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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> we are gathered today in this hallowed ground, the scene of unspeakable violence and pain. >> as pope francis takes in the big apple our city is putting together the finishing touches of what will no doubt be an incredible weekend. ♪ >> from sent city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> we are a little more than 16 hours away from pope francis' arrival here in philadelphia but the holy father spending another busy day in the city that never sleeps from meeting with members of the un to meeting with school kids the pontiff on the move in new york. one of those stops also included visiting the 9/11 memorial and meeting with the families whose lives forever changed that day. good evening to you. thank you for joining us. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. while the popes toes trip to new
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york is coming to a close the final touches are going on in place for when he touches down in philadelphia tomorrow. >> and we have team coverage tonight. dave schratwieser is looking at the last minute security preps but we begin with our bruce gordon whose live in new york city tonight. >> bruce -- >> reporter: lucy,. >> every leg of his trip. sorry, bruce, go ahead. >> reporter:. no i was going to say i've been with the pope and you were about to say i've been witness pope right from the start on this journey. it's been a fascinating experience. on this his only full day in new york city. pope francis used the full weight of his papacy the full weight of his moral authority to you were the world community to live in peace. then spent time ministering to families torn apart by an act of war. the pontiff began his day at the united nations posing dutifully for photos with secretary general ban ki-moon. smile crossing the pontiff's face only when children were brought into the picture.
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his speech before representatives of roughly 170 nations touched on fundamental themes of fairness and justice. the basic human rights of lodging, labor and land. the pope lamented religious persecution against christians and others and asked for an end to nuclear arms. speaking in spanish through a translator, francis noted mankind's reliance on god's creation. >> any harm done to the environment, therefore, is harm to humanity. >> reporter: end criticized the greed that leads to environmental damage. >> in effect self fish theirs for power and material prosperity leads both to the misuse of available natural resources and to the exclusion of the weak. >> reporter: the days most emotional moments came at ground zero where the pope prayed and left a white rose at the site of the 9/11 terror attacks. francis met with members of several 9/11 victims and later
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after an inter faith service in the 9/11 museum, spoke of their loss. >> the family members faced with pain, pain that leaves us speechless but that screams to heaven. >> reporter: pontiff criticize add mind set that knows quote only violence, hatred and revenge and called for a worldwide commitment to peace. >> piece in our home, in our families, in our schools, in our communities. piece in all the places in which war seems to be endless. piece in the faces of the people who have only seen pain. >> reporter: just moments ago pope francis left catholic grade
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school in east harlem where he was very clearly in his element after spending all that time with adults he loved being around the children and you could just see it in the big smile on his face posing for selfies and shaking hands with the kids. he seemed to be genuinely proud of himself for properly executing a high five with one of the students. (laughter). >> reporter: as we speak he's heading over to central park for a papal parade an mass at mad san square garden the end of a very busy day. >> i'll tell was just amazing, bruce. at that school so heart warming loved seeing that. one more night in new york city where bruce gordon is and then the world's attention turns to philadelphia after months of planning, months of preparation, pope francis finally arrives tomorrow morning. fox 29's dave schratwieser live in center city at broad and 59. dave, the city ready? >> reporter: no doubt about that, lucy. this is one of the main public access checkpoints check it out concrete barriers, trash trucks, steal barriers and way down there two blocks away the
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biggest magnetometer set up i've ever seen as they get ready for security to go through tomorrow. some call this overwhelming. others said it's badly needed. >> we're ready to roll. >> reporter: giant security net in place for the pope and the public could be seen from market street to broad street, fairmount even up and down callowhill street. >> things are in place. at least most of its in place. there will be closures obviously taking place tonight we're ready to go. >> i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: everywhere you looked friday there were concrete barriers, anti truck bomb checkpoints and magnetometers for anyone who wanted to get into the secured area near the parkway. >> this is insane. i had no idea that the army was providing security. >> security is -- it's wanted, it's needed, you know, you can't do without it. >> reporter: frank and judy smith are in to see the pope from wilmington. they weren't bothered by the intense security. their focus the holy father.
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>> it's tremendous. tremendous. historical, educational. >> if i have to stand in line overnight to see the pope at 4:45 tomorrow, that's what i'm prepared to do. >> reporter: dana the owner of plants et cetera on fairmount near 24th had a newly erected checkpoint right outside her shop. >> a bit over the top. it's concerning. >> it appears to me as overkill. i guess they know what they're doing. >> reporter: she hopes all the security means the pope may pass by this weekend it would be the second time she saw a pope in philly. she snapped this picture in 1979. the last time a pope visited philadelphia. >> i think he's coming down this way. so -- i think that would be really cool. i'd like get a selfie with him. (laughter). >> reporter: yeah hooks wouldn't want to get a selfie witness pope? again torque night, we are told by commissioner ramsay that there are no credible threats against the pope or the city tonight or any events he's involved in. they check out several situations today.
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they turned out to be absolutely nothing. he said folks should come out here and enjoy the events this weekend. he's looking forward to it. coming up at 6:00 back to the neighborhoods for the excitement and the reactions to all this security. iain. >> dave, we'll see you then, thank you. philadelphia of course not the only city taking measures to make sure visitors in the area are safe. camden county is also preparing for this huge massive event. freeholder board of camden county activating the area's joint operations center. more than 25 separate law enforcement agencies will work side by side to make sure the safety of residents and visitors alike and after months of planning officials say they're ready for anything and everything. >> you'll see an increased presence but i think the people that are going to this pilgrim -- pilgrimage actually ought to embrace that, because we want to make sure there's a safe avenue for them to experience this event. >> officials reminding those wanting to see the pope that parking is available on the camden waterfront.
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do you however have to pre register for a parking space online. we provide add link to that page on our website just head to and click the scene on tv tab. >> better do that pronto. >> yes. >> you're up against the clock. while this beautiful weather continue this weekend? live look at the parkway right now. it's shutting down traffic but people are buzzing tonight. we are watching chances for rain. scott williams, choi we've been talking about it. >> that's certainly right lucy and iain. you can feel the excitement stepping outdoors in around center city but we are keeping tabs on this southern system. look at the rainfall around the carolinas, virginia, kentucky, also, tornado early this morning in charleston, south carolina from this system. but thankfully we are dry for now. looking at some high clouds spreading their way overhead but the bottom line as we talk about the weekend weather for pope francis we're talking clouds moving in. gusty breezes and, yes, there looks like a slight chance of
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rainfall for some especially south and east of philadelphia. but 72 degrees right now as we take a live look outside of our studios. you can see there toward independence mall. the stage is getting set and folks are getting ready. we're looking at conditions hour by hour tonight. staying dry. it's going to be a little breezy turning cooler by 11:00 o'clock. temperatures around 65 degrees. so coming up we'll talk much more about the timing of that system, but once again, high pressure in control to the north will likely keep most of the upcoming weekend dry. back to you. >> all right, let's hope so, thank you, scott. penndot says it's ready for all the visitors expected in the city this weekend. pennsylvania's secretary of transportation paid a visit to penndot's command center in king of prussia today. she's just one of many working with the traffic management center to monitor everything happening in philadelphia during the pope's visit. after months of preparations to make sure everything runs smoothly, penndot says the big weekend is finally here. >> we want to make sure that as
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many people as want to come and experience this once in a lifetime pope visit here in philadelphia can make in and out of the city, and to make sure that everybody has an enjoyable and safe experience. >> the work is not over when pope francis leaves philadelphia penndot says it will also work to make sure all the roads are reopened and back to normal for the next work week. >> special coverage this historic weekend continues tonight at 10:30 with our special the holy father in philadelphia. that's after fox 29 news at 10. then tune in starting at six a a.m. tomorrow we'll bring all of the popes events across the city live right here on fox 29. and get continuous coverage of the papal visit on our website. head to we'll be posting everything you'll need to know on the home page throughout the big weekend. so a roller coaster of a emotion on capitol hill today. >> ♪ >> my, oh my what a wonderful day. >> house speaker john boehner
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sink ago cheerful tune but things are about get serious most likely member of congress to tear up needs a tissue while dropping a new bombshell. >> every baby is special of course but the birth of one of delaware's newest residents really something out of the ordinary. why the paramedic who brought him into the world has a story he'll never forget either. and going to extremes to battle skin problems that laser treatments couldn't fix until now. why going under the laser is no longer taboo for darker skin. amazing video of polar bear whose live in danger how the rescuers themselves risked death to free him. and people are checking in for their stay abroad -- aboard the battleship new jersey. tonight at 6:00 the reason some ditched hotel and decided to bunk up on a battleship.
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but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. ♪ all right. let's take live right now. you see the pope mobile modified jeep wrangler in sceptral park. of course you saw earlier today just like moments ago the pope
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with those children in harlem. i loved it. now he's in the pope mobile. >> he loves to be among the people. of course there's bullet proof glass in the front but the sides are open. of course we know this is the people's pope. he loves to be out among the people. among everyone. kids, adults and everyone i think gives the love back to him much this is a pope who has preached love and mercy and we can see on this trip that he's certainly gotten it back from the crowds greeting him. >> he loves the spontaneity. 80,000 people there in central park this is what he'll be doing. you know how busy these avenues and streets are. but he's to be going down west ride in central park sometimes that drive closes. it doesn't it doesn't. a lot of horse and buggies go 32 that area. he'll go from 72nd to 60th street eventually he'll be in midtown manhattan. >> at madison square garden he'll celebrate mass tonight. scheduled to be 6:00 o'clock maybe a little late but he will be celebrating mass at madison square garden at 6:00 o'clock tonight. we of course will stay on top of this and check in throughout the newscast. meantime we'll keep an eye
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on our roads here in our area. skyfox live over i-76 and 676 the vine street expressway things are moving fine now. not many cars out there as a matter of fact. >> there isn't. >> they'll move along just fine. remember starting tonight, the schuylkill expressway will be closed eastbound from the blue route to 95 and closed westbound from i-95 to route 1. so make sure you're aware of. developing now bombshell on capitol hill. >> this morning i woke up and i said my prayers as i always do and i decided today is the day i'm going to do this. simple as that. >> okay. there you go. house speaker john boehner making the difficult decision to walk away from his position at the end of october a few months earlier than expected. the announce many coming just one day after pope francis delivers his address in washington. >> that's right. john boehner was right behind him along with joe biden both of them very big catholic faithful members. >> right. >> big day for him. but today' as announcement such a shock to many and gop leaders are trying to figure out what is
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next. house speaker told his colleagues about his plans in a closed door meeting this morning. coinciding with the visit by pope francis boehner has been under increasing pressure to find way to defund planned parenthood without shutting down the government. so who -- who will replace boehner? and will this set up a battle over power between factions of the house republican caucus? >> somebody who once build a majority which took years, it's very hard to put together an absolute majority, and i think what we're going see over the next few week. >> boehner says he originally wanted to retire at the end of the laugh year but unexpected primary lost by former majority leader eric cantor pushed back those plans. babies are born every day of course but a local newborn came into this world at unusual place as one delaware paramedic tells us when it's time, it's time. fox 29 photojournalist elaine fisher has the story. >> around 2:30 this morning we are dispatched to a maternity here at the front apron of the
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fire company. we're not sure if they just kind of knew that the fire station was here after her water broke or if they were directed here. we came around to do our assessment. she was found laying on the ground next to the car and she was in active labor. the head of the baby was actually crowning. lighting out here wasn't too good so luckily everybody kind of picked the task and went to that. and one of the emt pull the ambulance around front to provide us with lighting. the baby got here, baby immediately cried. had movement all the things that we look for in a nice healthy no complications delivery. from what we discussed on our way down to the hospital last night. she does have two children. two girls this is their first boy. and they were really excited about that. this is probably my fourth or fifth delivery, but, um, i've been a paramedic for 13 years. and some you remember, some you don't but definitely this one will stick in my mind because it's not very often that they come to you and it's not very often that you're outside in the
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dark kind of like all the worst case scenarios you can possibly think of, but to affect a positive out come on that was just great. >> it was. we do understand the delaware mom and baby elijah are rest resting and heading home in a few days with one great story to tell. >> pope francis will be in our city in matter of hours. you can feel the excitement in the air on the streets tonight. >> south philly the wish wall foundation hosting an event in the italian market. public can write their wish on a card and add it to wish wall structure. other which is see the wishes posted and offer some prayers. it will be open saturday and sunday from 11 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. the pope's visit to america capturing the attention of course of the people around the globe. >> what the pontiff said last night during his remarks in new york's saint patrick' cass thecal has one group of people especially ecstatic. karen has that story of the nuns who definitely cannot wait for this weekend. >> reporter: this colorful
5:20 pm
pageant of pilgrims some of the smiling faces are religious women after the pope's big shout out last night thanking them. (speaking spanish). (applause). >> a standing ovation and today a lot of pride and gratitude. these dominican sisters of is he sylvia from nashville couldn't be happier. >> we love him. we are welcoming him with open arms went just want him to know how much we love him and are carrying out the mission that he's given to us as the vicker of christ. >> reporter: mother catherine joseph from spokane says it's a special time. >> we love to have the support of our father. >> reporter: this is joyous crew from roma capturing a pick four perfect moment reveling in the glow of the pope's kinds
5:21 pm
words. >> women in general. >> all this walking around the meeting of families certainly works up a good appetite. she's sacred heart sisters they're making an inspired choice. >> we're getting cheese cakes because everyone told us if we come to philadelphia we've got to be cheesesteaks. >> reporter: extra spring in their step. it is so much fun. it is so colorful to see so many different orders because there's so many different religious orders of the women you'll see all over and certainly the men obviously, too. many of the different religious men as well. i just spoke with the governor. governor wolf is in town he's over the moon right now with having the pope about to arrive in our neck of the woods. so we'll share some more of that with you but everything is going to be safe, secure all our ducks are in a row and we are ready for pope francis most certainly to arrive. iain and lucy, back to you. >> we most certainly are. thank you very much, karen. one of the most popular childhood game of all time but one school just banned it why officials say this is for the children's own good. a dog and pig discovered wandering in a florida neighborhood. turns out they're best friends.
5:22 pm
how rescues quickly discovered their special connection. >> so cute. >> live look at central park right now in new york city. 80,000 people at the very least have gathered to see this man. pope francis who just brought so many people to tears in east harlem at that school where he was taking selfie with the children and hugging the children and blessing the children. it was mazing now he's making his way through central park all the way down to midtown manhattan. that is going to be one journey and we've got it live coming straight up right here on fox 29. ♪
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all right. here's live look from skyfox n now. coast guard boat on the schuylkill river. you can see it is armed just one piece of the heightened security for the papal visit weekend. familiar sound in parts of charleston stop south carolina. national weather service has confirmed a tornado touched down early this morning through the john's island neighborhood. that twister brought trees down all over the area. blocking roads and falling on homes somehow or another we have good news. no reports of any injuries. popes getting a big apple welcome and the way only new yorkers can do it a pizza created in his honor. pizza shop in greenwich village came up with a papal pie topped with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, peppers and anchovies of course the tasty creation even looks like francis. the pie's creator says the
5:27 pm
pope's message of hugh pill will the and service resonates deeply with new yorkers. >> people around the world are talking about the pope addressing the general assembly. that leads up to his big speech in philly tomorrow at independence hall. what can we expect when it comes to the weather, scott. >> we can expect some changes. clouds, gusty winds. in fact we have a coastal flood advisory down the shore for a part of the weekend. right now, winds sustained at 16 miles an hour in philadelphia. we'll talk about what this system means for us next. live look at central park in new york city right now 80,000 people at the very least have gathered to see this man pope francis in his pope mobile make his way down through midtown manhattan and madison square garden where he will celebrate mass. we're following him throughout the evening.
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♪ take another look at the ben franklin parkway. won't be long before this stretch is packed with people. take look to visit pope francis. we're tracking rain chances for the weekend. chief meteorologist scott williams will tell us what to expect in your fox 29 weather authority. pope francis wide at the united states general assembly and gave much anticipated spee speech. the pope's goal to spur action to preserve our future. >> and we want to head back up to new york city and bring in our bruce gordon back into the conversation. bruce, if you can, give us a sense of the pope's message this morning and maybe just as important his tone. >> reporter: the message i think was pretty simple. a number of subjects touched on
5:31 pm
during this speech but one certainly got more time and space and interest than all the others and that was environmental stewardship. message from the pope that this earth of ours is a a gift from the creator it's not ours to destroy. it's something that we have been given by the creator and it's our job to maintain it. so that we can maintain our own lives. our own famili' lives. generally speaking the tone was diplomatic. no specific finger pointing. but did he have some particularly tough language with regard to those countries, those individuals who look to their own gain first and mankind lat later. use this expression, get load of this. in effect a selfish and bound less theirs for power and material prosperity leads both to the misuse of available natural resources and to the exclusion of the weak and disadvantaged. pretty powerful stuff but, again new york city specific finger pointing. essence here was listen to what i'm saying and if the shoe fits, wear it. >> absolutely. basically agreed will take us
5:32 pm
down. bruce, the un address was the second of three big speeches planned in the united states. tomorrow we'll hear the third at independence hall right here in philadelphia. what can we expect? >> reporter: well, the topic there of most interest to many people will be religious freedom and perhaps even more so immigration. hot button topic on the campaign trail for the presidency and of course in the united states. he touched on it to some degree on thursday in the speech to congress. obviously of great interest that the message was simple there as well. the golden rule. do unto others as you would have them do to you. these immigrants legal and otherwise he made no distinction are people coming here into our country looking for a better life. looking for opportunities. they have dreams just like all of us. in fact the afternoon event today at the east harlem elementary school gave him another chance to take bite of that apple so to speak. these kids which he loved dealing with in the first place many of them are immigrant families who have come here and
5:33 pm
live in new york city and so he talk to them about their dreams, about meeting new friends, about simulating in their new country and put amy human face on this issue of immigration. we'll hear more of that tomorrow and again importantly that speech will be mostly if not entirely in spanish at independence hall. >> right. explain the relevance and the significance of independence hall, bruce. >> reporter: well, of course, it is the spot for important speeches. we did a piece a couple of weeks back on some of the vitally important speeches from vitally important people that have taken place there from frederick douglas to susan b. anthony, abraham lincoln. when you talk about freedom and democracy in this country, there's no better place to do it than right in front of the place where our country began and working off of those ideals. so symbolically you could hardly pick a better place to make this speech. again, these are controversial ideas. this notion we should welcome all immigrants legal or otherwise his views are obviously not universally held
5:34 pm
but he's a person of great moral authority and so when he speaks, people at very least listen. they may not change their minds but they'll be listening intently. >> absolutely, bruce gordon in new york city for us tonight. thank you. we'll see you again at 6:00 bruce. >> back here in philadelphia, the stage is set at independence hall and the parkway ready for pope francis. >> now that things are really taken shape quite a buzz. you can feel it across the city. >> you certainly can. >> it's palpable. fox 29's chris o'connell live in center stow tonight. chris, this time tomorrow you'll be standing in the middle of some pretty big crowds. >> reporter: absolutely. i tell in you less than 30 minutes from now, though things are going get a whole lot tighter when it comes to security and traffic closures around the city. that's because at 6:00 o'clock, that traffic box goes into effect. limiting travel around center city. then at 10:00 o'clock, the secure vehicle perimeter begins. so the lock down has begun. now, other parts of center city we took a drive looked like virtual ghost towns. check out lombard street. this is one of the public safety
5:35 pm
routes hardly any vehicles at all. but then when you approach center city, that's when you see the barricades, that's when you see the streets are closed. and a large presence of law enforcement on literally every corner of center city. visitors are already going through magnetometers to the papal festival area to get to the pork way. secret service actually told me they're doing this early to work out some of the kinks for tomorrow. but for those here, this celebration has already started. >> it's a blessing just to get off the train and have the capacity of the access that we have right now to walk around and see exactly what we're going to see tomorrow. >> reporter: as we bring you back out here live, that is the magnetometer you see hundreds of them and take look next it to. those port o potties. this is 18th and mark, folks. at rush hour at 5:30. this corner has basically just
5:36 pm
shut down. let me take look down market street. mark f we can go down market street. have you ever seen this during rush hour, guys? absolute ghost town. the people are here. they're just not in this box yet and talking with visitors, this city is really on full pope mode. you can feel the excitement. it is not days away any more. it is just hours a* guys. you can feel the excitement on the streets. >> it is. that's amazing. looking at that empty roadway there. all right. chris o'connell. don't forget our coverage of this historic weekend continues tonight at 10:30 with our special the holy father in philadelphia. but after fox 29 news at 10:00 of course. make sure to watch starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow to see all of the papal events across the city live right here on fox 29. of course now we just want to make sure the weather will cooperate this weekend. >> yeah. i mean you really kind of feel the excitement. we do have a couple of weather changes but the bottom line, it looks like it's going to be dry for most of the upcoming papal weekend which will be some great
5:37 pm
news. take a live look outside of our studios. you can feel the excitement along independence mall. still getting a final preparations underway for the pope. 70s root now low 70s, 72 degrees. winds are out of the east about 16 miles per hour so that's the breeze we've been talking about that will greet us for the up coming weekend. so here's the bottom line. looking at both days. saturday partly sunny, breezy. mid 70s for highs. more clouds as we move ahead to sunday. a slight chance for some scattered showers especially late in the afternoon and evening. windy temperatures top out in the low 70s. so here's that southern system that we've been keeping tabs on but high pressure off to the north. a very strong area of high pressure will likely suppress most of the showers to our south during the day tomorrow. but we will see windy conditions. clouds moving in and then as we approach sunday, there might be a better chance for a couple of showers across our area. but worry not anticipating a whole lot of heff heavy rain.
5:38 pm
saturday you can see the rain comes close but we stay dry. you can see the accumulating toward norfolk, virginia as we moved toward sunday, we can see a little bit of rain maybe a trace around the philadelphia area before all is said and do done. temperatures once again for saturday, we're logging at low 70s across the area for much of the day. and then by sunday, similar temperatures but because of the winds, take look at this. by saturday at 4:00 o'clock, gusting to 24 miles per hour in philadelphia. over 30 miles per hour wind gusts down the shore. and then by sunday, we're still looking at those winds gusting at or above 20 miles per hour. so for tomorrow, definitely a fall like feel. grab those light jackets or wind breakers. cloudy and breezy and then by sunday, we are still going to keep that slight chance for some showers in the forecast. temperatures pretty much feel like they're in the 60s for much of your sunday. that weather authority seven day forecast is going to be talk ago little bit about some changes as we move toward the upcoming work week. we'll have much more on that at
5:39 pm
6:00. >> all right. thank you, scott. >> one of the most popular childhood games of all time. i love it. one school just banned it. why officials say this is for the children's own good. >> i'm not happy about that story. >> check out robot you can wear. how this cutting edge technology is helping people walk again who may not have otherwise had the chance. >> tonight at 6:00 law enforcement in philadelphia not alone making sure everyone stays as safe as possible during the pope's visit this weekend. across the delaware, officers are ready to roll at a moment's notice. how they're gearing up. ♪
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>> live look from skyfox at the ben franklin parkway. it will not be long now before this stretch is packed shoulder to shoulder with feeble see the pope. we're tracking rain chances for the weekend. chief meteorologist scott williams will tell us what to expect in our fox 29 weather authority. popular game you probably played on the playground as a kid has been banned by one school district in washington state. the mercer island school district is bannin banning the f
5:43 pm
tag. why are they doing this? well, they say it's parts of a hands off approach to recess to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students. parents had no idea about this ban until that are kids told them about it and they're not happy with the decision. >> in many day and age of childhood obesity, there's a need for more activity and kids should be free to have spontaneous play on play ground at recess. it's important for their learning. >> that mom took to facebook and she created a page to help spread the word to other parents about the ban. it's already gotten hundreds of followers i hope it grows to thousands. amazing video of a polar bear whose life was in danger. how the rescuers defied death to free him. >> going to extreme to battle skin problems that laser treatments just couldn't fix until now. why going under the laser is no longer taboo for darker skin. >> sean. >> lucy the eagles have shown a lot of holes on both sides of the ball, but guys just have to show some pride.
5:44 pm
jason kelce talks about the guys putting on their hard hats and going back to work. that's later in sports. ññ
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♪ live look tonight at the ben franklin parkway. it will not be long now before the stretch is packed with people to see pope francis. of course we're track something rain chances. they're small for the weekend. chief meteorologist scott williams will tell us what to expect coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. cosmetic and medical treatments are breaking new ground but in the past the darker your skin the greater the risk for certain treatments. >> but now, more people with darker complexes are going under the laser to treat acne scars and dark patches. fox 29's joyce evans explains how the person behind the procedure can make all the difference.
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♪ >> reporter: shelf field loves creating new hairstyles all her own. but this one has a dual purpose. >> pretty much started going for the long hair look so i can just cover up my face more. and my cheeks. >> reporter: she's hiding pimples, pock marks, scars and dark spots caused by acne and a little eczema. >> it was so irritating i would itch it, i would scratch. i would constantly look at the mirror and pick at my pimples. >> reporter: it's hair big enough to hide her face but not the shame of 20 somethin something-year-old. >> even though you're hiding it you just know it's there. ♪ >> reporter: desperation led her to try some interesting home remedies and more. >> first i used mayonnaise when i was younger my mom recommended it. alcohol. i did toothpaste also. then i started using off the shelf products. that didn't work. that broke me out more.
5:49 pm
♪ >> reporter: suggestion from a friend that sent her searching for more aggressive treatment. but she was told there was little nor would be safe for her sensitive brown skin. >> i just got so used to long hair. okay, i'll just continue to just wear this hairstyle and go along like that. >> reporter: she has to. because there's nothing certainly not a laser treatment that can help with acne scarring like this. right? >> it's just that we have to proceed a little differently with various skin types. >> reporter: new results with newer lasers says dermatologist gray. >> in the past just one or two different types of skin types and push you away from other scintillas types people with darker pigment. now they work on most skin typ types. >> he goes to work on, who is not afraid. >> i'm so ready for that. to have my confidence back. >> reporter: this after he had
5:50 pm
already completed patch testing of two different laser types and wave represents on her forehead. >> it's not just the same cookie cutter thing for every face. >> reporter: but does it require special care he says. slow and easy the only way to go with african-americans. light tones, darker skin, no different. >> wave lengths used for different types of skins must be adhered to or people will have problems with it. >> reporter: still he cautions, you have to be ready for the possibility that you may look like this for a few days until the treated skin peels away. it's scary looking. >> go through a peeling process. some are more severe than othe others. you have to manage that with various medications or topical agents. >> reporter: and lots of reassurance he says that it gets better although it may weeks even months of treatments spread out.
5:51 pm
>> it becomes problematic sometimes because of cost. >> reporter: 500 to 900 bucks a treatment and insurance won't cover any of it. >> it puts dent in your pocket but it's worth it at the end. >> reporter: more burning? >> yes. >> a lot more? >> yes. >> reporter: dr. gray says he'll probably combine lasers, mike crow determine a abrasion and topicals to treat her and she doesn't need much. >> you're excited about it? >> i am just to get it done with and everything. >> reporter: because she's young, she's expected to show better results quicker. still, he says, do your homework on doctors and lasers first. >> ask the doctor a lot of questions. is this designed for my skin type? war the better ones to use for what we're trying to accomplish? ♪ >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. a dog an pig discovered wandering in a florida neighborhood.
5:52 pm
it turns out they're best of friends. rescuers quickly discovered they're special connection. >> more than a million people expected in philadelphia for the pope's visit this weekend tom night at 6:00 the reason people are checking in on a battleship instead of a hotel for their stay here in philly.
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ check out this daring rescue in alaska. saving a polar bear stuck in a beluga net a local guide was
5:56 pm
taking tourists to view polar bears on barrier island spotting one bear caught in the net. eskimo volunteers road in small boats ting fear aside and saving the life of the bear. tranquilized the animal and freed from it the net. arizona robotics company is showing off medical marvel straight out of science fiction. this bionic suit is helping people who cannot walk use their legs again. the wearable robots allows patients with limited or no lower body function to stand up right and take steps forward. battery oped motor drives the patient' legs and helps them learn or redevelop the ability to stand and walk. unlikely pair of best friends have been reunited with their family in florida and good samaritans saw their very special connection they had, they knew they had to get them home. here's fox's mike bennett. >> reporter: when the hunters came home from work wednesday, they found an odd pair outside their house. a seemingly lost dog was roaming the sidewalk but it was his companion that caught their
5:57 pm
attention a pig. after carolling the dog into the backyard, the pig followed right behind. the hunters called animal services but when the officer arrived to retrieve the dog, something unexpected happened. >> pig wheeling. >> that's when the hunters knew that the these two inseparable. they began a search for the owners by moving an ad on craigslist and photos of the lost and found. it was the morning airtime right here on fox 13 that ultimately helped these two find their ho home. >> do you recognize this unlikely pair? >> this morning people started calling me saying they're on tv. some lady found them. >> willie landry hadn't his family had been search fog their missing pets since tuesday evening much as soon as they got the calls this morning they leapt into action. >> i shut my whole shop down and got these two out of work and said we're going get the pig. >> they were unusual to fine
5:58 pm
their pet couple happy and together. >> they grew up together fifty five a big backyard and they run and play together all day. he thinks he's a dog. >> as happy as they were to find them, the landrys are just as excited to get them back home. >> i'm going cry. they're like my kids. they're family. they're family. >> well their human mom and dad say they have a third dog that was just inconsolable while his two best friends were missing. ♪ busy day for pope francis in the city that never sleeps. >> a long with his speech at the united nations, the pontiff makes a somber visit to the 9/11 memorial meeting with the families of those killed in the attacks. >> they were able to show me the other phase of this attack. the other side of their pain. the power of love and
5:59 pm
remembrance. >> with one more stop on the holy father' as jenn today in new york, we are just hours away from his arrival here in philadelphia. >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. in just hours, philadelphia will open its arms to pope francis, excitement is in the air as one the world's most famous sports arenas has transformed into a house of worship. pope francis is celebrating mass in front of 20,000 people at madison square garden. while that mass is taking place here in philadelphia the final preparations underway for the pope's visit. the stage is set market street ready for those who are going to gather on independence mall tomorrow and the parkway is ready to well cup the crowds that will pack into philadelphia for events saturday and sunday. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the pope's historic trip to the us makes its way to philadelphia this weekend. we have team coverage of the
6:00 pm
pope's visit. our crews are spread out across the city. dave schratwieser has look at security for this weekend. karen hepp is talking with some of the visitors making their way to the city of brotherly love. >> bill anderson on board the balance ship new jersey where people are checking in for their stay. >> first though let's head back to new york city that is where we find our bruce gordon. bruce, the pope is in the middle of another whirlwind of a day making stops throughout the ci city. >> reporter: absolutely, lucy. hard to keep up with this 78-year-old pontiff. frankly, hard to believe he had 1 foot into retirement when he was elected 266th bishop of rome. this day was filled with powerful words to the world community and powerful emotions at the scene of terrible violence. it was an event filled with emotions. pope francis solemnly taking in the enormity of ground zero where 14 years ago, nearly 3,000 men, women and children were killed in the nation's worst ever terrorist attack


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