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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 31, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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you didn't get to work? it is happening in one of our school districts and we are talking top to bottom from the janitors, bus drivers, teachers to the administrators. in money. we will explain when this all happens, chris, back to you. thousands waited in south philadelphia to see phillies king of comedy history breaking tour, bringing laughs, to countless fans. good day, it is start of the week and end of the month august 31st, 2015. lauren dawn johnson off today went down south for a wedding. scott williams in for sue serio hoist off as well. hey scottie. >> hi there chris. these days are rolling by. it is the end of the month and it will be a pretty muggy monday. lets lot temperatures. we have a pair of 70's. a breeze out of the south and west pumping up that moisture and relative humidity close to 70 percent. as we look at ultimate doppler it looks like there is some moisture but not the making it to the ground. just an indication that these dew points continue to climb and it will be steamy. looking at the bus stop buddy
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forecast it the will be kind of steamy. we are looking at temperatures in the 70's to near 80 degrees this morning for most so weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten we will give it an eight because of temperatures near 90, today as well as that humidity on the rise. seventy-one allentown. seventy-two reading. seventy-five wilmington and millville. 90 degrees will be the high temperature today, it will be steamy. there could be a couple of isolated showers around, and then, coming up we will talk much more about the potential heat wave, rainfall chances this week and we have another hurricane, bob kelly, believe it the or not, to talk about. >> here comes fred, right. good morning. 5:01. fred and rest of the gang getting up and getting out. ninety-five, northeast philadelphia, headlights working through the construction zone at cottman avenue. everything is open. off ram wraps blocked overnight and they will be, on the overnight, all this week but we are ready for a morning rush hour out of northeast
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philadelphia we are starting to see volume here, headlights working their way in toward the city on the 42 freeway. gannon a monday you know drill on the summertime. folks like to grab that extra night and cot right to the beach into the office. pennsylvania turnpike, slow go from the delaware valley interchange over through philadelphia. left over work crew there. in problems on i-95 as i showed you looking good there on the schuylkill expressway. however, all this week during the day time, the the roving penndot crews will be out on the schuylkill expressway. they will be working both directions here, taking out the right lane, combination of tree trimming, sweeping up, cleaning up, all the of the junk that a accumulates on the shoulders over the weekend. so from 9:00 to 3:00 expect delays in montgomery county in and out of town on the schuylkill. septa's three trolley routes still using shuttles buses a portions of the route due to track work but mass transit is looking good. >> breaking news right now
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flames tear through a row home in kensington this is the scene just before 4:00 owe this morning on the 3,000 block of arbor street. we are told everyone did make it out safely. at this point there are no reports of any injury. fire is under than coal the crews are still on the scene. in indication yet how this fire started. we will learn more, we will let you know. 5:03. officialness new jersey a had a shut down of the portion of the newark liberty international airport. it was evacuated after a man entered a secured hallway inside the airport's c terminal. he was stopped by customs and border protection agents. officers, and k-9's did a security sweep and we are awaiting more details. when we will get more information, we will pass ate long. a man is lucky to be live after being shot several times in west philadelphia police were called to south 52nd and pine just before 11:00. they found a 23 year-old man and nine shell casings on the ground. he was rushed to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. it is uncareer what sparked that shooting.
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so far no arrests. philadelphia police mourning loss of an officer killed in the crash while off-duty, police say driver responsible, may have been drunk. jennifer joyce is on the scene now with the very latest on this in northeast philadelphia, hi there jen. >> reporter: an arrest of the 59 year-old driver was made last night, but at this point charges are still pending as philadelphia police are america loss of one of their own. nineteen year veteran lemar pool of the 12th district who was riding his motorcycle on devereaux just after 4:00 p.m. yesterday when investigators say a toyota struck the officer as they met the the roosevelt boulevard. that car kept going a few blocks. a tow truck driver followed the vehicle, called 911 and tabbed the car in until police arrived. driver was arrested and police suspect he was driving drunk. the the four two-year old officer whom police say was not wearing a helmet was taken to aria torresdale hospital
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where he died. >> i feel bad for the family. my heart goes out to them. every day i see a car accident come through here. if it is not in one lane it is another lane. >> the boulevard is dangerous. people don't follow the signs. they speed. >> the car at the impact left the scene north on the roosevelt boulevard on the toyota and fortunately we had a couple witnesses one being a tow truck driver who followed the vehicle and helped out big time and followed the car, and pinned the car in, called the police. police got there and made at rest of leaving the scene of an accident. this is two in one week we have lost one of our own. everybody is all heart broken about it. >> reporter: pool jab as you heard second officer, off-duty officer to be killed in the traffic-related crash this week. last saturday night philadelphia police sergeant rafael ari was killed driving on the 6,000 block of the henry avenue in roxborough. investigators say that the three two-year old hit the median in the 2014 dodge ram pick up and slammed into a
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tree. powe lose suspect speed is a factor in that crash. jennifer joyce live in northeast philadelphia, thank you. a bullet-proof vest may have saved a delaware county police officer's life after being shot on the job this happened just after 1:00 o'clock yesterday morning. ridley park officer mark handily was shot in the chest and legs while responding to a call about a suicidal man. they say the man shot officer handily through the door before police fired back hitting the man in the elbow. hour long standoff ended with the gunman surrendering to police before being taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. >> there is no taught without that vest the officer would not be here today. he was hit straight in the chest and he is lucky to be alive. >> police say officer handily is recovering at home and is expected to be okay. gunman is face ago tempted murder charge's monk other things. a 26 year-old man is charged with driving under the influence after this deadly crash in northeast philadelphia, this happened early yesterday morning in the 3,000 block of woodhaven road. police say a drunk driver collided with another car
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killing a five three-year old man and critically injuring a female passenger. police in delaware county are looking for more victims after a gas station employee is charged with groping a female customer. video camera in the shell station on lancaster avenue in radnor shows the employee hugging the the woman. police say owe then inappropriately touched would the man. bj llama is facing indecent assault charges. radnor township police say if something happened to you inside that store, of course, give them a call. school starts wednesday for kids in the the chester up land school district and teachers and staffers will be there too even though they are not getting paid. state budget impasse led the district without the funds to cover payroll but union decided to come to work as long as they can. our karen hepp is live in chester up land school district headquarters with more or this. so karen, these teachers, if you are a parent your hats off to them because they will not get paid but still showing up for their kids. >> reporter: they don't know what else to do they don't have much choice, do they.
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this is their job. they don't want to lose their job. it is not just teachers but everybody out here, thinks janitors, everybody pitching in, bus drivers, the ad minute straightors, they promise they will all be here this wednesday for these children. about 3,000 children now in the chester up land school district. they had about double that but half of them have gone over to charter schools and that is just a portion of the problem. we know that this district is one of the most struggling, beleaguered districts. they have had money problems for five years. the big issue is charter reimbursements at this point business $40,000 for special education students, which is much higher then the other district pay. they have not seen the money for it. now that they have a state budget impasse they don't have funding or money for these people. they will come to work this wednesday when paychecks come out september 9th they will in the be getting one. it is a frustrating situation all the way around. here's what folks are saying. >> it is one that is currently in crisis. it is the one that very
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desperately need everyone from across the the state to reach out to their represents and demand that they look into fair, equitable funding for all schools, for public schools, charter schools to make sure we all get what we deserve so that the kid every where can receive a quality education. >> it is a situation where it really truly is not fair for these children at this district. it is always on the brink. always needs to be bailed out. it is a pathetic situation specifically that we have that budget impasse. is there a meeting this morning where they will come together with the union leaders to tell them what to expect, how to prepare for this situation but they voted last week to work without pay and we will see how long this goes on and we will stay on top of it. >> lets hope not long for everyone involved. thanks very much. eagles linebacker connor barwin make the world better foundation helped renovation, ralph brooks park in south philadelphia. to i take will joy mayor nutter and other city leaders
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to celebrate the park's progress. thousands spending the night in south philadelphia await to go see one of the most popular comedian of all time and proud philadelphia native. our brad satan was outside the link where fans were in the disappointed in funny man sketch h theart. >> calm before the storm, you see it, i'm in my sound check. i'm in a football stadium. i'm about to set this place on fire, what's up philadelphia. >> reporter: kevin hart speaking to 21 million twitter followers showing his hometown some love ain't is loving him right back by making history becoming first comedian to ever sellout an nfl football stadium. >> i put flyers out, made sure everybody was coming. >> thinks all thanks to you. >> thanks, i love you man. give me backstage tickets. >> reporter: sold out between belly laughing will be coming from the nose bleeds. >> we are not going to be able to see him. we will have to watch him on screen but as long as we can hear him is all that matters. >> it will be down funny up load and up high. >> reporter: movies, tv,
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concerts this north philadelphia guy is on quite a run. speaking of run we caught up with him on the steps of the philadelphia art museum never afraid to get up close and personal with fans for 5k inspirational run. >> i'm doing to it motivate people, simply, to make people adapt a successful mind set to understand that it is easy to be best version of yourself as long as you push yourself. >> reporter: giving back to donations of computers men for always finding time to snap a photo w his infectious personality, message of success through heart work and style of humor it is not all that surprising he filled these seats with 53,000 fans, and chose philadelphia as a place to wrap up his national tour. >> glad you are doing this for philly. let's go, baby. >> 51:00. a tanker carrying thousands of gallons explodes right on i-95 what the driver hit that caused his truck to blow. talk about a lucky night from finding $20 on the street to turning it into a million-dollar, the first
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thing this guy wants to do with his new fortune and how he made that fortune, straight ahead.
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♪ >> you sing it, van morrison turning 07 years old today. the northern ireland born singer, still rocking crowds.
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a lot of people are saying yeah, moravian morrison all morning long. of course, we will play more. we will get more with scott williams right now. >> yes, we will have more heat and humidity building, chris. today is last day of the month. ninety-one was the high temperature yesterday. we will hit 90 degrees again today. let look at ultimate doppler. it looks like is there rain across the area, mostly not making it to the ground. it is just an a indication that we are seeing that humidity, start to increase, across our area you can see high pressure off to the south so we are getting wind coming from the south and west. that will continue to draw up that moisture. this is left over moisture from erika, streaming up toward sections of the mid-atlantic. we will watch that once again. we will stay mainly dry today. 77 degrees. look at the dew point above 60. anytime they are a have above 60 it starts to feel more uncomfortable when you step outdoors. it feels like 79 degrees right now when you factor in the
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moisture. 73 degrees in trenton. moving toward lancaster. seventy. we have upper 60's up on the map toward sections of the pocono mountains. otherwise 72 degrees right now in reading. we are looking at 77 once again in philadelphia we have 75 right now in millville, and temperatures currently at central sections of the delaware good morning 75 degrees in dover. here's the pattern that high pressure off to the south, it will act like a heat pump drawing up moisture and humidity will build and temperatures will heat up as well. yesterday we hit 91, making it 29 times, so far, this year, if we hit to it day that would make 30. partly sunny, it is a muggy monday if we are stepping outdoors. it might be an isolated shower later today and take a look, at the tropics, well away away from the united states, of course. we're talking about cape verde island here. we have a category one hurricane fred, 80 miles an hour storm. movement northwest at 12 miles
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an hour. this will stay away from land, continuing to weaken, as it stays out in the opened waters of the at lath than the basin. that weather authority seven day forecast will show the heat wave, continues. throughout the week. temperatures even warmer by the middle of the week, bob kelly and cooler by labor day weekend. >> a hey scoot, good morning. 5:17 on this monday morning. back to work and back to school, for some of the kid this morning. so, start watching for those unusual traffic patterns, the the little ones will be waiting on the bus corner. we will see those quick stops and those school buses, and the ad men straightors packing into the major roadways as we roll throughout the morning. the at that time of the year. the right now we're getting out early no problems on 309 near path turnpike on the 42 freeway. come in toward the city, headlights on, and we are starting to see pockets of volume gang that likes to come right from the shore right in the office, on a monday morning. otherwise we're in good shape
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coming down i-95 no problems at all through that cottman avenue construction zone. keep in mind overnight all this week they will shut down those off ramps at cottman avenue as part of the cop trucks, still a construction slow go here, on the turnpike, near the philly interchange and gang coming from the suburbs again, we will get school districts are rolling out bus these morning. we will see those unusual patterns start to develop out here in malvern, rolling out of the downingtown, route 30, heading in toward king of prussia. then after 9:00 o'clock and morning rush hour penndot will be working eastbound between city line and montgomery drive, so expect delays coming into the city. may want to use that kelly drive or mlk drive to avoid the delay, chris back to you. watch left side of your screen here traumatic moment for the highway when a tanker truck explodes. this is i-95 in jacksonville. truck was hauling thousands of gallons of diesel fuel when it sparked this blast.
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the front end of the cab, disintegrated, closing lanes for hours and incredibly, there before no serious injuries. wow. 5:19. two journalist shot to death on live television will be laid to red. yesterday a memorial service was held for roanoke, virginia for 24 year old reporter allison parker and adam ward. photos were show on the screen, to allow 500 people to allow people to turnout for that service. general manager of wdbj remember those two journalist as hard workers and talk about coping in the aftermath. >> a few hours into wednesday a reporter, i think one of mine, asked me if i was angry. i thought bit for a moment and i said yes, of course, i was angry at the the mystery of it, i was angry at the mental health system, i was angry over easy access to weapons, i was angry about, well, being angry. i try not to be angry at god. >> last week, warren and
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parker were filming a live segment when a former reporter for the the station, vester fran again walk up and shot them. this was flannigan there. woman being interviewed was also shot but she survived. police say flannigan shot himself. morning routine is crucial in getting out of the door in time but one school district on d.c. is changing the time it starts. schools in montgomery county, maryland will send their elementary and middle schoolers to school ten minutes later and high schoolers 20, minutes later. one of the reasons toys give students more sleep time so they don't have to wake up so early. parents have milk feelings about this. >> i think that the idea of starting high school kid later is bright idea but starting elementary school kid and middle school kids is the wrong idea. >> i think typically at this age with the case load these kid have had is wonderful. her bus used to pick her up at quarter to 7:00. >> i was in high school i wanted to sleep until noon
5:21 am
every day. we will see how this goes. those student will return to school this morning. one very lucky california man find 20 bucks on the ground, right? he decides to turn it not to a million-dollar. he used the found money to buy two lot theory scratch off tickets. you guessed it, one of them was a million-dollar winner. >> i don't play these things. this is really just, you know, just a lucky chance really. >> tang plans to spend that money on his mother, and save the rest. cool guy. not the what you want to see outside on a boat. 10-foot shark circling, unbelievable. speaking of california, this is right off the coast of san diego what witnesses say it did what forced swimmers to run from the water or swim out of the water. i don't know if you can run on water. a restoration project ten years in the making where remodeled plane will be on display and how you can see it
5:22 am
straight ahead. you will be walking on water at least with your friend if you win the lottery numbers. here's winning lottery numbers from last night. one of the cool perks of this place, is you can eat as much cereal as you want. you can go to any line that's running, and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal,
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we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. i lived in san diego for three years. thank goodness i never saw this a hammer head circling these two kyackers, reports
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started to pour in about the 10-foot sharks. yes, 10 feet. being agrees turf boaters and kyackers, following some all the way to the beach. life guard they ended up forcing swimmers out of the water, do you think. as those reports poured in. all right. on this trip to alaska, friend renamed north america's tallest mountain. this has created controversy. peak was named mount mckinley by prospector exploring in central a last contact he named it after william mckinley who later became the 25th president of the united states. alaska native called it deniali and it is word meaning the high one. government officially recognized the name as being seen as a symbolic gesture to the people there. president obama will spend three taste in alaska talking about climate change, that is why he is there. after nine years, and more than 4,000 hours of restoration work military aircraft used during vietnam war was unveiled sunday.
5:26 am
f8 crusader rolled off assembly line in 1957 and was decommissioned, during the the 1970's. the the plane sat outside the willow grove naval air station for more than 25 years. volunteers started renovations in 2006 and they remodeled plane will be on display at wings of freedom aviation museum in horsham. young students in delaware county are all set for first day of school thanks to a free, bakhtiyor give away. better living center giving away six hub bags filled with school supplies. all they had to do was walk in with their kid and they walk out, better prepared for school. organizers say they have been doing it for decade. their goal, to help chester's most needy. >> we have been doing this for ten years in the the city of chester. better living center is dedicated to providing information and resources so that people of the chester and delaware county can empower themselves. we give people the tools to do for themselves. >> along list of partners made
5:27 am
it possible including cradles to crayons, ups, rocky run, ymca and andrew kicks foundation. "fox news" says eagles already looking like they are in mid season form. high praise for sam bradford. straight ahead.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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the second officer killed in iraq. whom police are questioning right now. karen hepp, good morning. >> good morning to you, chris murphy. i will give you steve reporter, it is raining out here. we are in chester because chester up land school district, district employees, they have greed to work without getting paid. we will explain what is happening, in this very troubled district. jenny? we will get to general any just a minute but a late night brawl in philadelphia between two men caught on cameras never guess who this street fight, turned into a bromance. >> really. good day, start of the week, even of the months, monday august 31st, 2015. we end the month with scott williams, and a hot forecast. >> yeah, that is right, chris. it will be steamy here on this monday morning. taking a look at ultimate doppler mostly dry, however as we take a a look across the
5:31 am
area little bit of green on the map. some of that making it to the ground, light rain, sprinkles,er wise just an indication that the humidity will start to build throughout the day. forecast by the numbers on a scale of one to ten, we will give it an eight. temperatures out there already at 77 degrees. look at at dew point is above 60 so that moisture level has increase add cross the area temperatures right now allentown 71. seventy-two in reading. west chester 72 degrees. we have low to mid 70's in sections of south jersey as well as delaware. so as we go hour by hour today you can see we will keep more clouds around, and sunshine, there could be a couple sprinkles from time to time. the high temperature right around 90-degree. we will talk about a brewing heat wave as well as a hurricane to talk about in the atlantic, bob, how is traffic looking on this monday. >> good morning everybody. starting to pick it up a inch as we get ready for monday morning rush hour.
5:32 am
live lot at king of prussia, tractor trailers westbound out toward valley forge interchange right there by that 202 interchange. live look at ben franklin bridge, in the bad at all working your way in toward center city. coming up from chester county west chester heading northbound along route 202, okay working through construction zone but in the suburban, some of the suburban schools, they are starting to go back to class today. so we will see, start to see unusual traffic patterns, in the areas, where your school district is rolling out buses to day. remember little ones will be out on the bus corner as well later this morning. southbound i-95 looking good out of northeast philadelphia, in problems inbound on the schuykill expressway, leaving south jersey, starting to see some extra volume this early hour on a monday, folks leave right from the beach in the office, and little will extra crowded on that expressway, lower end of 55, coming off of 47 but coming toward philly we're in good shape. all this week after the rush her from 9:00 to 3:00, roving
5:33 am
penndot crews will be outside on the schuylkill expressway. expect delays in and out of the city between city line and 202, beginning at 9:00 a.m. chris, back over to you. school about to start and in budget passed chester school district says they could make payroll. that is when teachers and staffers voted to work without pay. karen hepp is on this for the very latest. karen, a big day along these lines. >> exactly. there will be a big meeting between all of the people not getting paid which are the bus drivers, administrators, janitors and, of course, teachers who are under great pressure agreed that they will not get paid to not shortchanged kid. they cannot quit. they have work for the district many of them for so many years through thick and thin. this is a district trouble for 25 years. it is under state control right now. union meters will meet with the person in charge of the running the district and handing out the money. they are supposed to get paid september 9th. it will not happen. kid will go back to school
5:34 am
starting on this wednesday. how did we get here? you mentioned the state budget. that is the big problem. we don't have a budget for the state of pennsylvania. the school district cannot the get the money it needs to make their payroll. how do they get in that situation? one of the big issues, of course, is the charter school reimbursement. they have to give money back to the charter schools. half of the kid get to charter schools. that is the the situation we're in as parents, as people, everybody involved, they are so frustrated. >> they have their right to sit. they have no rights to take a way from other children. >> it is a big mess. >> is it frustrating. >> it is, because our children's future is in play here. >> reporter: so, this district, they do have struggles just in order to, they don't have the tax base. they don't have the the business base. they are a poor district. there will not be any easy answer with this but they are hoping to get relief on charter reimbursement.
5:35 am
they have gone to the courts. they have got milk results are. we will continue to follow it and we hope it does not last long for all these good people shore who work and will not get paid but what they are doing it because it is right thing to do for these children. chris, back to you. >> good point, thanks karen. philadelphia police are mourning the loss of a officer killed in the traffic crash. well, that officer was off-duty. police say that driver responsible might have been under the influence. crash happened around 4:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the the roosevelt boulevard and devereaux avenue. officer has been identified as 42 year-old lemar pool. police say pool was riding on his motorcycle a as other car turn in front of his bike and the two vehicles collided. the officer fell off, he was in the wearing a helmet. the the driver just kept going but a witness would not let him getaway. >> we had a couple witnesses one being a tow truck driver who help out vehicle and followed the car, opinion the car in, called the police, police got there and made the arrest for leaving the scene of an accident.
5:36 am
>> that officer laider indict at the hospital. officer lemar pool was a 19 year veteran, pool is second off-duty officer to be killed in the traffic, crash this week. a fist fight in the streets of philadelphia end in a surprising way that might make you laugh. video starts with the men having a little, smoke break together but then two unidentified men start going at it for some reason. >> and then, a fight was caught on video. photographer pulled out his camera to film it when he heard commotion outside his north philadelphia apartment. neither man seems steady on their feet through this fist fight. maybe that is why they decided to hug it out before walking off together and mended their friendship or at least started one. >> that is a little strange. >> and then what happens. >> all right, bro, i remember my first beer too. >> they are best little league team in history from the great state of pennsylvania. they the u.s. champs calling
5:37 am
them that, we will tell you how it played out. fashion police, back judging the the video, muse ache ward, hit and misses straight ahead.
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man on, two home runs today. cameron rupp clearly looks like he will be with the phillies next year and he is your first string catcher. phillies lose to san diego, score nine-four. almost from the best little league team from pennsylvania history, they are really good. to williamsport, pennsylvania, this is dylann. they won the you had title: now they are playing international game against japan but japan to came back to win it, score there 18-11. they gave it a shot. they were really an exciting team. eagles play on thursday night, begins new york jets, second teams against second teams. still final game. that is final preseason. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. let's stay with sports. eagles released 12 players most notable of whom was gj kin i who tried to switch from quarterback. three more cuts are due by tuesday afternoon. eagles played what is likely for most of the starters, the
5:41 am
last game of the preseason but another chance to see eagles new quarterback sam bradford, and he, played beautifully. looking like he is in mid season form. a lot was made of chip kelly's deto trade for bradford with his injured knee hold up. well, saturday night bradford made kelly look like a genius. he was ten for ten for 121 yards and three touchdowns. every pass was just precision. on the money. you can play like that we will win the whole darn thing. stay healthy, sam. last day of august, what berth time to dine outside. the national eat out day. where you plan to celebrate later today. plus, when you are living on your own, expenses can add up what it cost to live in philadelphia a and how that compared to other cities in the u.s.
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how about that van morrison song, he was 07 years old today. we love van morrison music. another big birthday to tell but, chris tucker's birthday. here he is, in rush hour.
5:45 am
>> ♪ >> i never heard him or saw him dance to that van morrison. >> okay. all right. chris tucker's forty-second birthday. there you go. it is a great day to dine outside, national eat out day, dining outside, pack or picnic because today is day to mark your california car to do that. a summer farewell. eat outside day. i don't know if i want to sit outside in the sun and sweat all over my spaghetti and clams, scott. >> if you are going to dine outside today, you might want to, have a a lot of water handy because it will be kind of steamy, stepping outdoors. we are looking at spring also across the area, this morning and then by this afternoon it will feel like 90-degree or better. we are looking at temperatures in the 70's to near 80 already. look at ultimate doppler, a little bit of green showing up not making it to the ground but some of it, it is and it
5:46 am
is moving light rain as well as some spring also cross our area. look at most of the nation. pretty quiet right now. we have that moisture continuing to stream up with wind out of the south and west so it will be a humid day. we have 77 degrees right now. dew point temperatures above 60. that indicates moisture in the atmosphere is climbing, and you can see the heat index feels like 79 degrees already. as we tora cross the a area looking at those temperatures this morning, it is 67 in the poconos mountains. we have 71 degrees in allentown. we are looking at 70, right now in bucks county there around doylestown, 77 in philadelphia a. low to mid 70's right now in parts of the south jersey. millville 75 degrees and as we move into sections of delaware low to mid 70's. we have a heat pump off to the south ushering in more humidity, hazy, hot and humid, triple h's on the way. 90 degrees today but more in the way of cloud and sun. we will call it pennsylvania
5:47 am
partly sunny, muggy monday and there called company be a couple isolated showers around from time to time as well with that increasing humidity. take a look well aways away from the united states, you can see close to africa around cape verde island. 80 miles an hour storms. moving northwest at 12. this is hurricane fred, not anticipating to intensify a whole lot. the it will weaken in the open waters of the atlantic basin over next several days and let's talk about our weather, because it will continue to heat up. muggy conditions today, high temperature of 90 degrees. there might be a couple of scattered showers from time to time. we will keep hazy, hot, humid conditions through most of the week. it will feel close to 100 by wednesday and thursday and a front with a few storms, clearing us out and not as hot as we move in the upcoming labor day weekend, bob. >> hot for those kid that go back to school beginning this week. some school districts opening up the the doors, buses are
5:48 am
rolling, parents are cheering, so we will see a lot of unusual traffic patterns, this week and next week. keep that in mind. once we hit majors curb check schuylkill expressway right here near conshohocken curve, in the bad at all but we are starting to see that increased volume as rush hour, starts to unfold. monday, in the summertime, folks come right back from the beach right in the office on a monday morning. we are seeing that again today, between atlantic city expressway and the 295 interchange. but otherwise, kind of quiet, showed you schuylkill out near conshohocken no problems toward city. southbound i-95 seeing a slow down heading in to girard. eating outside let do it. outside or inside, i don't care, we will eat some breakfast today at west avenue grill, our weekly segment on a monday from 9:00 to 10:00 we will be out there in jenkintown on west avenue. and then all throughout the day the roving penndot crews will be out there as well, probably even eating their lunch as well from 9:00 to
5:49 am
3:00 watch out for right lanes to be closed from city avenue, out to 202, and then it is all part of the the tree trimming, and sprucing up project on the schuylkill this week. turnpike looking g no problems from downingtown. mass transit has in delays. the chris, back over to you. neighborhood scout released a list of the 100 most dangerous cities in america. six of them are in new jersey. according to the web site camden is america's mess dangerous city. researchers used crime statistics from the fbi to determine this list. according to those numbers, you have a one in 39 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in camden. also making list from atlantic city, trenton, bridgeton, newark and paterson. cost of living alone as a single person is sky rocketing. in philadelphia, singles are in the top ten for paying the most in living expenses from the nation's biggest cities. philadelphia is number eight which comes from the economic policy institute. single people in philadelphia
5:50 am
need about $2,800 a month, and more than 33 you this dollars a year to cover their cost of housing. researchers looked at 618 cities across the u.s., new york, san francisco and d.c. topped the list. there is 32nd annual mtv vma's were last night in l.a.'s microsoft theater. the in the he days leading up to the event celebrities cause i had a few media reports. it seems that mickey minaj and taylor swift made up and shared the stage for the opening performance. >> ♪ >> but that wasn't the end of the celebrity arguments. nicki minaj had a few words for host miley cyrus about something cyrus said, in an interview with the new york times, earlier this week.
5:51 am
>> and now, back this girl who had a lot of stuff, to me about the press, miley, we're good. >> yeah. >> the wrecking ball diva didn't seem to be too shaken by that. she ended the show with the shocking performance of her new show, do it, complete with the crazy get up and ensemble with dancers from rupaul's drag race. at the end she announced a new free album available on line. fashion police comes you back with a new host, former real life of atlanta a mimi leaks will take a alongside melissa rivers and julie ransic. it comes after she would not be rushing to real housewives. she served as a guest host, and wrote on her blog about how she hopes to make joan requires proud. new season is bitter sweet, for melissa rivers.
5:52 am
she will take her mother's spot. she had this to say. >> you know, when you have a parent who is truly an icon and a ground breaker in their field, and you choose to go in the family business, which is what i did, i cannot allow yourself to go down the the rabbit hole of trying to be them because you never will be. and i just certainly hope that i bring my own brand of humor, my own sense of fashion and fun to the show, and i just want to do a good job and bring the fun back and that is the greatest thing i could do to honor my mother. i would never attempt to fill her shoes. >> she says this is best way to honor her mother. so for the third straight weekend the founding fathers of the hip-hop are still number one with movie goers. >> these are artists. >> you cannot come down here because of what they look like. >> love him. straight out of the compton
5:53 am
the the film about nwa topping box office again, film has now pulled in more than 134 million-dollar, joining jurassic world to lead the movies for box office for three straight weeks this summer. it was the the best day of my life. >> and little girls dreams come true, with the help of her city, how little kylie is fighting crime and for better quality of life.
5:54 am
i'm lika small boxer. ring. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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5:56 am
happy birthday van morrison. seventy year-old. 77 degrees. 5:56. you know, the the nine year-old california girl battling a rare disease shows how tough she is. kylie suited up as her favorite super hero iron man to fight crime in fairfield, her home town thanks to the wish connection. you cannot tell by looking at her but she has an inn curable connect i have tissue disorder that causes soreness that can lead to broken bones. members of law enforcement helped her defeat a make up gang in the comic book come to life as hundreds of residents cheered her on in that fight. >> she was just thrilled. thrilled, as any child would be. i'm certain, that this is going to effect what she does for the rest of her life. it was the the best day of my life.
5:57 am
>> everybody, thank you. >> wow. >> the the mayor there, rewarded her with a $500 shopping free at her local mall, good for them. man accused of killing a sheriff's deputy is due in court today how community is coming together in this time of mourning. there is only one thing that could cause that kind of damage woman says a shark, swam right up and chomped down on her surf board how she managed to swim away and save herself.
5:58 am
5:59 am
it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn.
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an off-duty officer killed by a hit and run driver, this morning, we're waiting for police to file charges against that person, what that driver ace accused of doing and who followed him after the accident, and trapped him. in delaware county an officer there is out of the hospital after being shot in the chest. what he put on before work that probably saved his life. and, maybe he doesn't, need a blessing from the pope anymore, sam bradford shows us what he is made of, perfect ten for ten leading eagles to a big win, over at lambeau field. what chip kelly had to say about sammy. and, we are taking a live look at allentown, look at this, we're expecting another beautiful day, maybe but the heat and humidity, it


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