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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] we don't know what impact this hurricane will have on pennsylvania but we are taking, making every preparation that we can,. >> you are hearing from pennsylvania governor tom wolf he had has not declared a state of emergency here yet but thinks wild weather that happened in the bohamas yesterday. we will tell you what this weather could mean for us, sue. >> wind of 130 miles an hour, with this storm. but the question is, is it a hit or a miss for the delaware
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valley. regardless we have rain, and wind around right now and here's proof. sabina is in atlantic city, hi. >> reporter: good morning, sue. that rain is coming down harder but that wind just really gusting out here. look at those white caps you can see in south jersey we are getting ready, we will let you know what they are doing. >> you can hear that wind. and a community comes together a after a deadly shooting on a oregon community college campus yesterday. >> anger caused this and we cannot have anger around us right at this minute. we need love, compassion, healing, and it will take a long time. >> that lady one of the resident banning together in the wake of the tragedy that left nearly a a dozen people dead. >> good day, everybody. it is friday, october 2nd, 2015. such a somber day. i remember leaving tv on and listening and so many people are like here we are again another mass shooting. >> we have had 15 just during president obama's time in
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office. so, so sad. big story, of course, this day is what is going on in the atlantic right now. joaquin, really high wind, lot of water that will bring with it, and you are tracking this for us right now. >> and, we are experiencing bad enough weather, without joaquin that we will give you a a two out of ten in your weather by the numbers. this is the storm that is getting all the attention and deservedly so. it is a four right now, category four storm with 130 miles an hour winds. it is starting to take a northwesterly turn and that is when we have to keep a close eye on the direction of this storm but the rain we are a's experiencing right now and there is a lot of it is nothing to do with joaquin and we have plenty right now. we have a coastal flood watch in effect through at day afternoon. we have coastal flood warning along our shore and the lower two counties of delaware, through saturday evening, gale warning all the way up the delaware bay and around the
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jersey shore, as well and a storm warning off the coast, also, look at how wind is here in the city, it is 23 miles an hour wind, 54 degrees, chilly out there and a 31-mile an hour wind gust here in the city. a sabina is experiencing 30 miles an hour wind gusts at the shore, that is how windy it is. bad hair day on two accounts with the wind and the rain and it is chilly. it is only 56 degrees for a high temperature and 50 degrees tonight for a low with rain continuing. will the the rain last through the weekend? we have so many weekend events, we told but a couple of them earlier. we have the big nascar triple header in dover, bob kelly, today, tomorrow, and sunday, so we've got a lot of pressure on this forecast. >> i have been down there when it rains and they have these gigantic fans that they bring out on the race track to dry off the race track itself. pretty cool. hopefully they get the race in
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there. i know we have a lot of events here in philadelphia. we have dragon boat races tomorrow, we have two parades on the parkway on sunday, all due to reshuffling of the parade schedule with the pope in town but this morning wet behind the ears giving wipers a work out. i told you earlier best investment this week would be a new set of $10 wiper blades and you will need them for the morning rush hour. it is not just the rain but as sue and sabina showed us, it is wind that will get you by surprise. you open up that front door, the screen door will go flying. open up the car door and i felt the wind take the the car door myself. good thing no one was coming down fourth street here when i pulled up this morning, otherwise, my door could have gone flying down fourth street. ninety-five wet behind the ears, watch for puddles and quick pond ago this happens especially in all of the construction zones. the strong wind this morning, knocking the speeds down on all of the bridges like the walt whitman, officially down
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to 35 miles an hour, so both hand are on the wheel, coming over any bridge. lincoln drive is closed, down wires between gypsy and rittenhouse. watching us down the shore you hear the the wind as well as volume coming out of your tv there, all majors are wet, we are dealing with the wind, certainly watch for puddles ape quick ponding as the the day goes on but coming from the burbs, nothing out of the ordinary on 202 and 422, and mass transit is looking good. chris and lauren, back to you. new jersey shore is wasting no time getting prepared for hurricane joaquin, bracing for the worst, hoping for the best. >> sabina kuriakose is getting whipped around by the wind in at atlantic city, hi there, a sabina. >> reporter: that wind is intense. you can barely get out of the live truck as win kept slamming that door shut on us. out here still dark out here but towards water the waves are just clashing. since we have been, standing out here it looks like waves
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are white caps are getting bigger standing out here. the as we pan down here you can see a little bit of flooding. we are standing on the edge of what is left on the boardwalk here and water had has come through. it has gotten further since we have been out here. we will not be out here when high tides coming in. we are hearing reports of light flooding in the area lets look at video we have gathered for you, yesterday when folks were just getting ready for this storm. now this storm that we're seeing with the rain and wind, separate from hurricane joaquin but people here are just preparing for the worst, they are hoping for the best. they are stocking up on food, supplies, officials, the governor, mayor putting out the warning and let's listen to what they told us. >> we have certainly learned a lot from sandy and we're going to prior to do if we have a mandatory evacuation, certainly to get everyone off the island, 24 hearst before we anticipate the hurricane hitting. >> we can -- we need can also,
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battery for our flashlights and we need water, some bread. >> we came down to my parents to just really help them prepare for the the storm, get the awnings down and get everything inside, just safety precautions. >> portable home generators in case the hurricane comes and the wife wanted us to be able to power the fridge, freezer, a few things around the house. so be prepared. >> reporter: sandbags, flashlights, generators all things people are the georgia tore get ready for this impending storm. you can see the the construction and that debris this is all that was left over after tropical storm sandy took out this part have the boardwalk here in atlantic city. these memories, they are just starting to ray build out here, still very, very strong for people out here, you can see why these reports are making them quite nervous,
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guys. >> it is a separate system all together. >> imagine once it comes up this way. >> right now joaquin is a category four storm. it lashed out in the bohamas before making its way to the u.s. >> in the meantime states in the mid-atlantic are preparing for the absolute worse. rain, over the past few days, flooded basements, caused headaches in parts of the virginia. fear of more scenes like these over the weekend have prompted some events around that city, in this area to kind of change or be cancel. >> east coast has been battered this week by flooding from separate storms. in south carolina one person has been killed after heavy rain opened up a massive sink hole in this road. then take a look at these cars in sport anberg south carolina, flood waters pick up mess of the vehicles and left them in piles. and then two of them washed under the bridge in the other side on the road and upside down. the chrysler dodge and jeep estimates there was water damage to 50 or 60 cars there. >> it is close to greenville,
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south carolina. in maine dozens of cars were stranded when more than 8 . federal officials are preparing for joaquin, fema says it is deploying storm response teams to the east coast as it is just in case tactic. remember fox 29 weather authority team is tracking hurricane joaquin as the the path changes. we will bring you breaking changes on air and on line at fox we have breaking news right now police are looking for a man they say shot his own father, this happened around 11:30 in the 200 block of rubican in olney. police say the 19 year-old man shot his father twice in the head and shoulder before running off. the father was taken to einstein where he is in critical condition. tragedy in rural oregon, the the community is america right now the the deaths of nine people killed in yesterday's school shooting. >> holding candles singing amazing grace they gathered in the the park to mourn their
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loss. >> we have love, compassion, healing and it will take a long time. >> you will know somebody that has family members and it is devastating. you wouldn't think something like that would happen in this small college town, you know. >> local businesses donated the supplies for that vigil where school and state officials encourage the small town to think of the victims, not the shooter. they asked people who gathered there to use this tragedy to grow closer to one another, comfort each other and care for each other and we still don't no what motivated that shooting. >> or why he pick that school in particular. the jenny joyce is looking into that for us, jen, what have you learned. >> reporter: shooting was called in just after 10:30. the gun man was not identified until late last night. police say he is 26 year-old christopher harper mercer. police say shooter stormed umpqua community college in restberg, oregon just after 10:30 and went on this rampage. witnesses are reporting that the attacker demanded to know the students religion before shooting them. one student says that she was inside a classroom next door
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to where the the shooting happen. they heard a loud bang that she says sounded like a ruler hitting a chalkboard but it was loud enough to make students jump. after it happened a couple more times, her teacher walk next door knock on the door and asked if everyone was okay and then came wrapped gunfire. >> she said is everyone okay over there. when she said that, multiple shots were fired and when she turned and looked in the classroom, lot on her face was horrifying enough and we knee something was wrong and she -- i don't know, it is hard to explain. when she looked at us she said we have to get out right now. >> as i said, just a few months ago, and i said, a few months before that, and i said each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough.
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it is just in the enough. it does not capture the the heartache and grief and anger that we should feel. >> hearing those raw emotions as we wait more tea tails as to why the shooter did this, we do not know. reporters were able to track down the father who says the shooting did his not make sense and the family is devastating, chris and lauren. >> jenny joyce, thank you. we will take a quick break and we will be right back.
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taking a live look at allentown and all morning long we have quotes from gandhi. >> live as if were you to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever. we are going through these quotes because today is his birthday. he was assassinated in 1948. we are asking people on social media, facebook, twitter, instagram to share your favorite inspiring quotes. we got some in. we will to have read those in our next couple of movies. >> that move which ben kingsly. >> oh, wow. >> he won the oscar for that, for sure. >> before we get to the hurricane i have to tell but the big weather changes out there mostly in temperature. two mornings ago we were in the 70's at this time the of the morning. now we're in the 50's, except for the mountains where we're
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in the 40's, this morning. so, we will first notice the chill when you walk out the door, 54 degrees in philadelphia upper 50's along the the the shore. lower 50's elsewhere, wind is the other thing you will notice because it will probably blow your hat off if you are wearing one. 23 miles an hour sustain winds in philadelphia and even stronger wind in other places. look at these wind gusts, 31 miles an hour out of the northeast and city, 30 miles an hour gusts at the shore. this will be with us all day, these high wind and the rains. before we get to the hurricane let's explain what category four is. sustained winds, on the scale between 131 and 155 miles an hour, will likely produce catastrophic damage and that is what we're hearing from the bohamas this morning. power outages cannulas a few months. as i result of the storm this powerful. now we can take's look at the storm. it is indeed still a category four with 130 miles an hour
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wind. it is expect to stay a four until it moves into slightly cooler waters and now track of this storm takes it far off shore we are not even in the cone of uncertainty but we are still feeling effects because this will be a category two storm, on monday, when it is parallel to the jersey shore and delaware beaches. that will pre dues effects especially beach erosion unfortunately at the shore and spaghetti models are starting to come together but we have to keep an eye as it is starting to take that track. in the meantime we have enough rain to deal with already. it started raining tuesday in to wednesday and raining pretty much on and off ever since. so how much rain maybe one to 2 inches in addition to an already saturated ground and further south you go, the more rain you will see, because of this tropical moisture coming off shore, off of the off shore system, but again, it is not joaquin. so heavy rain today, showers
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lingering throughout the the rest of the weekend and one to 2 inches possible and gusty wind look like they will be with us all weekend long. we could at times get 45 miles an hour winds along the coast. so that is what is going on with the rain. it will rain, joaquin or no joaquin, on your weekend but heavier rain will be today, and still some rain around tomorrow, and still chilly in the 50's. we might hit 60 degrees on sunday and then we warm up a bit in the 70's by the the middle of next week but we're not out of the woods, with joaquin we have to keep an eye on it but each forecast we get looks better and better. >> right on the money, first thing you notice is the chill and second thing is the the wind when that door goes flying, whether it be the the screen door thaw open up, make sure you put some rocks or some stale doughnuts in sabina's pockets to hold her anchor down at the shore. keep that in mine too little
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ones, kids standing out on the bus corn they are morning. here's a live look at the blue route right here near schuylkill expressway, hit and miss, we have that steady rain or that drizzle but we certainly have that wind that will make an impact today, even shaking our cameras here along i-95, and we have that spray that is popping up, off the cars and trucks. good set is best thing you can have this morning along with the full cup of coffee. black horse pike down the shore at franklin avenue, high water, you will find that down the shore here i'm in the sure when high tides come into play but that will play a factor in some of the roads, as we see the flooding later on today. if you are watching us down the shore the the the atlantic city expressway parkway everything is open, route nine is opened but roads are wet and you have to play with the win. the wind impacting travel across the bridges. walt whitman for example knock it down to officially 35. i wouldn't be surprised if all of the other bridges officially knocked their speed down.
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you will definitely feel difference when you come across bennie, whitman or tacony palmyra. the dragon boat races row into town. we will see big boats, coming in along the kelly drive today, for the the races that are set to take place a along the schuylkill river tomorrow, so watch out for that detour to go into effect later this afternoon and we have got two parades set for sunday on the parkway and lincoln drive is closed this morning with down wires between gypsy and rittenhouse, chris and lauren, back over to you. the taliban claims they shot down a u.s. air force c130 that crashed near a air base in afghanistan but u.s. is not so sure. six u.s. air men and five civilian contractors were killed, nato has not yet confirmed the cause of the crash. source claims that the contractors were working with nato's resolute support mission. names of the victims have in the been made public. at alleged i150 freeway shooter, pled not guilty in court. leslie merit junior charged with 15 felony counts
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including aggravated a assault and carrying out a drive by shooting, unlike the first time he was in court, he barely said a word yesterday. county attorney say bullets found in the vehicles have been link to merit's gun. he does remain in jail on a one million-dollar one. if convicted he faces up to 100 years in prison. vermont senator bernie sanders reached a campaign milestone. >> he has raised more than 26 million-dollar, since july. >> that is more than president obama raised by that same point in his campaign the the first time around. he is still behind hillary clinton, she raised 18 million touring the same per. we will see what happens on super tuesday when is march 1st, that is when 13 states have scheduled primaries or caucuses. new study a says put your phone down but why? the damage you could be doing tour relationship without even knowing it. >> but first here's your winning lottery numbers. good morning and good luck.
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yesterday the marks the beginning of the breast cancer awareness month and it wants to take you a closer look at the statistics. experts say a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the u.s. every two minutes. >> wow. >> american cancer society says over 231,000 women will be diagnosed, with invasive breast cancer. the most deadly form this year.
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these numbers prove that the need for early tea text and screenings and despite these high numbers breast cancer death rates are down 34 per send since 1990. they say they are currently more than 3.1 million breast cancer survivors in the u.s. and since we're speaking of breast cancer, sue serio posted a touching post on her face book page. you have to go read that. it was a first time post, wasn't it. >> it is my own store i. >> sue serio fox 29, is on facebook. >> i'm wearing pink today and breast cancer three day starts today, in willow grove. >> there we go. >> check it out. >> very revealing. >> thank you. >> some people believe in love, at first sight. >> this study says you do have a type although you might not realize it. researchers say, you find -- who you find attractive, okay,
5:26 am
depend on your life experiences, your genetics and your environment, unknowingly factor in the person, and even after just a look, 50 percent of people prefer faces that are unique to them, others look for familiarity, and it is all a matter of taste. >> um-hmm. >> okay. >> i don't think it does it justice. >> all right. sue, put down that cell phone it could be hurting your relationship. >> that simply means partner phone, snubbing, all combined there. researchers, found that it hurts relationship status satisfaction and creates conflict like when your partner hide their phone together or constantly glances over at it. study says most satisfaction overall to unhappiness and high levels of depression. why is she looking at her phone all the time why not me. >> we asked for people to send in inspirational quotes, someone on twitter sent one, we will have to get candace to put it up there and it is an
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indication of einstein and technology. >> yes. >> 5:26 is the time. hurricane joaquin making its way from the bohamas to the american east coast. we will tell but heavy rain from the stopping hurricane.
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what is in a name? why philadelphia's football team is skipping over the controversial mascot. and congress passes a bill to lift weight off small businesses, we will tell you all about it. but weather is the top story. it is friday, october 2nd, 2015. can we show that tweet really quickly, about technology. >> candace, do you have that one? there it is. he saw it coming. i fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction, the the the world will have a generation of idiots. >> albert einstein. >> there you you go. >> fantastic. >> he just told to us put your phones down but einstein said years ago if we don't do it, we will be idiots. >> technology helps with forecast continuing, right, sue. >> well, it does. >> satellite. >> we used to have to do all those calculations, with the computer models, by hand and with the slide rule and even i
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am not young enough i had to do that but here's bus stop buddy, he business ready to blow away, umbrella turning inside out, his hat is gone. temperatures in the 50's. the it is raining and windy at the bus stop this morning. be prepared for a two out of ten in your weather by the numbers, here's latest on joaquin still a category four storm with a 130 miles an hour winds, still battering the bohamas this morning for us we have had plenty of rain but not joaquin rain we had rain with us yesterday and the day before, and it has got, gotten a little more intense out there, so it is rainy, windy, we have a coastal flood watch for those counties. these counties in green are under a coastal flood warning through saturday evening, we have gale warnings out there as well, and it is just so windy. 23 miles an hour sustain wind out there, mid 50's your temperature and we will in the get out of the mid 50's today all day long. so sunrise may be at 6:58 but that is when it gets light
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out. here are wind gusts throughout the region. 31 miles an hour wind gustness philadelphia, 21 miles an hour mount pocono. thirty males an hour in atlantic city where sabina is this morning. poor thing. 56 degrees, windy, rainy throughout the day and tonight we are down to 50 in the city. with more rain. what about joaquin? we will answer all that coming up in a few minutes. but there is sabina a. we feel your pain. >> reporter: good morning, sue. i california feel 30 miles an hour winds. sue, it is gusting out here. when we get more daylight we can show you the white caps as this wind is whipping. the rain has gotten harder too that is milk in with water being whipped up from the ocean out there. you can see, feel the wind out here. it is really what this is all about. let's show you flooding we have out here. we are standing along the coastline as that water has come out and just flooded the
5:33 am
roadway here. we have heard, and seen, reports of some light flooding throughout the area and roadways as we were coming down here to atlantic city. we have heard were under a little bit of water but as you said this is not having to do with hurricane joaquin, this morning, this is because of the rain and wind as we have seen throughout last night and into this morning but standing out here you cane why people are worried and they are preparing for this potential hurricane, potentially to make land fall. you you can see where we are standing right here. this is part of the atlantic city boardwalk that was washed away during hurricane sandy. you can see it really hasn't been rebuilt. they just started rebuilding it, just recently, so people out here, that memory of sandy is so fresh in their mind. all this storm, win, rain and potential of the hurricane really worrying people out here and you can see why they are so cautious, bob. >> be careful down there.
5:34 am
good morning. 5:33. you heard it in the microphone from sabina's report there that wind is what will catch you, by surprise, if you are watching us down the shore atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway. you you will feel and hear win. high water and flood ago long black horse pike we will have to deal with this morning. that block at franklin avenue, strong wind, 35 miles an hour, officially now, on the walt whitman bridge. i wouldn't be surprised if the other bridges kind of follow course here but both hand on the wheel as you are coming over any of the area bridges this morning. the the schuylkill expressway, not that bad at all, but as you get ready to grab your umbrella, and take a walk outside the front door this is what your walk to the bus stop will look like here, the the umbrella, gone inside out, to make sure the kid are bundled up and buckled down as they are standing on the bus corn they are morning. down wires, blocking the lick on drive this morning between
5:35 am
gypsy and rittenhouse. i think we will see a lot of obstacles thrown in the mix here, if it was trash collection day in the city or in your neighborhood, anything that was put out last night that wind could have moved it down the street. as day like today i hope the neighbors new trash cans come rolling down to my house and quickly get out and put my name on the lid. >> oh, no. >> in white marsh an accident a flourtown and stenton road, with some police on the scene but otherwise bridges slower than normal and mass transit, no reported delays at the moment but make sure you are prepared standing on that bus corn they are morning. the chris and lauren back to you. congress passes a bill to lift weight off small businesses. bipartisan bill keeps small business definition at 50 workers instead of the increasing it to 100 which would have been the deal come yan first. under the affordable care act
5:36 am
companies considered small have to offer certain health benefits that legislation now heads to president obama he is expect to sign it via a voice vote. kathleen kane is firing back after latest charges against her. >> she told reporters that she had 1500, 1500 pornographic e-mails that were sent and received by a sitting pennsylvania supreme court just. kane was back in court, accused of telling a grand jury she never signed an oath to keep grand jury information secret. she was already charged with releasing grand jury information and lying to cover it up. kane says, there is so much more to this story. >> those e-mail contain both sent and received e-mails from a present supreme court just advertise, they contained racial, pornographic. one was a joke about a woman who was beaten by her husband and the punch line was is that she should just shut up.
5:37 am
just this week, after monday, i found thousands of e-mails, e-mail files, from montco dot gov and today i stand before you arrested yet again. >> kane says that she's not going anywhere even after the pennsylvania supreme court temporarily revoke her law license that suspension go into effect later this movement. we need a football game on sunday, find a stadium. >> okay. >> yes, with the hurricane churning out off the coast, will the eagles get play in d.c. against the redskins? what are they go to go do. we will take a look straight ahead.
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the eagles will play the redskins at 1:00 o'clock sunday afternoon. they planned play and were all set but at 3:00 p.m. yesterday a afternoon the governor of maryland declared a state of emergency which now creates a problem. stadium in detroit is out. there is already an event in detroit. nfl is checking on other venues. one could be st. louis. they need to find a stadium. a decision has to be made today. as for the the game demarco murray is full go. he had full participation in eagles practice for first time in a week. the obviously was not a good feeling when he had to watch ryan matthews gain over a hundred yard last week. >> when we miss the game it
5:41 am
kind of kills you inside, as a competitor you want to be out there practicing every day, you want to be out there playing the game every chance you get an opportunity to go out there and compete. i'm exited to get back out there if i can and we will go from there. >> we need a football game on sunday, find a stadium. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. let's talk about football. owners oakland raiders is different to say the lead. >> mark davis took over the reigns from al dave hoist died in 2011. he was notoriously tough on him refusing to allow him on the team charter. dave boys fly southwest. but bought three seats to lay down and take a nap. multi millionaire is really different. he drives this, what is this? it is a 1997 dodge caravan and it has a bubble top conversion kit and it has, a vhs player inside, not a dvd player, and a personalized plate, he has that, he had had to pay more
5:42 am
for that. he reportedly still text with the 2003 nokia push button phone and loves eating at pf change's. >> that means flip phone. >> yes. >> weather officials say hurricane joaquin may not be hitting the mainland but which states along east coast will still feel effects. >> is nokia the flip or motorola. >> maybe you are right. ññ
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i want you to be prepared if you are still in pajamas right now of how chilly it the is out identify when you walk outside the door temperatures not in the 70's like the the day before yesterday. they are in the in the 60's like they were yesterday. the 50's. in fact, it is only 53 in allentown. fifty-four in reading. and in philadelphia, 57 atlantic city. fifty-five in dover. with the wind it the feels even more chillier. a 23-mile an hour sustain wind in philadelphia, and we have, wind, that is sustain in the teens and 20 miles an hour. look at these wind gusts, 31 miles an hour at philly international. 32-mile an hour gust in atlantic city where sabina is. 29 miles an hour in wildwood. there is nothing like wind of joaquin, 130 miles an hour maximum wind as you, see this storm just battering bohamas staying a category four until it moves into cooler water, a threat to us, maybe monday of next week is when we see it, if it is at all close to the
5:46 am
the jersey shore and delaware beaches, it looks like this track, the the latest from the nationals hurricane center takes it pretty far off shore but if it is a category two on monday, it still will have effects mostly with beach erosion and high surf, at the new jersey shore. spaghetti models are starting to converge on that off shore track but we have to keep a close eye as it the gets out of the bohamas today. the here's the rain that was with us, joaquin or no joaquin but heavy rain today, showers lingering rest of the weekend and couple inches possible. we're in the the 50's today and tomorrow and in the 60's after that. hurricane joaquin heading out to sea but big part of the east cozies still getting rain and flooding. >> doug luzader is in virginia one of the states that declared a state of emergency in preparation for joaquin, hi there, doug.
5:47 am
>> reporter: good morning, guys. the rain has already started. this is in the from the hurricane but it is from one of those other storms, and, that is really the concern here that there has been so much rain in this area, the ground is simply soaked to begin with. anything additional from this hurricane even though it is tracking further east is going to be a problem. they are expecting a coastal flooding here, anyway. so if we get a pretty stiff breeze, coming in, from the the ocean, that may drive these water levels even higher and cause more flooding. they are starting to distribute san bags around here just to help residents, brace for what could be a rough few days here this combination of a rain event that was already taking place and potential then for the the outer edges of joaquin to have an impact as well. so at this point it is waiting to see what will happen with this storm. you know, a all they can do is put down sandbags and try to deal with the the rising
5:48 am
waters, and, expectation is closer to high tides, and, this is an issue in these very low lying areas. further inland, not so much, because the wind should be diminish somewhat and obviously the effect of flooding would be mitigated as well. >> double whammy with two storms and a big one behind it. doug luzader live in alexandria, thanks very much. lets go to bob kelly, so, bob, big deal now the wet roth ways here in our area. >> wet roads, we have the wind. a little bit of everything. we are feeling all of the element mother nature getting back for the nice wet we are he had for papal visit last week even. church and lanferretering some down wires. we will see that, throughout the the day as win continues to kick you have here. we have down wires, down trees, branches. if it was trash collection day in your neighborhood be prepared for obstacles heading to the driveway or school or
5:49 am
work. possible weather delays a at the philly international, the wind and the rain not just here in philadelphia, but obviously up and down the whole east coast could be a factor for today through the weekend. you may want to keep an ear and keep the airline on your speed dial before you head down to the airport. this weekend septa is doing track work on the media elwyn line using shuttle buses between media and elwyn stations. coming from the suburbs 202, 42 two slower than normal, roads are wet, we have wipers working and again really tough to see these lane markers in the construction zones until we see some daylight. down the the shore obviously you can hear the the wind and you will see the wet roads from the atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway. i know we have reports of high water like right here near black horse pike at franklin avenue and depending upon how the day goes and high tides come in and out, don't ever take a chaps. if it looks like too big of a
5:50 am
puddle just go around the block and play it safe. strong wind across all of the the area bridges knocking the speeds down. walt whitman officially down to 35 miles an hour. and you will see that follow on both ben franklin and walt whitman and tacony palmyra. coming in on the the 42 freeway so far so good but slower than normal as you roll through bellmawr, chris and ball mare. and, it is, a and you and your name and i want to you take a gift and surprise her on air. so earlier we did that, and here's how it went... that is trish your mom who called me and said i will sent it fedex in your name and give to it lauren dawn. >> read it out loud right new. >> i can't. >> i can't. >> yes, you can. >> i can't. >> was it about me. >> no. >> my make. >> i'm sorry, sue, you can do
5:51 am
the weather. >> we lost her. >> we don't know what is in it. >> everybody is like why are you taking the chair with you. >> all of our devices are connect to the chair so you north blocking us so i had to take the chair. >> the gift was opened. it was really nice with the dish with the quote, so lovely. she's so sweet. >> aim sure she's watching from a atlanta. >> very sweet. >> i hate it when do you that mom, make me cry on tv. >> according to a new study there are braces that can be damages to your relationship. >> relationship experts say sharing relationship concerns requires a check at times. so it is always good idea to remember not to say these seven phrases. ready. we just told you one i hate when do you. that here are the others, okay. calm down. bee lid he will and condescending. you never help with the kid. first don't ever say never.
5:52 am
and try not to be so blunt. make a suggestion instead. >> okay. >> you never listen to me. >> this leaves your partner feeling hepp less. never mind i will do it myself. that can be dismissive. i'm not happy. i want a divorce. >> do people say that now. >> i think they say. >> yikes. >> or is there someone else? they say if you have any hope of keeping your marriage don't make idle threats and don't jump to conclusions. >> that is rude, i want a divorce. >> well, yeah you have to be really mad to go right to the d word. >> yes. >> yikes. >> check this out... >> he sound like me crying. >> yes. >> this man loses his mind after getting unexpect news, what he found out, that change his life forever.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
5:55. we are celebrating g a andhi's birth the day sharing some quotes. a man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes. so, of course, his birthday was today, he died after he
5:56 am
was assassinated though. we wanted to invite you guys to tweet us your favorite inspiring quotes from anyone else that uplift you. people have been leaving them on our facebook page. i have seen good once. so keep them coming. when a woman learned she was pregnant she had had to record her husband's response. dana griffin had suffered four miscarriages, even his devastating, she and her hubby gave up on being parents five years ago. she had been trying to lose weight and got shock of her life, she was pregnant. she had to look at the bun in the kitchen oven and recorded his touching response. >> again difficult. >> february 16th. >> this is what he saw when he open up the oven. she posted the picture on
5:57 am
facebook. it has gone veial right now. philadelphia eagles verse washington team what people think about the bird leading redskins off their media guide for this weekend's game.
5:58 am
5:59 am
take precautions and prepare for any of the eventual weather scenarios. >> left right, left right, left right, joaquin, which way
6:00 am
will he go? please go right. please joaquin. joaquin is a category four hurricane now. what kind of weekend will we have in. we are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kind of mass shootings, every few months. >> president obama furious after finding out about the shooting at oregon community college, what witnesses say gunman asked just before he shot them. good day, everybody. it is friday, october 2nd, 2015. the question, what is this weekend going to be like? what is this weekend going to be like. >> should we cancel your plans. >> i would say plan on a rainy weekend. >> yes, it will rain. >> it doesn't have anything to do with joaquin. >> say that again. >> the rain that we have right now has nothing to do with joaquin. >> joaquin is not even here yet. >> that is right. >> joaquin, the the track is improving, it is going right. j


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