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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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we know that two people were rushed to the hospital and we are working to learn just how badly they were hurt. no word yet on the cause of that crash. right now at 52:00 murders in just 20 hours these bullet holes in a chester neighborhood give you an idea of the violence unleashed a short time ago. >> tonight two men are dead and police are looking for clues and they're looking for suspects. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page one of those hospital sides is bringing back heartbreaking memories for one family. let's get right tout to fox 29' dave's stat wiser life in chester tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain no arrests to report at this hour and no motive from police on these killings. both of them were committed at close range and it does appear both of the victims were targeted here. but for the family of one of the victims it's not the first time they've known tragedy. >> going to miss him. >> reporter: two bullet riddled cars works men murdered in chester in just 20 hours. these two brutal acts of violence took place just a few blocks apart.
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>> all i remember is hearing just the shot that morning. i received a call from someone that was telling me he had been shot and that's when i actually got up. >> reporter: joe says feign morgan lives next door to murder victim edward taylor who was gunned down at close range as he sat in this black saab convertible at fifth and lloyd morning. >> actually he was a good neighbor. you know, really nice. we got along very well. we look out for each other. >> he was nice game that's all i can say. >> reporter: 54-year-old taylor did have a chance as more than 20 shots were fired into his car. tragically his 27-year-old son edward taylor, jr., was gunned down in similar fashion as he sat in a car at eighth and lincoln two years ago. prosecutors called it a contract killing with a $15,000 bounty. jameer edmunds got live for that murder. >> just keep them in my prayers. keep them in prayer. >> reporter: the second murder in 20 hours took the life of a 39 year old man as he sat in this white buick at 11th and butler. again, gunfire riddled his car.
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it was the 16th murder in chester this year. >> the city need to do something about all this shooting that's all i can say. >> can't really live in too much fear, you know, you don't put yourself in situations once i'm in the house and my door is closed that's where we are. >> reporter: a lot of neighbors saying that today. they were concerned about these two murders in their neighborhood. again new york identity on the second murder victim yet from police. no arrests non motive. we'll have update on the investigation coming right up at 6:00. dawn? >> all right, we'll see you then. thank you dave. bucks county judge clears the way for a transgender woman to receive gender reassignment surgery. christine, parents initially tried to halt the operation and have her ruled incompetent. they said risk factors from her hiv and hepatitis c diagnoses would make the surgery potentially life threatening. despite the risks, she continued to push for the operation and today a judge ruled in her favor. developing in illinois tonight a manhunt is in its second day for three men accuse evidence killing a police officer.
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the men have been on the run since early yesterday. shortly after the body of lieutenant charles joe seive gliniewitz was found the father of four was killed moments after he called in he was following a group of men who were acting suspiciously. police from around the state and region poured into theville thank you very much of fox lake to help with the search ton today officials were forced to widen those search efforts. >> obviously it's widened. it's widened from our original perimeter area and we have, you know, numerous law enforcement agencies and numerous agencies including sheriffs office and state police assisting fox lake with extra units in this immediate area as well. >> classes at area schools were canceled today and officials have yet to decide if they'll stay closed again tomorrow if the men have not been found. from mike brown in st. louis to bran dan tate brown here in philly police involved shootings have been making headlines. >> right. in those shooting the officers names have been released to the public. some arguing that puts officers and their families in danger.
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fox 29's joyce evans joining us now in the studio. joyce, the philadelphia fraternal order of police wants to put a stop to these names being released. >> reporter: dawn and iain, this is big-time push back against the president's task force on policing that was adopted by commissioner ramsay. it releases to the public the name of the officer involved in a deadly forced shooting or other kind of incident win three days of that incident. if it does not appear that the officer or loved ones may be in danger while the investigation is underway. >> it doesn't work that way here. it doesn't even work that way in mayberry north carolina. it just doesn't -- you can't do it this way. >> to have them have a target on their back and then no protection from their own public officials, to make sure that their names are not disclosed until they've actually been charged with wrongful action, i think that's where -- i think that's where the difference lies. >> reporter: announcement comes just days after a houston
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police officer is killed execution style while pumping gas. police believe he may have been targeted by the defendant because he was wearing his uniform. filling up his patrol car. >> assassinating officers. >> reporter: fop president john mcnesby and pa state representative martina white say they're trying to prevent similar acts of retaliation against police and their families after a cop is involved in a deadly confrontation with a civilian. >> we're not asking for any kind of great anonymity. we're asking for -- we're asking for just a little bit of piece of mind. >> i have no plans on changing anything at this point in time. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay says it goes against the very purpose of president obama's task force on 21st century police hemoglobin ramsay chaired. stemming from a string of controversial police shootings and deadly force cases involving
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african-americans. >> i just think it's the right thing to do. you can't shoot someone and then expect to remain anonymous. that's what it really boils down to. >> reporter: the arizona legislature passed a similar law but the governor vetoed that bill earlier this year. dawn? >> all right, joyce, thank you. a big day in court for the six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. not only did a judge refuse to throw out the charges, today we're also learning each of those officers will face a separate trial. the six are facing charges including second degree assault and second degree depraised heart murder. baltimore was rocked with civil unrest in april when gray died a week after suffering a critical spinal injury in police custody. his death sparked nationwide protests. outside the courthouse today, demonstrators gathering once again calling for justice. police in new jersey are investigate a possible murder suicide after a family of four was found dead inside a burning
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home. the fire was called in late last night to the family's long branch home when firefighters got there they found two adults and two kids in the same upstairs bedroom. a person with monmouth county prosecutor's office says some of the injuries to the children were unrelated to the fire. autopsy results could be available as errly as tomorrow. philadelphia police are looking for the man who robbed an advanced auto parts store last month in southwest philly in the 2200 block of island avenue. police say the man was armed with gun and demanded an employee open the registers. that employee is then scene leading the man to an office where he was able to grab more money. police say he even told the employee quote i need the money more than you do. the manmade off with about 2500 buck. controversial iran nuclear deal another step closer to reality. a 34th democrat senator says she will vote in favor of the agreement. secretary of state john kerry again championing the deal speaking from the national couldn't stewing center right near philadelphia.
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kerry says the agreement is the best way to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and that dozens of top american nuclear physicists back the plan. just before speaking retired maryland senator barbara mikulski announced that she supported the deal. her vote would give president obama enough support to prevent congress from over turning the president's likely veto against any measure that shoots down the deal. >> president obama and i are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the framework that we have put forward will get the job done. >> kerry's speech today in philadelphia comes a mid a bitter partisan battle over the agreement in congress where no republican support it. senate begins debate on the iran nuclear deal next week. another scorcher in your fox 29 weather authority. here's life look at philadelphia international airport. we saw hazy skies and you know you felt that heat and humidity today and this heat wave is not going anywhere.
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it will stick around. chief meteorologist scott williams though keeping cool in mantua tonight police are helping families head back to school. scott? >> reporter: yeah, that's certainly right, iain and dawn. we're live here at the 16th district of the philadelphia police department where they're holding a community event back to school supplies. you can see the table here. we have free backpacks. we also have shoes. there's food, there's something fort entire family. we'll be out here until about 7:00 o'clock while supplies last. this is a partnership between the philadelphia -- police department as well as the school district. take a look over here. you can see some shoes as well. so this is something for the kids going back to school. school which by the way starts for the philadelphia school district september 8th. so hard to believe that we're talking labor day weekend and also back to school. we'll talk much more about this event coming up. but let's talk a little bit about the heat and the humidity that continues across the area. our fifth heat wave rolls on today. for today making it the 32nd
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time this year we've had temperatures at or above 90 degrees. look at the numbers right now. 93 degrees in philadelphia. dew points around 60. so it's very sticky. very uncomfortable. if you're stepping outdoors. across the area right now, temperatures pretty uniform. we have upper 80, low 90s. it's 88 in pottstown. we have 89 degrees in reading. 89 in trenton. none in allentown. you factor in that humidity, how your body reacts, it feels even hotter. so take it easy if you're stepping outdoors. if you're going to be going out, hour by hour, temperatures by 7:00 o'clock, still in the upper 80s. low 80s by nine. temperatures by 11:00 o'clock right around 77 degrees. another warm and muggy night. coming up, we'll talk about how long this heat wave will last. there is some relief ahead as well as some rainfall and then we'll have your entire labor day holiday weekend forecast. back to you guys. >> all right, scott, thank you. because of the heat, some schools in the penn ridge district dismissed early today and they'll do the same thing tomorrow. guth and sellersville will dismiss at 1:00 p.m. the other elementary schools
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will let out at 1:15 non afternoon kindergarten. >> good samaritans pull a woman from a wrecked car right before it burst noose flames. why she could not have saved herself wine she crash the car in the first place. >> a rough start to the school year for teachers and staff and one local school district. today they started working for free. why they say it was an easy choice to work with no pay. >> one of the most highly anticipated stops on the pope's visit to philadelphia will be his stop and speak at independence hall. but this will be just the latest historic speech to happen here. to night a look back at the moments that changed the country forever. >> a dog stolen from a home in california is back home tonight. this pooch had quite the adventure who stole the pet and then sold it for money? (plays throughout)
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♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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police in easton northampton county looking for a man who knocked out his friend and then stole his backpack. investigators say 34-year-old richard stone wall assaulted the man as the two walking length him lying in the street. about 24 hours earlier, police say they found stone wall himself collapsed in the street high on synthetic pot. officers cited him for public drunkenness. stone wall is facing charges from an april car crash in forks township that left an easton woman injured. it is back to class but not back to normal in one local school district. no doubt a rough start to the school year for teachers and staff in the upland chester school district. >> as of today they are working without pay until the state budget passes. fox 29's jennifer joyce was there for what amounted to a
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memorable morning. >> reporter: buses rolled up, students walked in. >> good morning, good morning, good morning! happy new year! >> reporter: 2015-2016 school has become at chester upland school district thanks largely to the teachers who voted unanimously to be here. despite not knowing when a paycheck will come. for that, the district and students are saying thank you. >> these teachers coming to school not even getting paid, but they're not even worry about that. they worry about the kids getting the education and going to college, and you know, succeed in life i'm really thankful for that. can. >> we finally got somebody that cares about you to not get paid. >> reporter: chester upland school district is under state control and until a budget is passed in harrisburg these teachers won't get paid and while they like everyone need money to pay their bills, they make it clear that their job is about children, not about money. >> none of us are here to be millionaires. we're all here because we have a
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purpose, a calling if you will, and that hasn't changed. that probably never will change. >> i'm from chester. i was born and raised here. i understand the importance of education, and for anything i'm going through i know there are kids in the community that are going through a thousand times worse. >> reporter: speakers at a small welcome back assembly outside the high school reflected on the district's financial hardship and turned to their faith. >> all the challenges and obstacles that we have been facing as a school district, i believe that god has it covered. just keep the faith. and keep on supporting. >> reporter: for people like sherri graves the dedicated teacher of 40 years, the decision to work without an immediate paycheck was easy yet emotional. she spoke to us with tears in her eyes. >> we have to make them feel important, successful and somebody really cares about th them. >> reporter: the teachers we talked to do care. >> we know we're making a difference if you look at the numbers here at chester, test scores are up, attendance is up. violence is down.
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we're making a difference. and in the end the end of the day that's all that matters. >> reporter: in chester, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. back to school got a little bit easier for -- better for camden city school district. all thanks to a big donation. anonymous new jersey couple chipped in $250,000 to district will use the money to buy tablets, chess boards and other things need to do help make the school year better for students and teachers. >> a lot of times teachers have to take money out of their pocket and by having this opportunity of having it allows the teachers to use to get additional materials for their classroom. >> the money donated was all part avenue program called donors choose. the program allows the public to make donations to the school district that will later be matched by a private donor. the pope arrives in philadelphia in just over three weeks but why official is not sure many businesses are ready. today city controller alan
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butkovitz becoming just one of the latest critics of philadelphia's handling of the up coming papal weekend. the results of his economic impact survey suggests that majority of philadelphia businesses feel they have not been given enough details regarding the pope's visit. even more say the traffic box now renamed the francis festival grounds will create challenges for those keeping their doors open. despite the concerns, butkovitz is optimistic about the potential for the papal weekend. >> i mean we're not trying to do a poll. we're trying to put the decision makers together with the people who need certain problems solved in time before this thing happens so that it can be successful. >> mayor michael nutter's office is discrediting the results of the survey. his administration says the small sample size does not reflect all businesses in the city, and that it's heard fewer pope related concerns over the past few weeks. another school district says
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it's going to close its doors around the papal visit. the superintendent of lower merion schools said the district will close friday, september 25th and also open two hours late on monday september 28th. any school activities planned for that weekend have also been canceled or reschedule. some philadelphians not been very excited about the pope's visit to the city later this month. so to pump the people up philadelphia visit is creating a video to help people get interested in the visit and today the agency put out a casting call for extras in this video. many people showed up to the marriott hotel at the navy yard ready for their time in the spotlight. no word yet as to when that video will be released. >> the secret service releasing its own map today for the pope's visit to philadelphia. it includes the areas where you will be able to walk that weekend and areas that you will need a ticket to get into. it also includes a long list of things you will not be allowed to bring in through the checkpoints. it is quite a lot to go through. so we have you covered. our coverage of the papal visit continues on
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you will find all of the stories we are covering and doing and everything you need to know in the final weeks leading up to the big weekend. a teenaged girl attacked and disfigured in africa because of her rare skin condition. special help she's getting right here in the united states. >> presidential candidate donald trump making people angry in canada tonight. why something on top of one of his buildings shut down a busy financial district. >> a librarian discovers sheet music to song you all know by heart. the plans for the song you'll find people singing around the world every day of the year. ♪
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republican presidential candidate donald trump making headlines north of the border tonight. toronto police just reopened some areas below the trump international hotel and tower. they've been closed off for nearly two days because of an stable antenna on top of that tower. after checking it out, crews decided there was no danger but all this shut down toronto's
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downtown financial district and now the mayor wants some answe answers. several thousand people in the phoenix area still do not have power tonight after a powerful monsoon swept through this week. this also left residents picking up the pieces. jason nulty says he's been busy collecting all his belongings after monday night's storm. powerful winds ripped the roof right off his home. no one was inside when the storm rolled through. a friend called nulty to let him know what happened. >> he's like hey, man, your roof is missing. we originally thought he was just joking or something and we pulled up and the whole entire neighborhood was out here. people i never seen in my life out here just lined up along the street taking pictures and, um... it was just a wreck. >> a few other homes in the neighborhood were damaged but not nearly passion batter as nulty's. he says his family will have to find a now mace to live. a 15-year-old california boy is in custody tonight accused of making school shooting threats
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on social media. fresno police say the threats posted on instagram are lyrics from a song that allude to shooting and killing people with multiple weapons. detectives with permission from the family and their attorney searched the teen' home where they found an air soft gun that looked locate an ak47. they also found a 357 magnum revolver a rifle, a ballistic vest, 22 caliber gun and ammunition. >> i believe when it all shakes out that it's not going to be quiet as dramatic an event as has been portrayed. >> the student who attends the memorial high school is under a mental val weighing. authorities are concern the student may have felt he was being bullied. a flight head to do chicago had to make an unexpected stop in texas because of something that happened in mid air. according to police, there was a verbal altercation between some passengers and the flight crew although there was not a physical fight other passengers say that they were feeling uncomfortable with the way the men were treating the crew.
5:26 pm
the six men involved were charged with interference with a flight crew. the men could also face federal charges. >> there was no actual fight that we've been able to determine at this point but just their behavior really caused some concern for other passengers. maybe little emotionally shook up but no physical injuries or anything like that. >> sick other people got off and stayed in texas. good samaritans pull a woman from a wrecked car right before it bursts into flames. why she says she could not have saved herself and what she -- why she crash the car in the first place. >> how would you like to own a piece of the titanic? a look at the new items about to hit auction block and what they reveal about life aboard doomed ship. scott williams live in mantua tonight. hey, scott. >> reporter: that's right, dawn. live here at the 16th district of the philadelphia police department. back to school event with free school supplies. these kids just got free backpacks. are you ready to go back to
5:27 pm
school? >> yes. >> let's take a look at your backpack here. free school supplies until 7:00 o'clock. we'll have a live report coming up. plus what to expect for labor day weekend next.
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♪ welcome back. live look at reading and all right was thick with heat and humidity today. we are sweating through yet another heat wave. our fifth so far. but we are tracking some rain chances.
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chief meteorologist scott williams will have everything you need to know coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. police in chester are investigating two brutal shoot that is left two men dead in less than day. the first early yesterday morning at fifth and lloyd streets. police say they found 54-year-old edward taylor dead inside his car around 1:00 o'clock this morning. another fatal shooting just blocks away. police say a 3984 old man was also shot to death as he sat inside his car at 11th and butler. new jersey family of four is found dead inside their burning home and tonight authorities think this may be a murder/suicide. it happened late last night at the family's long branch home. firefighters arrived on the scene they say they found the two adults and the two children in the same up stair bedroom. autopsy results could be available as early as tomorrow. dash cam video captures police officers and drivers rushing to rescue a woman after she crashed along a highway in texas. they knew seconds counted but they couldn't have known what would happen next. >> minutes after the woman was
5:31 pm
freed, the car burst into flames. and tonight she tells fox's dion england she didn't stand chance on her own. >> a lone i would have never gotten out. >> recovering from injuries, she remembers the dramatic moments. >> her car on fire after she fell asleep while driving and hit a freeway sign support. >> i told the junk man to help me because i'm burning. said the ambulance is coming. i said, you help me. he grabbed me and pulled me out. >> reporter: chad jeffrey a dart maintenance worker nabbed pictures of her after she was safe. he was first to run up extinguish some flames and pry her door open. >> we really weren't aware of the fire and the fire wall yet and we were just trying to get her out schenn started screa screaming. we didn't understand what she was saying. she didn't speak english. fortunately there was hispanic guy there and he said that her
5:32 pm
feet are burning. >> reporter: garland police officer michael mali son was driving to court that morning his dam camera recorded the intent is the including the flames that burst from the vehicle less than two minutes after ortega was out of it. >> just fortunate, you know, to see the citizen, how many were you know, just so willing to help. so many people ran up to help. i believe god put us there at the right time at the right place. >> after we got her out of the car people were actually driving by and holds up bottles of water and it was great to see, you know, all those people, you know, try to help and come to her aid. report roar ortega with burns a broken leg and arm could not agree more. >> they were putting their lives on the line to try to help me and for that i'm thankful. >> dion england. ortega did not suffer from any medical condition that would have caused the accident. but she was very tired after
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working an overnight shift at her job in a factory. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> chief meteorologist scott williams in mantua where police are giving families a head start on the new school year. scott? >> reporter: that's certainly right, dawn and iain. hard to believe that the philadelphia school district heads back to school tuesday, september 8th. right here at the keepth district, we're talking about free school supplies. you can see some bookbags and backpacks here to help kids head back to school after the labor day weekend even want to bring in karen james. she's with the school district of philadelphia. the office of family and community engagement many how did this event come about, karen? >> the event came about as we knew that we had to tress in our partnership with the philadelphia police department our community partners and all of our faith based partners to show solidarity around educati education. >> and why school supplies in particular? >> that's just one barrier or
5:34 pm
blocker we wanted to take off the families if they had bringing their children to school on time. it's just to support and get them encouraged around coming back. >> what else do you hope to chief not only with school supplies but with this event? >> we hope to chief that our families stay engaged with us through the entire educational process. so this is just a one-day event. but we look forward to our families staying with us from pre k to college. >> and this is not just for the 16th district area. all are welcomed to come out and get supplies, right? >> open to the public while supplies last. >> we're talking about bookbags. backpacks, free food as well as shoes. we have various sizes of shoes over there as well. so just come on out. right here at the 16th district of the philadelphia police department. let's talk a little bit about this weather because it's been hot. we're dealing with another heat wave across our area. temperatures right now are still in the low 90s for the
5:35 pm
philadelphia area making 32 days this year temperatures at or above 90. also, be alert, take it easy there's air air quality alert still for parts of new jersey. temperatures right now across the area 93 philadelphia. 89 in reading as well as trent trenton. you factor in that humidity, it feels like the low 90s. so this pattern continues due to the position of the jet stream well to the north. the triple h's hazy, hot and humid. and we're talking about the satellite/radar perspective as well. we continue to find really just this pattern, but the front to the north, that will eventually move in our direction as we move toward your friday. giving us a little bit of a break. as we go hour by hour with fox future cast, you can see temperatures are going to be muggy to start as we move toward your thursday in the 70s in the afternoon. low 99s maybe isolated shower as we continue hour by hour moving ahead toward friday temperatures will be in the 70s to start. that back door front will be coming through. dropping the temperatures also bringing a couple of scattered
5:36 pm
showers and some storms. so as we get to the weather authority seven day forecast, you can see tomorrow low 90s. then 86 degrees for the high temperature on friday. the temple game looks good, 84 degrees on saturday. then we heat things up. 90 degrees on labor day. maybe even another heat wave as the kids head back to school with temperatures in the 90s. so once again, live here at the 16th district of the philadelphia police department, you can see all these shoes here across the area. come out until 7:00 o'clock. we'll be here. back to you guys in the studio. >> scott, thank you very much. hard to believe with these 90s and its september 2nd. >> we know that exercise is important for kids. now, we may have another reason why. >> the school subject new study says that physically fit children perform better in. and one of the most highly anticipated stops on the pope's visit to philadelphia of course independence hall. what his historic feat will be the latest to happen at that location too tonight a look back at the moments that changed the
5:37 pm
country's history forever. plus -- i'm brad sattin. there are nearly a dozen of these structures around philadelphia. they're sitting in the streets. they are called park lets and the city says they are safe but are they? you be the judge coming up tonight at 6:00.
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>> in your health tonight news that may shed light on how many kids will do well in school this year many kids who are physical fit appear to have differences in brain structure. >> scientists this may allow them to perform better in math. researchers putting a small group of nine and 10-year-olds to the test both mentally and physically. standardized math and reading exams were given and the children's endurance was tester on the treadmill. the students who could run for longer periods of time on the treadmill they scored better on the math tests. study authors say these findings show that physically fit
5:41 pm
children may be further along in the brain maturation process than their less fit piers. those findings appearing online in the journal plus one. well song we've all sung many times before. we sang it this afternoon for our assistant news director maryann vaughn. >> finally the original happy birthday sheet music has been recovered. if you can believe that. college librarian at the university of louisville in kentucky made that discovery earlier this week. the sheet was tucked inside a sketch book that was donated to the university a century ago much the director of music library says it's the only known manuscript of mildred hill's song good morning to all which evolved into the sound track that we all know so well. >> sew okay. so the song that everyone knows as happy birthday was originally published in 1893 by the clayton company as good morning to all. it appears in the first song of the song book called song
5:42 pm
stories for the kindergarten. the songs were composed by mildred hill and the words were by her sister patti. >> the university plans to digitize and catalog hill's papers. concert of her music is scheduled to take place sometime next year. a dog stolen from home in california back home tonight and this pooch, well, had quite the adventure. who stole the pet and then sold it for money. >> plus the teen attacked and disfigured in africa because of her rare skin condition. special help she's getting here in the us. sean? >> iain the final game of the preseason coming up several players still trying to make the roster. tebow, barkley, some guys chip kelly knows what he's going to do. that's later in sports.
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>> just 24 days until pope francis makes history with his visit to philadelphia. perhaps the most widely anticipate the event during the upcoming papal weekend in philadelphia will be the pontiff's speech at independence hall. >> our bruce gordon says francis will add to a rich tradition of important people saying important things at the place where democracy was born. >> we hold these truths to be self evident. >> reporter: each fourth of july thousands of tourists flock to independence hall. >> that they are endowed by the creator with certain unalienable rights. >> reporter: treatmented to a reenactment of the first public address on these hallowed grounds. july 8th, 1776 a reading of the declaration of independence. >> declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us. >> reporter: would not be the last time great themes of american history would be presented here by the nation's great leaders.
5:47 pm
that's fitting says national park service ranger bill could have principle. >> it's the first birthdays of the united states. where our first documents were debated and sign much documents that embody the ideals of freedom, of equality. >> reporter: on august nopeth, 1884 frederick douglas 26-year-old former slave spoke here mocking the peculiar institution in a speech titled the slave holder's sermon. no text remains but local newspaper said of douglas, he poured forth a stream of glowing thought and thrilling eloquence. >> on february 22n 22nd, 1861 president lincoln spoke of the gift of liberty offered all men by the declaration of independence. now my friends he asked, can this country be saved upon that
5:48 pm
basis? on july 4th, 1876, women's rights activist susan b. anthony crash the nation's centennial celebration at independence hall. told shocked audience while i was men of every race and climb and condition have been invested with the full rights of citizenship under our hospicable flag, all women still suffer the degradation of disenfranchisement. now, someone 39 years later, comes another larger than life figure, pope francis. ♪ >> reporter: the deliver speech likely to take place among the greatest ever heard on these grounds. subject matter um any grace and religious freedom. the title, we hold these truths. ♪ >> most of this is going to be infectious. most if not all and the crowd is actually going to be very heavily weighted in terms of immigrants and those who work with them.
5:49 pm
>> rocco palmo couldn't nickel the catholic of the papacy. the pontiff's original plan for his trip to america would likely have roughlied many feathers. wanted to come into the u.s. through the mexican border as a sign of solidarity of immigrants. >> it would be a very controversial move. >> but francis doesn't mind controversy. >> they make become evident in the speech says palmo. the catholic church has long been devoted to helping immigrants. irish in there 1840s to mexicans today. illegal immigration from mexico has many americans up in arms these days. he expects the pope to voice support for illegals. he believes francis will highlight the human dignity of all immigrants no matter how they came here. >> immigration is something that, um, is right of human dignity. something that comes from god's law not man's life.
5:50 pm
>> dotted line to separate one country from another. >> one human family. it's the same thing we've been talking to the environment. it's our common home and commonality. >> when speaking newcomers to league, legal or otherwise. >> when we die, when we face the lord in judge as we believe we will, he's going to say, what did you do for me? what do you do for the least of mine and there's particular line in there, i was a stranger and you welcomed me. and for the church that has always been the immigrant. >> reporter: pontiff will no doubt push buttons as did douglas and lincoln and anthony in place where the great leaders changed history. the power of words. ♪ >> reporter: at independence hall, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> our coverage of papal visit continues on fox
5:51 pm
you can find all the stories we're doing and everything you need to know in the final weeks leading up to the big weekend. bathroom battle at a high school in missouri. more than 150 students actually walked out of the building over a dispute on weather a transgender student should be allowed to use the girl's bathroom. they ditched about two hours of classes. some to object to lila perry. others in support. perry she's known she was transgender since the age of 13 and last february decided to come out. that semester she used the gender neutral faculty rhett room room this year she want to do fit in with the rest of the girls she started using the girl's bathroom and locker room. perry says sean hurting anyone and didn't want to feel segregate. >> there's lot of ignorance. they are claiming their uncomfortable. i don't believe for a second they are. i think this is pure and simple bigotry. >> out of concern for her own safety, perry dropped out of gym class and says she plans to continue using the girl's restroom. a 17-year-old girl from tan
5:52 pm
see nia attacke attacked and dig because she's albino back home aft prosthetic in the united states. she's one of five who spent the summer here in the state having prosthetic limbs thanks to the global medical relief fund. she was held down by attackers who caught all the right arm from the armpit. charity leaders say the teen's river skin condition makes her a target to the black-market there and as she home her safety still a major concern. >> i don't want to believe i'm afraid because i do live in a safe house and it's in the city but of course, yes. of course, it's not a hundred per sent. >> albino affects one on the of every 15,000 people in tan is a knee y the state government is hoping to attack the attack on the albino population by out
5:53 pm
allowing the witch doctors it blames for the targeted violen violence. how much are you willing to pay to get your hands on an iconic artifact? how about the titanic's last luncheon menu. ill fated ship's last lunch menu expected to fetch nearly $100,000 will be auctioned off with a number of other artifacts those items include a letter written by one of the ship's survivors and a ticket from the titanic's turkish baths weighing chair. the luxury ship sank in the atlantic ocean on april 15th, 1912 after hitting iceberg. today marks 30 years sin the wreckage of the titanic was found. >> what makes these relics so collectible is they're so few of them. almost everything -- almost all the people went down with the ship so anybody who rescued could really only take what they had stuffed into their pockets and for someone to think of having, you know, a menu from their last lunch aboard the titanic and either intentionally or coincidentally put night
5:54 pm
their pocket and take with them is unusual. so -- and also because paper is so fragile to begin with that anything of that nature is also going to be very hard to preserve. >> the online auction will take place on september 30th on and e-bay live a california woman is happy to have her dog back home tonight. this is ky a 10-year-old yorkie with a big story tell. rebecca schuller had gone outside her home the morning of august 20th and then within minutes she says ky was gone. days later she was contacted by a woman who bought the dog from homeless woman who claim the dog was hers. but feeling something just wasn't right here the woman took the dog to the vet and that's when the vet found that ky had been micro chipped. >> i'm so grateful for the loving kind soul that came across ky. what she did was not just for me but my kids and my family.
5:55 pm
it's just a miracle. my little guy. >> aww the woman says she bought the dog because her yorkie recent the passed a it way but it turns out the woman and schuller work at the same hospital on different floors. i have a feeling they'll be good friends. >> come on! >> straight ahead at 6:00, a worker caught in an explosion as a camera rolls. he's rattled but okay. the clues beforehand that suggest the situation was about to go very wrong. plus it might look like a perfect spot for your lunch break but some are worried anyone who dines here could be taking a deadly risk. we're asking questions. ♪
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right now at 6:00 o'clock, a local judge hands down a live changing ruling. the judge paving the way for a 48-year-old transgender woman to get gender reassignment surgery. it was a lengthy back and forth court battle between the woman and her family. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. judge ruling against the woman's parents say they did not give enough evidence to prove she was
6:00 pm
incompetent. fox 29's chris o'connell is live outside the bucks county courthouse tonight with more on the judge's decision. chris? >> reporter: well, iain, we just spoke with christine kessler the transgender woman from south carolina who is now making plans to have her sex reassignment surgery over the next 24 hours. this after a judge denied her parents motion to stop that surgery. the last 16 months christine has been planning to have a sex change operation schedule for yesterday. but buck county common pleas court judge stepped in the 11th hour stopping that surgery for today's emergency hearing. that's because her parents from ohio filed an injunction arguing christine was not competent enough to make an informed decision. they cite depression and former substance abuse issues dating back to her childhood. but after a day long hearing a judge denied tha


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