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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 30, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. just a second ago, sue serio right behind me, because she's in the headlines round up this morning, because it is rainy out there, sue serio? >> we've had a lot of rain overnight, we are looking at much more to come. but will it happen today? or will it happen over the weekend? that's the question. we're watching this rain, that's exiting, and tropical storm joaquin, to see what he decides to do. all of that coming up in your weather authority forecast dave kinchen in. >> we're on the road in the fox 29 rover.
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>> what list are doing now to bring justice to victim. good day, it is wednesday, the 30th, the last day of september. >> yes, it is going out with a lion, here is the deal. >> march. >> is that march? so, lawyer's big issue today is the hair. so you say you'll start with big fluffy? >> yes. >> it will go, what will it do? >> it will be full, fluffy, 4:01, by the end every our show, around 5:45, it will be flat, frizzy. >> next hour and 45 minute, watch the progression. sue serio? >> hair o meter. >> when does the heavy start
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start hitting? i was fast asleep. >> yesterday, started to rain, then got real heavy overnight. most of the heavy stuff gone. here is the reason we'll have the bad hair morning, 91% relative humidity, lauren, yikes. look how warm it is, 76 degrees, this will probably end up being the warmest temperature we get today. southerly wind at 14 miles an hour, sunrise time 6:56. here's what tells the tail. radar, this is where we are. this is where the heavy rain went, to our northeast. now see there is wrap around moisture today, more rain to our south, it will be headed here. still need your umbrella at times, but the worse of this heavy rain, is out of here. having said that we zoom into couple of places, trenton, new jersey, still showers around there, puddles here and there. here in the city, gotten break for the moment. you can see the occasional downpour, coming here and there, and then gone, jersey shore, we had some rain, but now most of that is out of
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here, and there are few left over showers in sea isle city at the moment. that's where we go, with our rain, here's what is going on with visibility. reduced visibility, in mount pocono, allentown, 2.5 miles, trenton, 2.5 miles. 4 miles visibility at philadelphia international airport. 2.5 miles in wilmington, delaware. so because that far rain, all of the moisture in the air you could run into some fog this morning. temperatures in the very mild seven's, and this may be the last time we see 70s for awhile. mid 70s everywhere, that's 76 degrees in philadelphia, and now winds are an issue, as well, with the rain. 13-mile per hour winds sustained in philadelphia. we have 21-mile per hour wind gust in trenton, 23 miles an hour and 21 miles an hour in atlantic city and wildwood respectfully. so winds whipping things around. we think that the current temperature may end up being our high for the day with temperatures dropping throughout the afternoon, mostly cloudy, on and off showers throughout the rest of the day. so, that is what is going on. worse of the heavy rain so
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far, bob kelly, but we will still have problems. >> heavy rain that came on the overnight leaving behind wet roads, a lot of puddles, looking live at the schuylkill. wipers on, pretty much intermittently, one big downpour on the way in, so wiper wednesday, as we like to call it here. no problems on the schuylkill, into or out of the city. a lot of the overnight construction pretty much rained out. so the typical construction zone, would you see at this early hour, not out there. the ben franklin, looking good, little wet behind the ears though. and as we look live here at the 42 freeway, we got to get new set of wiper blades for the camera here, at creek road. but headlight coming in toward the city so light volume so far this morning, travel times only about 15 minute into town on the schuylkill. same deal with 95, out of northeast philadelphia, watch it in the construction zone, like i-95, with the wet roads, it is tough to see those temporary lane markers, and out of no where, those barriers, come into play, gout
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no shoulder, construction zones always tide tesh, and we also have drainage greats. rolling video from the news van this tractor-trailer took the ramp little too fast, the ramp from i95, look at the heavy rain coming down around 11:00 last night, this accident occurred on the ramp from 95 to the vine street expressway, no reports of any injuries, everything is open this morning, but that's an example come back to the maps, all of the water laying out there, if the drains are clogged, that's where you will hid the put this will morning, going for ride here, on 422, heading in toward that king of prussia interchange. and again, watch for possible rain delays at philadelphia international airport. yesterday, we had the deal with the fog, this morning,
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we're dealing with the rain. no doubt some delays, check with your individual airline for your flight status, delays not just here in philadelphia but looks like the east coast here. that of course could have a domino effect for the remainder of our day. inner drives, kelly drive, everybody forced off at fairmount, probably the last day for the couple of septa buses on detour around the parkway, chris, lauren, back to you i am pact of hurricane joaquin have increased. >> we could feel the effect along the jersey shore over the next few days. one weather prediction, says we could get eight, 9 inches every rain, just over the next week lots every rain and flooding? >> and you mention flooding, couples with the fact that right now, sick more tree, and it clogs up the gutters and the drains, everything else. so clear them if you can, we that yesterday after none. >> check this out. effect in haddon township, new
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jersey, tropical storm joaquin sure to bring even more rain than we've seen and wind, lead to go beach errosion, you know what everybody is worried about? eagles. >> man pretending to be customer ambush workers at nail salon with a gun. >> all caught on surveillance, logan section, jennifer joyce live at police headquarters with the latest on this, jennifer, good morning. >> good morning, certainly, strange and scary circumstances, here, now, police are hoping that maybe you can identify the man seen in this surveillance video. police say the man walked into rockland nails in the logan section of the city just before 6:00 p.m. on sunday night, he asked for a manicure. that's what he got. when it was time to april, he made it clear he had other intentions recalling he whipped out what appeared to be a sawed offhand gun, and demanded money.
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he got everything from the cash register, and then took off. >> and he sits down, gets a manicure, and shortly after the manicure, produce as black revolver, sorry, black handgun, announce as robbery. women scatter, try to get out of the way, and he goes through the drawers, he snatches a purse, from one of the women, and inside the purse he had $40, us currency roughly, and then starts rifling through the drawers, going through the drawers, taking phones, and adapt ers to phones, so for the. and he makes his escape. >> and police say the four women who were inside the shop were not hurt. police describe the suspect as a black male between 30 and 40 years of age. stocky build, medium brown complexion, 6-foot tall, salt and pepper beard, last seen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark colored baseball hat, dark colored pants. any information you should
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call northwest detective. you can even smith anonymous tips by calling (215)686-8477. lauren, chris? >> jennifer, thank you. families in the northeast demanding justice, two month after the crash took the lives of two young friends. >> they cannot understand why no one has been charged so far at a vigil last night. loved once lit lanterns, sang songs about sabrina roads, 17 year old yvette gonzalez, 20 year old philippe hernandez. the trio was killed when the speeding 2007 acura they were riding in crashed into a tree, on sandy meyer lane july 29th. the impact so forceful the car split in two. fourth passenger was critically hurt. driver, 20 year old chris bloomfield, reportedly left the scene but showed up short time later to the hospital for treatment. >> supposedly, good friends, and he left them there. >> this is to let everybody know that we're -- our voices for them are not going to stay
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quiet. we want justice, something has to be done. >> police say driver was cooperating that investigation. they are looking into whether he was drag race withing another car when that crash happened. >> a florida woman with ties to new jersey chased and then murdered, police say by her boss. >> twenty year old jill of voorhees native shot and killed back in august. police say witnesses watched as her boss, johnny alicia, gunned her down in the parking lot of a bowling alley. investigators say he turned the gun on himself but survived. jill's mother says she remembers meeting this man the night before the murder but didn't suspect anything like this. >> no one new it the extent he was stalking her, witnesses in the apartment complex said he would be banking on her door in the middle of the night. he would wait in the parking lot for her, and they could hear them argument. >> the woman is survived by her parents and three year old
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daughter, alicia, facing second degree murder charges. >> sad story. coming up on 4:11, lockdown at chester high school. classmate said she saw a gun, and then it turned out to be a toy. what the incident revealed about the school's lack of safety.
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there were place that is got several inches every rain. we'll be checking on rainfall totals coming upment meantime, let's tell you where it is going, all moving, all of the heavy stuff anyway, even past new york city now. >> this came through pretty rapidly, overnight, but it didn't take long, to dump a couple of inches every rain in our area, but you can see, up in connecticut, the eastern part of long island, that's where they're getting the heavy stuff at the moment. for us, eased up quite a bit. see the rainout to the west, wrap around moisture we will be getting before the end of the day, but as we zoom in little closer, we see a few areas of rain in burlington county, we see some rain up around trenton. here in the city, not too bad, just wet, wet roadways, same at the jersey shore. now we check on tropical storm
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joaquin, which is strengthened quite a bit. approaching hurricane status, 74-mile per hour winds, we have 70-mile per hour winds for joaquin at the moment. we do expect it to possibly strength tone category two as it makes its way up the coast. and, we're seeing that the possibility is thereof it being off-shore, over both days of the weekend, meaning, the impacts from this storm will be felt most dire, i guess, at our shore point with possibility of high winds, and heavy rain. so get ready, bob kelly. got little issue right here. the but the spaghetti pluses, models starting to come together, most of them keep it off shore for the rest of the work week. we will give you the high temperature for today, which might have already happened, high temperature of 76 degrees, temperatures dropping throughout the day, as cooler air moves in, and
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breezes pick up, it will be probably a little cooler than 70 degrees tonight. working on the seven day forecast, working on getting an allergy pill inside of us, and we'll get everything taken care of momentarily. bob kelly, wet roadways. >> it is going around, allergies crazy, and i think only worse before they get better. good morning, everybody, 4:16, on this wednesday morning it, some puddles and ponding in the construction zones here, northbound lanes of route 202, between the 30 bypass, and route 401. that's the construction zone, there, in chester county. also, 95, northbound, watch for some puddles between bridge and cottman avenue. again, also, in that construction zone, and then i received a tweet, from one of the guys here, paul, said he just got home. that whole stretch of i95, very dangerous in that construction zone. a lot of slipping and sliding.
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again, in the areas where the majors like you're going 55 miles an hour, and you hit a puddle, in that right lane, bamm, that's going through it like you got the log flume there, real easy way to hydroplane. live look at i95 right near philadelphia international airport. so we have steady rain. the roads are wet. you got some puddles along the way. you got that spray coming upment just one of those yucky, looks like, yucky day ahead of us here now, not just a morning rush hour, maybe cash in personal day or plug in the laptop and work from home. live look here at the boulevard, again, in that area in the northeast, where they've been repaving. you will find that uneven surface. the ben franklin parkway looking live here at the vine street expressway, parkway still closed, a result of all of the clean up taking down the tent, and moving that equipment out of there. but the inner drive of the parkway closed, outer drive, did allow some traffic to get through yesterday afternoon. otherwise, the schuylkill expect everything to be slower than normal today because of
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the rain and the weather conditions, 95, again, watch for the puddles as you work your way through the construction zone. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. report of gun in school leads to lockdown at chester high school. the report made by a student who said another student took the weapon out every his belt, and put it in his bag back. called for back up. the 15 year old student ditched the backpack in a stairwell. inside it was just a toy gun, and the student's i.d. card. the student was locate in the class, arrested. the police commissioner says school district security is seriously under staffed. >> there were cameras in that building, that weren't working. i mean, they do a good job, for what they have, you know what i mean, they need more help. pictures, and school security, are way more important than cutting grass somewhere. >> the teen has been released, we're told, he is also a person of interest in a unrelated case, that one also
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involves a gun, pointing it outside after school. >> washington state father has been found guilty of gun charges, almost a year after his son killed four classmates, and then himself. this is video from the school shooting last october, in mary ville outside of seattle. yesterday raymond was convicted of six count of unlawful possession of firearm. he was involved in a 2002 domestic violence incident that prevented him from owning guns, federal agent learned about the guns after his son, 15 year old, jaylen killed his classmate last october. however, the shooting was not discussed during the trial because he didn't face charges related to that shooting. georgia, kelly, put to death, for convincing her lover to kill her husband in 1997. last night, more than 100 people gathered outside the prison to support, even pope francis had issued plea to try to safe her life. her execution was delayed for few hours because of the appeals before she was finally put to death just after
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midnight. >> baltimore judge scheduled the first trial in the freddie gray case. baltimore officer william port letter stand trial starting november 30th. prosecutors say porter failed to provide or request medical care for gray, and did not secure himselfly inside the van. gray died after injury sustained in police custody. his death led to protests, rioting, curfew after people became angry, and upset, over the police treatment of the gray case. the other officers charge in the his death, will go to trial early next year. >> so, hasn't set the world on fire yet. with the redskins. but desean jackson sure lit up the eagles last december. how the birds are preparing to go foys that -- face-to-face with desean sunday. >> your winning lottery numbers. >> ♪ ññ
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles three-point favorite to washington to win right with ship with two and two record, let's say a lost would hurt more than what one and three would look like. eagles may see former wide
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receiver desean jackson who has not played so far this season with a hamstring injury. has not set the world on fire with the redskins, but he sure did light up the eagles last december, but the eagles prepare the the same. desean jackson, she? >> i don't know this game changes much with him in or out, i think it is just the awareness of our deep defenders always pay attention to where he is out on the field, he's obviously the one can blow the top off the covers the fastest. i enjoy going to get the best. so somebody who is a competitor, like he is, who he obviously has a clip on his shoulder, taste in his mouth about this place. >> the phillies three games away from 100 losses, that is darin ruff. guess we won't see ryan howard much. three run homer, file east beats the mets four-three, maybe they won't get to 100. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> scary football game at the linc yesterday. it was not the eagles, but there were some familiar faces there. >> who is that guy? >> don't you recognize that?
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>> no, who is the guy that just jumped -- >> they almost hurt alex. >> that's alex holley. look at her playing qb. chris o'connell, quincy out there, third year for this game, hosted by nrg energy based here in philadelphia. and donate a thousand dollars to a charity of each player's choosing. so everyone's a winner in this game. >> can we re vac the video and show the first play again? anyway to do that on god's green earth? we can't do that any more? it would be great. one big dude almost takes alex out. dude, it is a char game with flags, there are girls on the field, chill. >> look at her, she is ready. >> don't hurt alex. >> oh, is that quincy? >> i see a bald head. not quincy though. >> don't tell him that. >> he's not watching. is he in today? >> yes, host. >> oh, he might be up. >> oops. okay, usb champion fighter bonn jones jones will avoid
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jail time after excepting plea agreement in connection to a hit-and-run that injured pregnant woman. >> pleaded guilty to leaving the scene after accident. the fighter was placed on 18 months probation, and has to do 72 speaking engagements in front of young people, the ufc spread jones of his light heavy weight title and suspended him from fighting shortly after his airiness april. ufc is reviewing jones' plea agreement before deciding whether or not they'll reinstate him. 4:26 this morning. a kid's halloween costume controversy. what one outraged mom says is way too sexy for toddlers.
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>> man comes into a salon, shocks everyone, what did he when he told employees how much he owed. >> security breach jfk just hours after the pope was on the tarmac taking off to head here to philadelphia. what an armed former firefighter wanted from the holy father coming up of the good day everyone, it is wednesday, september 30th, 2015. waking to up wet roads everywhere. >> you woke to up sweet note from your wife. >> oh, did i. >> about your son this morning, right? >> and he made this, from scratch, this apple purr pastry thing that i haven't tried yet. >> will you taste it on tv?
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>> oh, sue? >> oh, he made that? >> want a bite. >> amazing, sue, want a bite? >> well, in a minute. >> thank you, jack. >> yes. >> he cut up the apples last night. >> don't talk with your mouthful. so, we have a future cake boss perhaps, future bobby philadelphia international airport, future -- >> let's hope whatever it is, here is a look at radar picture. you heard the rain last night, started for some of us yesterday during the game, we had gone before yesterday 17 days without any rain. so we needed it. it moved through overnight, rather quickly, that heavy rain that came through, now it is all up in new england. but, we still have more rain on the way. so we zoom in. show you a lot of cloud cover. and the rain still lingering in burlington county, here, few drops up to the north of us, just north of trenton there, around the city we see it slow down, rain could pom
4:31 am
up at any time. let's check the jersey shore, yes, left over showers, getting break at the moment, still have the rain gear with you today, because, we do have occasional showers in the forecast. we have reduced visibility that could slow you down, some fog in mount pocono, allentown, fours miles visibility at philadelphia international airport, and there will be some foggy spots with all of the moisture in the air popping up. seventy-six the current temperature, could ends up being the high temperature of the day, depend on whether we get any sunshine, 13-mile per hour winds out of the south, 91% relative humidity. sun rides 66:00 a this morning. we may see a little bit of sunshine today, but generally we're expecting mostly cloudy skies. so, mild temperatures like this, may end up being the mildest we see, for awhile, next time, we'll show you the seven day forecast, show you what we are talking about. so we'll say good-bye to the mild temperatures, say good-bye to the southerly winds, say good-bye to the
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humidities as well, so 13-mile an hour winds sustained in philadelphia. we have 21-mile an hour winds gust in mount pocono and pretty windy at the shore today. had rough weekend corks have rough coming weekends depending on tropical storm joaquin, which we'll check that stat just just a now minute. temperatures drop late through the afternoon, and the breezes will pick up. 58 degrees, is our overnight low, with occasional showers. >> we'll tell but what we expect from joaquin, coming up in just a few minute. here's robert. >> 4:32 on a wednesday, going to be one of those yucky morning rush hours, already, all of the heavy rain that has been pouring while everyone has been sleeping leaving behind puddles and ponding, and flooding on our major roadways, here is a live look at route 202 northbound between the ramps from the 30 bypass, and 401.
4:33 am
again, especially in the construction zones look out, again, don't have the sunlight, or don't have daylight, won't see the sun today. but we have the standing water, you are going good clip of speed here. >> so 202, north, flooded out at route 30, there is some standing water here northbound 95 between bridge and cottman avenue. so work your way through all of the construction zones this morning, just be ready to take it easy. because a lot of those drainage greats are located in the actual work zones, also, speed restrictions in play here, on the new jersey turnpike, knocked it down to 55, between exits four and exit number 7a. >> showing you not only accident last night, but look close, see how heavy and how hard that rain was impacting last night. >> this happened last night about 11:00. so all of that rain is laying on the roadways, maybe clogging up some of the drains
4:34 am
here along the way this morning. everything offer to the side, example of what happens when you come around the curve off of 95 on to the vine street expressway, we go back to the maps here, the turnpike as i mentioned, the 55 miles an hour, 42, coming in from new jersey, dealing with that spray off the cars and the trucks in front of you. so wiper wednesday today. naturally the rain is going to slow us all down. so it will take us little longer to get there. no speed restrictions on the bridges at least as of yet, and the schuylkill expressway, all of the overnight construction pretty much rainout. so good to go if you are coming inbound on the schuylkill, and no problems on 95, but again, that work zone there between cottman avenue and girard where it goes down to three lanes, no shoulder, could be little tough today with drinks blocked from all of the leaves or the dirt. again, remember work crews have not been out the past couple of days because of the papal weekend.
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chris, lauren, back to you. >> following breaking news this morning out of northeast philadelphia, police are investigating home invasion. happened about 3:30 this morning, family inside the home at the time. we'll bring you the very latest as soon as we get it in. meanwhile, man walks into a north philadelphia nail salon foreman cure, turns out that's not all he was after. >> surveillance cameras rolling as employees at oakland nails finished up his manicure, but police say when they told him how much he owed he pulled out a gun, threaten everyone in the salon, rifling through drawers, taking cash, electronics before taking off. the weapon he carried may help narrow their search. >> really odd-looking gun. looks like a double barrel, which is indicative after shotgun. and cut down the size of a handgun. >> none of the employees at the nail salon were hurt, but managers say they're shaken up. the man they are looking for is dangerous, and they want to
4:36 am
find him. >> investigators in new york trying to figure out how a former new york city firefighter allegedly armed with a knife and hollow point bullet made it onto tarmac, hours after pope francis took off this past weekend. left new york city saturday morning from john fk kennedy airport bound for philadelphia, later on the tarmac where the pontiff just boarded the plane. thirty-nine year old chris, who lives on long island, black black -- drove black chevy tai hoe, followed motorcade into a secure area of the airport, and investigators found he had hollow point bullet, a knife, and marijuana inside the truck. >> adds an element of credibility to that threat. >> lawyers say he's good family man, just wanted to be blessed by the pope. >> wow. these two pour players are speaking up for young women.
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what first lady michelle obama and hollywood actress shower least feron agree. one thing a smart girl does not need. pea past .
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>> resolution for us long winded on twitter. will we actually be break free from the chain of 140 characters in. >> i hope not. that's the beauty of twitter. >> because people can't go on and on and on and blow up your phone. re code, sources say, the
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social media company, twitter; creating something that will let you spout off longer in your tweet, twitter has spear meant dollars in the past with ways to maximize the available characters in each tweet n april it added the re-tweet with comment option, in a drop its 140 character limit on private messages. >> no, when you make changes, that messes it up. >> you know what? you can tweet me over and over and over again, 140 times ten, if you want to, @chrisfox29. >> okay. >> and yours is a long one, what's yours? >> relax, twitter police. >> what is it. >> lauren dawn fox 29. >> laurendawnfox29. >> good one. >> very simple? lawn end dawn johnson. >> no spay centsment thank you. >> if you download the upgrade for iphones, you may want to check your bill. >> this could be bad. ios9 upgrade automatically allows your phone to download date with your cellular plan when your wifi coverage isn't available. fine for your phone, not for your wallet. going to cost you.
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new feature, wifi assist, some reporting using triple the amount of sell data a month. you can turn it off in the cellar option or your settings page. >> okay, down in george, a people at pawn shop there thought they hit homerun when they got their hands on baseball signed by a yankees legend. >> but when they got a closer look at this ball, they realize they had struck out. all these baseball terms. baseball autographed by babe ruth can go for about $5,000 or more these days, she a guy told a marie ate a pawn shop woe sell his for a thousand bucks, it was a done-deal, right? the man turn over the ball, along with certificate of authenticity. the problem is the autograph is a fake so is the certificate. police in march at a look g for shane allen simpson, not the only one, wanted for selling fake babe ruth autograph balls to a dozen balls in six state.
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>> i want you to do me a favor. >> what? >> reach behind you, behind that pillow. >> common, what did you do this time? >> reach behind the pillow. >> after years of struggling, a 14 year old girl is given the best gift ever. it is something she's been waiting two and a half years to receive. it was right there behind that pillow. >> what is it? i can't make it out. >> i can't either. >> we'll let you know after the break.
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>> the ben franklin parkway. >> sorry. >> who is directing this morning? >> i think that's nicole. >> nicole, good morning. >> next time she does something insane like she just did, punch it up. >> quick. >> the music is over. >> oh. >> you have some big weekend sends coming up? >> this is how you know i can't control the werth. i have two walks, and in this case, it is a walk-run. it is the cast a superhero walk-run. cast an is court appointed special advocate. and it is a great, great event. we will be at the philadelphia zoo saturday, rain or shine, it will be about 60 degrees,
4:46 am
we have showers in the forecast, we will work on it, but most importantly, casa, the website to go to. you can run it. you can walk it, you will be at the zoo. it will be great. then sunday boathouse row, we get together as we cover year for the scleraderma walk. it is clouds and showers in the forecast for that. but that's a great walk. all along kelly drive. so, we'll start at about, i guess, 7:30, 8:00 in the morning, and it will be about 60 degrees then, we will work on get willing the showers out of the forecast, but do know that these are important causes and we will be there rain or shine both saturday and sunday, satellite radar picture shows that we have rain that was pretty heavy in our area, couple of hours ago, and it is all moved up to the northeast, it moved through pretty quickly, which is why we haven't seen too many problems with flooding, today, and we probably won't. so, temperatures are going to drop today after the cold front comes through. we've got some showers scattered throughout the area. but it is not a big deal.
4:47 am
but it is enough that you should have your umbrella with you all day long, because, we'll have more showers in the forecast, you can see, a lot of the heavy rain has moved off shore. so, not seeing at the moment heavy, heavy rain. here's tropical storm joaquin, which is strengthening every time we check it, and every time the hurricane hunter airplanes go in there, and check the winds, now, we're at 70 miles an hour, all we have to do is get to 74 miles an hour, and we will have hurricane joaquin, and i think it will happen as we look at this projection. we actually have it kind of meandering in the caribbean for awhile, strengthening to a category two, and then through the rest of the week moving due north, parallel to the east coast, where it decides to go, though, after that, is still in question. but you see the latest track of the storm, puts a little closer to the jersey shore, in delaware beaches, by sunday. and monday. so, again, we keep very close eye on this track, the spaghetti models are starting to kind of agree on there is we look at the future cast,
4:48 am
see the widely scattered showers, through the rest of the morning, mostly cloudy skies, the rest of the time, and even throughout the afternoon, we see left-over showers through about 3:00, 4:00 and the threat is there through the evening hours, as women. so, they could just pop up any time, those showers, and it is casino of looking like it will rain inbetween. look at the difference in temperature where we are, 76 degrees in philadelphia, to detroit, 56 degrees, they're behind the cold front. and those are the kind of temperatures, 20 degrees cooler, that we're going to see over the next couple every daysment don't get used to these mild temperatures that we had this morning, most of them in the mid 70s. future temperatures, you can see, probably get up to 78 degrees, by 11:00 in the morning. and then, that cooler air rolls in by 4:00 we're at 74 degrees, overnight, down into the 50's, not the 70s, like we are now, then tomorrow, only getting up to 68 degrees, or so, so that is what we have to get used to. no more 80s like we've had in
4:49 am
the past, like the past two days, nope, we're going to be luck if i we get to 78 today. and then we're down to 60 degrees tomorrow, 58, on friday, back into the upper 60s on saturday and sunday. but we have to track what could be by that time hurricane joaquin to see it effect not only at the shore, but also, inland, where we could get if it get close enough, lots and lots of rain. so, there you see, bob kelly, rain in the forecast almost every day of this seven day except for tuesday. >> you know what? in this time yesterday, you had predict that we are going to have the rain on the overnight, we had couple of accidents, on the overnight, that heavy rain, pouring all night long, dumping water on to the roadways, and now we're dealing with some flooded roads. this is live look, at route 202, northbound, between the 30 bypass and route 401. it is right there, as you work your way into the construction zone. and all of the construction zones are tough. because they have the drains
4:50 am
all relocated so the water actually going down into the drain but the drain in the travel lane. keep in mind, actually, all of the work crews, pretty much have taken time off since, what, thursday, with the papal visit, so the guys that are typically out there cleaning up the shoulder, or cleaning out the drains, they're manpower hours used elsewhere. so, the drains quickly were clogged on the overnight, so just watch for that standing water, especially until we start to see some daylight out there. rain delays coming our way probably today at philadelphia international airport. so if you are traveling, factor in some extra time there this morning. clean up continues on the ben franklin parkway with the kelly drive closed at fairmount, there is also a couple of septa bus route that are still on a detour, and then, the stretch of i-95, between bridge and cottman avenue, watch it northbound, there is definitely some standing water in the travel lanes. and then also southbound between bridge and girard in that construction zone.
4:51 am
chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. it is always fun to get a gift when it is your birthday. >> course. but what one child received from her mom, so special, they were both in tears. >> do you know what that is? do you know what that is? >> what is it? >> the gift for that tran gender girl was her first dose of hormones, the end of long wait for 14 year old cory and her family, hormone therapy for kids, wish to go transition, can't begin until a therapist determines a child is ready. then do you have get approval from your insurance company, her mom had just found out that the treatment would be covered completely. michelle obama, passing out good advice to girls. >> why girls should stay away from stupid boys.
4:52 am
>> well, where does that leave us? >> the first lady and the actor among group of women that power every educated girl event last night. both women touched on the issue every girls being afraid to be smart because of boys. they each encourage girls to be their own cheerleaders and to set up high expectations for themselves, and mrs. obama told girls you can't be successful hanging around people that will drag you down. >> that's really good advice, especially for young ladies starting the dating scene, right? >> very true. >> the sexy halloween costumes for a toddler. what one mom saw for sale on one store's website that as a lot of moms mad.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> now correct me if i'm wrong, but tomorrow is the first day of october, right? >> that's right. so halloween costumes already hit the shelves. one mom says an outfit she saw is inch appropriate. chris o'connell introduces us to her. >> would you let your daughter wear that? >> oh, no, no, no, no. she look slyk she about to go to a club. >> the costume par rent buzz being. >> it is a little too -- it is not for young girls i don't think. maybe teenagers, but not like under ten. >> this is what they are talking about, a toddler, cop costume for girls. the outfit complete with a badge and handcuffs now being sold at party city stores nationwide. >> hell no. there is no way my daughter would be able to wear that.
4:56 am
>> minds if i ask you a question? >> we asked dodd end parent outside the south philly party sit what i they think of the costume? >> going to the club or something? i don't think a child should wear that at all. >> i wore that costume like two years ago. >> lady cops don't wear that type of uniform. >> it went viral after a mother put this open letter to party city on facebook, calling the costumes too sexy, and accused party city of having, quote, antiquated views of gender roles. she compared this costume with the more traditional boys version. party city responded saying on facebook nothing we carry is meant to be offensive and party city is always evaluating how to make shopping in our stores and on line a fun, welcoming experience. but as for pulling the costume? they were still on store shelves tonight. >> that's nice. >> you don't mind that? >> looks very nice. >> even for a child? >> yes. >> one parent toted us they
4:57 am
think the costume is okay for kids, but most had this reaction. >> she looks hike she about eight, nine years old, it is too sexy, and i wouldn't let my daughter wear it. >> party city also says parent should choose their halloween costumes just like they select any other wardrobe. the company also says the girls cop costume is one of it biggest sellers. in south philadelphia, chris o'connell, "fox 29 news". >> ken tech you click who went to jail for not issuing pa same sex marriage licenses, she met with the pope, she says what happened during that private meeting.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> braking news, home invasion happened inside a nail salon. jenny joyce live inside with more coming up. >> good morning. it is better morning than it was an overnight. because, we had heavy rain move through overnight, see most of it is headed toward new england. we'll tell you why you will still need your umbrella, and why we still need to watch joaquin for the weekend. chris? >> sue, hearts filled with grief over lives lost too soon. family and friends sending hope that someone will be held responsible for their deaths. why no one is in charge. >> good day, it is wednesday, the 30th, last day of september. >> hair check. so hour later what do you think? transition to flat and frizzy? >> little bit. >> sue, you just went upstairs to try to doll yourself back up. you said when you


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