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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 25, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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crowds gathered yesterday a at saint patrick's cathedral on fifth avenue knew in new york city anticipating the arrival of the pope francis where the holy father plans to make his historic man mark today, good morning, steve. >> reporter: well, fifth avenue knew may be one of the big drags through midtown machine hat on but we're on the main drag in center city philadelphia broad sleet which looks different then it ever has before and a few hours, lauren you will not be able to get through here at all. the right now it is tough getting through, you can see concrete barricades up. i don't know if you and greg have had trouble today, but it could be trouble for anybody who doesn't realize that things have changed a whole lot this morning. >> reporter: yes, things have changed. we had a tough time getting to
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24th and pennsylvania but we made it, a lot of the the streets are blocked off and there are a lot of police officers manning their corners throughout center city as people from all over the world has arrived here in philadelphia we will introduce to you some of them coming up. >> do you know who arrived from just all over the world, lauren dawn johnson welcome back. thanks so much for remembering us and being back in our lives. >> stop. >> we miss you. >> jenny joyce just said my flight yesterday back to philadelphia full of people coming to the world meeting of families. >> all eyes are on philly. one quick note, what you missed while were you gone was hugs for hounds calendar. the picture in here is one of the funniest photos we have ever seen. we looked through this. crying, laughing. i will show you that later. >> okay. >> good to have lauren back. >> yeah, and buy the calendar because it help philadelphia adoptables who helps homeless animals. it is all, a fun stuff to look at, have single month.
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>> yes. >> welcome to friday. welcome to what will be a big weekend around here and welcome to another look at the rain, far to our south, we will keep an eye on it all weekend long, to see to if it does, decide to come here to philadelphia. it looks like if we get any rain, sunday will be the the day. we will break that town coming up but here we are with just a lot of cloud cover and lets see what that has done to the temperatures. 65 degrees in philadelphia the pleasant, beautiful weather morning but you can see scaffolding, and the sets that are going up in our neighborhood. this is what we are looking at here. 81 percent. sunrise 6:51 this morning. 56 degrees mount pocono. fifty-nine pos town. the is there your 65 in the city. sixty-two in trenton. these temperatures not a as cool as they were yesterday at this time because, the cloud cover we just saw. we didn't have that radiational cooling. fifty-eight in atlantic city. sixty-five in dover, delaware. wait gorgeous yesterday.
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it was a ten out of ten. it was 82 degrees. average high is 75. today, we will be closer to average and should be a nice day. breezes will start to pick up a as well. 75 degrees, is the the high temperature today. sixty tonight. that is, the early call, on friday. and it is an early call for us, today but we will be with us all morning long, to keep you updated on all of the weekend things that are going on, including that visit, by what is his name. >> man done last night, we have the flyers. the somebody is coming. i'll tell what you we are making a big deal out of it. straighten up your room, clean up the house, pope is on the way. the here's a live look at ben franklin parkway which steve mentioned a at the top security is at the the tightes it has been, all week long. we have been talking about this. this is not the big news but this morning coming into the city, be ready for some security checkpoints along the
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way. live look here at the parkway. lets go to the the next camera live look at the vine street expressway where on and off ramps are block now with no access from the vine expressway autopsy above, into center city here. ben franklin parkway, closed in both directions, it has been all week. the anyone coming in on the drives now you's forced off on to the vine expressway, kelly drive forced off at fairmount avenue, a all of the preparations we have been talking about all week going in to lock down this week. you will need to enter a security checkpoint and steve will tell us about that in a minute from here from city hall, all the way up through the parkway area so if you are, coming into center city this morning, give yourself plenty of extra time, chris and well come back lauren. >> only 40 hours in new york and pope francis will have a grueling schedule. he will address world leaders at u.n., hold a mass in the madison square garden, take part in the service a at 9/11
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memorial and be in a processional through central park and finally the pope will visit harlem. he hit the ground running yesterday after visiting washington d.c. we will have much more with bruce gordon in a minute. >> pope francis license here in philadelphia. >> officials inact the final phase of their plans. steve keeley live with the very latest on this, hi there, steve. >> reporter: as bad as things are right now when we change anchors at 6:00 things will change even worse at 6:00 a.m. and then again the at 8:00 a.m. it is really bad now if you think you have to make a delivery or get to work or drop people off, think again. all right. the let me tell you how many police officers are working. you heard commissioner ramsey say they are on this special shift. do you see this police officer here. he is in his personal car. every police car, patrol car, unit is being used. they have got guys on duty in their own cars. you can see, he is manning the shift here, at broad and vine street which is shut off.
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so they have got the cones, and the steel barricade here and then further up you see a mark car at an intersection, getting ready to seal that off but you can see 15th street traffic still going through here. we will walk unon the sidewalk and here's something you will hear bob kelly talk about every ten minutes and he has been talking about this every hit. you see the the yellow or owe trucks. vine street expressway just a thoroughfare right now because you cannot get off the usual exits here, in center city. so you can get on it and get you to, farrah away spots, and 295, but you cannot get off of it around here. so just keep that in mine. you will go way out of your way if you think you can go on this road. look at these police cars coming up. a lot of cops on motorcycles here. chris, show them the signs here. you can see general public entrance a purple sign underneath the the security checkpoint sign and that is where they are expecting the people to walk through here to get to the super secure zones and you can see how they have
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that almost set up now. you can still walk through here until 6:00 o'clock but after that metal detectors are going in and you will need an id to prove that you were a at say hahnemann hospital. you see city hall in the distance. only thing brightest the the clock and clock is going to get closer to the pope's visit here, plus to the stuff all shutting down at 6:00. 8:00 a.m. things change and then at ten. we will talk about the towing, parking and all this other stuff but you can see streets are a whole lot different. look at broad street. look at these concrete barricading into effect straight ahead. they will move all those and completely block this off, real soon. only vehicles going through there now emergency vehicles and law enforcement. chris and lauren, we will update you throughout the morning and things are changing and looking different by the minute. >> yes, they are, all right, steve keeley. people from all over the world packing into philadelphia for the largest world meeting of families ever. >> so jenny joyce live along the ben franklin parkway for
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us where it will all happen, hi there, jen. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. that as peck of the story is incredibly exciting but before we get to that i want to point to that we had to ditch our live truck a few blocks way and over here i don't know if you can see this police officer i said where is your vehicle and police cruiser. he said i'm walking just like you are. so this is absolutely the walk only zone at 24th and pennsylvania avenue. everyone here is getting ready for pope's visit. karen hepp got to see building excitement first hand at the convention center yesterday. she led people all over in town for world meeting of families. while at the convention center they shopped pope memorabilia, shopped folks with family and friend. streets have a festive feel with bagpipers and wholesome family fun. >> i'm from columbia.
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>> unaweible. >> he will be out in public with philadelphia a, for a long period of time. >> i hope at some point in time i at least get within a hundred yard of him, but, you know, i'm hopeful but right now i'm focused on the security aspect of it, making sure he gets in, moves around, and leaves and everything goes as close to plan, not totally according to plan, nothing ever does but as close as possible. >> reporter: with all of the work commissioner ramsey has put the in to make sure that we are absolutely secure i hope he gets blessed by the pope for all of his work. while many in the city made months to rent out their apartments and head out of town city leaders say for those undecided, it is not the too late to join the world as we celebrate in our own
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backyard. lauren and chris. >> so exciting, jenny joyce, thanks very much. pope francis kicks off his first trip to new york city after he left the nation's capitol yesterday. >> bruce gordon shows us how he made the most of the time hours in washington d.c. >> reporter: in the first of three important speeches, more political than purely religious on this u.s. trip pope francis because again his thursday on capitol hill speaking his mind to u.s. lawmakers. >> the pope of the holy sea. >> reporter: pope francis entered the house chambers to thunder us a applause, this was history in the making, first ever sitting pope to address the joint meeting of congress. the pontiff described himself as grateful for the opportunity to speak to american lawmakers but wasted no time offering advice on their responsibilities and obligations. >> the dignity of the fellow
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sit sense in the tireness and demanding refute of the global purpose. >> reporter: he weighed in on income in equality and repeated his belief that all life is sacred a veiled reference to abortion. he reject death penalty and called for greater environmental stewardship. pontiff spoke at length on behalf of the immigrants both legal and otherwise. >> we have to accept others and give others the the same responsibilities that we seek for our selves. >> final preparations for philadelphia's world meeting of families now well underway, the pope repeated his theme for this u.s. visit, the the importance of the family, threatened he said, from without and within. >> relations have been called into question is the the the basis of marriage and the family. >> afterward the pope turned down an invitation to lunch with congressional leaders, in order to serve and eat with
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the poor and home less, to benefit from a local catholic charities organization. >> friday morning the pope will address general assembly of the u.n. here, saturday in philadelphia, he will talk immigration, pope will leave the united states with no one unsure of his views of the the great issues of the day. in new york city, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> i get out of my car, and every where people are in the street. >> terrifying scene on the streets of the seattle after a crash involving a duck both tour vehicle kills the at least four college students as locals continue to pray for the victims. what witnesses are saying likely caused that collision.
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well. good morning, welcome back, live picture from times square, new york city where pope francis has a very busy 40 hour plan including a trip to the u.n. and mass a at madison square garden but where would you rather be, there, or here along ben franklin parkway to see the pope. >> that is picturesque. >> sue serio, everyone planning to head out to get a glimpse or take part in the ceremonies, want to know what is the weather like this weekend. >> i can tell to you count on temperatures in the 70's, not 80's like we have been in the past two days, that is one thing, inn a then at night, you are going to the concert on saturday night or lasting in the evening for the mass on sunday, you will need a sweater because temperatures will be dropping in the 60's
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and 50's. so these are the weather systems at work, we're watching this coast willal storm, and the strong high, high pressure system that has been our weather maker giving us beautiful weather, in between, wind, that is other thing we can pretty much promise you, gusty winds throughout the the weekend. starting to breezes will start to pick up today. as we head into sunday, we are looking betterment all computer models are not in agreement just yet but it is looking like we will get rain to the south of us, let's say southern delaware, new jersey shore but will that rain inch up into philadelphia? it is still going to be a close call but if it does rain it doesn't look like it will be very much. here's one of our estimates, from one of our computer models, not even measurable rain on sunday. so that is latest there. that is looking optimistic. all of the measurable rain will stay down to the south. as far as temperatures, 70's as we mentioned on saturday and sunday. that is a at the shore and
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here. by sunday we may end up with 70, 75 degrees for a high temperature. the wind, that is what we're talking about, the 32-mile an hour wind gust in cape may. 34 miles an hour on atlantic city, thinks on saturday. so this is a windy day. if you are escaping and heading to the shore, watch out for that and 23 miles an hour wind gusts that is hold on to your hat wind here in the city with 25 miles an hour wind gusts, things will be blowing around on sunday a as well. a 32 miles an hour win gust at the shore. windy windy, windy, both days of the weekend. the general overview of all of the activities on saturday, mostly cloudy, breezy but a dry day on saturday. seventy-five. cloudy day on sunday with a 30 , we will put it that way, on sunday. so, even if we get some rain, it will be that nuisance, drizzle kind of rain. here's ultimate doppler to show you what is happening right now, which is nothing in our area. we will look ahead in the
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future cast and we will see a lot of cloud cover today. the rain to our south, tomorrow and then on sunday, some sun, making it through some of those cloud. we will get better. we will see rain trying to get here from the south, not quite making it according to this model to philadelphia but sunday into monies the time when we do to see some rain. temperatures are not quite as cool as they were yesterday, 50's to the north of us, 65 in the the city, it is 70 right now, very mild morning in wildwood, new jersey. seven day forecast has a high of the in mid to upper 70's for today, mid 70's for tomorrow, 78 degrees on monday, we will briefly warm back in the 80's on tuesday of next week, and then by thursday though we will see quite the cool down with a high of only 70 degrees. we have had that ideal weather the pass couple of days. it may be less than ideal, bob kelly, with some bob kelly but i think that will be a good thing. the it probably be pretty
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comfortable bet days of the weekend. as we make our plans i would just say have have a sweater and for sunday a papal puncho. >> we have had ideal conditions all week long if you are coming into center city but a all that will change, today. all of this secure perimeters, checkpoints that we have been talking about all week, today is the game changer and here's a live look at the vine street expressway. steve keeley said it right, vine street expressway is basically a thoroughfare from point a to point b there is no way to get off the vine street expressway right now. all of the on and off ramps to and from the vine street expressway are closed. you can combo from 95 over to the schuylkill and vice versa but no exits are opened here, coming up above, into center city. that whole security zone is in effect right now. the septa a stations have been closed. they have closed last night at 10:00 o'clock for market frankford line, both fifth and 15th street stations are
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closed, subway city hall stations are closed, subway surface will trolleys are not stopping at 15th and regional rails are in the stopping at suburban. all of these stations are within that secure perimeter that the police now are basically in from city hall all the way up through the parkway. tonight at 10:00 o'clock is when the major roadways, go into shut down mode. we're talking the schuylkill expressway, tonight, at 10:00 o'clock we will close the schuylkill from conshohocken to i-95, out of town, i-95 to the city, vine expressway will be closed to vehicle traffic. i-95 will remain opened, that is your go to route for the entire weekend, the only closure along with i-95 would be the off ramps coming into center city, philadelphia. chris and lauren, it is game time. >> yeah. this is sad news for you. four college students are dead and dozens of others hurt
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after a duck boat and charter bus collided in seattle. no official word on what caused the crash but witnesses say the vehicles were heading in opposite directions when the duck boat swerved and collided with that on coming charter bus. fifty-one people taken to area hospitals. some victims are listed in critical or serious condition. we were coming around the curve and next thing i know i think maybe the the traffic slowed down and we veered out of control and we hit it right here and just spinning around. people were being thrown out of the duck and things like that. >> the national transportation safety board has taken over the crash investigation. here at home duck boats have been involved in a number of incident most recent in may when a ride the ducks vehicle hit a tourist as she crossed the street against a red light in center city. in 2010 a barge plows in the duck boat packed with tourist that stalled in the delaware river killing two hungarian change students. coach chip kelly thought
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he could easily replace evan mathis but that is not the case, why one player says they have to look back to win sunday's upcoming game. but first here's your winning lottery numbers.
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morning, i'm sean bell. demarco murray may not play sunday dealing with the hamstring injury. right now he is a game time decision but it won't matter if the offensive line does not get a lot better. the the eagles are averaging 2-m bradford has no time to throw the ball. chip, thought he could easily replace evan mathis but that is clearly not the case. they need to get a lot better if they want to compete with the jets. >> it was bad but when you go back and look at the film, there were some plays, that were just one block away from a big play. it is like musical chairs. sometimes we have four guys play go and one guy may have a mistake. the that is the o line. you have to have five guys playing together for one to make a full executional play. that is what we have to do. phillies and marlins, scoreless in the seventh. but he triples to right. that scores a run. and that is all marlins would need. phillies lose one to nothing.
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that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. well, fans apparently still love tom brady. >> patriots quarterback tom brady's jersey is number 12 is number one. patriots pro shop says off season sales were uncharacteristically high. he was best selling player among all licensed commercial merchandise from march through may 31st. second on the less dez bryant of the cowboys, number four, rob, of the patriots. rounding out top five, jared heim of the 49ers. >> yes. >> all right. grab a bite to eat during the pope's visit could cost you more than you can expect. where prices are sky-high, the reasons behind it, and when and if they might come back down again.
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we are one day from pope francis visit to philadelphia, how the city of brotherly love is getting ready for the holy father this morning. >> pope may have just arrived in new york city but many people there believe they caught a glim, the imposter riding a around, the the city, as francis. >> that is cool. >> how dare you. >> good day, everyone it is friday, september 25th, 2015.
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>> so, been a long time coming for all of us, planning, preparing, behind the scenes work and now it is finally here. >> it is happening, sue serio. >> yeah, we're hunkering down for the the whole weekend. we will have special coverage all weekend long, hopefully you stay with us. the most importantly, when you are where ever you are, your vantage pint will be important to us so tweet us and facebook us using the hashtag fox 29 pope and then we can see what you are seeing, from where ever you are, if you are participating in the events this weekend. we have another beauty today with the weather forecast and things will be, of course, windy, over the papal weekend. rain is the question mark. we are still put ago this question mark there when we talk about sunday. so, there is, my twitter handle and facebook, sue serio, fox 29 in case you were wondering. the satellite radar we are watching this rain down to the south, high pressure is keeping it down to the south
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and as that high, sneaks off shore over the weekend, it may let the in a little bit of rain. if you are here over weekend, southern delaware, here, jersey shore, you have greater chance of seeing rain this weekend then we will here in the city just so you know. 65 degrees is our current temperature. 6:51 is the time sun will rise this morning. temperatures range from the mid 50's to the north of us to 62 in trenton. we have 59 in lancaster. sixty-three in millville. cloudy enough that it is pretty mild, in wildwood with a 70-degree current temperature. 58 degrees in atlantic city at the airport. it was a gorgeous day yesterday. probably best weather day with the high of 82. today we will expect 76 degrees with increasing cloud throughout the day but pretty nice friday with your sunset time at 6:54. so, at 4:31, bob kelly, there are a lot of places you cannot go this morning.
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>> probably, easier to tell me where you can go as opposed to where you cannot go this morning. but today is the day, all of the security measures we have been talking about all week are in effect, this morning and will be as we move through remainder of the morning rush hour. here's a live look at spring garden street bridge that connects, university city over toward the the art museum. they are putting in the security checkpoint. so this spring garden street bridge will be used as a walkway between university city and the art museum area and you can see here, the metal detector that everyone will to have walk through in order to get into that secured zone. on my twitter and facebook page i put the secure map here area in red which takes you from city hall all the way up through art museum area. in order to get into that zone right now and for the weekend you will need to go through a security checkpoint. later on throughout the day, the the other levels of the security will open up,
4:33 am
basically. green box here is that traffic becomes that we have been talking about, that goes into effect tonight at 6:00 o'clock. if you are coming in for the festivities and you are driving you want to be inside the green box by 6:00 o'clock otherwise you you will be out of luck. then once you leave you will not be able to enter until after the weekend. vine street expressway basically just a thoroughfare right now. there is no way to get off the vine street expressway. all of the off ramps are closed, ramps basically that lead up above to that security zone, just showed you, ben franklin parkway, again that tight security as we get ready for the big festivities through the weekend. coming in on the drive you will be forced off right before you get to the art museum. so just give yourself some extra time. the subway stations are, in shut down mode, the the following stations here, again, all in that secure zone which is in lock down mode
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right now, chris and lauren, back to you. pope francis continues his u.s. tour today in new york city where he will speak with world leaders before the u.n. general assembly. >> but before, today's big event, new york got a special papal addition, a figure of pope francis a arrived at madam toso's wax museum complete with the mode or cade. pope traveled town streets in new york in the nissan convertible, while many were disappointed he was not the real deal, it still made for a great picture. >> that is tease ago lot of people. >> good thing it wasn't a hundred degree, yesterday he would have melted. >> and back here at home just one more day before we see pope francis up close and personal. >> however next few days thousands are expect to crowd the streets to see pontiff. we said thousands, we would be safe in saying hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions. we will see, right, jen. >> reporter: we will see, regardless it is very
4:35 am
exciting. all we do see is a strong police presence throughout the the city. officers on most blocks in and around center city looking at the parkway here behind me off to my right you can see there are even police officers back there i could see earlier this morning there was an officer with the k-9 walking around. this is just beginning of the road closures and security sweeps as pope is set to arrive tomorrow. karen hepp got to sees building excitement for pontiff first a hand at the convention center yesterday. she met people from all over the world who are in town for the world meeting of families. while at the convention center they shopped pope memorabilia and snapped photos with family and friend. the streets have a festive feel with bagpipers and wholesome family fun. yesterday we talk to mayor nutter who reflect on pope francis speech in d.c. >> from the opening, talking about the land of the free and home of the brave, i mean i really start a todd kind of of well up a little bit.
4:36 am
he is quoted in two speech is that i have heard doctor martin luther king. he talks about abraham lincoln, he will speak from the lectern that abraham lincoln used at gettysburg address in philadelphia. this is, i mean this is just incredible. >> reporter: it is pretty special. he is not sure what philadelphia residents plans are if people are staying in, participating or heading out of town this but this historic occasion will be very special for anyone who wants to be part of it, lauren and chris. >> jenny joyce, thanks very much. >> this might not come as a surprise to many parents but there is an age range in which kids lie to you. what experts say that is, and why, coming up.
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what vegetables do you like best. >> broccoli. >> okay. well, guess what u.s. department of agriculture say potatoes make up 30 percent of the vegetables grown and processed for americans each year. >> potatoes? >> tomatoes are next. 22 percent. lettuce is distant third with only 7 percent. these three veggies made up 59 s grown and distributed for americans in 2013, usda says it is important to eat ray
4:40 am
variety of food for balanced nutrition. >> if i eat three bags of herrs potato chips i get three servings. >> that does not count those are processed. >> talk about eating, how about eating three meals of standard a day. >> new study shows perception is not the reality and costing us calories. 150 healthy men and with men were asked to snap photos of everything they ate and nutritional supplements they consume and time, place and calorie in take. researchers found if people were awake, they were eating. more than a quarter of the daily calorie in take happened before noon and more than third of the daily food happened after 6:00 p.m., and then the team tracked food in take, and writing the time they could dine to ten hour time block every day for 16 weeks. this group cut their calorie in take by 20 percent and lost, 7-pound. >> i need to to that. >> this might not come as a surprise to many parents but there is a a age range where kid start lying to you the
4:41 am
most. the you know what that is. >> my boys are 11 and seven. >> oh. >> all right. my kids are pretty trust worthy. they are going to be teenagers and they will lie about everything, yeah. right around the corner are college age kids between 18 ape 29. researchers studied more than a thousand kid and adults between six and ten. they told nearly 3/5 a day, teens lie to get around, accountability, simply defy their parents in a quest to find themselves. lots of people are volunteering ahead of the pope coming here to philadelphia ape make sure those volunteers can do their jobs, campbell's soup is stepping up to help. >> approximately 3 truckloads of pep ridge farm snacks were delivered to the convention center yesterday. that is more than 103,000 units of gold fish, cookies, owe meal raisins cook inn and gra knoll a campbells didn't stop there. new jersey based company is
4:42 am
donating 2 truckloads of the egg harbors like water and v8 fusion. >> that is nice. >> yes. big news coming from the trump family but this time it is in the the the donald making headlines, the major expansion, ivanka trump had has just unveiled.
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that was from 1980. all right. that landed led zeppelin as a group. so, lauren dawn johnson got back from a nice world trip. >> the pope is close. >> but one thing you missed was this hugs for hounds group that came yesterday for fox fursday and all kind of neat pictures. there is one in the back that you didn't see, and speaking of getting, in your downward dog, this one had us cracking up. >> is that you. >> that is the same thing i said sue serio. >> whose dogs are those. >> he just kept laughing. >> then i said what are you doing. >> so i got a question for you, whose dog volunteered to be up there on his butt. >> i thought he looked very happy up there.
4:46 am
>> it was kind of funny so can i say now when you buy the calendar it is for philadoptables and they help a lot of the organizations, find homes, take care of home less animals. they just bought an anesthesia machine so we can spay and newter so we candy crease the over pop eulogies of the the stray animals in the area they are doing a lot of good. do hound for hugs calendar and look at these great pictures too. here's the weekend, strong high pressure, low pressure to the south. this is where we are keeping a very close eye, the the close eye, not the other eye, the close eye, this low pressure system, and to see what it will to. by sunday it will inch northward. the question his who gets precipitation. i think if you are southern delaware, new jersey shore you have a chance of rain. we have a chance of rain here in philadelphia would i bring the punch o on sunday if you are coming here in to the city to see the papal mass, but you
4:47 am
cannot bring an umbrella, that is something important to remember. we will look at our different computer models to see what kind of rain they are predicting, in measurable rain from this one, this one i believe is the american model, and this one has .2 of an inch of rain in philadelphia, not much, the other computer models here's another one, you see the the rain doesn't even make it close to philadelphia and that one so no rain there. what i'm saying is it is looking a lot better with a lot of these models starting to agree that the rain may not make it as far north as philadelphia. i think we will get cloud cover and wind gusts in the 30, 35 miles an hour range at the shore, 23 miles an hour range in the city on saturday, and we're still in the 30's with wind gusts at the shore on sunday. 25 miles an hour wind gusts on sunday, here in the city. and that could end up meaning more of a problem for you then rain, you just to have make sure that whatever you are
4:48 am
carrying or holding doesn't blow away. you are breaking down independent hall 69 degrees at 10:00 a.m., 27 by 1:00 p.m. by the time pope make his speech it will be 74 degrees. it will feel like autumn, well, it is, and on the parkway, when folks start to gather early and you know they will, 0:00 a.m. 67 degrees. 1:00 p.m. 69 degrees. seventy-one at 4:00 when mass begins. ultimate doppler radar has rain to the south. we will expect to it stay there today but we will get a a few extra clouds from that system to the south by the end of the day today but still looks like a nice one. we are not starting off as cool as we were yesterday, temps in the mid 50's instead of the 40's to the north of us. sixty-five in the city. sixty-eight in wildwood. sixty-five in dover delaware. will mink ton is at 11 degrees right now walking out the door. 8-mile an hour wind. we expect these wind to pick up too after sunrise, 10-mile an hour breeze out of the
4:49 am
north east at the new jersey shore. our seven day forecast instead of the 80's we're at 76 degrees. we got to 82 yesterday. seventy-four tomorrow. seventy-five on sunday. so plan on temperatures in the 70's during the day, 60's and 50's at the night for all outdoor events here in the city. then we will warm in the 80's by tuesday of next next and a bg cool down starting on thursday. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly, where do we begin? >> guess what today. >> is today is friday. >> friday. three months until christmas. >> that is right. >> today is the 25th of september. >> have you started your shopping. >> ninety day count down. >> here we go right up to the pope count down clock we will go to the christmas count down clock. we have no problems at all on any major roadways. here's a picture steve keeley sent to me. cement barriers dropped out of the sky on the overnight here in center city as security zones are all set up. the not only on the street
4:50 am
have they put the concrete barriers but also on the sidewalk. here's the pennsylvania convention center. so any of the folks waking up welcome to philadelphia heading over to the world meeting of families you will notice a difference here in center city. the it is game time here. the vine street expressway opened from end to end but as you can see here all off ramps are blocked. the off ramps take you up in the secure zone, we know it now as ben franklin parkway. the here's a map i put up on facebook and twitter. the red zone which includes city hall all the way up the parkway to the art museum circle, you are able to walk around, to whatever you need to do but you have to go through security as of right new to get inside of that secure zone. of course, green lined area that is what we call the traffic box that is you are able to get in and out of that box until 6:00 o'clock tonight. and secure level as we go
4:51 am
through the day here will justin creed. septa stations are closed this morning mainly the area inside that secured zone, market frankford line they are not stopping at fifth or 15th, the subway is in the stopping at city hall, trolleys, same deal on the 15th and regional rails in the stopping at suburban station. the ben franklin bridge, is opened, today, it will close to vehicle traffic tonight at 10:00 o'clock for the remainder of the weekend. with that closure will also come the access roads. obviously they will in the let you on the admiral wilson boulevard, ramps from 30, 38, 70, airport circle area will be blocked, the buses will be using those routes to get into camden to then walk across that ben franklin but bennie opened for traffic this morning 10:00 o'clock is when we put up the cones, tonight, chris and lauren, back to you. ivan ka trump is expecting for a third time. daughter of the donald trump. she confirmed her pregnancy in a video on facebook.
4:52 am
donald trump expressing his excitement about being a grandfather once again. candidate tweeted so happy about my daughter's announcement, congratulations. she's now 33 years old. >> wow, so young. >> ivana is her name. sticker shock for people trying to get a quick meal but get ready to pay up and only for this weekend. john would spot has no other choice but to charge more for the pope's trip.
4:53 am
4:54 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
4:55 am
here's one you might not have seen coming. >> a lot of people really upset about this. fox 29 sabina kuriakose talk to people on market street says the papal visit is messing up their dollar menu. >> it is $3 for fries, $2. my gosh, what is going on. >> customers likely keisha prior, is telling thaws they are getting a a sign of stick are shock with their order. >> two big macs, fries, chicken nuggets andbergers. >> prices have have been jack up for the the pope's visit, still two days a away. >> what does that have to do with the pope, the prices. >> reporter: after a fox 29 viewer reached out to us, we went inside to put an order in for ourselves. at the register workers telling thaws prices were up, about a dollar or more per meal, because of the papal visit. and a dollar menu, doubled.
4:56 am
>> that is ridiculous. >> down market street, dunkin' donuts telling us their prices are going up tomorrow, expect to pay at least a dollar more per cup of joe. >> we talk to the attorney general's office and the city, both telling us that this is not illegal. the ag's office says it is only price gouging if the governor has declared a state of emergency, and he hasn't. city expects men says businesses are incurring more costs trying to move workers and deliveries in and out of the security zones and checkpoints. so while customers say it is outrageous, you can guess what businesses are facing. cold comfort looking for a warm meal. workers at the mcdonald's at tenth and market tell thaws prices will be back to normal come monday. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> pope francis kicks off his first trip to new york city yesterday, how holy father is
4:57 am
making mess of his time in the big a apple.
4:58 am
4:59 am
on the heels of the trip, in advance of the trip to
5:00 am
philadelphia a hey steve, good morning to you. >> it looks like marshall law has been imposed. we are at 12th and market. thinks a anti truck bomb devices we are seeing deactivated here. look at that agent with the side arm strapped to his thigh. thinks a special device we showed you earlier in the week. reason he is not just testing it out, you see that truck behind me. the deliveries are trying to get through and get around before everything starts clamping down at six. a lot of heavy security just eight blocks away from our lovely little studio there, jenny? good morning, steve keeley. our trucks are here at 24th and wallace. barricades are up. but we can walk down to the parkway which is what we will do, we will give a look at that coming up, chris and lauren. good day, everybody it is friday, september 25th, 2015. we have one day a away, from


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