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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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an off-duty officer killed by a hit and run driver, this morning, we're waiting for police to file charges against that person, what that driver ace accused of doing and who followed him after the accident, and trapped him. in delaware county an officer there is out of the hospital after being shot in the chest. what he put on before work that probably saved his life. and, maybe he doesn't, need a blessing from the pope anymore, sam bradford shows us what he is made of, perfect ten for ten leading eagles to a big win, over at lambeau field. what chip kelly had to say about sammy. and, we are taking a live look at allentown, look at this, we're expecting another beautiful day, maybe but the heat and humidity, it is here
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to stay for a little bit so of course we will talk about how long this weather will stick around. in for sue this week, scott williams this could be the hottest week of the summer. >> good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> are you going to be nice to me, right. >> at least until 8:30. >> some kids go back to school today. >> if your kids are heading back to school send us your pictures on facebook, instagram, twitter. i want to wish them happy birth the day. fox 29 good day. >> i know about the dew point you have been talking about it all morning. i get the point it is dewey. i could in the get a cab. i walk in. do you want to feel my head. >> he came in and it was wet. >> i said did you just take a shower. >> yes. >> i need one. >> he tries to get sue to do that every day and he refuses. we got to him his first day here. >> what is the number.
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>> an eight. >> it will be 90 and it will be kind of muggy. it is not quite a perfect ten. there could be a couple of stray or scattered showers from time to time, due to that increase in moisture and increase in those dew points, but temperatures this morning in the 70's, mid 80's by lunchtime and 90's this afternoon. we will call it a muggy monday. ultimate doppler is showing you a a lit built of green on the maps, once again, that is showing you that there are a couple of light showers, and some sprinkles around but no heavy rainfall is expect. the most of the nation is quiet but you can see high pressure to the south, wind coming in clockwise around an increasing all of that moisture and humidity. right now 76 degrees. look at the dew points, above 60. anytime above 60, mike it starts to feel a little bit gross. he. you are right. as we look at temperatures in the 07's in the the a area and here's that planner hour by
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hour today. mostly cloud think morning a few peaks of sunshine but temperatures topping out around 90-degree for the last day of august. the bob kelly, where has time gone. >> last day of august and first day of school for some kids. my son noah he is heading out of the front door this morning. wow. some of the suburban schools going back to school, city schools, still hit and miss here, until we get after labor day but we will start to see those unusual traffic patterns, start to develop, live look here at the platt bridge, between the airport and southwest philadelphia. ninety-five, and delaware county starting to see volume pop heading northbound up toward the airport. otherwise we're in the 50's on the blue route no problems yet on the schuykill expressway looking good coming down i-95 through construction zone. we have an accident on the northeast extension, it is southbound, right the here near lansdale interchange, so look out for delays there. and then as we head for a ride north on the freeway monday after a weekend here in the summertime so we are seeing
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volume coming back right from the shore. atlantic city expressway, little extra heavy working your way in the freeway. the mass transit is looking good with no delays. mike and alex, back over to you. thanks, bob kelly. boy, flames, ripping through a row home in kensington this was the scene just before 4:00 o hours ago in the 3,000 block of arbor street. we're told everyone made it out okay. fire was placed under control after fire fighters arrived. it was taken care of quickly. shooting in west philadelphia leaves a man in critical condition. police were called to south 52nd and pine just before 11:00 last night. they found a 23 year-old man who had been shot several times, nine shell casings were found on the ground, but the suspect, or suspects were all ready gone. i agree with the daily news this morning, here we go, not again. another philadelphia police officer, killed. this time by a hit and run
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driver. and then a tow truck driver took over. >> this is second consecutive weekend, we have had an off-duty officer die. lets get to jenny joyce live from northeast philadelphia, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. police appreciative of that tow truck driver and that work he did to step up and help them catch the suspect in this case. the accident happened here at devereaux and the boulevard, police suspected the driver was driving drunk and off-duty officer on a motorcycle was not wearing a helmet. nineteen year veteran lemar pool was riding his motorcycle on devereaux just after 4:00 p.m. when investigators say a toyota traveling the opposite direction on devereaux struck the officer as they met at the roosevelt boulevard. police say that car then kept going, a few blocks, the driver did get out for a second and kept going, a tow truck driver followed that vehicle called 911 abe trapped the the car in place, until police arrived.
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the driver was arrested for leaving the scene of the accident and police suspect he was driving drunk. the four two-year old officer was taken to aria torresdale hospital where he died. >> motorcycle was west and koran east. quite often it happens where the car turns left in front of the motorcycle. motorcycle hit the the side of the vehicle. and then motorcyclist was eject and had head trauma after hitting the ground. we took a blood draw from the man. he has not been charged. we will not give you his name right now. did he exhibit signs for dui but he did leave the scene of the accident. >> pool, the second off-duty officer to be kill in the traffic related crash this week. last saturday night philadelphia police sergeant rafael ali was killed driving on the 6,000 block of henry avenue in roxborough. investigators say that the the three two-year old hit the median in the 2014 dodge ram, 204 abe slammed in the tree. police suspect that the speed
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may have been a factor in that accident. certainly a tough week for the the philadelphia police department, mike and alex. >> tough week for police officers all across america. after that assassination in houston of a police officer. police officers all across america are on high alert. a delaware county police officer is okay after being shot on the jogging. >> police say a bull he have proof vest saved his life. it happened in norwood just after 1:00 o'clock sunday, yesterday morning. officials say ridley park police officer mark handily was shot in the chest and leg responding to a call about a suicidal man. they say the man man shot officer handily through the the door, police then fired back hit ago this cannot air bow. it ended with the gunman surrendering to police before being taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. >> there is in doubt without that vest that of his oner would not be here today, he is lucky to be alive. >> police tell us officer handily is recovering at home and is expect to be okay. gunman is also out of the hospital face ago tempted
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murder charges a and more. well, some tense moments at newark airport, why tsa agents held a man, at gunpoint, you don't see that very often at the airport. and then later setting record, philadelphia native kevin hart gets a very warm welcome back home, how he made history over the weekend, at the link.
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a look at our airport, lets talk about the one in north jersey. >> it is all back to normal after a security scare at newark liberty international airport. >> yeah, officials had to shut down part of the airport and evacuate after police say a man entered a secure hallway inside the the c terminal. thinks around 7:00. he was stopped by customs, border protection agents. one traveler shot this video and posted it on line, officers and k the june did it a security sweep of the terminal and terminal was reopened, soon afterward. kind of scary, um. 6:11. man accuse of killing a sheriff's deputy in texas is due in court today. how the community is coming together in this time of mourning. kidding back to school. some school districts are
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rolling again today. look at the this pick moms jumping around. look at this, the faces of the kids this morning. if your school district is going back today, snap a picture of your first day of school, send it to us on twitter, facebook, instagram, as we say good morning, to trenton, new jersey. we will fill up our coffee cups and we will be right back. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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this last day of august for sue serio. weather by the numbers, on a scale of one to ten we will give it an eight, because temperatures topping out at 90 d of humid. the average temperature for this time of the year is in the lower 80's, so we are well above average right now. 76 degrees is the the current temperature in philadelphia a, waking up this morning, dew points are above 60. anytime we have dew point is above 60 it starts to feel muggy afterward. look at temperatures. sixty-six in the pocono mountains. seventy in pottstown. we are looking at 74 in wilmington as well as atlantic city. let's talk about the the dew points, measure of moisture in the atmosphere. dew points in the mid to upper 60's. it will feel like a sauna when you step outdoors. the as we look at that dew point scale you can see above 60 it is sticky, starting to get uncomfortable and oppressive as we moving toward 70. as we go hour by hour a
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mixture of sun and clouds, a few more clouds then sunshine this morning, a couple of sprinkles out there, 90 will be the high temperature. looking at ultimate doppler you can see green showing up on the map as well as bob kelly but, the high this morning is actually purple. we will go hour by hour and temperatures starting to warm up by noon, 87 in philadelphia. we will go toward that high temperature of about 90-degree. that weather authority seven day forecast will show you, that we keep the hazy, hot and humid conditions, for most of the week, 92 by tomorrow. ninety-four on wednesday and thursday. feeling close to 100. then a front will knock temperatures down, maybe a couple storms friday, clearing things out, as we begin labor day weekend, i cannot believe it, bob, looking at you. >> you have to find tune that friday rain there if we are going to the shore this coming friday. live look at the blue route. 476, not bad working your way south down toward the
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schuylkill expressway. good morning to the boulevard, a live look, headlights heading southbound, certainly starting to see an increased volume here as rush hour starts to get underway. slow gone on the schuylkill between city avenue and center city. we are seeing slow going in cottman and girard avenue. an accident on the northeast extension it is southbound 4 miles south of the lansdale. so if you are getting on at lansdale you will hit that delay and taking out one of the two lanes here on the southbound side. 309, is a good alternate and in problems or delays there. in bound on the schuylkill, during the day-to-day penndot will be working eastbound from city into in montgomery. getting a late start after the rush hour, expect delays, maybe use, kelly drive or martin luther king drive and you know what monday means. we're going for breakfast. west avenue grill is the spot. jenkintown we are coming your way from 9:00 to 10:00 o'clock. it the is national eat outside day.
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we will see if they can set patio up out front at west avenue grill. three of the septa trolley routes are using shuttle bus these week and that is all due to track work. mike and alex, back to you. 6:18. police in thailand are seeking two new suspects in connection with the deadly explosion in bank cox. >> police released these photos of the thai woman and women of unknown nationality, images these new suspects after the the saturday arrest of another man in bangkok. police say they found bomb making material at that man's apartment, 20 people were killed, on august 17th, involving near a a shrine. 120 others were injured in that blast. and how about this, this is getting close the iran deal picking up momentum on capitol hill after jeff in merckly becomes 31st lawmakers to support it. republicans are unanimously against the deal. some democrats are against it
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as well. some in our area. but merckly's support puts them within 34 votes needed when congress returns from their recess. they have until september 17th to vote, president obama says that this is the most important vote on foreign policy since the the invasion of iraq. 6:19. man accused of gunning down a sheriff's deputy in texas will be arraigned today. shanon miles is accused of killing darrenvilleforth just because he was in uniform. hundreds of people gathered to lay flowers, balloons and messages of support for the the deputy's family. investigators say that the deputy was ambushed at a gas station on friday. sheriff's department says that the strong show of support from the community is encouraging. >> it means the the community has come together along with law enforcement. people care about the officer.
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we will work together to make things better in this community. >> the gun man shanon miles has a long criminal record, again, he will be in court, today. we will keep you updated. well, this week two journalist shot to death on live television will be laid to rest. >> over the weekend, thousands turned out to honor their lives in the public memorial service. >> ♪ >> it was an inter faith service held in roanoke, virginia organizers say about 500 to a thousand people attend todd honor lives of 24 year-old reporter allison parker, a and 27 year-old photographer adam ward. photos of them, you see right there, played in the montage in the big screen at this church. the the general manager of the tv station where they worked remembered the 29 journalist as hard workers. he talk about coping in the aftermath of their death. >> a few hours into wednesday
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a reporter, i think one of mine, asked me if i was angry. i thought bit for a moment and said yes, of course, i was angry at the mystery of it, i was angry at the mental health system, i was angry over the easy access to weapons, i was angry about, well, being angry. i try not to be angry at god. >> as you know, last wednesday, at 6:45 in the morning, allison and adam, were doing a live segment when a former reporter, from the station, vest tore flannigan, walked up and killed them. the woman who was being interview survived the shooting with you she lost a kidney. flannigan was later found dead in his car, he shot himself. >> wow. 6:21. well, it the looks like nicki minaj and taylor swift kissed and made up but now is there beef with another celebrity. and it got heated last night at the video muse ache ward.
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why mickey had more mike cut off during her acceptance speech. >> who did she go after. and it is all about, sammy, sammy bradford definitely impressed during this weekend's game with the pack. what the coach had to say about sam bradford. but first last nights lottery numbers.
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if the phillies rolled to what soon will be the off season they have to play games on the schedule and doing so with young players. the lets go to citizens bank park. one of the young players is the pitcher, alex asher, first inning, man on, matt kemp. he gave up two home runs today. cameron rupp clearly looks like he will be with the phillies next year. he get his eighth home run of the year. phillies lose to san diego nine-four. almost from the best little league team in pennsylvania history. they are really good. to williamsport, pennsylvania, this is dylann. they won the united states title, but new they are playing the international game against japan but japan came back to win it, the score there 18-11. they gave it a shot. they were really an exciting team. eagles play on thursday night, against new york
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receipts. second teams against second teams whatever it is still final game before the regular season. the that is preseason. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. it is 6:26. we will do this? okay. lets talk about the eagles some more. in about an hour, yeah, about an hour. and 45 minutes, something like that. >> we will talk about sam bradford because we got word overnight that "fox sports" has named quarterback sam bradford as one of the top players already looking in mid season form, and he looked good. >> yes, did he. >> a lot was made of chip kelly's decision to trade for bradford this off season. would his injured knee hold up. was he right man to lead philadelphia offense. bradford made kelly look like a genius as he went for a perfect ten for ten for 121 yards and three touchdowns. chip kelly says he was impressed, saying he had good
6:27 am
command of what the team was doing and what his eagles was when it was 39-26. >> he was pin point passing, and boy was he doing that saturday night. >> sure was. >> he put it right where they needed it to be. that is great. so again, we have a former eagle back when eagles were good in the early 80's, do you remember that, everybody? he played on those teams, okay. that advertise all i will tell you. he is in to give his am cyst of the eagles saturday night. >> what is up with kiko alonzo. >> he didn't play. >> we only have one more preseason game but most starters will in the play and then it is on, i'm ready for the season. chester up land school district is trying to make sure teachers will get paid but things are in the looking good, before the school year starts, karen? >> reporter: absolutely not. mike, alex, would you work if you were not the getting paid. >> of course would i. >> would i too. >> hire.
6:28 am
>> reporter: you liars. you know it. but certainly these teachers good are hearted people and everybody here talking janitors, bus drives, administrators. we will explain this mess of a situation when we come right back.
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the boulevard is dangerous. people don't follow the signs, they speed. >> roosevelt boulevard claims another life this time it was an off-duty officer. how the the man who allegedly hit him kept going, but he was
6:31 am
finally caught. >> a lot of problems for chester up land school district. there are only two days until school starts antechoirs may not get paid what they prom toys do come september 2nd, day after tomorrow. >> i made sure everybody was coming. >> this is all thanks to you. >> sketch harty love you man, give me backstage tickets. >> kevin h art made history in his home town. how he set a record at the link. >> everybody went on twitter and saying what a show it was. he did not disappoint. monday, last day of august, 2015. >> more kid heading back to school today. >> yep. >> if you are, we'd love to you send pictures, use the hashtag fox 29 good day. we want you to have standard shot, child standing in front of the front door ready to go off in front of the shrub in front of the house, right, scott. >> yes. >> get there now before it gets too dewey. >> you have to have the new
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kix, new backpack, i remember all of that stuff. the as we focus in on the weather, it will be mug think morning if you are stepping outdoors. as we look at ultimate doppler on this monday, last day of the month, we are tracking light rain in some spots. some folks back to school, others still on summer vacation but it will be a team i morning. look at current conditions in philadelphia, 76 degrees. sixty-seven with that dew point so above 60, making it feel oppressive already in some locations. we will go hour by hour, more clouds then sun, a couple of spotty showers, 90-degree heat, is back and as we talk about what will be happening over the next several days you can see we will continue with the the hazy, hot, humid pattern, feels like temperatures approaching 100 by middle and later part of the week and then it looks like a front will move through on friday to kick off labor day weekend. maybe a couple of scattered showers but then temperatures not as hot, for saturday, as well as sunday.
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and how is traffic looking on this monday morning, bob. >> well, skies are not bad at all. we are seeing increased volume and a problem here on the boulevard, southbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard, it looks like a disable hot dog cart here. free hot dogs for everybody. southbound on the boulevard. right here near broad street. it is taking out the that right lane. again, some schools are going back to class today. if you have a number of kid in the house like i do, little rousing, noah goes back today but jake and madison have another whole week off. so it is hit and miss depending upon the school district whether they are rolling the buses and opening up the doors today, so coming into down, on the ben franklin, a headlight, early commute here working your way in toward downtown philadelphia slow go southbound i-95 at betsy, again at girard. schuylkill, slow at conshohocken and city line avenue. even delays here for shaders coming through route 73, heading toward the betsy. an accident southbound on the northeast extension, it is about 4 miles south of
6:34 am
lansdale. if you get on at lansdale and heading down toward mid county we will get stuck in the jam, your best bet using route 309 in towards fort washington. and then coming in from new jersey and extra volume on the atlantic city expressway and freeway, it is still a monday after a good looking weekend. folks trying to get as much as that sun as we can and volume coming back, heading in toward the the 295 interchange. otherwise mass transit looking g mike and alex, back over to you. for the second time in a matter of days philadelphia police department is mourning the death of an officer killed in the off-duty crash. police say driver, tried to get the away before being caught. >> tow truck driver, got him, there is jenny joyce on the boulevard, jenny? >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. that 59 year-old driver was arrested last night the but at last check we heard that the charges have not yet been filed as philadelphia police are mourning the loss of one of their own 19 year-old
6:35 am
veteran lemar pool of the 12th district and never arrived after 4:00 p.m. yesterday when a toyota traveling the the opposite direction on devereaux, struck the officer as they met at roosevelt boulevard. that is a car that then kept going. the driver did get out for a minute and hopped back in and took off a. tow truck driver followed that vehicle, call 911 and trapped the car in place until police arrived. the driver was arrested and police suspect he was driving drunk. the four two-year old officer whom police say was in the wearing a helmet was taken to aria torresdale hospital where he died. >> i feel bad for the family my heart goes out to them. i see a car accident coming through here, fit is in in one lane it is another lane. >> the boulevard is dangerous. people don't follow the signs, they speed. >> the car, after the impact left the scene northbound in the toyota and we had a couple witnesses. one being a tow truck vehicle
6:36 am
that followed the vehicle and followed the car and pinned the car n called the police. police got there and made at rest for leaving the scene of an accident. this is two in one week but we have lost one of our own. of course, everybody is a little heart broke been that. >> reporter: pool is the second off-duty officer to be killed in the traffic related crash this week. last sat the day night the philadelphia police sergeant rafael ali was killed driving on the 6,000 block of henry avenue in roxborough. investigators say the three two-year old hit the median in the 2014 dodge ram pick up and slammed into a tree and police suspect that speed was a factor in that crash, mike and alex. >> 6:36. members of the the chester up land school district will meet with two union representing teachers and support staff. >> the union have agreed to work without pay so school can start on wednesday, a day after tomorrow, but budget. budgets. budgets. >> that is exactly the problem. we don't have a state budget so that effects the local
6:37 am
district. if you are poor district like chester up land. we have been doing stories on them for 25 years. they have money problems i it is worse now because they do not have money to pay any of the people that work there it is not just teachers but administrators, bus drivers, janitors, all of the people but they decided last week they would come to work even though they will not get paid when their first pay cycle comes up september 9th. kid go back to school in two days. that would be on wednesday. they had a huge meeting, turnout, but for parents they are beyond frustrated at this point. they are saying why does it have to be so hard. every kid has a right to education, why do we never have funding for this district. it is eye poor district. they don't have the cash. they need help from the state. state is taking over the school already, it is supposed to be running it. one of the big issues is the growth of the charter schools. half of the kids from this area, about 6,000 kids, have them, 3,000 go to charter schools. well, the chester up land did it trick has to reimburse those charter schools, a lot of money, more than everybody else does in the
6:38 am
reimbursement. about $40,000 for special education students. and that is what is bleeding this district dry, right now, at this point. so it has been a crisis and people are upset. >> it is one that is currently in crisis. it is the one that needs very desperately need everyone from a across the state, to reach out to them, and reach out to their representatives and demand that they will get to fair and equitable funding for all schools for public schools, for charter schools to make sure that we all get what we key serve so that the kids every where can receive a quality education. >> reporter: this is a district so beleaguered, it is in trouble of basically being bankrupt, it is not even existing at a certain point. they have to save this district. they have to figure out how to do that. today is a meeting. there will be a meet to go day between some of the receivers who run the money in the district and some of the administrators and some of the union leaders about what it means to work without getting
6:39 am
paid because how long this could go on because we don't know, we don't have a state budget. this could go on for some time. >> great job, 6:39. link was sold out this weekend even though eagles were out of town. >> yeah good point, that is right. >> lincoln financial field was packed last night for kevin hart, they think that certainly well over 50,000 people all wanting to show the home town guy some love. the show made history apparently. it was completely sold out making hart the first comedian to ever sellout an nfl stadium. >> how about that. >> feeling was mutual too. kevin took to twitter to give his hometown a shout out before going on stage. >> calm before the storm, you seen it, i'm at my sound check. i'm in a football stadium. even the nose bleed seats, fans up there were tweeting, i don't care how high i am, this
6:40 am
is a good show. >> we're not going to be able to see him probably. we will have to watch him on screen. as long as we can hear him. >> it will be funny down load and up high, why not. >> i'm doing to it simply met straight people, make people adapt to a successful mind set to understand it is easy to be best version of yourself as long as you push yourself. >> kevin credits his success to hard work and hopes to inspire his fans to work hard as well in their own lives. >> i knew it was so big this weekend because in the car on the radio they are like this is kevin hart weekend. they were playing music that he likes. have been was so happy to see him some back. >> he even trumped the naked bike race. >> yes. >> scott williams was in that naked bike race. we have pictures. >> do you. >> we will have to see those. >> can you show them on tv. >> small photos. >> anyway. 6:40. much like nicki minaj and taylor swift kissed and made
6:41 am
up. not like brittany spears or madonna or anything like that. they had a peeve going on, but nicki went after another one of the female celebrities last night, right on stage. they even had to cut her mike during her speech. what did she win for anaconda? yes. my anaconda. >> all right scott go take it. >> we will to have find those pictures of me on that bike. i did not participate in that but we will talk about heat brewing in that. keep water handy on. that we will talk about another potential heat wave coming up, back to you, alex.
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good morning, everyone. welcome back. 6:44. weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten. it will be an 208 day. temperatures topped out near 90. it will be steamy as well. we will look at the forecast this morning, temperatures starting out in the 70's, a couple of stray showers, partly sunny by lunch. 86 degrees. ninety later this evening for the evening drive and we are looking at a potential heat wave brewing as well. ultimate doppler, a little bit of green on the map all this
6:45 am
not making it to the ground. what is, is like in the form of the sprinkles. be on the look out for that. it is steamy already. seventy-six dei dew point. look at the measure of moisture above 60. that tells you that it will be sticky outdoors, throughout the day-to-day. we have 70 right now in pottstown. seventy-four in trenton as well as wilmington. seventy-four popular number right now, in dover, all the way to millville, as well as atlantic city. we will take you hour by hour, so we can plan your day, some folks are back to school, others still on vacation, and you can see, 90's for the high temperature today. lets talk a little bit about what is coming up. we will talk about that heat wave, brewing. by the way we have hit 90 or better so far this year 29 days, as we hit to it day it will be 30. little above average. as we talk about rain potentially in the seven day forecast and yes, we have another hurricane, in the atlantic. we will talk about all of that coming up, but how is traffic
6:46 am
looking, any jammos, bob. >> we have a jamie here, scott. 6:46. live look at the roosevelt boulevard a kiss able hot dog cart will be late here when they fix it. he is out of here at fourth and market. he is the not fellow at outside of the station. southbound on the boulevard, right lane taken out the near broad street working your way southbound near the schuylkill expressway. we are heavy on the bennie coming into downtown philadelphia headlights stacked up in to downtown at eighth and vine. delays on the turnpike from the philadelphia bensalem interchange, and actually from the delaware valley interchange into philadelphia bensalem. late running construction crew there, starting to see delays south on i-95 for gang from the northeast heading down toward that girard avenue construction zone. a big jam on the northeast extension, it is southbound about 4 miles south of lansdale. crash off to the shoulder but we are back autopsy approaching lansdale for about 4 miles south of the interchange. we are trying to get down to
6:47 am
mid county your best bet, 309 down into fort washington. we are seeing delays westbound on the schuylkill from belmont up the hill in toward conshohocken and then later on, today, and all week long, penndot will be working on the schuylkill, both directions between city avenue, and route 202, from 9:00 to 3:00. monday through friday. expect delays in and out of the city after the morning rush hour. just a little delay on the bennie but mass transit looking good with no delays. >> do you like scary movies. >> um-hmm. >> is what your favorite scary movie. >> i don't know. >> you have to have a favorite, what comes to mind. >> halloween. you know, one with the white mask who walks around and stalks baby-sitters. >> yeah. >> oh, man wes craven died, the man who made audiences scream in the theater died over the weekend. >> the family says the horror film director died at his home
6:48 am
yesterday after a battle with brain cancer. craven was known for nightmare on elm street and scream franchise. he was 76 years old. >> freddie kruger's blade on there? yeah. >> wes craven. >> we have done this 32 times. thirty-second annual m this v video muse ache ward were last night in l.a.'s microsoft theater. >> ceremony for many didn't disappoint. it had inspiring performances, we have celebrity beefs and then a few artists walked was with the moon man trophy. fall out boys bruno mars, nicki minaj able big shawn walked away with award but taylor swift really cleaned up. she won best pop video, best female video, and video of the year. >> bad blood. >> um-hmm. >> then there was drama with her and nicki minaj but there does than the seem to be bad blood between them now though. taylor dominated the the stage in this opening performance.
6:49 am
>> ♪ >> and then the she did not go on without any beefs. nicki minaj had words for miley cyrus, making comments to the new york times, in the new york times this week. >> um-hmm. >> nicki made a comment and they had to shut off her mike because it got heated. >> we will play that for you, um-hmm. >> and we will see what you think. i don't know that miley was that upset. aim not so sure nicki was that upset with miley. >> some people say was that planned or was that real. there is a big debate about that. we will see, judge for yourself. >> we will play it, let us know. and that wasn't the most bizarre thing that happened last night. it seems like somebody is already considering running for president in 2020. >> and that somebody happens to be kanye west. >> for the love. >> and yes, as you probably could have guessed by this
6:50 am
moment, i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> how will he end this. >> what do you say. >> then he said that. big announcement. it came after he won vanguard award and taylor swift is the one who presented him with the award. >> yeah. >> so kind of flipping things around. >> did he let her finish, i will let you finish. >> he let her finish. >> they know how to produce a show, don't they. >> vanguard award already, kanye is at that level. >> well, when it comes to music, and then fashion, and did you know before you did his fashion line he learned how to so first. he taught himself. >> i think he can be presidential material. woman says a shark swam right up, and chomped down on her surf board. she thought it was a dolphin. >> we will tell you how she managed to swim and save
6:51 am
herself. >> dolphins don't do that.
6:52 am
is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
6:53 am
we have two bird perched there do you see the tail of one. that bird has been hanging on for five minutes new in the wind. what a troll. no, that is the camera. >> 6:53. kid across the delaware valley are heading back to school. here's one student heading to franklin town chart they are morning. the is today your child's
6:54 am
birthday? send us their picture using facebook, instagram, twitter, do you think that is a happy face. >> no. >> is that a bunk bed she's heading out to school. >> she better make her bed. >> did you make your bed. >> that is part of the chores, you have to do. >> my sisters made my bed for me. >> how did you get them. >> i took out trash and that was my own job. >> they still hate me for it. >> a close call for surfer out in california when a shark took a bite out of their surf board. >> but luckily teeth barely missed a surfer. elinor dempsey was surfing. >> laurel strand. >> near central coast. >> she said the shark swam under her board and chomped down and left behind a 14-inch bite mark. >> it was underneath, its surface, it took the board and i was out of there. i never looked back. it seems surreal like it didn't really happen. it just seem very surreal at
6:55 am
this point. >> i wouldn't look back either. >> do you go back in the water. >> not that day i would wait a little bit. she said she will take a break from is your fix now, after that scare. >> yesy don't blame her. >> might be the smart thing. >> how much do you think you spend on birthday parties for your kids? from your child's first birthday, all the way until they get through with their 18th birthday? we will talk well, we will let you guess, how many dollars do you think you spend offer an 18 year period on child's birth the day. >> and is what the cost of living alone? where philly ranks when it comes to real estate city for singles. blank (plays throughout)
6:56 am
6:57 am
♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car.
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this morning we're waiting for police to file charges. what the driver is accusing of doing and who followed him and cut him off at traffic and trapped him. all about sam bradford, he shows us what he is made of leading eagles to victory over green bay packers what chip kelly had to say about his plays. it is called city of brotherly love for a reason, late the night brawl in
6:59 am
philadelphia between two men is caught on camera, as you can tell right here, never guess how this street fight turns into a bromance, i'm not kidding. >> setting record, philadelphia native kevin hart gets a warm welcome back home. how he made history at the link, last night. hey, kid going back to school today. 20 percent of the kids are back in school, somewhere around there. >> depending on the school district. i know city does in the go back until a week from tomorrow but suburban kid, one of my kid noah goes back to school today. >> we're getting there. >> we want pictures facebook, instagram, twitter fox 29 good day good mike, that stapel the shot running around the house with your book bag. >> i would wear shorts. >> it will be an humid day to day. >> it will be steamy. it will be sticky. i mean yesterday we hit 91. today we could hit 90.
7:00 am
if we hit it again tomorrow that would be the fifth heat wave, mike, so far this year. as we look at ultimate doppler you can see a couple have light sprinkles and showers, dotting the map. in heavy rain. it is not a wash out. let's zoom into olde city, a full tsunami rise, you can see cloud, sun mix nothing olde city, currently dry but humid. seventy-six in philadelphia. sixty-nine in pottstown. we are looking at low to mid 70's in south jersey and delaware waking up with us, and those temperatures by lunch, 86 degrees. ninety by p.m. drive and it will be muggy. that weather by the numbers scale of one to ten, it will be an eight. i mean average high should be around 83 degrees. how is traffic looking on this last day of the month, bob. >> we are starting to see jammos on the schuylkill expressway, scottie, 7:00 o'clock straight up, a live look at westbound side of the schuylkill heavy from


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