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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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hey, pope francis greeted by thousandsness new york city yesterday afternoon and evening. we will take you live to the big apple as we get ready for him to address the the united nation is today. and back here at home you may take a different route as you travel through philadelphia today, road closures you need to know b we are getting ready for the pope. >> where is everybody. >> a terrifying scene on the streets of the seattle, does this remind you of anything? after a crash involving another duck boat? what witnesses think caused this collision up in washington state. hey everybody, it is friday, september 25th, 2015. he said he was coming to the united states. he is here big time. pope francis. he is here in philadelphia tomorrow. game on, tomorrow. >> yes. >> it is here. >> three months until christmas today. >> oh, that is right. >> i can't think about christmas right now. >> bit of jesus christ how appropriate, let's think of it that way.
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>> pope memorabilia for everybody. >> here's our number of the day, you'll like to take's weather. you liked yesterday. it will be cooler. we will give it a nine. it is more seasonal. bus stop buddy for folks going to school and few places where kid are going to will school. not here in the city of philadelphia temperatures in the 50's and 60's to get you started. we have rain to the south of us but nothing to look at here in philadelphia. just cloud cover. it is not as cool as yesterday at this time. 66 degrees with the 9-mile an hour breeze out of the east/north east and 50's to the north of us, 60's to the south, 70 in wildwood. high temperature 76 degrees. the it will be breezy around here. 60 degrees tonight. we will have details breaking down weekend forecast, bob kelly, coming up. >> for weeks we have been talking about closures and security checkpoints and it is game time, gang everything is in fully affect. here's a live look at ben franklin parkway which has
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been closed to vehicle traffic and now secured checkpoint you need to get a met or detector to get between city hall and actual parkway this morning. lets go outside, some other closures this morning, vine expressway, off ramps now are block. the vine itself is opened, mainly though just a short cut from i-95 over to the schuylkill expressway because all of those off ramps bring you up above into what is now the security zone which stretches from city hall all the way up to the parkway. you are a able to walk around. you are able to go through checkpoints. septa stations within that security zone the trains are not stopping this morning. this is a at new information, this is game is game plan and in effect for market frankford, subway, trolleys and regional rail lines all not stopping within that security zone this morning. mike and alex, back to you. we have pope francis up in new york city. lets get there right now.
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>> lets get to caroline live in insuring with the preview of the pope's big day in the big apple. >> reporter: big day in the big apple up deed starting off this morning addressing u.n. general assembly. that speech will be in spanish. it won't shy away from the big political topics that we have heard from pope francis over his six day visit. he will talk about the iran nuclear dealing offering praise on. that he will condemn isis. he will talk about climate change and poverty. from there midday he will have a prayer service at 9/11 memorial this afternoon he will hang out with eight years old going to local catholic school up in harlem. 's arrived here in insuring to great fanfare and traffic troubles. having been in washington, new york with all of the road closures we now hand that traffic off to you guys, mike and alex. >> thanks very much, caroline. we will check back with you. we can deal with you just like you did last night 678:96:04. today's appearance before the u.n. comes one day after pope francis gave a historic
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address before congress, and capitol hill yesterday and as you know he was first pope to do so. >> he had a lot the to say speaking to a deeply divided congress. pope urged law make tours show em path toy show immigrants. >> we must not be taken back by the numbers but rather view them as persons. seeing their faces, listening to their stories. try to respond as best we can to this situation. >> so several lawmakers said do you wanting to to lunch? he said nope, i have a different plan. he visited catholic charity where he met with low income and helpless family. he helped feed almost 300 home less people near st. patrick's church. tomorrow hundreds of thousands of people will turnout along the ben franklin parkway. so now we are taking a look at the area. this is a a live look where
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those hoping to get close to the pope they will gather for his appearance at world meeting of family events. >> trying to figure out where they are. >> there are barricades going up this morning. we will talk with our jenny joyce and jen fred, we will talk about the different route to take around the city as we get ready for pope francis to come into philadelphia it looked like they were on vine street expressway and flying all over here, we will get back to that. as we get ready for pope we want to see how you are going to get ready. use the hashtag fox 29 pope. >> okay. other news a fire in kensington injures a child and leaves a family homeless. this is not good. crew where is called to the 2,000 block of west tioga street and found flames on the first and second floors of the row home. child was taken to st. christopher's hospital for children but we're being told he or she was not seriously hurt. fire was placed under control in zero minutes.
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the cost is not yet men. two a adults and three children are receiving assistance from the american red cross. red cross is very busy today. big changes coming to camden's waterfront. wow, this is a big deal, deal that will bring thousands of jobs hopefully to the city, that is on the rise. plus little boy has a big message for republican candidates ben carson after his controversial comments about having a muslim in the white house, why this young kid says he is going to make history. for life...
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that is a nice look shot at sky fox. beautiful day. vine street expressway as you transition to the schuylkill. the the exits, on and off ram answer long the vine street expressway through center city, they are closed. bob, when do they close. >> tonight the at 10:00 o'clock. >> the exits off of the vine street. >> off ramps are closed, right now, last night at 10:00 o'clock. >> okay. >> but schuylkill itself will close at 10:00 o'clock tonight. you cannot transition from the vine, right now, everybody is blazing right through, in getting off. >> a straight shot to i-95. >> 6:10 right now. camden's waterfront is getting, a major face lift. >> governor christie announcing the deal at the camden aquarium yesterday. project spearheaded by liberty
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property trust, malvern company behind the comcast center and other big projects. well, they plan to france form camden's waterfront, 1.7 million square feet have of office space, hotels, hotel stores abe residential units on 16 acres of course overlooking the river. it will bring opportunities for those looking for work. >> these companies are anticipate to go create nearly 1400 new jobs, and, save 2300 at risk jobs from leaving new jersey while generating nearly five you this construction jobs. >> this is what our residents have asked for and advocated over many, many, years and decades. >> well, that is for sure. is it finally going to happen, this time. >> well, they say it is expected to get underway in the fall of next year. they are hoping to have whole thing complete by 2019. >> come on, camden. >> great the for camden. >> for sure. >> we can get it done this time, next. >> a little boy has a big
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message for republican date ben carson after his controversial comments about having a muslim in the white house. why this young man says he is going to make history. bobo. >> 6:12. buckle your seat belt lets go for a ride. sky fox over the scene of one of the many closures in center city philadelphia, all of the off ramps from the vine street expressway are blocked, you can see concrete barricades there as you come to the top. we will run down closures, and give you the answer as to when this schuylkill will be closing later on today, lets grab a cup of coffee and coming right back. the let's do it.
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it is 6:15. it is here, the weekend and the the question is, can we keep this rain, away from philadelphia for the entire weekend, can't it just wait until monday. we do need some rain, as it hasn't rain sinned september 13th and if we were getting brunt of the storm this is kind of rain we would be getting a long the the coast of north caroline, south caroline, pockets of heavy rain but we will be on the outer edge of this storm as it inches northward over the weekend. there is prediction for saturday as low stays to the south thank goodness and then, high pressure system is still pretty strong on saturday but we will be in between those two systems, and we will see
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that pressure gradient tighten up and give us high wind, gusts in the the 20 to 25 miles an hour range on saturday. here's sunday. we do see possibility of the couple rain drops edging into our area, but even if we get some rain on sunday, it won't be a a lot. it doesn't look like we will have a couple tenths of an inch. it comes close. here's prediction for not saturday but sunday. the saturday looks like a dry day, .2 of an inch of rain, not arriving until later in the day. we will have to be concerned about these wind gusts which along the the shore, will be in the 30 to 35 miles an hour range. 23 miles an hour wind gusts on at day and 24 miles an hour or so on sunday. so, as we break saturday and sunday down and we will focus on independent mall for saturday but we know there is festival of the families happening along the the parkway a all day long. so 10:00 in the morning close to 07 degrees, feeling like fall. seventy-two by 1:00. a lot of cloud cover but we
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will see some sun on saturday. a dry day but cloudy and breezy by 4:00 o'clock at 47 degrees when speech begins in front of the independent mall. mass on the parkway doesn't start until 4:00 but folks will be gathering around earlier, cloudy a and cool, 67 , 69 by 1:00 o'clock and 4:00 in the afternoon when mass begins it will be 72 degrees. lets see where we are right now in the upper 50's to the north of us, 66 degrees in the city, 07 in wildwood, new jersey at 63 and wilmington, delaware. the wind are out of the north east. we expect these wind to pick up more after the sunrise and expect wind to be here all weekend long. just blowing your hair around and whatever else you are hold nothing your hand. keep that in mine. that is more of a concern then rain. 13 miles an hour winds right now in wildwood. so we will look back before we look a head and we will see we have warm to 82 degrees for a high yesterday, it was just
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lovely. we will go back to the 07's today. seventy-six is our high. increasing cloud, but still nine out of ten. seventy-five on saturday. 73 degrees on sunday. we will go back to the 80's by middle of the next week where we expect quite a cool down by thursday and that is your seven day forecast, getting you through the weekend and beyond, all right, bob kelly, where can't we go or sit more appropriate to say where can we go. >> just stay where you are. 6:18. good morning everybody. live look at a problem on i-95 southbound an accident between walt whitman bridge and stadium area you you see fire fighters here in what would be the left lane. is there a car on the right shoulder. little shaky. lets go for a ride in sky fox to take you off shaky cam there. that is i-95 south near the stadium. we are looking live from sky fox over center city philadelphia where vine street expressway is basically just from point a to point b from 95 to the schuylkill, all of the off ramps, from the vine,
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broad street off ramp here in to center city are all closed because of all of those ramps will bring you up in to what is now the secure zone between city hall and art museum circle. if we can go my map computer there the schuylkill expressway is opened, right now, the the closure time is tonight at 10:00 o'clock. 10:00 o'clock the magic hour when they will close schuylkill in both directions. the vine will be closed. ninety-five will be your go to road for weekend. that will remain opened all the way through weekend through the the city. only shut down part of i-95 will be ramps to center city. but for the morning you are good to go, schuylkill and vine street expressway, tonight 10:00 o'clock. same deal with the ben franklin it is opened this morning. it will close tonight at 10:00 . same time the access roads from south jersey, like admiral wilson, ramps from 30
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and 38 they will be shut down as well, that stretch will be used for buses to gain access to the parking lot here in camden and then, of course, to walk a across the bridge mike jerrick style into center city over the weekend. mike and alex, over to you. >> sound like is there plenty of patco passes still. >> plenty of patco passes. >> i believe septa still has passes. >> you can ho p out at ninth and locust. >> and walk over from there. >> that might be way to go. schuylkill will be closed from the center city from the blue route. >> from the the blue route 476 all the way down to i-95 through center city on the inbound side and leaving town it is closed from i-95 out to city line avenue. if you wanted to head out to king of prussia for weekend, do some shopping you can get on the schuylkill heading west at city line. >> that is good to know. >> four college students are dead because here we go again and dozens others are injured
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after another duck boat accident, this time a duck boat slammed in the charter bus in seattle. >> now there is no official word what caused the crash but witnesses say vehicles were heading in opposite directions, when the duck boat swerved and then collided with the oncoming charter bus. sixty-one people were taken to area hospitals, some victims are in critical or serious condition. >> we were coming around the curve and pointing out harbor and next thing i know, maybe the traffic slow down and we veered out of control and we are just spinning around and people thrown out of the duck and things like that. >> national transportation safety board has taken over the crash investigation. of course, anytime we talk about duck boats we think of philadelphia, we have had had two. >> two here. most recent one was in may when ride the ducks vehicle hit a tourist crossing the street against the red light in center city that was on arch street over by convention center a and this one, 2010 a
6:22 am
barge plowed in the duck boat packed with tourist that stalled in the delaware river. duck boat stall in the river killing two hungarian exchange students. 6:22. republican date ben carson's can kate he wouldn't advocate for a muslim president. >> we are still talking about this a week later among them upset a 12 year-old muslim boy who says he has wanted to be president of the united states since he was two years old. he says he won't let doctor carson, kill his dream. >> i will become the first muslim president, and you, you will see that when i become president, i will respect people of all faiths, all colors and all religions, my name yousef and guess what, i don't care what you say because i will become
6:23 am
president. >> it has been viewed more than 160,000 times and shared more than 4,000 times. >> um-hmm. >> what year do you think that would be. >> i think he is four. no, 12. that was another story about four year-old. he is 12. >> he has got sometime. >> eagles are taking on one of the best defensive teams in the league, what the bird need to do to win over the jets, this sunday. >> but first here's last night lottery numbers. if we win it will feel like we won the lottery are. not unlike the eagles.
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i'm sean bell. demarco murray may not play sunday dealing with the hamstring injury. he is a game time decision but it won't matter if his offensive line does not get a lot better. eagles are averaging 2-yard a carry and sam bradford has no time to throw the ball. chip thought he could replace evan mathis but clearly that is not the case. they need to get better if they want to compete with the jets. >> it was bad but when you look back at the film, there were some plays, one block away from really getting a big play. it is musical chairs,
6:27 am
sometimes, you know, four guys play go and one guy may have a mistake but that is the o line. we have five guys playing together as won, and that is what we have to do. >> phillies and marlins game scoreless in the seventh but, he has a deep to right, that scores a run, and that is all marlins would need. phillies lose one to nothing. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> pitcher pitched darn well. we had nine games left. if we lose six, we will lose 100 games. we play nationals today. 6:27. steve keeley is getting us ready for the the pope's arrival. >> hi, steve. >> i hope nobody is allergic to two things, k-9 dogs and metal detectors because they are all over town. look the at where we are, one of the hang out in back of the dell frisco's and look at how long the barricade lead up to that tent with the metal detectors and dogs. more on all this coming up.
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well, pope francis is getting ready for his second day in new york before he comes to philadelphia for the big finally. hoe is expected to meet with today. >> beautiful ceremony at st. patrick's last night. here in philadelphia, look at this scene, finishing touches put on the parkway and on the independent mall, as we prepare for pope francis visit to the world meeting of
6:31 am
families and all of us here in philadelphia bob kelly has all of the closures. it will be little different but we will get it done, good day, it is friday, september 25th, 2015. we should say it is day before the the pope comes to philadelphia. >> this is pope weekend. we have been talking about it. it is finally here. >> the weather... >> sue. >> oh, okay. >> i thought you were going to finish up, but i thought finish your sentences after all these years. >> yes. >> the weather will be good and here's why. we have a lot of cloud cover this weekend, you can see cloud cover there. it will be more cloudy but that is a good thing for these people standing outside all this time not to be baked by full sunshine. we did ask earlier for sake of bus stop buddy, has school today and terry who has told us on twit their bensalem township those kids to have school today. here's high school, school bus driver in camden schools they are opened they close at 1:00 except for catholic school.
6:32 am
we were wondering because philadelphia public schools are closed if anybody is going to will school today and yes, they are. bus stop buddy is here for you with his polo shirt on. the it will be nice, cooler then yesterday. we are starting off though milder with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we had 40's around yesterday at this time. nine out of ten in your weather by the numbers. rain to the south but nothing here, so we expect a high temperature later on today instead of the yesterday's 82 we are thinking 76 with increasing included but still a lovely day. your sunset time is official at 6:54. that is your planner for friday eve of all of the excitement this weekend so bob kelly, what will you show us first. >> we have a full tank of gas in sky fox and we are hovering over the vine street expressway living up to its name this morning an expressway because all of the off ramps are block. only access from i-95 over to the schuylkill and vice versa
6:33 am
here. off ramps are closed because basically they bring you up into what is now the the high security zone. lets go to my map computer. steve will take us live there on the ground in a moment but anyone entering secure area from city hall up to the parkway to the art museum, they have to go through the metal detectors this morning. again this green traffic box that we have been calling, that goes into effect tonight at 6:00 p.m. so steve will show you, the secure barriers, are you ready. we will go flash back to 1979. >> i'm on it. >> okay good look at the the high tech security barriers we have here, yellow wood police horses we would call them, this is what lined the parkway back in 79 when pope john paul the second, so times have certainly changed. >> is that you. >> i do have a picture of myself, coming up in just a little while. >> i have seen it and you were
6:34 am
a dofuss. >> like you are one to talk. >> we will compare pictures from 79 coming up, all of the septa stations, coming into that secure area are blocked, nothing new, this is the the plan be ready it is game time, market frankford subway lines not stopping at the three stations here, trolleys, also not using 15th street and all regional rail lines will bypass, suburban station this morning. mike anal a ex, back over to you. you ever go to new york you have to cram everything in 35, 36 hours, boom. the pope only has 40 hours in new york city, to cover the whole area. >> of course he will make the most of it. >> he has a whirlwind schedule planned for today. >> he will address world leaders at u.n. on the east side, hold a in mass at mad on square garden, in midtown, and then, take lower manhattan for services at the 9/11 memorial. that is a day.
6:35 am
he is going to be in a processional through central park during the the day. finally st. francis will visit harlem, the peoples pope hit the ground running yesterday after leaving d.c., we will have a live report from new york city any a little bit. bruce gordon out there. >> once pope leaves new york it is on to philadelphia, you have heard of him in his speeches, medicationing coming to philadelphia, philadelphia. >> we love the the way he says it for world meeting of families. >> officials are in the final phase of their security plan designed to keep people coming to see the pope as well as the pope safe. >> if i move around center city today where willie be screened, steve. >> reporter: mike, good thing you moved from your original home, tell viewers where you used to live when you got here what was your address. >> would i leave my apartment at seventh and walnut and then i moved further to the east and i'm out of the zone by an inch.
6:36 am
>> you lift on 15th street, i'm going back in the 90's. >> sixteenth and spruce. >> yes, that is what i'm saying, where we are and good thing you moved. your shift was later then because if the pope had come back when you lived down here, you wouldn't had an easy way to get to work. now sidewalk is sealed off shut just like we warn everybody. you know what the strange thing is, all week i have been telling you you have to act like you are getting on the airplane. here's strange incident ahead same people that check you when you get on the airplane, tsa, transportation security administration look at the patches on the people manning, you can walk there the blue shirts, those people are the same people that work at the airport. that is who they have working metal detectors. mike, chris, come back to me now, look in the corner above the tent, chris and you can see dell frisco's sign. chris, come over here. this is live. you can see where we are, that
6:37 am
is dell frisco's steak house there. that gives you a sense. look in the corner down chestnut street the sunrise. get ready for three days of this stuff. monday morning still this is all still sealed off because it takes a week to set this stuff up. they will not tear this down and get it all out of here because look down 15th street toward where you used to live mike where roys used to be and now ocean prime just blocks of barricades and cattle shoots as you see people waiting to go through here right now. here are folks waiting in line like they do at the the airport waiting in line just to get through. these are first people going through security checkpoints and they have not gotten through yet. there will be a lot of walking and waiting. >> at 15th and chestnut. there are a lot of barricade. >> jenny joyce is on the parkway though, a bit further away from steve. hi, jenny. >> reporter: yes, good morning mike and alex. we are live from the fairmount
6:38 am
section at 24th and walnut. we had to ditch our vehicle. we will walk down to the parkway. we will bring you there, next.
6:39 am
6:40 am
it will be here in seconds. did you hear about the lunar eclipse this weekend. >> yeah. >> while the pope is here. >> the super moon. >> we will talk about that in a second. >> we are waiting for tens of
6:41 am
thousands office people to becoming here to see the pope lined autopsy long ben franklin parkway and they will come to independence mall. >> of course. >> an appearance there as well. >> that is beautifully set up. we will show you pictures from yesterday. jenny jones over in the fairmount section of the city, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: yeah, this is where all of the action will be taking place, alex and mike and watching as crews walk around doing their thing, gearing up getting ready. i have seen some police walking around with k-9's, beginning the sweep, a day before the pope is set to arrive. karen hepp got to see building excitement for pope firsthand at the convention center yesterday. she met people from all over the world who are in town for world meeting of families, while at the convention center they shopped for pope memorabilia, they took pictures with family and friends. streets have a festive feel with bagpipers a and wholesome family fun. yesterday we talk to mayor nut the her reflect on pope francis speech in d.c. >> from the the opening
6:42 am
talking about the land of the free and home of the brave, i mean i really started to, i kind of well up a little bit. he is now quoted in at least two speeches i have heard, doctor martin luther king, he talks about abraham lincoln, he will speak from the lectern that abraham lincoln used for the gettysburg address here in philadelphia. this is i mean it is just incredible. >> reporter: isn't it cool to hear him say those word, how historic this trip is going to be. so when are here, not going to be here, whatever your plans are if you are in the area and still undecided it might be worth sticking around. >> i think it is. >> it is pretty exciting. >> no two word about it. >> if you don't we will be down here all weekend, we will be covering it for you so watch. >> twenty-four hours from now we will be live route here on market street this close to the pope as he is over on
6:43 am
independent mall. >> 6:42. >> something truly extraordinary will happen this weekend and yeah we're not talking about the pope. what is happening to the moon this weekend this you want to keep your eye to the sky. >> wonder what the stage looks like in front of the art museum looks like by now. >> there it is. >> look at that. >> canopy is almost done, wow. >> that is going to look good on worldwide television, man, is philadelphia in the spotlight, all around the globe, tomorrow and sunday. >> sue? >> we have a a lot to look forward to this weekend, any weather that we need to dread? we will have the latest forecast for you coming up. alex? ññ
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where are you, bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes. wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done. rare phenomenon is expected to take place in the sky this weekend, super moon lunar eclipse. >> the the last one happened i think in 1982. and, if you missed this one, you'll have to wait until 2033. oh, from the franklin institute, one of our favorite people, derek pits, derek pits is on the phone. when will it take place and can we see it? >> we will be able to see it,
6:47 am
easily mike and alex from this part of the country, because it is, visible all across the western hemisphere and so if you are outside sunday evening, it the is going to start at about 8:45. you won't start to see color on the moon for about another hour after that, so at around 9:25 you'll start to see color on the moon and then it will be in mid eclipse, deep portion of the eclipse by 10:48 p.m. >> i want to see it around 10:48. what is this mean closest point of orbit with the earth is that what is going on. >> this is an unusual eclipse. reason why it is super moon lunar eclipse is because the moon has a close approach to the earth every month, right, the closest of the close's approaches for the whole year. so that makes this a super moon, lunar eclipse because that close approach is happening during the eclipse, but here's the other thing it is also a special eclipse because it is also the harvest
6:48 am
moon, this is full moon closest to the autumnal equinox that was just a couple days ago, two days ago so it is harvest super moon lunar eclipse. >> it is not blowing up like a balloon it just looks bigger. >> well, interesting thing bit is moon is actually a little bit closer to the earth, just a little bit closer to the earth not all that much and difference between the moon as it will appear on sunday night and as it will have appeared say last month, or as it will appear next month it is no the that much different. only about 8 percent different but the the real challenge is can you see the difference? in fact, you can. >> only reason why you can is because you have nothing to compare the moon too while in the sky. >> the the earth is casting the shadow on the moon because the earth is between the sun and the moon.
6:49 am
>> exactly. >> derek, you are the best. >> thanks, mike. hi alex. >> we will do this again in 2033. we will talk about it again. >> sure, i'll be here. and, sue. >> i can't wait until 2033. >> well, i'm afraid you might have to, because we do have rain in the forecast. if we don't get rain, we will get some cloud cover. it is supposed to be visible from the east coast from the united states and this is the next super moon lunar eclipse, 2033, and we just got to get rid of the cloud. we are just lucky we are not getting a brunt of this storm. the as we zoom in the carolinas there is a lot of rain, and this could be a whole lot worse. as it is right now we will get through outer edge of the storm and maybe a little bit of the rain late in the day on sunday. there is nothing on ultimate
6:50 am
doppler ride right the now but what is happening is high pressure to the north of us, here all week but in case you missed it. low pressure to the south starts to inch towards your saturday and sunday and we are in between with high wind. the deal is that by sunday we think it will be dry on saturday. that is certain. it will be windy both days of the weekend but we could see a couple rain drops sneaking into our area on sunday. it will will be a close call. further south and east, we go greater chance of seeing rain but even if we get rain it will be .2 of an inch. keep in mind too that they are not allowed to bring an umbrella if you go to the papal events. you need a puncho with that. wind gusts will be a big deal too. thirty, 35 miles an hour win gusts at the shore, 20, 25 miles an hour wind gusts inland. it will be windy both days of the weekend. temperatures in the the comfortable 70's. we will have a cloud cover but that is actually a good thing, not that blazing sunshine
6:51 am
beating down on everybody. it will be little more comfortable but work on those showers, for late in the day sunday but if we get them they will last into monday morning. so that is the deal for weather for weekend, bob kelly, are we going flash back again. >> i will take you now and then flash back. here's a live look right now, ben franklin parkway, there is the stage for this weekend papal mass in the background. here's logan circle, okay, fountain where mike made a splash a couple weeks ago. let's flash back now in 1979 where they built the alter for the the mass above the swann fountain and this cross which was on the alter is now on the front lawn of the saint charles seminary. i was within of the papal ushers. i had a front row seat right here. this is what it looked like in 1979 when the pope john paul, ii said mass and parkway still closed this morning.
6:52 am
same deal as all week, you know the drill, martin luther king drive, right now push on the vine street expressway and everybody pushed off at fairmount and you saw the the shot from skies fox. we are in rock down mode. it is game time here, gang. vine expressway opened from end to end however you cannot get off. all of the off ramps are closed in to center city. that is mainly because would you come autopsy above and be put right back in that secure perimeter. schuylkill expressway, it is opened, i9 five it is opened, however, it will all change tonight at 10:00 o'clock when schuylkill will close and mike, i mentioned earlier, eastbound schuylkill will be closed from conshohocken all the way to i-95. westbound will be closed from i-95 out to city avenue. so alex, if you would like to go out shopping to king of prussia over to the weekend you can get out there, you just can't can't get back. >> stay there for weekend. >> i'll stay.
6:53 am
>> my goodness. >> hey bob kelly, sometimes when we have big events in the city they will use trash trucks. in man hat on they use that too. a as blockade. i think that might be gone going on across the the street. we have a trash truck facing opposite direction. >> there is flowers on it. >> they have attractive trash trucks around here. >> yes. >> there is another one directly across right in front of the tv studio. they are not collecting. >> no. >> they are blocking. >> when i was walking in to work i saw people there sweeping up the street and picking up trash. i haven't seen this before. >> a small town in italy getting ready for the pope. >> we are having company. we have to clean up your room. >> we're having company, clean up your bedroom. a couple goes to the ballgame and comes back with quite the souvenir. woman haded had a baby in the ballpark. >> reese witherspoon. blank there was something
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
happening off the the field. >> woman squeezed out a baby at the ballpark. can you believe that. >> team carried on as usual during the excitement, but during the third inning, a new fan came into the world. everyone is celebrating the news, petco park sent out this tweet saying we welcomed a baby boy to the world in palm court plaza earlier this evening. >> that is where you eat. >> yes, first baby to be born at petco park. do you think that baby will have free tickets for life.
6:57 am
>> i would think so. >> yes. >> it all started right here. >> baby padres fan. the has a baby ever been born at citizens bank park? sue. >> has a baby ever been born at citizens bank park or the the vet. >> can you sue google that. >> yes. >> she's working on that. >> is what on my seat. >> things are emotional on the hill, yesterday, we predicted it, why speaker john boehner started crying during pope francis address. he didn't cry he cried.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
it is 7:00 o'clock. pope francis gets ready to speak at the united nations. they is in new york city, right along fifth avenue knew as he came into the big apple yesterday afternoon. back here at home finishing touches are put on the parkway at independent mall for pope francis trip, to philadelphia. >> those are beautiful finishing touches. >> yes. >> finishing barricades. >> what a gorgeous shot. >> yes. >> beautiful. >> we have everything you need to know to prepare for this historic visit and to prepare you for barricade. >> fifth avenue knew, and then that, and then this, now a terrifying scene on the streets of the seattle, yes, it has happened again, after a crash involving a duck boat. and a big charter


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