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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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or sayings, the carpenter at the, the art guy, we may have hurricane on our hands very soon. maybe within hours. >> is it me? who is it? >> a man walks into a nail salon looking for a manicure and cold hard cash. now police want to nail him, what police say was so unusual about the gun he used. >> kentucky clerk refuses to give out marriage license toss same sex couples. her lawyer says they did. what they say the pope gave her, and toll her, in private. really? >> really, kim? >> straight up 6:00. what day is it, wednesday? >> the last day of september. >> last day of september, 30 days have september, april, may, and november. everyone has 31, which -- february, 28, when it is a leap year, then it is 29.
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>> whew. hi, you heard about the number one story in it might rain until monday. >> right. >> look at it this way. before yesterday, we had gone 17 days without any rain. >> we need it. >> so we do. there is one way to look at that time. >> we'll look it the that way. now, a loft event planned this weekend, a lot of people getting angry already. >> weddings. >> yes, but, you know what, we'll take it one day at a time. five for this day at a time. satellite and radar pictures, that has rain on it, but the good news is the heaviest stuff has moved to the north and east, widely scatter showers around, you will need the umbrella today. and that's the theme for the rest of the morning, just on and off showers, rest of the morning with visibility
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improving out there now hat heaviest rain has moved through, 6:56 our sunrise time, don't 13th to see a lot of sunshine, muggy out there, mime, with 76 degrees, at the moment. 70s just about everywhere this morning. expect high temperature today of 78, we think will come early in the day. we could even see few peaks of sunshine later on, but expect scattered showers on and off throughout the day, temperatures, dropping quite a bit tonight, and we will talk about all of that rain in the seven day forecast, just ahead. all of the left over rain waiting for us stepping out the front door this morning. roads are wet, puddles along the way, you will need a good set of wiper blades, on this wednesday. wiper wednesday this wednesday. live look 422 for the gang coming in from volume edge ville in toward king of prussia. looks like we have the cheerios on the camera lens there. ninety-five, southbound, slower than normal, and already heavy from cottman, in
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through girard. specially construction zones, before we get daylight here, tough to make out the lane markers, and in the construction zones, those drainage greats have been all moved around. most likely they're in some of the travel lanes, and that's where we've had the puddles and the ponding pop up here on the curb here, 42, coming in toward philadelphia, already, starting to see delays from the black horse pike. >> clean up continues on the ben franklin parkway, inner drivers remain blocked, kelly drive still pushing everybody off at fairmount, and there is few septa buses still on a detour, in the clean up area. route 202, one spot, where we have puddles and pod g on the roadway, 202 north, between 30 and 401 in the construction zone. even i95 northbound, there is some high water, between bridge on cottman, philadelphia international airport, most likely, rain delays today. check with the airline before you head down there, over in
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cherry hill, route 70 the maps to kings highway, some downed wires and they put in speed restrictions on the new jersey turnpike, between exit four, all the way up to exit 7a. mike, alex being back to you. >> 6:04, wet wednesday. >> breaking news, police investigating home invasion in northeast philadelphia, where family was inside at the time. >> jenny there is sounds horrifying. specially for children. >> it is horrifying, ten year old inside during all of this. police and investigators on scene now, detective walking around the neighborhood, trying to talk to some of the neighbors as you try to get better handle on what exactly took place. hearing right now around 3:30 this morning, men broke into first floor apartment, 1300 block of seller street through flex i blacks window, burst into the window of 51 year old man, while sleeping. they pointed guns to his head. then gagged him with a shirt and tide him up with electrical tape. they stole a tv and cash, all while the man's 52 year old wife and their ten year old
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grandson were in another bedroom. when police arrived, they had to untie the victim. >> broke plexiglass window pain. that's how they were able to enter the property. and they do have some motion detector lights in the alleyway. those bulbs were loose ends, so it was dark when these perpetrators entered the property, described as two males, wearing all dark clothing, both of them wearing masks, and both of them had guns, dark colored guns in their possession. fifty-one year old victim for some reason, though, believes that they were in their late 30's, or early 40's. >> they entered from the alley and exit dollars the same way.
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>> he didn't recognize their voices or mannerisms, suspect wearing dark clothing, maybe in their 30's, 40's. police also tell us that all three victims are doing okay, over at northeast detective, talking to investigators, now. mike, al next. >> oh, man, frightening. 6:06. >> this morning, the trial for griffin campbell will continue. >> the demolition contractor charged with murder after 2013 building collapse, at 22nd and marketment center city philadelphia, killed six people. only we were there. yesterday as crime scene investigators carried in evidence for the case, one juror was suddenly unable to serve, so, today, both sides will select another juror. prosecutors champ bell with the murders of six people inside l salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market in june of 2013. that's when part of the adjacent building getting
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demolished collapsed on to the salvation army thrift store, crashed right down on it. campbell has maintained that he's innocent. >> and school in lock-down yesterday, after classmate says she saw a gun, turns out, it was a toy, but it raised serious question, what the incident revealed about the school's lack of safety. >> former sit, he was caring knife, and gun, what his lawyer claims he wanted from pope francis.
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610:67:89 peaking of the pope, investigators in new york city are trying to figure out how new yorker firefighter allegedly armed with a knife, actually, did he have a knife, and hollow point bullets made it on to the tarmac, at jfk, just hours after pope francis took off for fill. >> i pope francis left new york city, saturday morning, from john f. kennedy international airport bound from philadelphia, late their night, on the tarmac, where the pontiff just boarded an airplane, police say, 39 year old chris, who lives on long island, drove black chevy tahoe, similar to the one secret service that they use, and followed a motorcade into a secure area of the airport. >> just got in line with him. >> investigator found he had
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hollow point bullet, knife, in the trunk. >> people that show up with a weapon in the car, at that location, and an element of credibility, to that threat. >> that's philadelphia police officer right there, responding. >> lawyers for him say he is a good family man, they say he just wanted to be blessed by the pope. >> oh, is that all he wanted? >> yes, but there are other ways to get that done. co-have stood in line like everybody he will, waited along the fences. >> the pope does visit people in prison. that's where he is now. 11:00, did the pope meet with kentucky clerk who refuses to give out marriage licenses, to same sex cup else? >> her lawyers say they did. the gift she claims pope francis gave her. >> good morning shall everybody. got an accident, westbound on the turnpike, this time around. right near the mid-county interchange, but otherwise, slower than normal speeds from a wiper wet wednesday on tap. sue-be standing by. how long will this rain last? we look live downtown philadelphia, you can barely make out the top of the
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6:14, question about the weekends, so let's address it here, supposed to go to dover sunday for nascar, how is that looking? nascar has a triple header weekend, at dover international speedway. and i'm telling you, it is not
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looking great, especially friday, it will be chilly, and rainy, not r cast so far. of course we have it keep close eye on joaquin to see what happens with that storm. but we do have temperatures that will get into the 70s, looks like, at this point, sunday is the best weather day. you may be able to just get away with showers sunday, but of course we'll continue to refine that forecast as we see projected storm. heavy rain moved to the north. still seeing rain, have some in new castle county delaware, middletown, around the philadelphia area as well as delaware county, some widely scattered showers, there, and we go down to the jersey shore around cape may courthouse, little bit around lewes, delaware, and other places, as well, and that's how it will be, rest of the morning, rest of the day, on and off showers, and mostly cloudy skies, when it is not raining. you may see little peak of sunshine here and there. then tonight after dark still chance of showers we head into
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thursday, wide look, heavy rain moving in, with another low pressure system on thursday. we have the front that will come through today stalled off shore just enough to keep thing unsettled. it really isn't until saturday and sunday we start to factor joaquin into the forecast, and here's friday, around 6:00. we have the possibility, some heavy rain, heavy rain potentially from off shore hurricane. yes, tropical storm, with 07-mile per hour winds, do you have get to 74 miles per hour to become a hurricane. pretty close to strengthening, and we think it might even become category two before it gets to us. here we are, sunday into monday, that we see this storm, potentially, just off the coast of delaware, and new jersey. so, again, big cone of uncertainty here, that we do think that there is a possibility, we could get landfall in north carolina, or it could just stay off the coast, we'll keep an eye on
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that situation. to show you temperatures, though, on the other side of the cold front, 76 degrees right now in philadelphia, 56 degrees in detroit. that's 20 degrees difference, even i can do that math, and that's how much cooler it will be over the next couple of days. than we are right now with temperatures in the 70s at the moment, it is very muggy outside. we'll have occasional showers today, early high of 78 degrees, and eventually, temperatures falling throughout the rest of the afternoon, high of only 60 tomorrow, and only 58 on friday. upper 60s saturday, sunday, start tracking what's now tropical storm, could be hurricane, and maybe some left over showers on monday. so, it is going to be attributing i situation, bob kelly, but hey, we needed the rain. >> hey, where is that pope poncho schmidt. >> better pull out that poncho. >> good morning, everybody, some all of those left overs like hotcakes. good look at the schuylkill expressway, factor in plenty
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every extra time, forget about the hairdo today. going to be a bad hey dare. already, delays on the schuylkill expressway from conshohocken into downtown, an accident on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike, right near the mid-county interchange, even though it may not be raining right here at the moment, look out, because this is what could happen to you, the big puddles, along the way, the trucks come by, and get you all splashed, not just for the adult, but also, for the little ones that are out there waiting on the bus corner, for the school bus this morning. clean up continues on the ben franklin parkway, the kelly drive, pushing everybody off at fairmount, and there is still few septa buses on a detourment the rain certainly will hamper that clean up project. south on 95, already, stack and pack here, from cottman, into downtown, the blue route not bad if you are headed down toward the airport. but if you are headed to the airport expect rain delays today, just check with the airline and pack your patience, if you are headed down there, and leave little extra wiggle room between you and the bumper in front of
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you. sue said we went for what 17 days, without rain, so those wipers, haven't gotten the work out in quite some time. the best investment probably would be a new set of wiper blades, because we'll need them for the next couple of days, 59 delaware county, again, slower than normal, as you head up toward the airport. all of the bridges looking fine at the moment. so far so good on mass transit. mike, alex back to you. >> bob, about six hours ago georgia, state of georgia executed a woman, first time a woman has been executed in georgia in 70 years. kelly was put to death for convincing her lover to kill her husband in 1997. last night more than 100 people gathered outside the prison to support this woman, even pope francis had issued a plea to try to save her life. her execution was delayed for few hours, because of appeals, before she was finally put to death after midnight. by the way, just before she was executed, she sang amazing
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grace. 6:19. the kentucky county clerk who was sent to jail for refuse to go issue marriage licenses to gay couples had a private meeting with the pope last week. according to her attorney, the lawyer for kim davis said davis and her husband met the pope thursday at the vatican embassy for less than 15 minutes and says the pope gave her a rosary, toll her to stay strong. the attorney would not say how the meeting came about but says a vatican spokesperson inquired about kim davis' situation, while she was in jail. >> officials not comment dollars. kim spent five days in jail earlier this month for refuse to go issue marriage license toss same sex couples. >> , to president of planned parenthood is grilled on capitol hill, conservatives threaten to cut off federal funding for the group.
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the head of the house oversight committee. >> accused for miss spending more than $40 million in funds. planned par end hood has been defending itself after videos surfaced, negotiating over the price of tissues from aborted fetuses. planned parenthood president questioned the authenticity of the edited videos. made it clear no federal funds, pay for abortion services except under very limited circumstances, permitted by law. >> it is impossible found stands why threatening to go to the healthcare every of their choice. >> this is an organization that doesn't need federal sub syd. >> i republicans want to outlaw a woman's right to choose. >> house minority said he fears the fund willing fight over planned parenthood could cause government shutdown comedies. >> oh, my goodness.
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6:21. >> nidro mant i can get away? don't have time to go on vacation in the top romantic spots right in your backyard, and yes, one of them is at the jersey shore. >> really? >> but first, here is a look at last night's lottery numbers.
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>> eagles, rights ship with two and two record. a lost would hurt more than what one and three would look like. eagles may see their former wide receiver desean jackson who has not played so far this season with a hamstring injury. desean jackson, has not set the world on fire with the redskins. but, he sure did light up the eagles last december. but the eagles prepare the same. desean jackson, so what. >> i don't know if the game changes much with him in or out. i think just the awareness of our deep defenders will pay attention to where he is out on the field, he is obviously the one can blow the top off the covers the fastest. i will get the best. somebody who is a competitor like who he is, he obviously has chip on his shoulder and foul taste in his mouth about
6:26 am
this place. >> phillies flea games away from 100 losses last night played the met. first inning, darin ruff rough, guess we won't see ryan howard much. three run homer, phillies beat the mets four-three, maybe they won't get to 100. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> we don't want them to get to 100. >> , no we got 99, well, you know? >> loved ones have said their final good-byes to baseball legend, what a great guy, yogy berra. >> funeral service was held yesterday in montclair, new jersey, among those at the service, were some ex yankees. >> derrick jeter, mariano rivera, bernie williams, jorge passed a, yogi died week ago at the age of 90. lived a long time with his wife in montclair, new jersey. our other big story do, we have a hurricane on our hands? may become a hurricane. joaquin. >> last night we got a lot of rain, and expecting more today. so, dave kinchen out there checking the roads down the shore. >> driving around, hey, dave.
6:27 am
>> hey, mike and alex. we are checking the roads. we have a little bit of flooding, we'll show that you after the break. and we'll tell but what the shore towns, the shore area, is doing, to prepare for joaquin. that's coming up. do we have anymore chips? [off screen] fellas? uh, sorry. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets? uh yeah! and that pre-game sideline experience...
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>> odd looking gun may be a clue to figure out who held up a nail salon. >> why the police want to nail him. >> and, the most romantic getaways in our own backyard. >> oh, that looks row mant glike one jersey shore town, made the list. you know, mike, long walks on the beach? >> yes. >> we'll tell you where to go for a retreat, for that someone special. >> maybe an hour away? >> start playing the saxophone, maybe some kenny g? >> kenny g? nah. something more romantic? good day everybody. old school? >> okay. >> wednesday september the 30, 2015, last day of the year already, or the month, whatever. >> it is my anniversary? >> big difference. >> is it your anniversary today? >> no, last day of the year. >> ♪
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>> the last day of the year is my anniversary. i made it. >> happy anniversary day. >> no, not until december 31. >> oh? you. >> said it was the last day of the year and i thought i was re puns sell, and woke up from really long sleep. anyway, rain around this morning, we will talk about what it is doing to our weather but we want to check in with somebody from the shore. pictures we saw at the shore, completely different what it will look like today. dave kinchen on long beach island right now, what are you looking at? >> well, right now, seeing some wet roads, let me slip the fox rover camera around here, in in the hole gate sectin of lbi. and the roads are wet, but you don't really see a lot of water build up. we go to some video though, we shot this moment ago on the southbound side of long beach boulevard, south long beach boulevard, a lot of water, on the roads, if you imagine four
6:32 am
lanes, two going one way, two going the other way, there is one lane on each side with water on it, but the side street aren't that bad. that's the interesting thing, like like we did see some cones in the area, maybe typical flood zones, not sure about that. as we come back live, though, we can show you kind of the tip of where we are, l built i. see some of the waves and the activity here. of course the major concern is the rain that will be coming with tropical storm joaquin, and of course, once it reaches hurricane status, and the weekend, a lot of fear, about the weekend down here, exactly what could come this way. but at this point, we do know that a lot of the beach towns, a loft shore towns, are putting dunes in place, they're trying to protect the sand, prevent some flooding because they've been very sensitive as we all know, ever since hurricane sandy came through really trying to control that flooding aspect of it. but right now just a lot of water on the roads, down,
6:33 am
south, long beach boulevard. back to you, sue? >> keep an eye on joaquin, that's coming up. right now watching the low pressure system that came through last night, brought a lot of heavy rain, in inch wake, still a lot mover, plus the cold front out to the west, that's going to be coming through during the day, scattered showers throughout the area, still need umbrella just like bus stop buddy. yes, we have scattered showers out there this morning, it is mild, it is muggy, it is temperatures in the 70s, and in your weather by the numbers only giving you a five out of ten today. 76 degrees, with ten mile per hour breezes out of the southwest. and temperatures that are mostly in the low to mid 70s, don't get used to there is though, it will be a lot cooler tonight, and tomorrow. by the end. day, you may see little bit of sunshine, but we get the early high temperature, of 78 degrees, and then bob kelly it is a bye bye to the 70s, for awhile. bye bye. >> put your high platforms
6:34 am
away, and let's go, 6:33, on this wednesday morning, live look, at i-95, northbound, bumper to bumper already, as you head up from delaware county in toward the commodore barry bridge. just one of those yucky starts it is a wire wednesday, and an accident already on the pennsylvania turnpike, this is westbound, right near the valley forge interchange. and really we don't have until daylight comes out our way here it is kind of tough to see where the high water is located like dave showed us down thereon lbi. that far right or far left lane, tendency to have the big puddles, high water along route 30 and route ooh, just off the atlantic city expressway in cherry hill downed wires, blocking 07 to kings highway. speed restrictions up and down the new jersey turnpike, they knock it down, to 55, from the normal 65. all because that far potential for hydroplaning, and then, south on 95, just under a half hour. wood half mean downtown, the
6:35 am
eastbound schuylkill, about 20 minute from the blue route, in toward center city. expect rain delays this morning, at philadelphia international airport. so check with the airline, ahead of time before you head down there. then north along 202, example every all of the construction zones here, they are standing water between route 30, and route 401. some of the puddles are big enough to kind of stop in you your track, others, if they're in the left lane, that water has been splashing over into what would be the oncoming traffic. so, a loft obstacles out there this morning, put the coffee cup down in the hole err both hands on the wheel this morning, mike, alec being back to you. >> 6:35. police looking for two men they say busted into a home in northeast philadelphia overnight. >> man inside was tied up during the horrifying ordeal, and jenny on the scene right now, hey, jenny? >> reporter: alex, mike, this happened about three hours ago, police remain on scene, deck have been walking around trying to come up with some additional evidence. three men broke no first floor
6:36 am
apartment here on 1300 block every seller street through a plexiglass window in a storm door in the alleyway. they burst into the bedroom of are one year old man while sleeping. they pointed guns to his head and then gagged him with a shirt and tide him up with electric can tape. they stole a tv and some cash. all while the man's 52 year old wife and their ten year old grandson were in another bedroom, police say, that they hid under a bed during the robbery, police were called, and when they arrived, they had to untie the victim. >> they entered an alleyway, broke the glass to the door of the first floor apartment. entered the property. he was asleep in a bedroom when he was awoke end by two guns, pointed to his face. they tide him up. they tide him with electrical cords, his wrists behind his back. they also gagged him by tying what appears to be abut on down shirt around his mouth
6:37 am
then they proceed today rob the location. the wife and the terrier old grandson were in another bedroom. they were hiding under the bed. they don't know whether or not the perpetrators new they were in the house. >> and the victim told police that the men were wearing masks and he did not recognize their voices or their mannerisms. the suspect were wearing dark clothing. and maybe in their 30's, or 40's, police also tell us that all throw victims are doing okay, they were not injured in any of this. and, investigators are now looking to area surveillance cameras hoping that they caught something that will help this investigation. mike, alex? >> boy, wake up in the middle of the night with a gun in your face? my goodness. 6:37. man walks into a north philadelphia nail salon for a manicure. no, he didn't go in there for a manicure. he went in for the five finger discount. >> oh? it touchings out that's not all he was after. rockland nail, in logan,
6:38 am
actually, finish up his manicure. but police say when they toll him how much he owed he pulled out a gun and threatened everyone inside. he went through few drawers, pocketing cash and electronics before taking off. but investigators say, the weapon he carried may help narrow their search. >> really odd looking gun, looks like a double barrel, which is indicative after shotgun. >> it is the size after handgun but looks like sawed off shove gut gun in my goodness. >> none of the employees were hurt, thank goodness, manager says they're still shaken up. philadelphia police say there are similar hold-ups in the area few week ago. and they are check to go see if this man may have been involved. now, you know how this nail thing works? do you have get them done every couple of weeks. >> right. >> so maybe he needed a fill? >> no one was hurt. that's the only reason i said that. >> probably went to a a crick ill. waited until the manicure was over before he attacked.
6:39 am
>> welshing i mean -- >> right. what do you want? big weekend coming up. all right, a report after gun in school yesterday leads to a lockdown at chest they are high school. >> now, 15 year old is in big trouble. >> big trouble. >> a student reported that a classmate had taken a weapon out of his wrist or waistband, and put it into a back pack. watch the whole thing happen. the school resource officer, armed police officer, by the way, called for back up. police say the 15 year old student ditched the backpack in a stairwell inside a toy gun and the student's id, for goodness sake. the student was locate in the class and arrested yesterday. commissioner said school district security is seriously under staffed. >> there were cameras in that building that weren't working, i mean, they do a good job, for what they have, i mean, they need more help. >> pictures, and school security, are way more important than cutting grass
6:40 am
somewhere. >> well, the teen has been released. we believe he is also a person of interest in unrelated case for pointing after gun outside the school. >> some of the sectorize cameras at chester high school don't work. you have got to be kidding me. 6:40. now, you had mentioned kenny g. we will tell you the places within an hour's drive or so, hour and a half, of philadelphia, where you can have a romantic weekend. kenny g playing in the background. >> you told me he's not romantic enough? this isn't romantic? >> might be a little -- >> you light some candles? >> ya. >> i think it is romantic. >> i would rather have barry white. >> okay, now, barry white is also, you know, but i'm just saying. >> oh,. >> you told me he wasn't romantic. >> just a little old school, i thought. he flies his own plane. oh, i'm in love with him.
6:41 am
>> also, tend i pendergrass, turnoff the lights. >> oh, my. >> close the door. >> we better move on. i'm getting a little, little turned on. >> let's turn him off. turnoff kenny g, please. oh, my goodness, no, no. please, cut the music, cut the music. >> okay. all right. how the pop star is answering the rumors this morning, well, you know he heist been dating calvin harris. they've been pretty into each other, sue. >> he is a dj? >> 's dj. >> will we get the scoop thon? will we find out? >> we have to make you wait, though, sue. >> of course. i'll wait as long as you are going to tell me. you won't have to wait too long to find out how much rain we're going to get from all of the rain that's in the forecast. but did i mention we need the rain? anyway, on morning like there is it is really difficult to wake up. what better way to wake up, no alarm clock needed. got quincy. >> reporter: guys, i feel like i am in a bad musical right
6:42 am
now. it is wake up my kid wednesday. i'm in springfield bt, montgomery county and i'm going to waning up the campbell family. i feel like dancing. i feel like i should have some dancers behind me. this should be fun. ññ
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>> hey, some new job opportunity, this is cool. 500 new jobs up for grabs in philadelphia. >> welshing sugarhouse casino is adding those new jobs, in areas such as slot, comes as casino finishes up a 164 million-dollar expansion, sugarhouse will host series of job fares, first one this saturday 10:00 to 5:00 at the cherry hill mall. >> cherry hill mall. not the casino. the cherry hill mall. hi, wendy hamilton over at sugarhouse, you noah job i could never do?
6:46 am
>> what? >> blackjack dealer. i can't add that fast. >> i can't add in my house either. >> i like to go to a casino where he tells you what the score is. >> so you don't have to figure it out? >> fifteen, mike. >> anything to make it easier. >> let he is a call wendy, suggest blackjack for dummy's table. >> so you don't have to really think about it, because who want to think anyway? heavy rained move through overnight, still rain around, why you still need your umbrella. we have scattered showers, throughout new castle county, delaware, delco, philadelphia, seeing some on and off showers, you see, gloucester, new jersey, there is some rain. jersey shore, delaware beaches, some on and off showers, as well. >> there is more on the way, looking through the future cast, see a loft cloud cover today, maybe a tiny bit of sunshine, but on and off rain all day long, get some sun,
6:47 am
it will be north and west of the city, and probably some rain tomorrow, there you see some heavy rain moving in here and thereby thursday afternoon. friday, with this off shore system, and the potential over the weaken for joaquin to bring us some rain, we have possibility of getting quite impressive rainfall total. you can see rain on and off through saturday, probably through sunday, as well. check it out. by friday morning, we conned up with a total overall of these days combined of four, 5 inches of rain at the jersey shore. whether it stays on shove or off shore, it is in the bahamas, supposed to move northward, strength tone category two hurricane, maybe weakening back to one before we get this storm off shore, and we see it by monday, at around 2:00 in the morning, just off the jersey and delaware beaches.
6:48 am
big cone of uncertainty we continue to watch the spaghetti models and see when they converge. that will will be over the next day or so. >> zero eights to the north of us, except for the poconos, 73 degrees, in wildwood. , temperature probably around 77, 78 before the end of the day, early hi, temperatures plummet into the 50's, overnight, and then we see a high of only about 60, 68 degrees tomorrow. rainy mild yesterday with eight a degrees. don't look for any 80s in our foreseeable future. we may be finished with 80s for the season, who knows, but not finished with rainfall. really making up for lost time. we went 17 days without any rain. it rained yesterday. it looks like we have rain in the forecast every day through sunday and even the early part of monday. get used to cooler temperatures and being wet, bob kelly, because yuck.
6:49 am
>> 6:49 this wednesday morning, rain delays, already, starting now at the area port, jfk, reporting to up one hour 30 minute delays, and that's just going to have domino effect on air travel back here in philadelphia, so do check with the airline, before you head down there. today is the kind of day, you get behind the wheel, you pull out of the driveway, you realize your wiper blades were not working. take a look this lady is doing. she took the wiper blades. >> what? >> using her hands -- >> where did you get that? >> somebody sent it to me on twitter. isn't that cool? >> fantastic. not a good idea. >> not at all. but hey, you got to do what you got to do, probably the best investment is going to be a set of wiper blades for the next week or so. we haven't had rain sue mentioned for what 17 days straight there. so, getting work out this morning, this is the westbound schuylkill from the boulevard all the way out to belmont avenue. so some quick early morning delays here, definately tacking you little longer
6:50 am
today than yesterday as the roads are wet, allow some extra wiggle room there. south on 95, all brake lights from cottman in through girard avenue. north on the 42 freeway, heavy from the black horse pike, in toward 295. an accident west on the pa turnpike, right near the valley forge interchange, so between valley forge and downingtown. got some high water, a lot of spots, it comes up on you fast, mainly because the drains are clogged there, right along route 30 and route 50. and some downed wires along the route 70 ramps, to kings highway over in cherry hill. mike, alex, back over to you. >> all right, 6:50. did you want to mention that? >> so now talking about romantic songs. >> and between the sheets by the icily brothers. >> oh? >> yes. >> apparently that's how we got alex. >> my parent say i may or may not have been, you know, conceived. >> i know how that works. >> anyway, never mind.
6:51 am
6:50. >> oh, this is more kenny g now. >> can't get enough. >> we could have people way in on twitter watch do you think is like one of the most romantic artists? you know, tell us, if you're about to have a romantic date, about to play some nice music and light some romantic candle, who would you do that to? >> i think ozzie osborne. >> oh, please. >> black sabbath? >> no, so isaac said the icily brothers, that's how we came between the sheets. >> that's how we realize we got alex holley. thank you, icily brothers. >> now my dad said this, i brought back up later at a later date, he denied this, so i am sure he is watching this right now. he did. >> it appears speaking of people who sing romantic songs, break ups, taylor swift is not getting married any time soon. she too young. >> she denies she planning to wed calvin harris, he is a dj, 31, now, she also says she didn't buy a newman sean
6:52 am
despite what the rumor mill says. and that she tweeted about the whole thing, was the press says i'm doing, buying a beverly hills mansion, getting marinade english castle. what i am doing, playing a show in saint lou us. >> oh, she is still working, not getting married. >> yes. while we continue to find the most romantic artist. >> bring it up again please. >> the muse, please. >> there you go. are you looking for romantic get away? welshing you don't have to go too far. the most romantic spots right here in our own backyard. >> within an hour's drive. >> see, this is my romantic voice. i'll use that whenever we talk about this. >> i can't imagine why you're single. >> i don't like you very much. >> i know you don't. you hate me.
6:53 am
6:54 am
i'm there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
6:55 am
judge trying to be dramatic, you play this song. now i laugh. >> and laughing doesn't work whether you're trying to be row mant glike no. well, for some people, maybe, just lightens the mood little bit. not a lot of pressure. >> there is a loft, and i can't stands any pressure. >> at the time i pendergress. >> but a lot of laughing in my love life. a new list of the most row mant being play cents in the united state is out. here's one that's close to home. >> okay. >> and in jersey, cape may made the lit. >> i got to agree with that.
6:56 am
all of those victorian mansions down there. i like to say the southern mansion, the place has its own winery, brewery, it's got museums and more what could be more romantic than a museum? >> you have something against museums? >> well, it just doesn't -- >> i remember one time there is was a while ago. >> let's walk around and look -- >> someone wanted to bring me to a museum. mike is like what, he want to do that flu didn't like that at all. >> i liked the fact he was a new interest. >> but you said everyone does that in the beginning. >> yes, because you can't think of anything to do. you know, guys don't want to go. but they know that women will be i am prep dollars. oh, you want to go to a museum. you must be a thinker. >> makes you look closer. >> and we all know you are buttoning an act in the beginning anyway. >> someone said the weekend. and i'm like please, tweet me back. >> i can't feel my face. >> i can't feel the weekend
6:57 am
could be romantic. i don't see that one. >> uninitiated the weekend is a name after man. >> sorry, daniela, please tweet me back. moving on quickly, michael jackson, laid any my life, oh, now that song, you will always be the lady in my life ♪ oh, my gosh. that one. >> i like to put up a mirror and say man in a mirror. kidding. all right, we have a costume controversy with halloween just a month away. my god, it is almost exactly a month away. a mother posted a letter to party city asking them to remove it from store shelves. we'll put it up. picture of t i want your opinion. is it too sexy or not? ññ
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> walking tall and wet. we have a hurricane on the way, maybe. it is getting close, folks. we could get up to half foot of rain this week. shore towns? be on alert. >> san this morning, woman in georgia puts to death. first woman put to death in that state in 07 years, how pope francis tried to save her life. >> ♪ >> the pope was impressed. i was impressed.


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