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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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lawyer and in legal problems of her hone watch kathleen kane said in court today. a march on ferguson one year after the tragedy that shocked the nation. keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds.eshest food and low acme prices. and right now you can save even more during our huge anniversary sale. happy anniversary to me. now hellman's mayonnaise is $2.49. delicious breyers ice cream is $2.49. and selected quaker favorites are only $1.49. happy anniversary to me. acme's huge anniversary sale! it's just better. ♪♪ right now at 10-a new role for pennsylvania's top prosecutor. attorney general kathleen kane now has a second title criminal defendant. the state's top lawyer even had
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to pose for her own mug shot as you see right l good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. i'm dave kinchen. much different kind of day in court for kane this afternoon. fox 29's brad sattin was there when she was arraigned on perjury charges. he joins us live from the newsroom and brad, did the attorney general have anything to say? >> reporter: dave, she really didn't n fact she said nothing to the media. very little during at rain many itself. really not the time when a plea is made. no plea was entered but her attorney says kane is positive upbeat and confident about the out come here. pennsylvania's em bald attorney general answered no questions as she entered the montgomery county detectives bureau in norristown for a rain many on saturday. 4984 old kathleen kane elected in 2012 is facing charges of perjury, obstruction official oppression and criminal conspiracy over allegations that she leaked secret grand jury
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information to the media and then lied under oath about it. >> sad day in that there's been arraignment now for the chief law enforcement in the state. >> reporter: her mug shot was taken, she was fingerprinted then free to leave following her five minute hearing via video conference where her only responses were she understood both the charges against her and her conditions of bail include nothing retaliation against witnesses. bail was set at $10,000 which was not required to pay. she left without comment but her new york based attorney did respond. >> we're very confident that when all the facts in the case come out that she's going to be exonerated. >> reporter: insisting there's more to the story beyond the allegations that kane leaked grand jury information as punishment to former state prosecutor frank fena critical of her. >> we think it tells very small slice of what was going on here. it really doesn't tell the background of what happened which is search to understanding
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everything that did happen. >> reporter: when asked if she could continue to run the state's business with the weight of criminal charges hanging over her,. >> i think it has been difficult but this has been going ton or a long time. they made it work and they'll continue to make it work. she has no plans to resign at this point. >> reporter: despite some from her own party including gov tour tom wolf urging her to step down down. montgomery county district attorney a republican announce the charges again kane on thursday. the decision to charge wasn't based on political witch hunt but on the law. >> or job in going forward here is simply to do justice and bring the truth out in a courtroom. >> reporter: kane is next in court in just over two weeks. preliminary hearing set for august 24th where we should learn a whole lot more details about the charges against her. her attorney telling us today that kane will be making some comments about today's arraignment but so far joyce she has not. >> all right thank you so much, brad.
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two delving stories in f it's been a violent day throughout the city. gunfire kills two men and injures two others. police were called to the 600 block of west mayfield street in the fair hill neighbor just after 6:00 this evening. 29-year-old man was shot in the head and died right there at the scene. the shooter is still on the loose tonight. and police are investigating investigating a triple shooting that left one man dead in north philadelphia. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon on the 3200 block of e street. officials say a 46-year-old man was shot in the chest and taken to temple university hospital where he later died. a 59-year-old was shot several times. he's in stable condition. a 33-year-old man was shot in the back. he's still in critical condition tonight. no word yet on police knowing who this shooter is, dave. that's right. turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. near perfect saturday with plenty of warmth and sunshine.
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meteorologist dave warren is here to tell us about the second half of your weekend. dave, we're hoping for another perfect 10. >> today was near perfect tomorrow will be... (no audio). >> we will see a little break here we're talking about. little break here as high pressure moves in. high pressure moves in from the north looks like it's improving here just bit. this is the break we're talking about between the storms. one storm moves out. the next one is slowly moving in. so we're watching both this one will be clearing out and give us a nice sunday taking all the clouds with it much temperatures will drop overnight into the mid 70s now. little cooler right along the coast. there's that cooler air came in off the ocean. but it easily drops down into the 60s to night down the shore.
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57 degrees. hee lehigh valley that's even cool per comes with a price here. that storm moves out it is dry and it is clear. that will really let these temperatures drop overnight tonight. so what's ahead? well, as this storm moves out, we are looking at our next one. here it comes. now this looks like it will be coming in for the start of the week. so nice end to the weekend but it does come with heavy rain it won't skirt by just to our south. pretty much making a direct hit right over the area. so the timing of this looks like it's starting this coming week. monday night we'll see the clouds increase and talking about some heavy rain. i'll tell you how long want to expect once all the rain moves out. it's in the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up a little bit later. >> all right. thank you dave. residents in ferguson, missouri took time out this morning to remember michael brown. tomorrow will mark one year since the 18-year-old was shot and killed by a ferguson, missouri police officer led by michael brown sr. his father. about 200 people gathered at the
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site of the shooting and they marched in demonstrated there. brown says time has not yet healed the pain of losing his son. >> we hurting. you know, i can't tell nobody else how they feel about they kid or what they got to do through to get by but how i get by, i hurt every day. i have to stay moving doing overrunning just to keep me from going insane. >> the us department of justice and st. louis county grand jury cleared officer darrin wilson of any wrongdoing in the shooting. wilson resigned from the ferguson police department last november. two men are dead an woman bald hurt in three different stabbings overnight throughout our area. 21-year-old man was stabbed multiple times just before 3:00 this morning. it happened on the 7300 block of revere street in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. the victim was taken to aria torresdale hospital where he later died. police have not yet made any
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arrests in that case. just minutes after that stabbing another one happened in grays ferry. police say a 30-year-old man was established once in the chest on the 2700 block of oakford street. medic pronounced him dead to the scene. three women are being questioned by police. and in montgomery county officials say that a woman was stabbed over and over on the 600 block of west lafayette street in norristown. she was flown to a local hospital. no word tonight on her condition. police are looking for the person who stabbed her. health officials in new york are fighting back against the deadly outbreak of legionnaires' disease. so far just over a hundred people have been diagnosed with the disease in the south bronx of new york 10 people have died. governor andrew cuomo has sent in 150 trained state health inspectors to test at least 100 water cooling towers in that area. people sick from legionnaires' have a type of pneumonia caused by breathing in water vapors
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contaminated with bacteria. >> what's most unfortunate about it preys on people who are most vulnerable in our society. young, healthy people almost never get this if he can. it really only occurs in people who are elderly people who are heavy cigarette smokers and people who have some underlying immune condition. >> new york city is confident they are now beyond the worst of the outbreak. a late night car bombing kills an american soldier outside u.s. base in kabul. the ambush targeted camp integrity us headquarters for elite special forces. >> the explosion coming just hours after two other deadly attacks. fox's peter doocy has more now on the afghanistan capitals bloodiest day in the last four years. >> reporter: at least 44 people were killed in a trio of terrorist bombing yesterday. among them, women children and an american service member. two american service members were also wounded when a bomb blew up outside the us military
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special forces headquarters at camp integrity in kabul. earlier in the day a police academy in cableway tacked by a suicide bomber and a police uniform. 20 recruits were killed in that blast. in the hours before that a city block in a reasonable part of kabul was leveled by a truck bomb. more than 15 innocent people were killed there. these attacks happened as the taliban and afghan government tries to negotiate peace and figure out a way to exist together. these peace talks were long planned but complicated by the announcement that the famous taliban leader omar is dead. and has been for two years. that's why the president of afghanistan is blaming the surge of violence on attackers attempt attempting to create a diversion much his office specifically blames the taliban. it state department not willing to make that conclusion. they do just condemn the attacks with this quote. they say that the attacks demonstrate again the insurgency insurgency's complete disregard for the lives of innocent afghan
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afghans such actions have no justification. afghanistan has big problem right now because before terrorists killed dozen people yesterday, the united nations had releaseed information this week that the first half of this year is the deadliest half of year in afghanistan for civilians sips 2009. almost 1600 innocent civilians were killed there just between january and june. in washington, peter doocy fox news. still to come on the fox 29 news at 10:00 a michigan lawmakers busted for having an affair but it's what he did after that secret came out that has him in even more trouble. the bizarre cover up and why he told a vicious rumor more about himself. >> and a heart warming reunion for a former war hero and the special soldier he says was always by his side. the great lengths he wept to to full till a promise to his best friend. >> dave. >> promise you a nice day tomorrow. it won't start the week that wage the radar is clear now.
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that storm is moving out. the next one is moving in coming with a lot of rain. timing it all. i'll have the up dat with the seven day forecast coming up.
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♪ investigators are looking into what sparked a late night fire in west chester. firefighters were called to the 100 block of west union street just after 11:00 o'clock last night. the fire started in one of the townhomes and spread next door. it we caught up with neighbor who describes what happened. >> i was up watching television and heard this really loud
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whoop. it wasn't an explosion but it was a really strange sound and i headed toward the back of the house and actually i heard someone bang on the front door saying, you know, your house is on fire. the back of the house get out. >> luckily it was not his home. neighbors say three recent college graduates lived in the house where the fire started but they were not home at the time of the blaze. a police officer in a dallas suburb has been put on administrative leave after shooting a college football player. that happened yesterday and it happened during a call to check out a possible burglary at a car dealership in arlington texas. police just released surveillance video shot just before that shooting. this is 19-year-old christian taylor jumping on a car at the dealership. he then got into his suv and crashed it into the showroom. rocky police officer brad miller and his training officer came to check this whole thing out.
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the arlington police department says some kind of struggle broke out between them and miller shot taylor. taylor's dad says he doesn't know what prompted his son to crash into the dealership or to do any of the things you saw there. but he does say he didn't deserve to die for it. >> shooter an unarmed man and you trained to take down -- as police officer you train to take down men with your hands. you have your tasers, you have your clubs whatever there is. 19-year-old. you shoot the kid. >> well police say they are investigating taylor's death as a possible criminal case to determine whether departmental rules were broken as well. well officials are weighing whether a illegal immigrant accused of of killing a california woman should face additional charges. >> police say he attack her and left her for dead inside her santa monica home. fox's robert gray looks into what police are considering
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here. >> reporter: 29-year-old victor ramirez and another man have been connected with the vicious tack on 64-year-old marilyn ferris. police say the two men bud jeeped her way hammer and sexuallyies salted her inside her santa maria home. ferris died eight days later. ramirez is an illegal immigrant with a string of arrests. official are laying blames on this attack from the feds to the state laws here in california. >> i believe there's a blood trail from washington d.c. into sacramento into the bedroom of marilyn. we see time after time that this administration throws buckets of nails in front of ice. our state has been dumping thousands and thousands of prisoners back into our streets under 8901. >> the sheriff criticizeing a law aimed at reducing the prison. for its part official at u.s. immigration customs and enforcement say they had asked to be notified before ramirez
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prior release to take him into custody. ice officials blame the police department released him a week later in 2014 without notification. ramirez has been arrested sick times in the last 15 months for crimes including sexual assault weapons charges and driving without a license. his most recent a rest occurred eight days before the attack on ferris. ramirez has pleaded not guilty to murder, rape and burglary charges and remains in custody. >> it is too soon in our process for me to make a decision about whether this will be a death penalty case. wet it will be prosecuted as a death penalty case. the way it is filed now there's the option. >> this attack comes just weeks after illegal immigrant allegedly killed kate steinly in san francisco that. case involved in question government policies to allow illegals to remain free despite laws that mandate deportation. robert gray, fox news. a pair of michigan lawmakers
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are under investigation tonight after they allegedly used a bizarre coverup to hide a sexual affair. state representative representatives todd and cindy call themselves tea party gladiators. they're accused of of not having an extra marital affair with each other but covering it up by createing e-mails that accuse the woman of having relations with a male prostitute. local newspapers say the -- e-mails say the -- the state house speaker launching an investigation meanwhile michigan residents are having mixed feelings about this one. >> i think todd is an up right man. i think he's right with the lord and um, i think, you know, it's a little invading, um and i wouldn't believe it. >> you lie to your wife and your family you probably lie to us.
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well both representatives as you gathered gathered are married haven't children. u.s. michigan congresswoman candace miller is calling for the two of them to resign. former us army contractor has fulfilled a promise he made to the service dog he work alongside on the battlefields of afghanistan. >> yes it took years to do this but now the two of them are finally reunited. fox's paul tinsley has their heart warming story. >> reporter: sheldon holland spent nearly $8,000 and two years trying to be reunited with his hero who he worked with and shared a room with in afghanistan as a u.s. army contract worker. holland's hero is january go asher german shepherd dog. as a team they potentially saved hundreds of u.s. service men's lives. searching for explosives around base walton in afghanistan's.
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when he got injured in the line of duty they were separated. >> before he was taken a way forty three me i said to him i'll fulfill a promise i made to you along the whole journey i'll bring him home and we're going to be together. >> reporter: it's not easy to get a dog ought of afghanistan. but after journey taking two weeks holland was finally told he could come and collect the animal from quarantine. >> i'm lost for words. i'm so overwhelmed happy nervous, emotions at the moment. i've and waiting a long time for this day. >> here boy. >> here, boy. >> come to daddy. >> here, boy. >> for journey of more than 5,000 miles this american war hero has been reuniteed with his handler but daschle don holland has only fulfilled half of his promise to his best friend. >> you see back in the
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afghanistan desert of kandahar holland promised the dog he'd take him to see the ocean for the first time. so the dog known by servicemen as a glory hopped and his handler left destination the golden beaches of south africa south coast. in johannesburg paul tinsley fox news. >> community members gather tag basketball court working to have that space dedicated to one every philadelphia's fallen heroes. neighbors came together at 61st and baltimore this morning they're getting signatures on a petition tore maim the court in the hem of fallen police officer robert wilson iii sergeant wilson was shot and killed in the line of duty back in march. and still ahead on fox 29 news at 10:00 danger from above. a delta flight takes a pounding in mid air. what caused all this damage and how passengers felt on this very bumpy ride. calling all beer drinkers kearse. if the summer heat is making you thirsty there's one trip you
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might want to take. where you'll have to go to fine the world's largest beer garden.
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♪ in taiwan typhoon has killed four people. it left millions without electricity and has triggered massive flooding and set off mudslides, too. the storm made landfall early saturday on the island's east coast bringing up to 39-inches of rain and packing packing winds up to
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124 miles an hour. more than 7500 people have been evacuateed so far around that country and a lot more damage is expected before this is all over. mexico's most active volcano continues to shoot fires shoot fire ash into the sky. one of them create add column of ash that reached almost 10,000 feet. no evacuations were reported. local residents have been warned about ash rain and the volcano is about 430 miles west of the mexico city. a wild chase ends in st. louis after a carjacking and bang robbery. police say a a man carjack somebody in caseyville and robbed a bank in nearby town, cops tried to pull him over but he wouldn't stop. he led police into east st. louis and that's where he got out of the car and he started running. officers closed in on him that suspect shot and killed himself. still fox 29 news at 10:00-a
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facebook pace off social media giant rejecting a woman's photo because she's not wearing make up. how she fired back that's coming you. >> and straight ahead history meets history. abraham lincoln now tied to one of philadelphia's biggest weekends ever. how a civil war relic will play a part in the pope's visit to the city. >> dave warren. >> the second part of the weekend looking great. get up early enough right about sunrise 6:07 temperatures will be cold. many of the suburbs dropping into the upper 50s. the city will be at 67. 58 in the suburbs. quickly warming up though. then we're looking at our next storm. i'll have the latest track in your forecast coming up. ♪
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>> to the pope's historic to philadelphia.
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history will history in 45 days now. when the pontiff delivers his speech from independence mall. now, pope francis will be speaking from the very same lectern used by president abraham lincoln when he gave the gettysburg add doctor. joanne pileggi takes a look at the connection between the two historic from the same podium. >> st. francis is looking out for, you know, under privileged and people that -- have been negligented by society and that's kind of what abraham lincoln did in a way so i think it's very fitting. it will be cool. >> reporter: to the average person this simple walnut lectern might not seem to matter matter. but it is an important civil war artifact that will link former president abraham lincoln and pope francis' historic physician to philadelphia. >> holy father's use of this lectern is incredibly significant as it is the same
10:31 pm
lecture used by president lincoln to deliver the gettysburg address on november november 19th, 1863. >> reporter: it was a little over 150 years ago when president lincoln used this lectern to dedicate part of the civil war battlefield at gettysburg as a cemetery giving one of the most famous speeches in american history. >> so to borrow a phrase from the address it is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this, that this lectern be used by pope francis to deliver his address at independence hall. >> reporter: the lectern is on loan to the union league for its civil war artifacts collect. the idea to have pope francis use it came about at a meeting of vatican officials and event organizers at the union league earlier this year. >> to have this man of faith who speaks for peace love and religious freedom around the world, to use president
10:32 pm
lincoln's gettysburg lectern to address all those who will visit philadelphia and come to see him at this historic moment is truly eventful. >> i think it's awesome. i think it's just -- i think it will be a great affair. >> if he's going to speak from the same podium that like abraham lincoln from, that's really -- i don't know, that's kind of philly showing our love to the pope, though. >> next month experts will be removing that leck fresh its locate at the union league on broad street and they'll prepare it for the pope's visit right here in philadelphia. you can fine out everything you need to know about the pope's visit just in one place. you know it's right here on you can look at the special section right there on our home page. to your fox 29 weather authority. meteorologist dave warren here. some more rain on the way. >> more rain on the way yes. quick-moving storms here talking about the next storm before the warmth. not quiet out of here yet.
10:33 pm
>> pretty active pattern. a little break tomorrow. won't last long, though. enjoy the sunday. step outside, it will be a cool one. especial until those suburbs. 50s tomorrow morning. cool start. nice and comfortable here in philadelphia. that temperature dropping. so a cool night tonight. but the second headline shows we have rain this week. that rain will be heavy and only for one day so not an extended period of heavy rain. once the rain clears out temperatures are even cooler. by the end of the week there the lows in philadelphia could try to drop down into the mid to low 60s. quick-moving storms. one is moving out. was not close enough to give us any rain. did give us northeast wind and a few clouds here today these are high clouds that extended up from delaware into new jersey even as far into philadelphia. but it's all moving out now. cooler air came in why it's a little cooler here in atlantic city wildwood, 74 in philadelphia. mid 70s up to the north. it will quickly drop. the skies are clear.
10:34 pm
that wind dies down a cool start in the burbs about 10 degrees cooler by tomorrow morning. 6:07 sunrise that is when it will start to warm up. now quickly warms up. we're at 83 by 12:00 o'clock. mid 80s tomorrow afternoon. we'll see just a few clouds moving by maybe not quite as many clouds as today and certainly not those high clouds because that storm is moving out. now there's the rip current risk. watch that tomorrow. water is pretty inviting i'll bet and wind may die down just a bit but moderate risk for rip currents both tomorrow and likely on monday as that wind really starts to pick up again ahead of next storm. two fast-moving storms much this one moves out. we get high pressure for one day tomorrow. that keeps us dry and comfortable. but as one storm moves out the next one will be developing in this area. hasn't developed yet but intensifies rapidly. it will be developing monday. so look for clouds increasing throughout the day on monday. may be a few hours around late monday but it is tuesday that we are looking at this heavy rain.
10:35 pm
very heavy rain likely. that wind come from the south we can see heavier amounts especially across the lehigh valley. minor flooding is possible. not widespread flooding. just minor flooding because the ground is so dry you get this drenching thunderstorm and the ground can't handle it so you can just see areas of flooding. watch for that on monday night and tuesday. seven day forecast talk about cooler temperatures by wednesday. once the rain clears out it's 65 on wednesday morning. 62 thursday morning. that's in philadelphia. a lot cooler in the suburbs with the clear skies and just a little cooler air. now, it doesn't last long because the heat returns starting friday. we are into the mid 80s and saturday through a night in there next weekend. not quiet out of the summer yet. >> you got to have a 90. >> 90 helps us. >> it's august. >> all right. thank you, guys. , daves. >> straight ahead on fox 29 news at 10:00-a jetliner full of
10:36 pm
passengers cannot avoid a nasty storm. the terrifying moments those on board this plane look at that as it takes a beating in mid air. that's coming up.
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uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state.
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♪ delta flight makes an emergency landing friday night after getting pummeled by baseball size hail take look at these pictures. you can see the significant damage to the plane's nose and windshield. delta flight 1889 was on its way to salt lake city from boston when it got caught up in a violent hail storm over eastern colorado. pilots had limited visibility but they managed to divert the flight to denver international airport. passengers say they're lucky to be alive. >> i night constantly, and this was the scariest 10 minutes of my life. >> we went around the corner and from the window we could see the shattered windshield. we could see a hole over the engine where lightning had struck. we can see the nose of the play was missing. it was really intense. >> i thought to myself when it was happening have i told everybody i love that i love them? and as soon as i realized i had done that, i was like, i'm all right. >> that's unreal.
10:40 pm
passengers boarded another plane in denver and continued their trip to salt lake city. the search continues tonight for that malaysian flight 370. several photos were released today by the french army showing the on i've going hunt to recover debris from that missing jet. the search is concentrated west of an island in the indian ocean. the week long operation began last week after french authorities found part of a wing believed to be part of that missing plane. sunday marks 70 years sin the united states dropped the bomb atomic bomb on japan. japanese citizens marking that dame the bomb destroyed everything located within a one- one-mile radius of the center of the blast. the fierce blast combined with ray that is reached several thousand degrees tour through nagasaki. more than 150,000 people died in the attack. and from the subsequent radiation sickness. japan surrendered sick days later ending world war ii. and straight ahead on fox 29
10:41 pm
news at 10 we introduce you to these newborn falcons back in the spring. so where are they now? they've taken flight here in philadelphia but not everything has gone according to plan. what went wrong? that's coming up next.
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♪ a woman from suburban chicago ends up in the middle of a face off with facebook. she says the social media giant would not let her post a photo of herself without makeup. lisa goodman suffers from scleroderma. she reached out to 23-year-old blogger who is suffering from multiple organ failure relate to the disease in an evident to raise air wearness they decided to post photos of the two of them side by side showing the different faces and impact of the condition. lisa paid $20 to boost the post on facebook. she got e-mail from facebook that read "we recommend that you avoid focusing on certain body parts as they may draw negative feedback". >> i was very upset by the situation and i wrote a second article called facebook doesn't
10:45 pm
like my face. i put it with my same picture and iodide what had happened to me and there was just this fire storm of outrage. >> tomorrow lisa says she will leave her house for the first time without makeup to launch campaign called face off for scleroderma her goal is to help erase the fear of going bare. germany is playing host to a beer lover's dream this weekend but you'll have to hurry if you want to join in on this party. berlin is the site of the international beer festival. the free event also boasts the longest beer gore den in the world. attendees are enjoying beers from more than 340 breyer's from across 87 countries. the mile long festival also features life music from 20 stages organizers expect close to 800,000 people from all around the world to a 10 it. the whole thing wraps up tomorrow night. taking competition to new
10:46 pm
depths. budapest hosted its sixth annual underworld cap. cyclists race inside a tunnel underneath the city. the whole race is about 21 miles long only a portion of it actually runs through the tunnel system. streets of lima peru are beginning to look like a classic scene from the hitchcock film the birds. there are pigeons just about everywhere you look that led officials to ban pigeon feeding in the country's capital city. violators face a five of $120 for the first offense and that doubles for subsequent offenses. authorities are trying to limit the ever growing population and they're worried about the birds spreading disease. okay. a much different kind of bird tale right here in philadelphia. we first introduced to you these guys back in may. the falcons are hatched at city hall and now as you see they have taken flight but not
10:47 pm
everything has gone as plan. ♪ spring through summer you can easily see these rare beauties spreading their wings. >> fastest animal in the world. it's great. really great. >> soaring over center city philadelphia. >> they're like jet fighter planes. >> did you see that? >> they can do anything they want. >> powerful and fearless. >> in a power dive they can hit speeds 200 miles an hour. >> bold and brave. especially when it comes to protecting they are nests. >> you can feel the woosh go writ by you. >> way up high in the city hall tower. >> that's the closest you'll get to them. >> this protected species has no idea that these humans are here
10:48 pm
to help them survive. >> only about third of these youngsters will live to be one-year-old. >> now banned pesticide had nearly wiped the falcon off the face of the earth. >> here we go. only reason we're doing this to help the population to recover. >> okay. we're goinging to in head first. >> nature's circle of life repeated here for the last several years with a little help from art mcmorris of the pennsylvania game commission. >> so whatever works out best for the birds that's the way we do it. ♪ >> complete success we have a full brood of young. they're all nice and healthy and we expect them to go far. >> as soon as the four chicks, three girls one boy learn how but they say face of hazards in the big city. flying into glass. they don't get it. they don't know they can't fly
10:49 pm
through it or they get hit by cars or land or power lines. >> but only one has been lost of the city hall falcons years ago. >> good solid couple of months we're watching them and everybody is rooting for them. >> and hoping to document their flight to freedom. attorney and volunteer falcon protector don pearlman. >> flying back and forth. practicing their landings. we see them all around this area between us and city hall. >> this year the male was the first to fly. and the first to run into trouble. >> we got a report that somebody had found that bird on the ground. they found it on arch street some place. >> he says the bird was quickly taken into to a nature center treated and rehabbed an week along brought to don's terrace and releaseed. >> i know you can fly. >> we thought we hoped it would be fine but maybe two 2.5 weeks later somebody found it actually at sixth and brandywine, and it
10:50 pm
was badly injured. nobody quite knows how. >> no saving him this time. >> you don't think that something bad is going to happen happen. they're just mighty birds. >> but volunteer allison katzman realized how much of our heart was invested. >> i feel bad for him and didn't think i would become attached to birds. >> it was disappointing that it wasn't able to make it. >> but his sisters are thriving apparently with little help from the parents who are hardly even around now. don says he's a little sad to lose such a pleasant work diversion. >> sometimes in mid august probably when we'll say our goodbye, not face to face but when they'll leave. it won't be till the spring that the sire kell will start all over again. >> and he'll be watching. >> isn't don great? don tells us those new city hall falcons will soon leave our area. they'll be making their own way. their parents though, we're told will be hanging around the
10:51 pm
region but you probably won't be able to see them as much again until we hope they come back to nest again next year. well several children and their families spent this saturday night at the philadelphia zoo for free. the philadelphia eagles fly for leukemia is hosting the annual night at the zoo for pediatric cans sr. patients from area hospitals about 1,000 kids and their family members were treated to a night of fun and food. over the past 30 years eagles fly for leukemia has contributed over $10 million for sick children and sean bell you're also talking eagles tonight. >> dee me company ryans showing no effect from that achilleas injury last year. he talks about being ready to go and the guard position is still wide open. after losing two pro bowlers chip is takeing his time naming the starters. his thoughts next in sports.
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♪ eagles training camp a bunch of guys nick up early but only one major concern. kiki alonso missed the last couple of days of camp because of a can you go. right now he's going through nfl protocol. we don't know how bad or concerning it is but he remains out.
10:55 pm
luckily, he has a deep deep linebacker position that is very strong right now. dee me company ryans is back from an kill lease injury. so far no signs of pain or hesitation. ryans looks like he's flying around with full confidence. that's great news. kiki a loll son supposed to be the starter. if you continue to have injury issues concussion or something else popping up ryans will have to step up today at practice he talk about getting over that achilleas. >> i can't say that it's gotten better, you know, every day. still doing extra stuff coming merylly working with our guys our conditional staff and also the training staff and it's progressing and getting better every day. before when i'm running around i'm not thinking about my achilleas at all. i'm thinking about getting loose and everything before i have to go out don anything. so once i do my pre hab work i'm
10:56 pm
ready to go. >> eagles o line is a major focus. the offensive guard spot looks weak right now. they got two guards todd harmins and evan mathis gone. chip kelly has yet to pick a starting five. you need some type of cohesion if you want that group to be effective but chip says hold on. not yet. >> it doesn't matter what continuity if you have the wrong guy. that's the bottom line. everybody feels the same way. you love to be everything lock in right now. but if we did we're doing -- we're locking in the wrong guy that doesn't help us as a football team. so um, the great part of our preseason is it is so long. that it will give itself a chance to express itself over that time. you're not making a haste tee decision. >> the best things about camp are the fights much redskins and texans get into an all out brawl. look at this right here. a joint practice scrimmage between the two teams teams got
10:57 pm
into a fight five couldn't second to you tiff plays. each one worse than the on the ending in this right here as you see players from both fields run around. you see the skirmishes. these guys don't like each other right now. it's hot and they're aggravated. >> have good night. >> play nice fellas much. >> that's our news for this saturday night.
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