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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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steve. a mother comes home to find her four year-old with autism with a bruised, bloody mouth the injuries that have the baby-sit's rested. officialness new castle county are trying to figure out who left a cemetery looking like this. police have in clue but people that live there say they have their suspicions. good morning, jenny joyce. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. we know thousands of people were in the city to see the pope, it was all very exciting but why are so many businesses reporting major losses after the weekend? we will talk bit, coming up next. all right, thank you. good day, it is tuesday, september 29th, 2015. >> almost the end of the month. >> i know. >> so we're a month from halloween. >> exactly right, 31st, halloween night. halloween is on a friday night. >> saturday. >> yah, mischief every where but of the safe and good kind. >> we will get six out of ten in the weather by the numbers and it is sum iserry out
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there. it is humid. 93 percent relative hugh misty. it is almost 70 degrees in philadelphia are little breeze as you can see with the flag here in old it i. 6:55 is our sun is rise time as we get started this morning. you can see a lot of rain on this radar picture but not too much in the ruling area we have had showers in berks county, lancaster county and up in bucks county but not much yet. i would have rain gear with you for later on. maybe allow a foot extra minutes because you may run into fog this morning. half mile visibility in trenton. one and three quarter miles in millville, half mile visibility in dover. these numbers have been changing, kind of foggy the atlantic it i international as well. temperatures are mile. it is humid. to points in the 60's. the it is definitely a day that feels like summer but this weather is in the going to last, believe me. so we're at 70's to the north of us and south. close to it. owe we're off to a humid start
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this morning. we don't see rain, rolling in until later on. showers around, and we will probably get to a high of 82 degrees with a few thunderstorms popping up, for your commute home. so keep that in mind as our driverless car continues to explore the roadways, this morning, bob kelly. >> you have your hot coffee. >> right there. >> on national coffee day, free coffee every where today. they all got it. dunkin', wawa, crispy cremes, we will have folks from dunkin' donuts our sponsor giving out free coffee all day later this morning on front of the studio at fourth and mark. grab that cup of coffee to go and hand on the wheel. it will not be the steam from the coffee that will cause poor visibility but fog that is out there this morning and it comes up on you fast and thick. as pretty much on all cameras. here's i-95 near street road in northeast philadelphia this morning. live look at the the benny n problems at the the moment.
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but just a few moments ago the the the benny wasn't wristible. it is hit and miss as you roll out of the driveway this morning we have a fine mist as sue was saying. some roads could be damp and wet this morning. live look downtown philadelphia, the vine is opened, parkway though still closed as clean up, continues after the papal wrist its. now coming in, slower than normal here on the 42 freeway and make sure your head lights are on, fog lights are on when fog comes up on you fast working your way toward bellmawr, some construction crews are still out there and expect a major jam today, everybody is going back to work and school, pope has levittown and everybody will try to get back to normal today. yesterday we had another owe rush hour both morning and afternoon. owe that will all change this morning. parkway clean up, continues with the inner drives of the parkway closed, between the steps of the art museum all the way up to the fountain, some of the septa buses are also, on a detour and both
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kelly and martin luther king drives, police are telling me now they are not allowing traffic, into the art museum area they are pushing traffic off the kelly drive, at fairmount avenue and into the neighborhood. so that will be another day of those delays, until they get everything cleaned up and back opened. eastbound on the schuylkill watch for construction right at spring garden, otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris and lauren, back over to you. we have breaking news this morning. reports that a temple university student was robbed and sexually assaulted. >> we are hearing that suspect was armed, steve keeley is on this one for us, steve. >> reporter: yeah, no suspect. this was just have have not found it yet. we don't know whether this was a knife or gun because we have not gotten any details offer descriptions yet and a lot of times if you have been going through something like this as a young woman you are so traumatized it is hard to talk to police initially but their first trip is to the hospital and then special victims unit. here's where it happen, just
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steps off the campus where is there off campus brand new student housing. new lets go to the video this was called in just after midnight and what happened was philadelphia police got the call. you can see the philadelphia police car in what looks like a tiny alley way and once they got information and confirmed that this attack happened, they issued an alert to temple university which put out an alert to all of the students and staff let's go to video number two. this happened just 70 feet or so from the closest emerge i panic button. so all this woman that she could have done if she wasn't having a gun to her head or knife to the throat was run over and hit that button. you can see that button not far off the campus here and it is probably, 40 feet from broad street a major street where it interest he cans with jeff on. so unfortunately we will probably find out that this guy had a gun on her. it may have happened just outside the street because the address that is in the a leather put out pie temple
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when they got notified by police that they written investigating this case gave at dress of the student housing building under construction still. that is where you see yellow crime scene tape and once again, as we pan up, to a now foggy, temple on campus high rise of students, this is yet another remind their temple students that you have to be on alert if you are walking around at midnight. here's the sadest thing of all just now i had a young man coming up who was a temple student in a panic. he looked like he just saw a ghost. he a said chris, come to me right now i want to tell people what happened, this young man said his girl friend left his apartment down jefferson treat walking home to her apartment and he walks this way at midnight. he cannot get a hold of her. hopefully she's asleep, don't ever let her walk home alone around here again, at midnight. you should know better and hopefully he will find her there. if not i told him to call special victims unit. another reminder, this kid will never let his girl friend
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walk alone down this street again, when this attack happen. he left his apartment at midnight. he is worried that somebody grabbed her and took her down that alley way. >> teave keeley, thanks very much. one serious story to the other, this one is horrible. child abuse case in montgomery county. these details are hard to hear. >> one of the hardest stories to hear i have ever had to deal w nicholas, this guy, take a good look, this guy is accused of beating a four year-old autistic boy, he was watching, and then pulling out three of his teeth. the the boy's mother took him to upper perkiomen police july . evidently the teeth still had roots connected to them. the child was bleeding and had bruises on his face. this kiddies four years old. he is autistic. they say investigation reveal bite marks dating back to april. suspect claims it was an accident. >> original story that we
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heard was that the child had fallen, and hit his face against a bedside table oring on like that. >> just horrible. things like that should never happen to a small child when they are entrusted to someone hoist in the a parent. >> crenshaw's lawyer says it is unclear what happened but does in the believe his client is a child a buyers. he is being held on hundred you this dollars cash bail. cren how is due in court thursday. a 39 year-old man is in critical condition after being shot in the back. this hooting happened just after 11:00 o'clock at philadelphia's fair hill section a along the 2800 block of butter treat no word this morning about an arrest. councilman in wilmington is calling on the department of justice and the fbi to intervene in the the investigation of a police involved shooting that left a man in a wheelchair, dead. councilman yp street, wants these agencies to look into the deadly force used by police begins jeremy mcdole. those officers claim mcdole was armed and self-inflicted wound when they arrived to the scene last wednesday. cell even if video hose police
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telling him to drop his weapon. right before shooting and killing the 26 year-old. on witnesses claim mcdole did not even have have a gun. councilman street is calling for a quote fair and partial and unbiased investigation. who would go through a cemetery and randall ice grave stones? that is what police are trying to figure out right now. look at the damage done at this cemetery on, what will owe road in delaware. you can see headstones are toppled, some even broken in half. police got the the call about the damage sunday morning. neighbors say it has happened here before, they called this disrespectful and disgusting. >> it didn't make any sense, and it probably won't catch him, and that is a dog gone shame. >> it is criminal. i mean really, kid just have no respect. it has got to be kids. you wouldn't think an adult would do that, right the? >> police don't have have any leads on suspects but they are asking anyone who may have some security cameras at their home, to call them so they can
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look over that video to get any leads in this case. philadelphia business owners balancing the books from the papal weekend. >> for many it was a great effect for their bottom line. for others, not so much. jennifer joyce is looking at this from center city, hi there, jen. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. a a the lot of business owners were prepared for a boost. they loaded up on merchandise and now they are forced to either stockpile these boxes, all off the left overs like cases of water at this center it i star bucks, however, we did find one business that is claiming overwhelming success, famous pete's pizza on 21st treat in sent iser city lines like they have never even before. nearly a thousand order on sunday. it is hard to say why this business did so well and so many others incurred major losses. maybe the convenient of the quick slice of pizza without spending lots of money. we don't necessity for sure but this owner is happy while others are not. >> we wereling slices outside that helps people come in the store and we were selling it
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outside as well. people were lined up outside. they were lined up from here to walnut street. >> we had almost a thousand order on sunday, over 600 jumbo pizza or slices. nothing i have ever seen before. >> i was expecting it to be double, triple the normal weekend and instead it was down, 30 or 40 percent from a normal weekend. i know diner near my enter city store they bought $7,500 worth of extra foot, rented a refrigerated truck and had to throw a ton of stuff away. >> so swiss house bakery situation seemed more of the normal. businesses who spent money, more than usual to stock up on extra food and drinks find it went to waste. customers say the restaurant and social scene was bad, it was empty, disappointing. a lot of business owners took to social media admitting that the pope's visit was incredible but felt that the city could make it easier to get around the blockades, the street closures. all of that they say force add
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lot of people out of town, lauren and chris good the story doesn't stop there, jenny eyes. city is now reflecting on what worked and what didn't during the historic weekend. >> city leaders say this massive event was mostly a success. estimated figures though that just about 860,000 people turned out for the the event on the ben franklin parkway on unday that is way down from the predicted million. remember we aid 1.5 million would be there. mayor nutter is blaming news reports that suggested attendance would face massive inconvenience for scaring people away. >> i think, you know, the true brutal honesty is that i think in so many instances the reporting of the information that we put out, because we don't write the stories. we give out information. i think the reporting on any number of aspects of this was detrimental to the mind set of many philadelphians and others.
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>> okay. we will take the blame but others point to the lack of communication and coordination from government agencies, so they are pointing the finger back at the mayor. he is also promising to look into reports of the massive backups at metal detectors that cause sod people to miss that historic mass. >> the mayor said in so many instances, the reports were wrong. i'd like to see him tell us where we were wrong in reporting what he told us. all right. a new jersey community mourning sudden loss of the high school senior, why the teen football player died after collapsing on the field
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it is humid out there. >> i got a net from being away from the weekend and waiting for me in the mail was a gift from my cousin, dianne, who lives in california, wake forest, you know where that is? that is where she lives. it was an outfit for my dog roofus. it is a referee. it says ruferree. >> she said it is perfect. and it matches him because he is black and white but it has got little yellow penalty flag
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in the pocket. >> i cannot stop laughing. >> it is so flipping cute. look at his face. he does not look happy. >> not at all. >> this is in honor of you too, sue because you are our referee. >> yes, i just put on instagram, a side by identify with roofus and yours truly, check that out on instagram which also went to facebook and which also went to twitter. >> look at you good sue serio fox 29. >> wow. >> owe, connect with social media, please, anyway, here's satellite radar picture. we have a lot of cloud cover out there, and some rain as well, and, here's the heavier rain that is down to the southwest that is on its way up, to us. so the heavy stuff does ant live until later this afternoon and especially in the overnight hours. the here's 2:00 o'clock and we will see light rain around the a area but here's the low pressure system that is going to bring us some heavy rain. that will be between
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8:00 o'clock, midnight, and then, when we get started tomorrow around 4:00 a.m. it will still be raining pretty heavily in parts of our viewing area. a accompanied by a cold front which will hook up with this low, and which will eventually stall off shore to keep our weather unsettled. we will get much cooler temperatures rolling in after that rain passes by. owe north and west of the city is probably where we will see heavier rain and then one to 3 e thunder and lightening throughout the day tomorrow. localized flooding in poor drainage areas. we have not had measurable rainy think we told you yesterday since the 12th of september is is. we are keeping an yine on tropical storm joaquin. it is near bohamas but heading north ward by all accounts and it looks like it will be close to the del marva area, by at day into unday morning. it will be right off the coast of perhaps ra and heading toward us. so by the weekend we are have
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to keep a close eye on that storm. it is almost 70 degrees in that storm and it is are warm and humid out there we will get to 82 today but then that is it for mild weather because after an early high of 75 degrees tomorrow, the cold front we just showed you comes through and gets temperatures down to below average temperatures until we get to the end of the weekend. that is what is going on, some untell weather on the way but you may encounter some poor visibility this morning, bob kelly, i'm in the sure what we're looking at right here. >> e either. >> that is route 202 in chester county, right near 29, in the work zone. so an example of the thick fog ahead of you getting ready to tell outside the front door. we have had a couple have light morning rush hours the last couple of workdays. the end of last week was crazy. folks were getting out of town and taking off for papal holiday. yesterday, same deal, kid were off from school but today expect a major jammo,
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everybody is back to work and back to school. it will be a game change tore day. live look at i-95 in delaware county. fog not as thick here near highland avenue but nonetheless it the is humid, you can see a bad hair day and as the the road are also wet in some areas as well. there is a live look at the 42 freeway where headlights are coming toward the city. still cleaning up on the parkway inner drives of the the parkway are closed, kelly drive is closed at the back of the art museum. they are pushing everybody off at fairmount. martin luther king drive is opened and on of the septa bus routes are still on detour in the area of the parkway. chris and lauren, back to you. bob, 5:20. rutgers university has been hit with yet another sign's tack. here's what is going on. we understand this is the fifth attack in less than a year at this point. university officials say the attack started yesterday morning. cool's technical taff was working to restore that service.
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further details have in the been disclosed. month similar attacks in may and in august made that network, in accessible. cause of death for a new jersey football player has in the yet been determined. he died after a dent. evan murray ruptured histamine. moorestown medical examiner says the size of his spleen made the teen more susceptible to that your there was no head trauma teen was injured in a game friday night. his teammates helped him off the field but he collapsed a all right time later. >> it is gut wrenching, tremendous loss for our community and for these boys and everyone in the area. >> he was the nicest kid. he was are talented and athletic, and are humble. i just feel owe sad. everybody is just so heart broken. >> the teen's funeral is scheduled for thursday. store business angelina jolie's brave decision to speak out the about her breast
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removal urgery made headlines for weeks. effect new study says actress made on breast reconstruction. ññ
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drink coffee every morning, today is national coffee day. >> and then is there me good in honor of to take, several
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companies will be offering free deals for a cup of ohio. this includes crispy cream and our sponsor, dunkin' donuts, will be here, and in front of the station giving away free coffee starting at 7:00 a.m. come on down line up. you may see sue, chris, bob, alex. you never know who is outside. maybe you can nap a picture and post it on your social media site. >> hit me up at chris fox 29 twitter because i'm diagnosis is what your favorite. this sparks a debate. some people say wawa. others like their dunkin' coffee. so what do you like? in massachusetts they ordered their dunkin' regular, you know what that is good regular. >> it is, with cream and sugar, that is regular lar. >> and then there is black. >> that is true. >> let's stick to social media. have you been seen your friend posting privacy statements. >> this is a fake. this is what the phony tat us updates look like. it reads i give notice to facebook it is trickly forbid
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tone close, copy, distributor take any other action against me based on this profile and or its contents. the hoax has been around for years but it has been beginning to pop up again. according to the facebook's terms and conditions facebook does not own users contend but have permission to use any photo, videos or status that are publicly posted. angelina jolie, an accomplished actress and social activist but it is her personal medical journal that i woman really respond to. >> evidently researchers in australia says news of her breast removal and reconstruction surgery boosted awareness about those procedures. mother of six had both breasts removed about two years ago now in 2013. now after her announce. there was a 4 percent is increase in the number of women who knew the surgery was possible. an 11 percent jump in the women aware reconstruction could be done using a woman's own tissue. more than 80 percent of the 15 million people diagnosed with cancer worldwide this year will
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require an operation. a new commission examining the steaks of global cancer urgery found fewer then a quarter of them have access to safe, affordable surgical care. roughly 95 percent of cancer patientness countries of low income will not receive basic cancer surgery. 95 percent. >> that is so sad. lots of loved ones lose their life knowing there could be medical interest rings but you just can't afford it. >> terrible good argentina family treks 13,000 miles toe pope francis right here in philadelphia, and it was all worth it. how they got to get this close to the holy father, over the weekend.
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some center city business owners hoping to see a big boost during the papal weekend are disappointed this weekend. why they are left praying for profit. major announcement from nasa, what scientists say that they have just discovered on the red planet. >> your brain. >> my brain? >> yeah. >> there is definitely water in my brain good good day everybody, it is tuesday president 29th. whenever sue arrow laughs that hard and that loud, it is a
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success. >> but normally she's laughing at me, in the with me good you are laughing, we're all laughing together today. >> yes good listen, we're up way too early in the morning. you out there, we here, bus top buddy, we might as well have a few laughs. you have to bring the the umbrella with you today. it will be that kind of a day where we may not need it this morning but if you are out all day long you will need it later on. temperatures in the 60's, some in the 70's already this morning. in weather by the numbers we will go with a six out of ten. 69 degrees. hardly any breeze at all which is why we have fog in place these morning. ninety-three per event relative humidity. 6:55 is your sunrise time. here's rain and lots of it, down to the south, out to the west but as we you'll in not too much in our viewing area. few light showers out to the west and up to the north, but you never know when you will need it. we will see some unbehind at times today but really heavy stuff moves in tonight, so
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there is poor visibility in trenton, around fort dix in new jersey, and the atlantic it i international it is only 3 miles visibility but we are objected in with fog in dover delaware. 6 miles wrist built at philly international. make sure you call ahead if you have a flight outside this morning because it could be delayed. we have not heard of any delays but we will keep an eye on that situation. so that is what we're talking about. temperatures in the 70's in allentown and reading. second to the last day of president, it the is not usually this warm this early in the morning. we're usually have high temperatures like this. we will, when youe the seven day forecast in a little bit. it is particular i, humid out there. this morning with that humid start we will have mostly cloudy case and peaks of unshine. so by 9:00 o'clock we should be up to 73 degrees. it will be a warm one with the clouds. 82 degrees is our high temperature but possibility of a few hours and thunderstorms on your drive home today, that is your weather authority forecast a at 5:32 in the
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morning. yes, bob kelly, it is 5:32. >> 5:32. but hey, it is national coffee day. everybody has free coffee, every where this morning. keep them coming. live look at route 202 near paoli pike. we are dealing with fog, mist in the the air, road are wet and expect a traffic jam every where today. we have got off easy the last couple of workdays. even yesterday there was zero rush hour, role as we were still in pope mode here but the the pope is gone. the cools are opened. everybody is back to work today. it will be a rough one today. owe give yourself some extra time and that wiggle room too because of fog and poor wrist built. it will be a rough morning commute. here's i-95, down in delaware county. and ben franklin bridge, in problems or delays at all, up and over in toward philadelphia. the eastbound cue kill, looking good. they have pick up the cones, no problems near spring garden. looking good on the pennsylvania turnpike from philadelphia, bensalem. all the waste over to valley forge. they are still working near
5:34 am
the fort washington interchange, mainly on the off ramps and the clean up continues after the papal weekend. ben franklin parkway inner drive, they are till packing up jumbo trons and cleaning that mess up. the kelly drive is closed, right at fairmount avenue. you can come all the way into fairmount and forced to make the left there at the back of the art museum and that is probably for the remainder of the day. then that area some of the septa bus routes are on a detour. as you mentioned on possible fog delays. not across the the board, at the airport, it could be individual flights depending pneumonia where these flights are coming in from or where they are heading out to. owe do check with the airline if you are heading in the airport this morning. chris and lauren, back over to you. 5:34 this morning. fail business owners balancing the books from this past papal weekend. >> big question was it a bust or a boom in in large part the answer depend on how ask. jennifer joyce is on this part of the story for us, jennifer, good morning.
5:35 am
>> reporter: depend on how can, chris. looking at this storefront here. we are at tar bucks at 13th and chestnut. all of these boxes, cases of water, proof that a lot of businesses did stock up for the pope's wrist it and a lot of the merchandise was not purchased. a lot of food we're hearing went to waste. thousands of people came to the it toye this man, the leader of the catholic world, pope francis, those dude on identify of the street for hours to catch even a 52nd glimpse of his holiness. they were tat i can, the experience was described as powerful. if you weren't passing the independent mall or parkway chances are you levittown and tacked up on groceries ahead of time and camped out to a roid anticipated crowd and road closures. forgetting the the anticipated economic boom. many businesses are reporting losses up to 40 per event of the regular weekend day or night. >> we have barricade in the way. no one was walking around the barricade to come in.
5:36 am
the security down on market street, they had a barricade blocking the whole walk. people didn't know that they could come to the businesses. they were standing there like bouncers intimidating people to the point that people would just think that they needed to have tickets even to go visit the the businesses. >> their priority was to get to a, ande the pope and being safe, and they weren't spending money. no, not really. >> reporter: yes. >> we ended up downey would say 30 to 40 per event over a normal saturday in this store and the other store and then unday, similar disappointment. >> reporter: officials talk to the owner of the pete's famous pizza in center it i just south of the parkway where business was as hot as the brick oven. lines like they have never seen before. maybe that was due to their location, the type of food, convenience of the quick slice on the go without spending a large chunk of change. who knows. you will hear that side of the story coming up in the next hour, lauren and chris good
5:37 am
jenny joyce, thanks very much. 5:37. more than 300 guns taken off the the streets will be melted down later this morning at a steel mill million in coatsville. this shows the many kind of weapons transformed into scrap metal. the chester county company in the past. eagles head into week four against the redskins but they have more problems, to deal with. the latest player to be added to the injured list. >> not the that guy. >> it is not sproles. thank goodness. he is shining tar of our eagles. and wizards star john wall putting his money where his hearties, massive donation that player has made for a great cause.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. i'm told codey park i will be put on injured reserve and he is done for the ease on. i'm also told andrew gardener may be out for the the ease on like i with foot surgery and running back ryan matthews rushed for a hundred yard sunday. does he deirv to play as much, next sunday. >> i have in idea. that is not a concern for any of us. i got two guys go down on saturday. may be one going down and he won't get any carries good with the way he plays is it better for the way this offense is playing right now. >> demarco fits in perfectly with what we are doing. owe does sproles. i hope if god willing and the pope can come again and he
5:41 am
will be a railable to us on unday again against the redskins. >> it seems like ryan matthews gets around the edge quicker good okay. >> howard eskin's opinion then good yes. >> that an incorrect observation then good i think he played really well on unday. are good observation on your part good thank you. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right. so is howard just mentioned, codey parkey nurse ago this injury. now what philadelphia eagles are in need of a little help. >> we will help the team out. that is what we're doing. we will help you decide their next kicker right here at home. quincy harris will be live in ardmore this morning starting at 7:30. so suit up, and get ready, we're going to kick some field goals, you come out there. >> right. >> yes. >> we will see what you got. >> we will see chip kelly a say you know what, search is over our kicker is at home. >> rinse papale story good we will see. >> awesome good and nba star shows he is a wizard on and off the court.
5:42 am
>> he is trying to make magic for homeless kids. beyond wall is donating $400,000 to bright beginnings which fund child care to educational services for kid living in healthers and transitional houses. charity helps 160 kid in washington d.c. every inning will day. sixty kids a day. number two, also donates his time. >> all right. owe remember this from scandal ocean media store yulia ran i can made a commend about an day a. how that led to the star becoming iconic.
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good morning, welcome back at 5:45. before you head out the door, to make on money, we are looking at allentown. the view from the renaissance hotel. >> i have a a question for you good okay. >> if you found thousands of dollars on the playground, what would you do with it? >> i would want to keep it and feel too guilty and try to find the owner. >> a seven year-old found eight grand. >> did he buy a bun -- bunch of gum. >> stay tuned, coming up. we are taking a look at our satellite and radar picture because we have some rain, not too far away. there is no rain, in the city of philadelphia right now. nothing much that is on the the way for this morning.
5:46 am
maybe a few little, rain drops here and there, but, later on today, it is when we get our wet end to the month because today is the second to the last day of president, and overnight tonight, into tomorrow is when this heavy rain moves in with this low pressure system coming from the out west. it hooks up with this cold front eventually and gives us a lot of rain, again, it is, starting late tonight and into the overnight hours and it will probably still be with us at least when we first get started a at 4:00 tomorrow morning. lots of rain and then cooler air behind that cold front, and then the front kind of stalls here for a while and then keeps things unsettled for us here as we get to the middle and end of the workweek, and probably into the weekend. then we have another issue for the weekend. heavier rain tonight north and west of the city. we could get several inches. maybe on thunder. i have to witch roofus from the referee hitter to the thunder shirt.
5:47 am
and, so that is, tonight into tomorrow. soaking rains possible for many of us. then we have to go start watching, and, joaquin in the bohamas, right now, and as we look at the the projected path of this storm it is heading northward, parallel the east coast of the united states and then, eventually getting into our area, into the weekend maybe saturday into unday. still a lot of uncertainty. this cone of uncertainty is pretty big, so we could move out to sea further, it could get closer to the coast, but the spaghetti models, we like to look at pagty models. here they go. some of it moving in the carolinas, some of it taking off shore, and hitting us later in the week. a couple of them have them staying out to sea a lot of disagreement, we will keep an eye on it. close to 70 degrees in philadelphia we have 66 in mount pocono. we're already in the 70's, are summery, humid morning in reading and in allentown. and then down to the south it is 70 already.
5:48 am
in wildwood, close to 70 in wilmington delaware. it is up i out there this morning but this than the is going to last. we were cool over the weekend. we have warmed up to 83 degrees yesterday, and we will be right around there again today even with that cloud cover and probably a little bit of sun behind here and there, around lake morning, and then 75 degrees, an early high tomorrow, and then we're in the lower 60's, and it will be nice and cool for you, if you missed those cool temperatures you will get them and more as we get toward the end of the workweek. we will tart to factor in that tropical storm. i think on saturday and probably sunday especially at the shore, but again, we will, see where that storm is headed. in the meantime we have some problems this morning don't we bob kelly. >> we do. we have the fog to deal w we have a mist, and that moisture in the air. the wet roads. what looks like a disabled tractor trailer. this is all westbound on the schuylkill right before we get to king of prussia but you can
5:49 am
see everybody loge down and jamming their brakes. thinks right after you come up the hill and it goes from two lanes and opened up heading out to kop. now look on the there. coming inbound on the schuylkill expressway in problems at the moment but hit and miss with some fog along the way. be ready for that. poor wrist built all around the the board this morning. here's an example of the ben franklin bridge, different from the last time i jumped up here and that we have clear skies and then that quickly in ten minutes we have fog rolling back in again. it is going to be with us throughout the morning rush hour. center city philadelphia socked in with fog now. vine treat expressway is open. parkway closed, of course, with the clean up. parkway inner drives are blocked, kelly drive closed all traffic pushed off at fairmount. so you can come in on the kelly but when you get the behind the art new people you are forced to make that left on fairmount and septa bus routes across the the parkway are on the detour as well. fog in the cameras could be causing fog at the airport a
5:50 am
lot of cross aboard at philly international but rid flights depending pop their arrival and destinations. so, check the the airline if you intend to fly out of philadelphia this morning. travel times so far so good on 295 and new jersey turnpike and south jersey. coming from the suburbs like collegeville, 55 miles an hour, on 42, but again, we're dealing with some thick fog out there, between pottstown, and king of prussia chris and lauren, back over to you. you have heard the saying finders keepers losers weepers but a seven year-old boy witched things up. >> aidan wright was playing in the massachusetts playground on saturday and he came across $8,000 at the top of the slide. well, it turns out the cash belonged to a contractor, who had just gotten paid, the money fell out of the man's pocket when he was actually going down the slide with his own child. >> i went up the lied and there was a black checkbook. i opened it up and i saw
5:51 am
$8,000 in it. i brought it down to my uncle. he was so happy, he gave me this. >> hey listen. >> he made a huge cash depos tonight to his karma bank. >> he got a ben franklin for his efforts. >> good for him good little will side note, by the way. how many contractors are paid cash, eight grand. >> cold hard cash good this man whoever he is said he is grateful to know there is good honest people till out there. >> yes good you know, that uncle was like oh yeah let's keep this but he encouraged the boy to find out more good there is more to that story with how that cash got there. >> you don't think it was a contractor's hard work, blood, sweat and tears. >> i don't know, boston. google whitey bulger. >> let's move along to the new matt damon movie that comes out on friday. >> is anybody out there in we hope you are out there
5:52 am
watching after my comments. it business astronaut matt damon who becomes stranded and must find a way to survive until help arrives. >> listen. >> do you realize how crazy this is. >> you have no other options. good no matter what happens... to my family i never stopped loving you. i am going to make it home good there is a problem, they lack the water they need to grow food so he has to get creative. his friends on earth try to figure out how to pull off this rescue. red planet, if there is water there it wouldn't be such a struggle, but, as we said, up until now, that was the belief, evidently. >> until nasa says we have discovered flowing water, it
5:53 am
is on mars. now this could be a game changer. >> experts have known about frozen water on the the red planet for years but mars orbiter found evidence of the liquid water on mars slopes and salty water a at that. that could mean at a minimum microscopic life on the surface of mars or just beneath it. it is ram pink up enthusiasm with the man's mission to mars. that mission's timetable is in the 2030's but this could pied that up a bit. >> um-hmm good so remember zandeya. >> yes good she's a barbie doll. ocean media is loving it. the dolls designer released the images on instagram. >> go on good you can see it is a pitting image of the 19 year-old inkster and actress. she has, dread locks and controversy. julie said those comments. new limited release barbie. >> argentina family piled into their very own mystery machine, hoping to make it 13,000 miles to see the pope. not only did they make it, but they got up close and personal
5:54 am
with the pontiff. much more on that story.
5:55 am
5:56 am
they drove 3,000 miles to see pope francis in philadelphia that trip paid off big time. holy father spent time with the family, and their four children on sunday. they said the pope talked about their trip, their visit,
5:57 am
and praying. he also said that he had been following their journey to get here. >> you know, just to see him, and it was like being with a friend good the couple quit their jobs to make the trip. they used their savings, donations to pay their way to philadelphia. that van, that volume accounts wag even even broke down, as they tried to get here. they have that picture that they can keep, forever. all right. it is 5:57 this morning. coming up, we will talk eagles, and we're missing a player now. we have to find a new one. the quincy harris will try to help some kind of way in the 7:00 o'clock hour. good day up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, welcome. we have a story about an attack on temple's campus an right near there we will have a live report from teave keeley in just a minute. >> it is not some of the finest moments in public service as a collective. >> who is to blame, people are talking about business was good or business was bad over the weekend for the papal visit. we will talk to some business owners. also ahead, pack the


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