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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> super fly in super trouble. legends from the back in the day, jimmy the super fly snuka is a murder suspect, now. how many his own book, yes, he wrote it, may have helped solve a cold case 30 years later. >> slow and steady may not win the race. jeb bush calls himself the slow tortoise. but now he's on the offensive. the video he posted on youtube, that won't make donald trump too happen. >> i oh. and, oh, my goodness. did this really happen? yes, it may have been boring for some. the phillies finally get a win. how they managed to beat the stinging mets, oh, in their home yard. hi, everybody, it is wednesday, september the second, 2015. again we'll show pictures every kids going back to school. i get a big kick at the kids headed back to school. >> because you don't have any kids getting on the school bus. >> that's right. >> and so bright eyed. >> my daughter, a teacher in the school district, and they go back, teachers go back today. >> oh,.
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>> okay, to get the classrooms ready, remember the books, the brown book covers, thousand dollars cover your books? the acme bags? >> you would cut it up? >> yes. >> so she's getting ready? >> getting ready, fix the classroom up, get the books ready. >> daughter old enough to be a teacher. >> yes. >> our good looking man. >> thank you. >> here is another good looking man. >> thank you very much. >> hey, there is me. >> there is alex. >> in pink. >> anyway? >> let's get to the weather. whoment good looking forecast again, number is seven. today, because it is just warm, and muggy, you feel it when you first step outside. thick in the air, this humidity so high, drops to the 60s in the suburbs, but it will be headed to the nine's this afternoon, visibility, let's do one more check of that, still south jersey, and right along the coast, there hopefully it that clears out in time for the air show. yes, they rounds down apparently. >> is her know atlantic city. >> probably eighth after mile, as low as they go, so they round down. .0, i'll check that number,
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but probably eighth after mile visibility, hopefully clears out, it will be clearing out with a little sunshine, dress cool, short sleeves, halt, phillies hat, of course. really muggy this morning. muggy's out. by this afternoon, into the 90s, ultimate doppler clear, we have rain on the way. so, we'll see that in the seven day forecast, maybe we can see some fog out there on some of the traffic cameras, bob kelly? >> barking because he has to go out. >> he has to go outside. take him out. >> good morning, getting up and getting out, letting the dogs out, or headed out the front door to head to work or school. here is the deem. the ben franklin bridge, dealing with patchy fog around the area as dave showed us, anywhere from chester county all the way down to the shore. thicker down the shore of course along the atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway. here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway, right near the zoo interchange. at girard avenue. nothing major on the major roadways, but some fog out, and in downingtown, morgantown, coming up 202,
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through chester county, also some fog, out along 422, schuylkill, nifty ooh there. coming up 55, from say vineland, or millville, you are going to dealing with some fog as you work your way in toward that 42 freeway. so, again, some obstacles out there this morning. three of the septa trolley route using shuttle buses all due to track work, then heads up, here come the ben dot crews, right after the rush hour. today they work north on 95, from like academy road, in to bucks county, expect big delays, if you are headed northbound, after 9:00 a.m. mike, alex, over to you. >> i know first day of school in the chester upland school district, but no pay for you, teachers. the student are back today. but it is not business as usual. the chester upland district is the poorest district in pennsylvania. until the state legislature somehow gets it together, pass as budget, that the governor can except. the district, is broke.
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>> again first day of school. >> secretary of state john kerry heads to philly, this morning to deliver what many are calling major policy speech on the big iran nuclear deal. the speech is expected to clear up any miss about what the iran deal will do. that's what he's going try to do today. it will focus on how the deal makes the united states and our allies safer err. secretary concernly also sendler today to all members of congress, outlining the united states security commitment to israel. and gulf after on state. in town at the convention center so look out for the traffic around 10:30, he's going to speak at 11:00. >> well, 6:04. former pro wrestling star facing a murder charge this morning. for a 32 year old cold case. >> thirty-two years old. prosecutors say, jimmy super fly snuka beat his girlfriends to death in a allentown hotel
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room. bruce gordon is live in camden county because that's where he has been living in south jersey. hi, bruce. >> good morning, jimmy snuka's persona back in his heyday of the 1980s, wilds un tamed, un predictable ring performer. even snuka's greatest fans would never have predict that some three decades later snuka would face criminal charges, serious criminal charges, charge that he killed his former girlfriend. >> this is how fans know jimmy the super fly snuka. the high energy, high flying wrestling legend, who wowed audiences back in the 1980s, but now, the pro wrestling hall every famer, seen here in a picture he posted on facebook to celebrate his birthday, is charged with the long ago murder of his then girlfriend, 23 year old nancy argentino. >> the weight of the evidence clearly indicates that james snuka repeatedly assaulted nancy argentina on may 10, 1983.
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>> was snuka's girlfriend when he wrestled allentown fairgrounds, may of 1983. found beaten and near death in room 427 of the former george washington motor lodge in white hundred town schil. she died the next day. snuka has always claimed his innocence. but lehigh county prosecutors say inconsistencies in snuka's own 2012 autobiography raised new questions and the case reopened last year. >> i mention in north carolinaly was in the marine corps. >> but carson runs pro wrestling worlds in allentown, also old friends of snuka's who says the 72 year old, now battling stomach cancer, was one of pro wrestling biggest names. >> knowing jimmy the way i did, coy not imagine that he would be responsible for something like that. >> in a statement to fox 29, argentino's sister tells us, quote, the family is very happy they'll have some closure, especially for our mother, that turns nine the in april, and just had open heart surgery. she will have some closure in her lifetime. but now, with one of their heroes, facing murder charges, fans say they're in shock.
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>> jimmy loves everybody. i mean, he doesn't say a bad word about nobody. and will literally give you the shirt off his back. >> snuka quickly made bail yesterday afternoon, following a brief court appearance in lehigh county. it is important to note, says the da, and lehigh county, why bail was set at reasonable reachable number, if you will, given the severity of the case. james martin says number one he does not believe snuka's a flight risk at this point, number two, you heard the reference there to the stomach cancer, given those medical problems, martin believes, that were the defendant to be sitting behind bars, awaiting trial, medical expenses could mount. he does not want taxpayers on the hook for those medical expenses. this is serious stuff. and wild worlds of wrestling, mike, alex, this is the real deal. it is serious. >> thirty-two years later, on another note, bruce, looks pretty foggy there. how is the trip down to atco? >> not bad. it is actually cleared up ever so slightly, the mist was very
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visible, starting to clear up just a smidge. but, still, rather foggy outside. so if you're driving i'll give you little free traffic report here, it is still little misty on the roads, not the easiest visibility out here, still little mist around. >> i remember coming into work, if you look at the lights, looks like there is a glow. >> halo around bruce all the time. thanks, bruce. 6:08. hands up don't shoot. here we go again. witnesses say an office zero err in texas shot a man, who had his hands up. and now, a second video of that incident has come out. >> who has it? why? you may not see it any time soon. >> and the pope makes a bombshell statement, just ahead of his visit to philly. allowing priests to forgive abortions during this upcoming year of mercy. how people in philly feel about this, and when our archbishop has to say.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> going to have good day at malach elementary. >> hey, it is 6:11,. >> so sending ooh photos of your kids and getting red for school, use the #fox29goodday. >> did you realize, i know it is september already, i should have known there is the year of mercy. >> yep. and pope francis is giving priests permission to forgive one of the church's biggest
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sins, that's abortion. >> well, you know in a way we told this announcement yesterday. by the way looking at something that they're building for the pope's vest it here in philadelphia. is he going to get in there with a motorcycle and spin around? what's that thing? >> we'll explain. catholics here, excuse me, in our area, say the move just shows the pontiff's open mind necessary, and inclusive. talking about his views on abortion, now, they say, anything to bring people back to the church, is a good thing. >> i admire him greatly for t because i do have cat link girlfriends, we did have abortions, and they do feel troubled by it. and they love the church. and this, this pope is a man that you just can't help but love and respect. >> released a same saying this in no way diminish, what it does, is make access to sack
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mental forgiveness easier. >> about forgiveness, not saying it is okay. all right. 6:13. jeb bush, you know, running for president, alex. >> yes,. >> on the offensive now, and he's going after donald trump. the frontrunner. the clips from his past that trump may be regretting this morning. oh, man. he went back and found some donald trump quotes. not sitting well this morning. we'll play them for you.
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>> beautiful sunrise, low clouds, still patchy fog, that will be clearing out, burning off throughout the morning. the heat that continues, though, temperatures into the nine 90s again, a change this weekend with cooler, drier air coming in, it will come with some rain. no rain on ultimate doppler right now. things are all clear. keep an eye up to the north, though. that's where these showers will be moving in from. and the cooler air, that will be hereby this weekend. look at these low clouds, we have now. this is the fog. now, there is maybe just sprinkle today. once the fog clears out, get some sunshine, you get the cooler air that comes in from the ocean. that's the sea breeze. and right along that, with those, so much moisture in the air, that could be the focus for maybe just a few sprinkles. very, very light rain, as this cooler air comes in, and drops the temperatures in atlantic city down through cape may. then things clear up overnight
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tonight. could see patchy fog developing, again by tomorrow morning. 80s by noon, 90's, easily by this afternoon. except for the shore. seventy-five in atlantic city, that's the cooler air. ocean water temperatures in the mid 70s, that will be the air temperature. now, the next few days, will look at the break down the "shorecast" here, both today, tomorrow, 83, then dropping in the afternoon. friday is the transition day. that's the cooler drier air coming in from the northeast. everybody will feel t but along the coast, will be the focus for this gusty wind developing, east about 20 to 25 miles an hour. a windy day friday. maybe a passing sprinkle. it calms down, clears out, by saturday, sunday, and even monday. humid, air quality alert continues. we dry out, cool things off a bit. not until really saturday, and sunday, 80s. 60s in the morning, that's in the city, a's in the suburbs. and that continues monday for labor day, 83, high temperature monday, and it gets little warmer as the
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clouds return on tuesdayment back up to 87 degrees, good morning, bob kelly. >> hey, dave, morning, everybody. 6:18. jammo already on i95, little slower than normal, a combination of the morning rush hour, volume, and we've been dealing with some fog. up and down the i95 corridor. here is a live look at i95 near allegheny. look at the thick fog here. this is 95 near cottman avenue. so, only about a mile north and the fog, the thickness here, almost double. so leaving bucks county, if you are headed down along the river, the delaware river there, just watch for some patchy fog, even here on the boulevard. southbound stack up, as you work your way in toward the schuylkill. keep in mind, with back to school, it is back to the school speed limit, going through the neighborhood. you seal the flashing speed zone out there. so keep that in mind if you are going through the neighborhoods, there the little ones back to school with the buses, no problems on 202, 422, northeast extension, looking good. schuylkill, here we go, again today, they'll do some road
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work, tree trimming, and clean up crews, between 202 and city line. probably kick it off at about 9:00 or so. but right now, coming into town on the schuylkill expressway, no problems into downtown philly. mike, alec, back to you. >> thank you, bob. 6:19. >> illinois lieutenant who goes by the name gi go gunned down. >> bad. now the search is on for his killers. fifty-two year old lieutenant charles joseph glennwits radioed for back up yesterday morning, indicating he was in pursuit of three suspicious males. this is in fox lake, which is just outside of chicago. then his radio goes out. when rosters arrived they found his body. the 30 year veteran had been shot. his weapon had been taken along with other equipment for the car. the army sergeant was set to retire at the end of this month. he's survived by his wife, and four sons. >> we're now being told there is second cell phone clip
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showing deadly police involved shooting in texas. deputies greg and robert, responding to domestic disturbance call fry at home in san antonio. they claim they found a woman with a cut on her head and a baby in need of medical attention. the suspect they killed was allegedly armed and resisting arrest. both men have now been placed on administrative leave. >> people are talking about this because they say there is video of the man with his hands in the air. and then he was shot. >> not even they say, they've been showing the videoment you can see the man. you can see the officer. there was little distance between them. now we know one cell phone video a lot of people have seen. now another video. >> another one. >> showing different angle. because there was a pole, so kind of hard to tell with the first video. >> you notice the police officer, in philadelphia, we new this was coming but some of the officers now have received their body camera. see them on their chest there? so, pretty good article in the daily news today about the effectiveness of these cameras, and officers getting used to wearing them and how, you know, the story goes onto
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talk about the storage, and right, privacy issues, et cetera. good article here. 6:21. >> all right, talking about the campaign trail now. after weeks of attacks from donald trump, jeb bush now fighting back. >> in a new campaign, bush uses trump's own words against him, via videotape, to take a shot at trump, and his past liberal positions. he used to say he was a democrat. >> ♪ >> partial birth abortion. i'm pro-choice, in every respect, as far as it goes. >> as far as single pair it, works in canada, works incredibly well in scotland. >> the fact is 25% for high income, it should be raised substantially. >> ♪ >> who would you like representing the united states in a deal with iran, with this regime there?
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>> well, i think hillary would do a good job. hillary clinton i think is a terrific woman. i am a little bias dollars because i've known her for years. >> he went back quite aways to get some of those clips. jeb bush has long thought to be the frontrunner for the republican national ticket. of course, that was until donald trump got into the race. and has been stealing the spotlight from everybody else, except maybe doctor ben carson. and making personal attacks against jeb bush. coming down really hard on jeb bush. >> 6:22. well, the philadelphia archdioces leaders, and the leader of them, archbishop charles chaput, also going after donald trump. the archbishop slams him for trump's call to ends birth right citizenship. the arch bishop says proposal is a bad idea, and plays on our worse fears and resentment about imigrants. trump's hard core stands about illegal immigration has helped him shoot up in the polls,
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though. he calls them anchor babies. >> coming up on 6:23, supposed to be a symbol of safe place for kids to hang out. so, why do philly officials want this street art taken down? the battle brewing between the city and a group of high schoolers. >> this just in. the phillies won a game. oh, it is not boring. it is like mike miss. the phillies do something we haven't seen in a long time. involving the met. the highlight, yes, we have highlight of the phillies against the mets. after the break. >> i feel like we could win the lottery now, mike. >> ya. >> here are the numbers.
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>> phillies did something novel against the mets. they broke ten game losing streak, darren rough playing first base had three hits, one every them three run homer. he had six rbi's, the phillies beat the mets. fourteen to eight. all right, tomorrow, is the final pre-season game. they play the jets in york. but it is all about the back up players, trying to make the team. safety ed randall. >> out of the your control. all you can control is what you put on today. you know, the eye in the sky doesn't lie. so, you can talk about how great did you that game, or, you know, how you should have
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been given more chances but in the end it your tape speaks for you, silence, silent resume. >> obviously in this town all eyes are on that third string quarterback battle, matt barkley will start, tim tebow will play the second half. then the cut, most of them, will common friday. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> thank you, howard. we will try to talk to each ers today, teaching down in the upland school district, not getting paid and kids back in school today. >> generally now getting ready for the first day. >> hey, generally? >> good morning, i know it begs the question if you knew that your employer didn't have money to pay you, would you go to work? well the teachers here at this school district decide that they will. but you will hear first-hand, the consequences that that means for these teachers' families.
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i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder]
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but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs.
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we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there. >> it is exactly 6:30ment. >> first day of school for kids of the chester upland school district. but the teachers aren't getting paid. what they don't know about when the next paycheck is coming. >> well, it is supposed to be symbol of a safe place for kids to hang out, in so why do philly officials want it street art taken down? the battle brewing between the city and a group of high schoolers. >> and, move over, miss piggy. there is a new pig in town. >> what? >> this kermit the frog have new girlfriends? remember, mike, we did the story how they broke up. >> i know. >> well, now, he's got a new one. >> new boo. >> good day to you. >> he has a new boo, yes,.
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>> it is september the second, 2015. looking for your pictures today, use the hashtag. >> fox 29 goodday. >> yes. >> did you see the fog when you were coming into work this morning? >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is a big deal, when it comes to weather and traffic this morning. people on twitter are going can i not see. >> yes. >> careful going to work today. >> yes. one of our friends, frank, says it looks like the movie the mist, hashtag foggy. look at that. >> hey, dave warren, did you ever see the mist? >> scary move. >> i very scary. >> i saw the fog. >> oh, the fog. >> yes. >> why is it called the mist? >> i don't snow. >> either way, both were scar. >> i yes. >> sunrise, that's the key time this morning. one minute ago, sun's up. now that fog will start to burn off. things will start to improve a bit. humidity will still stick around, not going anywhere, so warm, muggy now, 74, by the this afternoon, nine 90s again, hot and humid. no rainout there. ultimate doppler is all clear. we have muggy because it is muggy, or foggy. there you go. seventy-five to 80.
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we have the sun coming up now with partly cloudy skies, that fog continues to clear off. but the moisture doesn't go anywhere. we will keep it at seven today just like yesterday. not much change. hot, and humid weather continues. 60s in the suburbs, it is up to 74, in philadelphia. sixty-seven in millville. dover at 68. atlantic city, visibility, is just about a eighth of a mile there. want this fog to clear out for the big air show today? should be clearing out slowly, by this afternoon get the nice cool breeze with sunshine. so looking pretty good there. what to expect there? as you step outside, well, that's about it. 60s and 70s cents as the temperatures will start to climb into the 90s this afternoon. of course we have cooler wet their we will be talking about, this weekend, and the timing of that, what it means for our labor day weekend, that's in the complete seven day forecast. now, more on this fog likely, with some many traffic cameras out there. >> lots of them. 6:32, good morning, hey, who
6:33 am
took 95? there you go. here's 95, near woodhaven road. looks like maybe only two, three car lengths here, so make sure you have your headlight on. not so much so you can see, but so the other guy can see you, as you head down 95 maybe those on and the off ramps. and it is patchy, going from real thick here better coming over the ben franklin, look, typically we can see the jersey side here. we can't even see camden there. but starting to see delays up and over the benny as you work your way into downtown south on the boulevard, right lane taken out here with disable, as you work your way down toward the schuylkill expressway. getting ready for the concert. this weekend, they already have lane restrictions around the art museum circle, they are setting up the big giant tent, which will house that would be the main stage, and then they are setting up some of the side stages, and of course the dressing rooms out, there portions of the parkway are closed, now, beginning
6:34 am
tomorrow, the inner drive of the parkway will be closed so over the next couple of days it will get little tight getting in and out of the art museum area. right now, fog and delays on both 422 and 202, and a new schedule for patco starts next week. so, keep that in mine for the patco high-speed line use he is. >> just talking built 95. see the commercial of mychal kendricks of the eagles? >> no. >> big billboard. >> oh, yes. >> avoid 95, because that's his number. >> oh. i haven't seen that one. i want to see it. >> bran new. >> see if we can find that in the traffic camera. >> cool. 6:34. well, a man is dead this morning after a double shooting in west philly. police say it happened just around 10:30 last night at the inch section of 62nd and market streets. officers arrived to the scene to find 21 shell casings from three different guns. a 25 year old man later died at the hospital after he collapsed blocks from the scene. thirty-six year old man is in stable condition at
6:35 am
presbyterian hospital. he was shot in the hip. >> police say surveillance cameras in the area caught the entire shooting. >> and, three people were killed in an overnight house fire in monmouth county, new jersey, when first responders arrived on the 200 block of joel even avenue in long branch. the flames were too high to enter right away. fourth person rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. we're told the victims are family member. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. 6:35. >> well, it is back to school for student in the chester upland school district. they are caught crossfire after budget battle. >> but the teachers and staffers will be there too even though not being paid. so jenny, going to try to talk to some of those teachers today. hey, jenny? >> good morning, mike and alex. teachers will be here, paychecks will not. as you can see here, behind me, they are setting up for the first day of school. they are going to have a ceremony where they welcome the student but also say a big thank you to the teachers to our coming. not knowing when that paycheck will be following. one teacher told us staff
6:36 am
members are even asking family and friends for donations to cover basic living expenses, until they get paid. we talk to teacher marty dikeus, she said she is excited to see her student but her and the family not happy about no paycheck. school districts is run by the state. the poorest district but not getting state funding until budget set pass in the hearts burying. at this point we don't know when that that's going to happen. dikeus own children will be for going new school clothes for the time being and for the first time her family is applying for reduced lunches. but, again, she says, the teachers union is putting for the these sacrifices for their students, teachers like dikeus say they still are going above and beyond to buy their student school supplies out of their own pockets. >> the students need their education. where therefore our student, we don't want to give them any
6:37 am
more of the audio's advantage than they already already v not only do we need to get supplies for the children coming in root, but we need to get supplies for our own children. i like to buy each kid, each child, a competency book, and a fowl err to start off. i always have pencils, erasers for every child. >> chester upland has been having meeting to go over what the financial crisis means for the staff. the district is in a bit after binds because half of their student go to charter schools, and the district actually owes more to charter schools than it has in it own budget. back out here live at 7:30, there will be a bell ringing ceremony welcome student back, and show support for the teachers. we hope to talk to some of the steve hers they start arriving.
6:38 am
>> let's support them. it is wonderful that they are still doing what they have to do to teach the children. >> montgomery county woman facing charges after police say she swindled people out of thousands of dollars, running an on line cancer fundraiser. >> keeps happening. what's wrong with people? investigators say, 39 year old, tracey, set up a bogus fundraising page, for a friend whose husband had pancreatic cancer. but instead of donating funds, police say, she connected the website to her own bank account. so if you donate philadelphia right into her bank account. victims donated more than $10,000. the family says she turn over about $2,000 of that money. but they call police when the money stopped coming in. >> not good. >> and charges are filed against a philadelphia funeral director, who investigators say, kept decomposing bodies in his unlicensed funeral
6:39 am
home. fifty-two year old blair hawkins faces three counts every abuse after corps. investigators arrived at hawkins' funeral services west philly monday acting on tip that the business was unlicensed. police say they found three bodies inside, two of which were decomposing badly. the funeral home remains closed this morning. >> and mural in philadelphia that represent a project for teens has been ordered to be painted over. >> yes, though this is right now painted on the side of gary peterson's home on north 27th street, where he runs an internet radio station produced and hosted by kids in the neighborhood. the mural bears the name of the station. but someone complains about the mural, and city officials told the group they have to paint over it. they say it is considered graffiti, and resident say they have to have a permit. >> i feel like it is not bothering anybody. it doesn't have guns it, doesn't have violence. so why should it be taken
6:40 am
down? you. >> heard it, kids, not me. i'm still, i understand this, i'm not -- they are the ones that love it the most. >> the teens have circulate add petition in the neighborhood asking neighbors to support keeping the sign. they're hoping it will affect the city's decision. >> what's it say? >> hold on. di here in the studio will tell me what it says. ps and g radio, that's what it says. >> i guess they didn't get permit for the mural foundation, whatever they call it? >> can't they just get one after the fact? >> probably could do it and paint it again. all right, today the philadelphia city controller will release results of a survey. >> it is papal business impact. concerns from business leaders and business owners. concerned about getting products into their businesses around road closures, how to get delivery trucks in. well, city controller, the city controller has had his own critisisms about how the city has handled preparations and communications when it
6:41 am
comes to local businesses. >> yes, and now the city is trying to reboot this whole thing. instead of calling it, you know, the families -- they're calling it a pope block party. because septa had those 350,000 passes, there are 200,000 of them remaining. people have been scared off, and now the sitly try to regroup and put out different marketing campaign to try to get people to come to watch the pope. >> to put in different light. want to make sure the people actually come. >> calling it a party now. >> it is a pope party. >> not a some women -- solemn thing. that is pope party. >> one direction played in philadelphia -- philly. >> dave, were you there? >> i was going in the other direction, yes. >> good one. they had their own take on the fresh prince. >> really? >> yes, well that i can relate to. >> we'll philadelphia international airport. >> good. can't wait. i'll tell you the weather forecast when we come back. heating upment cooler weather and i'll let you know when next.
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>> we want you to come down the shore this friday after tomorrow. wrapping up our down the shore series. i'll be there.
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bob is going to be there. one alex holley will be there. we are live in wildwood, new jersey, we're going to be right there on the boardwalk at shell inning err. er. >> shellinger. >> all right. >> someone tweeted me saying skellinger. >> just meet us there you. >> know what we're talking about. >> 7:00 to 10:00 alex. >> bring your friends, family, get on tv, hang out with mike. >> there will be food. >> oh, there will be food. >> and there will be food, dave war glenn food and funk. >> and there will be win and there will be rain. >> what? >> oh, i'm going to -- >> we are jinxed every time we try to go down. not too bad. >> you stink. sorry. just taught i would let you know that, i will be here doing the weather.
6:46 am
>> 74 degrees in recalled if, we'll get into rain in a second. no rain out there right now, just a mist. 60s in the north and western suburbs, atlantic city fogged in there. eighth of a mile visibility, start to burn off with the sunshine that we have now. sun's been up for just about 15 minutes, 6:46 now. sixty-six, in wildwood. ultimate doppler, looking clear this morning. let's look at father view. up to the north, where the change in the weather is coming in. we have this front, that's coming in from the northeast. call this a back door cold front. and, it is coming in thursday night, through early friday. now, here's the rain that we're talking about. just few light showers. maybe thunderstorm thursday night into friday. and it will slowly start to push it way inland, and there, clearing out. so if you're down the shore it, should be clearing out by friday afternoon. maybe just some showers in the morning. friday windy day northeast to east winds about 20 to 25 miles an hour, that really
6:47 am
develops throughout the day. >> all of the rain pushing out. high pressure settles in, will give us beautiful weaken really starting saturday continuing sunday and monday, 80s, there is the cooler weather, mid 70s, friday afternoon, gets nice, and comfortable, even cooler drier air coming in from the north. so humidity goes way down. what to expect? well, it is friday, we get that sunshine. winds picks up, 15 to 20 miles per hour. 94 degrees today. just like yesterday. hot, humid, but the change is there in the seven day. by days four and five, seeing that sunshine come in. 50's in the suburb. by monday labor day looks pretty nice. temperature there will be 83, with morning low of 66. remember that temple game saturday at home, the clouds increase on tuesday, after the weekend, up to 87 degrees. good morning, bob. >> good morning, dave. penn state temple at lincoln
6:48 am
financial field saturday. you know we'll have tailgating going on down there. 6:47. live look at 422 working in toward king of prussia. collegeville on into kop. hey who took 95? leaf look at 95 northeast philly at con man avenue. somewhere in the middle there is the traffic jam, from cottman, all the way into girard. get little better work your way over the ben franklin bridge. coming into philly. but it is hit and miss, the fog this morning, as you roll out of the driveway. mike, you asked about that billboard? >> yes. >> ready? here we go. i believe it is 59 right in the stadium area. here is what it looks like, avoid 95 at all costs, of course, to honor mychal kendricks and new contract extension. >> great looking billboard. >> i think it is right there by the staging area. casino of tough to make out. roosevelt, street road, atlantic city air show, throw a lot of extra volume headed
6:49 am
toward the shore during the late morning hours. and to that 11:30 start, hopefully that fog, which is near zero visibility, will lift by the time we get the planes up in the air. no problems for the planes coming in in or out of philly. not impacting air travel yet. but do you have flying going down, just may want to check with the airline, make sure we're on time. >> so make sure to grab one of the new timetables, there are adjustments, during the morning rush hour. >> you heard of kermit the frog. >> oh, yes. >> oh, man, we found some foam owes. >> yes, so this photo, circulating, suggesting kermit has -- here you go. tweeting: well that didn't take long. kermit the frog has new girlfriends after a split with miss piggy. >> who is this tram snap. >> so he has a things for pigs there is one isn't the blonde we're used to seeing him with. is that a red head or brunette?
6:50 am
>> red hit. kermit playing it cool. tweeted geez, i can't believe i already have to do this again. here is the official statement on my relationship status. while i prefer to keep my personal life private. this is hollywood, right? who am i kidding? it is true that i am dating again, however, at this time no one woman, pig or otherwise, is my official new girlfriend. we are simply close friends. >> oh, we're just friends. that old line? i wonder how she feels about that, kermit. all hugged up in the pictures. still, just friends. >> if you are a protein, or parent every protein, chances are you were in south philly last night, one direction concert. >> they perk up when they heard one direction cover of a familiar tune from a philly native, you know the one. >> ♪
6:51 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that's fantastic, i have new respect for one direction. by the way, that was shot by one of our editors, who is working this morning, bill. of course, oh, that was at the linc? >> and fireworks. >> holy moly big crowd. how did he know to start rolling on that song, though? he got it from the very beginning. >> announced hey we're about to do this, and i'm ready. >> or he had the shot sheetment maybe follows them little too closely. >> yes, what's that about? >> i'm glad we got to see.
6:52 am
that will very cool. everybody loves fresh prince. >> that was nice. getting to see the surviving baby panda, in washington, d.c. so we will get a glimpse of the mama and the baby.
6:53 am
(gong) marinate your steak with kikkoman to enhance its juicy, natural essence. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat)
6:54 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> first day of school at her new school. have a good day. we love you. oh, that's sweet. >> nice name, isn't it, anajah see air a time for daily dose
6:55 am
of cuteness. >> look at it. >> not us. >> baby hippo swim nag pool. >> five month old baby hippo, debbie, getting in the water to swim with mama. there she s baby born on march 23rd, at the san diego zoo. the little hippo was practicing her barrel roll. now that she can swim in the deep part of the pool, they say for a full year, but, she has start today eat a little of what mama eat, so she's doing well. >> what's nam an eat? >> plankton? >> see, grass. >> there go. >> back to the ban did a story, giant panda allowed staff members, oh, the dc zoo, to get a good view of her cub. look at that little thing. fashion nature dollars (they have such small cubs, big animals. >> put the baby down and left
6:56 am
them along. will feel more comfortable leaving the cub alone for longer periods every time, over the next few weeks. look at the cub shaking. wouldn't want to leave the baby alone, either. she gave birth to twin cubs august 22 but the smaller of the two died. a lot of people are rooting for this baby panda right here. >> big tan did a. >> oh, so scared. >> just like me. i look like that last night about midnight. >> you were out at midnight? >> no, home alone in my apartment shaking on all fours covered in white fur. >> i'm in the even going to ask. >> don't. >> chipotle making it easier than ever to put on. >> oh, thank you. >> colleges in our area that will be able to get chipotle delivered. >> this is brilliant on their part. and let's put the whip in najah. to rest. are you kidding me?
6:57 am
>> law makers in pennsylvania, take time to make this video. why people are a little upset about it. >> ♪
6:58 am
♪ all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car.
6:59 am
>> jimmy super fly snuka is a murder suspect, his own book he wrote may have helped solve
7:00 am
a cold case 32 years old. >> it is the first day of school for the kids of the chester upland school district. but the teachers aren't getting paid. why they don't know when their next paycheck is coming, and we will be there live, as we get ready to start the school day. >> because budget problems, right? that's why the teachers, oh, this is what the legislature is doing yesterday. this may be why some of the lawmakers took time to do the whip naenaey people are upset about this video watch are they trying to tell us? >> goo. >> adult start doing it, when people like me start doing it, it is time to stop. >> did you do it? >> i believe i have. >> when? we missed this. did you post it? >> we have to search google for that about five month ago, put it on instagram, by mistake, women, it was a mistake. never minds. it is out er


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