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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 22, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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cover. 64 degrees. 58 percent relative humidity. 15-mile an her breeze out of the north east. breezy and cool today. 74 degrees. delightful with no air conditioning necessary. 59 degrees tonight with partly cloudy skies, what about the weekend weather, and we will explain that vernal equinox thing. >> only down side of opening up windows my allergies were crazy. my eyes are still itching. good morning everybody. 7:00 o'clock, as we will live at route 100. hello chester county working your way on the bypass heading in toward king of prussia. morning commute underway. same kiehl coming if south jersey, headlight coming in toward philadelphia with pockets of volume, a a little disable on the southbound side but not causing any problems. south on i-95 stack up from cottman avenue down through girard. god bless you, sue, are you okay. >> okay. >> i meant what i said. >> it is now ought a umal
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equinox. >> autumnal equinox. >> we stand corrected. >> we will go for a ride on the eastbound schuylkill expressway, right here, into 476, into your conshohocken curve into downtown. you have to understand no parking zones here. this is the official map from the world meeting of families. they have cleared all of the vehicles all of street from city a hall all the way up the parkway. they have towed them last night. i know steve keeley is giving us more details where you can find your car fit is not where you parked it last night but right here, this is what happens today. this light shade of blue area tonight at 6:00 olde city area goes into that tow zone. the it is from 12th street over to fourth and market right where the tv station is located a and from sansom all the way up to the vine street expressway. even though they have towed all these vehicles yesterday it looks like a ghost town. don't come in and say i'm lucky, i am lucky to park on
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the street. they will tow throughout the the remain other this have week. this set up will stay that way, all the way through monday. if you every coming in martin luther king drive, traffic forced back on to the vine street expressway with no traffic from pretty much the steps of the art museum all the way up to the cathedral and coming in the kelly drive, traffic forced off at fairmount in the neighborhood this morning. mike and alex, back to you. daily news is struggling. well, not struggling. but we have the pope on the one cover, right? and then we have another cover with the kathleen sane situation. so this one was wrapped in this one. >> way to get both done. >> look at the excitement of the people here. is that how it is in philadelphia. >> i hope so. >> yeah. >> cheering for him. >> we will see how he sees it. they are first in d.c. >> by the way, the world meeting of families officially begins today here in
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philadelphia. the as we are prepping for pope's visit on saturday. >> steve keeley is on the look out because everyone is talking about the cars being moved where you can park. >> i don't think i have ever seen video of a all of the white toe trucks. >> reporter: mike, if bob kelly calls this a ghost town the p pa tow trucks are ghost goes busters. if you don't have one of the p pa gold tickets like we showed you yesterday, this is why this station wagon is still here, among the ghost town streets, and look at this only thing park in the parking spots are these stacks of barricade. do you see that woman necessary to get that car out, emergency flashers. they tell police and tow trucks i'm not supposed to be here, come ticket me. anyway, so she's getting out of there. one vehicle on this street. where wearies where we saw one of the tickets written, 100 block of north 20th street. let me show thaw video mike,
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you put the request in. bob kelly had a wedding as he used to do as a wedding dj taking requests and through go. we show up, and there are a lot of tow trucks, and, they all scrambled. and then you can see where they are. thinks sedgley drive-in fairmount park, a long winding hilly road. from the top of the hill we can see the hundred plus cars inn even in the dark that were towed out here. the ticket i saw, i noticed it was ticketed at 3:05. that means it towed moments later. if you are missing your car and think its was stolen, it is probably in the middle of the fair mount park. we did see after we started broadcasting that a guy took a cab from the fairmount neighborhood. the cab slowly drove along the line of cars until this young man found his car. did he help someone get their car. p pa has that emergency number you can call and that should help you. unfortunately that is sad lead
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on this story when it should be a happy dau because world meeting of families ceremony kicks off at 1:00. we did meet some people from toledo, 125 members of the one diocese who made their way here. they say after the opening ceremonies, they will go tour what everybody in philadelphia tours and that is historic spots. say hi if you meet anybody from street owe because they are heading your way. they will go to the old churches both before and after the station, old st. mary's and saint joe's. they want to see religious historical spots around philadelphia here's mayor nutter and some other people that are quite happy that this has finally begun. >> it is becoming much more real, much more public, much more visible and other kind of big portable potties all over the the place. so there is a lot have of stuff already out on the streets. it will be here before we know it. so just very, very excited. >> i'm staying in the city. i will enjoy it better or
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worse. >> i wouldn't miss it. my sister is coming down. i'm having a pope party friday night. >> i'm not catholic myself but it is a a nice thing that this pope is coming. it is an honor that philadelphia was select. the it is a privilege. i'm looking forward to it. >> make your plan, have your plan, come out, enjoy this incredible event and activity. make sure you have comfortable shoes, clothing, bring some food with you, some water, and other refreshments to keep yourself hydrated and then just have a great time but whatever your plan is, make sure you have a plan so you can enjoy this virtually once in the the lifetime historic moment in philadelphia. >> i have off on friday because they are closing, so i have three days to enjoy the the celebration and i love this pope. i think he is fabulous. i will be out there on the parkway. >> reporter: if you are going to be a visitor like the mayor was talking about and buying those old fashion post cards and try to send them, you won't be able to mail them out
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from the mailboxes where you will be because as we told you last week they will start moving the mailboxes, and you see the sign here, thursday, they will start getting rid of these for safety reasons. you won't be able to deposit anything in these blue boxes but you can drop off in the other blue boxes left on the sidewalks as well. >> i got it. >> i'm's here to make a deposit what a gift that would be. >> if you have a a pope party what do you serve? >> maybe wine and cheese. >> wine and cheese. >> never can go wrong with the cheese place. >> what would you serve. >> wine, i understand. i'll thinking about that. fire officialness delaware county they are calling a building fire sus fish us this morning. >> this thing was really ripping, jenny? chester avenue in yeadon. >> reporter: chester avenue in yeadon and fire is out now but as you can see fire fighters are still here investigating trying to determine exactly where the fire started.
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but let me show you this video, take a a look at these flames, this video was shot by a responding fire fighter. this is what crew is a arrived to at the wellness zone a house facility at 1108 chester avenue. 3:15 this morning, we have i flames were shooting out of the roof and because of that fire fighters did not enter the the building. they attack from the exterior. within five minutes of the using the the hoses on this property the roof collapsed, no one was hurt. the fire chief does not believe any of the other properties on this strip are affected. >> 3:15 we received a call for a building fire at the the intersection. no specific address. when crews got here we had heavy fire through the roof of 1108. single business, located there, the other businesses we entered just as a check to make sure that there was no extension. all of the fire and damage is contained in one building. >> and the fire was placed
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under control within 30 minutes, police are on the scene, we know that state police are called out to investigation because it has been deemed suspicious and fire marshall is out here. fire officials say this isn't the first time they have been to the property. they have battled a fire here at the wellness zone within the last couple of months, mike and alex. >> my goodness, all right. >> 7:09. boy this is a horrible story. tragedy in south philadelphia. a a two-year old boy is dead after being struck by a septa paratransit bus. >> family members have identified the toddler as mohammad, sillwa, police say he was playing on the sidewalk in the 1700 block of south 21st street when he walk in the street early yesterday evening. that is when a septa paratransit bus struck him. he was rushed to children's hospital where he died a short time later. all right. well to day pope francis makes his first visit to the united states of america, his first stop is washington d.c. 4:00 o'clock this afternoon.
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he is scheduled to meet with president obama and address congress over the next well, two days. >> and so melony you are live at the nation's capitol with a look at how things are going as far as getting ready for the pope arriving in the u.s. of a. >> hi, mel. >> reporter: good morning. i think it was sill toy first coin the term pope apocalypse and we will steel some of that here in d.c. as well. it is all hand on deck for local police, for secret service, for transit workers even the national guard will be on helping with crowd control and helping out with directions. the city has been warning workers, residents, visitors not to drive. they are saying please do rely on our in metro rail. but even metro says it will be very, very crowded saying it could take hours to get on the train, leaving papal event, they say it will be something akin with an inauguration which we are used to here in the city but this would be an
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inauguration times two. now the the pope has been taking subtle digs politically during his trip in cuba. we know he has been sending subtle messages to fidel castro with the type of books and literatures he exchanged with him and also, during his large outdoor mass is telling people that they should be serving each other, not ideal usings. so is there a question as to how political he will get when he comes here to washington d.c. again very symbolic gestures with the president going to andrews air force base to greet the pope when he a lives. the arrival at the white house tomorrow morning, the state visit, as you will, long with the big canonization mass here in spanish, for the faithful at the large basilica here in washington d.c. on thursday we have his a trust to congress and this is first ever a as well. in pope has ever addressed congress.
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speaker john boehner and minority leader pelosi are both catholic. we have been told as part of his speech he will focus heavily on climate change. there is one congressman from arizona a who said he will boycott the pope's speech because of that focus on climate change. that has been so controversial. there will be a lot of people wanting to greet him but there will be it cannot be washington without controversy. but, again, we said that the city is preparing very well. this is really interesting, i read that they are asking members of the congress to not try to shake hand with the pope or try to pull him off into side conversations, no fist pumping. because he is on a very, very tight schedule. they are telling members of the congress to please, maintain proper decor um. >> for the love of god don't try to take a selfie. >> can they do selfies. >> no selfies.
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>> reporter: melony... >> no selfie sticks allowed. >> strap in, let us know how it goes, because he is come our way. thanks for that report from d.c. philadelphia police are looking for a man who robbed the deli in fishtown. >> yum yum deli. it happened friday morning, apparently just before 8:00. but we are getting video of it right now. whole robbery here on the security camera. the video shows this guy pulling a gun on the 29 employees as they are putting some stuff in the fridge there. he pushes the gun in the woman's waist, forces her behind the counter and demand money. the man got away with an unspecified amount of cash but he did get some cash. justice department has issued more than 19 million-dollar in grants for body cameras, to go to dozens of law enforcement agencies across the u.s. >> including right here. seventy-three police agencies were warded the grants that included some large cities, los angeles, d.c., chicago, grant recipients to have develop their own policies
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about how the cameras are used. there was a big push, for use of these cameras, with a series of police involved shootings with unarmed civilians across the country. meanwhile philadelphia police and new jersey state police air monk the local agencies that previously initiated body camera programs. you may see them right now. a plane makes an emergency landing at philadelphia international after a bird hit its windshield. american airlines flight 1889 was heading to hartford, connecticut from char lieutenant north carolina when the bird strike happened. the windshield cracked. flight was diverted here and landed safely around 6:30 p.m. well, pennsylvania's top prosecutor, kathleen kane, will be serving without pay law license. the the state supreme court ordered it to be temporarily suspended. this is coming after kathleen kane was criminally charged for leaking grand jury information allegedly, and then lying about it.
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governor tom wolf says he is reviewing the decision by the supreme court although he has already called for kathleen kane to resign. did he that months ago. steven morris is out and thaddeus lewis is in. who am i talking about, i'm talking about a third string quarterback for philadelphia eagles. >> that is one of the announcements from yesterday. >> why is this our head line i will never know. >> that is because when it comes to everybody else he says the team as it is, it is staying the the same way for the rest of the season. >> he did say he was embarrassed about the loss to the cowboys. ken, good to see you good morning. >> every time you're on i have to point this out, you have a ring. >> that is what we're shooting for. >> nfc champion ship ring. >> yes. >> it is the the losers ring from the 80's super bowl but i'm from proud of it. i was very fortunate to make that team as a rookie undrafted free agent in 1980. >> you were in the super bowl.
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>> you will have that the the rest of your life. >> yes. >> do you you see what is happening in the current team we have right now. >> a a week ago, yeah. >> it is too early to panic. i can tell you that as a chicago cubs fan because i have been from chicago and a eagles fan, i'm 163 years between champions ship so i'm frustrated myself. but chip kelly knows what he is doing. these are guys he has chosen to go to war w they are slotted in that position for a reason. they are talented players. it will take time for this group to mesh. >> look at this demarco getting smash. give me the dam ball here. is it offensive line that is the trouble right now. >> i think in this particular game the dallas defensive coaching staff did a great job of scouting the eagles and when eagles offensive lineman pulled they shot the gap and were able to tackle them in the backfield. that is coaching. sometimes you have to tip your capital to the competition good let talk about what
7:17 am
everybody is talking about yesterday on sports talk radio. can we get a tight shot of this. here's a question l es is asking in the paper. which personnel move will chip kelly end up regretting the most? acquiring sam bradford? releasing evan mathis? offensive lineman. trading lesean mccoy, signing byron maxwell, losing jeremy maclin. and here are responses from all of the sportswriters. most of them evan mathis being released because they didn't get along or something. >> they say signing byron maxwell. >> what do you think. >> two of those decisions are money related. people have to ren it is a business side of the football and football side of football. they didn't sign maclin because they didn't think he was worth that long term investment. mathis, same thing, older player, they didn't want to take up that salary cap space with that amount of money for that players.
7:18 am
sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong. >> people are saying that these players didn't seem to fit into the chip kelly, culture. >> well, i don't know about that. i do think that chip is a a good guy trying to put right people in the right places. >> i agree with that. >> byron maxwell this team may not be suited to him because he seems to be more of a zone corner then press man to man corner. billy davis may have to adjust a little bit with this person. >> that is the thing chip kelly was saying. we will keep these people on the rest of the season but we need a plan. plan needs ton executed better. >> it is a bunch of new players coming together for the first time. >> that is what the preseason is for. >> the the preseason isn't what it used to be. when i played, you played all the game, four preseason game. look at sam bradford didn't play in the first game, one game in the third, half a quarter in the third. how do you gain any momentum. i don't get it jets. the the jets won last night. we cannot go zero and three.
7:19 am
>> no. >> seriously. >> you never know who will win a football game but eagles will come in, with razor focus, and they will be ready to play. jets are g they are coming off a short week. i am predicting, an eagles victory. i will be back to talk bit next week. >> i would love to have you back. >> i got gray suit memo. >> last night some eagles were out, inn even though they had a tough loss against the dallas cowboys they went and did this fashion show for charity. >> for charity, big brothers, big sisters, suck it up and still made a commitment to help big brothers, big sisters. >> hopefully we will have video of that sooner or later. >> it looks later hey ken good to see you. >> nice to see you lets get to sue for some weather. >> we're looking ahead to the weekend a lot of cloud cover. it is all responsible for included cover. we will talk about what is happening on the weekend after we promise, we fulfill or promise and talk about the the change of season, which is the
7:20 am
autumnal equinox, which is happening tomorrow. the most direct rays of the sun, will move south of the equator and that means our days will be getting shorter, our nights will be getting longer and fall begins officially tomorrow at the 4:21 a.m. that is what is happening there. thinks the storm system that we're watching as we get closer to the weekend. it is not expected to turn into anything tropical but could be bother some as we have high pressure in control but storm close enough to spread cloud in the area, possibly some rain, so far it doesn't look like that will happen but we got to keep watching this because there could be some rain on saturday and sunday exactly what we don't want with all of the outdoor events happening this weekend, everything that is happening on the parkway, independent mall on saturday. 75 degrees today. eighty tomorrow. plenty of sunshine for the first day of autumn and that autumnal equinoxment on thursday mostly sunny skies
7:21 am
high around 80. cloud will roll in. we have a possibility of very cloudy skies, plan on temperatures in the 70's, both saturday and sunday. is there your seven day bob kelly. >> good morning. 7:21. an accident in bucks county on north bound lanes of route one up near route 13, part of the right lane is blocked there, i-95 stacked and packed from academy down through girard avenue. morning rush hour underway. coming in the city parkway closed so martin luther king drive traffic diverted on to the vine street expressway. coming on the kelly you are diverted on to fair mount avenue. that whole parkway area shut down. double tooth picks here on the schuylkill expressway, 11 miles an hour crawling from the boulevard, in through downtown. alex, back over to you. thanks, very much bob. you you cannot find a a work tore talk to at wal-mart you are not alone. the soon you'll be able to text them. what does this say about today if you are go in the store and text to get help. i guess if it helps.
7:22 am
but first here's last night's lottery numbers. like a lot of little circular dots. itchy, burning. it's pretty much everywhere, where i have pants. define very active? then maybe yes.
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good morning. what do you serve at a pope party. a lot of people are having pope parties friday and saturday? whether would you serve at a pope party. >> terry says you serve pope corn, of course. >> pope corn. >> very good answer. >> not bad. >> and cheese. >> if you are walking around wal-mart, and you get lost or you need some help and you do not have, you know, flag down an employee. sometimes it is hard to find people in stores. where is somebody that can help me. >> you don't want to walk up to somebody who is not an employee. that is embarrassing. >> get this, lauren says you can texan employee. >> what? >> how? is there a number. >> you are standing in a wal-mart store, you cannot find pope corner someone to help you, you text a number
7:26 am
that the store will provide on signage. using artificial intelligence and customer service, log on somewhere else, they can look where you are in that particular store and tell you aisle you need to go in and then you go there, just like that. they are working on it the at wal-mart. the it might launch in a little while. >> my gosh. >> i'm all about artificial intelligence, i use it every day. >> so they will necessity where i am in the store so they are basically tracking me. >> yeah, they are still working out how this text messaging system will work. maybe you tell them i'm in aisle seven and they pull up a blueprint of the store or something like that. i'm not precisely sure if they are tracking you. >> that is interesting. i like the idea. do you know anything about this apple car, is that actually going to be something that we will be a able to drive around in anytime soon. >> maybe, they are saying 2019. it is a ship date. very ambiguous. apple has been inquiring whether they have what it takes to put an electric car,
7:27 am
driverless car, i phone car on the market and compete with google and the like. they are beefing up their staff. wall street journal says they are tripling their staff and they really hope to get this out there around 2019. most agree with three things number one a unique design. number two any apple device you have will work with that car. number three, it would eventually be autonomous. might be electric to start and move into driver less. >> interesting. hey, lauren, thanks. we will see you again tomorrow. >> yes. >> you know our jen knows something we don't know about this new show that airs tonight on fox, a lot of young people want to see. it is called scream queens. it is about a sorority. >> and jen, we're just screaming with excitement. >> ahh. >> that is pretty good. >> i am no doctor mike so i cannot scream that loud but this is the sorority, and they sent me a sweat shirt. there are some rules.
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7:30. she may be the the state's top prosecutor, but what is the law without a license.
7:31 am
why kathleen kane won't be fighting for justice inside a courtney time soonment so who is in charge? and the man gets a craving for wings but gets a lot more than he expect, why ordering from nearby dominoes left him with the ultimate happy meal. >> i'll take a side order of cash. hey 7:31. she may be the state's top prosecutor, but i will tell you this, that yesterday, look at this, good headlines, curtains for kane. we have kane's law license suspended. >> i like front page of the daily news saying kane she or kane she not get over this. let bring in our attorney ken rottweiler. what did the court order from the supreme court of the pennsylvania say? who is in charge? >> well, her deputy will be in charge. she has been temporarily suspended. her almost has been temporarily suspend budd she has not been removed from office. she's still there today, still on the job, still doing administrative duties but she
7:32 am
cannot do anything law related because her law license has been suspended. >> what is this all stemming from. >> it is stemming from the charges against her. she has been charged with leaking grand jury information and then perjury. there was a motion by disciplinary board which basically regulates all lawyers. it went to the supreme court, supreme court took a look and decided because she has been indicted by a grand jury that they will temporarily suspend her law license. >> that doesn't mean she's guilty. >> it doesn't mean she's guilty. her argument is this violates due process. she has not been convicted of anything right now. >> how long could this temporary be? >> welshing it could be a while. it doesn't really say in the order but it is normally 30 days and they will she will get a hearing in front of the board and make a determination whether to the temporary suspension should continue or not. >> it sound like this technically she's still in office but administrative office she will be filing papers, shuffling paper weights, highlighting. >> she has a staff of 750
7:33 am
employees. 750 employees and she has a 93 million-dollar budget that she overseas. this ace big operation in the attorney general's office. she will still be doing things. she just can't do law-related work because she doesn't currently have a law license. this is interesting, i have to tell you, people have described this as we have been talking about kathleen canephora long time. people have said this is death by a thousand cuts because the next thing they are talk about is possibly her impeachment. if the senate of the commonwealth of pennsylvania takes up this issue which would come from the house she could be impeached. it would take a two thirds vote of the vote to impeach her. >> she's talking about she has found more e-mails and she could releasing more pornographic e-mails. >> her defense lawyers said she wants to release e-mails because they are salacious and incriminate public officials i think. her defense is that all these charges are politically motivate todd stop her from releasing these pornographic e the males. this is a drama that will go
7:34 am
on for a while. >> she release aid statement that said in part while she's disappointed by action taken by supreme court of pennsylvania i can continue to maintain my nosens and plan to keep fight to go clear my name while serving out the the rest of my term in office. >> i can tell you she's a fighter. i don't think she will give up. i think she will play this out. they will have to quick her. i don't think she will step down easily. the governor has basically said for her to resign. >> over and over he is in the same party, they are both democrats. the fact that she's in the following that lead from the governor indicates that she will fight this thing all the way. >> we shall see. it will go on for a while. >> ken, thanks. ladies and gentlemen, sue serio. >> ladies and gentlemen, bus stop buddy, he is ready with his sweat shirt on. it is cloudy and cool. we are in the seeing much sunshine to start the day but we will by the end of the day. we are giving it a seven out of ten. we have some rain out to the
7:35 am
west. that is dissipating. you can see it sprinkle or two, but it is not a big deal this morning but mostly what we have seen lancaster county, berks county, pocono mountains sock in with cloud cover this morning. 64 degrees. a bit of the breeze. northeasterly at 15 miles an hour and we expect a high of 75. mostly cloudy skies with peaks of sunshine throughout the afternoon. we will look to the big weekend of all those outdoor events, the the forecast for both saturday, with the festival of the families, bob kelly on the parkway and then of course papal mass on the parkway on sunday. >> we are counting on you so we don't have to unrole our papal punchos. if morning. live look at the rose wealth boulevard, heavy from approaching fox down through the schuylkill. that is because schuylkill is clogged in both directions in abe out of the city. nothing out of the ordinary here. your normal jam from
7:36 am
conshohocken to downtown. south on i-95 stacked up from cottman into girard. delays we are seeing here on the blue route in both directions in the area of route one. it is important that you understand in parking map. i have put this map on both my twitter win facebook page. we have it on our web site at fox tonight at 6:00 o'clock the next zone of removing cars, next project here in olde city, so make sure you read the signs before you park on the streets here in downtownment mike and alex back to you. in the next hour, a new study find brain disease in 95 e died. what experts say parents should consider before signing up that are kid for little league. hey jen, scream queen starts tonight. >> yes. >> aim's into it. >> the make ertz of the show are stealing a trick from reality television, they are trying to make us all watch, week after week after week. the what is number one trick that reality shows use, that
7:37 am
they are using in this show. alex? ññ
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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i want a cheese pizza with a side other of cash? a california man, ordered some pizza and wings for delivery, and the box came, full of cash. >> oh, my gosh mike vegas. >> his last name is what. >> vegas. >> vegas. >> yes, perfect. he was relaxing at home and decided to order domino's. he had a slice of pizza but put the rest of the food in the refrigerators. hours later his phone got a lot of calls because he didn't know the number. the it turns out it was a delivery driver. >> at 5:00 a.m. i got home from work, and went to my refrigerator and pulled out what i thought was wings and it turned out to be 300 bucks. >> sixty-six here and 650 for 1300 total. >> $1,300 in cash in the pizza box. >> who wouldn't want that delivery. >> it was in the wings box. >> yes, he said as much as wow like to keep the money, he
7:41 am
gave it back and he used to be a pizza delivery man. >> maybe he can relate then. >> that is what it is. >> 1300. >> what was it doing there. >> would you give it back. >> yes, i would. >> that is wonderful. >> yes. >> maybe. >> you wouldn't be happy about it. >> no. >> we would give it back. >> we have to take a break but when we come back you will not believe what is going to happen. >> what will happen. >> i got something big, i got something big, it is involving screaming.
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7:44 am
we have rain this morning at bushkill falls out in the west and out to the north but we have a lot of cloud cover around it looks like it will rain but that is not the issue today. the the issue is watching this coastal storm, because of our big weekend coming up and all of those outdoor activities. we cannot completely rule out rain for either saturday or sun take thanks to the low, meandering throughout the the area, all week long. computer models we have used, to information cast weather they are not in agreement about whether this will get close enough to give us rain or stay far enough off shore to give us cloud cover. but it is a concern as we get toward the weekend. here's's an earl lie about
7:45 am
what we think of the two big events. speech at independent hall, which happens on saturday, the pope speaks right in front of the independent hall here. 74 degrees. i think it will be in the mid 70's, rain or no rain but mostly cloudy skies for now. and then mass on the parkway which starts a at 4:00 o'clock on sunday, partly sunny skies and 73 degrees for that, again, early call, we will keep you posted as we watch this pesky storm that doesn't look like it will go anywhere. we have another disturbance we have been watching all morning west and north of us, and do not expect any rain from that today. we do have a a lot of cloud cover from that moving into the a area and staying with us throughout good part of the day but there will be peaks of unshine throughout the afternoon. you can see late in the day you'll see some sun but not the most sunny day ever. tomorrow more sunshine for first day of fall, and that is why we have slightly warmer temperatures. it may be along the coast we will have persistent clouds again, that coastal storm will be an annoyance for us as we
7:46 am
try to information cast weather for rest of the week and the weekend. it is just meandering around there, thursday we will start off sunny. temperatures as we walk out the door 50's the two north of us in places where we have had rain like reading, lancaster. sixty-four in the city. in atlantic city 62. same in wilmington. sixty-two in wildwood. wind are out of the north east. they are picking up a little bit. 15 miles an her breeze necessary philadelphia, keeping it cool there at 10 miles an hour winds to the south of us. we did keep our cool with a high of 74, slightly cooler then average high for this time of the year. where will we be by tomorrow in we are above average. a after 75 today. back to 80 on thursday and then as we head into the the weekend trying to figure out what to wear heading in the city or no matter where you are going with whatever your weekend plans are, plan on temperatures that will stay in the 07's both saturday and sunday, and, of course, we will keep you posted about
7:47 am
that possibility, bob kelly of a little rain. >> possibility of the little rain. wonder if the pope has his rain gear with him. >> yes. >> a pope punch o. >> somebody asked do you think schuylkill river will be opened to boat traffic. >> schuylkill river to boat traffic. >> i doubt it. >> you know what with the secret service in town i doubt they will allow any boats out on the river. >> behind the art museum. >> i doubt very much. this will be another whole level of security there. we are looking good on 202 northbound as we work up from west chester through the construction zones. penndot says they are pretty much postponing all pope construction here for the remainder of the week. you won't see any additional lane closures. they will fine tune things overnight the but won't be construction throughout weekend with the pope coming to town. live look at the vine street expressway across town from broad street over to the schuylkill expressway. delays from south jersey on the 42 freeway, black horse pike in toward 295.
7:48 am
the parkway closed. anyone from the martin luther king drive pushed off on the vine street expressway, boat house row, you are forced to make that left on to fairmount avenue and then push in the neighborhood. again in vehicle traffic from the steps of the art museum all the way up to the cathedral there at the fountain and here's that official no parking zone, tow map, we have taken care of center sit friday city hall all the way up to the art museum on either side of the art museum, again, all three vehicles, unless you have that p pa plaquard, now later on tonight, at 6:00 o'clock for gang here in olde city, the tow trucks will be removing any vehicles that do not have p pa plaquard. pretty much from sansom up to the vine and 12th street there the convention center all the way over to fourth street. the tip is just to pay attention to the signs if you intend to park on the streets
7:49 am
here, in center city. >> i do think people will have pope parties we are having lots of tweets. >> are you invited. >> they are saying, things that they will serve the food. >> okay. >> popes cola. pope pot roast. >> pope pretzels. >> and pope pork. >> i necessity a lot of folks are taking a pope vacation and going down to irish weekend. >> don't forget this kerry said holy doughnuts and quit holy cheese. >> holy doughnuts. >> keep them coming. >> 7:49. the folks that put together the great hit show on fox glee, and another good one american horror story, they have teamed up for a new you see this starts tonight at fox and it is called. >> scream queen. >> and jen, we just to have know what this show is all about. you'll lay it all out. >> is it scary? is it funny. we have things twisted. by the way i'm wearing twisted
7:50 am
sorority kkt. we are basically on tuesday, we wear pink. jamie lee curtis is one of the stars of this twisted show. it is about a super, snob i, sorority, one that is targeted by a killer. >> i hate sororities and i hate you. >> for years i have seen damage your so-called sisters have haddon young girls this year, they will be required to accept anyone who want to become a pledge. >> what the hell is this. >> the conception of the show was that they were, you know, going to do this ensemble, and every week someone was going to dianne ryan knew that as soon as people fell in love with these characters there will be some ground swell of like who is it, who isn't it? who will die. who will live, and like a
7:51 am
reality show and i started like yeah, okay. my goodness mement the way i nose that has already happened, is the actors and the crew spend a lot of off camera time. so what do you think is happening. >> so you saw that leah michelle looks a little bit different. part of the creative team are the guys that did glee. people thought when they heard about casting we have a show that would be like the pretty, head of the sorority. nick jonas, kiki palmer, ariana grande the list of stars you will see it in on fox is absolute willly insane. you will love it. coming up, are you ready for the game we will play? jamie lee curtis, a a lot is known about her and we have known about her personal life and everything. we will play a game in the 8:00 o'clock hour called which
7:52 am
is the lie. i will give you four things and you have to tell me which is the lie. fox paid for me to go out there and become jamie lee curtis best friend good your besty. >> we are like bestties. >> selfies is part of the questioning. >> i have another game we can play? in honor of this show, scream please and the fact that this is last day of summer, let's just let it out and scream. >> you know we are all upset about summer being over. >> but it will be nice. >> but not as nice. >> you asked me. >> yes. >> great idea, encore good okay. >> thank you. speaking of selfies to get a selfie with the pope for are social media account. get those lights on the ground. >> i'd love it think again. >> there is a lot of things done to protect the pontiff
7:53 am
and we will tell you what you cannot do. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it. niagara falls is the oldest state park, but visiting it never gets old. the readers of a national newspaper voted letchworth the #1 state park in america. watkins glen, #3. new york state parks are a gift. plan your vacation at there's something for everyone.
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7:55 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
7:56 am
we are talking about the eagles a while ago. we have found new information about the effect of head trauma on football players. >> research shows that 95 percent of the deceased nfl players shed evidence of the brain disease. >> 95 percent. would you say almost all of them my goodness doctor mike. >> well, this is not new news. we have known for quite sometime if you have chronic injuries, concussions to the brain, you develop a conn known as chronic traumatic even self patty, and now the the big news here is that what about repeated minor injuries. so, my son, nicholas, who loves to put on a eagles helmet and we play football and throw the ball around, he will have to use his brain for a living because he will not make it in the nfl and he is going to have a problem if he gets concussions. i want to show you something
7:57 am
real quickly here. i want to show people what this is. protein builds up in the brain leading to something called, if you look to the left that is normal brain tissuement to the right is where you have protein build up under a microscope and it is cte, that can lead to depression, you can become out of it, almost like you have alzheimer's. this is a major problem, in football players. big problem. >> i don't know if i was a parent little kid now and they want to play football. >> i'm not going to do it. my son, i love you nicholas and i think you are a great kid and a great football player but you will not do anything in the nfl because you have me as a father and you are not a big dude. >> he will to have use his brain to make a living. that is the the bottom line. >> if i have a heart attack... >> you can. this is a very important story.
7:58 am
study just came out, showing that one, after you have had a heart attack the risk of having another one having sex after heart attack is very, very low. in fact, they did autopsies studies on 21,000 dead people, and they found that only 0.19 percent of them died while having sex. now, the thing is if you have had a heart attack, what happens is you get out of the hospital, do you cardiac rehab. researchers indicate if you you can walk up two flights of stairs and you can walk into a brisk walk your likelihood of having another heart attack while having sex is very low. unless you do things in places you shouldn't be doing them like aka nelson rocker feller. the stress of doing things like, you know. >> no one else knows what we're talking about. >> that went over your head. >> say we're married.
7:59 am
say i forget i'm married and i'm doing something else. my risk go way up because of the stress. >> what about 50 shades of gray type stuff. >> oh, no that is fine. >> , no, no. in fact, i'm telling you that sex is a good form of medication that will pre long your life. you have to do it a lot but just in the right setting. we were married, that would never happen, no way, jose. >> that is good to know. >> thank you. >> i think never is the the keyword there. >> never going to happen. >> i love you, michael. >> i have been accused of seeing as if i was dead. it is tuesday, september 22nd, 2015. today is the day, pope
8:00 am
francis will make his way to the u.s.a. his journey to america, and philadelphia continues to prep for this historic visit. a teacher fired for being gay says she's now meeting the pope. what she plans to say when she's face-to-face with the pontiff. we have a shocking betrayal, ryan reynolds, does he no longer speak to his friend of 25 years,. what that friend reportedly did after ryan's baby was born. reunion in the works has been almost ten years since destiny child's last big hit but we may not wait much longer. >> i'm's ready. jen was just talking about
8:01 am
this new show on fox. it will be a hit with millennials. it is called scream queen. it day buys tonight. here's a bit. >> let me be honest i hate sororities and i hate you. >> this year they will be required to accept anyone who wants to become a pledge. >> what the hell is this. >> there is a a serial killer on the loose. >> we are sisters bound to protect one another and protect the house. >> if any of you die protecting a sister you are allowed to skip the rest of hell week. >> so, is it a -- my goodness. so here's the deal n honor of the show we have set up a scream camera, the the screen booth, a summer scream booth
8:02 am
and chris, you are our first contestant. >> so what do i do, i sit here and scream at the top of my lungs. >> let it go. >> chan it the my best robert plant. >> that was devilish. >> yes. >> what did you think of that. >> that was good. >> i blew out my own ear piece. anybody who is going through olde city, frustrated, unhappy. >> your car got towed. >> yes. >> we have a scream booth and let us have it. >> let it go. >> all right. hopefully you won't be unhappy with that number today, it is a seven. pretty good day. a lot of cloud cover this morning. sweat shirt on bus stop buddy. temperatures in the the 50's to the north of us, 50's to the south of us and a little bit of rain, sprinkle or two
8:03 am
here and there. mostly north and west of the city. you don't see any rain in the city. we don't expect to. 64 degrees right now, and, a high temperature later on of 75. now little bit of sunshine, a lot of clouds cover, and a forecast, for this all important weekend, coming up, bob kelly. >> hey sue, good morning everybody. 8:03. live look at the schuylkill expressway, jammo from conshohocken through downtown. nothing out of the ordinary, just your morning traffic and stack up on the bennie up and over into downtown at eighth and vine. mike abe a alex, lets get back to you. i think we have a shot of the pope coming. >> let's see him. >> this is our first live shot now of the pope in cuba, celebrating mass. i do not see him just yet. come on, guys, zoom out. >> hopefully they will zoom out more. >> this is in santiago, cuba he is spending his last hours there because he will arrive in the u.s. of a later this
8:04 am
afternoon. this is his final mass in cuba. >> yeah, about 2:00 in the afternoon. >> there he is. >> he will be in d.c. about 4:00 o'clock. spending a couple days there. new york city. and saturday morning it will all happen, alex holley. >> grand finally right here in philadelphia. we will be right here on fox 29. we will be live all day. >> all day, all night, all night. >> whatever it takes. >> we want to get the the best coverage for sure. >> somebody asked me on sunday, you guys have the eagles/jet. >> yes. >> at 11:00 in the morning we will do our normal football stuff until about 4:00 o'clock. 4:30, somewhere in there on sunday afternoon, we will take you to the mass on the parkway. world meeting of families officially begins today. we are just hours away as city prepares for pope francis to visit. >> because it will open up officially at 1:00 p.m. but a lot of stuff is happening to
8:05 am
get ready to that, steve. >> reporter: a lot of families are already around town especially in center city. we have met great families from real far away. coming here, and checking in at the pennsylvania convention center. then we have met a family of tow truck operators. look at this, latest group that will get towed. today is tuesday, september 22nd and here is your last warning from frustrats 6:00 p.m., a lot of people eat here all the way into olde city, will start to get towed today. if you don't believe us, look at this video we got, how can you get the eagles offensive line to move fast. maybe put p pa parking authority patches and jackets on them. look the at how fast these tow truck operators moved out when we moved into take their picture just after 4:00 a.m. where we found them was all gathered in fairmount park coincidently at the campground areas they were going to have for the pope. that lame idea that went over
8:06 am
like a led zeppelin, mike, that didn't last so they decided to decamp all of the towed cars on sedgley drive. we found more than a hundred, lined up, right after these tow truck drivers all squealed out of there to tow some more other vehicles. the that is the sadder part of the story. here is the happier part. we met a family that came all the way here from the philippines where the pope has been already in january and they had seen him there but that wasn't enough for them. >> how excited. >> this is our first time come to america for this great event. >> reporter: just like pope francis first time in america. >> yeah. >> reporter: what might you want to come so far why is this so important. >> because we want to join the world meeting of families and we want to meet other families from all over the globe. so we want to hear from the
8:07 am
pope, the church direction toward the families. >> one of my students from rosemont was working a at the airport yesterday and she said it was amazing a as people came off of every gate, from all over the world. it makes traffic tie ups, it makes it less difficult as they were trying to navigate not speaking english. >> reporter: pope francis was if in the philippines did you see him there. >> yes, i saw him. we were given a chance to stay close to him in the philippines when he came there. >> reporter: even though you saw the pope in your home country in the south pacific you still wanted to come across the world to see him again. >> yes, yes, yes. >> reporter: it that is important to you. >> very much so. >> reporter: well, philadelphia is not their first impression of america, san francisco was and look at the man in the family wearing his new san francisco 49ers fleece jacket. we have to get him an eagles jacket. wondering how far they traveled to get here,
8:08 am
8,540 miles and that is just from the airport in manilla. they had to take a boat from the main island from the small island in the philippines to get that. that is 17 hours, 44 minutes on an airplane, just to check in for world meeting of families. if you have your car towed and that $76 fine maybe that is not so bad when you think about how far people are coming from australia and philippines to get here. here we go again, there goes the toe fleet, you will see all of the p pa a tow trucks going down the street here. >> lots of tow trucks, even flood beds for bigger vehicles. >> it is like a parade. >> yes. >> there they go, my gosh, they do have flood bed out the too good that is fantastic, coming all the way from the philippines. that is how much the pope is loved, man. speaking of the pope, the white house has invited the local teacher from around here, fired over her same sex marriage, and they say there is a possibility she will be
8:09 am
able to meet with the pope. we shall see. marge i winters was the religious instruction director at waldron mercy academy she's headed to help help welcome the popement the winters says if given the chance to talk to the pope she would ask him to extend his message of inclusion to gay, lesbian a, by sexual and transgender catholics. we will see if that will happen. it will not happen today but tomorrow. 8:09. carli fiorina was last night's tonight show guest. she talk about jimmy fallon about her rivals, her time at hp and her faith. >> although she wasn't booked as a musical guest she sang about her dogs and then, of course, shared her thoughts on donald trum seven. >> ♪
8:10 am
>> ♪ >> he briefly said he want vladamire put continue on meet with trump when he comes here and he wants to sit down and have a conversation with him. you have met putin. >> the two of them have a lot in common, actually but we will just leave it at that. >> she is now second place, over took ben carson. she has 15 percent and donald trump as of this morning is at 24 percent of the vote. all right. count down is on, as you know, pope francis will land in philadelphia, saturday morning. why a family from this parish is going to be able to meet him at the airport. what would you say. >> my goodness, how exciting that. >> let's ask them they are in the studio. >> but first this. >> other than that i'm's in good shape. >> ah h.
8:11 am
>> that ace i great hollywood scream right there from home alone. can you do as well as mccauley? come down to our scream booth here at fourth and market. we have another taker. okay. give us your best scream. >> followed by laugh, i love it. >> we will work on that. >> that is laura the intern. >> good scream. >> yes. >> thank you, thank you.
8:12 am
8:13 am
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all right. we're looking real quick a what will happen tomorrow because we prom toys explain about the autumn equinox. it is at 4:21 in the morning tomorrow, that fall actually begins. the reason it is called equinox is because it is latin, yes, it is the word equinox for equal night. so basically equal day and equal night because the sun will be directly over the equator and then it passes down to the south. we will get longer nights and
8:15 am
shorter days. that is what is happening with that. lets get to the seven day forecast and looking ahead not only through today and first day of fall tomorrow but to the weekend. we have got a high of 75 degrees and a lot of cloud cover today but more sunshine tomorrow and thursday. high of 80 each day. by the weekend a lot of cloud cover. we have to watch out for chance of showers both saturday and sunday. we will keep an eye on it bob kelly. >> we have an eye on the ben franklin bridge at 8:15. stacked up over and into downtown coming into center city. same deal, even extra volume coming in center city because of the closures. is there our parking restrictions map we have it up on our web site at fox also on both twitter and facebook. very important before you park your car downtown you pay attention to the signs. mike and alex, back over to you. >> pope francis will visit our great city in just a few days among those looking forward to meeting the pontiff are
8:16 am
richard and bernadette, they will ab monk the the first people to greet the pope and here's their story. extraordinary honor whose faith has held firm. >> what do you say to the pope. >> i don't know, just meeting him is a blessing. i don't know. >> in a special surprise announcement at st. christopher's, bernadette and her family of five were chosen to represent all families of the archdiocese and greet pope francis when he land in philadelphia. >> i could not think of a better family to represent the archdiocese then to represent the people of the area. they are just wonderful people. >> reporter: father joseph garvin says bows have faced hardship. richard bows is a former philadelphia police officer shot and wounded in the line of duty seven years ago. his partner patrick mcdonald
8:17 am
was kill. >> i knew, it was a blessing. it was rough on all of them. >> there is not a day that goes by that i don't think about it. >> that was seven years ago, tomorrow, right. >> yes. >> thanks for coming in. >> it is a miracle, isn't it. >> it is. >> you had no idea that you guys were going to be picked as a family. >> my husband did. >> just to make sure to get the family there what did you to tell them when they walk in the church and there were cameras there. >> father wanted us at the mass to go to the all the tore bring gifts. >> thaw guys got the gifts. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> so lets say hi to everybody here. >> tell us your name. >> i'm gabriel, i'm nine. >> okay. >> i'm's riley and i'm one. >> i'm matthew and i'm 12.
8:18 am
>> two. >> are they always this quiet. >> no. >> you cannot be quiet when the pope is here. do you know what you will say to the pope when i see him. >> welcome to philadelphia hopefully you enjoy it here. >> that works. >> any officials told you what you can and cannot say or do. >> not yet, we have not been told too much just yet. >> are you going to give him something when you see him. >> the state flower, the kid will present the state flower to him. >> is what the state flower, staff? >> mount laurel. >> mount laurel. >> do you have it ready. >> no. >> they will provide it to us. >> i hate to go back to seven years when the the shooting happened in north philadelphia, how are you doing. >> i'm's good. i have some limitations but other than i'm fine. i have my health. i am able to do things with the kid and that is what my goal was. >> were you both high waste patrol. >> yes. >> are you able to ride.
8:19 am
>> probably not, i have screws in my pelvis. >> but definitely even though it has been some years, we were watching the the story together you still get emotional thinking bit. >> absolutely, we were very blessed, very blessed. >> so now, have you been sleeping. >> this full of excitement, and, you know we're just so grateful and just want to thank father joe and world meeting of families for picking us. we really don't feel like weedses serve this. >> oh, yes you do. soak it in and enjoy it. >> right now we are looking at pope francis right now in cuba doing the mass and after they will get ready to head to washington d.c., come to the u.s. and then sat the day he will be here. >> there is a papal trust code. >> yes. >> there is dark colors, so, i don't know what we will wear, but bright colors, and you
8:20 am
wear dark colors. >> when he walks up and you touch his hand what will you say. >> i know. >> speechless. >> i mean hopefully we would be able to ask for blessings not just for us but blessings to benefit the world and pretty much peace in my mind and blessing upon our peace keepers who are the police, military and fire fighters and blessing upon the sick children in the world. >> you have a a great family. >> thank you. >> beautiful family. >> thank you so much. >> if you want me to go along. >> he has been trying to find a way to meet the pope. >> we want everyone to come with us. we really do. >> we did get clearance. >> mike, you can't get. >> did you get cleared through secret service. >> are you good. >> yes. >> okay good maybe we will have you in on monday and talk bit. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> what parish is it again.
8:21 am
>> st. christopher's in somerton. >> yes. >> good luck saturday. >> thank you so much. >> i'm nervous for them. >> i know, right. >> 8:21. the big emmy win for amy schumer, what she won. >> but you won't believe the gift waiting for her in the hotel room. jennifer lawrence and her best budd, they are bestties. >> but first it is a reunion in the works? it has been almost ten years since destiny child had their last big hit but we may not to have wait much longer, the big hint this morning, there may be a come back. >> jay-z. >> no.
8:22 am
i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone.
8:23 am
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8:24 am
♪ ♪ find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! i don't know if i believe this. >> yeah, i don't know if i believe it either, but, okay, her former manager, matthew knowles, big dad, says new
8:25 am
project in the works. >> for destiny's child. >> in an interview he says quote i'm extremely hopeful that the ladies will come back with the album and a tour, and, unlike the last one, this one will feature beyonce. >> yes. >> this is according to beyonce dad but there was a big story he is taking over her own career and she's more in control of her music and her life. so now, they speak but it is not the same. their relationship has changed. >> the keyword is he is hoping. >> i'm hoping, to meet the pope. i'm hoping a lot of stuff. >> we are hoping for a lot of things here. >> we are big fans of jennifer lawrence. she spent time in philadelphia over the years. and she is celebrating her buddy amy schumer's emmy win in a very sweet way. boy, they love each other. >> she won her first emmy for outstanding variety sketch series for her hit show inside
8:26 am
amy schumer and it is no secret that the 34 year-old is best friend with jennifer lawrence. jennifer wasted in time celebrating her friend, she flooded amy's hotel room, wait for it, we will show you a picture, with balloons. >> wow. >> amy wrote never tell jennifer l your room number. she said jennifer sent her a text saying looks pretty but not smart. >> cute. >> it is great. >> with the balloons. >> don't give out your room number. today is the the day that pope francis makes it to the united states of america, first stop, washington d.c., but right now he is celebrating mass, in santiago, cuba. are you having trouble with the laid? is six things you need to do to be more tracktive. there is stuff you can do according to science. >> yes.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is exactly 8:30. we have a shocking betrayal here, do you see this guy, ryan reynolds. the he no longer speaks to his friend, a friend he has had for 25 years. what that friend reportedly did just hours after ryan's baby was born. >> wow. planes, trains, automobiles one of my favorite movies. we are screaming because it is the last day of summer. we are also screaming. >> well. >> the bows children. >> they wanted to scream on their way out. that was good, kids.
8:31 am
they are screaming because they are excited they get to meet the pope on saturday. >> they are screaming with excitement. >> if you you want to scream, get it off your chest, let it go, come to fourth and market we will be here until 10:00 o'clock. by the way, scream queens is a new show on fox, premiere is tonight at 8:00. >> it does. well to day pope francis begins his first visit to the u.s., his first stop, will be in washington d.c. where he is scheduled to meet with president obama and a trust congress during his vice that it will be tomorrow. >> yes. >> arriving later this afternoon. >> melony, is what the feeling in washington d.c. we're very, very excited for philadelphia trip but there is some people that say i will just leave town. what is the feeling in dc. >> reporter: it is a little bit of both, yes. there is lots of people here who are excited to see the pope and visitors coming into d.c. for the opportunity to see the pope but then there is a group of people that have
8:32 am
have have had enough of it and really are just going to stay home and opt out of these events because we have within warned over and over again what a nightmare to get around town. you know how washington is. we want our roads and traffic and commute in and out of the city. we don't like to wait for anybody. overall it will be a really good event, especially i can tell you that the city is on top of this. transit is on top of it. we have the national guard that will be out, helping to direct the crowd control and getting people where they need to go. secret service, out, there really has been a lot of coordination and planning for everything to go smoothly here in d.c. >> melony, while you are talking there we have a live shot from cuba up because pope is celebrating mass right this in san diego, a huge crowd, right in the middle of the mass even as we speak. i guess is what the schedule there in d.c., he land at what
8:33 am
time. >> reporter: he will land at 4:00 o'clock at joint base andrews which is over in maryland but still relatively close. president obama will meet him. that is unprecedented. i know, president bush once met a pope out there as well. it doesn't happen all the time. he will then come here to what is call the apostolic of the holy sea, we like to call it vatican embassy. they have already hung out the papal flag. that happened a little while ago. i went to the wrong side. i was supposed to go here and show it to you. he will, rest here this evening and before his bib event in the morning i was joking with my photographer that maybe tonight he will invite neighbors over because we have finish embassy right next door and across the street we have joe biden a's residents at the naval observatory and we have embassy of norway and embassy of iraqis up the street as
8:34 am
well. this is where he will be resting and he will be, you know, sleeping, doing a good things to recoup because he has such a large number of events in the city including white house, address to congress, including big canonization mass. lots to do and see in just a few short days here. >> and then new york, philadelphia. so yeah, probably needs sometime to rest up. >> he has energy at 78 years old. melony, freight job, we will see you then. bus stop buddy has a sweat shirt on this morning because it is cool and cloudy outside as well. we will get a little bit of sunshine before the day is through but we will give you a seven out of ten because we have had showers to the west as well. we have a high of 74. cloudy skies. we have some sunshine. the further you get into the day more chance you have of seeing some sunshine. tonight we are autumnal's down to 59 degrees with partly
8:35 am
cloudy skies. is there your last day of summer, bob kelly, this is it, the season is over, get ready for pumpkin everything. >> shoes, white belts get put away until next year. will 8:35. live look at downtown philadelphia, i-95 heavy from cottman in through the vine street expressway as you can see here southbound. talk about a 28 minute on the clock. in bound on the schuylkill about 35 minutes coming into center city. same deal from the suburbs, nothing out of the ordinary, find your normal delays, and important to know the map, the the tow zone here. pretty much no parking from center city, city hall all the way out through art museum area and then later on tonight beginning at 6:00, we will starting to here in olde city. i put this map on my facebook and twitter pages. we have it on our web site fox yes, young man in the gray suit back there. >> yes, thank you is what the purple section there on the map. >> on either side of the art museum that is just another
8:36 am
area that they towed on monday. so on sunday they started from city had hall, went all the way up the parkway to the art museum. thinks area like fairmount and portions of the university city there on the opposite side. >> that tiehl in the middle. >> that is tiehl in the middle. we are light blue here. >> do you like that. >> yes. >> such a bright color. >> yes, it is what do donald trump and phillies in common? not a joke. how trump could have ended up in philadelphia of course he went to school here. outrageous al-zawahirigations, the finance firm that kate tours rihanna accused of saying she's hot because she's quote... >> we will talk about what do we need six things we need as men to be attractive you no he what i mean. i have none of them. not one of them. >> well, we can work on it. we will fix you up. >> i will help you out.
8:37 am
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8:40 am
i'm saying you have a screamer. >> this is sketch our assignment desk manager and his back has been bugging him so i'm sure he wants to scream it up. deaf, give it your best. >> i had no idea he had had it in him. >> we will be more relaxed. >> come down and scream, fourth and market, big premiere tonight at 8:00 right here on fox. 8:40. >> so last night we were asked to host a wonderful event. >> is what the name of it. >> it is called fashion show. >> second a annual will. >> we dit last year. >> they asked us back. >> yes. >> whose foot is that. >> that is john dorenbos. >> long kicker for eagles. >> he is a long snapper. >> yesy was thinking of codey parkey because he was there too. >> there were a lot of eagles
8:41 am
players there. this is benefiting big brothers, big sisters and great, they came down strutted their stuff. >> i like your suit. >> thank you. >> blue suit. >> there is a guy named robert hung, he made that suit. >> really. >> yes. >> okay. we will reed it this. >> and show some of the players walking down. >> it was an eagles fashion show, trust me, some of the eagles, were there. >> yes. >> or go to my twitter, i tweeted out some pictures alex holley fox 29. there is great video. us walking the runway as well. >> sometimes you don't think you have to, take notes. >> maybe it is a tease, mike. >> what do they look like? were they really there. >> in case you don't remember what we look like there was video of us. >> we will be right back to that. have done old trump's life
8:42 am
gone a little bit differently as far as sports is concerned, phillies fans could have been routeing for him on the field during his younger days. get this. >> trump reportedly caught the eye of the both phillies and red sox in 1964, according to trump has spoken about his desire to play professional baseball saying he played catcher and what he as good hitter. instead of playing ball he went to fordham university before transferring to wharton. trump still leads polled by 24 . >> he is working at the university of pennsylvania, he did spend plenty/of time in the city of philadelphia his daughter went to that same school. >> like a professional baseball player. >> we don't have hats big enough. >> 8:42. >> jen is getting us ready for scream queen. >> yes, miss america, genius, dork, none of you guys are free from jamie lee curtis.
8:43 am
i will tell you why you better watch out man because she's looking for you. ♪ ♪
8:44 am
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beautiful view from ben franklin parkway where a lot of the action will be happening. not only mass on sunday but on saturday whole festival of families happening on parkway and big parade that will go from independent mall, around city hall and down the parkway, so much is going on. the pressure is on, for us to have a good forecast for the weekend. now we cannot promise, no rain but we're working on it as best we can do a lot of cloud cover this morning and it is on the cool side. autumn begins tomorrow but it may be warmer tomorrow and, of course, forecast for papal weekend. let us know what you are doing on the twitter handle and my facebook handle visit sues serio at fox 29. looking forward to hearing from you. alex will have the seven day forecast coming right up. >> thank you so much. >> we have a scream booth outside in honor of tonight's premiere of the scream queens. so more people to come by fourth and market and scream, chris murphy.
8:47 am
>> so we have rebecca and brittany from all oasis talent agency. you guys are actresses. >> yes. >> have have you ever scream on camera. >> my first time. >> take it a way. >> ahh. >> take that jamie lee curtis. >> i love that chris. >> they have a beyonce hair fan, you see the hair. >> they this say you have the beyonce hair theme going. >> very good. >> they are professional. >> thanks so much, chris. >> scream queens, premiere tonight at 8:00 p.m. on fox and jen... >> we will get the good night, ladies. >> lets get to jen. you have talk to jamie lee curtis about the show. >> one of the things that she loves about it is the social commentary, star athlete, genius, miss america types, in one is free, from jamie lee's
8:48 am
character evil and intrusive personalities. >> if you die protecting a sister you can skip the rest of hell week. >> and then miss america, once the the dean gets a hold of her, she's like, um-hmm, peel it off, give me your mask because you're wearing it because i can see the edge of your mouth. give to it me. i love, i love that every person that comes into her orbit she immediately tries to figure out where they line either about themselves or about someone else and it is fun. really fun. >> i love to see you in a scary situation again. >> i'm glad for you. >> obviously she was in the famous movie halloween. this show like others will involve week to week. check this out, guys, next week, i believe or the week after the show recreates the famous shower scene starring jamie lee's mom janet lee. it is shot frame by frame
8:49 am
identical to the original. film dorks who have seen this image is already losing their mine. kevin mccarthey was going crazy. >> he must have just passed out. >> losing their mind. >> so because jamie lee has revealed this and other gems, i will play a game with you called which one ace live. here are the four things. number one, jamie lee loves street fighter. love to play that video game. number two love to take selfies. number three jamie lee wants to spend more time on the east coast. and number four, hates horror films. go to my twitter, facebook, hear wharf to say. i will join you guys at the desk at 9h. so again is she a gamer, selfie girl, does she want to live on the east coast does she hate horror films, which one is the lie? huge premiere tonight, two hours, ariana grande, kiki
8:50 am
palmer, nick general as, somebody has to die, which one. >> it is one of the good ones. fox paid for to us interview the stars. i think this is a good one. >> here's the thing there is a a red devil in the house today. >> i know. >> but jamie lee's character is like jane lynch's character. >> we will talk about that at 9:00. >> we will see new a bit. >> yes. >> same producers of glee are doing this. >> must be the connection. taylor swift cover like you have never heard before, i guess this is cover of the song. ryan adams version you have to hear to believe it. she dit again.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
8:54 am
8:54. live look at blue route 476, stacked up working your way southbound down toward route one. pretty much all of the major roadways have that rush hour grid lock on it here. southbound 95 under a half an hour. thirty-five minutes inbound on the schuylkill from conshohocken to downtown. this map will be your best friend in and out of the center city for next five days or so. again later on tonight beginning at 6:00, the shade of light blue here old sit friday fourth over to 12th, basically from sansom all the way up to the vine street expressway that is the the new parking zone, unless you have the p pa plaquard. if you are coming into center city today and think you have a great spot to park in this a area, this is no parking zone. we saw tow trucks, they are out there ape they will pick you up and drop you off somewhere in fairmount park. mike and alex, back to youy was in the news room and i heard sky fox was up shooting the parkway yesterday. >> that is cool good if we can find it, i have in the been over there.
8:55 am
>> that would be nice. >> see what kind of progress they are making. >> 8:54. >> brian adams. >> would you say he is a rocker ryan adams. >> maybe country. >> isn't he part of whiskey town. >> alternative he says recording his new cover album of taylor swift's 1989, helped him explore himself, more keeply as a musician. >> new album came out as a digital release yesterday. we will legality you compare for yourself. first we will play the original version of the the taylor swift's blank space. >> ♪ >> that was taylor swift's blank space but for adam's cover he took the beat down a few notches, here it is. >> ♪
8:56 am
>> he went on to say, it humble go to find a connection with somebody else's word because those are taylor's word but he made it work for himself. ryan said he has known taylor for about four years and counts himself as a fan of hers and a friend. >> he really switched it up there didn't he. >> i wish you would help me find my inner spirit. >> is that my job. >> explore my inner thoughts. >> i was thinking how much does he to have pay to cover her album, i'm sure you have to pay for that. >> a boat load. >> how about ryan reynolds, he is hand some, isn't he? he says he no longer speaks to a friend he has had for 25 years, what would a guy have to do to cut off your friend ship. it had to do with his baby. >> it happened after his baby was born.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
look way down the parkway here. this thing is coming together. are though big black things jumbo trons. >> that is my guess. >> yes, they are. >> where is my staff. >> now i see them. >> yes. >> i'm's trying to find them. >> lets see if we can find that sky fox footage from yesterday. it is pretty good. >> we can do before and after, when this is all over. >> yes. >> before and after the people come. >> hello jen. >> portable potties. >> everybody is talking about the potties. >> they are every where. >> i was in london for the queen jubilee, and it was the same way. >> yes. >> everybody has to go. >> that is true.


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