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tv   The Holy Father in Philadelphia  FOX  September 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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so good. during the seventh-inning stretch, my mother told me that i was gonna be a big sister. this is the dirt from the old yankee stadium. it was at my wedding and the birth of both my sons. i had my first kiss ever on the kiss cam. my lucky charm. my dad came back with 10 baseball helmets. games after my bedtime. my father, he had this smile on his face that was incredible. bank of america asks, "what's your favorite baseball memory?" share it all season long using #mlbmemorybank. >> matt: francisco liriano, a strikeout rif as we call it. nine of them this afternoon. >> he was in control of everything if you think about it. his, even at the plate. two hits at the plate.
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never felt like he was going to get the train off the tracks. he was outstanding for the pirates. >> matt: liriano with a couple hits today. this season, he had maxed his hit total this year for his entire career. he's become an okay hitter in his senior statehood. joaquin soria takes over. just shy of the deadline at the end of july. working on a stretch of nine straight scoreless appearances. >> john: this is one of those moves that didn't make huge headlines that would be huge dead lines. they have lengthened the depth in their bullpen. and of course, another one we talked about. added an speernlgsed guy. not the closer. but a once closer. a very good closer now. leading into melancon if they need him.
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>> matt: starlin castro in the ninth if they need him. began the series between these two teams. jake arrieta and a.j. burnett. a.j. has been brilliant down the stretch for chicago. >> john: yeah, he has. that will be a huge task for pittsburgh. if their quest of potentially running down the cardinals continues. >> matt: beating arrieta would be a huge, huge jolt to them chasing down the cardinals with three more game they have head to head >> john: yeah. they start the three-game series, do the pirates, with st. louis monday. >> matt: st. louis continued their home stand with the brewers. saturday night match-up as jaime
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garcia on the mound later on today. and that brewers/cardinals game at fs 1 later on tonight. carrying in right. decker giving it a look. shy of the ivy, makes the catch. >> matt: so one of maddon's pinch-hitting options, a low leverage here with the two out. he's been very good in limited duty this year. strange happenings here this afternoon, right? the cubs are one out away from
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being shut out at home. yet they're getting ready to celebrate a post season berth. and one that is almost 24 hours old. and having been in that situation, having it happen a few times where you're at home and you're like, we're in. our situation being a lot different. for a lot of these players, this is never even been close. >> matt: the fly ball into the opposite field for starlin marte. the pirates finish the job. they are rolling through late september schedule with plenty of momentum at a great time. francisco liriano's dominant 7 1/3 led the way today. just enough offense. jordy mercer's three-run home run. the bucs apded another in the eighth. and pittsburgh's wild card lead over the cubs rose to five and a
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half games. the one-game is getting closer. >> and closer to affecting the strategy of joe maddon as well. i think the reality of chasing down the pirates at this point is not in your favor. so you can rest guys. you don't have to push him. and for the pirates, the quandary is they're close enough again to potentially chasing the cardinals down. and they'll be interested to see how they play it out. as they are guaranteed the home field pretty. if they are in the playoffs for the wild card. >> matt: we will return to chicago to watch a bit of their post season berth celebration right after a word from your local fox station.
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the day is kind of wrapping up at wrigley. as people are heading for the local bars, straublts, but inside, the team is getting ready to celebrate. ricky branch is 23. kyle schwarber called up, making an immediate impact. and adson russell, the baby of
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the bunch, only 21. for those reasons and more that the young cubs, despite the 4-0 shutout they were handed today, are celebrating the post season appearance for the first time since 2008. as a result of the giants' loss yesterday, the cubs iced the spot. the adult beverages are iced down this afternoon and the cubs are having some fun here today. >> it doesn't matter how many times you've done this. for the guys that do it for the first time. it is an incredible experience. they have plenty of time for the rest season. most teams do it late. they have the luxury of doing this a lot earlier than they had ever anticipated. and many thought next year would be the year this team does this. >> matt: we had the discussion that joe maddon has gone to the post season before. four time as manager of the tampa bay rays. in his first season with the
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cubs, with nine game left on the post season schedule. that's the earliest that a joe maddon coached team has ever clinched the spot. he did it with nine games left in his first trip to the playoffs. as rays manager. if you'll recall, each of those last few rays team that he took to the post season, he had to fight for his life down to, in a couple days. >> john: for his experience and what he'll be able to give this team will be awesome of because with this job, he's been through it all. the stars hope this will carry them through the post season. they have one game. they'll take that one game. enjoy this moment. see ross through it as well. they have a night game tomorrow. it is lining up great. if you think about the cubs and
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the expectations. >> matt: david ross is a world series champ. he's been through it many times and he's celebrating like he's fler been through it before >> john: it never gets old. for a lot of these guys, they'll remember the first time. nothing guaranteed when you get past this year as we've seen other team go through long droughts with the exception of the cardinals who have been there a lot. with the national league. >> matt: really interesting. that so much momentum with the pirate, they've won eight in a row. they have a chance to sweep the cubs if they can win tomorrow. then they have a chance to heads up the cardinals. the team they're trying to catch. they have thoughts of the division title. yet it is the cubs celebrating. we're at wrigley field. even after the fact they were shut out at home >> john: yeah. and i tell you. the pirates, this will be monumental chasedown if you think about where they've been.
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they close the gap, two games and now they're out there again. >> matt: and it looks like they have anthony rizzo mid celebration. >> j.p.: congratulations. up at the cubs' caravan, this would happen. how gratifying is it? >> what a great group of guys. all led by a top organization. committed to the field, committed to the plan. the young guys really coming through and the old guys as well. this is as good as it gets and it will be a battle. >> j.p.: you mentioned coming here in 2012. how much trust was there in you in this front office that it would happen like this? >> you know, they have a truck here. they brought me over and they believed in me and they gave me the opportunity. >> we're going to the playoffs!
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>> you can see we're a tight-knit group. we knew they had a plan. and you see it coming through now. we have a long way to go. just the start for years to come. we have a long way to go. >> 73 wins the last year. how does it feel that you're going to the playoffs? >> unbelievable. guys like edwin jackson, he was in the race when they won the 100 games. we trust our veterans with their experience and feed off their energy. >> what has the influence of joe maddon mental to this team this season? >> what has it meant to this team this season? >> it has meant everything. he gives us that confidence every day to go out there. we lost today. he lets us know we have a long way to go. >> have a great time with your
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team mates. thank you for your time. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> this is pretty wild down here. >> that's one way to describe it. i can't wait to see who gets to sit next to j.p. on the way to michigan this afternoon. >> john: he may just drive. >> some nice family coming back from vacation. and j.p. drew the straw of having to report live from club maddon, the home clubhouse at wrigley, turned into quite the scene >> john: the animals around? is there a cougar in there? >> matt: something tell me we mightn't want to see everything. at one point joe hired a magician to do magic tricks. they are the enjoying every bit of this clinch that they earned
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last night. >> john: that's one of the most professional interviews i've ever seen. >> matt: j.p. is battling down. there i think we might have lost communication with him among other things. i think that's what the wetness can do. as he reported first hand. it is very wet in the cubs' home clubhouse. so no hits by cole hamels at the end of july. still has plenty of reason to celebrate. i think anthony rizzo is a great spokesman. a great spokesman for the franchise. nobody is saying that it is over with winning, clinching a post season spot. he realizes as the cubs do, as joe maddon insists they do, that there's a lot of work to be done. >> all right, gentlemen. thank you. congratulations. you're manager said this is just the first celebration. how much confidence is there in
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this room that this is the first one? >> a lot of confidence. we've been overcoming a lot of obstacles. it is a good group. we're young but not anymore. we've got a full season under our belt. we've got a full season. we're a really good team and it is a fun group. we're glad we're here and able to celebrate. and look forward to the playoffs. >> you mentioned the youth on this team. you're a world champion. how is it to watch these young guys celebrate? >> you take things for granted when you get to celebrate. a lot of guys work their tails off hx long careers and don't get to the playoffs. a special moment for this group. and thighs guys are great guys. >> j.p.: one question for you. about jon lester. what about celebrating this with jon lester, he comes from boston and have a chance to do this with jon? >> that's really cool.
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we celebrated once before and went all the way. that's what we're hoping for. >> j.p.: last question. you know what it is to have a connection with the team. what is about it chicago and the cubs? >> i don't know. they love their cubs and we love them. it has been a cool experience to see t the season go on. how many more they're into the game now than early in the season. they support us. they clear for us. good or bad. a 21 team to be a part of. we're just trying on put on a good show night in and night out. >> j.p.: last question for you. you are a veteran were leader. what is the message for the young teammates? >> end joy. if you take yourself too seriously, you won't play your best. there is a good fun group. the more they can relax, the bewe'll be. i love you. it doesn't come around very
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often. back to you. >> can you pay for my dry cleaning? somebody favor my dry cleaning. can somebody give me a ride home to michigan? . that interview had a few pitches in the voices as the cold champagne, they didn't miss a beat. i tell you what. that was professional. >> matt: that was fantastic. j.p. morosi there in the celebration. it looks like the ring leader chasing him down amid the wetness. >> john: trying to final the drier corner. your message to the team was, this is just the first celebration how many excited are you about the months to come? >> this is a celebration of the year. we didn't win today. the celebration of the year.
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not just today. we have to celebrate four more times of go where we want to be. i'm really proud of our guys, the whole organization. i really feel very fortunate to be part of this moment. a lot of these guys have not been through this before and that's pretty special to me. >> i wanted to understand that. a difficult time going back to the original form. you have to learn to win the first time before you can do it again. >> a year ago, you were still manager for the tampa bay rays. what has this journey been like in the last 12 months? >> it is hard to describe. it has been nonstop. i didn't have an offseason last year. coming into there year, really happy to understand a whole new group of people really quick will. it has been a blur. but i have slowed it down. i'm in the moment right now. i feel pretty good about it. fantastic coming to work here. our fan support. the whole organization. it is really special. >> you're one of the best people in professional sports, staying
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in the moment. it seems like you've expertly managed staying in the moment with appreciating the history of the organization. what a clip would mean. how have you done that so well and sent that message to your players? >> i haven't done anything differently. i mean, i've always been asked that question. if we were to manage in a bigger market. what would you do differently? the answer is nothing. it works everywhere. you stay in the moment. you have a great group of players. it works anywhere. >> last question for you. this whole day. the atmosphere in the clubhouse. how can you tell if these players have bought in and they seem to be enjoying it. how many does that contribute to your success? >> we normally celebrate wins like they ever night. minus this game and the champagne. so our guys celebrate victory on a daily basis. you've got, a big part of that is coming together. everybody is happy and
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celebrating. >> so we started at the beginning. we're couple minute it aing right now for the regular season. moving to the regular season. >> congratulations. an amazing job managing by you this season. >> thank you to our fans out there. it is always great to see you. >> back to you upstairs. >> j.p., terrific job up there under tough with you happy circumstances. we welcome you back outside the home courthouse. a lot of fans have stuck around. being promised the keechbl celebration that they're being treated to currently despite the 4-0 shutout. despite that the pirates have a seemingly comfortable lead for that top while card spot. that pittsburgh has won eight in a row. the cubs are celebrating that as of last flight's giants loss, they have clinched their first post season appearance since 2008. a lot of those that have come late to the party like the
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veterans. dan haren who you saw a moment ago. kyle schwarber. even somebody like trevor cahill who was late to the party. all taking a little ownership. and enjoying the moment in front of a fan base, for quite a long time. the cubs as a wild card team with still so much to be determined in terms of seating. where that wild card game will be played. nobody is safe down. there it would appear. is that theo and jed? yep. that's right. the brain trust if you will. the two guys used to turning this around and reaching the
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promise land. the stated goal was to do it in chicago and it would appear this has been a great step in the right direction. still a lot to be done. since the all-star break, there's at love energy around the club right now and for such good reason. >> at lot of fun. the stress and pressure now will be put on the other two teams to see who comes out and wins the division. and how much pittsburgh has to extend themselves, if you think about it. if they get close enough to win in that division. the cubs will relax and enjoy and get ready for that one game. >> yeah. a big game tomorrow night. so a little bit more of a turn-around between this early start today and the late game tomorrow. which will give a young energetic bunch some additional opportunities to celebrate the day. and then recover before tomorrow
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night. i don't know that i've ever heard it said by a team in the midst of a celebration, we've got a bad bunch of guys and nobody enjoys being around each other. what we heard from david ross, from anthony rizzo, i think it is sincere and accurate. it has been said all season long. this is a special young group of players that have come of age together. guys like ross and some older players to show them the way. they seem to have all the things in place. all the ingredients you need to take that next step. one of the veterans who has led the way on the starting staff is a first year cub. one that came with the track record. and one that is standing by with j.p. morosi who is with jon lester. >> j.p.: you sign in the winter
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time dufrl imagine this day coming back on pockfox 29 e francis is back. we're back, and father daniel is sitting here on the step with alex and i and they won four to nothing. >> they did, that's great. very good day. >> we saw a glimpse as you went down mark street and turned right on fifth. >> we certainly heard at the
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cheers. he's pulling in front of at the stage, he's waving. those people standing there been waiting here sips before 6:00 this morning to get in line. >> he is exactly right in front of the liberty bell right now. isn't that fantastic? >> you can see he's passing in front of one of the screens there. about 40,000 people are expected to be out there on independence mall to see pope francis speech. >> what great venue. terrific here. historic place, fantastic. >> it's really fitting for the first time in the united states of america. he has to come to the birth place of america. >> absolutely right here where these i deals he's been talking about to congress and others, those kind of i deals of religious and society beginning here in independence hall. >> looks like they took a left,
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possibly on 6th. it's a wonderful set up there. it's been pack since -- we got here this morning at 5:00. no, 4:30, there were people in line to go through security. so they've been there all day. waiting for him to speak. we think he'll speak in about 15 minutes, then the big activity begins. big parade all the way down to the art museum around city hall back to the art museum and the festival of families. >> as we're looking at the stage, all eyes are on pope francis is expected to speak. where he will be speaking. is the same one that abraham lincoln used when he gave the gettysburg address. >> i've seen that. over there on broad street. the union league. and it's right there on the ground floor, i've touched it. >> you touched it. >> it's kind of flimsy to tell you the truth j.
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>> it's been a around a long time. >> 1860's. >> abraham lincoln used it for the gettysburg address so did jfk. >> he can get ready for the speech. >> at the top of the hour, governor gave a you few remarks, spoke two minutes or so, moment of silence and then his holiness. >> it would be the cross a five foot tall wooden cross. >> provided -- dave schratweiser you're a lucky man, what are you seeing and hearing? >> well, let me tell you something, electric out here, the pope came up 5th street, stopped several times, several babies were brought over to him. one young boy in a bat man shirt kissed by the pope, brought back to his parents. it was amazing. right to our left here.
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the pope now is behind independence hall working his way back towards this area that is open to my left here, to your left. he will appear on stage. it was incredible. you can hear him as he came up market street, mike, the crowd, we could hear him. it is packed on market street on 6th, packed on 5th, as the pope got closer, the crowd got louder. you see him, he's blessing the cross that alex just spoke about it's a five foot by three foot cross. it will be taken to a conference after this, and displayed throughout the world. traveling to parishs and other religious groups in the next couple of years or so, this is a special ceremony by the pope here. giving his blessing now.
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on the cross. and gift for the pope, as you can see right there. a cross for the pope. and other gifts as you can see about to be given to the pope by several children right there with him. incredible. pope with young children. >> i always loved pope francis' smile. so big and so bright. >> looks so normal and familiar. >> this camera is so close, we can probably pick it off the camera mic. >> overwhelmed with gifts right now as he blesss the cross.
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>> i wonder what he's thinking, first trip to the united states. >> he said this is the place of history. more than that, it is a place of strong values and high i deals. >> now, behind in between chestnut and walnut. >> reporter: he is behind independence hall. in fact, he will come up through the back area of independence hall rindependence mall make his way to the stage. you see him still greeting folks as the back side of independence
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hall there. several dignitaries. now the pope giving out, one of his aids giving out gifts to the folks that came there. making his way now towards independence hall. this crowd is electric. he everybody paying close attention to him. >> pope across the street from my apartment, alex. >> he is. >> i want to go home right now. get your bearings the curtis building is behind him. >> reporter: as you can see, one of the dignitaries from the park service showing the pope independence hall as he comes up
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from the what you will street side, walking towards the chestnut street side. incredible sight. folks watching this on the jumbo trons in the crowd. waiting for the pope's arrival on the stage. quite a scene. as alex said he's going to deliver his remarks from the lincoln lecturn used by abraham lincoln to give the gettysburg address. that is here at the union league. i've seen it on a couple of times over there, incredible symbolism in that. expected to have remarks about immigration and religious freedom. quite a few immigrants are in the crowd here. >> he's being greeted by superintendent of national parks service. the independence mall is a national park. >> come all the way from italy you're going to go into this building. you aren't going to stay outside. you got to go in and see what the declaration of independence
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is about. >> reporter: it's his own private tour of independence hall for a few moments before he comes out. i'll tell you mayor nutter got the crowd whipped up, gave a good speech at 4:00 five, ten minutes, followed by governor wolf, incredible tried to get the crowd whipped up as if they needed that. the roar coming from market street as he approached independence hall and mall around 5th and 6th was incredible. when he stopped to kiss the three children that he kissed, babies that were brought to him by his aids, an amazing sight. you can see the joy on his face, the smile, like none other. you would possibly see. you've seen that throughout his trip there. amazing situation to see the pope here in philadelphia exciting. i have to covering the news in philadelphia 30 years, the biggest moment i've ever been at news-wise in this city and i'm sure for many people here in the crowd in the front in the crowd behind the riser here,
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stretching all the way back to the constitution center, this is an incredible moment to see him pass by in the popemobile like that. just an amazing sight. >> people who saw pope john paul in 1979, they still raveabout the moment. how many years ago was that? we will the rest of our lives. >> reporter: no doubt about it. been talking about it for months. now, great to be able to see this and take it all in, and you can see and hear the mayor's, getting the crowd going, an amazing scene here at independence hall. the pope is expected to speak about immigration and religious freedom, going to talk about a lot of things. caring for your brother, about immigrants, 11 million immigrants in this country. he doesn't want us to look the them as a group, individually. he wants to care about them individually as if they were
4:36 pm
your brother. he wants not build fences. what we're seeing now is a situation we're about to experience, the swelled francis effect, mike, where the pope comes out and gives remarks that are always carefully tailored to fit the subject matter. immigration and religious freedom are the two subject matters. incredible scene here at independence hall today. >> we're going to bring you father dan here, daniel joyce from st. joseph's university. executive director of missions programs at st. joe's. we continue to see at independence mall. when he talks about religious freedom, what exactly is he saying. >> ability for religions to be able to express themselves and be able to have full range of their beliefs without interruption. whatsoever, it can get quite complicated as we know. when folks are looking at ways in come government control or regulations can impose upon our lives and impose upon religions, we have that right to freedom of
4:37 pm
religion, so. >> muslims can feel free to practice their religion in the states and christians should be ok in the middle east. >> absolutely. >> he's even said that you know, national international organizations they must recognize, guarantee and protect religious freedom. protect it. >> that's a big concern of his, obviously. some parts of the world that's threatened. in our own country how we should go about policy, impose upon people's religious beliefs. >> you mentioned muslims, when it comes to christians, we're seeing christians being persecuted today. >> sure around the world in many place, absolutely. >> bring up isis good goodness sake. they're chanting now for him to come on the of those doors. can you, dave schratweiser, can you -- that's the philly pops, i think. can you understand what they're chanting?
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>> reporter: drowned out by drums, mike. the doors are opening here comes the pope. pope francis about to make his entrance on to independence hall. the front steps. >> ♪ . ♪ .
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>> ♪ . ♪ .
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(cheers and applause). >> your holiness, distinguished guests and friends. the united states is an experiment in freedom ordered by law and ordered to basic truths about the human person. the greatist good in the american character comes from our belief in the mercyful god, who guaranteed the dignity and rights of all his children. alexander hamilton was one of america's greatest founding fathers. helped write our constitution here at independence hall. he was also one of our greatest immigrants. born in the west indies, hamilton was a friend of george washington. 's fought in the revolution,
4:42 pm
2/3rds of the federalist papers and set the united states on a course to become a world power. the lesson is life is simple. this is a nation that no single ethnic group or privileged economic class owns. it's a country where a person who comes from nowhere can still make a difference. it's a nation where a man who never knew his own birthday -- hamilton born out of wedlock can take part in the birth of a new order, he reminds us had immigrants from around the world renews hi country in every generation. breathes new life into what george washington called the boss of america. when when a church defends church and the family and unborn child and the purpose of human
4:43 pm
sexual ty, she is attacked as being too hash, when she defends immigrant works and families by deportation, she is attacked as too soft. yet the church is things like this of these things. pope john the 23rd, a mother who understands and loves the whole human person, from conception to natural death, always consistently and everywhere. when it comes to immigration, the church reminds us in end all of us are children of the same loving god that makes us brothers and sisters despite the borders that separate us and in arguing over borders to keep people out. we need to be vigilant against directing those same borders in
4:44 pm
our hearts. my dear friends, the person who speaks that truth most powerfully is with us today and i invite the holy father, the son of immigrants, to share his thoughts with us now. pope francis. >> (cheers and applause) .
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>> to be here at independence mall, the birth place of the united states of america. it was here that the freedoms which define this country were first in place. declared independence that all men were created equal, that they are by their creator.
4:46 pm
the government to protect and defend. bringing words today have inspired throughout the world in accordan accordance -- also these words and defended -- also effort to
4:47 pm
our to embody -- in total and political life. we remember the great abolitionof slavery. every kind of prejudice of new americans.
4:48 pm
this shows when a country is determined sounding principles for human strengthen and -- (speaking spanish). >> benefit a great deal --
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(speaking spanish)
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(pope francis addresses crowd at independence mall)
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(pope francis used lectern used by lincoln at gettysburg address)
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(independence mall philadelphia)
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philadelphia). they have an enduring power to open new horizons always to stimulate thought, to expand the mind and heart. they call to conversion reconciliation concern for the future of society, to self sacrifice in the service of the common good and compassion for those in need. at the heart of their spiritual
4:55 pm
mission is the proclamation of the truth and dignity of the human person and of all human rights. our religious traditions remind us that as human beings, we are called to acknowledge an other who reveals our realizationnal identity in the faith of every effort to impose a uniformity to which the'gotism of the powerful, the conformism of the weak or the ideology of the ow to openian would seek to impose on us. in a world where various forms of modern tearny seek to
4:56 pm
suppress religious freedom or as i said already, try to reduce it to a sub culture without right to a voice or vote in the public square or to use religion as a pretext for hatred and brutality, it is imperative that the followers of the various religions join their voices in calling for peace, for tolerance and respect for the dignity and rights of others. we live in a time subject to the
4:57 pm
globalation of the paradigm which consciencely aims at a one dimensional uniformity and seeks to eliminate all differences and traditions in a superficial questfor unit. religions, thus, have the right and the duty to make clear that it is possible to build a society where a healthy which truly respects differences and values them as such is a precious ali in the commitment to defending human dignity and a path to peace in our troubled
4:58 pm
world. in our world so harmed by war. the quakers who founded philadelphia were inspired by a profound i van gel cal sense of the dignity of each individual as well as by the ideal of a community united by brotherly love. this conviction led them to found a colony which would be a haven of religious freedom and tolerance. that sense of fraternal concern for the dignity of all, especially the weak and the vulnerable became an essential
4:59 pm
part of the american spirit. during his visit to the united states in 1987, st. john paul the second paid moving homage, reminding all americans that the to ultimate test of their greatness was a way that every human being would be treated, but especially the weakist and the most defense less ones. i take this opportunity to thank all those who whatever their religion have sought to serve
5:00 pm
god, have sought to serve the god of peace by building cities of brotherly love, by caring for neighbors in need. by defending the dignity of god's gift of life in all it's stages, by defending the cause of the poor and the immigrant. too often, those most in need everywhere are unable to heard. you are their voice. many of you, men and women, religious, have made their cry heard. with this witness which frequently encounters powerful resistance, you


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