. >> i want to put both of you in the hot seat for a second. 17 people there, who do you want to see represent the party? ultimately who can win? >> at this point it's down to
9:17 am
about five people. it's too early to say. everybody is not rallying around hilary. people have issues with what she has done and people said it at our debate. we're glad so many people want to run. some want to run because they want to write a book. people run for different reasons. i'm getting ready to put my name in gn. >> i'm. >> i have to tell you, i don't want it to be a hair raising experience with donald trump at the helm. but in a way i think it might be fun to have someone like him.
9:18 am
i think you'll see on the republican said it's going to become more thoughtful but it's not going to be like reality tv. i think you're going to see people like jeb bush and marco rubio and i agree, carly did a very, very good job. she was impressive. >> we're going to hear a lot more from both of you as we get closer to the election. >> i have to say one thing today. i promised four little fans of yours i would say hello. hello my four grandchildren are watching on a weekend. >> are they democrats? >> thank you both. we appreciate you. you can leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us. >> i love when politics gets to be this exciting. we're getting a lot of your comments coming in as well. what's trending now is the guy who disinvited donald to that thing. gorgeous day up there in the pocono mountains to get out
9:19 am
there up on the lake maybe want to go fishing. the humidity is down. >> this saturday august 8th at 11:00 a.m. we'll be holding a 19th century baseball game. dave, what's the weather going to be like for us? >> seen a lot of these lately, pennsauken, pretty nice. perfect baseball weather but that cooler breeze you'll feel that later, the drop is in temperature just a bit. still above 80 degrees. you'll really feel that wind at the coast.
9:20 am
70s now except for mount pocono, 70s in atlantic city or wildwood, that's about where it will stay. 20, 30 mile an hour wind gust. far enough to keep the rain off the coast but close enough where the wind really gusts. future cast shows clouds could spread into sussex county right along the coast, maybe a few clouds inland as well but we're staying dry today. we're dry much of the weekend but we do have rain returning. it's in the 7-day forecast. clouds will increase, the humidity is back, temperatures above 80s. showers and very heavy rain tuesday. that could happen throughout the day. could see minor flooding as well. it clears out wednesday and it's pretty nice and comfortable in fact warming up on friday with partly cloudy skies and a temperature of 87 degrees. >> thank you there, dave. there are some new details, very disturbing details this
9:21 am
morning surrounding the death of bobbi kristina what a lawsuit is alleging. >> plus if you're stressed out at work or at home, you're not alone. still ahead the three easy things you can do to relieve some of that stress and live a much happier life. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning?
9:22 am
who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state.
9:23 am
welcome back. i'm reading my favorite paper right here, the philadelphia
9:24 am
daily news that just came out for this saturday. lots of great articles in here and would you look here who i just just found inside the sexy singles. but would you check out this guy right here on the famous alums right over here. and a very fine looking suit, this good looking gentleman. our own bill anderson featured. >> it's the sexy singles alumni. those are people who were previously featured and may or may not be single at this point. you're trying to get me in trouble. >> you're still single. we know he's got a girlfriend. >> let's take a look at what else is trending right now. >> good morning, everybody. you know what i'm going to do? >> i'm going to be mike jerrick. >> and i'm going to be alex
9:25 am
holly because this is the trend. this week has been dedicated to hitch bot. the friendly little hitch hikeling robot that was supposed to go around the world. >> well, it did make it across germany, it made it across canada, and it was going to cross the united states of america. it started in massachusetts, going to go to california and didn't make it out of philly. one saturday night, old city. somebody took its head off and pulled off its arms and legs. >> look at the surveillance video, we thought it was real at first, but no. >> it happened here. >> this was the experiment we did this week on good day. >> this is on live tv.
9:26 am
>> are they going to do anything. >> we just walk away, just walk away. >> here's the trouble. the woman who puts you back up. >> oh, no! >> i still can't believe that happened! >> the worst part was when the guy went by and punched in the face. >> that was bad too. >> we'll see you monday on good day philadelphia.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
i'm a girl that loves her football but i don't live in the city of my team so i try and get little pieces of it here and there when it's on my side, on the west coast. so. >> philadelphia, i love that right underneath there. we know our eagles fans are worldwide that woman out there in california reping our birds. >> what she's doing is eagles fans here can go to the open practice tomorrow but if you live in california, what do you do? you can't drive across country. you do the next best thing, you go to cowboys training camp and
9:30 am
give them hell. >> i absolutely love her. what do you think? >> he's been injured and on the dl and i guess people thought chase would be here forever. he's going to be a free agent next year so you have to ask yourself is he going to be part of the rebuilding plan and you have to ask him do you want to stick around. he would have to sign a new contract. he can't ask for the $15 million that he made this year. there are teams interested and now the talk is chase might be interested as well. i would say there's a good chance he's not going to be here come the end of august. and that's pretty crazy. if he's a legacy player and you want him to stay here regardless of the situation, that's fine. but there are young players who need to find out whether you can play or not and i think in today's day and age in sports it's maybe time to move on and maybe he could win a world
9:31 am
series with another team. >> take a look at the comments because people have been chatting up a storm about this one. >> i'm enjoying chase utley's genius plan of playing badly so the phillies can't trade him to somebody else. >> it's interesting to see the standing ovation we got this week. >> mike schmidt spent his entire career here. he didn't get traded anywhere else. dr. j was with the neds before he came here. i would like to see chase retire as a philly but he's got a couple of years left and i don't think it's going to be here. cole hamils we were like see ya. >> that does break my heart.
9:32 am
eagles predictions right now, what have your observations been? >> they look pretty good. sam bradford, they haven't seen accuracy out of a quarterback like this. >> it looks really positive, this offense is going to have a lot of success and they're going to put up yards. the defense has improved. so i don't see any reason right now that they're not going to win 10 or 11 games. >> from your lips right there. thank you we appreciate it as always. let us know what you think. bill? >> 10 or 11 games. i'll take it. let's look at what's going on with our weather. a look out at center city, old city. it looks pretty good. lots of sun, nice day. and you say it will hold up.
9:33 am
>> it will hold up, yes. and we have a lot of people who are fans of the show, they take trips, are up at the camp here. this is a rope burn and this comes from one of our favorite fans of the show. he had a weather question for us. >> good morning. we have a really big thing today. what's the forecast going to be today? >> the rope burn, they're doing things all weekend. nice and comfortable, nice and sunny there. just a little cooler. it's a little farther south, music fest, culture club. >> tonight! >> so excited. here's the forecast in case you want to head up. >> 82 degrees but it quickly
9:34 am
drops tonight. it quickly warms up now that's what we're seeing. 70 in allentown, philadelphia is at 74. a little cooler along the coast, that wind out of the northeast will continue to gust closer to 20 to 30 miles per hour, so that keeps the temperatures down there. look elsewhere into the 80s, maybe touching 80 across the lehigh valley. 7-day forecast we have to talk about the rain. monday, late monday we have showers coming in. tuesday will be the day with the heaviest rain, maybe some flooding, a downpour, very heavy rain could happen throughout the day as this big storm moves in. it moves out by wednesday so the sunshine returns so we'll dry out and warm up by the end of the week. we're back up tole 7 degrees on friday. >> a couple of police officers get the shock of their life. this happened when they responded to a report of children left home alone. what they discovered inside a
9:35 am
child's bedroom. a sight they'll never forget. >> and we're just weeks away from the pope's visit. but is this historic trip becoming more of a hassle for philadelphia. is the excitement turning more to irritation. (plays throughout)
9:36 am
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>> we're taking a look at some of the comments that are coming in. >> recognizing happiness happens day. >> and also we have this one from linda. my daughter ashley's birthday. that looks like an amazing cake. i love those log cakes. >> and of course, monty g., being loved by my niece bree bree and getting love from my eagles fans makes me happy. always appreciate the pictures coming in. >> good morning. i'm dr. mike. if you have a teenaged daughter
9:39 am
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9:41 am
♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. squeeze. stir. share.
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>> welcome back. it is 9:42. these women in police custody after two children were found locked in cages inside of a home. the georgia bureau of investigation says they were
9:43 am
called out. during a second call the deputy found two homemade cages inside the bedroom area with children inside who both had special needs. an 11-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl. >> there were toys, clothing and some other debris and stuff in it and the child actually was in about a 2-foot by 2-foot square area lying in that bed. >> horrifying. the child's mother was charged with cruelty to children and false imprisonment. some other things that are trending right now this morning. a wrongful death lawsuit has la.
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> we've had the pope here before. so it's not like it's a once in a lifetime thing, but i think it's something that is exciting for the city. i think it does put the city on an international stage. but it's irritating. not only will the people get the benefit from it, but even the people in center city in that green zone might not be able to benefit from it either. the reading terminal is talking about maybe closing down. the reading terminal any time a convention comes here, any time anything like that comes here, they always benefit but they might not be able to get in supplies because of everything being closed because of the
9:46 am
pope's visit. >> i went out and did a couple stories on this this week and talked to a lot of people and the response from many was not only will philadelphia not benefit, but will be significantly inconvenienced. and a lot of people said it's just not fair. is this philly's negative rep in play again or would you get this anywhere? >> i think you might get this anywhere. one of the things i said when we initially found out about the pope visiting and the fact that people would be renting out their houses. hey, i live in philadelphia, i'm going to make as much money as i possibly can. i think in all seriousness. it's something that is an inconvenience, but it does put the city on a national stage, it does set us up for things like this in the future so we're going to have to grin and bear it for a couple of days. >> you mentioned there is some concern that the reading terminal may not even benefit. i did read they're hiring new security guards. there's still some discussion about vendors.
9:47 am
but what needs to happen economically that quote little people also benefit and not just the tourism industry? >> i think what has to happen is you have to find a way to get supplies in and out of the city. it's almost like a military operation where it all depends on supplies. it all depends on those pathways. so you have to figure out a way to maintain security but at the same time, you make a plan so that people who run businesses, both in neighborhoods and in center city, can benefit. kids might be off from school, they'll like it. but that's going to be a logistical nightmare on the other e7bd because the kids are going to have to make up those days so there's a lot that goes into this. >> to go ahead and wrap up. i got my pass. do you think at the end of the day people are in fact are going to come? >> i think people are going to come in droves. i think people are going to figure out a way. if you can't get in you sit on the grass outside and listen to the music. i think it's going to be like that with the pope visit and people are going to enjoy it.
9:48 am
at the end of the day we're going to complain on the front end but on the back end it's going to be great for the city of philadelphia, great for our future but it is going to be a major pain in the butt. >> always a pleasure sir. >> the pleasure is all mine. >> i hope it turns out well because i'm not trying to listen to outside writers for the next 30 years talking about something negative in philadelphia. tell us what you think, guys. tweet us, leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page. excited or irritated? >> i think i'm excited. let's take a look at our weather outside right now. trenton, new jersey. it looks absolutely fabulous there. let's get over to dave warren. >> a lot of great shots coming in. but the radar tells a different story. this is close, the rain will stay off the coast but it's close enough where the winds will pick up. northeast wind from delaware all the way up through cape may and
9:49 am
atlantic city and around brigantine. who's going to take first place in the brigantine sandcastle building contest. >> it's a little windy. watch the wind especially along the coast there. you'll see that today. this is in brigantine right there in atlantic county. that temperature will stay below 80 degrees all day today and the wind certainly gusting. so a little extra spritz of water on your sand castles that should keep everything in place. there's that wind today 20 miles per hour in atlantic city, wildwood 25 miles an hour. thaz is where the strongest wind will be. a little breeze in philadelphia but look at how these numbers drop the farther north and west you go. the farther away from the coast, the lighter breeze there will be with plenty of sunshine. right now we have bright sunshine, could see just a few clouds later today, 74 with that
9:50 am
dew point at 56 now. that is just comfortable. very low humidity out there. the temperatures in the northern suburbs, except for mount pocono 70 degrees. rain and thunderstorms coming back, not until the start of the workweek late monday to early tuesday, there's some heavy rain moving in, one day, maybe a day and a half of off and on rain with thunderstorms, could lead to some minor flooding monday and tuesday. that's where it is in the seven-day forecast. it's clearing out wednesday, warning back to 80 degrees by the end of the week. friday we're close to 90 again. >> hi, i'm beth allen with this week's around the house. i love summer but i don't like thunderstorms. what do i do when the power goes
9:51 am
out? >> yes, it can be very frustrating when the power goes out from those heavy summer storms. the best thing to do is to be prepared. and i suggest that every household is prepared with a little survival power outage kit. and the first, most important thing is to make sure that you have stored the peco power outage number in your cell phone. after you make that call to report the outage, it's time to grab your power survival box. i suggest every home has one of these. in your box you want to make sure you have water for everyone, a nonperish ablg snacks for the family, it doesn't hurt to pack some workbooks, crossword puzzle books, a deck of cards. and don't forget you need something to light candles. i suggest a lighting stick, matches, and a jar candle. they don't blow out as easily
9:52 am
and they won't fall over like a taper will. and lastly, make sure that you have flashlights on hand. that work. and you have extra batteries, too. as soon as the power goes out in our house, i put tape over the handles of the fridge and freezer to make sure no one opens it up and breaks the seal so that all our food stays fresher longer. don't forget to unplug tvs, computers and other high priced electronics before the power comes back on to avoid any surges and damage to your equipment. tweet us at #fox29weekend. >> so taking a live look outside. did you see what happened this week on good day when mike jerrick took the als challenge? he called somebody out here in the weekend family, somebody is going to be getting a little chilly when we come back. ♪ ♪
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>> welcome back, we're getting some of your comments coming in. this first one from bob. i was 16 when the pope came in 1979. not a catholic but went with my friends. it was amazing. so many people, so much joy. worth it. and for our happiness happens day sends out this picture. how did i get so lucky? big smile right there.
9:56 am
so thank you for sending in those pictures. the ice bucket challenge, you're familiar with it, we did it all over facebook last year, but we're doing it every august. the als hope foundation is holding a second anniversary for the challenge. so you're going to see all those videos, you probably already have on your media feeds. our own mike jerrick accepted the challenge a little earlier this week on good day. >> do you have anyone you want to challenge before we start this? >> bob kelly. >> me? >> you know what we can do? put down that phone. >> oh, no. >> put down that phone. there's room for two men on this chair. >> look what we started. >> so bob kelly. anybody else or just bob kelly? >> chris murphy. oh, the weekend show. >> bill anderson.
9:57 am
>> and karen hepp? >> we'll do bill anderson. >> here we go! >> all right. i loved that mike is so smart and he did not include me and he's like no, no, bill anderson. you heard him, bill anderson. get out there and get that ice on your head. >> all right, karen. so, yes. apparently i'm going to represent the team. mike jerrick nominated me for the ice bucket challenge, we're continuing to do this to raise funds. i'm supposed to do this and nominate -- i'm going to nominate my friend hank from chasing news, head crack and our executive producer nicole wolf. she's next. dave looks like he's enjoying this. >> ready? >> na na na na na. >> all for a good cause.
9:58 am
>> i appreciate that. karen, we are coming for you. forget representing the team. you're up next.
9:59 am
10:00 am
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