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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the climb max avenue very long investigation. good evening to you, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. only our cameras were there this morning for that big take down. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at philadelphia police headquarters with the exclusive details dave. >> reporter: iain this is one of the bigger drug take downs i've seen in recent years it took up an entire city block. to night state, city, and federal authorities are being tight lipped about this investigation but we can tell you sources confirm for us it's about drugs, guns and several unsolved murders. big pay off this morning. >> reporter: only fox 29 was there as an army of law enforcement officers descended on north broad street just after sunrise. capping off an 18 month long investigation into drug dealing and gun running. >> a lot of young guys. guns, create a problem. it was a monster problem for this big. >> all i scene was guns. i through my hands up.
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>> reporter: neighbors who asked not to be identified were stunned as police shut down broad street and swat team officers in protective suits raided four homes on the 3100 block of rose wood off alleghe allegheny. this was part of a citywide operation that saw state, city and federal authorities raid 13 homes in philadelphia. >> i ain't never seen that many cops and dea at one time. they came through like maniacs. >> who the hell they looking for? >> reporter: as swat officers finished the raid, detectives and undercover officers from the attorney general's violent crime gun task force and da's office joined the dea as they moved in to collect evidence. they exited several homes with weapons and drugs in evidence boxes. >> i guess the guns come from the guys protect wagon they got, but i think it's more traffic than drugs. >> reporter: police took at least 10 people into custody during the two-hour operation. dea agents protective suits searched apartments.
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sources say this building contained a pcp cutting and distribution sent. >> oh, yeah, you can smell it. drive on the block and smell it. >> i'm glad it happened. we need that. >> reporter: now, one suspect was slightly injured when he jumped out window and tossed away a gun. spokesman for the da, the attorney general's office, the dea and the police department all refused comment today citi g the on-going investigation. coming up at six how this investigation got started 18 months ago and where it would lead next. >> we'll talk to you soon dave. >> and ago tiff protest is growing just ahead of the pope's arrival. more families are now living at tent city in the fair hill neighborhood. and they say it's happening because of a big issue that needs to be addressed right away in philadelphia. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from fair hill. looks like a lot of action behind you, chris, you'll show us what this is all become. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, this is a story literally growing by
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the minute here at the tent city on the corner of cumberland and american here in the fair hill section. it has now doubled in size. 13 families now call this empty lot in this section of philadelphia home. it all starts here where the intake. they're literally have an office now where people can check in here if they need things to check in to get water. let's take walk. i'll show was we're dealing with. these are people who are literally taking up residence here. they are sisters there. people here you see here this is a food tent over there. it's a pantry. people have been coming here with steady stream of donations of food, diapers, wipes all kinds of water you see whole tent over there with water. and if you take a walk this just continues to grow, guys. we walked up here and even in a couple of hours we've been here, it has grown. and these are families and when i say families, there are some -- i saw about five children, younger than six
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months old who are here literally spending the night in a tent or on a mattress. there's clothes donations here. people have been dropping off mattresses and here's something that's poignant. they've even set up their own chapel over here. many people are becoming here like i said 13 families, many children. the event organizer claims she was just an ordained minister just to classify this place as a religious revival. we spoke with a woman who was kicked out of a shelter two months ago. she has three children including one of them that's just a month old. she tells us how she got here. >> the families that here we don't, you know, do drugs and things like that. we just want help. i got laid off from my job. i lost my apartment. and i tried to go for help but nobody would help me because i'm not on drugs. >> reporter: as we bring you back out here live, again, we'll show you again more donations
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continuing as we speak. but the city is well aware of this tent city. we do anticipate someone from the philadelphia housing authority to arrive here in the next couple of hours. just what kind of help they'll be bringing is yet to be seen. but i can tell you, organizers told me if they don't get the help they need over the next 24 hours, they are now threatening to walk in to philadelphia hou housing authority vacant buildings and simply take up residence there. how this will all play out, we may see in the next couple of hours. we'll have full report tonight at 6:00 and 10:00 o'clock lucy. >> talk to you then, chris. more roads are now closed because of the pope's visit. skyfox over the ben franklin parkway where the inner drives are shut in both directions. that's from eakins oval to 20th street. the lanes will not reopen until tuesday september 29th. the outer drives are still open for now. it was not a fun day for many traveling through o'hare international in chicago. a computer glitch grounded all american airlines flights and at dallas fort warmth international
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and miami international. the outage forced the airline to stop all flights in and out of those airports. big airports, too. american officials say the issues are now resolved but haven't said how many flights were halted the technology issues lasted about two hours. about 50 people who work at philadelphia's city hall 311 call center were sent home early today after a bed bug infestation was found in the carpet this morning. so ex terminate thes were called in to treat the problem. the call center will reopen tomorrow morning. no other part of city was affected. >> authorities execute add new search warn at the headquarters of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. kane spokesman says montgomery county detectives served a search warrant on her harrisburg office. he said the office is cooperating but says he does not know what information detectives are looking for. those detectives they're not talking. kane faces charges of perjury, obstruction and other offenses related to what prosecutors say was the leak of confidential
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information from a 2009 grander jury investigation. the attorney general denies any wrongdoing. another beautiful day out there but we'll feel some changes. here's life look at trenton and today we get more sun and beautiful clear skies. but it certainly didn't feel like fall out there. so is this the beginning of a warming trend? our chief meteorologist scott williams outside life in old city. scott. >> hi there, iain. we continue with temperatures above average. high today's made it again into the mid even upper 80s for some. but it was a cool start and we continue with this beautiful pattern. a lot of sunshine out there, but some change is in the offing. as far as what's happening right now on the satellite and radar, dry conditions that high pressure it is still in full control. we'll zoom in to old city. you can see nothing but blue skies right now. as we take live look at old city across the area. look at the temperatures right now. 85 degrees in philadelphia. we have 85 in trenton. when i come indoors, we'll talk about a weekend front as well as when to see a change in the pattern with more clouds and
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also some showers in the forecast. back to you. iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you. dirty, dill dill lap poe dater, dangerous a place children can't stay away from. people in one north philadelphia neighborhood a long vacant factory is an accident waiting to happen. >> and they are hoping someone steps in before tragedy strikes. fox 29's bruce gordon live in hunting park tonight. bruce, really quite a site. >> reporter: it is indeed. you know when pope francis visits philadelphia next weeke weekend, philadelphia leaders will no doubt want to show him the most beautiful sites that philly has to offer. something tells me this dangerous eye sore will not be on the tour. the kids are actually hanging out big hoping there. >> yes sir. >> reporter: anthony due mass was driving by the old bud manufacturing plant at hunting park and wissahickon when he saw them, eight to 10-year-old children inside this vast and vacant building. >> you saw that. what went through your mind? this is a building that's supposed to be vacant. supposed to be sealed up. >> right, right. there could be anybody's kids
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and the kids can get hurt. >> reporter: the old bud plant is surrounded by weeds and ringed with trash. hundreds of windows have been broken, hundreds more have been tagged by graffiti artists often from the inside. it's no surprise. along hunting park we saw at least three obvious and tree points including this rope to a gap in the security grating. >> you see this rope here. what does that tell you? >> that they climb through the window. >> reporter: hunt park and stokely street the gate is wide open. the fencing just gone. venture back as we did to find missing manhole covers and wide open doors and loading docks. open season for curious kids and drug users, vandals, accident happen pers and predators. >> the city needs to do something about it. because that means that somebody can take somebody and hurt somebody in this building, somebody could have seen kids in the building and went in the building and hurt the kids. >> reporter: anthony called us so i call the number on the sign out front of the building looking for the owner or some responsible party. >> number is is no longer in service.
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okay. >> reporter: i snapped some pictures sent them off to the department of licenses and inspections. the commissioner is promising me immediate action. anthony says it's about time. >> city of philadelphia i've been here all my life, man. >> reporter: look at this want goes through your mind? >> it's time to go. >> reporter: if the bud site sounds familiar, maybe it's because decade or so ago, it was under consideration as one of the new philadelphia casinos. obviously that never happened. now take a look at it. anthony tells me he's notified police about this situation to no a veil. we saw police coming and going from the site. by the way i found a switch blade on the ground back there. owners of this building are registered out of rockville, maryland. we were unable to contact them but, again, l and i is on the scene hoping to get this place sealed up as fast as possible. lucy? >> all right, thank bruce. a new roadblock for local parents who say they're only trying to protect their daughter. the new tactic they say they are willing to take to make sure their girl can get the medical
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marijuana she say she needs at school. this is something i don't really want to talk about over the phone. >> the phone call elton john that's going viral. turns out the music icon is being pranked. why he's not laughing tonight. >> and they thought their eight-year-old was having a seizure but it was much worse. the one sign this family says could save your child's life. people across our area have personal reasons why the upcoming papal visit will be special. that includes folks at one local school, what they already share with the pontiff before he even arrived here in the u.s. >> coming up all new at 6:00 even if you're not coming in to see -- to the city to seat pope in nine days chances are you will be impacted by the pontiff's visit. the ripple effect touching businesses in the burbs. how people are coping. consideration
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♪ with massive crowds expected in town next week the city wants to keep you in the loop an mother actually fights to help her daughter with some health issues at school has hit another roadblock. fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson joins us now. so bill, one new jersey mom wa wanted to give her daughter medical marijuana at school? >> she did, iain. it's been on-going issue. jenny barber has severe seizures her family and dr. say are best treated with edible medical marijuana oil. they've been fighting in court for months trying to win the right for jenny to be given her afternoon dose at school but this week the courts said no. this was the third time that the barbers lost in court while trying to address what many
5:15 pm
believe is a conflicting law. medical marijuana is legal in new jersey, but jenny's school is in a drug free school zone which makes any drug use or possession illegal. the barbers maintain that the law needs to treat medical marijuana just like any other medicine. >> any other child, any other medicine all they got to do is bring a prescription in, give it to the school and maybe they got a fill out a form but that's it. the nurse gives the child the prescribed medicine. the parent certainly doesn't have to come to school and play doctor. >> reporter: now they hope that the courts will allow jenny's mother whose also her legal caretaker to come to school and give jenny the afternoon dose. but the courts this week rejected the request. so now jenny goes home every day after half day so she can take her medicine. the barbours told me they're not done fighting. they've already filed the next round of appeals. lucy, we'll see what's next. >> all right. thank you very much, bill. little more than a week from pope francis' visit to
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philadelphia and with a massive crowds expected in town next week the city wants to keep you in the lop in case of any emergency. city's office of emergency management wants to you sign up for its text alerts that's pretty easy to do text papal visit one word to 888777. we hut putt the information on the bottom of the screen. if there is an emergency or the threat of severe weather, the agency will text to you let you know what's going on and where you ought to go. even before the pope arrives tonight we are getting a taste of vatican splendor. it's a collection of some of the vatican's most revered treasures. it's heading to the franklin institute for a special display. the exhibition will include documents signed by michelange michelangelo. artwork dating back to the first century and bone fragments of saints peter and paul. the exhibit will run through february of next year. all of us in some way will take part in the pope francis' historic visit here to philadelphia. but some already have a personal connection to the pontiff. >> this is true. that includes folks at a local school that share a name with the pope.
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our lauren johnson took a look how they're getting ready for the big weekend. >> dear pope francis thank you so much for coming to philadelphia. it is an honor and we are all excited here at my school. >> we have been praying for you and success of the world meeting of families. >> very good. >> reporter: eighth grade students -- >> they could not have been more excited. >> reporter: at st. francis of a sissy school. >> what was so special about our school st. francis. >> like he's a part of it. >> reporter: preparing for the pope's historic visit to philly. >> history is so much in the making. >> anybody else? >> you got it. >> there isn't a classroom on campus -- >> pick one that you have as a favorite. >> reporter: that isn't talking about the papal visit. >> the older kids are talking about that and, you know, in social studies and religion and everything else. >> reporter: this fourth grade class is writing letters to the sick and shut in. >> service is part of st. francis. >> decorate it once we get our writing done. >> because francis himself was
5:18 pm
so into taking care of one else that that's what we try to get through to the kids. >> what do you do every day here at school. >> we pray. >> could we put in there we are praying for you? >> yup. >> students are taking it all in. learning lifeless sons. >> caring and being respectful to people, and making sure everybody is okay. >> what would be a nice saying we could put on the front of our card? >> reporter: principal jill carol invited us to the school as they celebrate add dave service. >> the message is love, and service and taking care of those who need help. >> second graders make place mats for the poor. what seems to these young minds like fun and coloring is a chance to give back. >> this will continue throughout the whole year and every year they're here. >> the theme for today is mission of love. >> reporter: but this year is the most historic in school history. >> we praise you with our lives and with our lives. >> reporter: with their naked sake pope coming to the country for the very first time. >> it's just incredible that
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this one very humble holy man can generate the kind of response that they're getting. our father who art in heaven. >> reporter: principle carol impressed by her students fascination with the pontiff. >> he is a big deal. he doesn't act like it. >> he doesn't want to be known as the pope. he wants to be name as a common man. >> it's a good example for everyone. >> reporter: teenagers who respect his authority but see him as an ordinary man who lives in extraordinary life. >> he speaks for humanity. he's not speaking just for the church. >> reporter: grace luongo gets the once in a lifetime chance to participate in history. singing with the catholic community choirs at the world meeting of families. >> i think it will be fun and the festival will be fun. >> reporter: 13-year-old gwen, hopes to get close to the action as well. >> i think i might. it depends on what time i get up and probably going to go, though. >> reporter: millions are expected to make the pilgrimage
5:20 pm
to philly and carol hopes people understand this momentous occasion isn't just for catholics. >> he wants everyone to take care of everyone. and it doesn't matter what religious you are. >> reporter: while she hopes you're there the students are just glad he's here. ♪ >> dear pope francis, it means so much to our city and our country. >> thank you so much for choosing philadelphia as your city to visit for the world meeting of families. sincerely grace. >> sincere the glenn. >> in christ our lord, amen. >> reporter: lauren johnson fox 29 news. and we have continuing coverage of everything you need to know leading up to the papal visit on fox just look for the links on our home page. a florida woman under arre arrest. authorities say she tried to establish a deputy but even after that shock deputies were not prepared for what they found in her home. >> and what could be a new dinosaur dug up up in montana much it's so new scientists don't have name for it but they
5:21 pm
know one important thing about the way it lived. >> that is so cool. crochet enthusiasts may strike you as pretty sedate crowd. that's not always the case. do you know i crochet. >> i didn't know in. >> i do. >> what a tennessee library is putting under lock and key. apparently the crochet enthusiasts won't steal it.
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panic at airport in chile a powerful earthquake rattles the country. 8.3 magnitude quake killed at least 10 people and forced 1 million people out of the their homes. several coastal towns were flooded from small tsunami waves. the earthquake shook the earth so strongly rumbles were felt across south america. elton john is handling a prank phone call better than expected. two russian radio hosts dialed him up pretending to be russian president vladimir putin. >> if you can imagine that. after finding the whole thing was a hoax elton is not mad. he's happy it happened. radio comedy says it pranked the singer after he spoke at a gay
5:25 pm
rights forum in ukraine. elton told journalists he hoped to meet with putin to discuss gay rights in russia. that gave the pranksters the idea to dial him up. singer was waiting for a call and instantly believed the translator he was speaking through represented putin. >> tell him i'm extremely honored to be, n he's calling me and that i'm speaking to him. it's a great privilege to be able to speak to one of the most influential people in the whole world. it's a mazing. >> the kremlin denied the call after elton john posted instagram message thanking president putin but the singer says he's not embarrassed. he says he's very happy that the incident is putting the spotlight back on gay discrimination. talk about a shocking arre arrest. florida woman arrested after she allegedly tries to establish sheriffs deputy. but that's not the only reason she's now in jail. as police were talking -- taking 47-year-old nicole, 92 custody they found thousands of blades inside her home.
5:26 pm
there were knives, machetes and swords and fake body parts. so investigators went there to arrest her on outstanding warrants. they say she refused to come out and then she tried but failed to establish one of their depth tease with a sword. >> i'm being told by my forensics people that there are probably going to be upwards 2,000 bladed instruments. >> you name it it was there. i was even told that there were some tide to the ceiling fan. >> that's not the only trouble she's now facing. this surveillance video appears to show her cutting screens out of her neighbor's window. police are still investigating this matter. get vaccinated now! that is the message for federal health officials as we head into flu season. why doctors say chances of us staying healthy will be a lot better this year. >> and fun, appropriate or cheesy no matter how you feel about some of the gear popping up a lot of people are talking about it. we're heading down d.c. to see how businesses are cashing in on the pope's visit l scott?
5:27 pm
>> iain, coming up we'll preview the potential weather for the pope's visit in philadelphia. we'll talk much more about a quiet overnight as well as weekend front and the potential for unsettled weather next week.
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♪ live look at the parkway tonight. that is such a beautiful shot. the trend of incredible weather continues but it was a little warmer. so our temperatures going to keep climbing and when will rain creep back into the forecast? chief meteorologist scott
5:30 pm
williams has the answers coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. >> the atf is looking for this person tonight. they say that he could be connected to a big fire in center city earlier this week. the agency is now offering a $5,000 reward for information that tuesday morning fire. they're now calling arson. the fire started at the gap mercy apartment at 13th and chancellor streets. it quickly grew and took firefighters about an hour to get things under control. nobody was hurt but people were forced out of more than their apartments. as you well know the excitement is growing for pope francis' upcoming visit to the u.s. and philadelphia. businesses not the only ones trying to cash in. >> fox's bob barnard checked out a gift shop in washington, d.c. stocking its shelves with some of the hottest pope merchandise. >> reporter: inside our nation's holiest shrine to the virgin mary where pope francis will lead an outdoor mass next wednesday, is the basilica's ground floor gift shop. >> this will be the biggest event the basilica ever had a. >> reporter: you want pap
5:31 pm
papal swag? this is the place to shop. >> his picture is everywhere. you can get these nice golf shirts announcing his visit here next week. there are coffee mugs, mass cards here as well. take a look over here. the main thing is love is our mission on all the t-shirts here. >> it's all inclusive. it's saying, love yourself, love your family, love your neighbors, love the environment. >> it is just a big great big love. >> reporter: amy maloney is director of retail at the gift shop that has one item for sale that takes the cake for 100 bucks -- >> take look at this much this is a toy pope mobile here back in the francis section. tell me about this. he is going to be riding this sucker, right? >> yeah. >> she takes it out of my hand so i don't drought. smart. look what it does. ♪ >> it plays hallelujah chorus. >> have you sold any of this y
5:32 pm
yet. >> we sold four just yesterday. >> you did, okay. >> at $100. we sold about 12. >> many of the gifts available in english and spanish. >> i see something up here that caught my eye. there is a francis cologne. >> there sure is. want to try it. >> i would love to. i wonder what it will do, actu actually. smell good, make me -- bless you, everyone. it just has that kind of effect. oh, my goodness. retailing more about $30 i gather, right? >> yes. >> reporter: tell me it's not the commercialization of francis but everybody wants a piece of him, is that the sense here? >> everyone really wants a memory of him. it makes them feel close to him if they're going to have a t-shirt or a mug that they're going to use every single day. >> miss maloney is expecting vigorous sales this weekend. next week while the pope is in town, it will just be two too troublesome to shop here. >> you can stay on top of all things pope by heading to our website fox you'll find everything you need to know of how to prepare for
5:33 pm
that historic weakened. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. i wish i could say it has been historically beautiful in my eyes it has been but i have a short memory span. >> it really has. this nice stretch of weather continues, cool starts, warm afternoons above average temperatures actually but take a look at this live shot center city. picture perfect. another perfect 10 just beautiful weather. a lot of blue skies out there. as high pressure has been in full control. look at the numbers right now. it's 85 degrees and look at the humidity. 30%. so really comfortable if you're stepping outdoors. no weather worries. here's the setup. the satellite and radar high pressure is in full control. most of the clouds and showers well to our south. impacting the sunshine state, some of this moisture actually left over from grace. so it continues to impact florida and here's our front for the upcoming weekend that will drop our temperatures. we'll take you into old city right now. take look at the blue skies. picture perfect conditions here on this thursday evening. but the only concern really is
5:34 pm
this. we're talking about a code orange air quality alert. we have some low level ozone because the air not really mixing a whole lot with that area of high pressure in full control, but take a look at the temperatures right now. 84 allentown. 83 wilmington. we have low 80s in atlantic city as well as millville, wildwood checking in at 79 degrees. so temperatures actually above average across our area but take a look off to the west. 95 degrees heat wichita. 93 current until dallas. none in st. louis. we're not going to get that hot, however, we'll continue tomorrow with the similar pattern. temperatures when you wake up for your friday morning we'll call it comfortably cool temperatures along i-95 in the low to mid 60s. 63 degrees philadelphia. north and west we're looing at temperatures in sections of the lehigh valley right around allentown 56 degrees. reading 57 and as we move into south jersey, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. so not a bad start to your friday. the tropics still watching two areas tropical depression nine
5:35 pm
as well as another disturbance behind that. they could develop into tropical storms the next names up on the list ida and joaquin. but it looks most of the activity will stay out into the open waters of the atlantic. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you your frid friday. it's going to be fantastic. we're looking at a cool start, 86 degrees above average highs for this time of year. then by saturday, 85 degrees. that front will be moisture starved moving through sunday. 80 for the high temperature and then it looks like a little bit of unsettled pattern for next week. mostly cloudy skies, maybe some drizzle, some showers fall officially arrives on your wednesday. we'll keep that fall feel going for most of next week. here's a closer look at the kick off forecast at the linc on sunday looking good for tailgating and as we move toward the game, temperatures drop a little bit turning cooler but a fall like feel and kind of looking ahead it looks like the pope's visit in philadelphia will be partly sunny. kind of breezy maybe a slight chance of some showers but temperatures on average for this time of year highs in the mid
5:36 pm
70s. lows in the mid 50s you might want to have a light jacket for that. >> you better believe that. >> you notice how he's doing really long range forecast now. can we go for december? (laughter). >> thank you, scott. >> shocking wake up call for people in one neighborhood when a plane uses a streak for a runway. what brought this plane down. >> that would be shocker. what could be a new type of dinosaur dug up in montana. all of us geeks like i am this is so cool. it's so new scientists don't even have name for it but they know one important thing about the way it lived. >> coming up at six, proof that crime does not pay. it can also be dangerous. these crooks targeted a shop clerk but did not count on the response they got. see these bad guys reap what they sod.
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i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close.
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but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. death toll continues to rise tonight near the utah energies
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arizona border days after flash flooding swept through the area. at least 19 people are dead including seven hike considers found narrow canyon in zion national park. a dozen more died when two cars were swept away by fast-moving waters in a small town. nine of those victims were children. rescue crews are continuing their search for another child believed to be in one of those cars. >> we're going back through with the -- with the dog teams and the utah task force one and recovering the areas that are immediately through the portion of town that is separated by the different culverts. >> among those searching for that missing six-year-old is a team that previously combed through the rubble of the world trade center after 9/11. a replica of most likely newly discovered type of dinosaur being unveiled in colorado. >> right now scientists document of do you meaned hundreds of species of dinosaur. you can add one more there iain. paletologists kiss every discovered what they're pretty
5:41 pm
certain is a newest member of the seran top 7:00 a.m. species. it's related to the try sorry top. it hunches on plants and so new it doesn't have a scientific name yet. scientists are calling it ava because of its relation to ava sorry rah tops. >> sorry rah tops is a plant eating dinosaur from the late crow thai shuts of north america, asia. >> one of the most dangerous animals in yellowstone are the herb with veries. you don't want to mess around with a bison or anything like that. >> hippos are bad too. the research center in woodland park is using 3d printer to make the replica of ava. next one family's warning for every parent out there. they thought their eight-year-old was having a seizure, but it was much worse. >> i felt like i was going to faint. i could not believe hearing those words. >> we just cried and prayed. that's what we did.
5:42 pm
>> the one sign this family says could save your child's life. we use the internet to share everything, you know, photos and videos, the list goes on. now you can share your furnitu furniture. we'll show you how it's happening. hello, howard. >> the internet, i love -- can you bring one of those through our phone that kind of have me sit down here? it's the game the eagles have to win. that would be the cowboys on sunday. we will hear from the eagles defensive back byron maxwell on how he plans to play better, and the cowboys quarterback tony romo. that's coming up in sports. all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk!
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♪ general motor social security paying some big-time money to avoid criminal charges. automaker will pay $900 million to resolve charges over its
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concealment of ignition switch defect. federal prosecutors say investigators have linked it to at least 169 deaths. also today gm announced it will pay $575 million to settle many of the civil lawsuits filed over the defect. turning to your health now and flu season. health officials are calling for americans to get the flu vaccine and this year they're more optimistic. last flu season was a tough one. shots offered less protection because of a new strain that emerged after the vaccine was produced and doctors say so far it does not look like the same thing will happen this year. health officials say everyone six months and older should be vaccinated. a warning tonight for parents about a devastating health concern. one you probably would not associate with children. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney has the story of a courageous boy from our area battling back from a scare that his parents never imagined they'd be dealing with especially at such a young age. ♪ >> reporter: 10-year-old evan
5:47 pm
boxily of cherry hill, new jersey, is trying to master the trombone. ♪ >> reporter: it's all new to evan but he's embracing his musical side. ♪ >> i learned a song called hot cross buns. ♪ >> he's loud but i think he's doing pretty well. >> reporter: pretty well indeed. ♪ >> reporter: especially considering evan loves sports. especially soccer. but now that's limited to kick the ball around in the backyard with his older sister mikayla. he can run track but no contact sports for fear of a head injury. a tough pill to swallow when you're in the fourth grade. >> the hardest thing is that i can't do certain things like ride my bike and play soccer. >> reporter: the reason for the restrictions, evan had stroke at eight-year-old. it all started with severe
5:48 pm
headaches in august of 2013. >> he cep getting headaches and he eventually was within a span of a week had multiple headaches during the day. he woke up at night with a headache. >> it felt like someone was hammering my head. report roar pediatrician ordered an mri but it came back normal. the headaches persisted. so evan started seeing a neurologist. doctors thought it might be migraines until another symptom suddenly developed, numbness. >> he describe it as feeling like his fingers weren't there. >> reporter: that was in october of 2013. his mom now wondering could this be a stroke? >> i totally put it out of my head because it seemed so abnormal for somebody who was eight to be having a stroke. >> reporter: evan was having difficulty walking and talking. his mom rushed him to the nearest hospital. >> i was terrify. he was crying. um, but he wouldn't verbalize at
5:49 pm
all. >> bockly called her husband and while they waited in the er, evan started to feel better. after a few tests, doctors were ready to send him home. boxilies say after protocol the hospital called children's hospital of philadelphia where he was being treated for his headaches. a doctor there suggested a cat scan before releasing evan. that changed everything. >> you would the boxilies say there was a sense of urgency evan was taken to chop where they learned their little boy had indeed suffered a stroke. >> i felt like i was going to faint. i could not believe hearing those words about my child, you know, because he was a perfectly healthy kid up until this point. >> we just cried and prayed. that's what we did. >> reporter: dr. rebecca i cord the director of chop's pediatrics stroke program. >> evan had a very complicated series of events that caused him to have a stroke. >> reporter: doctors
5:50 pm
discovered a small congenital tumor op evan's heart where they also found a blood clot had formed. >> that clot or perhaps a bit of the tumor traveled together with the clot and blocked an artery in his brain and that was the first time that we knew he had a stroke. >> reporter: evan had heart surgery two days later to remove the tumor. he was in the hospital for over a month and had to go through occupational, speech and physical therapy. >> part of the time i was in the hospital i forgotten how to wa walk. >> reporter: threw it all this little boy never stopped smiling. evan just kept telling himself one thing. >> i can do this. sometimes you just have to think positive. report roar his sister mikayla admits she was frightened for her brother. she still can't believe how incredibly positive and brave evan was despite all the obstacles and challenges he fa faced. >> i've seen him be amazing when it was impossible to be amazing.
5:51 pm
and i don't know how many people can do that. but he did. >> reporter: but then another set back. >> months later after his initial stroke we thought we were out of the woods, and low and behold he had yet another stroke. >> it's lottery chances for a boy to have a stroke, a stroke and then a boy to have a second stroke from a different source. ♪ >> reporter: this time it was the result of minor trauma to an artery in his neck which dr. i cord says can happen in active children. >> the artery somehow has been subjected to some compression or twisting. as a result some clot formed at the spot in the artery where that abnormality occurred. >> reporter: that clot went up to evan's brain and caused another series of strokes. that was march of 2014. ♪ >> reporter: a year and a half later, doctors still keep a close eye on evan but he's on the right medications and is making a phenomenal recovery. >> they call him a miracle
5:52 pm
because of what he's been through and how well he respon responds. >> are you still worried. >> yes. >> yeah. i think things will never be exactly the same but, you know, we live and cherish each day. >> reporter: and evan, well he has a message to the doctors who saved his life. >> i would tell them thank you and keep up the good work. ♪ >> reporter: the boxily family is now on a mission to get the word out that children can and do have strokes. >> it's important to know because it could happen to anybody. ♪ >> if people hear evan's story and they recognize those signs in somebody else it could easily safe somebody's life. >> have the children who have strokes are perfectly healthy at the time. the average age six to eight years old. it is rare and hardly every fatal in children. the symptoms include headaches,
5:53 pm
sudden loss of neurological function, trouble speaking or balance problem. time is critical. getting treatment right away is the key to a positive out come. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. crochet enthusiasts might strike you as pretty sedate crowd. that is not always the case watch a tennessee library is putting under lock and key so they won't steal it. >> coming up at 6:00 if you look hard enough you'll probably be able to find parking during the upcoming papal visit but you could end up paying more than you log tom night we're finding out why some businesses say they have no choice but to charge those prices. >> also at 6:00 a sunrise take down in north philly much police bust a drug ring pulling in a huge haul. the massive operation you'll see only on fox. ♪
5:54 pm
i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
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♪ big sigh of relief among neighbors at a california neighborhood after a plane lands on their street. it could have been a disaster. the small piper cherokee made an emergency landing on a street in irvine with a pilot and sever students on the plane. but fortunately nobody was hurt and no homes. cars or buildings were damaged either. no word yet on exactly what forced that pilot to land the plane there. unusual obsession leading a tennessee library to take special precaution to protect a special magazine. crochet world magazine sokoff vetted among crow shares the library in blunt county has been stashing copies behind the desk. why? well people were taking them. anyone looking for the magazine on the shelf instead finds a sign with library's policy on
5:58 pm
how to check it out. >> if you're a crow share eighty three this is like obsessive collection item. >> when i first started working i can remember coming out and going, they put them behind the desk so i can't take them. (laughter). >> i never knew that. >> neither did i. >> the current library policy requires readers to go to the main desk, present their library card or id so they can keep tabs whose got that magazine. >> the internet helped launch a new community sharing from cars to apartments it's all there but would you shaye your furniture especial physical you could make money. furnish share is bet you will. it let's people list their gently used furniture for rent gently is the key wore. professional will look at it, pick it up, clean it for free. a renter can pick three items for 50 bucks a month with a year long contract. he got the idea after moving five times in the past six yea years. >> either i wouldn't have time to sell the furniture. i would try to sell it and i
5:59 pm
wouldn't find a buyer in time. >> the website launched last month. right now it's only available in new york city. no word yet on when or if it will come to philly. ♪ tonight at 6:00 an inside look at the people who will be keeping the pope safe during his visit to philly and how they'll be doing it. fox 29 is going inside the nerve center for a rare chance to see what you won't see during the historic weekend. >> and crooks nuke a store but soon running right back out. the clerk oh, he was ready for a fight. he got some help from a surprising source. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at six. ♪ >> first at six protecting the pope. inside look at home base for the men and women who will be keeping the pontiff safe in nine days along with the massive crowds expected to see him. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. they are security plans in the works for months now.
6:00 pm
fox 29's dave kinchen life in south philadelphia tonight. dave, you were just inside that crime center. >> reporter: that's right. this is a big part of the papal security plan. think of this as a situation room designed to make sure there is no situation at all. chances your walk down the street or drive down road was picked up by the scores of cameras feeding into the real-time crime union at the delaware valley intelligence center. it's going to be a big part of the security plan for the upcoming papal visit. >> we have u.s. department of homeland security. we had the federal bureau of investigation much we had the national park service here. we had the federal protective service. >> this time the u.s. secret service and fema will have staff working out of here looking for threats against pope francis or general security concerns. cameras here monitor the ben franklin parkway where the pontiff will say mass and the monitors also show public transportation routes to be used by the pilgrims. but that's not all. >> 24, seven day a week operation center. it never goes down.


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