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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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look at the people going to the shore. many people already there it seems like. this is skyfox over route 42 showing easy going along the highways, of course, we will keep watching those roads. a very good evening to you, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. one of the biggest questions people have right now, of course, is the weather how hot is it going to be when you're out bound this weekend? let's get right over to meteorologist scott williams for the answer. scott. >> high there, dawn and chris. the unofficial end to summer. looks like relief is headed in our direction for labor day weekend but high temperatures today made it into the low 90s dropping into the mid 80s right now a nice breeze as well. dew points will be dropping as well. so if you're stepping outdoors, it will start to feel better. as far as what's happening on ultimate doppler a couple of isolated showers with this front but most of the heavier rainfall shifting on off to the south of that front what most of the humidity is right now. you can see winds coming in out of the north and that is dropping the temperatures along
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with the dew points and the humidity. so by 7:00 o'clock low 80s maybe an early isolated storm. otherwise warm and breezy you'll note that humidity dropping by 11:00 o'clock. temperatures around 76 degrees. what about that saturday snapshot to kick off the upcoming labor day weekend? if you're staying in center city, lower humidity temperatures low to mid 80s looking good for the made in america concert tomorrow. down the shore, temperatures looking comfortable upper 70s, low 80s. nice breeze and the pocono mountains looking pretty good for your saturday. what about sunday and labor day itself? you're entire forecast coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott. as we saw a lot of people headed to the shore for this long weekend. for some it could be their last weekend to hit the beach. >> last blast labor day means the unofficial end of summer. children are going back to school. and some people just want one more chance to take in the rays including our own brad sattin live in ocean city tonight. brad, not a bad assignment. >> reporter: not a bad
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assignment. scott was talking about the breeze leading to bad hair days for sure. if every there was a weekend to come this may be it because scott talking about pretty nice weekend again we're talking about this breeze getting here was a piece of cake. we thought we were going to do a story on the craziness of traffic. we went over the walt whitman it was kind of heavy once we got on to the atlantic city expressway, we flew right here. no problem at all. take look at the boardwalk really not a ton of people here and the reason, of course, this is a late labor day in fact the latest it could be. school underway. it could potential be keeping some families away as well. compared to last year when we saw a very early labor day. officials here in ocean city don't have the numbers tallied quite yet for the summer but all in all they're thinking it was a pretty good one as they kind of looked back at the summer they say june was a very wet month especially at night. it kind of hurt the rain at night hurt some of the boardwalk sales but july and august really caught things up. it was warm and dry and as we're talking about this may be the last hoorah for most folks but officials say the season doesn't
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have to end. we were just doing some driving around here when we got into town. lots of vacancy sign if's you're thinking about coming on down you probably won't have any problem finding a hotel or motel. in fact we talk to one woman on the beach. asked her was it? she gave a ringing endorse many saying the water temperature according to the lifeguard 79 degrees with no jelly fish. city officials say it's turning out all in all to be a great year. >> we can't complain. it's been hot and it's been dry and there's been a lot of people in town. i mean you could tell on the saturday change changeover the traffic in and out of town and day trippers throughout july and august a lot of activity a lot of people coming you down to the beach for the day and the boardwalk and downtown. >> reporter: now, again it's only friday a little after 5:00 o'clock but you're looking at this parking lot here on memorial day it was jam packed. you can count the number of cars. the boardwalk fairly quite right now. so if you're thinking about coming down, this is certainly a good time to do it. over the course of the next hour we'll work really hard for you chris and dawn. we'll talk to people, we'll try
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some food, we'll check out the ocean city if it's really 79 degrees and we'll have all that for you in about an hour. as we continue to work really hard down here at the jersey shore. back to you guys. >> pity party for you, brad. right. even if you're not headed to the shore there's certainly a lot going on right here in philadelphia. one of the biggest parties of the year kicks off tomorrow afternoon. this is really gall bladder the coolest way to end the summer in philadelphia. fox 29's joanne piliel gee life near the ben franklin parkway checking out the final preparations for this weekend's made in america festival. joanne? >> reporter: absolutely guys. the landscape here along the parkway will look completely different tomorrow. there will be tens of thousands of people here. as you can see behind me, they are still setting up for what will be one of the major labor day weekend events and city officials have confirmed they are looking at this event and taking notes as a practice run for the papal visit later this month. it is the day before grind in
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advance of this weekend's made in america music festival here along the ben franklin parkway. >> we set all kinds of records. they're sold out again this year. as a matter of fact, this year they'll be sold out to a higher number. it's 70,000 people that will be out here over the two-day period. 70,000 each day. and they're going to have a great time an great event. >> reporter: with four-track record the festival which features beyonce' and more than 60 musical acts multiple stages and events is a major effort for setup and it comes just as the city is in its countdown to the papal visit. >> so many people are running around trying to work around and trying to make -- get their trucks in, while our trucks are waiting and verse verse is a who needs it done first? it's a lot of coordination and like it's hard to coordinate everything right up to the beginning when you get here it's kind of like, all right, everybody let's see what we need to do. >> reporter: with the complexion is the of an event like this one, city officials
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say they look at the concert prep and staging as a dry run for the pope's historic event in three weeks. >> what you constantly want to do in public safety is make sure that everybody is working together. make sure that everybody has -- is on the same channels, that know all the protocols, that understand thou get things done. >> reporter: the parkway obviously shut down through sunday night with many nearby road closures and parking restrictions. >> every year about four times a year we have to deal with this type of thing, but everybody is really big now because of the made in america thing and we have to deal with it. grin and bare it. make plans ahead of time and know what you're going to do and that way you don't get stuck. >> reporter: city officials say they learned from every other event that takes place in the city and there have been so many and they say they're doing everything they possibly can to make this one and the upcoming papal visit run as smoothly and safely as possible. we're live tonight along the parkway, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you in the studio.
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>> thanks, joanne. obviously a lot going on this weekend. wee put everything you need to know on the fox website. be sure to chick out before you make those last minute plans. all right. we got some breaking news coming from eagles camp. they've just made a trade to help the roster get down to 53 players. the eagles have had four quarterbacks all summer. we new sam bradford, we new mark sanchez would be here. the big question who would be number three. >> a lot of speculation. a lot of people watching last night's game. there are three still here because one of the other two, well, he is heading out west. sean bell is here with more on the winner of the tim tebow matt barkley sweepstakes. sean? >> dawn, both guys will make a roster but only one with the eagles. moments ago matt barkley was traded to the arizona cardinals for conditional seventh round pick next year. barkley was battling tim tebow for the third string quarterback spot it looks like tebow will be a philadelphia eagle. bark hal a rough game last night
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but out played tebow for most of training camp and the preseason. that gave him some trade value and played right into chip kelly's plans. he gets something in return for barkley. keeps tebow who he feels apparently can provide something different. last nighty bow said he had no worries or nerves about making the team. >> try not to be anxious at all. that's what the bible says anxious... you know what, anxious is nothing. i'll try to do that. >> folks, tebow mania is here whether you like it or not. later in sports we'll talk about the rest of the moves made by the eagles trying to cut down the roster to 53. >> all right. the plot thickens, thanks, sean. happening right now, a search for two shooters that left a pregnant woman and another man in the hospital. police say that a 23-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant was shot in the leg. police found her in a 21-year-old man in front of a home on paul street in frankford
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just before 10:00 last night. he was shot in the back. investigators say two men fired about a dozen shots and then took off from in a white cadillac. police say both victims are expected to be okay. almost a year after someone shot at a cop in burlington county, police say a reward for information still stands. that pemberton township police officer was in his patrol car on september 24th when someone fired a shot at the vehicle. police say the bullet just missed that officer. investigators never found who pulled the trigger. the new jersey cop shop program put up $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and convict. police are on the hunt for a man who robbed a northern liberties restaurant at gun point. it happened on tuesday at the subway on the 500 block of spring garden street. surveillance video shows the man entering the store with a gun. investigators say he walked behind the counter, grabbed about $300 from the cash register and then ran out the
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back door. fortunately no one was hurt. if you have any information that could help police track him down, give them a call. same sex couples are getting married in one kentucky county as the clerk who refused to let it happen sits in jail. why you may soon see a clash like this happening in another state. and waitress helps a customer out of his car in south jersey and it's a good thing because this is what happened soon after. how she knew it was time to get that man to safety. and we're not only working around the clock to make sure the pope is safe when he arrives, we're going to head up to new york city and see the plan there and why francis presents some unique challenges. >> it seems to be happening a lot more lately. local catholic parish without the money to pay their bills. why membership is dwindling and how the pope's big visit to turn it all around.
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♪ residents on one street in northeast philadelphia are dealing with this tonight. a water main break causing part of the road to open right up and neighbors tell us this is actually the second time they've had to go through this in recent weeks. fox weekend anchor bill anderson is live in our newsroom. bill, you've been talking to the water department throughout the day. so when is that hole going to be cleaned up? >> reporter: dawn, that's the million dollar question. residents have been trying to get answered for almost a month. so for three weeks, chalfont drive was closed as the streets department repaired a sink hole from the last water main break. residents got just about 24 hours of access to their street before it all happened again today. ♪
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>> reporter: the 3800 block of shall font drive has been hit pretty hard over the last few weeks. just a few weeks ago, up the block, a pipe burst opening a hole and leaving residents without water and access to their block. and then this morning, it happened again. >> just opened yesterday. they just finished repaving and now -- i'm wondering whether the rest of the street will have any major problem in the future. >> i think it's bigger than the other one. it's really something. >> reporter: 8-inch pipe burst followed by a huge sink hole opening up and now about 60 households in this neighborhood were without water and find themselves wondering how long they'll once be without access to their block. >> the big issue is going to be after labor day this is a main schoolbus street. so a lots of people will be trying to get up the street and it will be very inconvenient if it's not fixed by then. >> my daughter just broke her leg, and had to come out on crutches and look oh, my goodness we're trying to figure out when she comes home where do
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i -- how do we get back down the street. >> reporter: water department was on the scene very quickly. but but judging by the size of the pipe and the hole in the street it could take while before residents have it all fixed and full access to their neighborhood but still most people are in pretty good spirits. >> you have to laugh it off. you just deal. >> it will just ab little inconvenient. >> reporter: spokesperson for the water department told me normally in these circumstances they respond really quickly haven't the watery stored within hours. but still no word on just how long it's going to take to repair the street and why this block can't seem to catch a break. now true to their word the water department did get the water turned back on. but there's no real indication as to how long it will take before the street is actually fixed and repaired. many of the residents i spoke to said that they're okay with the streets department taking their time to fix it right. they've had two in a month. they're not interested in dealing with a third. >> all right, bill, thanks.
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happening now, a swift change at a kentucky county courthouse tonight. couples are once again able to get marriage licenses there including same second couples. as a county clerk who refused to issue that paper work before now sits in jail. marriage licenses for same sex couples are once again being issued in rowan county, kentuc kentucky. surrounded by cameras, william smith, jr. and james yates received their license shortly after the county clerk's office opened. the deputy clerk issue their license, congratulating the couple of nearly 10 years. before they received cheers and a hug from mom. >> this means everything for this area. civil rights are civil rights. >> supporters of same sex marriage and religious groups who up hold traditional definitions of language, converge the once against on the courthouse. county clerk kim davis a christian whose refusal to issue
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the licenses on religious grounds defied both the supreme court ruling and an order from a federal judge was jailed thursday on a couldn't item sigh teague. davis turned down a deal that would have led to her release under which depth tease could issue those licenses. her husband joe held a sign at her office reading "welcome to sad dam and gomurah". >> he said his wife will not resign. >> i would defy him. i defy our government. we have no government in the united states no more. >> the white house weighed in wis supports spokesman for president obama saying no public official is above the law. and now the refusal of an oregon judge to marry same sex couples could spark a similar legal showdown in that state. community leaders along with local labor unions paying tribute to the founder of labor day in pennsauken. peter j. mcguire who fought to change labor practices in the country is laid to rest in pennsauken and for the past 121
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years the community has placed a wreath at his memorial. leaders say it is the only monument to a national holiday outside of washington, d.c. new jersey state police say they will have 200 extra patrols this labor day weekend. troopers will be on the look out for drunk and aggressive drivers as well as stranded motorists. authorities say in 2014, four people died on new jersey roads during labor day weekend. two of those deaths involved alcohol. the state police marine and aviation units will also be patrolling the waterways. millions of americans will be getting a little financial relief on the road this labor day weekend. prices at the pump are tanking. >> i noticed. lower costs likely leading more americans to plan trip for what could be the busiest lab day weekend for drivers since 2008. fox' pass tricia stark tonight. report. >> i'm glad they're going lower for once. you know, it's a good ease on the wallet. >> reporter: good news if you plan on hitting the open road this holiday weekend. drivers expected to pay the
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lowest labor day weekend gas prices since 2004. >> we're at 2.43 a gallon a full dollar below where we were a year ago. not quiet at the dollar 85 we saw in 2004. >> reporter: aaa predicts more than 30 million americans will take advantage of the low prices. by traveling at least 50 miles from home over the next three days. that's a slight increase from last year and the biggest since 2008. >> everybody is going to be out on the road. you can somehow put it off, got the time, month or so, from now, you'll have to cheaper prices and less couldn't jeffed roads. >> helps us out a lot money wise. we're middle class. we're on social security. helps us a lot with lower gas prices. >> reporter: gas prices have been declining for months, and analysts say they expect the trend to continue. >> the reasons, the contraction of the chinese economy. they're not using as much as crude oil as they used to. there's a glut of crude oil globally and we're on the downward spiral as far as summer demand is concerns.
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>> reporter: labor day is one of the deadliest times of the year for traffic fatalities. and law enforcement agencies are warning drivers that officers will be out in full force. this labor day weekend if we could have no drunk drivers, no distracted drivers and people just slowed down a little bit, hundreds of lives would be saved. >> reporter: nation's airports will also be busy this labor day weekend with about 2.5 million americans expected to travel by air. patricia stark, fox news. just in time for labor day weekend, penndot officials helping to cut a ribbon on a rebuilt roadway in norristown. two-way traffic now open along markly street. the nearly $21 million improvement project began in february of 2013. construction crews widened and rebuilt that road adding new sidewalks, curbs, street lighting and traffic signals. penndot says today's opening was worth celebrating much the project was completed one year ahead of schedule. well it's a bird, it's a plane, no drone crash lands at
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the u.s. open. and now a schoolteacher is under arrest. the two big questions police are trying to answer tonight. and many of you will be relaxing this labor day and there's no better way of doing it than in this, what could be the world's largest hammock. it's closer than you think. >> you may be the leader of the catholic church but he still has to run some errands like the rest of us. pope francis shows up unannounced at a store in rome. we'll tell was the holy father was shopping for. ♪
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a tragic end to a cary possession in michigan. detroit man crashed his car and died as he tried to escape from the repo man. dan conway telling investigators that he tried to confiscate a vehicle but the owner attacked him and refused to hasn't it over. police say the owner even got in the car, tried to hit conway as he drove off. the owner then had heart tack, lost control of the vehicle and crashed through a fence into a neighbor's yard. paramedic rushed the man to the hospital but he died a short time later.
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that driver's family is devastated over what happened. >> i said are you okay? and he was like, i'm okay. he slumped over to the side and the car just started flying and i was trying to stop him. his eyes was already gone. >> now conway's injuries were not serious and he did eventually repossess the car. he says his thoughts are definitely with the family of that driver tonight. a drone crashes during the us open in queens and now a new york city teacher has been arrested. police say 26-year-old daniel verly at the academy of nine veigh tiff technology in brooklyn crashed a drone into some empty seats at the allow wee armstrong stadium. the drone was buzzing over the stadium before the match last night, before it went down. luckily no one was hurt. police say it was not clear why he was flying the drone. a waitress at a south jersey diner helped save the life of an
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86-year-old man moments before his car caught fire. the waitress said the man was a regular at the bridgeton family diner and his car appeared to be overheating when he pulled up to the restaurant yesterday. she helped him out of the car and underneath the shelter by the time he got there, the car was on fire. you can see it in those pictures there. no one was hurt and while the man was shaken up, he stayed for lunch, dawn. >> interesting. well, we are not the only city working around the clock to make sure the pope is safe when he arrives. we'll head up to new york city to see the plan there and why francis presents some unique challenges. home intruders target an 85-year-old man but it turns out to be a big mistake. he was ready to fight back sending the burglars running for their lives. scott? >> chris it's been another hot and humid day. temperatures made it into the lower mid 99s but take look at this. mid 80ings right now. a nice breeze. the dew points are dropping along with the temperatures. we'll talk about that complete forecast next.
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we have breaking news for you in delaware county. skyfox live over the 200 block of wanamaker avenue. this is in tinicum township. take a look much that's where officials tell us a van is involved with an, n an accident with a milling machine used to do road work. we know one person was taken to the hospital. but we do not know their condition at this point. again we'll bring updates as soon as we get them. now taking a live look at camelback mountain from our pocono mountains camera tonight.
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many holiday travelers headed down the shore. a lot of you headed to the mountains and while things remain mostly clear, there's a chance some of us may see little rain. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking the labor day holiday forecast in your fox 29 weather authority. as we get ready for the pope's visit, if you can believe it, three weeks, people in new york city are also getting ready for the pontiff's visit to that city. >> and for pope like francis this will be no easy task. fox's lisa evers shows us what they're doing to keep pope francis safe. >> reporter: known for his distaste of the trappings that come with prestigious position, including heavy security, his holiness pope francis is also known for his spontaneous into crowds to touch the faithful. former secret service agent assign to president obama's protection detail says this presents a tremendous challenge. >> there's simply in way to secure someone with the threat foot principal the pope carries with him with the discreet
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profile that he likes to carry around. >> reporter: nypd says it will an overlay of security including thousands of officers on the streets and special teams on stand by. but it's secret service that will be overall in charge. the pope will get similar protection to what is given the president and strong visual deterrent is part of the plan. >> it requires hard assets. assets you can't hide. you can't do discreetly. >> in other words the counter assault teams who are going to be dressed in black bdu's battle dress uniform swat time teams. you'll have count swipe per elements. military missions. >> the planning for the pope's visit has been going on for many months with agents devicing response strategies from option a to option z for every possible threat. what he calls the big six. >> tactical assaults, medical emergency, chem bio attack, ied
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improvised explosive attack air tack, airborne assaults and fire and maybe you throw in seven, geologic, an earthquake. >> there's no detail too small to be analyzed and we're told agents will repeatedly drive every single inch the pope will be traveling to know the territory and potential escape routes. they hope, however n they won't need any. back to your fox 29 weather authority. i hope pope francis has gorgeous weather like we've actually been having today. >> hopefully through the week glenn good timin timing. >> let's hope so. by the time of the papal visit, temperatures will have dropped dramatically as far as the average highs for that time of year we'll be in the 70s overnight lows in the 50s. hopefully good weather for that time frame. good weather expected for the upcoming labor day holiday weekend. the last hoorah of summer ultimate doppler pretty quiet right now. a couple of isolated storms mainly off to the west right now, but we did it again. i'm talking about temperatures above 90 degrees. making for the 34th time so far this year.
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look at the numbers right now down the shore. wildwood 81 degrees. we have bring teen checking in at 78. 76 beach haven. so looking pretty good down the shore. headed inn land temperatures cooling off bit. mid 80s now philadelphia. low 80s in trenton. pottstown checking in at 84 degrees. the dew points still high that measure of moisture in the atmosphere upper 60s to right around 70. so the dew points the humidity will be dropping if you're stepping outdoors for your friday plans. by 11:00 o'clock, we're looking at numbers around 76 degrees. we had that back door front that continues to push through the area. sweeping all of the clouds and humidity and thunderstorms to our south and we have those winds coming in out of the north. so that will help us out in the temperature department. so for tonight, once again there might be an early isolated shower most of us stay dry those temperatures continue to fall. and then by saturday morning, we're looking pretty good. a mixture of sun and clouds, temperatures in the low to mid 70s. by the afternoon, temperatures top out in the low to mid 80s. so looking pretty good for the
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made in america festival saturday high temperatures mid 80s. 88 degrees on sunday. those temperatures will be falling into the 70s for the evening looking pretty good for the beyonce' concert as well. as far as labor day weekend down the shore, breezy, low 80s saturday, don't forget that sunscreen. high u.s. index values your skin can burn pretty easily keep that in mind. water temperatures in the upper 70s make a great one down the shore. labor day weekend, pocono mountains looking good as well. 77 degrees. saturday's high temperature. sunday dry, a lot of sunshine. 78. 80 degrees as we move into labor day monday. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you great weather for the temple game tomorrow as well. chris is excited about that and we're looking at warmer conditions by sunday. 88 degrees. 99-degree temperatures return, though, as we move toward monday, tuesday and wednesday. maybe our sixth heat wave of the year.
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>> enjoy that drier break lower humidity especially saturday into sunday. >> enjoy it now. >> great weekend though. perfect for the holiday. it seems like it's happening more and more often in our area. low catholic parishes without the income to pay the bills. why membership is dwindling and how the pope's big visit to philadelphia could maybe help turn it all around. and coming up all new at 6:00 rumors are swirling. will joe biden run for president in 2016? tonight, biden is setting the record straight. what he says will be the reason he runs for office. ♪
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♪ hero's women come for one of the three americans who took down a gunman on a french train dozens of family members friends and well wish schers coming to travis air force base in california last night to welcome home airman first class spencer stone. 23-year-old stone and two other americans are being hailed as
5:39 pm
heroes for helping subdue a heavily armed more rock can man planning attack of the train. >> this is my first time seeing a hero in person, and it feels like so amazing see a hero like that. >> the two other men have already returned to the u.s. all three were honored by the french government for jumping into action and preventing further bloodshed. a man down under is very lucky to be alive after his open water encounter. >> he's recovering tonight in the hospital after a shark pulled him under what the water. 65-year-old was paddling off the coast of forrester a town about 180 miles north of sidney. that's when he said the shark knocked him off his surf ski and bit his leg. the man jumped back on to the raft and may it to shore. bystanders noticing he was in trouble and calling for help as soon as he got to the beach. >> he had some lacerations just below the calf and helicopter
5:40 pm
came and took him to the hospital for surgery. >> pretty luck keep it is just the latest shark attack this year off australia's eastern coast. 11 different incidents have been reported over the past five months. a diver even died from his injuries after an attack off tas mania back in july. he may be leader of the catholic church, but he still needs to run errands. he's like the rest of us, right pope francis showing up unannounced at a store in rome. what was he shopping for? >> and many of will be relaxing this labor day, right? there's no better way to do it than this, what could be the world's largest hammock. if you think it's closer -- it is closer i should say than you may think. >> dawn, matt barkley 10. tim tebow looking like he's sitting pretty but still several place avoiding the coach's ge getting passed today and hopefully making the team. we'll update you on who has been cut so far later in sports.
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♪ philadelphia district attorney seth williams says he will not fire three employees caught up in an e-mail exam scandal tied to the case against attorney general kathleen kane. >> kane claimed the criminal case her was cooked up because she was threatening to reveal offensive e-mails sent or received by former state prosecutors frank cena and mark company stan so. a thousand pages of the e-mails in question were released by court officials last month. they are sexually explicit and described as playing on racial stereotypes. cena and company stan so now work for the philadelphia district attorney's office. late this afternoon da seth williams announcing they and another employee will be required to attend sensitivity
5:45 pm
training. williams tells us he conducted a long investigation, agreeagrees the e-mails are offe and he was disappointed and angry these messages are considered acceptable but he says none of the e-mails were created or originated by cena, company stan so or blessington and circulated to or by them while they were employed by the district attorney's office. william says, the 20 e-mails in question date back from five to six years ago. cena and company stan so are closely died to the kathleen kane case. they wrote to grant jury last year to ask for an investigation into an alleged leak of grand jury information to a philadelphia newspaper. now, kane is charged with leaking that information and then lying to cover it all up. she has been ordered to stand trial in the matter. before the pope makes his historic journey however to philadelphia, pope francis is shopping for some new eye wear. he just made a surprise visit to a rome operate addition for some
5:46 pm
new eye glasses. francis was driven to the shop last night drawing a large crowd of curious tourists and roam man's outside. shop owner made his glasses before but the pope always had them personally delivered to the vatican. he says he had no idea the pontiff was coming in person. his holiness spent about half an hour at that store. >> walking right in. >> meanwhile back here at home, changes in faith, tuition costs and changing neighborhoods have left some catholic parishes with more property than expenses than they can afford. the philadelphia archdiocese is making a series of bold moves. our joyce evans takes a look at how one parish is holding on and holding hope that excitement of the world meeting of families and the pope's visit might turn things around. ♪ >> energizing the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: as well as father thomas higgins. it will be the second papal visit he'll witness. >> i was i guess 24, 25 years
5:47 pm
old. >> reporter: when he got close up look at john paul the second. >> when he arrived in philadelphia, my mom and my sister went to that and in 1979 down on the parkway. >> reporter: change his life forever. and for me personally it was -- it was final moment, yeah, i think i want to be priest and i entered the seminary the next september. >> reporter: choice and service to a church the faithful and a community he loved. he's now pastor of holy innocence roman catholic church. >> parish founded by monsignor martin lynch in 1927. it became a crown jewel in what was still pretty much country sued in juniata park. >> that was in the '30 '30s andn the 1953 he built this beautiful church. >> reporter: gorgeous. >> which holds about 1200 people. >> reporter: but you'd have to go back 40, 50 years to a time when these pews were overflowing and there was awaiting list for
5:48 pm
the school. >> honestly, only one mass is filled of the five masses we have each sunday only one mass is pitch the other four masses there's room for hundreds of more people. so -- >> reporter: you don't have the numbers. >> we don't have the number, no. >> reporter: almost a shadow of what it was. even after three other parishes and part of another were merged into the much stronger self sustaining holy innocence. that was just two years ago. times have changed. >> yes. times have changed. ♪ >> reporter: so have spiritual minds, hearts and neighborhoods. so much so that the archdiocese has been taking drastic measures to trim the millions of dollars spent each year supplementing churches, parishes and/or schools not generating enough money to keep their own lights on. >> that's tough. >> it has been difficult. >> reporter: selling off
5:49 pm
everything from ornate stained glass to abandoned schools, convents and entire parish properties. >> what more can we do? >> reporter: father higgins says in some cases it's not easy finding any interested buyers. >> i was overseeing it, and as the dean, as the pastor and i had to try to help unify these really four different parishes. we're still trying. >> reporter: trying times for generations of families who had grown up in two park ribs in frankford. say joan of arc in harrowgate. smack in the center of west kensingtokensington neighbor. >> after 60, 70 years of being in that parish they had to say goodbye. it was very very difficult. >> reporter: ban donneed sold out, loft how many community serviced by this century old former parish feel today.
5:50 pm
orlando gon gonzales when ascenn fell so did the hope and guiding light of this neighbor. >> it's falling apart. you see drugs all around. >> our community has been ban donned in many ways. >> reporter: saint joan of arc will not go the way of ascension vows this sister. >> we're working very hard to maintain a presence here. >> reporter: rallying volunteers and donations in crusade led solely by this fis fisty, spunky in many nun. >> you're simply not willing to give up on this community or this church? >> no, i'm not. report to provide nourishment and spiritual to a community who has very little to give any more but they need a lot. >> people come from all over. >> the old world style church holds popular sunday mass all in spanish. >> they have history. all of them have history. >> reporter: still with the parish often dipping into its savings to supplement joan of
5:51 pm
arc and others, sister linda knows all of this could shut down any day. >> that's a very big possibility. >> reporter: but sister linda, orlando gonzales and father higgins all have high hopes riding on the pope's historic visit, praying that some marchs may be touched and faith resto restore. >> well, i hope so. it's my prayer and really it's what we're all working for here. ♪ >> reporter: can there be enough to revive churches and parishes or at least hold on to the ones still operating? >> i have faith that's going to happen. it really is needed. report roar orlando worries the feeling may be fleeting when the pope and the spotlight leave town. >> he's coming downtown. is his voice going reach west kensington or his voice just gob to be heard downtown. >> i'm praying that it will. >> if i just go back to my 1979 experience with pope john paul ii i'm optimistic that a few other young men will hear the
5:52 pm
similar call to say, wow! >> reporter: father higgins has no doubt though he'll still have to reach out to reclaim. >> you live in the neighborhood? >> yeah, down way. >> reporter: one catholic at a time. >> come and visit. you have the mass schedule the there. >> reporter: joyce evans fox 29 news. 85-year-old california man took matter noose his own hands when two people tried to break into his home. police say two men knock on the door of his home wednesday morning when no one answered the men went into the backyard. police say the 85-year-old man inside called police and armed himself with a gun. when those men came close, he opened fire and sent them running. residents say they're grateful to the homeowner had the courage to protect his property. >> people just think they can just come in to our homes and take whatever they want and so i'm glad he fought back. >> he did the whole community a service by putting these bad guys out of action.
5:53 pm
we're very proud of him. >> one those intruders got away in car. the other man ran 15 blocks to a rail station all with a bullet in his head. police arrested him. he's in the hospital tonight in critical condition. they're still looking for the other man. it is the day star wars fans have been waiting for. force friday. disney and toy makers like hasbro and lego are rolling out new merchandise ahead of the december release of the force a quake every weakens much fans lining up outside stores in times square waiting for midnight to arrive. eager to get their hands on memorabilia from the seventh installment of the hit movie franchise. it's part of disney's massive marketing blitz. introducing merchandise in 15 cities and 12 nations worldwide. >> from toys such as kyla cross cord lifesaver that lights up and has sound and vibration to our elite series dye cast collectible act figures. we also have a fabulous choice
5:54 pm
of roll play costumes for ray, the captain, kyla that we're so excited to be to introduce to our fans. >> force awakens blasts into theaters december 18th bringing back harrison ford and mark hamil from the original films. >> relaxing outdoors hit new record breaking heights just in time for the holiday weekend. the world's largest hammock is now on display in new jersey. take look. the hammock 65 feet long, 31 feet wide that's about 10 times the size of a normal hammock, it was sponsored by king digital entertainment and actress may land act they are kerr man the first to sake take a massive swing which is sitting in liberty state park right across the river from manhattan. >> i've always been a big fan of the guiness book of world records as child i remember rivaling through it and all these exciting things that you never new existed or happened. so to actually be here on this spot witnessing being part of oh
5:55 pm
potential world record is kind of incredible. >> why was it done? pr of course. the venture was under taken in the tropical and relaxing themes of paradise bay keen's latest mobile game. ♪ >> tonight at 6:00 the last who are rah. thousand heading down to the shore and up to the mountains for the unofficial end of summ summer. fox 29 has your go to guide for all things philadelphia this weekend. ♪ it's important to defense the -- i will support and defense the couldn't stewing of the united states. >> plus will he run. >> i'll be straight forward. >> vice-president joe biden gets candid when asked if he'll run for president in 2016. the reason his family may be the deciding factor.
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. tonight at 6:00 a big weekend across the area as we say goodbye to summer.
6:00 pm
from the made in america festival shutting down parts of center city philadelphia to people heading down to the shore for the unofficial end of summer. and scott is keeping an eye for you on the holiday weekend forecast. good evening everyone. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney tonight we have you covered from everything that's happening this weekend. we've begin of course with biggest music festival in philadelphia. that's where we find fox 29's joanne pileggi. she's at the made in america festival which actually could play a role in what we see security wise later on this month when the pope visits, joanne? >> reporter: that's right, dawn. the made in america festival sign the budweiser made in america festival sign was just lifted in place as crews are completing set up for this major musical even that takes place saturday and sunday here along the parkway. and city official say and they have confirm they are using this event and taking notes from this event as a practice run for the papal visit later this month. final staging


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