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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 30, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> sometimes it's not the only thing. sometimes it's everything. >> died doing just what he loved. bill: a message for coaches to look for. look, play through it if you can. >> the big one was my foot which was shattered. >> propelled out of the passenger side, thrown onto the tree by firehouse. >> doctors told me later that it looks like a bomb went off inside my foot. >> guys and ghouls, it is almost a month of october. harper's pub may very well
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be haunted. something strange in the neighborhood, the jersey version of ghostbusters. ♪ >> were you at the game the other night? >> i was. just to check up on them. and then we found out. >> his heart is hurting. he ishurting. he is working on his jump shot one after the other. >> sometimes we feel everything. >> like many others in washington township, he is processing,processing, trying to deal with the death of evan murray, his basketball teammate, and he was like family. >> what would he have said if he knew we on his way out >> he told all of us. be happy.
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>> 's death stunned the entire community. evans number, 18 strong, starting quarterback for warren hills high school football team and died after being taken out of the game friday night. now, the report on sunday called evans death accidental due to excessive bleeding from the lacerated spleen. he paidhe paid a visit to our old friend, doctor charles simone to ask how could a thing like this happen. >> the medical examiner said that it was abnormally enlarged which can happen with infections like mononucleosis, even a common cold. >> if you get hit again, like a young football player , this plan will rupture, this whole area
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will rupture. out pours all these blood cells. >> as that, it could feel like gas or cramp. he was said to have complained of fatigue, but it's football. the quarterback is the leader, and the yen man was more than likely trying to play his way through not feeling 100 percent but it informs the age-old question, could anything have been done? it is hard knowing what we know now. bill: is there any message for coaches to look for? the instinctive and football coaches to say, play through it if you can. >> i grew up figure skating. i did not realize i was bruised up until long after practice was over. bill: what is it like talking to people who are just one removed. do they get strength from the fact that there is this outpouring?
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>> two of what john says were about seven friends who played sports going back to 3rd and 4th grade. the boys the remain in that group have just been playing a lot of ping-pong together. they talk. they don't talk. i don't know what you can give anybody or say to anybody that is going to make them feel better. this is a time heals all wounds situation. bill: wednesday, and the funeral is thursday. >> obviously our thoughts and prayers with the family. i can't imagine. ♪ bill: "high speed chase". >> police in new york are searching for a man wanted in a hotel robbery. if anyone has information they are asked to contact the nypd.
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>> now there is a tomato twirl. this video, made his way up to a bag of unintended vegetables. shows you how daring they are. luckily this one is healthy. ♪ >> it felt like slow motion. i feel like i remember being thrust backward. my arms going up like this. and the next thing i knew i was on the ground. >> this is an instance where we go deeper than the rest of the television news outlets. i met stacy lopez and west orange where she is recovering. the incident was in late august on bedford street right there. this is where she was saying how her boyfriend. they were just chilling, talking, when they saw the taxi and car lights
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approaching them in this direction. there was another incident going on. nathaniel young shauna driver as he was driving after trying to rob him. that car crashed head-on into the car stacy and her boyfriend were in. stacy was propelled out of the passenger side, thrown onto the trip to costa rica by her house and smashed onto the concrete. >> my left shoulder wave is broken. sixsix ribs were broken. bones in my spine that were broken. my pelvis was broken into spots. >> the big one was my foot which was shattered. doctors told me later that it were quite a bomb went off inside my foot. >> she said that she had ten surgeries and eight of them were for her foot. stacy stacyfoot. stacy is a beautiful young
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woman, regular student, belly dancer, but because of the state of her foot the dr. said that they would have to amputated. >> i was thinkingi was thinking like no. i want to be able to walk and dance again. i want to be able to try to beat the odds. >> does not want to let a thug take away her ability to dance. i spoke to her mother. >> when i saw that it was my child on the street screaming, covered with blood. it was the worst moment of my life. >> is what she wants so far out of line with what the medical people want? there have been such huge advancements. mymy she be better served by actually having her leg or foot amputated? she might be back on the dance floor that way. it is her choice and i wish her well either way. >> to they have a timeline?
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>> it is going to take one year, and she might have more surgeries. she is just praying right now. >> it was. now it is gone all the way down to zero. >> it's okay. >> well, it is almost the month of october which means a little tale from the dark side. we stumble upon a bar called harper's pub that may well be haunted by spirits. a long history spanning 200 years. the building is still around 100 years old, and the places like stepping into a time capsule, especially of stairs. mark but the place back in 2,009 and experienced paranormal right away.
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>> in the office cleaning things up. and we had left and there was a box in front of my desk. the box was moved in front of the door. >> when there's something strange in the neighborhood, who do you call? the jersey version of ghost mask -- ghostbusters. the unique society. the founder agreed to meet me. >> we set up night vision infrared cameras, audio recording. >> the team unloaded a trunk full of high tech equipment. they set up their stations and cameras in the back bar to get ready. >> just felt like a cobweb. >> even though it is dirty, there are no cobwebs. >> aptly named airplane room
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thethe group believes that the spirit of the employer resides in the building. theythey named him philip because that was one of the names that came. so we use that. i tried to summon the spirit of philip. the team decided that because it was a young boy that aa bunch of grown men should not be trying to summon him. our youngest member, a medium herself, things of that nature, so she did her best to try to get her to come out and make contact with us. it lit up. it was crazy. she put out her hand face up >> asking him to light up the meter. every time i asked him to be put it up all the way. when i told him to touch me
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he held my hand. >> what did that feel like? >> cold. >> i believe in ghosts, but i believe in what we don't believe in don't know about. the human knowledge is limited. >> we just addressed. >> there you go. don't upset philip. come on. ♪ >> many are familiar with the term netflix and chill. well, netflix has decided to come up with there own netflix and show button called switch. netflix will not be selling the actual device, however you can look up the plans to see how it is made. >> personified the american dream, that's what love one said about a legendary
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yankee at his funeral. they were not inspirational. >> celebration of his life. >> we report the news, but we do it differently.
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♪ >> so everyone rejoice. i am back from vacation and it is national coffee day. people like myself, get coffee for the low price of 399. starbucks being starbucks. >> and that. >> check out this video. this was a great football come back. toto jersey guys play for the stonehill college football team in massachusetts, down by 17 points, scored three touchdowns .-dot by this hail mary pass and great catch. >> i could not believe it. i was lost for words. i don't even no how to answer these questions right
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now. >> david letterman who we have not seen since he retired from the late show in may made an appearance recently on the streets of manhattan. bill: he looks like he has let himself go a little bit. they are wearing a couple bar hardy shirts. he looks a little bit like george martin. bill: he looks relaxed. >> that is a stress-free guy right there. ♪ >> i am in madison, new jersey where there are special rabbits up for adoption. they are jersey residents now, but they are being referred to as the go on us rabbit. a bunch of rabbits freezing their cotton tails off. shocked when they showed up.
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230 rabbits altogether were seized from her property living in squalor. as the investigation continues, let's get back to the rabbit. >> about 52 of those. your outdoor bunnies, these are bunnies need to be a part of the family. >> play fetch with the ball. they have been with us since february. billy had to take them all out and show the playing time. they make excellent house pets. >> adorable.adorable. they will train you and give you the steps that they need. to spring apparent by. sunday through tuesday, noon to four.
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when the -- wednesday through saturday noon to six. how do you say no to him? bill: you are at the funeral of an iconic cultural figure , hall of fame catcher, and all-around great guy, yogi berra. >> personified the american dream, that's what love one said about the iconic killer famer that his funeral in montclair. died at the age of 90 last week and was laid to rest after a beautiful funeral service that by cardinal timothy dolan. i came down here to stand with the fans that came to see the service. >> other players like that anymore? >> they will never be another yankee team like the players, the mickey mantle. they were not inspirational like those players. >> the police motorcade got
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the family, friends and feet teammates. i was able to see reggie jackson, joe piscopo command former mayor giuliani, he thought yogi berra was a great man and that he was a fan. ten time world series champion and also a nativea navy veteran on the beaches when the invasion happened on d-day. he actually had a navy salute. yogi berra will be remembered in the hearts of americans all across the country, but i will leave you with one thing. when you come to a fork in the road take it. >> everything they guy did, he did really well. you can live aa life maybe as well, but you cannot beat it. upon his passing he enters the realm of paul bunyan.
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>> coding yogi berra, a big thing in baseball. it ain't over until it's over. >> it is good that you went to his funeral. fans aligned of down the block. >> it's more of a celebration of his life in a morning of his death. >> firefighters explain how they would handle a railcar explosion containing fuel, highly flammable substance that moved to new jersey stay
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♪ bill: you are chasing a story in newark. it is about the increased traffic of natural gas and oil coming to new jersey on trains. there is a need for technology to make sure if there is a derailment or fire that 1st responders can solve the problem.
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>> not too long ago this parking lot in newark new jersey was covered in foam as crews from two fire departments rushed to the scene. just for show it was worth it. firefighters displaying how they would handle a railcar explosion containing a balkan fuel, highly flammable substance that moves through new jersey each day. >> the train is going around the bend. the fuel cars, another car came down the hill. >> seeing a huge uptick because of tracking taking place. with this uptick we will see deadly accidents. most people refer to this in canada. new jersey has never actually seen a real-life explosion. acres each day. they might not even be by accident.
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>> is just an assumption. it's like the train derailment. >> also an environmental concern from the explosion. the us department of transportation is taking action, releasing new rules when it comes to the speed of the train and the equipment. unfortunately it takes time for standards to come and play. >> if you are traveling by air everyone will tell you the safest way to travel until you are on a plane that is a problem or know somebody who dies in a plane crash. relatively few and far between. one disaster can wipe out an entire community. >> is the community responsible? >> is this a responsibility, county, municipal? >> federal government passed regulations on these.
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a bill was presented in july by the senate regarding these trains. i don't know where it stands today,today, but the state can make its own regulation. ♪ bill: meet the dog father. >> ofa former mobster turned his life of crime i i >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, i'm meteorologist kathy orr with your fox 29 news update. rain will fall heavy at times into the morning. here's a look at what to expect. the heaviest north and west of the city where one to 2-inches of rain could fall, locally higher amounts are possible. even a few rumble of thunder. don't be surprised along the i-95 corridor around a inch and near the shore about a half inch of rainily we'll
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