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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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of us are hoping for some relief left from this win and rain. if you were out there you know umbrellas were no match for today's one-two punch. >> no match at all. pretty much the same situation everywhere here in wilmington, delaware, folks again bracing for a wet and windy weekend. lots of moving parts to this weekend's forecast. that's for sure. >> fox 29 meteorologist cave warren tracking it all. hurricane joaquin to a rough windy weekend much lots of question. what is going on for the weekend? >> the weekend we'll see more of the same we're watching now. but the latest with joaquin the national hurricane center puts out latest track at 5:00 o'clock and there's really not much change here. it's down to category three. the wind now 125. 130 is that level where it goes from category three to category four. still major storm moving to the north now a little bend forecast to the north but it continues to turn to the northeast and move rapidly out to sea. once it gets as far north as philadelphia as category one. fit bends a little farther could
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it come closer to land. it could kick up the surf a bit but that is the big concern now. elsewhere we're seeing this rain come down. the rain will eventually start to break up just a bit but we're in for more hours of steady, heavy rain. it's moving through the area from the south. there's some bands there of heavier rain that's moving through new jersey through atlantic and burlington county. one right off the coast there of cape may county near sea isle city. that wind continues to gust so that's leading to more coastal flooding. the rain will continue tonight another wave moving through before all of this pushes north. it starts to break up just a bit. not a completely dry day tomorrow but that steady heavy rain we're seeing now just transitioning into showers. the wind will continue. that's the big problem. comes on shore. so the coastal flood warning that is in effect all weekend. the next high tide is tomorrow about noon. look at more into that and see if we eventually dry out in the seven day forecast coming up little bit later. thanks, dave. hurricane joaquin still swirling down in the bahamas but in some
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towns along the jersey shore, yeah, this is what it looks like. it looks like the storm has already arrived. fox 29's bruce gordon doing his best to stay dry in ocean city, new jersey, tonight. bruce, i'm guessing it is not a beach day down the shore today. >> reporter: losing battle trying to stay dry out here. it is absolutely raw and nasty. high winds and that wind swept rain it is really not nice out here at all. the good news, power outages along the jersey shore numbering in the hundreds this day and not in the thousands. no serious injuries reported as far as we can tell. but with another bay side high tied due at around 1:00 o'clock in the morning, homeowners best be advised to keep on the alert and keep the valuables up high. ocean city's bay side neighborhood spent most of this day underwater. midday high tides sent salt water coursing up the block at 10 many and bay. threatening homes and sending home openers into a frenzy activity. >> we lived everything up in the
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garage that's for sure. >> get stuff to higher ground. >> yes, we are. i wouldn't drive through this at all. this is horrible. >> reporter: driving was a challenge with many intersections underwater. and lots of motorists taking a chance as they plowed through the waves. for some the flooding was a gi gift. the whelan kids put their boogie boards to good use. >> what's the technique for street surfing? >> you get a boogie board and throw it and jump on it. >> throw it and jump on it. that seems simple. >> reporter: wind swept rains kept the board week here all but empty nearly all businesses closed. handful were sand bagged in preparation for high water. governor christie is warning all new jerseyans that the and tire weekend could remain dicey. >> let's be prepared. let's be smart. don't stay in a cold house. don't stay in a flooded house. if that happens, over the next 24 to 48 hours. >> reporter: in the meantime crashing waves put on quite a show in ocean city's music pier.
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visitors snapped photos and marveled a simple storm no hurricane not even technically a nor'easter. the power it yields. if you look out there and what goes through your mine when you see that raw power. >> i'm glad i'm not in a boat. you understand we're pretty small in nature is pretty big. >> reporter: nature is pretty big and pretty nasty right around now. absolutely horrible conditions out here. we joke about bat 10ing down the hatches it's a good idea. we saw plenty of floating trash cans out in the watered covered streets today. makes things even more dangerous to get around. anything you've got outside that could blow around bring it inside if at all possible. chris? >> bruce, i am glad i'm inside tonight. thank you, sir. fox 29 weather authority team is tracking hurricane joaquin. we'll bring you the breaking details on air and online at and to developing story now. we're getting our first look at video of a man police are
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calling a person of interest connected to the rape and robbery of a temple university student earlier this week. and the man according to investigators may be tied to other crimes as well. fox 29's brad sattin live in our newsroom. brad police just wrapped up a news conference. they definitely want this guy off the street as soon as possible. >> reporter: for sure they dodge philadelphia police department central detectives, special victims unit, temple police, septa police all working together teaming up working backwards actually from the time of this rape that happened monday night they tracked the suspect to a septa train prior to the attack and they have pretty good video of him. take a look. the man likely in his mid 20s about 6 feet tall with a goatee, dark colored vest and blue jeans scene here on the broad street subway line. between erie and cecil b. moore avenues. police are saying he may be the man who struck a female temple student with a silver handgun, raped and robbed her this all happened around 11:00 veep monday night after she left the library on the 1400 block of north carolina lyle street. young woman was walking home
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when she was forced behind a dumpster in a construction area around off campus housing. police don't know who the man is but need your help. >> i say to you anybody looking at the video clip or the still social security going to be able to recognize this mail. someone knows this mail. we ask that they give us a call. >> reporter: take another look at him. there have been some other robberies in that general area. police are thinking this man may have been involved in at least one of them as well. if not, several of them. of course, if you have any information you're being asked to call the police tip line the number is 215-686-tips or chris you can just dial 911. brad, thank. huge break tonight in a crime that happened 31 years ago. police make arrests in the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl from bucks county. it's a case that dates back to 1984. prosecutors charging one man with killing her, the other for helping dispose of her body. fox 29 weekend's karen hepp was
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there when officials announced those charges. karen, i can imagine this is the news the teen's family has been waiting for for a long time. >> gosh, amazing this family didn't even know that investigators were still actively working this case. the detectives who got this case more than decade ago have been quietly just plugging along grinding it out till they got this huge break last week. one of the suspects finally fessed up. ribbon in her hair a butterfly necklace around her neck. barbara rowan was 14 but she look younger. 31 years ago she disappeared after babysitting for a neighbor in bucks county. now that neighbor is charged with her murder. police say they've just found george shaw in florida and finally have the evidence to charge him with killing that innocent girl so many years ago. >> it was a fight with police and he was taken into custody. and he is now being held on homicide and rape charges to be extradited in the near future back to fence pennsylvania. >> reporter: his buddy robert sander who's finally cracked
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police say just this week he admitted to a grand jury he helped dump barbara's body here in bensalem by north river road and route 1. after 31 years the phone call her family had been waiting for. >> they were obviously i think a lot of emotions were going through their minds but they were gracious and lovely people. >> reporter: two teams of detectives working this case over the years. constantly hacking away at the suspect's stories. >> working on them, working on their conscious. finding out things that they may have said in unguarded moments and just shoe leather hard work police work. >> they lose track of their lice. >> it was detective chris mcmullen who finally brought the case in unbelievably barbara's family never knew he'd spent more than decade on their daughter's story. >> i didn't want to go to them and stir up old wounds if i had nothing new to tell them, so we waited. >> reporter: now the wait is over. and the suspects are finally being brought to justice.
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>> you commit crimes in bensalem township, there's nowhere you'll be able to hide. we will continue to look for you. we will hunt you down and we will bring you to justice. >> reporter: police still need your help. shaw went on to rape a 69-year-old woman served time for that. there could be some more victim out there. if you know anything, you're asked to please call police. dawn? >> all right, karen, thank you. we're learning new details about the gunman who opened fire on a college campus in oregon killing nine people. nine others injured in that shooting rampage yesterday at umpqua community college. authorities say the shooter was heavily armed and prepared to inflict mass devastation. officials say the 26-year-old purchased the weapons legally all within the last three years. so far we've recovered 13 weapons. out of those 13 weapons we current vol in custody six were recovered at the school. seven were recovered at the shooter's residence. >> one witness claims the shooter who was later shot and killed by police asked the victims to state their religion
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before he opened fire on them. investigators don't yet know how he was connected to the small college. the shooter is widely being identified as 26-year-old chris harper mercer. the county sheriff is refusing to use his name right now. former philadelphia eagles wide receiver irving fryar will spent the next five years in prison. a judge handled down that sentence today for his role in a mortgage scam. fryar and his mother were convicted in august of applying for multiple mortgage loans while using the same property as collateral. the former pro bowl receiver says he was the victim of a con artist who told him to carry out the scheme. fryar's mother was sentenced to three years probation. parking in philadelphia. we all know it can be a nightmare at times. >> from costly lots to not finding your spot to parking authority. but what if an app could help ease all those problems. tonight at 6:00 the man that says he has the solution. dave? >> keep an eye on the weather app tonight. you're looking at more rain
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moving through the area and that wind continues to gust out of the northeast. big problem with coastal flooding and still a lot of moisture to work its way through the area. i'll have an update with the seven day forecast. sean? >> dave, the sixers are in training camp getting ready for the season but it's probably going to be another tough one. the players try to convince us otherwise later in sports.
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♪ you only have to make a trip to philadelphia once and you'll find out quick until parking can be a pain. but one local guy is hoping to make things a little bit easier. no it won't guarantee you'll get out of ticket. >> but it will be your friend reminding you to pay that meter. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson live in our newsroom to show how this work. bill, tell me. >> reporter: now, all of us experienced this chris and dawn. how many times have we got tepp tickets because we arrived minutes laughter the parking authority? well developer moved to philly, saw how many tickets people were getting and he decided to try and do something about it.
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♪ >> reporter: parking in philadelphia can be a nightmare. got expensive lots, couldn't jeffed streets and a parking authority that was worthy of their own reality show. but now local developer has come up with a new parking app that just might help. this man launched park snap after moving to philadelphia from silicon valley and he hopes that this app can save us the head and wallet ache of frequent tickets. >> it's the first parking app that user takes picture of the ppa stub or paid parking stub and that's all they need to do. >> reporter: the way the app works you scan your par parking meter ticket the app it tells you how much time before your parking expires. gives you walking directions back to where you parked, and calculates how much time it will take to you get back so you get back before you get the tick. >> a lot of people in philadelphia who park especially in the center city area do get a lot of parking tickets. when they get a parking ticket
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that's pretty march. $40 ticket. >> reporter: he was working in silicon valley but wants philadelphia developers to know philly has great tech scene for up and coming tech gurus. >> i really recommend that anybody working on their own or, you know, free lancing check out the working spaces available in philadelphia as gives you much richer 59 tom work in. >> reporter: guys, so the app is available in the apple or play store. it makes scan to other cities soon and the best part as a philadelphia transplant am mid wants it to be free. he said it's not about quick cash. it's about helping out his new neighbors. go download it. i did. >> i think that's something we'll do as soon as we get off the air. pretty casm thank you bill. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. it's a rainy, windy day just going to keep oncoming down. >> no hurricane but it sure feels like it. >> rainy, windy day.
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rainy, windy weekend. the win is the big story. major coastal flooding. next high tide happening just before midnight tonight. little later in the back bays could be the worst yet and it certainly will continue. the rain moves in through the area now. steady heavy rain these periods of rain right about to move inland through atlantic city and stone harbor. the other pushing through burlington county that's going through philadelphia. it's been a mod are the rain. that could be briefly heavy and it certainly will continues overnight tonight before starting to taper off just little bit tomorrow. tomorrow it will not be nearly as rainy as it is today. little warmer maybe. as these temperatures right about 50 could drop a degree or two overnight tonight then try to climb into the upper 50'ss. here's the story the wind gusts. by tomorrow morning. 40 to 50 miles an hour. the wind continues to increase and that's coming right in from the ocean there. the northeast wind. piles up that water in the back bays and it can't drain. by 5:00 o'clock, still pretty much the same. so what that means down the shore, the cove al flooding,
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that continues tomorrow and even sunday. warning goes through sunday night. six to 10-foot waves leads to beach ear rogue much pictures like this coming in from while wood and then when you get these high tides, that water rises and goes into the streets here. this picture sent in from around wildwood for the last high tide. that happens again tonight. this is the tidal flood gauge in stone harbor obviously up trend each high tie gets higher and higher there's the record set with sandy. moderate topi major tidal flooding with each high tide and that continue. the high tides coming in 11:58 tonight. 12:44 tomorrow. right now, we're seeing that high tide along the delaware just some minor flooding. and then it happens again tomorrow evening with another high tide. here's this rain coming in. another period of rain tonight. it starts to break up just a bit. so we'll just see a few showers around. there's that east to northeast wind bringing in a lot of moisture. just periods of showers tomorrow. just some light showers off and
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on. not that steady heavy rain like we see. area of low pressure trying to influence the track of joaquin here as it pushes north. one twenty four of the forecast models try to turn this to the northwest before pushing it out to sea. so this is the key that we'll watch and not completely out of the woods yet. i'd say category three major hurricane the national hurricane center track does tonette a little as it moves around that low. we'll watch this between saturday and sunday. easily by monday and tuesday, as it goes equal to philadelphia. that latitude line there 40 degrees north it's moving to the northwest so once it gets as far north as we are, no question it's moving out of here but as it approach, we'll see exactly how close it is to the ocean. or to the coastline there. heavy rain, gusty wind tonight. 48. a little cooler than we are now. tomorrow afternoon we climb only to about 57. rain and wind continues not steady rain a few showers like we have now. more showers on sunday. monday and tuesday a little improvement as we watch the storm tracking to our northeast.
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and then by wednesday, thursday and friday, there's the nice relief, we're drying out temperatures right about 73 wednesday. that's where we peak. >> just have to wait for it. >> all right. quite a wait. >> few days away. >> absolutely. i guess the eagles they were going to actually play the game in detroit because of this rain? >> something was going to move around but no worries. same place, same time. >> same time. >> but this doesn't help the eagles chances honestly because they're offense is struggles. it mattock even slop per on sunday. riley cooper talks about why the offense has been explosive like last year later in sports.
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it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle.
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it's where brains meet brawn. ♪ hurricane joaquin almost moved the eagles/redskins game. it will still be the same bad place, same bad time sunday 1:00 o'clock much this weather isn't going to help our offense much it's p already been sloppy and messy. the opposite of what we've seen in the first two years of chip kelly. really offense has had two good halves of football. second half of the falcons game and first half of the jets game. they had no game scoring over 30 and no big plays. maybe just maybe because chip likes to get rid of all the big weapons he has after the offen offense. riley cooper hasn't done anything this year and he talk about why he thinks the eagles haven't had big plays.
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>> defenses are paying us a little bit different. um, they're kind of ben but don't break. don't give big plays. key everything in front. atlanta is really good example. therapy three the whole end door game. keep everything in front of you. and don't let anything over top. >> i'm pretty sure that's philosophy for every team. don't let up big plays. check you us out on "game day live" at 10am. howard eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break down the keys of the game. following us fox nfl sunday at 11:00. the rain and hurricane effects postponed phillies marlins game. they will play a double header tomorrow. there are season is just about over. the sixers season is just starting. we're probably going to go from one losing team to another. but, the players think thing might be a little different. >> i think we got a lot more energy this year. everybody is working extremely hard. kind of similar to last year.
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but at the same time we have a whole knew team. so i think it's going to be interesting to see. >> i'm definitely way better than i was last year coming in, upping, um, i feel more comfortable. i feel older, you know, bigger, stronger like i told you before. i just -- whole different feeling. i feel comfortable. >> remember when jonathan pal papelbon tried to choke bryce harper a week ago. papelbon is done for the season and harper is having a little fun with it. check out this handshake with teammate max scherzer. scherzer fake the little choke right there. it's nice to know you can joke about it. you don't mess with the mvp. >> season over for both of them any way. >> exactly. >> shank you sean. that had do it for us here tonight at six cock. >> see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ññ
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>> the mad man. inside the apartment he once lived in. and the american hero from "dancing with the stars." it's his college. >> if i didn't get called for the dancing show, i would have been on campus. and -- >> run as hard and as fast as you can. >> useful tips to get out alive. >> and the new movie "the walk." it's so realistic, it's making some people sick to their stomachs. >> let's fire it up. feel dizzy already. and she was killed in a terrible crash. six months later, they found her iphone. precious memories found of a life gone too soon. plus, he fell in love wi


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