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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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will he go? please go right. please joaquin. joaquin is a category four hurricane now. what kind of weekend will we have in. we are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kind of mass shootings, every few months. >> president obama furious after finding out about the shooting at oregon community college, what witnesses say gunman asked just before he shot them. good day, everybody. it is friday, october 2nd, 2015. the question, what is this weekend going to be like? what is this weekend going to be like. >> should we cancel your plans. >> i would say plan on a rainy weekend. >> yes, it will rain. >> it doesn't have anything to do with joaquin. >> say that again. >> the rain that we have right now has nothing to do with joaquin. >> joaquin is not even here yet. >> that is right. >> joaquin, the the track is improving, it is going right.
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>> joaquin like myself, once you hit bohamas you want to stay in the bohamas. >> exactly, and sadly for them, it is. >> we will look at that in a moment, we will give you our weather number. it will not be good today either. we have rain, win, bus stop buddy cannot even stand up straight because he is blown around by the winds so much. we have had wind gustness philadelphia 30 miles an hour. temperatures in the 50's. umbrella is about to blow inside out. here's latest on joaquin. it is still a category four hurricane with 135 miles an hour wind, now it is starting to take a more northwesterly turn, we have to keep a close eye on it now as it changes its direction. here is our satellite radar picture of the non-joaquin related rain. it is cold front that came through the the other day and stalled off shore and it is throwing back a lot of rain on us, just about have place in our viewing area getting some kind of rain, heavy rain or steady rain this morning.
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coastal will flood watch through saturday afternoon for counties highlighted there. these counties have a coastal flood warning in effect and high tides is around 3:00 o'clock, when you can expect maybe some roadways to flood. look at the american flag there, we have 18 miles an hour sustain winds in the city right now and 53 degrees. it feels chillier then that. look the at wind gusts, 31 miles an hour at philly international. we have 33-mile an hour win gustness wildwood, 25 miles an hour where sabina kuriakose is in atlantic city. 56 degrees is all we will get for a high temperature today, so basically, temperatures stay where they are, and the wind they will make it feel chillier we are down to 50 degrees in the the city tonight. will cooler in the suburbs. not only do you need rain gear, bob kelly and hold onto your hat you need to bundle up because we are not used to being this chilly. >> you are right first thing is the chill and then hold on to that storm door because the wind is going to take it up the street and even your car door, it happened to me when i
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park here at fourth street. i opened up my door and wind blew right on opened there. luckily there wasn't a car coming down the the street. but already weather delays in three of the big cities here at the airport. so factor in extra time. over an hour at all of the airports so far this morning. there is usually very little flight action between five and 6:00. so that sets the tone for rest of the the day n lower merion church and llanfair, down wires, watch out for local detours. the last night you put your trash out for collection today, that is going to be down the the street and watch out for some obstacles along the way. town the shore win us out there roads are wet, expressway, parkway and win is certainly going to play a factor today coming over the bridge. you can feel the win rocking the car here over the whitman. they have knock it down to 35. same deal on the ben franklin bridge and high water down the the shore, black horse pike, block at franklin avenue. mike and alex, back over to
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you. that wind has nothing to do with joaquin, so, once we have to deal with joaquin, the the hurricane, category four, you got to prep. it looks like it is going to go out to sea alex. >> but there are still some concerns. you have to prepare for the the worst, of course. down the shore they are bracing for the the worst but hoping for the best. we are live in atlantic city. >> reporter: good morning, guys. 30 miles an hour win gusts and we are feeling everyone. i want to shout out to my photographer greg he is holding camera down to bring you this shot. again it is really win out here. you can hear it standing out here. rain is not so bad. it is pretty light. win is whipping up that ocean and bringing in that water here. when it gets more daylight out here we can show you these incredible white caps that are hitting right now. really been a long time since we have seen ocean and waves out here like that. we want to talk about flooding a little bit. a as we are standing out here just along the boardwalk here
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you can see that water is already coming in, into this roadway a little bit, flooded out an inch or two here. we are hearing reports of course of some minor light flooding, in some of the roadways in and around south jersey here along the shoreline. take a a look at video we have gathered yesterday, as you are just preparing for this potential hurricane. as you have been talking about this morning what we're seeing with the wind and rain separate from hurricane joaquin but you can see why people are getting so worried, in fact, telltale sign as we are's standing here along the atlantic city boardwalk. lets come back out here live. this is part of the boardwalk guys that during sandy was washed away, and you can see they have only just started rebuilding it. it is just a reminder of how bad things can get but again as we are's seeing we are hoping that hurricane joaquin stays east, and we did talk to some folks who are preparing for the worst, let's listen to what they told us.
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>> everyone is basically preparing for the storm. they come in looking for flashlights, generators, plywood, fans, just to prepare. >> generator just in case we lose power. i don't want to be stuck without power. >> i will try to take a lesson from sandy and reply it to this and get people really prepared and to believe it. >> atlantic, cape may, cumberland, salem counties i need all of to you begin to prior to day. >> right now i can just say that we're preparing, trying to be prepared for the worst. >> reporter: getting ready. the mayor here in atlantic city don guardian, he says they have boats, jet skis, ready, at these firehouse necessary case of any potential evacuations, that might be a necessitated by hurricane joaquin but as we have been saying all morning long we are hoping that storm just the threat from that hurricane is going down as we are seeing it, back to you guys. >> i got to tell you sabina that looks like a hurricane
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report to me and sound like it. >> yes. >> but it is not. >> joaquin is still way down in the the bohamas. >> reporter: wind are strong. >> it seems like it. >> we can tell. >> put that on your resume tape. fox 29 weather authority, our team look at them, with the trio. >> the four of them. >> i didn't see dave over on the right, camera is blocking him. >> all right. >> so, a all four of them, they are all tracking. >> why is dave's lighting better than everybody else's. >> he is a good looking man. >> i know. >> i think its the way our monitors are but they all look good. >> yes. >> we will bring you breaking details on air and on line at fox >> you you ever go to madam toso's museum. >> yes, wax museum. >> it kind of of looks like that. it is mostly just dave. even there for the picture. >> was he photo shopped in. >> he is photo shopped in
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there. >> were you standing there. >> there is no way he is in the same room. >> let's move on. well, another hack attack did you hear about this cell even if company that has millions of customers exposed this morning. here we go again.
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kathleen kane is firing back after the latest charges against her. >> well, kane told reporters that she has 1500 pornographic e-mails that she claims were sent, and received, by a sitting pennsylvania supreme court justice. kane was back in court accused of telling a grand jury she never signed a oath to keep grand jury information secret. she was charged for releasing grand jury information and lying to cover it up but kane says there is much more to this store. >> these he e-mails contain both sent and received e-mails from a a present supreme court justice, they contained racial, pornography, one of them was a joke about a women who was beaten by her husband and the punch line was that she should just shut up. just this week, after monday, i found thousands have of e-mails, e-mail files, from montco dot gov and philly dot
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gov and i stand here before awe rested again. >> kane is not going anywhere even after patrol court temporarily revoke her law license. that suspension goes into effect later this month. wow. >> 6:12. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders, proves he is a force to be reckoned with, the big milestone his campaign reached, yesterday. hey, bob. good morning everybody. 6:12. we have an accident in the the neighborhood here at bridge and tacony right in front of the old frankford arsenal there, roads are wet, we are dealing with some windy conditions, and, some big events coming to philadelphia with some shut downs this weekend. we will grab a cup of coffee and come right back. blank
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first thing we need to know is it is chilly out there, temperatures in the 50's, 53 in philadelphia, 53 and 40's, in mount pocono this morning, and, it is in the upper 50's to the south of us but then we will factor in the wind and it feels chillier outside and these are high wind out there, sustain in the teens, 18 miles an hour in philadelphia, 21 miles an hour sustain wind in wildwood, wind gusts that are even higher, 31 n philadelphia and we are
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blowing around in millville 30 . 33 miles an hour in wildwood. it is a windy, rainy, chilly morning out there so make sure you have enough layers on. outer layer being waterproof because it is raining. here's joaquin and the latest update, it is a category four hurricane, 130 miles an hour wind. lets talk about the direction of this storm. first with the spaghetti models which are starting to converge a little bit with that off shore track a couple of those models still want to make it have land fall in the carolinas but, those are not the the most reliable ones. here's what we have for the official track of the storm. we have it moving north east, well off shore by monday but it might still have some effects on us especially fit is still a category two storm on monday, with beach erosion work high surf, and, maybe with a high wind as well depending on how close this storm is to us but monies the day we will really need to watch hurricane joaquin.
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satellite radar shows the non-joaquin rain that is around, the heavier rain in southern delaware but steady rain around the rest of the region and future cast which we will show you next time will have a lot more heavy rain, rest of the day to day, showers will linger throughout the rest of the weekend, one to 2 inches, additional rain possible and the wind will be with us, for the rest of the weekend. so 25 to 35 miles an hour win gust, inland even high's long the coast, so temperatures do not get out of the 50's today or tomorrow, and we're in the mid 60's by sunday, but phillies have have three more games left in the season and there is a chance for rain for all three of them, monday, we will be watching joaquin closely, even though the the track of the storm has improved we will need to keep a close eye as they have not left bohamas yet. unshine returns bees maybe monday afternoon, it looks like by tuesday for sure and then we are back in the mid 70's, nice day for the middle of the next week.
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lots of wet changes but you're looking at a accident this one in the old neighborhood here, good morning to brideberg. 6:18. an accident at intersection of bridge and tacony street here right at the bridge street ramps for i-95. we have frankford arsenal in the background but it looks like definitely a head on here at the intersection. just be careful rolling out of the driveway this morning, the the roads are wet, already a jam up on i-95, southbound, heavy from academy through cottman down in toward the construction zone, any of the construction zones it is tough to see, the lane markers. wind, whipping our cameras around. hold on to your coffee cup here, chasing on the boulevard working down toward the schuylkill expressway. the the strong wind, felt as you come across the bridges, walt whitman down to 35 millions an hour and then watch for the construction signs in the work zones, if they were not anchored down or
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the guys didn't put the bean bags on, sandbags on the top of the irons, whenever we have a situation where we have high wind there is at least half dozen scenarios where the signs get blown in the travel lanes so just be careful rolling out there this morning. already weather delays, in three of of our major cities as far as airports go, up to an hour and ten minutes here in philly, a alone. so, pack your patients and be ready for that. septa using shuttle buses on the media elwyn line between media and elwyn. we have dragon boat races in town today, they will shut down kelly drive with the big boats and, races will be tomorrow, and then we have two parades on the parkway, coming up on sunday, mike and alex. >> german parade. >> yes. >> and i dent necessity what the other one is. >> but i know we reshuffled all of the parade around the papal visit there. i will find out what that other parade is. >> thanks, you the man.
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>> 6:20. >> the vatican clarifying the pope meeting with kim davis. about 45 minutes ago they issued a statement saying pope francis meeting with kim davis, should not be considered a form of support for her position this comes days after people became outrage, some people, became outrage over news that the two met while he was in washington d.c. the vatican says the pope met with a lot of people due to his kindness, and availability taliban claims it shot down a u.s. air force c130 and crashed near an air base in eastern afghanistan but nato has not confirmed it yet. six u.s. air men and five civilian contractors were killed. source claims the contractors were working for nato's resolute support mission. names of the victims have not yet been release. how about this syria's foreign minister will address world leaders at the u.n. today. the address comes as russia, as you know, decided a couple
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days ago to start bombing target in syria, russia's government says air strikes are at a request of syria's president barber assad but united states opposes his regime and questioned russia's claim it is targeting isis and in the rebels, civilians who opposed president assad. >> well, world's biggest consumer credit monitoring firm announced a massive data breach that has affect millions of t mobile customers. hackers stole data -- hackers stole data a of 5 million t mobil customers from spherion which is where the company says they are credit checked. the breach effects anyone applied for service and financing for cell phones and plans with t mobile. they bet say in of the stolen data includes banking or credit card information. >> but still. >> it is a hack. >> yes. vermont senator bernie sanders is proving to be a force to be reckoned with on the presidential campaign trail. >> listen to this, he has
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raised more than 26 million-dollar in cash over the the last eight weeks. >> put that in perspective that is more than president obama raised by that same point back in his campaign. he have is still trailing hillary clinton. the her camp says she has 32 million in cash. the these are liquid asset not total number of campaign contributions. we will see what happens on super tuesday which is march 1st, that is when 13 states have scheduled primaries or caucuses. 6:22. as of right now the game, eagles/redskins game is set to go on but hurricane joaquin could be a big problem, still, why moving the game to detroit is no longer an option. we have to find a stadium. >> oh, boy. jen freddie's out for susan g komen three day walk, and there she is, hi, jen. >> hi, baby. the listen you talk about weather, these mostly women are going to be in it all weekend long, there is in place they'd rather be but man will it be miserable.
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we are here at willow grove park mall as they get fire up the to to. >> they do it every year. >> lottery numbers.
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the eagles will play
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redskins at 1:00 o'clock sunday after afternoon. they plan to play and were all set, but at 3:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon the governor of maryland declared a state of emergency in that state when now creates a problem. the stadium in detroit is out. there is already an event in detroit. nfl is checking on other venues, one could be st. louis. in one wants a bye but they need to find a decision. a decision has to be made today. as far as head coach chip kelly he worries more about his football team then the the forecast. chip has learned from a past experience from the 203 sees own should not get caught up in the forecast with the weather. >> we're big on if we can't control it, obviously no one can control the weather. we did play within game here, two years ago against detroit where we were told we were going to get a light dusting after half time. i remember going out pregame and saying thinks more than a light dusting. i don't know what happened in that 15 or 20 minutes. we came back out and i could
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moth see my feet. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> you just can never predict. >> when we were playing at the link the the other day there is a picture that looked like a whitewall. look at that whitewall. there was a picture of that game. looking down at the bottom you see players on the sidelines but it looks like a white picture. >> so what will happen, on sunday, hurricane joaquin spinning over bohamas just sitting there which is worse thing a hurricane can do is just sit. look at the size of this thing. how close will it come to us, sue is still tracking it. jenny joyce is following up on the mass shooting out of oregon yesterday. >> jenny. >> we are watching these details emerge. we have a name, age of the shooter but we till don't know exactly who this person is and why he would open fire on this college campus we will talk bit coming up. ññ
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hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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people are bracing for hurricane joaquin. here's the bohamas right now as they deal with wind gusts up to 150 miles per hour. what will joaquin look like when it comes up here. >> yeah. police released the name of the man who opened fire at the that oregon community college yesterday. what one survivor says the the gun man demanded of his victims, moments before he started shooting them. and jen freddie's out for susan komen three day walk, good morning, jen.
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>> reporter: good morning. you talk about a bunch of heroes this parking lot is full of them. hero after hero after hero trying to have some fun. but man, do they face some miserable conditions there weekend. they are going object outside in it in the thick of it all weekend wrong, guys. >> my goodness that is a rainy weekend. >> it is an important cause. >> those women are something else every year. good day it fridays october between the second, 2015. on a scale of one to ten, weather today will be a two. >> a two. >> yes. >> look what we did to bus stop buddy. he can the not even stand up at the bus stop. >> he is flying away. >> he is like a mummer. that umbrella is to blow inside out, his hat is gone, it blew away. it is rainy, windy, temperatures in the the 50's. it is chilly on top of that. there is number of the day. it is just lousy. the here's update on joaquin
6:32 am
it is still a category four, it strengthen in the afternoon on wednesday and cause ago lot of destruction in the the bohamas today. this is, non-joaquin related rain. it is a existing cold front that stalled on top of us, a couple of taste ago and now it is bringing us some heavy rain in some cases like other than delaware, steady rain here in the philadelphia area and it is chilly, that isty, otherwise. our coastal flood warning is in effect, through at day evening at the very least. today, high tides along all of the waterways and these counties, it business 3:00 o'clock when we could see roadways flood because it will be raining. 16 miles an hure wind, 53 degrees right now in philadelphia, wind gusts of 29 . we like that number. but not as a wind gust. 30 miles an hour wind gust in wildwood new jersey and millville, new jersey. it is a fox cast that is nasty today. 56 degrees, high temperature. windy all day long.
6:33 am
tonight down to 50. and, what about joaquin and track of the storm coming up in a few minutes. >> 6:33. we have bus stop, he is a mummer, hold on tour umbrella, stepping out of the front door, lets look at this lady here up, up and away, your umbrella will look like inside out. >> reverse marry poppins. >> the wind is certainly strong enough to knock speeds down here up and over the walt whitman bridge, the benny, commodore barry, both hand on the wheel, you'll feel car rocking coming across the bridge this morning. weather delays in three of the big cities here on the east coast, over an hour at all of the airports so far this morning. so that will set the tone for the rest of the day. watch for construction signs, that have been blown around
6:34 am
and work zones. here's an accident at bridge and tacony in the brideberg section of the city, and if you are watching us down the shore, strong wind and heavy rain on the expressway, parkway, road are opened but naturally the weather will slow us down and make for a longer commute this morning. mike and alex, back over to you. >> bob, sue just showed us that model that shows the hurricane, category four right now, joaquin kind of going off the east coast but can you you be sure? no. so, doug luzader, you are out in it in virginia but again what you are standing in is not, has nothing to do with joaquin, right? >> well, we can pretend. it has nothing to do with that. but it kind of, it under scores the problem though but these areas have been hit with so much rain with a lot more rain on the way.
6:35 am
what have joaquin does there will be some flooding around here. >> i get a zest we are supposed to role a package. >> it is q and a. >> so is there a state of emergency. >> well, there we go. >> is there a state of emergency. >> yes, number of states here, around here declared a state of emergency, virginia, maryland on down toward the south and even toward south carolina. it is not so much because of joaquin. clearly people are breathing a sigh of relief because that storm continues to track east but that made a bad situation even worse. what we're left with here is a bad situation. there will be some flooding. we are seeing people putting san bags down here in this part of thal sand that virginia which floods easily to begin with and you you asked that the the potential at least for some wind to becoming in from joaquin, and that can make the coastal
6:36 am
flooding even worse we saw big sinkholeness south carolina it will get rough here this weekend. >> no question about it. >> we will check back next hour. >> 6:36. more information about that mass shooting in oregon. witnesses a say oregon community college shooter asked what religion they were before he opened fire. >> he wanted to know if they were christian, right. we do know, do we know the guy's name now? do we know much about him, jenny? >> reporter: yes, there is still a lot to figure out mike and alex. we know his age. twenty-six year-old chris mercer. we do not know yes opened fire on innocent victims and took nine lives yesterday morning. the as investigators looked for answers the community of roseberg oregon is coming together to grief. last night there was a candle light vigil at a nearby park. people gathered, played and sang amazing grace to remember lives lost. local businesses donated their supplies for the vigil where
6:37 am
school and state officials encourage the small town to think of the victims not the shooter. one young with man who was at the vigil told us she wanted to join the community and feel united against this heinous act. she said that she's concerned and wondering what the college is going go to do, what will they change to enhance their security procedures. she said that there was no alert sent out yesterday. she learn about the the the shooting from her father. >> i feel really not like traumatized and out of it, i don't really necessity how to react just yet. this is real, you know, this has happened. everybody is like family around here. you will know somebody that has family members in there and it is devastating. you wouldn't think that something like that would happen in a small town. you see them every where else across the the u.s. but not here. >> reporter: now it is. what we know so far is police say they were dispatched to umpqua community college just after 10:30 yesterday morning. they found shooter at one of the campus buildings.
6:38 am
gunfire was exchanged. the shoot are was hit and killed. witnesses are reporting that the attacker demand todd know the student's religion and opened fire on these who said they were christians. one student said she was in the classroom next door then heard a loud bang that sounded like a ruler hitting a chalkboard and later realized it was gunfire. last night we heard president obama a speaking out denouncing shootings saying he is angry and tired of having that same conversation. had hear from him coming up at 7:00. also had hear from the shooter as father iain mercer spoke with supporters briefly and aid family is devastated, mike and alex. >> i mean what do you say. we keep doing this story over and over again. we have some breaking news now, a rocket launch just moment ago. >> to you want to see it. >> to this is from the cape can nav val air station in florida. at last five rocket blasting off.
6:39 am
unmanned flight is carrying a communication satellite for mexico. this is a 12 time, that united launch alliance flew for a non-u.s. customers. u l.a. flies military missions for u.s. government but look at that. >> look at the through the the clouds there. >> that is fantastic, isn't it. >> nothing like a night launch, or any launch in the darkness. you can see this i'm sure for probably up in to georgia or carolinas. >> all right. >> 6:39. breast cancer three day walk begins today and the weather is not good. >> people are still out there, in willow grove this morning, jenny. >> good morning. we see pink, we see the toto's and then you run into someone like you. good morning. >> good morning. >> can i show your shirt. >> absolutely. >> i say i needed toe this because this is joyce, and this guy has been walking for
6:40 am
nine years. you lost her just a couple weeks ago. >> yes, 28th of august, eight days after her birthday. >> i said to you are you a afraid of all these women. you faced all these women before. >> yes, it is like a family. the komen, this is my komen family. they are my supporters. my first walk i did in atlanta, georgia when we were first diagnosed. the first six months were the hardest for me. the group there that i walk with were my support group they got me through. i have been dedicated to to them ever since then until we find a cure. >> you said she was never well enough to do this with you but knows what is up. >> she's with me today, she's walking with me today. no, she improve the first year we were diagnosed and she wasn't able to do a whole lot but they scan her badges when we come into camp.
6:41 am
>> that is one of the things i said at the tv station. we do this every year. we try to be here. and then, on saturday afternoon, there is a lonely stop in ardmore or some town and on a weekend like this it will be a ghost town. you want people to show up at those cheering stations. >> absolutely, of course, that is what we look forward to they keep us going, young kids, so she tells me to call them. thank you. >> it is a bit crazy here. but tipcally. and weather is miserable. a lot of people clearly, are prepared, they have punchos on, ready to rock, you guys are ready, good morning. >> since weather scares you at all. >> weather, there is nothing
6:42 am
you can do about it. >> we love it. i think something like 1.7 million raised, mike, you know this, we get out here and look and then meet a guy like him. >> practice an inspiration. >> wiping the tears away. >> i love how he says we were diagnosed. we're together. >> i know. >> it effects the family. >> great job, jen. >> 6:42. so what is in a a name. apparently a lot. eagles decide to leave washington's team nate off this weekend's media guide. is taking on washington. eagles will take on washington. we have some rain around but i'm telling you this is not joaquin, we will track joaquin for you and tell what you to expect for weekend coming up, alex? well, join us next friday as we solute the troops, it is military day on fox 29, come down to fourth and market we will shut down the entire
6:43 am
street and throw a block party to honor men and women who serve our country. join us, it will be next friday october 9th, get out your calendar mark it down save the date, from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we want to see through. >> can i saw you this i'm so glad it wasn't today.
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join sue serio and joyce evans by coming out this saturday, the third annual super hero 5k run and 1k kid family fun walk. enjoy walking, running around the zoo, looking at the animals, come dressed, and just as you you are, race registration also includes, free zoo admission for the day, and so join, joyce evans and sue at this great event for a great cause because every child needs a hero where these kids, they need super heroes. visit casa for details. you guys will be out there rain or shine. >> yes. >> it actually rained last year and we had a great time
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and i will tell you one thing going to philadelphia zoo on a rainy day is not a bad idea because it is not so crowded. do you want to see a picture from space, of the hurricane, of joaquin. okay, i will get out of the way and show you. this was taken by astronaut scott kelly up in the international space station. that is picture he took from space from hurricane joaquin that churns over bahamas from the space station hashtag year in space. that ace great guy to follow on twitter. he posts great picture. lets talk about that scale, that is the scale we use to measure intensity of hurricanes what does category four means? it means sustained wind of 131 and 155 miles an hour. we will likely produce, catastrophic damage and power outage that is cannulas a few months, and that is exactly what is happening in the bohamas with this storm. it is a minute muscle four but
6:48 am
that is a very strong storm. we expect to it retain that status, as it starts to head up to the north. it is making that turn new and we still to have pay attention to these, and, one toward the coast of the united states a lot of them are starting to say nope, we think it will head out to sea but this still bears watching. it is not a done deal yesterday it is taking that northeasterly turn. we think by monday it will be off the coast of say virginia, delaware and it will be category two. we will still have effects on the jersey shore, delaware beaches, monday, maybe even into tuesday of next week. that is latest track from the hurricane center. here's is what facing you heading out the door this morning. much chillier temperatures. we are starting off in the 50's. 46 degrees mount pocono. fifty-five in wildwood. fifty-three wilmington
6:49 am
delaware. we have 16 miles an hour sustained wind in the city, 22 d when it is a nasty morning there and wind gusts are higher, 29 miles an hour in the city, 32-mile ab hour wind gust there in wildwood, new jersey. here's the rain pelting us this morning, heavy rain, steady rain every where else, got to have umbrella today and all weekend. heavy rain toys day but showers lingering on and off saturday and sunday. we will have have one to 2-inch toes an already saturated ground. the gusty wind all weekend long, inland 25 to 35 miles an hour gusts, you saw on our map but along the coast those wind could get worse today and yes, tomorrow and even on sunday. so early next week monies day to watch joaquin, and the the possible impacts, if it is close enough, 40 plus mile an hour coastal wind, tidal flooding and beach erosion. so that is what we have going on, as we look at past seven
6:50 am
days, we were at 80's, monday, tuesday, wednesday high of 65. we will not move hardly at all, and 56 degrees, a high today, 58 tomorrow, chilly, rainy, windy, sunday get in the mid 60's but there is still some rain around and day to watch joaquin to get a handle on the track is today but impacts might be felt on on monday through the morning. and, back in the mid 70's, and for the final three games of the phillies season, rain in the forecast, every day. >> heard them say they only had 2,000 people in the afternoon. >> 2,000 people. >> oh, my. >> so quiet. it was supposed to be nighttime and they scheduled it for afternoon just to get the game. i'm sure mets weren't too thrilled, they lost, yeah. good morning, everybody. 6:50. we have a problem i-95
6:51 am
southbound a disable right in the center lane, i-95 south right here near girard avenue, moves the camera around on us here. accident on 422, in pottstown right at the arm and hammer off ramp and crash along the black horse pike route 42 locally here rate before you get to the 42 freeway where it meet up with the atlantic city expressway. factor in some extra time, it will take you long they are morning to get the there then it did yesterday. you will feel it, the chill, rain, wind and september will be doing works on the tracks media elwyn line. between the media and elwyn stations and flooding down the shore high what the's long the black horse pike and that is block at franklin avenue, majors opened down the shore expressway, parkway but dealing with wet road and really windy conditions, and mass transit looking good, mike and alex, back to you. manny had fun last night. went to a hall and oats
6:52 am
concert. >> did you where. >> at philly's new venue opened last night was performance by hall and oats. there is darryl, there is john. new fill more in fishtown is the the sixth have of its kind in the country, but it is still uniquely philadelphia. and two stages. main stage and the the foundry what they are calling it in homage to the site's original purpose as the ajax metal company. upcoming shows include well, brandy will be there. i have all their cd's. >> brandy not the brandy i'm thinking of. >> i don't think so,. >> brandy carli. >> brandy carlisle. >> you just can't say brandy, people will think brandy,. >> no not that one. >> monica. >> i love that song. >> i know you do. >> the boy is mine. >> but not her. >> guy at the end who is
6:53 am
cheating on him. >> mekhi. >> yes. >> it is not her. >> i have no idea who that is. >> philadelphia eagles verse washington... >> you just can't say it. >> just washington team. what the people say about the bird leaving off the team name off the media guide. >> redskins. >> can you say that. >> i think you still can.
6:54 am
we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
6:55 am
6:56 am
they ran off together. >> the things she comes up with. >> let's talk about eagles. >> they are playing hopefully, they are playing the question of where, because of the rain and when they were set to play in washington this weekend. >> but then, you know, well, that is whole other thing. >> they may end up playing in st. louis, they may end up playing on a bye week. >> it is a state of emergency though. >> not in d.c. >> it is not officially over, the game is a few hours away. >> you need to make a decision. >> they have media guides out and print budd something was missing from these media guides. >> name redskins was wiped from the cover of the media guy for our media types. we noticed it yesterday.
6:57 am
previously they feed tour the team names such as jets, falcons this one just said philadelphia, against washington. coach chip kelly also spoke extensively about the team at a press conference, on wednesday, and never once used the word, redskins. so what do you think? eagles have in the released any statement about the the media guy and the change to it, a lot of people, believe the word redskins is a a derogatory name. i happen to be one of them. change the name of the team. how hard is this. >> no one will say the name you might as well change it. >> oh, years of history, years of history. >> they don't necessity real history then apparently. >> proud native american warriors. the just change the name. >> wouldn't the team make the name if you change the name like washington bullets change their names to the washington wizard. one of the worst name changes ever but i can see bullets but
6:58 am
then wizards. but they made a lot of money, everybody had had to buy new jerseys. >> we will continue to keep an eye on hurricane joaquin which has its own eye, as it moves closer toward us. it just doesn't seem to move at all a which is worse thing a hurricane can do.
6:59 am
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