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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 21, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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we're going to go go eat. >> oh, yeah, the fox 29 morning news a massive towing operation is underway what you need to necessity to avoid the 200 plus dollars penalty. jennifer, if morning to you. together, toe toe. jennaphr fredrick was on the red carpet to catch the action what nominated actress taraji henson had to say about cookie right before her loss. loss. that is the theme of this monday, september 21st, 2015,
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sue serio. what a horrible game. i can't imagine what billy had to say yesterday, was he just yelling at the tv. >> let's just say i cannot say what he was saying yesterday on the tv. i was trying to block it out and take a nap. he is right up on the tv, and that was it for that. but, you know, we were all expecting a little bit of the different outcome, weren't we. lets look the at where we are right now on this monday morning. it is a cool morning. we have 62 degrees in philadelphia a12 miles an hour wind out of the north east, we have 56 percent relative humidity. no stickiness involved this morning. really feel that nip in the air, that taste of fall that is on the way, sunrise time is 6:47. let's check other temperatures, burr up in the mountains, it is 47 degrees in mount pocono. trenton 59. fifty-five pottstown. fifty-six lancaster, down in millville 62. sixty in atlantic city.
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dover 63. fifty-nine in wilmington. sixty-one in wildwood. little bit of the breeze as well, not as windy as yesterday. we have gusty wind that you undoubted noticed yesterday even if you did go outside. 2 miles an hour wind out of the northeast, 7 miles an hour breeze in atlantic city and ten in dover. we have a system down to the south. cloud around this morning. nothing that will give us a a problem. so we have got a mix of sun and clouds today and the high temperature, 73 degrees. the that is on the cool side, even a little bit cooler than average this time of the year. 59 degrees is your overnight low. that is your monday, fox cast, oh, yeah, it is monday, really had hard to get started, isn't it bob kelly. >> an eagles win or a loss totally changes everybody's attitude to at least wednesday, but we're all in the yucky mood this morning. let's get started 4:02. looking live downtown
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philadelphia a, where it will all go down this weekend. of course, lot of cars are getting up on the back of the tow truck here. more about that in a couple minutes as far as coming into center city n problems here on i-95 out of the northeast philadelphia the schuylkill expressway in the bad right here working your way in to town town. a little fender-bender here at girard avenue. if you are coming inbound there is no construction on the schuylkill, however, once we are toward girard avenue watch it. they have moved everybody off to the shoulder here, and a accident scene. ben franklin parkway, of course, we will tell you more about that in a second. they have been clearing cars as of yesterday. parking restrictions signs even out front here at fourth and market, the key is if no one else is parked on the block there is a probably a sign up. so, read the signs, there is parking restrictions every where, it is going to be far, from a normal parking week here in center city. so just ab wear of that as you work your way in to downtown.
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coming from south jersey no problems, though on the freeway, or 295, a mass transit, septa, new jersey transit, patco we are off to a good start today and if you are hungry doing our breakfast segment kitchen 87, up and over bridge in mount holly, new jersey. i will there been at 9:00 o'clock. the for gang coming on the schuylkill, 95 and boulevard normal speed as we begin our monday. chris, back over to you. you mentioned new jersey, i just talked to big daddy graham, he said he is going down the shore when the pope comes. >> it is irish weekend. that is in wildwood. >> load up the news van. >> here's the deal, right. you have to proceed with caution. no parking zones, we're all ready to take effect in center city to avoid craziness of the pope's visit. steve keeley will tell us thousand get around this in fairmount. steve, are you seeing tow trucks. >> we have warned everybody more than a week ago that
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towing was going to start on sunday night at 6:00 if anybody thought there would be some kind of a grace period they were dreaming. imagine having demarco murray in your fantasy league and your car in the wrong spot last night. these cars, are in the wrong spot but they got the right thing we also told you to get one of those parking authority placards and if you live here you can get one and that allows to you stay park here like these folks until thursday but looking across the street, lots of these temporary signs are up all over the city telling you when you cannot park on these streets. unfortunately a lot of people here didn't hear us, didn't read the web sites, didn't listen to the news conferences or didn't see these signs and look at video we have. last night even before it got dark out, they began towing, dozens of cars. they started around the parkway area and they are moving west toward the the river. already this morning even police headquarters, stacks of crowd barricade. they are lining center city
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streets, so people will be upset that they cannot jaywalk like they normally do. you will a he see sidewalks in center city lined with portable johns, i mean dozens and dozens enough for a million people to go to the bathroom for blocks and blocks. lots of problems last night the already and here is some of the first reaction. >> i would think if other people are coming in from the outside and they are going to eat at the restaurant, they are not going to know, so they will be towed. >> the store over there closed and we dropped suit off and we were going to go eat. we would have gotten towed. >> it is incredibly happening. they have been building this city up for past couple weeks. >> they have been putting little notes on our cars telling us exactly what to do. >> reporter: zone one was last night, zone two starts this morning at 9:00 if you don't know where zone two is you better find out, either on the city web site or look at one of these maps or if you don't know for sure act like you are
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in zone two and get your car to the safe spot or city will move to it a safe spot for you with the cost of 76 bucks and then you have to call the snow emergency number and find out where they moved your car and that doesn't guarantee you parking tomorrow. you have to find a place to put your car essentially for the next week. if you didn't think bit until now a little late. if you didn't get towed you are lucky. but figure it out now and even if you have a life to live for the next week and you have to get to and from every where you still got to figure out how you will do that with your car blocks away probably in the parking garage somewhere, chris. >> life as we know it will change. already has for next week. what could be a preview of the parkway next sunday thousands pack the iconic plaza in havana cuba for pope's mass. pope francis met with former cuban president fidel castro and cuban government released pictures showing the pair shaking hand in castro's home. the authorities arrested dozens of protesters, there is that picture with fidel and
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pope. authorities in cuba arrested dozens of protesters who a tried to attend those events. for thousands of people flock to go philadelphia to see pope francis, he has a special message. >> i will be there because you will be there. see you in philadelphia. >> remember, everything you need to know from road closures and parking restriction toss pope's schedule is on our web site fox, find a link right on our home page. do we have to talk about this? cowboys beat the eagles, a at the link. all right, jenny. what a crummy game this was. i mean how many points did we score. >> reporter: well, we scored ten but that is not good compared to the 20 that the cowboys scored and i am going to tell you it is chilly, in the only because it is near 61 k
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uninviting cloud lingering over the link over last night's game. a game that fans were really looking forward to coming off have last weeks loss with the falcons. the fans were hoping that the bird would redeem themselves against rival team cowboys but that didn't happen which angry eagles fans, and that is never a good thing. >> everything went wrong. everything. the the defense did a half decent job. i don't know. >> first of all, foles level and foles was doing a great the job and now sam bradford comes in and we are owe zero and two. i'm very upset about that. >> reporter: already on sports blogs and twitter people are questioning chip kelly's plan
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for revolutionary offensive line, patched with newly select free agents, so far, his outside of the box plan has not impressed any fans in the area as the eagles are now zero and two, chris murphy. >> yeah, they are last what seven games they are one-six if you go back to last year. game we won two against the the giants which messed up for the draft that is a game we should have lost. my goodness. you have been around in this area your whole life, right. born and raised eagles fans, have you ever seen more people more upset and disappointed. >> reporter: little will ups and downs. >> but so much expectation. >> reporter: yeah, it a has been a rough to you years here for eagles fans, definitely. we had hope, you know, people are trying to figure out chip kelly and what he is all about because they are not understanding some of the moves he have is making and this preseason threw everybody
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off. you were like wow, eagles would be awesome and everybody was going to say eagles would go to the playoffs and so for zero and two, i don't know if people are thinking that anymore. thanks, very much. so, the eagles game was worst in television, on fox the 67th annual prime time emmys are in the books. our jennaphr fredrick has eyes right in the middle of the all of the action. she was out talking to some of the biggest stars including taraji henson on the red carpet right before the show began. >> do you think woman would respond to you the the way that they would. >> i only hope that they would and i knew that it was up to me. i knew that she could be a bit stereo typical but if i handled her, she could be a hero. i mean who lives in their truth like that. >> don't you love her strength. taraji was nominated for her
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role as cookie on the widely popular show empire which airs right here on fox 29, time right now 4:12. police released 911 call from the frantic mother saying her home is broken in to with her daughter inside. let's take the new video if you can. there is jen fred and taraji. okay, thanks, taraji. >> there we go. getting back to the 911 call. detectives say the teen did everything right to get the suspects caught. we will have much more straight ahead.
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that is joyce evans, our anchor here at fox 29 here, receiving an emmy awards as did our scott williams. emmy awards were over the weekend what a great picture of scott there holding it proudly as he should, sue serio. >> always exciting, yes. and that emmy, award, was followed by the national emmy awards last night on fox because john ham finally won. >> and donald draper. >> he was nominated eight times and never won. >> he didn't have walter white ahead of him. >> right, and that might have been the the key.
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anyway, you know, how i feel about john hamm. >> owe, okay. >> thinks obviously not a live look but this is a look at the where the the action will be, on sunday, and the papal mass is coming up. here's some of your weather headlines. it won't be quite as windy today. watch a coastal storm, to see if it will have any effect on our wet they are week and if there is a threat of rain, as we get closer to the weekend. keep us up to date what is going on, at sue serio fox 29, at my twitter handle and my facebook page for us to share experiences, as we did yesterday, trying to stomach that game. the okay. 62 degrees in philadelphia look at how chilly up to the north of us. 49 degrees in buffalo anal ban i, new york it is only 47. go down to charlotte north carolina it is 27 degrees. change of season will come gradually north to south and cooler temperatures will as
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well. we have 47 in mount pocono. fifty-seven reading. mid 50 a's in lancaster, pottstown, and trenton, 59. we will go down to atlantic city and 60, 63 in dover, delaware. i want to see how we did over the weekend. we were in the upper 80's, mid to upper 80's throughout most of the last week including friday at 48 degrees. the saturday 85 degrees. we did manage to make it to 80 yesterday because we had decent amount of sunshine but a cold front a passing through over the weekend means that we do have have a cooler weather trend and here's what we're talking about. seven day forecast had 73 degrees today, increasing cloud, stray shower possible, tonight into tomorrow, but tuesday should just be mote mostly cloudy skies and thinks the last full day of summer because autumn begins at 4:21 wednesday morning and it should be a really nice day. might go for a nine to a ten for a wednesday with a high of 78 degrees. 80 degrees on thursday. seventy-eight on friday, and
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saturday and sunday are looking good so far, and you see a lot of cloud on thursday and friday, friday, slight chance of rain, we will see how that works out as you get ready for a big, big weekend here in philadelphia. that is your seven day forecast. bob kelly, nice to have you back after your mini vacation. >> great to be back. thanks for holding down the fort while i was gone. a little sun tan this morning. sunburn. i have to put some cream on that. 4:18 on a monday morning, a live look for the gang near oxford valley mall, northbound lanes of route one they have a left over work crew out here down to only one lane but light volume so far, this morning, as we take a live look curb side on the 42 freeway, no construction delays at all coming toward city so we are off to a good start here and looking live at ben franklin bridge from our camden toll plaza, in problems at all, coming into philadelphia. construction delays on the northeast extension, between allentown, and the quakertown
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interchange, they are also working, southbound, 202 at naamans road, again, left over crew, and again, this week is going to be pretty much upside down, nothing normal at all as far as coming will in and out of the city here. ben franklin parkway, both inner and outer drives are closed to vehicle traffic. this is going to tie folks up this morning that typically come on the the drives. if you come on the martin luther king drive you will not be able to go around the circumstance until front of the art museum. you will be naturally be pushed on to 676 the vine street expressway. if you come on the kelly drive you won't be able to go up to the art museum circle, you will be pushed off at fairmount and into the neighborhood. keep that in mind if you are using both of the drives coming into philadelphia, beginning this morning, same deal, later on today when you are leaving the city, you will not have access to the kelly or martin luther king drives from that art museum circle. if you are parking here in center city just pay
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attention to the the signs, that are posted on the sidewalk. chris, back over to you. all right bob, thank you. 4:20 is the the time. utah police released 911 call release by a frantic mother who got a text from her teen daughter that someone had broken in to her home while she was home alone. fox's tamara has more on this story. >> reporter: panicked mother raced to her ex-husband sandy home to rescue her 15 year-old daughter. girl texted mom saying she's afraid. >> my daughter is home sick today and she just sent me a bunch of text saying someone is in the house i can hear them they are right here, i cannot talk i'm freaking out please send someone. >> reporter: she noticed a black toyota a camry. >> car stopped in the driveway, man is opening the garage, he is opening the garage. someone is opening up the garage. >> i have my officers on the way. >> reporter: meanwhile woman got a text from the daughter hiding in her room saying she
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heard suspect plea but mom warn her to stay put. >> she's in the garage, garage is closed. no, don't move. don't move. don't move baby. >> please hurry. >> police arrived just as the suspects took off out of the garage. >> that is the suspect, go, go,. >> reporter: officers chased the black camry on 700 east, and nine near south. >> westbound 450 trying to catch up to it. >> reporter: suspect hit a chevy tahoe causing to it roll over and then hit another vehicle injuring two people. police arrested nicholas bushane other suspect keith miller took off and track him down in west valley city. >> we're grateful we were able to get these folks off the the street. >> reporter: police say the girl did everything right in the situation and they are grateful that the suspects didn't hurt her. >> they typically go knock on the doors trying to see if anybody responds, and anybody
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is in the home, she immediately recognized that there was a potential for danger, people enter those homes, you never know what can occur if they discover you inside the home. >> that was tamara, reporting. fans still reeling from the difficulties a appointing loss from the eagles last night in their home opener. now hear from the horse's mouth, what coach chip kelly admits went raining but first your winning lottery numbers.
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eagles cannot the go zero and two, they can't lose to the cowboys and they can't start off slow like they did last week apparently they can, and they d both offenses were absolutely awful. down six to nothing, special teams letting everyone down. blocked punt turns into a will burn 26-yard touchdown return. cowboys up 13 to nothing. eagles try to come back but as soon a as something good happens, sam bradford throws a interception to sean lee in the end zone. they played worst offensive game i have seen in a long time. after the game chip kelly basically states that the obvious. >> think we will get there. i thought our defense played outstanding today. i don't think the offense did anything especially in the running game where we could compliment what the defense was doing. i think our defense played
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well tonight, i don't think our offense played at all. >> phillies lose two -one. it is an angry, and sad sports town right now, that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> absolutely, guys. 2015 emmys are being criticized for not, i should say for ruining television, why fans said they gave more information then they were bargaining for.
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4:30. i hope you moved your car. they are getting towed, right new before the pope's visit. why you need to pay close attention before you park in the next few days. hottest show in television is back in days, and we have the scoop. one way cookie is changing this season. it is september 21st, 2015. thanks for waking up with us. maybe you didn't sleep because you are thinking, how can eagles become a better football team. >> well, some of us did the opposite, all we did was sleep because i could not take it anymore and i just fell asleep for most of the second half and just kept on going. i can't take it.
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for most of us it is not a happy morning if you are a sports fan. it is a nice morning but it is a little will bit on the cool side. in the city we have 62 degrees. we have a breeze of 12 miles an hour. 56 percent relative humidity. that is in the bad. 6:47 your sunrise time. we are at 47 degrees in mount pocono and to the north of us our temperatures are in the 50's. so keep that in mind. it is definitely sweater weather. we have 59 degrees in wilmington. sixty in atlantic city. definitely off to a cool start. the those temperatures will go back down more before they go backup after the sunrise time. is there your 12 miles an hour wind. trenton has 9 miles an hour. 7 miles an hour in atlantic city, the not as windy as yesterday. watching this system down to the southwest, high pressure up to our north to see who wins, and whether we will get a little bit of rain, tomorrow. a possible tonight into tomorrow night, so we will check on that for you but
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there are a a few cloud around. if there had in the been this cloud cover it would be even chillier this morning. so, my fox cast for today 73 degrees the the high temperature today. wasn't that long ago these were the early morning temperatures in the 70's. so a cool day at 59 degrees tonight with increasing cloud, maybe a stray shower, a little bit on the chilly side as well comparatively speaking. the that is your fox cast for bob kelly the last monday of summer. >> i know. >> good monday morning, everybody. back at it, and at the schuylkill expressway. think they are having a rough start. these folks here, fender-bender on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway, right near girard. it is kind of scary. sipping by there at the 55 miles an hour. we have wind blowing. the also downtown philadelphia, vine street expressway, all of the major roadways in and out of the
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city are opened this morning. there is in problems at all but every day as we get closer to the weekend, things will get tighter, more lane restrictions will go into play and we will talk about that all throughout the morning. forty-two freeway looking good coming in toward philadelphia right now. the lets start with the ben franklin parkway closed this morning both directions to vehicle traffic, both inner and outer drive. this is going to impact anyone that uses the drives, that come into philadelphia. if you use martin luther king drive when you come into philadelphia behind the art museum you will not be able to go around the circle or gain access to the parkway. traffic will be diverted right back on to 676, which is the vine street expressway. if you coming into philadelphia on the kelly drive typically on a morning rush hour, you will to have make that left, on the fairmount avenue and that will push you in the neighborhood, again, no access to the art museum circle, or ben franklin parkway and that is the beginning of what is going to be a rough week here of just the rolling closures that are going to go into effect
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getting ready for the the papal vice it this coming weekend. construction southbound on the northeast extension, between, quakertown and lehigh valley, also there is work crews out on southbound 202, at naamans road. parking restrictions will start to go into play here pretty much every day as we role closer to the week. i can tell you when we come into center city just beware of where you are parking. watch for those signs. they are posted. like right out here at fourth and market you are good to go until 9:00 this morning and then at 9:00 o'clock the next phase of those parking restrictions go into play. the chris, back over to you. >> thanks for the heads up. we will need it the all week long. 4:33 is the time. that all said if you park in center city take a good look around before you leave your car as bob warned you. no parking zones are taking effect ahead of the papal visit. tow trucks have been out since last night, areas around city hall and ben franklin parkway are off limits and no parking zone will continue to grow
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through wednesday. the information has been posted on line. the residents were informed, and those signs were put up but some drivers were down right confused contradictory signs were posted on some streets. are you surprised? other designated tow zones had no signs at all. >> we were going to go eat at restaurant, they will not know so they will be towed. >> failing to read the signs will cost you more than $280 for a ticket, tow and storage. as if that were not depressing enough, let's turn to this. cowboys crushed eagles in the bird home opener. jennifer joyce live outside the link which is quiet as the link was much of the game, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: except for those boos, right. talking about yelling, yeah. it was awful. already looking at the headlines this morning, chris, we can report eagles have have reached disaster status.
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it is so bad, so early on in the season. now eagles are zero and two. things were not good here last night. the things weren't good in living rooms throughout philadelphia and not good at the local bars. play on the field was ugly from the get go. we were expect to see the eagles do well in this game given fact that cowboys wide receiver dez bryant is on the injured list. romo got hurt but not even a high profiled injured list can help bird get to the end zone and angry fans are questioning when coach kelly is entering his own end zone. >> eagles got players. demarco murray don't run. he runs to him self. you can see the results right here. >> i don't know what happened with the game plans, defense, offense, we are not there, man. i don't like the cowboys at all. this is a horrible day.
4:36 am
>> they are defense and offense because falcons owned them last game and i was like crying i was so embarrassed. >> i was a a fan but now i'm starting to say we got rid of a lot of talent for this. >> reporter: we recap, 20-ten loss to the cowboys and we know, chris, were you out at miller's ale house in new jersey. what the was the vibe like out there. >> it was horrible. i was mcing an event across the street at a hotel there for alzheimer's, and i thought this is perfect. i'll go to the sports bar across the street and watch the game, and i just sat there and there were some stupid cowboys fans. so you look down, or whatever for a few seconds, and think something good happened and it was good dallas did something g it was a nightmare. a lot of people just left the bar early. they were so down.
4:37 am
four minutes to go in the game. then right as i'm walking out, one of the cowboys players scored a touchdown. i was glad i was leaving early. >> yes. >> i got in the traffic not only from the game but they are doing so much by way of towing. it took meehan hour and 20 minutes to get home, because of the traffic. the just a terrible night. thanks for bringing it up. >> reporter: i'm sure that event was wonderful, though. >> my goodness. >> thanks for asking nonetheless. 4:37. we do have an nfl related story to update you on, former players who donated their brains to science after death, tested positive for brain disease. the problem is link to head trauma what medical experts are saying not every athlete is at risk. time to pop a bottle and celebrate, scientists say you have a bigger reason to have that glass of red wine and other kind of alcohol too.
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for your health this morning overwhelming number of former nfl players tested for brain disease show a link to head trauma 87 out of the 91 players. eighty-seven out of 91 tested positive for cte which is believed to be linked to repeated head trauma and concussions. deceased players donated their brains to science after their deaths, of course. study was done by u.s. department of veterans affairs and boston university. researchers began that work in 2008 and they say they do not
4:41 am
know why some players develop that players and others do not. we have all heard red wine is good for your heart but new research suggest it is not the red that makes the difference. recent studies she moderate alcohol consumption of any kind elevates levels of the good hdl cholesterol by increasing rate in moves through the blood. those researchers say it is okay to swap wine for beer or even a mixed drink as long as you do owe in moderation. that translates one drink for a woman, two for a man a day. experts defined a drink of 12 fluid ounces of regular beer, 5-ounces of wine and one and a half ounces of liquor. 2015 emmys are criticized for ruining television. why fans say they gave much more a away then they were bargaining for. spoil's leather. taraji hit the red carpet with fox 29, big change for cookie on empire this season.
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chip kelly... want to save me? i don't know, chip. lead singer of of ace is celebrating his forty-third birthday as i await an interesting segway. >> you can make that apply
4:45 am
kind of, sort of. >> how are you, sue. >> mostly just the first half i watched. i told you. >> i didn't get much better. >> i couldn't take it. i could either leave the room or fall asleep. i chose falling asleep. we have a new tropical storm, it is id thea a still in the middle of the atlantic ocean with 45 miles an hour wind, a thousand miles away from the leeward island but it doesn't look like it will move much, all this prediction of the future movement of this storm, keeps it right here in the middle of the atlantic ocean and that is where we like our tropical storms to stay away, from people, and property, no destruction. so, here's your future cast for today. by 2:00 this afternoon you will notice quite a few more clouds then the ones we already have in place and the possibility of the pop up stray shower or two throughout the evening. very remote possibility but the possibility is there. and the chance of rain, it continues into tomorrow, we could see a sprinkle or two in the morning and maybe even in
4:46 am
the afternoon as this system pulls off shore. it is a coastal system so it is, depending on how close it gets to the coast, how much rain we will get from this but as you can see it is bugling off shore over next couple of days and it doesn't seem like it will effects very much. having said that we will keep an eye on it. sunny skies for wednesday, mix of sun and included for thursday. this morning, even with the cloud cover we have very, chilly, temperatures. we have 47 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-two in allentown. it is in the 50's in reading, lancaster, pottstown, trenton, keep that in mind when you decide on your outer wear you might need some today, maybe a sweater for the morning and maybe for the rest office day. 62 degrees in philadelphia, 61 in wildwood. we will look back over the weekend, we have a glorious week with all of those temperatures in the mid 80's. we got to 80 degrees on sunday after a cold front came through but the trend now is for slightly cooler temperatures, at least for the
4:47 am
next few days. thirty-seven today. seventy-four tomorrow. and then for the first day of autumn a high temperature of 78 degrees. about perfectly seasonal, for wednesday, some clouds, mixed in on thursday, and then friday, and then it does look like, so far, so good, for all of the world meeting of family events that are happening this weekend. lets hepp we keep the forecast that way. >> good morning. welcome to philadelphia for everybody that is waking up in town here for the big event this week. live look here a at i-95 you probably passed this spot if you made the trip from airport to center city. thinks i-95 near stadium area lincoln financial field and ballpark. no problems at all up a and down i-95. even out of the northeast construction zone looking good through cottman avenue. here's what we call the benny here in town benjamin franklin bridge coming into philadelphia in problems. we are off to a good start. light volume. things will change day by day,
4:48 am
as things get tighter and more restrict. we are beginning this morning, with the close another of the ben franklin parkway, both directions, so that will impact everybody that comes into town, using the the drives. if you use martin luther king drive-in to philadelphia you will not have access to the art museum circle. you will be pushed instantly right on to the vine street expressway. coming on the kelly drive you know the drill you you are push off at fairmount avenue and into the neighborhood. that will be the a same deal, as your lead in. steve keeley has been live in center city, portable potties are coming in, jumbo trons are going up, metal fencing and gating is being put up around not just art museum area but cathedral, right there, at 17th and race streets. so every hour, day by day, things will get a little tighter a and more restrict if you are coming into park here in center city, take note of the parking signs. if no one is park on the block, there is a reason for
4:49 am
that like right out here at fourth and market, everything is okay right now but at 9:00 a.m. is when the towing operation will go into effect like right here at fourth and market. so just really be careful if you are going to park your car on the the streets here in center city all this week. the chris, back over to you. honoring television's brightest stars 67th annual prime time emmys went down last night in l.a. and some are criticizing the show this morning. it was hosted by brooklyn 99 andy sandberg. many are upset over a few spoilers, during a video montage it gave away the ending of the series such as mad men and sons of anarchy. after the commercial break sandberg joked welcome back to the spoil's ward. he gave out a working pass word to hbo streaming service, now that viewers might not, of course but what a bunch of spoilers. it was also a night of first for trade i morgan. made his first public
4:50 am
appearance since a horrific crash. outstanding comedy series went to hbo's veep and john ham finally got the gold statue after eight tries from plane donald drape inner mad men. viola davis win for outstanding lead actress in the drama seer that is had everyone on their feet. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity you can win a emmy for rolls that are simply not there. to the taraji p henson, the the kerry washington, halle berry's, the megan good's, to gabriel union, thank you for taking us over that line. >> viola davis becomes first african-american to win emmy
4:51 am
for best actress in a drama. on a show on tv is back in just days, of course, we're talking about empire. we have scoop, one way cookie is changing this season, straight ahead.
4:52 am
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4:54 am
♪ >> so, hop on the the bus, gus a and that got sue and i talking, a few you minutes ago because, hi sue serio. >> good morning. >> your sister and brother will come up from baltimore. >> my nephew is going to school, my sister got on the bus trip and i'm thinking it might be easier to just go out of town, get on a bus trip, come in, get to the papal mass or the speech at independent mall on saturday and get back on the bus, gus and get out of town. >> yes, easier to get around the city this week. >> i love it. will premiere, this year we're talking about empire on fox. we have talk to hard joy henson coming and joy evans has more. >> republican air print, seek win, gold, lots and lots of gold. cookie lions made a name for herself, fast.
4:55 am
powerful woman. >> uncompromising mother. >> and a fashion icon. she's anything but subtle. >> bring in the bling. >> it is about putting something like this, with a pair of blue jeans. >> reporter: that is about to change. >> well, cookie, you know, she will stay cookie. >> reporter: sort of. >> one thing you will see is her fashion. this is cookie. >> moving away a little bit from the republican air. we're still keeping with all of the glitz, the glam and everything. she's more of a fashion girl now. >> reporter: hottest tea signers just can't wait to have cookie smoking their rocking new outfit. >> so we're very ahead of the fashion curve. >> we have these amazing designers, throwing clothes at us. please throw some my way. >> more than just what is in the stores, you know, you are
4:56 am
able to create more and you know, show more things. >> i collect chanel and chanel and a lot of clothes, and shoes, a lot of shoes. >> there is nothing to discuss sweetheart. >> reporter: what sit like to have style, any woman would just about kill for. >> i love that i get to play dress up. if i dress like cook any real life i would be broke you know what i mean. would i go broke. so it is fun to be able to be that part of my life and keep my money. >> reporter: taraji p may be holding on to her money but so many designers are hoping you will be willing to hand of your cash to get the cookie look. is there plenty of fashion
4:57 am
bling out there for whatever your budget can stand. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> great story. meantime police in kansas say playing on the court is keeping kid from being, inside of the courtroom. straight ahead.
4:58 am
4:59 am
we're going to go eat. >> we would have been towed. >> at 5:00 o'clock, a massive
5:00 am
towing operation is underway. what you need to necessity to avoid a huge parking penalty. jen, too many penalty on the field, the eagles lose again. >> reporter: yeah, monday blues just got a whole lot worse as an eagles loss against the the cowboys, hear from the fans coming up next, chris. and the stars shined brightly at least at emmy awards. our jennaphr fredrick was on the red carpet to catch all of the action what taraji p henson had to say about cookie right before her lost. the it is monday, september 21st, 2015. sue serio, good morning to you. >> good morning. how is taraji this morning. >> busy. >> hi. >> oh, hi. >> very good. >> she's an actress. she practiced that. she's rocking that. she's looking good. 61 degrees right now, in philadelphia, 9-mile an her breeze out of the north east and 58 percent relative humidity. our sunrise time is not until 6:47 this


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