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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 5, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ breaking news right now on fox 29. sky fox live over south street. that's where a man was shot and killed just a short time ago. it happened near the tla and right now part of the street which is always very crowded on a friday night is shut down as police search that area for clues. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. i'm chris o'connell. rapper little dirk was scheduled to perform at the tla tonight. we learned that show has now been canceled. fox 29's shawnette wilson live
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near the scene. shawnette, what is the latest on the search for a gunman tonight? >> reporter: well, first up, chris, what we can tell you the victim is a 25-year-old man shot here taken to hahnemann hospital where he died. take live look behind us still a very active scene. lots of police officers still here. evidence markers on the ground just about two businesses away from the tla. tonight police have several people in for questioning. they're trying to find out if one of them is the gunman who they tell us may be part of a gang. as we go to video of the scene here from a little while ago, it happened two businesses away as me mentioned from the tla concert on south street. people were waiting to get in to see little durk when an argument and scuffle broke out shots were fired. at one hit the victim another shattered the window of the concert tour bus which is park out front. two people were inside. police say those two were not hurt. now, police say according to witnesses the gunman fled in a
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limo which was eventually pulled over by police on south columbus boulevard. three people were taken to homicide. they are still there at this hour for questioning. this all happened on a busy summer night with hundreds of people out. >> imagine shortly after 8:00 on south street there are literally hundreds of people on the sidewalks and traffic is very very heavy. >> reporter: back here live again still a very active scene. police believe this part of south street will be shut down for a few more hours from now as they continue to process evidence left behind here at the scene but again the latest a 25-year-old man shot dead. police enter viewing witnesses and those three people pulled over in limo to see if the gunman was among them f not they're still looking for at leave one person a shooter in this incident. and as you mentioned off the top guys the concert here been canceled tonight. back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. of course we'll bring you any new details in this breaking story throughout the newscast. hot and sticky start to the
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holiday weekend. great day to be at the beach but we are in for changes over this labor day weekend. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams here with detai details. >> welcome changes the high made it to 93 degrees extending our fifth heat wave into the sickth day but take look what's happening right now. some drier, cooler air is moving in from the north and you can see that front has moved to our south. so it's much more comfortable if you're stepping outdoors right now with the winds coming in out of the north and the east a little breeze. as far as the temperatures right now, low to mid 70s. but feeling comfortable area wide and take a look at the overnight low temperatures dipping into the low 60s for the pocono mountains upper 60s north and west. upper 60s to right around 70 degrees as we move into parts of south jersey. now, as far as the numbers you can see by saturday morning, 6am we're talking upper 60s coatesville, sketch degrees in doylestown. down the shore temperatures in atlantic city tomorrow morning
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around 70. if you're staying in town, lower humidity, very pleasant for your saturday. low to mid 80s. down the shore tomorrow, a mixture of sun and clouds, a nice breeze upper 70s low 80s the pocono mountains temperatures upper 70s to 80 degrees. coming up we'll have that entire forecast for the upcoming holiday weekend. made in america forecast weather and tracking another potential heat wave with the seven day. back to you. >> all right, thank you scott. the unofficial end of summer is here. hard to believe and thousands of people are heading to the jersey shore for one last chance to hit the beach. our brad sattin is live in ocean city tonight among the crowds. brad, another summer in the books almost. >> reporter: almost. still a little time to enjoy it. breeze feels great here along the beach tonight. i'll tell you that much. you know labor day last year hit the early it could have hit as a result huge crowds, this year it's hitting the latest it could possibly hit. as a result take look, there are not huge crowds in fact we were
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at this very spot sixth street the friday before memorial day this year was jam pack. but take a look now. not this time. sandy as a way with words. >> when i say the end of summer you say. >> -- eh. >> more from her in moment. >> but first -- >> okay we're here. >> meet the mayville family arriving in ocean city from oswega new york making the trek in search of summer fun. >> walking on the boardwalk check it out you've never been here before. >> school has already started which is why the light crowd the. >> the restaurant you walk um and sit down and eat. you don't have to stand in line for. >> some concessions already closed. many shops with end of season sale. raymond working at seventh street art gallery when it comes to money it's now or never. >> after this weekend it completely changes like a ghost town.
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but we have great sales right now. severing half off you get a frame with it. >> city officials say it was a big year despite a rainy june. >> every since then we can't complain. it's been hot and dry, and there's ban lot of people in town. >> reporter: but now it won't be long until summer is just an old time memory. gone in a flash blew on by all washed up piece out. but there's always next year and sooner than you think. as we were walking on the ocean city boardwalk for the last ti time, what popped up on my phone, a promotion for ocean city summer rentals 2016. i still don't know how they actually knew i was here on the boardwalk in order to send me that -- i guess it was a deal for 2016 but i'm not quite ready to book yet. i can tell you if you're still looking to come here, this weekend, we saw lots of hotels with vacancies, parking lot white right behind me jam pack on the on memorial day is is pretty much wide open tonight, chris, come on down. >> they're watching you brad. >> if you're staying in the city
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over labor day weekend the ben franklin parkway is the place to be. we are counting down to one of biggest parties of the summer. the stage is all set at eakins oval the site of tomorrow's budweiser made in american festival. this is the fourth annual event featuring artists like by i don't know say, modest mouse, j cole and the weekend and the two-day event is also giving officials an idea about possible security issues ahead of the papal weekend. city officials say they'll be taking notes on what works using the festival as a practice run in preparation for the pope's visit later this month. there are just certain things that have to be done no matter what you do and outdoor event so we learned from all the events that we have in this city. whether it's one or whether it it's, you know a million or two we still have to be prepared and we have been prepared for whoever is coming. i was out there tonight. roads are already being shut down. the ben franklin parkway will be shut down through sunday night with many nearby road closures
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and parking restrictions. organizers say the festival could draw as many as 100,000 -- 150,000 visitors over the next two days. we want to see what you are up a to this weekend. tweet us your pictures and use the hash tag fox 29 labor day. one person is in the hospital tonight after a rather unusual crash in delaware coun county. involving a piece of equipment used for road construction. it happened about 4:00 this afternoon on the 200 block of wanamaker avenue that's in tinicum township. sky fox over the scene showing a van which smashed into this milling machine. it's not clear if the machine was in use at the time of the accident. the driver of the van was rush to the hospital. no word on their condition. residents of one street in northeast philadelphia are dealing with this tonight. a water main break causing part of the road to open right up. it's the second time this has happened recently. their water is back on this evening, but as fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson tells us, that hole may take a little bit
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longer to repair. ♪ >> reporter: the 3800 block of chalfont drive has been hit pretty hard over the last few weeks. just a few weeks ago, up the block a pipe burst opening hole and leaving residents without water and access to their block and then this morning, it happened again. >> just opened yesterday. they just finished repaving. i'm wonder whether the rest of the street will have any major problems in the future. >> i think it's bigger than the other one. it's really something. >> reporter: 8-inch pipe burst followed by a huge sink hole opening up and now about 60 households in this neighborhood were without water and find themselves wondering how long they'll once again be without access to their block. >> big issue will be after labor day, this is a main schoolbus street. so a lot of people will be trying to get up the street and it will be very inconvenient if it's not fix by then. >> my daughter just broke her leg and had to come out on
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crutches and like oh, my goodness, we're trying to figure out when she comes home where do i pick -- do you we get her back down the street? >> reporter: water department was on the scene very quickly. but judging by the size of the pipe and the hole in the street, it could take awhile before residents have it all fixed and full access to their neighborhood. but still most people are in pretty good spirits. >> you have to laugh it off. you just deal. >> it will be a little convenience. >> reporter: spokesman for the water department told me normally in these circumstances they respond really quickly and have the watery stored within hours. but still no word on just how long it's going to take to repair the street and why this block can't seem to catch a break. guys, true to their word the water department did get the water turned back on. but there's no indication as to how long it will take to actually get the street repair repaired. interestingly enough, several of the residents who have been waiting for access to their street told me they're okay with the streets department taking their time and fixing it correctly.
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they've had two collapses in a month. they're not interested in a third. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. big news for the eagles tonight as they still work to finalize their final 53 man roster and a big move that could clear the way for tebow time. the birds have traded away quarterback matt barkley to the arizona cardinals. barkley went head to head for tebow for the team's third string quarterback spot. tebow may have done enough to win himself a job last night. the eagles still handful of moves to make to finalize their roster by 4:00 o'clock tomorrow. coming up in sports, sean bell breaks down the barkley trade and what others may be on the chopping block. >> drama in a local diner parking lot. a waitress helps an elderly man get out of his car just in time. dangerous experience they'll never forget next. plus local churches have high hopes for the pope's visit to philadelphia. why they believe the pontiff holds the key to their survival.
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an local woman is crushed. she says something is missing from her parent's final resting place and to make matters worse, she's out more than $2,000. what happens when jeff cole gets involved. next. fire victim says she owes her life to her dog. what the pooch manageed to in te
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♪ disturbing surveillance video showing attack outside a harrowgate liquor store. it happened back on august 17th outside the wine and spirits store on the 1300 block of erie avenue. according to police, a man was
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walking into the store when he was attacked from behind and hit with some kind of object. it left cuts on the victim's head and lip. police say they are not sure of a motive. a philadelphia woman is up in arms over the condition a gravestone marking the final resting place of her parents. she paid over $2,000 to have the marker engraved and buffed months ago but says nothing has been done. so she asked fox 29 to step isn't. jeff cole shows us how things may be changing. >> and we are close knit family because of them. >> reporter: every time the monroe stover family of the city visits a grave of leroy and lulu stover, they cringe a little. >> when you come here, and you see the stone, what do you think? >> i'm sad. it's upsetting. >> reporter: it was early last notify when their daughter patricia plucked down 2400 bucks to complete the engraving of their parents information place their pictures and above the stone. she paid the 2400 at gallagher
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memorial near ivy hill cemetery where they're buried. 10 months later and nothing. >> my mother's picture would be here. >> reporter: monroe says she was told by a work ago the gallagher the work would be done on or before august 28th. when it wasn't she went back to the office where they couldn't tell her anything. >> how does this make you feel? >> horrible. horrible. i mean i really want to just do a whole lot of stuff. i don't occurs but i want to curse. i want to fight. i wanted to beat that lady up at that desk telling me she couldn't give me what i needed. i wanted -- this has to be done. >> reporter: she called fox 29. from the documents we learned gallagher is owned by life sto stone's by stephan upper darby company with fill 88ed offices across the region. we called and headed for upper darby on the way we heard from greg stephan of life stone. he claimed there are a number of issues that play including a rough winter and difficulty in having the pictures reproduced at first unwilling to go on camera, he did, and made a big
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promise. >> we're going to take care of this. we're fully refund mrs. -- >> monroe. >> monroe. and we're going to also get the work done for her. >> reporter: all the money back? all the money back and you'll dot work in essence for free? >> all the money back and we'll do the work for free because we want her to be happy. >> later mr. stephan called pat monroe and made the same pledge to her he made to us. all the money back and the work done for free. he said he'd have it done bite end of the month. in the newsroom, jeff cole, fox 29 news. philadelphia district attorney seth williams says he will not fire three employees caught up in an e-mail scandal tied to the case against attorney general kathleen kane. >> kane e claims the criminal ce against her was cooked up because she was threatening to reveal offensive e-mails sent or received by former state prosecutors frank cena and mark costanzo. a thousand pages of e-mails in question released by court officials last month. they are sexually explicit and described as playing on racial
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stereotypes. cena and costanzo now work for the philadelphia district attorney's office. late this afternoon da seth williams nounsed that feign in a, costanzo and another employee pat, will be required to attend sensitivity training. williams says after a long investigation, he agrees e-mails are offensive and says he's disappointed that the messages are considered acceptable but does go on to say none of the e-mails were created by the two or blessing ton and none of them were circulated by them while being employed by the district attorney's office. williams says 20 e-mails in question date back five or six years ago. feign in a and costanzo are closely tied to the kathleen kane case. they wrote to grand jury last year to ask for an investigation into an alleged leak of grand jury information to a philadelphia newspaper p kane is now charged with leaking that information and lying to cover it up. she has been ordered to stand trial.
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some dangerous moments outside a south jersey diner a car over heats, then burst noose flames right in the parking lot. firefighters eventually got that blaze under control and nobody is hurt. after a waitress from that diner decided to jump nap action. tonight she is speaking with fox 29. >> shawnette wilson shows us how this brave young woman helped save one of her customers. >> reporter: charlie flowers is doing well despite being bored he says without his car. it happened here in in this parking lot alert waitress inside saved his life. >> i was lucky. >> reporter: cell phone video taken by a woman at the business next door to the bridgeton family diner and restaurant shows heavy smoke and flames engulfing a chevy impala sitting outside the diner. just minutes before, 86-year-old charlie flowers was sitting inside of it. >> when i look back, i saw that it had caught fire. >> reporter: charlie says he just pulled up to the diner for lunch tuesday when he noticed smoke coming from the hood.
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>> i was a little nervous. >> reporter: but he sat there for few minutes. that's when waitress inside ran out to get him out of the car. >> thanks to angela and a few of the other employees, get out of there, charlie! >> reporter: angela, was working the register when her co-workers noticed the smoke. she recognized charlie's car he's a regular customer. >> he was just sitting there and i think he was waiting to see if the smoke would dissipate or whatnot but he wasn't getting out of the car. smoke was getting more intense, so then i knew i told him charlie i think it's going to catch fire we need to get you out right now. >> angela says within minutes of getting charlie safely to the front door of the diner the car went up in flames. >> by the time we got under the canopy i saw flame drop and hit some fluid under the car and then within minutes it was just up in flames. >> reporter: these pictures angela took show firefighters putting out the flames. while charlie is worried about
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getting another car, he says he's more thankful to angela and to be alive. >> she got me out of there in time. i probably been in the burn unit somewhere. >> reporter: in bridgeton, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. a car crashes into a store but the wild ride doesn't end here. what happens after the driver puts his car into reverse? >> shocking allegations involving a new jersey daycare. the alleged toddler fight club that landed two workers in cou court. and a tiger cub turned pet but not at the zoo. where the miss tree cat showed up that has a lot of people worried tonight. but first here's a look at your winning lottery numbers. good luck! ♪
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♪ huge law enforcement turn out for the funeral of texas deputy darrin goforth thousands came from across the country to honor him killed last week while filling up at a local gas station. suspect in custody. his court appointed attorney says he will not plead guilty. two new jersey daycare workers accused of instigating g fights between young children plead not guilty.
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union county prosecutors are charging 22-year-old erika kenny and 28-year-old jenice white with child abuse. investigators say the two encouraged children between the ages of four and six to should have and hit each other all while cheering them on. kenny is facing additional charges after allegedly recording and posting videos of the children's scuffles. none of those children were seriously hurt. both were fired from that daycare. the county clerk in kentucky who refused to issue same sex marriage beens is still in jail tonight but that could soon change. rowan county clerk kim davis says it would be against her christian beliefs to issue same sex marriage licenses according to her attorney he's already working to appeal the judge's decision to jail davis. meanwhile, back at rowan county courthouse, same sex marriage licenses are now being issued. arizona woman is thanking her four legged friend for saving her life. >> that's right. the portuguese water dog letting
3:25 am
her know her house was on fire. judy waters lives in an apartment above her parent's garage and she says it was her dog jewels barking that alerted her that something was very wrong when she went to check on him, well, that's when she noticed her place was on fire. >> it was a very high-pitched alert bark, bark, bark, bark. she went out and i he her her sd came around and came back in and barked. >> the main house has major smoke damage. the apartment is destroyed. the family says they're devastated but they know they can rebuild ton night they are just grateful that they survived along with their pets. well, emotional thank you at philadelphia international airport. hear from the traveler who says tsa agents saved his life. >> plus struggling philadelphia catholic surge is hoping the pope's visit later this month turn things around for them. why they believe the pontiff could hold the key to their survival. scott. >> dawn, it was a hot afternoon. the high 93 degrees but some drier, more comfortable air is moving in. new information about your labor
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>> right now at 10:30 we continue to follow some breaking news coming out of south street tonight. that is where police say a person has been shot outside of the tla concert venue. it happened just after 8:00 tonight. street filled with people. investigators say an argument led to the gunfire. a 25-year-old man has been shot and killed. three people are currently being questioned by police. rapper little durk was scheduled to perform tonight at the tla. that concert has now been canceled. we had bring you updates as we get them on the air and online at fox community leaders along with local labor unions paying tribute to the founder of labor day in pennsauken. peter j. mcguire who fought to change labor practices in this country is laid to rest in pennsauken. for the past 121 years, the community has placed a wreath on his memorial. leaders say it is the only monument to a national holiday that is outside of washington, d.c.
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a tearful reunion today at the philadelphia international airport. 2tsa agents reunited with the man who was saved because of their quick thinking. the american heart association presenting their heart safe hero awards to agent agents constance leboeuf and senior airman brian lynn claire. george sinclair collapse tad security checkpoint back in july. >> last thing i remember is taking my shoes off and then all of a sudden i woke up and there were smiling faces about 6-inches away from me. they had resuscitat resuscitatem what turned out to be a major heart attack. >> he was waiting fog today so he could thank the person, the people who saved his life. he lives in hokessin delaware and spends his winters in orlando. on your radar tonight, it is shaping up to be a beautiful holiday weekend. >> scott. >> it certainly is. the last hoorah.
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the unofficial end to summer. it was hot, though, earlier today. look at this the high made it up to 93 degrees. tying the record high on today's date. so far this year, 34 days we've scene temperatures higher than 90 degrees across the philadelphia area. but some drier airy left is moving in. 76 degrees right now. dew points dropping. look at the wind direction out of the east northeast at about 10 miles an hour ushering in some of that more comfortable air. mid 70s right now as we move toward wildwood, brigantine, atlantic city temperatures in the mid 70s. we have low 70s right now washington township. 76 degrees in philadelphia. low 70s in pottstown and north and west. so here's the setup. the satellite and radar showing you that back door front now to our south. so that is suppressing the humidity as well as the scattered showers to our south. but that drier air continues to come in with the winds out of the north and the east. so hour by hour, overnight tonight it's dry, it's quiet and
3:32 am
comfortable. temperatures tomorrow morning low 60s pocono mountains. upper 60s lower mid 70s for most of us across the area then beautiful conditions. temperatures tomorrow top out in the low to mid 80s. if you're in town made in america festival dry conditions, highs tomorrow 85 degrees. on sunday temperatures a little warmer, 88. don't forget to stay hydrated, have that sunscreen handy down the shore beautiful weather for the upcoming holiday weekend. low 80s tomorrow. a nice breeze. warming things up a little bit sunday into monday water temperature in the mid to upper 70s. the pocono mountains a perfect labor day holiday weekend. 70s tomorrow as well as sunday. 80 degrees on monday. that weather authority seven day forecast will show you a perfect 10 tomorrow. beautiful weather for the temple game, penn state looking pretty good. 88 degrees as we move towards sunday. then labor day itself, we heat things up. a hot holiday, 99 degrees then it really starts to turn a little more oppressive as we
3:33 am
move toward tuesday and wednesday. maybe even another heat wave. then temperatures stay kind of in the upper 80s above average by this time of year. we shall be in the low 80s. >> labor day weekend we still got summer forecasts there. >> we like it. >> fall starts as we move toward the 23rd of the month. >> all right. >> "good day philadelphia" takes the show on the road all summer long and this morning they were in wildwood and mike jerrick made quite an entrance. take look. >> where is mike? >> where is mike? >> mike? >> he didn't get much sleep last night and he's running all around. we can't find him anywhere. >> is that him. >> look who it is like at mike he's stealing my entrance here. >> hi there, mike. >> watch the tram car, please. watch the tram car, please. >> he's driving. ut-oh. >> ut-oh. that's not good. >> you better get out of the w way. >> get out of the way. get out of the way! >> he doesn't know what he's doing. >> he doesn't know what owes
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doing. >> watch the tram car, please. >> watch your toes. >> watch the tram car, please. >> everybody watch your toes. >> hey there, mike. >> ♪ >> is this a remix, mike? are you doing the remix? >> that's the remix. >> watch the tram -- watch the, watch the, watch the -- what did we do here? >> watch, watch, watch the track car, please. >> you are out of control. >> we get it much the it's the remix. >> why did you want to drive this thing did anybody teach you how or you're just taking the wheel. >> he did back here. >> it's good to see you again. i did this a year ago. >> where, you did. >> it was lot of fun. >> here we go. you can forget that, can you? >> kind of like the pope. i'm getting ready. >> this is the mike mobile. how about that? >> hello, everybody. hello, people. welcome to wildwood. >> never a dull moment with mike. that's for sure. >> i hope tram car has liability insurance between him behind the wheel. all right. it is force friday and star wars fans couldn't be more thrilled.
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what they waited in line for most of the night to get their hands oncoming up. tiger cub winds up far away from home. where the myster cat was we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... right now all beds are on sale. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 24-month special financing. hurry ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number.
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♪ how would you like to see this guy wandering around in your backyard? instead of roaming the jungle this three month old tiger cub was strolling through a southern california neighborhood. rescuers say the cub was declawed and injured when they pick him up. the sixty one now in the care of the forever wild he can on the tick animal sang tee wary. officials are still trying to figure out where this guy actually came from. the force is strong in your money tonight. it's the day star wars fans have long been waiting for. force friday. disney and toy makers like hasbro and lego are rolling out new merchandise ahead of the december release of the force awakens. fans lined up outside of stores in times square waiting for midnight eager to get their hands on some hem biehl ya'll from the seventh install many of hit movie franchise. it's part of disney's massive marketing blitz introducings merchandise in 15 cities and 12 nations worldwide.
3:39 am
>> from toys such as kyla cross guard light save that lights up and has vibration to our elite series dye cast collectible action figures. we also have fabulous choice of role play costumes for ray, amount, kyla ren we are so excited to intro douse to our fans. >> sounds like it. the force awakens blasts into theaters december 18th bring you back beloved stars like harrison ford and mark hamil from the original film. >> how does a free buzz courtesan. the haircuts taking place on the battleship new jersey. it's the same spot where sailors get their haircut. if you didn't make it out there you still have time. more free haircuts are happening tomorrow from 10:00 until 2:00. well, relaxing outdoors hits new record breaking heights just in time for the labor holiday weekend. >> this is a great place to relax. the world's largest hammock now
3:40 am
on display in new jersey. it's 65 feet long, 31 feet wide and it's about 10 times the size of a normal hammock. it was sponsored by king digital entertainment and actress may land ackerman was the first to take a seat on the massive swing. it's sitting at liberty state park across the manhattan. a car crashes into a store but the wild ride doesn't happen here. what happens aft the driver puts the car in reverse and why some are calling it a miracle. next. i'm bill anderson and coming up saturday on fox 29 weekend parents what do you do if you've at picky eat they are in your rouse hold. eat guess season is coming up and g. cobb will be here to talk football and send us your
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♪ a driver wreaks havoc at a california strip mall and it is all caught on surveillance vid video. this happened yesterday at a wine and spirits store in the town of valley village. officials say that's not the only damage the driver did. aft backing out of the store, the car hit four parked cars and plowed right through a salon. people started running for safety.
3:44 am
>> just saw the actual car coming in and so she alerted a klein, you know, hey, move! so they ran towards the back. luckily they got out of the way because the car stop right where they were sitting. >> incredibly no one was hurt. police say the whole thing was an accident and as of now do not plan to arrest the driver. well before the pope makes his historic journey to philadelphia, pope francis is shopping for some new eye wear. he just made surprise visit to a rome optician for new eye glasses. francis was driven to the shop last night drawing a huge crowd of curious tourists and romance much the shop owner has made glasses for the pope before, but he always personally delivered them to the vet can. he said he had no idea the pontiff was coming. he just showed up and his hol holiness spent nearly half an hour at the store. here at home, changes in faith, tuition costs and changing neighborhoods have left some catholic parishes with more property than expenses they can actually afford.
3:45 am
>> the philadelphia archdiocese is making series of bold moves. our joyce evans takes a look at how one parish is holding out and holding out hope in pope francis' visit might turn things around. >> energizing the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: as well as father thomas higgins. it will be the second papal visit he'll witness. >> i was i guess 24, 25 years of old. >> reporter: when he got a close up look at john paul ii. >> when he arrived in philadelphia my mom and my sister went to that and, in 1979 down to the parkway. >> reporter: changed his life forever. >> and me personally, it was -- it was final moment, yeah, i think i want to be a priest and i entered the seminary next september. >> reporter: a choice and service to a church, the faithful and a community he loves. he's now pastor of holy innocence roman catholic church. >> parish was found the by
3:46 am
monsignor martin lynch in 1927. >> reporter: it became acral jewel what was still pretty much country side in juniata park. >> that was in the '30s and in the 19 see he bull this beautiful church report roar gorgeous. >> which holds about 1200 peop people. >> reporter: but you'd have to go back four, 50 years to a time when these pews were overflowing and there was awaiting list for the school. >> honest only one mass is filled out of the five masses we have each sunday at holy innocence on one mass is pitch the other four masses there's room for hundreds of more peop people. so you. >> reporter: you don't have the numbers. >> we don't have the numbers, no. >> reporter: almost a shadow of what it was, even after three other parishes and part of another were merged into the much stronger self sustaining holy innocence. that was just two years ago. times have changed. >> yes, times have changed. ♪
3:47 am
>> reporter: so have spiritual minds, hearts and neighborhoods. so much so that the archdiocese has been taking drastic measures to trim the millions of dollars spent each year supplementing churches, parishes and/or schools not generating enough money to keep their own lights on. >> that's tough. it has been difficult. >> reporter: selling off everything from ornate stained glass to abandoned schools, convents and entire parish properties. >> what more can we do? >> reporter: father higgins says in some cases it's not easy finding any interested buyers. >> i was overseeing it and as the dean as the pastor and i had to try to help unify these really four different parishes. we're still trying. >> trying times for generations of families who had grown up in these churches in frankford.
3:48 am
joan saint joan of arc and the parish of ascension of our lord smack in the center of this west kensington neighborhood. >> now after 60, 70, 80 years of being in that pack river they had to say goodbye. it was very very dull. >> reporter: abandoned sold out, loft is how many in this community serviced by this century old parish feel today. >> orlando gonzales says when ascension fell so did the hope and guiding light of this neighborhood. >> it's falling apart. i mean you see drugs all around it. it's just sad. >> our community has been abandoned in many ways. >> reporter: saint joan of arc will not go the way of ascension vows sister hin today. >> we're working very hard to maintain a presence here. >> reporter: rallying volunteers and donations in a crusade led solely by this feisty spunky nun. >> you're simply not willing to give up on this community or
3:49 am
this church? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: to provide nourish many both physical and spiritual to community who has very little to give any more but they need a lot. >> people come from all over. >> reporter: the old world style church hold as popular sunday mass all in spanish. >> all of them have history report roar still with the parish often dipping into its savings to supplement joan of arc and others sister linda knows all of this could shut down any day. >> that's a very big possibility. >> reporter: but is there linda, orlando gonzales and father hug again all have high hopes riding on the pope's historic visit praying some hearts may be touched and faith restore. >> well, i hope so. it's my prayer. really it's what we're all working for here. >> reporter: can there be enough to revive churches and parishes or at least hold on to the ones still operating? >> i have failing that's going to happen.
3:50 am
it really is needed. >> reporter: orlando worries the feeling may be fleeting when the pope and the spotlight leave town. >> he's coming downtown. is his voice going to reach west kensington or his voice is going to be heard downtown. >> i'm praying that it will. >> just go back to my 1979 experience with pope john paul ii, i'm optimistic that a few other young men will hear the similar call to say wow. >> reporter: father higgins has no doubt, though, he'll still have to reach out to reclaim. >> you live in the neighborhood. >> yeah, just down that way. >> one catholic at a time. >> come and visit. you got the mass schedule there. >> joyce evans, fox 29 news. the phil put another young pitcher on the mound but it got really dicey in the seventh inning. eagles trade away matt barkley giving tebow mania life. we take look at some of the other moves the team made
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ >> never before have people been so excited for a third string quarterback. looks like tim tebow will make the team because matt bark system out of here. we told you earlier barkley was trade todays isophoria conditional seventh round pick. he was better than tebow for most of camp and that's probable wal got him traded. he picked up enough value that another team was interested. chip kelly make the deal and now tebow has third string spot
3:54 am
sewed up. chip, 2qb's with bradford's bad knees tebow will be safe. if he actually sees any real time, front of me, eagles are in terrible shape. rasheed bailey the local kid out of delaware valley reporte reportedly has been released he actually had solid preseason. 10 catches, 100 yards work touchdowns he couldn't crack a competitive young wide out core. last night he had a message for any team that was interested. >> once i'm out there, you going to get the best player out of me. all effort, everything i'm laying it on the line no matter where it is, who i'm with, upping, i love this city, of course, but i'll lay it all on the line. special teams when i was out there, opportunities i made when i was out there, everything. >> the rest of the phillies season is about testing out the young guys. that's all they have at this point against the red sox. look at another young pitcher adam morgan. he was doing so well until the seventh inning.
3:55 am
jackie bradley, jr., steps up and check this out. morgan it look good. but not so good. solo shot. dead center. that's about it for him and that's a rally for the sick. he went six an third. giving up six earned runs the red sox scored four in the seventh. the phils lose seven-five. >> college football saturdays are back. we kick things off with penn state comes to town to take on temple in a sold out crowd at the linc. the nittany lions lead this series 39-three-one. last year temple lost 30 to 13 against penn state. but returning all 12 defensive starters so they should get better than last season but this is ultimately a big brother, little, little, little brother situation. the owls haven't beat penn state since 1941. it's going continue. the temple -- >> what? >> this game is all about them getting it done but let's keep it real.
3:56 am
big brother, little brother. >> go, owls! >> full hours of entertainment news followed by tmz, dish nation, chasing news then the simpsons. nation, chasing news then the simpsons. >> fox weekend starts at 8:00
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