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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 24, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock classes set to start at west chester university but not before hot water is contaminated with bacteria, we will tell you what the school is saying to students. plus... >> oh, my gosh. >> a crash leaves a driver in a coma after a hard turn, at the the pocono race way. and, to do, and the the don't's, and everything in between, the papal play book is released to day. we have a play book now. >> good day, it is monday august 24th, 2015. biggest mistake of my weekend. >> yes. >> going to target in south philadelphia. >> yeah. >> on saturday, around two or
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3:00 p.m. >> why? >> back to school shopping. >> oh, yeah, right. >> i didn't even think about it. >> binders, folders. hi, sue serio. >> hi, good morning, we have a very tranquil morning. not bad. we took away some humidity over weekend. hopefully you enjoyed it. now, well, it is dark. that is most obvious thing out of am i will say today but here's what we have in our weather headlines. we will have increasing clouds as the day goes along getting ready for a cold front and warmer then both days of the weekend. brief showers, maybe a thunder storm, tonight, into tomorrow, and then the rest of the week will look great as dry weather, returns. so make sure you get in touch with us, on twitter, on facebook, we're all over this morning. 69 degrees, with calm wind, and 75 percent relative humidity that is not bad for an august morning. 6:21 is your sunrise time. we have satellite radar picture that looks fine,
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nothing, we have got precipitation off shore, we have a cold front off to the west, not a real strong one but we will anticipate that by end of the day to day into tomorrow but balance of today, it looks pretty good. look at how comfortable and cool it is in mount pocono and allentown with temperatures in the 50's. fifty-eight in pottstown. upper 60's in the city. sixty-three in trenton. sixty-four atlantic city. sixty-six dover. sixty-five wilmington. so yeah, mid 60's is more comfortable then those sticky 70's we had in the beginning of several days, last week, and, mostly calm wind, not too much breeze out there this morning. we are expecting a high today of 88 degrees, and we will have a lot of sunshine. by the end of the day we will see increasing in cloud and we will have some showers, at night. we will tell you how long they will last and when dry weather will come back in the seven day forecast, so, bob kelly, here we are, monday morning again, that week even went fast. >> it does go by fast. >> good morning everybody.
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4:03 on this monday. live look at the blue route, 476, northbound, that accident right here near broomall interchange and exit number nine approaching broomall taking out two of the lanes here as you work your way northbound on 476. traffic is getting through. kind of light at the moment. but look out with the police and emergency crews on the scene. otherwise coming back from the shore on a monday morning not bad at all. freeway looking good working your way in towards philadelphia. there are some work crews this morning, westbound on the schuylkill expressway, approaching the boulevard, through city line, out toward belmont avenue. they are in that right lane. your travel times this morning 95, schuylkill expressway, not bad at all, we have got construction through cottman and through girard. regional will rail lines, little change here with the west trenton line. they are using shuttle buses through wednesday, between west trenton and the
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woodbourne station. so throw a few extra minutes in your morning commute. bridges, bennie, whitman, tacony palmyra looking good this morning. so far so good, a good weekend and good morning in and out of the philly international with no delays at the the airport. the chris and lauren, back to you. thirty-two days until the the pope comes to philadelphia and still so much unanswered questions. >> yes, to that end to help clear things up the city is releasing a paper ale play book. fox 29's brad satan has a look at what that book might reveal. >> how will we get around. >> reporter: yes. >> how are we supposed to get our supplies. >> reporter: how she'd like to get answered. >> how every people supposed to get here. >> reporter: before the pope lives like can she even be opened for business when he is here? with the count down on. >> so far, nothing. >> reporter: she says answers have been hard to come by and she's not loan. >> getting to work, how willie be able to get to work. >> reporter: do you have the whole logistics part of it the down. >> not yet, not yet.
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>> reporter: you are winning it like the rest of us. >> yes. >> reporter: wing it no more monday at noon world meeting of families, city and state teamed up to release the paper mal book promised to go offer a one stop shop guide to everything you need to know how to be part of the festivities, how to get around emergency information, city services available and even advice to pet owners. if you signed up you will be notified if and when things change. mayor nutter on fox 29 week then morning says there will be a level of frustration for drivers and pedestrians especially if you have not plan. >> it is not like folks should be able to expect to drive their car right up, i'm here let me park on 20th street and i will just go in. >> reporter: web site will be the source for information, philadelphia's newspapers will offer a printed version early next month but nicole scherer would love to see it taken a step forward. >> an app for your phone would be helpful to have something on your hand all the time. >> she mentioned app.
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that was fox 29's brad satan, of course. no word on the app but papal play book will be on a regular basis updated with walking maps, special events and any changes if you have signed up. we have linked that web site to ours. just go to my fox pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is due in a montgomery county courtroom for a preliminary hearing. gist expect to decide if kane will go to trial. kane is charged with perjury and seven other offenses. the she's accused of leaking grand jury secrets to discredit her secrets. prosecutors say she then lied about the the alleged leak. candidates for pennsylvania attorney general lining up for 2016 ballot without knowing if kane will be on it. one democrat, two republicans, already have declared their candidacy. this comes months before the the parties are to consider candidate endorsements early next year. kane says she's innocent and she plans to seek reelection. 4:06. the west chester university student heading back to class hopeful all legionnaires
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bacteria has been cleaned up. >> steve keeley is live at west chester university with more on this, hi there, steve. >> reporter: yeah this isn't a new story, first broke on july r university when no kid were going to classes here, worker here, tested positive for legionnaires, and then the bacteria causing legionnaires disease was found in eight buildings on campus in the middle of the summer. so while no classes were being held, county health department was told and clean up crew and company was hired and fix it you will up they thought but the college crowd came back over the weekend moving into their dorms. in of them now among the the ten new buildings where legionnaires has been found in the hot water systems now all shut off. these are classroom and administration buildings but still college kid and their parents, not real happy, and having to worry about this before war big what roommate they were going to get and whether or not they will pass the first test in the
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classrooms. >> i have class necessary all of those buildings, so that is scary. >> i have classes there too so i don't even know that was happening, i'm freaked out. the whole bacteria thing is freaky but if they can fix it. >> i have classes but i feel like they wouldn't put us in the classrooms if it was a risk, so i'm not too worried about it. >> i'm sure they are taking care of it. the classes start tomorrow. they know students will be in there. >> they have sent out a lot of communication toss put our mind at east so we know our kids are safe, and i'm pretty calm that they have done what needs to be done. >> reporter: legionnaires has a net tore just link to philadelphia, it is where it got its name in the bicentennial year in 1976, 34 of the people, in that year attending an american legion convention on broad street in philadelphia died from what was then a mysterious illness and it turns out they found bacteria in the systems in the hotel, and that is where
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american legion people died from and that is where this disease got its name from. since 1976, just hearing that phrase, makes people shutter especially people who are around then because we didn't know what it was and even now that we do know what it is, it still scares people and has a lot of concern here on the campus today. >> yeah, college dorm rooms are like hotels. >> that is right. >> legionnaires, a great organization, they hate being associated with this. they just happened to have that conference there at the that hotel in 1976. steve, thank you sir. investigators say speed played a role. >> three three-year old off-duty police sergeant rafael ali died during a horrific crash late saturday night. his pick up hit center median and slammed in the tree on henry avenue. this is in roxborough. during a press conference yesterday police say sergeant ali was going well over the speed limit and investigators think he may have fallen asleep since did he not try to brake or stop the car. officers from the 39th
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district say he will be missed. >> hard working gentlemen, just described as a good man. when it hits your own family, police is a familiar establishing it is a devastating blow especially for his police district. >> alcohol was not detect and sergeant ali it was wearing a seat belt. police say there were in witnesses or surveillance video. in a separate accident, recruit from the philadelphia police department was hurt when a car sideswiped his met or cycle sending him in the light pole this was on the girard avenue in north philadelphia yesterday afternoon. officers tell us that the 24 year-old recruit had a big gash on his leg and was taken to the hospital in stable condition. philadelphia police trying to find person who started shooting outside of a north philadelphia playground and shot two men. >> this all happened around 2:00 on the 3600 block of north marvine street. investigators tell us gunman shot at a 26 year-old and a 18 year old. we caught up with the grandmother of one of those young men. >> he just said that he was,
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him and his friend, came up, and they ordered some food, and he was getting out of the car, and he said somebody, you know, he was shot. >> the the two were last reported in stable condition, at the hospital, police are not yet sure if the shooter got away in a car or just ran away on foot. oh, my gosh. >> that is a hard hit right there. >> justin wilson is in critical condition and also in a coma after being hit in the head by flying debris from this crash yesterday afternoon at pocono race way. wilson's car veered left, ran in the inside wall, a chopper air lifted him from the track, flew him to the hospital in allentown. wilson is 37 years old, and a native of sheffield, england. chris christie gets heckled at the iowa state fair, coming up, what it has to do with pigs. plus rapper wiz cleve
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cleve a is in trouble border agents. what he was ride ago this had him cuffed and taken to the ground. cleve a. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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stop resisting. >> i'm not resisting. >> that is hip-hop artist wiz kalifa getting handcuffed by customs and border agents at los angeles international airport. rapper posted on his instagram and twitter account saying
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haven't been slammed and cuffed in the while, that was fun. he claims this all happened because he would not get off his board, he said all because i didn't want to dis the technology everybody will be using in the next six months. the customs representatives won't comment on the incident. it is unclear if he is facing any charges. some news outlets reporting there is not even a police report that kind of outlines the incident so who knows what happened. have you seen those hover boards. >> you mentioned whoever board is it seems like a brilliant plan to advertised those, no police report. >> yes. >> i don't know that. >> we will sue google that. >> that is indeed, yes, by the googling machine, i call the computer. in the meantime here's a look at hurricane danny. you probably saw it became a hurricane on friday and now it is closer to land in a particular, it the is 70 miles east/north east of dominican
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and lesser antilles, this is back to a tropical storm. it is, 40 miles an hour wind moving to the west, at 15 miles an hour. this is a storm that did briefly strengthen into a category one hurricane but now expected to stay a tropical storm. having said that even though it weaken it will pack a punch heading toward puerto rico and eventually dominican republic and haiti. we will keep an eye on. that it is not expect to restrengthen in a hurricane but it was the the first hurricane of the tropical storm season of 2015. for us there is nothing tropical to show you. we have an off shore system and system out to the west that doesn't look very potent but we are in the middle of that today and we should have a a decent day but we will be back to the southeasterly wind, which means that it will feel a little bit the more humid once the the sunnies up and we will get some heating and it will be the hottest day we have seen, since the weekend because weekend wasn't that bad. in fact it was gorgeous.
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hopefully you got outside and enjoyed some of that. here are your temperatures. very comfortable and cool start in the mountains. 51 degrees is all we have there. fifty-seven allentown. upper 50's in pottstown as well. lower 60's in lancaster and reading. upper 60's in philadelphia but certainly no, sir as sticky as it was for most mornings last week. sixty-one in wildwood and mid 60's in wilmington. the now lets check those dew points and they are still down there especially to the north of us, they are in the 50's and dew points in the 60's, so that is pretty much on the comfortable side, we will see an increase before the end of the day but then we will get that cold front and we are back to better weather after. that totally calm wind every where. it is a tranquil morning, so we will ease you into your workweek and for what many people, could be the last week of summer, if there is school, that may be starts next week. we have got temperatures that were 88 degrees on friday. mid 80's on saturday, 87 degrees on sunday. where are we heading today.
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88 degrees, and then 87, on tuesday, and with those showers, overnight, probably lingering into the morning hours, on tuesday but i don't think those showers will last the the entire day. we are expect something sunshine in the afternoon. then we will start this really nice stretch of weather on wednesday, really tuesday afternoon, mid 80's on wednesday, lower 80's on thursday and friday and then we will heat up a little bit over weekend with will 87 degrees on saturday and 90 on sunday which, of course, is coming up to the last weekend of august, can you even believe that, bob kelly. >> you know, it is still all, colleges go back. west chester, penn state, they start today. one of my middle schoolers starts on monday, what is that august 31st. the crazy. we never used to go back to school until after labor day. live look at blue route, 476 westbound, right before about a mile before exit number
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nine, route three there, accident police are on the scene there heading from 95 delaware county heading north right before you get to the west chester pike, look out, be ready to hit the brakes, only two lanes there, an accident blocking one lane and the shoulder. otherwise we are good to go on the schuylkill expressway. in problems coming down i-95, lets go outside taking a live look, vine street expressway where crews have been working westbound taking out that right lane but light traffic so far this morning. so we're in good shape. later on we will have some breakfast we are back monday morning, we will go to andy's dine's long ridge pike in conshohocken, so from 9:00 to 10:00 kid are not in school yet so come on by we have good breakfast, we will see you up there, bring the kid, we have tv cameras. regional rail lines, west trenton line, shuttle busing, through wednesday, between west trenton and woodbourne station so just throw a few extra minutes on your commute there for west trenton line
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and we have got four trolley routes today that are using, shuttle bus's long a portion of each one of the lines, if you go to, click on that trolley line and give you exactly point a to point b where you are riding the bus for the next couple of days. >> you taking the conshohocken curve to breakfast. >> curve check this morning. >> thank you sir. political watchers waiting to see if vice-president joe biden jumps in the 2016 presidential race over the weekend he had a meeting with senator elizabeth warren. >> that is a pretty big sign he is seriously considering getting in the race. warren is an influential democrat and favorite with progressives in the. they discussed economic policy. warren was a subject of the lobbying campaign to get her to run but she says she won't seek the white house in 2016. warren is an add rekate for economic fairness and wall street reform. she has reframed from endorsing democratic front runner hillary clinton nor any other candidate for that
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matter so her endorsement is highly sought after in the party. republican presidential candidate new jersey governor chris christie was in iowa over the weekend... trying to gain supporters at state fair but met by protesters upset over governor's veto of a controversial bill. >> so, the group was quickly carried off the stage. the bill they are upset about would keep pigs from being locked up in small metal gestation crates. christie stood behind his veto. >> let me be really clear, i believe that farmers should be able to make decision about how best to raise their live stock not government by crats. i veto that had bill twice in new jersey. if it comes to my desk again i will veto it again. >> over the weekend christie took on issue of immigration reform. he came out against recent calls to end birth right citizenship that is too
4:22 am
simplistic. christie supports building a fence a along the u.s. mexico border and using drones as part of the surveillance along that area. 4:22. high honor for three americans credited with stopping an attack. what they say they relied on to take down an armed gunman on a passenger train. also ahead on 422, a dream come true, chase utley thanks fans in the philadelphia in a big way. we will read his letter of gratitude after the break.
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is there eagles played a nice game on saturday night with new quarterback sam bradford, next saturday in green bay will be bradford's last match of the preseason so chip was asked how many plays does he expect him to get. >> right now, i do not know, no. what is that? i don't know. that is why i answered the question i don't know. he could get sick and have legionnaires disease and not play next saturday. he could play, i don't know. >> the phillies, leave miami with two out of 36789 aaron nola had eight innings, shut out ball, three hits, six strike outs and cameron rupp is your new starting catcher. the phillies beat miami two to nothing. not a good sunday in tiger wood and wyndham championship.
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it is a bad chip. he tripled bogey the par three. four shots behind davis love. will in the play now in the fedex cup. that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. you know how many times i have done that, hit the ball across the green like tiger just did, back and forth, back abe for the. classic chase utley send philadelphia a huge thank you in today's daily news. >> here he is hoisting up world series trove that i magical night back in 2008. it read, thank you, philadelphia for taking me under your wing12 years ago. it has been a honor and dream come true. thanks former manager charlie manual who says, stand alone for what he has meant to me and shouted out his teammates old and new players such as j roll, cole hamels, chooch, and he thanked spca and vowing to continue to work with them. he closed with thanking citizens bank park calling it a stadium like no other.
4:27 am
>> he is so missed. so hard to see j roll and chase in the and, that hurts. cancer won't stop president carter, former president back, how many people showed up for sunday school. and college campus on high alert this morning as classes are set to start, a highly contagious bacteria found in the water, how west chester university plans to fight back.
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4:30 is the time on this monday morning and west chester university students heading back to class after legionnaires bacteria is detect. we will tell how school is responding to the scare. fall out continues over the cheating web site that was hack, now a popular prosecutor in florida is speaking out, after his name is leak, what he is saying, never happened. a stopped terrorist attack on the train, thanks to three quick thinking americans. today they will be honored in france. we will introduce you to these true heroes. good day, it is monday august 24th, 2015. good morning lauren dawn johnson. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> yes, we have amazing weather, right. >> phenomenal. it felt like southern california, no humidity, slight breeze, plenty of
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sunshine, perfect. >> it was perfect. >> this is around the same time i moved here last year. philly is great. and then winter came, and then summer. >> and whenever we complain about the the heat and humidity there is somebody on twit error facebook but at least it is not snow. they're right. so, yeah, these california days are really cool nights and really looking good and feeling good, welshing we will get a few extra included by end of the day to day and it will be a warmer day then we haddon saturday and sunday, with slight thely higher humidity. brief shower or thunderstorm, that is tonight, overnight, into tomorrow morning. and then the dry weather will return for middle of the week. rest of the workweek looks darn good. so those are your weather headlines for your monday morning. 69 degrees. 75 percent relative humidity and 6:21 is your sunrise time. so as we get toward end of august the the days are getting shorter and, there is
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nothing to show you you on ultimate doppler radar. more of the the satellite because we don't have too many clouds around. that is why we are able to get cooler in our suburbs. let's check out those temperatures. fifty's to the north of news pottstown, allentown, mount pocono. 63 degrees trenton. sixty-five atlantic city and wilmington and a cooler 60 in millville, new jersey this morning. very calm wind. lets just call this very zen, tranquil morning. ease yourself into the workweek. and then we will ease on up to 88 degrees by the end of the day. sun, for most of the day. cloud increase tonight and then we will have some showers overnight. southerly breeze. that is your weather authority forecast, for monday, we will get you through rest of the workweek. phillies have a game tonight, we will have that forecast for you as well, hi there been kelly. >> those dreaded new york mets. let's raise the bridge tolls for mets coming into town. the lets do it. make some money there. good morning. 4:32 on this monday morning.
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we are looking live in the tunnels here on the vine street expressway. westbound off the schuylkill working your way toward center city the right lane is block here. crews are not bothering anybody just pushed over to the left a little bit. blue route north bound 476, an accident off to the shoulder now, northbound, right before, exit number nine, which is broomall and route three. heading northbound this morning that is that stretch where they don't have any overhead street lamps. so police lights come up on you fast there otherwise we are looking good on the schuylkill expressway in and out of the city, in problems coming down i-95 through the work zone. is there vine street expressway shot from center city camera there. for the the most part we are in good shape in philadelphia some delays coming back from the shore, maybe 322, as you work your way up and over commodore barry bridge, little travel volume there this morning. the the west trenton regional will rail line, using shuttle buses, through wednesday, and between west trenton, and the
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woodbourne station, so a few extra minutes thrown in there. and following four trolley routes are using, shuttle bus's long portion are of the line. so go to septaes a web site to find exactly point a to point b for next couple days. otherwise we're off to a good start. chris and lauren back to you. west chester university students heading back to class today hopeful all of the legionnaires bacteria recently detect has been somehow cleaned up. >> steve keeley is on this live for us, good morning. >> reporter: well, legionnaires disease is a wicked kind of pneumonia, anybody who has had pneumonia knows how bad it is and how deadly it is. found and spread by bacteria in water supplies and cooling systems here and university has been trying to eradicate all traces since it was first found in early july when no classes were going on then but when a worker here at west chester u got tested positive for legionnaires disease and later testing in the buildings that worker was in, found legionnaires bacteria in eight of them.
4:35 am
an outside company was hired, came in, was wiped out, from all of those spots where it was originally found in july. but further testing as a precaution before the kid all came back over the weekend found the bacteria in the hot water systems in ten other buildings. we're talking classroom, administration buildings where hot water is now shut off and hotter systems being called is what called super chlorinated. the bacteria was not, detected in any buildings where college kid would use a lot of hot water the most, the dorms and that is where moving in, over weekend was going on. >> they sent out a lot of communication, to put our mind at ease so we know our kids are safe. they sent out a lot of communications, to put our mind at ease...
4:36 am
>> steve keeley will get back to him and keep an eye on is what going on there with legionnaires disease. let's talk about the pope. he will be here soon. all of the your questions will be answered this afternoon. city, state and world meeting of families put together a comprehensive source, that they are calling the papal play book. >> say that ten times fast. >> papal play book. >> they will give you advice about how to get around and how to participate in any services, city services available for that matter, even advice to pet owners. it will be up at noon time today. we will have a link right at that time my fox about 10,000 volunteers will be helping out with the pope coming to philadelphia next month. it will be their job to keep everything running smoothly. they will be greeting, directing visitors, adding guests with special needs just to name a couple. these volunteers are from every state but officials say half are from right here in
4:37 am
pennsylvania. weekend concessions, with that said, many men speaking up about their account on ashley, what famous face in florida is now in hot water with his wife and family. and a big turnout for sunday's, jimmy carter, keeping his ritual going even after his devastating cancer a announcement. just how many people showed up to see him in action. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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good morning, welcome back. >> manic monday. >> is that how you feel will when you wake up. >> monies brutal because i was still up at 10:30. >> i tossed and turns, usually just try to move it to the right place and get the cold part on your face. it was a nightmare. >> wake up all sweaty and drooling. all right. martha's vineyard where he spent two weeks. today he is scheduled to address eighth annual national clean energy sum tonight las vegas and push forward his climate change proposals and he has other key issues remaining ahead now that he is back from his peaceful vacation. one of the president's priorities preventing congress from blocking the iran nuclear deal. he lobbied key members of his party on this deal. congress plans to vote next
4:41 am
month on a resolution disapproving of the deal. it makes too many concessions to the iranians. former president jimmy carter back to his old routine just days after starting his cancer treatment. >> he has been teaching sunday school at baptist church in his georgia hometown for decade now. yesterday was a packed house, as people driving hundreds of miles, to support the the former president. and, mr. carter told them he is in the planning to take it easy anytime soon. he says he will continue to work as a professor at emery university and hoping to travel to nepal in november with habitat for humanity. >> but if god is willing and i'm able and my doctors agree then i will go and i look forward to that. so, i will continue within the the bound of my physical and mental capability. >> he is 90 years old. incredible. turnout so big yesterday morning about 250 people, had
4:42 am
to go to a nearby high school and former president came over there to have a second sunday school lesson. >> how about that. >> what an inspiration. sentencing hearing for colorado movie theater shooting james holmes begins today. prosecutors say at least 100 victims and witnesses will speak over next three days. jurors have determined that he will spend the rest of his life in prison without parole, however, they did not all agree on the death sentence so judge must impose a life sentence for first degree murder. 4:42. three american heroes sharing their story after stopping a terror attack. coming up hear about the high honor they will get overseas today. plus a famous attorney caught up in the ashley had son hacking scandal and now he is saying he is sorry. find out how you know him and who he is apologizing to next.
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there is bears in the pool. a whole family of them, too. they decide to have a pool part think weekend, at a new jersey backyard. check that out. momma bear took five of her babies over to someone house and they all climbed in. >> it is like a cartoon good that baby is outraged. >> these bears evidently hopped over a fence and made their way to the pool. the family a says a cub even
4:46 am
went down the slide. >> wait, listen to the baby. >> so, neighbors say it isn't really shocking. the family says many of those pool toys did not make it. >> they are having fun. >> that little baby is like there is bears in my pool. >> yes. >> it was hot, sue, so they went for a swim, taking a dip. >> too cute. >> yes, you put that scene in a zoo and we'd be all watching. >> that family should charge admission. >> really, and just have their own little backyard zoo, anyway, here's your satellite and radar picture to show you, not very many clouds. we have an off shore system, that we have been watching, it doesn't seem to be causing any trouble and front out to the west which doesn't seem to be
4:47 am
too active either. so we will zoom in and see that it is pretty tranquil morning. there is that cold front we're talking talking about it most likely west of the city. at 6:00 we will see pop ups in lancaster county, berks county, moving in the area, maybe around 9:00 o'clock a couple of us may hear rumble of thunder tonight and then a front continues its journey wye midnight. it is right over us. again, clouds, you might be sleeping, and maybe a thunderstorm or two, and then that continues its progress through the early hours of the morning, tomorrow. so that is what is going on with that. good result of that of course, will be lower humidity again, starting on tuesday afternoon into wednesday, so one foggy spot this morning, it is in wrightstown around fort dix, where it is socked in with fog there. everybody else, looks like the visibility is okay this morning. we will keep a eye on the situation, of course,
4:48 am
temperatures to the north of us are in the 50's. lower 60's in reading and lancaster, 69 degrees in philadelphia, and much cooler down in wildwood. you are starting out with 61 degrees. wilmington has 65 at the moment. dew points, always check those dew points in the summer. when they are in the 50's, it is very comfortable out there. dew point of 61. we will take it here in philadelphia. so we're going to be rid of those 07-degree dew points although we do think they will rise a bit over the rest of the day. we have 86, degrees on saturday. it was kind of cool to start the morning on saturday. and then 87 degrees, on sunday. today will be warmer then that with a high of 88. 87 degrees. showers, to sunshine on tuesday, and then wednesday's high is 85. and then that is a nine out of ten. it will be a excellent day. maybe getting closer to the day we might up to double digits so a nice stretch for the the rest of the week heading in to the weekend, and
4:49 am
that is your weather authority forecast, it looks good for the ballgame tonight as well bob kelly. >> phillies back in town good morning. 4:49. not bad, coming up on route 202, or the pennsylvania turnpike, at the schuylkill expressway looking good, hold on, let me did my clicker here. wrong pocket. there you you go, that is it, on 422, this is a one car spin out on the ramp from 422, to get on to 202, and the the schuylkill expressway. never a good start to the day when your head lights facing the on sit and big rig coming straight at you here. luckily we have police on the scene. if you are leaving royersford, collegeville, working in toward king of prussia be ready to hit the brakes. big rigs putting blinkers on to slow you down. ben franklin bridge in the bad at all coming into downtown philadelphia light volume so far. working your way north on the blue route 476, just right as awe approach exit number nine,
4:50 am
route three an accident is off to the shoulder. otherwise we're in good shape on the schuylkill coming into town. no problems coming down i-95. breakfast, are you hungry by the way today is national waffle day. we are looking for waffles heading out the to andy's diner. ridge pike, we are going to the one on ridge pike in conshohocken from 9:00 to 10:00 we will see you out there, this morning, chris and lauren, back to you. breaking news, a triple shooting in trenton. this happened around 3:30 this morning. i heard them talk about it in the news room when it happen. >> jennifer joyce has raced to the scene and she's live in trenton with the very latest, jennifer, what have you learned. >> reporter: good morning chris and lauren. we only pulled up here a couple minutes ago but we have already talk to a young man who showed up to the scene here. he says he is cousins with two of the victims and friend of the third. what we know right now is these three people shot here at robeling avenue and, washington street here in trenton. it happened at sometime before
4:51 am
3:30 this morning. so the young man we just talk to say he does not know the circumstances. he came here to learn more. he said there are in words for how he is feeling right now obviously hoping that all three victims are okay at this point. we have not gotten an update from police. we don't know the conditions of any of the victims involved in this case, and again, we're hearing at robeling avenue and washington street. we will have another live report coming up in just a few minutes, chris and lauren. >> jenny joyce, thank you so much. we will stay on top of that story throughout the morning. in the meantime we will take a quick break and we will be right back. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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three mourns will be awarded prestigious award of honor in france. >> they a shared their story over the weekend of how they subdued this gunman. here's fox's kelly wright. >> in times of terror like that the police, they need to do something. they will stand by and watch. >> reporter: three americans relied on gut instinct and close bond as they took down an armed man on a passenger train, speeding through belgium. >> i trust both my friend very much and if it wasn't for them i would have been dead ape then we all felt we had a critical role in whatever happened. >> reporter: twenty-three year-old air man spencer stone, 23 year-old anthony sadler and 22-year old alex skarlatos were on the high speed train from amsterdam to paris on friday when a man armed with the ak-47, a pistol, and box cutter, raced
4:55 am
through the car. the men tackled, subdued the gun man who was taken into custody in france. >> i'm great full that if they weren't there what could have happened to innocent people, people like us who are just living our lives trying to go to work, come home from work and if they weren't there i just, you know, it is scary. >> reporter: french authorities identified the attacker as 26 year-old, as a more rack owe man with radical islam who spent time in syria. >> at some point we need to profile someone. it is not so much what they look like but where they have been. talk to them. the find out what they are up to. >> reporter: suspect's lawyer disputes the official account of what happened saying the man was homeless, and simply trying to rob passengers on the train in order to feed himself. >> it doesn't take eight magazines to rob a train. >> reporter: french authorities can legally hold him for questioning until tuesday when they must charge him or release him. kelly wright, fox 29 news.
4:56 am
we are getting you ready for the papal visit, next at 5:00, what event organizers are release to go day to help you maneuver around the city. west chester university students head back to class after legionnaires bacteria is detect. we will tell you how you school is responding to that scare coming up in a live report. ñ?
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
classes start the but in the were hot water is contaminated with bacteria we will tell what you the school is saying to the students. plus this... >> oh, my god. >> that is a hard hit right there. >> crash leads a driver to a coma after a hard turn in the pocono race way. and the do's and don't's and they be everything in between, papal play book released to day, on line, we will tell you more bit. good evening. hi, how are you. >> it is dark outside. >> but it is 4:59 a.m. >> i need more sleep, do this, hold your hand, good morning. here's the deal, you told a hilarious story about what you feared this weekend which is humid to in florida. you are going to an outside wednesday nothing august. >> outside, august, florida, heat, humidity, 6:00 p.m. who does that? >> not to mention, the ever press event chance of the pop up thunderstorm. you lived there.
5:00 am
>> yes. >> my goodness. we have to watch out for danny too. a tropical storm. we will update on that coming up. we will give you an eight out of ten. it seems to be a pretty great eight. 68 degrees right now. calm wind. 76 percent relative humidity. that is not too bad. 6:21 is your sunrise time officially, and in clouds to show you on radar. we have an off shore storm and a cold front that you cannot tell that there is not a lot of precipitation with it out to the west and we are wedged in between. we will get milder air today, we will get slightly more humid air and we have fog, right here in ocean county, in monmouth county in new jersey, and that is bit, everybody else is looking fine with visibility, temperatures are in the 50's to the north of us, lower 60's to the west and east and along the jersey shore we have wildwood, 61. 63 degrees in atlantic city as we wind down these last couple


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