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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 28, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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do. plus, what local cops say was coming out of this food truck that could cause injury, even death. your news starts in 60 seconds. (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪
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turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. ♪ developing story right now at 10:00 o'clock. this face is keeping some parents up at night in south jersey neighborhood. police say this is 67 avenue man who was caught leaning into a six-year-old child's bedroom window. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. a terrified mom saw the suspect outside her apartment on wednesday night. what she says the prowler said to her daughter is chilling. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the washington township police headquarters tonight. dave n community is concerned tonight. >> reporter: ad absolutely. very disturbing story. i spoke with the mother off camera. she was visibly shaken. i could see it in her face. she says she is determined to protect her children.
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>> take a close look at the man in this sketch. washington township police say he tried to lure a six-year-old girl by walking up to her first floor bedroom building in building l of the washington way apartments wednesday night. had a he was caught in the act by her startled mother. >> she was frantic much. she was upset. she came home from work around 10:00, 10:15 dropped her bags and noticed him and screamed for had he been of her husband. told the gentleman who approached her daughter through the window not to move she was calling the police. >> police say the man told the little girl his name was joe he was a doctor. he snapped her picture with his cell phone before her mom scared him off running away between two buildings. >> she's banking on my window. notifying me to tell me because i have children and she wanted me to be cautious and let everybody know. >> it's scary. because my daughter, you know, i have kids, too, my girlfriend has a seven-year-old. they're out here playing together at times. i mean something like this, you know corks happen.
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>> reporter: investigators say the mother saw the same man the day before wandering around her building and he told her that he lives in the same complex. and that has many neighbors worried. >> to be honest with you i got goose bums. >> it actually scares me because i have a little brother and my mom is really close and we leave the windows open sometimes. that just scares me knowing that somebody is that close to us. >> take one more good look at the sketch. police say the man has light brown hair faded on the side with a half an inch more length on the top and he was wearing dark clothing. >> i hospital they catch this guy as soon as possible. i'm very glad that, you know, it wasn't worse and something didn't happen that was, you kn know, like more horrifying. >> reporter: police say the suspect is either in his late 20s or early 30s. call washington township police if you have any information. now back to you. >> all right, dave, thanks. search is on for the man police say robbed and sexually assaulted three people in fishtown. take look at this sketch of the man police say is behind these horrific crimes. it happened early sunday night
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on the 2400 block of north beach street. police say after robbing the victims he sexually assault one of them at gun point and used victim's clothing to tie them up. take a good look at the sketch. if you know this man, please call philadelphia police. caught on camera a man's wild ride through south philadelphia police say he's responsible for a crash, a carjacking and kidnapping all within a matter of minutes. it went down with police officers right on his tail. tonight the search for that suspect is heating up. fox 29's shawnette wilson following the investigation for us live at south detectives. shawnette. >> reporter: well, dawn, police believe they know who they are looking for. they say he is a 28-year-old prison parolee and as you mentioned tonight they are still searching for him. this surveillance video captured the beginning of a string of wild and dangerous events. watch as black mustang comes barrel ring around a corner on tokamak street in south philly just after midnight. right behind it, several police officers chasing on foot.
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>> i hope they get him. >> reporter: geno came outside after hearing the sounds of the driving the mustang crashed. his lexus was one car he hit. >> like a big bank 12:30. people yelling and screaming. >> reporter: suspect jumped out of the car and took off running up the block where he allegedly carjack this nissan ultima with two women in the back seat and sped off. >> anyone buzzing through this neighbor at high speed concerning. >> reporter: victims ended up at fifth and chunk where the suspect got out of the car and bailed. the women then drove to ninth and ritner where they flagged down a police officer. rich lives in the area and says he is surprised no one was hurt in this whole ordeal. >> with the foot traffic in this neighborhood now, compared to before, with all the restaurants and stuff and people parking the cars all over the place. >> reporter: and police say that they were able to identify this man after finding that state prison id in the original car that black mustang that he was driving. chris?
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>> shawnette, thanks. on your radar tonight, another potential heat wave. let's go to chief meteorologist scott williams. i guess it's a way to end august, right? >> that's certainly right. it looks like we are going to find warming temperatures for the upcoming weekend but take a look at the fireworks. just across the river there. we're talking about a beautiful friday evening if you're stepping outdoors in old city. temperatures right now 77 degrees. dedew points still low so it's great. it's less sandal. we're looking at a comfortably cool evening. but once again, those temperatures tonight are going to dip into the 50s and low 60s across the area. by 6:00 a.m. on your saturday what about 54 in reading. 54 in allentown. low 60s in around the i-95 corridor as well as south jersey. upper 50s in sections of delaware. so sunrise tomorrow, 6:26 is looking pretty comfortable to start. we'll talk about when temperatures top out around 90 degrees as well as what's happening in the tropics. new information coming in on erika and where it will head
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next. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. four months after little boy is killed in a hit-and-run in west kensington today philadelphia police issuing arrest warn. investigators are looking for 22-year-old miguel cologne. they say cologne was behind the wheel of the car which hit two-year-old david alicia and his 19-year-old mother. the two were crossing the street right in front of their home on the 2700 block of mascher street when they were run down back in april. both were rushed to the hospital. the little boy died three days later. >> these investigations are very difficult proving somebody was driving a vehicle. there were two people in the car at the time so we have little difficulty proving the fact he may have been driving. it took extra investigating. >> police are offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of miguel cologne. a man is recovering after this nasty wreck in the city's bustleton second. it happened about 9:00 o'clock this morning at 8600 block of bloom field avenue.
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police say the driver of this silver suv lost control and veered on to a neighbor's yard and then went airborne. you can see it ended up eat hitting another car parked in the driveway with both winding up against that home. the homeowner says there's no serious damage. no word on the condition of that driver. this jaw-dropping video is going viral tonight. we do want to warn you it may be upsetting to some. this coming out of camden and it shows a woman in some sort of fight pick up her dog and start swinging the dog by the color. as our sabina kuriakose tells us the video has now launched criminal investigation. >> oh, my god. swung her dog and hit somebody with her dog. choke the dog. >> reporter: brian can't believe his eyes as he watches this disturbing video going viral on social media. shot near blocks from his home. watch as a woman camden animal
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identifies angela oliver embroiled in an argument with group of people. things get physical when she allegedly swings her four month old pitbull puppy by its leash into the face of one of the women. we're not going to show you the full video because of its disturbing nature. >> like jumping behind your kids, right. using your kids to fight with. >> reporter: video shows the puppy hanging helplessly as dragged and swung through the air. animal cruelty investigator john, says it happened monday here at eighth and tulip. his officers track the woman down but they're still looking for the dog. >> it was really, you know, just so unnecessary and malicious, you know, and to just have a total disregard for the animal, totally caught up in what she was doing. >> reporter: we went to oliver's home to ask why she allegedly abuse the the puppy she's charged with animal cruelty. no one answered the door and we didn't hear any barking. meantime neighbors say on some
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level they understand her actions, but that doesn't make it okay. >> i think the thing that must have been on her head is getting away from the people that were trying to attack her. you know, but still. >> reporter: big concern investigators still want to find that puppy. they want to make sure that it's okay. and that it doesn't need medical attention. if oliver is found guilty she faces six months in jail and a thousand dollars fine. in camden, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. happening now, tropical storm erika is losing steam in the caribbean but florida residents aren't taking any chances. it's been 10 years since hurricane hit the sunshine state and even though forecasters say it is losing strength, the state of emergency remains in effect there. residents have been busy filling up cars, stockpiling food and planning their evacuation routes. hurricane or not what's left of erika is expected to bring heavy rain next week which could actually help drought stricken communities. >> this weekend marks a decade since hurricane katrina
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devastate the the gulf coast. it was the third strongest to ever hit the us. katrina killed more than 1800 people and caused more than $150 billion in damage. president george w. basketball was in office at the time the storm hit. his administration was widely criticized for a slow response aft the storm. the former president returning to new orleans. it is a far different scene 10 years later. remnants of devastation are still evident. businesses are working their way back and homes are being rebuilt. mr. bush tour add school with students and told them the legacy haass hurricane is one of loss butly one of strength. >> we are the resilience of a great american city who's levees gave out but its people never gave up. >> the former president danced along to a performance by the high school's marching band and also took part in an event in gulfport mississippi honoring
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first responders. the president did not visit parts of new orleans that have yet to recover from katrina like the lower ninth ward. more than $1,400,000,000,000 has been spent in the last decade upgrading the city's levees and putting in more storm protection equipment. the army corps of engineers says it is better prepared to handle a katrina like storm today. ♪ wild scene on top of a fire truck. why firefighters stayed far away from all of this chaos. >> plus, he's calling his loss gut wrenching now the father of a reporter killed during a live television report is demanding change and calling outlaw make makers. >> i want him to look me in the eye and tell me why they don't want to support this. >> what he's fighting for and how he's remembering his daughter tonight. >> the school board is faced with a big decision as kids head back to school. it centers around bathrooms and who should use them much the policy change that is could lead to a court fight. >> plus, a local photographer travels back in time to honor
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his grandfather. the incredible journey getting national attention.
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♪ thousands of dollars in jewelry stolen from a hamilton, new jersey, jewelry store ton night police are releasing this surveillance video. their hoping to catch these two thieves. take look at the men. they're seen early wednesday morning breaking into trent jewelers on edinburgh road through a back window. once inside the men smashed display cases getting away with several bags full of jewelry. if you know who these guys are, give police a call. a major drug bust in berks county tonight. a local food distributor charged and arrested after police say he
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told synthetic pot to undercover officers. investigators say it's a bust that will wipe a lot of drugs off the streets. fox 29's brad sattin shows us how police put the brakes on a massive distribution operation. >> reporter: bucks county diss trek attorney says the synthetic marijuana supply in the city of reading took a huge hit today with the arrest of a man detectives have been tracking for over a year. da says 61 year manuel lopez, of singing spring wasn't just distributing food in his trucks to several small convenience stores in reading, he was also distributing k2 and drug paraphernalia. >> k2 synthetic marijuana. made with chemicals that are supposed to mimic the effects of pot but can go very wrong very fast. >> this incense is laced with anything from rat poisoning to many different controlled substances. the problem being that user of k2 does not know what they're ingesting.
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>> reporter: leading to overdoses, long-term health problems and sometimes death. the woman who arrived at lopez's home when we did, g get out of my property and get out of my house. >> reporter: was in mood to talk but the da says he was high level k2 dealer. >> we know he was at the root of a huge problem. >> reporter: distributing over the years to several stores where arrests had been made. they'd been tracking him for over year. making three undercover buys more than 500 packets. then another one this morning leading to his arrest where they found a loaded gun and searched his home where investigators say they found 200 more packets of the drug smoke pipes, six grand in cash and 70,000 clear plastic baggies. >> the whole road was blocked off. >> he and his family hadn't lived here long but long enough for this neighbor to grow suspicious. >> we have been seeing a lot of activity. a lot of cars. different people come by throughout the day and at night report roar strange activity now led to anger. >> i have a six-year-old.
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you know, that six-year-old don't know the difference between candy and drugs because they make drugs look like candy. i'm upset about it. i mean you don't expect that in a quiet neighborhood like this report roar lopez, is facing various drug charges investigators will try to track down his supplier who they don't believe lives in pennsylvania, but does live in the tri-state area. in reading, brad sattin, fox 29 news. the father of wdbjtv reporter allison parker calling on politicians to toughen gun laws across the country after 24-year-old daughter is gunned down on life tv earlier this week. andy parker is vowing to become advocate for gunnery form. his remarks coming shortly after a meeting with virginia's governor. the governor stopping by the television station today to meet with the staff and family of the two journalists shot and killed during a live news broadcast on wednesday morning. parker describing the loss of his daughter as gut wrenching. >> her life was full of joy and
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she always saw the best in people, and she touched -- so many people and that's why they loved her and she just -- this was -- something like this would never occur to her. >> the parker family plans to hold a private memorial for their daughter on monday. allison park concern her photographer adam ward were fatally shot by a former station employee. vicky gardner was also shot and is current until stable condition at a virginia hospital much shooter vester flanagan died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. a man trying to escape his attacker runs on top of a fire truck sitting at a traffic light in washington, d.c. >> fox's lena burns shows us the wild scene was caught on camera. >> it was definitely a surprise. >> reporter: firefighters heading back to station 33 had no idea what was about to happen on the back of their truck as they waited for the light to turn green yesterday afternoon near seventh and alabama in
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southeast d.c. >> they can see through the mirrors on the side of the vehicle that someone was running towards them. never thinking that they were going to, you know, go a top of the apparatus. >> reporter: but they did. and this is the video of what happened. the victim racing up the back of of the truck trying to get away from three attackers perhaps believing he would find refuge on the fire truck but that didn't stop the guys after him. in fact they even stepped on the flag as they went after their victim. then beating him repeatedly. we learned from the police report weapons used in this attack included a club, brass knuckles and some sort of a blunt object. d.c. spokesperson tim wilson says firefighters followed protocol by staying in the tru truck. >> in this instance the first priority to make sure that the members are safe. it was a situation that was unexpected to them and so to try to make sure that the situation didn't get out of hand, they did what they're trained to do and that's to call in.
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>> police arrived quickly and arrested three people. one juvenile who is facing assault with a deadly weapon and destruction of property charges. police report revealed that suspect had a wooden beam and was swinging it at the victim and also damaged the fire truck. two other suspects 18 and 19 years old are facing a charge of simple assault. >> that was fox's lena burns reporting. some chester county kids are getting the school year off to a great start with some big help. more than 1500 students lined up in coatesville today for the city's annual prepare for success even. kids from all grade levels were invited to get ready for the new year with a bunch of free school supplies even back to school haircuts. every student had a chance to pick out their own book bag filled with all kinds of suppl supplies. >> the kids really do benefit from this because schools aren't providing any supplies any more,
10:21 pm
and the kids just don't have them. the parents don't have the money. >> ultimately we've been doing this as a catalyst for more parem engage many and for more parents and kids to be involved in the school and also to have the supplies they need just because quiet frankly a lot of kids we serve will not have access to the supplies that they need. >> the event was organize by 10 chester county non-profit agencies and the coatesville police department. look like a big success. take look at this. a car ends up in a backyard swimming pool. what the drive says happened just before that car hit the water. a father and son are camping in idaho when a boulder slams into the father. what the little boy did that saved his life. and a fight breaks out on a philadelphia street and it's caught on camera. the parting shot that is you really have to see to believe. >> but first here's look at your winning lottery numbers. good luck! ♪
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♪ firefighters in washington state are facing the largest wildfire on record. flames consuming more than 1,000 square miles of the state an area said to be equal to the size of rhode island. officials say they are trying their best to keep residents in that area safe. three firefighters died fighting
10:25 pm
the fire last week. officials fear thunderstorms expected this weekend packing strong winds may only make the fire spread. a split verdict for 19-year-old man accuse of raping a girl at a prestigious prep school in concord new hampshire jury finding 19-year-old owen libry guilty of four misdemeanor of sexual assault and felony charge of using a computer to seduce a child under the age of 16 but not guilty of three felony second assault charges. the incident gained national attention for the senior salute tra dig at st. paul school in which graduating seniors would have sex with younger girls. a mom and her two children are taught night after an accident sends their car splashing into a pool. take a look at the video. the happened this afternoon in miami dade county florida. officials say two cars collided sending one of them threw the fence of a home and right smack into the pool. landing upside down.
10:26 pm
a neighbor ran to their rescue and fortunately no one was hurt. an amazing story of survival and courage and the hero in this case is a 13-year-old boy. he's getting a lot of praise tonight for helping save his dad's live in the idaho wilderness. david, had enough energy to speak with reporters this week about his brave son's actions. young hero jumped into action 11 days ago after a boulder rolled off the mountainside and hit his dad. he broke his back, his heel and his left arm. well david says his son charlie was right on top of things. >> well, i think he had -- he's been, you know, climbing and backpacking with me for years and you know he knew a lot of the important things like keeping somebody hydrated that's injured, getting the bleeding stopped. >> charlie wasn't done when his dad couldn't go any further charlie walk 3 miles by himself to find help and despite the
10:27 pm
incident the father and son say they're looking forward to their next outdoor adventure. a local photographer' incredible journey is getting national attention. how he's honoring this grandfather by traveling back in time. plus as kids get ready to head back to class school leaders have big decision to make. who should use the bathroom? the debate attracting a big crowd coming up. >> right now, we continue to follow new developments with erika. it's weakening but what will it mean for the us, plus we have a heat wave brewing here. the timing next. ♪
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♪ >> right now at tepp couldn't 30:00 montgomery county man is traveling around the country recreating history. he's taking photos of the very same spot his grandfather did decades ago. >> fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer shows us how photos led to quite an incredible new journey. >> this was actually cedar path campground. >> for christian carulo. looking at old slides.
10:31 pm
>> i try to put myself in their shoes. >> is the way to plan for his next big trip. >> that's my grandfather, yup. >> that's because he's trying to recreate thousands of photos his late grandfather herb took dating as far back as 1973. >> very much loved national park a lot of scenic shots which sometimes can be a little difficult to locate. >> pretty much had every single one mark. she do you meaned every single trip. thursday, may 28th, 1981, up at 6:30. >> with the help of his grandmother's journal replicated 75 different photos. >> it's kind of funny because all of us grandkids growing up we kind of always kind of made fun of him because he always had a camera with him. he always had to capture, you know, every family gathering. different photos. >> like this time at longwood gardens. >> that's me as a little boy. it was just me kind of standing in the place of my grandfather. >> each recreation a tribute to
10:32 pm
his grandfather. >> later in life i kind of realized those moments seeing that had an effect on me and that's kind of why i started this project, you know, kind of a way to honor and thank him for instilling that love of photography and travel in me. >> reporter: his love of traveling brought him all over the country including fisher man's grotto in san francisco. >> he commented those were the old good days. >> he met this worker in blue just finishing his shift. >> i didn't even think it would be a possibility that that guy still work there so when those little things pop out of the blue, it's just a really awesome experience. >> christian's project extending far beyond his expectations. >> extended past myself and kind of a cool project for me when it can touch other people it's become pretty awesome, yeah. >> in souderton, bill rohrer fox 29 news. christian is not done. in september he's taking a trip to idaho and utah he hopes to
10:33 pm
take about 35 more pictures there. ♪ >> to your fox 29 weather authority and a pretty nice friday night. but some change on the houri son scott. >> that's right, dawn. we are looking at warmer temperatures. increase in the humidity and another potential heat wave as early as next week. but high pressure still in control. it was a great evening to be out and about across the area. let's take you in to wisconsin green bay take look at the green. rain moving in as well as cloud cover but it look like this system will be out in time for football tomorrow night at lambeau field a few lingering clouds. it will be cool. temperatures will be in the 60s by kickoff. here at home we're looking pretty good for your saturday morning. maybe running some errands. looking good. walking the dog arc lost sunshine, cool conditions, then we warm into upper 80s but dry across the area on saturday. by sunday the humidity starts to build. the temperatures continue to increase. there might be a couple of isolated pop-ups far north and
10:34 pm
west moving toward sections of the pocono mountains. 85 degrees was the high temperature today but the humidity was low. so it really was a comfortable day outdoors. as we look at the temperatures right now, take look at this. 55 degrees already in the pocono mountains. we have low 60s in allentown. 68 right now wilmington. 64 in millville. the warm spot philadelphia 77 degrees. so by tomorrow morning, temperatures looking pretty good. comfortably cool and crisp as you move toward allentown, 54 degrees. low 60s along the i-95 corridor. right around 60 in places like woodstown, glassboro and looking good down the shore. so in the city tomorrow temperatures top out around 87 degrees. down the shore another winning forecast for the weekend. low 80s water temperatures right around 76 degrees. temperatures saturday and sunday top out right around 80, 81 on sunday maybe a couple of pop ups and on is you day in the poke gnomes still tracking the tropics. poorly organize right now moving
10:35 pm
over the mountainous terrain of hispaniola it's a 45-mile per hour tropical storm. it will likely weaken into a depression as it continues through hispaniola toward sections of cuba and then that mountainous terrain will ring out a lot of moisture causing some flooding as well as some mudslides there but look at the projected path. taking it on to the west northwest weakening it to a depression and then moving towards sections of florida sunday into monday providing some rain but once again it is not anticipated to be a wind maker mainly just a rain maker. for us 87 tomorrow. 90 on sunday. and then look at the heat and the humidity. low 90s for much of next week so a september sizzle and, yes, another heat wave. if we do it it, it would be the fifth of the year. >> wow. i don't mind though because it's fall and then winter. >> had a little snow in october, too. >> snow already? >> don't say that word just yet.
10:36 pm
>> young black man is killed by police in detroit. prosecutors say it was justified. witnesses say no way. charlie leduff takes close look at this case. >> changes at ashley madison notorious website is breaking up with a big wig. who's getting dumped next. >> apple is about to share some secrets. what the tech giant could be unveiling this fall coming up.
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♪ the notorious cheating website ashley madison and its ceo are breaking up. that's according to a statement released by the company. biter man is stepping down an existing senior management team will lead the company until a new c. o is named. ashley madison suffered a hack last night after avid life media did not concede to the demands to take down the site. the hackers then released the data last week including information about nearly 40 million users as well as biter man's personal e-mail. in your money tonight, asking siri for hint hint that's what many are doing ahead of apple's new project launch event last month. widely expected the company will be releasing its newest he had dig iphone. tech giant sent out invitations this week witness subtle
10:40 pm
headline hey siri give us a hin. the answer according to siri will be unveiled at an apple event on september 9th in san francisco. the company may also be upgrading its apple tv concept. siri could be getting much anticipated upgrade even though she probably won't be saying much in the next 12 days. well there's a reason that thousands choose to head to wildwood for the summer. one of those is, no beach tags and the city is trying to keep it that way. town leaders say the city is trying to persuade businesses to set up shop in the wildwoods. more money from businesses and attractions mean the town doesn't have to rely on income from beach tags. beaches are free but many other shore towns charge to walk on their sands. officials will discuss the beach tag issue after the summer. a missouri high school is debating which bathroom a transgender student should be loud to use the men's room or the ladies room. high school senior lila perry says she has known she was transgender since she was 13
10:41 pm
years old and last february she decided to come out. this year lila wanted to sit -- fit in with the rest of the girls she started using the girls bathroom and locker room but not everyone is happy about this. some parents are now backin baca p.m. see that calls for students to use a restroom associated with the gender they were born with or a gender neutral restroom. >> they should have the ability to do whatever they need to do in the privacy of a bathroom without having male in there. >> i'm not pervert. i'm a change transgender woman. i'm a girl. i'm just in there to change and do my business. >> it is unclear when and if the school board will make a decision on this matter. so far administrators say they cannot comment. a fight break out on a philadelphia street but you're not going believe how this one ends. the parting shots you got to see next.
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♪ surveillance video of a fight is going viral. a fight between two guys on the streets of kensington much this video was shot last night by a homeowner there. you can zoo two bros duking it out punches are thrown. one man even manages to keep his cigarette lit throughout the entire fight but all of a sudden look at this, they slap hands
10:45 pm
and the guys hug it out. the fight only lasted about 20 seconds afterwards you can also see these guys pick up their belongings and go about their business. well a young black man is killed by a police officer in detroit inside his father's ho home. >> this week prosecutors announce that that officer will not be charged. fox's charlie leduff look at the incident, the outrage and what's behind the prosecute's dig. decision. ♪ fugitive task force went into a detroit home last april looking for terrence callum a 20-year-old robbery suspect who shoved a gun in pizza guy's fa face. callum a black man ended up dead. the federal agent who shot him said the suspect dropped through a hole in the attic and came at him wielding a hammer. the father claims his son was
10:46 pm
unarmed and was the victim of a police assassination. recently the wayne county prosecutor ruled in favor of the agent. no charges will be brought. in the current climate of america, it's important to say that the federal agent is also black as is the prosecutor. the pizza guy is white. >> yes, black lives matter. of course, they matter. but you know what else matters? credible facts matter. supportable evidence matters. proveable evidence matters. doing justice matters. and the truth matters. ♪ >> he was reaching for this father when they killed him. that boy didn't have nothing in his hands. they straight out he can cuted him. >> protesters coming the city on edge. who to believe? we went to the haas hold with the prosecutor's findings to get to the heart of
10:47 pm
the matter. >> the police were looking for your son. >> yes. >> because he put a gun in somebody's face, a pizza guy's face. >> that's not true. >> that's not true. >> that's not true. >> the police had been looking for my son while i was out of town for violation of probation. >> reporter: for doing what? >> not going to see his probation officer. >> reporter: over weapon? >> yes, over a weapon. he was on probation for that. >> why didn't you go up there and talk to your son and say come give yourself up. >> i knew they was looking for him. >> why didn't you do that? >> because my son was scared charlie. >> you saw him come down with his hands uncuffed and she started unloading on him. >> he brought him down. he had a hammer charlie. >> why would they bring him downstairs with no handcuffs. >> why would they just start unloading on him. >> he brought his hasn't out of his pocket. says, but dad, but dad, pop pop. >> with two cops right there. >> two in the back of him. >> the cops were shooting at
10:48 pm
your son with cops in the line of fire. >> yes, he was. boom. he fell to his knees right here. that's where the bullet hole come from right there. after that i can't say what happened because they were trying to less system me up in the room. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. seven, eight shots. they shot him twice. >> reporter: again, the police version of events is that the young man dropped through a hole in the attic came out of a downstairs bedroom wielding a hammer. fearing for his life the age shot him four times. the family lawyer says the not physically possible for a grown man to drop through the attic hole. >> because you can see no individual small baby couldn't have fit through that hole. >> reporter: but the evidence shows terrence callum's keith were coated in drywall, inn sewell laying and wood from the attic. a hammer was recovered. with his blood. >> he came through. >> he tried to fit through there. >> he had a hammer. okay.
10:49 pm
>> you see this hole right here, karlly? >> there's no way human body can fit through that hole when you got shelves this big. you zoo they shelf down there karlly. >> my son weighed 110 pounds. >> 110? >> i weigh 170. >> you can't fit through there, can you? >> i don't know. should i try. >> try it. >> all right. >> miss that shelf right there. >> he's 110. >> yup. >> i'm 170. >> yup. >> you got cops looking at you too, charlie. there's no way you can do it. >> it's not easy. my wallet is stuck. yeah, i can do it. >> could it be that you love your son so much and you're hurting so hard that you remembering things that didn't happen? >> no. charlie i would will never forget this. never. i saw step one all the way they
10:50 pm
gunned down in my face. >> if this cop was white do you think you'd be getting better attention. >> white shoot down my son, i do. i do. i do. because i'm not racist or nothing, charlie, but that's what people look for. a killing like that you look for it to be white officer -- white officer killing a black man, okay? this wasn't no white officer. a black man killing another black man. that's what's hard for me to accept. i'm used to hearing -- you see the news. caucasian officer shoot down a black man. but when you hear the news about a caucasian person that's doing wrong has a warrant out for his arrest, he always gets arrested, don't he? he don't get kill. ♪ >> reporter: the fact is, nearly twice as many white people in america die at the
10:51 pm
hands of police than black people. another fact is, all lives matter. black lives, white lives, cops lives. as a prosecutor said, the facts must also matter if we're ever to achieve promise of justice for all. >> a boxing legend is honored today in camden, new jersey. the incredible and distinguished career of jersey joe wal cot on display at campbell's baseball field along the delaware river waterfront. he called camden his hometown. a plaque has been added to the camden walk of fame. sean? >> eagles getting ready for the season and the second door says average just won't cut it. nola gave the phillies a strong seven innings. they had a lead. once again this time they try to close it out. that's next in sports. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal?
10:52 pm
terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 2015 jetta s oe for $139 get a $1000 month
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♪ >> phillies coming off a series where they just couldn't close. they led their last four games but blew it each time. they scored 21 run in the last four, good it but they've get of given up 40. padres coming into town and the young begin aaron nola decided to stop the bleeding. nola follows up his best start with his second best start really gotten into his groove. six strike outs in seven innings
10:55 pm
giving up just two hits and only one earned run. phils finally get good pitching and cameron rupp bats it up. three run homer to left. he had four rbi's. batting .462 over last seven games. phils win, seven to one. afterwards glowing about his young pitcher aaron nola. >> i'll take five just like him. the guys throws strikes down in the zone. his breaking ball has improved since -- even since he's been here. he's got movement deception and very good presence on the mound. i mean he's fun to watch pitch. >> the mets going into extra innings for the second day in a row. their luck wasn't so good this time. blake, rocks a ball to left sent. doesn't really hustle after it because it should have been a ruled a home mr. it was over the line. he hustles come home and gets the inside the park homer.
10:56 pm
runs come in either way. mets losing right now six to three in the bottom of the ten tenth. the eagles ready for saturday's game all hands on deck for the official dress rehearsal for the season. a license so and ryans will see their first preseason action and sam bradford will probably play at least quarter. the stand out so far in the preseason has been the seconda secondary. they were one of the worst in the league last year giving up big play after big play. right now the games don't count but they look drastically bett better. byron maxwell has a roll and carol are stepping it up and the safeties haven't let up anything big. malcolm jenkins likes where they are but there's no bonus. >> to not have the ball goes over your head is an average accomplish many. we don't get excited about doing average things. compared to last year that was a great thing but, you know, that's what we're supposed to do. we don't get too encouraged by the. we're just doing what we're supposed to do. we have confidence in the guys we have out there and we want to
10:57 pm
be great so just going out and not giving up big play social security not something we get super excited about. >> all right. there he is much he's going to do better. >> remember fox 29 weekend starts at 8am. your mega millions lottery drawing is next followed by tmz. >> good night. ♪
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