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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 31, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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if we hit it again tomorrow that would be the fifth heat wave, mike, so far this year. as we look at ultimate doppler you can see a couple have light sprinkles and showers, dotting the map. in heavy rain. it is not a wash out. let's zoom into olde city, a full tsunami rise, you can see cloud, sun mix nothing olde city, currently dry but humid. seventy-six in philadelphia. sixty-nine in pottstown. we are looking at low to mid 70's in south jersey and delaware waking up with us, and those temperatures by lunch, 86 degrees. ninety by p.m. drive and it will be muggy. that weather by the numbers scale of one to ten, it will be an eight. i mean average high should be around 83 degrees. how is traffic looking on this last day of the month, bob. >> we are starting to see jammos on the schuylkill expressway, scottie, 7:00 o'clock straight up, a live look at westbound side of the schuylkill heavy from approaching the boulevard out
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toward belmont avenue. again, we will start to see unusual traffic patterns, again, some school districts, heading back to class today. it depend upon your neighborhood but we will see little ones out there waiting for the school buses, school buses, administrators, they will throw that extra volume on the way and then of course with the great weekend, if i were you i would have stayed down the shore an extra night and came back this morning. the that is what is happening here on the 42 freeway. that normal monday morning summertime commute right back in toward philadelphia. go slow on the southbound from the betsy into girard avenue. even slow here on route 73 between maple shade and that mount laurel interchange for the turnpike. accident south on the extension it is south of the lansdale off to the shoulder, leaving quake are town or lansdale. would i give it the a shot, it looks like most of the lanes have cleaned out. coming from the suburbs, downingtown west on the bypass, was for a slow go into
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route 202. and septa trolley routes are still using trolley routes along portions of the line due to track work. mike and alex back to you. we had a fire overnight in kensington in a row home. this was the scene just before 4:00 on the 3,000 block of arbor street. at this point no reports of any injuries. crews brought it under control quickly. nice job. a 23 year-old man is fighting for his life after being shot in west philadelphia. police were called to south 52nd and pine, just before 11:00. the victim had been shot several times, nine shell cases were found on the street but suspect or suspects still on the loose. philadelphia police say they are mourning the loss, police officers are mourning the the loss of the officer kill in the crash while off-duty. police say the driver responsible may have been under the influence. >> this story sound familiar. same story last week even. jenny joyce in the north east on the boulevard, jenny? >> reporter: yes, mike and alex, thinks exactly where the accident happened here at
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devereaux ape the boulevard. police suspect that the driver was driving drunk and off-duty police officer on the motorcycle was not wearing a helmet. nineteen year veteran lemar pool of the 12th district was riding his motorcycle on devereaux just after 4:00 p.m. yesterday when a toyota traveling the opposite direction on devereaux, struck that officer while meeting at roosevelt boulevard. that car kept going a few blocks. tow truck driver fooled the vehicle, called 191 and trapped the car in place until police arrived. fifty-nine year-old driver was arrested for leaving the the scene of the accident and police suspect he was driving drunk. however, charges have not been yet filed. the four two-year old officer was taken to aria torresdale hospital where he died. >> motorcycle will list was going west on devereaux and car was east on devereaux. the quite often it happens where the car turns left in front of the motorcycle. the motorcycle hit the side of the vehicle and motorcyclist was ejected and had head
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trauma after hitting the ground. dui is suspect. we took a blood crawl from the man. he has not been charged. i will not give his name right now. he did have signs of dui but one thing for sure did he leave the the scene of the accident. >> pool is the second off-duty officer to be killed in the traffic-related crash this week. the last saturday night philadelphia police sergeant rafael ali was killed driving on the 6,000 block, of henry avenue in, roxborough, and investigators say the three two-year old hit the the median in 204 dodge ram pick up and slammed into a tree and police say speed was a factor in that crash. mike and alex. >> thanks, jenny. dell care bounty police officer is being recovering from the job. >> bullet proof vet saved this man's life this story would be different if he didn't have that vest on this morning. it napped norwood just after 1:00 o'clock h this is on sunday morning. the the officials say ridley park police officer mark handily was shot in the chest and leg responding to a call about a suicidal man.
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they say the the man shot officer handily through the door, and police then fired back, hitting the man in the elbow. they is right there hour long standoff ended with the gunman surrendering to police. he was taken to the psychiatric hospital. >> there is no doubt without that vest the officer would not be here today. he was hit in the chest. he is lucky to be alive. >> the gun man is also out of the hospital, and is expect to be okay. he will be facing attempted murder charges later today along with a few other charges. police in delaware county are looking for more victims after a gas station employee is charged with groping a female camera. a video camera shows the employee hugging the woman. police say he then inappropriately touched her. bj llama is now facing indecent a salt charges, radnor township police say if something happened to you inside had store give them a call.
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school tarts wednesday for the kid in the chester up land school district. teachers and staffers will be there too. >> the state budget impact left district without fund to cover payroll. union decided to go to work anyway on wednesday. and, see if they can work this thing out. karen is out there right now. hi karen. >> they don't have much choice. you cannot the show up and not go to school they were faced with the reality this district has always been a poor one. if they don't get money from the state they cannot pay the the bills. that is the situation we're n we didn't get a budget done by july 1st when we were up to. people up there in harrisburg fight about the money and this and that districts like this one that are poor, this is probably poorest one in the entire state. they have had money problems for the last 25 years. they do not have enough money to pay the the people who work here to educate their children. so really in a bine. parents are very upset. everyone is upset in this one. they had a huge meeting last week and they were ringing their hand, what do they do. everybody pitched in and said,
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well, kids to have start school. we cannot just because they are fighting in harrisburg, we cannot help these kids out. school is already being run by the state right now. all of the union decided top to bottom whether they are janitors or the ad minute straightors, teachers, everybody in between, that they would come to work even though they will not be paid. they will not get a deal done in the next few days. they do not know how long they will not be paid for but they have to help out these kid. but overall thinks a really frustrating situation. >> unaudible. >> it is a big mess. >> are you frustrated. >> yes, it is, because our children's future is in play here. >> that first man was talking about something specific. our charter schools have grown over the years. that is a good thing or bad thing depending on how you look ate this district is a disaster. half of the kids go to charter schools and the issue is chester up land has to
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reimburse all of those charter schools for money to educate those children and for special need student for some reason this specific district, it is higher then every place else. they can pay $40,000 per child at a charter school that they have to reimburse and you only get 16,000 from the state. they don't have money for it. it is bleeding the the district dry. they went to the courts. they are trying get that formula changed but the bottom line is they have to figure out some way to make this district solvent and to help these children because they certainly deserve something better and workers, everybody deserves to get paid if you go to work and do your job. i don't know what will happen in this situation. but there will be a meet to go day. not that they will get some answers but there will be questions. some of the union leaders and person running district, receiver that manages the money, they will meet today. we will give you latest on all of that. back to you guys on you guys. >> nice job again. 7:09. in honor of the pope's visit next month the
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philadelphia library will be opening up an exhibit on sacred religious text and it goes on display today. >> run right over there tomorrow we will tell you in honor of the pope's visit, this month. >> that is right. >> we're that close. >> we're on september 1st. >> it will feature a collection of sacred works from various faiths and you can look at it a printed, and handwritten text. we had these on last week on our show and it was fascinating, written by saint an-- matthew. the it sacred store exhibit will be on display through january at parkway central library. speaking of the pope look what philadelphia magazine put out today. it is a whole issue dedicated to the pope. now this remind me, back in 2008, wasn't this the same type of ge nre as president owe bam. yeah. >> and it says, hope. >> i'll show you one that steve keeley made about six years ago, in honor of jen
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fred. >> really. >> it doesn't say pope, or hope. >> okay. >> but it is going along witt. >> yes. >> it is the same ge nre. >> yeah. >> okay. and at contacted my of natural sciences will open up an exhibit in connection with the papal visit. it is called clergy and the academy's collection that covers it 18th and 19th century clergy members have of various religions who were amateur scientists. new pope francis is a science background a well. the certification as a check california technician and he worked as a chemist. >> we will get so smart this month. >> 70:00. officials are breaking ground at the site of the new hallow elementary school. it will be at 200 mapel avenue. hatboro horsham school district superintendent will kick off festivities at 6:30. we're calling all fashionistas. >> philly fashion week beginning today. >> now, from the kick off
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party to luxurious mens wear, runway hose, there will be something for everyone. >> and local designers will be joined by national and international names as models strut their stuff on catwalks right here in our hometown. now tickets are still available. >> i am supposed to make an appearance at the event tonight. >> are you now? >> will you be walking the catwalks. >> is that what you want. >> yesy beg them no. >> do you know what you are wearing. >> i don't know. >> well, is this another one. >> another one. >> look at you. >> it is fashion week. >> it is so fashionable. >> they had nobody else to call. philadelphia eagles proves how much he loves our city with a big donation. >> so, best part residents of the all ages will benefit from his generosity. connor barwin, yep, he was joined by mayor nutter and other city leaders as they celebrate the new ralph brooks park in south philadelphia. barwin's make the world better foundation helped finance the renovations which included a vision, for a top plot,
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catering to the youngest members of the community. >> tot lot, so cute. >> i love that. >> it is great what he is doing. phillies using a lot of their young players in yesterday's game with the padres. >> well, one of those, alex asher, he is one of our new young pitchers. he came up, two home runs in yesterday's game. he gave them up. cameron rupp looks like he could be with the phillies for a long time. he got his eighth home run of the year but in the end it was not enough. phillies lose to the san diego padres, nine-four. how about, cubs pitcher, jake, he pitched the sixth no hitter in the majors this season. the cubs rarely see this this second against dodgers in ten days. why do i show you this. did i already mention this. oh, shoot. the guy has been okay. the last two outs, against jimmy rollins first, and then
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chase utley second, he struck out to give them the no hitter. for the love. i didn't think i would have to say that. lets talk about the little league world series. >> okay. >> they are best little leaguers in the country. they are from lewis bury, pennsylvania. >> it is not far, 39 miles away from williamsport. this is hometown team. >> yes. >> they met up with the team from japan but they lost. it looked promising. players from pennsylvania had eight runs in the first inning. but japan quickly took over. the final score 18-11. >> let me say that. they had ten runs in the first inning, it was ten-two. >> that is right. >> we were texting. >> they had a eight run lead after the end of the first. they scored ten runs in the first. i shut it off. i started watching golf. i will check back and see if the game is over, see the celebrate, it is ten-nine. then japan just blew them away good yeah. >> they were this close. >> they still have bragging rights they are the best team
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in the united states of america, from pennsylvania. >> we're still owe proud of them, for sure. 7:14. >> "fox sports" is naming eagles quarterback sam bradford as one of the players already looking like he is in mid season form. >> yeah, lot was made of chip kelly's trade for sam, in the off season. getting rid of nick foles. what his injured knee hold up? is he the right man to lead the philadelphia offense. these were questions, people asked. on saturday night bradford made kelly look like a genius. he went ten for ten, 121 yards, three touchdowns. eagles win 39-26. in a few minutes we will have a former eagle, we will go back to the day, back when the eagles and the early 80's, they were really good. start guess hog this could be. he will talk about what he thought of sam bradford's performance sat the day night. okay, we have to see this fight that happened, right. so the fist fight in the streets of philadelphia. >> okay. >> but it end from a surprising way that will make you laugh. >> okay. >> video starts with these two men, having a little smoke
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break, together. but then somebody says something, two unidentified men start going at it. we don't know what it is b but they are really fighting. of course, it was because you are looking at it. photographer pulled out his camera to film it as well. when he heard the commotion outside his north philadelphia apartment. neither man seemed very steady on their feet, throughout this fist fight, they started as friend and that is why both eventually give in and hug it out. before walking off together, with their newly mended friendship, intact. i'm sorry, bro. sorry, bro. >> interesting. >> that is what alcohol does. >> yeah. >> i love you. >> i hate you. >> you are a man, bro. >> so sorry, bro. >> a little romance right now. >> that was weird. >> yes.
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>> weather is not that bizarre. it is still summer, it will still be hot. yesterday was 91 degrees. today 90. it looks like another heat wave is going to be brewing. as we take a live look outdoors right now, it is 76 degrees. humidity up there. dew points are above 60. it is still go to feel sticky and comfortable. we have pockets of sprinkles and light showers but not a wash out. most of this is not making it to the ground. fit is, it vice light. much of the nation right now is pretty quiet. you can see high pressure off to the south, this is some of the remnant moisture from erika streaming from florida, all the way to the mid-atlantic but we have those wind coming in from the south and west and kind of pumping up that moisture. 70 degrees in allentown this morning as well as reading, berks county, new castle county, delaware, and look at the dew point. we will start to really feel
7:17 am
uncomfortable when you step outdoors. keep that in mine. it will be a pretty muggy monday. we will go hour by hour. you can see those temperatures heating up rapidly. here's 1:00 o'clock 86 in trenton. eighty-seven in philadelphia we will touch 90 degrees later on this afternoon. by 5:00 o'clock we will just keep that a mine. dress appropriate thely for the weather. gone a water bottle if you are outdoors. here's set up, hazy, hot and humid. that heat pump over next several days. tropics still heating up. look at this we have hurricane fred around the cape verde islands. it is expect to continue lifting off to the north and west, and it is also going to stay in the open waters, and weaken so will not be a threat. that weather authority seven day forecast, 90 today. ninety-two for thursday. look at wednesday and thursday for a high. it feels like temperatures approaching 100. front moves through. then a couple storms. as we move toward weekend not
7:18 am
quite as hot or humid. temperatures trying to get back near the the advertised temperature this i am of the year which is 83 degrees. how is traffic on this monday morning, bob kelly. >> scottie, good morning. 7:18. live look at 422. time to make the doughnuts. heading eastbound, slow go from collegeville, in toward king of prussia through the the construction zone at trooper road backing up on the bennie. again on extra volume coming into downtown philadelphia here from mid span into eighth and vine with again only the three of the four lanes opened, for our morning rush hour. it is first day back to school, for some of the school districts. we will see, some delays, unusual traffic patterns in the neighborhoods, around the schools where they did start class again today. there are delays, on all of septa's trolleys, and in the tunnel right now. the 5101, 102 abe in addition to the the delay, they are using shuttle bus's long a portion of the route, all due to track work. and in norristown we have a
7:19 am
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it is 7:23. >> wendy says, she sent this, courtney's last, first day. >> yes. >> we have been debating what this means. i think it is mean it the is her first day of as a senior in high school. but i guess first day of college. >> true. >> we don't know what she has, what her plans are, she could be, a sophomore, planning to drop out. >> no. >> and then we have this one my baby's first day as a third grader, how cute. big smiles. we like toe big smiles. >> use hashtag fox 29 good day as they did. that is how they got on tv. when you are a kid is there nothing better than celebrating your birth the day with all of your friend. >> it is a great birthday party over the weekend. mo'ne davis turned 14. she had an amazing birthday party. golden state warrior week. she loves them.
7:24 am
>> yes. >> it was great. there was a lot going on. it was a great party. i'm starting to think about parents, they spend a lot of money on birthday parties. >> well, is there lauren. you have found a survey how much we will spend over the first eight years of our child's life on birthdays, how much. >> thirty you this dollars. >> what? >> now, let me point out this study is out of the uk, and it says, from birth until 21 years of age. >> oh21. >> each parent will spend $30,000, celebrating the kids new years. big ages are first birthday. i agree. parents splurge on the birthday for the first year. >> right. >> thirteen and 18. i want to add to that sweet 16 here in the u.s. those are so expensive. anyway, most of the budget goes for venue where you will have the birthday, then we have party favors which average 60 bucks per year. you are spending one year of
7:25 am
college tuition, throwing your kid a birthday party every year. >> wow. >> that is just ridiculous. >> that is a lot. >> over the 21 years that i was, my first 21 years, my probably spent $21. >> they were probably scared to throw you a birthday party, they would be so wild. >> yeah, sure. >> when you get older, doing things you weren't supposed to do. >> those younger huge theme parties and they go out with the plate, cups, napkins that are matching, party favors. >> yes. >> and what my friend a they say we want to have it at the house because we would save money but when we deal with the food, catering, clean up, it is cheaper to spend 70 bucks to have it at gym and just go home and relax. >> chuck e cheese birthday. >> that is the worst. >> yes. >> man, right. >> wouldn't you spend money elsewhere to keep your house
7:26 am
clean. >> that is true. >> no clean up. >> bouncey house. >> music, over and offer again. >> please. >> but kids enjoy it. >> we went to a first birthday party of dear friend here in manhattan. they rented out i'm in the kidding you, it was like a wedding venue. they had a band, crown. >> what a waste of time. >> and, we didn't, i said this tops my wedding. >> communication business, it is tough. lauren, that was a great week. >> seriously $30,000. >> have a great rest of the week. >> what did you say. >> have a great weekend. >> okay. >> so you are already thinking about the weekend. >> yes. >> it is still friday for me. >> how young is too young to talk to kids about ahh, oh,
7:27 am
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i made sure everybody was coming. >> this was all thanks to you. >> yes, i love you, man. give me backstage tickets. >> well, kevin hart makes history in his hometown, he is loved, he set a record at the link. quincy is taking a tour of his hometown, you know, his version through his eyes. >> it is dangerous. people don't follow the signs. they speed. >> roosevelt boulevard claims another life, this time it was an off-duty police officer. how the man who hit him and kept going and how he was finally caught. we're at the august 312,015th. we have school pictures. some kid go back to school. take a picture put it on facebook, instagram, twitter. use the hashtag fox 29 good day and we will put it on the air. for second time in a matter of days the the philadelphia police department are mourning the death of an officer killed in an off-duty crash. police say driver tried to get away before being caught. >> we did this very story, similar story, a week ago this
7:31 am
morning. jenny might have been on that one. the she's on the boulevard, good morning. >> yes, that happened last saturday night, and she covered that story but in this case a 59 year-old man was arrested last night. charges are still pending as philadelphia police mourn the loss of one of their own. nineteen year-old veteran lemar pool was riding his motorcycle on did you have low just after 4:00 p.m. when a toyota traveling the opposite direction on devereaux struck the officer as they met at roosevelt boulevard. that car then kept going a few blocks. tow truck driver followed the vehicle, called 911 and trapped the car in place, until police arrived. the driver was arrested and suspect he was driving drunk. forty-two year-old officer was not wearing a helmet and taken to aria torresdale hospital where he died. >> i feel bad for the family. my heart goes out to them. every day i see a car happen out here f it is not one lane,
7:32 am
it is another lane. >> boulevard is dangerous. people don't follow the signs, it speed. >> car went north on roosevelt boulevard in the toyota, and, fortunately we had a couple witnesses, one being a tow truck driver who followed this vehicle and helped out big time and followed the car, and called the police, and police got there for making an arrest for leaving the scene of an accident. this is two in one week. that we lost one of our own. of course, everybody is a little heart broken about it. >> reporter: last saturday night philadelphia police sergeant rafael ali was killed driving on the 6,000 block of henry avenue in roxborough. investigators say that the three two-year old hit the median in a 2014 dodge ram pick up and then slammed into a tree. police say speed may have been a factor in that case. in this particular case you heard the captain talk a little bit about the witness who played a major role in helping police get to this suspect. they say that is always a appreciated when witnesses can step up and work with police to make an arrest.
7:33 am
mike anal he can. >> all right. oh, boy. the the boulevard, one of the most dangerous roads in the country. >> let's get some weather with scott. >> good morning in, mike and alex. it is steamy out there, on this muggy monday morning. last day of the month. i saw a school bus in jenny joyce's piece there also some students walking here in olde city. so, some folks are back to school. it will be a muggy start. 76 degrees in philadelphia. look at the dew point, that really tells the the story about how much moisture is not at months fear. so it is sticky. a couple light sprinkles a and showers stepping outdoors as well as not heavy rain, a lot of folks are still dry but it is muggy. it is a hazy weather day right now in center city as we take a live look at the the area temperature wise upper 60's in pottstown. sixty-seven in poconos mountains. we're in the 07's in sections of south jersey as well as delaware. here's your planner, this morning, it is mostly cloudy. we have a couple of stray
7:34 am
showers out there. 76 degrees. by lunchtime, 86 degrees and then 90 degrees for the high temperature later on this afternoon and to take is ease outside today, it is looks like it will be a theme to keep that in mind. mind. bob kelly has details. >> good morning. a lot of kid are going back to school. some school districts opening up the the doors today. we have seen some unusual traffic patterns, even here in chester county where the schools are heading back. this is a live look at north bound 202, and coming up, approaching west chester right at green tree drive. an accident taking out the the left lane. we are bumper to bumper to bum per jammo heading north on 202. it the is just above that route one interchange heading up toward west chester. we have some sun glare and delays here north on i-95 working your way toward commodore barry bridge. some are running with delays
7:35 am
in the tunnel. fifteen, 101, 102 using shuttle bus's long the portion of the route. throughout this week during the midday penndot will be working on the schuylkill expressway between city and 202. again, coming in or out of the city during the midday give yourself some extra time with those roving penndot crews, mike and alex, back over to you. >> i don't know if you saw any of the preseason game between the colts and rams. >> there was action on the sidelines. >> what has one team so excited, she dropped her palm palm. >> and by the way, it is spelled p.o. m, p.o. n. >> it is a fun fact you learn here on "good day philadelphia". but first cost of living alone, where philadelphia a ranks in the top ten when it comes to the most expensive city to live here single, you don't share any of the bills. and kids cross delaware valley are heading back to school. we have another picture. so this is from philly diva,
7:36 am
first day of third grade. thumbs up. we love it. use hashtag happy mommy. >> brand new backpacky bet. send us your pictures facebook instagram and twitter use your hashtag fox 29 good day. palm palm.
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♪ standing by for fun. ♪ that is reading, pennsylvania. tommy promise to have real le good survey about our area. >> promise yes. >> research neighborhood neighborhood scout released 100 most dangerous cities in america and quite of few of them are in our area. >> yeah, six are in new jersey. according to the web site, camden is america's most dangerous city. it has been for years. even though people over there are just great. researchers used crime stats, from the fbi, to determine the the list. according to those numbers, you can have, a one in 39 chance of becoming a victim of a violence crime if you are in that city of camden. other dangerous cities in our area, chester, norristown,
7:40 am
trenton, atlantic city, wilmington, delaware, and like i said, six, i think six out of the top ten were in new jersey. we have newark, up there. six of the top ten. >> you promise we will have a better one tomorrow. >> tomorrow will be about our schools as we get closer to, getting everybody back to school. >> all right. >> and cost of living alone as a single person, well, that is shooting up, in philadelphia singles are in the top ten for paying the the most when it comes to living expenses. >> yeah. >> so philadelphia is number eight on this list. which comes from the economic policy institute according to the report. single people in philadelphia need $2,800 a month or more, then $33,000 a year to cover that are living costs. now researchers looked at 618 cities across the the u.s. and philadelphia came in at number eight. new york, san francisco and d.c., they, of course, topped
7:41 am
the list. so you have to make $33,000 a year just to survive here in philadelphia. >> yeah. >> people getting right out of college. >> yes. >> then you have to pay for student loans and all that. it is a lot. >> we will look up the other seven cities. then we will have time to move to nebraska. >> where will you go. >> no where but down. 6:41. you know, lot of people do you remember kid who came in and said he wanted the pope to bless sam bradford's legs. >> yes. >> his knee. >> he has been healed. he has been healed. big victory over green bay packers. i know it is only preseason but he looked good going ten for ten. chip kelly, you know, he wants to keep him healthy for the rest of this season. then later kanye for president? who said this. strange acceptance speech, he made at last night vma muse ache ward.
7:42 am
i don't know if you can call it strange. >> speaking of that scott, mr. s mike on. >> i am honored to present 2015 vanguard muse ache ward to my friend...
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dawn see the excitement. melissa sent this one in, freshman year, so siked, hashtag first day. >> i can relate, melissa to your son there. 7:45. here's scott. >> it is hard to believe it is last day of the month and we are talk about folks starting school. get this, it is almost labor day weekend. weather by the numbers on this monday on a scale of one to ten, we will give it an eight. muggy, steamy, temperatures near 90. 76 degrees right now. look at dew point is above 60. as we look at ultimate doppler we can see green showing up indicative of the humidity building up as well as a few sprinkles from time to time dotting the map. not a wash out or no heavy rain expect but don't be surprised to see a couple sprinkles from time to time. you can see a live look at center city showing you hazy, mostly cloudy skies this morning, 70 in allentown and reading. temperatures in wilmington.
7:46 am
74 degrees. we have 75 in wildwood is in the mid to tupper 60's and we will keep that humidity and that uncomfortable, weather across the area for today as well as most of this week. we have brewing heat wave, not 91 is the high, we will break out of that and see sunshine and warm things up to around 90. we will call it partly sunny and it will stay muggy. the let talk about the tropics. they are heating up as well. we have have another hurricane, this is hurricane fred, and 80-mile per hour storm that will move off to the north and west, and hen also, weaken in the over the waters of the atlantic basin. we will keep you posted. that weather authority seven day forecast 90 for a high. ninety-two on tuesday. the look at wednesday and thursday, 94 but it will feel closer to 100 degrees.
7:47 am
maybe a couple of storms to kick off the upcoming labor day weekend. labor kay. can you believe it, bob kelly. >> you got it, 7:46, talking to me in my ear at the same time. live look at north bound lanes of 202, coming up from west chester. i should say from delaware county in to west chester. just cleared an accident out of the way but we are bumper to bumper from route one here painters crossing all heading north bound up in toward west chester. who is hungry, ready. we will eat outside, today, west avenue grill, we will go to jenkintown between 9:00 and 10:00 o'clock as we do on a monday. we will head out there bring the kid by if they don't have school. we will put them on tv. ben franklin bridge jammo heading up and over in toward downtown philadelphia for the gang coming in from south jersey, delays already all on the 42 freeway. folks like to come right from the beach right into the office and we are seeing that on this monday morning with the freeway and both 55, heavy as well. you could stay down the shore.
7:48 am
i had lunches pack last night. we were ringing the bell today. here two are of my kid back to school, austin going to prek, first day of prek and noah on the right his first day of high school. we have new book bags, number two pencils, and, little pencil case and a lunch pack. >> so cute. >> sharp looking family bob. >> thanks, buddy. >> congratulations, nicely done. >> ring the bell, back to school. >> he will be celebrating. >> what do you think of this. his mouth is wide open, say awe. >> awe. >> but aren't we saying that we are kind of in awe of what he did. >> yes. >> sat the day night. >> it looks really good, didn't it? >> a lot of people are saying this means there is some great things to come, because sam bradford led the team to victory over the green bay packers. >> so what does chip kelly have to say about sam bradford at his number one qb. >> i thought sam played well.
7:49 am
i thought he was really poised. he had good command of what we were doing. he really located the football. he played really well good look who is here, been a long time since i have seen you. >> good to see you. >> hi, publisher of the jersey man and philly man magazine. we will talk about that in a second. 1980, right. >> long time ago. >> long time ago. >> but come on, lets do it jab in 2015. >> that was the year. >> it was great memories. playing for the eagles, i came out of, memphis state, i did not play high school football. papale beat me to the movie rights. i'm happy to be here. i was fortunate enough to play six years of professional football. >> one year with the eagles. >> colts, giants and philadelphia stars. people forget that team. probably one of the best teams their played. >> your one year with the eagles did well. >> i took them right to the super bowl. i cursed them. >> got a ring.
7:50 am
>> yes. >> we know, this ring is funny. only reason men talk to me and women hold my hand any more. >> so you watched the game. >> yes. >> that expression on bradford's face was my expression watching the game. it was crazy. >> ten for ten, 121-yard, three touchdowns all in the first quarter, i think. >> certainly first half. >> i know it is preseason but packers had their number one defense on the field. >> they did, listen, you can only play against who is out there. bradford was the number one pick in the draft for a reason. the just because he has been nicked up doesn't take away from his talent. chip kelly, who has immersed himself in film study and knows these players. thought it was worth the risk. he tried to upgrade with bradford over foles and if he stays healthy. >> he has pinpoint passing. >> a lot of people doubted
7:51 am
chip. i dent necessity about this. now they are like okay, we see it. >> he is healthy. >> everybody loves football, everybody has a opinion, right. >> chip is the the guy who watches film and they have staff that stud thinks stuff. he knows what he is doing. we need to trust in chip and hopefully bringing us a super bowl. >> people were wondering where is kiko alonzo, is what the deal. >> kiko has had some problems. the leg kept him out of this game. he he has had a concussion issue. they want him healthy. preseason is great but doesn't mean anything. they want him health any game one. when they said it is a nagging leg issue, that doesn't sound too good at all. >> it doesn't to have do with his acl, it could be something else. >> she's a billing fan of michael kendricks. >> what woman isn't. >> that is one attractive man. >> some people just sign his new deal, got some money. >> he has been nicked up too. this was his first action. it takes time to get up to game speed.
7:52 am
michael will be fine. >> what do you think of the new extra length for extra point and then two-point conversions. >> i think it is kind of neat. it adds an element to the game that hasn't been there before. extra point became a fate accomplished, you knew it was good 99 percent of the time. >> we have tim tebow to do these two-point versions. >> do you keep an extra quarterback just for that. >> welshing that is part of the dimension he brings to the game. they will run wild cat with him in the offense. he is a capable quarterback. if i own a nfl franchise i want a guy like tim tebow on my team. >> ken, good to see you but i question your judgment. here in philly magazine you have jersey man, and philly man. >> correct good a man of the month is chris murphy. >> that is right. >> congratulations, chris. >> congratulations. >> looking good there, man of the month. >> he is a man in the morning and man at night.
7:53 am
cool man. >> chris is a great nominee. we are having a party to honor our ten men and women of the monday at union trust on november 4th. it will be i great celebration, ticket air railable, at jersey man open to the public. the it will be a great night. i hope everybody joins to us honor these great people. >> i would love to do it, great. >> 7:53. only one thing that could cause, and i'll show you this kind of damage. do you see that surf board. >> chris moviey what is up with her surf board. how she swam away and save herself. d i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, d i go to the store, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work, that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now."
7:54 am
about a couple of touring bikes? (dad) yeah... mounted on top of a new suv? (mom) uh huh... hooked up to the back of a custom motorhome? (dad) exactly! but how did you- you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery.
7:55 am
(dad) right! bankroll doubler. (mom, off-screen) with top prizes of $300,000. (male announcer) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
7:56 am
we're get morgue details about that surfer in california over the weekend which a shark bit her surf board big time.
7:57 am
>> luckily his teeth missed the surfer but surfer is sharing her story this morning and chris murphy, my goodness, what a bite. >> exactly, wait until you see this. surfer might take a break after this. here's what happened, elinor dempsey was swimming right between san francisco and los angeles when this happened. she said the shark swam under her board, and at first she thought it was a dolphin but soon said it was a shark, a great white one likely when it chomped on her board and left behind a 14-inch bite mark. >> it was under me. it is surface. it took the board. i was out of there. i never looked back. >> pretty we will. the it seemed surreal. like it didn't really happen. it just seemed surreal at this point. >> so shark then went after her, after case ago this board she jump topped nearby surfers to bring her to shore.
7:58 am
wild life officials believe that bite was likely from a 6-foot long, great white shark. by the the way, that wasn't the the only shark sighting in california, guys. a hammer head shark also really dangerous, was up and very, very, very close to these little boats. look at these things. this is san diego, county. reports started pouring in about this 10-foot shark being agrees turf boaters and kyackers even following some to the beach. life gardenedded up getting swimmers out of that water. no reports have come in. that area right there is infested with sharks. >> my goodness. >> no one paid much attention. they swim in it. everything else. >> yes. >> too close. >> yes. >> all right man of the month, we will see you later man of the month. >> man of the month chris moviey man of the month, murphy. good day, monday, august the 31st. >> last day of august. >> this is it.
7:59 am
>> yesterday was my daughter jill's birth the day. >> happy birthday to jill. >> yeah. >> okay, here we go. >> making history in his home town, sketch hart sells out, the the link. that is big. but he says he is not phased by his rock star status. it will be very cool to have kevin hart on good day philadelphia. >> but it is time to talk tour kid. no, no not about the birds and bees, but parents, listen up, the surprising age you should talk to your children about alcohol. and counting calories are you this morning? it is a monday. stop wasting your time, folks, you should be counting macros, how you can lose weight by using technique body builders decide, macros. >> i have decided in 2020 to
8:00 am
run for president. >> ♪ >> reporter: and can use for president, drop the mike, is this a real thing? rapper's 11 minute rant at vma and why he could really make a run for it in 2020. >> all right. thanks. you never know. some people are saying yeah. >> you have five years away. >> yes. >> we will see what happens. >> hey, scott. scotties in for sue. sue says aim he not working during the hottest, most sticky week of the entire summer. >> can you blame her. >> how is your hair doing. >> it dried outy walk in this morning. my shirt is still wet though. >> you will go back outside. >> we will do a segment outside because it is not eat outside day. >> yes. >> where do these things come from. >> it keeps things interesting. >> kids are running outside because they are heading off to school. >> look at this picture, natalie's first day of second
8:01 am
grade. >> yeah. >> you have got to be up against a wall or in front of house. >> cheryl send this in cadence boyd first day of school. look at that. so cute. pretty in pink. >> all right. lets get to weather and traffic. we have a lot to get to here. >> let's talk about this weather. bus stop buddy is ready for school. we have been talking about this. some folks heading back this morning. muggy, few sprinkles. temperatures in the 70's. the as we look at our monday planner, it will be a damp, in some location was those sprinkles, 77 degrees this morning. by lunch, 86 and then during the afternoon 90-degree temperatures. yesterday was 91. today 90. if we hit it, tomorrow that would be three days in a row and another potential heat wave. we will talk about that as well as preview, labor day weekend coming up with the seven day forecast. >> scottie, 8:01.
8:02 am
we are seeing volume pop here. morning rush hour. a lot of unusual delays expected today as some school districts as we have been showing you going back to school. here's a live look at i-95 in delaware county southbound a fender-bender right here near ridley interchange. jammo on the bennie coming into downtown, heavy from the tolls up and over into center city. only three lanes open. patco high speed line, looking good there as there were still running on that construction schedule, it is a monday after a good looking weekend. follow, staying down the shore and come right back in the office from the freeway, through expressway and 295 in bellmawr. mike and alex, back over to you. taking a look at the top store thinks morning a off duty i philadelphia a police officer was killed on his motorcycle which help bike collided with a car in northeast philadelphia roosevelt boulevard at devereaux avenue. police say officer lemar pool fell off his motorcycle when another car turn in front of him. he was not wearing a helmet.
8:03 am
police say the driver tried to get away but a witness followed the driver and called 911. witness was in the tow truck. police say the driver might have been under the influence. pool is second off-duty officer to be killed in the traffic-related crash in the last week. >> yeah, week ago saturday another one happened. this week, two journalist shot to death live on television, will be laid to rest. yesterday a memorial service was held in roanoke, virginia, 24 year-old allison parker, 27 year-old photographer adam ward were killed, last week. last wednesday at 6:45 in the morning, live on television. former reporter, had been fired two years prior, vester flannigan walk up and killed them. woman being interviewed survived the shooting. by the way, she had another second surgery, she has lost one of her kidney. the guy that shot them all, killed himself tragedy this weekend a fan fell to his
8:04 am
death during their game against yankees on saturday. the these fill photos were taken afterward. witnesses say in the event inning man identified as greg murray was seen yelling at alex rod reag us from his seat behind home plate. he fell over and landed on concrete, 15 feet down. this is third turn are field death in eight season. >> third in eight seasons. >> what is going on there. he got real riled up because he likes to yell at alex rodriguez. he is yelling over the rail, and then he got too involved and he fell over the rail, 50 feet down on to the seats and concrete. killed him. 8:04. school business to start and in budget passed, and this school district said they could not make payroll. >> that is when teachers and staffers voted to work without pay so they can all start day school the day after tomorrow. >> today will be a meet to go decide what will happen next, karen. >> reporter: the meeting will
8:05 am
be at ten. i was talking with administrators. such a tough situation. but they say it is still a good day for kids because it shows when the rubber meets the road, these are people doing it for all of the right reasons. these are teachers teaching because they love kid and will do it whether they are getting paid or not. obviously they want to get paid and they need to rectified. they have a huge meeting last week. because this is one of the most poor district in the area and they always have budget problems for past 25 years being run by the state right now. they don't get money from the state they cannot open up their doors. this year they didn't get money from the state because they don't have a state budget. they didn't get one down by july 1st. they will not be able to pay folks that work here at the schools, janitors, bus drivers, administrators, top to bottom. with their first paycheck supposed to come out. the people, unions decided they will work for free until this is, you know, straightened on you but this is a tough situation. here's what people are saying
8:06 am
everything. >> it is one that is currently in crisis. everyone across the state to reach out to their representatives and demand, that they will get and look into fair, equitable funding for all schools, public schools, charter schools to make sure we all get what we deserve so kid every where can receive a quality education. it is front page news right here. issue is charter schools. they have to reimburse charter schools, half of the district to charter schools, $40,000. they have money shortages. they are trying to get that all work out and changed. meeting here at 10:00 o'clock. the lots of things before i go back inside to you guys. we had a spotty shower that scott williams was talking about passing over this section right now, in delaware county. >> you can never rule that out. >> never can rule it out. >> that is so true.
8:07 am
>> yes. >> what is it, about 80 percent, scott. >> yes, dew points are close to 72. >> between humidity and pop ups. >> it will be wet. >> yes. >> lets talk about the little league world series. you know, the state of pace the champs of the united states of america. >> yep. >> and lewisberry about 90 miles south of where they play the game in williamsport. >> they meet up with the team with tokyo but they lost. but they were promising at first. >> how many runs, mike. >> ten runs in the first inning. ten-two at the end of the first. i thought it was over. >> then japan took over and final score was 18-11. but we are so proud of them. >> and reminded me man, we have had a good couple years here. we had a philadelphia team in it last year. >> that is right. >> you know, mo'ne davis, she had her birthday party. >> yes. >> she turned 14. >> yes. >> fourteen years old. thank you. it was a great party.
8:08 am
held at moday. >> if my 14th i didn't have have a billboard that i stood in front of to take picture. >> and a crown. >> and a crown. >> but she is so sweet, we hope she had a great time dancing the the night away. >> over in south jersey. >> yeah, willingboro. >> all right. how about this, being married to someone in the million there i is not easy when they are deployed. >> that is why home coming will mean so much. watch the the st. louis rams set up for one of their cheerleaders. >> what you don't see is the the mess aiming that the st. louis rams played for cheerleader can dace valentine
8:09 am
from her husband. she thought that was the the surprise, and then her marine core hubby strutted on to the field to say, that she was shock, would i say is an under statement. she even dropped her pompons. >> the indianapolis colts got a little teary eyes. >> i love those. >> you are deployed, and you miss your wife, right. >> oh, no where are you going with this. >> you are deployed and your wife is an nfl cheerleader. i'm really missing my wife you are coming home. >> did we look up, was i right did you they spell pompons. >> you didn't ask me to look it up. >> we all miss pronounced it forever. >> they are not palm, palm, they are pompons. >> you are right, yes. >> haven't you thought it was palm, palm all these years. >> yes.
8:10 am
>> this is why you watch "good day philadelphia" to watch this stuff. >> this is what you need to know. >> did you watch vma's last night. >> yes, difficult. >> they were rocking the red carpet, miley to take already what was your favorite fashion moment. did you see what miley cyrus haddon the red carpet. >> my goodness. >> it wasn't much. >> thank god for suspenders. >> but first counting calories, stop wasting your time. you should be counting, macros. >> i can eat a bagel. >> how to lose weight by using technique body builders swear by. >> this is cereals i swear by, good day. i had eight bowls this morning.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! breaking news out of maryland two montgomery county school buses collided, this is happening on glenn road and falls road in rockville. you can see them there, e ms evaluated 17 student and three of them were transported to a hospital. my goodness, that is a bad, bad wreck there, anytime kids, these kids down in maryland going back to school this week too.
8:14 am
8:13. time for weather and traffic and we will talk about how to lose some weight on a monday. >> a lot of folks are going back to school here in the delaware valley. forecast by the numbers scale of one to ten. it will be steamy, sticky, temperatures topping out near 90-degree. ninety-one yesterday. 77 degrees, already in philadelphia. look at the dew point is above 60. it is very sticky, tropical, some pockets of the drizzle out there this morning. we are looking at temperatures area wide in the mid to upper 70's and then look at the humidity, mike was asking about this earlier, it is 91 percent, mike in pottstown. 93 percent, in the pocono mountains and it is looking like 82 percent currently that relative humidity in millville and atlantic city. looking at ultimate doppler you can see a couple sprinkles show up, it will not rain all day or heavy rain but most of this just this morning. you can see at philadelphia international airport we are looking at hazy conditions.
8:15 am
so, it will be the hazy hot and humid scenario over next several days and potential heat wave as well, 90 degrees will be the high today. we will call it the partly sunny. it will be a muggy monday. but how is the traffic? to we have any jammos bob kelly. >> we have a jammo, scottie, we have the jam on the schuylkill on the right there, eastbound heavy from conshohocken all the way into downtown as we mentioned, some school district heading back this morning. we are seeing unusual delays, school buses out there and even a drizzle, wipers working for gang in delaware county. backup on the bennie up and over with only three lanes available coming into philadelphia, through the construction coming back from the shore, northbound on the the freeway, heavy from the expressway all the way in through bellmawr where we meet up with 295 interchange and even though we are trying to slim down we will have a good breakfast this morning. jump in the news van and head
8:16 am
out to the west avenue grill. we are coming your way jenkintown. we will see through at 9:00 o'clock. mike and alex, back to you. >> speak of losing weight what makes you normally start a diet. >> do i normally start a monday. >> beginning a week, after the weekend. >> fresh start. >> sorry to mess you up there. >> he thought it was an easy question. >> whenever people try to talk about losing weight, and get in shape they talk about counting calories. >> sure. >> but not all calories are created equal. now people are focusing on macro nutrients or macros. >> does that guy know about it. >> chef george, how are you. >> yes. >> cooper university. >> yes. >> what are you a dietitian. >> yes, at the the bariatric surgery center, weight loss surgery center. >> it is a protein, carbohydrate and fat. you are counting calories. >> okay. >> quality of the calories. >> carbohydrates and fatties
8:17 am
bad. >> you still need carbohydrates. you should have about 45 to 65 d be carbohydrates but base line should go your calorie counties. you eat 2,000 columnry a day. you need 90 or a hundred grams of protein a day. >> it is a lot of work. >> it is. >> it is a lot of math. they load up on protein. but a lot of them are going to kill your kidneys as well. >> you look like you are in good shape. >> no, in the really. >> i'm saying calories, that is easy, you say thinks how many calories are from fat. how do i know about macros. >> look at a food label. but, you look at the bold letters. the bold letters. protein at bottom. you have calories and total calories. >> so is what most important. >> most important is overall calories. >> can tell me which camera we are on for the the love of
8:18 am
god. >> we are looking at overall calories and looking at your protein, carbohydrates and fat. you need to have this as well. >> here's something mr. josh. >> yes good man with 21st names. >> yes good we cannot do the whole day. >> lets do breakfast. what would you suggest. >> basically what i'm showing off here you can have, 1500 calories a day. this breakfast over here being a bagel, egg, bacon cheese with orange juice is about a you this calories. >> for one meal. >> now you have 500 calories the rest of your day. it is very we have any carbs, with hash browns and juice. >> they are good. >> yes. >> you try to have a protein at every meal. eggs, yogurt. >> that is all carbs good you know how many macros are in here. >> macros, it is is a percentage. so, it is approximately
8:19 am
60 percent carbs. >> but yeah, healthy breakfast, 1200 calories in one meal this is four or 500 calories. bowl of cereals, piece of fruit, skim milk, ol monday milk. >> and a peach. >> greek yogurt. >> i can have a bowl of cereals, with one of those two milk. >> and yogurt, fruit and cheese stick. >> four or 500 calories compared to 1200 calories. >> that would be filling. >> that looks good. >> have you ever tried that good day serial. >> i have not. >> we make it here. >> i have never had it. we will test this out today. >> we should. >> it is a real thing. >> yes good thanks, josh. >> come back anytime. >> if we do this will mike look like a body builder. >> no suit fits right now. i'm blown up. >> you have to count your macros. >> get your calculate or out.
8:20 am
>> i have one in my apartment. >> what did you say. >> it is time to talk tour kid and we are not talking about the bird and bees. parents, listen up, surprising age you should talk to your children about drinking alcohol. >> this leads to the birds and bees. plus bottoms up. >> what? >> one popular store may start selling beverages to shoppers. where you can shop until you drop. >> but not to ten or nine years old.
8:21 am
those places that we can't wish, or squish, away.... well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting-- the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. after getting the cool sculpting procedure, it gave me back the body i had, before i had kids.
8:22 am
i feel much more confident. i don't have to think about what i wear and how it's going to make me feel anymore. i know everything i put on is going to make me feel good. and that's a new feeling! it really has been one of the best things that i've done. it's made me really feel confident. it just makes you feel kind of a little bit more like i can do this. i can do this. and with the coolsculpting procedure you can do it too. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation.
8:23 am
parents are always sure when they need to have those important talks with their kid but new guidelines from the american academy of pediatrics show talk about alcohol should happen early, by age nine. the group says children tart to think positively about alcohol between nine and 13, because of exposure to beverage ads or our own parents drinking could affect how kid are drinking. aap adds 21 percent of youth acknowledge having more than a sip of chill before 13.
8:24 am
>> yeah, i agree with them, sure. >> it the is early. >> you live by example. you talk to them the whole time you grow up about alcohol consumption, you know, don't wait until they are nine. you are nine today, sit down i'm going to teach but beer. >> they learn from example. >> shop until you drop, literally. >> yeah, chicago target is the first to serve alcohol to shoppers. >> um-hmm. >> target applied for two different liquor will be in the city. first allows the store to sell packaged liquor, second allows them to sell beer, wine, spirits in the store. >> i thought you were going to say they were going to put a bar in there. >> well, i guess you could open it up and turn tonight to a bar. >> this just in, we do believe you cannot only buy it there, but you can consume it there, inside of the target. >> now, that would get me off of my bony, flabby white butt.
8:25 am
>> okay. >> and go shopping. honey, can we go shopping at target now. >> yes, we can. >> football game is on. put a monitor up and stuff. >> in the tv section. >> fifty big monitors. >> would you love it. your fiance can go shopping. >> i believe this might be happening at the shop riteness philadelphia already. >> didn't you go to one. >> yes. >> there was a bar in there. >> yes. >> is that right sandy brown, i think she owns 18 shop rights around town. pick out a beer from the beer walk, go sit down and drink it while your friend are shopping for groceries. >> look at the that. >> you know who i'm voting for in 2020 for president. >> kanye west. >> it is only choice so far. we don't know who will be running against him. >> will he be a democrat, republican. >> independent. >> i don't know. >> but announced last night he is running in 202. we will play it for you.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
well, making history, in his hometown kevin hart sells out the link but he is not phased by his rock star status, how this silly guy is making history this weekend. we will talk about this great weekend. >> great to have him on "good day philadelphia" this morning, hi kevin. later mirror, mirror on the wall, how long does it take to you get ready in the morning. i need to you start guessing, the mind blowing amount of time you will spend putting make up on in your life. kit cat kline is what the end point you're using. are you 65, 75, 85. >> if we do not wake up like this. >> no, no, no. >> well, one of the biggest, what were you going to say. >> i was stunned by the amount of time thaw spend putting
8:30 am
make up, cutting, so many months out of your life by putting on make up. >> by you, you mean all women. >> you probably just, i'm out the door. >> not really. >> okay. >> but if you want to think that. >> one of the biggest nights for music 32nd annual vma award were last night at l.a.'s microsoft theater. >> the infamous awards ceremony had it all, striking performances. they were good last night. celebrity arguments, and a few artists walked away with the big time trophies. fall out boys, bruno mars, yeah, nicki minaj, big sean, all walked away with the moon men. taylor swift, really cleaned up again. she won best pop video, best female video. video of the year for goodness sakes, but once again kanye west and his bizarre behavior stole the show. >> yep, he went on a epic rant. but then he made quite an
8:31 am
announcement. >> they gave him the michael jackson vanguard a award. after they get that they allow to you speak longer in your speech. so after 11 minutes of things like, fresh juice, and the infamous, i'm going to let you finish, i will let you finish with taylor swift, three or four years ago. >> oh, we remember. >> kanye announced he is running for president. that is in five years. >> the crowd went wild for it. >> when i'm in the grocery store with my daughter. and i have a really great conversation about fresh juice, you know, and at the end they say oh, you are not that bad after all. as you probably could have guessed by this moment, i have decided in 2020 to run for
8:32 am
president. >> that is drop the mike. >> twitter of course immediately exploded with twitter with reactions. chloe kardashian tweeted this photo of support. >> oh, geese. >> mr. west for president. >> he said his opinion donal trump verse kanye west for president. that would be a great race. >> sure. >> inspired by kanye's feelings. kanye west taught me to be fearless. >> interesting. >> my goodness. >> look at that hair. >> that would be something. >> how about that as a ticket, would it be trump west or west/trump in 2020. >> trump west. >> trump west. >> trump west. >> you certainly can.
8:33 am
this particular season. so saturday one of our producers torey duckson had a birthday party for her son noah, he turned one. so, here's the thing i knew it was his birthday so i'm recycling a gift i gave my granddaughter because i bring this up because we did a story that says we will spend $30,000 on our children's birth the day between the age of one and 21. no way. i recycled this for the kid. >> who did you take it from. >> teddy, my granddaughter. >> she doesn't want it anymore. >> 3,000 miles away. she doesn't push it around anymore. >> this is one of the most annoying gifts i could ever give. this is nothing but driving you nuts, torey. >> i thought you love torey. >> well, you know. >> lets see how irritating this can be. >> anytime you give a parent something, for your kid that
8:34 am
makes noise you don't really love them. >> do you want to see what noah looks like. >> he will go up on the screen in a second. >> this was after the weekend, so worn out. >> there is another good one on instagram where he is looking at me like lets see if scott can concentrate while i do this. >> i can tell you one thing, it will be muggy today, that actually works. >> yes. >> we're looking at another 90-s around 90, dress for the heat and humidity as well as we take a look at that monday planner and that weather authority seven day forecast is going to show you that temperature stay above average for much of this week, 90 today 92 on tuesday. we are looking at near 100 degrees. you know what i would do with
8:35 am
that, i will take a knife cut them little balls out. 8:35 on this monday. live look at i-95 southbound, heavy from cottman avenue down through the betsy ross bridge interchange. backup on the bennie as well from the tolls up and over into downtown. coming in from new jersey also heavy on the 42 freeway. folks coming back from the shore and plus rush hour volume toward that 295 interchange in bellmawr. mike and alex, back over to you. so glad to be rid of this. >> what a gift that would be. >> we should start saving. you should start saving for birthday parties. >> birthday parties, you should start saving right now. grand total for cake, balloons and stress, coming up. but first:. >> ♪
8:36 am
>> taylor and nicki, will, they kiss and made up, right? but now, nicki minaj has it out for another celebrity, new star she's facing off against but is this real or fake. >> okay good we want your thoughts. >> we will run video we think we have seen a break through in this tip. i would rather see them kiss and make up. sorry.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
do you like scary movies. >> um-hmm. >> is what your favorite scary movie. >> i don't know. >> you have to have a favorite, what comes to mind. >> you know, the one with the white mask and walks around and stalks baby-sitters. >> yeah. >> the man that made audiences, scream, like in this movie, scream, he died over the weekend. wes craven. >> his family says iconic horror film director died in his home after a battle with
8:40 am
brain cancer. he is known for nightmare on elm street and scream franchise. he was 76 years old. >> my daughter jill who had a birth the day yesterday, i have been in television my whole life ever since i left college. jill, do you want to go out and interview some famous people living out in l.a. >> number one stunner. >> and i shine every summer. she always said she didn't care about these celebrity. i told her i will interview robert england, do you know who that is. >> yes. >> guy who played freddie kruger. only time that she ever wanted to go on a shoot with me so she could sit on his lap, what is wrong with this child. >> yes. >> she was a kid. >> look at that. >> she's smiling big too. >> yeah. >> i worried about her ever since. >> she turnout all right. >> she turnout great. >> isn't that great. >> he was really gracious. we walked in, got to see him
8:41 am
put make up on. >> hours, hours, four or five hours. >> karls junior the people that made juicy hamburgers, they have a new ad, packed a punch with the undefeated mixed martial artist, there cannot be anyone hotter than rhonda rousey. >> look at this. >> ♪ >> she's one tough woman, chowing down. >> that is cinnamon swirl french toast breakfast sandwich if you were wondering. >> look at the that face. >> yeah. >> eat like you mean it. >> she is sexy, i got to say. >> she's tough. >> he she was saying that she doesn't go out much because guys are afraid of her. >> yeah. >> intimidated by her. >> you don't want to cross her. >> a marine would not be
8:42 am
intimidated, no. this marine want to take her to the marine bowl later this fall. >> you are any celebrity crush, like i love everything that you do and i think you are a phenomenal person. it would be my honor to take you to the marine core ball on december 11th. i hope this doesn't get in the way for your training for your next fight in january but i hope you take in in consideration because if you do you will be making my dream come true. i really hope you get this and that you take consideration into it. thank you very much. >> has she answered. >> not yet but we will keep an eye. i bet she does. i don't know if she want go or not. >> you you know kevin hartist on good day philadelphia, we will be right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
look at this beautiful shot, steamy, humid, muggy, stepping outdoors, temperatures will warm up rapidly. the lets talk about what is happening with bus stop buddy on this monday morning, muggy out there, a few sprinkles around. temperatures in the 70's. right now in center city a
8:46 am
pair of seven's. look at the dew point is above 60. it is feeling more uncomfortable. >> scott, i have decided to take it up a notch. >> i put a microphone on it. >> go ahead, climb back in that. >> i will break this. >> how about that. >> i love it. >> you are happy to get rid of that toy. >> is the mike object. >> do you hear that. >> it is sizzling like the weather. >> okay, i'll leave you alone. >> it will be hot, guys. we will talk about 91 yesterday. we will hit 90 again today and also, as we look at that seven day forecast. gets even hotter. ninety-two on tuesday. ninety-four wednesday and thursday. it will feel like 100. a then friday a front comes through in time for labor day weekend, mike. >> summer is over. >> don't say it, yet, don't
8:47 am
say it. >> unofficial. >> so it is not really yet. >> what a show last night at the link. >> everybody talking about kevin hart and his sold out show. he made history and were you there for it the whole weekend. >> yes, it is unofficially kevin h art weekend. aim broad and erie, heart of the north philadelphia, i spoke to the heart of the north philadelphia sketch h art about how he is trying to change his followers through fit necessary. >> saturday kevin hart brought his 5k run to his hometown philadelphia, and to say he was excited is an under statement. >> come on, man, get moving good come on, baby, did y'all get that. >> this started with a inning will tweet and has grown to massive proportions. >> i went from a place to 700 people, to 2,000, to 3,000. people come out and they run.
8:48 am
people who haven't run before because they say kevin, thank you for giving me that push. >> during these what he called the hustle hart runs he waits for everyone to finish and meets them at finish line. they even have a contract with nike. >> i'm a comedian, i'm a entertainer. you never see nike endorsor back someone not an athlete but i'm trying to bridge that gap between athlete and regular person. if you can show that we as expire to great things. >> i don't think you need to say that. >> i think that is a little little bit rock star back there. >> kevin has reached a rock star level recently he was on the cover of the both mens health and rolling stone magazine, with his success he has in the forgotten about his home town. >> where am i at, dude, i'm back home. i'm back home. what will be the best thing i
8:49 am
have done here in philadelphia you make your home city the biggest, the the best. at the end of this race my goalies to have these steps filled and on top of them, with hand in the air like rocky. me selling out a link at a football stadium doesn't get better then this, man. >> kevin hart, he has had a phenomenal weekend. his 5k, he said q i'm trying to do 5k in 23 minutes. he finish 3.1 miles which is a 5k in 21 minutes and 36 seconds. he had over 2,000 people coming out to the art museum to run with him on saturday morning. next hour, yeah, he is a small guy, mike, we will let him have that. >> twice as many steps. >> he is moving faster but next hour, guys i had an exclusive, this is like you will see a serious side of
8:50 am
kevin hart. we talk saturday and saturday night inside lincoln financial field right before he did his big tour, that is next hour. >> looking forward to it. 8:50. violent philly brawl, two guys, they get into it, but this doesn't last long, surprise ending, that the whole country is talking about. but here's last night's lottery numbers.
8:51 am
we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... right now all beds are on sale.
8:52 am
sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
8:53 am
hey, thanks for the pick. >> so cute. >> yes, okay, well. >> and madison's first day of kindergarten third grade. another in front of that don't
8:54 am
worry, love it. and first day back to school, jinks want to go too. that is a cute picture. >> she should take jinks as the world's largest cat. >> that is a big contact the. >> my goodness. >> fist fight in the streets of the philadelphia end in a surprising way, have you seen this video. watch this, these two guys get a expect break. it looks like they are friend. they definitely know each other. then they get in the fight. i don't know what one guy said to the other. one guy doesn't drop his cigarettes. then a photographer pulled up and gets footage on a cell phone camera. then this is in north philadelphia. outside an apartment complex, neither man seems steady on their feet. then they stop fighting, and start hugging. and i wear that might have been a kiss in there. then they walk off together. >> wonder where they went
8:55 am
next. >> back the two bar is my guess. >> look at that. >> wonder if that is being seen all over the country right the now. >> they have to know by now. >> yes. 8:55. moms and dads would you take just one of your kid on vacation? lets say you have three kids would you just pick one. >> man. >> this is a new trend, why some parents they are playing favorite.
8:56 am
8:57 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
8:58 am
good day, it is august 31st, 20 136789 you may have just drove the speed limit weren't new chester moment ago. >> i was, i saw our good day viewers, one said i live in ridley park.
8:59 am
and driven me back. not that far. >> did you get stopped by the cops. >> no, jared was driving our photographer. >> we're glad you made it so quickly here. >> let me just say, happy monday. >> yes. >> now we're all together. >> now we got it lets go to the red carpet. miley i thought looked good, most times. she had a very unusual outfit on. left some of the fabric back at the hotel. then we have taylor with an interesting color combination there. what ways your favorite fashion moment last night from the video muse ache ward. is there brittany looking pretty darn fit. >> plus sold out kevin hart makes history in his hometown, this philly guy got ready for one of the biggest moments of his life. >> he called bill and i on the weekend. >> yes. >> here's a question moms and dads would you take just one of your kids on vacation? leave the the rest of them with your folks. i know people that do this.
9:00 am
this is interesting. this is a trend. why some parents are playing favorites and they think it works. >> i have not been forgiven for something difficult about ten years ago. i took one kid to something and didn't have the ability to take the the other kid. >> why didn't you have the ability. >> i only had one ticket. >> you have a favorite. >> yes, he does. you know he does. >> what are you talking about. >> jessica is fine yesterday. >> perfect conversation you have three boys, just take one on vacation. vma's were last night, 32nd year they have done it. i thought it was a darn good show. >> yeah. >> a lot going on with miley cyrus as the host. there were five big moments everybody is talking about. we will recap, talk about it. >> by the way i'll explain what these gifts where in a second. >> what are you starting with. >> taylor swift and nicki minaj's performance to open


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