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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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from the made in america festival shutting down parts of center city philadelphia to people heading down to the shore for the unofficial end of summer. and scott is keeping an eye for you on the holiday weekend forecast. good evening everyone. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney tonight we have you covered from everything that's happening this weekend. we've begin of course with biggest music festival in philadelphia. that's where we find fox 29's joanne pileggi. she's at the made in america festival which actually could play a role in what we see security wise later on this month when the pope visits, joanne? >> reporter: that's right, dawn. the made in america festival sign the budweiser made in america festival sign was just lifted in place as crews are completing set up for this major musical even that takes place saturday and sunday here along the parkway. and city official say and they have confirm they are using this event and taking notes from this event as a practice run for the papal visit later this month. final staging taking place here
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along the parkway for this weekend's made in america mewing is festival. it is an event that will draw close to 150,000 people over the next two days. >> weather it's one or weather it's, you know, a million or two we still have to be prepared and we have have been prepared for whoever is coming. >> reporter: festival features beyonce' and more than 60 musical acts multiple stages and events. it is a major effort for setup and it comes just as the city is in its countdown to the papal visit. >> there are just certain things that have to be done no matter what you do. and outdoor event so we learned from all the events that we have in this city. >> so many people are running around and you're trying to work around and trying to make, you know, get their trucks in while our trucks are waiting and vise versa who needs it done first. you know, it's a lot of coordination and like it's hard to coordinate everything right in the beginning when you get here it's kind of like, all right, everybody, let's see what we need to do. >> reporter: city officials look at this concert prep as a dry run for pope francis'
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historic visit in three weeks. >> what you constantly want to do in pub look safety is make sure that everybody is working together. make sure that everybody has -- is on the same channels that no other protocols that understand how to get things done. >> reporter: with large crowds expected for both major events, city officials want to emphasize safety including the grid system of letters and numbers on signs lining the parkway. >> it just makes it ease your for people to tell us where they are if they happen to be in trouble. >> reporter: of course the city has a high check very sophisticated communication system in place in case of any emergency. now, there will of course be street closure the parkway is closed through sunday and the streets around here are many of them are block off and there of course be parking restrictions. by the way, this event when it is over and cleaned out, the build in preparations for the papal visit will begin as soon as next week. we're live along the parkway,
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i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you dawn and chris. >> thanks joanne. today speaking of the weather is day six of this summer heat wave of the sixth heat wave. let's take look at camelback mountains tonight. another hot spot this weekend. many folks going up to the mountains for watery sorts there. with more on what we can expect for the labor day weekend chief meteorologist scott williams is here. hi, scott. >> hi, chris. unofficial start to summer has begun. we're talking about temperatures today. look at this made up to 93 degrees. extending our fifth heat wave. tying the record high for today's date set back in 2008. but if you're stepping for your friday evening plans the upcoming holiday weekend many improve. drier air moving in as that front sags to the south pushing with it humidity. a couple isolated downpours far to the west temperatures dropping into the 70s wrightstown 77, atlantic city. low 80s north and west. looking pretty comfortable. so isolated thunderstorm be rule
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out. otherwise lowering humidity and take a sneak peek that at that saturday snapshot area wide it is going to be a 10. we'll have that extended holiday forecast coming up. >> all right, scott, thank you. well thousand are taking advantage of this weekend's beautiful weather and heading down to the shore for the unofficial end of summer. and our brad sattin is one of them live among the crowds in ocean city, new jersey. hey, brad. how you doing? >> reporter: doing great here. we have a nice breeze going. humidity seems to have dropped off, and a lot of cloud cover it's actually feeling along the boardwalk here pretty darn good. i got to till. this is interesting. we were here on memorial day, the friday before memorial day. we're here on sixth street on the boardwalk one of the ends this place was jam packed. take look at what's going on here this friday before labor day. not nearly as many people. the reason i think is pretty obvious. school starting for many kids because this is a late labor day this year. and that may be why a lot of folks maybe just not coming down all the more reason may be you
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want to come down. we had chance to talk to folks on the boardwalk trying to get one last at any time of summer. it was a hot hazy day here today. a lot of folks telling us that they're just here for the day or some of them spending just one night but not staying beyond that because they want to get home to get ready for school. hotels as we were driving along here seemed to have a lot of vacancies. parking lots fairly empty. ocean city officials telling us after a rainy june, july and august were great. 2014 was a banner year. 2015 shaping up to be the same. the good news is, it is not over yet. a few days left to enjoy here maybe get on the beach and even enjoy those waves. >> it's really refreshing as well as warm, so it's warmer than the air that's for sure. >> lifeguards say 79 degrees. >> feels like it. >> it feels good. if you like a little privacy the quietness it's good. but i mean i'm from the city. i'm loud and really active but this is quiet. >> kind of quite so far. >> it really is.
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i don't know. it's weird. >> get on the beach with them before school and kind of end cap our summer. >> good way to end it, right. >> yeah. >> beautiful down here. >> this year having labor day as late as you possibly could have it it's been a little quiet this week. i understand a lot of schools are going back earlier. we're book are looking forward to a big weekend much overall it's been a great summer here in ocean city. >> reporter: it has been. we were doing an interview somebody dropped ritz crackers the seagulls think it's the end of summer maybe it's their last meal they wasted no time i'd say about 20 seconds all of those crackers were gone. the one thing we don't want is rain above our heads. the only thing i think worse than that, guys, maybe if the seagulls because people scattered that's the last thing you need flying -- having flying seagulls right above you. again it feels good here. it's a little windy. but it should be a nice night ahead. guys, back to you. >> all right. enjoy the shore, brad. residents in northeast philadelphia are spending part of their holiday weekend looking at this, a water main break
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caused part of the road to open up on chalfont drive and residents say they've been through this before. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson joins us live from the newsroom. bill, neighbors really seem to be taking this all in stride. >> reporter: they really don't have much of a choice, chris. the residents of the 3800 block of chalfont drive were celebrating yesterday. because after three weeks, the sink hole that damaged their block was repaired and the street was finally reopened. but this morning, a water main broke and they're dealing with the closure all over again. the 8-inch pipe burst followed by a huge sink hole opening and now the roughly 60 neighbors who thought their block would be back open in time for schoolbus and carpool traffic have no idea how long it will remain closed. >> because it just opened yesterday. they just finish repaving and now -- i'm wondering whether the rest of the street will have any major problems in the future. >> i think it's bigger than the other one. i know, yeah. it's really something. >> reporter: also plenty of
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neighbors who expressed concern about the safety of the block after two sink holes in less than a month, but even with the concern about safety and access to their neighborhood, most were fairly upbeat in dealing with the situation. >> the big issue is going to be after labor day this is a main schoolbus street. so a lot of people will be trying to get up the street and it will be very inconvenient if it's not fixed by then. >> my daughter just broke her leg, and had to come out on crutches and like, oh, my goodness, we're trying to figure out when she comes home where do i pick -- how do we get her back down the street. >> reporter: residents were applauding the water department. they were on the scene very quickly and water was restored. but there's still no time frame on when the street will be repaired and no explanation as to why this happened a second time. also, walking the block you can see other places where the street seems to have buckled. so even though residents want access to their block, they're okay with the city taking their time if it means this won't happen again to them in another
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three weeks. dawn? >> hopefully not, right, thanks, bill. a deadly house fire in new jersey is now officially ruled a murder/suicide. authorities confirming that a house fire in long branch was in fact intentionally set after man fatally shot his girlfriend and two children and then turn the gun on himself. monmouth county acting prosecutor says all four were found dead within gunshot wounds they were all in a second floor bedroom. no word as to the reason behind that murder/suicide. now to a twist in the case of rosie o'donnell's missing daughter. today new jersey judge is approved request from rosy's teenaged daughter to lift a no contact order with 25 year old steven shearer. prosecutors say he sent chelsea o'donnell rosy's daughter a nude picture when she was only 17 years old. well she's now 18. chelsea was found in his home at a barnegat township last month after she was reported missing by her mom for more than week. well, more questions tonight surrounding joe biden and
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whether he will run for president in 2016. the vice-president in atlanta last night speaking at an atlanta synagogue on unfortunate s foreign policy, and that's when reporters asked the question that was on a lot of people's minds these days, will he run for president? >> i'll be straight forward with you. the most relevant factor in my decision is whether my family and i have the emotional energy to run. some might think that is not appropriate but unless i can go to my party and the american people and say that i'm able to devote my whole heart and my whole soul to this endeavor, it would not be appropriate.
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>> vice-president joe biden says he needs to look the american people in the eye and say "i can do this" before he makes decision. no piece for one grieving family after the headstone they paid for is never made. >> now 2400 bucks later the family wants answers. see what happens when we sent jeff cole to the company behind making that headstone. >> sean? >> chris the best college football game in the state of pennsylvania going down at the linc on saturday. temple/penn state. we preview that matchup later in sports.
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♪ a philadelphia woman is up in arms tonight over the condition a gravestone marking the final resting place of her beloved parents. she paid over $2,000 to have the marker engraved and buffed months ago. >> but nothing has been done so she asked fox 29 to take look and jeff cole did. he joins us live with the story. jeff. >> you know it chris.
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patricia munroe was beside herself she called and visited the monument company but she got to act. we've done a little reporting on this, and now it looks like things may be changing. >> we were close knit family because of them. >> every time the monroe familiar the city visits the grave of leroy and lulu stover, they cringe a little. >> when you come here, and you see the stone, what do you think? >> i'm sad. it's upsetting. >> it was early last notify their daughter plucked down 2400 bucks to complete the engraving of their parents information place their pictures and above the stone. she paid the 2400 at gallagher memorial near ivy hill cemetery where they're buried. 10 months later and nothing. >> my mother's picture would be here. >> monroe was told by worker at gallagher the work would be done on or before august 28th when it wasn't she went back to the office where they couldn't tell her anything. >> how does this make you feel? >> horrible.
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horrible. i mean i really want to just a hole lot of stuff i don't i want to curse. i wanted to fight. i wanted to beat the lady up at the desk telling me she couldn't give me what i need. this has to be done. >> she called fox 29. from the documents we learned gallagher is owned by live sto stones by stephan upper darby company with affiliated officers across the region. we called and headed for upper darby on the way we heard from greg stephan of live stone. he claimed there are a number of issues at play including a rough winter and difficulty in having the pig cherry produced. at first unwilling to go on camera, he did and made a big promise. >> we're going to take care of this. we're going to refund mrs. monroe and we're going to also get the work done for her. >> reporter: all the money back? >> all the money back and you'll do the work in essence for free? >> , all the money back and we'll do the work for free because we what happened her to be happy. >> reporter: okay then. mr. stephan later called pat monroe apologized and made the
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same pledge to her. that he made to us. all her money back plus the work for free. he told her it would be done by the end of the month. chris. >> great work, jeff. once again. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it looks like the weekend is shaping up to be a good one, scott? >> yeah, that's right. just in time for the unofficial end of summer. the last hour a folks headed down the shore or poconos or staying in the city. relief is moving in from the heat and humidity. a nice labor day weekend ahead but then we heat back up by next week. we could be dealing with our sixth heat wave of the year. 93 degrees that was the high temperature today. extenting the fifth heat wave. tying the record high by the way 93 set back in 2008. so so far this year including today 34 days at or above 90 degrees. but as we look at the tepp chess right now. looking good south jersey down the shore. 77 brigantine. 76 beach haven. upper 70s right now in cape may county as we move along the i-95 corridor, 82 philadelphia.
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81 in pottstown. the dew points still above 60 even 70 so still a little sticky if you're stepping outdoors but the humidity levels will continue to drop as some of that drier air moves in. by 11:00 o'clock, 76 degrees. so looking pretty good if you're stepping for your friday evening plans. ultimate doppler kind of settled down right now. most of the action far off to the west and central part of the state. so as we take look at the satellite/radar, that drier air continues to work in from the north. that back door front kind of sweeping the heat and humidity to our south as well. so maybe isolated storm far off to the west but as we go toward tomorrow morning, looking pretty good. low to mid 70s. temperatures tomorrow upper 70s low and mid 80s across the area. so no weather worries whatsoev whatsoever. if you're headed out tonight or tomorrow. take look at this. as we look ahead to the made in america festival this weekend, mid 80s in the city tomorrow and then we're looking at upper 80s by sunday. down the shore, labor day
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weekend looking good. low 80s. breezy conditions tonight through the upcoming holiday weekend. 84 degrees on labor day itself. the pocono mountains, looking refreshing. we're looking at a pair of sevens tomorrow. 78 degrees on sunday. and 80 degrees on monday and that seven day weather authority forecast shows 85 degrees tomorrow. low humidity. upper 80s on sunday. 90-degree temperatures back for labor day and then it look like maybe another heat wave by the middle of next week. but great weather if you're headed to the temple game. >> i know you're excite. >> i'll be there about 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. (laughter). >> perfect for holiday weekend. i don't think it gets much better. >> yeah. speaking of football. bombshell from the eagles camp today. >> bombshell. look like we'll have to deal with tebow mania. (laughter). >> only with tebow we worry about a their string quarterba quarterback. tebow remains. barkley traded. chip kelly and the eagles making more roster moves to cut it down to 53. we'll let you know who is packing their stuff and who remains next in sports.
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♪ we told you earlier matt bark system headed to arizona essentially a seventh round pick but tim tebow shot some secure yet. chip can still only keep two quarterbacks so the tebow watch is still on. only with this guy would people actually care about a third string quarterback. tebow had his best preseason
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game yesterday which may have given chip a little confidence to trade barkley. 11 for 17. 189 yards and two touchdowns and one pick. chip tried tebow for two-point conversion that fail in the preseason. tebow will probably stay because with all the injury concerns at qb sam bradford you need three quarterbacks. tebow hasn't officially made the team yet. has no words. >> try not to be anxious at all that's what the bible says. be anxious and nothing goes. you know what, he says anxious on nothing and i'll try to do that. >> the big roster cuts eagles reportedly cut rasheed bailey local kid coming out of delaware valley. rookie had a solid preseason and limited opportunities 10 catches, 100 yards, two touchdowns. couldn't make a young crowded wide receiver core. last night bailey had a message for any team that would be willing to pick him up. >> once i'm out there, you going
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to get the best player out of me. all ever, everything. i'm laying it on the line in empty where it is, who i'm with, you know, i love this city, of course, but i'll lay it all on the line. special teams when i was out there, opportunities i made when i was out there, everything. >> he had a good preseason he's definitely going to pick up somewhere if not a practice squad. college football is back and it starts off with inn state rivalcy. penn state, temple at the linc in front of sold out crowd on saturday. litany lions have won 39 straight games against the owls. penn state walking off the bus kicking off their second season under james franklin. they went seven and sick last year finishing sixth in the big 10. the lions have all their scholarships back look to go get back in the mix with ohio state and wisconsin. and temple trying to revenge a 30-13 loss to the lions last year. the owls went just six and six last year but they're returning all their starters on defense.
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that should give them a leap forward for this coming season. it will be unbelievable atmosphere on saturday and temple players think it's all on them. >> this season it all comes do us and we know that. since i've been here the first time i can truly say it comes down to us and we know that. one of the biggest rules be yourself. come in every single day, lock in, get done what you got to get done and good things will happen and that's what we finally realized. >> eagles biggest thing people need to realize if tebow actually sees real time that means the season is in the dump. (laughter). >> eagles are done. you don't want to see rash less if you're a tebow mania fan. >> did you have to bring up the 39 game winning streak against temple. >> had to. >> we're not going to make it to 40. >> that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. inside edition is up next. ♪
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donald trump security smackdown. >> stop it, stop it! >> and was he hit with a low- blow gotcha question? >> that is a gotcha question. >> drone scare at the u.s. open. >> security out to take a look at it. >> and what's this drone doing outside the hospital? and the pope's encounter with the shy american high school student. >> may i ask of to you sing a song for me? >> everyone in the room is wondering, can she do it, will she do it. then, caitlyn jenner. why is she so angry, then gunning it? and from one beat up old truck to a worldwide fleet. >> i didn't know one thing. >> two men and a truck.


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