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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:37pm EDT

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>> kevin: talking about the titans looking for a quarterback. steve mcnair was great here in '95 through 2005. four playoff appearances. then after that, a lot of starting quarterbacks here. some have flashed. vince young, matt hasselbeck. jake locker. charlie whitehurst. that's a lot there, john. jake locker, they took him and thought he was going to be the guy. he retired last year in the off season. 26 years old. they've been looking. again, there's been some good moments in that group. they're hoping they found their guy in the middle, number 8. certainly showed some good moments tonight. he showed some good moments in the first few years. >> referee: five-yard penalty. still second down. >> kevin: as you pointed out earlier, things changed ail little bit when the regular season starts. there's going to be struggle at some point. >> john: absolutely. i think he understands that.
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ken whisenhunt and this offensive staff has done a nice job of making him aware of that. so much is around you. do you have the offensive line to protect you. do you have the receivers in? this is the team. they were 2-14. there's a reason they got marcus mariota. they weren't very good. i think they're getting a lot better. marcus mariota is the first part of that equation. the offensive line, the way they played tonight. >> kevin: that's quite the hit by the rams. matt longacre. now we get a little pushing and shoving. no need for that with 1:54 to go. >> john: kevin, the last point on the titans moving forward, a young quarterback. his best friend is a good running game. they were awful last year running the football. they need more production.
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tonight is any indication, they'll be a little better at a week one. >> kevin: jameis winston, the number one pick. the number two pick marcus mariota. pretty good scheduling. on the offensive line on your point. here we are, week two. trying to find the cohesiveness with the unit. this is late to be shuffling and trying to figure out and ken whisenhunt said i'm not happy at left guard and tackle. based on the early returns, did you like the combination? >> john: i'm sure they're going to like the results and what happened. they're going to keep this group together. the fact of the matter in the nfl these days, people are rotating and shuffling the offensive line on a regular basis. these guys are getting injured on a regular basis. they're going against tremendous athletes. i like the way it fits together. >> kevin: the rams are blitzing. meanwhile, big time completion
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to coffman. he's going to take it all the way. touchdown. 56 yards. from division 3. threw a great pass. got drilled. good for him. >> john: one thing that's clear, mike mularkey, the tight end coach, they have depth. you're talking chase stevens, caught the pass. nine balls last week in atlanta. a lot of success here tonight. coffman with his second touchdown. he's a guy who is playing hungry. >> kevin: yeah. you talked earlier, john, you mentioned the term quick -- some of the guys don't make the team that someone else will see. tanney, second year in the league from division 3 school. he's got an arm, though. he's got instanding bls. the titans talked to us about him. extra point is up and it's good.
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it's 27-7 with 1:45 to go. taylor lewan. got the hat, he's loving it. >> john: a well-thrown football. they're bringing a blitz. tanney does a nice job of recognizing that. getting the ball quickly and coffman eludes the free safety. well-thrown ball, on time. beats the blitz and coffman having a really fine preseason for the tennessee titans. >> kevin: you hit it on the tight ends. delanie walker and anthony pa san owe as -- a superlative group to pick out of that. >> john: you get the feeling that somebody on this roster will be playing for someone else at that position. they're deep at the tight end position. >> kevin: that's great. tanney, big moment for him.
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ken whisenhunt, former tight end himself at georgia tech. liking that hookup. >> john: ken whisenhunt very realistic. he likes his team and what's going on. he understands they're not all the way there. he says we're going to grow together. the idea is let's be really good. let's grow together. he likes the young nucleus that they have. the additions that they have. >> kevin: there's rodriguez. thought about taking it out. now he's going to take a knee. >> john: jeff fisher so badly wants to get daniel rodriguez a touchdown. he said, i'm telling you before the preseason is -- he's got him returning back there. if they get down near the end zone, i promise jeff fisher will try to get it to him. i commend jeff fisher e understands what this young man has done for our country. it's a long shot that he makes the team. he's giving him every opportunity to make the most of this preseason. >> kevin: going to stay in for
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the final 1 sclon :45. two more preseason games left. the rams team. going to get back in the playoffs. it has been a while for them. since 2004. here we go. over the middle. brown, running back. he's out to the 32. mannion the rookie. third round draft pick who is finishing it up. over the middle. he's got a good completion. alex bayer at tight end. number 82. clock is moving. >> john: one thing you like about sean mannion. coming from oregon state. he was coached by a guy who is coached a lot in pro football. mike riley. he understands that he watches the contents that he's going to
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see. >> kevin: wow ri'shard anderson. number 38. he's a cornerback, john. i was amazed there. >> john: legal hit. lowers the target. hits through the target. it is the nfl, ladies and gentlemen. >> kevin: wow. meanwhile, time-out on the field. held on to the ball, though. >> kevin: we've got 56 seconds to go. second down for st. louis on their own 45. over the middle.
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incomplete. the third and three coming up now. see if the rookie can make a couple more plays. before time runs out on this one. third down and three. over the middle. wow. good job staying on his feet. still staying on his feet. and a touchdown. malcolm brown. what a play. got to wrap up on defense. comes out of that.
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hurdles another guy. very close there. but it looks like he kept his foot in. >> kevin: 54 yards. let's see on this angle if we have a better view. close. >> john: that one looked like he's out. i don't know. >> referee: previous play is under further review. >> kevin: they're going to look at it. mike pereira, you got anything? what do you think? >> i'm telling you, it's going to stand, baby. it's going to stand. >> kevin: we'll take a break. come back and find out the answer.
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now,everyone lives in apartments and there is no war. [brad] no war.listen to this wise man from the future. review your apartment on apartments-dot-com and you too could be a winner. change your apartment.change the world. what a view you've got.what a view. do you like it?do you enjoy the view? >> kevin: at this point this 39 seconds left in a preseason game. can we give the rookie a touchdown? we're still looking at it, mike pereira. >> i think it stands. it's all about angles. when you look at this. when you look from the outside -- >> referee: after reviewing the play, the ruling on the field stands as called. it's a touchdown. >> kevin: mike, when walt called back to new york, is anybody still up watching that. >> i think he's in bed in brooklyn at this hour. i think walt was on his own.
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>> kevin: good job, walt. malcolm brown after a great effort. he'll get the 54-yard touchdown. there you go. feels good from him. free agent out of texas. extra point by michael palardy up and good. 39 seconds left. 27-14. tennessee. they'll get the ball back. we will finish up. we've got preseason again. todd gurley, tenth overall pick. next sunday, one more preseason game for you. the "nfl on fox." the texans and the saints. that one in new orleans. joe, troy and erin will be there for that. mike pereira will be there for that. curt and randy moss will be there for that. john lynch and i will not be there for that. we'll be getting ready for our first game, which i look forward to.
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>> john: new orleans/arizona. got some new pieces and arizona has carson palmer back. everyone is optimistic at this point in the year. i remember every year i look at the schedule and said we're 16-0. never quite got there. >> kevin: you see brandin cooks highlights last night. liking that weapon. >> john: he can play. >> kevin: rams taking on-side kick here. you know, jeff fisher has had enough. the king of the special teams tricks. instead, tennessee will take it. they'll take a knee and we'll call it a week two in the nfl preseason. fun to have you along tonight as we get to see what these teams could be about tonight. the rams, eight straight losing seasons. six-win campaign last year. in a year they beat denver and
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seattle. where they clearly showed you the things. ten first year ken whisenhunt. at least you could see some pieces and a lot on the quarterback in marcus mariota preseason. it's been positive. >> john: it's been very positive. look, the rams didn't have their best showing, but this is a team to contend with. everybody you talk to in this league, the most physical football team in football right there, the st. louis rams. so everyone is going to have to beat them. they aren't just going down. they have a lot of things to be positive as well. >> kevin: a new quarterback of their own. the time winds down here in nashville, tennessee. the titans walk away with a 27-14 victory. mariota and foles, quarterbacks who started tonight. there's whisenhunt and fisher getting a little talk. a lot of hey, have a nice seasons there for you fellas.
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>> john: even oregon, oregon state guys talking. >> kevin: that's what you get sometimes. mariota, we asked him, what do you think it would be like opening day when people in honolulu are watching? he said, well, my friends took off of work for the preseason opener. i'm guessing it will be special. >> john: a lot of calling in sick in honolulu. >> kevin: let's look at the day for marcus mariota. john, you liked it. what did you see? >> john: i saw a tremendous amount of poise. i see the accuracy, the arm strength, you see the athletic ability. the ability when things break down, or on designed runs to get down and right there, the pocket presence. he did everything he should have, and you see some targets that could become very good. you see some downs. mark barron should have had interception. there will be ups and downs. all in all, it's a superstar franchise quarterback in marcus
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mariota. >> kevin: he walks off hands the gloves to a fan. >> pam: let me talk to you about the defense. what do you expect from the titans. coming in being a new player with the team. the likes of a dick lebeau. what are you expecting defensively for your group? >> a fly around. i expect us to have a great chemistry out there. the first half we showed what we were capable of. if we carry that to the regular season, we'll be a force. we have a lot of work to do. >> pam: how are you feeling and how do they plan to monitor? >> this organization is doing a great job as far as preparing me for the season. with the pectoral issues i've been having. we've been cautious throughout the training camp, throughout the mini-camps and the off season in general. i feel great. today was another step in that foundation that we're building. i'm glad for the -- i'm hopeful for the future of this team. >> pam: what can you tell people
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that maybe they can look forward to with tennessee? how will you shock the hughes? >> i'm not going to have any guarantees. this is a new tennessee titans team. look out for us. we got a lot of hungry guys. it's a very young team. lot of guys that want to start winning. we have a great quarterback in mariota. a hungry defense. i feel we're a team to be reckoned with. we have twork do awork to do to build the foundation. >> kevin: brian orakpo signed the free agent deal. marcus mariota. nice night for him. titans win it. (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore...
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>> kevin: well, we look at what's next on fox. the late local news except on the west coast. fox nfl preseason. more action next sunday. texans at the saints. 4:00 eastern start time from new orleans.
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then the "nfl on fox" returns for real. the regular season begins september 13th. coverage 11:30 eastern with pregame and away we go. fun night in nashville, tennessee. rams and titans. football is back. glad you could join us tonight. for our entire crew, pam oliver, john lynch,ism kevin burkhardt, see you soon, thanks for watching. watching. good night. -- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: fox sports thanks you for watching this presentstation of the national football league.
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we are! fox sports!
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>> developing right not indy car driver in a coma after crash in the poconos. what flew into his car. rap wiz careening in trouble. what he was riding that got him cuffed and thrown to the ground. your news is next. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today.
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ right now storms moving into start your week. live look at reading to night after the end of gorgeous weekend but this will all change right as you're driving home tomorrow. good evening, i'm lucy knoll. iain is off tonight. let's get over to meteorologist dave warren tracking these storms. dave. >> as you're driving home tomorrow we'll see everything start to change.
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radar is all clear tonight and it will stay that way tomorrow. close up view shows we're looking at a clear sky out there. so no rain coming down. right now the temperatures are at 76 degrees up to 87 today so quickly dropping. 65 this morning. should be right about there by tomorrow morning. maybe these numbers by the computer forecast a little too cool. i think we'll be right about 65 but 50s in the surrounding suburbs. we'll warm things up tomorrow. then our focus is from the temperatures which will be close to 80 by 10:00 o'clock. to the radar the future weather computer showing we'll have rain moving in. upper 70s now. but we'll go right to the clouds moving in. as the warm air approaches and this will be coming right about the rush hour in the western suburbs. this is a line of few thunderstorms and some rain co coming through right about 5:00 o'clock. here's what's ahead. we're watching these showers come in by tomorrow evening's rush. they could linger through tuesday morning's rush. then things clear out. our focus is then on the tropi
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tropics. we have tropical storm danny and another potential developing storm there. i'll have all the updates with the seven day coming up later. lucy. >> talk to you soon, dave. take live look at south philly. stay ahead of severe weather with our fox 29 news app. you'll get live radar and weather alerts sent to your phone easy as that. find it in the apple and google play stores recruit for the philadelphia police officer is department after a karzai swiped his motorcycle sending him into a light pole. it happened on the 1200 block of jade rash avenue in north philadelphia. officers tell us the 24-year-old recruit has a big garb on his leg. he's in the hospital in stable condition. and this comes just hours after an off duty philadelphia police officer died in a car crash. investigators say speed did play a role. sergeant raphael ali's pick up slammed into a tree on henry avenue in roxborough. sabina cure rows looks into what happened. >> reporter: debris scattered at the scene of the wreck
11:29 pm
tragically took the life of off duty philadelphia police sergeant around 11:45 saturday night. police tape marking off the 6,000 block of henry avenue in roxborough. where investigators say he hit the center media in 2014 dodge ram pick up and slammed into this tree. >> speed was a factor and losing control for sure. >> reporter: captain job, of the accident investigation district says sergeant ali was going well over the posted speed limb of 35 miles per hour. investigators believe he may have is fallen asleep or had a medical issue. they say he didn't brake or try to stop before impact. sergeant who worked 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the day he was killed police are not sure where he was heading at the time of the accident. >> i should note there was no indication of alcohol involved and that's from the hospital and from the medics forty one our investigators. >> reporter: grief counselors on hand during roll call at the 39th district where he was a well regarded colleague.
11:30 pm
he was wearing a seat bell. >> hard-working gentleman, just described as a goodman. when it huts your own family, police as a familiar it hurts. devastating blow for especially the officers on the 39th police district. >> reporter:. >> aeroflot living around here since 1999 seeing numerous accidents taking live, limb, and damage to property. >> reporter: she says about 60 neighbors signed this petition for a traffic camera and rumble strips deliver to ward leaders just last week. >> we can't keep losing lives and servants of the city and stuff like this. citizens lives, you know, to this craziness. so from cinnaminson to walnut lane it's like something has to be done. >> reporter: investigators say they have no witnesses or surveillance video. they say they may never know exactly what happened. an autopsy will be performed.
11:31 pm
sabina cure rows fox 29 news. >> to a developing story. pocono raceway an indy car driver is in coma and in critical condition tonight. a crash sent debris flying and a peace hit him. video of what happened to warn you shows it all. a car smashed into a wall during a race. a piece of it broke off balanced on the track and hid justin wilson. his car veered left and ran into the inside wall a chopper air lived him from the track and flu him to a hospital in allentown. wilson is 37 years old and a native of sheffield, england. dispute signed violent outside the septa transportation center. two people were argued and one of them sliced the other in the arm with a bock cutter or razor. police say they've arrested the guy who did it. the person is cut is expected to be okay. three americans say they were he relied on gut instinct to stop a gunman oh a train on a
11:32 pm
france on friday. the french president is hailing them heroes. those three americans are now describing the attack. fox 29's joyce evans has more. >> reporter: it was either do something or die according to the american passengers being hailed heroes. the three of them childhood friends jumped into action on friday. disarming a gunman on high speed train barreling toward paris. >> most of us would run away. spencer, alex and anthony ran into the line of fire saying, let's go! >> reporter: u.s. airmen spencer stone, national guards man alex scar lot tees and sacremento state university student anthony sod lower sub bowing a more rock can national armed with as assault rifle,
11:33 pm
nine magazines, a pistol an bock cutter. >> ran down, tackled him. alex grab the gun out of him while i put him a choke hold. he just kept pulling more weapons left and right. >> three people on the train were hurt. the attackers stabbing spencer stone in the neck and nearly slicing his thumb off. the three young americans along with french and british passengerpassengers courageouslg on the suspect after his gun apparently jammed. >> he knew what he was doing. got lucky and did the right thing he would have operate all of those magazines and we would be in trouble and probably wouldn't be here today along with a lot of other people. >> he seemed like he was ready to fight to the end so so were we were. >> the sucks inspect lawyers says he planned to rob the tra train. not commit an act of terrorism. >> it doesn't take eight magazines to rob train. >> reporter: counter terrorism police in france are asking lots
11:34 pm
of questions of the suspect focusing a good bit on possible ties to islamic extremist group when he spent time in 0y authorities in belgium and spain say they were already looking into his background. joyce evans fox 29 news. philadelphia police are trying to fine the person who opened fire outside a north philadelphia playground and shot two men it happened around 2:00 this afternoon on the 3600 block of north marvine street. investigators tell us the gunman shot a 26-year-old and 18-year-old. we caught up with the grandmother of one of those young men. >> he just said he was -- him and his friend had came up then was ordered some food and he was getting out of the car, getting out of the car somebody, you know, he was shot. >> those two men are in temple university hospital. both in stable condition. police aren't yet sure if the shooter got away in car or just ran from the scene. trip on a new jersey leg turned scary when a boat slammed into other boat then just sped
11:35 pm
off. just look at the damage. new jersey state police say it happened right around 10:00 last night on the wood port cove in jefferson township. five people were on the boat. two are hurt. witnesses say the boat that took off was large white boat that should now have damage. and we are just 33 days away from the pope's visit to philadelphia. my how time flys. a lot of talk centers on security. officials are putting all kinds of measures in place. what does it all mean? what exactly is going to happen. tomorrow the city will release a papal playbook. it hopes will answer those questions. hopefully ease some fears as welch fox 29's brad sattin live at independence mall. okay, brad, so give us the may by play of this playbook. >> reporter: well, i guess if you want to stick to football they are following the play by play will give it to you from the red zone which is here at independence mall. the red zone being the highest level of security around the city as we've been talking about for weeks now there are a lot of perimeters around the steam it can get confusing very fast.
11:36 pm
this new website put out by the city tomorrow is hoping to avoid some of the confusion. >> how are we supposed to get around and our supplies. >> dawn has just a few questions. >> how are people supposed to get to the parkway? >> she'd like to get answer. >> how are people supposed to get here at the liberty bell. >> before the pope arrives. can she even be open for business when he's here with a countdown on -- >> so far nothing. >> reporter: answers have been hard to come by and she's not alone. >> get to go work, will i be able to get to work. >> reporter: do you have the pelt whole logistics part of this. >> not yet. >> you're winning it like the rest of. >> no on monday at noon the world meeting of families the city and state have teamed up to release being dubbed the papal playing book promising to offer were one stop shop guide. thou get around, emergency information and city services available even advice to pet owners. if you sign up you'll be notified if and when things


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