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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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incompetent. fox 29's chris o'connell is live outside the bucks county courthouse tonight with more on the judge's decision. chris? >> reporter: well, iain, we just spoke with christine kessler the transgender woman from south carolina who is now making plans to have her sex reassignment surgery over the next 24 hours. this after a judge denied her parents motion to stop that surgery. the last 16 months christine has been planning to have a sex change operation schedule for yesterday. but buck county common pleas court judge stepped in the 11th hour stopping that surgery for today's emergency hearing. that's because her parents from ohio filed an injunction arguing christine was not competent enough to make an informed decision. they cite depression and former substance abuse issues dating back to her childhood. but after a day long hearing a judge denied that motion and
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ruled christine is competent enough to make her own decisions. she spoke us moments after that order was handed down. >> i have compassion for my parents and i really feel bad, you know, that if they're suffering, you know, like i hope that some day they can have some piece about this and, um, you know they can see -- that they got loving of loving daughter that really does care about them. >> these are loving and caring parents who drove from cleveland ohio to be here because they wanted to make certain that their son was making an informed and conscious and safe decision. and the proceeding today was necessary. >> reporter: now with that order in hand, christine was going to go right to the hospital from the courthouse with her doctor to have that surgery but apparently an operating room was not availab available. she is now making plans to have that sex reassignment surgery as errly as tomorrow. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you.
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tonight philadelphia's police commissioner is talking after being interrupted by black lives matters demonstrators. >> noyaus tis, no piece! >> what happened last night during a talk at eastern state penetentiary. once the chanting began people started to leave including commissioner ramsay. who went into another room now the commissioner is voicing his opinion. >> at some point in time you got to stop yelling and screaming and start listening and discussing, and what we need now thoughtful discussion around very serious issues that affect not only police but our society in general across this country. that requires thoughtful people to sit down and have discussions. not just and up and down and yell and scream. >> eastern state penetentiary requested to continue the conversation with commissioner ramsay at a later date. this time to be video taped and the commission are in has agreed. happening now investigate it's are looking two brutal ac s
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of violence in chester. two cars riddled with bullets in less than day block apart from each other. the men behind the wheel in both of those shootings did not survive. and as police look for those shooters the family of one of those victims is feeling the effects of gun violence once again. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in chester for us tonight. dave? >> reporter: dawn, no witnesses, no motive and no arrests at this hour. police still trying to piece together who shot these two men. but one thing is for sure. the shooters in both cases meant business. >> yeah, there was a lot of shots y. >> reporter: josephine morgan lives right next door to murder vick tip edward taylor who was gunned down at close range as he sat in his black saab couldn't have vert official at fifth and lloyd tuesday morning. >> i'm going to miss him. actually he was good neighbor. you know, really nice. we got along very well we look out for each other. >> he was a nice guy. that's all i can say. >> reporter: 54-year-old taylor didn't stand a chance. more than 20 shots were pumped into his car.
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tragically his 27-year-old son edward taylor, jr., met a similar fate. he was gunned down as he sat in car at eighth and lincoln two years ago. prosecutors said it was a contract hit with a $15,000 bounty. jameer desean edmunds got live in that murder. >> just going to keep them in prayer. keep him in prayer. >> tailor's murder was the second homicide in chester in 20 hours. wednesday morning, at 1:00 a.m., a 39-year-old man was gunned down as he sat in his white buick at 11th and butler. again, gunfire riddled his car. this was the 16th murder in chester this year. >> can't really live in too much fear you don't put yourself in situations. once i'm in the house and my door is closed that's where we are. >> the city need to do something about all this shooting much that's all i can say. >> reporter: now, police have not yet released the identity of the second murder victim who was killed early this morning. police still looking for leads still trying to look for witnesses and surveillance vid video. if you have any information, you should contact chester police.
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iain? >> dave, thank you. secretary of state john kerry was in philadelphia today champions the iran nuclear deal but it look like kerry already has all the support he needs. kerry taking the podium at the national constitution center this morning. he hoped to appeal to the public to back the agreement which he says is a big step forward but just before he spoke, retiring maryland senator barbara mikulski announced she would support the deal and her vote gives president obama enough support to prevent congress from over turning the president's likely veto against any measure that shoots down the deal. >> president obama and i are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the framework that we have put forward will get the job done. >> kerry' speech today in philadelphia comes because of a bitter partisan battle over agreement -- over agreement in congress where no republican support it. senate begins debate on the iran nuclear deal next week. >> the heat wave continues and your fox 29 weather authority
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here is a live look at center city. you can see the aids, the heat and humidity hanging there all part of the challenges we all faced when we step outside today. it looks like we're going to have to keep on coping. chief meteorologist scott williams is keeping his cool inside tonight in mantua where the police are helping families go back to school. scott? >> reporter: that's right, dawn it real sal community eve event. kind of bridging the gap between community as well as police here at the 16th district of the philadelphia police department. you can see free backpacks as well as some food and also shoes. but you can see the supplies. they are running low. until 7:00 o'clock we'll be out here open to anyone that wants to come and get some free school supplies. a family event. you can see the kids they are out here and this young lady here, you're already back at school, right? >> yes. >> what grade are you going to. >> eighth. >> what school do you attend. >> free area charter school. >> did you let me see the book bag that you got. take look at this.
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free bookbags and shoes until 7:00 o'clock. yes, we are still dealing with the heat. it's day four of our fifth heat wave of the year. likely continue into tomorrow. so let's talk a little bit about the temperatures right now. still kind of hot in philadelphia right now. if you're stepping outdoors. take it easy much loose fitting light colored clothing. temperatures right now still pretty hot. we have 90 in trenton. 89 in allentown. 87 degrees in lancaster. you factor in that humidity it makes it feel even worse. as we go hour by hour, you can see by 7:00 o'clock, it's still in the upper 80s. low to mid 80s by 9:00. by 11:00 o'clock, temperatures still in the 70s it's going to be a muggy overnight maybe some more patchy fog developing as well. coming up we'll talk about how much longer this heat wave will least, relief ahead as well as rainfall and labor day holiday weekend forecast with the seven day forecast but once again we're live here at the 16th district police department of philadelphia. coming up we'll have live interview with the captain and also talk much more about this
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event. back to you. >> all right, scott. >> thanks scott, look forward to that. >> pope francis arrives in philadelphia in 24 days but one city official says that might not be enough time to get some local businesses ready. city controller alan butkovitz is reached out to dozens of restaurants and hotels and the majority of them have concerns about the papal weekend. the results of his economic impact survey suggest that majority of philadelphia businesses feel they have not been given enough details regarding the pope's visit. even more say that traffic box rename the francis festival grounds will create big challenges in keeping their doors open despite the concerns butkovitz says there's time to correct these issues and he's optimistic about the potential for the papal weekend. >> we're not trying to do a poll. we're trying to put the decision makers together with the people who need certain problems solved in time before this thing happens so that it can be successful. >> mayor nutter' office is discrediting the results of that
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survey his administration says the small sample size doesn't reflect all businesses in the city and it's heard fewer pope related concern over the past few week. new at 6:00 a worker caught in an explosion as a camera rolls. believe it or not that employee is rallied but he's okay. the clues beforehand that suggest that situation was about to go very wrong. brad? >> reporter: hi, dawn. we are in chinatown tonight. take look at the structure behind me. you city wood structure there? that's called a park let. they're popping up around the city. they'll have you eat eating on some very busy streets. sap good idea? the story is coming up. >> best pitching matchup the phils and mets can offer. taking the phils tonight aaron nola matt harvey getting ready for pitching dual. we'll preview the matchup later in sports. ♪
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wow. explosion at a california construction site caught on camera. this video was actually taken last year as crews worked at a santa clara valley medical center. santa clara county released the video to show what sit says is the shortcomings of a contractor that defaulted on $300 million contract. workers were activates the steam system for the center when you hear a few series of pops and that pipe explodes. shooting off hot steam. the worker was able to walk away unharmed incredibly from that explosion. getting around center city is never an easy task. but in some spots it may be getting down right dangerous because nearly a dozen temporary patios are popping up all across the city. >> that's putting diners awfully close to drivers and fox 29's brad sattin joins us live in chinatown tonight. brad, the city is actually hyped these temporary patios? >> reporter: they are. they support them fully and
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they're pretty good idea but there are some concerns here. they're called park lets a lot of folks will dine on the sidewalk but these park lets are actually on the road where people would normally be parking. you can see people are using this one here but after we saw truck come mighty close to one the other day, we wondered just how safe they really are? across philadelphia from university city to fishtown you'll find 11 of these temporary patios what would otherwise be street parkin parkg promoted as public spaces for all to enjoy and they do, but -- >> are they safe? >> i think so. i think especially like in the middle they're kind of blocked and somebody is usually there and people aren't moving that fast on frankford avenue. >> reporter: but everything that the frankford avenue space is protected between vehicles on the less congested neighborhood tenth street in the heart of chinatown is not. speeding vehicles, heavy pedestrian traffic much we saw several near misses with cars. oh, did we mention a busy fire
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station that sits cat corner from this 5-foot by 10-foot park let that has fire engines whizzing by. you can see what's left of one pollutant by some vehicle and the orange marker beside the structure looks dinged up itself n5 minutes in fact we saw 50 vehicles pass by it big and small some stuck in traffic others going way too fast and orange cones and double parking adding to the confusion of this very busy thorofare. would you really eat your lunch a few feet away? this family sat down who are in immediately thought better of it so we approached them. >> i think it's unsafe. >> going to get a cup of coffee. what if the car is not able to stop and they run over you. >> you want to do move. >> yes. >> reporter: no argument from otheothers walk by. >> it's neat. i like the concept of it but i think i'd feel nervous with cars flying passed me. >> it was funded by the mayor's officer transportation and utilities. they started popping up five years ago and host neighborhoods
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that apply for one have strict rules to follow including carrying insurance and insuring the outside railing is at least a foot and a half from the travel lane. the city then check the location for safety. director telling us quote over the past five seasons we have never been concerned about park let safety but just across the street at the fire department they are. one employee telling me, it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. and back live again we can tell i was couple minutes ago we saw paramedic unit come out. this is a busy fire station a lot of runs during the course of the day and a lot of the engines coming very close to this park let behind me. again, the city says this park let here in particular has been here for three years and at this point, there is no plan to move it. dawn? >> all right. thank you brad. back to your fox 29 weather authority on a wonderful wednesday. >> scorcher. chief meteorologist scott williams though is in man chow what keeping cool where police are giving families a head start on the new school year. scott?
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that's certainly right iain and dawn. hard to believe that the school district of philadelphia begins school september 8th. you can see behind me folks are still coming in getting their school supplies for free until 7:00 o'clock until they last. they are starting to run little low. we have bookbags. we have shoes. we also have some food. so eighths great event with the community as well as the police. speaking of that partnership i want to bring in the captain of the 16th district. thanks so much for your service and what you doing do in the community how important is this event tonight? >> it's really important. not only are we giving school supplies to kids so they can start the school year right, we're actually connecting the police and the community connecting with the children along with the school district to make sure everybody has what they need to have a pleasant school year. >> also talk about the importance of community polici policing. >> oh, well, we don't just arrest people. we are actually connecting with the community. we want children to be able to talk to us when they see us not
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be afraid of us. we want people to know we're in the community to support to work together to help each other. >> and this is not just for back to school. this is like a year round partnership and goal, right. >> something we do year round. we've had a community day event. we've had a basketball game where the police played the residents. we are going to do a coat drive soon, and christmastime we're going to give away bikes. >> all right. a great partnership a lot of smiling faces here as well getting the free school suppli supplies. thanks so much. let's talk little before the about this weather because, yeah, we're dealing with another heat wave. it's day four, hazy, hot and humid temperatures topped out in the low 90s again in philadelphia right now it's still kind of hot, 92 degrees and making it the 32nd day temperatures at or above 90 degrees so far this year. likely do it again tomorrow. there's still air quality alert for some especially in new jersey and as you move farther north but look at the temperatures area wide right now. it's still in the 90s. so take it easy if you're stepping outdoors.
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you factor in that humidity how your body reacts it feels like the low 90s still for most across the area. that's because of the pattern the jet stream is still well to the north. but as we take look at the satellite/radar, you can see there is a front off to the north. that front is going to be coming down. it's called a back door cold front will decrease the humidity by friday, and also bring a chance for some scattered showers and some thunderstorms. so if we can go ahead gone to the seven day forecast, you can see what to expect over the next several days. we're talking 90-degree or better tomorrow. then temperatures on friday in the mid 80s. by the upcoming weekend looking good for the temple game. labor day we heat back up to 90 and it look like maybe another heat wave as early as next week. but, all in all looking pretty good and in the pocono mountains, lehigh valley down the shore fort upcoming holiday weekend. guys, back to you. >> all right, we like the sound of that, thank you scott. absolutely. sean bell is here with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> of course, we got the eagles. >> yes.
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>> tomorrow sam bradford and those guys they're going to take a load off and let the backups go to work. a lot of guys still trying to make the team. tim tebow, matt barkley, barnard and some with something to pro prove. chip kelly may have already made his decision. sports is next.
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♪ tomorrow the eagles hitting
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the field. the starters will not play bradford and company will kick their feet up and rest up for atlanta. this game will be all about the backups trying to make the team or at least put good tape together. roster will be cut down to 53 by 4:00 p.m. on saturday. matt barkley starting tomorrow night. on the even sanchez will see any time. barkley will be battling with tebow for roster spot. several other positions look undecided to us but some players think it's already been a done deal that chip already knows what he's going to do. >> to be honest, you know there's a lot -- i got a good feeling the coach has the guys figure out. >> even the guys who aren't going to make our team go out there and play hopefully they all play well and after tomorrow' game here or not they'll be in a good place. >> there's a loaded back field. barner might still have some work to do with murray, matthe
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matthews, sproles. what do you do with barner? i think he's made the team already. there's no way you let a talent like that go but if he isn't going to get time, you might as well trade him. that's another option. heys a ton of value after this preseason as a punt returner alone. fans may think he's already an eagle, but he's not so sure yet. >> i have another game. never do enough. always more you can do. always more that you can correct. always more that... >> the phillies finishing up a three game series against the mets. saving their best for last. aaron nola taking the mount against the dark knight matt harvey. the two teams combined for 22 runs yesterday. that won't happen tonight. nola has been the best pitcher for the phils this season. he's tied for the most wins with aaron harang. he's only been around for a month and a half five-one his last two starts and dominating. 15 innings, giving up five hits. one run, 12 strikeouts.
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the kid is getting better and better by the inning but matt harvey is the nl east standard. great matchup tonight and this season at this point is all about watching some of those young guys to see who will be there three, four years down the line. no one wants to hear that. i don't. i don't want to cover somebody not making the playoffs but it's nice to see young cats getting in it and seeing what they can doing against top notch talent matt harvey much he's one of the best. >> absolutely. >> tune in tonight for fox 29 news at 10. a four-year-old put on the wrong schoolbus home and dropped off. missing for more than an hour and get this no one ever called his mom. how he was finally tracked down that's tonight at 10:00. that will do it for us tonight here at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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wrestle legend, charged with murder. >> what happened? she fell? was she conscious? >> she was not feeling too good. >> and her sister's 30-year quest to the bring him to justice. then -- >> deborah: home alone nightmare. >> the brave girl who caught a suspected burglar in the act. >> reporter: not only did she take video of the stranger as he lurked, she also took a picture. >> what she's telling only "inside edition." >> i'm hiding. i hear the police sirens coming. >> exclusive, she was hired by the cheating website but listen to what she says about them. >> i think they're scam artist. i think they're shady. >> she's famous for having had an affai


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