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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 14, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> fox 29 news in m.d. brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29 a really close call for customers and employees at a camden county liquor store. a car comes crashing right through the wall. good evening i'm chris o'conne o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney that crash happening this evening on the white horse pike in laurel springs, and that's where we find fox 29's brad sattin live with the latest. brad? >> reporter: dawn they're in the process of closing the store right now. crews just left a few seconding a actually. after spending a few hours boarding up behind the boards here was the window. the car went straight through. this is a bit of a strange story, because there's really two stories here. the accident itself which was not a crime, but what happened afterward was. one moment you're ringing someone up, the next you're
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diving for cover when a car comes crashing through the store wall. >> i think that's pretty craze seem you know what i mean? hope everybody was all right, though. >> reporter: they seemed to happen at wine noland on the white horse pike where employees say this is the fourth time in recent years a car came barreling through. no one was hurt today, the man behind the counter went right back to work. employees jumping over broken glass customers moving and even they pulled up saying, oh, no, not again. >> they had made drive through over here. >> this isn't the first time? >> this is not the first time. what is it with this place? >> they should have a driver through. >> after the last crash last year these concrete posts went up as you can tell this one doesn't hold up very well. when police say an elderly female driver hit the gas instead of the brake friday afternoon. the car was quickly removed. just an accident but there was a crime committed while we were april side. employee ruben isabel shows how he caught a man stealing spea speaking little english.
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dry describing how the thief reached up in the store and took off with bottle liquors. he chased the man down and show us how he snapped a photo of suspect and was able to get one of the bottles back. >> you got it back? >> yes, uh-huh. >> okay g job. >> reporter: customers saying you got to be kidding me. >> really? >> really? >> that's insane. >> from here? >> that's insane. >> reporter: that's why he was out of the breath. went running out of him. >> like when they have a blackout they go break through the window and stealing stuff. >> looting. >> people taking advantage. >> looting. >> by darkness crews were busy patching up the window saying it's not their theirs time here and doubt it will be there last. now this is kind of interesting. in the photo of that suspect that the employee got a picture as we look closely at it the suspect actually had a name tag on that potentially could help police. again, they just finish cleaning up here. this is going to be an expensive bill here. we're hearing just the cleanup
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the facade of the building could cost between three and $5,000, chris and dawn and that is not including all the alcohol that was lost. >> all right, brad, thank you. a cape may county man facing sexual assault charges for a crime prosecutors say he committed more than two decades ago. police arrested 57-year-old vincent watkins of middle township today. they say an investigation revealed he had sexually assault add teenaged boy scout back in 1991. police say watkins was involved with that boy scout troop but they have not yet revealed in what capacity. on your radar tonight, another heat wave. fox 29 meteorologist scott will jumps is here. are we talking fourth heat wave, scott. >> it look like it, brewing as we move into the upcoming weekend, dawn, and continuing into early next week. the high today was 88 degrees. but the heat pump an area of high pressure like a bermuda high will continue to heat us up over the next several days. 79 degrees right now in. dew points in the low 60s and the winds out of the south southwest at 10 miles per hour. so eventually that will help
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pump in that more of that humidity as well. 75 right now wilmington. 72 millville. mid 60s right now in the pocono mountains. so low temperatures tonight upper 60s in the city. low 60s in the burbs. mostly clear, a quiet friday overnight. your saturday snapshot across the area, heating up, 91 degrees the high temperature in center steam down the shore, sunny, nice, breezy, 83 degrees. 82 for the high temperature in the pocono mountains. so coming up we'll talk about a mainly dry weekend, another heat wave, how long it will last, how hot it gets as well as the eagles forecast at the linc on sunday. dawn coming up with the seven day. >> thank you scott. philadelphia police officer is taken to the hospital after a car accident in hunting park. the crash happening about 5:30 on the 600 block of hunting park avenue. officials say an officer was in his patrol car when a vehicle turned from the side street and hit the police cruiser. that officer was taken to temple university hospital but is expected to be just fine. right now investigators are
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working to figure out why this small plane fell out of the sky and crash landed in a shallow allentown creek. amazing the man who was flying that experimental aircraft is alive tonight, non one else is hurt. but as fox 29's dave schratwieser explains, residents who live nearby say that crash was a little too close for comfort. mother-in-law was here with my two children. i have a five month old an 22 month old in the home. um little close. >> reporter: todd,'s home few hundred feet away from the little lehigh river where the single engine plane went down friday morning. for his family, the crash was just too close for comfort. >> it was a close call for a lot of people. yeah. thank goodness he missed the bridge, he missed my home. there's another busy road out here a lot of homes. >> gina and her son walked from their home nearby to see the crash. she, too, said this was close call. >> it's kind of scary, because we only live a few blocks away, so, you know, the planes are always going overhead and you always think it's okay, but you never know.
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>> reporter: the pilot of the zenith experimental aircraft was trapped in the wreckage for about 15 minutes before rescue crews managed to free him. >> we found one pilot in the river. the pilot was injured. he was conscious when we took him, our ems took him to local area hospital. >> reporter: the plane is believed to have taken off from the queen city airport about half mile away. crews placed booms in the creek near the crash site to prevent leaking fuel from spreading. >> we're very lucky. we're not sure exactly what the nature of the problem was, why this happened, but certainly could have been much wore. >> reporter: faa arrived on scene to investigate the crash. there was no word on what caused the plane to go down. >> i just hope he's okay. yeah, i mean the plane went straight down, so just hope he comes out officer this all right. >> hopefully he's safe. it's a shame he's probably going to lose his plane but, um, at least everybody is safe. >> reporter: the faa says the plane was a zenith ch750 experimental aircraft.
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it will be taken here to this airport to be scammed. the name of the pilot has not yet been released. in allentown, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. the search is on tonight for a man the fbi says robbed two banks in less than a week. the last robbery happening just today at the citizens bank on the 7200 block of rising sun avenue. the fbi says the man walked into the bank and handed the teller a demand note. he was able to get away with an undetermined amount of cash. the other robbery happened on august 10th at the pnc bank on the 1300 block of bethlehem pike in flourtown, montgomery county. if you know who the man is, please call police or the fbi. and a new jersey man is facing charges after authorities say he set fire to a building in queen village then lied about it to investigators. 35-year-old chad dodge of mullica hill was arrested this morning. officials say he used a device to try to start a fire on the 700 block of south fourth street back in april of last year.
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if convicted of all charges, dodge faces five to 25 years in prison. a montgomery county man is one of four across pennsylvania arrested in connection with a child pornography investigation. lower merion police arresting 30-year-old ryan daniel boyd. they say they found images of child pornography on his home computer. boyd is now out on bail but is facing serious charges. the attorney general's office says three other others were ard on unrelated charges. police in newtown township, delaware county, say they usually find a couple of pot plants growing every year. but these, check them out, could be one for the record books. this morning cops cut down 20 of these plants some of them about 10 feet tall. police say they were tipped off to the wooded area a few weeks ago. they did some surveillance hoping to find the person responsible but finding no one. today they decided to get out the hatchet. the plants have a street value up to $10,000. police say heroin use is much greater concern than marijuana but, yes, this is still very much illegal.
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happening now, history is being made in had a van n the united states flag is now flying over the american embassy in cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. but not all the issues between the united states and cuba have been resolved. fox's kevin cork has a look at the challenges ahead. >> reporter: it's a day for the history books in havana. secretary of state john kerry meeting with cuban counterpart bruno rodriguez at cuba's foreign ministry the talks notable since kerry is the first secretary of state on cuban soil since 1945. >> normalization of a relation social security not a favor that we do, one nation to the other, it's something that we do together because both of our citizens we have determined have the ability to be able to benefit. >> u.s. embassy in cuba formally opening friday after the two nations chose to normalize relations after more than five decades of tensions. despite that decision, secretary kerry did take the opportunity to call for change.
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>> we remain convinced the people of cuba would be best served by genuine democracy where people are free to choose their leaders, express their ideas, practice their faith. >> one thing not changing, however, is washington's economic em bar government the obama administration and cuban officials pushing for the ban to be lived but that's already been met with stiff opposition from members of congress who would have the final say on the matt matter. >> today the obama administration extended its hand to the castro regime and last month it was to the supreme leader in iran and have either of these regimes shown any sign of unclenching their fists? of course not. >> reporter: we're toll diplomats on both sides will try to work on small issues like male exchanges and even direct flights between the countries. traveling with the president in martha's vineyard, kevin cork, fox news. talks on full normalization between the u.s. and cuba are set to kick off next month. ♪ >> the computers of nearly a
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hundred women are hacked and compromising photos stolen. then threatening facebook posts start to appear on their pages. a social media nightmare. how police say he was pulling it off. and this guy is having good time doing a little dance but you might fine the reason he's so happy infuriating. what police say he celebrating coming up. a man goes toe to toe with a black bear. he says his yorkie saved his life. how the little dog scared the bear off. >> reporter: empower many and healing on the streets of philadelphia. how this ride is helping heroes to heal on so many levels next.
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♪ things are running smoothly again tonight after an overturned dump truck caused a big mess on morris county, new jersey, highway this morning. police say the truck flipped over hit several cars and then ended up dangling off an overpass on interstate 80. debris from the truck forced new jersey transit to suspend rail service on the tracks be 19 the bridge. three people went to the hospital including the truck driver. both the highway and the rail line are back open tonight. surveillance cameras are rolling when this burglar slithers his way into a south philadelphia business. police say he waited for an early morning bread delivery at the bakery and then slipped underneath a security gate and right through the front door. inside he grabbed cash from a tip jar and the register and then crawled back out the same way he came in. if you recognize this guy, give philadelphia police a call. well the philadelphia police department is in the national spotlight thanks to time magazine. two of our city's officers now
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gracing the cover of the latest issue. the editor at large fort magazine spent several weeks reporting on the city's police force and it's all part of the story what it's like to be a cop in america one year later the article faux concussion on policing in america one year after the shooting death of michael brown. and fox 29's dave kinchen is live for us tonight at police headquarters. dave, lots of attention on our men and women in blue. >> reporter: that's right, dawn. it's an eye opening article that has philadelphia police officers talking candidly about what they're experiencing in their jobs and post ferguson environment but it has residents talking, too. philadelphia police officers have the 19th district grace the cover of time magazine's up coming edition after an up close and personal look at west philly operations. >> it wasn't staged or anything. i mean it was live. >> reporter: captain joseph, talks about time journalist spending a large amount of summer imbedded with every shift
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at the 19th. >> it was an eye opener for, you know, for the writer and also the photographer. >> reporter: the report is called what it's like to be a cop in america one year later and explores how cops do their jobs one year after the police shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the captain told time "every time a police officer fires his weapon the reputation of the police department is on the line". we have to very cognizant of what happens around the country because we're affected no matter how you slice it. we are affected by it. um, but we still have a job to do. >> reporter: that job is harder according to cops quoted in the officer. officer williams says now a days we're in a culture where everything is against the police at least in the areas i patrol. >> i can see why it would get a little more crazy for them but at the same time they got to understand where we coming from. >> reporter: time article has residents talking even though the full version is only available online until the hard cover comes out on the 24th and many we talked with say they
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understand the increased pressure on officers. >> they have a right to defend they self, also. >> they do. >> i think paranoia play as big part of it, too. they want to go home to their families too. >> the captain says bottom line readers will be blown away by everything that goes into their jobs. >> so much time and evident gets put into, you know, specifically that one tour but nobody see that is because it's not glamorous and it's not. >> reporter: the article also discusses the controversial police involved shooting death of bran ton tate brown and quote officers saying that there's more surveillance and scrutiny around them with people filming their every move. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. 122 cats and kittens rescued from horrick conditions are now safe and sound at a north philadelphia facility. the pennsylvania spca saving these animals from an eastern pennsylvania home near the pocono mountains. local authorities were tipped off to the henryville home where the cats were found living in filthy, flea infested conditions with untreated injuries.
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the owners did voluntarily surrender the animals after not being able to keep up with the cats reproduction rates. the cats most of which are kittens will be made available for adoption after they are spayed and neutered and get their proper health checks. we are now less than seven weeks away from pope francis' visit to philadelphia. and if you plan on riding new jersey transit into philadelphia to see the pope, you better listen up. you need to get your tickets in advance. special limited rail passes will go on sale at noon tomorrow, no tickets will be sold during the pope's visit. atlantic city rail line trains will operate hourly express service to philadelphia's 30th street station, those trains will run between 6am and 2:00 p.m. that saturday and sunday a little more than 4,000 tickets are available each day. and over a dozen veterans hopped on their bikes today and took to the city streets. it was all to help veterans adjust to civilian life when they come home from the battlefield. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson
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talked to some of the battle buddies taking part. ♪ >> reporter: our wounded veterans make sacrifices for all of us protecting our freedom and unfortunately they don't always get the support that they deserve. but today, over 50 wounded veterans came together to show support for each other and to begin to heal. the wounded warrior project soldier ride is a day where the warriors ride together starting here at the linc. the unity felt is empowering and the actual ride leads to mental coping and physical healing. >> when you're in the military, you have this unit and this is their new platoon this flight, this quarters it gives them a chance to socialize and build that with their brothers and sisters again. >> reporter: bikes are fit with adaptive equipment to help the wounded warriors deal with pretty serious injuries. but the real point of today is to reinforce among the injured servicemen that they can lean on each other. >> coming back here, meeting up
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with a bunch of soldiers, and, you know, we get to mingle. we get to talk and help aid, you know, it's the spirit of the soldiers. battle buddies. >> reporter: today's ride about was about 15 miles around philadelphia before moving on to new jersey tomorrow for another 20 miles. but the real point of today and this weekend is to show these wounded warriors that themselves and the general public have so much support for the people who have given so much for all of us. i got several of the soldiers expressed concern and hope that this event not only supporting each other would get the public to support people as well. they said that too often the public doesn't realize that the soldier who's are willing to sacrifice so much for us need our support when they come home. here in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. a man takes a refreshing swim in lake but dies soon after.
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tonight the mystery surrounding his death is solved. what was lurking in the water that made its way to his brain. a woman picks up a target catalog and cannot believe her eyes. she says a terrible message was written on it. what the retailer these say about those disturbing words. plus, paying to hang out with makes snakes? coffee shop is offering up serpents with that cup of joe. why the owner believes you'll love it. first here's a look at your winning lottery numbers tonight. good luck! i don't want to live with
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♪ search and rescues crews are continuing to comb through a devastating scene in china. wednesday night a series of explosions completely leveled a shipping port in the city. 56 people have died since then. 700 others are hurt and dozens are still missing underneath the rubble. hazmat officials say they still don't know what kind of chemicals may have been in the air. which is delaying now the already slow rescue process. here's a scary story to tell you about. a rare brain eating amoeba claim the life of an oklahoma man who just went for a swim in a lake. the state's department of help says the disease is caused by amoeba that muddle applies in warm stagnant fresh water called the 93 glare ya amoeba and
10:25 pm
travels up the nose and into the brain where it destroys brain tissue. health officials say this is the time of year when those hot summer days it's most prevalent, early symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, then escalates to seizures and even comas. a california man goes toe to tow with a bear and gets a little help from his feisty four legged friend, a no nonsense york yorkie named benji. >> larry stepped out his home yesterday morning and spotted the big guy and the neck thing he knew the bear was tacking him, and that's when his dog stepped in. the tiny yorkshire terrier started nipping at the animal distracting it long enough so he can run back inside. the sketch-year-old was able to drive himself to the hospital to despite injuries to his face, legs and arms. >> it's unreal. i mean, there he was, he was right on top of me, his face was right there. that's when he went down and grabbed me here by the side of the face, you know, and i mean,
10:26 pm
i was fighting. i was doing everything i could to try to get him off of me. the california department of fish and wildlife says the bear was probably startled while looking for food in garbage bags not too far from the porch. thank goodness for little benji. surveillance video tonight showing a man with happy feet but this guy is accused of a crime. what police say he did and why he is celebrating. and girl power on the greens. how this local teen's golf swing pottinger had a cut above the boys. and how she's actually paying back those she beat. scott? >> chris, the high temperature today in philadelphia made it up to 88 degrees. but 90s are making a come back and it look like another heat wave. how long it will last next.
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dear fellow citizen, kids are a great thing. before you know it, they're in college. if you're lucky, they get a degree in finance and figure out how to pay for it. could happen. but just in case it doesn't, i can help. we have new student loans others don't offer. next time you have a question about how to pay for college, ask me. sincerely, jared duemling, fellow ninja and fellow citizen >> right now, philadelphia police say this pickpocket's dance moves couldn't fool a surveillance camera that's because that camera was rolling when he tried to pull a slick heist inside the entree byob restaurant on south street. you can actually see him reach into a woman's bag, then tug a purse into his pants.
10:30 pm
investigatoinvestigators also lk with his accomplice a woman they say he was with before they left. they walk out of the bathroom moments after he left the restaurant. montgomery county teenager was disappointed when she signed up for a girls golf tournament only to be told she was the only one to sign up. >> so organizers offered her an alternative and fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer shows us, it all played out in this young lady's favor. >> reporter: when 18-year-old isabella hits a golf ball she crushes it. >> like there's no better feeling than like hitting the golf ball at the center and just like hitting it dead straight down the mill. >> reporter: she's been hitting them straight since she was nine. >> i just always want to have fun when i'm out here. >> reporter: a few weeks ago isabella signed up to compete in the montgomery county girls junior championship. the only problem, not one other girl signed up. >> i was in shock because they always have at least -- i mean the girls there's always less
10:31 pm
girls than boys at least there's a couple. >> reporter: since there wasn't anyone to play against tournament organizers can't canceled the championship until isabel la's father received a call. >> would isabella be interested in playing with the boys in the boys division? >> i was like, yeah, sure. i just wanted to play. >> reporter: the tournament made up of 25 boys and one girl was held at plymouth country club. >> usually girls don't go and play in boys division tournament and then within. just doesn't happen too often. i really like didn't think i had chance. that was probably why, too. someone is definitely going to come in with a lower score. >> reporter: isabella shot 731 over par. >> i just ended up winning. >> winning? >> yeah. >> reporter: being the boys. >> yeah. >> we were so proud of her. we really were. i mean, to put up a good score against the boys. that's exciting. >> reporter: her next good score will be playing witness girls while she's attending notre dame. in montgomery county, bill rohrer fox 29 news.
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>> this is cool for winning isabella won money that was supposed to go to scholarship it turns out she has scholarship to notre dame. >> oh what did she do? she generously offered her prize money to the run are in up in the tournament. i love that. um-hmm. >> well a big day for some first year medical students at university of pennsylvania. 156 students getting their short white coats during the annual ceremony at the an nanny berg center today. this is the 250th class to enter the pearlman school of medicine including students from 25 different states. students received their clinicians coats and a stethoscope in front of their friends and family. well done. um-hmm. fox 29 weather authority. i tell you, scott, it was a gorgeous day, great night out but i'm guess things are about to get a little warmer you're telling us. >> that's right, chris and dawn. we'll continue that up tick as we head into the up coming weekend. 88 was the high today. 90-degree temperatures back in the forecast and, yes, it looks like another heat wave but as we
10:33 pm
look at ultimate doppler we're dry, we're quite down the shore looking pretty good. in the city north and west, lehigh valley right now, pocono mountains really no problems. expanding the view you have to head all the way to sections around the great lakes to find some showers and storms and most of that activity will stay off to our west. for the upcoming weekend. look at the temperatures right now. 72 millville. popular number atlantic city 72. 72 in wildwood. as well as dover. upper 70s still in philadelphia. low 70s though north and west. into the mid 60s right now for the pocono mountains. so for the overnight, temperatures in the bushes, not that bad. low 60s. upper 60s in the city and then tomorrow morning, we're looking at a mild start. starting to heat up rapidly. mid 80s already by lunch time and then the high temperature tomorrow right around 91 degre 91 degrees. so keep that in mind if you'll be stepping outdoors a lot of music festivals and events taking place. we have jazz on the ave taking place tomorrow. we also have music fest that
10:34 pm
continues in bethlehem and if you're head out to the zac brown band concert looking pretty g as we talk about the neck several days, we'll continue to watch an area of high pressure just kind of move toward our area and it will act like a heat pump. so each and every day we start to kind of heat things up along with that humidity. down the shore, for your saturday, temperatures top out in the low 80s. by sunday, the high temperature 84 degrees. that maroon five concert weather looking warm, stay hydrated, drink water have the sunscreen, have the sunglasses, water temperatures right now around 74 degrees. the pocono mountains it will be partly cloudy. isolated pop-up storm can't be ruled out we should stay dry for the most part. low 80s on saturday. 85 degrees on sunday. that weather authority seven day forecast we'll show i was string of 90s. 91 saturday. hot for the eagles at the linc on sunday. 92 degrees and then by monday, 94 looks like our fourth heat
10:35 pm
wave. it could last several days into next week. maybe even all of next week. so here's a closer look at that kick off forecast sunday at 1:00. temperatures will be near 90. winds light out of the west around 5 miles per hour. >> feeling a lot like august out there. >> i don't mind 90. wee talking eagles football and that's okay. >> we'll have football weather soon enough. >> a hot, yeah. thanks, scott. >> service with a snake? a coffee shop where you can get a cup of joe and hang out with, yes, a snake. why the cafe owners say they think you'll love it. call it cyber extortion. prosecutors say this man hacked into women's computers and stole naked pictures. what they say he did next that take this to whole new level. >> a royal warning. stay away from the young prince and princess. what buck -- why buckingham palace is getting tough when it comes to the children. >> i'm bill anderson and of course this is karen hepp coming up on fox 29 weekend saturday
10:36 pm
there's a new internet sensation she's teaching people how to fish and she may look pretty good a bikini, too. also football weekend and getting your kids ready for back to school. what you should be doing right now join us saturday and sunday mornings at 8am.
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>> ac's beach will be jammed with dens of thousands of music fans over the next few days, and officials are hoping the upcoming concerts featuring maroon five and rascal flats will give struggling resort town another chance to try to capitalize on entertainment offers beyond casinos. maroon five playing on sunday. rascal flats on thursday. the two shows expected to draw 100,000 people overall the city says so far ticket sales have been going very well. in your money tonight, yopo have you heard about it? it stands for you only pope once. it's a phrase that a new jersey brewery is using to cash in on the pope's visit. cape may brewing company is making 500 gallons of the papal inspired beer yopo is hoppy pale ale we're told with five-point 5% alcohol content. the beer will only be available on draft starting septembe september 21st. and celebrating its 65th year the concourse to elegance in pebble beach, california is
10:40 pm
attracting the most expensive and collectible cars in the world. the main event of the show is the auctions. one ferrari listen to this set a record knots selling class for $17.6 million. over the next three days, the auctions are estimated to earn 415 million. a new coffee house in japan is definitely not for the faint of heart. how would you like a snake to go with your cup of joe? that's right. customers at the tokyo snake center can sip their beverage of choice while holding a no non-venomous snake. it's only been open for about a week or so but a tracking a steady crowd. customers say they actually like the way the snakes feel and look and cafe owners say that's the point. the center says it's hoping to change the perception of snakes letting customers know they can make great pets. i don't think i'll have that with my coffee. not me. it seems like just about every photographer britain trying to snap a shot of youngest members of the royal family and they're cute.
10:41 pm
>> panel it's not sitting well with everyone inside kensington palace. the royal family warning paparazzi to keep their distance when it comes to prince george and princess charlotte. they issued a letter urging the media to stop publishing unthorred photographs. it claims photographers are using dangerous tactics to get those pictures. paparazzi have been reportedly hidden in car trunks obscured themselves in sand dunes and even monitor the the movements of prince george and his nanny around many parks in hahn don. if they're caught doing something within a certain area they should lose their cameras and fined. on second attempt they should go to prison sentence it's the only way to stop paparazzi is to actually physically hit them in the pocket. >> the royal family has gone to great lengths to protect the privacy of the young prince and princess. they've only released a handful of images of the children on special occasions. a woman picks up a target
10:42 pm
catalog and can't believe her eyes. she says terrible message was written on it. what the retailer has to si about the disturbing words. and same sex marriage is legal in every state but some gay couples say they're being turned away still. who is trying to put a stop to their special day. >> disney comes to life in colorado. the video of probably showing up in your social media feeds right now.
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♪ oregon woman finds a disturbing message printed on a baby registry catalog from target. it looks normal at first but taking a closer look at the address label you can clearly see the words "kill you kids" printed on there. heather lauren checked with her neighbors but no one else got that catalog. she says it's very upsetting. >> he read it and he kind of look at me. he's like mom, what does that mean. >> i told him it's probably just a joke or something. after his bath and i put him to bed he said he was scared. >> the retail giant released a statement which said they apologize and will take steps to ensure that this does not happen again. a former marine is going to jail for hacking into women's computers and stealing make pictures of them. >> what he did next was
10:46 pm
terrifying for his victims. fox's bob barnard has the story. >> reporter: his name is maury company cerruto rios a 28-year-old former corporal in the marine reserve h secret clearance for his job as a security contractor at homeland security headquarters in the district. now sentenced to 18 months in jail after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor called unauthorized computer access. >> this is a particularly pure cent case where this individual hacked computers and e-mails and facebook postings of various women nearly a hundred that we were able to find out through police investigations. >> reporter: they're not sure how he found his victims but were tipped off by a silver spring woman. a search of his computer turned up scores of files or organized with nude photos of young women. >> this individual is extorting other women to give him more photographs or access information to other victims.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: prosecutors showing us some of the facebook exchanges between cerruto rios and his victims. you think you can escape me, you're wrong. this is your last chance. i have more and more pictures of you and they are way worse than this. so if you don't want your pictures leaked to the world and you exposed i suggest you talk to me so we can make deal. you have by end of today to respond or else. his attorney telling us, cerruto row i don't say job had nothing to do with this. >> it's a tragedy because he led a live and has led a life free from blemish with this notable exception. he has an issue and it's going to have to be resolved with appropriate mental hell therapy. >> reporter: the authorities say this case should serve as a cautionary tale for anybody who takes and stores compromising selfies. >> we never do that. i would never do that. my daughter knows not to do it. >> reporter: this woman says she can't understand why some people do take nude photos of themselves. >> people are stupid.
10:48 pm
woo do you put yourself in that search the first thing somebody done she show all their boys. look at these boobs or look at this. people should not do that. >> reporter: some learning the hard way those images can come back to haunt you. in rockville, bob barnard, fox news. well despite a federal judge's order county clerk in kentucky is still refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. rowan county clerk kim davis says issuing a marriage license to gay couple boss violate her christian beliefs. u.s. supreme court legalized same sex marriage nationwide in june and attorney for davis says they have appealed that ruling and the case is long from over. some residents are standing behind that county employee. >> when they vote her into office, that wasn't the law, and she's trying to live christian life, and i think they're doing her wrong. >> gay couples arriving for a marriage license yesterday were told the clerk is on vacation. assistants in the office told
10:49 pm
couples they were not authorized to issue licenses. >> bush family welcoming newest member with special nod to the past. jenna bush hager gave birth yesterday to little girl named puppy louise hagger baby's name has history. poppy was president george hw bush's childhood nickname. she specified the name' meaning with a photo of her and her husband henry holding the newborn. this is their second child. >> hit zero less empire partnering when a music charity group notes for notes to bring music to the next generation. initiative is all about raising money to build fully equipped music studios across the country for youth. also give young artists free access to equipment and instruments as well as professional mentors to help them hone their talent. fox' is hoping the show passionate fan base throughout the season will help play a pivotal role in helping create the branded music studio. very -- first studio will be
10:50 pm
built in chicago by the spring of 2016. empire returns for its second season wednesday, septembe september 23rd right here on fox 29. ♪ sweet sounds of smooth jazz penn's landing the sight of tonight's summer nights concert series. each friday this month visitors will get a chance to hear some of the country's best jazz artists. performing in a beautiful waterfront venue ton night was gorgeous night for it. the best part each concert is absolutely free. well you got to see this. an adorable animal video sweeping the internet. >> tall talking about bambi come to life. check this out. it's a little rabbit and a deer playing together in a colorado yard. they chased each other round bopping each other on the face. and this video so cute has gotten more than 2 million views. no word on how bambi and thumper met but they are certainly
10:51 pm
having fun together. sean in with sports and we're talking injuries but we're not talking sam bradford, are we? >> he's actually the healthy one. safety blanket that will have a problem. tight end zach ertz had surgery today. maybe while before he's back and sam bradford not suiting up on sunday but no need to panic, ya'll. the eagles know what they have and the coach is sharing a great story about the first time they saw bradford next in sports.
10:52 pm
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today. chip kelly announced sam bradford did will not play in sunday's game against the colts. relax. no worries. he's fine. the knee is perfectly healthy. chip just wants to give him another week to prepare before he sees his first real action in about a year. bradford has looked great in camp. hasn't missed any time and his recovery is actually ahead of schedule. he wanted to play this sunday but chip wanted to be safe. he will play neck week's preseason game against the ravens. the coaches basically already know what they have and have no, since he stepped into the league. bill davis talk about the first time he saw bradford up close and personal in an nfl uniform. >> adrian wilson off the edge. probably 10 times to 15. he kept hitting sam and hitting sam and must have been the third
10:55 pm
quarter adrian comes over and says billy d we're in for a long one much this boy is not rattling. i keep hitting him with everything i have and he won't rattle. i can't shake him. we knew right then sam has the mental toughness. >> bradford isn't concern but his safety blanket is. tight end zach ertz had surgery on his groin. problem that's been nagging him for while. chose to get it done now. so he'll be healthy during the season. they say he'll be back for the season opener but groin injuries are really really nagging and unpredictable. chip talks about the decision to take care of this thing right now. >> it's something we wanted to get cleaned up so the reps weren't really important. i think in the long term i think he'll ab lot better for it so we just wanted to get it out of the way. >> do you think he'll kneel a procedure. >> i don't know. whatever it is dr. myers said it will be a couple of weeks and thinks he'll be fine by the opener. if we got to shut him down, i'd rather shut him down than in the middle. >> marcus marry yet at a ge getg
10:56 pm
first taste of nfl life after throwing interception. his first drive he gets stripped. paul accident took place it up and takes it back to the house. marriott at a had a decent day seven for eight. 94 yards. but with that pick i said earlier the falcons win 31-24. the phillies no longer the best team in baseball since the all star break. you knew that was coming. the red hot blue jays taking that coming back down to reality finally still looking to get rid of some vets. the phillies should be getting rid of chase utley any day now. it's time for him to go much he's not the future. he went four for five with rbi on the day they shall help out the cause get him gone because he needs to go. bottom third, he hits a blooper to centerfield. it drops. run scores that made it two to nothing. the phillies go on to lose, three to one. back to reality and chase utley sources cezanne france giants
10:57 pm
interested. somebody got to get this guy off his hands. we'll gym him away. >> thank you for your service s sir. >> thanks, sean. full hours of entertainment news with tmz, followed by dish nation and chasing news and the simpsons. >> fox 29 weekend starts at 8am. remember mega millions lottery drawing is next. have a good night and a great weekend. ♪ (plays throughout)
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