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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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still in blue. >> have you ever heard of this term, phubbing. phubbing. apparently it is ruining our relationships. what you need to stop doing and saying to keep your relationship to go. there are five phrases that irritate the heck out of a part are in. >> plus take me out to the ballgame, take me out for some selfies well this game turned into a photo shoot. how the a announcers roasted these girls on live television. >> it is a movie weekend. how about a double feature, why the the martian which looks phenomenal and the walk may be two of the best movies thaw see in this entire year. >> is the walk with roberd redford, sue, staff? >> sue is looking at you like what.
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>> the tightrope guy. >> okay. >> that is why we have karen. >> that is a true story when he walked from one of the twin towers to the other twin tower and the guy is still alive by the way and the kid who plays him, joseph gordon levet. >> i love him. >> yes. >> i didn't know he had a movie coming out. >> yes. >> could you just calm down, everybody. just calm down. that irritates people. >> that irritates people. >> there are certain phrases that really irritate your partner if you are in a relationship. okay. remember the scene from, how to lose a guy in ten days. >> i was just sleeping. >> you let it die you you should think about that.
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>> wow. >> i have to interrupt this for one second as we look at this, we got tree work done and my husband got knee a tree that we plant in the backyard, the whole relationship and we watch it grow and blooming. the there was a big tree. they cut out the the big tree. i came out, surveying it, yesterday, they cut that down. >> what, by mistake. >> yes. >> it was totally blooming. i said brian, who cut down, our tree. >> my goodness. >> what did you do. >> what does that mean. >> i don't know. >> divorce is the the only answer. >> can you plant another one, did they say sorry. >> you renew your vows, plant another tree. >> solution. >> we should take a camera and watch it. >> that would be fascinating. >> can you take a video post it on facebook. >> that is a good facebook post. >> beautiful story. >> lets get back to the things good did i ever tell you i was a tree trimmer back when i was
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seven. i will tell you bit on facebook later. >> what time is it. >> is what your facebook name, mike. >> mike jerrick. >> mike jerrick fox 29. >> okay. >> i have some great stories too, alex holley fox 29. >> remember when i went to the circus, i lived with carney's for three years. i will tell you bit. >> calm down. >> calm down. calm down. >> i hate that. >> so lets get back to the phrases. do you realize kate hudson who we saw in this clip is dating nick jonas. how about that. >> go, girl. >> that is cougar lion. >> lets get back to phrases that irritates the heck out of people. we just told you one. i think you should just calm down. you are in a argument with your loved one and i have have done this, where she's just very upset about something. just calm down. >> yes. >> it sets everybody off. >> don't say that.
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>> it is demeaning, it is like you excitable female you. >> my god brother i will just talk over, just calm down. i am calm. he gets me every time. it makes me so mad. >> how about if you are married and you have children brian would say you know, you never help with the kid you are always off at the the tv station you never help with the kids. that burns you up. >> i have been baking pumpkin rolls and i had to slip out quickly this morning. >> you got up early this morning and made pumpkin rolls. i don't even know what those are. >> like a cinnamon roll thaw buy from pillsbury, and trader joe's came out with pumpkin ones. you bake them for 20 minutes. >> kit cat kline in the control room, did she leave? no, she's there. look up trump -kin it is a pumpkin they decorate todd look like donald trump. another phrase, you never listen to me. i get that a a lot too. >> i bet you do too.
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>> um-hmm. >> what about this one, never mind, i will just do it myself. >> i like when she says had. >> it is supposed to bother you. >> no, wait i'll help. >> especially with the kids because then men take it and a she can do it all by herself then. you have to bite your tongue and in the say that especially when you have young kid because you will change every diaper, you will do everything yourself for rest of my life. >> yes, i will do it myself. >> hold on, here's one that alex hates, you say i hate when i do that. when i say a certain phrase. >> yes. >> you hate when i say it, but i hate when you do it. >> so, we're walking down the street in olde city. >> it is bad. >> someone is struggling. >> that is me in about three days. >> i hate when do you that. >> it is mean. it is just bad. >> it is bad. >> here's what i really hate. a lot of times when you are in an argument. maybe not even someone is just
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asking you a question. they are like, you can ask something like is what wrong? but i'm personally fine. i'm cool with that. but it is just little word, now. now if you now to anything it makes it, like, it is wrong. and then is what wrong now you? >> don't you ever do that. >> the word now, i just, it gets me so upset. why are you upset now. what did you do now? >> i did that last week. my fiance, i said what is it now. >> it is a little war. >> yes it makes such a big difference. >> what is it month. >> here's a trumpkin, donald trump as a gored. >> my gosh. >> that is fabulous. >> that is fabulous. >> yeah. >> let's get back, i just thought of something, let's ask quincy if there are any phrases that set your wife off or vice versa, q. >> yes, of course, i'm in eastern tait penitentiary. i'm transforming into a prison guard but one thing that, you
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you know, irritates i guess my wife or myself as well is impressions. if i'm talking to my wife and i said hey, why are we doing this. she said why are you doing this. >> impressions, wow, wow. >> the impressions. they are really, they are really makes you mad. >> another thing when you are insert best friends name and say this, you say, well, when do you this. >> well, why don't you just go ask best friend, go ask mike jerrick. >> always gets me. >> always, always. >> yes, spending too much time going out with mike jerrick and having too much fun all night. >> i'm getting why don't you take chris murphy. >> nothing is wrong accounts i'm fine, i'm fine. >> that is a typical woman thing. >> you just like that. >> we were just laughing. a simple laughing. your significant other, spills out their heart and they are really upset and you you go, like that.
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okay. that right there, it is also a no, no. i'm expert. >> go get your make up on and we will check back with you. >> here's one that will set anyone off. kit cat is upset with me. the basically yell at me. i will just go. >> you do not do it. >> i have done it. >> not good. >> what was her reaction. >> she was really mad. >> why would you you do that. >> i'm a jerk good you just make that up. >> it was two or three years ago. >> i will never do that again. >> lifting her finger. >> i will tell but it on facebook. >> you know, i was born with only... no. >> you might want to put that cell phone down, folks, karen. >> yes it could be hurting our relationship. >> too busy looking at it as opposed to hanging on your every word. >> it is called phubbing. >> not philly fanatic why we put p-h there.
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>> it is ph for phone, phubbing and it means partner, phone, snubbing. researchers at baylor university or down at baylor university in texas found that phubbing hurts relationship satisfaction and creates conflict like when your partner hide their phone when they are together, or constantly glances at it. >> yes. >> so the study says low satisfaction leads to overall unhappiness and higher levels of depression. >> yes. >> they are just shut ago this person out. you are saying you are not as important as to what is happening on my phone. you know is what happening on the phonies facebook, twitter, or how you about that, three leg cow. that is more important then you. >> like last night at dinner, i was, trying to eat dinner with my fiance and she says what do you keep could go? posting to facebook? for three hours. >> yes. >> so, more people are weighing in about the things
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you don't like people to say in your relationship. >> yes. >> she says i cannot stan when he said you are right. i want to punch him in the face. stacy says i hate when my boyfriend says when we're arguing is it that time of the month. that is a no, no girl friend. stacy, tell him, he can't. that is a a violation. >> you can never use that line. >> that is a violation. i just had to weigh in. those were good ones. but back to the phubbing thing. >> one of my boyfriend in high school. when we were together you don't get on the phone. if something happened and you didn't to have do this but it was nice that you would do it, would you say my mom just text me is it okay if i check it quickly. you didn't have to. it was nice. >> geese. >> i knew you were going to react that way. >> permanent mission to talk to him from his mother. >> that is not what i am saying. >> he was nice enough to say i'm not taking my phone. >> if my phone wasn't broken
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would i do this demo with my own phone. i used my phone so much yesterday, it is death i plugged it in the charger, nothing. it is death. >> so i was wandberg this. it happens to be lilac. >> it is supposed to be pink but it got dirty. >> what is that. >> the dye in my jeans and it got dirty. it used to be pink. >> okay. >> there we go. >> i know, i'm's so upset because back of it, refocus there, it is green. >> are you using alex's phone. >> i am having dinner at a restaurant. it is okay if i leave it right there. trouble is every now and then you go like that. >> you see it lighting up, yes. >> you are supposed to put tonight your coat pocket. >> everybody bring out your phones. let's do a selfie. did you see what happened at the baseball game the other night. great thing abouting to the baseball game you can catch warm weather in certain parts
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of the country. the crowd, fun, food, great experience or you just not pay attention to the game at all and just take selfies. >> look at the one on the right judge do you have to make faces when you take selfies. >> one more now. >> better angle. >> check it. >> did that come out okay. >> that is best one of the 300 pictures i have taken. >> every girl in the picture is locked into the phone. every single one is, dialed in. welcome to parenting in 2015. they are all just completely transfixed by the technology. the beauty have baseball is you can sit next to your neighbor and after a conversation or you can completely ignore them. >> those were baseball a announcers for arizona diamond backs. this game happened wednesday night. the girls taking the pictures are from alpha kai sorority. sorority sisters at air zone state university. why even bother to go to the game.
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>> they went. ladies admit to doing this. sometimes you go just because you know it will be a great selfie and instagram opportunity. >> that is reason to go to the game. >> you do that. >> well, yeah. >> i will go there and get a great pick and post it. >> do you remember days you used to go with the pencil, in your right hand and glove and you sit there and get your cracker jacks, scoring the game. >> with a little card, oh, yeah. >> now we don't do that anymore. >> you know what would have been great, if within would have been hit by a foul ball. >> no, that is terrible good that would have been phenomenal. >> not that they would be hurt but show a big shiner, a selfie with a black eye. >> my gosh, they said you just can't take one. sometimes with selfies you get that good one you need different angles. >> the announcer was doing duck lips. >> i have a question. >> yes. >> what is the purpose of taking pictures of yourself and posting them?
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what is that about. >> they are taking pictures hi, we are sorority girls. >> i'm with friend you are saying if it is just you. >> you take a picture of yourself ape post it. >> if you have an instagram account every high school girl, you can weigh in on this one, 17,000 followers on instagram high school girl and they show pictures of themselves. guys go through and like, like, like. why do they have more followers then people that could be baseball players themselves. they are 17, 20,000. they are 13, 14, 15, 16. >> what is the purpose of the kissing thing. >> the duck lips. >> who started that. >> they want to show their lips. >> i don't know. >> it is sexy look, when you are not quite there. >> i'm so sexy. >> you do it to be funny. duck lips is now done to be funny. >> mike, have you have ever
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done duck lips in picture. >> no. >> it is end of our life and society as we know it. this weekend is perfect week toned see a movie. it is raining. it is a great way to spend the day do a double feature. >> the walk starring joseph jordan levet and the martian, starring matt damon. the let's look at martian. >> it will be four years for another mission to reach me. i'm going to have to last for 31 days. i have to make what the are and grow food on a planet where nothing grows. >> if i cannot figure out to make contact, none of this matters anyway. >> incoming mess age. >> mark is still alive. >> in your face, neil armstrong. >> this looks good, kevin mccarthey, movie critic. kevin, he is phubbing. >> are we on the air i'm
9:16 am
posting to facebook. >> you phubber. >> good to see you, how are you doing. >> how is the martian. >> the martian is incredible. this film blew my mind, the greatest film makers working together, gladiator, blade runner, aliens, he is one of the greatest film makers when it comes to pacing, and matt damon's character they think he died by being hit by a an 10a crew leaves to go back to earth. he is actual a live. he has to try to survive. he thinks he has four years to make food and water. if he can build communication device he can get home sooner. jessica chas tane. it is, best movie since gladiator. matt damon's best performance in year. it is a film that makes you feel good. really well made movie. visual effects are incredible. jessica chastane's role in the book was very small. they brought her to the front and gave her a strong female leading character.
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>> yes, sir. >> i want to ask you this and be honest. our company made that movie 21st century fox. >> right. >> i'm he sure they flew you you around to go to the movies, to see it and talk to the stars. are you assaying this because you you work for the company. >> not at all, dude, two movies i reviewed that were absolutely awful. fantastic four which was one of the worst movies i have seen in my life. i'm one of the most ethical critics. it doesn't matter what the the company is. that movie suck. i gave it a bad review. this is one of the best reviews of the year. >> what do you give it. >> four and a half out of five. >> four and a half out of five. if you watch inter stellar, matt damon's character was loan on a planet. he ace loan on a planet in this movie. i asked him if they met what would he talk about. when you are isolated like that do you isolate yourself from other people in your real life when you make a movie about isolation. >> i haven't been isolated in a very long time. is there some mornings i would really like to be isolated,
9:18 am
have a coffee and read the paper but for the four kid, does ant how for much isolation. >> can you imagine a scenario where dr. mann and they talk and met. what would they talk about. they are on a planet by themselves for a long time. >> very different outlooks. they would probably hit it off. man probably would have been grateful for the company i'm's sure. >> we might have lasted longer. >> yes. >> you need to do martian two, and i don't know what will we do. >> what will we do? >> next movie up is a walk. when i was a young kid. i went to the world trade center with my uncle will and told me a story about a man who walked across twin towers in 197 46789 didn't believe him. i a saw a documentary called man on wire which is about the man who did this. true story. he threw a wire and walk across, incredible story. joseph gordon levet is playing that. he trained joseph gordon levet
9:19 am
how to walk on a wire like that. a lot of the walking is done by joseph gordon. the visual effects is tremendous. this is a director who had tom hanks, shaking jfk's hand in a movie which is unbelievable. visual is unbelievable. you feel like you are up there. people were getting sick because it looked real up there walking across the towers. it is a phenomenal film. best films of the year. four ain't a half out of five. see that in i max 3-d. see martian in 3-d and is a carry, three best films. go to the movies. see an a actual move any theaters. way better than staying at home. >> four and a half why not give it a five. >> i didn't go five. this year i have given 35's, mad max, inside out, a five is a a mind blowing experience. four and a half is still phenomenal but five, i want to sit there and rewatch it a thousand times.
9:20 am
>> kevin, thank you. have a great weekend. >> thanks, guys. >> you got it, brother. >> it is like titanic, you know ending of titanic will be. you know did he that successful in 1974, right. >> yes. >> so he still loves the film though. you know he makes it across. >> it is how he gets there and all of the training, it is drama, the character and the people. boy that looked real. that is absolutely not real. when he was doing wire he would go up to 7 feet tall just to make himself scared but, i could never do that. >> me either. >> 9:20. >> have i seen this video we are about to show you. >> the one coming upright now. >> you won't believe how many marshmallows jennifer lawrence can stick in her mouth at once. >> i love her, she's every girl. >> we will tell you how many and we will try to one up her, of course. >> mike jerrick are you doing
9:21 am
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that is my favorite hall and oats song and they didn't play it last night, i went to the concert last night at a brand new venue. let's say hi to the the kids. hi, kid. >> hi kids. >> my goodness. >> look at them. >> my children, my children, hello. >> yes. >> rain slickers. >> i am a biological father of everyone of those children and i will tell but it on facebook. >> you know what you should do that might be great for facebook. >> there is a german parade this weekend. >> we should dress up, dare to you dress up, in leaderhosen. >> like that. >> my goodness. >> would you do it, mike. >> oh, yes. >> i can say yes where will we get them? where willie get that outfit in the next 30 minutes. >> we can find it. >> i think we can find it. >> you find it, i'll do it.
9:25 am
>> lets get back to the hall and oats concert last night, at a great new venue the the fillmore of philadelphia. sold out. i mean, big time sold out. we were crammed in there. it is in fishtown. it is beautiful. these fillmores started out in the bay area years and years and years ago. >> is what concept behind it. what makes it different from the tower or trocadero. >> it is like the the house of blues. >> okay, good. >> it is a house of blues product. >> okay. >> the ceo of the house of blues was there last night. i saw darryl hall, i don't know if we got a shot of john oats but they rocked it last night. >> it looks like they did. >> it was a lot of fun. >> when i came in this morning, somebody said i was at that hall and oats concert last night and you looked darryl hall, from back in the
9:26 am
day. >> a hundred percent. >> i can completely see it. >> yes. >> my gosh, i love it. >> the hair due. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> yes, that is it. >> hundred percent. >> look at a the eye make up i have on the left. >> to be honest did you ever use that to get ladies, hi, i'm darryl he was mike jerrick. >> you didn't need to. >> i talk to darryl last night, he used to say that, he would say he was me. >> did he. >> yeah. >> i'm sure. >> no, he didn't say that. >> i waited around for them to say, wait for me and they didn't do it. >> did they play man either. >> yes, but all upbeat songs. it was really fun. >> okay. >> when the german people coming in talking about a german parade. >> are they already here. >> yes. >> if you find them i'll put them on but you will not find leader hosen in the next 20 minutes. >> convince i.
9:27 am
>> i have been transformed. >> wow. >> to a zombie, you can see my transformation, coming up, when one am i? you cannot tell, can you, find out, coming up next.
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test. test. test.
9:30 am
you hear that music, you know what that means, haunted houses, but then you have terror behind the walls, that's just another level. >> totally freaks me out. one of the scariest places you can visit, during a hollow wean season, is up at the eastern state penetentary, quincy, have to guess which hundred is, right.
9:31 am
>> quincey? >> how are you doing? >> i'm great. i'm excited forrester over behind the walls tonight. >> terror behind the walls. how long did it take? for this to happen? >> we did that in ten minute, flat. that's right. because our special effect team, they're experts. twenty-fifth season terror behind the walls, two brand new attractions, you want to buy particular gets to eastern state org, save money, we have 28 more night, terror behind the walls coming up. >> now amy, practicing for the whole year for this. you guys have a lot of people. how do you train to become a zombie? >> well, most of them are huge. they've been dead. they rise again, when it becomes fall. but we do have 200 performers it, takes lead make up team three hours to prepare them. and we want you to have the best halloween experience
9:32 am
ever, so we scare them watch time is it? >> that's right, terror time, people. >> before we go, we'll do our thriller dance one more time. >> ♪ >> quinn up, lean it is raining it is still open? >> it is still open when it is raining. you don't need rain or shine. we are here. >> oh, my gosh. you're freaking me out, man. oh, that place. >> one of the scariest places ever. >> i can't do it, i just can't be scared. my gosh. >> so who is your person if you wanted to jump in bed with a really hot individual, who would that person be? >> jump in -- for like pillow fight or something? i don't know. i have a few.
9:33 am
>> avenue few guys i probably would. >> michael b jordan, i was told? >> yes, wonderful actor. >> matt damian. >> talk about other celebrities, what actually happens, stars that already have the best looking people on the planet, george clooney one of the hot he men that ever left, caught red handed in bed with another woman. >> oh. so he opened up to extra about the cocktail fueled evening. he calls it one of the funnier drunken nights of his -- here's what happened. out with good friends, including cindy crawford, and cindy crawford's husband. when they got home, crawford accidentally got into bed thinking that george clooney was her husband. he then said, well, she's only human. she can't help herself. >> how does that happen? where you're out, couples, where are you going home to, his flat, his castle over there? >> well, they go on vacations together, cindy crawford, george and his wife, so i'm sure maybe all staying in this big villa living the lavish life.
9:34 am
but what would you do if your husband was sorry, thought i was going into your bed, would that and okay excuse? >> can you imagine? no. you know, actually, i was just trying to think it actually happened. >> what? >> not that way. my sister had a few too many, we were up at her house. >> your sister? >> she was this state college. she got into bed with my husband thinking it was her husband. and he literally sat up: jacqueline, i'm not your husband! >> oh? >> so, it actually happened, but luckily he chased her away. >> you for gave your sister? >> oh, wrong bed. that kind of thing. anyway. >> all right, oh, the family stories, right? 9:34. have you seen the video that we're about to show you? i mean, you won't believe how many marshmellows jennifer laurence fit in her mouth. we'll tell you, and they want us to try it, i don't know, want us to try to fit marshmellows in our mouth.
9:35 am
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
>> it is that time of year, october fest. >> it is that time of year. >> ♪
9:39 am
>> the bands! >> oh, no. >> yes! >> ♪ >> yes, oh, i love it. i love it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> mike,, why don't you join us? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:40 am
>> ♪ >> oh, how does it feel? >> feels great. >> you look great. >> i've got to go to the meetings, guys. all right, who had this outfit ready to go? >> for example are letter. >> oh, it is leather. >> it is authentic. >> it is like a saturday night at my place. >> it is like chaps, yes by the way, i was out in a meeting yesterday -- >> he wasn't. >> i have to admit something to you. >> what? >> it is a little dangerous because -- >> oh? what? >> command owe. >> is that what is happening right now? >> ya. >> oh, my gosh. >> little careful here. >> don't want to pinch anything there. >> kit cat kline in the control room, if you could cue up a seinfeld episode where kramer is just wearing a pair of gabardine pants in the apartment. before we talk about this
9:41 am
german parade, did you see the clip of jennifer laurence, shoving marshmellows into her mouth? what was the point of this, alex, do you know? >> well, it was a dare. you know what happens when you're dared, you got to do it. >> double dog dare you. >> yes, during campfire interview with the cast of mocking j2. let's watch do you it. wonder how many. >> how is it going so far? >> you can get more than that. five, good, six. >> seven. >> oh, god, seven? this is america's sexiest woman, everybody. >> keep going. >> eight. >> here is two. get two at once. >> now, can you do the whistle. >> get ten. two more. get it in there. >> did he say eight? >> i think they're to up ten. >> ten? look at that. >> wow.
9:42 am
>> did you ever find that blue man group? >> love them. so much fun. >> they do, hey, di, open your mouth, the floor director here, oh! >> hit her right in the face. >> so,. >> soy they do all of these tricks, they try it catch stuff. >> he fills up probably 20 marshmellows. isn't that wild? >> crazy. >> but so accurate. >> do you see karen? there she is. >> are you ready? >> did it. >> little salsa, mike? >> oh, mike?
9:43 am
>> we'll have food fight here. jennifer laurence didn't do. that will oh, here goes, that's two, three. >> foyer? >> four, five, six? >> she got ten. >> seven, eight. >> oh, my gosh. >> nine, ten. >> okay? all right. >> you know, i worked at a mash shall mellow factory when i was ten. >> monster jam. here all weekends. we'll show you exactly hoe is here, yes, grave digger he'll fire it up. it will be loud, very loud.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> guess what chip kelly played at eagles practice? rocking like a hurricane. >> oh, good one, chip. >> that's a sense of humor. >> maybe a dj. just kidding. >> hold on, my straps are coming off. >> anyway, society weather, not going to be so great this weekend, but might be the perfect time to take the kids to monster jam. >> do something inside. >> we want to thank our expense or for jenn fred checking it out.
9:47 am
>> one of the sponsors pretty cool, grave digger like the one, right? >> there are eight monster jam athlete coming peteing in four competition, all want to win, but weaver randy brown and grave digger here, too. i want to do what i want to do. tell them to fire up the truck. randy, common. it's going to get loud. what is this that people just love to see, they come here, year after year? >> well, it is the smell, the sounds, the roar of the engines, the wheelies, the madness, that's monster jail. >> -- jam. >> all of the different favorites are here, everyone has their favorite truck, i obviously love grave dicker, and monster mud. i mean, it is just a kids fairytale come true. >> then we have zombies, soldier fortune, total of eight monster jam trucks this weekend, and ticket are just ten bucks.
9:48 am
so come out to the wells fargo center for one of the four shows this weekend. >> it is pretty cool. and i know that they're all getting ready for the big season. did you great, buddy. you did great. now, is there a reason why i am not allowed to drive the truck? >> you just haven't talked to the right person yet. i'm not it, unfortunately, but when you meet them, let me know too. >> welshing thank you so much. this is super fun. monster jam, wells fargo, you're here today, friday. >> friday, two shows saturday then one sunday, so if you're stuck inside kinds of going crazy because the kids are getting crazy bring them out to the wells fargo center for monster jail. >> you have the monitor jam voice. >> like sunday, sunday, sunday. >> thank you, that's what i was talking about. back to you guys. >> international speedway this sunday wells fargo center. >> oh, that's pretty good. >> that hurt. >> miley cyrus, with a guest on the tonight show, with jimmy fallon. and got a little emotional. he has this segment called the
9:49 am
emotional interview. it is a pretty good joke. where the producers put up an emotion on the screen, and then they have to switch the interview and play that emotion. you want to see it? >> yes. >> here's mile. >> i now, as you said, i said before, you're a singer and actress, okay? but which do you like more, singing or acting? >> jimmy, do you have to get so personal? i mean, it is like can i have anything of just my own? you are just like one of them. >> guys throughout with one of those cameras. >> (arguing). >> i just wish one day i could just learn how to ask such good questions like do you. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's pretty good. >> this one on and on. had to be angry, and then sweet, it is pretty cool. that was a miley cyrus.
9:50 am
that's pretty cool. >> one more? >> nope. >> miley, also talk about her pet pig, who she says sleeps on the couch, like a bad boyfriend. wow. is that a slam at her ex-boyfriends? >> oh, i didn't really think that far. >> oh, yes. >> giving that you image of curling up with a pig. >> that's true. >> last weekend. >> hey, you know what i'm going to do this weekend? i might go to this german parade. >> you better be in it. you have the outfit. >> wow. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> roll out that barrel. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> come on back, everybody.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> filled with music, lots and lots every fun. there will be german parade this weaken, in fact, 45th one. >> i want some brat worse, that time of year, you get your october fest, we have jim, nelly, royalty here joining us this morning, good morning to both of you. >> good morning, thanks for having us. >> no problem. nelly, you are miss german america? >> an of philadelphia, yes. >> wow, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> but also the corn flower queen? >> same thing. >> okay, i like, that corn flower queen. >> what's that mean exactly? is it the color, like corn flower? >> this is corn flower, the national symbol of germany, and the parade. >> what casino every fun can we expect? >> oh, at the parade? there will be beer, dancing, so much fun. >> what time is it?
9:55 am
mike says he's n he got you at beer. >> we start off with service at a church there is time at the holy nativity church in rocklidge. from there quick little breakfast at the us a tree and, at noon kick off the parade, rocklidge into fox chase, wrap it up. >> us a tree and village. >> also in rocklidge, not far from the beginning of the parade route. >> what is it going to look like. >> yes, i will ' bring my kids, is it an actual place? >> where most people will be. there will be -- that's where the crowd will be, outside -- >> how many people are you expecting? >> we are hoping for a bun: we know you walk in, it won't run sunday, so everyone should come to the parade. >> more or less. either way, even if it does rain? >> rain or shine we will be marching. >> what's it mean to celebrate 45 years? that's a big anniversary. >> it is very important to us, and it happens to fall on the same weekend as 25 years every german unification, so it is really monumental weekend? most people in pennsylvania were of german heritage.
9:56 am
there are some of the first settlers here in this country. >> 1683, some families came from germany, settled here in philadelphia. and one in five people in the united states claim germany and asks at this, so the largest minority. >> we of course have michael, he's trying to ask and explain what he's wearing, so -- >> those are just the pants, right? >> my german teach we are kill me if i didn't correct you, these are later -- >> oh? >> not singing pants. >> oh, are you going to sing in them? >> they are later host. >> what? describe the outfit. shoes are just shoes? >> regular shoes. mainly costume or outfit that a farm we are have worn, in bo vaive ya. most are from bovaria. some from different part every germany. most americans associate bovaria with germany. that's what you see, what he is wearing, and the hat with the feather, so the later hose and the high socks.
9:57 am
>> i learned something all these years i thought later hose meant hosiery, the socks? >> hose are the pants. the late is her letter. so it is leather pant. >> see ya later. >> german hungarians you're wearing the crest there. >> okay. so i think you should do -- >> let's dance. >> let's go. >> kick it off. >> ♪ >> see you monday. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ blank
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. ♪ >> now, here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: i mean --


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