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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 1, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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track and what it could do the east coast. the latest model is next. tarror on a l college campus another shooting massacre. what we just found out about the shooter. your newses starts in 30 seconds right now two major stories developing tonight. a gunman burst into a college classroom in oregon and opens fire, ten people murdered, the suspect killed in a shootout with police. and hurricane joaquin getting
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strength as it sets its sites on the east coast. live radar shows the cath 4 hurricane. it is bearing in the bahamas pounding into the shore and states getting up and down the east coast are getting ready for impact. i'm ian page. several states, including new jersey have declared states of emergency. chris o'connell is live in wildwood night, but we begin with kathy ear. we're already seeing flooding down the shore, but it is not from joaquin. >> no, it is not. we're talking about a big strong shore flow. joaquin a thousand miles away from the delaware valley as the crow flies. max sustained winds 135 miles an hour. it's very close on the what ham a islands moving south, southwestly 5 miles an hour. let's talk about the immediate future, the here and all. ultimate doppler showing some
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heavy rain through south jersey, down the shore, everything lifting up from the south and pulling in from the east associated with a frontal boundary that's persistent easterly flow is creating wind, high serve and look at all of this rain. seeing some heavy down powers right along the expressway, the garden state parkway and millville. the reason why we do have high pressure to the north, low pressure to the south and some very windy conditions, a tightened pressure gradient, that's going to persist. it's going to especially could it very windy and we have all this moisture being pulled up from the gulf along the stalled front creating big problems over the weekend. we're talking about coastal flooding. a warning for the shore points, high tied at noon h tomorrow and then later along the delaware you can see this is where we have our much what, the high tied at 5:00 p.m. there. this weekend we're talking about one to two sentence of rain within the next couple of days. very gust gusty winds inland 25 to 35 miles an hour, the coast
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45 miles an hour or greater, not even related to joaquin. coming up we'll have the latest tract on joaquin and talk before a major cool down in the sex-day forecast. kathy with those latest models a lot of folks in south jersey aren't taking any chances up and down the jersey shore they are taking measures just if in case joaquin barrels on through. chris o'connell is live in wildwood. as always hoping forth best, but preparing for the worst and it looks like you're getting soaked. >>reporter: whipping wind and soaking rain drenching south jersey towns. we're here in wildwood and it looks like this h may be a sign of of things to come as people down here at the jersey shore begin to prepare for whatever hurricane joaquin has in store for the shore. as the rains and winds withinned up the coast folks on seventh street in north wildwood are busy batoning down the hatches. we came down for my parents to
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just really help them prepare for the storm, get the awningings down, get everything inside. inland the home depot in cape may courthouse was a busy place. >> plywood to plywood your windows, tarp, flashlights, water. we have all those out, the merchandise t for them so they be grab it as they see it. joe far reno wasn't taking any chances he plunged down several hundred bucks on a new generator. i don't want to be stuck without power. and just like clock work the local supermarkets were also jamming with customers stocking up for the storm. extra food, extra movies, just get ready to honker down. for many shore residents just hearing the word of an october hurricane brought back bad memories of sandy. >> take a lesson from sandy and apply it to this. get people really prepared and to believe it.
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as we bring you back out here life wildwood police already have the barricades up to close off any roads that may be flooded notorious where we are at rio grand avenue. we're also being told late tonight that wildwood public schools are also closed, wildwood catholic school is closed tomorrow because of the storm and many other shore district are also following suit, guys, back to you. > all right, thank you, chris. the preparation ares aren't just happening on land, boat yards are busy pulling in vessels out of the water. northfield lot say a lot of people lost boats when sandy struck. they want to get them out of danger just in came the sandbags are ready about three miles away in margate, atlantic city electric cruise are making sure everything is in place. they've already started making repairs bracing for downed wires and power outage's. in atlantic, cape may, cumberland and salem counties i need all of you to begin to
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prepare today. >> governor chris christie seen this all before. today he issued a state of emergency for new jersey, heavy rains and strong winds have hit shore towns the past few days and it's expected to continue into next week. in pennsylvania governor tom wolf says the state is also ready to respond. we don't know what this hurricane is going to do, what impact it's going to have on pennsylvania, but we are making every preparation we can to make sure that we're ready for whatever comes our way. no emergency declaration from the governor just yet, but wolf says one is ready for h him to sign if it become pes necessary. of course, the fox 29 weather authority team is tracking hurricane joaquins as the path changes we'll bring you breaking details on air and online at fox tragedy strikes at a organ campus, three are dead and more than a dozen are injured after a gunman opened fire. within hours president obama
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took to the national stage talking about gun control and saying this tragedy is becoming routine for our country. shawnette, despite the fact that we still don't know how the shoot ergot those guns, president obama offered up some harsh words about our gun laws. >> he did than you're correct, lose i we don't know that, but what we do know is the gunman is identified as chris hopper mercer. he's also dead, still no motive in the shootings, but we do know more about the moment before he opened fire. somebody is outside one of the doors shooting through the door. there is a female in the computer lab. we do have one female that has been shot at this time. chilling words of the emergency first responders in the mass shooting atom what community college in or gab. chris hopper mercer shot ten people to death and wounded seven. i don't know what to feel right
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now, i'm terrified. i'm stressed out about it. this student who just started school here four days ago says she was in writing class around 106789. 30 this morning when shots rang out. i looked out at window and there was a couple of girls sprinting away from the building and i heard screaming after that first gunshot. authorities believe the shootings happened in two buildings on cam us p. the gunman made the victims get down on the ground and state their religion before he continued shooting. law enforcement fired at mercer when they became in contact with them. the active shooter was engaged by law enforcement and later con termed to be deceased. it's unclear whether mercer killed himself or was shot by police. president obama offered thoughts and prayers, because says that's no longer enough. we talked about this after columbine after oregon, after charleston. it cannot be this easy for
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somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun. officials now turn their attention to the surviving victims. our top priority now is the medical treatment for victims and the security of the campus. we're very sad. and speaking of security the former president of the college who retired in june said the school has only one security officer on duty at a time and that person isn't armed. that was a big debate last year on campus whether that guard should have a weapon or the not. all right, shawnette. we have breaking news tonight. h this out of afghanistan, at least six us military personnel have died in the crash of a c130 transport plane. five others are also dead. among them civilian contractors. we know this happened near gentleman look bad airport. but the pentagon is not saying whether the us marine or the air force was firing the plane. kathleen cane firing back after the latest charges against her.
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today cane told reporters she has 1500 pornographic e-mails. she claims they were sent by a sitting pennsylvania judge. she never signed an oath to keep grand jury information secret. she was already charged with releasing grand jury information and then lying to cover it up. canada says there's much more to the story. those e-mails contained both sent and received e-mails from a present supreme court justice. they contained racial massage nice particular pornography. one of them was a joke about a woman who was beat especially by her husband and the punch line was is that she should just shut up. just this week, after monday, i found thousands of e-mails, e-mail files from monaco,. golf and philadelphia. golf and now today i stand
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before you arrested yet agúin. ken says she's not go anywhere and even after the supreme court temporarily revoked her license. that goes into effect later this month. a little girl was walking home from the bus when an suv pulse up behind her and now police are on the hunt. what happens moments earlier that makes all of this much scarier. we're thinking these are going to be your son. a couple's dream come true, adopting twins. they picked out names, decorated the nursery until the mother and the babies disappeared. what they found out next has left them heartbroken. and arrested, accused of attacking her brother with a butcher knife. why? police say he eight. the puerto rico guns taken in a bust. a veteran trooper claims they want to fire him for releasing
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it. we're going to do something like this against a veteran, connect rated latino trooper? he says he didn't do it. what fox 29 investigates found out. for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim they're for us, but we know how to spot a sleight of hand. they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey
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casino backers. and you know what that means - north jersey casino bigwigs can count on them. but can we? it's a dirty trick. north jersey casinos would take our casinos, and our jobs, and ruin our economy. will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos. tonight police are looking for the men who robbed a man at an olney gas station.
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this happened earlier this morning on the 5300 block of rising sun avenue. police say the suspects drove up to the gas station just moments after the victim. they surrounded and searched him, took his eye phone and wallet. the suspect's car, though, was found a short time later. what's in a name? maybe a lot if people find it offensive. philadelphia football skipping the mascot for washington's team. dawn timmeney shows us this weekend's media guide that has people talking tonight. >> these name of their team. that's not offensive. cynthia cortex are baffled by the eagles media guide for this sunday's matchup against the washington redskins. the weekly simply refers to the team as washington. no mention of the redskins. >> that has been their name for all this time for how many years? what y can't they say it? what's the problem. >> they're trying to make a mountain owl of a mole hole. > check out previous guides and they have no problem using
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nicknames, dallas, the cowboys and new york theç jets. so what's going on? >> i think that it's a lot of political correctness that we seem to all be falling into. native american groups have lobbied the nfl and the redskins to change the nickname which they say iso fencive. i just think it's a little bit of over kill. i think people put too much into it. it's been the skins for however long. they're going to be wrong no matter what. they were the bullets and then they changed to the wizards. others we talked to in chick ' and piece this afternoon think the eagles made the right move. it is a sensitive matter so just to avoid everything, keep it the city name instead of the team name. > do you think the team should change the name. >> itself a up to them. > chip kelly asked the same question and had this response. i have a personal beliefs on
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things, but my belief doesn't affect what that name is, so they can do what they want to do. the team's twitter account is also just using the name washington. it is interesting to note that the eagles official website does name sunday's opponent as the redskinsment we'll see if the game goes off if planned or if hurricane joaquin forces the team to call inaudible. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. > a gas leak has forced new jersey's highest courthouse to close for a second day. the hughes justice complex evacuated yesterday after a freon leak was deaccount ted. officials say the leak wasn't widespread, but readings were higher than acceptable levels. fresh air is still getting bumped into the building. a final goodbye for a new jersey high school quarterback who die afford taking a hit during a game last weekend. hundreds lined up outside a church in washington, warren county where 17 year old evan
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maurice's family him to death. he died from internal pleading caused by a lacerated spleen. hundreds of people were at school watching a video stream of the funeral. the football team will continue its season on saturday. fox 29 is battled illegal dumping in philadelphia's million creek neighborhood before. back in 2012 we got the city to come out and clean up the mess. the illegal dumpers are back and so are we. it's a quality of live issue that cannot be ignored. >>reporter: look really closely at the 900 block of may street and you'll see beautiful wild morning glories, but the wider view, the view folks that most get around here is not so attractive, it's a dump, for construction debris, mattresses, broken toilets and assorted trash. the vast majority of it dumped in the dark of night.
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makes the community look bad. not much gets past either of tomlinson. he has confronted the slobs that dump out here. they say they're just riding by. riding by a dead alley. >> we all know what it is. > the old community center sits vacant and graffiti sits next to the dump site. he a danger to the children who use this as a shortcut to the local elementary. neighbors say they asked for help, but -- i called 311 twice and no results. you called the city's 311 1 # help line. >> right. > nobody shows up, nobody says anything. >> no. > digging through the construction debris i found junk male linked to a home address just a half a dozen blocks away. that home was empty and no surprise showed signs of recent rehabbing. i snapped some pictures of the mess and sent them to
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philadelphia's l and i commissioner. this neighborhood is being buried alive much they tell us to keep our communities clean, but when we do we don't get no support from them. it's frustrating. >> yes, it is. a lot frustrating. licenses and inspections commissioner carlton williams tells me he has at our request reported to the streets department that freshly dumped debris and he has an l and i inspector on site to take a look at the badly cracked wall that could be a danger to the the school kids. the illegal dumb percent are a discourage to the city. i'm bruce jordan. join sue serio in helping to stop child abuse by coming out this saturday to the third annual super hero 5k run at the philadelphia zoo. come dressed as your favorite super hero or just as you are. the registration also includes free zoo admission for the day. you can join joist and sue for the great cause. caught in the act, these guys bust through a cement wall, cut
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the alarm and phone line getting away with thousands of dollar as in equipment. what they didn't know what was hiding in the truck that they stole that led the cops to them. carrier that revealed hackers have stole mills of customers' information. > the eagles and the redskins have a 1:00 game in landover, maryland, but with the governor of maryland declaring a state of emergency, he did it this afternoon at 3, the game in landover may be in jeopardy. i'll have the latest options coming up in sports. > evening, everybody, the pope is gone, construction back underway here at the vine street expressway. they have closed the 19th street bridge, as well as that freely bring pedestrian bridge and we'll start to see the demolition of those overpasses in the next couple of days. weekend weather disruptions expected at philly international. look ahead, if you're planning
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to fly in or out of philly stay in touch with your airline as bad weather approaches and shuttle busing over the weekend on the media l line. more on the storm and we'll check the jam cams starting bright and early tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.
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breaking news as authority continue to process the crime seen in rose burg, oregon. everyone connected with ucc to the families of anybody who was hurt today in any way, emotionally or physically. this has been a long, sad tragic day at ucc and the thing that we should take away from it is the power that love can bring to this community. we saw people rush to our help, rush to assist us, rush to comfort us. people all over the community came in. i think that's one of the blessings of a small town is that we're so interconnected. even though i've only been here a short period of time, the friends that i knew we had all came and did everything they possibly could. they're still here helping us and they will continue to help us as we go back to normalcy.
10:25 pm
this is going to take us sometime and we need the patients of the community, but we plan to have the college functioning safe and comforting as soon as possible for our students to return. this is a crisis and we are asking for help and receiving help. > you're listening to a news conference right now out of rose burg, oregon. the sheriff is still processing the crime scene campus wide. we want to continue to follow this head to our website, fox > flooding leaving behind a major mess in parts of south carolina check out of this video of a car dealership. flood waters picked up most of the vehicle also and left them in several miles. two on the other side of the bridge and upside when the weather to blame for this sink hole. a man barely escaped his vehicle after crashing into the hole. luckily he managed to get out
10:26 pm
and cling to a tree before being rescued. > this is what happened when you bring a knife to a food fight. going viral tonight. police handcuffed ethyl james bang after she attacked her brother with a knife, why. >> paw he eight barbeque ribs that were herself. > he is not badly harmed. a south jersey credit arrested and charged with a disusual ting crime. what police say he was doing to the people he was supposed to be helping. kathy. the latest on our rain this weekend and hurricane joaquin. davis in with new information coming up as fox 29 news at 10 continues. [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis. [man] with a private dock!
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right now at 10:30 tracking hurricane joaquin. a live look at radar shows the now category 4 hurricane spinning in the atlantic. we could be days away from for example feeling this impact and its path is changing. the fox 29 weather authority has the very latest in your full forecast ahead. it's been a bad week for a south jersey doctor, once again getting attention for all the wrong reasons. prosecutors say he committed
10:30 pm
some disturbing crimes to the patients who trusted him. and as fox 29's dave schratwieser explains, the charges do not stop there. no one answered the door at doctor sigh add jeffrey spacial egg harbor township home thursday night hours of a he was indicted on 18 counts of criminal sexual contact with his patients and sexual assault. i was kind of shocked. i couldn't believe what was going on, right under your nose. something like this is scary. > philadelphia philadelphia levy lives across the street. he met the doctor a few times. including when he first moved into his home here. he seemed like a regular guy, normal, fun, good going. across town patients came and went from the offices of premier neurology and pain management, but they weren't coming to he see dr.after rewho was indicted twice this week. a receptionist told a patient
10:31 pm
that he was on leave of answer. >> i can't understand that. > on tuesday state investigators charge the doctor with taking nearly $200,000 in bryce and kickbacks in exchange for patient referrals. and then on wednesday egg harbor township police and county investigators charged him with criminal assault and sexual assault with his patients. if that's fact he's in trouble and they should put him away, absolutely. > neighbors say the 54 year old doctor worked lots of hours. they rarely saw them. some said the charges against him are troubling. when you think about it, you can't believe something like this could happen. it could happen across the street, you know. that's where it is. > state investigators say the doctor put his personal wealth ahead of his patients' needs. he was released on $100,000 bond. effaces five to ten years in prison if convicted on the charges. in egg harbor township, dave schratwieser, fox 29 new. > on your radar tracking hurricane what seen and our
10:32 pm
weather authority is all over this. dave warren tracking the latest path of the storm. the flood watches are in effect right now? we have a heavy rain out there. you can see in ultimate doppler, see the green and the yellow this moving ashore from our jersey shore points and some heavy rain in cape may county, atlantic county. if you haven't seen heavy rain you'll be seeing it tonight or during the day tomorrow. right now in old city philadelphia we're seeing some light rain, but nothing like we saw good before. winds picking up by the north, northeast at 18. we expect them to gust at least to 25 miles an hour. temperatures in the high temperature 50s from north to south because of the wind mixing in the atmosphere you have a uniform temperature with the clouds and that persistent easterly flow. don't expect those temperatures to move all that much over the next couple of kays. ahead of joaquin we have rain because of a stalled frontal boundary and rain and moisture moving up along that front. we'll see additional showers
10:33 pm
tomorrow. heavy rain by tomorrow afternoon. if you have dinner plans, look out. it is going to be a slow go along the i95 corridor, south jersey, even our suburbs for the evening commute and then we see periods of rain, especially during the day saturday. the fields will be when the for any type of soccer, lacrosse, field hockey games. we're going to have an issue there. winds will be gusting to 5 miles an hour and look what happens on saturday, 36 and gusting down to the 60s down the shore. s that he ' the latest and my colleague davis in the center. waiting for the new information to come in. every three hours it updates the storm information. that will update just before 11:00. here's the latest, still a category 4. still very intense. likely that intensity will continue. it's the movement we're watching, slowly drifting at south, southwest at five miles an hour. really not much of a change in the next 24 hours.
10:34 pm
these are all the individual plots. it's saturday morning, 10:00 because this is where the key time is. a lot of the forecast models are now taking it out to he see, but there are still a few which make that sharp left turn because the storm will continue to interact with that upper load to the southeast and the high to the north. those were the individual forecast models, the national hurricane center tract has slowly tried to work its way out to see. it's been trendingç that northeast direction, the instance intensity still a category 4 but once it moves into the cooler water it weakance, makes that right turn. that will still effect part of the coast. this will be monday and tuesday. that will be the key times that we are talking about. until then, though, let's see what we have in store before that. a lot to talk about dave. overnight tonight we're still talking about low temperatures in the 50s. some heavy rain and gusty winds. tomorrow the high 55 with more rain and wind and look at the weekend.
10:35 pm
rain showers tapering off saturday. by sunday we're seeing a few showers and then watching joaquin monday into tuesday. the latest tract from the national hurricane center comes out right at the end of our show. we will have that for you live here on fox 29 news and we'll see in that easterly tract out to see continues. consistency is the key to this forecast. as you said, the tripped is your friend. right now it is if it goes to see. > these guys busted through a cement wall, cut the alarm. got away with thousands of dollars in equipment. what they didn't know was hiding in the truck they stole. >> hackers have stolen millions of customers' information.
10:36 pm
reasons rains rains rains rains
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$80,000 in landscaping equipment including a truck just gone. some very determined thieves knocked a hole into a cinder block wall to get into a landscaping company in tampa, florida. not only that they cut the phone lines, they thought they hit the jackpot but they weren't thinking that the truck they just stolen had a gps hiding and lead police straight to them. if your money tonight, if you tried to get a t-mobile phone in
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the past two years, hackers may have gotcha. ex peer on, the company that processes the applications, says hackers got the information of 15 million. so if you filled out an application between september 15 and last month. ex peon set up. you'll notice a difference the next time you go shopping in northern liberties, the old super fresh is now an acme. super fresh parent company filed bankruptcy. the new acme is now open and ready for you to do some shopping. a couple in texas thought their dreams of becoming parents were about to come true. the adoption agency called saying a woman pregnant with twins any day and wanted to give the boys to t a loving couple. jason anbury ron miller say they rushed to the agency and met with the woman. they even let them touch her
10:40 pm
baby to feel the babies century indemnity kick. they rushed to get the nursery ready and they even like waited a 401(k) to pay for adoption t fees. we turned the mobiles on and they were plage the music. until the mom had the credit section. to top it off they say they disappeared. she got several thousand dollars for living expenses. the millers say this was their third attempt to attempt. they're devastated and they're noting whying to try again. a little girl is walking home from a bus when an suv pulse up behind her. what happened moments earlier that makes this even scarier. fox 29 first revealed it. a veterans day trooper says his boss wants to fire him for releasing it. he says he did not do it.
10:41 pm
fox 29 investigates next.
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sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. > a decorated new jersey state trooper says his boss is at the top of the force trying to ruin his career and his life. he says the fox 29 investigates
10:44 pm
report on a photo some deemed racist touch t all off. investigative reporter jeff cole is working the story. >>reporter: general franco looks like lots of guys hussing to make a buck. but for franco carpentry isn't just a side job, it's how he's fighting to keep the wolfs present his door. what status are you in right now? >> i am actually suspended without pay. off the job with no pay as a new jersey state police trooper. if you like fighting crime. >> i did. i loved it. > he's been a state cop for 23 years and has risen to detective sergeant first class earning 125 grand a year. i had a stellar career. i enjoyed every minute of it. if you were to ask me from the first day i started, i would have told you i loved the state police. but for franco, the love has turned to bitterness because he says the state police are moving to fire him for his alleged connection to the release of
10:45 pm
these controversial photos three years ago. the state police alleged that you released that photo publicly. >> that is correct. > did you release that photo publicly. >> absolutely not. > you did not give it to angel correspond dare oh who gave it to me. >> no, i did not. > more on franco and the pictures in a moment. first, the outrage, camden actavis angel correspond dare over? >> why the police officers waiving my flag in front of all this illegal substance? the photos touched off a fire storm of controversy in camden where they were shot. fox 29 investigates reported on them in march of 2012. one photo shows five new jersey state police troopers see thed behind a table of guns taken in a 2009 raid and struggle in the city. another, a trooper sits alonement in both photos a trooper is holding the flag of the territory of of puerto rico taken in the buff. correspond dare owe says the
10:46 pm
pictures were insulting. sending a message that puerto ricans are drug dealers gun smug letters. we are good people. we are americans. a state police spokesperson would not confirm the names of the troopers in the photo itself. we are not revealing four of the five. according to the legal document the trooper holding the flag is kenneth certify rack dose. >> in its response to a discrimination and whistle blower lawsuit franco has filed against police. > none of them look to be spanish or plaque or minorities. >> correspond dare owe tells fox 29 investigates days after voicing his anger in our 2012 report two detectives came to t see him. were you surprised that the state police sent to detectives down to you to find out where you got the picture. >> surprised, i thought i was going to be arrested. i said where am i being
10:47 pm
investigated? i'm juicy want justice done. did they ever get back to you and say here's the result of our investigation. >> they never got back to me. he says he was given the photos by the camden naap. franco tells fox 29 investigates he did not work with the group to make the photos public. have you ever heard of a new jersey state trooper named kenny franco. >> i don't know who he is. absolutely not. > you do not know who he is. >> i don't know. > did ken franco give you that picture which you ended up giving to me. >> no. > franco sees racism in the move to dump him. >> the state police knew i grew up in camden. my father was an actavis as i said for the hispanic group in camden. other than that i cannot see any other basis for their l allegation against me. > state police refused to comment on disciplinary action against its leader. he did confirm franco was suspended without pay on may 14
10:48 pm
pending an internal investigation. franco had actually left the force nearly two years earlier when a state police therapist sent him home on stress leave. the reason for the stress, rumors he was romantically involved with a female employee while on avis detail in atlantic city. he was married to trooper certify rack did is. >> franco denies it and was never disciplined for it. he was paid while 300 grand while on leave until police cut him off. his lawyer suspects halting his client's pay is directly linked to his lawsuit filed around the same time. this is a way for the state police to level the playing field so to speak by putting my client out on suspension without pay for him to buckle and want to either drop or settle his claim for pennies on the dollar. > as for the troopers in the picture, state police say they
10:49 pm
were hit with major discipline, including substantial suspensions without pay, but would not provide any details. franco says he'll keep fighting to return to the force, to a job where the state police corneal once stood with him and commending his worst of busting a drug rink. >> does that make you angry and does that offend you. >> slut it does, especially for the career i've had and dedication to the state police they are he ' going to do something like this against a veteran, decorated latino flag. the man holding the flag refused to comment. again, franco says he didn't give the photo to anyone and didn't know it existed until he saw it on fox 29 back in 2012. his claim of racism drew a quick response in state police. the agency writes the office of professional standards investigating incidents according to rigorous members of
10:50 pm
conduct for members of our agency without bias, adding these investigations are reviewed by the the office of law enforcement, professional standards within the attorney general's office. jeff cole, fox 29 news. > home surveillance cameras capture a lot of things for one georgia mom what she saw was terrifying. take a look the at what authorities are calling an attempted abduct. police in henry county say a man followed a school bus and when a bus stopped, this six year old girl got off. that's when the man driving talked to the girl. but the little girl knew all about stranger danger when her mom told her what to do. tonight police are still looking for the bad guy. what's going on this weekend with the eagles? >> we'll find out. there are a lot of moving parts with this whole thing. the eagles game is scheduled for 1:00 on sunday. forecast didn't look bad for sunday in landover, but the governor of maryland and here's
10:51 pm
where a little fly comes in the ointment, put the game in flux because he declared a state of emergency. we'll run down the options. that and demarco murray talks about his options of playing on sunday. we'll hear from chip coming up in sports.
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the special interests in trthreatening to move ournos casinos and jobs away. this "move" would harm the local economy, cost thousands of jobs and spike rising property taxes. but, democrats vince mazzeo and colin bell are fighting the special interests to keep atlantic county jobs, grow the local economy and keep property taxes affordable. vince mazzeo and colin bell: fighting to protect our jobs... and send the north jersey interests' home packing.
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let's play a little football. the eagles will play the redskins at 1:00 on sunday afternoon. however, the eagles and the redskins plan to play until this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. when the governor of maryland declared a state of emergency in that state, which now creates a little bit of a problem. the stadium in detroit is out. there's already an event at that stadium. the nfl is now checking on other venues. st. louis could be a possibility. if the governor doesn't lift the emergency, and that's important. they need to find a stadium a decision has to be made by tomorrow. as far as the head coach, chip kelly he worries more about his football team than the weather. he has learned from a past
10:55 pm
experience in 2010 he should not get caught up in the forecast of weather. we're big on if we can't control it obviously no one can control the weather we'll adjust accordingly. we did play the one game here two years ago against to it where we were told we were going to get a lit dusting after half time. i remember going out at half time. and i said i don't know what end that. when we came back out i couldn't even see my feet. i played in hurricanes, blizards, it doesn't matter, we're there. > you're a football player. >> exactly. > demarco murray is full to go. it was not a good feeling when he had to watch ryan mattheus gain over a thousand yards week. whenever you miss a game it kills you. you want to be out there practicing every day and go out and compete. i'm excited to get out there if
10:56 pm
i can and we'll go from there. football sunday, followed by fox nfl at 11. the eagles and the redskins. they're going to play somewhere. followed by the packers and the 49s. the phillies were trying to avoid 100 losses. it looks like they'll not get to triple figures. everybody in the park today got a baseball. the phillies with a scoreless game in the fourth. a 3-2 pitch, the people were scrambling for the baseball. the phillies within 2-06789 you have never seen this before and the phillies hope never before. people who i've talked to there were approximately 2,000 people in the the ballpark today. that's as bad as it gets. >> that is. > too bad. >> thank you, howard. the latest from the national hurricane center has our cat 4 storm driving toward the north
10:57 pm
and turning toward the east away from the mainland us. we like this trend. we're excited about it, but the next 24 hours will tell if this is consistent, then we'll be able to have more confidence in it. but so far so good. sounds good. all right, thanks for watching. good day of course comes your way tomorrow morning. have a great night.
10:58 pm
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today, on "tmz" -- harvey: a very drunk sam smith has beef with mcdonald's. >> sam smith was in rio. he's like where is mcdonald it will's? i know they're open 24 hours but i guess they closed. >> everyone's been there, starving and drunk. >> i thought taco bell was the gary go-to place. gary mcdonald's soaks up alcohol in a truly unique way. it's amazing. >> kara del toro. she's one of the hot models in this carl jr.'s commercial. we asked her, have you had the burger? >> i tried it like three times. >> the b.s. meter going this way? >> she said she's eaten it three times. she's keeping track how many times she's eaten that burger. have eaten a burger.any times a lot. [laughter] >> looks like scott disick may have a new girlfriend. he was in new york. he's coming out t


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