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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 18, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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right now a bizarre standoff for a group of families without a home. now take a look. some with children. only weeks old. set up tents in this abandoned lottery fusing an offer from the city for a roof over their heads tonight. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. they say it's part of a much bigger problem. our fox 29's chris o'connell is live at this so-call tent city in fair hill tonight. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. at least seven homeless families will be staying yet another night in this make shift tent city here in north philadelphia. these families some of them as you said with infant babies rejected the city's offer for emergency shelters tonight. instead this will be their home they say to prove a point. >> we do have space for up to six families tonight. >> reporter: the city's top two housing officials arrived to fair hills tent city offering emergency shelter to the two
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dozen people who have taken up residence on the corner of cumberland and american streets for the past four days. but that offer came with a resounding no. >> we're not taking that offer. >> homeless advocate sherri, organized the tent city to show awareness for the city's homeless problem. for days they've been taking in gifts of food and water. some even handing over cash donations. but why not take the offer a emergency housing? >> these people are being offered shelters and you're encouraging them not to take it. >> okay. that's such a fox 29 question. >> it's legitimate question, though. >> wait, wait, wait. >> why do you -- set up land mines and you walk night. >> we did talk to searer brooks who says she was kick out of the shelter along with her one month old and two other children. >> i got laid off from my job. i lost my apartment, and i tried to go for help but nobody would help me. >> reporter: she's not taking shelter tonight. instead she wants a permanent
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home. the very public protest not coincidentally comes just days before pope francis comes to town. >> he has somewhere to sleep at name he has food every day. he has whatever he needs. we don't have nothing. >> reporter: by nightfall none of the homeless took the city's offer of shelter. instead the group settle flood watch the movie frozen on a donated big screen. the head of the philadelphia housing authority clearly disappointed. >> i looked around i saw small children and you know i'm a father. i certainly wouldn't want my children living under those conditions. >> reporter: well they will will be living under these conditions at least for one more night. the organizers says this group is now threatening tomorrow to take over vacant pha houses around the city and simply move these families in trespassing or not. lucy? >> definitely not over yet. all right, chris o'connell. little more than one week before the pope lands in
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philadelphia. a live look at the ben franklin parkway tonight. for days we've seen the area start to transform preparing for historic weekend. from security measures to the elaborate stage setup. well today we got our first look inside the home base for the people working to keep the pontiff and massive crowds safe. all part of security plans in the works for months. fox 29's dave kinchen is live along the parkway tonight. dave this is one high-tech setup. >> reporter: yeah, really is. a lot of cameras all over the ben franklin parkway but that's only part of the massive area that's covered. think of this as a situation room designed to make sure no situation takes place. philadelphia police officers have parts of the puff parkway walked out of while crews work to put tents in place with nine days until pope francis arrives. surveillance cameras like this one are standing watch feeding live images into the police department's real time crime center in south philly. >> there's going to be like a lot of people here so i think
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you can never be too careful with the way things are going these days. >> reporter: delaware valley intelligence center will be working with u.s. secret service and fema to protect pope francis and 1.5 million pilgrims with the high tech grade of cameras covering the parkway, regional transit systems and several neighborhoods. >> i kind of thought it was incredible to see every single little area detailed. >> reporter: team here will even monitor social media for pom possible threats and get instant information to officers working in the field from numerous agencies. >> we have u.s. department of homeland security. we have the federal burr rove investigation. we have national park service here. we have have the federal protective services. >> video from police choppers will feed into the center as well and those we talk with say it's just the right amount of security for historic event. >> i feel like they're definitely putting measures in place to make all the residents feel safe. i feel, like there's the right amount of security for this event happening. >> it's better to be safe than sorry. >> reporter: it's important to note that this operation center is in addition to the fbi's
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command center that will be installed in center city for the papal weekend. back to you, iain. >> dave, thank you. tickets to seat pope when he comes to philadelphia you know are hot commodities and tonight another local church handing out free tickets. >> the pope it's once a in lifetime opportunity to see the pope. i mean this is the leader of the church on earth and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and i couldn't just -- i couldn't pass it up. >> blessed virgin mary church in darby giving 100 tickets to the world meeting of families event on saturday and another 100 to the papal mass on sunday. other local churches have also started distributing their free tickets to the events and of course we've got continuing coverage for you everything you need to know leading up to the big papal visit on our website just head to fox and look for the links on the home page. on your radar tonight these fall temps are here to stay for now. live look at wilmington tonight after just a gorgeous day and evening. scott, we can certainly use more of this heading into the
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weekend. >> it look like you'll get your wish, lucy, as we start your friday as well as the first part of the weekend. continuation really of this nice weather. so tomorrow nice friday, but a weekend front will bring some changes as far as the weather over the neck several days but take a look at this nice stretch of weather. monday, 77 degrees was the high. low 80s on tuesday. yesterday's high 87 degrees. 86 the official high for today. so slightly above average. so 73 degrees right now. humidity at 68%. temperatures by tomorrow morning comfortably cool. we're looking at more 50s far north and west. 57 degrees in allentown. 56 in reading. we're looking at low to mid 60s along the i-9 i-95 corridor and parts of south jersey. we'll wake up to temperatures in the low and mid 60s. likewise as you move into parts of delaware. so coming up, we'll have much more on that weekend forecast, what to expect at the linc on sunday for the eagles game and also we'll preview the weather for the pope in philly. back to you.
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>> notice my eagles green i have on. >> i see that. >> talk to you soon, scott. stabbing left one man in the hospital while philadelphia police search for his tack kerr. a warning the surveillance footage we're about to show is graphic. philadelphia police say it started out an argument between two men monday afternoon on the 100 block of north far son road. that's when one of them pulled a pocketknife and started slashing. investigators say he establish the 24-year-old victim twice in the chest. seven times in the back. he also managed to steal $20 before taking off. someone got the victim to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. only on fox tonight, local agencies work together for a major bust. out before sunrise they're after drugs, guns and arrests. the results of a long investigation. only fox 29's dave schratwieser was there for the big take down. >> i'm glad it happened. needs to happen. >> reporter: fox 29 cameras were rolling as an army of law enforcement officers descended
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on north broad street just after sunrise. the raid here capped off 18 month long investigation into a violent drug operation that also deals in guns. >> a lot of young guys, guns, gun create problem man. created one. >> it was a monster problem for this block. >> going through my mind who the hell they looking for. >> reporter: neighbors who asked not to be identified because they're too afraid watched as police shut down broad street, swat team officers wearing protective suits and carrying automatic weapons raided four homes on the 3100 block of rosewood off allegheny. state, city and federal authorities raided 13 homes across philadelphia. >> all i seen was guns. i threw my hands up. >> i never seen that many cops and dea at one time. >> reporter: swat officers finish the raids detectives and undercover officers from the attorney general's violent crime gun task force and da's office joined dea agents to collect evidence.
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they exited several homes with guns and drug. >> i guess the guns come from the guys protecting what they got. but i think it's more traffic than drugs. >> reporter: police took at least 10 people into custody during the operation d i.e. agents in protective suits searched apartments. sources say this building contained a pcp cutting and distribution operation utilizing dangerous chemicals. >> i'm ready to move. i got to get -- i'm getting out this neighborhood. >> reporter: you're glad they were here? >> yeah. it's the neighborhood, man, kids, as long as there's kids around here, man, don't need no trouble. >> dave schratwieser reports one suspect was slightly injured when he jumped out a window and tossed away a gun. 91 of the agencies involved would comment on the on-going investigation. authorities have again searched headquarters of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. kane spokesman says montgomery county detectives served a search warrant on her harrisburg office. he said the office is cooperatorrincooperatorring butw what detectives are looking for.
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those detectives well they aren't talking. kane faces charges of perjury and other offenses accuse of legal confidential information from a grand jury investigation. the attorney general says she's done nothing wrong. about 50 people who work at philadelphia city hall 311 call center were sent home early today. officials confirm a bed bug infestation was found in the carpet this morning. exterminators were called in to treat the problem much the call center will reopen tomorrow morning. no other part of city hall was affected. federal investigators are putting up $5,000 to find who started a big fire in center city this week. the atf is looking for this person tonight. it says he may have set the blaze at the grammercy apartments at 13th and chancellor streets. it took firefighters about an hour to bring it under control early tuesday morning. no one is hurt. but residents in more than 30 apartments are still out of their homes. >> atf considers this crime to be deliberately set. it's dangerous and endangers the
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lives of the firefighters, the residents, and caused significant damage and could have caused worse. >> the damage he's talking about right around $1 million. fire thousand dollars goes to the person who gives information leading to the arrest and conviction of the arsonist. ♪ couple would be crooks armed with a fire extinguisher ambush a store clerk. what these guys don't see in the corner of the store ready to strike. and -- i heard a little girl voice help me, help me! >> a mom and her young children trapped in burning home with only seconds to spare. who race flood the flames to help pull this family to safety. half dozen officers take down 16-year-old boy. witnesses yelled to leave the teen alone. what officers say he did just before they tried to arrest him. it used to be booming factory, now it's not only eye sore it's putting local kids in danger. >> kids playing hanging in the windows, hanging out the window and nobody doing anything about it. >> concerned neighbors turn to
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fox 29 for help. what hap
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>> right now a local police department is investigating a graphic social media page. more than a dozen middle school students in delaware county are targeted in lewd instagram messages. >> police are reassuring angry parents and working to fine out who set up the accounts. fox 29's shawnette wilson live at the radnor police department tonight and shawnette, some of the things on that account even surprised police. >> reporter: yeah, i just talk to police moments ago and they tell me they cannot believe the language that was attached to some of these pictures and these
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are actually appropriate regular pictures of students. tonight they're trying find out who set up this account and how they got those pictures. >> i just heard it was a page that had some pictures of people with inn pope yell comments, and odd comments about them. report roar radnor middle school seventh grader ulysses herd about the social media page when he was at baseball practice thursday afternoon. wore got out that someone posted pictures of students and attached derogatory comments to the pictures. >> i think a lot more about it it's really severe form of bullying because it's cyber bullying. kids can't get away from it report roar his mom judd learn of the incident this evening. >> like he said, i think it's a form of bullying, and as parents the thing we fear for the most for our kids. >> reporter: the investigation started sunday when police got a call from a parent who found disturbing messages on their daughter's instagram page. police discovered pictures of at least 21 young people mostly
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students at the school. >> threw investigation, we located pictures that were appropriate and normal pictures that young people would have on their phone, however, whoever the person who did this, um, altered the pictures by basically adding text boxes on top of screen shots or something elsewhere they put very inappropriate and vulgar type messages on there on several people's faces. >> reporter: police notified the district who in turn put out calls to parents and posted this message about the incident on the district website. police say it's a criminal investigation. >> kids are supposed to be worrying about their education and starting school in september. now we're dealing with this. it really has an impact. some of these hurtful things can go on a lifetime. >> reporter: police also say this is not a school district issue. although the district is assisting with the investigation i'm told that charges could include stalking and harassment, possibly even higher charges that, of course will be up to the district attorney. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. philadelphia police need your
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help finding the person who swiped a city issued police bicycle. officer says he left the bike parked outside a 7eleven on the unit block of west girard avenue this morning. when he came back it was gone. surveillance video later shows a thief jumping on the bike and riding away. philadelphia police after him. if you know anything give them call. prosecutors will get their chance to try new jersey senator bob menendez on corruption charges but it now looks like it could be awhile until he's back in court. today a judge ruled to move his trial date to the fall of 2016. that will make room for the expected appeals of several pretrial motions. prosecutors say the senator accepted gifts and donations from a florida doctor in exchange for political favors. menendez and his attorneys are still asking the judge to dismiss the case. the senator says he has done nothing wrong. many are plan to go take the train into philly next weekend to see pope francis but parking your car for the day while you ride in could cost you. many communities near train stations are selling spots for saturday and sunday.
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fox 29's dawn timmeney check out chestnut hill where parking and the price are a big concern during the papal visit. >> 40 is a little obscene. right? >> reporter: we're talking $40 a day. that's how much the chestnut hill parking foundation is charging to park in one of its six lots on papal weekend. it's making 120 spots available that saturday and sunday. first come first serve. >> that sounds like a lot. you could -- you can park at my house for 35. >> we'll have to get a ride it's $40 a spot or there's nowhere to park. >> reporter: chestnut hill west is one of the designated train lines into philadelphia on the weekend of the pope's visit. scores of people are expected to flood the small community. the parking foundation says its main concern is that visitor visitors to the shops and restaurants will be able to park. but it wanted to provide some pope parking. it says no way is it trying to cash in on the papal visit. >> we have to bring our employees in at 4:30 in the morning and so we'll be paying
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overtime that. seems very fair. we just have to cover our costs. >> reporter: recent in a, lives in chestnut hill. her main concern is that people will park on all the side streets leaving people like her without spots in front of their homes. >> parking is difficult here any way. i mean the lots fill up on the weekends. it's hard to get parking on the side streets, so, yeah, it will be -- it will be tough frameable to park here i think. >> i think it's going to be every man for himself on the side streets. >> reporter: chestnut hill isn't a lone in selling parking spots. many places with lots near designated train stations are doing exactly the same thing. germantown academy has 800 spaces. they're going for $30 a day. 50 for the weekend for people taking the train in and out of fort washington. it's even hired outside company to handle its papal parking. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. surveillance cameras catch this woman attack her neighbor's window then take a curtain. days later investigators say
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tried to establish a deputy. the startling discovery in her home no one saw coming. a guy walks in a law office but he's not looking for lawyer. he lunches right at the receptionist. what he ran off she says is priceless. >> and we all know finding that perfect match isn't easy. boy do i know that one iain. i degrees. for bacon lovers it just got better. the new dating sight bringing that love together. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. i'm sue serio. bob kelly continues his mini vacation tomorrow. he'll be back on monday. we'll be with you tomorrow morning. we're talking about what's going on in the ben franklin parkway as we get ready for the visit from the pope of course. start to go bring in lot of equipment before they set up the stages so they're using one lane of the parkway between art museum drive and spring garden street. so be aware of that as you're traveling around in the city tomorrow. as far as the rest of the roadways are concerned we've seen unusually high volume with traffic the past couple of days. so you better check in with us
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for weather and traffic before you get started on your friday mornin
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ panic at airport in chile as an 8.3 magnitude earthquake rattled that country. we brought this to you as breaking news last night at 10:00.
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at least 10 people are dead. more than 1 million people forced out of their homes. tsunami waves did flood several coastal towns. a teen's arrest in california is going viral. the 16-year-old stopped for jaywalking in the bus lane but things quickly escalate. >> this video from stockton on tuesday afternoon. it starts when one officer tries to restrain the 16-year-old with a baton. as witnesses yell to leave him alone. then you see a group of four officers wrestle the teen to the ground. another five officers are standing nearby. the stockton police department says the first officer's body camera fell off in the exchange. they say right now though it looks like the officers acted within the department's policy. >> heroes welcome at the white house for three americans who helped stop a shooting on a paris bound train last month. president obama hosted spencer stone, alec star cot toes and anterior knee sadler in the oval office today. in august those three young men
3:24 am
worked together to stop a gunman who opened fire on board a train. france awarded them its highest honor and now they're getting praise from our president. >> what start the as a normal work day for one receptionist ended with her pleading with the public for help. >> watch as this guy walk into the law office where the victim works. he asked for lawyer but seconds later, lunches over the desk, rips a gold chain right off her neck and then takes off running. the vick tip says after seeing surveillance video she realized she had seen him before. >> he had actually taken notice of me when i walked past and he was on his phone and he stopped and did like a double take and i think he must have have seen the chain around my neck at that point. >> to make matters worse that necklace was the last thing her grandmother gave her before she passed away. she's hoping someone sees this video and turns the guy in. she's either offering a small row war. hopefully she gets it back. it used to be a booming factory. now it's not only an eye sore,
3:25 am
it's putting local children in danger. what happened just hours after we stepped in. scott? >> lucy, today it was a 10. the high 86 degrees. slightly above average temperatures. find out when to expect below average temperatures, yeah, they're on the way in the seven day next. >> and the break up spruce up. the new sure sign your >> and the break up spruce up. the new sure sign your significananananan those places that we can't wish, or squish, away....
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right now at 10:30, temperatures dropping after a gorgeous day. here's live look from reading tonight. these chilly nights certainly reminder that fall is here. while we warm back up for the start of your weekend will we warm up? what about the eagles forecasfor? scott has the answa few minutes. dirty dangerous and apparently a place children cannot seem to stay away from. buildings like these are supposed to have safeguards to stop people from getting in but somehow that never happened. until we got involved. fox 29's bruce gordon explains. >> reporter: long veigh captain bud manufacturing plant at hunting park and wissahickon is supposed to be empty, but anthony do you mean mass tells
3:29 am
me he saw eight to 10-year-old children through a fourth floor opening. >> kids playing hanging in the windows. hanging out the window and nobody doing anything about it. >> reporter: you saw that. what went through your mind? this is a building that's supposed to be vacant. supposed to be sealed up. >> right. right. that could be anybody kids and the kids could get old. >> reporter: old factory ringed by chest hi weeds and piles of trash. we've her the expression there's only junk on tv but in it? back to those kids. it's easy to see how they get into the building along hunting park we saw at least three obvious entries points including this rope leading to a section of loose security great. >> you see this rope here. what does that tell you? >> they're climbing through the window. >> reporter: at hunting park and stokely street the gate was wide open. the fencing, it had been ripped away. travel back as we did and you'll find missing manhole covers and wide open loading docks and doors. easy access for curious kids, vandals, drug users, scrap% and, yes, predators. >> you don't think the city cars about this building.
3:30 am
>> they can't. you know how long this building been like this? how can you care about this building it's been like this forever. >> reporter: do you mean mass says his wife convinced gnome call fox 29. >> she the one said, you know, call news 29. that's what somebody going to do something. >> i got to work quickly. first i tried the phone number on the side of the building looking for an owner. >> number is no longer in service. report. then i snapped pictures sent them directly to the commissioner of the department of licenses and inspections. in no time flat he had investigators on site to begin the process of sealing this building. anthony says, it's about time. >> the city need to do something about it because that means that somebody can take somebody and hurt somebody in this building. somebody could have seen them kids in the building and went in the building and hurt the kids. >> reporter: still more work to be done but this site is clearly more secure than it was before we got involved. we were unable to reach the site owner based in rockville married. it's a safe bet l and i will want to talk with them. this place was disaster wait to go happen. getting results in hunting park, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news.
3:31 am
>> to delaware county spca says it has found the people who left a puppy in a dufflebag and the news gets better. duffy as she's now named just spoke her first words today. >> what? >> i think she said i love you. she nearly died of heat stroke in that bag on hot day last we week. she's still recovering from parvo virus but strong enough now today she said good morning to her care takers. a man and his girlfriend left the sick puppy in the bag along with pedialyte they were giving her then called animal control. apparently they did not know that the delco spca a no kill shelter has a low cost cling for pets or would have taken in duffy, nursed her back to health and adopted her out. >> good story there. good story for our weather. what's on the radar tonight, scott. >> not a whole lot. we continue with this pattern of high pressure, cool overnights, temperatures above average. we made it to 86 degrees today.
3:32 am
looks like that will continue for your friday as well as saturday before this front off to the west will bring some cooler temperatures in our direction. but you can see, clear skies and we're looking at that high pressure still in control. in fact we'll zoom in. take a look at old city right now you can see christ church, ben franklin bridge. looking pretty good. clear skies, dry conditions but because of that high pressure not a whole lot of mixing in the atmosphere so kind of stagnating so the air quality alert the code orange ozone levels will be high for your friday. so just limit your outdoor exposure asthma, upper respiratory disorders as wells the elderly just keep that in mind for your friday but otherwise, it will be another nice day with high pressure in control. we have 68 degrees atlantic city right now. 70 in trenton. mid 60s allentown. 67 degrees in reading. so not quite as cool as prior nights because winds have shifted more out of the south and west. off to the west, you can see kind of warm right now.
3:33 am
86 dallas. 87 in mid land so we'll continue to kind of tap into some of that air for tomorrow. but take a look at the morning lows across the area. we're looking at low to mid 60s along the i-95 corridor. there will be a couple of spots north and west dipping back into the upper 50s like pottstown moving toward reading kutztown, allentown looking at some 50s on the map tomorrow morning. low to mid 60s the general rule. once you get into south jersey as well as delaware. dover about 64 degrees. we're looking at low 60s tomorrow morning in wilmington. so as we talk about the tropics, watching a little bit of convection around sections of florida and you can see very unsettled here but most of that will stay to our south. in the meantime watching two areas in the open waters of the atlantic that might develop into ida or joaquin over the next sever days but stay in the open waters. but look at that seven day forecast. looking good. 86 degrees tomorrow. 85 on saturday. sunday a little milder. nos as warm, 79 degrees.
3:34 am
looking good at the linc and then early next week temperatures below average into the low to mid 70s, and there will be some clouds around maybe some showers tuesday into wednesday but definitely a fall feel to kick off fall on wednesday. here's a closer look at that forecast at the linc on sunday. looking pretty good for football. turning a little cooler but feeling like fall. partly sunny, breezy, maybe a couple of showers around when the pope is in philly. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you scott. special night for the men and women who dedicate their time helping abused and neglected children in the philadelphia foster care system. through cassa philadelphia. almost minute community volunteers sworn in with an oath and a renewal ceremony fox 29's joyce evans was the emcee. cassa philadelphia looking to recruit more volunteers but to do that they need donations and you can help by participating in the third annual 5k run and walk on october 3rd at the philadelphia zoo. coming up next a couple of would
3:35 am
be crooks armed with a fire extinguisher ambush a store clerk but what these guys don't see in the corner of the store ready to strike. a library now forced to put one magazine under lock and key. no, no we're not talking about anything dirty here. the problem with crochet world. >> days before the eagles take on the cowboys at the linc the one thing that's more expensive there than it is at any
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>> it will set you back $8.50.
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>> fly eagles fly! >> that was good. >> fired up. patco stations getting big upgrade it will save you money on your phone bills. come october all 13 stations along patco high speed rail line will have free wi-fi access that comes courtesy of comcast. if you are comcast subscriber use your xfinity log in. don't have comcast? well you can still use the service by providing your e-mail address after accepting the terms. elton john hasn't link a prank phone call better than many would have expected. two russian radio hosts dialed him up pretending to be russian president vladimir putin. >> after finding out the whole thing is a hoax, the singer is not mad. he's glad the whole thing happened. radio comedy team pranke pranken john after hearing him speak at a gay rights forum in ukraine. the singer told journalists he hoped to meet with the russian president to discuss gay rights
3:40 am
in his country. that gave the prank terse the idea to dial him up singer was waiting for a call and believed the translator he was speaking through repped putin. >> tell him i'm he can treatmently honored to be on -- that he's calling me and i'm speaking to him. it's a great privilege to be able to speak to one of the most influential people in the whole world much it's a mazing. >> kremlin denied the call after elton john posted an instagram message thanking president putin but the singer is not embarrassed. he's actually happy the incident is putting the spotlight back on gay discrimination. mom and young children trapped in burning home. who raced into the flames to help pull them to safety? >> and the break up spruce up the new sure sign your
3:41 am
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♪ thousands of knives found inside a florida woman's home after she was arrested for trying to establish a deputy. investigators say along with knives, machetes and swords they also found fake body parts inside the home of 47-year-old nicole. the surveillance video shows her using a knife to slice her neighbor's window screen. authorities found knives after they took her into custody. mom and her children trapped
3:44 am
inside their burning home. they had no way out. they screamed and their neighbors heard. >> fox's angelique procter shows us how team work between neighbors in atlanta and fear fighters helped pull everyone to safety. >> number one concern is my wife and my kids coming out of there okay. >> reporter: damien walker has been up all night at the bedside of his family. wife and mom tam jones in icu and four of their children were trapped in raging fire at the family home on valley about road in southeast atlanta. two distant relatives who live on the same street were first on the scene. >> i heard a little girl voice saying help me, help me! >> that's when this man ran to get help with blinding smoke and spewing fire the first thing they had to do was remove those burglar bars. >> burglar bars off and i kicked the whole front door down. i kick it down. i started hollering. we went up in there.
3:45 am
me and k went up in there. >> we was able to pull a little child out the room. by then i could hear the other children because they probably had collapsed somewhere in the house. >> one child was out but the mother and three more still trapped inside. >> when the child get out the house, we was able to come back where the mother was and be able to pull the screen out to help the mother come out the house. report roar these relatives say firefighters were the scene no time flat and rescued the three remaining children. they don't know how the blaze started but the father had was at work at the time says they lost everything but he's still grateful. >> a lot of prayer, a place to stay, food to eat, we going to need never a family would need. >> angelique procter reports the cause of that fire is still under investigation. a tennessee library is now taking special precautions to protect a special magazine.
3:46 am
crochet world magazine is a coveted item among crochet, sokoff vetted the librarian has been stashing copies behind the desk. why? people are taking them. now anyone looking for the magazine on the shelf will see a sign instead with the library's policy on how to check it out. >> if you're a crochet. y i.e. this is an obsessive collection item. when i first started working i can remember coming out and going, they put them behind the desk so i can't take them. (laughter). >> the new library policy requires anyone who wants it to go to the main desk and hand over their library card or id before they can get their hands on it. not available online. >> apparently not. all right. breaking up is not easy. so to feel better some join a gym. others get new haircut but dermatologists and plastic surgeons say the new trend is bow tock. fox's katie mccall talked to few offices where business is booming. ♪ okay.
3:47 am
report roar one of the perks of working for a dermatologist is having easy access to botox. >> turn towards me. give me an angry look if you don't mind. >> reporter: something dr. make dr. ramsay marcus' staff very happy. >> getting kid rid of those scowls and frowns is something many people are deciding to do when partner or spouse is no longer in the picture. break up botox. patients are regularly coming in and asking for botox after a romance runs its course or marriage falls apart. >> i think after a divorce or break up, confidence can be low. if we can do anything to restore confidence, i think that's a very healthy thing for patients. >> reporter: motivators include wanting to be at their best before returning to the dating scene and the patients belief that looking better will translate into feeling better. >> when you look better you feel better about yourself. it's like dressing in nice clothes versus sweat pants. you just feel better about yourself.
3:48 am
it might erase the sting of whatever bad event they've gone through. >> reporter: if you think this is entirely superficial, think again. science has shown that smiling makes people feel better. well since botox can decrease a person's ability to frown, it could actually have a mood boosting effect. >> there is some scientific evidence that shows botox injected into the frowning lines can help improve depression symptoms. >> in a recent german sudden of 30 patients with chronic treatment resistant depression, 47-point 1% of patients saw a reduction in depression symptoms after botox compared to nine-point 2% in the placebo group. >> i think there is a mind body connection back and forth for that matter. ♪ >> reporter: the timing of break up botox is sometimes financial. those who are about to become single are booking botox appointments right before their names and their assets change. >> a lot of times people come in before the actual divorce when they're going through the
3:49 am
divorce because they still have join bank account and so rather use the joint funds before those funds get split. >> reporter: a last little shot of confidence courtesy of the one who did you wrong. >> when people are happier with themselves and how they look, i think they're happier and we see people come back who are very satisfied that they've done what they've done. >> reporter: katie mccall, fox news. >> i hate watching the needle. >> i know. >> all right. bacon lovers, rejoice. >> you can finally find someone to share the love you live with shares your love of bacon. all thanks to new dating app called sizzle. sizzle meter to rate how much you like someone. who's behind the app? else but oscar mayor. is this a smart marketing campaign or legit? the sight says it's for real and it can help you find your bacon true love. it's only available right now on iphones. since howard doesn't have one
3:50 am
he'll have to wait fort android. >> pigs everywhere are boycotting this one just fyi. hey howard. >> i think bacon is great but i'm not eating it. >> neither am i. >> all right. eagles play what turns out to be a bigger game than just playing the cowboys and i have some numbers that will explain why the eagles really need to win this game. now, it took in the second week of the season for the most ridiculous questions from the media to chip kelly. this o
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ we know it's eagles cowboys week but this one may be bigger than normally are with what's on the line. now with the eagles loss monday against atlanta, there is a tough and not so kind statistic. since 1991, teams that start the season zero-two eagles have already lost one made the playoffs only 12% of the time. with that said, i love the eagles winning on sunday. they won't lose this one. cowboys have a few players out on sunday. biggest is wide receiver dez bryant may be out for quite while. that doesn't mean the eagles can
3:54 am
mail it in and the players know the difference without bryant. >> it's a little different but not by much. obviously i think goes a little more on jason witten the back. >> you'll lose a player because of dez what a dynamic football player he is but it's not like there's a huge discrepancy they don't have other people in there so we expect him to operate the key to the offense is the quarterback and he's playing at a high level right now. >> bank tony romo around a little bit. the media wants more chip kelly each week. today was the third straight day of chip at his news conference this is what happens when the media runs out of questions. and the question is ridiculous. the question got to his play chart. is chip now holding a smaller play chart? that was the question. >> i just folded it differently. we folded it. we didn't want it to look like denny's menu we went from denny's to a smaller -- i just
3:55 am
folded and i've got the creases in a little different spot. >> wow! >> digging deep right now. die have the same shoe laces if you guys were looking a that. >> sunday lineup, fox 29 "game day live" starts at 10:00 followed by fox nfl sunday at 11:00. at 1:00 the falcon and giants before the cowboys and eagles at 4:25. >> phillies are off tonight. they have to win seven of their last 15 games or they lose 100 for the first time since 1962. washington nats need wins or they're done. to washington, they're just about done. justin bore from miami three run homer in a four run fifth miami beats washington six-four. eight games back with 16 to go. and would you trade a baseball for a cupcake? now this reporter for colorado playing the dodgers gets the ball. little girl comes over and she wants it. she wants to give him the vanilla cupcake. no, i want the chocolate. if it was me, i want the vanil
3:56 am
vanilla. >> kind of like your tastykakes. >> exactly. >> full hour of entertainment news, tmz, followe followed by h nation, then chasing news and the si
3:57 am
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3:59 am
4:00 am
we're not taking that off him. >> this morning, on the fox 29 news a group of homeless families asked for help and they got it, why they are turning down an offer for a place to stay and what they want instead. from security measures to the elaborate stage set up how officials are insuring you'll be safe when the the pope land in philadelphia. speaking of the pope when you do more than just change the sheets custom made a accommodations created in philadelphia, d.c. and new york city. we have finally friday, it is september 17th, 2015. the weekend is among us, sue serio and it is last weekend before all of the chaos and mad nast starts. so everyone wants to know what will it be like


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