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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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montes. >> hurricane joaquin strengthens in the warm waters around the bahamas. new details about it's projected path. the storm still seems so far away but we're already seeing some of its effects on the eastern seaboard down south meteorologists have issued flood watches up here new jersey governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency. pennsylvania governor wolf says he's ready to do the same. good evening to you. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we've got team coverage tonight tracking the storm beginning with meteorologist kathy orr. >> we do have some changes to talk about iain. we're talking about very strong winds associated with this hurricane, and ahead of it, we have a loft moisture along the eastern seaboard. but the focus right now the hurricane. maximum sustained wind 130 miles an hour. moving southwest every so slowly at just 6 miles an hour. it is only 15 miles north wet of crooked island bahamas lashing the bahamas at this points a cat four storm. now it is going to make move. this is very latest from the national hurricane center. you can see some of our models moving still toward the mainland
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u.s. but also some very reliable models moving out to sea. so the national hurricane center actually took all of this information also the european modeling the money models that we talk about, during rain and snowstorms and this is what it came up with. category four storm moving toward the normal and accelerating over the weekend into next week. it will ab cat two storm by sunday, then the steering winds slowly taking it off toward the north and the east by late monday and into tuesday. you can see it gets into the cooler waters off the coast of new england as a tropical storm. still a lot of variation, still a lot of players to talk about. but this bodies well for us along the mainland u.s. we still though have to keep a careful eye on that. even well before this storm, we're talking about rain and wind this weekend unrelated to joaquin for more on that i turn it over to my colleague dave warren in the sat center. >> you're right rain and whipped not storm related.
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that front stalled to our south and now we're seeing the weather just really intensify along th that. that continue to impact our air. they're the front just to our south. it will actually work its way back through the area be the focus for that heavy rain and as high pressure builds into the north, we have that difference in pressure. that's what is really increasing our wind speed right out of the north to northeast that. will only increase overnight tonight. that along with the ran causing a lot of problem. here's this radar picture shows that rain coming in from the south pushing to the north. very heavy rain right now moving right through montville. montgomery county into buck county north of 02 right up the northeast extension. very heavy rain but look at the future win. tomorrow morning 30 to 40 miles an hour wind gusts and the it only inn reese's to 40 miles an hour a lot stronger right along the coast a little less inland but still close to 40 miles an hour wind gust in philadelphia. late saturday -- late tomorrow night into early saturday. still a very gusty wind. it piles the water up in the back bays when it comes in right off the ocean. you get this coastal flooding we
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have watches and warnings in effect high tied tomorrow 12:00 o'clock along the coast. about five hours later along the tidal section sections of the d. these gusts 45 to 50 miles an hour get a lot stronger closer to the coast but inland you're still seeing that gusty wind. so that is the problem and these advisories are in effect through tomorrow. but most likely could continue through saturday and sunday. so a lot to talk about before we even see any effects for joaquin if any, a lot to talk about. kathy. >> absolutely, dave. coming up we'll be talking about more on joaquin and also the weekend. the immediate impacts we do expect rain in the forecast with a question is timing the rain and how much we get. a major cool down in the seven day. and of course the coastal impa impacts the the potential impacts from joaquin we'll have that later coming up in the broadcast with your seven day forecast. for now we'll zen it back to you. >> kathy thank you. still a lot we do not know about where hurricane joaquin will end up. >> that's true. of course lot of folks along the injuries seashore still have
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hurricane sandy fresh in their minds and that is definitely enough to get them ready now. fox 29's karen hepp live on the beach in atlantic city, karen, the weather as we can tell by your hair whipping up all kinds of stuff. joaquin is not even here yet. >> reporter: joaquin is not even here yet. this is exactly what dave warren was talking about. we can see all this flooding we have on the back bays because all that water has been piling up so we have that kind of flooding check this out right here. we've got some whipping winds and conditions. lots of gusts today and tonight. so even with without joaquin comincoming into our neck of the woods people down here are preparing that's exactly what certainly governor chris christie is recommending for everybody to do right now. because the conditions are kind of gross. this guy cary lowry is reeling out the last portable generator from the egg harbor township home depot. >> went to sam's yesterday bought cases of water. we're getting our documents together. bought the generator. so we're just doing the basics to be prepared. >> reporter: start now south jersey says governor chris
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christie. he's declared a state of emergency. >> i will consider evacuations if necessary. >> reporter: right now all this rain is from a completely separate storm but you don't need a hurricane to have some big problems. lots of wet feet and flooding at this marina in northfield. >> pulling boats out of the water because of the storm. >> reporter: they're sand bagging in margate and already have power lines down with today's windy and wild weather. darrell and mary can't believe how big the waves are. >> really windy and just magnificent waves. these waves are just so big. i haven't seen them this size in a long time. >> reporter: the ocean is already chomping up our beaches. atlantic city is taking precautions and canceling outdoor events. >> obviously, some of the races that we had scheduled, marathon, the bike raises all postponed due to the weather. right now, i can say we're really just preparing trying to be prepared for the worst.
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>> reporter: that's good advice certainly for everybody. all the rain we're getting over today the next couple of days we've had in the past the ground is getting really wet and we're seeing the trees come down. that means we'll have power outages. get your batteries ready and all of that stuff. back to you. >> all right, karen good advice, thank you fox 29 weather team tracking hurricane joaquin. we'll bring you breaking details on air and online at fox 29.cot. >> speaking of breaking news out of oregon college students describe quote pure chaos at least 13 people are dead after a 20-year-old gunman opened fire on campus. the sheriff confirms that gunman is also dead. fox 29's shawnette wilson has been following this since it happened at umpqua community college in the small town of rows berg. >> for the first time we're hearing about what happened moments before those shots were fired. >> reporter: new information right now at this hour. according to a student at the college, the 20-year-old gunman shot a teacher and asked others in the classroom about their religious before firing more shots. the student says she was in a
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writing class this morning when bullet came through the window then the gunman entered the classroom and told everyone to get on the ground. the student says that's when the shooter started asking them to stand up and state their religion, again, frizzes a student not yet confirmed by authorities. this all unfolded on the campus of umpqua community college in roseberg, oregon. that's about 180 miles south of portland. reports indicate the shootings may have happened in two different buildings. one we're told inside a computer lab in the science building. the douglas county sheriff says authorities ex changed gunfire with the shooter who died at the scene. right now it is unclear whether the shooter killed himself or was shot by police. >> our top priority now is the medical treatment for victims and the security of the campus. >> reporter: here's what else we learned about security on that campus. the former president of the college who retired in june says that this school has one security officer on duty at a time and that person isn't armed that was the big debate last
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year on campus whether or not they shall be armed. certainly that will be a discussion coming up. also, the president set to speak about the tragedy at the school in the next 10 to 15 minutes. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. details well will no doubt continue to develop in this story all night long. you'll fan it all on just look for our links on our home page. >> developing now, pennsylvania's attorney general back in front of a judge. kathleen kane already charged with leaking information in a grand jury investigation. today she returned to court facing a second perjury count and other new charges. but all of that not enough to keep her from talking. fox 29's jeff cole was there for this afternoon's a rain many. jeff another bombshell from the ag. >> reporter: she absolutely picked up a bomb and through it right over to the press and said, you know, chew on this. she says that she's got 1500 crude, somewhat pornographic e-mails she says were sent and received by a sitting pennsylvania supreme court justice. a sitting justice she says on
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the highest court here in pennsylvania. that's what kane says. meanwhile, she faced another criminal charge today. let's take a look at some pictures. just before 4:30 this afternoon, attorney general kane showed up here at the district justice's office in collegeville to say she had another criminal charge, felony charge of perjury. she's accused of of telling a grand jury she never signed an oath to keep grand jury information secret when the montgomery county district attorney's office says that they went into her office and found just that oath. kane is also already charged with releasing secret grand jury information and then lying to the grand jury to cover it up. but as we said, when it was all over today, she through a bombshell. first we'll hear from kane and then prosecutor kevin steal. >> those e-mails contained both sent and received e-mails from a present supreme court justice. they contained racial mow statue
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us in tick pornography. one of them was a joke about a woman who was beaten by her husband and the punch line was, she should just shut up. just this week after monday i found thousands of e-mails, e-mail files from and today i stand before you arrested yet again. >> this case is very straight forward. this is a perjury case that we have brought based upon materials that she testified about and that, um, were brought, um, out by people in her office, um torque indicate that she had sworn to those. that's what this case is about. >> reporter: there you go. kane says -- she's just saying this straight out. she believes these pornographic e-mails that she keeps discovering on state computers that are sent and received by top state officials are the
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reason she's being arrested and up the anti today saying that she has thousands and thousands of files from and two entities of course are engaged in at least she would argue make her look bad out right prosecuting her. kane says she's not going anywhere. i'm jeff cole live in colleg collegeville. folks, back to you. >> jeff, thank you. coming iconic late night eatery will soon fade into philadelphia history. the big project bringing big changes to one part of the city. howard? >> the eagles will be getting a player back on the field sunday for the game against the redskins and chip kelly had a reason not to worry about the weather forecast for his game in washington. that's coming up in sports. ññ
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♪ all right. tonight police are looking for the men who robbed a man at an olney gas station this morning on the 5300 block of rising sun avenue. police say the suspects drove up to the gas station moments after the victim. they surrounded the victim where
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she searched him taking his iphone and wallet. that car was found a short time later. have to tell you kathy orr is torn up by this next story. sad news for iconic eatery. she likes their only let's a lot. if you've been at rittenhouse the the past four decades you all all about little pete's. >> bill anderson joins us in the newsroom now. bill, not a lot of time left for philly to say goodbye. >> reporter: really not. i'm a lifetime philadelphian. we're laid back city. we like the simple things and we're fiercely loyal. so diner closing to some may not ab big deal. but if it's part of our neighborhooneighborhoods for 37s philadelphians we care. ♪ >> reporter: anyone whose late night drinks near rittenhouse square hadn't those after hour cravings for food has probably been here to little pete's. sadly on wednesday, it was announced that little pete's
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will be demolish after 37 years to build a 13-story hotel on this location. for as long as anyone can remember little pete's has had scrapple, cheesesteaks and diner food 24 hours a day and the owner told me it's sad to see 37 years of his history be forked to shut down. >> it's not a good feeling. knowing this place will be torn down. mixed emotions. you know what i mean. this is like my second home. spend more time here than i do at home. >> reporter: people have been trying to save little pete' sin the developments plan was proposed because people view it as iconic landmark that brings all sorts of people together for really good food at a really good price. >> there's a shame like for american tradition because i come here and i think this belongs to american tradition diner like this. >> i've been coming here for 20 some years. always get good food. you're in and out. it will be missed. >> several city council members expressed their support for little pete's but they did approve the hotel development
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plans on wednesday much the hotel developers saying they'll try to find way to relocate little pete's but remains to be seen if that is in the plans for one of philadelphia's favorite iconic greasy spoons. >> of course i want to thank everybody support for all them years and hopefully we'll open up another place again. see us again. >> reporter: specific date of the hotel ground-breaking has not been set. there is hope that little pete's may relocate but you couldn't help but think after all the customers i talk to that even if it does relocate after 37 years, just won't be the same, guys. >> i tried to go in once. it was jammed. e-con even get in. >> all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. >> here's kathy orr. we have a lot to talk about. still we're talking about this weekend and we have joaquin to talk about as well, guys. ultimate doppler here you go. we have rain, we have some wind. we'll zoom in to the northeast he can tension and show you what we've going on here. you can see through montgomery county, montville, norristown,
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extending into buck county we're seeing some pockets of heavy rain. and case in point outside our weather window here at fourth and market extending down market street. we've got the windshield wipers on at least moderate to high with heavy rainfalling in center city old city philadelphia the temperature 58 degrees. the rain so far right in the city a quarter of an inch and that's come down in the past hour or two. winds out of the northeast at 10 miles an hour. right now temperatures in the 50s with the wind just mixing the atmosphere. very haven't warmed up all that much this afternoon witness clouds with the rain and that persistent northeasterly wind. we're watching this frontal boundary. it moved through the other day and stalled. now it's going to back into the region and pull in a loft moisture with it. that will tighten the pressure gradient that means windy conditions even well ahead of joaquin. now this is the rain we're expecting over the next couple of days. not associated with the hurricane. you can see pushing in from the south toward the northwest and heavy rain right through the
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afternoon. pocks of heavy rain moving inland in waves rotating and we'll see a few more showers moving in on saturday. i think friday the wet rain know day that do you not want to be outdoors. saturday periods of rain. pocks of rain here and there but a cloudy very windy day with winds gusting to 25 even 30 miles an hour. here's how much rain we're talking about through saturday night. one to 2-inches from philadelphia south and eve. and one, less than 1 inch towards the north and west. overnight tonight 52 degrees with periods of rain and wind. the high tomorrow 55. ways look ahead to the seven day forecast watching joaquin. especially monday into tuesday. and wednesday and thursday look for sunshine. we do have some impacts down the coast even if it stays offshore wind tidal flooding and beach ear rogue. >> all right. thank you very much, kathy orr. >> you bet. >> appreciate it. howard is here with a look at sports. the eagles head coach chip kelly will tell us why he doesn't worry about the weather forecast for this game on sunday.
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♪ back to breaking news now. president obama speaking at the white house about the deadly shooting at an oregon college campus. let's listen in. >> -- and it's fair to say that anybody who does this has a sickness in their minds.
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regardless of what they think their motivations may be. but we are not the only country on earth that has people with mental illnesses or wanted to harm to other people. we are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months. earlier this year i answered a question in an interview by saying the united states of america is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws even in the face of repeated mass killings. later that day, there was a mass shoot tag movie theater in lafayette, louisiana. that day! somehow this has
6:25 pm
become routine. the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium ends up being routine. the conversation in the aftermath of it, we've become numb to this. we talked about after columbine and after tucson after newtown, after aurora, after charleston, it cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun. what's become rue routine of course is the response of those who oppose any kind of common sense gun legislation. right now, i can imagine the
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press release being cranked out. we need more guns they'll argue. fewer gun safety laws. does anybody really believe that? there are scores of responsible gun owners in this country. they know that's not true. we know because of the polling that says the majority of americans understand we should be changing these laws including the majority of responsible law-abiding gun owners. >> hours after the shooting at umpqua community college in roseberg oregon the president at the podium in the white house talking about gun violent. >> of course we'll continue to follow this all night. you can follow it on our website at you can also check us out at 10:00 o'clock. we'll have the latest. we'll see you then. thanks for watching. have a good night.
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