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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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security was in town today for a briefing on plans to everybody safe. fox 29's bruce gordon is live along the parkway which will be the scene of most of the action. bruce, you just got a tour of the secret communications center where security officials will be working. yeah we sure did. no top-secret revelations although you really wouldn't expect there to be any. this was really about reassuring the public a trip into philadelphia next week toned see pope francis will be notwithstanding the inconvenience safe. those in charge of papal security don't want you to know where their communication center is located. where more than 50 agencies will take in video feeds, phone and radio tips on the movement of pope francis and those expected big crowds. they just want you to know that it exists and that everything is under control for the big papal weekend. >> we know of no specific credible threat directed at the pope's visit here to this city and so we fully anticipate a
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successful and safe visit for the pope and for the public. >> reporter: security officials are defending the order toss close down the ben franklin bridge stretches of highway and restrict movement in a three square mile swath of center city. >> outdoor event such as we see here to the burlington-bristol parkway in philadelphia, it creates enormous challenges bust we have to adapt to that and we have. >> reporter: joe clancy director of u.s. secret service. he says plans must be in place to evacuate the pope and visitors in case of an emergen emergency. >> you have to have structure. if you don't have structure, you have mayhem. >> reporter: meanwhile city officials are still pushing back against claims that philadelphia has overreacted to the pope's visit. adopting security measures that go far beyond what will be experienced by those in new york and washington when the pontiff visits those cities. >> there are any number of events in both new york and washington, d.c. all ticked much smaller venues and nowhere near the level of public facing and
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exposure to the public as in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: the city and security officials remain confident there will be enough metal detectors in place spread around the perimeter of the francis festival grounds to get folks into the grounds safely effectively, efficiently and, of course, to keep out those things that should not get in. chris? >> okay, bruce. busy and exciting week ahead. of course we're updating information to the papal visit every day. go to fox for everything you need to know. just look for the links on the home page. main street in moorestown, new jersey s back open tonight. this after water main break shut down the street for about six hours. crews spent most of last night and early this morning repairing the break because of that the busy intersection in town was closed. and no word on what caused that break. terrifying night for a philadelphia mother after three men broke into her home and held her at gun point.
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police say that woman heard a noise in the basement of her home on the 2800 block of shipley road. that's where plea masked men forced her to the ground and threatened to kill her while holding a gun to her head. investigators say the other two ransacked the home, walking away with about $800 cash. the mother was not hurt and police say it all happened as the mother's three children slept through everything. happening now, the search for two men behind a heist in a south philadelphia neighborhood. these guys might look like they're just browsing around the girard estates jewelry store, but they've got something much more sinister in mind. the philadelphia police are doing whatever they can to find out and find them before they strike again. fox 29's dave schratwieser staying on top of the investigation much he's live at police headquarters in philadelphia. hey, dave. >> reporter: joyce, these violent pair of 95-wielding bandits put quite a beating on the store owner in this case. it was all caught on tape.
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the store owner told me today he was too afraid to talk to us on camera, but his customers and a witness are speaking up. >> it's a shame. it's sad. >> reporter: this was the scene inside the royal jewelry shop in south philadelphia this week just before closing time as two armed robbers attacked the store owner and robbed the pla place. >> they punched complainant in the face, tie him up and begin to rob the store. >> when i heard that i was totally shocked. i live right around the corner. >> reporter: customers and shop owner's neighbors in girard estates were stunned bite violent hold up and worried for the 54-year-old man who has now been robbed three times. >> i thought it was a terrible thing that happened. i go to him. he's a very nice guy. i've been going to him for yea years. >> that's terrible. >> this is a third time he got robbed. report roar this woman asked fox 29 to conceal her identity. she saw the robbers making their escape with the owner in pursu pursuit. >> while he was chasing them he
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was yelling for them to come back. they stepped inside a gold car and sped off. >> reporter: suspects punched the owner in the face knocking him out of the his sandals. they tied him up with zip ties and stole $50,000 worth of jewelry from cases and the store's safe. police have now stepped up patrols in the area. >> you'll notice in the video very distinctive loo thirty two look fourths two individuals. one has fake tattoo sleeves we're hoping somebody can recognize this individual. recognize their manner i. >> very hard-working guy and a nice guy with it report roar the same store owner was the victim of a home invasion row robbery two years ago. his loyal customers are worried he may close up shop. >> i just came over here. i wanted to see how he was doing. >> reporter: witnesses told police that the suspects got into a gold colored hyundai sonata with temporary tags. possibly new jersey. coming up at six while neighbors in south philadelphia say this is hitting too close to home. that's coming up at 6:00. >> chris. >> dave, thanks. north philadelphia tonight
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convenience store heist doesn't go quiet according to plan for two robbers. check it out. surveillance cameras caught them going into the family dollar in glenwood tuesday night. you see them pull out a handgun point it right at the clerk. he doesn't wait around. run to go the back room of the store police say the robbers realized they weren't getting into the register and walked o out. fast-moving fire in the juniata section of the city left residents looking for a place to stay tonight. firefighters arrived at the 4,000 block of or man street after 11:00 last night. it took them about 30 minutes to get the blaze under control. but as you can see what is left of those homes. no one was hurt. fire officials say they haven't said how many people are allowed back in. abortion provider convicted of killing babies born alive has been ordered to pay nearly $4 million to the daughter of a woman who died under his care. lawyers for former dr. kermit gosnell say since he's already in prison he's broke and in addition to that, he and his
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shut down clinic don't have any insurance. so it's unlikely that 41-year-old woman'ings daughter will ever get that money. the 74-year-old gosnell is serving a live sentence. he was convicted two years ago of killing three babies born alive, and for monger's death from an overdose of painkiller. a rough start to the school year for students and staff at clear view high school in gloucester county. the district says there's been one confirmed case of whooping cough. the district posted information on its website today. they say along with the confirmed case there is another suspected case they're looking into. we're told the student infected has been absent for a few days. the district is sanitizing both buildings on campus along with schoolbuses. $11 billion short-term spending plan is on its way to the pennsylvania house of representatives. although governor tom wolf has vowed he's going veto it. the republican majority in the senate wrote the bill and passed
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it today. the plan covers four months of funding. now governor wolf who is democrat has said that he will sign a measure only when lawmakers come up with a full budget for the fiscal year which is already underway. well, warmup continues in your fox 29 weather authority. let's take live look at the parkway the start of one last weekend of peace and calm because lots of things are going to change next week much this view comes a top the united way building. in eight days huge crowds will pack this stretch of the city for the papal visit. of course, we are looking at some changes between now and then. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. scott, big week. >> that's certainly right. a lot of changes going on in the weather department and we are talking about numbers right now. pretty comfortable. 82 degrees if you're stepping outdoors on this friday evening. no problems. humidity comfortable as well. 41%. take a look at the numbers right now. we have upper 70s in millville. 78 degrees atlantic city. 83 right now in trenton as well as once you move north and west
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lehigh valley allentown 83 degrees. look at the humidity. it's a comfortable kind of warm, dry heat across our area. great for high school football tonight. a nice evening out on the town. it's going to be quiet and comfortable still by 11:00 o'clock temperatures into the upper 60s. but take look at what's happening. we have high pressure. that's been our prominent and dominant feature this week. but off to the west, this front that is going to bring some weather changes our way. we're going to be talking about those temperatures dropping but most of the rainfall that you see with this front is going to stay well to the north of us once that front arrives. so let's talk about tomorrow give you that saturday snapshot across the area. warm, similar to today. no problems. temperatures topping out in the 70s and 80s but coming up we'll talk about the changes ahead for your sunday. a cooler pattern and also we'll preview what to expect as we head toward the pope weekend. back to you. >> all right. thank you, scott. and local middle school
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students targeted by cyber bullies. what police are doing today for those young people hit by nasty comments online. plus -- joyce, at tent city we've been covering for the last couple of days some families this is a pop-up protest. it is still here. it is coming down. what will happen next for all these people involved. we'll have that story coming up next. and the pope's visit to the united nations may break new ground. what issues he'll tackle and what he's expected to say to other world leaders coming up. >> a cowboy has one too many and he decides it would be too dangerous to get behind the wheel so he jumps on his horse instead. why he still got in trouble with police. and all new at six, the guts of this guy. new video of a man accused of of stealing a philadelphia police officer's bicycle tom night the bike is back but authorities have a new mission. ♪
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happening now, a tent city is coming down in north philadelphia. there's been a lot of talk about what's been happening in this lot all week long. the homeless family is living here trying to shed some light on the lack of options for them in the city. now those who are living out there are preparing to find a new home tonight. >> the group already turned down one option from the city. so now what is next? fox 29's karen hepp joins us live from
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kensington. karen, out there last night. what are some of the she's these families going to do tonight? >> reporter: it's been such a day where they thought they had a lot of hope and they had a lot of disappointment. you were out there. they did turn down that officer. city officials came down to find temporary housing. they remember trying to hold out and find permanent house dag they were going to try to move into housing it didn't work out. let's take look what's going on right now. you can see there's a whole me meeting. shares sherri the leader of this group advocating for poor people certainly and homeless people for decades. so she's organized this pop up protest got lot of attention this week ahead of the pope's visit many you can see the bags. people have been donating because it pulled some people's heart strings. they want to come out and help. there are babies here certainly. at least one family that was here a woman with a small baby did move to one location today. and this is city land. they are moving off of this property. the bad news is, they had some promise today's sherri thought she found some housing for some people. they went over there and there
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were neighborhoods cops living in those houses said no way you'll be able to squat here or move in here. they all came back here and if we can take look we're following around vehicles that had mattresses on the top of the vehicles. made all these hopes of moving into locations but there are no easy answers as we all know when it comes to homelessness. we talk to some of the city officials and they say quiet frankly look there's a process. they've got limited resources. there's a backlog and people do need to get in line and apply. and they can't push to the head of the line because it's not fair to anybody else and that's what they feel that sherri was trying to do. but clearly she's always been trying to thrust the issue of homeless and their plight into the public eye. so the very latest is right now they are packing up. they are moving. this is city land. they've got to get out. they will be moving to another private lot and creating yet another tent city. maybe some will be rethinking that offer that maybe they should have taken the city's offer and gone to temporary housing. but, you know, we'll try to stay on top of the zig. i know a lot of people certainly have been affected. chris and joyce, on facebook by this and reaching out to us.
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so we'll stay on top of the developments on this one. guys, back to you. >> all right, karen, thank you. new jersey state police are trying to identify skeletal human remains that were found in a wooded area of atlantic coun county. a hunter made the discovery yesterday off of route 40 and main avenue in buena vista township. troopers also found a red wind breaker with the nyc lifeguard department of parks written on the back. state police are hoping anyone who recognizes those items will call them. a transformation on the way for atlantic city's golden nugget. new jersey casino reinvestment development authority approved a $4.5 million plan to convert a vacant restaurant into two villas at the casino now officials say that the 2400 square foot villas could be used for guests, small group meetings and as hospitality suites for large conventions. colorful reminders that the pope will be right here in
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philadelphia in just eight days now. crews have been working night and day making sure everything is set along the ben franklin parkway. the signs of the pope's visit next weekend are even more evident throughout center city now. notice those banners the next time you come down market street in honor of pope' rival and the world meeting of families celebration. recognition for another key leader of the catholic church today. cardinal louis antonio thai gel addressed dozens at a special town hall assembly at lasalle university today. the cardinal who is the archbishop of manila is also one of the keynote speakers for the world meeting of many families next week. his visit part of lasalle's diplomat in residence program his address channeled top francis' message to care for our common home. >> wawa type of culture where we pass on to the next generation?
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our decisions now will have an impact on the future home of the next generations. >> tarred cal tagle will also receive an honorary degree from lasalle. that ceremony starts in less than an hour. and during his visit to new york city, pope francis will no doubt have a very busy schedule starting first with a visit to the united nations. and later a town hall gathering with united nations staff. fox's lauren green shows us what that will mean. >> reporter: pope francis visit to the united nations headquarters were unfor the history books. >> i think this is a very important visit, because little have the opportunity of meeting with the world's political leaders and addressing some of the issues which are very close to his heart. >> reporter: those issues are likely to include the environment, the refugee crisis in europe and human trafficking. >> it's estimated that over $36 billion are spent every year
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of moving people through exploitation from one country to another and he wants to address that. he sees it also connected with climate change report roar visit comes at a time in the world when many believe the international community needs to do more to help achieve greater social justice. tolerance and understanding among all of the world's people. >> he doesn't tell people what to do but he does present them with the issues and then asks them to examine their conscious and see what ways they can make a change. >> reporter: this year the united nations is also marking its 70th anniversary. according to the secretary general, member states will be taking on major discussions from sustainable development, climate change and the future piece and well-being of human kind. all topics quote close to this pope's heart. >> he realizes that the world has to deal with the whole era of climate change. he realizes that this is something which is happening both within the church -- within nature but humans are making a
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crib as well. >> reporter: his holiness is the fifth pope to visit the u inform since its inception in 1945. pope benedict and john paul ii among the previous popes who addressed the un. lauren green, fox news. >> big fence going up hen gary aimed at keeping immigrants out for keep migrants out i should say but this is just the beginning. fine out what is happening next. plus, the break up, spruce up the new sure sign your significant other wants you go gone. and we've seen you. we've shown you this video the high school in new jersey high school football player he was taking off another player's helmet and hitting him with it. tonight what the mother of that player says really happened. ♪
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good evening i'm bill anderson. of course, this is karen hepp. coming up tomorrow morning on fox 29 weekend, a local mother's facebook rant goes viral. >> i need to you give the benefit of doubt. maybe you haven't forgotten me. maybe you've forgotten how to use the phone. >> that mom so funny she joins us live tomorrow morning with a surprise. also we'll have the very latest on the pope, new information. they want everybody to come and they are promising in some places it will be easy. plus will it rain this weekend? everything you need to know beginning at 8:00 a.m.
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the death toll rises to at least 12 in a powerful earthquake that struck off the coast of chile. many flocked to shelters after wednesday night's quake that measured 8.3 on the richter scale. about 1 million people cannot go home. the damage was so severe it's estimated in the billions of dollars. aerial footage shows toppled cars, overturned homes and splintered boats resting in the mud. and now on to the crisis in hungary where a new fence has just been built along the croatian border. army units laid out razor wire fencing for 25 miles. the fence is to keep refugees and migrants from entering the country there. the wire will later be raised on
5:25 pm
to a chain link fence like the country has at the serbian border. croatia has taken a great number of migrants but is quickly overwhelmed by the volume of people and began to redirect them to slow 15 ya and hungary. hungary will not accept any more people look to go cross the border. concerns for first respond responders battling a deadly wildfire in california. fire officials are worried warmer weather this weekend could make their jobs even tougher. at least five people have died as flames rolled through hundreds of homes north of san francisco this week. one of those victims a 72-year-old woman who fire officials say refused to evacuate to a safe place. >> she's like no, i'm fine. everything will be fine. she didn't understand the magnitude of it. >> she had a lot of gumption for having ms. she traveled a lot. >> the wildfires have now destroyed more than 800 homes and are still threatening thousands more. rain and low humidity have been
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helping crews get a handle on them but hot dry conditions are only expected to increase danger this weekend. florida a and m university will now have to pay for the death avenue drum major. the university and the family of robert champion have reached a $1.1 million settlement. the school is also agreed tonight. marching band's anti hazing program after champion. his parents agreed to drop the negligence lawsuit. champion died after band members pummeled him with fists and mallets aboard bus during a hazing ritual that took place almost four years ago. local middle school students targeted by cyber bullies. what police are doing today for the kids targeted by some nasty comments online. an new york family is pulls off something almost nobody in the world can say they've done. they got triplets and these babies are more rare than you can probably imagine. scott? >> joyce, the beautiful weather continues into your friday
5:27 pm
evening. if you're stepping outdoors take a live look at old city. just really picture perfect. we'll talk about that weekend changes with the front and a cooler pattern ahead. details you don't want to miss next.
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♪ a live look at the french manor from our poconos mountain camera tonight. beautiful friday end a beautiful week and we're getting closer and closer to a chance for rain. chief meteorologist scott williams will show you what's
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coming your way in the fox 29 weather authority. police are searching for men behind a jewelry heist in south philadelphia. surveillance cameras captured them browsing this july row store in girard estates monday night when an employee tried to help them police say the robbers punched him in the face and tied him up. the men took the jewelry inside the store and left. papal visit is now eight days away and tonight the safety of the pope while he's here in philadelphia is a top concern. we got a tour of the secret communications center where security officials will be working during the visit. the center is where officials will monitor the pope's travel across our city. radnor police will meet with parents and middle school students tonight targeted by lewd instagram messages. authorities say more than a dozen middle school students affected by graphic social media pages. >> and tonight, police are reassuring angry parents and working to find out who set up the account. our shawnette wilson has the
5:31 pm
story. >> i just heard that it was a page that had some pictures of people with inappropriate comments and odd comments about them report roar radnor middle school seventh grader ulysses heard about the social media page when he was at baseball practice thursday afternoon. word got out that someone posted pictures of students and attached derogatory comments to the pictures. >> now i think lot more about it that it's really severe form of bullying because it's cyber bullying. can't kids can't get away from it. >> reporter: mom just learned of the incident. >> like he said i think it's a form of bullying and as parents the thing that we fear the most for you our kids report roar police say the investigation started sunday when they got call from a parent who found disturbing messages and their daughter's instagram page. police discovered pictures of at least 21 young people mostly students at the school. >> through investigation, we located pictures that were appropriate and normal pictures that young people would have on their phone, however, whoever
5:32 pm
the person who did this, um, altered the pictures by basically adding text boxes on top of screen shots or something elsewhere they put very inappropriate and sol vulgar type messages on there on several people's faces. >> reporter: police notified the district who in turn put out calls to parents and posted this message about the incident on the district website. police say it's a criminal investigation. >> kids are supposed to be worrying about their education and starting school in september. now we're dealing with this. so sew it really has an impact and some of these hur full things can go on lifetime. >> reporter: shawnette wilson fox 29 news. >> police say this isn't a school district issue although the district is helping with the investigation. we're told charge cos include harassment and stalking. maybe even higher charges than that. but that will be up to the da. back to your fox 29 weather authority. how is the weekend shaping up, scott will jumps. >> a i know a lot of events this weekend. >> that's right. weekend looks pretty good. you'll be at an event tomorrow. >> pediatric brain tumor
5:33 pm
foundation 8k run at the philadelphia starry night at the philadelphia zoo. a fun night. a lot of runners out there for a great cause. hope you join us. >> temperatures start in the morning in the 60s highs tomorrow afternoon will be in the 80s again and the humidity is going to be low. take look at the satellite/radar right now high pressure that has really been the dominant feature the entire week giving us just beautiful weather to get outdoors and enjoy. but off to the west, you can see that blue line. that's a cold front that will be moving through saturday night into sunday. it's going to be moisture starved. there might be an overnight sprinkle or early sunday morning shower, but really just a wind shift and cooler weather will be moving in behind that front as you take a look right now well off to the west. but closer to home, a lot of blue skies. a few passing clouds right now in old city. no problems stepping outdoors for your friday plans. high school football weather looking perfect tonight as well. temperature wise right now, we have upper 70s in parts of south
5:34 pm
jersey. millville 79. 78 right now in dover. low 80s along the i-95 corridor as well as north and west. take a look at the temperature contrast. st. louis, 91 degrees. in omaha temperatures only in the 60s. so you can see where that front is and it really is dividing the warmer air as opposed to the cooler air back behind it so that's a taste of fall that will be moving in sunday into much of next week. so temperatures for your saturday morning, wake up right around 8:00 a.m. you're watching the fox 29 weekend morning shoes. we're looking pretty good across the area temperatures north and west upper 50s allentown. 58 in reading. we're looking at 66 degrees west chester and as we move into parts of south jersey, it will be a mild start. 70 degrees 8:00 a.m. saturday. in sections of millville upper 60s in dover. let's tack about the tropic. watching an area of disturbed weather off the southeast coast. this could develop maybe into something subtropical over the upcoming weekend as it continues
5:35 pm
to mainly move north and east. so missing the mid atlantic and our area. in the meantime, we have two tropical depressions out in the open waters of the atlantic basin. let's take look at the spaghetti plots for the first one. that could develop into ida but you can seal see really staying out into the open waters. the second disturbance if it develops and gets a name it will be joaquin. we'll continue to watch that but you can see by friday of next week, it's still out in the open waters of the atlantic basin. let's talk about that weather authority seven day forecast. looking pretty good for the upcoming weekend. once again tomorrow sim floor today. 85 degrees. upper 70s behind that front for your sunday. headed to tailgating the linc looking pretty good for the eagles game. temperature will be seasonal feeling like football weather and then as we move toward early neck week, temperatures a little below average. feeling more like fall. partly sunny, staying cool. maybe a shower or some drizzle as we approach tuesday into wednesday, but it really doesn't look like a whole lot of
5:36 pm
significant rainfall for next week other than just temperatures dropping. then you can see by friday of next week a mixture of sun and clouds but once again, looking pretty good for football tonig tonight. high school football and also at the linc on sunday, and previewing the pope weather it looks like it will be seasonal. temperatures in the 70s. lows in the 50s. >> rain or no rain? you don know. >> maybe a slight chance but right now it doesn't look like it. >> thank you scott. if you were hoping to celebrate the whos 50th anniversary going to have to wait little b bit. the band just canceled their north american tour and there's scary reason why. what's being called the break up spruce up. oh, no. the sure sign your significant other wants you gone. >> and coming up, all new at 6:00, wawa's flagship store now open for business in center city. can't make it there, well, no worries. what is new hear that will soon be at a store near you. ♪
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♪ civil war history unveiled today. the hull of the first submarine in history to sing an enemy war ship has been cleaned and revealed for the first time in 150 years. it came after a year of extensive work on the confederate submarine called the hlhunley. scientists used small chisels even dental tools to remove end roughed sediment on the outside of the sub. the hull appears as much as it did when the eight man crew sang a union blockade ship off the coast of south carolina in 1864. the sub was discovered in 1995 and taken to conservation lab 15 years ago. wow. fans of the who will have to wait a little longer to see the legendary rock band here in philly. the who announcing today that it is postponing all 50 dates of its 50th anniversary tour. that's because lead singer roger daughtry has viral meningitis.
5:41 pm
guitarist pete townsend said the band is reschedule link that tore for next spring. a rare birth in new york making national headlines tonight. long island family welcome the newest addition to their family in july identical triplets. doctors say this type of birth is one in 50 million occurrence. last december the couple jason and kelly finley were initially expecting twins well that's when they got the shocking news. mrs. finley was having triplets. >> the tech was very quite and very serious. she goes, i've never seen this before. i think this is triplets and i'm pretty sure they're identical. we went into the hallway afterwards. kelly cried for 15 minutes and i just kept saying to myself, how are we going afford this? how are we going to afford this? how are we going afford this. >> the families also have a two-year-old son. >> cut tease. parking day in philadelphia. but we don't mean park like what you do with your car. dozens of these temporary green
5:42 pm
spaces popped up all over the city. part of a worldwide movement to transform parking spots into pock up parks. outside our door a 170 square foot of tiger arboretum. it's executive director spoke with good day sue serio about parking most. >> it was started in san francisco by someone who believed there was too much urban space given over to cars. >> right. >> and so let's make a park. >> this is so nice. you put a little bench for to us sit on and really kind of drink in the nature that you brought to us as well. so what do we have here? >> ,. >> don't get to keep it much this is the eighth year philadelphia hassle broughted parking day. well, are you looking for vacation get away? have you considered the sunny beaches of north korea? have notorious nefarious nation is now trying to brand itself the place you'll want to visit. a cowboy has one too many and he decides it would be dangerous to get behind the wheel so he jumps on his horse
5:43 pm
instead. still got in trouble with police. we'll tell you why. sean. >> joyce, cowboys the football team have plenty of big horses on their offensive line. those guys are unstoppable the best in the league much the eagles talk about trying to get to tony romo later in sports.
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♪ north korea is trying to drum up some reasons for touri tourists to become interested in visiting the communist state. the country is now touting its coastal resorts as a surfing spot. officials allowed new jersey based tour company and a pro surfer to test out the waters. the company bringing its own surfers and training some new ones on the art of riding the perfect wave.
5:47 pm
>> it's very safe beach. we have the hotel. there's no stones. there's no dangerous waves. so it's really nice for everybody to just try it out. >> north korea says that it will also set up surfing schools at some of its resorts that way that people who are staying there can learn how to surf. if there are waves surfers will find them somehow. >> all right. despite battling cancer, former president jimmy carter is keeping the love alive with his wife. >> check out what happened at last night's braves game. look there's the couple. they popped up on the turner field kiss cam. mr. carter giving big kiss to his wife and former first lady rosslyn as the crowd cheered on and that was about all they had to cheer about last night. the braves lost to the toronto blue jays five to zero. carter said last month that he would scale back his work to focus on treating cancer that has now spread to his brain. and now that the couple has obviously stood the test of time, but you know what, not too
5:48 pm
many people do so. >> to survive a break up some join a gym, others get a new haircut, but dermatologists and plastic surgeons say the new trend is botox. >> sure s fox's katie mccall spoke with a few offices where business is booming. ♪ >> okay. here we go. i'll just do this. >> reporter: one of the perks of work fog a dermatologist is having easy access to bow tock. >> turn towards me. give me an angry look if you don't mind. >> reporter: something that makes dr. ramsay mr. cuss' staff very happy. >> the muscles in these areas make people scowl and frown. >> reporter: getting rid of those scowls and france is something many people are now deciding to do when a partner or spouse is no longer in the picture. national trend called break up botox. dr. marcus says patients are regularly coming in and asking for botox after a romance runs its course or a marriage falls apart. >> i think after divorce or break up, confidence can be very very low.
5:49 pm
if we can do anything to restore confidence i think that's a very healthy thing for patients. >> reporter: motivators include wanting to be at their best before returning to the dating scene and the patient's belief that looking better will translate into feeling better. >> when you look better you feel better about yourself. it's like dressing in nice clothes versus sweat pants. you just feel better about yourself and it might erase the sting of whatever bad event they've gone through. >> reporter: if you think this is entirely superficial, think again. science has shown smiling makes people feel better. since botox can decrease a person's ability to frown, it could actually have a mood boosting effect. >> there is some scientific evidence that shows that botox injected especially into the frowning lines can help improve depression symptoms. >> reporter: in a recent german study of 30 patients with chronic treatment resistant depression, 47-point 1% of patients saw a reduction in depression symptoms after botox compared to nine-point 2% in the placebo group. >> i think there is a mind-body
5:50 pm
connection and back and forth for that matter. >> reporter: the timing of break up botox is sometimes financial. those who are about to become single are booking botox appointments right before their names and their assets change. >> a lot of times people come in before the actual divorce when they're going through the divorce phase because they still have a joint bank account. and so rather use the joint funds before those funds get split. >> reporter: a last little shot of confidence courtesy of the one who did you wrong. >> when people are happier with themselves and how they look, i think they interact with the world differently. they're happier. we see people come back who are very satisfied that they've done what they've done. >> reporter: katie mccall, fox news. we've shown you video of a new jersey high school football player taking off another player's helmet and appearing to hit him with it. well tonight the mother of that player accused in the attack is
5:51 pm
jumping to his defense. and wait until you hear what she said really happened. and all new at 6:00 tonight, new video of the guy accused of stealing a philadelphia police officer's bicycle. tonight, the bike is back but authorities now have a new mission. and it look like the borgata babes will really have to watch their waist. why the way is now clear for the hotel and casino to fire them for gaining a few pounds.
5:52 pm
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>> fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. family of high school football player kicked off the
5:55 pm
team for hitting his opponent in the head with a helmet is coming to his defense. anita mcduffie says this whole thing was an accident. the accident she's dawk bowing the focus of a viral video. showing a player slamming a helmet against the head of his opponent. the 18-year-old has since been suspended from school and kicked off the football team but mcduffie insists her son's hand got stuck in the opponent's helmet he intentionally didn't swing that helmet. >> he really is apologetic for this. he didn't mean it. he said it was an accident and my thing is he said his hand got stuck in the helmet and i believe my child. >> the player that was hit left the game before half time received 10 stitches. well, straight in the horse's mouth a louisiana man ticketed by police who say he rode his horse home drunk. after one too many drinks cowboy jake williams thought it would be best for him to have designated driver. his horseshoe garr. the cowboy ditched his truck for his faithful steed believing
5:56 pm
that sugar would know the way home better than he would. but williams was ticketed tuesday for riding sugar down the highway drunk. >> had too much to drink. why in the ride a horse. saver that way. the horse knows the way home. >> well, deputes couldn't arrest williams for driving while inn tock indicated because he wasn't driving a car. instead citing the cowboy for being drunk in public. where did the horse have to say. >> he kept his mouth shut. a good horse. i don't know if you've seen. jenn frederick has been really living the good life this week hanging out with all the stars in la. >> she has indeed and she's getting a preview of one of hollywood's biggest nights. the prime time emmys. take a look. >> reporter: no surprise to everyone in philadelphia i found the wine area of the governor's ball. i also found these ladies. no they're not bouncers they're governor ball ambassadors. what in the world is the governor's ball? it's the party after the party. it's the party after the emmys.
5:57 pm
so we started with the end. i'll go back to the beginning. emmys of course on fox sunday night hosted by funny guy andy sandberg. >> i'm andy sandy berg i think hoping emmys this year. >> he's not worried about pleasing the people at home. instead he wants to make sure all of the big shots in the room that they're laughing. >> you know how the winners all get trophies. well, this year they're getting a baby. (laughter). >> truthfully once you're like used to the rhythm of doing something live it's more about how many people are in that room physically, and this is actual y much bigger. 7,000 people in the room or something like that, but i hosted mtv music awards it was about that many people in the world and i've been on the emmys a few times. i definitely know like the feeling of standing in front of that many people and how to sort of just focus and tune it out. >> report roar this is where it is all going to happen on sunday night. at the microsoft theater in los angeles. emmys, television's biggest stars, the question is, where
5:58 pm
else would our friend kare car terrence and taraji be seated in the front darn row. empire is the biggest show on fox. biggest thing going on emmy night. >> nobody come all the way out here no play no games with you lucius. >> so back to that governor's ball. yes, there's a whole chocolate tasting section. all kinds of fancy stuff here because, remember, this is where all of the stars are going to come after they have won, maybe they've lost. everyone hoping for win. of course there also be an ama amazing tequila tasting station. they have hair and makeup here. all kinds of great thing. remember, watch the emmys. >> you can watch the sketchth prime time emmy awards sunday night at 8:00 right here, of course, on fox 29. then stay up for full wrap up of the day' news, weather and sports on fox 29 news. ♪ >> tonight at 6:00 a surprise attack on a local jewelry store
5:59 pm
employee that sends him flying right out of his shoes. what that employee was still able to do that could help police crack the case. plus, a crucial meeting in philadelphia today. looking at the plan to keep you safe when the pope is here. fox 29 gets a glimpse into the top-secret mission to make sure the papal visit is historic for all the right reasons. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at 6:00 oh night, an attack sudden so brutal it knock a man right out of his shoes. two crooks shopping at nothing or stopping at nothing to rob a local jewelry store. but despite getting knocked down, this employee proved pretty resourceful. good evening, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm joyce evans. the search is on for those violent thieves tonight. fox 29's dave schratwieser is following the investigation. dave, you're live at philadelphia police headquarte
6:00 pm
headquarters. >> reporter: joyce, this jewelry store owner has been robbed three times. he's also been the victim of a home invasion robbery a couple of years ago. so he's too terrified to talk on camera, but tonight we are hearing from his customers and a witness. >> this is the third time he got robbed. report roar this woman doesn't want to be identified because she witnessed these two armed robbers make their escape after they stole $50,000 worth of jewelry from the royal jewelers in south philly. she saw the own are in give chase. >> while he was chasing them he was yelling for them to come back. they jumped inside the gold car and they sped off. >> reporter: that is was the scene inside the july row shop in girard estates this week just before closing time. as the knife-wielding robbers attacked the store owner. >> they punched the complainant in the face, tie him up and begin to rob the store. >> i feel bad for him, because i'm right there. i'm right here. >> reporter: too close to home. >> too close to home. i've been here 27 years. >> reporter: customers i


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