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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 18, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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we're not taking that off him. >> this morning, on the fox 29 news a group of homeless families asked for help and they got it, why they are turning down an offer for a place to stay and what they want instead. from security measures to the elaborate stage set up how officials are insuring you'll be safe when the the pope land in philadelphia. speaking of the pope when you do more than just change the sheets custom made a accommodations created in philadelphia, d.c. and new york city. we have finally friday, it is september 17th, 2015. the weekend is among us, sue serio and it is last weekend before all of the chaos and mad nast starts. so everyone wants to know what will it be like outside.
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>> it is the last weekend of summer because autumn is coming this week. we have air quality alert in effect again today, we had it yesterday. there isn't a breeze and that conn even trailings of air pollution and if you have asthma, or, other health conditions, it could be very difficult today which is why you once again, i'd decide to go with the nine out of ten. nine is fantastic. another great day of 66 degrees current temperature and that is what we're talking about calm wind. will 4 percent relative humidity. 6:45 is your sunrise time this morning and temperatures, to the north of us in the 50's, 50 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-five allentown and pottstown. we are 61 in trenton. it is a mildest, morning in wilmington, very comfortable in wildwood with 59 degrees as well. checking visibility, possibility for fog popping up. we had it in lancaster county. today 6 miles visibility. not a big deal at the moment but we will keep an eye on it.
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your fox cast is a a high just like yesterday of eight have degrees, and that is where we expect to be today, tolerable humidity, not too high, it is just another, gorgeous day. 65 degrees, tonight, and you know, things were going to change and they will and we will tell you when, coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly continues his mini vacation but look who is in doing traffic, hi, dave warren. >> finally working here with sue and milder morning, wild opennish morning here on the roadway. rise and shine, it will be shining on those roadways that sun glare later. first off, we will start off the roosevelt boulevard all clear this morning, not many issues out there right now, so get up, out on the roadways, a all clear. ben franklin bridge in and out of the city looking good this morning. is it too early to talk about breakfast? i know. early. how about monday. bob's back just in time for breakfast, kitchen 87 at 87
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washington street in mount holly. so, tune in for that monday morning. keep it right here. we're talking about the preparations for the pope coming next weekend already causing road issues out there right now, completed updates any problems on the roadways i'll have it the for you, that is it for now, lauren. >> dave warren, thank you. fire fighters battled a house fire in juniata, flames broke out on the 4,000 block of orman street after 11:00 o'clock. the fire was under control. no one was hurt. some people are displaced as fire spread to a few other homes on that block. we have some breaking news, home invasion in northeast philadelphia gun is hell to the moth are a's head while her children are a asleep upstairs. fox 29's jenny joyce live at the scene with the latest word from police, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren this happened at three hours ago and now police are trying to figure out why three men broke into this, home in the 2800 block of shiply street through the the
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basement and held a three three-year old woman at gunpoint, tied up a dog and ransack the master bedroom all while two children age ten and two were upstairs sleeping police say they were not hurt. woman is to go okay. she's at northeast detectives talking to police. this is what investigators know so far. >> she was, on her second floor in her bedroom when she heard, somebody break nothing to her basement door, when she went downtown investigate, three males, all wearing masks, at least one of them had a gun, put a gun to her head, forced her on to the the kitchen floor, and then put a towel over her head. the male said do not look at us or we will shoot you. while one male, held a gun to her head, the the other two, she could hear, going through the the house, ransacking the house. >> reporter: police say $800 in cash was stolen from the
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home. the children were not interrupted and their mother was not hurt. police say three member were wearing dark clothing and masks and would the man did not recognize them by voice. lauren. >> jenny, thanks very much. groups of the homeless families trying to prove a point to the city of philadelphia they have set up a a tent city even going so far as to refuse emergency shelter from the city. steve keeley joins us live from north philadelphia with more on this story. hi there, steve. >> reporter: well, lauren, it is more of the corner camp ground then any big tent city. a half dozen families here. we have talk a couple weeks ago about the the horrendous idea somebody had or should be fired to have 16,000 people pay up to a thousand bucks to pay for an official pope francis camp ground. this is an unofficial pope camp ground. they are calling themselves the the pope francis welcoming committee. unfortunately he won't get up to this west kensington to see
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this but because people like us are covering this is people in charge of the pope's visit will see this the council woman among the many official whose came out to visit this, she said that this illustrates the problem in philadelphia a, a hundred thousand people on the waiting list for public housing, and that is not a priority, spending millions on a pope visit is. >> this is not about a three day fight where people just feel better about some families hiding. that is what they want us to do they want to hide these families. >> i think it is unfortunate because as i looked around i saw small children and, i'm a father, i certainly wouldn't want my children living under those conditions. so what we're offering is not necessarily the best solution, it is not the last option, but certainly is a step towards finding permanent housing.
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>> reporter: he was talking about the the emergency housing, emergency shelters that were offered and turn down, and don't feel sorry for these people. the weather is perfect for a nice camp out, sad perhaps that little kid are involved but when i was a kiddy would have loved to have camped outside. secondly, people are coming by with lots of donation from his cash, to food, to candy, everything, anybody would need. so, it is a weekend, as you heard sue say, the the weather is perfect and delightful, so not harsh conditions out here, and they will likely find a place to live sometime next week. by the way lauren we are not trying to hide these people but we are trying to give them a break and stay far back and let them sleep. >> very thoughtful, thanks very much. radnor police doing social media investigating after someone posted pictures of students on a instagram act. they got a call on sunday who found the pictures and lewd messages on her daughter's instagram. that tip led them to pictures of about 21 teens, mostly
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students at radnor middle school. police say pictures were not explicit but message is definitely were. >> now i think a lot more about it, really severe, to decide, you cannot getaway from it. >> like you said it is a form of bullying and as parents the the thing that we care the most for our kid. >> police say charges could include stalking, harassment or something worse. district attorney will decide on that punishment. leaves one man in the hospital and police are looking for his attack. we want to warn you the surveillance footage is graphic. philadelphia police say it started out between a argument on monday avenue on the 100 block of north parson street. one of them pulled a pocketknife and started slashing the other. investigators say he stab the victim twice in the chest, seven times, in the back. after all that, he got away with $20. someone rushed the victim to the hospital, he is expected to survive. federal investigators are
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offering $5,000 to whoever help them find, who started a big fire in center city this week. the atf is looking for that person. investigators say he may have set the blaze at the grammarcy apartments at 13th and chancellor street. it took fire fighters an hour to bring it under control early tuesday morning. no one was hurt but people in more than 30 apartments are still out of their homes. >> it is just considered to be a crime that is deliberately set, dangerous and endangering the lives of the fire fighters and residents, and causing significant damage and could have caused worse. >> it is expect to cost around one million-dollar, 5,000 collars goes to the person who gives information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspected arsonist. with 1 million pilgrims expect in the city next week law enforcement is will challenge with keeping both the pope and people safe. philadelphia police officers have parts of the ben franklin parkway blocked off while crews work to put tents in place. surveillance cameras like the
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ones you see up now are feeding live images in the police department, real time crime center down in south philadelphia. it is a high tech group of cameras covering the parkway, regional transit systems and several neighborhood. police helicopter sees video in the center. team monitoring social media and cooperate was other agencies to deliver instant information to officers on the street. >> we have u.s. department of home land security, fbi, we have national park service here, we have the federal protection services. >> i feel like they are putting everything in place to make residents feel safe. i feel there is a right amount of security for this big event happening. >> the security will be tight, would be is an under statement. churches, still handing out ticket for their members to see the pope. blessed virgin marry, pope gave away more than a hundred ticket on saturday. and then another 100 to the papal mass on sunday. other local churches are distributing their free
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tickets to these events. we have been talk ago lot about where visitors will sleep but what about the pope? philly based blogger rocco palmer says pontiff does not stay in hotels but on church property. in washington pontiff will stay in the on massachusetts avenue n new york pope francis will sleep in the u.n. here in fill's will stay at saint charles seminary, where archbishop charles chaput reside. thousands of migrants are returning to other countries and hungary blocks refugees at the border looking for a better life are not finding alternative any easier. another loss to the kentucky clerk who is refusing to hand out same sex marriage licenses, how delaying the law for now could cost her lots of money in the long run.
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44:00 on this friday morning, taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. all right, sue serio, you give it a nine, that is good news. >> fun friday so far, lauren
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and the fun will continue we hope all day long. if you have enjoyed the wet they are week we have another day to enjoy it as you head in the weekend. some of you are seeing the weather headlines this morning and that includes a nice friday. look, fantastic friday if you'd like. this front will come through over the weekend, it is looking less and less like we will see any rain out of it, but we will notice a change in temperature and that is a a cooler change that is coming up. we always want to hear from you, is there my handle on twitter and facebook, sue serio, of course, fox 29. there is your satellite and radar picture. again, nothing much to showing you. high pressure is still on shore. humidity is not too bad this is a cold front that will change our temperature pattern, but it doesn't look like we will get a lot of rain, so you'll ill is the have to water your plants over the weekend. mother nature will not do it for you. jumping ahead to 10:00 o'clock on saturday night, you can see
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the front, making its way a across the state of pennsylvania but also, dissipating, that precipitation. so by the time it gets here in the overnight hours, into sunday morning, we're left over with some clouds and by the time it is game time for the eagles and cowboys it looks like we will see some sunshine mixed with clouds and that will be the case, throughout the rest of the night with the cooler air moving in behind the front. so it will be different. the by the time we're together again monday morning these temperatures will be a smidge cooler, i think. 66 degrees right now in philadelphia. fifty-five in pottstown and allentown. we're in the 50's in in millville. sixty's in wilmington and dover and wildwood. a atlantic city international, 57 degrees. is there your calm wind. part of the reason we have air quality alert today but just not a lot of wind. in urban areas it can be a challenge if you have health issues. past seven days we have gone up into the 80's, well above the average of 77 degrees, but we're back to seasonal
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temperatures, by early next week. so here we are with 86 degrees today. eighty-five tomorrow. sunday's high 78 degrees. that is much cooler but it looks like it will be dry, mostly cloudy skies on monday, only in the mid 70's. we've got yom kippur on tuesday evening, into wednesday evening, the day of atone. , and we have a stray shower on tuesday and then first day of fall on wednesday. we will certainly, amend that seven day forecast, to reflect that, properly, but you know what i'm's talking about, it will be cool, and it will feel like fall by the time fall gets here, dave warren. >> i know exactly what you mean, yes. lets go to delco right now, we have a issue on i-95 northbound blue route to that ramp closed, expected to open about 5:00 o'clock this morning. might have to go to the next exit, macdade, go back, stop at charlie's for a burger right there on macdade but just shoot around you'll be
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back on the blue route no time. just some added role there. forty-two freeway, looking good this morning. might want to help to the shore this weekend. nice weekend there. here's the problem coming for the pope visit next week, ben franklin parkway already between museum drive and spring garden street, that right lane, is blocked, so it has added equipment there might want to take a little extra time, might take you longer to get around this area, if you are driving in the city, this will increase here each day, this coming week but it is only issue we have right now, of course, ill will's be back with more traffic updates if there are any issues, lauren. sixteen victims dead after a pakistan army says that the taliban is responsible. officials say the attacker broke in the mosque located on a air base in the northwestern part of the country. a gunfight erupted between terrorist and troops. three of the attackers were also killed. countries in europe continue to struggle with this migrant crisis in the middle east. refugees have turned to
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croatia and first they were admitted and moved to camps to house them but however, after 6500 people entered in 24 hours, croatia has change its policy and quickly closed its borders. next country in line is sill vein use. many refugees have german any their sights as their final destination. they too have imposed border checks. officials say the effects from a massive earthquake wednesday off chile's coast could have been far worse. they are prone to earthquake and that forced the country to step up and monitor quake activity but damage assessment and clean up are far from over. at least 12 people are dead, 8.3 magnitude quake likely cost billions of dollars. another court loss for kentucky clerk kim davis who has been jailed for issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. she spent five days for refusing to comply with the law, now a judge denied late's peel requesting that the licenses, of same sex
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marriages be delayed while lawsuits are pending this was davis first week back at work. 4:19. it will cost you if you plan on cheering on your eagles at the link, the one item that is more expensive here in philadelphia, then in any other nfl stadium. but first here are your lottery numbers.
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eagles/cowboys eagles are five-point favorite but media wants more chip kelly each week. yesterday was third straight day of chip and news conference and this is what happens when the media runs out of questions and question ridiculous. question got to chip kelly's play chart is holding a smaller play chart. >> i just hold it differently. i was just fold ing it. i have got creases in it and all. >> i did have the same. >> actually dennie's menu is kind of big. >> washington nationals are hanging on in the pennant race but, they are hanging on after this.
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how do you lose to miami, three run home run, four run fifth. miami beats washington. they need every game. six-four. eight games back with 16 to go. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. eagles game against cowboys on sunday if you you are going to have a beer or two at the link, you will be paying for the most expensive beer per ounce in the nfl. beer costs 71 cents an ounce that is 8 cents more than any other team. average cost for small draft, in the nfl stadium this year is $7.42. it will cost you $8.60. ex-nfl referee says he had suspicion about patriots locker room attendant long before deflate gate happened. he said patriots locker room attendant jim mcin all i always asked for game balls ten to 15 minutes early instead of the usual two minutes. he worked as an nfl official from 1989 to 2013 and he
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reported mcnally to the league office years ago because he did some things that 31 other locker room attendants didn't do, for example, he played catch with tom brady and stan next to coach bill belichick on the side line as if he were an assistant coach. the interesting. doctors cleared kobe bryant a after nearly nine months of dealing with the torn rotator cuff. thirty-seven year-old hurt himself in january playing against new orleans. he has been hit by injuries the past few seasons. kobe is entering his 20th season with the lakers and final year of his 25 million-dollar contract. he said, he will deciding whether to retire after this season. security, the city has it all covered, we will tell you what is happening behind the scenes to keep everyone safe while the pope is visiting.
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right now a bizarre standoff for a group of families without a home, continues. why this homeless community is refusing help from city officials. plus pope francis delivers a message to the people of cuba ahead of the four day trip to the island. how his word of love are holding up. beatles song, word of love. we will play it for you may be. good day everyone, it is
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september the 18th, 2015. >> i think so. >> good morning. >> my alarm didn't go off this morning so i raced off over here. >> is that why you have no make up on. >> sue serio, take ate way while i have some make up. >> not the that much work needed. >> happy friday. this is code orange, air quality alert in effect for today. if you have health issues. not a lot of wind and always a lot of pollution, around the urban areas. so that is what we have there. we have weather by the numbers as a nine out of ten. just like yesterday, basically wednesday, yesterday, today will be very similar, weather days and we have been enjoying them most of us. 64 degrees. calm wind. 90 percent relative humidity. it is sticky this morning. 6:45 is your sunrise time, temperatures to the north are still in the 50's. fifty-five allentown and pottstown. fifty-eight in lancaster. the there is your 64 in the
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city. sixty-one in trenton. fifty-seven at the shore, and 64 degrees in dover. it is humid down here as well, we have fog here and there. nothing too dense but we will watch throughout the morning. plan on a fabulous friday. sunset time is 7:05. you will notice out and about tonight it is getting dark earlier but warming up to 81 degrees by lunchtime and a high of 86. we have been enjoying this nice stretch of weather but as with all good things that will come to than a end, sort of, you will enjoy the future. we will talk bit in the seven day forecast, we're talking traffic in for dave warren, hey. >> good morning, sue. as soon as we talked about it, 15 minutes ago, that is i-95 northbound that ramp to the blue route now opened, heading north, there at in delco this morning. all clear there. rise and sun, you get outside, 42 freeway, looking good this
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morning to or from the shore points, might get busier later the point toys extend that um iser, beautiful weekend on tap there so still a nice time for down the shore. ben franklin parkway to you, and inner drive around eakins oval between 20th and eakins oval both directions it is closed as they prepare for the pope next weekend. so, some road closures already, and these, of course, will increase here, over the next few days. so rise and shine get out the door before we get that sun glare, plenty of unshine on the way. we will have more throughout the morning, chris and lauren. we are learning more about an early morning home invasion in northeast fill. >> three men burst in the home while children were asleep upstairs. jennifer joyce live with the very latest on this. jennifer, good morning. good morning. violent morning here and we have talk to a couple neighbors that come outside and they just can't believe that this happened on the block. police trying to figure out why also three men broke into this home on the 2800 block of
4:32 am
shiply street through the the basement and held a three three-year old woman at gunpoint, tied up a dog and ransack the master bedroom all while two children age ten and two were upstairs sleeping. police were not hurt and woman is doing okay over at northeast detectives talking to police. this is what investigators know so far. >> she was on her second floor in her bedroom when she heard somebody break nothing to her basement door, when she went down to investigate, three males, all wearing masks, at least one of them had a gun, put a gun to her head, forced her on to the kitchen floor and then put a towel over her head, and the male said do not look at us or we will shoot you, and then while one male held a gun to her head, the the other two she can hear going through the house, ransacking the house. >> police tell us that the three men were wearing dark clothing and mask and woman
4:33 am
did not recognize them by voice. police tell thaws $800 cash was stolen from the home. the children were not interrupted while they were sleeping and then again their mommies doing okay this morning. lauren and chris, back to you. >> all right, jen. homeless families trying to prove a point to the city of philadelphia they have set up a tent the city to bring awareness to homelessness. >> that tent has been set up in an abandoned lot in the fair hill section. two dozen people took up residents for cumberland and american streets for the past four days. the city offered the families emergency shelter but they have said no. over the past few days food and machine try donations have poured in hoping to support their cause. >> yes, you can call and we can say weep up hold a higher law and that is one of taking care of humanity and we don't care how many times we go to jail in order to house everybody in philadelphia. >> these people are being offered shelters and you are
4:34 am
encouraging them not to take it. >> that is such a fox 29 question. >> it is a legitimate question though. >> he didn't want to answer that question. group is new threatening to take over vacant homes around the city. tomorrow, pope francis will be in cuba will he will meet with the president, priest and other church members. >> cuban state television sent out a message from a pope, before a papal visit. >> during that message pope assured citizens that the church never ban opposite you. pope francis will spend four days in cuba papal observers say it is likely he kill speak strongly about the need for greater freedom in his country but not likely to meet with dissident which politically oppose to cube air criticizing right now. we know finding that perfect match is not easy but for bacon lovers it just got better. the new bacon site, for the
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! it is better to walk or ride public transit. >> that is great but you still need a place to put your car. the chestnut hill parking foundation is charging $40 a day to park in one of the six
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lots on papal weekend. chestnut hill west is a designated train line in philadelphia that weekend. foundation is making 120 spots available that saturday and sunday, first come first serve. not this coming saturday and sunday but next saturday and sunday resident are up in arms over the cost of parking. pennsylvania patco stations are getting a big upgrade, to save you money on your phone bills. come october all three stations on patco's high speed rail lines will have free wifi service, courtesy of comcast, if you are a comcast subscriber use your xfinity log n if you don't use comcast provide your e-mail address after accepting the terms. bacon lovers rejoyce. >> you can find someone to share your like with that love bacon as much a as do you. >> this is all thanks to the dating app called sybil, is there a sybil meet tore rate how much you like someone, and who designed it, but oscar meyer. so is this just a smart
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marketing campaign or is this legitimate? the site says it is for real and can help you find your bacon true love, it is only available, right now on itunes. so you need an iphone. >> if you don't eat bacon like you do not. >> do not down load that app. >> minnesota health officials linked salmonella out break to tomatoes in chipotle. restaurant switched produce suppliers after out break was detected. officials are trying to confirm which farm is the culprit. a total of 64 people, at 20 different chipotles were affected goodies sell bundchen tops forbes less of highest paid models in a row good thing because her husband sits on the couch all day and he is a bomb. tom brady, right. >> i know. >> publication says she has earned 44 million-dollar in the past year. she far out earns her closest competitors. who are these people, kara dellvine and adrian lima, who is tied for second place with
4:40 am
nine million-dollar. >> so you know some people, credit model would you say, tough to be pretty but you have to keep a lot up to keep those jobs and keep people hiring you. >> keep a lot up. >> i'm just saying. >> keep your body in shape, hair has to always be done. >> i know. >> you have to look pretty. >> a lot of people, don't they smoke cigarettes so they do not eat. they do appetite suppressant type activities. >> i think maybe some of them do. i don't know. can you imagine you have to keep a certain size, so you can keep getting jobs, do you know how much i eat popcorns, snickers, ice cream. >> but you are happy. you glow with beauty. >> you are sweet. >> we all call her kate, at least almost everyone, why chris jenner says she refuses to call her ex by her new name.
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that is will smith. you know his wife jada pink it smith is celebrating a birth the day-to-day. i looked it up yesterday, i forget how old she is. >> she was born in baltimore, mar lab. same place as me. >> wonder did they meet in hollywood i'm guessing, they must have.
4:44 am
>> i know they got married in baltimore in her hometown and they got married on new years eve not the same year i got married on baltimore. it always go back to me because that is what we all care about. >> i think she's 44. >> what she has in common with me. >> here's what i am going to show you now, that is when autumn begins on wednesday, at 4:21 a.m. so, by this time, on wednesday morning, it will already been, fall, and all of those leaves will fall on to your yard, and many got to clean them up. high pressure in control still on shore, we are not seeing a lot in the way of humidity, it has been sticky the past couple of days, here's the cold front we have been watching, the air behind it is a lot cooler, and it will change us to more seasonal temperatures after a couple of warm days in the 80's, but it is not, it looks like it will give as you lot if any precipitation. here's today with plenty of sunshine and tomorrow, with a decent amount of sunshine.
4:45 am
a few clouds here and there but saturday looks like ale really nice day, go ahead with the outdoor plans and kid have soccer games and everything else on saturday. so now on saturday night is when the cold front actually comes through in the overnight hours saturday into sunday. you can see a little bit of rain to the north and west of us, maybe 6:00 in the morning you can see showers in mount pocono, and maybe in the the lehigh valley but that is probably going to be it. just clouds to start the day on sunday by the time the game begins, eagles and cowboys at the link. we will see decent sunshine milk with those clouds and then we will feel cooler temperatures especially sunday night into monday. for right now it is comfortable and on the cool side in allentown and pot town. sixty-four in the city. mid 50's in atlantic city and millville. sixty-one in wilmington. i get you ready for eagles game on sunday at kick off at 4:30 it is going to be about 77 degrees. by half time in the mid 70's
4:46 am
and continuing, of course, those team turse to drop after dark when fourth quarter is over. go home when we see temperatures in the 60's. the as we look back before ahead it has been a nice warming trend. we have warmed in the mid to upper 80's past couple of days after a cool 72 degrees on sun dane and we have had high pressure in control all week long. that continues today and tomorrow. is there sunday. we have 85 degrees saturday. seventy-seven for a high on sunday and then we will stay in the 70's fun monday, for tuesday, and first day of autumn, perfectly seasonal, temperatures, by then, and so we went from the 90's, last weekend, perhaps our last heat wave of the season, to high of only in the 70's next week, dave warren, how are you doing. >> diagnosis great the this morning and we will talk about construction usually at this hour, that is what we have, this is 76, there eastbound there is westbound, and typical triangle that you see
4:47 am
there flashing, one lane is blocked approaching belmont there. if you are heading westbound 76 you might see a little delay there. just light volume this morning. light volume, on the vine street expressway, this is a a approaching ben franklin bridge, all clear, so get up, get out, enjoy nice clear roadways this morning. we have sun glare later but nothing right there. traffic times looking good on i-95 and schuylkill expressway from the blue route to the vine street expressway, four minutes, also 14 minutes, woodhaven road, to the vine street expressway. all cleared this morning but if anything changes, of course, i'll have the updates, lauren and chris. >> thanks, dave warren. jeopardy contestant plays a prank on alex trebeck and it is a particular snl skit. >> burt in the commanding lead with $14. >> hey, check this out, right here. >> mr. reynold has apparently changed his name to turd
4:48 am
ferguson. >> yes. >> funny name. >> great. >> so, last night's contestant knew she didn't know the answer to the final clue and decided to play a joke onal event. >> this song from a 1999 animated film, about censorship had a word censored from its oscar performance, 302nd please, good luck. >> you came up with this as your response for final, let's see. >> is what love ballot of turd ferguson psimom. >> sorry, that will cost you. >> she's awesome. >> so, if you are wondering, the answer was the show south park. she has a great sense of humor. fox's new girl, is getting another new girl. >> actress cynthia fox signed on in the star role with lead
4:49 am
zeo, while she's on maternity leave. >> she's on sequestered jury duty. fox's new character reagan will rent her room in the loft she shares with her three roommates. chris jenner says she does not call her ex-spouse by her new name, caitlin. in the new interview kris just said jenner. and she says that the transition for bruce to caitlin has been really difficult to accept. chris says she's not sure if she would be close to caitlin in the future. kris and bruce were married for 20 some years before the transition was public. caitlin filed legal papers. oscar winning actress and it girl lupita new on go. >> this marks her second time in the cover in the signature of fashion magazine. lupita the has her signature grin but she has certainly turn up the heat. >> she's gorgeous.
4:50 am
>> she dresses amazingly. >> yes, that is right. >> worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> yes. >> yeah he. >> she's stunning. she's always dressed to the nine's as we say. >> how did that phrase look it up how you did that arming nate. >> in the meantime what could be a new type of dinosaur, dug up in montana? it is so new, scientists don't even have a a name for it. but they already no one important thing about the way it lived, and we will tell you bit, dressing to the nine's after the break. blank blank
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
yes, dressed to the nine's could derive from, one year nine garden materials to make a suit and more material you have the more kudos you got. >> dressed to the nine's. >> why, thank you. >> i could use about eight.
4:54 am
>> replica of the most likely newly discovered type of dinosaur is unveiled in colorado. >> scientists documented hundreds of species of dinosaurs and now you can probably add, one more. experts discovered what they are pretty certain is the new member of the what species is this, chris. >> i don't know about that. >> i don't know. three years ago this happened in the central montana a so to visualize this better, it is related to the dinosaur so much of it is unplanned. >> we know that one, right. >> trex. >> and this is so new it doesn't have a scientific name yet so for now they are calling it ava because of its relation to ava. >> it is a plant eating dinosaur from the late crustations of north america, asia, one of the most dangerous animals in yellow
4:55 am
stonies a bison. don't miss that. >> you need to date a guy like that so you learn about dinosaurs. >> yes. >> rocky mountain dinosaur research center in wood land park used a 3-d plenty a to make a replica of ava. >> that is what i want to sing when i see that name. special night for men a and women who dedicate their time help abused and neglect kid in the philadelphia area and the the philadelphia foster care system threw philadelphia. >> all of 90 communities volunteers were sworn in with oath and renewal ceremony. fox 29's joyce evans was the mc. they are always looking to recruit more volunteers but to do that they need donations. you can help by participating in capp a's third walk, happened october 3rd at the philadelphia zoo. >> sue serio been there. >> we will be looking out for you. >> 4:55. students at one local school are particularly excited about
4:56 am
the pope's visit to our city, for one special reason. we will introduce you to these cute kid in the next hour.
4:57 am
4:58 am
we're not taking that offer. >> a group of homeless families living in tents, asked for help and they got
4:59 am
it. why they are now turning down an offer for a place to stay and what they want instead. jennifer joyce, good morning to you. >> reporter: philadelphia police are investigating an overnight home invasion, a mother of two, held at gunpoint in, her home here in northeast philadelphia, while her two children, lie asleep inside the house, lauren. >> all right, jenny. speaking of the pope, let's talk about him, coming to philadelphia a when he sleeps over in our great city there is no hotel on the itinerary. we talk sheets, mattresses and custom made accommodations for the pontiff. >> we made it. >> finally friday, september 18th, 2015. thanks for being with us. >> sue reminded us, it is the last friday of summer. >> yes. >> because, autumnal equinox starts wednesday or thursday. >> wednesday at 4:21 a.m. >> yes. >> we will have bells, whistles, confetti, i will arrange for city to have fire
5:00 am
works. well, okay, we went go that far we will wake them up and get them mad but we will have nine out of ten and make our plans for wednesday, over the weekend, but we're in a code orange today, most of the region with that air quality alert, so you just have to be careful outside for those who have health issues, very young, very old, and that is why we went with the nine instead of the ten but still a gorgeous morning even with the 90 percent relative humidity. 64 degrees does not feel so bad. 6:45 is your sunrise time, and your friday morning temperatures are in the 50's, as we see out to the west and north of us. there is 64 in the city. fifty-seven atlantic city. wilmington has 60. dover delaware 64, and there is a little bit of fog out there. once again lancaster county, has a problem with some fog out the in those country road out there. so that may slow you down a little bit. slightly reduced visibility. little bit of fog reported in millville at this hour. keep that in mind traveling


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