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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 15, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> the apple sling shot you put a apple, and pull it back. >> it looks like fun. >> yes. >> she's dressed like a gored herself. >> it feels like fall. >> when i stepped outside, sue but my goodness. >> a little taste, we call it, california weather because it is cool at night but warming up nicely during the the day. what will you give it. >> a ten. >> after course, we will give it a a ten. it is a bought full start to the day but bus stop buddy does have on long sleeves this morning, sweater or jacket might be a good idea waiting for the bus. we are off to a very nice start with temperatures in the 50's but in the city, it is 62 . calm win out there, not as windy as yesterday. look at some of the temperatures to the north, 49 degrees, in allentown and pottstown, and that is a taste of autumn and only 50, in millville, so yes, a cooler start to the day, in
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precipitation to show you. high of 83 degrees. milder then yesterday when we got to 77, and then tonight we are back down to the 50's in the city, 60's in the burbs once again. blissful. how long can it last? we will let you know with the seven day forecast, coming up, looking at your traffic cameras anything but blissful bob kelly. >> 7:01. live look at i-95, in delaware county where it looks like they have just opened up all three lanes, and we will turn it on and let traffic start to move again. however, if you are getting ready to step out the front door there is lined up traffic here before you get to it. i-95 north bound at an absolute crawl from the delaware state line all the way up to right before, the ramps for 476. so, if you are heading to the airport, old school, we will go 291, that will take you up to you chester and harrah's there and that will get you back on i-95 and on your way.
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we have a major jam on the north bound side. an accident on 422, from the gang from arm and hammer boulevard, on the on ramp from arm and ham tore head east on 422. latest on the fire and clean upstage right now, 13th and chancellor was the the scene of the fire, at 13th street closed from walnut to locust, a lot of fire equipment. they have to pack it up before we get traffic backing and i doubt we will see traffic on 13th through morning rush hour. septa's four bus routes, that roll up and down 13th street are on a detour this morning. it is not impacting patco high speed line. they have a station there on the 13th and locust. coming from new jersey north on the 42 freeway, delays from pretty much atlantic city fromes way all the way into 295, we're dealing with some sun glare all around the board on this tuesday morning, mike and alex, back to you. lets get right back to the fire, is a bean ace there. >> sabina has been talking to witnesses, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a much calmer scene but still
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very active out here, at 13th and chancellor where this fire has been totally knock out. fire fighters right now still assessing the scene and all of the damage as they go through and the the fire marshall is on the scene as well, l and i on the scene as well. this was a bar and restaurant under construction. it was a two story building. fire commissioner says l and i was just here and the building had all of the permits. we are told that the fire did start in the area under construction, where construction materials were. the the fire chief, or fire commissioner says this was a very dangerous, fast moving fire, and he was proud of his fire fighters able to get it under control in an hour and 15 minutes. but the the fire was able to spread heavy heat and smoke damage to the two neighboring apartment buildings that we see there, the chancellor apartment building, 24 floors, 240 units, 96 percent capacity a lot of people packed into that building had to be
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evacuated. on the other side of bar and restaurant under construction that caught fire is grammarcy apartment building, six floors, six units, one unit on each floor. that has been evacuated a as well, remains evacuated back to the scene, heavier damage fire commissioner is telling us and they are assess to go see who could go back to which apartments here. i want to mention we're here with kim, she's a resident of the chancellor apartment building. okay. the first apartment and you just moved in a month ago. >> yes. this is my first apartment. i go to the university of the arts. it was crazy. i originally woke up before the alarm went off. i said look at this beautiful sunset. the unbelievable. i thought it was a sunset. i did. and then i realized, it is my whole windows were orange and it was too obscene. i had had to run, put on clothes and i grabbed my lap top and things and then i
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didn't know. i said is this fire alarm? i started thinking i should close windows but then started cracking and they were hot when i touched them. >> they were hot. >> reporter: you didn't know what to to. >> i had no idea what to do. you know air conditioning like they have plastic on both side, i was right there. so smoke start coming in. i started coughing. i just started grabbing my things and i took a photo because we're 2015. i just needed to get out. i did. and i finally just realized whatever just happened, happened, you know. >> reporter: how are you feeling this morning? you were so scared but you be relieved you are okay. >> i feel very lucky. like i felt safe. i felt everybody did a great job making sure everybody felt secure. >> reporter: you just need to
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know if you can get back in. >> i'm just concerned about my apartment, but mainly concern about peoples safety. >> reporter: thanks for talking to us after a traumatic morning. we are glad you are made it out of there. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: she does have a good picture, the picture that she stopped to take, and we will have that coming up in a bit. >> can't wait to see that picture. >> can you imagine. >> scary. >> you are absolutely asleep and boom, building is on fire. we have a murder in so philadelphia to investigate. >> police say shooter made his getaway on his bike. >> twenty-one year-old man shot in the stomach, this is around 24th and montross late last night. ten shell casings were found. officers interviewed witnesses and canvassed the area they are trying to find surveillance video to see if they can clear this up. the guy got away on a bike. police have a warning for anyone with a laser pointer, you better not point them at police chopper. police sent out this tweet late last night warning
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students on top of the temple student housing building not to point lasers at the police choppers. police say they have lasers pointed at them at least twice from the building on broad, and cecil b more but no criminal investigation has been opened into the incident. incredibly dangerous. >> yes. well, hall of fame basketball player and sixers legend moses malone we now know died of natural causes. >> well, medical examiner blames his cardiovascular disease, it is ironic, a friend says that moses had a doctor's appointment about an irregular heartbeat just a few days before he died. and a heart machine for was found in his hotel room down in norfolk, virginia. sixty years old. he brought a championship to the city of philadelphia in 1983. he was mvp. he was mvp of the league, three different times. he is regarded as one of the most dominant chairman ever.
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chairman of the game. big mo. one of the best at the let's to ever come through this city, that is for sure. some big names, are coming to philadelphia when the pope comes to town. >> they are stars, chris murphy like hollywood stars. >> yes, musical stars. aretha a franklin. it was she your first concert, aretha franklin. >> yes, i paid $14 for my seat and it was front row. >> well, coming up in 11 days. count down to the papal weekend continues. we are hearing about the big name entertainers, including of course a receipt, queen have of soul. she will ab monk acts to perform on the parkway, italian opera singer andrea bocelli, rock and roll group the fray from denver and a comedian jim will perform. hosting the festival will be mark wahlberg, a friend of fox 29. local violin player nellie hill was also chosen to play. >> i just want god's will to be done on that day, and i really am looking forward to really blessing the ears of
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every single body that will be there on sunday. >> alex, you will remember she was a guest a couple months ago filling in for mike. she was amazing. >> yes. >> archdiocese released rendering of the stage set up for the the parkway for francis festival that runs saturday and sunday. pope will be here saturday and sunday 26th and 27th of this month. >> yes. >> it looks like will hollywood ballroom it does. >> it is beautiful. >> i just want to stare at it. >> that is a rendering, they have to construct that thing. >> i think they can do it. >> i necessity they can do it. >> they better hurry up. >> thanks, chris murphy. boyfriend of the murdered reporter allison parker returns back to work on the anchor desk, down in roanoke, virginia. >> chris hearst told viewers that the healing has begun. >> i have been a away from you, healing with those allison loved the most and meeting new friend from places like newtown, a aurora,
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through many, many tears and questions there have been laughs, smiles and answers. i know answer to what we all must do it is to profess love, not hate, to love one another, and to love strangers. >> well, hearst from our area, malvern. >> yeah he told viewers he felt ready to return to work probably because allison loved to see him in his outfit. allison parker and her cameraman adam ward were gunned down during a live broadcast by annex collogue. an intense manhunt for a university shooting suspect is over, after the the police say killed himself. they is, police say shanon lamb, told them he was not going to jail when they spoke to him during the the day they caught up with him last night, and he made good on that threat he killed himself. he shot himself after running in the woods. lamb, suspect of killing, a fellow professor, at delta state university yesterday. he also, killed a woman he was living with, despite the
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connection, no motive has been disclosed as of yet, classes a at delta state, which is in mississippi, are canceled today. now for an update to a story we first brought you a as breaking news yesterday right here on good day philadelphia, police chase in kentucky end up with the state trooper, shot and killed. trooper joseph ponder, pulled over a car sunday night, but the the driver, after the the two cars collided, jumped out and started shooting killing the trooper. then the suspect ran in the woods. police say they found him monday, yesterday morning, they said he was dropped a weapon so they shot and killed him. 7:11. watching every move joe biden makes to determine if he will jump in the 2016 presidential race. >> well, here's the latest, sign, the vice-president secretly met with the heavyweight fund raise shore works with president obama. according to,
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biden met with former, ub s executive robert wolf, however, wolf told bloomberg he was supporting hillary clinton but said he met with biden, for more than 90 minutes during the vice-president's trip to new york city last week. wolf says, vice-president biden did not confirm he is getting into the race or not getting in at all, and in an interview on the late show, last week, joe biden told host stephen colbert that he was not in the place emotionally to devote all of his time to a campaign. still reeling from the death have his son, beau. meanwhile senator bernie sanders took his california pain to virginia yesterday, crowd turned out, look the at the size of this crowd. this was at prince william county fair grounds. it was another appearance at liberty university that grabbed headlines. bernie zappedders stopped to build common ground at evangelical college with his message of confronting economic in equality. sanders use biblal principals
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and golden rule to try to win favor with his audience, at liberty university. all right. we have to do it. let's look at some of the headlines in the paper here, what do you say. >> all right. >> kick in the butt. miss that had last minute kick there. hi, codey on the back. >> georgia doom. i. >> i like that one. >> lets go to the inquirer. drop kicked. >> i don't like any of them, mike good all right. i like georgia doom. i'm taking the paper away, now because sean braces here. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> it is a tough morning. >> everybody was up late and for that disaster of the game yesterday, tough one. missed opportunities. i got the to give more credit then people are doing right now to the atlanta falcons. we have to talk about that. going into this game we were talking about the worst defense in the national football league from last
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year. thirty-two. that is the teams worst defense last season. we were expecting chip kelly to have success on the offensive side of the ball but they didn't show up in the first half. >> atlanta added defensive players in the off season. >> they did. head coach dan quinn was defensive coordinator with the seahawks. he has a good feeling on how to slow down chip kelly's offense. he showed thaws last night, for sure. it was a tough game. eagles should have won it. they came back, take the lead. it is only one. i know everybody is upset. >> it is beginning, it is a start. >> they had it. especially with everything else that happened in the division, giants losing, redskins looking. >> but go back to the first half though, i promise you kiko alonzo was only bright spot in that whole thing, that catch, my goodness. >> yeah, it was, kiko was a play maker on that side of the ball, which is good to see.
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but you shoot yourself in the foot. every single time they had a penalty against them. ten penalties. how about malcolm jenkins, two opportunities, two times. the the ball hits you in the the hand. you have to make those plays. you will in the do that and win on the road. >> heck of a catch. >> great catch. >> great catch. >> odell beckham junior is saying wait a minute that is my move. >> he is a good linebacker. >> what was obvious that sam bradford, who has not played, really, in a big time game, in 695 days. >> long time. >> a little rusty. >> absolutely. >> and his timing was off a little bit. but timing was off with his receivers. that hurt. the first pass to zach ertz when they went three and out. he broke the the wrong way. >> i have a question demarco murray is supposed to be our number one. >> i don't have an answer for
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him. >> third and one, fourth and run. >> i don't have an answer. >> chip kelly told us last year if you remember it came up a couple times with shady mccoy where chris polk would get the carry and chip would tell us he doesn't care what back is in there. i was upset when i heard that last year. i am will's even more annoyed, hearing it here. >> it comes down to we have three minutes left in the game. you are on the 44-yard line. you got 1 yard to go. third and fourth down. >> yes. >> send in codey parky do you run that on fourth down. >> everybody is watching, everybody right here you know darn well did you have confident in the eagles defense, to stop matt ryan. >> exactly. >> go for it, chip. third down and one you didn't get it, get backup on the line of scrimmage and run that play. >> people were talking about the fact it took too long to make the decision, and there
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waiting the clock was going down, what will you you do. >> it was a short field goal. i hear you. i understand you. in the perfect world i would rather him get everybody else out there and take your time but you are a professional kicker. you need to make that kick. it is not codey parky a's fault. that first half this team was not ready to go. remember for seven months. are you ready to go last night? >> i was ready to go but eagles were not ready to go. >> i still feel good about the the year. >> you should, you should. it is one loss. it is tail of two halves. if you look at what happen in the second half there was a point where sam bradford was 22 of 24. that is pretty good. >> you do know what really happened? >> what? >> the three cities, that the pope is visiting all lost. >> my goodness. >> i did not know that. >> d.c., new york and now last night. >> finality of the pope to bless us, maybe we can move
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forward. >> hey, how about that, dallas. >> i never said this before but it is a must win the second week of the season. >> teams have won the super bowl going zero and two. >> each time we play cowboys it is a a must win. >> sean, good to see you. >> how is philly influencer. >> everything is going well, thanks very much. >> great stuff. >> perhaps the higher power was teaching us a lesson of humility. >> good one, sue. >> yes. >> h for humility. >> right. >> i don't know, finding meaning in the eagles loss. this is our weather pattern, this is a actually high pressure a dome of high pressure dominating entire eastern part of the country for the workweek and beyond. we will look at the tropics we have a couple interesting possible developments, off the coast of africa, middle of the atlantic ocean. this is has a good chance of turning into something and then this one that is, on the western part of the gulf of mexico, so, we have got id a
7:19 am
as our next name of the list we will see what happens. i don't know. anyway, lehigh ton, has a 47 degrees. i think i mess that had up, last time i said it. forty-nine in allentown right new. really chilly to the north of us this morning, warminster only has 50 degrees but 62 in the city. fifty-two in chester delaware county. down the shore, 54 in atlantic city and 63 in cape may. checking dew points, it is still a good hair day low humidity day with a 49-degree dew point in wilmington. little more sticky in dover, delaware but generally in the 40's and 50's it is pleasant and refreshing range, in our measure of moisture. we will get to 77 degrees yesterday, below average of 79, but we're above average today and throughout the rest of the week as temperatures stay in the 80's, and sunday, cold front, might be coming through, it looks like it would be late in the day at least this early call, and it the is for pop up thunderstorm.
7:20 am
eagles game starts at 4:30, so may be when you are going home from the eagles game. this is early call. we will refine that forecast as we can goes by but plenty of sunshine and plenty of traffic to talk about bob kelly, where is this backup. >> 7:20. good morning. live look at a i-95, i-95 on the northbound side. we're dealing with sun glare and what is there left over from an earlier accident north on i-95 crawling from approaching route 322, pretty much all the way up to kerlin and that is right before you get to i476, bumper to bumper to bumper rolling on up heading to the airport, bam that accident is right there in your way. your best bet 291 through chester to get around it. the delays also on the blue route in both directions, and delays on 422, eastbound, an accident on the ramp from arm and hammer boulevard causing delays into kop. we are still seeing shut down in center city as a result of the earlier fire.
7:21 am
thirteenth street blocked walnut to locust and four of the septa bus routes are on detour, mike and alex, back to you. the cuba sock are team, that the sock are team, they lost six to nothing. >> wow. >> this pope thing. new inventions to make middle seat actually more roomy and help get pass evening others on the plane faster. we will tell you how it works. >> lottery numbers.
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you people are quick to help me out on twitter. i have been saying, the new york jets, won, you know, the pope, curse. >> yes. >> but new york's original team, the giants, did not. >> lauren. >> fine something to support your they arey exactly. >> it is still supported, thank you question for you, for everybody here, what do you prefer, window seat, aisle
7:25 am
seat, and i don't even ask about the middle you are talking about airplane travel. i used to be a window, lauren but now i have gone to a aisle. >> i am definitely the window. >> you know, first class, the gap between the seat and the window is too wide to lean. >> i don't know about first class life, mike, you are number one stunner. >> and i shine every summer and in the fall as well. >> it must be nice, mike. >> i'm kidding. >> no he is not. >> i love the middle seat. no i'm joking. i'm joking, but i might. i have a new invention to tell but. i think you'll like it. it is basically what it is called, it is called the side slip seat. essentially what it is, the aisle seat where both of them are moved up and around the middle seat, eventually doubling the aisle, you can get through it. two people can go at the same time, wow, simultaneously, can
7:26 am
this be, thinks awesome news for airlines because you get on the plane faster. they are not running those engines, wasting gas, someone figure out how much that cost them a quarter billion dollars a year each. everybody is happy in the end. middle seat that person might be happen tie because way it is configured when the seats stop moving the middle seat is 2 inches wider, it is in the much but it is something. >> that is good. >> my only issue based on that graphic that you have there those seats look so uncomfortable, they look extremely flat. no cushion at all. >> how long will it take flight attendant toss make sure after the seats stopped moving, you know, everything is in place and how expensive it will be for airlines to install if they wanting to that route. >> it looks expensive and first person that gets pinched by it. >> they will wait. >> i hope so.
7:27 am
>> i'm flying first class with mike, are you coming, alex. >> if he is paying. >> congratulations on your jets winning, yet too or sunday. bye, see you tomorrow. 7:27. as quincy checks out pumpkinland. >> he is out of his gored. >> checking out pumpkin land here at linvilla, i am eating my hey, having some fun, i will be driving a tractor and eating pie coming up next. i don't know what accent i have going on today but it is one of the best.
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quit your job, make millions of bucks. one thing you should do to think like a millionaire. but first wendy williams dropped a bomb shell exposing a family secret and she has a warning for you what she wants every parent to know, to protect their children. yeah, wendy williams just like you said, yesterday, went public with a big family secret. she said her teenage son was using synthetic marijuana she thinks it almost killed him. >> she talk about the discovery on her show, yesterday morning. >> he was exposed by a loved one who he looked up to. one of those peb you don't see the snow, my hearties breaking
7:31 am
and my kid could have been dead. >> e cigarettes, right doctor mike. >> we just talked about it. >> yes, we did. >> so is what synthetic pot again. >> it is made in a laboratory and it effects the the receptors in the brain that marijuana does. it is known as k2, spice, they sprinkle it on a few other kind of plant looking things and they, the the effects can be devastating. they inhale this. they smoke it. and what happens is it effects the brain but it is so much more potent than marijuana that people even up going crazy and there are reports in the emergency rooms where kid have to be put on a ventilator to prevent them from hurting themselves. they get very violent. they can become psychotic. it is a nightmare and a bad, bad, story. >> it is bringing national attention to this but we have talk about it before.
7:32 am
>> when you vaporized it and put it in a e cigarette it will make it worse. >> she was saying as a parent she said i'm type of parent i will look through everything, but it was vaporized. she could not find it. >> kid will find a way to do things at least these statistics are frightening. twelfth graders, many kid are doing things like this. you need to talk to your children. one of the things, the the reason this is so popular, one it is a available, two it is called it is safe because it is natural. it is not natural. it is made in the lab. forget about it. >> kid are doing something else. that is you why have hand sanitizer. >> yes, is what happening here is whether it be a dare from their friends or they decide because it tastes good, what happens is, they squirt this in their mouth and some of these products have about 45 to 90 percent alcohol. we are seeing six year-old with alcohol intoxication.
7:33 am
>> it is unbelievable. >> yes, because your little six year-old and johnny will say suzy, i bet you wouldn't put that in your mouth. one or two squirts of this led to kid being way over the legal limit of alcohol. >> what? >> for a six year-old. >> i thought, if you drink hand sanitizer. you have to call poison control. >> many of these products have tremendous amounts of alcohol in them. the it is a an septic. it works great. >> i saw an interview where little girl said it tasted like strawberry. >> many of them are flavored. >> yes, the smell, little ones at the store, and they are this big and apple and strawberry. >> you know how to use this problem, wipes. we have wipes every where. alcohol based wipes. that way you don't have to, you cannot ingest a wipe. >> now that you have used hand sanitizer. >> may i kiss you. >> no, get out of here.
7:34 am
>> i love you. >> i love you too. >> so much love. >> a lot of love in the room as we take a look at bus stop buddy. we love him. he loves being back in the school. he needs a long sleeve shirt or maybe a sweater, for waiting this morning. sunshine is bright, most of the temperatures are in the 50's this morning, we will give this one a ten. it is a cool start and a warm afternoon, just perfect weather out the there with 62 degrees and 62 percent relative humidity. look at how blue that sky is, winds are calm, we don't have gusty breezes like yesterday but looking to the north of us, only 49 degrees in allentown, only 55 in wilmington. 57 degrees, in wildwood, new jersey, so that cool start lead to a high of 83 degrees, is your sunset time. ten after 7:00. it start to get dark before ten have after 7:00 but undoubt thely you're noticing
7:35 am
it the now. it is a preview of coming attractions bob kill that i little will nip in the air this morning. >> a sale and preview day, right. >> yes. >> 7:35, sue. good morning everybody. live look at north bound i-95 jammo from the state line through 322, we have an earlier accident, up near 476. we are dealing have after effect and next half an hour with the volume, plus sun glare making for a big jam up leaving delaware county heading up in towards 476. you have to get past blue route, opens up, delays north and south from route one down to i-95. heading to the airport use 291 which rolls you through chester. the eastbound 422, sun glare and accident near harm and hammer boulevard still dealing with detours around this morning's fire. the 13th street blocked between walnut and locust for the septa bus routes are on a detour. gang from bucks county northeast philadelphia wood
7:36 am
have tone downtown put 35 minutes on the clock, eastbound on the schuylkill, sun just about ready to pop up over the tree line at conshohocken so we will put 26 minutes on the the clock and then north bound on the freeway coming from new jersey heavy at approaching route 55 and that jam continues in toward walt whitman,. >> you look very handsome today. >> thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> everyone loves to get the a compliment, right? well, maybe not. when bosses should motivate their workers, parentally is there only certain times when they should do. the centers for medicare and medicaid services
7:37 am
recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ hey our party is a week from tomorrow. >> so excited. fox 29 a's, a along with power 99, q102, wdas and mix 106 we are coming together and hosting a empire premiere party. this will be at harrah's philadelphia and you are invited but here's what you have to do. rs vp. we want to know you are coming. rs vp at fox by, september 22nd. you have to be at least 21
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years old because we are partying. be sure to dress, be dressed to impress. >> yes. >> wear your best cookie lions outfit. >> i have to get dressed up. >> yeah, mike. this is empire. we are going in the lion den for start of the season two. you've got the to bring it. >> it is nice to be recognized for a job well done especially at work, slap on the back, nice job. >> new study tells when employees, like us will prefer to have compliment, and when we prefer you just don't say anything at all. >> all right. >> break it down. >> researchers discovered employees prefer getting praise from their boss for mundane tasks. >> mundane task. >> it is reportedly enough motivation on its own. researchers say, the path path on the back for simple things may foster job satisfaction by making employees feel that their day to day job is important and appreciated by their supervisor. >> i will go back to the show today jim driscoll comes up to
7:41 am
me and hugs me and says nicely done, mike. >> oh, because it is mundane task, is that what you are trying to say. >> not really. >> i just like compliments, and to feel appreciated a all the time why does it have to be doing certain things. >> a guy named drew just gave you a compliment just after the weather, he says it is a ten today because every day with alex holley is a ten. >> that is not quite what we were talking about but alex did a great job report ago this story, but thank you. >> yes. >> eventually that will happen for you. >> wow. >> really. >> you are doing a good job. >> do you want a scholarship, seriously? there is a lot of money going out there unused. how about, i'll give you a scholarship if you wrap yourself in duct tape. >> what? >> these are the the most backy scholarships that are for real, we will talk about them. >> if it is for real, it is a real deal. and quincy can we call him quincy or farmer q. he is checking out pumpkin
7:42 am
land. >> oh, man at linvilla a. i'm learning how to drive this tractor we have a guy name wyatt in the fifth grade, he will be having a pie eating contest coming up next. i lost accent and i will drive this coming up next.
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got a to text from our news director, assistant news director, she said you guys are doing a wonderful job to take, dot, dot, dot and every day. put a wink in there. >> so hey, i am putting it out there every day so i don't to have say it, every day. >> that will be the the last one we will get. >> that is the last one we will get. >> and, it is a horrific scene, flash flooding, near the utah arizona border, that killed six people and most of them, look the at this, mothers and their children. authorities say seven others are missing. and, look at this, and so this, the car was, sent downstream, eventually by these large waves. this is near colorado city, air zone, hilldale utah. the the two towns are also the home base for a poly my sector run by warren jeffs hoist still in prison. i think he is serving life for
7:46 am
rape, sexual assault of a child but i have been to that city, colorado city to do stories. they don't have many paved street at all, it is a a very closed community so the water just runs down these dirt road turn into mud. six people died, sue. >> and they could have used the rain in california where all those wild fires are just horrific out there. so, while all that is happening on the other side of the country we are enjoying high pressure in control. it is quiet, cool and it will stay that way, all this week, for the rest of the workweek, for sure, and maybe even into the first half of the weekend. is there the rain out in the western part of the country, so lets check our temperatures as we walk outside the door, this morning, we have dover, delaware with 57 degrees, we have woodbine, with 53, 59, down in cape may, 58 in brigantine, 47 degrees up in oswego lake.
7:47 am
it is only 49 in hazelton. forty-nine in pottstown. it is a cool start to the morning and then on the other end of the day if you have phillies tickets tonight to see phillies verse nationals, game starts at 7:05, sunset is official by the way at 7:10 tonight. it should be around 77 when the game begins but then temperatures will drop quickly, as it gets dark. remember one week ago we were in the middle of the heat wave, with 94 degrees, as the high temperature last tuesday? well, yesterday was 77, and today only 83 degrees. so we will take that over that heat wave anytime, much more comfortable today, two, ten's and then a nine on thursday as a little more humidity sneaks into our weather picture. it is sunny and warm on friday and saturday. by sunday though for the eagles, home opener, with those cowboys we might have have nasty weather, it is the timing of that rain we are watching right new with the cold front sunday night.
7:48 am
that is your seven day forecast we have had many more problems then just sun glare this morning, bob kelly. >> the sunnies just about ready to pop up and over the tree line here to hit us in the forehead coming east bound on the schuylkill expressway between 476 and conshohocken. already a delay from king of prussia on in. we will see the beginning of the morning rush hour. north on i-95 a hot mess from the delaware state line up to the blue route from an earlier accident. lanes are opened but damage is done. heading to the airport would i get a move on because you have traffic to get through in front of you. here's the latest on the early morning fire, 13th street remains block between walnut and locust, there is only one septa bus route that is still on detour and that is route 12 around the fire scene, jammed up on the bennie coming into downtown where we are heavy from the mid span into eighth and vine. tuesday morning is one of the busiest morning rush hour, folks have a tendency to work from home on monday, but we are all going on a office on a tuesday. southbound i-95 out of the
7:49 am
northeast heavy from cottman in through girard. today is last cheap day to get up and over tacony and burlington, tolls will go up tonight a at 10:00 o'clock. i don't know who pick the time here but tonight at ten the tolls will go from two to $4, if you are using cash, if you have your e-z pass tag, you will just cruise right through e-z pass lanes and get bill in the mail but expect delays beginning tomorrow morning this time as cash lanes for tacony and burlington bristol. mike and alex, back over to you. we have to get out to media is that right, sue. >> that is right. >> especially when it starts to feel like fall you have to do fall-like things. what better place than linvilla. >> there is q. >> pumpkin land. >> yes. >> you guys, i'm farmer q today, this is norman from lynnville a we have pumpkin land but i will drive this tractor. >> you will drive. >> i put the clutch in right
7:50 am
there. put tonight gear. push that down. there we go. >> we're rolling this is our hey rides, pony ride, face painting, apple picking and, here at linvilla. >> this is a cool thing. i bring my kids here. hey ride are amazing. the kid really love that. what is happening october 25th and 26th. >> twenty-sixth and 27th is our apple festival and we will a pie eating contest and pick your own apples. >> we have up... unaudible. >> he has a really big appetite. >> yes, star of the show so we will see if you can, eat
7:51 am
apples. >> make sure i'm doing this right, okay. >> yeah. >> did that right. >> yes. >> we have wyatt over here. this is wyatt. now how do i do this pie eating contest. you guys say you have trays, and scales and all types of stuff. how are you doing wyatt. >> on the day of the apple festival you have to register at 12:00 o'clock to be a contestant and then of different age groups. today we will try to second different age groups. put your hand behind your back. we will get the stopwatch. >> how old are you. >> he is 11. >> you guys ready. >> go. ten seconds left. eight seconds. five seconds left. >> all right. >> we will do a quick look and see who is the winner.
7:52 am
>> wyatt is here. >> wyatt may have spoke him. >> he has fifth .5 have of a pound left. >> he ate .2 of a pound. >> who won. >> i beat him. >> you beat an 11 years old. >> i'm finally good at something. >> wyatt, you lost, man. you lost, bro, i'm sorry i had to beat you. let me do my ray lewis. >> really quincy. >> what is that the chicken dance. >> that was the the ray lewis. >> yes. >> what was the movie where the kid bar ifed after the pie eating contest, stand by me, staff. staff? >> i hate when do you that.
7:53 am
>> arnold schwartsenager is replacing donald trump on the tv show apprentice what do you think his catch phrase can be he can't do you're fired. something new has got to happen. what was yours. >> hasta le vista, baby.
7:54 am
music: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian ♪ ♪ ♪ such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it.
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niagara falls is the oldest state park, but visiting it never gets old. the readers of a national newspaper voted letchworth the #1 state park in america. watkins glen, #3. new york state parks are a gift. plan your vacation at there's something for everyone.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! i have a quiz for bob kelly. >> yes, i'm here. >> look at this picture. >> why is it that color at love park fountain. >> oh, is that like a tiehl. >> it is tiehl. >> exactly what it is. >> eagles? >> no, no, not eagles. hold on, i saw something yesterday about that. >> it is a fund raising venture this week it is to raise a awareness about ovarian cancer. >> it will be there until the
7:57 am
end of the month. >> even when the pope is here. >> that is why it is tiehl. >> how about that. >> celebrity apprentice that tv show contestant will hear a new catch phrase instead of you're fired because donald trump is not on there anymore. >> new host, you have to have a new catch phrase, lauren, so who is taking over. >> you won't be back. >> former governor of california, arnold schwartsenager is taking over the board room. donald was fired from the long business reality show after remarks he made about mexican immigrants. after the announcement was made plead tweeted congratulating his quote friend saying he knows he will be great. i see you whispering something i might have have a question for new a second. former california governor managing thousands of employees and a big budget out there, a real estate and sports franchise investor, well known names to millions of people, he tweeted saying he was thrilled to bring his skills to the board room and continue to raise millions of dollars for charity. network says the show will be back in the fall of 2016.
7:58 am
schwartsenager is 68. retired from politics since 2011 but that has not stopped him. he has been doing movies. what do you think for his catch phrase. >> well, your hasta le vista baby. i guess you can go to terminator i would think and do you have an example. >> you know, when you are coming into a situation you have to practice different ones. we found this clip of him, practicing. >> you're fired. or you're terminated. or you won't be back. >> i like the last one, you won't be back. >> because, in terminator he would say, i'll be back. >> yeah. >> but, you're fired, will come out quick. >> but it will have a big dramatic build up, the the chair turns, camera pans and it is quiet. that is a good one after all that dramatic, it is like you won't be back. >> yeah, i like that.
7:59 am
>> did you say back, he used to say back. >> yes. >> so, how do you think the donald trump will think about immigrants taking his place. >> he tweeted him congratulations. >> to my friend. >> yes. >> thanks, lauren. >> another reality tv star says if he entered the race for the presidency, i'm guessing, he would crush donald trump and hill willry clinton. >> so we're talking about mark cuban. >> he would also be a good host for the apprentice. >> would i think so too. he is on shark tank there. people love him on that. but mark cuban said if he ran as a democrat focused on in equality, college debt, taxes and cyber security. told cnbc that he is not interested in running in 2016 but didn't close a door for a campaign late are down the road. he might be running against can use in 2020. as for now he doesn't have the temper. to be a politician. in dallas he is known for being a hot head a little bit.
8:00 am
>> a little bit. >> he owns the dallas mavericks and would yell at the refs all the time. >> all the time, get in their faces. >> goodness graciouses. it the is tuesday, september 15th, 2015. parkey from 44, wide right, in good. >> zero and one. oh, no and 16789 tough loss for eagles last night how chip kelly plans to bounce back for the bird taking on those cowboys sunday. >> eleven days until the pope a big announcement the as we continue the count down the star studded a list line up to host the festival of families. >> got milk? if you are a college student you better get some soon. one company will give you you $12,000 in scholarship money for a milk mustache.
8:01 am
the whacky scholarships still available for kidding to go college. >> ♪ >> a new mary poppins movie is in the works, julie andrews is out so who will play the lead. fan favorite this morning. >> by the way, tweet in your suggestions for who should play julie andrews role in marry poppins. we have had anna kendrick, ann hathaway. it can be somebody else with another name, it does not have to be ann. >> katie perry. >> katie perry. >> wow. >> like a younger nanny. >> no hot nannies. >> no, we need hot nannies for mary poppins. >> yes. >> let's go to the number of the day. >> it is a a ten out of ten.
8:02 am
we are really dealing with perfection in weather, a cool morning, a warm afternoon. bus stop buddy is dressed for cool morning, long sleeve shirt today, and sweater might be a good idea, mostly our temperatures are in the 50's but we have 63 in the city. we have calm wind and 63 percent relative humidity. fifty's to the north of us and to the south of us, we have 61 in dover. sixty-four in wildwood. how about an 83-degree high temperature with low humidity. we will get that with those westerly breezes, milder then yesterday, 62 degrees tonight and more 50's in the suburbs. that takes care of your tuesday, how long can we keep perfection going? we will tell you in the seven day forecast coming up, hi bob kelly. >> this time we have got some train problems 15 minutes delays on the patco high speed line because of the disable train on the track and northbound i-95 big delays from the delaware state line all the way up to approaching the the blue route from an earlier accident.
8:03 am
here's details on that early morning fire at 13th street remaining closed, walnut to locust local detours we're grid locked in center city and bus route number 12 still on the detour. eastbound 422 we are dealing with sun glare and delays from collegeville on into king of prussia and backup on the bennie, from the tolls up and over into downtown at eighth and vine, mike and alex back over to you. talking bit all morning at 13th and chancellor in between locust and walnut a big three alarm fire overnight. >> now we will have new video, cell phone video that a witness shot. this is shortly after the flames erupted early this morning. you can really see them there. >> yes. >> this happened at 13th and chancellor streets. >> here's another look at it, we will put the at it up, wow, look at that. >> this is from another witness kevin du ran. officials say building is under construction and lifted the permit says as a bar or restaurant. fire spread to the neighboring grammarcy apartment building
8:04 am
and chancellor. residents say they were a awakened by a loud noise, fire alarms and sirens and one saw a yellow light. >> she thought it was sun coming up because she was just awakened and then looked closer and it was a wall of flame. look at this. >> two doors down from woody's there is a a huge flame engulf this entire construction site. i don't even know if anyone was in there or what is going on. >> there were people in there, a lot of people, luckily nobody got hurt. crews had to fire up under control in a hour. red cross is on the scene helping displaced residents who lived a above this bar/restaurant under construction. traffic in the area is still being detoured, including septa bus route nine, 21, 12, and the 42 bus. 8:04. let's talk about the eagles. what a blow for the first game of the season. they fell to the falcons. >> will well, they should have won the game.
8:05 am
they could have won the game. >> we were so pumped up. >> steve, did you see it or did you have to go to bed. >> i had to go to bed but i watched every play and i have dvr so i rewind at home and do my own slow motion replays of every play, how about that. i have the details. first of all let me tell you what i noticed that the state of georgia comes in our area first they win miss america pagent in atlanta city and a then 24 hours later this beat our beloved foot the ball team this is why codey parkey will not watch tv news for the rest of the week because he will to have see this if he hasn't already, 485 times and just on our show in the past five hours. sorry, codey but thinks like scott norwood and buffalo bills wide right missing a 44-yard field goal. that would have just put them ahead by one and gave atlanta at ball with three minutes left.
8:06 am
anyway, fans didn't give up, because they were down 17 to jacksonville last year and came back and won. they came back again from a 17-point deficit the but did not win this year but fans think there is prom is in this team. >> very bad. no owe fens. i didn't think chip was comfortable or sam was comfortable but first half was horrible. second half was all right. sam seemed more comfortable but not enough. >> i think eagles played a great game their play at the end where they didn't catch the ball but i think they executed. i didn't see the first half but bradford looked absolutely fantastic. chip kelly, i got to give the guy credit. he is a risk taker. we will see how it plays out this year. >> first game i'm not too worried bit. three out of four preseason games we will move on to the
8:07 am
next one, no big deal. >> interceptions are an individual stat but should be a a team stat because sam bradford unfortunately hit jordan matthews in the hand with this football and then we saw what happened. it gets intercepted. defense makes a great stop at two minute warning mike. you could not go to bed. this is an exciting game an exciting team. they took excitement from the preseason which does not matter and they bring it in the real season. if nothing else this was not a boring game that went down to the last minute but let me point something out that the real bad guy in all this is pope francis, because i mentioned this yesterday. there is a pope francis curse that has now beaten billy penn pen curse because every team in the nfc east where the pope is visiting, washington, new york and philadelphia has lost and hasn't won, and we will see if the cursings because atlanta a plays one of the three teams. atlanta will win again.
8:08 am
all we need is eagles to beat cowboys. cowboys is only one that won in the division and then nick foles plays one of the teams as well. >> he was a hero. >> this curse will continue and eagles will to have end it by beating cowboys in the late game here at the link at 4:25. >> on our air. >> steve, thank you for that. >> you can't blame the pope. >> lets go with it for today. we will beat dallas next sunday and it will be out of our mind. >> when we do, not if. so i want tweet is today from people watching the game last night. after the game he a said this is how i make my salads after a tough eagles loss. >> yes, jack daniels. because byron maxwell who was supposed to be our big savior from the sea hawks didn't do so well last night. we will show thaw in a little bit. the count down to the pope coming, and talking to all of
8:09 am
us, he lands in cuba a week from today. so he will be here a week from saturday. >> you know, he is not alone he is bringing famous friend. >> aretha franklin will be one of the acts performing on the parkway. andre a bocelli. rock and roll group the fray and we will have comedy, jim gaffi gan. >> why the fray, because it rimes with pray. >> let us pray. >> okay. >> hoping the festival will be actor and devout catholic will mark wahlberg. >> who is this woman. >> melony hill, she's a violin player and she's a friend of the show. >> i want god's will to be done on that day and i really am looking forward to really blessing, the ears every single body that is going to be there on sunday. >> look at this. >> i love this. >> this is so beautiful. >> so this is renderings of the stage set up, they are having along the park bay for
8:10 am
the francis festival that last real doesn't it. >> it does. >> that is just a picture. >> it is running saturday, sunday september 26th and 27th. back to the eagles game. >> soon we will see actual picture and thing. >> real deal. >> in person. >> here's another tweetie got. >> about can you read that. >> hi i'm seahawks brian maxwell and i have direct tv. and then i'm eagles brian maxwell and i have cable. >> he will play better. >> it will get better. >> we can only go up from here. >> that is true. >> should have won that game. could have won that game. is what top party school in the country. playboy name u pen last year. >> new rankings out, mike did we make the list. >> we will see. you got milk? if you are a college student you bet are get the some soon. they will give you a $12,000 scholarship for a milk mustache, that is all you have to do we will tell you about
8:11 am
more whacky scholarships earning you big bucks. cool.
8:12 am
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it is getting milder out there but it is still a nip in the air this morning with 56 degrees in pottstown, a allentown, mount pocono, we have reached 53 in the city. fifty-nine wilmington. sixty-four wildwood. sunshine, every where, and we do not have the gusty wind we had yesterday, it is quite calm, tranquil in philadelphia the just about every where else. new yesterday we got to 77 degrees. today a little warmer at 83. little warmer tomorrow at 86. then humidity comes back on thursday. should president be too bad on thursday but you by friday we will feel sticky again. the saturday we will continue the the same weather pattern. next cold front arrives on sunday, still, uncertain about the timing of the cold front but could touch off a few thunderstorms late in the day on sunday which also happens to be the eagles home opener with the cowboys but we will get to that later on in the week bob kelly. >> we have to get over last night's loss as we get ready for the game.
8:15 am
8:15. fifteen minute delays on the patco high speed line because of the disabled train atwood crest, southbound i-95 there is a disable at allegheny a avenue in the construction zone, and then north on i-95 still delays from the delaware state line up to the blue route, from an earlier accident, that fire location, 13th street, still closed walnut over to locust and then another accident here on i-95, this one is southbound near the commodore barry bridge. northbound delay is still there from the early morning crash, three cheers to the bus drivers out train southbound heavy at approaching commodore barry only that right lane squeezing through. mike and alex back over to you. some college kid they hit the books. >> other just like the the the party. >> playboy magazine just name top party school as they do every year, and a it is not the university of pennsylvania we were number one last year. we're number one. no, ohio university, bobcats,
8:16 am
number one this year. didn't even make the top ten, university of parks didn't even make the top ten, come on, people. the university of iowa, florida state, they are always on the list. and then the flip side last year university of pennsylvania, was number one, but, penn is really lacking when it comes to party. they have turn it around. not even in the top ten. >> if they didn't make the top ten last year they had some goals and they achieved them. >> yes. $12,000 for a milk mustache. >> i would do it. >> $10,000 for a prom outfit made of tape. >> duct tape. >> i have seen those. >> yes. >> those are just a few ways you can get a scholarship. so the segment is about, whacky scholarships that are available. >> dan, i'm all over this. >> okay. >> milk mustache. >> there are millions of students stressing right now because they are working on college applications as we
8:17 am
speak and millions of parents are just really stressing trying to figure out how to pay for it. we will tell but more unusual scholarships and then where to find scholarships of all varieties. >> let's start with the duct tape. >> do you remember what you wore to the prom. >> just an ugly tuxedo. >> do you remember. >> yes, a purple dress. >> how about duct tape. duct tape company of ohio award a $10,000 scholarship, to the student made from the best outfit out of duct tape 106789 grand. i wore a powdered blue tucks and earth shoes. >> there it is, it looks like a hostage video in that one. >> who is that. >> that is the the first lady, many, many years ago. the she looks like she is taken for hostage good high school sweethearts. >> yes, four houses from each other. >> my goodness. >> try to branch out. >> he found true love. >> more college money. how about the $12,000 milk
8:18 am
mustache. you submit a photo with your self in the milk mustache to the arizona dairy council. this is good for only arizona colleges. you can get 12 grand. >> arizona men for dairy cattle. >> yes. >> how about this one, $2,000 for lefties right here at juniata a college, good local school in the delaware valley. if you are a lefty, you are a natural lefty, you will get two you this dollars scholarship at juniata college. i was left-handed until first grade, sister catherine joseph said you are right-handed. if you are left-handed, but if you are left-handed, two grand to score at juniata. >> how about this one natural red heads, you gingers, $500 visit >> what about bald guys. >> there may be one out the there for bald guys, check it the out, but 500 bucks red head any college submit aes say to qualify. is there a few have of thousands of really whacky ones out there, but just gives you a an example from
8:19 am
everything from astrology to zoology. >> i wish i known this. i would write essays, all day and all night, essay after essay. >> are you a star trek fan or ever have been. >> not the really good how about a thousand dollars from the international star trek association, right just for being a star trek fan. submit a essay and they have different rent award for engineering, math, science. you can score a scholarship for a thousand bucks. >> i remember last week we did one of these is there a porn web site. >> yes. >> called porn hub. >> i did some research on this. >> they have a $25,000 scholarship. >> difficult the same research on your computer upstairs so i wouldn't get caught on my computer and here's the deal, 25 grand if you submit a video or essay for how you strive to make other people happy. you have to be 18 years or over age and you have to have a 3.5g pa. it is not for dopes. they are looking for bright kid out there you you contact
8:20 am
than get 25 grand from porn hub cares. we are not endorsing it just tell you it is out there. >> stick to the milk mustache. >> probably better bet. >> check out college and find database of thousands out there we will put them on the fox 29 web site. call colleges you are interested in right now today whose colleges, mike and alex have their own scholarships that they offer, check out eligibility, is there one out there for you. >> i guess now there is something for the spring semester. >> the the wheels are in motion as we speak, alex. the porn one what type of tape do you have to submit. >> i'm not going to respond. >> do you want to be rich like dan. >> listen to this is there one thing you need to stop doing if you want that raise. >> spending money bad habit that you have and you need to break. we will tell you what it is, plus this. >> ♪ we're going to have a
8:21 am
son. >> she doesn't have kids but she says she's still caught in the middle of the mommy controversy. >> can you be a mom and not be a mom.
8:22 am
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by switching to progressive.
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that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] some people wait all year for this thing, when the the mcrib comes out i love it. we have some bad news, the the mcrib won't be available nationwide, instead, diehard fans will to have search for it. meanwhile if you prefer the the classic menu at mcdonald's, the the quarter pounder is getting a make over, the fast food chain will toast the bun is a longer. don't you like your buns toasted longer, alex. >> sure. >> and they are going to increase the the the size of the patty, from 4-ounces, to 4.25-ounces. >> look at that. >> i didn't know you were a fan of the mcrib. >> i like the mcrib.
8:25 am
>> okay. >> bones are all pulled out they put it on a bun and that bun... yeah. according to one, there is one bad habit that you need to break, you need to stop complaining. >> you hear that mike. so the advice comes from author and self-made millionaire, treckard say complaining is worse thing to do. when you complain you are focusing on is what wrong with your life. you should surround yourself with successful people. so mike, complaining, not good. >> that is why i am broke. i do nothing but. i will try to be better about it. is there nothing like a sisterly bond but there is something extra special about these two local sisters, do you remember, they gave birth last year to baby boys, less than a day apart, i think it was 22 hours apart in the same hospital. we will catch up with them, looking at them right now they are in our studio, they could
8:26 am
in the be cuter. come on in. oh, my goodness. >> adorable. >> what are the odd. >> look at you two sisters.
8:27 am
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can you believe it has been ten years since her first book was released. twilight, fans listen up the author's special plans for the anniversary. and plus terrifying moments, a hump back while almost crushes kyackers but did they survive? my gosh. the surprise jump, coming up. well, they say is there nothing quite like a sisterly bond and that is definitely
8:30 am
true for bridget and emily. we metastasis tears last year when they both gave bit to baby boys just 22 hours apart in the same hospital. so first came the family's first grand child jiang, 7-pound, 6-ounce is appropriate thely wrapped in the blanket there. >> yes. >> certainly by his cousin, weighing in at 8-pound, 9 ounces. >> that was a year ago. >> yes. >> well, look at them now. >> welcome. >> hey. >> so, introductions you you are. >> i'm bridget. >> and you are emily. >> your last name is bake. >> yes. >> yes. >> and we have to hear, this is jack. >> and this is owen. >> say hi. >> they see themselves. >> yes. >> that is what it is. >> so take us back a year ago, same hospital. >> yes. >> you were there together and 22 hours apart. >> bridget went in first. i went into labor, had jack and my mom was in the waiting
8:31 am
room got a call, emily's water broke. she was heading to abington. twenty-two hours later we had baby owen. >> he is smiling. >> yes. >> he likes your story. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> and then to have babies at the same time. >> yes. >> did you think it would happen like that. >> never. >> we have have known each other the whole time and it was so great to have each other. >> yes. >> asking each other questions, calling her for every little thing. it is so special. >> what are you thinking about, you seem very excited. >> now they will be best friend. >> i know? yes. >> now are they go to go continue to dress alike i love these matching out fits. >> little suspenders. it is a fall trend. >> so we have eight blue eyes here. >> yes, we do. >> yes. >> so they look alike. same father.
8:32 am
>> mike? >> too many other jokes. >> we need to coordinate. >> by the way, the dad, the daddies standing right over there. >> he is excited. >> that is jack's dad. >> he is going to daddy. >> you can let him go. >> can he walk by himself. >> yes, go ahead. >> you will get, are these. >> that is a big cam use. >> a big transformer. >> so it doesn't move. >> now you have a sister too, hi hanna. you are the one who first talk to me and tweeted this story to us. >> yes. >> wow. >> it is like a play ground here in the studio. >> now where does jack live.
8:33 am
>> jackies in conshohocken. >> and ellen is in east falls. >> yes. >> the falls. >> they are so adorable. >> how are you celebrating their birthday. >> we had a party, they both had cake, jackies bigger, he loved his, he ate the entire thing. >> for sure. >> they could not be cuter. >> yes. >> start doing yoga. >> yes. >> hey mike, can do you that. >> i used to sleep that way actually, on my face. >> baby yoga. >> have you two received any national attention. >> last year, when they were first born and there was, somebody did contact us, and they were only two days old. >> yes. >> the story went viral and
8:34 am
our family and friend make fun of us now but we were so out of it, just having babies but totally went viral and it has been quite a ride. >> do you see yourself. >> punch up number three here. >> they goes. >> look in there. >> look up in there. >> there you go. >> now we want to know what the weather is. >> okay. >> run, run for your lives. >> i think i see future bus stop buddies. in about five years. >> yep, waiting for the bus this morning is a lovely experience, beautiful start to the day, little bit on the cool side, most of our temperatures are still in the 50's but we have reach the the 60's in the city. bus stop buddy has on long sleeves today but this shouldn't surprise you, no babies, it is ten out of ten
8:35 am
today. philly forecast, game starts just before sunset so it is sweater weather even though it is 77 degrees at the start of the game, temperatures will drop quickly so bring a jacket or sweater you are seeing phillies and national tonight. 63 degrees at the moment, high temperature of 83 degrees after that nice start we have bright sunshine all day long, 83 degrees our high temperature and there is your sunset time ten after 7:00. >> bob kelly has a baby. bobby with a baby. >> i have six already, this could be a hint, you know. south on i-95, stacked and packed there a approaching the commodore barry bridge, heading in toward that earlier accident scene, northbound we're dealing with the sun glare, delays, as well as you head out the front door this morning. south on i-95 near allegheny avenue we had an earlier disable in that construction zone, patco running with 15 minute delays because of the
8:36 am
disable train and we are backup, coming from south jersey heavy from the tolls up and over into downtown at eighth and vine. mike and alex back over to you. >> we need your help here. they are making a new mary poppins movie we are trying to figure out who mary poppins would be. who would be the new julie andrews who do you think. we will tell you fan favorites this morning. tweet us we want to know.
8:37 am
8:38 am
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8:39 am
disney company is going to do a remake on this 1964 movie, mary poppins, our julie andrews.
8:40 am
so, who shall they choose? which actress will make a good mary poppins. people magazine has weighed in already, had ideas about who they should choose? how about ann hathaway on as car winner. >> kristin bell. >> um-hmm. >> well she's from frozen of course. >> she played ana. >> emily blount. >> you mean allen, that might be interesting. can ellen sing. >> i don't know. >> sue? >> i don't know. >> i got a lot of tweets about ana kendrick but i like ann hathaway she's having some trouble with other hollywood people good what about allison williams. >> remind me. >> she did peter pan, the live special. >> yeah, yeah. >> brian williams. >> taylor swift, that would be interesting to go see her in that role. >> that is good, taylor swift. >> good suggestion. >> okay moving on. >> twilight is celebrating ten
8:41 am
years since the books release, twilight series of books. >> yes. >> vampires. >> yes, vampires. >> so she's coming out with special addition in honor of the milestone. >> so special addition of twilight is due out october 6th featuring exclusive bonus content, the author stephanie myers will participate in events over the next month in honor of the ten year anniversary. you know, twilight became major blockbuster film franchise. the books always better, guys. >> we have had dull girl, woman in it. >> kristin stewart. >> yes, mean. >> you were so terrible. >> what does the apple have to do with it, the apple in the hands. >> temptation like in the garden of eden. >> that is why quincy is being tempted right now. >> because vampires and blood. >> i have heard of that. >> is blood really inside your body. >> i'm blocking something, we are doing halloween decor coming up next.
8:42 am
i'm blocking this. have you ever seen it, i'll show what you norman will show us how to decorate our homes. [ music playing ] hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! [ laughing ] [ music continues ] introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
leaves haven't changed yet in pocono palace. a as your blue sky reflect in the water. how about that for imagery. you like that, okay, good. let's look at this tweet we just got which says, thank you niles bishop a day like today is just another reason to love a convertible, absolutely, just remember that, sun screen. so, we have got a taste of autumn right now because it is still on the cool side that little nip is still in the air. dry weather the pattern this entire workweek and then we will be warming up again by the even of the week. we love when you share with us. seven day forecast, we are sharing 83 degrees. a ten out of ten. happy new year, hash hashanah
8:46 am
a-10 out of zero wednesday. eighty-six. humidity comes back on thursday with 86. it will feel sticky by sat the day, this looks fabulous, until we get to oh, late day thunderstorm, eagles home opener at the link is on sunday. alex, we will work on that. >> i was just about to tell you this looks amazing for next week and then i saw this forecast for sunday. >> almost. >> it is all right. >> we have time. >> well, quincy harris is getting ready for fall giving you ideas for decorating your stoop. we want to feel festive this fall, quincy. >> well, we're decorating right now. let me get this out. boom, i got it. normal normal, some people show this, above and beyond. >> halloween is second biggest holiday for decorating. people are doing all different things. they are buying decorations here. people want to go natural.
8:47 am
we grow these flowers at linvilla. you can cut a pumpkin open, place the the flowers into the pumpkin. >> and then when you have a center piece at dinner you can say you made it yourself and it really sets off the table and gives a lot of pride in what you are doing. >> lets take some other stuff you have going on here. >> yes. >> i would go with these, something real simple for someone who doesn't think they can make a flower arrangements. cut the top off pumpkin, buy a potted plan, drop it in, just gives it a better look for that plant. >> take it the out, water it, you can water it right in the pumpkin. we have accessories that set off pumpkin so you can have the artificial with the living and just gives that real feel that you have added that extra bit to your decorations. >> now, we were talking about this. pumpkin on a tree on a stick. >> it is pumpkin on a stick. this is a egg plant, that has been growing for years.
8:48 am
it has a small following. someone realized this looks like a pumpkin. first year available here at linvilla a you put this on your table, you will really set ate apart from the neighbors. >> is this edible. >> yes, it is. >> i just wanted to bite in to it. >> you can do all this right here. kid want to get involved. >> we will supplies to cut pumpkin open, help the the kid, clean it the out, get them involved in the activity. we sell many different colored, and we don't find all locations. white pumpkins always available, gray, we have edward squashes, flowers, you know, anything thaw need to decorate your house, for halloween, and the fall season. >> so, next hour we will be doing apple swinging. >> that is one of the big popular activities the out here when we take apples that fall off the treason to the ground which will no longer be allowed to be used for cider. pick them up, and shoot
8:49 am
targets in the field. >> i can't wait, are we battling next hour. >> next hour. >> we will battle. >> yes, little apple slinging. this is a city slicker. >> yes. >> good stuff there. >> nice. >> you know what we should do, how about bob kelly, in an apple bobbing contest. seriously. what we should do is take it up a notch. >> how. >> make it the ice water. >> yes, chunks of ice floating in it. >> can we get that together by ten. >> i got to leave early today. >> look at that nice try. >> mike, you can do it. >> i can do it, if he has to leave. >> i think mike should do it too. >> paul newman, how did he stay such a good looking man
8:50 am
until later on in life. wow put his face in the bowl of ice water every morning to start his day. >> is that your beauty routine as well. >> are you kidding this thing. >> we have a terrifying moment we want to show you. hump back whale, almost crushes, kyacker, people eat kay yak. >> did they survive. there is a a surprise jump at the end of the video we will show you after the the break.
8:51 am
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at accident on 295, northbound heading in toward that 42 freeway. rest of the gang on 42, backed
8:54 am
up as well, from pretty much the atlantic city expressway on in. here's your readings, delays on the blue route, schuylkill expressway as well as i-95 southbound in the city, 15 minute delays on the patco high speed line from an earlier, disable train and ben franklin, not much better, coming into philadelphia, stacked up here from the tolls up and over into downtown at eighth and vine. mike and alex, back over to you. lets get to the video, these kyackers, my gosh, they were almost crush by a massive hump back whale, here is the video here. it happened on a whale tour. look at this, my gosh. this is outside harbor in california. the whale, is seen here, and yeah, it jumped up. >> they survive. >> they do have tandem kyacks now, two people are in the kyacks. now i think maybe a little bit of perspective thing, i don't think unless you either change
8:55 am
my mind now kit cat, i think it looks as if they are crushed but it is just before they hit them. they are behind the wheel. >> she says you are correct. >> ding, ding, ding, ding. >> well, that was close. >> even to be that close to a whale i would be freaked out. >> only my laundry man knows how scared i was. >> yes. >> mike. >> 8:55. she doesn't have have kids but she says she's still a parent. >> what. >> sex and the city actress getting caught in the middle of the mommy controversy so now we are asking you, even if you don't have kid, can you still be considered a parent? um-hmm.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
quick quiz, what build ing is that. >> i know. >> the bourse. >> i believe it is the bourse. >> yeah. >> what is my prize. >> a a hearty handshake. >> yes. >> and, good day, it is tuesday, september the 15th, 2015. >> oh, did you see this. >> hi, sue. >> do you remember when they were shooting that sylvester stallone movie. >> stalker. >> yes. >> new trailer is out, the the surprising and sad news we are learning from it, about rocky. >> but it looks good. >> don't spoil it. >> okay. >> okay. >> and, the pope is dope. >> what? >> get your get up, before he
9:00 am
is here. only 11 more days. do you want to be cool and hip supporting the pope. there you go, we have to show you these cool pope francis gear that is on the market. >> i have an idea. >> fashion show. >> let's do it. >> lets do fashion show at this hour. >> these shirts they are great. >> and a apparently we have slammed this contest together already. >> we're going bobbing for apples this morning because it feels like fall, doesn't it, linvilla. >> yes, nip in the air this morning. >> so i am going to challenge, i like chris murphy verse bob kelly. >> do you. >> but if bob won't do it, i will step in. >> i like you doing it too. >> here's he's the twist, we're going to put ice into the bucket. >> wow. >> so, it is ice water, bobbing. >> why would you do that to yourself. >> i don't know it wasn't my idea. >> kit cat kline wants to get back to me what did you do. >> what haven't i don't.


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