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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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jen freddie's out for the susan g komen three days. >> is there lots of tears, come from the sky, right. lots of tears here. but, they are prepared for the weather, right here, i love it, and man, you look good don't let anyone say you you don't look good and amazing
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and your mom would be very, very proud. >> fight like a girl, girl friend. >> who cares about the the weather. we have a walk to do. >> we do it every year. >> congratulations to them. >> 7:02. lets look the at front page of the philadelphia inquirer, wind, rain, lots of uncertainty where is joaquin going. even show weather models showing hurricane joaquin going out to sea a big part of the east cozies prepping for high wind and the rain. a lot of flooding. >> let get to doug luzader in virginia. they are bringing out sandbags, aren't they doug. >> we have seen some bags go down and city gig them tout resident giving them five each or something.
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>> and and, get in that, storm path that doesn't look like it is there any more but so much rain around here and it is just as far as south carolina, there is a lot more rain on the way. expectation is these low lying coastal areas are really going to significantly flood, over the next couple of days or so, no matter what joaquin does, and then you add potential for at least that wind driven what the tore add to that storm surgeon and we will have a pretty big mess around here in the days ahead. >> so, state of emergency in virginia. what does that mean exactly. are people supposed to stay home. >> reporter: well, they are not saying that at this point. and basement that are prone to flooding. it means you have a city, county officials on emergency stand by, should that become necessary. you you know, just listen, there is potential for power outages as well. >> sure.
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>> reporter: thing we stress with hurricane danger isn't so much from the win with the hurricane it is from the water. we will have a significant water event here, again, whether it is joaquin tracks to the east or west. >> it will just rain all weekend into early next week doug, be careful but stay safe. >> it looks calm where you is but where is a bean ace, there is wind, rain sue. if it is not hurricane joaquin yet. right. >> i have a question. >> there is so many pos built. what are they supposed to do. where is it going. >> look at this one spaghetti model. >> it had has it going to new orleans. the other one has it going off to bermuda. >> well, those are not the most reliable models though. the ones that are reliable are starting to come together and agree. but we have to factor it in and there is a chance because it is just starting to take that northward turn there is a chance that something else could happen but it is becoming a little more
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confident in that off shore track. that is where we are right now but we have a mess out there with rain, wind, chilly temperatures. poor bus stop buddy cannot stay on his feet. that umbrella is about to blow inside out and he he already loss his had hat. it is temperature in the 50's. rainy, windy, chilly. this is where joaquin is right now just starting to take a northwesterly turn and then we expect it to kind of winning around and turn towards the north east. that is predicted path but this is time where we have to keep a very close eye on the storm. this is cold front that came through and stalled and just gave us a lot of rain and it is still with us today, and we expect that rain to continue through the rest of the day. raining very heavily in central and southern delaware, down at jersey shore, tip of cape may getting ready for heavy rain as well. the coastal flood warning with high tides around 3:00 and most bodies of water around. we can see flooded load ways
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around. 53 degrees with 80 percent relative humidity. 18 miles an hour sustain wind. 31 miles an hour wind gust and that is not even a at the shore that is here in philadelphia. we have a 40-mile an hour win gust now in wildwood. not fooling around with these wind, folks, it is really windy and we expect to it stay that way all day and all week end. we have 56 degrees is all we will manage, a degree or two warmer then right now. 50 degrees tonight. not much movement in temperature. we have to add chilly to rainy and windy and that is why we have two out of ten today bob kelly. >> teacher is in the bad mood this morning. >> good morning shall everybody. jammo on i-95 southbound we had an earlier accident down near girard avenue plus heavy rain already well over 40 minutes from northeast philadelphia, in into downtown. same deal coming in from the burbs, wet and slow here on 422 working your way out of collegeville heading in to king of prussia is there an
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accident here on 422, off ramps to arm and hammer, crash here in south jersey, long black horse pike right here near atlantic city expressway. further down the shore stretch of the black horse pike at franklin avenue shut down with high water, that rain, plus high tides will play a factor for everybody down the the shore town. >> look at the speedometers. >> thirty-three at schuylkill at belmont, and jam on the breaks down to 14, do you like that? >> yes. >> and then ac expressway and parkway, again, roads are opened, watch for the big puddles, and the wind is going to be the factor for morning rush hour, mike and alex back to you you good do you want perfect example of the wind, bob kill i lets go to sabina at the new jersey shore. >> she's right now in atlantic city. we can hear that wind, sabina. >> let's do it. >> reporter: i'm holding on tight, 30 miles an hour. now we have daylight to show you water out there look at
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those white caps. long time since we have seen waves like this or even higher. just a short time ago but see strength of the wind here and really whipping up that water. we have got some minor flooding out here where we are standing. a couple inches of water. it has gotten heavier. we are hearing reports of light flooding around the area our live truck guys is about 30 feet from the water. we have sea foam on the windshield of the live truck that is how strong those waves are. so, who besides us is out here, crazy enough to be out here hey joe what are you doing. >> delivering coffee. >> taking my girlfriend to work. >> you are holding on to your hat out here. >> it is windy. >> reporter: have you seen it like this in a long time. >> sandy. >> sandy. >> we were here for sandy. >> reporter: this isn't quite hurricane joaquin this is just another storm. >> he is moving, right.
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>> reporter: we're hoping he is moving right to the east. >> is what the weather girl's name said she's moving, it is moving, we believe in sue. >> reporter: we believe in sue, sue is the the best. >> mike, i love you you man. >> we have a fan out here. thanks for talking to us. >> get inside. people packing up. people say they have seen anything like this since sandy, hard to believe it. >> we will keep our fingers crossed. >> that looks like a hurricane report but that is not joaquin, joaquin is still way south of us. >> that is what is hard to believe. oh, no it is here. no, it is not. 7:10. details are still coming out about the deadly shooting at community college yesterday morning in oregon. we have the shooter's name but not much about why he did this jenny joyce. >> gunman has been identified as christopher harper, mercer
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at least nine people dead, seven more are injured, police say shooter stormed umpqua community college in restberg oregon just after 10:30 yesterday morning and went on a rampage. witnesses are reporting that the attacker demand todd know the student's religion before shooting them. one student said she was inside the classroom next door to where the shooting happen. they heard a loud bang that she says sounded like a ruler hitting a chalkboard and then later they realized it was gunfire. president obama has been denouncing this act voicing his anger, reporters also caught up with the shooter's father last night the who spoke briefly. >> i just been talking to the police and fbi, about all of the details i have right now, you know, what you guys know already, okay. >> did you have any inclination their on had problems. >> i cannot answer any questions. i don't want to answer any questions right now. obviously it has been a devastating day, devastating for me and my family so all i ask, i know you guys are here to do your job, all i ask please just respect our
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privacy and so far you have done that. >> somehow this has become right teen. the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium end up being right teen. the conversation and aftermath of it. we have bee come numb to this. >> and you heard hooter's father saying family is devastated. they are trying to come up with answers now you too at this point. motive is not clear. we could expect to learn more but there are reports out the there that law enforcement agencies have have been going through mercer's social media pages and one new york times official told them that the 26 year-old appeared to be an angry young man filled with hate, alex and mike good the president is right, we're numb to it. years ago this would have been the only thing we talk about on the show today, is this shooting, right? nine people killed. the gun man is dead by the
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way, the the police killed him. >> president obama has had to speak 15 times since he has been president about mass shootings. >> is there one, is there a mass shooting now every eight days in this country, mass shooting, being three or four people. every eight days. >> what do we do about it? 7:12. hundreds of women are in willow grove, they are starting to walk now, the annual three take walk for breast cancer awareness and the weather is bad. that doesn't stop these folks though. >> their spirits are still high this morning, jen. >> reporter: look at us, we are doing a picture. lets do our picture. >> hi. okay. all right. first of all, you guys look really good. i'm really proud of you. lets talk about it. your doubt'ses name is. >> landry james good my daughter is landry james. >> so who are you walking for. >> my grandmother and my mother in law are both
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survivors. >> they are both here. >> we walk for them. this is our third year. >> i love it. >> you can say you are from sarasota florida, you are not a afraid. let's show your legs. you are in it to win it. explain to people why you are wrapping it up in pink. >> we are trying to stay dry. wet feet means blisters. >> who are you walking for. >> i'm walking for my friend linda, linda davis, she was a survivor for many years, she passed away a couple years ago. that and fact i promised my mother five years ago when i turned 60. i would come back and walk from florida. i would come back to walk 60 up here. my mom noise longer here. i never broke a promise to her and i never will. that is why i'm here. >> there are four guys in this whole crowd good luck to you. >> thank you you guys have done this before. >> our third year it has been rainy, yucky before you are not the afraid of this but
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wrapping sneakers is important. >> i don't know this is first time we are trying this good we had heat the last few years. >> it was hot. >> really hot. >> it was hot, it was nice, tank tops. >> this year, baggy on your shoes. >> thanks for sharing your story. we will keep running. what is amazing is everyone is here for a specific reason whether it is a person that they know, or, you know, a family member. this guy if you have never seen him before is opening ceremony and man it is a tearjerker because women get up there and they tell their stories but the the reason why they do this is that not everyone's family has a happy ending, that is the sad reality of what is happening. millions of dollars go to research, care and all of it had that comes with it and still so much women every day and men losing their life. all right. so we have to come in here and have some fun. you look like a super hero.
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you look like you are ready to rock this. >> i'm ready. >> good luck. >> thank you you. >> again, i love it. >> is there four or five guys i hope you a all survive these women. 7:15. well, eagles looking for their second win, will they play game sunday? where will they play the game sunday? will it be sunday. >> where will it be? why. >> gary. >> who, what, where, when and why? >> is what your web site. >> g. >> i like that web site. >> have you heard any official word are we playing. >> it is not definite. it is still iffy. they could back it up to november because they have a bye week there and both of those teams are off, there is a chance they do that. >> they just happen to be both on a bye week. >> that is very convenient and
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that could be a move there but you know, they are shaky about it because they just don't know. the weather could change the game and make it such a mess. you endanger peoples lives you got them going out there in bad weather. >> yeah, the fans. >> let's pretend the game will happen. >> can i just do one last story about the weather, do players like to play in rain and slop. >> well, offensive guys don't. those guys that have to catch the ball but position i played linebacker, it is most fun. you get out there, you get dirty, it is like a kid you are out there playing in the mud. >> love it. >> it seems harder with everything so slippery. >> no, it is fun, you throw the guy in the mud, everybody gets dirty. first play you want to get dirty. >> yes. >> slide. >> when you are a kid playing. we used to love to play in the mud as kids. we got in trouble. >> if they do play in the slop on sunday which team has the the advantage. >> it probably is an advantage
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for redskins. >> really. >> they don't have any passing attack but really honestly probably even because we don't have have much of a passing attack at least not yet. >> a a lot of running the ball. >> a lot of running the ball. both team run the ball well. that is what it will come down to which team run the ball well will run the game. >> is demarco back. >> is he go to go play. >> he practiced yesterday so it looks like he will play. >> we needs his 5 yards a game. >> that is cold. >> that line starts blocking he could have a big day. he could have have a big kay. ryan matthews with the big day f they run the ball well, they will win the game because both quarterbacks have have not been playing well. bradford is still getting over that knee injury. he doesn't step for the and put his weight on the left foot, it is understandable but at time, the the ball sales. he is off. >> his claim to fame was accuracy. >> that is the thing. >> two years ago.
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>> your legs are so important, your foot work is important with your accuracy and he is just not conferrable. when those big guys start falling around his feet he is thinking with that. >> how can you blame him. >> desean jackson he is playing. >> no, still iffy. >> he does want to play. >> you got to believe he wants to play and be out there and he heard them last year with some wig touchdownsy asked you for a prediction but too many uncertainties, where and if they will play, how will weather be? >> it will be a low scoring close game, i think eagles will win, i hepp they will win. >> we do too. >> it will come down to the field goal kicker and he is brand new you too. >> what do we know about him. >> we just know he is a citizens of the united states, that is it. >> he is a football player. >> i don't know how good he is. he won the try out. but the fact that he was out
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there and he was not on a team. >> he has a cool name, caleb surges. >> good to see you look right over there, it is sue serio. >> if they are using the national hurricane center track, to decide about the game on sunday, they will probably going to play and this is why. here's even though it is very strong storm and catastrophic storm now it is in the bohamas now but most of the spaghetti models are starred go to lean toward the right and the official hurricane center track is leaning toward the east which means away from the east coast. here's washington d.c. right around here and here's air where the storm will be on monday. it looks like a problem there. i think there will be some rain around but it will be a regular rainy day, and not a joaquin rainy day, that is the deal. what you need to know as you walk out the door it is chilly out there, only 49 degrees in pottstown. it is in the 50's in the city and to the south of us, it is in the mid 50's and we have
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wind making it feel inn chillier. it is a first three days of the week we have high temperatures in the 80's. we will not get any where near there to daze so with the wind added in and wind gusts up to 31 miles an hour, here in wildwood, 31 miles an hour in dover, delaware and it is a indeed bad hair day for rain and wind, satellite and radar picture shows where the heavier rain is in the south of us in cumberland county new jersey and lower two counties of delaware, this weekend, the rain and will hang around, showers lingering throughout the rest of the of the weekend h saturday and sunday and wind will be with us both days of the weekend. we only after a i high of 58 degrees today. fifty-six today. fifty-eight tomorrow. then in the 60's by sunday, close to 07 by sunday. the that is the day we need to watch, joaquin, even though it is looking better we need to keep a close eye on it
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throughout the weekend: then we're back to the 07's by middle of the next week and that is your seven day forecast. looking forward to the middle will will of next week. >> not looking forward to the middle of the bennie here. we are jammed up here in downtown from the mid span into center city. wipers on, headlights on. curb check. >> how is your curve. >> it is just fine. >> kind of wet though. >> wet bound -- westbound heavy from belmont out towards conshohocken, given the wipers a work out, weather delays at three of our big airports on the east coast here. over an hour just here in philadelphia alone and strong wind knocking the speed down across all of the a area bridges. mike and alex, back over to you you. >> bob kelly what were we doing a week ago right now. >> getting ready for the pope. >> it was a moment this family will never for get. i'm in the sure i will ever forget this pope francis stopped his motorcade to bless a young man. he had cerebral palsy. it is the family here and they
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are live in our studio next.
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yes, disney unveiled some new toys, the results of apparently like three or four years of research and development on these toys, smart toys. >> lauren, are you playing with them right now. >> yes, this is the line, called play nation, this is one of the devices on this line of toys. i'm going to start it in a second but if i do it is so loud you won't be able to hear me. >> basically what this is, it is avengers starter pack. it is $120. you put this on your wrist, hook it up to a system and basically ends you on a mission. is there a speaker here. this person will tell what you to do. you flick your wrist and your fingers and all these buttons, that ties them from plants, to i a say that weird, sorry. hide from the people. i did this in a real life
7:26 am
environment and i broke a threat. smart, innovative, you think you are part of the video game, video game playing out in real life and thinks on some of the holiday toys list. are you ready. >> yeah. >> you can buy this on sunday, by the way. >> it takes a while. >> i like it. >> you can travel to other locations. >> where are we go to go go. >> you don't get to see anything, it is all part of your imagination. >> yes good there is a light that i can see, you guys can't and when i go like this i follow green light. is there a by walking right here i will shoot him. shoot him. >> yeah. >> it doesn't work there is no sensor. we have the whole system it up, it tells what you to do. >> undoubted it is driving your co-workers crazy, that is
7:27 am
for sure. >> i'm putting up my graphic now. >> i need to buy everybody breakfast for being a anything this morning. >> well, that is every morning, lauren. >> terrible. >> number eight, number eight, eight days until baby time. >> i had a shower at 6:00 in the morning. >> oh, a baby shower. >> i had a baby shower and a shower. i had some cool gifts. >> yes. >> imagine that. >> yes, so shocking, right. >> lauren, you have a fantastic weekend. the just stay off your feet. we will see you monday. >> maybe, okay. >> okay. >> i said it was coming right on time. >> i said objecting 11th. >> yes. >> 7:27. >> well, quincy,. >> why is he in prison. >> this is the first and last time i'll be in prison. eastern state penitentiary,
7:28 am
terror behind the walls, celebrating 25th anniversary of terror behind the walls and as you can see goblins and goons are ready. we will talk about opting in coming up next.
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bus stop buddy is trying to stay upright at the bus
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stop but he is a little kid getting blown around a bit. we have had wind gusts in the city of 30 miles an hour this morning and temperatures are only in the 50's. the it is chilly, outside, now in weather by the numbers we are going to give this a two out of ten. it is yucky today. we are keeping an eye on hurricane joaquin which is a powerful storm, still, in the bow bohamas. will we will give you latest track next time. here's rain we are dealing with now up and down east coast of the united states but nothing to do with joaquin. still rainy, windy around heaviest rain around in southern new jersey and delaware, and high tides will be around 3:00 this afternoon. we have a coastal flood warning all counties highlighted in green there. a gale warning a along the delaware bay. five third in philadelphia. 18 miles an hour sustain wind and 31 miles an hour win gusts. we have 31 miles an hour gustness wildwood, 25 miles an hour where sabina is in
7:32 am
atlantic city. it is blowing her around as well. fox cast has a high of 56 degrees with the rain and wind hanging around all day, temperatures not moving much at all. 50 degrees, tonight, any improvement over weekend, we will let you know and give you a path coming up next time, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning, everybody. here's a live look, stack and pack coming into philadelphia give yourself some extra time, it is all going to take a little longer this morning because of the weather, rain, win. we have a couple accidents ahead of us here on i-95 southbound looking live, jammed up from woodhaven all the way into downtown. weather delays a at three of the big airport over an hour on arrivals and departures. so that will be a rough day for travel, and strong wind coming across the bridge so put that coffee cup down both hand on the wheel, 35 miles an hour on the whitman, bennie, commodore barry. if you are watching us down the the shore you you hear the wind, the majors are opened. ac expressway, parkway. just watch for wet road and
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high tides is going to play a factor in the flooding conditions. there are your readings for major roadways. so far, so good on mass transit. mike and alex, back to you. >> what were we doing a week ago right now? we were doing reports on the parkway, the pope was coming, and there was a moment right here, certainry one of the top moment for me and top moment for keithing family. >> i don't think any within will forget this moment. >> pope francis fresh off his flight from new york to philadelphia, he walk up, stop the motorcade to bless zero year-old michael keithing. now michael's daddies a band director of shan hon high school. the family knew they would see the pontiff that morning but they did in the know they would get this to happen. >> they are all here this morning a week later. welcome. >> good morning good thank you. >> we have the whole family here. >> michael, caden and chris.
7:34 am
>> hi chris. >> now michael. now what was it about two weeks before the pope's visit, you came on our show. >> yes. >> with the whole ban. >> you are the band director. >> it was a great experience we had. the kid had a blast. it got us ready for our, big performance for the the pope good now the performance was seen around the world. >> yes, they did. >> how did they do. >> i think they did awesome. >> yes, just seeing beforehand being at school, in the morning, just being ready and just being. >> did you sleep the nate before. >> just barely. we got everybody, yes. so it was an exciting moment for us there was that special moment. >> can you walk us through. you were standing there over by the band. the family was out there and to look like the pope was going to drive off. >> yes and he did the u turnaround and he waved to the band good kristin, what were
7:35 am
you thinking. >> so we were just thinking how exciting it was that we had seen the pope and he drove by and gave the band a thumbs up, whole heartly earn. they were wonderful. he went by and we're thinking he will wave at us. it is so exciting. he waved. we were so excited. then he did this and stopped the car. >> he walk directly over to michael. >> he made a beeline to michael, and of course you may have seen he kissed him on the forehead. put his hand on him and through tears i just said thank you, thank you. i could not think of stronger word to say and at that point was first time he looked up at me and gave me hand a squeeze. >> how do you think it happened? did he know about all of you and michael. >> no, i don't think so good did he look out the window. >> i also think, our president of the school sister regina said something else to him in
7:36 am
spanish. so it got his a attention. >> she was pointing at him, to the gentlemen that was walking next to the motorcade. so as she was running to him, he told pope francis, what, you know, there was a little boy here and he made decision to stop this car. >> you seem pretty shock too. >> were you shock. >> yes, i was shocked. >> you got a nice picture of the pope. >> yes. >> can you send those to me. >> i will give you my number. >> she as nice video after the show. >> yes how were you able to take a video and concentrate. >> it vice bad. >> it looks like it was crying too. >> i was very happy. >> what was it like being there. >> yes. >> let's role footage again because watch chris. chris notices, right there, wow. he stopped his car. when we play video back look at the the look on his face
7:37 am
here. >> you knew he would come over. >> yes. he is like my goodness. >> and authenticate i to work with that video. >> it was a wonderful moment. >> we still can't believe it, we still cannot fathom what happened. >> so tell us about michael though, this moment i'm sure. >> well, michael a and christopher are ten, he will be 11 years old soon, and they were born at 29 weeks. he was born with cerebral palsy a as a result. he has some health conditions but we get fabulous care at du pont hospital, as well as he goes to the child development center. it is a phenomenal school with great teachers and therapist so he gets everything that he need from that and a we have had so many blessings come into our life. >> yes. >> you said he had a pretty big reaction after pope francis left him, right.
7:38 am
>> he did. >> all of a sudden pope francis took his hand off michael and michael had a big smile, and he looked is this rel willly happening, she looked at me and said my goodness and he had a lovely smile and it was wonderful. >> you two are great. >> they are a great family. >> we're very, very fortunate. michael has been a blessing to our family. >> beautiful. >> wonderful. >> so nice to meet all of you guys. >> i shoot really bad videos. >> we are ready for you guys. we were watching the coverage. we aid is there the family. there they go. >> can you believe it has been a week. >> no. >> but we have than the had a chance, we are looking forward to the rain this weekend just to rest and chill out. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having. >> we will take a break and coming right back don't move. ññ
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it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. ññ it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud.
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introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ sue serio will be doing a lot of walking. join sue and joyce evans in helping to stop child boost by coming out this saturday, that would be tomorrow, right sue.
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>> yes, swing. >> swimming for a good cause. casa's. >> ca is court appointed special advocate. >> thank you. >> they help children who need it the most in philadelphia. >> over at the zoo. >> we're in the zoo. if you sign up for this walk you get to spend the whole day at the zoo off are finish. >> zoo at the sue. >> at the zoo with sue. oh, yeah. >> dress up like a super hero that might be fun. >> yes, they have capes there too if you don't bring your own, they will have some there. >> okay. >> it is casa >> get all of the information and register until noon time today on line but if you show up the at 75:00 in the morning you can register right there. >> yes, wonderful, sue. >> quincy harris in prison. >> he is. >> it is not just any prison, this morning, quincy. >> yes, eastern state penitentiary, terror behind the walls, guys, it is halloween. it gets a little scary, we have goons, we have goblins,
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we have opting in, you can get interactive and we will talk bit coming up.
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yes, blue mountain area too, pocono mountains, we just saw the the poor soul whose umbrella a blew inside out.
7:46 am
that is a a problem today, not only the rain but the wind, as well. so here's all of the systems that are a at work kind of guiding the path of joaquin. we have this jet stream that is kind of of hugging the east coast, we have the trough which used to be a cold front that is hanging off shore but this high is directing some northeasterly wind our way, keeping that on shore flow. so this storm is going to go in between all this but we have this high pressure system out in the middle of the ocean, who descended the other way but it looks like that easterly pass is one that will win out. here's current status of hurricane joaquin and it is 130 miles an hour wind, a category four, really strong storm, it stays a four for a while but then even with the descrepancy in these spaghetti models and is there a couple that still want to send it on shore, we are going with the off shore path because it tend to be more reliable models going this way but it loses
7:47 am
some strength but wye monday it is a category two and off the coast of north carolina so maybe monday and tuesday is when we will have some concerns about this, the weekend rain has nothing to do with joaquin. be prepared for chilly temperatures as you walk out the door, upper 40's in pottstown. fifty's every where else. the wind making it feel chillier. 18 miles an hour sustain wind in the city. 20 miles an hour in wildwood. we have 30, 35 miles an hour win gusts around, very windy morning, at the new jersey shore. is there all of the rain that will be heading our way and we are not going to get out of the 50's with our temperatures today. two out of ten. maybe not as intense with the rain but the wind and the rain will still be around both days of the of the weekend, make your plans, it is not hurricane rain but it will be raining. watch it the for monday, maybe into tuesday morning but we do expect the the sun to return, one of those days and then it
7:48 am
looks good for middle of the week but just yucky damp, dreary, all weekend long, bob kelly. >> hey sue good morning. 7:48. slower than normal to this pack your patients it will be a bad hair day. here's your readings for schuylkill expressway, i-95, all the majors are in jammo mode and lower merion, church just off of lancaster between lancaster and montgomery, some down wires. if you put your trash out last night for collection today wind probably knocked some of the stuff down the street. big weather delays at three big airports here well over an hour on some arriving and departing flights. strong wind knocking down speeds on the walt whitman bridge, ben franklin, commodore barry. put that cough east cup down. you will feel car rocking when you come a across the span here this morning. septa using shuttle bus these weekend between media and elwyn because of some track work, the dragon boat races are rolling into town.
7:49 am
the race itself is tomorrow here along the schuylkill river but you will see school and race's live today in which case they will close to vehicle traffic and coming from new jersey on the the freeway, watch for delays from the atlantic city expressway pretty much all the waste in bum per to bumper into bellmawr. mike and alex, back to you. >> you know my boat both is drag to go day i'll tell thaw you. it that is time of the year again. you want to get together? i freak out at stuff like this when you go over to eastern state penitentiary. >> i hate that feeling being scared. i could not do this. >> walk down this corridor eastern state penitentiary and they will jump at you you, i know it is coming, quincy. >> i can't look. >> boom good well, that is frightening, was that scary. >> yeah. >> well, but look, eastern state penitentiary. we have amy here.
7:50 am
>> see what happened already. >> the mike is hot. >> the mike does not want to be put together. it just broke off live on television. >> see what happened. >> this is you why don't go over there but kid, love it, especially teenagers love to go over there and get scared. >> i'm getting scared that the mike is anding weird. >> everything was fine until we went to him at the penitentiary. >> we will fix that. let me tell you this at 7:50 in the morning on this friday. birth control for men. for years we have talk about this. >> but doctors say it is a real thing. >> it is this close took a reality, guys, will we take the pill? would you do it. doctor mike with the latest.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
scientists say, they have now developed a birth control pill for men. the trouble is, would we take it? would we use it on a daily basis? >> doctor mike? >> you know, guys, we're lazy. >> yes, it is now become a father if you are not ready for it. >> yes. >> how does it work. >> it inhibits a protein in sperm. now this is in mouse studies. so they took male mice and they gave them drugs like that decrease immunity. and, they are used, if you have an organ transplant but they also inhibit a protein in sperm, that makes it not being able to get around. >> okay. >> that makes sense but if i stopped taking it, does my
7:55 am
sperm viable then. >> yes, it is reversible, that is the beautiful thing about this. and why should it all have to be your responsibility. >> i agree. if a woman is on birth control, do they both do it is that what need to happen. i don't want to be on birth control but the guy is like ill a's do it. >> that is like putting two goal is in front of the net. >> remember there is some woman that, can't take oral contraceptives as they get older, it can increase other kind of risks and problems. this is a good thing, if it works. so they are working on it. there is a couple other things that are out there but this drug and this concept is going to need to be tested in hugh man's. >> i'll test i had. >> how many years away are we talking ten years. >> no, it may rapidly occur especially in something like this. if this could imagine this would be such a big seller a pharmaceutical company will jump on this.
7:56 am
>> i hope men would be willing to. >> why would they not. >> because we're lazy. >> there is no injection is you have to take it every day. >> the the beauty of this you don't to have do a vasectomy. >> yes. >> birth control you have to take it at the same time every day, do guys have to be that strict with it. >> they did it in mice. a lot of research. the mice took it at the same time. >> this is weirdest study i have seen in months. this is the the headline. taller people more likely to get cancer then shorter people. >> we discussed this. >> because they are closer to the sun. >> they need to check to 110.
7:57 am
>> the theory is, a couple of theories that if you are taller, you have more skin so you are increased risk of skin cancer. you have more cells if you are taller. it may have to to with growth hormones. because people that are born with congenital dwarfism have low risk of cancer. growth harmone is very important for to us grow and get our bones to grow and it also tends to stimulate things like cancer. so it is that, it is, if you have more cells in the body, more stress, we always talk about antioxidants, and so what this does is you have more machinery going. you eat the wrong kind of foods. off a lot of hot dogs. that kind of thing, will increase your risk of damaging dna leading to cancer. but, overall, tall people live longer then shorter people. >> what? >> overall and they have lower risk of coronary disease. you know what my friend, don't
7:58 am
worry about it. good all right. >> don't worry about it. >> you will be healthy. >> live your life, carp die em. >> you know why, because you don't smoke. >> quit yelling. >> don't smoke, don't eat wrong kind of food, keep your weight down, exercise get plenty of rest i. >> and get dirty because, we're too clean, doctor mike. >> yes, study found that your child is at an increased risk of asthma if you keep them too clean. you keep them in the bubble. it has to do with their, are you ready for this micro bio, that is bacteria in their intestines. we are learning more and more about how important that is. kid need to get and ingest certain bacteria in their early development during life so that their back tear, yeah their intestines get colony with these bacteria and reduces risk of asthma anal geese.
7:59 am
>> real quickly here, fantastic keithing family on did you see what happened to them. >> i wept like a baby pope comes off the plane, gets in the fiat, stops it, goes back abe blesses michael keithing who is ten years old. michael has a brother, twin brother. >> yes. >> chris. >> you will see them when he walks back over. you will see chris there and michael in the wheelchair. how does one twin get cerebral palsy and the other one doesn't. >> if i could answer that i will win a noble prize. it has to do with brain development and genetics and how it just all plays out. how does any congenital disorder occur? it is a problem with development and the way that the genes and cells come together. the fact that we are nearly alive for so many years is such a miraculous thing. someone who studies and looks at people coming and going and i don't mean outside the door
8:00 am
i mean to the great beyond, i'm amazed at how unbelievable lucky we are just to have made it to this point. >> every moment is a blessing. >> come here. >> i love you. >> we're glad to have you. >> i love you. >> i love sue. >> i even love you. >> we love you to. >> good day, friday october between the second, 2015. >> now get out. and now, what will happen when it will move up the companies towards us. the the path of this powerful storm, right now. >> we talk about this after columbine, blacksberg, after tucson, avenue town, after a roar, after charleston. >> tragedy in oregon. nine victims dead, seven
8:01 am
wounded what witnesses heard that gunman asked before opening fire. >> badly bullied over his ears. life changing surgery. but would you let your children go under the knife, because of the bully. the the debate rages on. >> getting gig which new music. philly's own will smith back the two brand new track. new song that will be on our weekend play list. >> i want to hear that. i want to hear that new joint. >> i do too. >> we will have some good music. >> it has been a while, as the young kid, it has bin a minute. >> that is right, it has been a minute. >> we have one minute to do weather, one minute to do traffic and then we will go down to virginia. >> yes. >> you know, we pick a number between one and ten today. it is a two out of ten. bus stop buddy can barely stand on his feet, so darn
8:02 am
windy and raining on top of. that quick update on joaquin, still, a category four hurricane with 130-mile an hour wind, we will check on that in a moment but we have our own rain, non-joaquin rain to deal with and it is heavy to the south of philadelphia but we are seeing steady rain outside our door as well. the coastal flood warning in effect, 20 miles an hour sustained winds in philadelphia with 52 degrees. and a 28-mile an hour wind gusts, wind gusts in the the 30's at the shore all morning for poor sabina who has been dealing witt. 56 degrees today. the mostly cloudy, showers, heavy downpours and 50 degrees tonight. that takes care of today, and what about the the rest of the weekend and joaquin? we will have all of that for you coming up, bob kelly, wet roadways, yucky. >> wet roadways today. give yourself plenty of extra time, a live look here at an example of 476, heavy from mid county down through the schuylkill, schuylkill, i-95, stack and pack, bennie heavy
8:03 am
from mid span and downtown at eighth and vine. northeast philadelphia a from woodhaven to center city you're watching us town the shore. you can feel the wind on the expressway and parkway and is there your speed meter readings for all major roadways and a over one hour delays on arriving and departing flights at the airport, mike and alex, back over to you. lets talk about hurricane joaquin, category four now alex, really packing a punch. this cell phone video fritz bohamas. this storm is up to 150 miles an hour the wind gusts, it is a mess. it is not moving much. >> that is what my friend, say and he says things are picking up there. he a said slow moving storm. the fact that it is slow is a problem. >> in the east coast they have declared a state of emergency in a lot of states and virginia is one of them. that is where doug luzader is right now. >> hi, doug this is some of that non-joaquin rain.
8:04 am
it would hit anyway. initial fear is that you would combine this with the effects of joaquin and it would be a disaster because initially that storm track was headed directly here. now it is heading east and certainly people are relieved about that but there has been so much rain already and there is more in the forecast in the days ahead. those low lying coastal areas will start to flood. they are already putting sandbags down. we have been walking the tides, coming up a bit throughout the course of the morning. the the concern here is that high tides will combine with some of the wind, come in off shore and making this flooding even worse. the good news is if you are looking for a seat outside one of these cafes you are in luck. it will be raining steadily over next couple of days here. >> my goodness. >> i heard last hour, you know, different states have different states of emergency, what exactly does it mean for virginia. i probably in our tri-state area here we'll have some
8:05 am
declaration like this i would think before tuesday, hey doug. >> reporter: i wouldn't be surprised if that is the case. i don't know specifically how virginia differs from other states but generally it means you have state officials that are working throughout the course of the weekend ready to mobilize and here that means providing sandbags to residents so they can begin to prepare for this low level flooding, but certainly state, local officials will be working throughout the weekend here because of the state of emergency. >> lighter note, 25 years ago it was tonight that the show 90210 start i and i thought you look like jason priestly. >> well, maybe that picture. never mind. >> the the funny thing is, i used to hear that a lot but i heard it, a a lot more before my hair turned gray. and then everything change. >> i love what you are doing with your hair. >> it is a mature look. >> getting closer.
8:06 am
>> thanks, doug. >> did you just sneeze. >> yes. >> bless you. >> thank you. >> a 26 year-old chris harper mercer, entered the umpqua campus at 10:30 yesterday morning and opened fire, nine people were killed, and seven others were injured. shots were exchanged and then it was in the clear if police killed him or himself. in the facebook post and this is the the 15th school presser since becoming president. president obama says it is time to take action. >> we talk about this after columbine, after blacksberg, after tucson, avenue town, after a roar, after charles ton... it cannot be this easy for someone who wants to inflict to get his or her
8:07 am
hand on a gun. >> president obama said we are the only country in the world where school shootings, they happen every few months. so joining us from studio to talk about school violence is doctor chuck williams. good morning. >> thanks for having me. sorry to be here under these circumstances. i feel like obama we talk about these things repeatedly but nothing gets done he is director of graduate studies at lincoln university and educational psychologist. he says also the the president, we're getting nu mb to this. >> if you remember ten years ago on a day like today, that is all we would be talking business shooting in oregon. >> right. >> it is now second and third story after weather and traffic. i printed it out. just the the school campus shootings we have had over last few years, just page after page after school campuses. >> we have had 142 campus and school shootings since sandy hook. >> what? >> and 45 just this year
8:08 am
alone. >> apparently there is a mass shooting every eight day, when somebody kills more than three people. >> that is right. it is very sad. like the president said he is frustrated, we are all frustrated. this ace human problem. we have to be prepared to ask the tough questions, and that is are we a culture that endorses violence? are we a culture that celebrates guns? >> of course, we are. >> what do we do with it. >> look at our movies, video games, i love violence. >> we like hip-hop. you listen to hip-hop, i listen to hip-hop. i'm guilty of listening it to myself. all of these things play a role in us endorsing this culture of violence and aggression which can lead to the demise of more importantly our children and youth. you talk about campus and schools we're talking about kids, remember. >> someone said it is a a mental health issue. >> that is important too. how do we screen our people who should and shouldn't but i hate to act on president obama's word but he is a very wise man.
8:09 am
there are mental health challenges in countries all over the world. you could argue we have one of the best mental health systems in the world. not that it is perfect you but it is best. why are we having these problems when we have better access and other societies have less access to mental health and same challenges. it is something about the culture i believe. >> here's a question that is probably impossible to answer, why college cam putses. >> well, this is sort of the double edge sword of being on the college campus. most college campuses, this is my business, they are opened. we come to college. you can sit on the lawn. you can go to the library. you are fed. you pay your friend and family a visit. they are not check. no one is observing them. you don't have to have any dates. >> there are no armed security guard. >> if there are guard, that is why our campus are opened. >> is it also the pressure of college years. >> that is the other part of it. people forget how stressful it is to be in college.
8:10 am
midterms, the the quizes, exams, making friend, being away from home. >> alienated, rejection. >> social rejection can lead to people becoming frustrated, angry and acting out. >> okay, how do you stop it. he is a weirdo i worry about him. >> post on social media, questionable posts they believe may have been link to the shoot are. >> when do you go i think this guy is crazy. >> that is up to friend and family. people that you know. someone you know is acting different you reach out, you talk to them and ask them to get professional help. we just can't point to one person. we just can't point to what happened in oregon. you look at chicago, milwaukee even in philadelphia overall crime rates are down. that is a good thing. but we have two bits of bad news. one we see a spike in shootings in major cities. two we have seen a significant increase in the number of campus and school shooting, in
8:11 am
such a short period of time in america. the these things are public health crisis but we don't deal with them the same will way we deal with public health crisis f we found out the ebola hit philadelphia. you would have an overwhelming coordinated response to figure out how a way to prevent other people from contracting it but we don't dot same thing with violence. we do not treat it as a public health issue. like you said after today we will be on to the next one. >> we need to not be numb to these kind of things. >> no, but we are. we are. protocols in place at lincoln. >> yes. >> we're ready. >> ready to go. >> good to see you. >> likewise. >> thanks for having me. >> hurricane joaquin category four battering bohamas and powering up the east coast over the next five days or so. how will it a affect us. look at the the size of it. you can see from it space easily.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
we will check nascar forecast. a a lot of you have been asking about that on twitter and facebook, sue serio fox 29 that is my name on twitter and facebook.
8:15 am
anyway, it looks like it will rain a lot today and a little less other two days of the weekend but we still have rain in the forecast for all three days of the weekend. high of only 55 in dover today. sixty-three tomorrow. sixty-six on unday. if joaquin stays away, we may get a a tiny bit of sunshine on sunday, but explaining real quickly the saffir-simpson scale, category four which is where we are with joaquin, sustain wind 131 to 155 miles an hour, catastrophic damage and power outages that cannulas for a few months, foulke. the thinks where that storm is right now in the bohamas and that is the the situation. it is a mess down there we are watching closely this track of the storm. it takes a four. it is going northwest right you this but you we expect to it take that northeasterly track. in fact 8:00 o'clock update keeps that northeasterly track of the storm which keeps it well off shore. the lets hope it stays that.
8:16 am
most and pushing towards and, on shore, before the weekend is through you. temperatures in the 50's, in the 50's all day to day, other concern is the win, 20 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia and look at these win gusts, 28 miles an hour in the city and at the shore a 31-. to put that all together for weekend rain is around all weekend, heavier rain is today but it is not a dry weekend. it just won't rain every minute on saturday and sunday. there will be more on and off, still chilly and windy both days of the weekend. we will start watching joaquin if it has any effect on the weather at all it would be on monday. bob kelly, what do you got. >> well, we have rain and all of the cameras just slow moving commute. live look at the schuylkill expressway getting hit with the downpour but wipers are on, headlights are on and factor in extra time this morning. little extra wiggle room between you and that bumper in front. bennie not looking bad now. we were at a parking lot stand
8:17 am
still a half an hour ago. traffic coming over bridge nicely but wind is going to feel rocking the car coming over the span. southbound heavy from wood have men to girard for folks down the shore, getting hit with the wind and rain. expressway parkway are opened. here's your readings on majors slower than normal and well over one hour delays at the airport. alex, back over to you. whenever we get into october i start thinking about halloween, right? i just can't stand feeling of being scared but i hear eastern state pen textry is place to go if you are trying to get scared. >> yes, it is spooky. we have had spooky issues that went on last hour. i don't know amy, you are the creative director, did you do that on purpose. >> it is a massive haunted prison at eastern state penitentiary terror behind the walls. >> this is 25th a anniversary of terror behind the walls. >> that is right 25th season. we are excited. we have one brand new
8:18 am
attractions, quarantine and black light attraction. i have one of the hallucinations you experience. and then break out where you need to escape if you can. >> if i can see the the haunted house how long, you know, does each, i guess tour. >> it last about an hour to go through terror behind the walls. >> yes. >> that is scary. >> it is, but you we try to make all different levels of fright for people. any want can come through. >> you might have her about that. >> you were telling me with this option as far as opt nothing. >> visitors have a chance to opt in if they want more intense experience which means you could be marked, nurses with blocked, you could be tracked with a glow necklace and this allows the staff to grab you, take new to a dark corridor and separate you you from your group. >> that would be weird because i wouldn't want that to
8:19 am
happen. >> guys, stop. >> are they go to go close the door. we will check on quincy in a lit bit. oh, no, i could not do it. >> 8:19. nasty wet they are weekend how about making it a double feature at the movies. why the the martial and the walk may be two of the best movies you will see this year but gets let gig i with it, right. let's get gig which new music. will smith back with the brand new track, yeah, he is still making songs we will play his songs and see if you will put it on your play lit. marson.
8:20 am
martian. ññ
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
8:23 am
sandra bullock is a new mom. >> radar on line is reporting that she's in the final stages of adopting a baby girl and, in fact, little one is living with her in l.a., and they say sandra's new boy brian is involved in caring for their daughter n200 she adopted her son in new orleans, louie, so congratulations to sandra. >> nicely done. >> america's sweetheart. >> you know i love merrill streep, right. >> so even merrill streep has a few regrets, she just shared her biggest one. she said her friendship suffered from lacca attention, in favor of her career. >> that is one of the stories we did this week, regrets, not the spending enough time with her friend. >> she wishes she could tell her 18 year old self to stop wasting time war big weight and body image.
8:24 am
she said that the best piece of advice she has gotten came from her husband and it is this, start by starting. >> start by starting. >> just get out there and do. >> what is the the line from shawshank redemption. >> you better stop living -- get busy living or get busy dying. that is heavy man. >> that is heavy. >> i say life is short, you say life is long. >> it is long, if you are in the living the right way life can be very, very long. don't do something you will regret for like 80, 90 years. >> it is a bless to go live that long too. >> i'm very wise. >> let's talk about will smith. >> will smith is singing again. >> well, for the first time, it has been ten years since he has released music. this is remix of the colombian band song, here we go will
8:25 am
smith's new music, right now. >> ♪ >> he should have waited another ten years. >> i think that was it. >> that was just the chorus. >> i love that part right there. >> i can see it playing in the club. >> it is kind of miamiish. to you remember that. >> welcome my miami, yes. >> yes. >> i like that one. >> yes kind of like that i think. >> as you can tell the name of the song, fiesta. >> he says that he discover the band, what, on a reese even trip to columbia. they are known for their blend of latin, tropical and electro
8:26 am
sound. so he wrapped it up english and spanish in the song. >> i can hear it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i like their voices. >> yes. >> so miami. >> she does sound sexy. >> it is. >> what about uptown deeper voice, why can't you have welcome to miami. >> well, i don't know. >> it is not work, people don't like the big voice. >> let me go to the second floor and ask. >> welcome to miami and ask. >> that is what she said.
8:27 am
>> okay. i'm alex holley. >> is that what i sound like to you. >> pretty much. >> it is 8:27. we have something serious to talk about. i a saw this sore bye this young man so cute but badly bullied because his ears stick out. little boy has had plastic surgeon. parents, i have a question, if your kids are going through hell in school would you give them plastic surgery to get rid of the problem. let's debate it.
8:28 am
it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. well, watch what you say, the top five most damaging phrases you can say in the relationship. why number one really, gets us riled up. >> phrases you never want to hear. >> there is george clooney. >> clooney caught red-handed,
8:31 am
he is dirk on the who he was caught in bed with and it was not the her, not his wife, amal. we will tell but this. >> was he in bed with you, last night sue, george clooney. >> he told me to keep it a secret but i think i will put it in facebook. >> scream it to the world. >> sue serio fox 29 that is where i am on facebook and twitter, it is the same name. bus stop buddy, look at him, he business to blow away. i think umbrella is just shy of blowing inside out because it is so windy this morning. temperatures are in the 50's and it feels colder, thus a two out of ten. we are not used to these chilly temperatures first of all and then we have to worry about this hurricane, although, it is becoming less and less to worry about with each model run. we will talk about that coming up. we have a lot of non-joaquin hurricane rains. not joaquin rains, but they
8:32 am
are pretty heavy at times this rain we have been seeing all morning and a coastal flood warning in effect most of the weekend. so we have 52 degrees right now and wind at 29 miles an hour, gusting up to 29 miles an hour at the shore as well. fifty-six, heavy downpours today, rain, wind, and more rain, and more wind, tonight. we have gusts as high as 30 miles an hour and a low of 50 degrees. it is a big shock to the system, after having 80's, bob kelly, monday, tuesday, wednesday of this week. the vine street expressway is slow in both directions, the the parkway looks like they have traffic moving again. is there a portion of the inner drive near the steps of the art museum, that is blocked, with the clean up, 7 miles an hour on the schuylkill, and even number ten on i-95, just give yourself extra time. it will take you longer to get there today.
8:33 am
an accident down here in wilmington on route 13 and rodgers road, right where route 13, rodgers just about 495 all coming together there. down wires in lower merion with some local detours around church and lancaster and heading to the airport, no need to be in a rush, over one hour delays at all three or four of our major airports here in to three cities on a arrivals and departures. do check with your airline. strong wind knocking speed down to 35, on the whitman and we are down to 40 on the delaware memorial. mike and alex, back to you. you have six kids. i want your opinion on this, bob kelly. there is this little boy. he was getting bullied, because he had his ears, that stick out, a lot. so, his parents decided to give him plastic surgery to pin opinion his ears back. that helped his self esteem. i want your opinion because you have two children. would you do this for your kid. >> big question, you never want your kid to be bullied.
8:34 am
let's tell the story first and let viewer decide. his name is gauge burger. he dreaded going to will school because of what mike said other kid just say mean things about the the poor kid ears. his parents told inside addition gauge went off in the mirror and tried to push his ears back. they brought this boy to the plastic surgery. the operation took about two hours. after it was all said and done, the boy had three words. >> oh, my gosh. >> so there you go. >> it is a mark difference for sure. >> yeah but, of course, they pick the depressed look on the left and big smile on his face which also help. >> he has a nice cute face. >> but, he would have get older and grow into his ears, you can't base it, on this young age. >> the thing of it is, the kids are so mean. >> true. >> and you don't want to see your kid get bullied. the surgery, probably wasn't real painful.
8:35 am
it doesn't hinder much. heels up quickly. he looks like i guess what you would call a normal kid. >> i want to know what it was like, because now they know he fix his ears it is on national television. >> but then one cute girls like him and all of the boys shut up. >> would you do this if your kid came up and said i don't like this would you go and get surgery. >> i think would i. >> yes. >> i think i would too. >> bob kelly, what do you think. >> would i try growing the hair out first, that was my question, you he has the buzz cut. >> god gave you those ears and he intended him to have him. >> that is fine mom, you don't have the big ears. >> what about people that can't afford plastic surgery. he had has to live with it. i have lived with this thing. >> it makes you stronger that is positive side. not everyone will be nice to you. it doesn't mean bullies is right i'm not saying that at all. >> we always have something that we're not happy with that in one else notices.
8:36 am
>> i have a list of ten things would i like to change. >> i have a list too. >> you never want to have your kid come home and being bullied, or not happy. >> it is in the right what kid are doing to each other. >> lets take a break. >> have you heard of fubing but apparently it is ruining your relationship. what you need to stop doing alone with your partner. >> how do you spell that phubbing, on your screen.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:39. welcome back. president of the united states and a lot of us want to somehow change what is going on in this country in the wake of yet another deadly school shooting yesterday morning in oregon. the 15th address on the school shooting subject since he took the oath of office back in january, of 2009. let's bring in chris wallace. is that going to be one of the
8:40 am
topics this weekend chris or are we just so numb to it we don't bring it up on on national television anymore. >> no, whether agree with him or disagree with him still a very impassioned speech by president obama. as a father of two girls i'm sure he thinks they are for the the grace of god but this has been, there has been so many of them. he spoke out avenue town, he spoke after charleston, and a variety of others and now he is doing it again. we are becoming routine. some say he i am politicizing it. we will talk with jason chaffitz about a variety of issues but you one of them will be is there going to be any move toward gun control in this congress? i suspect the answer will be no. >> i expect it will be no. >> okay. on a much lighter subject, chris wallace, what are you hearing in d.c. about the game between the eagles and the
8:41 am
washington redskins. >> i'm hearing almost nothing because they are two in the very good teams. i am going to the game. i will be rooting for my team. but listen, i'm disappointed, i was hoping the hurricane might wipe the game out so we wouldn't to go through this misery but we are. but i don't have have much time left. we will also talk about syria, and the fact that rush ace now bombing and not bombing isis as they said they would but bombing our allies opposing as a sated we have a retired four store general and former ambassador, u.s. ambassador to iraq and syria who says reason putin is doing this because he thinks our foreign policy and our president are so weak. it should be a a very interesting "fox news" sunday. >> what a mess. >> all right, chris we will be watching. real quickly the game is going to be at fedex field, it is still on. >> look, as i'm sure you have been tracking the hurricane it
8:42 am
is further out to the east so i think it will be a nice rainy day. >> yes. >> chris, have fun at the game. we will see you next week and i'll be watching sunday. >> you bet. >> taylor swift, i think we caught her lying, her fans are upset, with her this morning. the 25 million-dollar fib. next.
8:43 am
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i want to show you joaquin because we had an update at 8:00. it is not only same strength, category four but it is same off shore path of this storm, it is staying a four just outside the bohamas and we are expect ago this northeasterly off shore track although it does maintain strengthen after it gets in the cooler waters, but it is looking like it won't have a big effect on our weekend, anything that happens would happen on monday, and maybe we will just get a little rain at the most, most of the effects will be felt at the shore. meanwhile the non-joaquin rain is with us heavily today. 56 degrees. fifty-eight tomorrow. then we're in the mid 60's on sunday. lane will be around over the
8:46 am
weekend but just not as intense as it is today, wind will be around over the weekend a as well and something to look forward to, in the middle of next week, guys, look, sunshine returns. do you remember sunshine? we should get in the 07's by middle of next week. >> i don't think he will make it. >> he will not make it to the middle will of the next week. >> i got the a cold, for over a week. i will tell you bit on facebook. >> you haven't had a day off since i can't remember. i'm willing down too, man. >> you know that feeling when you feel like something is going on. >> wendy williams got it too. >> anyway, lets talk about this. >> taylor swift some people saying she's a liar, liar pants on fire. >> dax, did she lie. >> hello, good morning. >> what is she lying about, dax. >> well, it is this big old mansion here in beverly hills. samuel gold win estate. it is worth 25 million-dollar. it was up for sale. there is rumors going around that taylor was buying this house. she said no, on line, she had
8:47 am
said a, you know, comments bit on twitter, basically saying i'm's not buying that wealth. we seemed to differ. we check tax record, and it all points right back to taylor swift. basically, that sale went through and it has now shifted over to a company in nashville and that company seems to be own by taylor swift. unless someone in the company made a purchase of 25 million-dollar mansion, and she didn't necessity bit, we're all calling bs. >> she has a lot of money. maybe someone made purchase she didn't realize it. >> if someone in your staff made a 25 million-dollar purchase, and you you didn't know bit, wouldn't there be a problem? >> yes, probably so. >> maybe now she knows. >> it was like a cash purchase by the way. >> wow. >> i was trying to help her out. >> so, i was on the phone with michael b jordan, we were talking about life and that kind of thing. he a said he will probably
8:48 am
play in a new movie, he made play russell simmons. >> yes, trying to get some steam right now. def jam will make a movie about def jam done by universal ape michael jordan is slate todd play russell simmons. we got russell simmons behind in helping to produce it but he said do you feel like that is a good decision. he said i think it is great but he is way too press toy play me. we will to have rough him up. beat him with the ugly stick and then he can play me. >> that is terrible. >> russell simmons doesn't look bad. >> he doesn't look bad but he is looking at michael b jordan hoist a good looking dude and saying yeah, if he really need to look like me he will to have put on a lot of make up. then it sound like, joan a hill will be playing rick ruben. >> i can see similarities there. >> success straight out ofment
8:49 am
company seven on prompting these picks good let's talk about just continue beiber. >> he is a tool good he has been doing so well. he has been doing charity work. now this happens. >> i was surprised to see this video but justin beiber in new zealand, on stage, he is up there, and outcomes the joint. they start puffing a away on the joint, and, it is just kind of out of character now for justin beiber who change his whole life around. really trying to switch up his persona, and stop with the the drinking, and stop with the smoking. so i was shocked to see him doing his old antics again. >> you have the video on your web site. video we are playing is not that video. >> we will have to go look at it. >> we have the video. you can check it out. >> i will do that right now. thanks, dax. have a great weekend. i will look at that video. >> justin was doing so well. >> he should be fine. take me out to the ballgame, take me out to, get
8:50 am
some selfies. >> what is this. >> this game turned into a selfie photo shoot. did you see this how announcers they roasted these girls on live tv. seriously.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] 8:53. good morning. we are following breaking news in wilmington. this is a live look on south market street where police are investigating a crash that involve a vehicle will, a passenger bus, and an unoccupied school bus. someone, police say someone in the vehicle, had died but both north and southbound lanes have of mark street, the mark street bridge closed, as you can see here, again, it was an
8:54 am
unoccupied school bus, as well as a dart transportation. similar to a septa bus and a vehicle. police say that the person in the vehicle killed in this crash this morning. there is an investigation. as we go to the maps here it is route 13 just above i495, kind of squeezed in between the 25 and 495, here's a picture sent to me from the scene, you can see the dart bus that is facing us, it looks like the front driver tire is flattened and there is a vehicle behind that bus and here's the school bus we were speaking of that was unoccupied this morning. otherwise rain really set the tone for morning rush hour, slow go across the board and septa is running with 15 minute delays, on all have of its regional rails. mike and alex, back over to you. 8:54. if you ordered a pizza over phone it can get there in 30 minutes, right. >> yes good if that is too long to wait you might want to invest in the importantable pizza a pouch which apparently
8:55 am
is a real thing. >> what is that? >> okay. for $8, plus shipping you can have your own and never be without a warm cheese slice. >> it is a pizza necklace. >> yes, stupid, idiot i can. >> yes. >> that is the name of the company. >> company that invented it, they say on their web site wearing the pouch will make you more popular and a attractive. >> yes. >> it has something to do with the delicious pizza around your neck. what is that phrase is that a pizza in your pocket or are you just... >> where are you coming up with these. >> i'm hanging around with you too long. >> that is what happening. >> it is actually a pepperoni. >> you are a bad influence. >> what has happened to you. >> yesterday, it was something about mary. >> is that a pizza in the
8:56 am
pocket. watch what you say, alex. the the top five most damaging phrases, you can say to mess up your relationship, why number one, really irritates women especially. >> i blame you, mike, i blame you. >> i agree with you.
8:57 am
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all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. good day, it is friday october 2nd, 2015. karen hepp sitting here on the desk. hi karen. >> of course, she's one of the stars of fox 29 weekend. >> yes. >> stop. >> i have have a co host. >> i like star. you don't want to be a star. >> well... >> all blued up.
9:00 am
>> it is just rainy outside. still in blue. >> have you ever heard of this term, phubbing. phubbing. apparently it is ruining our relationships. what you need to stop doing and saying to keep your relationship to go. there are five phrases that irritate the heck out of a part are in. >> plus take me out to the ballgame, take me out for some selfies well this game turned into a photo shoot. how the a announcers roasted these girls on live television. >> it is a movie weekend. how about a double feature, why the the martian which looks phenomenal and the walk may be two of the best movies thaw see in this entire year. >> is the walk with roberd redford, sue, staff? >> sue is looking at you like


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