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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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could it be headed our way this weekend and what it may mean for your philadelphia eagles game. >> a man finds a big check on the street in the middle of center city. how far we had to go to track down its rightful owner. your news is next.
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. right now we're tracking a nasty few days of downpours, high winds and possible flooding it all starts tomorrow night. here's life look from allentown by this time tomorrow, the showers could be well underway. >> the real worry, though, is hurricane joaquin. spinning in the atlantic ocean. its eye set on the east coast. but first flooding roads in the bahamas and the cat two hurricane is only going to get stronger. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us. fox 29's meteorologist kathy orr is tracking the storm's path right now. >> it is amazing. take look at hurricane joaquin. it is strengthening as we speak it's a cat two storm is expected to become a category three storm temporarily before it heads toward the east coast. now, right now we're looking at
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maximum sustained winds at 105 miles an hour. it's moving every so slowly to the southwest at 7 miles an hour. but it is only 95 miles just to the east of san salvadore in the bahamas. so temporarily taking that southwesterly track but then it will be making a turn toward the north and west. this is a look at the hurricane forecast plots or our spaghetti plots as we like to call them in meteorological world. you can see most of the consensus between norfolk and south carolina but after that, you can see three of these models want to hook the storm back toward the delaware valley so i think a landfall hurricane in this jenn mid atlantic area is more liking at this point. this is latest from the national hurricane center now cat two storm. it is going to be staying to the south for a couple of days. by saturday the off the coast of florida. then by sunday, possibly brushing by the outerbanks as a category two storm, and then making a landfall possibly near the delmarva area. once again, those forecast plots
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updated and they're shifting everything to the south. latest hurricane model from the national hurricane center comes up later in the broadcast. i will have that data for you and bring you the very latest coming up but we also have three days of rain ahead. i'll have that as well when i see you later in the broadcast. >> a lot to talk about. all right. after super storm sandy and hurricane irene a lot of people are not taking any chances with hurricane joaquin. shawnette wilson joins us live from fortescue, new jersey. shawnette, lessons from other hurricanes have people packing up and heading inland. >> reporter: as you know from past experience of us covering weather events like this, you have some people who will pack up and leave. others say they're just going to wait and see. but officials here are urging residents to follow joaquin's developments and to get prepar prepared. >> that's not going in where. >> reporter: steve green is hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. >> just protecting the house from flying objects.
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but that over there. won't break the window out the wind won't get in the house and lift the roof off. >> reporter: he and patricia aren't take anything chances. they're leaving their home. >> probably tomorrow after high tide. it was on the road today. >> reporter: they're fear comes from irene and super storm sandy. >> our neighbors house across the way there it was in the bay. >> reporter: they remember it look it was yesterday. >> that was where the flood water was that high. this little line right here. >> business owners on the island are also concerned. >> it's frightening. >> kathy ryan owns the mayflower two bed and breakfast closed four years since sandy. >> you could have to start all over again. >> reporter: coast guard substation on the island is also watching the storm and prepping residents. >> you go out there to obviously have all your safety equipment do everything possible to not go out there, um, and always be cautious of what's going on. >> reporter: meanwhile city and patricia aren't taking joaquin lightly.
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>> you can replace a house, you can replace a vehicle, you can't replace life. >> reporter: and as we drove through this evening, we saw lots of homes up for sale. businesses closed and that has been since sandy. so regardless of wawa keen bring it could be just even the smallest amount of rain or anything it is very concerning to the people who live here. lucy. >> understandable, shawnette. ocean county preparing as well. we were in beach haven today as people took in trash cans preparing for the high winds on their way. in atlantic county, crews have been hard at work in brigantine actually removing grass replacing all of that with rocks to help absorb water from the storm and your fox 29 weather authority team is tracking hurricane joaquin as it picks up strength. we'll bring you breaking details on air and online at now to a developing story out of old city where the td bank on the thee hundred block of market street was robbed tonight. little information has been released but we do know it happened around 8:00 this evening. no word yet if the robber was able to get away with any money.
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surveillance cameras rolled moments before the three guys broke into a south philadelphia home. but these burglars didn't walk away with cash or electronics. they set their sights on something -- well something much bigger. fox 29's dave schratwieser on top of the police search for these thieves. he's life at police headquarters in philadelphia, dave? >> reporter: lucy, one of the more bizarre crimes you're going to see these three guys stole a brand new refrigerator out of a house being renovated in south philly. they even stopped traffic to get it across the street. and no one said a word. >> refrigerator has legs. i don't think anybody would be too surprised. >> reporter: don't rub your eyes or adjust your glasses that is pair of thieves caught on tape carting away from a very expensive stale stain lease steal refrigerator at 10:30 at night in south philadelphia. >> you see them on the video, you know, walking down the street like that's a normal thing to have a refrigerator on cart walking through, you know, the streets of philadelphia. amazing. >> it looked like they own it we're not going to question them. >> reporter: neighbors on the 1500 block of south fourth
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street weren't surprised when they heard three guys with a handtruck made off with the new refrigerator from a house under renovation on their block. >> it's not nailed down they take it. >> the place is under renovati renovation. it's on lock box. self contractors have access and maybe some other individuals. >> reporter: detectives found video of the three suspects as they pulled off the fridge heist. john stanley work at the fourth and cross restaurant where cameras captured this cold hea hearted caper. >> from what i was told it's a really nice refrigerator. >> sometimes people see things and don't realize what they're seeing. >> reporter: several cars stopped along fourth street as the suspects made their get away with the fridge on the hand cart. no one called police. >> do it in the dark because you wouldn't do it in the day. >> if i was driving i would have done the same thing. it's heavy. those poor guys. >> taking a refrigerator 10:30 at night i'll sit there and watch them move it. i'm not getting in their way. >> reporter: police believe the thieves live nearby hora big
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truck to haul that thing away. the refrigerator has not been recovered about 2600 bucks. if you recognize these guys or have any information, you can call south detectives. lucy? >> crazy yesterday thing, day. investigators in chester are looking for the driver that struck and killed a pedestrian earlier tonight. sky fox over the crash near the 200 block of east ninth street about three hours ago. police say two cars hit the man. one of them kept going and the driver who stayed is not facing charges. police are looking for the driver an black chevy who did not stop. agents with the burr rove alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives have arrested one person for massive apartment fire in center city. the atf arson task force arrested 52-year-old steven pettiway this afternoon much he's behind the fire at the gap mercy apartments on 13th chancellor streets earlier this month. official say this video brought in tips and led them to the person the fire did not hurt anyone but did more than million dollars in damage. atf considers arson to be a
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very dangerous crime with dangerous consequences. there was over 40 individuals that were displaced as a result of this crime. >> this isn't the first time we've reported on steven pettiway. our cameras were rolling when he got into a scuffle with civil affairs police after he illegally demolished a building. he was arrested and plead guilty to resis row resisting arrest. >> these piles of cash are in the hands of police. drug task force seized the money from marijuana yesterday. investigators say that $20,000 you're looking at right there likely came from the sale of illegal drugs. officers arrested two men inside that home on possession charges. breaking news for eagles fans. sunday's game against the redskins in d.c. could be on the move howard eskin here with encyte on this. >> yes, eagles game scheduled for sunday at 1:00 p.m. but the nfl and eagles who are looking at contingency plans due on the possible weather problems with the storm moving up the coast. now the skins play in landover maryland at fed he can field.
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so here is what i'm told are the possibilities. the game could be moved to week eight which both teams have their bye weeks. i don't believe the teams want that option so contingency number two they move the game to another seat in another team stadium. one of the stadiums open this weekend is in detroit. it's likely whatever plans are made would be in a place and the plans would be in mace sometime tomorrow. now, assuming there will be a game, which i think there will be, the best scenario we will hear from one of the players who is telling the fans don't worry, the offense is going to be fine. that's coming up later in sports. ♪ guns up these guys ambush a clerk. they're after one thing. pot. medical marijuana. what they ordered the clerk to do to make sure he stayed out of their way. plus a popular rapper diagnosed with a devastating medical condition. freeway tells fox 29 about the moment his doctor told him he had to get to the er and fast.
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police hot on this guy fosses tail but he's not plan to go pull over. what he does to the cop behind the wheel before he speeds off going 100 miles an hour. >> video one mom says you have to seem that's her four-year-old drunk because of a mistake by her waitress. what they were offered as an apology she says is even worse. >> empire fans know cookie will do anything to protect her family. a local woman may not have that flare but she's got that fight to rise above incredible odds. how this one tough cookie is now fighting for others.
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♪ >> tonight philadelphia police need your help tracking down two men broke into a bar in juniata park. it happened at the bar early sunday morning. police say one of the burglars forked open a door in the back to get in. men grabbed money and about $500 worth of liquor so if you know who these guys are give police a call. part of a north philadelphia building is rubble tonight. it crashed on to streets normally packed with children this morning. now the rush is on to demolish it before the rest collapse. >> neighbors tell fox 29' dawn timmeney the same building has been a problem. >> reporter: 84-year-old
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frances democracy is fine but a little rattled. her house only one and a half doors away from a vacant building that partially collapsed on to the sidewalk below on the 2400 block of seventh street. >> when the skill school get out them kids go by. >> reporter: frances worried for the neighborhood children. the building is right across the street from elementary school. many students walk by the very spot now covered in bricks and debris every day on their way to and from school. >> she has granddaughter that comes out the door to go to that school, also. yup. so glad she was already in school as well as all the other kids. >> reporter: frances' daughter catherine rushing right over to her elderly mom's house when she heard the news since her mom often sits outside on her front steps. she says the building has been problematic for years. >> they have been saying ever since last summer that they was going to come and tear it down and no one ever came to tear it down. >> reporter: there is warning notice posted on the front dated
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july 10th, 2015. stating the owner has 30 days to repair or demolish the neighborhood eye sore. >> it had the fall down and to get some more attention i guarantee they'll get it down now report that's exactly what happens it's l and i taking subside bids within hours to demolish the crumbling old building after determining it is in eminent danger of collapsing. >> anything could have happened. >> dawn timmeney says fortunately no one was hurt that. same building has had numerous violations cited dozens of times in the last several years. so neighbors are glad to see it go. papal flag ripped from in front of a south philly home ton night police need your help to fine the people who did it. they say last week a group of folks in a car drove around the 600 block of south 27th street three times on that third time one of the people in the suv jumped out and grab the flag. so if you know anything about this, you know what to do. give police a call. prosecutors in chester county say a pair of drug addicts assaulted and robbed a war veteran inside his home.
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zachary hails and john reefs are in jail tonight facing charges in the july 26th home invasion. investigators say they came up with the plan because they thought the 81-year-old west vincent township korean war vet was an easy target. reis forced his way inside punched the victim several times then left with cash, jewelry as well as prescription medication. prosecutors say hails helped plan the rob breen the pair used the stolen money to buy heroin. philly police are looking for two gunman that they say robbed a man inside his frankford home overnight. officers found the 51-year-old man tied up inside his apartment on the 1300 block of seller street. he told them that two guys with guns broke in forced him to the ground and tied him up. police say the home invaders grabbed $200 in cash and carried out a 52-inch television. the man's wife and 10-year-old grandson hid in a closet all this was happening. police say the same thing happened to a family in upstairs apartment about sick months ago. hundreds of thousands packed the parkway this weekend, the
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pope's visit essentially cleared other streets in center city. yeah, headaches for some folks. but not everybody is complaining. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson has the new push to empty the streets more often. ♪ >> reporter: the recent pope francis visit raised numerous concerns about security crowds and street closures. but at least one group saw car free streets and they loved it. open street philly was inspired and started a petition to have scheduled days when center city streets would be closed to car traffic and wide open to cyclists and pedestrians. >> at first there was a lot of differ concern about what the streets would be like, but as residents saw once they got to the streets this saturday and sunday, they really started to enjoy it in a way that they didn't know was possible. >> reporter: petition got immediate traction with 1500 signatures in just a couple of hours and stands near 3,000 signatures in just two days. >> it was amazing. we started it with just thinking
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a few people would be signing it and literally as i refresh it i see, you know, 10, 15, more people every minute signing this petition. >> reporter: the idea of a bike friendly philadelphia isn't a new thing. we've got bike lanes popping up all over the city, king drive is already closed on summer weekends. but even still, the people that i spoke to throughout the city had mixed reviews about this concept of car free weekends. >> i think it's a great way to see the beautiful architecture and all the great urban parks that we have here and public sculpture. >> a lot of times with all the cars and stuff it's very congested septa buses barking, honk hog horns at everybody. it just takes away from the beauty of the city sometimes. >> on the surface it sounds like a great idea but if they do what they did for the weekend of the pope, i've spoken to lot of retailers who suffered greatly and i don't think that's fair. >> reporter: guys petition is gaining steam really becoming a movement went want to know what our viewers think. you can leave your comments on
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our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. is time for car free weekends here in the city? we want to hear from you. here in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. shootings, death arc abuse and natural disasters some trauma that is may affect kids in many different ways and tonight the only african-american owned and operated radio station wurd900 a.m. held a special program at the franklin institute franklin to talk about how the pain and scars from those events can affect kids in school. >> convicted killer walks out of prison but this guy did not escape. >> told him he was no longer your property, he bonded out and now ya'll hunting him down like a dog. >> the mistake that put him back on the streets. plus, victory for a one hundreds 03-year-old banned from her church. she said she'd never stop fighting. to night what the pastor gave
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her before resigning. and they had to cancel on her friend's wedding at the last minute. what the bride sent them in the male that has one couple fuming. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. now the pope is gone it's time to get back to work. penndot going to be shutting down the bridges across the vine street expressway later on tonight into tomorrow morning. they'll close the ninth -- 19th street bridge as well that free library president pedestrian bridge and construction will take back over on the vine street expressway. they're also going to be working on 95 throughout the day tomorrow from cottman avenue down through girard avenue avenue. watch for lane restrictions right after the morning rush hour and the same deal here on the 42 freeway as we head in toward 295. another rainy day ahead. sue and i will have all the details when we see you tomorrow
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morning at 4:00. for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim they're for us, but we know how to spot a sleight of hand. they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey
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casino backers. and you know what that means - north jersey casino bigwigs can count on them. but can we? it's a dirty trick. north jersey casinos would take our casinos, and our jobs, and ruin our economy. will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ two armed men bust into this shop and point gun right in the clerk' face. what are they after? pot. this is medical marijuana store in washington state. you can see the robbers push the clerk to the ground. then they fill boxes with
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high-grade medical marijuana and run off. police say they eventual found some of the stolen loot but the robbers are still on the run. prosecutes decided not to charge caitlyn jenner for a deadly car crash in california. jenner's suv crashed in february pushing one into oncoming traffic. the driver of that car died. sheriffs investigators determined jenner was driving too fast for road conditions and they had enough evidence to support a charge of vehicular manslaughter. prosecutors disagreed saying they do not have enough evidence to move forward. the search is on for a convicted in louisiana. the inmate didn't escape he was accidentally released from prison. police are looking for ben johnson whom they say was zen densed that 40 years in jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter. but he's now a free man. after dixon correctional institution mistakenly let him go on good behavior. >> we're not trying to make excuses. it's something that shouldn't have happened.
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>> it's not his fault. it's not his fault. he got released. you told him he was no longer your property. bonded out and now you hunting him down like a dog. like he escaped from prison or something. but new york city, he didn't escape. ya'll let him go. ya'll opened the door and let him out of there. >> authorities also say police are handling the search for johnson the same way they would a prison escape. as for prison officials they're now blaming a computer glitch saying the manslaughter conviction did not come up when they processed his release. dramatic crash. this car rolled off a busy highway. a man tells the driver he can help. what he did next she says stunned her more than the crash itself. and -- nadia, stop. do you feel funny? (laughter). >> reporter: video one mom says you have to see. that's her four-year-old drunk because of mistake by her waitress. what they were offered as an apology she says is even worse.
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kathy? >> in weather we are still tracking hurricane joaquin. we do have a lot of moisture ahead of this storm. we're counting that rain in inches. the latest on that and updates on the tropics coming up. >> empire fans know cookie will do anything to protect her family. a local family and local woman may not have that flare but she's got that fight to rise above incredible odds. how this one tough cookie is now fighting for others.
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without the internet i would probably be like a c student. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost high speed internet into the homes of hundreds of thousands of low-income families. it lets students do homework and study at home. so far more than two million people
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across america have benefitted. internet essentials is going to transform the lives of families. i see myself as maybe an entrepreneur. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. >> tracking a wet weekend. it starts rain. here's a live look from wilmington right now. the showers are just the start. hurricane joaquin is on the way. chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking the hurricane. >> let's start with kathy orr. the rain is just hours away. >> this rain ahead of the hurricane. right now we're just looking very pleasant night. temperatures in the 60s. dew point is dropping. winds out of the north. so it is breezy and those winds are only going to increase over the next couple of days. we do have rain ahead of the hurricane. this just associated with a stalled front. now, during the day tomorrow, we will be seeing some rain, some
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light rain you can see tomorrow morning at 7am the possibility of a few showers through south jersey and delaware. after that, not much during the day. so most of us a dry day. then late thursday night, clouds, friday morning clouds. friday is the rainy day. if you have anything scheduled outside for friday, hmm not going to be so nice. rain moves in. heavy at times. one to 2-inches. and then saturday, we see some morning showers. so between thursday and saturday one to 3-inches of rape possib possible. we're also talking about gusty winds. inland 25 to 35 miles an hour winds along the coast. 45 miles an hour winds plus. here's look at the fox future wind cast you can see tomorrow morning gusting to 24 by the evening gusting to 30. still windy. gusts to 27 miles an hour out of the northeast on friday. friday afternoon gusting to 30. you see the trend. gusty winds even ahead of the hurricane. for more on the details of hurricane joaquin, i send it
10:31 pm
over to scott. scott, what's the latest. >> kathy, continuing to follow lot of new developments with what's going on with joaquin. hurricane hunters have been investigating the system, of course, they are finding some winds that would support a major category three storm. let's talk about some of the steering mechanisms with this system that we have to monitor. high pressure to the north in canada. also, into the open waters of the atlantic. that is going to block the system a little farther to the south. and then that disturbance that trough digging in parts of the southeast coast. that will help to turn it back toward the mid atlantic area. so that is certainly that we have to watch. do did a little research area. historical tracks the closest one to joaquin actually you have to head back to talk a little bit about isabel. that is the similar track so we'll continue to follow that but certainly interesting to kind of look at some of the past historical track. factors to consider water temperatures are still in the 80s so that will help to intensify the storm even when it moves little farther to the
10:32 pm
north. we're talking about water temperatures in the 70s. so what to expect? what queen as we move sunday through monday the timing we're talk something heavy rain, several more inches possible and also coastal flooding. beach erosion and we have to monitor those winds likely over tropical storm force. kathy back to you. >> scott, that is a lot to talk about. overnight tonight, we are talking about conditions that are going to be on the quiet side. tomorrow, 63 degrees, cloudy and breezy. occasional showers late in the day. and especially to the south and east. on your exclusive seven day forecast, thursday showers late. friday a rainy windy not great to be outside day. saturday morning light rain and then sunday tracking joaquin. monday rain and wind. quite possible. and then we quiet it down for tuesday and wednesday, of course, the latest from the national hurricane center comes out win half hour and we will have that to you live here on fox 29. >> all right, kathy, look forward to that. thank you. good samaritan steps up when
10:33 pm
a local business owner loses a sizeable check. >> fox 29 did a little detective work of our own to reunite that business owner with his money. bruce gordon is live where this all began. you're very much used to get results. and you certainly did here on a whole new level. >> reporter: yeah, little different than usual story. but certainly no less satisfying. look the city of brotherly love is made up of hundreds of small acts of kindsness each and every day. this is one of them. i believe that's yours. >> oh, wow. that's definitely it. i was missing this. how did you get a hold of this? >> reporter: long story. the story didn't began oh a wednesday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. 50-year-old fred lofton, sr. just left the reading terminal market around lunch time he saw something strange at 12th and arch. >> i seen a piece of paper sitting up right on the curb. i pick it up and look at it and it was a check and it was
10:34 pm
signed. >> reporter: a check for $725. money apparently paid into an escrow cot the can you boot pennsylvania liquor control board to a steve godfrey. >> what goes through your mind the first thing you see that check. >> i hit the lottery for minute. because it had a signature on it. no, that's, you know, no, if i was to lose $700, you know, i would want somebody to get it back to me. >> reporter: lofton is a fan of fox 29's "good day philadelphia". so he wrote us a letter with a simple request. find the rightful owner of that check. i entered godfrey's name and plcb into the old google machine and quickly found godfrey's place the parish pub in mayfair. he too had been at reading terminal market that day with a check he had just gotten from his lawyer. >> i guess in the process of getting lunch and going into my pocket and paying for things by the time i got back to the car i checked and nowhere to be found. i was kind of chalked it up a as loss. >> reporter: not with good guys like fred lofton around. >> that's amazing. what a good citizen.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: i gave godfrey's gentleman. >> a gentleman from fox 29 gave me a check you stumbled upon. i wanted to reach out and thank you personally. >> we actually found fred lofton playing with his granddaughter on this site. teaching her a few things about fruits and vegetables. as she grows older she'll learn a few more lessons from her grandfather about strangers and kindness. >> always do the right thing. >> kind of a good feeling, isn't it? >> yes. >> reporter: steve godfrey will not surprise to you learn had begun the process of canceling that check when he realized it was lost but certainly getting the original back makes things easier gives him a little piece of mine. it wasn't easy by the way fin finding fred lofton much thanks to his co-worker at the glenn olden acme supermarket where fred work the overnight shift stocking shelves. fred is not a wealthy man but a
10:36 pm
good samaritan. >> a man rolled her car it landed upside down. she was still able to crawl out and walking toward her a man she thinks is there to help until -- >> next thing i know he's gone. and my wallet is missing. >> you heard her right. kimberly smith crashed just outside dallas after finally freeing herself she saw the guy walking up. she says he told her he found her purse and while she looked for her phone, the man slipped away in faded red pick up to make things worse she says others slowed down to take pictures that's it but they wouldn't even call 911 for her. >> in your money tonight new jersey transit fares are going up for the fifth time since 2002. bus and rail riders will see a fare increase. fairs will jump about 9% starting tomorrow. nj transit officials say the increases are needed to close $60 million budget gap that remained after the agency cut $40 million. >> facebook profile picture about to get an 98ed social
10:37 pm
media giant very soon let you post short looping videos for your profile shot. it's one of the company's overhaul mobile profiles. facebook says the animations will help you better illustrate you. weddings aren't cheap you know that so it's understandable newlyweds would be annoyed by a guest canceling at the last minute but there's no excuse to send absent guess a bill for their din are in. when a couple didn't show up to a wedding they rsvp pods for after their babysitter fell through they got a bill for 75 bucks for the dinner. they didn't play the bill and they have no plans to do so. >> one restaurant mix up with a strawberry daiquiri left a four-year-old girl apparently drunk. >> the very upset mom posted the video of her little girl on facebook because she wanted everybody to see what happened. >> nadia, stop. do you feel funny? >> okay, stop. >> hold her hand gone. >> she posted this to her page
10:38 pm
saying they went to mexican restaurant in detroit. she ordered a non click daiquiri for her daughter after the four-year-old drank most of it the waitress came back and said brought the wrong one. you can see the results. the mom says the waitress then offered them a discount. the mom filed a police report. the restaurant says it's an isolated incident and it's going to make sure the staff is retrained. police hot on this guy's tail but he's not plan to go pull over. what he does to to the cop behind the wheel before he speeds off going 100 miles an hour. a popular rapper diagnosed with a devastating medical condition. freeway tells fox 29 about the moment his doctor told him he had to get to the er and fast.
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♪ that's biker playing cat and mouse way cop on a highway in atlanta. the guy on the motorcycle even recorded the whole thing with a go pro strapped to his helmet. you can see officers car approaching signaling him to pull over. he doesn't plan to. he even flips off the cop before racing away. police never caught up to him and the biker then brilliantly posted the video online. music fans know him as freeway well-known rapper with long list of musical accolades
10:42 pm
an fast-paced schedule. now he's face agnew challenge one that has him fighting for his health instead of his music career. >> fox 29's quincy harris sat down with freeway and talk about what's next. ♪ >> reporter: 37-year-old lesley known as freeway rap career has been on a fast track. recorded eight albums in total with four solo albums and he's collaborated with jay-z to mariah carey. ♪ >> reporter: he recently used his voice alongside empire star jussie smollett to help the new york justice league march in wads are washington, d.c. to demand police accountability and reform. ♪ >> reporter: freeway extremely busy with heavy touring schedule, community out reach projects and most importantly being a father to his son and daughter. but a recent trip to his dr. changed his life forever. >> i went to my primary health physician, and i gave some blo
10:43 pm
blood, and a few days later i was in the house chilling and i got a call from primary physician he told me get to the emergency room as fast as possible. >> reporter: he was diagnosed with renal kidney disease and had to have emergency dialysis. >> my kidneys wasn't cleaning my blood. i was getting the fluids out but i wasn't getting none of the tox sips out of my body. four days day three times week until i find a new kidney. >> reporter: through this trial in his life, he uppeds the importance of good health. >> you never know. like i was running around going from city to city. thinking i was cool. but you know it's important to keep up with your physician and keep up with the doctor's appointments. like if i would have caught this earlier, then they might have been able to slow down the process. ♪ >> reporter: freeway says this recent set back won't slow down his career. >> we ain't slowing nothing down. we working. i mean, i probably can't do no shows during the week because i have to do dialysis but i'm working. still going to do what i do. >> reporter: he has a new
10:44 pm
album coming out entitled freedom he's using his voice to be an advocate for kidney disease. >> sunday october 11th i'm participating in the 14th annual kidney walk. i'll go hard with the message and try to spread the message to the people. >> quincy harris fox 29 news. >> breaking news out of the bucks county. route 1 shut down in penndel gasoline tanker is on fire. the fire is still burning. you see a large response from emergency personnel as well hazmat team. keeping an eye on the situation. no reports of any injuries. a 103 year old woman kicked out from her congregation now has the keys to that church. literally. we told you about mrs. biggs last month after she criticize the pastor. he told her she wasn't welcome any more even though she grew up in that church. biggs fought that ban showed up every sunday even rallying support to get rid of the past pastor. nine days ago church members
10:45 pm
voted to remove him. >> we received death threats. calls in the middle of night saying look out the window i'm on my way to get you. my family is very upset. angry. nervous. mad. but they're positive that we're choosing to move on. >> maddox and his followers are walking away to start start their own church. >> fans of empire admire how the character cookie fights back against all odds to pull her family out of despair to succe success. our joyce evans is findin findie tough cookies in our area who may not have that tv cookie flare but they've got the guts and cookie drive to beat incredible odds. ♪ >> my name is tracy johnson -- >> reporter: she's got an incredible story of struggle. isn't exactly. >> reporter: and try you will much. the kid really treats you if they -- they can't treat if you they don't know what you have. >> they have dyslexia. >> real. it's a real issue. >> reporter: it's an incurable
10:46 pm
likely inherited reading disorder that can prevent the brains of even highly intelligence people like tracy from converting written letter noose words you can speak. >> just a bunch of jumbled print. >> reporter: it made going to school sheer hell. >> i knew i was smart but it was hard especially when they're telling me that you're not. that was the most heart wrenching growing up and adults telling me i was dumb. telling me i was slow. telling me i was lazy or stupid. >> reporter: takenned, isolate the and never diagnosed. she was tossed into the wrong special ed classes but she learned tricks to get herself through. >> i used to try to use little things to kind of get around reading outloud. >> cover up artist. >> absolute. >> reporter: trying to get into community college was no joke. ♪ >> i remember sitting in the psychology lab just breaking down saying i can't do this. i can't do this any more.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: she took a job cleaning and often thought of suicide. >> i just figured, okay, this is my potential. so i ended up just working for awhile and getting jobs and that's how i end up cleaning for the school system and years went on and i said i can't settle for this. i can do the work. i just need the proper help. i need the tools to do it. >> reporter: tracy got tested for dyslexia by then she was in her mid 20s and searching for the right help. >> i saw her reading about the fourth grade level. >> reporter: certified reading specialist judy mace eighty three has been working with tracy for about 16 years. >> even i can scan it and e-mail it to you. >> she still is. >> i can send that to her. she now has bachelor's degree in psychology a master's in special education and she's working on a second master's and she was just awarded an honorary ph.d. in ministry. >> number one, if you never knew
10:48 pm
what safe is you will now know what safe is. these are some additional facts. >> dr. campbell and tracy have joined forces through a reading clinic to get information. hope and resources into the hands of parents and children who are the least likely to be tested for diss plex ya. >> as soon as you intervene -- >> always do it. we need some type of visual. in our minds to help us to remember which way that b is going. we have to slow down and think about it. >> reporter: tracy volunteering her time to help adults like keith harris attending the world congress on special needs education recently meeting at temple in philly. >> you will never see a course in college directly teaching the teachers about dyslexia. >> i almost cried sitting there watching her film back there. >> reporter: this is what i wrote up today. see if you can read that. >> let's see. she also showed us she's not cured.
10:49 pm
>> tough cookie tracy johnson overcome taunt and test teasing. >> she has learned ways to cope with her dyslexia. >> not mentally unstable. >> she shares all kinds of learning tips like recording instead of writing notes in class. then transcribing it later at her own pace. >> very time consuming but that's what i had to do. >> she offers contacts and resources through her non-profit group vessels of hope. >> thanks again, everybody. >> reporter: yup. she's a hit with this crowd. >> this class is very inspirational to me. i can take it home to my daughter and show her. >> tracy turned down really good-paying jobs to give away what has taken her so long to learn. >> because i'm called to give back. there's no way i'm going to gain all this knowledge and not give it back to the people that i
10:50 pm
know need it. >> good, i'm glad you enjoyed it. thanks for coming. >> reporter: she is one tough cookie. >> that was wonderful. >> thank you. >> reporter: joyce evans fox 29 news. >> free help go to fox'll find links. >> the eagles and redskins wor working alternate plans for if or where the game is played on is you day. i'll have the possibilities. as far as the game eagles know she need to have a better offensive game and get back on track. i'll have that coming up in sports.
10:51 pm
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♪ royal caribbean's wow sale is back. buy one get one half off. plus free upgrades and up to $200 onboard spending money. it all ends september 30th, so call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today.
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♪ okay eagles are scheduled to play the redskins on sunday at landover maryland at 1:00 p.m. because of the the impending storm they're tracking the weather possibilities and the game could be moved week eight when they both have bye games. or it could be moved to another city. one option would be detroit. the eagles know the offense has to play better. eagles rookie wide receiver is telling the fans it's all going to be okay. >> we will critique it with a certain eye. where others look at it with a different way. it's always about the flash. for us it's about greater than
10:54 pm
visit execution it's the evident, the preparation, the whole process. that's how we look at things. for everybody else looking at it it's just the end result they see. they don't see the whole picture so that's what we're concerned with is the whole picture. >> and phillies playing out the season at the ballpark. six inning they came back from five-zero. to tie it up. freddie galvis scores. phillies leading it six-five in the eighth. we'll be right back.
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