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tv   The Holy Father in Philadelphia  FOX  September 26, 2015 6:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> a monumental moment. that was 312 days ago. and four days ago, pope francis stepped foot on american soil for the very first time. and today is a day we've been waiting for. >> philadelphia the big city for big events. and we could not be more excited. >> philadelphia, the global stage for a vital time in american history. >> well, welcome to a very special edition of good day philadelphia. and historic edition of good day philadelphia. >> that's true. hello, mike, good to see you. we are here and really philadelphia is the finale.
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this is the grand finale. >> this is it. well you save the best for last, don't you? do you like what i've done with the set? i -- i love what you did. >> the mums ... by the way if you are thinking if you should come, and you should, because isn't it great that we get to be a part of this moment. if you change your mind, i want to go now, let me tell you what happened over a night. there was a lot of security fencing put up. i mean a l my apartment is over couple of blocks from here. here's what i heard all night, beep, beep, beep. >> that's true. >> little bobcats putting up fencing, all of that, even our location right here, look, at fourth and market. did you ever think would you see it like this? security check point. everybody wave! >> you know, we are hours and hours away of the pope being at fifth and market, at independence mall, but people are already here to walk over. apparently there will be entertainment from noon until the pope arrives until 4:00. >> they want to get the first
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in line spot. >> they will will be right down front. let me tell you this if you are coming out, it is chilly, because i believe it is because the event will be so cool. look what the good lord is doing, taking his hands, pushing the rain down south. look how clear philadelphia s it looks like it will stay in virginia, or off the coast of virginia, all day today. >> we are so happy for. that will because in washington, d.c., they had beautiful weather n new york they had beautiful weather. so for the grand finale in philadelphia of course we wanted to have that sun shining. >> boy, did he have a wouldn't he will full trip from dc to new york now to philly. let's recap what his week has been like. (cheers). >> pope francis touched down in washington, d.c. tuesday, greeted by the first family. the people's pope, pope francis, seems to touch the lives of just about everyone, young and old, who can forget
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this young girl who broke through the barrier to deliver a message to the pontiff to protect her parents who are undocumented workers. on thursday, history was made when pope francis spoke in front after joint session of congress, to talk about restoring hope, righting wrong, and promoting the well-being of people across the country and around the world. from there it was off to new york city where he was greeted by thousands lined up along the street. he arrived at st. patrick's cathedral, where he took the time to bless a young girl in a wheelchair, a wonderful moment. and just yesterday, a whirlwinds of event, from his powerful speech at the un, the pope then went to ground zero, truely emotional moment. he ended his night by celebrating mass at madison square garden, in front of thousands of people, and now, he's off to philadelphia. we are are awaiting the arrival of pope francis. so man they've been having fun in new york city. look at this.
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saint in the city. pope's message of pour power. >> look at this, look at the name of the paper. new york pope. not new york post. >> they say it is heavenly. everyone was talking about the fact that yesterday new york didn't really feel like new york there. was special feeling in the air with pope francis being there. >> people were hugging and smiling and but here we have a situation in new york city right now. security situation, matter of fact, our bruce gordon was at his camera position in manhattan. then security came over, and they're doing a sweep of the entire press corps area. so, bruce, what happened, where are you? >> we are right now, mike, preparing to head back to our camera position at jfk airport. we were able to get our gear in place, set up, and this is all very standard procedure. once we get our equipment in place, security folks come in,
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and sweep the area, and we are then removed from that area. we are about to head back there now. so i will talk to you on the phone now. but i hope to be on tv-tv by about 6:30. let's talk a little bit about that, amazing day on friday. it was of course highlighted as you said, emotionally, by that visit to ground zero, pope francis stopping bias he enters the site to greet a first respond near wheelchair, pontiff leida white rose at the site, there he prayed, meditate dollars for awhile, kind of took in the sites and the sounds, and then met with several families of 9/11. >> look like we can't hear him at this point. >> interested in what they had to say, then we moved to a catholic school in east harlem. he smiled broadly while meeting and greeting for pictures, even high 51 student, the pope talked to the kids in the classroom,
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plenty of immigrants at the school, talked about the experiences that they have coming, making new friends, and then finally, meeting in a parade through central park. log jam made it tough to get in the park, but by the time francis road through, everyone cheered. >> he's on cellophane of course, he's out at jfk with the pope actually, he's going to be out there very soon, they'll fly to philadelphia. >> getting ready for the pope to depart. >> he's on cell phone, it is breaking up. a loft cell phone use. >> we were showing video of central park. everyone was talking about so many people turned out. at one point they were concerned everybody would actually get into central park, there were lines, people standing outside the security check. >> that's the largest park in the world, central park. so if they're having trouble, see what happens here in philadelphia today. we have a big space too, the
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ben franklin parkway. but isn't that a wild scene, wonderful scene, heartwarming scene? >> to hear people cheering, just hoping for a glimpse of the pope. arms outstretched. >> it was nice. soap, again, he's still at his residence the upper east side of manhattan. soon he'll leave probably about an hour and get out to jfk to fly to philadelphia. then we get to take -- let's talk about our own newspapers. we honored to have pope francis here, just imagine what we're talking about here. a man who was born what jorge mario bergoglio. >> bergoglio, yes. >> on december 17th, 1936, who would have ever imagined he's going to lands in the great sit of philadelphia, on september the 26th, 2015, as the holy father, as the pope, and we get to share in this moment. i'm so glad you're with us, as well. >> mike, also important to remember, philadelphia is the reason. when he was planning this trip to the u.s., he said i'm
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coming to philadelphia for the wormed meeting of families. >> how does he say it? >> philadelphia. we love the way he says philadelphia. and all of the other trips they were just added on. so this is the main reason. this is the focus. that's why we're so excited that this is the grand finale. >> i can't believe i'm at fourth and market after all of these yearsment look at all of these people. what time is it in 6:08. wow. >> the ceremony at the independence mall, that's not going to be until 4:00 p.m. these people are out here early, they want to make sure they get a good spot. >> we got a note from the vatican. they say pope francis is quite tired. suffers from dealing with -- he's dealing with sciatica. so he has very busy schedule today. let's hope he can get through it. >> i mean not to mention he is 78 years old, going non-step since he first stepped foot on american soil. very long days, long mourns. >> he lands at at particular
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aviation, 9:30, saint pete and and paul mass at 10:30. visit independence mall at 4:45. >> then the festival of families, talking about the huge stage on the ben franklin parkway. that will will start at clock 30. will there be a ceremony, of course the hole is mark wahlberging. >> lou re going to cough that? do we have nieve crews? >> weed iso. >> karen hepp checking out the crowd. smattering of people here in old city. >> then dawn timoney live at norristown septa station where there already have been people lining to up come no philadelphia. >> bill anderson at the base of the ben franklin bridge. will we see people crossing that bridge from camden. >> we'll start off with jeff completes at the ben franklin parkway. jeff? >> reporter: good morning, folks. listen, we've been here for little bit of time now. certainly i do think we have enough cruels. we're here with a bunch of folks. really looking forward to bringing you the event here today when the pope finally get here, at about 6:45, 7:30
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at what's going to be the cap really of the opens that's gone on, and if you move around the city as i all do, i take septa in, walk jefferson down to the station, you can see how many families have actually been in the city of philadelphia this week, enjoying this conference, all of them wearing this green and the green sort of plackards, as well, that show that they're part of the celebration. so, what's going to happen here at the parkway, by the became, this is gorgeous section of the city. art museum is here, wonderful statues, architecture, but you've never seen the parkway like. >> this i'll just move little bit to my left, offer photographer shane will go in and show you the elaborate stage in essence that they've september, almost a wonderful makeshift alter they've set up for pope francis, large white chair he'll sit in, then as you can see there a field of
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white and yellow flowers that seem to surround that, the entire visit to this country, the cap will happen here sunday when he has that amazing what's expected to be an amazing open air mass here that's expected to draw as many as a million people they'll certainly have to go through pretty strict security because we did just to get here, wonderfully set up. this area looks gorgeous, but what will happen here today again at about 6:45, 7:30, is the festival, mark wahlberg, from massachusetts, devout catholic will set this off, singing, aretha franklin will be here. so looking forwards to wonderful day here, let me step you, nice pretty morning with a wonderful backdrop, folks, back to you.
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>> supposed to be mid 70s, commissioner ramsey, said it was bunch his biggest concerns, it will be too hot, have people with heat exhaustion, but the fact it is mid 70s, that's good sign. >> we'll come through with our weather did like dc did, rain, looks like it is out of the forecast, quite group assemble here, in old city, karen hepp. >> good morning to you watch time did you come down? >> we was here since 11:30 yesterday morning. >> mexico, now poor sole -- poor soul, just trying to get
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to work. >> yes,. >> i am we did have little warning about this whole thing. >> right. i was supposed to show my id, and they were supposed to let me in. >> okay, he's a little bit upset. we have argentina a lot of these people out here for hours. come on down. good morning to you. >> san antonio, texas. >> mexico. >> oh, i love this one. so international. >> they've had the best time. where are you ladies from? >> arkansas. >> arkansas. we are where in arkansas? >> little rock. >> thank you, how about you guys? >> phoenixville, pa. >> we love phoenix ville, that's my neck of the woods, chester county, good morning, guys. you're volunteer. >> denver, colorado. >> our volunteers came in from colorado. >> mary. >> thank you for coming and helping out and helping everyone. >> this is the entrance to independence mall. these people have been lining
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up for hours. >> this is the security, we have tsa people that are here, they'll be doing the screening, because obviously they want to keep everybody safe. but there are the men and women assembled there to help dot screening, to keep everyone safe when they finally do open the doors. >> we are right in front of it, down the mall, where the stage is of course and where the pope will be giving his address. good morning, where are you from? >> wyoming, delaware. >> new place. good morning. where is it exactly? >> west of dover. >> beautiful area, right by the air base. >> not too far from the air base. >> how about you, where are you from? >> charleston, south carolina. >> i just love all of these happy faces and smiles and everything. last but not least there is crew over here, where are you guys from? >> we are from the dominican republic, from mexico, but we all live in philadelphia. >> i love. that will so most of the people that were coming in for
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the conference initially from our greater delaware valley. huge presence from illinois, indianna, california and i've seen so many people from mexico. i would say that they've some of the best representation here. >> oh, we can hear them, representing. >> what did you say alex, people from 100 different countries? >> yes, they are here for the world meeting of families, the large that's they've, and 100 different countries being represented right now in philadelphia. >> world meeting of families, united stay of american, and we have it right here in the birth place of america, in philadelphia. all of are you philadelphians, you are. remember couple of weeks ago i walked across the bryn bridge, to see if i could walk from camden down to the parkway, right? >> did you. >> will people actually use the ben franklin bridge today? it is closed, as a walkway. so we have bill anderson there at the base. hi, bill. >> reporter: hey, guys, how are you? we are here at the base, right here, the ben franklin. you can see it in the background, nobody's walking across yet.
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because this side doesn't open until 7:00. so they just opened the new jersey side at 6:00. some people are starting to make their way across, and we'll catch up with them in just a movement but the highlight so far, and i know, mike, were you talking about it earlier, is, in fact, security. so you can see the check point back here. you can see the national guard, and there have been several circumstances that demonstrated that they're taking security really seriously this morning. we saw the national guard come in, and kind of deploy throughout this area. we saw a police officer on a bike, who tried to go across, came across, or to the base of the bridge, flashed his badge, national guard wasn't having it. everybody was very polite. everybody was very professional. but everybody was very stern. so the security is in effect, and people need to understanded, it will be a great day, but they are taking this very seriously, so be prepared to have to deal with quite a bit of security as you make your way across. we'll be here at the base.
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we'll talk to some folks. we'll interview them, hear some of the stories as they make their way across. we'll see mike if people were in as good shape as were you when you walked across that bridge. >> i've to tell you my hamstring and my glutes, quite frankly, are still sore. >> still have some ben gay over here teddiesing. >> that's right, it probably smells out here like ben gay. so we're saying the base of the bridge, philadelphia side, today, because people have to face, it is just what you make of it. >> bill sanderson says treat this as you are going to the security, tsa security is out there. treat it like that. >> as we mentioned a couple of times, it is chilly, might want to use sweater over jacket for the first part of the day. but sue be, what's with your radar? it looks like just a loin at the top of virginia. >> reporter: it is a little scar toy look at it at first. you think everything is moving northward. and there is quite a bit of rain it our south from this pesky low pressure system
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we've been watching for days and days and days. but here is the deal. the high pressure system to the north of us looks like it will remain strong enough to keep that rain to our south. now, if you're in the delaware beaches, rehoboth, bethany, ocean city, marl almost, you may not make it through the weekend without rain. but here in philadelphia it is looking like it will be cloudy and mike was right, it is on the cool side. but it is autumn. so it feels autumnal out there this morning. 63 degrees, here in the city. 9-mile per hour breeze out of the northeast, we do expect those winds to pick up after sunrise. 6:52 is the official sunrise time. now, if you are way to the north of us, it is 48 degrees. it is 63 in the city. 59 degrees in trenton, 56 lancaster, 66 degrees in wildwood, and that's where they're having of course the irish weekend, a lot of folks escaped the city, and went there, well, you will have a cloudy irish weekend. here is the deal, let's just summarize everything.
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windy today, partly sunny, breezy, there is the ever so slight chance of a stray shower, late in the day on sunday, but plan on temperatures in the 70s, and the breezes making it feel a little cooler than that. but bob kelly, i think we'll keep you rain free all weekend? that sound good. i won't have to use my papal poncho that i have on stand by. >> good morning, 6:19 there is saturday morning, i don't know when the last time we saw all of our major roadways with zero traffic, like here, on the schuylkill expressway. this is one of the closures, the schuylkill expressway, of course, closed between conshohocken, all the way down to 95. this is a live look, casino of in the middle near the roosevelt boulevard where they're pushing everybody off, on to the boulevard, so there is no access coming into philadelphia on the schuylkill expressway. here is a live look at the jersey side of the ben franklin bridge. nice and quiet, again, all of the traffic pushed off at the airport circle.
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the only access from south jersey on to the admiral wilson and the benny is for the bus that is were bringing all of the pilgrims in. eventually see them walking across the bridge, not charging the $5 that they typically would be either at the ben franklin tolls. here is a live look at the vine street expressway on the 95 side. every now and then we see a police vehicle coming through the barricades. but for the most part, everything is nice and quiet and mike and alex i just saw the customary hand off of a 20-dollar bill from mike. >> you saw that? >> i saw it out the window here. >> you're spying on us. >> every day around this time mike hands off 20 to sent somebody for coffee. >> oh, that did just happen. >> it is a little chilly out here. need to warm up just a little bit. there she goes. okay, so, bob kelly is a catholic. i was raised a catholic, i see catholics all around me, but a lot of non-catholics are watching this, ran very excited about pope francis being in the city of philadelphia.
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we'll talk about that, that's one every his main messages, dialogue, interfaith dialogue. we'll talk about it. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm.
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what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state.
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welcome back to very special edition of good day philadelphia on this saturday morning. the city filled with catholics from all over the world, but
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also people who are not catholic but still wanted to come to philadelphia to see pope francis. and it has them thinking: what is his impact on my beliefs? >> yep, so jeff cole spoke with a leader, a delaware county pastor, about how really pope francis press sense affecting us all. >> reporter: in a church of brick, glass, spire pointing to the heavens, you'll find donna wright thinking about what god wants. >> what is god calling us to do, at this time, in this place? >> reporter: known as pastor donna, the temporary spiritual leader in allege inning forward, delaware county. her calling is to assist this congregation of 120 sunday worshippers to plot it future as it seeks a new permanent pastor. she's also thinking about the leader of the roman catholic church in finding common grounds. >> this pope is a very
6:25 am
gracious pope. >> right wright, trained as luther, lutheran pastor for two years -- 23 years. she views his call for economic justice, reforms in courts and jails, his impass i -- empathy for the poor, love of environment, fate in the lutheran fate, as well, homes the pontiff's message here on the last weekends in september is this. >> the church is open to all people, people who are in pain, people who have felt judged by the church before, the church is willing to lay down this judgement and offer the grace of god. >> but there are divisions between lutherans and catholics. broke from the catholic church
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in the 15 hundreds, his beliefs were band banned. >> there were bounties placed. people could have killed him. >> those divides have long melted into the march of time, but donna wright is a symbol of one which has not. >> here i am, i am a woman, impasse tore of this congregation, each sunday i get behind this alter and i cons crate the elements, the bread, and the wine for homy -- holy communion. >> could you not do this in the catholic church. somehow you are not of the same value in the catholic church as you are here. >> yes, yes. but i do have friends in the roman catholic church who still pray for that day, and hope for it to come.
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>> reporter: wright says the pope visit is wonder for full christians, and hopes the pontiff uses him time among the region's 5 million people to seek out those in most need. >> to the neighborhoods where there is desperation every day, up and down the block, and says you are not forgotten, you are loved. >> that was nice. thank you for that, jeff. here's the thing. i know if you think oh, i'm going to come over there, but i'm if the going to get controls. even if you are not close, you know there is about 40 giant, well, jumbro-trons, they call them, that would be big, right, jumbo. >> big. >> big screens. we'll tell you where those locations are after the break. >> because we really are what about three hours until the pope is arriving in philadelphia. >> yes, about three hours.
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>> should g heaps up 8:45, should arrive atlantic aviation at 9:30. >> we're at fourth and market. jenn fred about a block away, fifth and market, in front of the independence hall. beautiful picture this morning, jen. >> it is really pretty here. you know what guys? even though this has taken so long to plan, they're still kind of ironing out the kinks this morningment the media bus, including national media, delayed for about an hour because there was a giant cement blockade in front of the bus that was supposed to bring the people here. another one of the things, little confusing here, we thought by 6:00 a.m., that there was going to be people that were coming here to the event that's scheduled for later this afternoon when holy
6:32 am
father will speak about immigration at independence ham, we thought the day coming in at 6:00 this morning. so far not a lot of people coming in. we've seen k9 officers, police officers, with dogs, patrolling the area, possibly doing one final sweep for security. but, again, they are still walking around with giant rest room signs, getting the pros necessary place, which is remarkable, if you think about how long they've had to plan this huge, huge event. so, he's expected to speak here, as you see, the stage is set, we're going to be talking about the different details, and elements of this talk, all morning long, but i can tell you this. he will be using a electric turn, once used by president abraham lincoln. there is a loft history here, immigration is something that's talked about, literally, since he set foot on american soil. interesting, in the world, the most difficult to i am great to. open it doors, especially, to
6:33 am
the people of latin america. as i say, the vatican around the world, one of the most difficult place toss i am great to. even though we're a block away, feels like we're four, five hours away. speaking of the media situation, we got to the convention center at about 1:45 a.m. we just got here about 45 minute ago. >> you mentioned, you see people out there at 6:00. they're still here, still getting in line to go through security, so they are here, just waiting for the moment to be let in. >> still putting up the signs for the people know where to go, once they do get inside the secure area. >> scrambling all night. coy hear them outside my apartment. but they have, the pope won't to be your location until about 4:00, 4:15. they hope to open up the gates there, at noon, because they'll have entertainment from noon until the pope shows up. >> that's right. so they will have something to do and see while they're
6:34 am
waiting for the pope come this afternoon. >> okay, so, let's get a shot here. that's what we're waiting for right here. live shot of new york city just outside where the pope has been sleeping overnight. call it the apostolic nuns yo of united nations. we just call it where the pope is sleeping overnight. >> that's true. he's staying with the earl permanent opener, so this is five story townhouse, upper east side, and it is worth 20 million. >> what? >> yes, yes, it is. so very nice place. needs to get a lot of rest. >> what did you say the size? 11,000 square feet? >> and five story townhouse. pope john paul ii when he came to america he stayed, there as well. >> yes. there was 19 century mayor that lived in that. that was his home, can you imagine? just very close to the museum metropolitan museum of art on fifth avenue in new york silt. >> i even though it is a very, very, obviously nice place, you know the pope, vicinal, all he requested was tap water
6:35 am
and banana. that's it. that's all he wanted. >> coy use glass of water and a banana. >> i could use some potassium, or nice cup of coffee, high, bob kelly. >> maybe jelly donut. >> 11,000 square? he'll be late because he's lost getting out of the apartment. good morning, we have closures in effect this morning. here is one of the examples of those concrete barriers, that jen was meant inning. cranes are moving around, the cranes that actually pick up the concrete barriers and move them around. this is the spring garden treat bridge so anyone leaving, spring garden street bridge, to gain access to the art museum area, of course get used to the screening. get used to the screening. i was down here yesterday, took walk, not that badment take everything out of your pocket, similar to the situation you go through when go to the airport. here is a live look at the ben franklin bridge. no vehicle traffic at all, using this for pedestrian walkway. so the ben franklin, shutdown
6:36 am
to vehicles this morning. and of course the closures in effect, schuylkill expressway closed eastbound conshy into 95, wean from 95 out to city avenue, now, the westbound suing is open between city avenue and king of prussia. so if you want to head out, get early shopping down out in king of prussia, or just work your way up to the mountains, the poconos, you want to get on at city and head west. the vine close in the both directions, 95, is open just the ram thomas center city are block. for those maybe headed down to wildwood, mike, for irish weekend, the best bet would be the blue route, and that will connect you up and over the walt whitman bridge and you'll be on your way to keenan's there in north wildwood. alex, mike, back to you. >> hope they've watching our coverage on irish weekend? yes, they are. >> why don't we check in on septa see what the trains are looking like. >> dawn timoney, we saw you
6:37 am
instagram a picture, already little line forming throughout in norristown? >> peeping line up for hours, the line right now for the third train, that is going to be going into the city of philadelphia, to see pope francis. and, bill, if can you pan over here, even young people with their pope t-shirt on, everybody wave. big crowd here, everybody really excited, the first train, though, went into the city at 5:30 this morning, and the people for that train got in line, i should say, at 4:00 this morning. if we can take a look at the video, about 150 people bright and early this morning, and many of the people who were in that early morning crowd were from the charity of the missionaries of charity founded by mother trees, a and they were sing as they wait in the line, and so excited, and as you can imagine, this is really big deal for them. because they're all about serving the poor, which is
6:38 am
something that's very, very important to pope francis, as well. >> see him it, would inspire me to have hope, to reach eternity, just to see him, because he's a representative of god on earth. when i see him, i know i am peaking into heaven. >> it means a lot. it means everything. i love holy father. we all love holy father, don't we? yeah! >> about 4,000 people are expected to board the train into philadelphia. >> i love that sign, one of the nuns holding up it, says happy pope day. >> what does the thin say? >> when i see him, it is like i am peaking into heaven. >> oh, i love that line. i'll be use that. >> yes, they were great. >> we got the shot back, at
6:39 am
jfk were bruce gordon. >> we'll talk now just a minute about all of the activities begin on here, probably little hard to hear me right now, that's because the helicopters are right behind us, and immediately over my shoulder, that's the american airlines boeing 777
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>> two -- two hours, the pope will get on an airplane, fly to philadelphia. first he has to live the residence just off fifth avenue where he slept overnight. apostolic nuns yo is the name of the place of the united nations. quite a speech at the un yesterday. anyway, he'll leave here, probably half hour or flow. >> yes, we'll have this camera out, be waiting as we see the pope spend his final minutes in new york city, because then he's on his way to philadelphia. >> he's going to lands there at atlantic aviation, near philadelphia international airport, at 9:30. >> see the plane they're calling shepherd i land right, there i'm sure it will be a beautiful shot. >> i know where shepherd i is,
6:43 am
it is behind bruce gordon's head. >> tell me your first name? >> daniel. >> hello. >> we have somebody else's mike on. try bruce gordon's mike out of new york city, please? >> how about that? does that sound good right now? is this in fact the american airlines boeing 777 will take the pontiff to philadelphia, right hine me, beehive of activity here at jfk. the plane here on the new york end of things pretty much as follows, around 8:00, the pontiff is expected to take marine one, presidential helicopter from the wall street hell i pad here to jfk. he will arrive here around 8:15, 8:20, thereabouts, for brief ceremony here, on hand, little tough to see them from this vantage point, but on hand already, they've all gone through security, hundreds of folks, parishioners, from brooklyn and queens, church officials here, nuns from the local monastery, will present the pontiff where the book and some flowers, he's not expected to speak here, but one never knows, as one official said, we always have a microphone handy, that's
6:44 am
likely he will interact with as many people as he can, then he'll board that 777 right behind me around 8:40, 8:45, off to philadelphia he goes, here to bring it all to you as it unfolds, guys. >> thanks, interesting, when he flies from italy al italia, when the in the u.s.a., travels americans. look at the parkway here, beautiful, look what they've done.
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6:46 am
6:47 am
>> upper east side of manhattan, where the pope slept over night. he should be leaving here, i would same, in half hour or so. do you have get out to jfk. but i think he is taking a chopper out there. that won't be a long trip. >> then wheels to up atlantic aviation. >> in philadelphia, pa. high, everybody, rochester is here, i guess. you go to st. joe's? >> i'm the dad. >> oh, you're the dad. you're looking good, man. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> enjoy your day, okay? >> it is so exciting to be here. we are right where the security check point is, before people go to independence mall, where the pope will be coming later this afternoon at 4:00. already lines out here. people are getting lined up. >> we also have people lined up at the rail station in norristown. let's check in on south philly
6:48 am
now. >> let's do it. >> lauren? >> hey, alex, mike, what's up? not a lot of people here just yet. people slowly trickling in. this is where a lot of the buses will be parking, across the street there at citizens bank park, bringing all of the pilgrims who are ready to see the pope. we catch up with few people who came in, earlier, from jersey city. one woman joined that group from connecticut. here is the good news, septa says they're ready for everyone when they make their way down here. you are supposed to have that three day pass. if you don't have it just yet, there is still time. you can get one. $10 down here at little kiosk they have set up. here is the customer staging area. so when people start approaching, they start yelling come on, pull out your passes, get ready. then they load everyone down into the at&t station. both platforms heading north toward you guys today, they will they're trying to get as many people out to center city as fast as they consideration get off walnut locust station, melt by ambassadors, to help guide them where they're going. we met one woman this morning, mike, alex, brought her sleeping bag from connecticut, with her clear book bag, because you have to have
6:49 am
specific things in there, she is ready to spends the night for tomorrow night's mals just so she can see the pope. >> well, she has a plan, that makes a loft -- it is a little chilly, so at least warm. it is like inoglia lot of people have been bundled up out here. they're ready for the weather and they're ready to see the pope. >> you have your beautiful fox 29 fleece thing on. >> she does. >> i'll be there. >> i'll be there. and he'll-here, now only couple of hours, lauren. thank you so much. >> down the way, jenn fred's cam are is out. but there is bus after bus after bus, police escort, a loft police cars. >> are you aware? >> am i aware whatever, young woman? >> (person talking from the crowd). >> oh, going through security issue here. can you help her please here at fourth and market. >> okay, let's go back and see if we see the pope. he's been sleeping in this beautiful townhome, 11,000 square feet at 72nd and fifth
6:50 am
avenue. >> he really does need his rest, whirlwind after day in new york sit. so we'll take quick break and be right back. (plays throughout)
6:51 am
♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:52, on a saturday morning, yes, good day is on saturday, because this is historic good day philadelphia, what a day for the city of philadelphia. isn't that preppy? that's a live shot. >> beautiful shot. so amaze that pope francis, for his first time in the united states, will come to the birth place of the united state of america. >> yes, if you can drop that lower third for a second, where you can see the canopy they put up, where the pope will speak, he's going to be standing right in front of the george washington statue. what a combination. >> and mike you've been watching them do this set up pretty much all week. >> yes. >> checking on it every did a. >> i go every day, put it on my pictures, stain gram. >> how does it feel now to see
6:54 am
it, the finishing touches? >> it looks better than i thought it would look about wednesday or so. and they had the light up, all night long, it was just gorgeous scene. but it is nice now, too, now the sun is coming up. we'll take to you havertown, karen hepp got little treat. she went to havertown, saint jude's shop. what all do they make and sell there, karen? >> everything, so, the saint jude shop is a place that people come from all over, maybe where you get a communion dress, main where would you purchase your religious metals and things. but at this point, they also are making so many things for this papal visit, down in washington, d.c., they made all of the visibilities, supplying all of the holy vessels, well, the family so proud, they've met the pope several times. watch this. >> folks snapping up the traditional item, the rosaries, pins, magnet, the
6:55 am
flags. but the biggest for this papal visit, the bobble head. >> we of our heroes, sports heroes, why not the holy father? >> lewis' family opened the saint jude shop 50 years ago, this is they are third time hoping for a papal visit. they made the chair pope benedict sat, actually thanking them in this picture. they also made the chair for pope john paul ii, john paul two, lover you, that young by, that's lou which is his mom, nancy, on pilgrimage. the family's mission to inspire fate. >> we're bringing guidance to people that they can create a chap nel their heart. saints jude shop doesn't just silicate lick things, they get to design and build anything holy. check out the vestments, the
6:56 am
bishops will wear, made 300 of them, design of simple elegance, deflects pope francis view, nothing loud or boisterous, but something very simple, i think, a nice statement that is being said with that. >> they've also designed and fabricated 1800 sacred vessels. >> just a vessel of both chalice and saboria that will be used in the world meeting of families, all of the lit you are jest -- liturgies, the mass that is will take place, the saboria will hold the host, and these will be distributed by all of the ministers when they go out to the parkway. >> so cool. put into security and the convention center, art museum, different locations, getting them ready, they have to get them all ready, because they had to have them in place before all of this. so exciting.
6:57 am
it all happened from right in our area. mike, alex, back over to you. >> very cool, at the third time they've done it, three different pope visits. nicely done, karen? so special. so many people want momentos from this visit. yesterday i went to the world meeting of families, official store. >> pope up pope store in. >> pop up pope store. so pack. so many people a loft people wanted the plush doll that pope francis sold out. >> sold out. >> they do say they'll have some stores, as well, along the parkway. so if you didn't get a chance to make it to the world meeting of families official storm, there will be several stores along the parkway. >> it is getting light. >> it is. >> looks good. >> sun is coming up. you know what that means? it means it is almost time for pope francis to get here. >> let's see, well, oh, there he is, shepherd i. american airlines 777, parked at jfk wait on the the pontiff. his holiness still in his apartment on upper east side of manhattan. when he boards the plane you'll see it live here on fox.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> the pope is coming to
7:01 am
philadelphia. ♪ >> a visit for the history books. >> god bless america. >> pope francis makes his first visit to our country. >> on behalf of the american people, it is migrate honor and privilege, to welcome you to the united state of america. >> thousands upon thousands of people, waiting in line, for hours, clamouring for a glimpse of the pontiff. >> when i was in front of the pope, i was crying. >> from washington, d.c. >> i mean, who doesn't want to see the pope? >> to new york city. and now finally to our city, the cradle of liberty, the holy father in philadelphia. >> welcome back to be very special edition of good day philadelphia, it is 7:00. now, look who is here, farther
7:02 am
daniel joyce. good to see you here. >> good to see you, father. >> wonderful to be here. >> and you're going see a lot of hip. because you're with us for the whole day? >> whole day, absolutely. >> can i call you father dan? >> sure, sure. >> executive director of the missions programs over at st. joseph's university. how long have you been there? >> about ten years now. >> you teach theology? >> and work with a lot of the fact ill at this and staff, run a lot of programs there. >> you are perfect for us, and our jesuit. >> i am a jesuit: just like pope francis. absolutely. >> you are an expert when it comes to all things pope francis. >> i think so. >> by the way, pope francis, the very first jesuit? >> pope, absolutely, very unusual thing, because we jesuits make a commitment not to take high offices within the church. >> right. >> our founder saint ignascious of loyola asked you to take that, however, under holy obedience, will we become bishops, cardinals, but almost
7:03 am
unimaginable a jesuit would become a pope. beyond anybody's imagination. >> really proud over at st. joe's. >> yes. but little just sort of wow, nobody imagined this, this isn't supposed to happen. >> in 2005 when pope john paul ii died, now pope francis, was very close to being pope, elected pope then. >> sound so, that was the rumor. >> said i didn't want it. >> no, no, i think he understood there was a movement to elect pope benedict, he supported that, he didn't want to be, you know, the loyal opposition or anything like that. >> part of his humility, i think. >> i think you're exactly right. before we move on here, father, look, people already lining up here at fourth and market, to go through security screening to get over to independence mall and independence hall where the people will speak at about 4:45 or so. >> i am calling them the pink ladies over here. because i love their shirts. so well organized. where are you guys from? >> we're from new jersey.
7:04 am
>> okay. whose idea was it to have the shirt here? i love it. >> mine! >> we have to be able to find ourselves. >> can i see this woman's face? where are you from? >> lumberton, new jersey. >> go down the line. where sells everybody from? >> woodhaven, new york. >> yes. >> new york. >> pennsauken, new jersey. >> so why did you want to come? >> because i've always wanted to see a pope. i missed john paul when he was here, and this is so close to home, and we have seen him, we followed his whole journey through this -- >> you could have been a kid in 79. >> not really. college. >> well, because of your shirt, why do you love pope francis? >> it is just a message he is sending, his peace and unity, you know, among everybody.
7:05 am
>> thank you all for coming out. >> we will be looking for you in the crowd then. >> we have a message from vatican this morning, father dan, that said pat pope was getting kind of tired because of his sciatica, half of his lung taken out when he was 21 years of old, really bad case of pneumonia. so listen to this schedule that he has for today. okay? and all of the places. we'll take you there right now. we have people all over the area. start with jeff cole on the ben franklin parkway. >> then dawn timoney live at the septa station in norristown. and jenn fred, she's live thereon indeed end den malls, then we talk to bruce gordon live in new york city where he is getting ready for the pope to get on that plane. hey, bruce. >> reporter: hello there, guys. yes, it is an exciting morning here at jfk for quite a while now, folks have been flooding in to the area here, right behind me, that shepherd i, the plane that will take the pope to philadelphia. let me step out of the way and gave you a view there. we have every expectation that
7:06 am
during his brief stay here, at the airport, probably no more than ten, 15 minutes, the pope will do everything in his power tonight err act with as many people as can he, parishioners from brooklyn, queens, let's show you video. this encapsulates the kind of thing we've seen from the pope throughout this entire trip. meeting with school kids at a catholic school in east harlem, and the smile on the pope's face just says it all. these are the folks he likes to be around. he met obviously with members of congress. he met with representatives of the world's great nations at the un, but these are the kids he wants to be around, just absolutely loves being with children and interacting them. i don't know if the video we're showing you caught it or not, but one of the favorite moments from yesterday afternoon at the school, he was hands with kids, posting for selfies, looked like little girl put her hand out toward the pope, and he clearly new, after a moment or so, what she wanted. she want add high five. and so, after a little
7:07 am
hesitation, put his hands up there, gave her the high five, and the look on his face was one of pride. he was thrilled to have negotiated a successful high five with that student. the kind of thing we hope we'll see if philadelphia. try to mink well people, physically touch folks, boy, when he does, the smiles on their faces, just beam and light up the room. it will be fun. >> it is going to be fun. >> we are very excited about it, very excited. >> it is a festive spirit, wouldn't you say, father? >> absolutely. >> is that the way we should be feeling. >> on st. joe's, all week, the great weather the way in which people felt up lit dollars, even my doctors this week, my doctor was sort of on cloud nine. incredible. atlantic aviation,.
7:08 am
>> cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. >> where our joyce evans is. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: we're seeing some people arriving, look like, some of the invited guests, mostly for the philadelphia archdioces, but some bishops from around the state of pennsylvania will be here, along with invited guests, see them coming out of the buses here, right now, they'll take their seats inside the bass ill k if you've ever been inside this building before, you already know it is absolutely gorgeous, but, over the past few weeks it is just over the top beautiful. you just can't stop, closure mouth once you go inside. we'll tell you bill more about the invited guests, the lay people also showing up here. the nunsment priests -- z, the lay people will be showing up,
7:09 am
about 8:30, they've got to be inside by 8:30, because they need to go through a security check. then they will wait for the pontiff to arrivement expected to arrive here sometime between 10:00 and 10:15. then he'll get changed, and then they'll start the processional. then have the mass here, standing here live, so you can see everything, as the morning goes on. a lot of people lined up here, very early, some slept here overnight, just so they can get right up against the barricades, and hopefully get a glam ups of the pope as he arrives here, again, around 10:00, 10:15 or so this morning. so we're all excited out here tonight, waiting this morning, i should say, wait to go see. we've been out here since last night. >> that's so true. get there very early because of security, joyce, great job. as she was talking we saw how beautiful that is one beautiful church. >> it is, incredible, yes. >> largest cathedral in
7:10 am
pennsylvania. >> what's the archie tech shnewer. >> built in royal corinthian style. >> she's been studding. >> i have been, father. >> yes. >> let's see how the rest of the parkway looks, from skyfox, yesterday. >> really looks beautiful. >> it looks absolutely fabulous here, never seen the parkway look like. >> this certainly, plenty of security, and folks who really, you know, have to have some patience when they get here today for the festival of families, that occurs at about 6:45. but it will be, i think, worth the trip. well, let's look at some video of what the set up looks like. so there is beautiful alter, and stage up here, very large chair, where the pope will be sitting during the festival of families. that will happen here this afternoon, you see beautiful flowers are all set up, many, many seats, again, the festival will include mark walt berg, he'll come, he is a catholic, and he credit his priest with saving him. none other than aretha
7:11 am
franklin will sing amazing grace here. andre bocelli, the lore's prayer, the pope will give closing remarks, all about the family during this meeting of the world families that have been held here in philadelphia. here is what the pope had to say about this on capitol hill mid-week. >> this is philadelphia, where ill take part in the world meeting of families. it is my wish to visit, the families should be a recurring scene. the family has been to the building of this country. >> so of course that is of course pope francis speaking about the importance of the family on capitol hill on
7:12 am
wednesday of this week. he will come here, obvious limb, reiterate those issues throughout the day, as well. love is our mission. family, fully alive, was the theme that was based, this worlds -- world meeting of families based on cap it off with this festival that will happen early this evening. jeff cole, live at the parkway, for example, back to you. >> thank you, jeff cole. mention the theme, all about the family, right? because one of the performers performers -- >> we are family. >> yes. >> 1979 worlds series, pittsburgh pirates, the theme song. >> are you a pirate fan? >> from there originally. >> he'll watch it with us, together, how about that? we have some choppers overhead right now, all part of security i'm sure. if you want to see a lot of white chairs, go over to independence mall. >> where jenn fred is.
7:13 am
hey, jen? >> hey, guys, you know, i brought my kids down here for little bit yesterday afternoon. mike jerrick, you have the mind after ten year old. because brody frederick also noticed all the white chairs. look at it, it is beautiful, jeff cole said it exactly right. >> this city has really dressed itself up. and it is ready for the holy father. we are here at independence mall, where later today, he will be giving a speech to the invited crowd. as you can see there is will be a small group, even the vantage point here for fox 29, is a very, very intimate one. he is expected obviously to speak about immigration. he calls himself the son of immigrant family. so, this is really something that is really close to his heart. and i can tell you this: people are starting to trick nel little bit. you see the people behind me in orange. those are sole of the volunteers. people are starting to come, in make their way in. we know that many, many dignitaries will be at this ventilator this afternoon. and i can tell you this, that in and around the hotels of center city philadelphia,
7:14 am
you're starting to see who you might see at some of these event. former governor, tom corbett, staying at hotel monaco right here on chestnut street. so you are starting to see a lot of the people. because remember, this is the people's pope. and from volunteers, to paid security, everyone is talking about the fact that they just want to see a glimpse of him. they want to see that smile that we have seen in new york, in washington, and cuba. they want to know that he is touched by the people here as he has been in some of those other cities. so guys, we have the chairs. we have the plan. and there is about 4,000 portapotties around independence mall that i have to tell you, they're out of site. right? just glorious, glorious set up here. >> jen, we have to mention, too, it is a ticketed event. so all of those chairs, there has to be 10,000 chairs. >> check out the ticket. that's a keepsake. >> do you have the goal end ticket? >> but i bought it off of that woman standing right over there. thank you. that's what it takes to get in
7:15 am
there. isn't that beautiful? >> the glare off of it. >> there you go. >> it says we hold these truths at independence mall. >> apparently will read the opening, some of the words off of the liberty bell itself. >> that's true, and the lecturn speaking also used by abraham lincoln for the get its berg address. >> can you believe he is going to speak at the lecturn that abraham -- lecturn that abraham lincoln used. >> the values that we all should be able to hold on tonight so it is great that he's use that lecturn here, where abraham lincoln had given a famous address. >> all connected. not to mention doctor martin luther king. >> and dorothy day, actually, converts to catholosism, in many ways, real inspirations to modern catholics today. >> all right, quick quest for -- quiz for you father dan. >> wow. >> independence, early 60s, independence hall, another person, a dignitary, used that very same abraham lincoln
7:16 am
lecturn. >> podium. >> in the 60s. >> yes. >> early 60s. >> early 60s. john fk den? >> nicely done. >> oh, he is a winner. >> and you know we have our pope quiz, hopefully do that soon. we were talking about this while studying getting ready for pope francis, father. should have pop quizzes, like a pope quiz, that we will ask. hopefully we can ask some of our viewers, tweet, get some answers becomes pope francis. >> we'll get that started around 8:00. >> pop pope quiz. well, it looks like it worked out, sue serio, you were so worried about the rain coming up from the south. where is it? >> it is still to the south, thank goodness. yep, we have a really close call with this rain, i'm telling you, a really close call with this rain. let's take a look right away, ultimate doppler radar, show you what we are talking b pells can i low pressure system, been bothering us all week with the threat of rain. we've had beautiful weather week. i don't mean it has been bothering us by giving us rain, but worn bid. >> this look how close it is, it is in the delmarva
7:17 am
peninsula area, but hasn't gotten into our, not even southern delaware, just yet. and we think it will stay away. high pressure is pretty strong. still suppressing the low. keeping it to the south. but inbetween the high and that low. so do expect some gusty winds today, as a high is 25, 30 miles an hour, some of those winds, and at the shore will be even worse, but we see the rain, none in the forecast for today, and look at this, it get close, and probably rain at the shore, especially the delaware beaches, but it is nothing measurable for us here in here in philadelphia. if you're tending the papal event tomorrow. look at the wind gusts though at the shore today. thirty-four, 35-mile per hour wind gusts, today in philadelphia, a 25-mile an hour winds gust or so. so not going to be the best hair day today. and you will need a jacket, because it feels autumnal out there. tomorrow the winds won't be quite as gusty, but still quite breezy, temperatures in the 70s both days, if you are going to the concert tonight,
7:18 am
make sure you have a better or jacket, because the temperatures will be in the 60s. so that takes us through everything, let's break it all down for you, when you get in touch with us, via social media, use our #fox29pope. #fox29pope. we want to see your vantage point of all of these events this weekend. so it is a fall feel to get started. by 10:00, 66 degrees, today. 71 degrees by lunchtime. the speech begins from pope francis right there, at independence hall, at about 4:45. it will be in the mid 70s by then. now we go to sunday, on the parkway, 10:00 a.m., 67 degrees. it will be about 70 or so by 1:00 o'clock. probably top off at about 72 degrees on sunday, so it is looking pretty good, there is still that ever so slight chance after shower on sunday afternoon. but bob kelly, each time we look at our trusty dusty computer mod tell get a little bit better every time. we try to keep that rain away.
7:19 am
>> and walking around yesterday afternoon, down here, just casino of getting a lay of the land, it was little chilly, once the sun went down, especially on the parkway, there where the wind starts to whip up. another reason we want you to use fox 29 pope is because we can answer your questions. so couple of real quickly here, are there any passes still available on septa? septa says no. there are no sales for any of the septa passes, yesterday was your last day. that is question number one. question number two was can i bring one of those fold recall chairs down with me? i went outside, and asked the f.b.i. agent in charge, and she seder on the side every caution and leave it at home. those are two important questions. getting ready to head out the front door, come downtown, you can't use the schuylkill, though, getting here, the schuylkill, this is live look at the schuylkill schuylkill at south street. again the schuylkill closed 95 all the way out toward conshohocken, to vehicle traffic. here is a live look at the toll plaza above the ben
7:20 am
franklin bridge. again, only vehicles here, you're going to see some security vehicles, that's about it, 95 is open. that's the spot. that's your go-to road up and down 95. the northeast corridor, good to go for the gang maybe that is not coming into the area here, maybe heading down the shore. the only closures related to 95 are the off-ramps from 95 to center city. keep in mind, out here in the suburbs, along city avenue, that's going to go into shutdown mode at 10:00 this morning, between belmont and lancaster avenue. of course lancaster avenue, right, there at the seminary, so watch for delays in the neighborhoods. but it is an exciting day. it is finally here, mike and alex, finally. >> after almost, well, almost a year, i guess, yes, 312 days or something like that. it looks like a beautiful day to fly, alex. >> it really does. so we are going to take live look in new york. >> by the way, tell us about the hashtag? >> of course use the #fox29pope. tweet us your thought. we want to share this
7:21 am
experience with you as we get ready to welcome pope francis to philadelphia. >> i hear we're trending at 7:20. that's always good. >> that's always good to be trending. >> let's keep it going then.
7:22 am
7:23 am
>> welcome back, clock 23, this is new york city, he will
7:24 am
the pope will be walking out the apostolic nuncio. >> sort of the ambassador to any particular political, you know, country, or, but also the united nations the ambassador, representing the holy sea at the united nation. >> so slept there last night, and the night before. and he should leave here, then, get in, i would say, via fiat this time, i heard -- did he use the chopper coming in, do you know? >> i don't know. >> to go to the airport. from manhattan to the airport. >> ever traveled in manhattan, would you use a chopper, too. >> if we had that option, yes. >> even on a saturday morning, you're right. so wheels up 8:45, lands in philadelphia at 9:30. >> but even though he's going get that start in the just a little bit, people have already started their journey here to philadelphia, so they can come and see the pope. let's get to dawn timoney, live at the septa station in norristown. >> hi, al, mike, train just pulling in right now, so i
7:25 am
have a couple of people wait to go get on the train. you are volunteering. >> volunteering at the parkway, and tomorrow at eakin's oval for the mass. >> how exciting is this for you? >> beyond. i have no words to describe it, it is as a life-long catholic, it is the coolest thing, and i believe that this is really special man, who has a special, special message, and i just think we need to wake up and listen. >> good luck to you. now you're catching the train, right, just going in. what does this mean to you? >> oh, it is wonderful, as far as ac catholic, this is epitomy what you want to do, meet the pope, be in this situation. so we're very, very excited. >> how close do you think you'll get? >> we have passes to get inside the triangle. so, you know, just want to be as close as possible, so just being there, i think, will be magical experience. >> right. just getting a glim piments and look at you ladies in your shirt. hey, i love these shirts. where will you be today? >> on the parkway today and
7:26 am
tomorrow. >> hoping to see the pope as you're volunteering? >> i hope so, but i doubt it, but i hope so. it would be nice. but just to be there sex siting in itself. >> how about you? >> i'm so excited. i'm just beyond words, because this is just going to be a wonderful experience, to be able to just to be there, experience in itself. i also a.m. a catholic, and i came all the way from houston, texas, we have a group here, we just enjoyed our time here so far. >> well good luck to you all, have fun. i don't want you to miss your train, trains are operating every half hour. mike and alex, we had hundreds and hundreds of people through here already, expected 4,000 people will take the train into the city to see the pope by 1:00 this afternoon, believe it or not. >> and they started at 5:30 this morning. >> thanks, dawn. even couple -- >> 5:30. >> thank you, dawn. >> the line started at 4:00 a.m. >> we saw that, matter of fact. so just even few days ago, i was thinking my gosh, are
7:27 am
people not coming? but there are no septa passes left as of this morning? >> no. >> they're coming. and i think even at last minute people who may have decided, maybe i won't, now they're saying all right, i feel it, i feel a presence of this guy. everybody's been saying it in washington, new york, i want to be a part of this. >> even in new york we saw the crowds in new york city yesterday, for central park, when pope francis was setting up there, lot of people lined up. >> and now the weather is great. >> the weather worked out as well absolutely. >> she had hundreds of people walk by here. we've had maybe a thousand people walk by us here at fourth and market already who are you meeting? >> a loft folks. security starts at thirds and market. see the yellow shirts there, taking the ticket. so once they take the ticket, they line up here, they were supposed to be let through to independence mall, at about 6:00. so, little bit after delay here. about an hour and a half getting people past the security checkpoints. we'll talk to some people, what it has been like for them this morning very, very early.
7:28 am
alex being back to you. >> chris, another live look in new york, look there, they're waiting on american airlines here for shepherd i, taking a live look, because pope francis will soon be making his way to the airport, there making his way to philadelphia. we'll take a break and be right back. ♪
7:29 am
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7:31 am
>> at clock 31, a flurry of activity. they opened the security tent. >> i just saw some of my own student from st. joseph's university, as well as others, i know from st. thomas more in cherry hill. >> they've been waiting over there some of them almost two hours. finally opened them up. it was like rushing for a soccer game. >> that's it, just as exciting. >> even more so. >> lots of cheers. of course they want to get that front spot. as we've notice in the washington, did. c, also new york, if you are
7:32 am
at the front of the gate, pope francis a loft times will come up to you, and shake your hand. >> reach out to them. he loves to reach out to people, yes. >> by the way you have been reaching out to us using #fox29pope. >> trending right now. let's see some of the pictures you are sending in. >> this one from fallon, says t minus three hours until the pope walks up these steps. we're just a little excited. >> in front of the cathedral basilica. >> another one: waiting for the pope to arrive. hashtag good is winning hash tal pope in philly. >> pope in philly. looks like picture last night, as the independence mall, setting up. >> yes. >> you can't get that close right now. >> no. that whole area covered in white chairs and bunch of media, for sure. >> you have to have a ticket. which we were showing earlier. >> yes. >> pope should be that the location, where that last picture was taken at about 4:00 this afternoon. >> of course, people all waiving us to, going in right now. there is going to be some ceremonies, also some
7:33 am
performances starting at 12:30. they will having it to do, while they wait. >> i think that might be sister sledge performing. ♪ we are family ♪ come on, folks. >> sure. >> trying to get father dan to sing. >> that's it. >> we'll check back in at jfk. bruce, what are you seeing throughout? looks like flight attendants are out on the jet leg. >> you know what's interesting, mike, told that traditionally these chartered jet that the popes will use, the front area, the first class area, is sort of blown out, taken out, bed something put in there for the pope's convenience and comfort. john paul will sit in regular business class seats when he takes this flight to philadelphia and ultimately back to rome. we want to talk for a moment though about the most emotional event really the the highlight at least for me in covering the pope this week, here in new york, yesterday. the only full day for the pope in new york.
7:34 am
and that of course is his midday trip to ground zero. great expectation ahead of this visit to this memorial. and the pope did not disappoint, the emotions were running hi, he went to immediately to first responder, a police officer, in a wheelchair, blessed him, chatted for couple of moment with him, moments later, met with several family members of the victims of 9/11, place add white rose at the scene, was clearly praying, meditating, taking in the scene. great emotion there. moments later at interfaith service, which i think was of great interest to everyone, the pope had some inspirational words surrounding 9/11, the memorial, and what it all mean. let's listen. >> the pain we can also feel the capacity of the goodness that the human being is also capable of. the hidden force that we must always appeal to.
7:35 am
at times the pain and suffering. >> back here live, now, giving awe picture of some of the nuns, from a local monastery, who will be bringing gifts to the pope when he arrives here at jfk. among those gifts, argentinian cookies, of course, the pope from argentina, first south american pope, those nuns will be greeting him, providing him with some governments, book respect flowers, argentinian cookies. again, the pope expected to take a helicopter from the wall street hell i pad at around 8:00 arrive here at the airport around 8:20 or thereabouts, brief is her moan hire, no remarks, but everyone here hopes he'll interact with the crowd as much as possible around 8:45, wheels up, the plane right behind me will be headed in our your direction, guys. >> that's right, heading to philly. first mention they'll give him cookies, we know that the pope has a sweet tooth. >> yes. >> he loves cookies, so covered in chocolate.
7:36 am
>> called matt (. >> that's another thing he likes, and jen teen yan stack. >> a herbal tea that they drink all the time. >> we need some herbal tea. >> some bug going around, i'm telling you, where the pope francis slept last night. seventy-second and fifth avenue in manhattan. so should be leaving pretty shortly i would think. east side of manhattan, hell port, take chopper out to jfk, takes about ten, 15 minute or so. and then a flight to philly is only 45 minute. >> we hope he'll be getting out soon. because he has a plane to catch. >> he does. we are real exited. he better show up on time. >> look what i brought today. we saw some nuns there, saying the rosary. >> there go. >> i found my father's rosary. he was born in 1905. i moved, so i was going through some boxes, you know, and found his rosary, as a child. and guess what my dad's name is? >> francis?
7:37 am
>> yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> francis. >> so special. >> so i name my daughter jessica francis, spelled with a i, jessica francis, very special day for me. >> okay, people got through, chris murphy. >> they're in. hey, guy. so here is the world meeting of families. right? so we have a family from toms river, and from virginia, hi, guys, how are you? >> hi, yes. >> so you're here at what time now? like 7:35, the pope's not going to be here until 4:30, 5:00. what are you going to do to keep the kids happy? >> loft food. lots of food. we brought two double strollers for this many kids, so everybody except for one will be able to sit or lay down at all time. >> are you exciting? >> i'm very excited. >> tell me why you're excited. >> because i am named after the first pope, peter. >> that is so exciting. and you guys are teaching the kids about cat thole sim, what the pope means? >> oh, yes, super important,
7:38 am
like the most important thing in both of our lives is our fate. >> these guys, by the way, will remember this for the rest of their lives. are you excited? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> anna. >> anna, tell me why you're excited? >> because it is the pope? the pope of course? i'm not going to let you go. what's your name? >> kate. >> can you look up in the camera and say hi? >> high. >> can you say back to you, al next. >> back to you alex. >> oh, so cute. oh, my heart. >> that's it. call it a day. >> that memory for children is real important. i know folks here in philadelphia will remember exactly where they were when pope john paul ii, the exact place they were, what they saw. >> but also for pope francis. he loves seeing the children. his face, lights up. >> and give them little blessing, if they see them, it is amazing, yes. >> well he is about to get on an airplane, once he comes out of this residence there in new york city. we have a very tight shot that far staircase, don't we?
7:39 am
>> we do. >> we want to get a good shot of him mike as he comes down the stairs. take a break, be right back.
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> upper east side of manhattan, i believe he probably walk out of there in 15, 20 minute? come on, smoking is not good for you. if the pope sees you doing that. one every his escorts, i guess. he was caught on camera. hey,
7:42 am
thanks for all of the pictures, i mean, we have a ton of pictures coming in. what are you doing this morning as you prep, come into philadelphia, to see pope francis. look at this. >> this one says children at kansas, festival of families. >> kansas in the house, my home state. >> love it. so make sure to sends us pictures using the hashtag pope in philly. >> okay, i know this is just a quickly sellment here, because we want to take a quick break, and then come back to see the pope. consideration
7:43 am
7:44 am
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7:45 am
>> the pope will leave ten, 15 minute, jump a chopper, get taught jfk to get on his american airlines 777, to fly to philadelphia, and when he gets here, where is he going, alex holey? >> he is coming to philadelphia. we are calling the plane affectionately shepherd i. >> wow. like air force one.
7:46 am
>> he is a shepherd. >> he is a shepherd. >> and it is fitting because that's where air force one lands whether it comes to philadelphia, atlantic aviation. >> he has cross as bishop that he had, he kept as pope, it has rather than jesus crucified on the cross it has a shepherd with a sheep over his shoulders. >> what's the idea of shepherd, shepherd flock -- >> caring for them, keeping them out every danger, the idea was if our shepherd, you want to keep all of the sheep in the fold. keep them from harm. >> and i remember one you should smell like a shepherd. >> yes, the sheep. smell like the sheep. if you are working at a shepherd, i assume it is a smelly business. so he wants priest toss make sure they're mixed one the people, not removed from them, not above them. >> again, that's a big -- >> humility. >> when he lands, steve will look like at him, that's where his location is atlantic aviation. >> good morning, steve. >> reporter: well, i've been getting all of my information from a fellow named john allen, who covers the pope for a living, and boy is he angry,
7:47 am
every time he hears that phrase shepherd i. he said there is no such name for the pope's plane. and he says that gives off so many wrong connotation cents, like comparing it with air force one, and not to correct my previous colleague on the air, there is no bedding on this plane, it is regular american airlines jetliner with the modern business class seats that fold in fully functional beds. they don't have to put special bedding inment in fact, mike, you just returned from visiting family in kansas city. the last time there was bed nag plane it was a twa plane, and that plane now on display at a museum in kansas city where john paul the second slept on last in 1979. mike, the interesting thing is, because of the possibility of turbulence, a big seatbelt across the bed while the pope slept on that bed, and when they removed the front seats. no long they are pope is really the in-flight entertainment for the reporters. they say the food is lousy. the seats are not that comfortable your but the in flight entertainment spectacular according to john
7:48 am
allen. lay of the land. philly airport not closed like it is when the president landsment you can see we are right on the tacts i weigh. you can hear the propellers, these other us airplanes, these commuter planes getting ready to take off behind us. so there is working runway, right behind the air stair, set for the popement look at the special paint john to -- job to greet the pope, insignia of the whim, you see it taking off right behind, see how we're in the middle of the airfield here, now we have chris come to the front of the air stair, and i tweeted pictures of this earlier, they had it rolled out but got it rolled up. the red carpet to greet the pope. they made sure every piece of lint was removed, two guys were on there with lint sweepers, believe it or not, like the pope will complain about the lint on the red carpet, right? so gave you a idea where we are, no where near the main terminal, but you can bet everybody peering out of the glass windows over there, there you see all of the southwest jets lined up at the
7:49 am
southwest terminal. that will gives you a sense of how we are on the other side of the field, from the airport. but also how close up we are. and everybody was wondering is there a crowd here? well, i got the inside scoop. a loft crowd made up by people who just have inside, insiders here at the airport, whether secret service families or people who work at the airport. that's who got the idea to be able to get in here, and they got the secret service treatment, too, even little kids in shorts, and knit hats, getting swept by wands. you got to trust, you can't trust anybody one agent told me. >> okay, steve, get ready. he will be land interesting at will the 30, good report there. speaking every transportation, great pick in off of septa rail line. >> yes, patco. >> oh, it is patco, from jerry? patco train is filling up. so look at the nuns there. riding on the train. >> that's fantastic. >> okay, let's take a look back in new york, because we're hearing there is some activity there at the residence on the upper east side. >> well, that's what we heard. you can't believe everybody, alex whom. >> i so true. >> you can hear all sort of
7:50 am
stuff. but it doesn't mean it is true. >> well the anticipation has us ready. >> the only thing i see are leaves floating. >> that's t fall leaves. >> beautiful fall. let's take a break and come back.
7:51 am
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7:52 am
>> 7:52, yes, saturday morning, 7:52, a special day for the city of philadelphia, one of the most who are tore
7:53 am
icky would imagine after it is all said and done. waiting for the pope to leave this residence, where he slept last night, 72nd and fifth avenue. i believe he's going to the wall street helliport in lower manhattan, we'll get to jen in just a second, then he'll run and take the chopper taught jfk, at about 8:45, wheels up, wheels down, philadelphia, 9:30. >> father dan, it is not that he's still sleeping. we know pope francis is a early riser. >> 4:00 a.m. he gets up earl. >> i so probably getting his things tonight, ready to come to philadelphia. >> people are probably want to go get the lace encounter with him before he leaves new york. >> look at the flock of people it takes to fly the pope. bruce gordon, a loft people out there, man. >> reporter: there are indeed. and the crowd has been growing over the last hour or thereabouts. we've been here since the pre-dawn hours, and it has been a growing sense of anticipation here. the expectation continues to grow. these folks are excited, the folks you are looking at just
7:54 am
a moment ago, are parishioners from brooklyn and queens. >> i think we've lost his shot from new york silt. >> i let's go to jenn fred. >> let me schenn sean real quickly here. well let's go to jen over at independence hall right here, fifth and market, basically. >> good morning to you guys. once again, yes, the activity is beginning to feel a little more papal. i have to say. look behind me. you can see the volunteers are going through each and everyone every these seats, they've made sure there is no garbage there, there is no papers left over from last night. >> beaming coming in at early as 6:00 a.m. holy father not expected until after 6:00 p.m. so they are just basically sitting here, making sure that they can see him when he does arrive. as we've mentioned before, he is expected to speak about immigration here. when he does so, he'll be speaking at the lecturn, that was once used by president abraham lincoln. now, as you can only imagine,
7:55 am
with this type of operation, security is tight. i can tell you this, they have contingency plans for every single thing from weather, to something really nefarious, so they're ready for there is they've prepared for. >> this i have to say. >> this there are some people still going through security, we don't know if people you see here in front of the big screen tv's if the general public, who is, you know, generally ticketed for this event, will be able to go there. whether we do know it will be largely dignitaries, high ranking people with the world meeting of families that's going to be in these white chairs, guys. >> those tickets important. when we see people walking up, they are wearing them proudly. >> yes. >> look what i got. >> because they sold out quickly, two minutes, they were gone. >> okay, so again, the pope will fly in at 9:30. now, listen to this schedule. as he gets to philadelphia,
7:56 am
again, he is going to leave jfk probably 8:45, land here 9:30, then headed over to the cathedral at 10:30, and that's when the mass will begin. then visitors independence mall 4:45. we'll take a quick break and come right back.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> 312 days ago. four days ago, pope francis stepped foot on american soil, for the very first time. >> and today, a day we have been waiting for. >> philadelphia, the big city, for big events, and we could not be more excited. >> philadelphia. the global stage for a vital time in american history. >> hey welcome everybody to special edition of good day philadelphia. it is 8:00 now, or about a minute away from 8:00. this has been really cool. michelle, already -- this show for the first two hours, thank you for being here, father. >> great to be here. >> from st. joe's university. okay, so many people are flooding into philadelphia right now, including many,
8:00 am
many sisters of the clot, so to speak. what community are you from? >> we are from ... new jersey. >> how did you get here? >> we got hereby car and by train. >> and by foot. so you took patco in? >> we took septa in. >> oh, septa, septa. >> wonder festival of families. you have your tickets there, we see you're wearing them. >> we have our tickets foreign dependence hall, as well. >> great gift from the church, hope to receive more of it through pope francis, all of us being here together. >> thank you all for being here. >> thanks for saying hello to us. >> great, great day today. >> enjoy. god bless. >> it is wonderful, seeing so many people coming up. security gates now open. a lot of people are coming in. >> that's for sure. new york city, where all eyes are now. bruce gordon out at the airport.
8:01 am
>> reporter: hi, guys, we are here at jfk. the excitement is just building and building and building. what is it tom petty said? waiting it the hardest part. up since the we hours of the morning to get through the security, and so have the many visitors here, the invited guests, let's turn our camera over here. we will kind of push past the other reporters. we are the only philadelphia television station here at jfk. you can get a sense of the crowd here, hundreds of folks, east are parishioners from brooklyn, and queens, who are invited guests here to this departure ceremony. it will be brief, the pope is expected to spends no more than 15, 20 minute or so at most here at jfk before departing on that american airlines boeing 777. we showed awe minute ago, and maybe you can see through the crowd, a little bit to the right there. the nuns, who will be presenting pope francis, with some gift, flowers, a book,
8:02 am
and yes, some argentinian cookies. the pope of course argentinian, the very first south american pope ever, and the first nun european pope since 741ad. gregory the third. the last non-european pope, mike jerrick, even you weren't alive back then. so exciting time here at the airport, anticipation continues to grow. and i have to tell you, as someone who was in rome, last spring, that is the spring of 2014, when philadelphia made the official invitation to the pope, face-to-face, then returned this most recent spring to say hey, we're ready to go, we hope you're ready, the pope said absolutely, see in you three month, at that time, and sure enough, today finally the big day, guys, get real exciting around here. >> well get ready, bruce gordon, because we hear the pope has left his residence. we lost our camera. we need a miracle, father. >> no, that's okay. we will get by with our own good effort. and a little built of grace.
8:03 am
>> this is why we need father dan. >> we need a lot of grace, probably on the fdr right now, going to the helliport chopper him taught jfk. wheels up 8: 45. >> we have noticed mike as you have been saying this week, et cetera a very prompt pope, very busy schedule today. the schedule for him to arrive at atlantic aviation in philadelphia at 9:30. then of course he makes his way over to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and pam, there will be a mass there this morning, then after that, he's going have a visit at the independence mall where he is expected to speak, around 4:45, and then avenue, that at 7:30, the festival of families on the ben franklin parkway. >> crews all over the place, everybody's working today, joyce evans at the cathedral right now, first stop, jenn fred over at independence mall. >> jeff cole also on the parkway, we start with steve keeley because of course we hear the pope is on his way to shepherd i, steve keeley atlantic aviation. >> looks like the governor has just landed, we see a
8:04 am
dignitary helicopter. he will be among the few, not a loft dignitaries, we're told just 14. so that may have been his arrival. what you see in the for grounds before that hell he copter, is the shanahan marching band. eighty-four members who just warm up with sticks. now, alex, mike, i don't know prepared you are for this, and how much you delved into the research for this big assignment, but can you guess what song is going to be the welcome tunas the pope get off the plane by any chance? >> when they get off the plane in philadelphia? >> yes. >> something from rocky. >> it is rocky. >> yes. what everybody goes to the rocky stems. we had one of our mid level managers say no way is the pope going to run up the stems. i would not be surprised if this pope goes up the stems. he was 40 something. everybody around the worlds is running up the steps this weekment and they are playing going to fly now as the first song he's going to hear as he
8:05 am
gets out of the plane. how cool is that? and then after that they'll go into abate over end type ode to joy. they are warming up here. it is noise all over but happy noise whether it is a leer jet just landing behind us, possibly with another dignitary dropping somebody off, or what else, and we wanted to show you again now heff moved little plant, looks like charlie brown christmas tree, next to the red carpet still rolled up here along with the air stairs with the world meeting of families insignea. let me explain this whole, why is the pope flying over, al italian, and now american? the pope takes the national aviator al italia to the country he's going to, then fly that country's national airline on return trip home. so when he visited philippines back in january, al italia then, then philippines airline back to rome. that explains why he's flying on american airlines all around this country today. so, that's a regular jet lining lip -- jetliner,
8:06 am
neglect week, can you imagine being the first guy that sits in the pope's seat after the pope's done sitting there for all this time? >> i'll tell you quick story here, i went over and talked to archbishop chaput, pope john paul ii, he sat on a chair specifically made for him in 1979 on the parkway to say mass, right? the archbishop let me sit in it. >> wow, that's good. >> i know. >> did it have any ' neglect. >> i'm still hot. i had the vapors, all of. that will i got out of it right away. >> vapors started coming up? >> really special moment for me. so, once he lands, pope francis lands here, directly to the cathedral. >> talking about the largest cathedral in pennsylvania. that's where joyce evans is now. hey, joyce. >> reporter: hey, guys, women, listen, the sun is up now, as you can see. we see the people arriving, the lucky ones, who are inside the mass. a lot of looks like the lays people invited guesses through their parish, their church, and through the archdioces.
8:07 am
they need to be seated by 8:30. because they just for security reasons, and they are filling this church up with folding chairs, they're filling up the chapel, every spot i'm told will be filled. so they can get as many as 15 to 1600 people or more, however many fit inside the church. now, folks need to get here in time, and among them will be cathy and john mccarthy. we talked with them little while ago, dawn timoney did. they live in conshohocken, pa. they've been married 52 years. they are invited guests by their priest, father thomas her on, and he's of saint matthew's church. now, they are one of three couples who will be greeting pope francis. can you imagine that? and they know exactly what they want to say to him. >> i just think that to say to him it is so great to see you. we've been waiting for you.
8:08 am
something like that. you know, really expresses what the whole area has been waiting for him. >> well, father her on told us he selected the mccarthy ace because they're a shining example of marriage, through commitment, and their fate. and, look around here now, these folks here are waiting right behind us. now, they've been out here a long time. they seem little sedate right now. but look, they're waiving those pope francis fans that were passing out just little bit ago. they're kind of tired. but they won't move, not for one second. because they have a front row seat, or a front row stand, right outside the basilica here. so when the pope comes up, they are hoping they can get a glimpse of him, maybe get little picture or two. i'm joyce evans, reporting live from the cathedral basilica of saint peter and paul, back to you. >> if i have a spot on the
8:09 am
rail, you are not moving me. but can i use your camera for just a second here, joyce? go back over to the gotto. people are wondering on twitter, what's all that white stuff? father joyce is here. >> well, the it is made up of different prayers that people have written on those little streams every term. all tide together. comes from devotion that the pope has a very important devotion called our lady the untie err of knotts. they ask her to intoe seed with their problem, they're end tankmentment it comes 1750, jest ooh itch priest talking to couple about their troubled marriage, and he said go back and ask god to work it out, help you work it out. and they came back and said we fowl like our tangles, got untied. this painting in the grotto, you can't see it from here, all white sheet, little pieces, all summer long at st. joseph's different groups on campus with our faculty and staff who have written their prayers, brought down hundreds every them when the gotto was
8:10 am
created. >> and even in good day philadelphia, they came, and we were able to, chris murphy and i able to put down our knotts, and tied it on there. >> and at the top of the dome there, at the basilica. >> and the knotts go all the way up to the top of the basilica. >> they do. impress disbelief the actual grotto itself sort of constructed by people's prayers. it is remark job when you say the top, 413 sheet up to the top. >> nicely done. but also says we have a loft issues in our lives. >> we do. the thing is covering that whole grotto. >> right. >> a lot of people need help in their lives. >> well, this is something we all have in common. no matter who we, are where we come from, we all have these things that we struggle with. it is almost as if we come together with our weaknesses and our struggles, and together we have a strength. we find a strength. >> here's what's odd, father. alex, what she wrote on it, she says may i please have a
8:11 am
new -- >> you know? >> no, no. >> never. >> all right, a lot of activity about a block away from us, over at independence mall, that's where jen is. >> yep, good morning once again, guys. you know, one of the things that the world meeting of families wants to do, they want to make sure that everyone is really hearing the holy father's message. if you like behind me at some of these big screens, they're directing people not just in english, spanish, and italian, but vietnamese, portuguese, how to tweet, how to tell their story. they want the people who are here to witness the holy father, in person, to be able to share that, with the world, their followers, their families, their communities back home. it is just one of the things that the wormed meeting every families is doingment back at the media sent, i can tell this, also whole vocabulary of papal terms, if you will, explaining the difference between a lay person, and let's say, a bishop. because again, they want everyone fully invested in what is happening here today. guys, because there is such a
8:12 am
big international presence here, a lot of people are wondering, whether or not he'll speak in other languages. >> let's take to you new york city the pope arriving at the helliport, manhattan, southern section of manhattan. move that van, please? >> we want to see him. >> so i guess the president of the united states kind of loaned the pope's helicopter? >> why not? >> not sure if that's exactly marine one, one of our judge plaques trims around the count rip, so the pope's using it todd. >> waiting for the pope to get on there is and then go to jfk where they'll get on the american airlines plane so he can come to philadelphia. >> he'll go to the cathedral, eventually, this afternoon, will be down on the parkway
8:13 am
with jeff cole, we'll take you back to this picture the moment we see the pope. >> when he get here, he'll be impressed. he's never been to the parkway. if he came here without all of this here, he would think it is a beautiful place, as we all know, with the art howe see up here, architecture, statues here. the way this thing has been september up, it is standing, just going to go over my shoulder and give folks a look, at just how nicely this set up is here. big stage of course, beautiful chair where he'll sit during the festival that will happen today. white see here every white chairs. people are beginning to gather here. they're not in this area you're looking at right now, coming up to the security gates. and they're looking on. now, i can help steve keeley little bit. keeley said he thought the governor had landed. nope. the governor is here, actually, at the parkway. we just interviewed him.
8:14 am
they were cheering they could feel the pope's presence, happened 6:00, 7:30 tonight, mark walt berg will be here, and aretha frankly, i would give my left leg to hear aretha franklin sing amazing grace, which is what's going to happen here, later on this day, liver at the parkway, jeff cole, folks, to you guys. >> jeff, that leg leg of your has been causing you trouble anyway. >> that's why i'm willing to give it away. thank you. you told my store. >> mike, you're a good reporter. i might let you join the i-team. >> oh, i'm afraid of people. i don't want to scare people. >> i'm not sure you have the streak every anger that's required for that. >> the eyebrows he needs to work on, raise that eyebrow. >> that eyebrow really jacks me up. >> there go. >> jack up eyebrows. >> i have them, too. oh. here we go, video now of pope leaving the residence,
8:15 am
72nd and fifth avenue in ma manhattan. just little while ago, there he is. he walked out with a smile on his face. probably because coming to philadelphia. >> that would be very typical custom as you leave the howls, would you ask for a blessing from the pope. >> is that right? >> sure, yes. >> when he goes into a residence? >> you might ask then, too, ask any time you want. but often when you are leaving, at the departure, very common gesture, yes. >> so jess in the control room, do you still see the helicopter still on the grounds? okay. we'll have sue talk over that helicopter shot here. sue, the weather will hole up, no rain today, and looks like no rain tomorrow? >> yes, it is looking less and less like rain for tomorrow. at least, not until late tomorrow night, so what we are talking about for tomorrow cloudy day, but generally, rain free. so, each time we get a look at
8:16 am
our computer models it is looking a little bit better. we can't rule out rain completely, but for today, because of the wind, and because of the cloud cover later on, we will go with eight out of ten, eight is pretty great though for today. it is very autumnal feeling out there, with the breezes and l cooler temperatures. see how close this rain is. along the eastern shore of maryland, not in delaware, not at the jersey shore, we have our share of cloud cover. but seeing sunshine nerve in old city. let's hope it stays that way. 6 degrees, 10-mile per hour breeze out of the northeast, we do expect the winds to pick up little bit this afternoon. and a lot at the shore. a very windy day at the shore, expected, 64 degrees here in the city. fifty-four in mount pocono. atlantic city has 67 degrees. sixty-eight in wildwood. these are the winds we have right now at the shore. 15 miles an hour sustained atlantic city, 12 miles per hour wildwood. we also have coastal flood advisory in effect late tonight into tomorrow morning. but that's not anything to do
8:17 am
with that southern storm. that is because of the moon, that super moon we are talking about giving us higher tides, than normal. so breezy tomorrow, breezy today, temperatures in the 70s both days. we're working hard to keep the rain away from the papal mass tomorrow. >> doing good job over there, sue. 8:17. good morning, everybody, here is a live look at the closure point on the schuylkill expressway. out in conshohocken, again, the schuylkill close in the both directions between con cons, 476, all the way in through 95, here is a live look at the benny, no cars at all, and very light foot traffic so far right there. make out group of four, five folks working their way up and over in toward downtown philly. the best chance i think to see the pope if you don't have a ticket to the event is going to be the papal parade, again, that start after the address at independence hall. probably around 6:30 or so at
8:18 am
the steps of the art museum. the pope mobile will make it way up the parkway, around city hall then back to the steps where mike and alex i really hope that we see him run up the steps of the art museum and put him hands in the air like rock. >> i we would love to see that. we would. >> of course he has a bad hip. >> he does, i don't think he will be running up the stairsment he will have to do this, in toward say mass, do you have do this. >> that's true. >> not quite this. >> it is close enough. chest enough. >> let's wait for the help copt tear take pope francis to jfk. chris murphy out here at one of the checkpoints. >> absolutely, good folks here, family from the olney section of philadelphia. that's not the story. you guys really originally are all from haiti. >> yes, that is correct. >> very good. welcome. when you were growing up in haiti, did you ever think would you come to philadelphia to meet the pope? >> no, we didn't think that. >> are you excited? >> very excited. >> are you hoping to get close up look at the pope or maybe
8:19 am
shake his hand? >> i would be glad, but i am here and i am happen. >> i how was it getting here this morning? >> wasn't too bad. we left about 6:00 this morning, we're here now. >> you took the train from olney to -- >> we took the train from olney, and we walked 15, 20 blocks from city hall. >> very good. welcome. >> thank you. >> see you guys. by the way they made their own t-shirts. how cool is this, guys? >> they made their own t-shirts? i love. that will hi, good to see you. >> high. >> we love you, too. >> kisses from haiti to you. and me. >> you talk about something, making something cool. look at this banner somebody made. >> we are all welcoming pope francis in different ways. matthew just sent me this tweet. it is a picture here off the balcony. look at that pope sign. look who is on the top of city hall. >> it is pope francis and not william penn. >> not looking toward london, but maybe toward rome or maybe toward all of the world. i don't know. that's where pope fran francis is looking. >> looking right back at you,
8:20 am
pope francis. we'll have his kick off from the helliport when we come back.
8:21 am
8:22 am
>> we have cheers crowds here, in philadelphia, fourth and market, in old city. and we have a helicopter, one every president obama's helicopters getting ready to take off from new york city, on the east side of manhattan.
8:23 am
alex, where are they head in the. >> they're head today jfk where the american airlines plane is waiting for pope francis to take him off to philadelphia, of course, there is a nice crowd there. they have a band, and also, there are some nuns there, going to present some gift to pope francis. >> well, i know they have bands, there but we have better bands here, father? >> bishop shanahan high school band will greet him right when he arrives in philadelphia. >> with the, what is that, eye of the tiger? is that the name of the song from rocky? >> i think it is eye of the tiger. i believe that's what they're going to be playing. isn't that something? when the pope lands in philadelphia. >> because you know when he landed in new york, the song they were playing was -- >> new york, new york. >> was it the jc version or the frank sinatra? >> i think it was the frank sinatra version. the jz version is -- >> oh, that's right. >> so, that rotor has been sphincter about the last ten minute or so. so we'll go right back to it
8:24 am
the minute it leaves. >> of course expert father dan here pop francis expert, but we've been doing some studying ourselves. while studying we came up with this thing, go around the news room, hey, pop quiz, like pope pop quiz. but we thought hey we love our viewers, they interact with us on twitter using the #fox29pope. why don't we have a pope pop quiz with our viewers? >> after all this is "good day y philadlephia" style coverage of the papal visit. this is what we do. >> there goes the chopper. >> there goes. >> there we have lift off. good bye new york. >> then ford, the 777, airlines. >> now, hopefully, once the
8:25 am
helicopter gets to jfk, we'll get to see pope francis, one of the things he lovers about him, lovers to do things himself. doesn't have a lot of people around. he carries his own suitcase. >> he said he has his razor, rosary, usually book he's reading and little prayer book. >> that's the thing i was trying to figure out. he car ace novel. i wonder what kinds of book he reads? mystery? >> i think always a constant reader, yes, absolutely, man whose minds is always going, always taking more? >> extremely intelligent person. >> he is real. >> i he knows about world events. he's taken on dictators around the world. >> and yet, you know, he was high school teacher, taught literature and the other day referring to the latino literature he had taught his student. little reference to the un. so always that sort of literary man, learned man. but not afraid to also bring up the things that everybody else reads. >> teaching philosophy and theology. >> absolutely. >> even back when he was a young jesuit, he had to teach high school h to teach high school boys. if you can teach high school boys, you can do anything. >> let's get to the pop pope quiz then. when was the last time he
8:26 am
watched tv. your answer? >> a, yesterday. b, 1969. >> the year he was ordained. >> c, 1990, or d, none of the above? >> i lover our staff. they changed the last one. okay, probably mistake. love you. >> when you tweet us use the #fox29pope. we'll have our answer, once we come back from the break.
8:27 am
do we have anymore chips? [off screen] fellas? uh, sorry. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets? uh yeah! and that pre-game sideline experience... exactly. or even eagle season tickets! [shouting over crowd] how do you know? you both have the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. asbestos. beast wise
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> 8:29 there is saturday, there is your answer, the last time pope francis watched television, was 1990. >> that's right. >> he never gets to see himself on television, because he doesn't bother to watch it. >> that's true. that's true. >> why do you think that is? >> i think he is a man who really wants to focus on how it is that he can just absorb the kind of information he needs, that he's not a big media fan, yet he dominates the media. >> first year of pope he
8:30 am
dominated twitter, dominated twitter, and he dominated the entire internet. so it was amazing. 's media phenomenon, yet not a consumer. >> more than 7 million followers on twitter. >> amazing, absolutely amazing, part of it because's teacher, he taught young people, he does things in very simple, clear ways, he doesn't go long. this speech to the un was not a big long lecture, very clear, to the point. because of that, he really gets, fits with our new modern way of doing social media. >> again, the chopper that has pope francis on it, it probably should take tops 15 minutes to fly from lower manhattan out to jfk on long island. basically in queens. so why don't we go there and see what our camera is picking up. bruce, can you see anything in the sky yet, looks like a green and white helicopter? >> reporter: no. in fact, everyone is kind of looking to the skies to be the first one to see the pope. there are couple every
8:31 am
helicopters, couple looks like chanook, that are involved, one of them is actually marine one we are toll, sort of own loan from the president. but everyone is looking skyward right now, to see what they can see. interestingly, everything on this trip so far has been timed out to the minute. and so we have every expectation that he will lands here, right around 8:30, when we were told he would. this has been a very punk all, very choreographed trip. we have no reason to believe that will ends right now. this is really been well organized from the start, through washington, through new york, no reason to believe it will be any different in philadelphia. so, things have been running right on schedule so far. frankly, in addition to that, the weather, here in new york, and prior to that in washington, absolutely spectacular. beautiful weather, no rain, not too hot, as one of the officials of the airport here said, it is like he knows somebody.
8:32 am
>> he does know somebody. >> we can look through, you know, through the television lens, there are two osprey, look like they may be escorting the chopper, coming in from the distance there. >> can you see it yet bruce? >> reporter: that is correct. we do know there are the two escorts, plus the two choppers. i've not made any eye-balling of it yet. i'm scanning the skies along with everybody else. but i have not actually seen it from my position here, we're up on the risers, probably oh, 75 yards or so, from that american airlines boeing 777. we're starting to hear some cheering now. so i may be block by the plane, but i have a feeling the crowd here has gotten their first glimpse of the helicopters. we are hearing some cheering, seeing some flags waiving. this crowd just couple of minutes ago, by the way, was led in chanting and in singing the old sister sledge song we are family. here comes the chanook, here
8:33 am
comes the osprey. here we go. pope francis is just about to touchdown here at jfk airport in new york. >> that's real good shot, accompanying him as he arrives, awesome. >> of course very fitting that they're chanting and singing we are family because the pope is coming for the world meeting of families here in philadelphia. >> where is sister sledge from? >> philadelphia. >> thank you. >> ♪ we are family ♪ okay, you don't want to hear that. >> , we don't. >> the rotor blades of the osprey.
8:34 am
>> i think this is the vehicle he gotten into. >> i think so. >> we just had odd shot of it. >> i think the particular shot we had, maids it look like a helicopter, when it wasn't. >> shot it thought it was a shopper. >> and of course, if you are tweeting us, use the #fox29pope. >> hashtag -- that would get trendy very quickly. >> hey bruce board on, what are you seeing? >> apparently he's seeing a lot, but not hearing a lot.
8:35 am
>> reporter: sorry, i can gayly hear the noise here has gotten deafening in the last couple of seconds, mike. it is interesting, they all kind of left together. and i guess we expect today see the helicopter caring the pontiff be more or less n'sync with these craft, but obviously they're already down, already landed here. we've not yet eyeballed the actual helicopter. >> okay so the chant, quick break, back in two minute, i promise.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> here we go, more action at jnk at 8:38. bruce? >> reporter: yes, mike, we can hear you. yet another of the lead orest court crafts coming in ahead of pope francis, the crowds, by now, not nearly as excited to see this one, when they saw the first craft, they figured hey maybe this is the pope. but not so. those aircraft have now pulled around to the side of the hangar, where we're right in front of. a third craft landing right now, and we expect the pontiff any second. but we do not yet see the helicopter that he's traveling in. our view is slightly blocked by the actual airplane, that the pope will be traveling in, the american airlines boeing 7777 that will take him to
8:39 am
philadelphia, again, 40 minute flight, maximum, probably, from new york to philadelphia. of course, as i said, earlier, that we were running more or lesson schedule for just about everything it, does now look like we may be few minutes late, unless they cut things short at jfk. i would be surprise today see that. but it does lock like at this point we may be a little bit behind schedule, with regard to the 9:30 landing in philadelphia. if, in fact, that was based on a 8:45 take off from here in new york. beehive of activity earlier in the rear entry port of the 777, the traveling press, dozens and dozens every them, they are already aboard being some of the other high ranking church officials are there. you see the dignitaries, security folks, it is a beehive of activity out here, and clearly hundreds and hundreds of regular folk, these are parishioners from brooklyn, and queens, who have been invited out here this
8:40 am
morning, to send off the pope on his journey to philadelphia. it has been spectacular time here in new york, really only one full day, but lot of activities yesterday, high drama, the united nations, high emotions at ground zero. prior to that of course wonderful trip through washington. mike? >> we see it, i know you can't see it because you are block by the airplane there, but we do now see, at least we did, the helicopter caring pope francis. so he's within camera shot anyway. there he is. >> there go. >> there you go. >> reporter: yes, i believe this is the actual helicopter. i thought there were couple of them that took off. but this looks to be the actual helicopter, the crowd waiving, but still, a little bit of hesitation here. it is not clear that the crowd believes this is actually the pope. >> i'm sure you will be hearing cheers soon. >> here we go. now we see some more waiving of flags, and the crowd,
8:41 am
excitement has grown. >> we are watching him lands at jnk. of course the band there, the crowd look at the crowds. >> vatican city flag? >> yes, that's vatican city along with the us flag, interesting. right up front. >> i saw in the background, though, another chopper. >> yes. >> and you know, a lot of times for the president, the security reasons, they'll fly two different choppers so you can't tell which one he is in. >> mart move -- smart move. >> that might be a second one, alex. >> we know what, two osprey that landed you and now two choppers. >> three of the osprey, and two choppers, yes, security reasons. >> so one looks like it is
8:42 am
just touching down. and the second one is in the air. >> here we. >> which one is he on? >> reporter: i sense, mike, is that the one that we've already seen landing is the pope. the one that's about to land here that we're showing you right now, we think that is actually the helicopter caring pope francis. crowd getting very excited, waving their flags, at this point they are waving their flags at just about anything that flies in here. but they now believe this is in fact the papal helicopter. yard buzzing, hard to hear, cheers frankly over the noise, it is deafening out here. this dogs appear to be the papal helicopter. couple of false alarms, there but that just added to the drama out here. >> adds to the excitement. >> it is fascinating, to think
8:43 am
about this, guys, when you realize, that these people wait for hours, and hours, just to catch a brief glimpse of this man, gifts awe sense of his importance in their lives, and his importance on the world stage. again, we say it all the time, he's not only ahead of state at the vatican, but he's the leader of 1.2 billion catholics around the worlds, and a man admired by -- >> wrong direction. >> bruce, you mention, seems like he is running little behind schedule. people out there hoping that he might come over and maybe shake their hand or give them blessing. i wonder if they will still have time to do that. >> he has a tendency to make time, doesn't he? >> he does. >> reporter: yes, it would be a shame if these folks had come out and didn't get a chance for at least a little brief interaction with the pope. but again, he is bound like all men to the clock. and there is a tight schedule for all of these events. his schedule in philadelphia,
8:44 am
very tightly scripted, lot of event, lot of activity today. and so, he may be forced to cut things little bit shorter than they had hoped here at jfk. >> we know the nuns are there, and they're going to present some gift to him before he heads on that plane. so hopefully there is time for that. >> absolutely. he'll definately stop and pick those up, that would be great nourishment on his way for very difficult schedule today, a grueling one. >> plus he has that sweet tooth. >> he does. >> but he does have a schedule. for people just joining us now at 8: 44, we did get alert from the vatican, during the middle of the night, he was tiring a little bit. boy, he was non-stop in new york city yesterday. >> he was. >> from one, up to harlem, covered the entire island of manhattan. >> they say he had some aches and pains, missing out on his physio therapy because so busy, since he's been here in the united state.
8:45 am
>> it is important to remember, guys, this is a bruce here at jfk, and father dan certainly knows this better than we, that this is a man with 78 years old, 76 when he was elected people, and literally had 1 foot out the door, was ready to retire, at his retirement plans mostly made, when this decision was made by the college of cardinals, and father dan, you know better than we do, that this was a surprise on any front, not least of which to jorge mario bergoglio himself. >> he had planned out his retirement. he was going to elect new pope, go ban to buenos aries, settle in his apartment that he had arranged, it all set up. he had reached 75, passed 57, retirement date for age for bishops. but you know his sister said about a year ago, he's got a kind of life and levity to him that he hasn't seen in him for years. it is almost as if though by becoming the pope and taking on this role at least for a time, he's now been able to have this new energy, almost a
8:46 am
new grace working on him. >> okay, we saw marine come off of the helicopter there. still not sure if pope francis is on this particular chopper. >> we have every reason to believe this is the chopper. >> okay. >> the marine standing guard, at attention. all right. >> looks like, all right, from the cardinal there? >> there he is. >> pope francis. >> let's listen to the applause. >> lot of people from brooklyn . >> couple of waves to the crowd. >> there is that smile.
8:47 am
>> yes. >> and i can hear, we are family. >> philly's own crowd. >> and there are the nuns with their gifts. >> there they are, giving him the argentinian cookies. i'm sure they'll get a big smile from him once he sees the cookies. >> do you think he will really taking cookies on the plane? >> sure, wouldn't you? they're probably homemade with incredible love and care, might even be getting special grace by eating them. >> does have short flight though. >> he does.
8:48 am
>> i was assured, guys, i was assured these were, in fact, homemade cookies, several of the nuns who were out there are, in fact, argentinian, they know the recipe. >> that's true. and we know he lovers cook that's are filled with -- covered in chocolate. his favorite. >> is that milling? >> yes, sweet milk, sweet milk. >> you cook at to a certain way so it like very sweet, very rich. >> so they gave him book to read, too. so looks like he's got some reading material. >> here is the thing. they say every time he gets on the airplane he has book in his hand. so he doesn't waste any time at all. >> that book -- >> reporter: that book, mike, is a book of images every paintings that are on, i believe, the sealing of the local cathedral around here, the local church. and so it has some special meaning to the folks, the local church here. >> and he would be leaving now from the brooklyn diocese, which covers both queens and brooklyn itself.
8:49 am
and part of long island. >> father, have you ever met a pope? >> never met a pope, no, no. >> will you meet this pope? >> i don't know. i am working this weaken. i work all weekend, so, you know, part of occupational hazard when you are a priest. >> i was just wondering, would the cardinal -- >> reporter: now comes the moment -- >> what was their feeling? what he -- what he said add doctor g saint matthew cathedral, gave them real pep talk in many ways, bishops and cardinals. >> maybe all of the non-catholics watching, to become a priest, and then bishop. >> sure. >> archbishop. >> sure. >> cardinal. >> yes. >> and then pope. that's the ultimate. now the cardinal real a honorific title, so all work at bishops in their own dioces
8:50 am
or archdioces or cardinal could also be an official at the vatican. so more of honor title, not necessarily a specific job. >> so do you think they'll be saying prayer, blessing before he goes up the steps? >> i'm sure they're probably asking for a final blessing as he leaves new york, absolutely. >> you notice always the cameraman with him. they document everything, father. >> they really want to cover each moment. >> also has his translator, as well. >> yes. >> reporter: it does appear due to the schedule, they're, in fact, late. it seem like it may and bit of a shame here, but every indication at least from the body language, and the crowd around him, that the pope will in fact be heading up the stairs within seconds. and that we will not in fact get any particular interaction with the crowd that may be again because of the tight schedule. he arrived here little behind schedule, and they have that tight schedule in philadelphia. so it does appear he may beheading up the stairs any second here, aboard that
8:51 am
boeing 777. >> and the cardinals and archbishops with him are those who represent the holy see at the time un, archdioces of new york as well as those from become already lynn being probably dioces first out long island. all basically saying good-bye to him as he leave new york. there he goes. doesn't very a board of supervisors? >> he does, he has. >> now what would you call this wrap on his hand because of the winds? >> his little cape. has special name. but i can't remember. >> oh, having little trouble. he does have the bad hip. >> yes. >> and his sky attic a working up, too. >> also his knees, he has bad knee, bothering him. while he was in new york they had a golf cart to bring him around so he wouldn't have to walk. he's had very long trip. a lot of walking this trip. >> and of course he hasn't had that suitcase. >> isn't that something? >> i love it. he carries his own suitcase. >> well, you know what the
8:52 am
next stop is, folks? >> philadelphia. >> we'll close that door, pull the jet way away, and off to fill. we'll show the plane taking off. probably be 20 more minute before they get in the air. >> you will not miss it. >> take a quick break, we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> we know this is not the official name, shepherd i. >> still going up the back staircase, jet way, whatever want to call t so it will be about 20 minute before he takes off. you won't miss it. >> we'll take another break.
8:56 am
yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> warming up the jets. looks like the pilot still has one of the windows open. has to shut that before they go. and then, it is wheels up, wheels up, supposed to leave, at 8:45. >> yes. >> so they are a little bit, about 15, well, probably 20 minute behind schedule before they get into the air. so, that gives us time to take another break.
8:59 am
9:00 am
do we have anymore chips? [off screen] fellas? uh, sorry. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets? uh yeah! and that pre-game sideline experience... exactly. or even eagle season tickets! [shouting over crowd] how do you know? you both have the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
9:01 am
>> today the pope comes to the delaware vale. you see the vatican flag, the american flag on the front of this american airlines, 777. the pope is already on board. >> and of course we are waiting with excitement. >> that's great. >> we have to be part of the moment. >> now, do they leave that on the front of the plane?
9:02 am
can they take off with that on the front of the plane, anybody know? so the pilot will reach down, when they land, they pop them back up. >> show the flag. father dan? >> mitre of the pope with the three rings, and then the two keys, saint peter, just giving the keys of the kingdom to peter, to take care for his flock, the shepherd of the church. peter the first pope, first pope, exactly. >> wonderful. >> let's going back to the plane. >> there goes. they're waiving good-bye. >> oh, the pope is waiving back. we can see him in the window there. >> that's great. >> maybe a final blessing, too. >> think what he's been through so this week, folks. cuba, dc, a day i couldn't have survived yesterday in new
9:03 am
york city. forty hours every non-stop maybe six, seven hours of sleep, that's it. >> you know what? now he is coming, mike, i'm calling this all morning, the grand finale here, in philadelphia, and this is the reason, originally, the plan was to come to philadelphia there is was the purpose of his trip here for the world meeting of families. >> then added on cuba, dc and new york as long as i'm going to be here for the first time. >> might as well swing through. >> i don't think they've taken those flags off, kids. we have to see. again, another one of the first is that pope francis is the first pope from the america's, right? >> that's right. absolutely. >> why has that always been european thing? >> well, i think the center of the administration of the church has always been in italy. so the predominant number of popes have always come from italy. and that's just because a loft cardinals, the vat cans, bureaucracy, always dominated by the italians.
9:04 am
>> the neighborhood. >> yes, and plenty of italian cardinals to pick from. this pope is changing that, appointed so many different cardinals, across the world, some of them from very obscure diocese, not your typical place toss get a cardinal. so, i think he's really trying to diversify the the church being make it something global. >> just pulled the flags in. >> they did. >> okay, and then also father dan, also the first pope to take -- pope francis. >> he is, that's interesting thing, because saint francis is such a popular saint, in italy. >> i find it surprising. >> throughout the world. and as soon as he picked the name, why hadn't the previous pope actually select that name? such a strong name. such an important name. such important thing. >> do you think it is possible because he's also our first pope is a jesuit, maybe that's why he chose saint francis? >> not really, the founder of the franciscans, another big religious order, oh, is he choosing one of the jesuit? saint francis xavier, but instead, he chose saint francis every azziz i because
9:05 am
of who the person was. >> let's remind everybody who that 13th century among was, saint francis every assisi, had the same ideas about helping people who were poor. >> sure. >> man who came from very wealthy family, his father was big textile owner, maker, manufacturer. he himself took this really radical stance to stand with the poor, bit controversial in his own time, took people a while to warm up to his message. >> his father upset, accumulated all of this wealth, you're going to throw it, well, not throw it away, but give it back to the poor people. >> famous story there how he took over a church that had been abandoned, falling down, and restored it, the famous for franciscans, the church now the headquarters for the franciscans world-wide, and that became a little bit after theme there. as he fix and reform the church. >> also see pictures of saint francis every as assisi, statues, always trying to bound animals, birds, nature.
9:06 am
>> he chose for his encyclical, big thing, god be pray, the beginning of song or hymm of song of prays for saint francis every assisi. >> if you lose a pet, you pray to saint francis. >> you do, and saint francis, also, took care of the environment, brother, son, sister, moon, the great hymns and thoughts that saint francis about our obligation to commune with nature, to care for nature. >> choppers, we have some security choppers, over old city right now. so, just another, chopper, doesn't take much to distract me. >> that's okay. >> that's okay. we can get to bruce, of course he is still at jfk. bruce? >> reporter: yes, guys, it is interesting, the organizers of the event here this morning just confirmed to the crowd what we suspected, and they said that the church officials, cardinal told them that pope francis did in fact want to come over and interact with the crowd, not with
9:07 am
standing a little problem with his leg there. but that the schedule simply did not permit. they were already running behind schedule, he said, and there are event in philadelphia that the pope must get to on time. and so, sort of apologized to the crowd for a bit of a disappointment. they obviously had hoped to have some form of at least brief interaction with the pope, and that could not happen this morning because things were running little behind schedule. so they have explained that to the crowd here. >> that's something we were all kinds of thinking. because he's known for, that even if he has a schedule visit or something, he'll come out, go to the crowd, and go shake hands, kiss babies. >> but i understand what the officials are saying, that the people around him, if you start doing -- getting late, 20, 30 minute late now, it will just domino effect all the way throughout the day, and he has so much to get to today. >> this is the last leg of his trip. so i think at this point he must be tired. so keeping him on schedule, making sure the brake times are bit in -- built in.
9:08 am
it is important. >> he wakes up at 4:30 in the morning. >> he does. >> and what does very to drink every morning by 5:00 o'clock? >> he loves to have fresh squeezed orange juice. >> fresh squeezed. >> oh, yes. >> yes, yes. >> well you can taste the difference. >> absolutely. >> from the regular orange juice. >> every now and then he cooks for himself, too. >> oh, he is famous for making his meals, especially all the jesuits, cooks big pasta meals himself. >> his mother apparently was fantastic cook, in buenos aries, of course she was born in italy. >> that's right. >> as was pope francis' father. >> that's right. they come from the region of italy where they have very special pasta dishes that are real elaborate. he i'm sure grew up. >> father, you are making me hungry. >> make me wounds her he comes here to stay at philadelphia it the saint charles borromeo cemetery will he help with the cooking? i hear some of the sisters of mercy of marion will come out and help with the meal. >> is that right?
9:09 am
wonder you. >> maybe get to try his pasta. never know. >> there you go. >> is the plane, oh, not just taxing, rolling down the runway, isn't it? >> i think it is. >> we are ready for take off. next stop, philadelphia, pa. >> absolutely, how exciting. >> let's listen to the roar of the engines. >> plane is in the air. pope francis officially in the air on his way to philadelphia. >> make that big turn, probably about a 40, 45 minute flight, into philadelphia. >> some you have might be able to see him, see this plane.
9:10 am
i would, if i lived in south philly, i would be out in my backyard. about 30 minute. >> usually right over south jersey? right over the delaware river. >> you can hear the crowd, they're still cheering, back in new york. >> look outside, 30 minutes. let us know if you see shepherd i. >> and use the #fox29pope.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
>> welcome back to the papal edition of good day philadelphia. the best i've ever been a part of it, this is fantastic, the holy father in philadelphia. al edge, i'm getting old. my eyes are bad. can you still see his plane is there still see the plane, mike, it is still there. >> oh, there it is, middle of the screen. >> middle of the screen. so, we talk about what he carries in his suitcase when he gets on the plane, he does carry a novel with him. do you think he's opened that up and reading? >> probably, such a short flight. i guess he can get a few chapters in. >> or maybe taking quick nap to make sure when he's ready for philadelphia. >> you know what i think he is
9:14 am
doing, drinking fresh squeezed orange juice. >> or eating the cookies, remember the nuns, they gave him some argentinian cookies. >> i bet he has more than just a bag of peanuts, i'll tell you that. so we're about five minutes into this flight. forty-five minute flight. so, next stop, atlantic aviation in south fill. >> i that's where steve keeley is now. steve, people, are they getting excited there? won't be long. >> well, forgive me if i'm repeating anything, but this is a 50th anniversary, in a way, because the first pope to fly anywhere in the world was paul the six. a name a lot of us in south jersey know from the high school named in his honor. so, he flew in 1964, to israel and jordan, but the year after that, 1965, 50 years ago, he flew to new york. so here we are, again, 50 years later, a pope flying, to east coast cities. and what an honor it is for him to come to philadelphia, in fact, early pope's flew on twa, which was swallowed up by american airlines,
9:15 am
coincidentally, 2001, back when the pope was flying twa, they would nickname it, and coincidentally it, matched the letters the airlines name stood for traveling with angels. so, we'll figure out what american's plan to maybe nickname their flight. because i'm getting beaten up here with the shepherd i. they say it is a media creation it, gives the connotation it is like air air force one, the pope doesn't own a plane, they usually just chart area flight, three, four times a year when the pope flies around the world, and it is not special, does not have the conference tables and the presidential suite, he's on there, and he's probably i can tell you from talking to the media members, who have traveled with the pope extensively, he hangs out with them the whole flight. i don't know if you saw the inquirer reporter, exchanged hats with the pope on the flight. so he meets one-on-one with them, meets in groups, some peeps have gathered the media from around the world, and they've said, all right, everybody speak this language best, i'll talk this language, so on, so for the. now the other hidden secret about the pope travels, it is
9:16 am
a 5,500-dollar round trip cost to the 70 media member on board. that subs dies z the pope and his 30 person staff. so the cost of this whole trip from the start of it, in rome, going to cuba, all of the other connecting flights since, back home on american airlines, 38 # $5,000. so there is a little statistical information for you. enough of the boring stuff. here's what i'm going to he will you nowment look in the corner right there. that is the shanahan high school band we had on the show. in the corner, i introduce to you mike keating, his sister rubbing her head, mother talking to the noun, and he has twin brother chris, my guess is that's, looks like, chris social security -- chris is leaping right now. that's his dad chuck keating, looks like he won the masters in the green jacket that matches the shanahan band. he is the bands leader of the 84 ban members that are going to play, rocky theme, going to fly now, that's why the keating family is there. if you have been watching pope francis and you know anything about him, my guess, do not be surprised mike and alex, you
9:17 am
and add audience will know who will go over there and make bee line, and certainly bless little mike keating, that's my guess, i think it is an educated good guess. >> that was a great story that gets us ready for that moment if it does happen, we hope that it does. right behind us, block away, we can hear the music blasting from independence mall. >> yes, and people are lining up, jen, are you starting to see people fill out those chairs yet? >> reporter: they are not in the chairs quite yet. the people who have the seat, they know that they can come any time between noon and 4:00. how much, there are people beyond this platform, that is you can only imagine, kind of tethered or tied up to this platform. but there are people certainly on your side of the street so the market side of the fifth street definitely lining up, they are ready to go, the big screens are behind him, behind them. in front, though, sort of where we are, check it out. this is some of the music i've been herring, a maraccia bands ready ready to rock this, a loft people will come here, do some
9:18 am
entertainment between noon and 4:00 p.m. remember the holy father is supposed to be here about 4:45, told he might get here 4:00 czars talk with people privately do, what likes to do, get in front of the people that just want to meet him here in philadelphia. so again, he is scheduled to be here 4:45, he will be speaking about immigration, which is something that he has talk about, on every leg of this very, very historic trip. so we will be right here, as you can see, i mean, we are so close, it will be amazing to watch. guys? >> hey, sounds good. she is near fifth and market. we're at fourth and market, as well. people are still going through security, who do you have, chris? >> reporter: so excite ago group, small portion of the nearly more than what 100 from akron, ohio, that took a bus overnight to get here. hi, guys. >> hey. >> why were you compelled to come all this way to stand in line and go through all of this effort? >> to see pope francis, of course, truly an inspiration to all of us.
9:19 am
you know,'s inspiration to our fate, and we're just look to go grow in a deeper relation with christ on this trip. >> reporter: check this out. you guys have your sleeping bags, your pillows. what this thing here? >> that's yours? >> mine. >> seriously, that rocks. >> what's your name? >> i'm mary. >> mary, you guys go to university of akron. so tell me what it took to get here? what, $40 you had to raise to get on bus. you didn't sleep on the bus ride, right? >> oh, i don't sleep on bus rides, anything moving i can't sleep on. >> reporter: when do you guys head back? >> saturday night, sunday night, sorry. >> reporter: it is all blurred together, right? have fun, go through the check point, welcome to philadelphia, guys. >> all right, mike, we send it back to you. >> chris, thanks a l eagerly anticipating the arrival of pope francis at atlantic aviation out in south philly. i would wait another 20 minute, then get out into your front yard, backyard, see if you can see his plane. >> so they'll take a break, we won't miss t we will be back.
9:20 am
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> i would say we are about 25 minute away from pope francis landing in philadelphia. do you see that little plant? it is hard to see. that's a mt. laurel, the state flower of pennsylvania. >> and that is one of the gift that will be give tone pope francis once he arrives in philly. >> do i see -- >> you do. if you remember, if you have been watching good day philadelphia, the bowes family, select today greet the pope once he arrives, so bernadette, rich a bowes, gabrielle, nine years old, real riley, 11, and matthew who is 12. they'll get to greet the pope. >> was police officer shot and had to require due to his injuries. people all over twitty err. i want to take my kids down,
9:24 am
to the airport, they didn't release, for security reasons, my guess, maybe 95 to the schuylkill to the vine street expressway, get off broad and get over to the cathedral. >> that's a guess. but takes 95, don't get mad at me, okay? >> well, let's get to joyce avenue, the first stop that he has once he arrives in philadelphia is going to the basilica there. joyce? >> reporter: alex, it is probably good thing that the pope is a little delayed. because look behind me here. you can see, the folks are still filing in to the basilica here, the learning think waiving to the crowd, just moment ago. they're very happy to be here. and they're going to set up inside of course there will be little security going on in there. so it is probably okay that the pope is a little behind. now we will show you little bit of the crowd around here. when we first got here this morning, i guess it must have been about 7:00 when we set up here, there were maybe 100 people out here. as you can see, an i long the parkway here, as far as we can see, i may be able to see farther than you, it is at least couple of thousand, i
9:25 am
would imagine, that i'm seeing there is way, the other way, and every way around here. so they're all hoping to be here, in place, and get glimpse of the pope. and over here, ready, to sing, when the pope arrives, that is the archdiocesan youth choir. we know how the pope, they've been practicing all morning, hi, guys. they've been practicing all morning, they sound really good. they'll be here and ready to sing when the pope comes. and, we know how pope francis loves children. the champion of children and the poor. and we talked a little bit ago with sister mary scullin, who also as you know from project home we talked about the knot dollars grotto over here, behind one of the ones set that up. she is inside right now. >> it is very ex very exciting day, very exciting day to be here at the basilica, waiting for pope francis, we're eagerly awaiting his visit. this moves us to fine the
9:26 am
christ within one another that we really can see the dignity within every single person in our community, but in our world. >> reporter: okay, as you can see, clergy men, from all over, archdioces from around the state filing in, another row of them walking up right now, headed inside. this is real exciting for them. they are waving to the crowd and loving every moment of it. and we just got here a copy of the program. now, guess what? we only got one, so we all, up here, on this riser there is chair, this one program. so as the morning goes on, excitement builds, and builds, and builds. i'm joyce evans, back to you guys in the studio or south side the studio. >> pope will be very proud of you, joyce, for sharing with your colleagues. >> that's true. >> very nice. 9:26. so we probably have 20 minute before the pope lands, would
9:27 am
you think? >> that's it. >> about 20. so there is the staircase that he will walk down beat the bowes family, get his plant, and then he will say mass. >> gentlemen, so we'll take a break, and we'll be right back. >> in fact, that is richard bowes right there the dad, former police officer, who was shot in the line of duty, his partner was killed. he has a big day ahead of him.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> will the 40. >> ten minutes away. we'll be there when he lands. it is so nice to be on here, at fourth and market. everybody keeps walking by. i watched you on good day philadelphia. this is a special edition of good day philadelphia. that's the screening station. i never thought i would see fourth and market look like this. it is like going to the airport basically. >> it is. and to see this intersection shutdown, and to have these people go n and they said prepare like you're going to the airport, like you're about to hop on a plane. >> see the guys with the arms spread dollars, being wanted, the only thing, going through this, folks are exuberant. can't say they are like that. but this crowd euphoric. >> looks like they're not taking off their shoes. that's another plus. but here, the people in the orange shirts, the volunteers watch we love when people come down, and coming, walking in, the volunteers start cheering
9:31 am
like yes, you made it, you'll see pope francis. >> all of the volunteers have bright orange on, you're right, it is like a road race, when you walk through. >> at the end of marathon when you made it. >> thanks for coming. >> they're cheering you on. >> we gave you tease about this wonderful family that we've got tone know here at good day philadelphia. former philadelphia police offer err richards bowes and his three children, and his beautiful wife, were chosen by their parish, what is this, somer snob. >> yes, in somerton,. >> to meet the pope. steve keeley, you have his back story, steve? >> mike, we know the pope is not getting delayed, because the governor is with the bowes family, not large group, but maybe you can make out the bowes family, out here in the shot we had before the break. but richard bowes is a big man still. that's him with the crew cut, dark suit on, standing by the stems. you can barely make his son matthew out with the clean cut look. matthew casino of cool. matthew said dude, this is
9:32 am
like christmas, thanksgiving and easter all at once. that's how excited it isment and rich bowes said who get to ever think they're going to meet the pope? this is just unbelievable. and he says, if he gets a chance, can ask anything, he'll ask the pope to bless all police, firemen and members of the military and he has concerns because this week seven years ago september 23rd, 2008 when he was wounded and ending his police career also in a gun battle that ended the life of sergeant patrick mcdonald. what a honor it was this morning for us to be escorted by members of the highway patrol, which these two guys. so, beautifully did themselves, before having their life and their career end that day. and the boss, police commissioner ramsey, who didn't think he would get here, he is catholic, i see him here in the crowd along with mayor nutter and the governor and a lot of other dignitaries. we know it is happening. they haven't rolled out the red carpet yet. but they made the carpet
9:33 am
closer to us. how weird is it that most of us have to circle airport for 40 minute, the whole flight for the pope just 40 minutes from new york to philadelphia, and they did, captain, who heads the police here at the airport, told me they have it like the president, you can hear no noise, grounds stop, no flights in or out. what we see police helicopter hovering overhead. new jersey folks, the second time in this one trip, he's voided us, pope francis traveling washington, to new york, then flies over new jersey, avoiding new jersey again on his way to philadelphia. so i know some new jersians like me, life-long catholics, little slight. i thought would have been a stop on the jersey turnpike, but the schedule is tight. >> we know richard bowes what would he with a say to the pope, his daughter, 11 year old riley, i said when you see the pope what are you going to say? she told me i will say welcome to philadelphia, i hope you enjoy your stay. >> i hope you have good time.
9:34 am
>> so cute. >> that's the way he should be greet wad personal and just warm welcome. you know, just there is a family greeting him as he gets off the plane, few other dignitaries, that's just very personal intimate way to welcome him to our sit. >> i for sure. richard bowes, of course, like you mention, mike, he was injured in the line every duty knack 2008, doctors said it was a miracle that he survived. >> yes. >> so from going from that .20008 to 2015 here you are about to greet the pope? >> i can't imagine. we have some footage, i don't know if we can find it, we sent a camera to the parish sunday morning, when they got the word. the little kids, the kids, nearly pass the out. >> and bernadette his wife was in tearsment look at her. her mouth is open. >> what? we're going to do what? on september 26th we're going to do what? >> complete surprise. of course richard new, like making they would go to church that day, but complete surprise. look at her, tears in her
9:35 am
eyes. beautiful. >> all right, in six minute, that family will meet pope francis. well, maybe more than. that will we think the plane will land. >> wonderful. i think they come from st. christopher parish in somerton, of course the name of st. christopher means the one who paris christ, some ways our holy father of course bringing this message every christ to us here in philadelphia.
9:36 am
9:37 am
do we have anymore chips? [off screen] fellas? uh, sorry. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets?
9:38 am
uh yeah! and that pre-game sideline experience... exactly. or even eagle season tickets! [shouting over crowd] how do you know? you both have the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> 9:38. if my app plane track is her right if you're in south jersey might be able to see this airplane, and dignitaries all lining up, especially if you're in south -- let's check in with lauren johnson, look to your south over the stadium. can you see the airplane? >> i cannot see the airplane down here, michael jerrick.
9:39 am
look to jersey. get on your toes. there you go. >> there is no plane yet. we're looking, believe me. we are looking. but there is no plane. there is lots of people, i kind of feel like i'm at a pope pep rally, mike, amex. people coming from all over buses, you can see hine me, arriving from all over the country. and this is sort of the first stop after they've got tone their hotel. i met some people earlier, mike, alex, 26 hours on the bus, from miami, florida, got to their hotel, swept for three hours, and got here about two hours ago. and they're ready to campout, stay as long as they have to. and they say by any means necessary, they will lay their eyes on the pope. they doesn't want to just be in this area. they want to actually see him live in the flesh. one of those people wheelchair bound. they told him there was no wheelchair left on the bus, so he wasn't going to go. >> he got out of his wheelchair, kind of made his
9:40 am
way on the bus, he had to crawl to his seat. he was going to be here, by any means necessary. he's here, probably, up closer to you guys by now. because they've been taking septa, you have to have the three day passes. a lot of people jumping on the plane, and they're coming people off in that area where you guys, are walnut and locust. so, lot of people here. ready, excited so we'll keep looking for the plane. i don't see it just yet. >> because you are looking in the wrong direction, you're looking north, and you need to look south. >> the linc is this way. >> camera is not looking over the linc, you are? >> i was looking for it, yes. we are look being. we don't see it down here f we do i'll scream and yell and the producers will let you know. >> thank you so much, lauren. it shows how significant this is, the fact that she said he crawled to his seat. just to make sure co-get on there, so co-come to see pope francis. >> anything to see the pope, let's get back out to atlantic
9:41 am
aviation, dignitaries getting ready. has to be landing in the next i would say three minute, don't youy? >> i would think so. >> think he is lands in 122nd. see the mayor nutter walking toward us, right now, but they've not rolled out the red carpet. but to the right you see mayor ramsey, and one of our biggest viewers, here comes mayor ramsey on cue as i mention him, with his wife, so it pays i guess to be the commissioner's wife if you ever want to me the pope. then you can see some of the biggest names in business, in our community, you see brian robert, the head of comcast, and david cohen, the former managing director of the city now a comcast executive. he was managing director under red ed rendell, he's used to having big names around him. he has president obama at his house for fundraiser at his house in the kitchen, like three times a year for fundraisers. so this is probably no big deal. but this tells you how the pope crosses all religions, because these are probably the two biggest names in
9:42 am
philadelphia's jewish business community, and they're here, on the tarmac to meet the pope. then also jewish, our governor, and tom wolf up by the bowes family up there. so the governor, you can see mayor nutter not far from him. so this pope may be the lied err of 1.2 billion catholics in this world, but everybody of every religion knows the pope. this is the most well known person on earth even though they are only a pope for a short spell, this pope instantly became popular instantly became the biggest name in the world. here he is, come too long our country, and our home here in philadelphia, in just minutes. since that american airlines plane is the only plane anywhere, my guess is there is the pope's plane. i haven't seen it because i have no tv here. is this what the plane looked like? do you see it behind the stairs there, alex, mike? >> we can see the plane. certainly. it is on the tarmac, safe landing on american. >> all right, well we will stay with this shot hopefully. you guys can bring up your
9:43 am
guest or whatever you want to talk about or ask me any question you want. i see bishop chaput. not huge crowd. the bands is staying quiet. to the right of us, we are on two risers, that's why we can give you elevated picture, lot of media. and they really make it right for the media here. but over there, in front of the riser, see all of the police presence there, there must be hundreds of officers to the right of us, and to the left of us is the shanahan my school band, and along with some guest in the distance behind the band, those are mostly family members of secret service agents, and also pays to be related to secret service agent. so a loft people here as the pope's plane comes straight at us here it, will come up to us and make hard right. then the pope as you have seen him in other landings doesn't stick around on the plane long. he likes it get right off the plane as fast as possible. the back door usually opens. there are 70 media members interest that far with him. they scurry off to get the pictures, and then as soon as all of the media is off, in place with their cameras, the pope usually descents the
9:44 am
steps pretty fast. >> well, steve, you mention, the shanahan band. we talked with them, they came on good day philadelphia as well. they said they wanted to play something fun for the pope when he arrives in philadelphia. when he steps off that plane. >> reporter: amazing, yes, it was so good to hear that they'll play the theme from rocky, going to fly now, and i'm sure that movie has been translate in the every language. but for certain in spanish, and i'm sure the pope had seen that my. he was only in his 40's, that's how old sylvester stallone, same age as the pope. so i'm sure the pope has seen maybe rocky not just rocky one but maybe all of the rockies. and in the original rocky, very catholic themes, if you remember, he goes and gets a blessing in south philadelphia at the church as the bands kicks up on cue, as i mention, but he goss blessing before he went to fight apollo three down at the old spectrum. >> also, we are here now the shanahan band, starting to play, means it is almost time for the folks to get off the plane.
9:45 am
steve mentioned archbishop chaput is out there. you spoke with him about this visit, what it means. >> well, it was interesting. this was probably a month after we heard that he was coming. and he told me very frankly, he advised pope francis not to come to philly because we had financial problems, parishes closing, we had sex abuse scandal on our hands here shall err waist trying to chen that up after coming from denver, colorado. but i bet -- so he asked pope francis, you know, maybe you might go to another city. pope francis, thank goodness for this day, said no, i have studied philadelphia, i love philadelphia, the birth place of america, and this is where i am coming for the world meeting of families. i'm so glad he made that decision. >> and he also said this is the one place he really wants to meet the people. he want to be able to be with the people for this celebration of family life, the way in which that is important for the whole church, and there are people from all over the world here
9:46 am
to greet him. >> right. in fact, 100 countries, father, from around the worlds. >> for the world meeting of families, yes. also, we saw a little bit earlier next to the red carpet that will be rolled out, important to note, too, the city of philadelphia, we have a gift, mayor nut her a gift for the pope. he calls it the people's bike. >> by sick snell. >> custom designed bicycle to honor of course the pope's port for environmentally responsible tran takes. so that was given to the archbishop chaput. also, 100 commuter bikes will be give tone community programs along philadelphia. so, if you don't see the bike on the red carpet, that's because mayor nutter already gave that to archbishop chaput to give to pope francis. >> alex, i would buy you a bmw, or an american made car, if anybody gets a shot of pope francis on that bike. actually riding it. >> that would be something. >> now, also, he also gave an ivory bone china bowl that features a lot of the great things about philadelphia,
9:47 am
like independence hall, the basilica, basilica of saints peter and paul. >> where best to say mass. >> so he will have a momentum of philadelphia to take back with him. >> the only flaw i found, father, in all of the preparations, pope francis, this staircase and the logo on it, i know. >> what do you mean, for the the world meeting of families. >> the crack son the wrong side of the bell. >> oh, my. well, maybe it is in the mirror? >> oh,. >> and reflection of philadelphia out into the world. >> let's roll out the red carpet for pope francis. >> this is not just an ordinary red carpet. >> this carpet is red, yes, but it is trimmed with gold medal yan. it is also copied from stained grass window design and the basilica of saints peter and paul. you can see that there the gold medalian on the red carpet. >> see hugging in the front, jim and franny mcguire, head of philadelphia insurance, and they're excited just hugging each other before they hope the -- meet the pope.
9:48 am
>> sponsored the world meeting of families, absolutely. >> so i guess the carpet at the basilica, kind of reverse color? >> it will be mostly gold. yes, what they did with the red carpet for for atlantic aviation, asked them to make another carpet for the basilica, but the great thing about it, everyone will take part and share it, because they're going cut it up off the pope's visit, they'll distribute it out. who ever wants it, send e-mail, and you can get a piece of the carpet that pope francis will walk on, when he does the mass at the basilica. >> i'm going for it. >> i already sent me e-mail. >> did you? >> yes, i haven't had a response yet, they are a little busy, a lot of inquiries. >> i already have a piece of the spectrum floor, to add to my collection. >> there go. >> all right, this should be happening any time now. >> doors should be opening soon. >> yes. >> and again, people keep asking me on twitter, which way is he going to make to to the basilica? wouldn't release that because of security reasons. >> sure. >> but only couple of ways. probably just they have it shutdown, over to broad street, and then in?
9:49 am
or they could take 95. but 959 is not shutdown. though have to shut that down. i don't think that's happened. >> that would be my guess. there is the door opening. nice family welcome, too, just small group of people, personally welcoming him to our city. >> oh, i think that's bishop shanahan playing right now, don't stop believing. that's what it sound like. >> ♪ >> i think you're right. >> i say that because they were practicing that before the plane lands. so let's listen. >> ♪ (band playing) ♪ >> journey! >> there it is. >> well, i never would have guessed that. here he is. >> there he is. >> (cheers).
9:50 am
>> wow. >> what are your feelings, father? >> wow, it feels just so good to have him here, to have him with us. something about the pope's presence that really is contagious, it gives you a lift, and it makes you really realize that we can do more, we can be more. there is something about his real presence among us. >> this is amazing, he decided to become a priest when he was 17 years of age. >> yes. >> he joined the seminary when he was 19. >> now giving a hug to archbishop chaput. >> a greeting. >> and now are they playing the rocky? are they playing? >> ♪ >> yes. >> going to fly now, playing now by the shanahan band. >> oh, he's already flown, alex. >> that's true. >> well, we will fly in new ways, that will be here. >> his spirit is flying right now, so excited to be here.
9:51 am
>> ♪ >> that's his official photographer with him, the video camera there. he videotapes every moment of his life, even when he is sleeping. >> now, greeting representatives of the world meeting of families, the bowes family. >> and the kids. >> so excited. getting ready to give the gift. the mound laurels, state flower of pennsylvania. >> o beautiful. >> fiat, fiat is here. >> oh, and a hug. a family hug. group hug. >> yes. >> by the way, they'll be on good day on monday to tell us how this was. steve, do you want to say something? >> here is the fiat is here, the fiat 500 pope mobile. >> they carry the car with them right there on the plane. >> greeting the governor. >> the state of pennsylvania,
9:52 am
tom wolf. is this more johnny? >> looks like more journey. >> ♪ >> steve perry would be very proud. >> ♪ >> don't stop believing. meeting donna, head of the world meeting of world meeting of families. worked so hard on this. >> pope francis in philadelphia, i can't believe what i am seeing. >> he's made t he's here. >> pope francis now meeting franny and chip mcguire, part of the delegation that went to really present his coming here as part of team to really ask him to come, to be with us. >> ♪ >> what do you say? what would you say to pope francis. >> i don't think you need to say anything. you just need to be there. and so much of our communication unspoken. it is so real, and i'm sure a powerful feeling for all of
9:53 am
them right now. >> quick reminder we will have the bowes family on good day philadelphia on monday. we'll ask them exactly what they said. because they were -- were they tongue tide? >> remember they told us there was address code. if you were there greeting the pope they did have address code. >> and it was don't wear too many bright colors. now, mrs. mcguire is telling them something. >> yes. >> she has a message for him. there is mr. mcguire, too. >> there you go. >> he is jesuit educated, secret jesuit talk? i don't know. >> he is a st. joe's grad. >> that's why. he knows the secret lingo and the secret handshake. >> i i did eight years of elementary school with jesuits, four years of high school. >> oh, now he is meeting commissioner ramsey. >> okay, let's book the commissioner for monday's show, as well. okay? >> look how happy archbishop chaput looks, that's a guy with a tough job. and's guy who often has to
9:54 am
deal with very difficult things, and i'm sure this is great moment of joy for him. his final arrival, to finally have this happen. you can see the exuberance in his face. >> now, he was archbishop in denver, as well? >> in denver, south dakota he was bishop, served in many parts of the country. >> i believe papal advice knit denver? >> he did. he certainly has been through this before. >> now the pope is blessing the crowd. you can see fiat is there. he soon will be getting into the fiat. the francis fiat we are calling it, mike. >> now again, the schedule, little behind. so i'm afraid the people who wanted to touch him or get a blessing from him are not going to get that opportunity. >> yes. >> but at least they were there, mike, in person, and we were talking with senator ramsey taking picture of the fiat. he must love the fiat, too. mable ' bring that photo in when he comes in on monday on good day philadelphia. >> there they go. off to the basilica. and of course there is a flag in the fiat, too.
9:55 am
did you see that, mike? >> yes. so off to, what casino of mass is he going to say? >> i think it is very straightforward, simple mass this morning on a saturday morning, as you know, i think the important thing, an opportunity for the clergy of philadelphia, as well as he will where, and a lot of the religious sisters will be there. i know sister cecelia tong, half forwards, just dying to be there, little woman, and she helps resettle vietnamese refugees back in the 70s, laid how always, you know consideration get what she needs to get, to i think if she wants to meet the pope, she may meet him. >> what they decided to do, i think because he is so tired, the vatican tells us he is tired, that instead of walking the crowd. >> yes. >> he's going to do it this way. >> he is coming over to the crowd, inside of the fiat. >> oh, wonderful. so they'll get to see him. pope francis, giving them a blessing. they work so hard for this.
9:56 am
they added on extra practices, to make sure, they even listened to the pope's play list, they call it, the casino of songs the pope likes. >> steve? >> reporter: well, he is right in front of michael keatingment and i told you, i know this pope, he is coming right over to michael keating in the wheelchair. >> wow. >> here he goes. >> oh, my goodness. >> there he goes. >> oh. we called it here. that's in the green jacket, leader of the shanahan band, leaning over, kissing and blessing little ten year old michael keating who is in the wheelchair, heist twin brother chris, who is with him. we saw. and sister, and mom there. so i said to my photographer, he's going to make a u-turn, make a bee line, get ready to shoot this, get everybody out of your shot, and there he is spending a lot of time with them. wonderful story. wonderful pope. >> there is a principal of
9:57 am
bishop shanahan high school there. >> what a wonderful moment. >> yes. >> that is going to be hard to top. >> he got out of his fiat to give a blessing. oh. and to embrace him. you saw image of the family there, tears in their eyes. >> oh, of course. >> but this is what they love about pope francis. this is what we love. >> what it is all about. when pope francis does this, so natural, it comes across as so natural. he used the words couple of weeks ago in spanish, kind of caring gesture that is really sincerely open to cells, greeting them. and that's a big theme for him. to be about encounters. so i think we'll see that during his time if philadelphia, his end courter us, listening to us, his being with us. >> i remember back when he was archbishop of buenos aires, woe have the thursday evening result all, thursday being when the last supper was when jesus christ washed the feet every his disciples, his happen political else. >> sure. >> he would go, in buenos aries, go into the slums and wash the feet of people in
9:58 am
rest homes. >> right. >> people in jails. people in hospitalization. >> right. right. >> the less fortunate. >> absolutely. big custom on holy thursday, he wash the feet in imitation of jesus of the last supper. the custom to do in church. he's not afraid to break custom in order to make larger point about that kind of mercy and compassion, that's a big theme for him. those gestures speak volumes. >> really is an example for so many people. because i also heard a story that when he goes up, he sees other priests, first thing he does he looks at their feet. and if your shoes are still shiny, if there is no dirt, if they look like they're too clean, he goes you're in the doing enough. the thing about pope fran sits he believes you should be out there with your flock, meeting people. >> when he came to rome to elect new pope, they bought him new shoes, he left them at home. he didn't think he would need his new shoes. then refused the red slip hers he finally became pope. he eventually did send for his new shoes. >> red slippers made by prado? >> high end product. >> not his style?
9:59 am
>> nope, not at all, not at all. and he of course has a could be letter in. -- cobbler to make his, i bet that cobbler sill making his shoes, one every couple of years. >> that fiat is small but it can roll. it is moving. >> it is moving. >> it is moving. >> speed limit posted, mike. >> atlantic aviation. i see vehicles going over 100 miles an hour out there. well, they're planes. >> they need to to get off. >> that's true. that wing lift. okay, now, we just got word, i hope this is accurate, they are going to take 95. yes, 95 north makes sense out of the airport. but will they then switch off to the schuylkill, or are will they go 95 to old city to broad street? i say i don't know. when the president came in, he went 59 all the way around. >> another look at the keating
10:00 am
family. can you imagine what they're fell? i'm sure they're still feeling very emotional after what just happened. >> just beautiful scene. >> still wiping their eyes. >> yes. >> oh, manny can't wait to talk to them monday on the show. we got to get the picture from commissioner ramsey. >> yes, he took a picture of the pope getting into the fiat. >> i would be so nervous it would be blur. >> i everyone loves the fiat. even the license plate says svc1. >> hey, jessica, do you know bob kelly standing by? hey, bob, do you see anything yet on your traffic camera? >> mike, actually, penndot shut down the feed for all of the traffic cameras, but you know me. >> yes? >> i have connections. here is the deal. they have shutdown 95 right now, at the airport. they also have 95 closed and police near washington avenue, which shows me that they're going to go 95 northbound into
10:01 am
center city on to the vine street expressway, which i'm seeing all police activity along the way, and then they'll exit right there at broad street, right up top, bamm, hang a right, and hello to the cathedral. >> at 18th street. >> right there. >> so again, 95, right now is in shut-down mode. they have all traffic blocked at the airport, waiting for the motorcade, which will -- that motorcade is typical motorcade, as you see here, in our live shot, they'll enter 95 from the airport, and enterprize avenue. they'll come north on 95, over that girard point double decker bridge. >> yes. >> they'll pass lincoln financial field, and the ballpark. and then they'll come up through south philly, and then come into center city on i-95, on to the vine street expressway, which i do have a camera, i'll pop that up in a second for ogler what are we looking at right now, bob?
10:02 am
>> go ahead. >> we are -- that would be the airport area, like enterprize avenue, bartrum avenue, and do you see that whole gang there, they're making a right, which will pull them up onto i-95, at enterprize. >> okay, lauren also has the camera there in south philly, might be able to catch him. that's where he is headed of course the cathedral basilica. >> seeing a lot of police activity. they've shut done all of the on and off-ramps as they typically do for a presidential motorcade on 95. and all of the on and off-ramps are blocked, that's just to keep things secure, if we can take my camera from my computer real quick. here is a live look at the vine street expressway. >> shutdown! >> and if you look real close, kind of the center of your screen there, all of the on and off-ramps are blocked. you have motorcycle police cruising around. so any minute now, probably
10:03 am
within seven minutes, because they are moving pretty quickly. see the motorcade come off 95 on to the vine. as you mention mike exit at broad street. >> so you don't -- you say penndot shutdown our cameras out by the stadium? >> yes. penndot, they're saying, the secret secret service hijacked their cameras, and everything went to black. >> oh, come on. >> but you know me, i have connections. we're able to pull it up a couple of depth rent ways. i was able to see on my own 95 closed at the airport, also, 95 closed at washington avenue. and again, that is the sign that they're going to -- actually, okay. let's stay with the shot. here we go. >> thaws lauren's cam from from south fill. >> i common to up my cameras, guys, take my camera, there you go. >> okay, seeing some activity here. this was the lead car, police chief, okay? >> maybe that's the media?
10:04 am
>> that's probably, your right, lauren, the media, that's the bus. just stay on this shot here. >> because there is a media that travels on the plane with pope francis. >> so they put the media on the buses first, give them chance to get up there, get into place. so if you are watching, or listening to us, and you're near the cathedral, get ready. >> but so this is the vine street expressway, right? this will take another ten minute for them to get to this spot? >> oh, this is the vine. here comes, again, you just got slew of police vehicles, and again, some of the police vehicles may be like those cars that kind of go ahead, and then secure each street, as we go. but everything pretty much shutdown mode. remember they shut the vine down last night at 10:00 in preparation for this. >> and throwing everybody for a loft you know, they shut down the schuylkill expressway, got to hands it to the secret service and the fbi. they really kept us guessing until the last second here. for obvious, security reasons.
10:05 am
>> yes. they kind of fooled us by saying, well, we'll keep 95 open. but they now have to shut it down because the pope's on it. >> yes. >> and in the background there, in the upper right-hand side, you see, some of those apartment buildings, that are built along 95. we can't see it, but -- >> get over to your windows now. >> get over to your window now. if you have a shot of 95, between the stadium area, and -- >> so that's what we are looking at now. >> we have our stadium shot. >> there you go. okay? >> i don't think they passed it yet. >> well, anybody moving to the left -- >> there they go. >> the folks moving to the left. >> see the flashing lights? >> the cars going to the left, the mother motorcade. >> cars going to the left northbound traffic, and that's the motorcade. heading up into center city. black vehicle should start
10:06 am
appearing, there they are. >> now, he is in his fiat. i wonder at what point. >> short. >> will we see it? >> we can't see it, the guardrail is too high. >> that's fun. >> i we see the top of the little flag on the top -- i wonder if somebody could have put like an eagles flag on that fiat, too. >> well, a loft people have said, bob, we want a blessing for the eagles. >> well, now is the time for them to do it because he is passing the linc right now. >> we need it. throw some holy water out there. >> please. >> on to the link, please. so south philly seeing the first pope since 1979, as he's rolling up i-95. mike, you remember back in 79, i was a papal usher, and right at the base of the alter. >> wow. >> and i remember just the hairs on the back of my neck standing up when that motorcade, actually, pope john paul decided, you know what, we won't take a motorcade. let's walk. >> yes, require. >> from the cathedral -- do
10:07 am
you remember that, father? >> yes, absolutely, it was amazing. and they walked. and the procession went from the cathedral's rector i to the alter, which was built on top of the swan fountain there. and talk about adding time to the delay, as we look live at the cathedral of saint peter and paul. >> yes, bob, this is the largest catholic church in pennsylvania. you can hear they have the music playing. what's the added chairs? about 1600 people that are inside the basilica right now, the children's choir, warming up their voices for the arrival of pope francis. >> archdioces choirment look at the backgrounds. >> we'll take a break, we know pope francis is on his way. we'll be right back, we don't want to miss it.
10:08 am
10:09 am
10:10 am
okay, here is the vine street expressway at the speed they were traveling, would you think they would be coming around that curve at any second now. we think they're going to come around, do we see -- i do see a police vehicle, right? you would think they would be right by, yes, here they come. the motorcycle police officers coming from the airport, we believe they'll probably go down to broad street, and then
10:11 am
take the right turnoff of broad, go onto 18th street, that would take them right to the bass ill, a the cathedral. okay, there is a shot from the ben franklin bridge. where bill anderson has been at the base of the bridge this morning. you can see the first motorcycle police officers. >> so they are on their way to the cathedral basilica, saints peter and paul. >> now here is the main part of the motorcade. about five to ten police vehicles, there is an ambulance, and then the black suv's. they're moving, bob, look how fast they're going. >> there you go, buddy. here we go. philadelphia's highway patrol escorting pope francis. there is the fiat, about five cars back see the difference? >> the little fiat. so they're entering center city on the vine street expressway. they'll be exiting at broad street. keep our camera moving with
10:12 am
them here. there is the army vehicles, look at the folks running across the overpass, trying to get a glimpse. >> i know it. >> of the papal mode or kade coming into center city here. they'll exit at broad street. and when they do, they'll make a right onto vine st. local. >> you are doing great job there, bob, moving that camera. >> thanks, buddy. >> we're trying to keep it as steady as we can here. look at everybody on the overpass in center sit. >> i kids just out for walk, they got their bikes out, history being made here, in philadelphia. >> now our next camera location will be joyce evans in front of the cathedral. >> our camera that's on the top of the building, right next to the cathedral -- >> the united way. >> that's it, if we have that one popped up, that may and good opportunity to see the motorcade, as it comes around the corner, and then gets into joyce evans' shot.
10:13 am
>> i don't know if we can get it to look that down or not. >> i'll keep it right here as you see, see the motorcycle cops crossing over the overpass. >> yes. >> okay? so they're coming off the vine, whipping them around there. >> making -- >> roman catholic high school right there off to the right-hand side. >> how appropriate? >> yes. toot the horn for the roman catholic graduates there. >> there is joyce, see the first motorcycle police officers. >> you can see the crowd, the people lined up there, hoping to see him as he drives past. >> wow. look at everybody lined upright there in front of hahnemann hospital. and hand mat hospital sees a lot of police vehicles day in, day out. seeing police vehicles, for a good reason this morning. on the left hand, there you go. i was over to the cathedral yesterday, mike, and they were
10:14 am
wiping down and scrubbing the steps in front of the cathedral. the kids were sitting and the janitor said you guys got to get up. i'll pour some water down here. >> well, let's continue to do this even after the pope leaves. what do you say? >> keep the place clean. >> i'm sure a lot of people would like to see that happen. >> so we should see the motorcycle crews coming around that curve any second now. you know, they're really getting back on track. >> this mass was supposed to start, what time, 10:30. >> 10:30 for the mass. >> so they may have time here. it is 16 minutes away interest that. >> there is the choir making sure they're red. >> i father, you can probably correct me, he'll have to go inside, get dressed. >> yes. >> all the of the other priests, bishops, are already in there with their vestments on. they have his vestments ready? >> i'm sure, and all of the
10:15 am
celebrant in their seat. so, simply, him getting ready, having to process in. i am sure there is some beautiful music they plan for the entrance. so they'll want to play that, make sure he gets the full experience. >> bob, i don't know if we told this or not, the bowes family, we hear that they went into another vehicle, and they're going to go to the mass. >> let's list never here. (cheers heard) . >> they're going crazy, the crowd is going crazy. >> welcome to philadelphia.
10:16 am
(cheers). >> big part of inviting the pope here, as well, whether he was governor. >> thank you. >> who is the -- >> farther guild, director of the cathedral, pastor, also head of the office of worship. he's been in charge of all of. >> this he is there with his catholic and surplus there. and he's done so much work to make this mass and all of these masses happen, it has been incredible task, incredible. >> listen to the crowd! (cheers). >> look at that smile. something about that smile. just moves people. and also wonderful that he is getting to see the largest catholic church in
10:17 am
pennsylvania, 150 year old cathedral. >> and gorgeous inside. >> yes, the only cathedral in the united states builds in rome and corinthian architecture style, has eight impressive side chapels, plus the main sanctuary. normally seats about 1200 people, but they added in extra chairs, obviously, a loft people wanted to be part of this special mass. so, about 1600 chairs are inside the basilica. >> now, he will go into a private room, is that right, father? >> he will. >> he'll go into what they call the visibilities will all be laid out, there he'll put on his, all specially chosen for him by father gill, the whole committee working on this liturgy. >> i am getting a lot of tweets about this when he walks in he will be walking on golden white carpet, that is in the basilica, especially made for this. in a department store in huntington county.
10:18 am
the store owner ted resnick said after this this carpet will be cut into 20,000 pieces. >> i want a piece. >> they will be giving it away for free or to just a donation to saint jude's children research hospital. so all do you have do, because everyone is asking me, what's e-mail? what's this e-mail? do you have e-mail ted carpet at g mail. com to get a piece of the carpet that pope francis is walking on right now. >> i real dow want a piece that far carpet. >> i already sent me e-mail. hopefully i get in. 20,000 that you that's it. think call him the pope in the twitter world, first month i have to have a twitter handle, and this is the age of the cell phone. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> the media, our kids at st. joseph's university follow him all the time on twitter. they quote him to me day in and day out. sometimes they correct me and they say this is what the pope said today, father, you better pay attention this that's why people love him. egg zero he is doing this to connect. he hasn't watched tv since 1990, yet on twitter because
10:19 am
he knows it is a great way to connect with people. he's more than 7 million followers on twitter. >> cheers, people walking by our set here at fourth and market, very excited to head toward independence mall, where the pope will be at about 4:00 this afternoon. after he says mass, takes a little rest. >> there he is coming in. >> they will be taking him back for him to get ready for the mass. >> now, we know there are local parishioners and the clergy, but it seems, father dan, they're all dressed the way they are dressed there. >> well, they all have just shirts and ties. >> yes. >> maybe -- >> no, their learning i would all be advise dollars in the front, then towards the back problem member of other religious communities, brother, sisters, also folks in the chapel, as well. so there are some lay people there. >> lay people, normal. >> yes. regular folks, pope francis loves. >> that's right, that's regular folk. >> coming in. >> there is the official
10:20 am
portrait of the world meeting of families, painted locally here. there are there are folks standing in front on the side picture, the got over our lady entire of knotts, standing in front of the cathedral. >> now, if you weren't with us earlier, see the background, the left side of the screen, all of that white ribbon, explain what that is again. >> the grotto to our lady of entire not, hunger and homeless committee, the world meeting of families went about all summer collecting prayers written on the ribbons that allow it for people to offer their prayers and this devotion, very near to pope francis. >> even the priests steam have their little cameras to take pictures. >> and you know, we have seen on this trip in washington, did. c, as well as new york city, heist taken some selfies with some people. >> that's right. boy some good ones, too. >> making his way to the so he can get ready.
10:21 am
>> now, for the non-catholics out there, saying what's going on here? what exactly happens in a catholic church, why am i watching this? why is this a good reason for non-catholics to watch? >> drawn to his message, simply tis about his message,. >> compassion, mercy, who can be against that? people are just drawn, regardless whatever your religious situation; or whether you have, you know, no particular religion at all, but people are spiritual. they feel like this man is a true human ambassador who we ought to be, the best of who we ought to be. hit people on all kind of levels. >> i know i have red he said for non-believers, god's mercy has no limit, if you go to him, with a sincere and contrite heart. and it is funny, when he is talking about sin, he goes, sin is justice obeying your own conscious. >> absolutely. >> you casino of know what is right and wrong.
10:22 am
>> that's a quote actually from the cathy kim. sin against conscious, and reason. you snow and so he understands that, when we're not our best selves, when we sin. you know? so he has good sense that far. that's always something we can work with, something we can overcome. >> whether our catholic or not? >> absolutely. >> and talking about people who aren't catholic, i think it is interesting, when he speaks, when he did in washington, dc, even in new york sit, at the ends he says, i ask you pray for me, if our non-believer, i ask to you send me good wishes. >> well, first press conference, he talked to the press and he said i'll offer a quiet prayer for you. >> let's stop and listen to there is here at fourth and market, if you don't mind. >> oh, it says welcome pope francis. >> pop pop francisco. >> like a soccer match. >> high shall everybody. >> oh, they're waiving. >> so excited. >> they have the sign every
10:23 am
mexico there. mexico in the house. >> the parish every saint rocco. saint rocco? >> that's what it said on the sign, the parish every saint rocco. >> people here from 100 different countries. and mexico, very much represented. >> very much. >> our neighbors to the south, hi,. >> yep, they are chanting mexico. >> father dan, we have heard a lot of people chant poppa francisco. >> actually the world youth would often say in spanish we are the youth of crimes. youth of the pope. he said well, no, you are out youth of christ, not just the youth of the pope. they are very big on that. >> off i shall title of this man, they don't use the word pope. >> no, they don't. they don't. >> he is the vicar of christ on earth, he is the pontiff, -- >> but he likes the simple title of bishop of rome.
10:24 am
that's what he prefers. the bishop of rome. first among equals with all of the other bishops, in paternity with them. >> want me to show off little bit? >> sure. >> we have time. we are waiting for pope francis to change into his vestments for mass. >> right. >> maybe they'll be green and gold today? >> that is a good question. probably -- might be white. >> did get a tweet. we will be caring the mass live here on fox 29, i just got tweet about. that will so please stay with us. >> all right, here is his full official title, father, ready? >> sure. >> it is his holiness francis bishop of rome, vicar of jesus christ, successor of the prince of the happen possible he will, supreme port i have of the universal church, primate of italy, arch bishop and metropolitan of the roman province, sovereign of the vatican city state servant of the servant of god. >> wow, there go. >> that last one, that last one might be the best one, servant of the veer advance, in some way he is here to
10:25 am
serve and he under stands t that's quite a set of titles, though. >> he needs a bigger tight. >> i don't need any more tight the, thank you. >> fun when they say some of the officials papers at the vatican, just put pp. for pappa pope. >> pappa pope, yes. he signs his name simply f. when he sends awe letter on the back it will just say f. >> f? >> francis. >> small f. >> small f. a lot of jesuit put f's on my paper. oh, well, you snow. >> that's high school. >> so you're familiar? >> very familiar, went to awe boy's catholic school. >> it is so exciting here. we have reached this time every his arrival, took so much work gone into. >> this when coming into the basilica there, father bill donovan working on the roll and side, farther bill donovan here in from philadelphia, so much work. has much sense of accomplishment now that it is finally happening. so many other, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people, have put hours and hours to make this event happen. >> celebrating in spanish, do you think?
10:26 am
>> homily will be in spanish. >> homily will be in spanishment some mass may be in latin, i don't know. he prefers to use a language he's familiar with. so often in the english speaking wormed, he says mass in latin. but then the homily will be in whatever language -- >> he speaks five languages. >> he does, he does. you got your italian. >> your spanish. your latin. >> he knows some in latin. he knows some french and german, of course we've seen him use his english, but that would be his weak ers of the languages. >> they say he has been practicing all summer, so co-speak. >> he really is that kind of guy who really appreciates the opportunity he has to be here and speak to americans and speak to the whole world. so he really has been working on t i don't think it is his strong language at all. but it is really exciting. him making such effort, putting all of this energy into it. >> quite the effort, in front of congress. now, i haven't talked to you since that speech in front of congress. were you surprise bid anything? he brought up just about every -- >> he did, and i was impressed that he wasn't pulling back from any of the top glick no.
10:27 am
>> and he clearly wanted to sends a message. there are variety of issues you may all agree or disagree on yourselves, but we need to come together. i loved his instruction on leadership. good lead is her not going to obstruct. good lead letter move everything forward. and that was a little bit after soft, you know, little soft lesson on how to be a leered. >> it was, and there was one of the congressmen out of the state of arizona, boycotted the speech, because he was going to bring climate change. >> right. >> so i thought this, something he said, probably addressed this for the congressman. dialogue is born from an attitude of respect for the other person, from a conviction that the other person has something good to say. it assumes that there is room in the heart for the person's point of view, opinion and proposal, dialogue entails a cordial reception. >> right. >> not a prior condemnation. >> right. that's a very basic principal that the jesuit have in their
10:28 am
spiritual exercises. you always presume the good of somebody first. >> yes. >> it is called the plus sign. we call it giving the plus sign. in the beginning of the spiritual exercise it, says both in your interactions with everybody, presume the good, and seeing what can come that far common dialogue. >> don't boycott me. >> right. >> listen to me. >> then that congressman would have heard three, four issues he agreed with him on. >> a the one point some people were saying so, we don't want to be -- we don't know howell ' come and speak to us, but they said it was done softly. he was very firm about some of the things that he said. but did he it in such a way that allows people to listen to and agree with. >> you know, he has excellent way of challenging you without you feeling being put off. dose not finger wag. he really does. you walk away saying maybe i ought to do something about that as opposed to i just got yelled at. nobody walks away interest this pope. >> i remember when he talked to angela, the head of the channels letter of germany, and he talked about this country like a loft countries,
10:29 am
you better -- and the next day, she went to her legislature and talked and we need to reform our financial -- >> that's t and he certainly brought that theme up with congress, as well. >> i think a lot of people think, yes, wonderful man, but does he make -- will he make change as far as government -- >> and in his own vatican organization, he's done a lot to reform the financial stuff. it was needed reform willing. so he is speaking from an experience, from humility of our own church trying to figure out it fans recalls with the vatican. and i think the holy father gets, everybody's job. how can we do this. so from point of humility, he is saying it is my job, it is your job, it is our job. that's certainly inviting, and it doesn't feel like you're -- you're being yelled at. >> pretty soon procession of many, many priests. is that a typical thing? >> well, i don't know if they'll have procession of coming in. they're already seated. that will may have been a move to try to limit the time. >> you're right. >> very often the procession of priests could take 30
10:30 am
minute. >> okay. >> so i think because of the tightness of the schedule they asked the priest to please enter the church and fill the pews. probably wanted to make sure everybody was seated. there are bishops probably up on the alter, they're vest in the white. there is a loft seats actually up on top of the alter on both sides. you can't always see them, but there are plenty every seats. that would probably be where the bishops are. >> how many? >> they said 1500, but they are squeeze being 16. >> they add in the some temporary chairs. >> i'm sure the fire department approved it. >> of course. >> now, this this cathedral, pope john paul ii, when here in 1979, he visited this basilica. >> sure. yes. this is really remarkable. walk down to logan circle and had the mass. >> yes, that year, that time, they put the alter right on logan circle. >> on the fountain. >> right on top the fountain. this time in front of the art museum. make a lovely backdrop for us. so they are all ready and waiting to go. and i think what we'll see, simple procession,f


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