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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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works. well, okay, we went go that far we will wake them up and get them mad but we will have nine out of ten and make our plans for wednesday, over the weekend, but we're in a code orange today, most of the region with that air quality alert, so you just have to be careful outside for those who have health issues, very young, very old, and that is why we went with the nine instead of the ten but still a gorgeous morning even with the 90 percent relative humidity. 64 degrees does not feel so bad. 6:45 is your sunrise time, and your friday morning temperatures are in the 50's, as we see out to the west and north of us. there is 64 in the city. fifty-seven atlantic city. wilmington has 60. dover delaware 64, and there is a little bit of fog out there. once again lancaster county, has a problem with some fog out the in those country road out there. so that may slow you down a little bit. slightly reduced visibility. little bit of fog reported in millville at this hour. keep that in mind traveling around this morning.
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86 degrees our high temperature. mostly sunny, fab friday, you know how we love alliteration. northwesterly breeze at 5 miles an hour and 63 degrees tonight. the mostly clear, cool night, stepping out, you might want to have a sweater or little wrap, dave warren, you wear a wrap on a friday night. >> a shaw. >> little shaw. >> finally friday friday how is that for alliteration there. we are looking at the blue route now, southbound just past germantown pike, is there entrance, going south. they were painting some lines earlier there right around mid county but these look wide opened right now. so no major problems there this morning. ninety-five at cottman come and go, north, south east it looks good this morning, all cleared, just some light volume, to start. of course, breakfast time and enjoying your breakfast right now, have breakfast with bob on monday. kitchen 87, 87 washington street, in mount holly, tune
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in for that, bob will be back, but i'll keep it the here all morning, any issues on the roads i'll have them for you, lauren and chris. time 5:03. philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting in logan. shots rang out at 1:00 in the morning in the 4500 block of north gratz street two. men were shot, a 29 year-old and a 20 year-old both victims at einstein in stable condition. three cars were hit by the bullets. police say there are crime cameras in that area that showed the shooting. fire fighters battled a house fire in juniata late last night. flames broke out in the 4,000 block of ormond street shortly after 11:00 o'clock. fire was under control 30 minutes later. in one was hurt but some residents are displaced as the fire spread to a few other homes on that block. three masked men break in the home in the northeast overnight. >> this is so scary. they put a gun to the woman's head while her kids were up stairs asleep. jennifer joyce live at the scene with the very latest on this, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and chris. woman who was held at gunpoint
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was dropped back off here at her home a short time ago by police. she had been at northeast detectives talking to investigators about the violent invasion overnight. police say just after 1:00 this morning three men broke in the home on the 2800 block of shiply street, a mother of two heard the men in the basement. the robbers wearing face masks, forced the woman to the ground, put a towel over her head and threatened to shoot if she moved. they also tied up a dog in the house and ransack the home. investigators say they took off with $800, all of this as the the woman's two children age ten and two were asleep upstairs. >> while this was going on her two-year old son and her ten year-old daughter were upstairs in the second floor in separate bedrooms asleep. it does ant peer that the robbers entered the bedroom of the two-year old boy or the ten year-old girl, only the master bedroom is ransack. so the children slept through this, we check on them, the
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mother check on them, they have no injuries. >> reporter: that is good to hear. thirty he lease say three men were wearing dark clothings and masks and woman did not recognize them by voice. northeast detectives is investigating this case. as you heard police say the children were not involved in this incident, and their mommies also doing okay this morning. lauren and chris. >> thank goodness. >> jennifer, thank you. groups of homeless families trying to prove a point to the city of philadelphia they have set up a tent city to bring awareness to the issue. >> even going so far as to refuse emergency shelter from the city. steve keeley is live with more on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: american street is a very wide street in philadelphia, maybe the widest, in terms of neighborhood streets. you can see warehouses on the left, we were here for a big fire just a a few months ago and a very busy street with trolley and train tracks down the middle but to the right a quiet, lit the will dark but
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you can see campers out there youngest just one month-old. one of three kid of the single mother staying here for past four days among six families. seeing the tv coverage of this last night philadelphia's top two public housing officials, showed up, promptly with an offer of emergency housing. so the the question is why didn't everyone accept and go from camp out to indoors? well, some say they are here to make a point to show how the city is spending millions of dollars to put the pope's 34 and a half hour visit on, it seems to be a higher priority, then permanent places to live for the 100,000 people, now on the waiting list, of the philadelphia public housing authority. >> we don't do drugs and things like that, we just got help. i got laid off from my job, i lost my apartment, i tried to go to help but nobody would help me. i don't understand that. >> reporter: these people are being offered shelter an you are encouraging them not to
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take it. >> okay. that is such a fox 29 question. >> it is a legitimate question though. >> wait, wait, wait. >> they set up land mines and you walk into it. >> we are willing to work with anyone, including these families, we do it every day, and, we're willing to work with them and willing to give them some support right now, today. >> reporter: well, they had lots of donated food, drinks, cash and plus as you can see a big screen television and dvd player as the instant classic disney movie frozen played for kid here last night. hopefully they will all be indoors with heat, licensing before we go from these perfect camp out conditions to a real life frozen feeling out here in north philadelphia. so, we will make the point, the the pope won't see it the but maybe he will see coverage of this and know that philadelphia, a among many places in the world that the pope is visiting where they
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have a home less problem. >> yes, one of the major issues to eradicate homeless and care for the homeless. steve, thank you. 5:07. radnor police doing social media investigating after someone posted pictures of students on a instagram account. >> police got a call from a parent sunday who found the pictures and lewd messages on her daughter's instagram. that let them to pictures of 21 students, mostly from radnor middle school. they say the pictures were not supplies bit messages definitely were. >> it is really a severe form of bullying because you just can't getaway from it. >> like he said, i think it is a form of bullying, and it is something that we care the most for our kids. >> police say charges could include stalking, harassment or something worse than. that district attorney will decide on the punishment. >> 5:07. a stabbing leaves one man in the hospital and police are looking for his attacker. so we want to warn you this surveillance footage is
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graphic. okay. so we will run it for you. here it is. philadelphia police say it started out as an argument between two men in the 100 block of north parsons street. one man pulled out a pocketknife and then started slashing. investigators say he stabbed the victim twice in the chest and then seven times, in the back. he also managed to steel 20 bucks before taking off, someone got the victim to the hospital, he is expect to survive. federal investigators offering $5,000 to whoever helped them find, who started a big fire in center sit this week. atf looking for that person, investigators say he set the the blaze at grammarcy apartments at 13th and chancellor. it took fire fighters an hurry to bring it under control early tuesday morning n1 was hurt and people in more than 30 apartments are still out of their homes. >> atf considered this crime to be deliberately set, dangerous, and endangering the lives of the fire fighters and residents, and caused significant damage and could
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have caused worse. >> damage cost around one million-dollar, $5,000 goes to the person who gives information that leads to the a arrest and conviction of that suspected arsonist. all right. the pope will be here not this coming weekend up but next but with so many people from all over the world here in philadelphia, members of the law enforcement have a monumental task keeping the pope and everyone else, safe. philadelphia police have parts of the ben franklin parkway block off while crews worked to put tents in place, surveillance cameras such as these are already feeding live images in the police department. real time crime center in south philadelphia. thinks a high tech grid of cameras covering parkway regional transit systems in several neighborhood. the police helicopter feed video in that center. team monitoring social media and cooperate was other agencies to deliver instant information. right there to officers on the street. >> we have u.s. department of home land security, we have federal bureau of up investigation, we have the national park service here, we
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have the federal protective services. >> i feel like they are definitely putting measures in place to make all of the residents feel safe. i feel like there is a right amount of security for this big event happening. >> better to be safe than sorry. >> absolutely. with that said security will be extremely tight. ticket to see the pope when he comes to philadelphia are hot commodities. >> another local church is handing out free tickets. >> the pope, a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the pope, i mean this is the leader of the church, on earth, and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i could not just, pass it up. >> blessed mary church in darby gave away 100 ticket to the world meeting of family events on saturday and papal mass on sunday. other local churches are also distributing their free tickets to these events. >> church officials are going to great lengths to ensure the pope is comfortable during his stay in the state. rocco palmer says the pontiff, never stays in hotels. he always stays on church
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property. so there will be sheets with the papal crest, custom made memory foam mattress west new carpet and fresh paint and, of course, as with any overnight guest there is lots and lots of cleaning and preparing, happening right now. >> only time my house is ever clean is when we have family and friend coming to stay. >> yes, you don't want to be judged, right. >> everything has to be in the perfect place. i think i said once the pope leaves, that memory foam, special mattress gets burned no one else gets to sleep on it. >> too bad they don't auction it off. >> yes. >> make money. >> yes. >> he will cross our area, upcoming papal visit will be so special and that includes, both, at one local schools. what they already share with the pontiff before he even arrives.
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she's going to be on good day later this morning. what a talent. she will be part of the papal entertainment festivities. >> now, that is a privilege, and a honor right. >> she was in our studio a few months ago. >> you think she's super talented. i can't wait to see her to today. >> she's amazing. >> and then sue serio. >> thank you.
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>> well, we could, i think she could play just about anything. it will be fun to see what she has got for us later on, on good day. what a great show, all morning long. all right. yesterday we got up to 86 degrees. our average high is now down to 78. we're in the anywhere near the record for yesterday, temperatures, as we look throughout the region, we have 60 degrees in smyrna, delaware. sea isle city 65. rehoboth beach 65. not a bad, beach weekend, ahead, it will just turn cooler, so make sure you have your sweat shirts and stuff with you heading to the shore. vineland 58. fifty-two right now in mays landing. 61 degrees in camden, bordentown has 57, perkasie 54, and, in hazel ton, there is 54 degrees, as well. we have got a few cloud around, but nothing to show you as a way of precipitation, again, we have not had any rain since, sunday, and we have watched this system off the coast of the carolinas and georgia, see there is a very
5:16 am
slight possibility, it could turn into something tropical. not a great chance but we will watch it. and this is the cold front that will be coming through over the weekend. by the time it gets here and you can see it starting to move through the state of of pennsylvania, surrounding the state by 11:00 o'clock saturday night into sunday morning when the front passes through, it doesn't look like we will get much if any rain from it at all. if you get anything it will be north and west of the city. we will have clouds on sunday morning. most of them will clear out by game time, the eagles and the cowboys, at the link, on sunday afternoon, the the home opener, and then, you can be prepared for sweater weather after that. tremendous thursday. yesterday's high was 86 degrees. let's check today. 86 degrees. here we go again. eighty-five on saturday. maybe a few extra clouds. then we have temperatures in the 70's on sunday, on monday with mostly cloudy skies, maybe a stray shower on
5:17 am
tuesday, and then, fall begins, on wednesday, and really early in the morning and then we may inch back in the 80's by thursday of next week. so, changes, but not unwelcome changes, dave warren, hopefully. >> no, nice and comfortable there get that two hours of daylight and darkness, waiting for that sun, rise and sun, it the is a live look, at 309 right at the turnpike there. there is 309, is there the turnpike, all cleared this morning. just some light volume. and we want to check out i-95 northbound going through delco toward the airport. airport is all clear, no delays and red ways looking good this this morning as well. we have some issues around ben franklin parkway. this is a week ahead of the pope's visit. we have some lane closures there. this is between museum drive and spring garden street, new right lane is block, we have equipment coming in already, it will stay that way this week, see more and more
5:18 am
closures each day so if you are traveling around this area might want to allow some extra time, take your time here because that one lane is blocked there along ben franklin parkway, chris and lauren, over to you. >> i think the pope is coming in two weekend from now. we will all take part in pope francis historic visit to philadelphia but some already have a permanent connection to the pontiff. >> that includes students at a local school that share a name with the pope. meet cute kid at st. francis. >> dear pope francis, thank you so much for coming to philadelphia, it is an honor and we are all excited here at my school. >> we have been playing for you success of the world meeting of families. >> very good. >> they could not have been more exciting. >> at st. francis of assisi school. >> what as so special about our school st. francis. >> he is a part of it. >> reporter: they are preparing for pope's historic trip to philadelphia.
5:19 am
>> history, so much in the making. >> anybody else? >> reporter: there isn't a classroom on campus. >> pick one that you have as a favorite. >> reporter: that isn't talking about the papal visit. >> the older kid are talking about that and social studies and religion and everything else. >> yes. >> reporter: this fourth grade class is writing letters to the sick and shut ins. >> it is so much a part of the pope francis. >> decorate it all up after we get our writing down. >> francis himself was so into taking care of everyone else, that that is what we tried to get through to the kid. >> we do every day here at school for people. >> we pray. >> we pray. >> we are praying for you. >> yes. >> reporter: students are taking it all in, learning life lessons. >> caring, and being respectful to people and making sure everybody is okay. >> reporter: what would be a nice sign to put in front of the car. the principal dzhokhar ol invited us to the school as they celebrated a day of service. >> message is love, service and taking care of those who
5:20 am
need help. >> second graders make place mats for the poor, with these young mind like fun, coloring is really a chance just to give back this will continue throughout the whole year and every year they are here. >> reporter: theme for today is mission of love. but this year is the the most historic in school history. >> we praise you with our lives. >> reporter: but their name sake pope coming to the country for the very first time. >> it is just incredible that this one very hum will -- humble holy man can generate the kind of response that they are getting. >> our father who art in heaven. >> reporter: principal is impress by her student's fascination with the pontiff. >> he is a big deal but he doesn't act like it. >> he doesn't want to be known as a pope, he wants to be known as a exxon man. great example for everyone. >> reporter: teenager who respect his authority but see him as a ordinary man who lives an extraordinary life. >> he speaks for humanity.
5:21 am
he is not speaking just for the church. >> reporter: grace gets a once in a lifetime chance to participate in history, singing with the catholic community choirs at the world meeting of families. >> i think it will be fun and festival will be fun. >> reporter: thirteen year-old glenn, hopes to get close to the action as well. >> i think it depend on what time and i will probably get up early. >> reporter: millions are expect to make pilgrimage to philly and carol hopes people understand this isn't just for catholics. >> he wants everyone to take care of every one. it doesn't matter what religion you are. >> reporter: while she hopes you are there the the students are just glad that he is here. >> dear pope francis it means so much to our city and our country. >> thank you so much for choosing philadelphia as your city to visit for the world meeting of families. >> to christ our lord a men.
5:22 am
>> so a adorable those kid were. >> they will be talking about this for the rest of their lives. >> that is what the principal says. they will not understand it right now this age but later they can look back and say how cool is that. >> yeah. >> i was there in philly. >> i was there. >> of course, we have continuing coverage of everything you need to know leading up to the pope's visit on fox just look for the links on our home page. >> 5:12 is the time. a group of heroes is getting a star treatment how act of kindness landed three regular citizens at the the steps of the white house. >> but first, your winning lottery numbers.
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the taliban stormed the military pakistan this morning and killed 16 people in the mosque on the base in the city of peshawar. >> so the a attack triggered an hours long fire fight between the terrorist and other groups, and a officer and two guards were killed, 13 of the attackers also died, it is unclear how taliban was able to get inside that compound. 5:25. a trend of the dylann roof, man accused in the charleston church shooting is now and rest. this is dylann roof, however, charges against joey meeks are unclear. he is suspect of knowing more about roof's intent before the church shooting was carried out in july. not alerting authorities before it happened. meeks has said that roof
5:26 am
stayed with him, before the shooting. a hero's welcome at white house for three americans helped stopped a shooting on the paris bound train last month. the president celebrated alex skarlatos and anthony sadler at the oval office. in august they work together to stop a gunman who opened fire on board a train. francis awarded his highest honor and now they are getting praise from our president. >> imagine all of the people president meets and he has to get all these names straight. >> yes. >> one person declined, to visit the the white house, tom brady, to you remember that. >> brady, went out big too in supporting some of the g.o.p. candidates. >> he had a previous engagement, during deflate gate when that happened. >> the super bowl, the president typically invites any nfl champion, nba champion, the whole thing. he had something else going
5:27 am
on, he went fishing, whatever it was. >> speaking of brady, someone had known about those patriots deflated footballs before the public, the the new information, hitting the internet coming up. >> that was a very good segway.
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right now workers and families without homes, continues why this home less community is refusing help from the city. plus local agencies work together for a major bust in north philadelphia, how long stake out led to a big time take down. good day everybody. it is friday september 182,015th. >> another school day for the kid, in the delaware valley. what is bus stop buddy going to wear on a day like today. i guess some nice light clothing, sue. >> it will be in the mid 80's later on in the day and it is not too chill think morning. we will just go with the short sleeve polo shirt, and, he is happy that it is friday. i'm glad you are with us this morning. it is clear and comfortable outside. when you go outside it is temperatures in the 50's and 60's for the most part and it is a nine out of ten today. not a ten exactly. we have air quality alert in effect again today, count ace cross the river for us across
5:31 am
new jersey have been added to today's in the so hot air quality. meaning there is not a lot of the breeze today and so it could be, a bit of the challenge if you have some health issues. keep that in mine. 64 degrees. calm wind. 90 percent relative humidity. we have a sunrise time of 6:45 this morning and once the sunnies up and it is up all day long it will take us to 86 . we will call that fantastic friday, and northwesterly breeze at only 5 miles an hour. not much of a breeze at all, it is a decent day but weather pattern is changing, we will talk about that coming up, bob kelly is continuing his mini vacation, and, look who is doing traffic this morning? hi dave warren. >> great to be here. yes. great morning. good morning. rise and sun. the sun will glare the road here in over an hour but no problems on the roadway. grab that cup of coffee. it will be hot by the the time you get to work. no major issues on the road this morning. 422, saint gabe's curve and everything is moving nicely
5:32 am
heading in to valley forge and king of prussia, a approaching 76 on the roosevelt boulevard, all cleared this morning. no major issues, just light volume, it is increasing a little bit. no major problems on the the roadway, check out these speed here, 40, 55 miles an hour. everybody driving the speed limit. nice to see a lot have of green on the map. no major issue just yet but we have issues heading in to next week even's pope visit. we are seeing road closures and, of course, any update here come in we will have them for you coming up later. >> thanks so much. groups of homeless families trying to prove a point to the city of philadelphia a they have set a tent city. >> even going so far as to refuse emergency shelter from the city. steve keeley is looking into this for us, steve, good morning to you. >> you heard sue say nine out of ten and it feels like a ten plus out here and maybe that is another reason why they don't need emergency shelter like they will in
5:33 am
three months. six families with two or three little kid, living sleep and surviving in tents on this corner campground which is a wide very busy street mostly warehouses up here, in west kensington's area. the top two philly public housing officials saw this on tv and showed up here right away with an offer of emergency housing for everybody, but since they are seeking two things both permanent places to live, and to draw attention to the public and affordable housing shortage here in philadelphia, that help turned down. weather conditions again perfect for a camp out and with the pope's visit one week away, conditions perfect to show how city will spend millions on the 34 and a half hour pope visit while not spending work on housing. >> and, exact timing. that is what they want to do. they want to hide these
5:34 am
families. >> i think it is unfortunate because as i looked around, i saw small children and i'm a father, i certainly wouldn't want my children leaving and living in those conditions what we're offering is not necessarily the the best solution, it is not the last thing, the last option but certainly is a step toward finding permanent housing. >> reporter: he said that he usually takes six to nine months to find permanent housing so it also takes one other thing patients for people like these to get out of these tents and into at least temporary apartments and shelters while they wait those six to nine months for permanent homes to live in chris and lauren. >> all right steve, thank you. after the story you'll see only on fox, philadelphia a police raid a house after an 18 month investigation in search of the guns and drugs. >> just after sunrise yesterday, officers raided four homes on the the 3100
5:35 am
block of rosewood near broad and allegheny. neighbors watched as officers from swat, dea and other agencies exited those homes with guns and drugs in evidence boxes. >> a lot of young guys, guns, it is a big problem. it was a monster problem for this block. >> i put my hand up. >> i ain't never seen that many cops and dea at one time. >> police took at least ten people in custody during that two hour operation. sources say one of the buildings contained a pcp cutting and distribution operation yous ating dangerous chemicals. thirteen hems in total were raided yesterday throughout various parts of the city. millions of dollars and can't afford to live why this nba rookie is in the wasting his hard earned money.
5:36 am
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eagles and cowboys sunday, it is home opener but bigger because eagles are coming off a loss last week this week eagles are favored by five. cowboys have some injuries, biggest loss is wide receiver dez bryant. he will always down play injuries but eagles know what they have to do but they know that dallas is different without dallas. >> it is a little bit different but not by much. obviously, you know, they will depend more on jason witten.
5:39 am
>> dez ace dynamic fat ball player but is there not a huge descrepancy and they don't have other people in there. we expect them to operate. the the key to the offense is a quarterback and he is playing at a high level right now. washington nationals trying to hang on in this pennant race in washington. they are playing miami and justin borg hits a three run home run in a four run fifth. miami wins six-four over washington. washington is now eight games back of the mets with 16 to go. the that is sports in the minute. i like the the eagles. i'm howard eskin. big time ball player you can afford a lot of things, right. >> brooklyn rookie hallis jefferson says rent is way too expensive, even for his million-dollar salary. >> he makes, this 20 year-old, 1.3 million to be exact. he says, he had to find house mates because cost of living was just too high. jefferson now lives in north jersey, where rent is a lot cheaper. the chester native says he wants to conserve his money
5:40 am
and says he might eventually move to brooklyn. >> but can you imagine moving from schechter to new york city. >> we hear how a lot of new yorkers move down to philly because cost of housing is just so much more attractive. >> sky-high. >> tom brady may be back on the field but deflate gate just won't die. >> ex-nfl referee said he had his suspicious about a patriots locker room attendant. >> mark ball says new england patriots locker room attendant jim mcin all i always asked for game balls ten to 15 minutes early instead of the usual two minutes. he worked as an official from 1989 to 2013 said he reported mcnally to the league office years ago because he did some things that the other attendants didn't do. would play catch with tom brady. wow even stan next to coach bill belichick on the side line as if he were an assistant coach. some things that just didn't add up.
5:41 am
>> bunch of cheaters. spy gate, report gate, headset gate, even though that wasn't really true. looking for a rental? the internet has launched a new community of sharing all of the new items traded on line coming up after the break.
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5:44 am
good morning, everybody. that is my best bob kelly. dave warren is doing traffic and sue serio is doing our weather fos us. >> are we having fun its a fun friday. >> i have had a little extra sleep and extra coffee this morning. >> look out, everybody. oh, boy. we're all in trouble now. remind their this is the the last weekend of summer, officially, for a lot of people, it is labor day weekend but autumn will begin this wednesday, september 23rd, the falling leaves. 4:21 is the official time of the autumnal equinox and we will explain what that means next week. high pressure is in control right now, still has not edged too far off shore so humidity is not oppressive or anything. it is pretty comfortable out there and we will have cooler temperatures once this cold front comes through overnight saturday into sunday.
5:45 am
we have showed you the future cast today, plenty of sunshine, a few clouds here and there during the day on saturday but as we said it is not until late saturday night that you could see a stray shower, with this cold front coming through two or 3:00 in the morning you might be sleeping, might be up late, knows what to do on your saturday night, it is your business, it will be raining really early in the mountains north and west of us on sunday morning but once those clouds cleared, the weather looks decent. a really good football weather at the lincoln sunday, for the eagles home opener, and then get used to cooler temperatures after that. here's your current satellite and radar picture, watching a system to the south, that one we just showed you out to the west that cold front, we will see what they decide to do over the next couple of days. we have been in the warming trend since the the weekend and sunday when we had showers and it was only 72. we have warmed in the mid to upper 80's every day since then or past couple days
5:46 am
anyway and we will be there again today and tomorrow and sunday it looks like a cooler day but at least we have gotten rid of the rain that we told you on monday would be in the forecast for sunday. now it will be a cooler, monday, 75 degrees. seventy-seven on tuesday. tuesday, evening, at sundown is yom kippur, and then we have wednesday, the first day of autumn as we just showed you, we may sneak back in the 80's by thursday of next week, just because autumn begins, dave warren, doesn't mean warm temperatures go away, as you know. >> yes. >> we have it coming down and it has to be right sooner or later. not a jammo, my bob kelly word of the day, not yet the but somed add volume here on 76 near the curve. a lot of taillights and headlights there. so no problems reported, but this is just extra volume. little higher volume now on these roadways. you can see that on i-95 near cottman.
5:47 am
ramp reopened, northbound ramp that was closed but now you reopened. this is an added volume. take some extra time on the roadways, fill up that coffee before you head out the door. watch for that sun glare starting in about an hour, skies are cleared here. ben franklin parkway, thinks the pope press. inner drive is closed at eakins oval at 20th street. both directions closed all weekend. each day we will see more and more road closures as they prepare for next weekend but you need some extra time around this area in the city, with that within lane blocked, chris and lauren, back over to you. special night for men and women who dedicate their time helping abused and neglect children in the philadelphia poster chair children through congress philadelphia 90 community volunteers before sworn in with a oath and renewal ceremony. fox 29's joyce evans was mc of the event. they are always looking to recruit more, volunteer but to do that they need more donations. you can participate in casa5k
5:48 am
run, october 3rd, at the philadelphia zoo. >> this is good news if you live in center city, the new wawa at broad and walnut opens up this morning. flagship store opening two months ahead of scheduled to accommodate those attending world meeting of families and papal visit. it features floor to ceiling windows so you can watch food preparations and for the first time, bar style seating. mayor nutter and others will be there to celebrate when the doors opened up at 9:00 a.m. >> we could go for wawa egg sandwiches right now. >> yum. >> the internet has helped launch a new community of sharing from cars, apartments all out there but would you share your furniture. >> depend on what piece of furniture, new web site called furniture share is betting you will. it lets people list their gently used furniture for rent. professional will look at the piece, pick it up, and then clean it for free, and then renter can pick three items for 50 bucks a month along with the year long contract. found are a says he got the
5:49 am
idea after moving five times in the past six years. >> either i wouldn't have have time to sell the furniture or would i try to sell it and i wouldn't find a buyer in time. >> web site launched last month and right now it is only available in new york city. in word when it might come to philadelphia. >> what you can get in philadelphia is a a huge tab for beer. fans drinking at the link be prepared to pay more for brew than any other stadium in the nfl. beer costs 71 cents an ounce, 8 cents more an ounce than any other team. average cost for small draft, at nfl stadiums is about 7.42 at the link. that will run you $8. >> this is why you tailgate, you get your, you know, 12er going and then you go in. >> drink the whole 12 pack. >> there are 12 step programs too. so count down is on for 67th annual emmy awards this
5:50 am
sunday night right here on fox. >> don't judge. >> i'm's not judging. >> a little bit, kind of. >> i was just making sure i get the lingo. >> brooklyn 99 star amy will be the evening host. tv guide has predict the winners of a few categories. some people are asking will miss cookie lions win for lead actress in the drama. >> lead drama actress is very exciting, viola davis for having to get away with minner and presume the front runner she will did win the golden globe a lot of goodwill there, but i'm hoping taraji henson can pull this out for empire. >> we hope for. that empire is right here on fox. stay tune, jen fred will be live on good day from l.a. >> who do you tailgate with grilled salmon and charred in a. >> don't judge. >> you're right. >> oscar winning actress and
5:51 am
it girl lupita new on go stuns on the the latest cover of vogue magazine. >> she graces october issue of the magazine, this latest issue marks her second time on the cover of the signature fashion magazine. she still has her signature grin, but she is certainly turning up the heat in this issue. >> so, ti tells the world he has cut ties with iggy azalea. >> he founded her kick started her career. >> go on. >> she says that is news to her. so in a radio interview ti said they stopped talking after azalea a argued with, wait a minute, over cultural appropriation and history of hip-hop. >> iggy azalea is out of her mind but keep going. >> he said iggy, says it is hard to take criticism in the public eye. >> wow. >> i can't believe we buried that. that should have been our lead. >> you don't care. >> no. >> iggy says here's the deal i'm still signed, to act and
5:52 am
do business with him. first i ever heard of issue is via a radio interview and personally i don't think radio is the place to talk burr personal issues with someone who is part of your team. well, guess what iggy when he signs the check and he makes the calls, you probably shouldn't call him out on twitter. >> it always comes down to money, everything in life. >> sadly, it does. >> kris jenner says she does not call her ex-spouse by her new name caitlin. kris says she just says jenner. then she said transition to bruce to caitlin has been tough to accept. kris says she's in the sure if she will be close to caitlin even in the future. kris and us before were married for 22 years before the olympian transition was made public. caitlin filed legal papers to change her name and gender. update for the the dog found in the duffle bag last week that they nicknamed duffy. new progress leaving his
5:53 am
caregivers, hopeful about his recovery. ♪ ♪ with the new chase freedom mobile app, you can simply redeem, pay, and go.
5:54 am
the new chase freedom mobile app. the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can.
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5:56 am
and, as she is now named, spoke her first word, yesterday. >> yes. >> what? >> oh, that is doggie speak. she nearly died of heat vok in had bag on a hot day last week. she's still recovering from parvo virus but she's strong enough now that she says good morning to her care takers, spca says a man and his girlfriend left the sick puppy in the bag with pedialyte they were giving her and then called animal control. apparently they did not know that the delco spca, a no kill shelter has a low cost clinic for pets or would have taken her in, nursed her back to health and adopted her out. doritos are working the make the world a brighter place what you'll get in the mail for supporting the lgbt community.
5:57 am
5:58 am
selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done.
5:59 am
and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at breaking news from overnight, three men break in the woman's home while her two children were sleeping inside, and the terror doesn't end there. what happened once they broke in. and then this... >> okay, that is such a fox 29 question. >> no, it is a legitimate question though. >> yeah, it was. group of homeless families
6:00 am
living in tents asking for help to find somewhere to live, when they turned down an offer for shelter overnight. >> and big weather changes coming this weekend, sue serio will let you know when you may want to pull that jacket out of the closet, take the lint out of it, moth balls is what i'm thinking of. >> there we goy was thinking of l int because they were in the closet for so long. >> and in my house it is the dog hair. >> yes. >> so good day to you. we made to it friday, november . >> hello dave war glenn glad to be here. she's doing weather i'm's doing the roads. >> we can still talk about it. >> we all want to know about the weather on sunday big home opener for eagles. >> the weather forecast has improved a great deal because you remember on monday because i know you hang on my every word we talk about the chance of rain on sunday. i don't think that will happen. >> we're clear. >> yes. >> how is today


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