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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 23, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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hate crime officials called eight false alarm. why incidents say that -- students say that incident is only the tip of the iceberg. >> cookie keeping coach stars out of the trouble. your news is next.
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. barriers going up in philly as the pope ends a historic day down 95 in d.c. here at home security on the ground and above to protect you and the pontiff. and -- >> okay. we are going to be all right. >> students flood to local university after what looked like a hate crime. why many believed what was hanging from these trees was no incident mistake. ♪ >> we'll have that story in delaware in a moment but right now, the city is changing by the minute in preparation for the pope a live look tonight at the ben franklin parkway under a total transformation.
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barriers plus a massive stage all going up. good evening to you, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us. crews are working around the clock f skyfox you can see the stage for saturday's festival of families all lit up as the finishing touches are added. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in fairmount as neighbors are working to make sure they're ready for the pope's visit chris. >> reporter: iain the excitement continues to build around the arrival of pope francis for most people. i say most people, there are some especially who live blocks away from the parkway who honestly say they can't wait until it's all over. >> gets grocery so we don't have to leave our apartment. >> reporter: bite looks of fairmount wholefoods store you would think a major blizzard was coming. >> that's what we said. the like a snow day coming. >> reporter: maggie and joe daily are preparing for the papal weekend by stocking up on groceries. they live just two blocks away from the parkway but their plan is to stay as far away as
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possible. >> what are your plans for pope weekend? >> going on our roof deck and not leaving. >> reporter: they aren't the only ones. residents in the fairmount and art museum areas are feeling the pinch of the center city shut down. convoy of tow trucks rolled through fairmount tonight towing more cars. security fencing around the perimeter of the parkway almost complete. police presence has been stepped up, and residents who are dealing with all of this say it may be time to go. >> i'm planning not to -- to pretty not leave my house except for mingling with the crowds. i'm not going to try and get anywhere this weekend. >> it's nothing like we've ever seen before. >> reporter: this man can't wait for papal weekend. that's because he's leaving town for new york. >> it's pretty cool much the pope is here but you know kind of annoying everything kind of closes down and people trying to navigate in and out of the city. >> reporter: you're looking at a live look at that security fence that was erected right
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down the middle of callowhill street and tomorrow the squeeze will even get tighter that is when residents with those yellow placards they're going to have to move their cars off the streets and that is when the parkway perimeter is completely secure. so things are happening at a rapid pace. iain. >> sure are, chris, thank you very much. as those in the city get ready thousands are swarmed into streets the washington, d.c. to catch a glimpse of the pope. it is rah a* wrap of his first full day in america and as our bruce gordon shows us from d.c., the pope's jam packed schedule was filled with simple and stately events. >> reporter: pope francis is widely known and largely admired as a pontiff who enjoys mingling with his flock, and for speaking his mind on controversial issu issues. wednesday in washington, he did both. the pope emerged from his now famous francis fiat to be greeted by president obama and first lady michelle. mr. obama had high praise for his very special guest.
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>> your holiness n your words you said a profound moral example. >> reporter: a brief papal parade gave thousands of fans of francis a chance to see and in a few cases be blessed by the pope. midday saw the pontiff lead a prayer service for us bishops whom he thanked for aiding immigrants to the u.s. and for dealing with the crisis of the priest child sex abuse scandal. >> i know how much these last few years have weighed on your spirit when we bring secure then the victims have healed and we have to hope that such crimes never repeat themselves. >> reporter: and the pontiff ended his day by making history. the first ever canonization service on u.s. soil. conferring sainthood on father junipera serra 18th century spanish missionary credited with spreading catholicism to
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california. on thursday the pope will head to new york but not before one final big event here in washington. a speech before a joint meeting of the congress. it's likely the pontiff will raise the issue of immigration, those relations with cuba and the fight against global warming. those views have already led to criticism from some conservative lawmakers. thursday's speech may well reignite that backlash. in washington, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> she died a tragic death at age ledge. then became the youngest saint ever in the history of the catholic church. now saint maria goretti's body is here in philadelphia. tomorrow and friday the faithful can see her body at saint john the evangelist church. you're invited to touch her glass casket which holds her wax statue with her skeletal remains inside. >> make sure you're ready are to the big pope visit on we'll post all of our stories with everything else you need to know right there on the hoach page. >> like our weather forecast.
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a chance of rain when the pope is here kathy. unbelievable lucy. we're watching this so closely hour by hour as we time the pope's visit. getting even closer obviously every hour. right now in philadelphia 67. dew point at 50. that is very dry reading. wind is calm a beautiful evening with temperatures mainly in the 60s. but as you see to the north and west, some 50s. 57 in pottstown and 59 in the pocono mountains. on ultimate doppler here it is. we're tracking this area of low pressure and there is a chance it could make it close enough to provide some showers during the pope's visit this weekend. here we'll time it out. friday a few clouds creeping in over the course of the day but pretty much a partly sunny day. but were by saturday the rain getting a little bit close sr. way mostly cloudy sky. but still held at bay to the south. the question is, what about sunday? that's where the forecast gets more complicated. i'll have more on that coming up later in the broadcast. >> all right. kathy, thank you one person is dead after a shooting overton
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park tonight. it happened around 7:30 on the 7600 block of sherwood road. philadelphia police say a 41-year-old man was shot once in the chest. he was taken to presbyterian hospital where he died. no arrests have been made. image that sparked a frenzy on social media and even led to a hate crime investigation. it turns out campus police say nothing sinister is behind what was hanging from that tree at the university of delaware. but students are still hoping it brings attention a much bigger issue. fox 29's shawnette wilson is in newark tonight. >> many students we talk to tonight don't believe this display what they actually saw is innocent. but they say they love their university and they're optimistic that this will be a teaching moment that could lead to change. >> we going to be all right? i said, we going to be all right. >> reporter: students pack the courtyard outside mitchell hall on the university of delaware campus this evening. >> i feel like i guess us having
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this conversation today can make people aware of it and just, you know, just like allow people to feel more accepted. >> reporter: black lives matter rally organized by the black student union comes on the heels of an incident that heightened racial tension many say already existed on the campus. >> we're heart broken. >> reporter: students like kevin were shocked at this picture. string and bent hangers hanging from campus trees tuesday night. >> this campus is a hot spot environment for students of colors. as i gazed at the nooses in the trees last night i was brought to tears. >> reporter: university officials condemned it and campus police started investigating it as a hate crime. but by morning, police determined it was all the remnants of lanterns that had been decorating trees from campus event. >> i'm kind of skeptical about that and i'm hoping we'll continue to look into this rather than just sweep it under the rug. >> reporter: diverse crowd of
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students say they have concerns about racism on campus. >> it's not limited to just black lives matter. there's issues between latinos, asian-americans, around the whole border. >> reporter: university staff telling students tonight they're voices have been heard. >> we what happened things to get better not only in this university but everywhere. >> reporter: university officials also said during the rally that they have come up with a diversity plan or divert is the training to give to senior staff to help with students concerns. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. caught on surveillance cameras a strange burglary at the grand food services in west kensington a guy walks in saturday and takes four cookers. they're worth 1200 bucks. if you know who the guy is, call police. all right. the eagles, zero-two but a lot more they need to worry about for sunday. howard eskin is here. this is a must win game, howard.
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>> absolutely must. the eagles will be without key company alonso and likely michael kendrick at linebacker. thorton didn't practice today and he'll be outweigh broken bone in his hand and today demarco murray left practice with a hamstring pull. his availability i'm told for sunday will not be decided until the weekend. after sunday's game against the cowboys, wide receiver josh huff told reporters he thought he heard the cowboys calling out the eagles plays on the dallas side line. chip kelly put a stop to that but josh huff if you listen closely, maybe not so much. >> i'll just ask josh do you think they had any of our signals then said no. >> if he told you that, then that's what it is. >> that's what you told him. >> if he told that you, then that's what it is. >> it sounds like that's different from what you said the other day. >> stop blowing thing out of proportion. >> tell me waits. coming up later more on the eagles. are the eagles a predictable offense.
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chip kelly and sam bradford address that. it will be coming up later in another segment with your sports. >> pulled over for a broken taillight then be rated by the cops for having hiv. (inaudible). >> but it doesn't end there. what this officer did next that now means big payout for the woman behind the wheel. >> also a philly radio mogil's home taken over by strangers the confrontation as family and neighbors frying to them out. >> going to extreme to battle skin problems that laser problems couldn't fix. >> it was so irritating. i'll itch it. i would catch. constantly look in the mirror and pick at my pimples. >> while going under the laser no longer at a boo for brown skin. >> empire fans go one-on-one with cookie herself. her secret to keep her co-stars out of trouble on and off the screen.
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♪ >> it's one of the largest cocaine cease insures in philadelphia and today federal agents showed off their find. more than 350 pounds of coke now off the streets. >> but it took some serious di digging to find the drug. fox 29's brad sattin is here with how they did it. brad. >> lucy this is a big one it actually happened at the port of philadelphia. federal agents can do hundreds of checks and oftentimes most of the time it comes up empty, but last thursday while dig through a container of fruit that had just arrived they found nearly 400 long thin packages of white powder. >> we were fortunate enough to hit the gold mine. >> reporter: multi million dollar gold mine.
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us customs officials hitting the jackpot last week at the port of philadelphia. finding this. stashed among boxes of squash and pumpkins coming from companies at a ricoh bound for new york city. >> what you see here today is 363 pounds or 164.7 kilograms of cocaine with a value of more than $6 million. >> reporter: every container at the port is scanned by x-rays with extra layers of security if anything suspicious. >> you're looking for weight, you're look, for differences. every shipment is different. >> reporter: this one pick a part as a result of a tip. >> this is basically laminated and side the box. >> food is a typical storage target for drug dealers who know it needs to be delivered quickly. >> that's one of the biggest commodities used. easier, organic, it's tedious for anybody to handle. drug dealers know that. >> we're dealing with sophisticated folk. >> reporter: their plan was foiled this time. >> it was found, seized and will never reach the streets of our
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country. >> reporter: little bit of perspective this was actually the eighth biggest bust at the port. big but not all that unusual. at ports across the country u.s. customs seize an average of 10,000 pounds of drugs every day. iain. >> incredible, all right, brad, thank you man in a wheelchair is dead after shooting incident with police in wilmington, delaware. skyfox over the scene on the 100 block of south scott street tonight. wilmington police say the man refused to drop his weapon and may have had a self inflicted gunshot wound when they got there. he died at the scene. a long time philly radio mogil died his grieving family was devastated again when they found his home taken over by strangers. people who actually said it's they are right to live there and as fox 29's bill anderson shows us the family is keeping what's theirs. ♪ >> reporter: radio executive current knee inter son lived in
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the wynnefield second of the city for over 30 years. the area has large well kept houses and close knit neighbors. anderson's house was known for hosting high profile gatherings so when he died in december, it's not the type of place you'd expect squatters to take over. but neighbors told me that's exactly what happened. >> i see some people mowing the lawn. who are you guys. >> i know the owner and she would have told any of us if someone was doing something with the property. i asked them questions. they went inside the house. whoa, how did you get the keys? who are you? we're owners. >> reporter: as far as neighbors know anderson's daughter now owns the house. so the neighbors took pictures and video of james and marissa doing yard work and claiming that they now own the property. >> the police were called but they confirmed that when they showed up, they were shown a state issued identification that showed anderson's address, not being able to prove that the gadson has no right to be here the police legally conrey move
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them. >> i went to the house with sh a.m. a anderson who maintains she is the owner of the house. she told me that she was amazed and hurt that while still grieving her father's passing someone would not only attempt to squat in her father' house but also claim to own it. >> i don't know these people. um, i've never met these people. i never received a phone call from them, and they decided that they would take initiative to come and change the locks on my door in my house without my permission. >> reporter: while i was there, she had the new locks that the gatsons allegedly on the house removed and went in to see what had been done to the inside of her family's property. >> the file cabinet was in here but it wasn't open. >> reporter: neighbors tell us jameses gadson claimed he bought the house in foreclosure. those same neighbors tell us he later claimed to have squatters rights. in a philadelphia magazine article, gadson says he never claimed squatters rights but he has said the property is his. >> how do you explain yourself
10:19 pm
mr. gadson. >> i went to see the sheriff whose office, he toll me records show that the late kearney anderson still owns the house. >> there's no sheriffs sale. there's no debt owed to the city. there's no debt to a mortgage company. hasn't gotten there yet. >> reporter: based on the research that did you in the system who own the house? >> carney anderson he own the property. >> reporter: he also told me that people taking over houses happens more often than we may think. it can be a process to remove squatters but if they break into your house, ultimately it's a crime. >> the door was locked. sew someone broke in there and we don't know if it's the same people broke in there, but someone broke in the property and put their locks on the door. now you got a different story now, because when you break into a property and you take possession of a property, that's illegally done that. >> reporter: we of course tried to contact mr. gadson and his wife for comment and he told me through text message that his
10:20 pm
likenessness is his creator to exchange for currency ton accommodate my request for an interview would require a payment of $5,000. after getting the police and sheriff involved, sh a.m. a anderson thought the gad sops finally left but days later neighbor manuel glenn was balking by and spotted james gadson and another man trying to once again go in the house and change the locks. he confronted them and caught the whole thing on video. >> this time police arrived during the act, the men had no id proving their right to be there, and both men were arres arrested. james gadson was charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief. >> of course, we are staying on top of this story and bring you any developments as they happen. a car dealership riddled with bullet holes. the owner hoping cash will catch the shooter. >> i want him. 5gs. >> what owner says went down hours earlier that spark this
10:21 pm
outburst of bullets and quinc quincy -- >> i'm at a star-studded empire party at wd al s patti jackson. what did you think about the first show. >> fabulous cookie. i cannot wait. >> we'll talk to mother. back to you guys in the studio. >> slightly excited. attacked on the streets several people trapped. what a firefighter tried to save families from that landed him in the hospital. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. we're getting one day close sir but the only roadways that are closed with the papal visit remain the ben franklin parkway. both directions so anyone coming into town tonight and tomorrow morning martin luther king drive you'll be pushed on to the vine expressway. kelly drive you're pushed on to fairmount avenue into the neighborhoods. but tomorrow night,
10:22 pm
10:00 o'clock is when we start to see the closures of the vine street expressway exits that will prevent folks from going on to the parkway and coming into center city. we'll have the rest of the details and check the jam cams when we see bright and early tomorrow beginning at 4:00. ♪
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scary moments for customers at a detroit car dealership. an argument over a rental car ended with these bullet holes flying through the dealership. police say angry boyfriend of a customer fired the shots. the gunfire sent the people inside running for cover. tonight the dealership is offering a $5,000 reward to find the shooter and no one was injured in the shooting. would be carjacker picks out his target even jumping in the driver's seat. >> you know what, he definitely wasn't expecting the driver to fight back. surveillance cameras at this detroit gas station caught the whole thing. you see the carjacker jump in fight with the driver as the guy tries to drive off, the victim pulls out a gun. the victim starts shooting. carjacker crashes into a gas pump and customers say this should send a message to criminals everywhere. >> these people are crazy. you know, they coming up on us just pulling guns and trying to do things that's not god and trying to rob us and we have to
10:26 pm
protect ourselves. >> police think the carjacker is hurt. he got away and they're still after him. >> extreme security in philadelphia protect ugh and pope but not just on the ground. dave? >> security net surrounding the pope's visit gets a little tighter tonight. on the ground and up above. i'm dave schratwieser. i'll have live report. terrible timing this weekend for weather. take look at these wind gusts. this is your saturday. by the afternoon, we're looking at 22 miles an hour gusts in philadelphia. it's still windy for sunday for papal visit. we'll talk more about this plus the possibility of rain coming up with your seven day forecast. >> laser treatments used to be taboo for anyone with darker skin. the break through changing the game for all types of skin problems.
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i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> the city in transformation. live look from the parkway tonight. the stage is almost set as more barriers go up to protect you and the pope this weekend. >> but the security is not just on the ground. look at what we have spotted on top of several buildings across
10:30 pm
the city. rooftop advantage points for security tonight as authorities go to high measures literally and figuratively to keep us safe and just part of the security popping up around town. >> what else should we expect when the pope comes to town. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live from independence mall tonight. dave. >> reporter: security net surrounding the different venues where the pope will appear continues to tonight tonight. so much so you see all kinds of new things throughout the area tonight. both here on up pennsylvania mall and up on the parkway. we spoke to visitors to the world meeting of families tonight and they tell us they're not worried at all about security. security for the pope's visit got a little tighter wednesday night as more barricades went up, bomb sniffing dogs came out and rooftop tents for spotters and sharp shooters began to appear on the parkway and around independence mall. >> leading up to it i thought there would be -- we'd see lot
10:31 pm
mr. security. a lot more of it and we haven't seen that much. >> overwhelmed indeed. >> visitors to the world meeting of families were impressed by the unprecedented security being installed at the venues where the pope will appear on saturday and sunday. >> it is for the country a great responsibility and so they want to give it their all. >> awesome experience getting -- being here getting to see the pope and the preparations leading up for it. >> reporter: protecting the pope and the faithful who come to see him is a top priority. security is everywhere from bomb sniffing doing at independence hall to high tech equipment perched on rooftop. nothing is left to chance. bishop brew shard can't wait to hear the holy father. >> i think he has one thing in mind to bring the gospel pot united states. >> reporter: alexander gomez from miami toured independence mall wednesday evening. but pope will speak to thousands here saturday afternoon gomez isn't very worried about security.
10:32 pm
>> i feel very secure and very hopeful that nothing will happen and if anything does happen it will be contained rather quickly. >> reporter: your main goal here this week? >> to life the event with joy! >> reporter: there's the attitude. tomorrow unscalable fence log go up here on independence mall and around old city on friday. concrete barriers and truck bomb barriers will go up across the city at different checkpoints and friday night traffic will be curtailed inside the so-called traffic box that's 10:00 o'clock friday night. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. you can follow the pope's historic visit on we are posting all of our stories along with everything else you need to know through links on the home page. the cleanup continues after a swarm of bees invaded an arizona neighborhood. you can see what was left to clean up in gilbert after firefighters sprayed heavy foam at thousands of the insects. four people ended up in the hospital including a firefighter and toddler stunk more than 50 times each.
10:33 pm
fire officials say both are doing better tonight. pull over for a broken taillight. a michigan woman says the officer was about to let her go that is until he found out she had hiv. >> dash cam video recorded the stop outside of the detroit. jones says everything was fine until the officer searched her purse and found her medical marijuana. she said that's for her hiv and that's when the officer got angry and started be rating her for not telling him sooner. >> i had to remember how i felt when i lost friends and when people would totally treat me different because i'm hiv positive. >> people with hiv are not required to tell police. is a leandra sued the dee of
10:34 pm
dearborne. they just settled for $40,000. all right. we've got a very big visit coming up in a matter of days and you've got big weather kathy. >> the next couple of days will be no problem smooth sailing, of course. the complication is going to come this weekend. not so much saturday but, of course, sunday as we work our way through the day and the papal visit. right now no weather issues at all, clear skies, light winds. philadelphia 67. poconos 59. 64 in wilmington. someone dover. still watching the coast. high pressure to the north. low pressure to the south but the big question is this high strong enough to hold this low at bay and keep it suppressed to the south? saturday doesn't look a problem at all. independence mall should be mostly cloudy on saturday for the pope's visit. this high will be strong enough but it will be moving offshore. and by sunday, if it weakens and moves a little bit farther to the east it will allow some of this moisture into our region. right now, the best chance of rain looks to be to the south
10:35 pm
and east of the city, but it is still possible we could see rain sunday afternoon here's a look at the potential rain. now friday morning no issue. saturday you can see even along the eastern shore of maryland, there's a chance for some light rain but it's dry saturday. by sunday, it inches a little bit closer. so there's stale chance we can be seeing some light rain especially in the afternoon on sunday. saturday at independence mall lucy and i were there earlier this evening, they are setting up i will be spectacular. the temperature 74 on saturday with northeasterly win. sunday for mass on the parkway 72, mostly clue dee a little bit breezy, an slight chance of a shower. light rain, a tenth, 210ths of an inch at max. so it could still be pesky. on the seven day forecast. beautiful thursday. 82 degrees. a perfect fall day looking nice friday. saturday is cooler. sunday 72. and then we warm up again next week. last night iain said i don't like fall.
10:36 pm
but i think the first week of fall, iain, look pretty good. >> you're a golfer. >> he's moderated his stance. >> i just don't like what comes after fall. >> i know. >> thank you kathy. in your money tonight, fast food slowing down overseas. 31 mcdonald's locations in sweden testing out a new model that offers reservations even table service. it's move to help promote new maestro classic burger the testing begins on friday and will last for week. it features a new sauce called wild mustard. speaking of wild how does new iphone for five bucks a month sound. t mobile announced it's offering the new iphone 6s devices for just $5 a month. the catch, you have to trade in an iphone six, six plus, galaxy s6 edge or -- the payment is just $20. >> when it comes to her empire's cookie will do anything to protect them as it turns out that is not just on screen. fox 29's alex holly shows us how
10:37 pm
taraji p. henson makes sure the men of empire stay out of trouble. >> mother cookie sons andre, jamal and hakeem on screen this lionness and her cubs are a tale of love, ambition and dysfunction. >> off screen taraji, trai byers, jussie smollett and gray are a tight night kind of fami family. >> i don't know if they come to me to solve their problems because i got lot of problems of my own, but we are very close. >> we trust each other and love each other so much because of that right there is set the tone for us being able to truely be open in our acting but also, you know, adlibs. all that stuff. >> yeah. >> taraji's own son marcel is just 20 so slipping into the mom roll it comes naturally. >> i care about these boys. i love -- ooh shouldn't say boys. young men because they're my boys.
10:38 pm
they're my boys. but, you know, i care about them a great deal. i've met their mothers, you know, i feel a responsibility as a mother more so than as an actor. >> it means really keeping tabs on them at a time when quick success and big bucks can easily leader to trouble. >> i check on my boys because, you know, jussie and particularly yaz brashear because he's so young and so new to the industry and, upping, getting all this money and i'm always what you spending your money on? you buy property? you have art? you know, i'm checking on their mental health looking in their eyes to make sure nothing is getting to them. >> they want to make sure people know overnight success isn't getting to they are heads. >> i go and get giordano's good pizza. >> you'll have people following you. >> they're just living life down to earth easy going. >> i work out. i play ball. i write. i write a whole lot actually.
10:39 pm
it's the most connecting at a that's right tick thing for me. i watch the simpsons. you got to stay shaken. >> you sure do especially with fans like these behind me and watch parties look this one. week after week. alex holly for fox 29 news. >> speaking of the watch party quincy is at harrah's for tonight's big empire premier. >> reporter: lucy, coming up i will talk to brashear's gray mother but i didn't know we had cookie and lucius. how did you guys like the show. >> it was great. what can i say, man? they bring so much inspiration to the show. the movie, the acting the story lines they bring realism to the show. >> they bring it. lucius, cookie, the real brashear beaus mother coming up. >> back to you. >> we can hear you. going through he can treatments to battle skin problems laser treatment cos not fix until now. why going under the laser is no longer taboo for brown skin. ♪
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♪ it's tonight fans television hottest show have been waiting a long time for. season two of empire has arrived and fans were not disappointed with tonight's premier episode. but for many just watching it at
10:43 pm
home wasn't enough. >> fox 29's quincy harris live at harrah's philadelphia tonight for one happening party. quincy, sounds like that celebration is far from over. >> lucy, all i know you're telling ming -- you're saying something to me. there's so many people here. did you guys enjoy the show? >> this lady right here turning 50 in two week. >> happy birthday to me. >> we have the gm from harrah's. ron, this is a great venue and we thank you for letting us have the venue. >> we were ecstatic to most the premier of empire. look at this crowd. doesn't get better than this? this is the block at harrah's philadelphia opened in september. lots of great shows coming our way. brotherly love is here. just played for the president. lisa lisa come on down visit the block. >> we have brashear's mother andrea. how you doing. >> i'm doing great, thank you. >> i'll talk to you after season one.
10:44 pm
how are you feeling about the progression of seeing your son going from rapper to like now really established actor? >> i am very happy. he had a whole season to go into his character. he's doing great job. he has acting coaches so he's doing great job. i'm very proud of him. >> i was in chicago early this week on the set of empire and just to see him he's really poised. >> yes. >> who are some of the people that reach out to him and people my want to be on empire this season he told you about. >> andrea -- are a degree anna grande. who else? >> becky g on this season, too. >> so many people. >> yes. >> you were telling me because i was watching you during the show. you were like -- you were as excited it's a us. you find out had we find out? >> absolutely. i do not know what's going on until i see it. >> wow. >> because i would tell everything.
10:45 pm
>> you know how moms are. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> did you guys have fun? >> yes! >> we had so much fun. >> will you be watching? will you guys be watching empire neck wednesday? >> yes, we will. we will. >> lucy, iain, we need you guys to come party with us. okay? thank you guys in the studio. >> how fantastic. seeing of fantastic, we have fantastic news to share about a puppy that's gone through so much in a few week here on ear earth. duffy the found in a dufflebag is going up for adoption tomorrow. she's just a sweetheart. gives hugs now. delaware county spca says she's now healthy enough is he survived heat stroke and par have a virus. >> cosmetic and medical treatment are breaking new ground. in the past the darker your skin the greater the risk for certain people. >> now more people with darker complexion are going under the laser to street acne scars and dark patches.
10:46 pm
joyce evans explains how the person behind the procedure can make all the difference. ♪ >> reporter: shelf field loves creating new hairstyles all her own. but this one has a dual purpose. >> pretty much started going for the long hair look so i can just cover up my face more. and my cheeks. >> reporter: she's hiding pimples, pock marks, scars and dark spots caused by acne and a little eczema. >> it was so irritating. i would itch it. i would scratch. look at the mirror and pick at my pimples. >> reporter: hair big enough to hide her face but not the shame of something 20-year-old feels. >> you know it's there even though you're hiding but you just know it's there. >> reporter: desperation led her to dry some interesting home remedies and more. >> first i used mayonnaise when i was younger my mom recommended it. alcohol. i did tooth pave also i started
10:47 pm
using off the shelf products. that didn't work. that broke me out more. >> reporter: suggestions from a friend sent her searching for more aggressive treatment. but she was told there was little more that would be safe for her sensitive brown skin. >> i just got so used to long hair. okay. i'll continue to wear this hairstyle. just go along like that. >> reporter: she has to. because there's nothing certainly not a laser treatment that can help with acne scarring like this, right? >> it's just that we have to proceed a little differently with various skin types. >> reporter: new results with newer lasers says dermatologist gray. in the past one or two different types of skin types and push you way from other skin types. people with darker pigment. now they're working most skin types. >> he goes to work on jenn day who is not afraid.
10:48 pm
i'm so ready for this. to have my confidence back. >> this is after he had already completed patch testifying of two different laser types and wave lengths for her forehead. >> not the same cookie cutter thing for every patient. >> reporter: but it does require special care he says, slow and easy. the only way to go with african-americans. light tones, darker skin no difference. >> and wave lengths used for different type of skin must be adhered to or people will have problems with it. >> reporter: still he cautions you have to be ready for the possibility that you may look like this for a few days. until the treated skin peels away. >> it's scary looking. >> go through a peeling process. some are more severe than others. you just have to manage that with various medications or topical agents. >> reporter: and lots of reassurance he says that it gets better. although it may take weeks, even months of treatments.
10:49 pm
spread out. >> you need more sessions becomes problematic sometimes because of cost. >> reporter: 500 to 900 bucks a treatment and insurance won't cover any of it. >> it puts a dent in your pocket but it's worth it at the end. >> reporter: more burning? >> yes. >.report. >> a lot more. >> yes. >> reporter: dr. gray he'll combine lasers micro term a abrasion and topicals to street zen day and she doesn't need much. isn't you're excited about it. >> i am. just to get it done with and everything. >> and because she's young, she's expected to show better results quicker. still he says do your homework on doctors and lasers first. >> ask the doctor a lot of questions. is this designed for my skin type? you know what are the better ones to use for what we're trying to accomplish. >> reporter: joyce evans fox 29 news.
10:50 pm
>> as always check out your doctor very well. >> absolutely. here's howard with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> the eagles have more injury concerns going no a must win game with the new york jets and players from other eagles opponents are saying the eagles offense is predictable. chip kelly and sam bradford address that issue coming up in sports.
10:51 pm
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♪ the eagles have more injury problems demarco murray left practice with a hamstring injury but i'm told he does still have a chance to play and that will be decided over the weekend now the eagles are already without kiki alonso. michael kendrick is a long shot to play. cedric thorton outweigh broken hasn't. the other issue that has come up players from other teams talking about knowing what the eagles are doing on offense. desmond said the eagles plays are predictable. sean lee saw 10 cease could that
10:54 pm
be a problem? not according to chip kelly. >> i think we've been varied in our two games and into our preseason and everything. we do a different job changing formations and things like that. you know when you're not successful i think guys are grasping at excuses to be honest with you. >> it's not the most complex offense in the world. i think we tried to play fast but when you play fast, i think we do have certain tendencies. i think dallas did a good job of rec mizeing some of those. >> these guys got to score. the phillies trying to avoid 100 losses. to miami. eleventh inning three-three. gordon, five losses away from 100. phillies four-three. we'll be right back.
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