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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 19, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29, we are just a week away from pope francis' arrival in philadelph philadelphia. and the papal plans are in full gear tonight. you are looking live at the the ben franklin parkway in just eight hours from now, starting at 6:00 in the morning, the outer lanes will be closed to traffic on the parkway and this is just the beginning. just about every day next week parking restrictions will go into effect. it is going to be tough to get around. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm joyce evans. fox 29's brad sattin is live on the parkway. brad, are the businesses in that area ready for all of this? >> reporter: i'll tell was, joyce, that's the million dollar question for sure. here it is a week before and other other than big party going on on the roof of friday's it's fairly mellow right now. but as you mentioned the pope is going to be here along this stretch part of par rater both on saturday and sunday. the barriers are going to start going up in the next few days. this place is going to be jam
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packed. you may wonder what does this mean for local businesses? we had a chance to talk to some of them a short time ago and they honestly don't even know. >> with just over a week before pope francis comes to town, we wanted to know from business leaders -- >> you know what's going on, you know -- what the real plan is? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: no? >> absolutely not. not yet. >> reporter: general manager at nathan's crossing pub busy stocking up small 600 square foot restaurant as best he can beer kegs along walls. >> we're buying two more freezers for food and we're going to take out that table right behind me. >> reporter: to use for storage space because last shipment of food will come thursday night to last through the weekend. will he run out friday, saturday, sunday? he's just not sure. getting here will require a trip through one security zone maybe two. frankly they're not sure about that either. bartender tom is sure about one thing. >> i won't be here. >> reporter: he's been through this before working the bar back
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in 1979 when pope john ii held mass few hundred feet away. things were a bit different then. >> i just walk out through the base of the altar and i could see the mass from there. >> reporter: john cane's grandmother met the pope last time around. >> she her had he might have been around that area and she went to the church, and saw him coming up and, you know, shook his hasn't. >> reporter: duplicating his grandmother's feat will put hits his own feet to the test. >> i live 5 miles from the parkway that's not too bad of a walk. >> reporter: if you know where you're head. with a week to go there are still clearly a lot of questions. >> do you have it all figured? >> not really. you get a different story no matter who you talk to kind of. >> reporter: safe to say he's not the only one who doesn't have it figure. employees at some of these restaurants we had chance to talk they are being to told to prepare for long walks. the only good news with all of this i think if they show up a little bit late for work they probably, joyce, have a built in excuse. >> all right. i think you're right about that,
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thank, brad. secret communication center is up and running to night. more than 50 agents cease will work here during the pope's visit takin takeing in videos f, phone, radio tips keeping an eye on pope fran since the expected big crowds of people as well. it's so secret that security officials don't even want you to know where it is and we're not telling. the secretary of homeland security and the director of the us secret service were at that center today both defensing decisions to close bound the ben franklin bridge, stretches of highway and all of the other movement restrictions in center city. >> with an outdoor event such as we see here on the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia it creates enormous challenges we have to adapt to that and we have. >> and officials say that the plans must be in place to evacuate the pope and all the visitors in case of an emergen emergency. we're updating information about the papal visit every day. just go to fox 29.cot com for
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everything you're going to need to know just look at the links on the home page. in other news tonight police say a fugitive from burlington county may also be connected to a shooting this week. burlington city police are looking for 19-year-old isaia sykes. they want to speak with him about a shooting near east federal and york streets yesterday afternoon. no one was hurt but investigators say several shots were fired. sykes is already wanted by the burlington county sheriffs department for unrelated incident. if you know where he is, please give police a call. and happening now, a positive id for baby dough and murder charges against her mother and another man. investigators spent about three months trying to find out who the two-year-old girl is. a dog walker found bella bond back in june inside a trash bag near the boston harbor. now police say that they believe her mother 40-year-old rachel bond dumped her there. we hope against home that
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her death was not a crime but the evidence carefully and professionally gathered by the men and women who worked on this investigation suggest otherwise. this child whose very name means beauty was murdered. >> prosecutors are charging rachel bond's boyfriend 35-year-old michael mccarthy with murdering bella. rachel is being charged with accessory to murder after the fact. now police say she deliberately covered up what mccarthy had done. attack so sudden it knocked a man right out of his shoes. two crooks take a south philadelphia jeweler to the ground then pull off a heist in his store. fox 29's dave schratwieser shows us what police are doing to get them off the streets. it's a shame. it's sad. >> reporter: this was the scene inside the royal jewelry shop in south philadelphia this week just before closing time as two armed robbers attacked the store owner and robbed the pla
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place. they punched the complainant in the face, tie him up and begin to rob the store. >> when i heard that i was totally shocked. i live right around the corner. >> reporter: customers and the shop owners neighbors were stunned by the violent hold up and worried for the 54-year-old man who is now been robbed three times. >> i thought it was a terrible thing that happened. i go to him. he's a very nice guy. i've been going to him for yea years. >> that's terrible much that is terrible. >> this is the third time he got oh robbed. >> reporter: this woman asked fox 29 to conceal her identity she saw the robbers making their escape with the owners in pursuit. >> while he was chasing he was yelling them for to come back they jumped inside the gold car and sped off. >> investigators say the suspect's punched the owner in the face knocking him right out of his sandals. they tied him up with sipe ties and also stole $50,000 worth of jewelry from cases and the store's safe. police have now stepped up patrols in the area. >> you'll notice in the video very distinctive looks for these two individuals. one has fake tattoo sleeves so
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we're hoping that somebody can recognize this individual maybe recognize mayor manner itch. >> very hard working guy an nice guy with it. >> reporter: same store owner was the victim of a home invasion robbery two years ago. his loyal customers are worried he may close up shop. >> that's when i just came over here i wanted to see how he was doing. >> reporter: witnesses told police the two suspects made their get away in a gold hyundai sonata with temporary tags. possibly new jersey temporary tags. if you have any information, you can call south detectives. at police headquarters, dave schratwieser fox 29 news. chester county woman is under arrest accused of fortune telling for a price. police say 36-year-old woman collected $24,000 over 10-month period from one person. they say she charged for spiritual readings, meditation services and other life improvement promises. the victim told investigators every time she returned to see the fortune telling her her fees
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would go up. she's facing charges of theft by deception. ♪ we have breaking news right now coming into fox 29 newsroom. police are on the scene of a double shooting in south philadelphia tonight. >> and we're told two teens, a mail an female, were hit by that gunfire. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live near the scene. shawnette, what's going on out there? >> reporter: well, what we can tell you right now is that those teens are actually brother and sister. they were shot as you mentioned one is in stable condition. we're told the solder in surgery right now. and we also just learned that the suspect the suspected shooter is in custody that suspect we're told just 15 years old. as we're taking a life look now you can see the scene is still being held out here evidence markers on the ground police continue to process the scene. what we can tell you that this happened just after 9:00 o'clock tonight. several shots fired on the brother and sister as they were walking along 27th and schneider. the girl we're told is 19 years old. she was shot in the stomach and leg.
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her brother is 16 years old. shot in the stomach. both of them have been taken to presbyterian hospital. now based on what witnesses were able to tell police, they tracked down the suspect. police were able to track him down a few blocks away from the scene. police say that the suspect was still in possession of a mask that witnesses tell them he was wearing during the shooting. police also say he had a gun when they took him into custody and again that suspect arrested just a few blocks away from the scene. so the victim's here brother and sister in the hospital right n now. police have not released the motive yet. we don't know if the suspect actually knows the victim that they were intended target or not but police right now are looking at surveillance video from businesses in the area to get a play by play of exactly what happened but again those two brother and sister in the hospital tonight all teenagers young teenagers involved in this incident tonight. back to you. >> all right. shawnette, thanks. shattered glass at a local church. vandals leave behind costly damage and hateful words.
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the crime that has a community shaken cuff coming up. >> plus casey anthony off the hook. the latest legal win for the infamous florida mother. scott? >> joyce, it's been a beautiful week, a beautiful friday evening as well. we'll talk about weekend front and a cooler pattern ahead plus what to expect sunday at the linc. ♪
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>> broken windows, graffiti items ripped off the wall that's what parishioners say vandals left behind after breaking into a church in northeast philadelphia and as fox 29's joanne pell pileggi reports tonight police and the church want to know who did this and why. >> up like that on the wall. after that pull it out they came over here left it like that. what that meant i have no idea. >> reporter.>> reporter: reportx was ripped from the wall and turn upside down. >> on the wall there was graffiti on the. >> reporter: with an expletive laced message of hate to the church. >> it makes me sad that, you know, someone feels like they have to do something like that. >> i found the window broken and the door up to the sanctuary open. >> reporter: wayne says that vandals who broke in did so before the building's alarm system went on last night or after it was turned off and just
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before he arrived this morning. >> they were looking for money or something they could really unload. >> reporter: instead they caused several hundred dollars in damage. that's a lot for a small church. >> we try to help the community. you know, whatever we can do to help we help. >> for what reason you would do this at a church i don't understand. >> reporter: expletives and insulting comments against the church have been wiped clean from this wall. they hope to get touch up paint on here before a pancake breakfast tomorrow morning. they also hope police catch the people who did this and who also disrespected this house of worship n northeast philadelphia, joanne pileggi fox 29 news. >> a league within for casey anthony. the defamation lawsuit filed against the notorious mom is tossed out by a federal judge. you'll remember anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter kay'lee back in 2011. early in the investigation she told police a babysitter named gonzales kidnapped kale lee.
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detectives figured out anthony made that story up but a woman with the name goal sal less says it ruined her reputation. she filed a lawsuit but the judge says anthony's statement to police wasn't made to hurt gonzales and it wasn't malicio malicious. a controversial court decision in atlantic city. a judge rules the borgata casino that fire cocktail waitresses who violate their weight rule. 22 of the waitresses filed suit. they claim the rule stating they cannot gain or lose 7% of their body weight was unfair. workers also say they were asked to if they were pregnant or just fat and others snorted at them like pigs they claim. the female servers are required to wear tight fitting corsets, stockings and high heels. a rough start to the school year for students and staff at clear view high school in gloucester county, new jersey. now, administrators say that they have one confirmed case of whooping cough.
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district officials posted the information on their website today. they say along with that confirmed case there's another suspected case they're looking into. we're told the student who has whooping cough had been absent for a few days. school officials are sanitizing both buildings on the campus along with all the school buses. and that time of year again time for ghosts and goblins to appear. >> what better place than america's largest haunted house. i love this place. today terror behind the walls kicked off its 25th season in big way with the announcement of two new attractions and let's just say things get really really scary this year. we don't want to give too much away, but the new attraction is called quarantine 4d it involves blurred vision and other mind altering events and lastly, you have a prison break. you definitely will leave you terrified on this one. guys, i don't know if you've ever been to this, i know you have years ago. >> scott? >> terror behind the walls. >> i haven't there.
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>> you got tom it is nuts. >> check it out. but the weather is not very terrible. it's been terrific over the past several days. included in that today temperatures this morning 63 degrees. take look at the afternoon high. 84 that's several degrees above the normal for this time of year which is 77. beautiful conditions for your friday evening out. taking a life look right now at old city. you can see no problems whatsoever. mostly clear skies. that high pressure it's really just been in control for the entire week giving us the nice weather. but off to the west, here's a game changer we're talking about a front that's going to be mov moving through saturday night into sunday. mainly a dry front but there might be an early sprinkle on sunday but clearing skies looking good fordal tailgating as well as for the eagle. temperatures right now we have low 70s philadelphia as well as wilmington. 69 pottstown. 50's50'ss already sections of te poconos. as we take a look at the temperatures across the nation 75 baltimore. 85 in st. louis.
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but look behind that front. we're talking temperatures in the 50s. omaha 47 degrees right now in rapid city. so that taste of fall will be moving in especially sunday into early next week. temperatures by your saturday morning we'll call it comfortably cool. in the low to mid 60s along the i-95 corridor. a few 50s showing up far north and west. into sections of south jersey, mid to upper 60s by tomorrow morning. likewise as we move into parts of delaware. so that saturday snapshot across the area, center city tomorrow, similar to today down the shore 70 toss low 80s. pocono mountains mid to upper 70s. take look at the tropics right now watching an area of disturbed weather off of the southeast coast. this could develop into something subtropical also we have two tropical depressions to watch. most of that activity will stay out to sea. that weather authority seven day forecast showing beautiful weather for your saturday. warm again and then that front moves through on sunday.
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knocking our temperatures back down to where we should be for this time of year. and then early next week, temperatures kind of a preview to fall in the mid 70s. there might be a sprinkle or spotty shower around early next week but no real significant rainfall chances as we take look at the overall forecast for kick off, great weather. mild and breezy a pair of sevens. temperature falling into the low to mid 70s by half time. 71 degrees by the fourth quarter and a fall feel. and then as we preview the pope in philly, we're looking at partly sunny skies. breezy maybe a slight chance of a few showers but otherwise we're looking at seasonal conditions. temperatures top out in the afternoon in the mid 70s overnight lows a little cool in the mid 50s feeling like fall for the pope in philly. >> feeling like football weather on sunday. >> we hope the wind is blowing in the favor of the eagles. >> sean? >> that's right. if they go zero-two we'll have to blame it on something else
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playoffs will be slim. >> believe, believe, believe. >> we'll believe. just in case let's pay attention to the flyers. they kicked off training camp with a new coach, new direct. they're ready to get back to work and like you said the eagles prepping for this big rivalry game against the cowbo cowboys. police believe but defense talks about ways to get pressure on tony romo. so everyone can belie
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>> eagles getting ready for the big game and you can't go zero zero-two and you can lose to the cowboys. no one likes the cowboys especially in philly, but eagles can't beat dallas playing like
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they did last week and that has to be something they need to do is get pressure on tony romo. >> you just got to work together as a defense, you know, up front because them guys work together real good. that means we got to work together real good up front and i think that, um, they do have a great double team, you know, with some of the guys inside and, um, i think that we just need to disrupt them by coming off the ball and putting our hands on him. >> before you head to the linc check out "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. howard, dave spadaro, gary cobb and i will break down the game. give our predictions and take a look it round the nfc east as we get ready for the big matchup. day one of training camp for the flyers coming to this season with new coach, new look. they're trying to avoid missing the playoffs for consecutive seasons for the first time since '93-'94. dave hacks toll taking over the team this is his first professional job he coached college north dakota for 11 years. he's supposed to bring a fresh start to a team he says has the
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talent to go to the playoffs and do damage. today the guys talked about getting back to work. >> it's time to go out don the work. we don't want to look too far down the road here. we have to take advantage of, you know, the next few days and let's concentrate on our work level and our focus level over the next couple of days. not anything further down the road. >> zombie night in atlanta fort braves. phillies game fitting because the phillies season has been dead for a long time. top of the second, phils down a run. cameron rough gets a hole in one and this gets over the right field wall. homerun ties the game at one a piece. go to to the bottom of the fourth. rib by to center brings if freeman. the braves are up two-one the game currently in the ninth. same score. >> let's go eagles. zero-two can't be. >> i'm not sure you're believing.
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>> that does it for us. fox 29 weekend begins at 8am tomorrow. >> a a
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